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Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

Sunday’s match report on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership, a trip to Peterborough to watch Netherton United Ladies play Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A trip to Peterborough this Sunday, the venue The Grange to watch a match from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with Netherton United Ladies hosting Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

  The season in Cambridgeshire has barely gotten started with just a handful of games having taken place in the Premiership to date with 2 of the 9 sides contesting the 2016/17 yet to get going. Both Netherton United Ladies and Cambridge United WFC Reserves have played 2 league matches to date. Both starting with a defeat then bouncing back with a win. 

  Netherton United Ladies run a number of youth sides as well as the ladies 1st team.  Started the season with a 1-0 home defeat against Newmarket Town Ladies, this was followed by 2-0 away defeat in the FA Women’s Cup against higher league opponents Acle United Ladies. Since then however the club has enjoyed a run of 3 successive home games winning all 3 games 1 league and 2 cup matches scoring 19 goals along the way. A 4th successive home win today will see them move to the top of the Premiership, albeit early days.

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves are the current Premiership leaders recovering from a 2-1 defeat against newly promoted St Ives Town Ladies on the opening day. Won big 2 weeks later scoring 10 goals past another of the promoted sides Bourne Ladies to go to the top, victory today will see them extend that lead. A lot of player movement at the club over the close season new faces in both the 1st team squad (competing in FAWPL South East Division One) and the Reserves as the club looks to push up the women’s football pyramid.

  The venue for today’s league encounter The Grange in Peterborough, to the north of the town centre, the ground at the end of a newly build housing estate boasts a new 3G pitch with room inside for spectators to watch along one side. A clubhouse with bar and hot and cold refreshments available with multiple grass pitches beyond. A nice set-up all the better because the heavy rain that had blown through all morning was finally clear and it was a bright and sunny afternoon, with the odd black cloud dotted about.

  Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Katie Cooper, Lucy Johnson, Dita Upesjure, Camen Giles, Hannah Johnson, Jenna Nairn, Megan Parrett (C), Alice MacNicol, Georgia Parrett, Yasmin Green & Emily Johnson.
  subs – Lauren McKeever, Anna Hatcher & Savannah Evans

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves starting XI – Verity Crook, Sarah Carroll, Carolyn Sarafain, Liz Pamplin, Mel Findlater, Laura Baker, Gabrielle Whitehurst, Emily Ingle (C), Teonie Peyton, Ebony Rule & Lauren Gibson

  subs- Ellen Green, Jess Harvey, McKenzie McGranor & Vicky Hoover.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   A minutes silence held before the game in honour of Paul McCann, a coach with Riverside FC who tragically passed away whilst falling ill competing in the Great Eastern Run recently.
  With Cambridge United WFC’s 1st team game in the FAWPL Cup away to Portsmouth FC Ladies postponed early in the morning the Reserves side was ale to draft in Verity Crook to keep goal for today’s match. New signing Jess Harvey having come in from Peterborough United Ladies was starting on the bench. Netherton United Ladies had a new signing on their bench too, Anna Hatcher joining the club from March Town United Ladies. It’s the visitors to kick-off the 1st half, Cambridge wearing amber shirts and socks with black shorts. Netherton lined up opposite wearing red and black shirts with black shorts and socks. 
  Cambridge work the ball out to the right wing early on captain Emily Ingle pushing up that side of the pitch to win the ball, her attempted cross blocked by Netherton’s Dita Upesjure defending that side of the pitch the ball out for a throw-in. Linking up with Ebony Rule from the throw Ingle sends the ball into the box, Netherton defend Camen Giles heading the ball clear of the area. The visitors continue to push forwards in the opening exchanges the ball won back in midfield is played up into Teonie Payton inside the D, helps the ball on into the box with Rule getting onto the end of it right of goal, shoots low aiming near post, Netherton goalkeeper Katie Cooper has the angle covered gathers the ball into her arms.
  Netherton get the ball forwards quickly, Jenna Nairn sending it long for Emily Johnson up front to chase, Cambridge are playing with 3 at the back, Johnson runs in behind Carolyn Sarafain on the left of the 3, looks to take the ball on into the area, Sarafain gets back with the attacker getting a foot on the ball to push it away from her runs on to Crook who claims the ball. 
  Pressuring the Netherton defence on the left wing, Peyton wins Cambridge the 1st corner of the game. Is a good delivery fired into the box with plenty of pace, Liz Pamplin (who can and has played in every position on the pitch) is up from the back coming onto the ball gets her head on it, puts it over the crossbar from 10 yards out. Is a competitive game a few strong challenges coming in early on complaints from both sides.
Teonie Peyton on the ball for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
looks to get away from Netherton’s Georgia Parrett
  Mel Findlater pays the ball out of the Cambridge half up to Rule, back to goal she heads the ball down into the advancing Gabrielle Whitehurst she plays it to her midfield partner Laura Baker, returning to action after an injury in early pre-season. 25 yards from goal Baker juggles the ball between her feet before hitting a shot towards goal on the volley, up and over the defence drops safely into Cooper’s gloves. The visitors have Netherton on the back foot in the opening 10 minutes. From a throw on the left side, Lauren Gibson looks to turn on the edge of the box as the ball is played into her feet falling back as she strikes the ball, lacks the power to beat Cooper at her near post.
  GOAL! The early pressure from the visitors tells as they take the lead on 11 minutes, working the ball up the right flank Cambridge win a throw, Ingle and Rule link up to get the ball into the box, a Netherton defender throws a leg out to deflect the ball out of the area is loose as it runs across the D central, is a race for the ball, Baker for Cambridge getting there just ahead of the defender takes the ball inside past her then hits a right foot shot low across the keeper into the bottom corner for her 1st goal of the season 0-1.
Laura Baker with the opening goal of the game for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
  Netherton look to move the ball forwards from the restart, captain Megan Parrett in midfield plays the ball out to Emily Johnson moving right to the right, turns back inside passing the ball inside to the advancing Nairn central, picks out Alice MacNicol coming inside from the left getting hold of the ball as she runs inside the box, left of goal the angle is against her as she squeezes a shot away the ball running along the ground Crook down to collect at her near post.
  The game is stretched from one end to the other with Cambridge playing it over the top for Gibson, Cooper rushing out of her box to kick clear manages to pick out Johnson on the right side, Georgia Parrett makes a run inside receives the ball, hits the cross on the move outside the box, Yasmin Green is there on the penalty spot the ball just evades her as she throws a leg at it. MacNicol has a pop at goal from distance for Netherton up and over the Cambridge defence like Baker’s earlier effort drops safely for Crook to take cleanly.
  A throw on the left deep inside the Netherton half brings Cambridge a corner kick the delivery his headed near post by Gibson into the middle of the area, Megan Parrett heads the ball away. A freaky deflection puts Cambridge’s Rule in on goal as Hannah Johnson’s attempted clearance smashes against her own team mate having push out from the back the deflection sees the ball spin in behind Rule reacting quickest is after it carrying the ball into the area is one on one with the keeper, her touch just a fraction heavy as she arrives in the box allowed Cooper committed to sliding in at her feet to get hold of the ball pull it into her body on the ground.
 The strong tackling continues and Cambridge feeling they aren’t getting the decisions are making their protests vocal. Johnson is caught in possession at the back by Gibson the Cambridge striker nicking the ball on the left outside the box, takes it on into the area looks to curl the ball into the top corner across goal, good save from Cooper as she throws herself at the ball pushes it wide her defence clearing far side. Cambridge keep possession inside the Netherton half, Sarafain coming forwards as Peyton wins a throw on the left, linking up with Baker, Sarafain is played in down the line coming into the area her cross is deflected behind by Hannah Johnson for a corner kick. The delivery into the six yard box his headed up into the air by Parrett, dropping amongst bodies is cleared away to the left top of the area, Baker latching onto the ball sends it back in towards goal, Cooper dives as the ball goes across her goal but leaves it confident it is racing wide.

Netherton United Ladies, Alice MacNicol

Peyton has said too much for the referees liking and get’s her name in the book. Winning the ball wide on the right for Netherton, Georgia Parrett passes the ball in field into Nairn has MacNicol to her left plays the ball into her feet takes on the strike from distance whipping the ball up over the Cambridge defence from outside the box the shot whistles over the crossbar. Giles takes a painful knock defending for Netherton at the back, wants to continue but can’t the home side making a change sending on Anna Hatcher to join the defence. 

  Play is drawn over the the right of the pitch with Cambridge attacking, Peyton moving central is in space and play is spread across to her as Gibson holds the ball up before laying it into Baker her pass finding Peyton, takes the ball on into the box, Netherton’s Lucy Johnson gets back to try and force for wide of goal, left of the target getting closed down, Peyton gets a shot away with the outside of her boot runs wide across the face of goal. Rule is played in on goal moments later Gibson playing her in behind her shot is blasted in wide of the goal.
  GOAL! Late into the 1st half and Cambridge double their lead. Are awarded a free-kick some 40 yards out to the right of the Netherton box. Baker over the ball as players pile forwards, flights the ball into the area near post area, 2 Netherton defenders go for it comes off the shoulder of one falling inside the six yard box favourably for Cambridge’s Whitehurst travelling forwards, the ball dropping into her path makes no mistake getting her foot over the ball sending her shot across the goal and into the back of the net 0-2.
Gabrielle Whitehurst scores late in the 1st half for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
Half-time Netherton United Ladies 0-2 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A goal at either end of the 1st half sees Cambridge lead the match 2-0 with a strong 1st half display. Creating plenty of opportunities inside the Netherton final 3rd have had the home side on the back foot for much of the 1st 45 minutes. A few of the Netherton players letting themselves get distracted by the verbals flying around haven’t been at their best. Haven’t been able to get their strikers in behind the Cambridge back 3 who have won most things in the air. 2-0 is always a tricky scoreline all to often the next goal has a huge influence on where the final result will go as the 2 sides line up for the 2nd half, Netherton to kick-off.
  An early corner for Cambridge as Baker gets her foot on the ball sends a pass out to Ingle wide on the right taking the ball down the line Upesjure prevents the cross coming in turning the ball behind. The ball is sent long across the top of the six yard box, Pamplin far side gets something on the ball sends it high over the top of goal. 
  GOAL! An early goal in the 2nd half for Cambridge sees them extend their lead. Peyton full of running on the left wins the visitors a throw the ball is retained that side as players drift forwards through the middle, Findlater having been shielding the back 3 for much of the game is up field in front of the Netherton area as the ball is played in towards her left of the D she sees the bouncing ball onto her foot hitting it on the half volley getting it up and over the keeper to drop into the back of the net beyond with just 4 minutes of the 2nd half played 0-3. Her 1st goal for Cambridge.
Mel Findlater with her 1st goal for the
club early in the 2nd half to make it 3-0
  Netherton win a free kick the ball is played up towards the D, MacNicol inside in attempts to control her header the ball evading her, Cambridge fail to clear it rolling back to Nairn in midfield, MacNicol comes across to the left to receive the ball, shifts it between her feet to evade a challenge and runs with the ball down the line cutting it back on the byline into the middle of the area runs straight towards Green on the penalty spot, looks to open her body take her shot into the far corner the ball rolls the wrong side of the post.   
   Peyton wins Cambridge a corner attacking down the right. The ball in is headed back out to the right by Hatcher. Peyton to put the ball back into the box is headed down into the ground by Hannah Johnson, Whitehurst outside the box gets her foot over the bouncing ball gets her shot through the crowd, no trouble for Cooper as it runs wide of goal. Megan Parrett having taken a knock comes off for Netherton, Lauren McKeever coming on into midfield. 
  Lucy Johnson brings the ball up the right for Netherton rolls in into Georgia Parrett plays the ball inside into Green who strikes the ball early from outside the box, doesn’t get off the ground rolls straight towards Crook who has time to set herself and gather. Savannah Evans comes on for Netherton. Cambridge make a change too bringing on McKenzie McGranor for Peyton. Straight away the substitute has a chance on goal ahead of play as the ball is played out from the back comes in field with Ingle moving inside helps the ball on into the box from 25 yards out McGranor gets her head on the ball tries to power it around Cooper pushes the ball wide of goal. A free kick in a dangerous area outside the box for Netherton as McKeever is fouled by Whitehurst. 25 yards out MacNicol over the ball goes for the shot her effort flashing over the crossbar. 
Netherton United Ladies, Lucy Johnson
  2nd change for the visitors as Rule comes off, Jess Harvey comes on to make her debut. Cambridge have a corner on the left. Before it is taken Netherton make a change Megan Parrett back on with Georgia coming off. Lucy Johnson does well for Netherton defending the corner getting hold of the ball play it out of the area before sending it up field, Baker from a deeper position regains possession looks to send the ball into the area, too long Cooper reaching up can pull the ball down into her body.
   Whitehurst bringing the ball over half-way passes into Gibson back to goal holds it up with Baker going past making a move to get into the box, Gibson attempts to roll the ball into her path inside the box Cooper commits early coming out to the edge of her area sliding in to push the ball away from the attacker. Harvey getting hold of the ball on the wing looks to lift the ball back in towards goal, Cooper back on her feet quickly snatches the ball down holding onto the shot. 
   Cambridge bring players forward to attack another corner kick on the left, the initial ball into the box is headed back out towards the taker Ingle, sends the ball back in central, Gibson tries to get her head on the ball, Hatcher defends well getting their 1st to clear the ball. Linking up on the right side, Ingle plays the ball down the line for Harvey, Upesjure stops the cross conceding the corner. The ball comes in quickly along the six yard box, is on Gibson far post area before she get her head under the ball, deflects off her up over the bar.
Cambridge United WFC Reserves, Jess Harvey with
Netherton’s Dita Upesjure
  Baker has the ball at her feet outside the Netherton area, moves forwards with it shifting it between her feet before shooting, taking a deflection the ball runs wide for a corner kick on the left. Cooper gets up amongst the crowd gathered near post to punch the ball on wide across the six yard box. A double change for Cambridge, Carroll and Findlater coming off, Ellen Green and Vicky Hoover coming on with 15 minutes left to play. Has been a heated contest between Hannah Johnson and Gibson all game both are called to the referee, Gibson yellow carded for dissent when her objections go too far. 
Lauren Gibson & Anna Hatcher
  Harvey attempts to turn in behind to attack the box on the right side outside the box as Whitehurst gets the ball into her feet, moving into the box Upesjure recovers to close her down and slides in to take the ball out for a corner. Going long the ball is cleared the area cleared, Cambridge come again Hoover winning the ball deep in midfield plays it into Baker who picks out Harvey right, crosses the ball along to face of the box for Gibson closed down quickly by Hatcher shifts the ball to get a shot away doesn’t get a good connection with the ball spins wide along the ground. Gibson’s last action of the game as she comes off, Rule back on. 
  Baker is brought down right on the edge of the area as she attempts to get into the box, left of the D it’s Baker over the ball, goes for goal her six flashing wide across the six yard box. A corner for Cambridge left side the delivery whipped into the six yard box, McGranor central gets her head on the ball places it up over the crossbar. Into the final minutes of the match Baker is brought down again 25 yards out in a central position. Pamplin over the set-piece goes for goal the strike heading for the top corner, Cooper throwing herself at the ball may have gotten the slightest touch the ball hitting the crossbar and spinning away to the left.
Liz Pamplin comes close from the set-piece for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
 A corner on the left in injury time, Pamplin closest to it inside the area can’t turn it goalwards plays it back to McGranor who attempts to lift the ball in across the face of goal with the outside of her boot, Green can’t quite reach it as she lunges for it in a central position the ball is cleared as the final whistle blows.
Full time Netherton United Ladies 0-3 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  Cambridge win 3-0 a comfortable win to earn the 3 points move onto six points at the top of the table are joined on 6 points by Newmarket Town Ladies who won 2-0 this afternoon too away to St Ives Town. A good performance from the visitors creating alot going forwards the back 3 not letting anything get in behind them. Not too much for Netherton to complain about weren’t at their best today the early goal 2nd half a blow couldn’t find a way back into the game can only get back on the training pitch look to get it right next match.
  My thanks to both clubs for their help with the teams today much appreciated. 

Cambridgeshire Girls U18s League Cup Final

Netherton United Ladies U18s v Newmarket Town Ladies U18s

Midweek football on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog came from St Neots Town FC and the Final of the Cambridgeshire Girls U18s League Cup played between Netherton United Ladies & Newmarket Town Ladies, two side with a strong youth policy that has seen several of their U18s play for their senior teams already.

Cup Final Report – Netherton United Ladies U18s v Newmarket Town Ladies U18s

  The Cup Finals keep coming on the Supporting Women’s Football. A midweek trip to St Neots Town FC to watch the final of the Cambridgeshire S-Tech Insurance Girls U18s League Cup, with Netherton United Ladies U18s playing Newmarket Town Ladies U18s.

  Two sides that have a similar approach to the game running a number of youth sides with a clear path in place to achieve 1st team football with the senior women’s side and this season has seen a number of U18 players feature regularly for their 1st team both of which compete in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership. 

  The venue for this evenings final St Neots Town FC, a newly build stadium on the outskirts of the town, amongst a new housing development going up, is a bit of a rabbit warren to find amongst the new housing and the Sat Nav gave up, still I found it the floodlights visible it was a case of picking the right road. Is a very nice stadium, new a large seated stand along side the pitch with a clubhouse with bar and facilities for hot refreshments although not available tonight. Terraced covered stands at either end. The large pitch looked in fantastic condition. A bright and sunny evening warm and dry total contrast to the monsoon I’d stood in to watch Newmarket Town Ladies in their semi-final game.

Road to the Final
  Just 7 sides contested the Cambridge Girls U18s League this season, Wisbech St Marys Ladies were the runaway winners playing and winning all 15 of their league matches whilst Newmarket Town Ladies finished as runners-up with Netherton United Ladies 3rd. Both sides entering in the quarter final stage.
  Newmarket Tow Ladies were awarded an away win with Riverside Rovers pulling out. Into the hat 4 the semi-finals were drawn at home against league leaders Wisbech St Marys Ladies. A tough challenge seemingly I went along to watch this semi-final on a Saturday morning played on the Dullingham Polo Fields. On the day Newmarket Town Ladies were by far the better side winning the game 4-0 to reach the League Cup Final.
  Netherton United Ladies were at home in the quarter finals showing no mercy as they romped though to the semi-finals beating Sawston 21-0. That result scaring their semi-final opponents Sawtry the game never took place and Netherton United Ladies were into the final.
The venue for this evenings final St Neots Town FC, a newly build stadium on the outskirts of the town, amongst a new housing development going up, is a bit of a rabbit warren to find amongst the new housing and the Sat Nav gave up, still I found it the floodlights visible it was a case of picking the right road. Is a very nice stadium, new a large seated stand along side the pitch with a clubhouse with bar and facilities for hot refreshments although not available tonight. Terraced covered stands at either end. The large pitch looked in fantastic condition. A bright and sunny evening warm and dry total contrast to the monsoon I’d stood in to watch Newmarket Town Ladies in their semi-final game.
  Netherton United Ladies U18s starting XI – Katie Cooper, Stacie Boon, Courtney Coles, Olivia Bass, Georgia Clarke, Hazel Sterling (C), Eleanor Mitchell, Georgina Parrett, Savannah Evans, Lucy Johnson & Emma Pollard.
  subs – Tia Vacca, Charlotte Akester & Natasha Anderson.
   Newmarket Town Ladies starting XI – Lilli Estus, Katie Webb, Chloe Slater, Yasmin Woodfield, Ella Blowes (C), Jessica Linger, Molly Agnew, Abbi Griffin, Olivia Orme, Jordanne Sillitoe & Dominika Szary
   subs – Olivia Page & Freya Rule.
(roll on roll off substitutes)
  Newmarket wearing yellow shirts with blue trim on the sides and numbering get the 1st half underway with opponents Netherton lined up opposite wearing red shirts with a black bands across the chest, black shorts and black and red hooped socks. Netherton captain, Hazel Sterling imposes herself on the ball in the midfield early on pushing out to the left side tries the play in Savannah Evans ahead of her trying to come in from the left side to get inside the area the pass carries too much weight runs through to Newmarket goalkeeper Lilli Estus for an early touch of the ball.
Netherton United Ladies u18s captain goes on the attack early on
  Not only have players from both sides played for their respective 1st teams this season, Newmarket have a few dual signed who have played at a higher level still, defender Katie Webb and attacking player Jordanne Sillitoe have experience in the ERWFL Premier Division with Great Shelford Ladies, whilst I have seen Chloe Slater in playing for Brandon Town Ladies in Norfolk Women’s Division One. Newmarket go up the other end the ball put up the right channel for Abbi griffin to chase wins her side a corner kick. Any set piece put in from that side could cause a problem for the Netherton defence with the sun setting low behind that side of the stadium. The ball comes in goalkeeper, Katie Cooper goes up to claim the ball isn’t safely in her gloves drops into the six yard box, Netherton scramble it away.
 GOAL! The perfect start for Newmarket as they open the scoring just 3 minutes played. the ball from the corner kick isn’t cleared far outsdie the Netherton box newmarket regain possession on the left side, comes to the feet of Sillitoe, carries it forwards comng inside reaches the edge of the area pulls the trigger drilling the ball low and fast across the goal and buries it into the bottom corner. 0-1.
   Newmarket aome again Sillitoe proving to be a handful on the ball, plays the pass out to Molly Agnew moving into space on the right side again the shot comes in from just outside the area Cooper gets down low and pushes the ball away for another corner. Netherton are trying to release attackers Emma Pollard and Lucy Johnson through the centre testing the Newmarket defence with high balls. Newmarket regain the ball go up the other end winning a throw on the right is put into Sillitoe’s feet turns inside and looks to curl a shot in towards the top corner, drifts wide of the target.
Netherton’s Lucy Johnson with Newmarket’s Yasmin Woodfield
  On the left Dominika Szary gets hold of the ball takes on the Netherton defence getting free, shoots from 20 yards out, Cooper dives to her left but a touch isn’t needed as the ball rolls a yard wide for the goal kick. Netherton get the ball up though the middle quickly Evans into Johnson who slides Pollard in off the shoulder of the Newmarket defence has a half yard head start, Estus comes off her line to the edge of her area right side beats the ball away with her gloves as Pollard shoots. 
Jess Linger in the centre of midfield for Newmarket plays a good ball out for Griffin on the right puts the ball inside into Sillitoe who shoots positioned left of the D, Cooper is down sharply to make the save stopping the ball then claiming it. Courtney Coles gets across and puts in a good tackle to stop Agnew wide left as she looks to travel with the ball deep on the left as Newmarket counter attack. Another block is needed from Netherton as Sillitoe charging forwards with the ball at her feet unleashes a shot, Emma Mitchell getting herself behind the ball to block. the ball looping away for a corner. Comes in high into the middle Szary going up for it connects with her head but sends the ball wide across goal.
Dominika Szary gets up to head the ball from a corner for Newmarket
  Staying close together as the ball is put up to them Johnson and Pollard attack the Netherton defence exchanging passes as they work it forwards Johnson gets the ball back to Pollard as she gets free just outside the area takes on the shot the ball looping up turns away from the right post wide.Evans wins a throw inside the Newmarket half on the left taking it gets the ball back lifts it up towards the area picking out Pollard who hits it on the turn sending the ball up into the air comes down into Estus’ gloves.
 Is a fast paced game, U18s football is alot faster than the senior women’s game and that isn’t a slow game either. Georgina Parrett bursts forwards played in by Sterling down the wing wins a throw deep in their territory the ball comes to nothing, Newmarket get hold of it, Linger getting the ball up to Griffin who goes for goal 20 yards out puts her effort over the crossbar. Sillitoe who is constantly looking for room to unleash a shot goes for it from 30 yards out left side a fierce drive is off target. 
Chloe Slater playing the ball for Newmarket Town Ladies U18s
  Change for Netherton with Sterling coming off the armband handed to Coles as Tia Vacca comes on. Evans brings the ball forwards for Netherton plays it inside to Johnson, she and Pollard exchange passes again working their way through the middle, get a shot away Newmarket have bodies in the box the ball is blocked. Szary comes off for Newmarket with Olivia Page being sent on.
  GOAL! Netherton get themselves back on level terms, Pollard picking the ball up inside the Newmarket half has Vacca running into space on her left, plays the ball out to her getting hold of it deep is closed down looks up seeing what options she has Parett has come forwards left side of the area the ball is played into her hits the shot sending the ball looping up high into the air flies over Estus and drops behind her into the back of the net 1-1.
Georgina Parrett looking to get on the ball levels things up for Netherton
 Sillitoe has taken a knock and needs to come off, Agnew who had sneaked off earlier on returning to the pitch. Netherton put a dangerous ball forwards looking to clear the Newmarket defence, Pollard is interested, but Newmarket defender Olivia Orme does well to keep her eye on the ball watch it drop with a setting sun to deal and get a firm header on the ball to clear.Break on for Netherton Johnson playing the ball down the line for Vacca surging forwards, Griffin tracking back slides in to win the ball back putting it out for the corner. Newmarket get the ball up the other end Griffins cross put behind at the near post for a corner. The ball is put into the face of the area, is rolled out to Griffin right hits it hard towards goal, stinging Coopers gloves as she saves then claims the lose ball insde her six yard box.
  Netherton go straight on the attack the ball sent out to Johnson peeling away into space left carrying the ball on left side of the area lets fly sending the shot high looping over Estus once again looks destined to drop under the bar, instead hits it then the post before dropping down central a foot in front of goal, then into the gloves of a grateful Estus. Late into the 1st half and Newmarket have a corner, on the right goes all the way through the area coming to Yasmin Woodfield left side 20 yards out fires the shot back in Copper diving to her right the ball sails wide.
Half-time Netherton United Ladies U18s 1-1 Newmarket Town Ladies U18s
  A fast paced 1st half with plenty of chances created, Newmarket getting the better share of them have used the width better getting the ball into the channels whilst Sillitoe has been all over the place in attack hard to mark. Scored early but Netherton held out working hard to chase the ball down have been patient waiting for the mistakes then trying to capitalise, equalised and could have had a lead late in the 1st half. 
  Netherton get the 2nd half underway the floodlights now starting to take full effect. Both Sillitoe and Szary are back on the pitch for the start of the 2nd half Page and Freya Rule off. After a tentative opening couple of minutes Newmarket win a corner on the right as Sillitoe pushes into the corner. The ball coming in is knocked up into the air at the near post, comes down for Linger edge of the area right of goal, takes a touch shifting the ball into a yard of space to shoot hits it hard but straight at Cooper who holds onto the ball.
  Netherton make a push through the middle, Parrett and Pollard working it forwards the latter trying to put Johnson clear on the right side, Slater closing her down tackles and brings the ball away. Pollard comes through the middle shoots 20 yards out sees the ball blocked spins away to the right Johnson winning a corner. Estus decides to come through the crowd at her near post goes to punch the ball misses it drops behind her into the six yard area in front of goal, Webb launches it. 
  GOAL! Newmarket retake the lead, coming forwards through the middle Slater to Linger the ball rolled on for Sillitoe right of the D 20 yards out, Griffin more central just ahead of her her is given the ball rolls it on for Szary coming into the area goes for the shot pulling the ball across the keeper to the far post strikes it at the base and is turned in 1-2. 
   Great tackle from Webb on Vacca left side as Netherton attack Parrett on for Pollard who looks to get Vacca through on goal. Johnson has a pop at goal 25 yards out hits the ball wide across the area. Pollard is fouled on the left side close to the top of the area. A good delivery is swept into the box, Johnson rising to attack it sends her header narrowly over the crossbar. 
  Newmarket are starting to get more of the ball, lifting a ball up into the box Griffin looks to hit the ball across the six yard box with the outside of her boot, Szary making the run is just sort of connecting with the ball before Cooper claims it. Sillitoe with a powerful run down into the right channel stands the ball up into the area Szary gets her head on the ball but can’t direct it on target. A knock for Stacie Boon comes off for Netherton with Sterling returning to the action. Change for Newmarket to Agnew coming off Page comes back on.
  GOAL! Newmarket extend their lead coming from a throw inside the Netherton half on the right side is with Page down beside the area plays the pass back up into Sillitoe coming to receive, outside the area Sillitoe goes for goal hitting a high ball into the area little Cooper can do about it as it drops late behind her and over the line. 1-3.
Jordan Sillitoe on the ball for Newmarket scores 2
in the U18s League Cup Final
  Vacca comes off for Netherton with Boon returning to the game. Linger plays the ball up in towards Sillitoe 20 yards out slips and falls as she goes to control the ball, Griffin is close with her gets the shot away looping up but straight for Cooper she palms it down the scrambles to get hold of it with Szary chasing in on the follow up. Johnson is fouled by Webb coming across her 25 yards out, Netherton have a free kick, Olivia Bass over it goes for goal puts the strike over. 
  Webb plays the ball into the box as she finds herself high up the pitch with a throw being taken on the left plays the ball into to the area, Parrett does well to defend against Sillitoe the ball cleared Page tried to turn it back in is fouled giving Newmarket the free kick in a central position 25 yards out. Linger takes it going for goal hits it hard drills the ball wide. Netherton are tiring not retaining the ball high up the pitch Newmarket bring it forwards a superb ball from Slater putting the pass across the pitch picking out Griffin on the right side shoots aiming for the near post, great save by Cooper diving at full stretch to push the ball wide for the corner as the game moves into the final 5 minutes. 
Newmarket Town Ladies, Abbi Griffin
  Corner for Newmarket on the right put into the box Sillitoe gets up highest to head the ball turning it down towards the far post Bass covering the post makes the goal line clearance. The subs are coming thick and fast from both sides late on job to keep track of who is on and who is off. Webb has been in fine form at the back for Newmarket all game and late on gets across to stops Pollard making one last break through the middle. Gets up the other end as Newmarket push forwards has a strike at goal from outside the box firing it straight at Cooper who keeps hold of the ball.
  The final whistle blows and Newmarket Town Ladies celebrate as they win the u18s Girls League Cup Final beating Netherton 3-1. An entertaining final played at a fast tempo between to sides packed with potential as they end their time in youth football setting up to women’s football next season both sides look to have an exciting future ahead of them. Newmarket were the better side over the 90 minutes creating more chances. Netherton worked hard and created chances equalising and could have lead before Newmarket went on to score 2 more goals 2nd half, Netherton tiring towards the end.
Newmarket Town Ladies U18s, League Cup Winners
  Congratulations to Newmarket Town Ladies on their cup success. Thanks to Cambridgeshire FA’s Chris Abbott for his help tonight and both sides for sorting me out with the squad details after the match.

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge City Ladies


 This Sunday’s football action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from Peterborough and trip to watch a side that had been keen to see me watch them play at their home ground, The Grange. Netherton United Ladies were in action in the 2nd round of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup against fellow Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership opponents Cambridge City Ladies. Click on the link below to take you to the match report.

Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge City Ladies 25/10/15