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Match Report – Brantham Athletic Ladies v Walsham Le Willows Ladies

Sunday 30th September

Suffolk Women’s Division

A game from the Suffolk Women’s Division this Sunday afternoon, a trip to Brantham to watch Brantham Athletic Ladies versus Walsham Le Willows Ladies.

A clash between two sides I haven’t seen play in a while. Both with ambitions to contest for the title. Won by Brantham Athletic Ladies close neighbours, East Bergholt United Ladies last season also doing the double will be strong favourites once again. 

  A much larger Suffolk Women’s Division this season increasing in number to 13. Seven new sides, Brettvale Ladies, Brightlingsea Regent Ladies, Chantry Grasshoppers Ladies, Needham Market Ladies, Haverhill Ladies Reserves and University of Suffolk all new whilst Alresford Colne Rangers switch having previously competed in Essex. More teams meaning more games which was something the league sorely needed.

  Early days in the league, East Bergholt United have started well 3 games in winning them all so to a 100% record for new side Needham Market Ladies. Leiston St Margarets Ladies getting stronger each season also have 2 wins from two as does Brantham Athletic Ladies, a 4-1 home win over Alresford Colne Rangers on the opening day were in action at home in midweek winning 8-1 over league newcomers Brettvale Ladies. Striker Kirsten Hutchings scoring 5 in midweek already has 8 goals on the board this season.

   Walsham Le Willows Ladies are another sides capable of challenging at the top of the league joining 2 seasons ago the core of the ex Bury Town Ladies squad. Haven’t necessarily had a favourable time with their fixtures. last season were always playing catch up having no kicked off their league campaign until the 22nd October. An earlier start this time around although awarded a home win on the opening day are unbeaten with 3 games gone at the start of the season winning away to Woodbridge Town Ladies, drew 3-3 with Alresford Colne Rangers last Sunday, 3rd in the table travel to 5th placed Brantham Athletic this afternoon.

  Brantham Leisure Centre the venue for today’s game, the large clubhouse over looking the pitch from on goal, home to Brantham Athletic FC a small stand along one side of the ground the pitch in good condition a reasonable size. An overcast day, cloudy a light drizzle possible starting to cool as we end September.

Brantham Athletic Ladies starting XI – Zoe Adams, Shanice Leeks, Monique Peters, Emily Boore, Shannon Giles, Lucy Elmes, Lucy Dunnett (C), Jessica Ryan, Jodie Sharp, Kirsten Hutchings & Danielle Harvey. Subs – Sophie Crabtree, Rebecca Prime, Hollie Murray, Merlin Watson & Toni Mott.

Walsham Le Willows starting XI – Charlotte Osborne, Julie Brind, Shelley Cocksedge, Claire Ellis, Jemma Long, Kate Sandlan, Lisa Pratt (C), Mia Banbury, Zoe Klimcke, Chelsea Page & Laura Brame. Subs – Katie Grimwood, Steph Hanratty & Kirsty Pollard.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s the visitors, Walsham Le Willows to get the 1st half underway wearing yellow shirts with a red quarter over the left shoulder, red shorts and yellow socks. Brantham wearing blue shirts with a pair of diagonal lines across the front, blue shorts and socks. Brantham win the ball straight away the push forwards through the centre has Kirsten Hutchings interested, Claire Ellis standing in her path winning the ball back for Walsham Le Willows at centre back. The ball played forwards into striker Laura Brame held up then played out wide right as Julie Brind breaks forwards, Jodie Sharp putting in the tackle to send the ball out for a throw-in.

   Hutchings peeling right taking the ball out wide looks to cut in back in towards the area with Danielle Harvey making the run in behind for Brantham, Charlotte Osborne in goal for Walsham Le Willows reading it can gather before Harvey can reach it. Hutchings with support on the right from Jessica Ryan this time the pair winning a corner. Sharp to play the ball in a good height on it coming in near post, Ellis getting her head on it to send it away to the left, gathered by Brantham a high ball played back in towards goal Osborne can see it drop wide of her goal.

   Brantham with a confident start to the game press forwards captain Lucy Dunnett with a strong run forwards looks to play in Sharp bursting up the left wing, Brind doing well to close her down and defend for Walsham Le Willows. Ryan winning a throw high up the pitch on the right the ball into Hutchings turns and fires the ball in towards goal from the angle, Osborne behind it to catch. 

Walsham Le Willows, Claire Ellis

  Good pressing from Zoe Klimcke catching Brantham in possession in the final 3rd the ball on for Brame to chase, Monique Peters staying with her able to shield as goalkeeper, Zoe Adams comes sliding in to claim the ball. Klimcke on the ball right side on for Brame the Brantham defence momentarily stretched the striker taking the ball to the byline, puts the ball in Chelsea Page the only Walsham Le Willows player there making a run far post in from the left, the ball stopped by Shanice Leeks ahead of her, trapping the ball between her feet digs out the clearance.

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Shanice Leeks

   GOAL! An early lead in the game for Brantham as they hit Walsham Le Willows on the counter attack, the ball played out to Hutchings on the right drives up the wing crossing square from deep, the ball into box central Harvey arriving unmarked is composed in front of goal side footing the ball taking it across the keeper to nestle in at the far post or her 1st goal of the season 1-0.

   Walsham Le Willows respond well to falling a goal behind less than 10 minutes played Mia Banbury playing the ball out to Brind right side she passes inside to Brame top of the box the striker slipping in behind her marker, Emily Boore recovering excellently to get back at her and make a clean tackle inside the area the ball out for a corner. Boore on hand again to save the day from the resulting corner kick a great delivery in firmly headed it towards goal at the near post by Brind at the top of the box, the defender on the post making the goal saving block.

   A throw right side high up the pitch for Walsham Le Willows inside to Brame takes it on across the area Page over on the left looking to play her in on goal Adams alert gets out and smothers the ball at the attackers feet. Hutchings with a driving run right channel lets loose a shot from distance runs wide of the near post. After a sluggish start Walsham Le Willows have livened up getting at Brantham higher up the pitch. Klimcke getting herself about in the middle finds Brind out wide right her early ball inside for Brame, Peters defending well for Brantham top of the area. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Monique Peters with Walsham Le Willows, Laura Brame

   Adams with a good save to deny Brame in the box after more good work from Klimcke in the middle closing the ball down the rebound off her flying forwards Brame chasing it into the area left of goal shoots, Brantham’s keeper equal to it. Play is clustered in the middle Brantham pressed having trouble getting it away, Walsham Le Willows captain, Lisa Pratt tackling Shannon Giles. Lucy Elmes getting forwards with the ball for Brantham, Ryan to the right on for Hutchings, Ellis stepping in to put in the challenge.

Walsham Le Willows, Mia Banbury with Brantham Athletic’s Lucy Dunnett

   A change for Walsham Le Willows, Page the player coming off on comes Steph Hanratty. Klimcke nipping in to steal the ball bursts forwards into the box,Boore needing to bites at the tackle does well pushing her wide before conceding the corner. Played in towards the top of the area a high delivery Dunnett jumping with Ellis behind her does enough to put the centre back off the ball sent out towards the far post area beyond goal, Pratt keeping it alive volleys over.

    A brilliant save from Osborne up the other end Brantham are very good on the counter attack get bodies forwards quickly almost a carbon copy of the opening goal Hutchings out wide right playing the cross in Harvey unmarked in the centre of the area further out this time looks to pick her spot angle the shot up over the keeper, Osborne adjusting brilliantly to get a glove up to the ball palm it over the crossbar.

Zoe Klimcke driving forwards for Walsham Le Willows

  Good build up play from Brantham through the middle Dunnett, Giles and Elmes all involved up to Harvey heading the ball out to Sharp on the left, Kate Sandlan closing her down the ball out for a throw. Leeks gets forwards for Brantham as they press the attack players forwards Elmes to her right top of the area, the midfielder putting the return ball into Leeks inside the box stabs a low strike goalwards, Osborne down smartly to save.

  GOAL! Right at the end of the first half Brantham double their lead, Hutchings threatening to do it in the 1st 45 beats the offside trap Walsham Le Willows with a high line in behind right of goal 20 yards out strikes the ball hard on the angle the ball racing across the keeper into the back of the net 2-0. Not long left to play the half-time comes to an end.

Kirsten Hutchings

   Half-time Brantham Athletic Ladies 2-0 Walsham Le Willows Ladies

  A goal at either end of the 1st half giving Brantham a 2-0 advantage at half-time started the game the better capitalising with a goal. Walsham Le Willows coming back into it creating chances had a shot cleared off the line. Brantham too had further chances to go in further in front and 2-0 is always an interesting scoreline at half-time the old cliche the next goal is crucial…maybe.

   Changes for Brantham at half-time, Harvey and Ryan coming off, Sophie Crabtree in attack and Becky Prime wide right coming on. The home side to kick-off the 2nd half. Won back by Walsham Le Willows, Brind making ground up the right squared into Brame holds it up can’t turn sees Klimcke central the ball played back to her shoots from distance the 30 yarder caught by Adams. Sharp coming forwards left side on for Crabtree, Sandlan defending up against her. 

Walsham Le Willows, Zoe Klimcke

  Giles getting forwards more no for Brantham, support from Elmes tries to get forwards Klimcke sliding in to win the ball back for Walsham Le Willows. Pratt with the ball on into Brame backing in holding onto it spots Hanratty breaking into space on her left plays the pass out to her, Peters central sprints out towards her covering the ground to lunge in with a boot to put the ball away for the throw. Walsham Le Willows make a 2nd change Kirsty Pollard coming on for Long, joins Brame up front in attack.

Walsham Le Willows, Steph Hanratty

   Dunnett gets the ball under control bringing it forwards on for Sharp, the winger winning the home side a corner. A high delivery into the box won and cleared by Ellis. Klimcke brings down Giles wide on the right a free-kick in a good crossing position for Dunnett, aims for Leeks making a run near side, can’t quite get her head on the ball, Walsham Le Willows attempt the counter attack, Giles stopping the threat building on the left. Walsham Le Willows with a 3rd substitution Katie Grimwood on for Cocksedge. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies captain. Lucy Dunnett

  Hutchings coming deeper to pick up the ball has Prime running past her on the right on the overlap, the ball played on Grimwood with Prime to her right, Crabtree closing in on her left does well to prevent the two linking up and getting through on goal. Leeks winning the ball at the back as Walsham Le Willows look to play in Pollard, the ball coming back to Brame she shoots from distance the strike lacking power easy for Adams. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Becky Prime

  Pratt wins Walsham Le Willows a corner as she volleys a ball into the area from the left. The delivery into the centre of the box cleared out to the left, picked up by Hanratty her ball fired back into the box out wide across the goal. 20 minutes left on the clock. Hutchings springing the offside trap once more the ball forwards bouncing a one on one with the keeper as Osborne comes out to the edge of the box, stays big as Hutchings connects with the ball the goalkeeper making the blocking save with her legs the ball still alive running out wide right Hutchings after it so to the keeper does enough to put Hutchings off as the striker looks to wrap her foot around the shot. The resulting corner coming to nothing.

  GOAL! Moments later and Brantham do get a 3rd goal  Hutchings involved again turns her marker brilliantly high up the pitch in behind running with the ball down the right channel, is a stroke of fortune next as she looks to find Crabtree making the run into the box left side the ball across the D missed by all 3 Walsham Le Willows defenders tracking back, through them all onto Crabtree she shoots low as Osborne gets down low to her right gets something on the ball but not enough to take it wide of the goal as Crabtree celebrates her first goal for Brantham this season.

   Elmes on the ball for Brantham slides it through for Hutchings onside, Osborne with a high starting position to it first to kick clear top of her area. Hutchings looking to get away right side again Klimcke sliding in to make the challenge… stops on the ground clearly in alot of pain in front of the Brantham dugout they are quick to have play halted, Klimcke is in alot of pain looks like a knee injury a lengthy pause and rightly so, both sides aiding, a stretcher is brought out, it’s never nice to see Klimcke can’t continue. Cocksedge returning to the pitch. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Lucy Elmes

  Dunnett driving on with the ball out to Sharp now on the right side playing the ball on into the area is intercepted by Ellis. Giles on the overlap past Sharp receiving the pass sends a cross into the area headed behind for the corner. A tripe change for Brantham, Hutchings, Leeks and Peters all off on came Toni Mott, Merlin Watson, Hollie Murray. Into the final 5 minutes Walsham Le Willows win a corner off a set-piece a low ball driven into the area Brantham scramble it away.

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Jodie Sharp

   GOAL! At the death Brantham counter and grab a 4th goal Sharp playing through the middle now runs onto a clearance into the Walsham Le Willows half running with the ball closing in on the area, Osborne coming out to close the angle commits to the dive Sharp playing the ball around her left of goal gets a shot away scoring before Ellis can catch her 4-0. The last action of the game Brantham ending strong making it 3 wins from 3.

Full time Brantham Athletic Ladies 4-0 Walsham Le Willows Ladies

  Brantham go 3rd in the table one of 3 sides still with a 100% record have played a game less than Needham Market and East Bergholt. Started the game well an early lead adding a 2nd late in the 2nd half felt they were the better side 2nd half and got the 3rd goal the 4th coming at the death. Created more chances to score. Walsham Le Willows suffering there 1st loss of the season did well the get back at their opponents after conceding early the 2nd goal making things harder needed to pull it back to 2-1 to get themselves back into the game didn’t Brantham getting that all important 3rd goal. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, there were a few notable performances out on the field this afternoon. For Walsham Le Willows, Zoe Klimcke was excellent covering alot of ground winning some vital tackles. Cruel to see her injured like she was and I am hoping it’s not too serious and wish her a speedy recovery. Shannon Giles and Lucy Dunnett for Brantham along with Jodie Sharp on the wing but for her performance up front scoring the 2nd goal and setting up 2 more today’s Player of the Match award goes to Kirsten Hutchings.

  An enjoyable trip to Suffolk good to catch up with both sides after so long, my thanks to both for helping me out with the squad details. It’s going to be interesting in Suffolk this season and I’m looking forwards to seeing how it all unfolds.

The Round-Up – Suffolk 23/09/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 23rd September

Suffolk Women’s Division

  3 games taking place in the Suffolk Women’s Division this Sunday. New leaders at the top of the table 3 wins from 3 for defending Champions, East Bergholt United Ladies the latest seeing them put the sword to league newcomers University of Suffolk Women. A baptism of fire for University of Suffolk a very tough start conceding 17 last weekend against Leiston St Margarets Ladies at home to the Champions, East Bergholt United weekend was another high scoring defeat. Annie Northwood netting 5 times, Pippa King with 4 goals, Jessica Clarke with a hat-trick. Both Charlotte McGrath and Jessica Oxlade getting 2 goals each, Charlotte Warren and Cara Savage also scoring in a 19-0 score for East Bergholt United seeing them move top on goal difference. Demoralising for University of Suffolk but if they can stick together there will be better days to come.

   Needham Market Ladies also starting the season with a 100% success rate 3 wins too, dropping to 2nd after the weekend results were on the road taking on Brightlingsea Regent Ladies who themselves have faced Leiston St Margarets Ladies and East Bergholt United in their opening two matches. A 1-0 lead to Needham Market at the half-time interval they went on to score twice more in the 2nd half to win 3-0. Both Nicola Henderson and Jemma Wessels scoring their 1st goals for the club with Lois Balfour also on target for her 5th goal of the season.

Walsham Le Willows moving onto 7 points for the season climb up to 3rd place in the Suffolk Women’s Division, had to settle for a point after they were held at home in a high scoring draw with Alresford Colne Rangers on Sunday. Olivia Hodges with a brace scoring her 1st goals this season for Walsham Le Willows their other goal coming courtesy of an own goal. Alresford Colne Ranger taking a point home with them scoring 3 times up the other end with Hannah Bingham scoring her 1st goal of the season along with strikes for Jo Harvey and Tiffany Reeves. 3-3 the final score.

The Round-Up – Suffolk 16/09/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 16th September

Suffolk Women’s Division

 A full programme of fixtures in the Suffolk Women’s Division this Sunday with 12 of the 13 sides in action continuing on from last Sunday’s opening weekend. Needham Market Women are the early pacesetters 2 wins from 2 and a double figure goal average to boot. The newly formed side beginning the season with a 9-1 away to fellow newcomers Chantry Grasshoppers Ladies last Sunday were at home for the first time this season taking on Coplestonians Ladies. Milly Carter top scoring for Needham Market with 5 goals in the game adding to her opening day hat-trick. Francesca Rainbird joining Needham Market from Bacton United scoring a hat-trick to add to her opening day brace. Lois Balfour also with Bacton last season scored a hat-trick last time out added another goal this Sunday whilst Isabel Chaplin opening her account for Needham Market by scoring a brace in an 11-0 win. A tough start for a new look Coplestonians side heavy defeats leaving them bottom of the table but very early stages yet.

  Talking of tough starts it wasn’t the start to life in the Women’s Division that the new University of Suffolk Women’s team were looking for the late entrants making their debut were away to an established Leiston St Margarets Ladies side on Sunday. A 2-1 win away to Brightlingsea Regent Ladies on the opening day Leiston St Margarets were too strong in front of goal for their opponents on Sunday scoring a massive 17 goals to propel them into 2nd spot in the table. Michelle Stanborough finding the back of the net for 5 goals both Lucy Eagle and Thalia Cloke scored 4 goals each. A hat-trick for Grace Pemberton with Leanne Fairweather also getting on the scoresheet with a goal.

 Also 2 wins out of 2 to start the season for last seasons unbeaten Champions, East Bergholt United Ladies. Were hosting newcomers Brightlingsea Regents Ladies on Sunday. The goals shared out amongst the squad Annie Northwood claiming a brace, Charlotte McGrath, Georgia Lockerbie, Stacey Teager, Charlotte Warren and Millie Wilding all getting a goal each in an 8-0 win.

   Starting life in the Suffolk Women’s Division with a 4-1 loss away to Brantham Athletic Ladies on the opening weekend, Alresford Colne Rangers were at home this Sunday for the first time taking on Brettvale Ladies, one of this season’s newcomers. Alresford recording their first win of the season Jo Harvey striking a brace, with a goal each for Tiffany Reeves and Bethany Smith to see them win 4-0. 

   Two of the league newcomers came together on Sunday, Haverhill Rovers Ladies Reserves playing their 1st ever competitive match were the hosts taking on Chantry Grasshoppers Ladies who began the season with a heavy 9-1 to Needham Market. Were 11 goals in this Sunday’s match too Chantry Grasshoppers with the lions share however to claim their 1st league win, Haverhill Rovers getting 3 goals in their opening fixture, Chantry Grasshoppers though hitting 8 up the other end Bernice Corney netting a hat-trick, the other goalscorers getting off the mark were Charlotte Archer, Shannon Cameron and Lucy Robson with Kiera Hines the scorer of Chantry Grasshoppers 1st ever goal also adding to the tally.

   Also getting there season started this Sunday were Walsham Le Willows Ladies which is a month sooner than they started their league campaign last time around, always playing catch up then started this season on a positive note on the road against Woodbridge Town Ladies a goalless 1st half, two goals from Laura Brame the difference in the 2nd half as Walsham Le Willows began the season with a 2-0 win. 


The Round-Up – Suffolk 09/09/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 9th September

   A new season of football in Suffolk began this weekend with the Women’s Division swelling in size from 9 to 13 sides for the 2018/19 season with 6 new sides entering. Was initially going to be 15 but sadly there have been 3 sides who have withdrawn, Bacton United Ladies and Ipswich Athletic Ladies struggling for numbers aswell as last season’s League Cup finalists AFC Kesgrave Ladies after 1 season in the league. The new sides being Brettvale, Brightlingsea Regent, Chantry Grasshoppers, Haverhill Rovers Ladies Reserves, Needham Market, and Woodbridge Town and a last minute entrant University of Suffolk. Alresford Colne make the switch to Suffolk having previously contested in Essex. 

Suffolk Women’s Division

   A larger Division, defending Champion’s East Bergholt United Ladies will be looking to end up top of the table once more, going the whole season unbeaten last time out aswell as clinching the double with the League Cup started strongly away from home playing Coplestonians Ladies on the opening day. New signing Stacey Teager making an immediate impact by claiming a hat-trick for East Bergholt. Georgia Lockerbie also netting a brace in the match with goals too for Annie Northwood and Charlotte McGrath in a 7-0 win.

  There was an even bigger scoreline away from home for one of the new sides on the opening day as Needham Market Ladies won comfortably away from home in their first ever league game against Chantry Grasshoppers Ladies. Chantry not getting in the pre-season they would have liked started well taking the lead, Needham Market strong though coming back to score 9 goals past there opponents who ended the game with 10 after Jessica Monk was shown a 2nd yellow. Keira Hines getting on the scoresheet for Chantry to score their first ever league goal. A larger league there will be plenty of games to improve and get to know one another. 

   Brantham Athletic Ladies will be looking to challenge East Bergholt United Ladies at the top of the table once more a 3rd place finish last season they began this campaign at home to Alresford Colne Rangers on Sunday. 23 goals for striker Kirsten Hutchings last season, she hit the ground running once again by bagging herself an opening day hat-trick for Brantham with Jodie Sharp also scoring a goal in a 4-1 victory. Claire Rouse with the goal in the first half for Alresford.

   Leiston St Margarets Ladies made alot of progression on the pitch last season picking up some good results and will home to build on last season’s mid-table finish. Started with a win on the road against one of the new sides entering the competition, Brightlingsea Regent Ladies. A close contest Lucy Eagle scoring to goal in the first period to see Leiston St Margarets leading 1-0 at the break, Eagle netting again in the 2nd half with Emily Gibbs scoring for Brightlingsea Regent to see Leiston St Margarets start the season with a 2-1 win.

   2-1 also the winning margin in the final match to bring you from the Suffolk Women’s Division from the opening Sunday. Woodbridge Town Ladies travelling to play Brettvale Ladies both sides new to the league this season. Woodbridge Town coming back to win the game in the 2nd half as Brettvale held the advantage at the half-time interval with Kelly Hannington putting them into a 1 goal lead. Caitlin Howe and Sophie Crane finding the back of the net 2nd half to win the game for Woodbridge Town. 

The Round-Up – Suffolk 13/05/18

The Round-Up

Suffolk Women’s Division

East Bergholt United Ladies have done it completed the Double, League and Cup Winners in the Suffolk Women’s Division and going the entire season unbeaten along the way. 

Knew a point in their final league game of the season at home to Walsham Le Willows Ladies would be enough after their title rivals lost in midweek beaten at home by Leiston St Margarets who themselves playing their last game of the season have had a solid campaign securing a mid-table finish. 4th placed Walsham Le Willows no longer able to catch East Bergholt, 2nd placed Bacton United Ladies could pose a threat to the title if they didn’t get the job done at home themselves. Annie Northwood giving East Bergholt a 1-0 half-time lead a brace from Cara Savage setting up the celebrations in the 2nd half as East Bergholt won the game 3-1 to become Champions. A successful season for East Bergholt who have brought several young players up through their side and will continue to do so.

East Bergholt United Ladies, Suffolk Women’s Division Champions. (picture credit East Bergholt United Ladies)

 Congratulations to East Bergholt United Ladies on completing the League and Cup double this season.

 Congratulations too, to Bacton United Ladies who have secured runners-up spot with a huge win in their final game of the season away to Ipswich Athletic Ladies. Lois Balfour netting 5 goals in the game. Rebecca White and Francesca Rainbird with a brace each, Courtney Hutchinson on the scoresheet too in a 10-0.

The outcome of an abandoned game to be decided, but it’s all over in Suffolk for another season.


The Round-Up – Suffolk 06/05/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 6th & Monday 7th May

Suffolk Women’s County Cup

A 12:00pm on Bank Holiday Monday at Colchester United FC saw Ipswich Town Ladies taking on AFC Sudbury Ladies in this season’s Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final. 3 successive wins for Ipswich Town Ladies they were looking to make it 4 in row on a very hot Bank Holiday.

 It was ERWFL Premier Division side AFC Sudbury who took the lead Sophie Jeffery scoring direct from a corner in the 18th minute. Ipswich Town  were level just a minute later Natasha Thomas making it 1-1. Ipswich came close to taking the lead striking the cross bar twice before captain Amanda Crump did score in the 35th minute to make it 2-1 the bar struck for a 3rd time Ipswich Town holding the narrow advantage at half-time.

  10 minutes into the 2nd half Sophie Welton found the back of the net to make it 3-1 to Ipswich Town. Defender Lindsey Cooper heading home Ipswich Town’s 4th goal on the hour. Thomas with her 2nd of the game making it 5-1 five minutes later. Ipswich going on to seal the win and make it 4 in a row.

4 in a row for Ipswich Town Ladies, 2017/18 Suffolk Women’s County Cup Winners (photo credit Gary Reed)

Congratulation’s to Ipswich Town Ladies on their County Cup success.

Suffolk Women’s Division

One game played in the Suffolk Women’s Division, Brantham Athletic Ladies playing their final game of the season away to Leiston St Margarets. A chance to pull level with leaders East Bergholt United Ladies who have a game left to play, Brantham had just the 10 players available but a battling performance saw them share the points with Leiston St Margarets in a 1-1 taking Brantham 2nd. Bacton United Ladies 3rd & Walsham Le Willows in 4th can catch them with their remaining fixtures. Michelle Stanborough the scorer for Leiston St Margarets.

  Most sides have 1 game left to play Walsham Le Willows Ladies have three one of which is against East Bergholt United Ladies.

The Round-Up – Suffolk 08/04/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 8th April

Suffolk Women’s Division

A big win away from home for 2nd placed Brantham Athletic Ladies against previously unbeaten Walsham Le Willows Ladies sees them move level on points with leaders East Bergholt United Ladies at the top of the Suffolk Women’s Division. Lucy Dunnett scoring a hat-trick for Brantham along with a brace for Danielle Harvey and a goal for Kirsten Hutchings seeing Brantham Athletic come away with a 6-1 win. Join East Bergholt United on 31 points. A first defeat of the season in the league for Walsham Le Willows, Mia Banbury scoring their goal.

  All very tight at the top of the Suffolk Women’s Division with Bacton Ladies in 3rd just 3 points back on the leading duo all 3 having played 13. Were at home on Sunday taking on 4th placed Leiston St Margarets Ladies, Bacton scoring twice Leiston St Margarets with a hard working performance drew the game with Michelle Stanborough and Sarah Cooper getting the goals.

  Ipswich Athletic Youth Ladies earned just their 4th point of the season following a high scoring draw at home to Coplestonians Ladies on Sunday. The sides sharing 10 goals between them 5 each with Freya Louis on target for a hat-trick for Coplestonians with a goal a piece for Courtney Farris-Whatling and Shannon Giles. 

The Round-Up – Suffolk 25/03/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 25th March

Suffolk Women’s County Cup

 The Suffolk Women’s County Cup Finals were played this Sunday after both were called off last weekend. At neutral venues, Ipswich Town Ladies the current holders of the competition were playing ERWFL Division One North side Ipswich Wanderers Ladies. Initially the tie did start last Sunday, Jordan Arnoup from the penalty spot putting Ipswich Town ahead in the 16th minute but conditions were deteriorating and when an Ipswich Wanderers player was injured the game was abandoned the sides set to try again this Sunday. 

   Ipswich Town again getting in front inside the opening 15 minutes Sophie Welton scoring the goal. Ipswich Town fashioned further chances in the 1st half but weren’t able to extend their lead as Ipswich Wanderers held them to 1-0 at the break. Ipswich Town had a much better 2nd half Miagh Downey doubling their lead 5 minutes into the half. Zoe Cossey and captain Amanda Crump added a goal each to see the lead 4-0 on the hour. Welton with her 2nd of the game making it 5-0 to put Ipswich Town in full control of the tie. Natasha Thomas making it 6-0 with 15 left on the clock Cossey added her 2nd of the match late on to make the final score 7-0 to send Ipswich Town into their 4th successive final.

 Ipswich Town’s opponents in the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final will be AFC Sudbury Ladies after the ERWFL Premier Division side beat Suffolk Women’s Division side Leiston St Margarets Ladies. Two league between the sides, Leiston St Margarets have been in great form AFC Sudbury taking nothing for granted opened the scoring midway through the 1st half, Rebecca Chandler getting the goal. Phoebe Guiver also scoring in the 1st half to see AFC Sudbury leading 2-0 at half-time. Striker Stacey Teager coming on in the 2nd half netted a brace to double AFC Sudbury’s lead the final score 5-0 with Sophie Jeffery netting a goal in the last 15 minutes. 

  A repeat of the 2014/15 final AFC Sudbury v Ipswich Town Ladies will be played on Monday 7th May (Bank Holiday) with a 12:00pm kick-off at Colchester United FC

Suffolk Women’s Division

 Two matches played in the Suffolk Women’s Division at the weekend. After 4 successive draws in the league, leaders East Bergholt United Ladies finally got back to winning way away to AFC Kesgrave Ladies on Sunday. All the goals coming in the 1st half Charlotte McGrath, Annie Northwood and Millie Wilding all finding the back of the net in a 3-0 win.

   A comfortable win at home for Brantham Athletic Ladies on Sunday sees them climb back above Bacton United Ladies into 2nd spot in the Suffolk Women’s Division table. Were taking on Ipswich Athletic Youth Ladies. Goals from Lucy Dunnett, Kirsten Hutchings, Carra Marie Seeley and Jodie Sharp plus a brace from Danielle Harvey seeing Brantham Athletic run out 6-0 winners.

The Round-Up – Suffolk 11/03/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 11th March

Suffolk Women’s Division 

Two matches played in the Suffolk Women’s Division this Sunday and it’s a 4th successive draw for league leaders East Bergholt United Ladies as they were held away from home against the other unbeaten side in the league Walsham Le Willows Ladies. Millie Wilding having put East Bergholt United into a 1-0 half-time lead, Walsham Le Willows coming back to level the scores n the 2nd half with Katie Shorter getting the goal. In 5th spot Walsham Le Willows have 17 points 11 points behind the leaders but having played just 7 league games have plenty of points left to play for yet.

Bacton United Ladies 2nd in the Suffolk Women’s Division table close the gap to leaders East Bergholt United to just a single point as they continued their good run winning 4 of their last 5 league matches. Another big result too at home to Ipswich Athletic Youth Ladies on Sunday. Lois Balfour scoring 5 goals in the match. Francesca Rainbird also getting a hat-trick with Rebecca White claiming a brace in a 10-0 win. Both Bacton United and East Bergholt United have played 12 matches. 


The Round-Up – Suffolk 25/02/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 25th February

Suffolk Women’s Division

 Three games played in the Suffolk Women’s Division this Sunday and thing’s a starting to look close at the top as leaders East Bergholt United Ladies are held to a point for the 3rd successive game after a run of 8 straight wins. 

  Were away to 2nd placed Brantham Athletic Ladies on Sunday goals from Jessica Clark and Charlotte McGrath seeing East Bergholt into a 2-0 lead Brantham pulling it back to 2-1 before half-time. Brantham kept plugging away 2nd half eventually getting the goal to earn them a point from the game, Lucy Dunnett and ex-East Bergholt player Jodie Sharp with the goals. 

  Despite earning a point however Brantham Athletic Ladies drop a place to 3rd in the Suffolk Women’s Division as Bacton United Ladies move back above them into 2nd spot as they extended their unbeaten league run to 11 games with a big away win at bottom club Hadleigh United Ladies on Sunday. Lois Balfour top scoring in the match getting 4 goals. Maria Smith and Rebecca White both getting a brace each too with Francesca Rainbird also getting on the scoresheet in a 9-0 victory. Close the gap to East Bergholt United to 3 points now with Brantham Athletic a pint further back but with a game in hand. Games in hand too for Walsham Le Willows who have played just six league games to date to the title race is far from settled.

   A fourth league win of the season for 6th placed AFC Kesgrave Ladies too on Sunday as they claimed the 3 points with a narrow win away to Coplestonians Ladies on Sunday. 0-0 after the 1st half a brace from Lina Nagib seeing the visitors clinch victory with a 2-1 win.