News – The Round-Up Finishes

The Round-Up Finishes

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I will no longer be producing The Round-Up that has become a staple of Women’s Football East over the past three seasons. Always knew that there would become a point where the amount of time I could give to it and the number of teams in the East would become too great. The COVID outbreak bringing it to an abrupt end last season and with a good sized increase in new sides entering the county leagues seeing a total of 3 new divisions created increasing from 15 to 18, now seems like the best time to call it a day. 160 sides to try and cover last season 176 this time around and that will only grow, which is fantastic. The women’s game getting stronger and stronger is brilliant.

  Women’s Football East will continue of course not going anywhere, love attending matches at all levels and that will continue. The match reports and social media coverage, will bring all the news and info I can. Many clubs write their own match reports now and I will endeavour to share as many of them with you as possible, some great writers out there. As for league round-ups if anyone wants a try and cover a league I’d certainly encourage it and maybe help by giving it a platform to be shown to a wider audience. Won’t rule out a return as you never know but it was called ‘The Round-Up’ for a reason because finding the information was a round-up in itself. One of the reasons Women’s Football East was created was to try and bring it altogether. Coverage has improved no end social media is one area where women’s football is often leading the way. Part of me feels like I’m letting people down but I have to accept I can’t give the time needed to cover every single team very single week. 

 Best of luck to all for the coming season will nevertheless be keeping a close eye on the various league battles plenty of exciting action out there and will offer my thoughts throughout the season in other ways and hope to get to see as much football as I can.