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Match Report – Hertford Town Ladies v Bishops Stortford Ladies

Sunday 27th January

ERWFL Division One

Back to the football after having weeks rest, a trip down to Hertfordshire this Sunday to watch a game I’ve had pencilled in the diary for a while from ERWFL Division One, Hertford Town Ladies v Bishops Stortford Ladies.

  The Eastern Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL) having two divisions steps 5 & 6 of the women’s football pyramid. 12 teams contesting the Premier Division, 12 teams contesting Division One, back to a single division this season having been split North & South last season. Started with 13 the league has sadly lost Ipswich Wanderers Ladies due to lack of numbers, sadly a feature that is affecting women’s football across the board right now.

   Today’s sides at the wrong end of the table Hertford currently the bottom side, Bishops Stortford 10th. Followed each other into the ERWFL winning the Beds & Herts Women’s Division One title, Hertford in 2015/16, Bishops Stortford the following season. Two sides that rose rapidly through the county leagues have hit the buffers somewhat since joining the ERWFL

Hertford showing signs they are starting to turn the corner, Danny Barley taking over as manager towards the end of last season. Have a new home venue Wodson Park Sports Centre. A multi-sports complex next to Ware FC. Looks a impress partner to become associated with and plans are afoot for Hertford to be renamed in time for the new season. Have a grass pitch surrounded by a running track and access to a 3G pitch too. Had suffered due to lack of numbers have addressed that balance a new crop of players coming in to bolster the squad Rhianna Patmore, Chloe Ring, Georgia Turville, Megan Sende and Dempsey Favell amongst the new arrivals. Got their 1st league point on the board last Sunday a very good result a 1-1 with unbeaten St Ives Town Ladies at home.

  Bishops Stortford are struggling for committed players right now and are continuing to fulfil fixtures despite not being able to always field a starting XI, injury adding to that too. Just the 10 last week away to Newmarket Town Ladies, a commendable performance taking the lead but eventually lost 4-1. Together from youth level and successful they rose all the way through the age levels into women’s football, there as can often happen with a youth side climbing into women’s football there are loses to university. Since then Bishops Stortford have struggled to get results 3 points on the board so far. 

  It’s a windy one and very chilly with it, the hats on for the first time this season and I’ve brought the umbrella but how I’m going to hold it down if it does start raining I don’b know gloomy and overcast. Fingers crossed the rain stays away. The main pitch deemed too wet due to the overnight rain the game to be played the 3G pitch, a good size room for spectators down one side. The Sports Park offering the usual facilities. 

Hertford Town Ladies starting XI – Ellie Morris, Zoe Garvey, Megan Sende, Rhianna Patmore, Christie Seakens (C), Lauren Barnard, Georgia Turville, Chloe Ring, Olivia Worsfold, Katie Williams & Donna Watts. Subs – Nicola Davey, Karen Staples, Carly Snell, Dempsey Favell & Clare Pavett.

Bishops Stortford Ladies starting XI – Teigan McHale, Matilda Attridge, Rebecca Bull, Chloe Haken, Samantha McComish, Brogan McHale (C), Heather Martin, Poppy Kelly & Hollie Tate.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  As you can see from above straight away the visitors are at a huge disadvantage, arriving late not much time to prepare have just the 8 to take to the field with one on the way. Hertford with their new additions have twice the number available. The 3G pitch on a elevated position the hollowing wind is assured to play a huge part in the game a to some regards be something of a leveller. Bishops Stortford to get the game underway wearing blue and white vertical striped shirts blue shorts and socks with Hertford lined up opposite wearing sky blue shirts with a navy band across the front, navy shorts and socks.

  Bishops Stortford playing into the wind first half, Brogan McHale playing the diagonal ball out to Poppy Kelly attacking right drives at the Hertford defence, Megan Sende standing her ground putting the tackle in at left back. Bishops Stortford quick to close down Matilda Attridge into win the ball onto McHale, a great pass long to the right for Kelly crosses early, won by Rhianna Patmore at the back for Hertford. Kelly lively early on gets her head down prepared to run at players wins a throw in. Play across to the left side the pass inside to McHale given time shapes to shoot 30 yards out the ball wide of the upright. 

Bishops Stortford Ladies, Matilda Attridge with Hertford’s Zoe Garvey

 The wind at Hertford’s back isn’t necessarily helping forwards balls for the attackers running on difficult to chase down aiding the Bishops Stortford defence. Chloe Haken blocking a ball inside box for Bishops Stortford sees Hertford with a corner right side the ball crossed into toward the near post high for Donna Watts to try and bring down and turn and shoot, won’t come down Bishops Stortford see the threat away. Hertford unsure where best to exploit their opponents lack of numbers possession football very difficult with the wind press Bishops Stortford into their own half the 8 doing well enough in the opening exchanges. 

Hertford Town Ladies, Donna Watts bringing the ball down

  Balls that are played in behind would create problems on another day but the wind again makes these balls difficult to run down. Heather Martin coming back to win the ball for Bishops Stortford as Zoe Garvey brings the ball on from the back on the right for Hertford. Hertford come close to opening the scoring the ball fired in low across goal, Teigan McHale wearing the gloves today making a smart save with her leg at the near post of Chloe Ring, the ball loping up comes at Katie Williams quickly gets a touch the ball falling wide of the post. 

GOAL! The hosts open the scoring launch an effective counter attack, Lauren Barnard carrying the all on through the middle a threaded ball through to Watts moving right into the area McHale coming out to close the angle the striker shoots McHale saving with her legs going to ground, the rebound coming straight to Ring following Watts into the box from the right sends the ball back in across the empty goal and I think the ball is over the line at the far post even though Williams sliding in makes sure 1-0.

Hertford Town Ladies, Chloe Ring looking to keep the ball in play

Hertford look to press the advantage Olivia Worsfold puts a low ball in from an the right intercepted by Haken. Ring getting into the area twists and turns wins a corner the ball in from the right cleared out of the box falls to Garvey 25 yards out tries to lift it in over the goalkeeper, drops short into her arms. Worsfold sees a pass wide left into her feet left of the D turns into a shot the low ball running straight to McHale to claim low. A change for Hertford Georgia Turville off on comes Carly Snell.

Bishops Stortford Ladies, Brogan McHale

  Bishops Stortford defending for the majority in their own half have the ability to hit on the counter do just that the ball won the pass played early for Kelly bursting away on the right is clear goalkeeper Ellie Morris comes running out of her area to close her down, Kelly gets her shot away beating the keeper the ball heading for the goal beyond strikes the base of the near post. Calls for a foul as McHale is brought down outside the Hertford area, none given Hertford counter, the through ball for Ring clear right side Teigan McHale coming to close the angle Ring shoots the keeper getting her leg in the way of the ball sees it spin away across the face of the six yards box Watts getting a touch the ball spins away from goal wide. 

Samantha McComish heads the ball clear for Bishops Stortford

  Up the other end Broghan McHale is still down needs treatment, the wind is really hollowing now is bitterly cold. A few strong challenges coming in Kelly bundled off the ball. Hertford attack as Christie Seakins brings the ball forwards Worsfold looking to combine with Watts up top the wind ruining the move. Hollie Tate arrives Bishops Stortford have 9 on the field. A flowing attack from Hertford’s attacks Watts with it right 20 yards out plays it inside for Worsfold inside the D she lets it run on for Williams coming in left side hits a fierce shot in on the angle McHale making a great one handed save to palm the rising ball behind for the corner. Broghan McHale off for repairs has a bloody knee, vaseline applied she’d back on. 

 GOAL! The lead is doubled, from the set-piece the delivery good from the corner falls to Williams far post shapes to shot is blocked at pointblank range the ball spinning away to the to left hand corner of the area straight to Snell catches it well lashing the ball into the back of the net 2-0.

Hertford Town Ladies, Carly Snell

  A committed performance from Bishops Stortford’s 9 players are getting a few knocks for their efforts, Rebecca Bull the latest needing treatment. Hertford are enjoying the majority of the possession but no one is being afforded any time on the ball. Samantha McComish breaking up a Hertford attack. McHale combining with Kelly up front the latter forcing her way through in behind left the ball squared into Haken can’t turn as she is quickly closed down inside the D. Calls for a penalty as Snell appeared to be body checked inside the area but the appeals are waved away. 

Half-time Hertford Town Ladies 2-0 Bishops Stortford Ladies

  The half-time whistle blows and Hertford head into the changing rooms leading the game 2-0. Not good conditions for playing football the wind playing a huge part, have gotten the goals putting themselves into a good position to build on 2nd half know the wind will be against them 2nd half should see the through balls hold up better. Have the player advantage to which will be a factor as their opponents begin to tire. Bishops Stortford for their part have done very well a shortage of numbers everyone needed to step up to the plate and has, in their own half for much of the game came close to getting a goal themselves, pressed well and wind will be in their favour 2nd half.

Changes at half-time with Nicola Davey and Dempsey Favell on the field for Hertford at the start of the 2nd period the hosts to get us underway. A little lull in the wind but it won’t last long. Bishops Stortford win the ball come away on the left a driving run first by Kelly then picked up by McHale she is dispossessed outside the area the ball though coming to Martin, she has a shot 20 yards out the ball held by Morris in the Hertford goal. Tate is fouled going forwards McHale encouraged to have a go from 30 yards out the ball deflected wide for the corner. The visitors making an encouraging start to the 2nd half. 

Poppy Kelly on the attack for Bishops Stortford

  Hertford build on the right side a Ring pushing on in behind sends a cross in along the face of goal Williams arriving far side heads the ball wide. Favell with a great low ball through for Worsfold to go after bursting into the right channel, McHale comes early racing in intercept just gets there for the attacker, momentum keeps to keeper coming on gets a 2nd blocking tackle in as Ring is right behind Worsfold. The hosts starting to get a hold of the game push Bishops Stortford back into their own half once more. The visitors making she last gasp blocking tackles in and around their area, Bull, Attridge and Haken all called in to action. 

  GOAL! Hertford extend their lead a goal started ad finished by Worsfold the ball with her left side over halfway combines well with Favell breaking forwards the diagonal ball inside to her feet, Worsfold running on into the box receiving the return ball opens up her body to curl a low shot in McHale gets something in it but Worsfold gets a 2nd bite and makes no mistake 3-0.

Olivia Worsfold looking to win the ball for Hertford

  Kelly carries a real threat with the ball at her feet for Bishops Stortford attacks right is stopped by Seakens outside her box the ball played on for Favell a flowing attack she turns the ball on into the area for Worsfold peeling into space between the defence shots McHale going to ground making another good save with her legs. Williams comes off for Hertford on come Clare Pavett. The hosts have Bishops Stortford penned into the final 3rd, the wind holding the ball up in the air as Snell lifts in on for Worsfold left side she gets it up across the six yards box Ring racing in sees her shot charged down. Sende with the ball looks to get in past Worsfold on the left Bull sliding in wins the ball. Ring comes off for Hertford on in her place Karen Staples. 

  Favell plays the ball on for Pavett left side her cross inside to Worsfold central lets it run on for Snell she unleashes a shot 25 yards out, gathered by McHale. The light is starting to fade and the wind is getting stronger, won’t sit on the corner spot for Martin.

 GOAL! That though is the cue for someone to hold the ball still for the kick taker as Bishops Stortford are awarded a free kick all of 40 yards from goal the win at her back Bull over it has a go McHale laying beside the ball an outstretched finger holding it still, works as Bull catches it well the shot on target looping up and with the wind adding to the pace is over Morris before she can adjust 3-1.

Rebecca Bull with the goal for Bishops Stortford

Hertford continue to push players on Staples drifting out to the right sends in a cross/shot from the angle looping down at the near post a difficult on for McHale to deal with gets a glove to it turning it behind for the corner. The corner headed over by Davey. Into the last 10 minutes Bishops Stortford get some joy wide right winning a corner a great ball in across the six yard box by Martin isn’t attacked. 

Hertford Town Ladies, Nicola Davey

 Broghan McHale onto a loose kick out from the keeper sends a shot back in low left of the D, Morris setting herself has it covered. A free-kick wide on the right for Hertford the ball driven into the area with pace Favell gets a bullet header on it central, Teigan McHale with a fantastic one handed save especially as her body shape is taking her the wrong way. 

  GOAL! Space opening up late in the game the light fading fast Hertford attack right Davey on for Favell, good hold up play 20 yards out turns her marker to get inside drives a cross into Staples in space to the right of goal, she smashes a shot in towards goal defenders racing across to block it takes a nick and that carries it past the keeper and in 4-1. 

  Not long left Hertford finish strong Favell on for Snell right side shoots from the angle the ball skipping up of the surface claimed by the keeper. 

Full time Hertford Town Ladies 4-1 Bishops Stortford Ladies

  4-1 to Hertford Town Ladies they win their first league game of the season 4 points from the last two games taking them off the bottom of the table. A promising start to 2019 as they look to rebuild and become a force in the league. Exceptionally difficult conditions today the wind just meant there was no opportunity to get the ball down and play which would have tired their opponents out quicker, always hard to against a side without 11 on the field they will work all the harder simply because they know the have to. Patience usually paying off though.

  Full credit to Bishops Stortford a great effort from start to finish, 4-1 perhaps a little harsh one them, to start with 8 and keep their opponents from scoring a hat full of goals. The wind in their case suited them today the ball not going to stick to anyone. Great commitment shown and I’ve heard nothing but praise before seeing it for myself. If they can just get a few more committed to the cause they have got a fantastic core of talent to build with.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. A tough day for playing football no doubt that wind just awful. Credit to Bishops Stortford for the work rate through out the side. For Hertford Carly Snell made a impact upon coming on scoring the 2nd goal, Dempsey Favell too influential in the 2nd half finding pockets of space bringing others into play.  Today’s award however goes to Olivia Worsfold, her link up play excellent and always looking for opportunities up front for herself and others, the wind in her favour 2nd half she got herself into some good attacking positions and scored too.

  Good job I love what I do, it was bitterly cold out there today that wind simply the worst cut right through you, glad to be in the warm this evening. Enjoyed it though I can never predict what I’m going to get and glad I don’t. My thanks to both sides for their help with the teams today much appreciated.

Match Report – Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies v Hertford Town Ladies

Sunday 15th April

The football action this weekend on Women’s Football East comes from the ERWFL Division One North a trip to Hertfordshire to watch Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies play Hertford Town Ladies. 

   The sides currently 5th and 6th in the Division One North table with a handful of games left to play both looking to end on a positive note after a tough beginning to their campaigns. Hoddesdon Town Owls coming into the game on a high after recently playing in their first ever Hertfordshire Women’s County Cup Final back in March. Playing in midweek picked up a very good result at home to promotion chasing Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies winning the match 1-0. The club has come through a transitional period having lost several 1st team regulars two season’s ago rebuilding with a young squad last season results have picked up this campaign.

  My 1st look at Hertford Town Ladies, now in their 2nd season playing in the ERWFL having won the Beds & Herts Division One title back in 2015/16. A slow start to life at a higher level last season, results improved towards the end of the season. Into their 2nd season in the ERWFL have struggled for goals and been around the bottom of the table all season. Have been searching for a new manager and today is the first match in charge for Danny Barley.

 The venue for today’s game Hoddesdon Town FC on Park View not too far from the town centre. The cricket club next door. A clubhouse and changing room’s between the two. A large pitch seated covered stands on both sides of the ground. On the road parking beside the ground, however there are car parks nearby. The weather… brace yourselves… dry! Actually quite pleasant a few clouds around but the sun is doing it’s best to make an appearance for a welcome change after a long wet winter.

Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies starting XI – Casey Herrick, Katie Kendle, Leah Dunnage, Fay Holder, Charley Handley, Hannah Kelly, Kristina O’Connell, Sian Owens, Chloe Makepeace, Courtney Smart & Natasha Crick (C). Subs – Shannon Daly, Jemma Collison, Stephanie Iaonnou, Megan Davies & Megan Davies.

Hertford Town Ladies starting XI – Ellie Morris, Olivia Worsfold, Zoe Garvey, Lauren Barnard, Claire Pavett, Katie Taylor, Karen Staples, Carly Snell (C), Bilge Taspinar, Lisa Kline & Katie Williams. Subs – Nicola Davey & Vicki Staples.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   It’s Hoddesdon to get the game underway kicking off the 1st half wearing red and navy vertical striped shirts, navy shorts and socks with Hertford lined up opposite wearing yellow shirts and socks with blue shorts. 

 GOAL! Straight from their 1st attack Hoddesdon take the lead certainly the quickest goal I’ve seen this season. The ball played into Hoddesdon captain Natasha Crick out on the right she brings in on up the pitch fires a ball in towards the area a bit of pinball in the box as Hertford fail to clear the ball rebounding off a couple of players falls to Sian Owens inside the D she catches the ball 1st time and is past goalkeeper Ellie Morris before she can react 1-0.

Sian Owens scores in the opening seconds to give Hoddesdon the lead

   Hertford attack down the right side Olivia Worsfold playing the ball on for Lisa Kline, a recent addition to the squad dual signed from Enfield Town Ladies has 2 goals from 2 appearances, taking the ball on down the wing fires a diagonal ball into the area, Katie Williams with the central run, Hoddesdon goalkeeper Casey Herrick gathers the ball at her near post. Hertford captain Carly Snell wins a 50/50 ball in the middle of the park the helped on through the middle for Williams the striker giving chase, Hoddesdon’s Fay Holder closes her down wins the ball. 

  A free-kick wide left fro Hertford inside the Hoddesdon half a good delivery into the area by Claire Pavett. Charley Handley getting up highest to win the header for Hoddesdon. Hannah Kelly plays the ball through the middle for Courtney Smart, she is tackled by Pavett the defender playing the ball long for Williams moving out to the left flank, Holder comes across to clear the ball out for a throw. Hertford despite the early set back of conceding a goal have come back into the game well the ball being moved quickly from back to front. Pushing forwards Bilge Taspinar runs into space after a long ball Herrick coming out of her area to clear smashes the ball against the Hertford attacker. The rebound favouring the Hoddesdon defence the ball hooked away as they get back. 

Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies, Hannah Kelly

  Hoddesdon push players forwards as the ball is carried up the pitch on the right the cross into the top of the area, Kristina O’Connell forwards to support Smart and Owens, Hertford put in a couple of blocks, Pavett then Lauren Barnard before the ball is deflected back to Chloe Makepeace she has a go from distance the ball dropping just wide of Morris’s left post. Kline gets hold of the ball on the right drills a shot/cross in low towards the near post Herrick adjusting well saves with her legs. 

Hertford Town Ladies, Zoe Garvey

  End to end at times as Hoddesdon come on, the Hertford defence standing firm winning the ball quick to set up the counter attack. Snell getting forwards wins a free-kick left of the Hoddesdon area. The delivery played up to the far post several players from both sides jumping for it the ball landing in the six yard box is knocked back out to Katie Taylor on the edge of the box, her fierce shot back in is blocked by the Hoddesdon defence. 

  A throw high up on the left for Hoddesdon the pass played through to Smart inside the area closing in on the near post her shot is blocked. A free-kick for Hoddesdon wide left outside the area O’Connell over it whips a good ball in across the face of goal now one can get a touch as it runs wide of the far post. Crick with the ball attacking on the right sides her initial cross in blocked by Pavett, then wins her sides a corner kick. The ball played long towards the to of the area met by O’Connell a looping shot sent in towards goal an awkward height for Morris the goalkeeper gets a glove on the ball knocking it down and claims at the 2nd attempt. 

Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies, Kristina O’Connell

   Kelly is fouled as she gets hold of the ball on the right a free-kick awarded to Hoddesdon. Players go forwards into the area as O’Connell places the ball. The midfielder playing in a tempting ball, Crick getting up on the penalty spot can only get a glancing header on the ball not enough to alter it’s direction as it runs out of play. A change for Hoddesdon Smart coming off, Jemma Collison comes on. Obstruction by Katie Kendle on Taspinar in the centre circle. Pavett on the free-kick a looped ball up into the area, again Handley is under it to clear for Hoddesdon. 

Bilge Taspinar collides with Katie Kendle

Kline coming over to the left side as Hertford win a throw in receives the pass turning towards the area avoiding a challenge is bearing down on goal, Makepeace coming back on the cover from midfield putting the ball behind for a corner. Played in towards the far post from the left knocked out to the right the cross is put back on Williams rising at the post flicking the ball on across the face of goal, Herrick gets her gloves firmly around the ball.

Hertford Town Ladies, Katie Williams

Set pieces given away by both sides are creating opportunities to get the ball into the area. A free-kick goes Hertford’s way half way inside the Hoddesdon half. The ball coming into the box falls to Williams her shot is flashed up over the crossbar. A little bit of niggle out their Hertford are doing well winning the ball frustrating Hoddesdon in the final 3rd Zoe Garvey winning the ball against Crick. The Hoddesdon captain picking up a knock late into the 1st half. Hertford are looking to release Williams and Taspinar in particular up front Herrick through has been quick to come off her line and clear whenever the visitors look to turn play around quickly. 

Half-time Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies 1-0 Hertford Town Ladies

   Despite taking the lead in the opening seconds Hoddesdon haven’t gone on to build on their lead and as the half has wore on have gotten a little frustrated. Hertford if anything have been the slightly better of the two sides growing in confidence throughout the half. Winning the physical battles charging down balls and intercepting passes. Have broken forwards well although opportunities have been limited haven’t tested Herrick with any long range shots. Going in at half-time the game is still very much in the balance.

  Changes for both sides at half-time, Nicola Davey running the line for Hertford in the 1st half coming on for Karen Staples. Robyn Jones and Stephanie Iaonnou on for Hoddesdon on for Kendle and Crick. This sees Kelly pushed up front into the strikers role. Hertford to get the 2nd half underway. Snell in with a robust challenge wins the ball in the middle knocks it on into the path of Taspinar she elects to have a go from 30 yards out her effort running a yard wide of the far post. 

Williams moving forwards with the ball on the left wins a corner kick the ball into the area cleared by Dunnage for Hoddesdon comes onto Pavett 35 yards out strikes the ball back in towards goal another long range effort not too far wide. Hertford pressing for an equalising goal at the start of the 2nd half push forwards Hoddesdon hit them on the break Jones on the right a one two with Kelly in the middle as she goes forwards before being fouled. O’Connell over the ball the delivery flashes across the six yard box no one can apply a touch at the far post to turn it home. 

  The same happens a few moments later after Jones wins Hoddesdon a corner on the right, O’Connell with the delivery again the ball inswinging across the six yard box out of play at the far post. Williams is just offside through the middle as Taylor looks to play her through after winning the ball in the centre. A change for Hertford Worsfold has taken a knock needs to come off on comes Vicki Staples. Both sides are giving away free-kick play broken up as a result. 

Hertford Town Ladies, Katie Taylor

  Some painful challenges too, Garvey taking one on the far side as she and Jones contest the ball. Needs to come off, Katie Staples having been running the line 2nd half returns to the action for Hertford. Dunnage is getting forwards more in the 2nd half for Hoddesdon breaking from the back looking to support Kelly ends up getting up ended the free-kick 30 yards out left of goal O’Connell on it her ball into the middle is knocked down by Morris the keeper claiming well under challenge at the 2nd attempt. 

  A break on for Hertford through the middle Snell and Taylor through for Kline coming inside a run at the Hoddesdon defence, looks to shift the ball inside as she enters the box, Holder throwing out a leg lunges in to stop her shot. Snell closing the ball down sees it deflected on into the area, Taspinar under it making it difficult for the Hoddesdon defence gets a corner kick. The ball into the box cleared by Dunnage. A change for Hoddesdon Owens coming off to be replaced by Megan Davies with 20 minutes left on the clock. Involved straight away as Dunnage breaks forwards with the ball on the left looking to play a one two with Davies, Barnard in to win the ball back for Hertford.

Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies, Leah Dunnage

  Morris produces a great save on the edge of her area to deny Kelly as Hoddesdon work the ball forwards well the move starting with Kelly in the centre circle as she shows a great piece of skill to control the high ball played into her and hold off her marker releasing the pass into Handley as she bursts past her Kelly gets in behind through the middle Handley putting the ball back into her Morris quick to react of her line meeting Kelly as she gets to the ball at the edge of the area making the blocking save. Hertford make a change Williams coming off up top, Worsfold back on a straight swap. 

   Hoddesdon launch a rapid counter attack O’Connell with a great touch bringing the ball under control in the middle looks to play Kelly in behind through the middle the pass a little too heavy Morris is able to gather before Kelly can reach the ball. Jones showing good pace down the right gets in behind whips a ball into the area, Morris claiming well at her near post. Iaonnou comes off for Hoddesdon Kendle coming back on. Kline finds space in behind on the right as Hoddesdon commit players forwards, attacking drives into the area from the right pulls the trigger, Holder racing across lunges in to charge the shot down for a corner. 

Bilge Taspinar with Hoddesdon’s Chloe Makepeace

  Williams comes back on for Hertford Taylor the player off. Kelly comes off for Hoddesdon, Crick returns to the field. 

   GOAL! Into the last 10 minutes Hoddesdon are on the attack Handley in the middle looking to help the ball in a hand ball is spotted by the referee a free-kick given to the home side in a dangerous position 25 yards out right of the D. O’Connell on it has looked to set up others previously closer in this time takes on the shot hits the ball perfectly flighted over the keeper lands in the back of the net 2-0. 

 GOAL! The 2-0 lead is short lived as Hertford pull a goal back straight away. The ball hotly contested in the middle players down after a coming together play goes on the ball knocked forwards centrally Holder looking to see it back to her keeper on the edge of the area under pressure from Worsfold the ball is deflected away to the left Worsfold after it a touch taking it the six yard box, players rushing to get back on the cover Worsfold slides it through them over the line to make it 2-1 and if the full-time stats are correct that is her 1st goal of the season.

Hertford Town Ladies, Olivia Worsfold

A tense finish set-up there is already plenty of niggle out there, frustration shown in a few camps. Some strong challenges nothing malicious however. Crick breaks clear with the ball on the left side good running takes on two players beating them gets into a shooting position 20 yards out her rising effort angling away from the top corner. O’Connell on the ball in the centre on for Handley moving to her left 20 yards out slides the ball through into the area for Crick the angle against her Crick shoots Morris with a good one handed save keeping the ball out trying to adjust her body Crick strikes the ball on the volley cutting it up over the crossbar. 

Natasha Crick with Claire Pavett

  A little bit of afters sees a bit of pushing and shoving that results in Crick and Davey being shown a yellow card each. Hertford since getting it back to 2-1 haven’t been able to get any meaningful possession on the ball, Handley back to tackle Snell as she tries to get forwards. Dunnage tackling Kline in stoppage time. Taspinar over on the left gets into the area wins a corner kick. Hoddesdon defend Makepeace heading the ball behind for another corner no time to take it however as the final whistle blows and Hoddesdon claim the 3 points.

Full time Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies 2-1 Hertford Town Ladies

  An interesting game this one if scrappy at times Hoddesdon holding on for the narrow win in the end went after barely 30 seconds on the clock it looked like they might have a comfortable afternoon. Hardly the case. Hertford responding well to conceding early came right back into the game and winning the physical battle in the 1st half finished the stronger. As the 2nd half progressed you had the feeling that if Hertford could find and equaliser then they might well go on to win the match. Hoddesdon made changes 2nd half pushing Handley further forwards O’Connell influential still remained close Hoddesdon getting that all important 2nd goal, Hertford responded well scoring straight away but not enough in the end to take anything from the game.

 Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Today’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match goes to Hoddesdon Town Owls midfielder Kristina O’Connell a hotly contested area in midfield this afternoon with some robust challenges to deal with time on the ball limited. Got forwards well to support the attackers especially 2nd half. Good control and range of passes, aw well as scoring a superb free-kick.

  Hoddesdon have little time to celebrate the win a warm down after the game they are back in action tomorrow evening Monday 16th at home once again, Bishops Stortford Ladies the visitors with 2 wins in 2 this week already they will be looking to make it 3.

  Good to see another side for the 1st time, many more out there. My thanks to both clubs for all their help with the team details always appreciated.