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Match Report – Brantham Athletic Ladies v Walsham Le Willows Ladies

Sunday 30th September

Suffolk Women’s Division

A game from the Suffolk Women’s Division this Sunday afternoon, a trip to Brantham to watch Brantham Athletic Ladies versus Walsham Le Willows Ladies.

A clash between two sides I haven’t seen play in a while. Both with ambitions to contest for the title. Won by Brantham Athletic Ladies close neighbours, East Bergholt United Ladies last season also doing the double will be strong favourites once again. 

  A much larger Suffolk Women’s Division this season increasing in number to 13. Seven new sides, Brettvale Ladies, Brightlingsea Regent Ladies, Chantry Grasshoppers Ladies, Needham Market Ladies, Haverhill Ladies Reserves and University of Suffolk all new whilst Alresford Colne Rangers switch having previously competed in Essex. More teams meaning more games which was something the league sorely needed.

  Early days in the league, East Bergholt United have started well 3 games in winning them all so to a 100% record for new side Needham Market Ladies. Leiston St Margarets Ladies getting stronger each season also have 2 wins from two as does Brantham Athletic Ladies, a 4-1 home win over Alresford Colne Rangers on the opening day were in action at home in midweek winning 8-1 over league newcomers Brettvale Ladies. Striker Kirsten Hutchings scoring 5 in midweek already has 8 goals on the board this season.

   Walsham Le Willows Ladies are another sides capable of challenging at the top of the league joining 2 seasons ago the core of the ex Bury Town Ladies squad. Haven’t necessarily had a favourable time with their fixtures. last season were always playing catch up having no kicked off their league campaign until the 22nd October. An earlier start this time around although awarded a home win on the opening day are unbeaten with 3 games gone at the start of the season winning away to Woodbridge Town Ladies, drew 3-3 with Alresford Colne Rangers last Sunday, 3rd in the table travel to 5th placed Brantham Athletic this afternoon.

  Brantham Leisure Centre the venue for today’s game, the large clubhouse over looking the pitch from on goal, home to Brantham Athletic FC a small stand along one side of the ground the pitch in good condition a reasonable size. An overcast day, cloudy a light drizzle possible starting to cool as we end September.

Brantham Athletic Ladies starting XI – Zoe Adams, Shanice Leeks, Monique Peters, Emily Boore, Shannon Giles, Lucy Elmes, Lucy Dunnett (C), Jessica Ryan, Jodie Sharp, Kirsten Hutchings & Danielle Harvey. Subs – Sophie Crabtree, Rebecca Prime, Hollie Murray, Merlin Watson & Toni Mott.

Walsham Le Willows starting XI – Charlotte Osborne, Julie Brind, Shelley Cocksedge, Claire Ellis, Jemma Long, Kate Sandlan, Lisa Pratt (C), Mia Banbury, Zoe Klimcke, Chelsea Page & Laura Brame. Subs – Katie Grimwood, Steph Hanratty & Kirsty Pollard.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s the visitors, Walsham Le Willows to get the 1st half underway wearing yellow shirts with a red quarter over the left shoulder, red shorts and yellow socks. Brantham wearing blue shirts with a pair of diagonal lines across the front, blue shorts and socks. Brantham win the ball straight away the push forwards through the centre has Kirsten Hutchings interested, Claire Ellis standing in her path winning the ball back for Walsham Le Willows at centre back. The ball played forwards into striker Laura Brame held up then played out wide right as Julie Brind breaks forwards, Jodie Sharp putting in the tackle to send the ball out for a throw-in.

   Hutchings peeling right taking the ball out wide looks to cut in back in towards the area with Danielle Harvey making the run in behind for Brantham, Charlotte Osborne in goal for Walsham Le Willows reading it can gather before Harvey can reach it. Hutchings with support on the right from Jessica Ryan this time the pair winning a corner. Sharp to play the ball in a good height on it coming in near post, Ellis getting her head on it to send it away to the left, gathered by Brantham a high ball played back in towards goal Osborne can see it drop wide of her goal.

   Brantham with a confident start to the game press forwards captain Lucy Dunnett with a strong run forwards looks to play in Sharp bursting up the left wing, Brind doing well to close her down and defend for Walsham Le Willows. Ryan winning a throw high up the pitch on the right the ball into Hutchings turns and fires the ball in towards goal from the angle, Osborne behind it to catch. 

Walsham Le Willows, Claire Ellis

  Good pressing from Zoe Klimcke catching Brantham in possession in the final 3rd the ball on for Brame to chase, Monique Peters staying with her able to shield as goalkeeper, Zoe Adams comes sliding in to claim the ball. Klimcke on the ball right side on for Brame the Brantham defence momentarily stretched the striker taking the ball to the byline, puts the ball in Chelsea Page the only Walsham Le Willows player there making a run far post in from the left, the ball stopped by Shanice Leeks ahead of her, trapping the ball between her feet digs out the clearance.

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Shanice Leeks

   GOAL! An early lead in the game for Brantham as they hit Walsham Le Willows on the counter attack, the ball played out to Hutchings on the right drives up the wing crossing square from deep, the ball into box central Harvey arriving unmarked is composed in front of goal side footing the ball taking it across the keeper to nestle in at the far post or her 1st goal of the season 1-0.

   Walsham Le Willows respond well to falling a goal behind less than 10 minutes played Mia Banbury playing the ball out to Brind right side she passes inside to Brame top of the box the striker slipping in behind her marker, Emily Boore recovering excellently to get back at her and make a clean tackle inside the area the ball out for a corner. Boore on hand again to save the day from the resulting corner kick a great delivery in firmly headed it towards goal at the near post by Brind at the top of the box, the defender on the post making the goal saving block.

   A throw right side high up the pitch for Walsham Le Willows inside to Brame takes it on across the area Page over on the left looking to play her in on goal Adams alert gets out and smothers the ball at the attackers feet. Hutchings with a driving run right channel lets loose a shot from distance runs wide of the near post. After a sluggish start Walsham Le Willows have livened up getting at Brantham higher up the pitch. Klimcke getting herself about in the middle finds Brind out wide right her early ball inside for Brame, Peters defending well for Brantham top of the area. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Monique Peters with Walsham Le Willows, Laura Brame

   Adams with a good save to deny Brame in the box after more good work from Klimcke in the middle closing the ball down the rebound off her flying forwards Brame chasing it into the area left of goal shoots, Brantham’s keeper equal to it. Play is clustered in the middle Brantham pressed having trouble getting it away, Walsham Le Willows captain, Lisa Pratt tackling Shannon Giles. Lucy Elmes getting forwards with the ball for Brantham, Ryan to the right on for Hutchings, Ellis stepping in to put in the challenge.

Walsham Le Willows, Mia Banbury with Brantham Athletic’s Lucy Dunnett

   A change for Walsham Le Willows, Page the player coming off on comes Steph Hanratty. Klimcke nipping in to steal the ball bursts forwards into the box,Boore needing to bites at the tackle does well pushing her wide before conceding the corner. Played in towards the top of the area a high delivery Dunnett jumping with Ellis behind her does enough to put the centre back off the ball sent out towards the far post area beyond goal, Pratt keeping it alive volleys over.

    A brilliant save from Osborne up the other end Brantham are very good on the counter attack get bodies forwards quickly almost a carbon copy of the opening goal Hutchings out wide right playing the cross in Harvey unmarked in the centre of the area further out this time looks to pick her spot angle the shot up over the keeper, Osborne adjusting brilliantly to get a glove up to the ball palm it over the crossbar.

Zoe Klimcke driving forwards for Walsham Le Willows

  Good build up play from Brantham through the middle Dunnett, Giles and Elmes all involved up to Harvey heading the ball out to Sharp on the left, Kate Sandlan closing her down the ball out for a throw. Leeks gets forwards for Brantham as they press the attack players forwards Elmes to her right top of the area, the midfielder putting the return ball into Leeks inside the box stabs a low strike goalwards, Osborne down smartly to save.

  GOAL! Right at the end of the first half Brantham double their lead, Hutchings threatening to do it in the 1st 45 beats the offside trap Walsham Le Willows with a high line in behind right of goal 20 yards out strikes the ball hard on the angle the ball racing across the keeper into the back of the net 2-0. Not long left to play the half-time comes to an end.

Kirsten Hutchings

   Half-time Brantham Athletic Ladies 2-0 Walsham Le Willows Ladies

  A goal at either end of the 1st half giving Brantham a 2-0 advantage at half-time started the game the better capitalising with a goal. Walsham Le Willows coming back into it creating chances had a shot cleared off the line. Brantham too had further chances to go in further in front and 2-0 is always an interesting scoreline at half-time the old cliche the next goal is crucial…maybe.

   Changes for Brantham at half-time, Harvey and Ryan coming off, Sophie Crabtree in attack and Becky Prime wide right coming on. The home side to kick-off the 2nd half. Won back by Walsham Le Willows, Brind making ground up the right squared into Brame holds it up can’t turn sees Klimcke central the ball played back to her shoots from distance the 30 yarder caught by Adams. Sharp coming forwards left side on for Crabtree, Sandlan defending up against her. 

Walsham Le Willows, Zoe Klimcke

  Giles getting forwards more no for Brantham, support from Elmes tries to get forwards Klimcke sliding in to win the ball back for Walsham Le Willows. Pratt with the ball on into Brame backing in holding onto it spots Hanratty breaking into space on her left plays the pass out to her, Peters central sprints out towards her covering the ground to lunge in with a boot to put the ball away for the throw. Walsham Le Willows make a 2nd change Kirsty Pollard coming on for Long, joins Brame up front in attack.

Walsham Le Willows, Steph Hanratty

   Dunnett gets the ball under control bringing it forwards on for Sharp, the winger winning the home side a corner. A high delivery into the box won and cleared by Ellis. Klimcke brings down Giles wide on the right a free-kick in a good crossing position for Dunnett, aims for Leeks making a run near side, can’t quite get her head on the ball, Walsham Le Willows attempt the counter attack, Giles stopping the threat building on the left. Walsham Le Willows with a 3rd substitution Katie Grimwood on for Cocksedge. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies captain. Lucy Dunnett

  Hutchings coming deeper to pick up the ball has Prime running past her on the right on the overlap, the ball played on Grimwood with Prime to her right, Crabtree closing in on her left does well to prevent the two linking up and getting through on goal. Leeks winning the ball at the back as Walsham Le Willows look to play in Pollard, the ball coming back to Brame she shoots from distance the strike lacking power easy for Adams. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Becky Prime

  Pratt wins Walsham Le Willows a corner as she volleys a ball into the area from the left. The delivery into the centre of the box cleared out to the left, picked up by Hanratty her ball fired back into the box out wide across the goal. 20 minutes left on the clock. Hutchings springing the offside trap once more the ball forwards bouncing a one on one with the keeper as Osborne comes out to the edge of the box, stays big as Hutchings connects with the ball the goalkeeper making the blocking save with her legs the ball still alive running out wide right Hutchings after it so to the keeper does enough to put Hutchings off as the striker looks to wrap her foot around the shot. The resulting corner coming to nothing.

  GOAL! Moments later and Brantham do get a 3rd goal  Hutchings involved again turns her marker brilliantly high up the pitch in behind running with the ball down the right channel, is a stroke of fortune next as she looks to find Crabtree making the run into the box left side the ball across the D missed by all 3 Walsham Le Willows defenders tracking back, through them all onto Crabtree she shoots low as Osborne gets down low to her right gets something on the ball but not enough to take it wide of the goal as Crabtree celebrates her first goal for Brantham this season.

   Elmes on the ball for Brantham slides it through for Hutchings onside, Osborne with a high starting position to it first to kick clear top of her area. Hutchings looking to get away right side again Klimcke sliding in to make the challenge… stops on the ground clearly in alot of pain in front of the Brantham dugout they are quick to have play halted, Klimcke is in alot of pain looks like a knee injury a lengthy pause and rightly so, both sides aiding, a stretcher is brought out, it’s never nice to see Klimcke can’t continue. Cocksedge returning to the pitch. 

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Lucy Elmes

  Dunnett driving on with the ball out to Sharp now on the right side playing the ball on into the area is intercepted by Ellis. Giles on the overlap past Sharp receiving the pass sends a cross into the area headed behind for the corner. A tripe change for Brantham, Hutchings, Leeks and Peters all off on came Toni Mott, Merlin Watson, Hollie Murray. Into the final 5 minutes Walsham Le Willows win a corner off a set-piece a low ball driven into the area Brantham scramble it away.

Brantham Athletic Ladies, Jodie Sharp

   GOAL! At the death Brantham counter and grab a 4th goal Sharp playing through the middle now runs onto a clearance into the Walsham Le Willows half running with the ball closing in on the area, Osborne coming out to close the angle commits to the dive Sharp playing the ball around her left of goal gets a shot away scoring before Ellis can catch her 4-0. The last action of the game Brantham ending strong making it 3 wins from 3.

Full time Brantham Athletic Ladies 4-0 Walsham Le Willows Ladies

  Brantham go 3rd in the table one of 3 sides still with a 100% record have played a game less than Needham Market and East Bergholt. Started the game well an early lead adding a 2nd late in the 2nd half felt they were the better side 2nd half and got the 3rd goal the 4th coming at the death. Created more chances to score. Walsham Le Willows suffering there 1st loss of the season did well the get back at their opponents after conceding early the 2nd goal making things harder needed to pull it back to 2-1 to get themselves back into the game didn’t Brantham getting that all important 3rd goal. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, there were a few notable performances out on the field this afternoon. For Walsham Le Willows, Zoe Klimcke was excellent covering alot of ground winning some vital tackles. Cruel to see her injured like she was and I am hoping it’s not too serious and wish her a speedy recovery. Shannon Giles and Lucy Dunnett for Brantham along with Jodie Sharp on the wing but for her performance up front scoring the 2nd goal and setting up 2 more today’s Player of the Match award goes to Kirsten Hutchings.

  An enjoyable trip to Suffolk good to catch up with both sides after so long, my thanks to both for helping me out with the squad details. It’s going to be interesting in Suffolk this season and I’m looking forwards to seeing how it all unfolds.

Match Report – Copleston Ladies v Walsham Le Willows Ladies

A new season of County league football kicked off across the East and the rest of the country this Sunday. The Supporting Women’s Football Blog started with a trip into Suffolk to watch last season’s league Champions, Copleston Ladies begin the defence of their title at home to newly formed Walsham Le Willows Ladies it’s squad of players from the recently folded Bury Town Ladies. 

Match Report – Copleston Ladies v Walsham Le Willows Ladies

  It’s the start of a new season of County league football this Sunday and the Supporting Women’s Football Blog is starting things off with a trip to Suffolk to watch the Champions, Copleston Ladies begin the defence of their title at home to new side Walsham Le Willows Ladies.

  Ipswich based side, Copleston Ladies came from behind to emerge top of the league last season, always having games in hand on the leading group the Suffolk Women’s League despite just having 7 teas competing was one of the most competitive over the season with anyone of 5 sides in the running for the title for a good portion of the campaign. Copleston fell behind in their fixtures due to postponements however as the others jostled for points the maths meant if they could win their games in hand they would lead the table when it really mattered on the final day. Games in hand and converting them into points isn’t always easy, but Copleston stayed strong knew the prize and won the title. Have kept most of that title winning squad together with the exception of striker Jade Horne top scorer with 24 goals last season, who has moved to Brantham Athletic Ladies. 

  Walsham Le Willows Ladies are one of three new sides to join the Suffolk Women’s Division this season as it increases to 10 sides, the others being London City Ladies and Ipswich Town Ladies new Development side. Walsham Le Willows are the former Bury Town Ladies squad, having folded and moved to start a fresh with new backing and new colours, drop down a league from the ERWFL. An experienced group who were coached formerly by Jake Francis now with Copleston Ladies. 

  The venue for today’s match, Copleston High School, situated west of Ipswich town centre. The pitch on the sports field behind the school, a very dry and wall used surface. A hot sunny afternoon with trees providing some much welcome shade on one side of the pitch, for the spectators at least.

 Copleston Ladies starting XI – Gemma Crane, Megan Stock, Shannon Giles, Leanne Derbyshire, Sadie Cullen, Hollie Akers (C), Amy Trenter, Roxanne Middle, Elysia Young, Marta Amorim & Sophie Crane.
 subs – Kara Smith & Toni Mott.

 Walsham Le Willows Ladies starting XI – Charlotte Osborne, Shelly Cocksedge, Lisa Pratt (C), Zoe Klimcke, Emma Boreham, Norma Locker, Mia Banbury, Mikaela Talbert, Gemma Carter, Laura Brame & Stephanie Hanratty.

 subs –

 (roll on roll off substitutes)

   No substitutes for the visiting side, and although Stephanie Hanratty is listed as a starter above for Walsham Le Willows she was running late, would join the action later. So Walsham Le Willows start with 10 on the field have kick off, wearing their new colours an all red strip. Copleston lined up opposite wearing sky blue shirts with navy shorts and socks. 
  A tentative start to the game with both sides testing the other with long balls up the wings the full backs winning the headers, Elysia Young in the middle of the park for Copleston looks to play in Marta Amorim up the left wing looks to knock it past Walsham’s Shelly Cocksedge the defender throws out a leg takes the ball away from her. Walsham come forwards the ball with Norma Locker in midfield brings it on into the Copleston half sending the pass forwards into Laura Brame who in turn spreads play right with Gemma Carter surging down the wing hits the shot early outside the area places the ball wide of goal.

Copleston Ladies, Sophie Crane tussles with Walsham’s Gemma Carter for possession of the ball
  Despite having just the 10 on the field at the start, Walsham are pressing forwards finding space, Mia Banbury and Locker combine in the middle moving the ball forwards as captain Lisa Pratt breaks from left back to receive the pass inside the Copleston half attempts the diagonal ball into the area from Brame, the pass is intercepted by Sadie Cullen at the back for Copleston concedes the 1st corner of the match on the left side. Is a great ball fizzed in across the six yard box by Carter plenty of pace on it Mikaela Talbert has a free header far past doesn’t get it on target.
  Applying the early pressure in the game Walsham have Copleston pushed back into their own half, their attacking players having to start from near the half-way line gives the visitors defence plenty of time to set itself. A free kick won inside the Walsham half gives Copleston a chance to push players up towards their opponents area the ball is sent high up towards the edge of the box, Sophie Crane goes up for it along with Walsham’s Emma Boreham the defender getting enough on the ball to take it away from her area.
 GOAL! Walsham have the ball inside the Copleston half, Brame drives forwards towards the area looks to lay it off to Carter, Cullen slides in to intercept the ball concede the corner. Is another great ball in from Carter  whipped in from the right drops to Locker unmarked inside the six yard box, adjusts her feet and stabs the ball home with her left foot 0-1. 10 minutes played. 

Norma Locker opens the scoring for Walsham Le Willows
  Walsham continue to press put the Copleston back line under pressure, Talbert wins another corner on the left, the delivery flashed through the crowded six yard box, catches Locker by surprise gets enough of a touch to deflect the ball towards goal, between goalkeeper, Gemma Crane her defenders the ball is smuggled out for a 2nd corner on the right. A high ball into the six yard box this time Leanna Derbyshire with a firm header gets it away from the area, picked up on the right by Walsham a shot comes in from distance flies over the crossbar.
  Copleston make a change Toni Mott comes on for Amorim on the left side of attack. Amy Trenter gets hold of the ball in midfield for Copleston as the home side get a spell of possession going in the middle pushing on into the Walsham, manages to thread a pass through the defence with Mott pushing inside from the left, Charlotte Osborne in the Walsham goal is out of her area early and to the ball before Mott can reach it.
  Up the other end, Crane does the same coming out of her area to kick the ball clear of the on rushing Talbert as Pratt plays a good ball over the top. Trenter plays the ball into Sophie Crane, good hold up play before looking to send the ball up the left with Roxanne Middle breaking forwards for Copleston, Zoe Klimcke comes across to lunge in to take the ball from her. 

Zoe Klimcke brings the ball forwards from the back for Walsham Ladies

  Very nearly an own goal from Copleston, play building up down the left side for Walsham, Locker playing Talbert in down the wing carries the ball into the corner before turning inside and firing a low cross in towards the near post, Brame misses her touch which catches the defender behind her by surprise the ball deflected goalwards comes back off the post before being cleared behind for the corner. The delivery from the left is sent up towards the top of the area, Locker rising to meet it heads the ball down towards goal, plenty of power behind the header, goalkeeper Crane saves but spills the ball which is cleared off the line by a defender.

  A hot day play pauses so the players can take on fluids. Kara Smith comes on for Copleston up top replacing Crane. A throw to Walsham on the right the pass down the line sees Carter get her head down and push on with the ball, Megan Stock gets across to put in the tackle and win the ball. Comes back too easily play spread crossfield into Pratt coming on with the ball plays it on for Talbert ahead of her cutting back in field rolls the ball into Banbury 30 yards out takes two strides with the ball before opening her body and attempting to curl a shot into the top corner, not enough high to trouble Crane in the Copleston goal, palms the shot down and gathers.
  Strong running on the ball from Talbert down the left again, Shannon Giles keeps pace with her shoulder to shoulder prevents her getting inside into the area as she would like still manages to get a shot away, in low towards the near post, Crane is across and makes the save. Walsham are doing well with 10, now they have 11 on the pitch Hanratty arrived and changed to join the action. Brame sees a throw on the left into her feet, a good touch to knock it in behind then lays the ball into Talbert top of the area, jinks left then right to find a shooting opportunity instead Young gets back on her timing her tackle perfectly to put the ball behind for a corner. 

Walsham Le Willows Ladies
captain, Lisa Pratt
 GOAL! The 1st half moves into the last 5 minutes with Walsham having dominated throughout, now they double their advantage, is a fantastic assist by Pratt as she comes forwards with the ball on the left lobs the ball over the top of the Copleston defence with Hanratty breaking in behind, a race for the ball between her and Crane who comes rushing out to close her down, Hanratty gets there 1st lifting the ball over the keeper from the edge of the box and wheels away in celebration as the ball bounces into the back of the net 0-2.

  Hollie Akers, Copleston’s captain comes back into defence to win the ball back takes it forwards plays a good pass 25 yards into Smith just over half-way tries to force her way between the Walsham centre backs, Klimcke and Boreham close the door. Into added time in the 1st half, Middle plays the ball into Smith inside the Walsham half a long way from goal tries the shot none-the-less an easy take for Osborne who has had little to do.
Half-time Copleston Ladies 0-2 Walsham Le Willows Ladies

    A dominant 1st half from Walsham Le Willows have been in control from start to finish starting with 10, finding space making good runs off the ball, controlling possession haven’t had to chase the ball. Not the game I was expecting certainly. Copleston haven’t been at it at all no meaningful possession have defended deep making it hard to get anything going in attack. It can all change in football however the lead is 2-0 the next goal is crucial, Copleston need the belief it will be theirs as they kick-off the 2nd half.
  The sun is low over the trees, the shade is nice but not a help for Copleston 2nd half the goal they are defending is facing it, posing an added threat. Sophie Crane is back on up top in place of Smith for Copleston at the start of the 2nd half. Early opportunity for Brame to break up the right wing for Walsham as Banbury wins the ball, plays it out to her squares her cross along to six yard box, Cullen heads the ball out for the corner kick. Carter sends in a great delivery, Derbyshire rises highest in the centre of the six yard box to clear the ball out left for a throw. 

Copleston Ladies, Roxanne Middle evades a challenge from Walsham’s Norma Locker

  A strong start to the 2nd half by Walsham push forwards, Locker plays the ball up to Carter she headers the ball over the top with Hanratty bursting clear, went too soon the flag is up for offside. Up the other end Young plays Mott in down the left wing, a good run turns inside trying to get into the box, Klimcke comes across and going to ground slides in to make the challenge. 

 GOAL! Walsham are awarded a free kick 25 yards from goal to the right of the area, it’s Carter to take the set-piece, with the sun at her back takes on the shot hitting the ball up into the air towards goal on target dropping late, Crane is behind it throws her gloves up gets something on the ball but can’t keep it out Walsham extend their lead 0-3. 
Gemma Carter watches as her strike flies towards goal
  Young tries to make something happen for Copleston steals in to win the ball off a Walsham throw in the left brings it on before passing it forwards for Middle who has made a great run through the middle, closing down the Walsham area the attack ends as Boreham closes her down and tackling wins the ball back. Young with the ball at her feet pushes up the right wing lifts a high ball into the box, Osborne calls for it and catches the ball.
 GOAL! Talbert with a rapid turn of place breaks inside from the left wing pulls the trigger from distance sending in a dipping shot towards the near post is instinctive from Crane in goal throwing out a boot to make the safe, the ball is put behind for a corner on the left. The ball in is superb flashing across the face of goal, Talbert is central a couple of yards out unmarked nods the ball home to extend Walsham’s lead 0-4.
 GOAL! Walsham continue to press keeping possession of the ball inside the Copleston half a shirt pull is seen by the referee the visitors have another free-kick in almost an identical position from the one before. Carter over it looks to go for goal again a little more height on the ball, drops late onto the crossbar, falls back into the six yard box players scramble to clear the ball is cleared out to the left, picked up by Hanratty 25 yards out brings it inside before pulling the trigger sending the ball into the far corner of the net 0-5.

  The visitors are full of energy, Locker from the middle of the park plays the ball onto Banbury drifting away to the right, cuts the ball inside to Brame with Carter in close support outside the box, Cullen closes her down wins the ball. Banbury takes a throw in on the right inside the Copleston half Brame takes control of the ball top right corner of the area fires a ball across to Talbert on the opposite side she lays it into the path of Pratt advancing from deep meets the ball on the half volley 20 yards out powers the strike wide of goal. Smith returns to the action for Copleston.
 GOAL! Walsham extend their lead and it is a brilliant individual goal from Carter, the ball fired into her feet from midfield his in a central position outside the box, holds off her marker moving to the right, looks to turn back inside before shifting the ball right gets a half yard of space spins and hits the ball goalwards a looping effort heading for the top corner, Crane tries to get to it throwing herself across her goal the ball dipping under the bar and in 0-6.

  Middle and Trenter keep going for Copleston tough tackling to win the ball, options forwards are limited, Middle tries to pick out Smith in a central position, brings the ball down, tries to push it beyond the Walsham centre backs, Klimcke throws a leg out towards the ball pushing it away from the striker. 
Gemma Carter, pictured with Copleston’s Toni Mott
scores a hat-tick on the opening day of the season

 GOAL! Walsham extend their lead to 7 goals and it’s Carter who gets her hat-trick. The build up from Locker in the centre, strong running on the ball carrying it out to the right passes it forwards for Carter to run onto, shifts it inside and shots from the angle outside the box a swerving ball that flies past the keeper and into the back of the net. 0-7.

  Hard for Copleston to lift themselves know they have been out-played, Giles plays the ball onto Young as they build a counter attack down the right the ball is lifted up into the area with Smith inside running towards goal, six yards out just doesn’t get the touch that would have taken it past Osborne the keeper seeing the ball into her gloves. Young closes down the ball on half way, Trenter provides the forwards run getting in behind the Walsham defence little chance of winning the race for the ball before Osborn can collect on the edge of her area, a slight fumble from the keeper, has Trenter interested goes to close her down, Osborne shielding the ball grabs it.

Copleston’s Amy Trenter get’s the ball past Walsham’s Mia Banbury

  Talbert goes on a surging run up the left wing with the ball unleashes a low driving shot from just outside the box, Crane coming across to her near post makes a fantastic save. The ball is won back by Walsham outside the box Locker charging in goes to shot, Stock throws her body in the path of the ball blocks it. 

 GOAL! Late into the 2nd half and time for Walsham to score another goal, good work from Brame on the right tries to dribble her way into the box wins the corner kick. The delivery is vicious again whipped in with pace across the goal face, Talbert is free in the centre to turn the ball over the line for her 2nd of the game 0-8.

  Copleston with some good build up play down the right get the ball forwards as the game moves into injury time Stock playing a good diagonal ball into Young central, Middle makes a run out to the right, receiving the ball swings a flighted ball into the Walsham box, Smith can’t get to it before Boreham heads it clear. The ball is picked up by Akers her pass picks out Smith outside the box right of the D, 20 yards out, gets a shot away past Osborne runs wide of goal. The last action of the game as the referee blows the final whistle.
Full time Copleston Ladies 0-8 Walsham Le Willows Ladies

  Far from the start to the defence of their title than Copleston wanted, a tough result to take on the opening day of the season, can’t have too many complaints however were out played never got into the game. Their players upset and dejected, little you can do, sometimes in football these results will happen, all you can do is pick yourself up and find the determination to put it right next time. Having seen them in action before know they are more than capable of doing that.
  Take nothing away from Walsham Le Willows a great start to the season for the new club, an energetic display, getting control of the ball, moving it quickly using the wings and able to play a high line pushing Copleston back into their own half prevented their opponents from getting the ball forwards with any purpose. 
  My thanks to both clubs for their help with the team details today, best of luck to both for the rest of the season.