Getting there – slowly!

An update long overdue

  Has been a while since I’ve updated the website and King’s Lynn Town Ladies and Histon Ladies have gotten to hog all the action with my last match report of the season. A new season fast approaching less than a week away now! Feel far from prepared and still lots to do.

 Therefore perhaps an explanation for my lack of progress although I suspect most of you are aware have seen it via other social media channels the news that my father, David sadly passed away in June a real blow was extremely close to him and coming so soon after the loss of his partner of 25 years, Rita at the start of the year too. 

  Time needed to grieve and sort his affairs the football put on the back burner for a while had to be done I’m sure you will understand. My health suffering in that time too, but thankfully taking a turn for the better. Back now though and despite being well behind the pace I am slowly getting my mojo back a few pre season friendlies to wet the appetite helping. The match reports will return fast approaching 400 and I am as nervous about writing the next one as I was my first. Love them however and can’t wait to get around the leagues helping to promote the game once again.

  Am part of an extraordinary and wonderful community and proud of the role I have within it. Excited for the new season more new sides the game continuing to grow, perhaps too fast in some areas but on the whole in the right direction. Some very interesting and exciting transfers this summer will be intriguing watching it all unfold.

 Wishing everyone all the best for the new season and hope to see as many of you play as I can throughout. 


4 thoughts on “Getting there – slowly!

  1. Gary

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Similar to you I lost my Dad in May and it is bloody tough. I hope, like me, you can focus on football to help you through this difficult time but people understand if you need more time. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Thoughts with you mate.

    March Town Ladies

  2. WFEast Post author

    Thank you Gary, sorry to hear of your loss, is tough I’ll get there sure the football will be a huge help in that regards

  3. Jill Upton

    Sorry to hear your sad news Darren. I’m sure you will be able to find comfort in your lifetime of fond memories of your Father.

    We appreciate everything you do for Womens Football, especially for the Eastern Region Football League, so hope we see you around soon.

    Best Regards
    Vice Chair ERWFL and Bedford Ladies and Girls FC

    1. WFEast Post author

      Thank you Jill, getting there I’m sure our paths will cross at some point this season.


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