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The Round-Up – 28/05/17

The Round-Up

Sunday 28th May

  The final edition of The Round-Up for the 2016/17 season  as the weekend saw the last fixtures played… well almost one to sneak in for Norfolk this Wednesday. Most teams played out a handful of games left to play in Essex and the biggest game in their history for FAWPL Southern Division Champions, Tottenham Hotspur Ladies as they took on the Northern Division Champions, Blackburn Rovers Ladies in the FAWPL Championship Play Off the overall winner clinching promotion to the FAWSL. The Supporting Women’s Football Blog was there to cover the match and you can read all about it below.

FAWPL Championship Play Off

FAWPL Championship Play Off – Tottenham Hotspur Ladies v Blackburn Rovers Ladies


  The Clash of the Champions this Sunday at The Valley for the 3rd FAWPL Championship Play Off match between Tottenham Hotspur Ladies & Blackburn Rovers Ladies. 

  The Champions from the FAWPL Southern & Northern Divisions meeting to decide the overall winner and with it promotion to the FAWSL. A huge game in the women’s football calendar the biggest game in the history of both clubs. Sheffield FC Ladies & Brighton & Hove Albion WFC have won the previous two FAWPL Championship Play Off matches to celebrate promotion to the FAWSL, who will join them?

  Based in the East of England I have seen Tottenham Hotspur Ladies a few times over the past few years are one of the most exciting attacking women’s football sides to watch in the country, although they haven’t acheived the success in the league that their potential showed. Was just a matter of a few tweaks here and there for manager Karen Hills to find the winning formula on a regular basis and this season that potential has born fruit. 

 A competitive league Tottenham Hotspur Ladies have led for pretty much the whole of the season keeping ahead of rivals, Coventry United Ladies, Cardiff City Ladies and Charlton Athletic Women with a long unbeaten record clinching the FAWPL Southern Division title on a memorable night at White Hart Lane itself. Successfully defending the FAWPL Cup as well as winning the Boux Avenue Cup Final a fantastic treble, setting up what maybe a historic quadruple. Attackers Bianca Baptiste and Wendy Martin have netted 25 goals each so far this season.

  Blackburn Rovers Ladies wrapped up the FAWPL Northern Division back at the end of March finishing 11 points clear of the rest of the field going the entire league campaign unbeaten winning 17 of their 20 games. Manager Gemma Donnelly building on from last season’s 3rd place finish. Have won a double this season themselves defeating Flyde Ladies 1-0 in the final of the Lancashire Women’s County Cup Final. 

  Have only lost twice this season and both of those games in cup competitions to the narrowest of margins going down 4-3 after extra-time in the FAWPL Cup. Their other loss against Tottenham at home in the FA Women’s Cup back in February losing 2-1 Bianca Baptiste with both goals the 2nd in the last minute. Have plenty of goals in their attack too with Saffron Jordan on 22 for the season, Ella Toone with 21 goals.

  The venue for today’s game The Valley, home of Charlton Athletic FC. A stadium very much set in the heart of the community, quite well hidden surrounded by residential properties. A little bit of research and there are plenty of places to park nearby once you know where to look. An all seater stadium capacity 27,111 fantastic to see another high profile venue hosting a women’s football fixture. A large pitch still in great condition despite the it being the end of the domestic season a little wear, but no more than I saw at Carrow Road on Monday night. Promised to be a very warm day hot and sunny left the coat in the car… was going to regret that later on. The size of the pitch and the heat could well play there part for both sides playing their final game of a long season. Up in the 2nd tier for this one an eagle eye view of the action, no chance of getting a ball in the face for my efforts today…

 Tottenham Hotspur Ladies starting XI – Toni-Anne Wayne, Lucia Leon, Leah Rawle, Jenna Schillaci (C), Renee Hector, Josie Green, Sophie Mclean, Maya Vio, Ronnell Humes, Wendy Martin & Bianca Baptiste.
 subs – Shannon Moloney, Riana Soobadoo, Eartha Pond, Kelley Blanchflower & Katie O’Leary.

 Blackburn Rovers Ladies starting XI – Danielle Hill, Danielle Whitham, Kelsey Pearson, Kayleigh McDonald, Ellie Stewart, Lynda Shepherd (C), Jess Holbrook, Ella Toone, Natasha Fenton, Faye McCoy & Saffron Jordan

 subs – Alex Taylor, Hannah Fryer, Ria Montgomary, Emma Rankin & Ellie Cook.

  The pre-match formalities done time for everyone inside the stadium to pause and reflect like so many other events across the country, a minutes silence to remember the 22 victims of Monday’s terrible bomb attack in Manchester along with those injured some still fighting for their lives in hospital.

  It’s Blackburn to get the FAWPL Championship Play Off match underway kicking off 1st half, wearing their away colours red shirts with maroon horizontal stripes, black shorts and red socks with Tottenham lined up in their traditional white coloured shirts with navy shorts and socks. A break in play early on after Tottenham captain Jenna Schillaci stays down after a challenge from Blackburn’s Natasha Fenton concern as she stays down gingerly back on her feet, Sophie McLean dropping into the back four whilst she is assessed off the pitch the crowd cheering when their captain is able to return.

  Blackburn look to get the ball into Fenton wide right winning the throw in the ball worked in field is sent high into the area the cross long to the far post looking to pick out Ella Toone is claimed high by goalkeeper Toni-Anne Wayne inside her six yard box. Tottenham come forwards the ball played into Martin over halfway she sends it on picking out Bianca Baptiste coming off the left flank getting in behind, Blackburn goalkeeper Danielle Hill out quickly to the top of her area to meet the striker sliding in stops the ball is hurt as she and Baptiste come together, the trainer on Hill is up on her feet after another lengthy spell of treatment.

  Hill is soon in the action again after the restart as Renee Hector comes forwards from the back with the ball for Tottenham rolls it on for Ronnell Humes attacking down the right side taking the ball to the byline clips it back in towards goal, Hill claiming it high above her head with runners closing in. A free-kick for Tottenham wide right inside the Blackburn half as Baptiste is  caught by Fenton players lining up along the top of the area as Baptiste plays the ball into the area a good punch from Hill as the delivery comes in centrally top of the six yard box falls to Lucia Leon just inside the box looks to place her header back in towards goal, Hill is able to claim.

  Warm out there in the opening 15 minutes players from both sides taking the opportunity to take on fluids. Both sides moving the ball about the pitch using it’s full width. Leon comes forwards with the ball from a goalkick has Humes aiming to get in behind ahead of her slides the ball into her run, Hill comes to block with her feet, Tottenham regain possession back with Leon wide right her cross long into the area is again claimed well by Hill with Baptiste coming in around the back. 

  Tottenham building some momentum getting hold of the ball Mclean on the ball plays the ball on for Humes to chase in behind on the right Hill out of her area wins the race slices her clearance, from the resulting throw in Hector is fouled taken quickly the ball rolled inside is squared into Baptiste her back to goal inside the D, knocks the ball away her intention to turn and strike the ball from 25 yards out her shot taking a deflection off Blackburn’s Ellie Stewart goes away for the corner kick.

  Taken by Schillaci on the right a good delivery into the six yard box, Hill comes through bodies near post to get a fist on the ball punch it away dropping to Humes just inside the area she attempts the 1st time lob the ball looping up and down lands on the roof of the Blackburn net. Leah Rawle with the opportunity to carry the ball forwards from left back for Tottenham links up with Martin in fired 25 yards from goal she helps it on into the area with Baptiste coming in off the wing a good challenge from Blackburn’s Kayleigh McDonald to deny her a shot on goal, wouldn’t have counted anyway as the assistants flag is raised for offside.

Jess Holbrook bringing the ball forwards for Blackburn Rovers Ladies

  Midway through the 1st half an intriguing contest both sides attacking with purpose, the ball brought on by Jess Holbrook for Blackburn the ball out wide right a throw won. Fenton sending a high ball into the area to claimed by Wayne. Pressure from Holbrook and captain Lynda Shepherd the ball played down the right as Blackburn come on again the ball played into Jordan’s feet outside the area right looks to get inside as she helps it on for Toone who rolling her mark plays the ball into Jordan 8 yards out gets her foot on the ball stabbing it past Wayne but also wide across the goal, Blackburn’s best chance of the game so far.

Tottenham’s Maya Vio winning the header against Blackburn captain, Lynda Shepherd

  A good spell from Blackburn, Shepherd pressing the ball in the middle charges it down firing the pass on for Toone ahead of her left outside the box 20 yards out goes for goal, pulls her shot away from goal wide of the ear post. 30 minutes on the clock, Kelsey Pearson coming on with the ball down the left for Blackburn plays the one two with Toone the full back going on her cross charged down by Hector.

 GOAL! 10 minutes of the 1st half left and Tottenham open the scoring the ball is played up to McLean inside the centre circle plays it into Martin to her right bringing it forwards, Baptiste makes a great run across the top of the area left to right, is onside as Martin threads the pass into her run, taking it on into the area wide of goal fires it back across the keeper, not much pace on the ball no one there to stop it however strikes the base of the far post the rebound taking it into the back of the net 1-0.

Bianca Baptiste scores the opening goal for Tottenham Hotspur Ladies

  Another good opportunity for Tottenham after the restart Schillaci’s tun to bring the ball out from the back left side rolls it on for Baptiste out wide, squares the ball into the area, Martin finding an extra yard of pace looking to get onto the end of it knocks it on getting a shot away as she is challenged the ball going away wide across the face of goal the corner given. Leon defends well against Toone at the back for Tottenham brings the ball forwards a long way up the pitch riding a tackle plays the ball into Humes wide right top of the area she fires it into Martin central attempts to help it on for Baptiste coming inside from the left, McDonald making a vital interception for Blackburn. 

Half-time Tottenham Hotspur Ladies 1-0 Blackburn Rovers Ladies

  A narrow lead for Tottenham at the break, have created  several chances going forwards looked the better side early on without finding the break through, Blackburn coming into the game almost opened the scoring themselves before Baptiste got in behind to score. Still all to play for 2nd half.
  No changes for either side as Tottenham kick off the 2nd half. Start well getting forwards with the ball Mclean slices her shot over the bar from just inside the box. Mclean bringing the ball forwards then picks out Martin drifting out to the right her cross into the box cut out by Stewart. Green is fouled by McCoy as she comes forwards the free-kick awarded 30 yards from goal, play is paused a problem for Wayne as she comes over to the bench looks like a problem with the goalkeepers contact lenses is fixed play resuming.
Tottenham Hotspur Ladies, Sophie Mclean
  Baptiste rolling the free-kick on for Schillaci to play into the area a great ball there to be attacked far post runners coming in it’s Blackburn’s Stewart who wins the header the threat cleared. Mclean with another good run plays the ball into Humes inside the area right corner her initial shot charged down rebounds back to her spinning strikes the ball on the half-volley her effort collected by Hill at her near post. 
  Up the other end Fenton sees a good diagonal ball into her down onto her chest outside the area right plays it central for Jordan in space outside the D does get over the ball her shot off target. Another free-kick for Tottenham in a similar position to their earlier opportunity Schillaci to play the ball into the area this time it’s Blackburn’s McDonald who gets the ball clear. A little frustration creeping in for Blackburn a few decisions going against them 2nd half, coming forwards Fenton on the right no cross on plays it back inside goes long to the left with Toone arriving in the box, knocking it forwards Hector gets a across recovering well to play the ball off Toone for the goal kick, the Blackburn attacker kicks the ball away in annoyance is yellow carded by referee Sarah Garrett.
  Blackburn come the closest yet to finding a leveller denied by the woodwork getting plenty forwards Holbrook out to Fenton wide right lifts the ball into the box across the six yard area Toone in around the back far post headers the ball down back across goal, Jordan throws herself at the ball connecting with her boot the ball flies up to smash against the crossbar, still in play Tottenham scramble it clear. Just past the hour mark the temperature has cooled clouds starting to build.
Blackburn Rovers Ladies, Saffron Jordan
  An hour played Tottenham attack the ball rolled into Humes on the right has Baptiste with her on that side sends the ball on down the line for her to chase down, Baptiste firing an inviting cross into the area, a slip by the defender in the middle the ball just behind Martin beyond looks to go after it left side take it back in towards goal is closed down and tackle by Whitham. 
 GOAL! Tottenham double their lead in the 66th minute Baptiste with  her 2nd of the match. Green bringing the ball on down the left sends Humes through on the left taking the ball in into the area cuts it back to Baptiste top of the area, power and pace moving to her right is well marshalled by the Blackburn defence yet she still manages to get a shot away cutting the all back across the keeper, Hill tries to readjust diving to her right but can’t get there 2-0.

 Tottenham make the 1st change of the game on 68 minutes bringing of Humes, Katie O’Leary who has been sidelined with injury for much of the season coming on. Into the last 20 minutes, Blackburn push forwards needing a response, Wayne collecting comfortably as Fenton tries her luck from distance. A great delivery from a corner kick for Tottenham from Schillaci, an inviting ball across the top of the six yard box Martin just missing her connection with the header. 
  A double change for Blackburn with 15 minutes left, Fenton and Toone the players coming off, Ria Montgomary and Emma Rankin on. Charging down a Tottenham ball in the middle, Holbrook hits it 1st time lacks the pace to trouble Wayne. Leon breaks forwards with the ball for Tottenham coming inside rolls the ball into Martin getting in behind centrally Whitman across to tackle slides in to win the ball inside the area.

Blackburn’s Faye McCoy holding off Tottenham’s Josie Green

  Into the last 10 minutes, Tottenham keeping possession at the back. Blackburn whenever they get the ball ball play t up into their attackers a throw on the left Stewart takes into McCoy playing it back to Stewart her cross into the area chested down by Jordan but won by Schillaci before the striker and fashion a shot. Blackburn keep possession players in and around the box as Whitham attacks down the right no way past Rawle wins a corner played high into the six yard box Wayne gets a glove on the ball knocking it out to the top of the area McCoy attempts to head the ball back in towards goal Wayne takes the ball down on her goal line.

  Both sides make another substitution the last throw of the dice for Blackburn Alex Taylor coming on for McCoy. Riana Soobadoo coming on for Rawle for Tottenham with under 5 minutes of normal time left. Blackburn throw everyone forwards Tottenham hold firm. 4 minutes of tie added on Shannon Moloney another who has missed much of the season through injury comes on for Tottenham replacing Vio. Leon surges forwards letting fly from 22 yards her shot swerving through the air is likely going wide Hill brings it down cleanly launches it up the pitch. 

  Blackburn send the ball up into the area Jordan with a deft header attempts to knock it down into the path of the onrushing Taylor, Wayne comes well sliding gets hold of the ball.

 GOAL! Tottenham seal the win in stoppage time as Wayne kicks the ball long bouncing over halfway, Blackburn with a high line Martin is after the ball striking it from 25 yards out lobbing the keeper the ball landing in the back of the net to make it 3-0. Martin’s is mobbed by her team mates in celebration. 

Tottenham Hotspur Ladies, Wendy Martin

 In the excitement Moloney has hurt herself ad is carried off Tottenham down to 10 to see out the game. Another injury concern late on as Blackburn play the ball on into the area a comfortable take by Wayne on the bounce top of the area she is clattered into by Taylor. Both need the trainer on Taylor is booked. Wayne is struggling but eventually gets to her feet albeit limping. Moloney having received treatment isn’t 100% ready to return but sent back on. Tottenham’s goal isn’t troubled as the final whistle blows and the celebrations begin.

Full time Tottenham Hotspur Ladies 3-0 Blackburn Rovers Ladies

Celebration’s at the final whistle as Tottenham win the FAWPL Championship Play Off
 Tottenham Hotspur Ladies win the FAWPL Championship Play Off, doing the quadruple to cap off a memorable season. Two well taken goals from Baptiste with Martin’s lob sealing the result. The FAWPL Southern Division Champions achieving promotion to the FAWSL. Looked the better side in the opening exchanges, although it was Blackburn who came closest to getting the opening goal before Baptiste saw Tottenham into the lead before half-time. Rattling the bar Blackburn worked hard to try and get back on level terms before conceding again. A tough one to take a bittersweet end to the season are Champions themselves little comfort at the final whistle but have had a superb season.
SWF Blog – Player of the Match

 A few contenders for the SWF Blog – Player of the Match today. Thought Lucia Leon did very well for Tottenham defensively and coming forwards with the ball, Sophie Mclean too was all action getting stuck in in the middle of the park and getting forwards. However her two goals set Tottenham on their way the 2nd particularly well taken, pace power and good movement up top the Player of the Match goes to Bianca Baptiste.
Champagne time!
Tottenham Hotspur Ladies, FAWPL Play Off Champions
  Congratulations to Tottenham Hotspur Ladies on winning today’s FAWPL Championship Play Off match and achieving promotion to FAWSL 2.
  Is subject to meeting the FA’s criteria of course but I suspect that will be a formality and look forwards to watching them compete in the FAWSL next season.
  An excellent crowd of 826 in attendance. My thanks to Charlton Athletic FC’s Tom Rubashow for his assistance today and to the clubs stewards who couldn’t have been more helpful a credit to the club.

Essex Women’s Premier Division

The final weekend of the season in Essex a few sides with games to play 4 clubs playing double headers to end their campaign. Chelmsford City Ladies secured runners up spot in the Essex Women’s Premier Division edging out Lawford Ladies picking up 4 points from their two games against Wickford Town Ladies. Mia Brisley netting a brace in a 2-0 win for Chelmsford City in the 1st game. The points were shared in the 2nd, Shannon Hughes and Tyler Christou on target for Chelmsford City, Wickford Town earning a point with a 2-2 draw ending their 1st season in the Premier Division in 9th.

In the other double header Walden Ladies couldn’t get the win they needed against Collier Row Tigers as they lost both games going down 2-0 and 8-0 which sees them finish bottom of the Premier Division a point behind Alresford Colne Rangers. The 6 point haul for Collier Row Tigers seeing them climb above Runwell Sports Ladies into 5th on goal difference on the final day.

Essex Women’s Division One

A big win away from home on the final day of the season against their closest rivals Corringham Cosmos saw Frontiers Ladies already Champions of Division One finish the season unbeaten with just the one draw. 7 points clear at the top in the end after Corringham Cosmos had pushed them all the way. Sharon Ferguson scoring 4 goals in the match. There were final day goals too for Hayley King, Kay Foy, Jackie Day and Claire Davidson in an 8-1 victory for Frontiers top goal scorers in the league with 133, edging Corringham by 2. It’s their defensive record that stands out with just the 7 goals conceded in the league all season, going to be a force to be reckoned with in the Premier Division next season.

The Round-Up – 21/05/17

The Round-Up

Sunday 21st May

The season is very nearly at an end just a handful of games left to squeeze in most leagues played out. You would think teams would be ready for the rest but most are gearing up for summer tournaments or already recruiting for the new season. The penultimate Sunday with games needing to be played by the 28th a shortened edition of The Round-Up with just the 4 matches being played in the end.

FAWPL South East Division One

One game outstanding in the FAWPL South East Division One and it was a must win game at home for Norwich City Ladies that would guarantee the club safety in the league if they could get the 3 points lift the 2nd bottom club above Stevenage Ladies ending their season 2 points ahead on 15. Norwich knew what they had to do after last Sunday’s fixtures with 2 games left to play were on 10 points needed to win both to have any chance. 

  Were hosting Lowestoft Town Ladies in a local derby match at Plantation Park, Lowestoft Town bottom already relegated looking to end on a high. With heavy rain falling it was Norwich who got off to a flyer going 2-0 up inside the opening 8 minutes with goals from Natasha Snelling and Chelsea Garrett. Lowestoft Town came back into the game however to level the scores before half-time a superb long range strike from Tiffany Forshaw after Norwich goalkeeper Fiona Coombes had come rushing out of her box to close down Lowestoft captain Hannah Waters, this was followed by another driving shot from outside the box by Ciera Flatt to make it 2-2

  2nd half saw Lowestoft start the strong creating a number of opportunities, Norwich’s Coombes with some excellent stops and brave goalkeeping keeping the scores level. Into the last 10 minutes and Norwich were awarded a free-kick outside the box, Aimee Durrant hitting a superb ball up and over the wall angling away from the goalkeeper into the top corner to make it 3-2. Kyla Love make it 4-2 as Lowestoft pushed for another leveller late on. You can read the report from the match by clicking on the link below. 

Norwich City Ladies 4-2 Lowestoft Ladies

Part one of the great escape completed Norwich faced a tougher test at home this Sunday in a must win game against Luton Town Ladies who had secured 5th on the FAWPL South East Division One table. Jess McKay giving Luton Town the lead 1-0 up at half-time. Norwich City found the resolve to get themselves back into the match Ebony Wiseman scoring early in the 2nd half to level things up at 1-1 then 5 minutes later Wiseman put Norwich into the lead, the side holding on to the 2-1 advantage, the 3 points won the team celebrating on the pitch had done it got the 2 wins taking them onto 16 points and guaranteeing their safety in the league for another season.

Norfolk Women’s Division Two

   Back to back promotions for Gorleston FC Ladies having wrapped up the Norfolk Women’s Division Two a while ago were playing Long Stratton Ladies in their final game of the season their opponents needed a point to over haul Stalham Town Ladies and finish 3rd. Gorleston were looking to end on a high however and ended the campaign with a comfortable 7-0 win. Bethany Turner, Samantha Hunn and Kayleigh Byrne all netting a brace with Molly Sims on target to score the other goal as they prepare for next season in Division One.

Essex Women’s Premier Division

 Two games in the Essex Women’s Premier Division, 2nd placed Lawford Ladies moving 3 points clear of 3rd placed Chelmsford City Ladies with a good result at home to Walden Ladies winning 6-0. Have one more game to play at home to Chigwell this Sunday. 

Wickford Town Ladies were at home to Chigwell Ladies this Sunday goals from Lois Curson, Sabrina Campbell & Patricia McWeeney seeing Wickford win 3-0 the points taking them above Chigwell into 8th position. Wickford Town are away to Chelmsford City Ladies for their final match of the season.

  Several games outstanding in the league or rather the ruling on postponed games where the sides pulled out unable to field a team a home or away win will be awarded will update the table as those details emerge.

The Round-Up – Essex 14/05/17

The Round-Up

Essex – Sunday 14th May

Essex Women’s Premier Division

A handful of matches in Essex this weekend as the season begins to draw to a close two games played in the Women’s Premier Division with the contest for the runners-up spot looking to go all the way with 2nd placed Lawford Ladies travelling on Sunday to take on 3rd placed Chelmsford City Ladies both level on 40 points. Are still level on points after this weekends game sharing them with a 2-2 draw. Niki Medici and Tyler Christou scoring for Chelmsford City.

Eastern Avenue in 5th place in the table are closing in on 4th placed Runwell Sports Ladies winning away to Walden Ladies on Sunday picking up the 3 points with a 4-1 victory already awarded a home win for this coming Sunday’s game will finish now secure a 4th place finish.

Essex Women’s Division One

One game played in Essex Women’s Division One and Frontiers Ladies are confirmed as League Champions after they got the point they needed on Sunday at home to Harlow Town Ladies Reserves. A local derby it was Harlow Town who took the lead Tayla Handscombe with the goal. Frontiers levelled the score in the 20th minute with Sharon Ferguson on target. Frontiers went into the dressing room at half time trailing 2-1 after Taylor O’Leary restored Harlow Town’s lead. 

  Frontiers got it back to 2-2 with 13 minutes of the 2nd half played Kay Foy scoring the goal, then Frontiers went on to take the lead for the 1st time in the match Emma Parker making it 3-2. The 3 points weren’t to be however as for the 3rd time in the game the scores were levelled Harlow Town coming back to make it 3-3 O’Leary with her 2nd of the game. The 1st points dropped this season in the league by Frontiers, the point however all they needed to secure the title with a game to spare in their 1st season together in the Essex Women’s Football League.

Congratulations to Frontiers Ladies on winning the Essex Women’s Division One title.

The Round-Up – Norfolk 14/05/17

The Round-Up

Norfolk – Sunday 14th May

Norfolk Women’s Division One

Everything was settled in the Norfolk leagues this Sunday, In Division One, Thorpe United Ladies got the point they needed to win the league. Away to Brandon Town Ladies on Sunday who had eaten them 1-0 earlier in the season, Thorpe United got the 3 points this time around winning by a single goal themselves Vivian Moyo the scorer to see them celebrate becoming Champions.

Congratulations to Thorpe United Ladies no winning Norfolk Women’s Division One.

2nd place was also decided and it was a fantastic result away from home for Bungay Town Ladies in great form since the start of the year a hat-trick from Laura Holden seeing them beat King’s Lynn Town Ladies 3-2 their goals scored by Millie Hopkisson and Jade Kelly. A great season all round for Bungay Town Ladies who also won the League Cup. King’s Lynn finishing 3rd were challenging for the title all season.

  Aylsham FC Ladies also got the win at the weekend as they hosted North Walsham Angels Ladies who need a point from their remaining 4 games to secure a 4th place finish.   The visitors scored twice with Hope Middleton and Abigail Storey on target, it wasn’t enough to take anything from the game however as a hat-trick from Becky Hills saw Aylsham win the match 3-2.

  The bottom two met with Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies hosting Fakenham Town Ladies. Kirkley & Pakefield ended a difficult season on a high with a 2-0 win to pull them level on points with Fakenham who still have a game left to play.

Norfolk Women’s Division Three

One game left to be played in Norfolk Women’s Division Three and as I wrote last week a win for Tavern Ladies at home to Freethorpe Ladies would see them finish top of the table in their 1st season. A brace from Lucy Kean along with a goal for Emily Bell saw them win the game 3-0, however congratulations were premature as it turned out they had in fact finished 2nd in the table pipped by Wymondham Town Ladies Reserves after they were warded 3 more points dating back to a game in March against East Coast Ladies who had fielded an ineligible player. East Coast Ladies deducted a total of 15 points over all.

 Congratulations to Wymondham Town Ladies Reserves on winning the league and Tavern finishing 2nd both promoted.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 14/05/17

The Round-Up

Cambridgeshire – Sunday 14th May

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

  Final day of the season in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership. Treble winners, Cambridge United WFC Reserves had already secured the league, but the positions below them remained up for grabs, the Champions were at home on Sunday taking on Netherton United Ladies currently holding 2nd place a point or better would secure runners-up spot.

It was Netherton who took the lead in the game Megan Strickland putting the ball home in the 14th minute. The lead didn’t last long however Cambridge scoring from a corner 3 minutes later. A straight red card for Cambridge’s Kirsty Geal as she handled the ball inside the box the referee sending her off awarding Netherton a penalty which captain Megan Parrett duly dispatched to see the visitors lead 2-1. The scores were levelled once again Strickland putting the ball into her own net trying to defend a corner. 2-2 at half-time Netherton were to go and and take the lead for a 3rd time Natalie Gaches scoring to make it 3-2. Netherton going on to win the game and secure 2nd. Further red cards were shown as tempers flared with Cambridge ending the game with 8 on the pitch, 2 players shown a 2nd yellow, not the end to the season Cambridge United WFC Reserves were looking for in manager Kevin Hoover’s last game in charge however a memorable season for the side looking to provide a strong supporting role to the 1st team as they step up to the next level. 

After a shaky start to the season a good run at the end seeing Netherton finish both runner-up to Cambridge United WFC Reserves in both the league and league cup final a good platform to push on next season. You can read the clubs report for the game by clicking on the link below.

Cambridge United WFC Reserves 2-3 Netherton United Ladies

Newmarket Town Ladies had been leading the Premiership table for much of the season with Cambridge United WFC Reserves, results going against them towards the end of the season had slipped to 5th place, one game left could reclaim 4th with a good result at home against ICA Sports Ladies. Goals from Nadine Basson, Abbi Griffin, Lauren Deller, Dominika Szary along with a brace for Jordanne Sillitoe saw Newmarket Town end on a high with a 6-1 win, securing 4th spot, the club is ambitious however and 4th isn’t what they were looking for. Shannon Coupland with the goal for ICA Sports Ladies.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North

  The Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North has a handful of games left before it concludes next Sunday. March Town United Ladies are Champions, will be playing in the Premiership next season having been out in front all season. The sides below them have changed positions regularly, some looking strong at the start falling away towards the end of the season, others starting slow getting better as the season progressed. March Town United were away to Boston United Ladies new to the league this season were slow starters but have bolstered there squad during the season getting better, got off to a flyer against March leading 3-0 inside the opening 20 minutes, Tracey Duxbury-Mead and Demi Barai amongst the goals. March responded pushing forwards Georgia Brown hitting the inside of the post with a 30 yard strike then went on to score pull it back to 3-1 but ultimately March were left frustrated creating good opportunities to score whilst goalkeeper Tori Sharpe kept them in the game up the other end lost for the 2nd time this season.

March Town United Ladies, Georgia Brown in on goal to score (photo credit Jon Sharpe)

  Boston United climb up into 2nd spot with the 3 points as they finish a positive 1st season. Can only be caught by Swineshead Institute Ladies now in 4th at home to Wisbech St Mary Ladies this coming Sunday.

Wisbech St Mary Ladies had a good result at home in their penultimate game of the season taking on bottom side Thurlby Tigers who were playing for the last time this season. Lauren Laws putting Wisbech St Mary into the lead in the 2nd minute. Catherine Ray and Frances Peeling both scored to see the home side 3-0 after just 15 minutes. Thurlby kept their goal intact from further damage in the 1st half. Ray with her 2nd of the game made it 4-0 10 minutes into the 2nd half. A 2nd goal of the game for Laws too with 15 minutes left before Peeling wrapped up a hat-trick with 2 more goals in the last 10 minutes to see Wisbech St Mary win 7-0.

Hungate Rovers Ladies were away to Peterborough based P&L Motors Diamonds in their final match of the season scoring twice through Katie Ingram and Laura Punter it wasn’t enough for Hungate Rovers to secure a 4th win of the season as they went down 3-2. P&L Motors Diamonds are away to March Town United Ladies for their final game in their 1st season as a team a point would see them secure a 5th place finish.

The Round-Up – ERWFL 14/05/17

The Round-Up

ERWFL – Sunday 14th May

For the 3rd Sunday in a row the Supporting Women’s Football Blog was covering a cup final double this time from the ERWFL as they hosted the League Plate and Cup Finals at The County Ground, Letchworth. The league season at least in the Premier Division done and dusted a fortnight ago in Division One Hutton Ladies and Champions, Cambridge City Ladies had to face each other in their final games both involved in this Sunday’s action. Hutton Ladies reaching the Plate Final were the underdogs as they took on Division One runners-up Colney Heath Ladies who had reached their 3rd successive Plate Final. Cambridge City Ladies had reached the League Cup Final were looking to make it a double but so too were opponents, Haringey Borough Women who had won the Premier Division, the report from both games can be read below.

ERWFL Plate Final

Cup Final Report – Colney Heath Ladies v Hutton Ladies


  Another busy Sunday on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog heading to the County Ground, Letchworth for this season’s ERWFL Final’s day, 1st up an 11am kick-off for the Plate Final between Colney Heath Ladies and Hutton Ladies.

  The Plate competition for the sides from ERWFL Division One in it’s various guises over the past few seasons that don’t go beyond the quarter-finals of the league cup, Colney Heath Ladies have reached the last 3 finals in succession, runners up in the previous two will be looking to go one batter this time and win the final. Have grown as a side over those past 3 season’s having had their best season to date clinching 2nd place in the Division One table.

  Will play Essex side Hutton Ladies this time around into their 1st ERWFL Plate Final have had an up and down season in the league flirting with the top 4 at one point fell away in the end to eventually finish 9th. Behind on their fixtures have had competitive football right up to this weekends final. Colney Heath have kept thing’s ticking over with friendly matches over that same period.

Road to the Final

Beginning with the quarter-finals this seasons plate competition saw Colney Heath drawn at home to Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies edged the score 3-2 to reach the semi-finals. Opponents Ipswich Wanderers Ladies couldn’t field a team for the semi-final Colney Heath advancing without kicking a ball to the final itself.
  A Bye for Hutton Ladies in the quarter-finals were drawn at home to Stevenage Ladies Reserves in the semi-final always looked a close contest on paper and proved so on the day the scores level at 2-2 after 90 minutes the semi-final went into extra-time, Hutton Ladies finding the winning goal to make it into the Plate Final.
 The County Ground in Letchworth, Hertfordshire once again the venue for this season’s ERWFL Finals. The large grass pitch has seen alot of cup final action recently but with the unusually dry weather in April has held up well looks in good shape a large pitch. The mainstand providing covered seating down one side behind the dugouts the bar situated at one end the Pukka Tukka trailer the other 1st stop upon arrival for a bacon bap. Rain to start the day however this was clearing and the sun warming things up a slight breeze chilly in the shade.
 Colney Heath Ladies starting XI – Amy Mullett, Kelly Hancock, Adrienne Milton, Rachel Sherlow, Kelly Glynn, Kirsty Feasey, Lucy Hancock, Annie Hickey, Sophie Joseph (C), Holly Sheridan & Christina Freestone.
 subs – Jennifer Mansfield, Sammy May, Molly Slade, Eustacia Randles & Victoria Allen.
 Hutton Ladies starting XI – Krissie Glover, Kirsten McLeavy, Amy Crumpler, Kelly Roberts, Rianne Dimmock, Amy Reed, Kaitlin Sugg, Hannah Page (C) Kate Lowen, Hayley Critchell & Laura Allen.

 subs – Sam Kuski.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  An 11am kick-off for the Plate Final, Hutton to get the match started 1st half wearing red shirts with white across the shoulders and collar, with red shorts and socks. Colney Heath lined up opposite wearing black and white vertical striped shirts. A quiet start to the game both sides looking to put the ball out wide test the others back line. 

  Hutton’s Kate Lowen goes after a high ball put forwards by Kaitlin Sugg  out to the right wing is tracked by Colney Heath’s Adrienne Milton makes the tackle putting the ball out for a throw deep in the corner. From the throw the ball helped on loops up into the area Sugg has the ball headed into the side of her face as the Colney Heath defence win the header comes back out to the right the return ball into the box cleared by Rachel Sherlow. 

“We’ll have that!”

  A positive start from Hutton pressing Colney Heath for the ball inside their own half, win a corner on the right, then the left side the inswinging ball striking the post coming back out into play is scrambled clear. Colney Heath get the ball wide out to the right winning a throw high up the pitch the cross is fired into the six yard box behind the strikers attacking the ball, Amy Reed gets the ball out of the area for Hutton goes straight to Lucy Hancock all of 30 yards out central, meets the ball sweetly with her boot sending it arrowing back in towards goal, Krissie Glover in goal for Hutton can’t stop it strikes the crossbar smashed down into the six yard box, Colney Heath striker Christina Freestone is on it in a flash gets her foot up to met the ball in the air is straight at Glover into her body the keeper gets a firm grip on the ball to save.

Colney Heath Ladies striker, Christina Freestone knocks the ball on into the box

  Colney Heath continue to come on with the ball 10 minutes played Milton is fouled by Hutton’s Amy Crumpler wide left on halfway the ball played up into the box is headed away by Rianne Dimmock a throw in the left the ball played up into the area Freestone strikes it as it falls at her feet is blocked deflected behind a for corner. Hutton defend look to break, Anne Hickey tackles to regain possession in the middle the ball on into Freestone takes a pop from distance her curling shot only finding the goalkeeper.

  Colney Heath captain, Sophie Joseph holds the ball up as it is played into her feet on the left, Milton goes past her on the overlap the pass finding her her cross into the box finds Freestone near post, looks to find room for a shot no way past Hutton’s Kirsten McLeavy marking her closely put back out to Joseph arriving left side of the box the ball is played back into the area, knocked back out centrally comes to Hickey strikes the ball from outside the box the shot whistling over the crossbar.

Colney Heath Ladies captain, Sophie Joseph

  A vital interception from Hutton’s McLeavy at the back as Freestone seeing the ball into her feet 30 yards out turns spotting Holly Sheridan on the move on the right, had the ball found her would have been one on one with the keeper. A competitive start, Hutton do’t want Colney Heath to settle on the ball as working hard to hustle the ball. Get up the other end Lowen winning a corner on the right the ball sent in near post is cleared by Colney Heath’s Kelly Hancock. 

  Milton and Joseph link up on the left side going forwards the cross played in early across the top of the area finds Sheridan on the right outside the area, leaning back as she goes to strike the ball sends her shot across goal looping up starts to dip, not enough to fall under the crossbar. Hutton make an early switch Sam Kuski coming on for Reed midway through the 1st half. 

  A great chance for Colney Heath to open the scoring in the Plate Final as Hickey bringing the ball on through the middle puts it into Freestone before bombing forwards getting the ball returned to her left outside the area, Hutton’s Kelly Roberts goes to ground making the tackle, The ball isn’t away Hickey wriggles clear with it in behind into the area, looks to pick her spot across the keeper coming to close the angle, Glover makes a fantastic stop with her leg to deflect the ball away across her six yard box. 

Annie Hickey wins the header under challenge from Hutton’s Sam Kuski

  Colney Heath continue to create chances as they look to break down a stubborn and organised Hutton defence, Kirsty Feasey carries the ball on through the middle evading a challenge plays a great ball into Sheridan moving to the right into the box is closed down by Kuski as she goes to shoot the ball put a yard wide of goal. Amy Mullett has been little troubled in the Colney Heath goal Glynn and Sherlow winning most thing’s in front of her.

  The same two players involved as Colney Heath come forwards again this time it’s Sheridan with the ball taking it down the left puts the cross in along the top of the Hutton area runners coming on from midfield, Feasey arriving right side hits the ball 1st time straight at Glover in the Hutton goal the keeper claiming the ball. Kelly Hancock joins the build up on the right side going on with the ball cuts it back into the area Sheridan just inside shoots from the angle again the shot goes straight into Glover. 

Front of picture, Colney Heath Ladies, Kirsty Feasey

  Into the final minutes of the 1st half Colney Heath are stepping it up a level looking to find the break through, Dimmock and Roberts closing down any attempt made to get though the middle. If Colney Heath find a way through the shot is going straight into Glover the keeper well positioned throughout. Feasey plays the ball on for Sheridan with acres of space to run into on the right, puts the ball into the area, Roberts clearing for Hutton in front of Freestone.

Half-time Colney Heath Ladies 0-0 Hutton Ladies

  Goalless at the break as the two sides head back to the dressing room. An intriguing 1st half, Colney Heath on another day might be leading 3-0 however Hutton have defended well kept a good shape and Glover has been in the right place everytime Colney Heath have gotten a shot away from the edge of the area. Little opportunity up the other end Critchell and Lowen getting on the ball left and right trying to thread the ball through the middle Colney Heath’s centre backs, Kelly Glynn and Sherlow have converged quickly to close the door in front of goal. All to play for 2nd half. 

Colney Heath Ladies, Annie Hickey tackling Hutton’s Amy Crumpler
 Colney Heath to get the 2nd half underway. Attacking down the left the cross is cut out cleared by Dimmock, Kelly Hancock picks it up coming forwards down the right, cutting inside rolls the ball into Feasey, time to line up a shot from 25 yards out, same as in the 1st half is straight at the keeper Glover making a comfortable save. Hickey comes forwards with the ball into the middle has Sheridan drifting out wide right top of the area plays the ball into her, she puts it into Freestone inside her right of the d 20 yards out her shot is blocked by Hutton’s Roberts rebounds back out to Hickey 25 yards out right side of goal shoots the ball fired wide of the far post. 

  Freestone gets hold of the ball turning centrally the pass finds Sheridan to her right, looking to drive at the Hutton defence is closed down by Dimmock, with support from Critchell the pair regain possession of the ball. Lucy Hancock plays the ball into Freestone holding it up well right, Sheridan makes a run into the area, Freestone looks to thread the ball into her feet, Roberts does well closing her down and winning the ball in the six yard box. A risky back pass from Dimmock as Colney Heath put the ball straight up through the middle, bouncing Freestone flicks it on for Sheridan falling down into the area Dimmock holding the striker off volleys the ball into her keeper, little time to react Glover meets the ball in the air volleys it out of her box. 

Hutton Ladies, Kelly Roberts

  Hutton’s Kuski charging down the ball inside the Colney Heath half on the right goes on before sending it long on the diagonal for Lowen left side, gets the down and manages to keep hold of the ball as Kelly Hancock goes to ground for the challenge moving into the box left looks to shoot, Sherlow recovers getting back throwing her herself across Lowen’s path to make the block. 

 Both sides make a change, Hutton bringing Reed back on for Kuski. Eustacia Randles coming on for Colney Heath replacing Freestone. The substitute filling in at left back with Milton coming across to right back, Kelly Hancock pushed higher up the field. Colney Heath have a free-kick in a dangerous position 22 yards out left of the D, Feasey over the ball goes for goal, Glover calls for it and claims at her far post. 

Hutton Ladies captain, Hannah Page getting hold of the ball

  20 minutes left on the clock Hutton get players forwards Allen winning a throw on the left put in long into the area, Sherlow heads away for Colney Heath, Joseph picking up the ball looks to counter, Page comes in to tackle her wins the ball back as they continue to defend.

 GOAL! Against the run of play it’s Hutton who break the deadlock finding the back of the Colney Heath goal, the ball won in the middle by Page is played up top with Critchell on the move left side getting onto the ball looks to take the defender on in front of her is pushed wide as she enters the area then unchallenged in the box  sends a looping ball in towards goal up and over the keeper into the back of the net 0-1.

  A blow for Colney Heath attack straight from the restart winning a corer kick on the left the ball floated in centrally, Glover comes for it going to push takes it off Feasey’s head on the penalty spot, catches the player aswell as the ball but is okay after treatment. Jennifer Mansfield comes on for Colney Heath replacing Hickey. Dimmock with a controlled header back to her keeper a Sheridan tries to flick the ball on a Kelly Hancock coming forwards plays the ball into her.

Colney Heath Ladies, Kelly Hancock

   Closing in on the final 10 minutes Colney Heath make a triple substitution as they try to break down Hutton’s stubborn defence. Molly Slade, Sammy May and Freestone returning come on for Glynn, Kelly Hancock and Joseph. Lucy Hancock on through the middle for Sheridan the tackle made by Dimmock outside the box. With room at the back now as Colney Heath push on Allen taking the ball down the right wins a corner. coming in near post is knocked on towards goal, back on her line Mullet punches the ball away.

  Feasey makes ground with the ball coming through the middle, fires the ball up towards Freestone chests down and turning rolls it into Sheridan right of her into the area, closed down she slides in gets to the ball 1st, her strike narrowly wide of the post. Hutton bring Kuski back on for Crumpler. A long ball from right to left falls to Mansfield inside the box on the left, looks to bring it down and shoot, Reed gets back in time to close her down tackling put the ball behind for the corner. A good delivery going long to the far post, no one can connect sails out for a goal kick. 

 All out attack from Colney Heath as the game goes into stoppage time players swarming around the box but Hutton defend for their lives protecting their lead, Glover coming well plucks the ball of Feasey’s raised foot as the midfield tries to bring down a high ball put in from the right. That’s it the final whistle blows and Hutton Ladies celebrate winning the ERWFL Plate Final.

Full time Colney Heath Ladies 0-1 Hutton Ladies

    Joy for Hutton Ladies winning the final. Heart break for Colney Heath Ladies suffering defeat for the 3rd successive final would have gone in confident after their successful league campaign, and created a host of chances especially 1st half just couldn’t get the ball past Glover in goal. Hutton the underdogs performed well battled hard were resilient and took the lead with one of the few chances they fashioned in the 2nd half.

SWF Blog – Player of the Match

 It’s that resilience and determination in defending that sees today’s SWF Blog – Player of the Match go to Hutton Ladies, Rianne Dimmock defended superbly winning the ball, getting across Colney Heath attackers and making some vital interceptions.

Hutton Ladies, ERWFL Plate Final Winners 2016/17

 Congratulations to Hutton Ladies on winning the ERWFL Plate Final today.

  My thanks to referee Chris Abbott for helping me out with today’s team line ups.

ERWFL Cup Final

Cup Final Report – Haringey Borough Women v Cambridge City Ladies


 Onto the 2nd Final of the day at the County Ground, Letchworth the ERWFL Cup Final. Will be a league and cup double for whoever wins the trophy this afternoon with Premier Division Champions, Haringey Borough Women taking on Division One Champions, Cambridge City Ladies.

  A great season for both clubs at the top of their respective leagues all season going all the way to win the title and promotion. For Haringey Borough Women it was a poignant triumph to win the ERWFL Premier Division doing so for their former manager Steve Browne who tragically lost his battle with cancer over the New Year. The squad clinching the title with a final day win against challengers Acle United Ladies to achieve promotion to the FAWPL above for the 1st time in their history, now the chance to make it a double success with the league cup.

  So to for opponents Cambridge City Ladies however after they won the ERWFL Division One title in their 1st season playing at regional level following promotion as Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership Champions last season. Just the one defeat on their way to the title wrapped it up with 4 games to spare. An ambitious club are looking to follow Haringey Borough Women’s success and reach the FAWPL. A good test of their credentials taking on the Champions from the league above.

Road to the Final
  All the sides from the ERWFL’s two divisions enter the League Cup competition. The Division One sides contesting the 1st two rounds, the Premier Division sides entering in round 3.
  A Bye for Cambridge City Ladies in the 1st Round were drawn away to Ipswich Wanderers Ladies in the 2nd Round a 1st half goal from Charlotte Gillies enough to send Cambridge City into the 3rd Round. Faced fellow Cambridgeshire side Histon Ladies from the Premier Division away from home Cambridge advanced to the quarter finals with a 3-0 victory.
  A trip to Norfolk in the quarter finals to play eventual Premier Division runners-up Acle United Ladies. Won through to the semi-finals with a narrow 2-1 win to reach the semi-finals and another tough test away to another Premier Division high flyer AFC Dunstable Ladies. Bronte Rapley and Bella Simmons with the goals to send Cambridge City into the final.
  Haringey Borough Women were drawn away to Colchester Town Ladies in the 3rd Round, after a goalless 1st half strikers Klesha Darroux and Julia Carruthers both scored to seal a 2-0 win to put Haringey Borough into the quarter finals. 
 Were awarded a home win over Division One side Silver End United Ladies to advance to the quarter finals where they were away to Norfolk side Wymondham Town Ladies holding their own in 3rd place in the Division One table following promotion this season. Haringey Borough proving to strong in the end wrapping up a 4-1 win to reach the final.
  A 2 hour window between today’s finals giving me the opportunity to devour a bacon sausage and egg bap very tasty it was too. All the cloud had burned away it was a hot sunny afternoon for the League Cup Final at the County Ground. 
  Haringey Borough Women starting XI – Cherkish Young, Brooke Hills, Shernelle Francois, Roisin Cormack (C), Robyn Reardon, Shaydean Gorman, Morgan Lundberg, Karesha Iton, Anele Komani, Klesha Darroux & Julia Carruthers.
  subs – Roxanne Eshun, Shanice Nourrice, Jaidene Brown, Martina Stankova & Stephanie Cooper
  Cambridge City Ladies starting XI – Tee Mhunduru, Amy Reed, Lauren Tomlinson, Becca Fay (C), Robyn Phillips, Emily Reed, Sarah Mosley, Grace Stanley, Charlotte Gillies, Stacey Fullicks & Bella Simmons.
  subs – Saffron Henry, Carla Penny, Rachel Pearce, Izzy Broadbent & Philippa Witherspoon.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 The sides gather on the centre circle before the match a minutes silence, Haringey wearing black armbands with their former managers name on. Cambridge to kick-off the ERWFL Cup Final wearing white shirts with black across the shoulders, black shorts and black and white hooped socks. Haringey opposite wearing yellow shirts and socks with blue shorts. A good atmosphere building the Haringey supporters in good voice willing their team on. 
  A competitive start to the match the ball pinging back and forth between the sides Anele Komani picking the ball up in the middle puts it over the top for striker, Julia Carruthers in behind, Cambridge goalkeeper, Tee Mhunduru off her line early gets to the ball 1st. Cambridge send the ball long out to the right Charlotte Gillies fouled in the corner gets the free-kick. Played into the box Haringey goalkeeper, Cherish Young claims at her near post.
 GOAL! Haringey take an early lead in the final the ball quickly releases by Young is helped on through the middle, Carruthers after the ball bouncing high on the hard surface drifting right into the box gets the wrong side of the defender can’t hold her off the striker seeing the ball into her feet smashes her shot low and hard past the keeper into the back of the net 1-0.

An early set back for Cambridge push on with the ball down the right from the restart Emily Reed on for Sarah Mosley then Gillies down the line a spell of possession the ball rolled back to Mosley top of the area 20 yards out right side, shoots puts her strike wide of the near post. Komani receiving the ball from Morgan Lundberg goes forwards tries to put it on for Carruthers again central into the box, Cambridge’s Robyn Phillips gets in front of the striker this time shields the ball as Mhunduru comes to gather. 


  Bella Simmons up top for Cambridge sees the ball into her feet back to goal central 30 yards out rolls her marker sending Grace Stanley away on the left taking the ball down the line looks to turn inside get into the area, Haringey captain, Roisin Cormack closing her down cuts out the cross and clears. A free-kick for Cambridge inside the Haringey half in front of the centre circle captain Becca Fay over the ball looks to go for goal plenty of power behind her shot Young isn’t troubled however as it flies past her right post.

  A free-kick for Haringey inside their own half wide right, Brooke Hills over it plays it into Komani who spins in behind the Cambridge defence right side taking the ball on into the box reaching the six yard box goes to shoot a vicious strike, Mhunduru makes a superb save with her leg going to ground the ball deflected out for the corner kick. Before the corner can be taken the trainer is called on with Komani down in the box, injured has to come off Jaidene Browne comes on.

Cambridge City Ladies goalkeeper
Tee Mhunduru
 GOAL! Haringey double their lead as the corner kick by Hills from the right is played long across the six yard box falling far post, power and accuracy on the header by Darroux arriving late sends the ball home to make it 2-0.

  15 minutes played Haringey look dangerous going forwards, Stacey Fullicks tracks back to tackle Lundberg as she looks to play the ball into Carruthers go on beyond her. Keeping the ball Haringey win a corner on the right, Hills with another long deliver, Emily Reed gets her head on the ball for Cambridge. Lauren Tomlinson fouls Lundberg as she looks to get away on the right the set-piece half way inside the Cambridge half Hills on it puts it up into the box, Mhunduru calls and gets up to claim.

Bella Simmons fouled by Robyn Reardon as she tries to protect the ball

   Fay sends the ball up field for Stanley on the left her first touch sends her in behind the Haringey defence wide of the area, Cormack recovers the ground well getting in on Stanley to play the ball out for the corner. The delivery towards the top of the area is gathered by Mosley looks to put it back into the six yard box, Robyn Reardon wins the header for Haringey knocks it out to the right, Simmons on it takes the ball into the area before shooting her low strike in towards the near post saved by Young.

   GOAL! Haringey go straight on the counter attack getting players forwards as Cambridge look to get back into position from the corner, the diagonal ball put long out to the right is send long into the box Karesha Iton arriving unmarked meets the ball on the volley far post buries it into the back of the net 3-0. 

Haringey’s Karesha Iton up to win the header

  3 goals conceded after the opening 20 minutes Cambridge are well and truly on the back foot, manager Tim Rapley calls for a positive response, getting the ball out to Gillies on the right she takes it down the line twisting and turning back inside the lay off for Mosley a long way out meets the ball on the volley puts the shot wide of goal. 

  Haringey get in behind on the right Browne taking it on plenty of pace, into the box Tomlinson recovering well manages to close her down just as she goes to shoot the strike swerves away from goal out for the goalkick. Tomlinson wins the ball of Lundberg on the left puts it long for Stanley to go after running into space Cormack coming to close her down concedes the corner kick. Curled in towards the near post the low ball strikes the post and goes behind. 

Cambridge City Ladies, Lauren Tomlinson

  A turn and shot from Iton inside the D as the ball is put into her by Lundberg from a throw in on the right her shot up over the crossbar. Cambridge make their 1st change, Simmons coming off up top Phillipa Witherspoon coming on. Browne latches onto a goalkick from Cambridge right side lays the ball inside for Carruthers knocked up into the air the striker looks to strike the bouncing ball as it falls 25 yards out her looping shot sails over the crossbar.

  Lundberg has taken a knock hurt her arm or shoulder is taken off, Roxanne Eshun coming on for Haringey. Cambridge make a change at the same time Saffron Henry coming on for Emily Reed. Another knock for Haringey’s Shernelle Francois a few minutes later sees her replaced by Shanice Nourrice. Haringey are awarded a free-kick inside the Cambridge half, central, Hills to play it forwards into the top of the area, Klesha Darroux is through on goal as the Cambridge defender going to clear the ball slips, the Haringey attacker stabbing the ball up off the surface outside the six yard box lifts her shot up over the goal. 

  Browne strikes the near post from close range as she cuts into the area from the right the ball out for a goalkick. Nourrice looks to take the ball past Tomlinson down the line the left back with a robust tackle takes out the winger and the linesman as she crashes into him, Nourrice coming off the better on her feet, it takes the linesman several minutes to get back to his feet. From the resulting free-kick Hills sends the ball in towards the top of the box, knocked out to the left Darroux sends in back into the middle, Iton onto the ball is flagged offside.

Haringey Borough Women’s
Shanice Nourrice

  Haringey finish the 1st half strongly the ball from Nourrice into Carruthers through the middle in behind, shoots as Mhunduru comes racing out to close her down, the ball past the keeper she might have gotten her fingertips in the ball, enough to take it wide of her empty net beyond.

Half-time Haringey Borough Women 3-0 Cambridge City Ladies

  A fantastic start to the 1st half from Haringey Borough Women sees them in control of the ERWFL Cup Final with a 3-0 lead could have added more goals power and pace players on the move early when possession is regained at the back, Cambridge have been on the back foot as they looked to find a response, a lot of work to do if they want to find a way back into the game 2nd half. 
  A change of personnel at the start of the 2nd half the linesman injured late in the 1st half not returning, a replacement available as one of the officials from this mornings Plate Final is still in the ground. A change too for Cambridge with Fullicks substituted, Carla Penny on taking up a left attacking position with Stanley now in behind Witherspoon through the middle. Haringey to get the 2nd half underway. Amy Reed wins the ball for Cambridge plays it up towards Witherspoon lays it onto Mosley 25 yards out her 1st time strike is wide. 
  Cambridge press forwards early 2nd half the ball towards the D, Stanley and Witherspoon try the one two get the free-kick a dangerous position left of the D, Penny over the ball lines up a shot her attempt over the bar. Pushing forwards Cambridge have to watch they aren’t caught on the counter attack Reardon with the ball plays it up to Eshun who looks to slide Nourrice through into the box right side, Mhunduru is rapidly out sliding in to claim the ball at the attackers feet. 
Haringey Borough Women’s, Robyn Reardon
  A fast tempo to the beginning of the 2nd half, Nourrice with a driving run with the ball down the right wing whips the cross into the area cleared by Phillips at the back for Cambridge, getting it up the other end a throw deep on the right played long into the area by Henry, cleared by Hills, trying to bring it forwards Amy Reed comes onto the ball getting hold of it pushing forwards lifts it up in to the box, dropping for Witherspoon the striker turns as the ball falls puts her foot through it, straight at Reardon who makes the block. 
Cambridge City Ladies striker, Phillipa Witherspoon
  Amy Reed is fouled wide on the right wing as she gets forwards with the ball the set-piece is played long into the box Penny coming in far post plants her header wide of the goal. Mosley comes on with the ball evading a challenge space for Gillies to move into right, Mosley picks her out getting into the box her low drive is hit hard, Young right behind it gets down holds onto the shot. A change for both sides Komani returning to the field for Haringey in place of Darroux. Tomlinson off for Cambridge, Izzy Broadbent on. 
Amy Reed bringing the ball forwards for Cambridge City Ladies
 A chance for Haringey to extend their lead Komani in the thick of the action as soon as she returns to the pitch the ball into her feet slides it on for Carruthers into the area left side of goal, is closed down by Reed stabs her shot narrowly wide of the post. A give and go between Gillies and Stanley through the middle, Gillies with the shot from 25 yards out Young scrambling across her goal sees it whistle past the top corner of her goal.

 GOAL! The high tempo from Cambridge at the start of the 2nd half has caused Haringey some problems not as able to bring the ball out from the back now it brings them the goal they were looking for the ball fired into Witherspoon inside the box back to goal control and strikes it on the turn, straight at Reardon the defend with instinctive stab to try and clear the ball puts it straight into Stanley’s path far post the no 11 blasting the ball into the back of the net, quickly retrieving the ball and running back to the centre circle. 

  Has been a bit of niggle between the sides throughout some strong challenges both sides up for it however the referee keeping a lid on things. Midway through the 2nd half Cambridge make a double switch, Simmons coming back on along with Rachel Pearce, Witherspoon and Mosley the players taken off. Haringey send Darroux back on for Hills. Iton picks up a knock and is replaced by Francois.

  Eshun comes off for Haringey, Lundberg back on as Cambridge pile everyone forwards a 2nd goal their for the taking would get them right back into the final have switched to 3 at the back now. Play is stretched Cambridge win a corner of Cormack taken from the right Haringey scramble it away near post launch a counter Browne bursting forwards moving right her cross looping up into the area cleared by Fay. 

  Fay over a free-kick on the left delivers the ball into the top of the area, Lundberg headers clear for Haringey. Haringey have some of the loudest supporters I’ve heard at a women’s game in a long while, they are loving it willing their team on. Hills comes back on in place of Nourrice for Haringey. Simmons gets bowled to the ground in the middle players go forwards into the box from the back for Cambridge, Stanley to put the ball into the mix falling to Fay on the penalty spot the Cambridge captain puts her head in her hands in despair as her turn and strike goes over the bar. Lundberg is injured again in alot of pain holding her arm has to come off, Iton comes back on.

  GOAL! Late into the game desperate to find a 2nd goal Cambridge are hit on the counter to concede a 4th goal, Haringey getting Komani in behind on the right travelling towards the box, Mhunduru comes racing out of her area looking to kick the ball away, miscues her strike putting off Komani as she falls the grounded keeper knocks the ball away from Komani before she can recover unfortunately the ball rolls straight into the onrushing Iton 25 yards out an empty goal to aim at she doesn’t miss 4-1.

  Into stoppage time Cambridge keep going get the ball down the other end have a corner on the left, Henry gets her head on the ball knocking it down inside the six yard box Haringey clear.

  GOAL! Penalty! Haringey launch a rapid counter attack players from both sides racing up the pick put on for Komani she drives into the box, Henry gets back on her but leaning in brings the attacker down and the referee points to the spot. Browne to take it, roars in celebration and it buries under her team mates as she powers the ball into the corner of the goal 5-1

Jaidene Browne lets out a roar as she scores from the penalty spot late in the game

Full time Haringey Borough Women 5-1 Cambridge City Ladies

 Not long after the final whistle blows and Haringey Borough Women complete a league  cup double winning the ERWFL Cup Final 5-1 to cap off a great season one for their former manager looking down upon them. A strong performance 1st half had Cambridge on the back foot right from the start with a 3 nil lead in control of the final. Cambridge did rally 2nd half and put in a great effort to try and fight their way back into the game scored had other chances only to be hit on the break with 2 goals as they sacrificed space at the back. 
Haringey Borough Women celebrate their league & cup double after the final whistle
SWF Blog – Player of the Match

 A determination about Haringey Borough Women today to get the job done and win the double, that spirit shown throughout the side none more so than Jaidene Browne she is the SWF Blog – Player of the Match.
 Congratulations to Haringey Borough Women on a memorable season winning the ERWFL Premier Division and League Cup. 
A tribute to former manager Steve Browne the Haringey players and supporters releasing balloons into the sky
 A great 1st season playing at a higher level for Cambridge City Ladies too, winning the Division One title and getting all the way the League Cup final.
 An entertaining League Cup final to cap of an enjoyable if long day out at Letchworth. My thanks to both clubs for their help with today’s teams and to the ERWFL committee members for their help today. Three cup double Sunday’s in a row I’d sleep well tonight if I didn’t have two match reports to write up! But you know I love it really.

The Round-Up – FAWPL 14/05/17

The Round-Up

FAWPL – Sunday 14th March

FAWPL Southern Division

The final day of the season in the FAWPL Southern Division this Sunday with everyone bar Lewes Ladies in action in the last round of fixtures most thing’s settled, Tottenham Hotspur Ladies, Champions. Coventry United Ladies securing runners up spot. 

Both were on the road for their last league match of the season, Tottenham away to West Ham United Ladies 3rd from bottom but safe from the relegation place. Both Shannon Maloney and Katie O’Leary in the starting line-up for Tottenham returning to match sharpness after injury had kept both out for much of the season. It was O’Leary who opened the scoring putting Tottenham into the lead in the 36th minute. Wendy Martin netting 3 minutes into 1st half injury time to see Tottenham go into the dressing room with a 2-0 at half-time.

Martin went on to score her 2nd of the game 7 minutes into the 2nd half, Rhianna Soobadoo making it 4-0 in the 61st minute. Tottenham in complete control continued to find the back of the West Ham net, Bianca Baptiste scoring in the 66th minute, turned provider for the next goal taking the corner Lucia Leon heading the ball into the back of the net a minute later. Baptiste with her 2nd of the game with 10 minutes left to see Tottenham finish the Southern Division season with a 7-0 win. 

  Take on FAWPL Northern Division Champions, Blackburn Rovers Ladies in the FAWPL Play-off match on the 28th May the game being played at The Valley.


Coventry United Ladies captain Natasha Lynch holding aloft the FAWPL Plate Trophy presented by Carol West in the 2015/16 season

Coventry United Ladies secured runners-up spot in the Southern Division last Sunday were away on the South Coast on Sunday taking on Portsmouth FC Ladies. Coventry captain Natasha Lynch opened the scoring headed home a corner kick inside the opening 5 minutes. Jade Brook doubling the advantage midway through the 2nd half. 3 minutes later Portsmouth had a corner the ball cleared out of the box fell to Alexandra Iusan who volleyed he ball back in scoring with a stunning strike to score her 1st goal for the 1st team pulling it back to 2-1. Deep into 1st half injury time Callan Barber scored direct from a free-kick to make it 3-1 to Coventry. No more goals added 2nd half Coventry finish 4 points behind Tottenham. The last game for Coventry United Ladies captain Natasha Lynch as she retires from the game, a legend at the club joining as an 8 year old, will take some replacing. Wishing Natasha all the best for what follows next.

Charlton Athletic Women were in 3rd place going into the final game of the season away to C&K Basildon Ladies. It was the home side who opened the scoring Therese Addison making her 1st start of the club putting Basildon in front in the 12th minute. Grace Coombs levelled the scores with a strike from distance in the 22nd minute, Addison with a shot from all of 30 yards restring Basildon’s lead, captain Zoe Rushen making it 3-1 in 1st half injury time. Kit Graham got it back to 3-2 with 20 minutes left on the clock 2nd half, wasn’t long before Basildon restored their 2 goal advantage Jay Blackie scoring in the 75th minute. Graham scoring her 2nd of the match in stoppage time her 37th of the season not enough as C&K Basildon ran out 4-3 winners to overhaul Lewes and finish 6th. Another huge name and legend also hanging up her boots as Stacey Little announced her retirement from the game via twitter after the game best known for her time at West Ham United Ladies will be another player sorely missed in the game. Again wishing Stacey all the best in whatever she does next.

A costly final day defeat for Charlton was 4th placed Cardiff City Ladies gain as they took home all 3 points away to Crystal Palace Ladies who had already secured 5th spot to climb above Charlton into 3rd. A single goal enough to secure the win coming with 15 minutes left on the clock Kerry Bartlett the scorer to see Cardiff City Ladies finish 3rd.

Only a whopping winning score would have been enough to save Queens Park Rangers from finishing bottom of the FAWPL Southern Division, would have had to have scored more goals than they have all season as they travelled to The County Ground home of Swindon Town FC to play Swindon Town Ladies 3 points ahead of them. A special occasion for Swindon Town Ladies, QPR their fate sealed ended the season on a high note as they took the lead late in the 1st half through Joanna Blodgett. Doubling the lead 5 minutes into the 2nd half Juliette Denny scoring the final score 2-0 sees QPR finish bottom but only on goal difference.

FAWPL South East Division One

FAWPL South East Division One Champions, Gillingham FC Ladies were unbeaten in the league with just one game left to play, were way out in front as top goal scorers too on 102 goals in the league some 43 goals ahead of Milton Keynes Dons Ladies who secured 2nd spot in midweek. Were away to AFC Wimbledon Ladies for their last match of the season. A win for Wimbledon would guarantee them a 3rd place finish in their 1st season playing in the FAWPL. It was Gillingham who got off to the better start however Felicity Gibbons with her 48th goal of the season giving them the lead in the 20th minute. Kallie Balfour doubling the score just past the half hour mark. Wimbledon pulled a goal back with 5 minutes of the 1st half left Katie Stanley the scorer to make it 2-1 at the break. 

Wimbledon were back on level terms 7 minutes into the 2nd half, Yasmin Poole making it 2-2 and it was the home side that found the winning goal in the last 10 minutes of the game Rebecca Sargent putting the ball into the back of the net to seal the 3 points and a 3rd place finish and see Gillingham end with a final day defeat.

A tough finish to the season for Cambridge United WFC in 4th place leading the South East Division One until Gillingham unbeaten roared on to take the title runners-up spot still up for grabs lost out to Milton Keynes Dons Ladies in midweek at the Stadium MK. 3rd place still on if Wimbledon lost the 4th placed side were hosting Milton Keynes Dons at home for their final game of the season. 3 straight defeats for Cambridge to end the season turned into an unwanted 4th as Milton Keynes Dons ran out 2-0 winners, with a familiar pair on the scoresheet I’m sure The Round-Up has typed this before, goals from Hannah Barrett and Heather McDonnell seeing the points won. A 40 minute delay in the game to through injury as an ambulance was needed for Cambridge left back Carrie Bennett . Wishing her all the best hoping the injury isn’t too serious and all the best for a full and speedy recovery. Nevertheless 4th place does represent a best ever season for Cambridge however the ambitious club will feel a better position was warranted.

Luton Town Ladies got the point they needed to secure 5th spot in the FAWPL South East Division One as they were held to a goalless draw by Stevenage Ladies who finish 3rd bottom on 15 points after their 1st season playing at this level.

Ipswich Town Ladies were at home to Denham United Ladies for both clubs final game of the season. Jenny Banfield put Denham into the lead before Ipswich turned things around, Roxanne Small and Zoe Cossey scoring to put the home side 2-1 up but they couldn’t hold on for the 3 points that would have secured 7th spot as Lauren Page scored in stoppage time to see the points shared with a 2-2 draw. The game also saw the return of Amanda Crump for Ipswich Town playing for the 1st time since giving birth to her baby daughter.

That draw allowed Enfield Town Ladies in 9th to jump 2 places on the final day to seal a 7th place finish just a single goal as all three sides ended on 25 points doing the job. Were at home to bottom side Lowestoft Town Ladies who needed a win to keep their chances of avoiding the drop alive. A hat-trick from Nuala McKevitt plus a goal each for Macy Diaz and Regan Coleman seeing Enfield win the game 5-1, Hannah Waters with the goal for Lowestoft who will finish bottom ending a 2 season stay in the FAWPL.

The side they could have caught Norwich City Ladies whom they play this Wednesday at Plantation Park were 4 points above them going into Sunday’s game at home against Actonians Ladies, Norwich having 3 games left to squeeze in were soundly beaten, the game flaring up on the half hour mark as both sides were reduced to 10 players with Jodie Drake for Norwich and Carla Williams for Actonians both red carded. Melissa Jung on 8 goals for the season took that tally to 14 netting a double hat-trick in the match, not quite enough to finish as top scorers as Alessandra Barreca squeezed it with a brace to take her onto 15 for the season. Sinthujah Sooryakumar also scoring netting twice with Katrina Duncan also on the scoresheet in an 11-0 win.

The Round-Up – Essex 07/05/17

The Round-Up

Essex – Sunday 7th May

A late edition of the Essex Round-Up this week, with a Cup Final being played on Wednesday evening I thought it’s be worth the delay.

Essex Women’s League Cup

  Two Cup Finals to bring you in fact in this edition of The Round-Up as on Sunday it was the Essex Women’s League Cup Final played at Runwell Sports FC, this year new side Corringham Cosmos having already won promotion from Division One were taking on Premier Division side Collier Row Tigers. Corringham Cosmos matching Harlow Town Ladies achievement from last season winning the League Cup in their 1st season after joining the Essex Women’s Football League. Madison Hubbard scoring a brace in the final for Corringham with goals each for Rachel Fleming, Rebecca Gallagher and Bebe Ray in a 5-2 victory to lift the trophy.

Congratulations to Corringham Cosmos on their League Cup win and a terrific 1st season.

Essex Women’s Premier Division

In the Essex Women’s Premier Division 2nd placed Lawford Ladies were hosting Eastern Avenue Ladies in 6th place going into the game. The visitors were awarded a penalty either side of half-time Tayla Hudson stepping up to put both into the back of the net, with Mollie Rose adding a 3rd goal to see the 3 points secured for Eastern Avenue move above Collier Row Tigers 3 games left to play will be aiming to close down the 4 point gap to Runwell Sports Ladies in 4th who have finished their fixtures.

A double header between Chigwell Ladies and bottom side Walden Ladies on Sunday with Walden getting 2 positive results to move themselves off the bottom at the expense of Alresford Colne Rangers. Winning one game 3-1 and drawing the other 3-3 to pick up 4 valuable points.

Tiptree & District Women’s Charity Cup

  Onto the 2nd Cup Final of this edition of the Round-Up this Wednesday night Harlow Town Ladies already crowned Premier Division Champions were looking to make it a league and cup double and successfully defend the Tiptree & District Women’s Charity Cup taking on their closest rivals in the league Lawford Ladies. 

  Proved to be a very close contest 2 with 9 goals scored in the game a cracking encounter by all accounts Lawford scoring 4 goals, Harlow Town Ladies edged the result 5-4 to retain the cup. Taylor O’Leary scoring a hat-trick with a goal each for Dempsey Favell and Nicole Learner. That’s 6 trophies now for Harlow Town Ladies in 2 seasons leaving the Essex Women’s County Leagues behind with a 100% winning record.

(photo credit Harlow Town Ladies)

Congratulations to Harlow Town Ladies on winning the Tiptree & District Women’s Charity Cup and their league and cup double.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 07/05/17

The Round-Up

Cambridgeshire – Sunday 7th May

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

In the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership there was just the one game played on Sunday with St Ives Town Ladies hosting Cambridge University Women both playing their final match of the season. Cambridge University with the chance to secure 2nd spot in the table with a win took the lead in the 12th minute through Kate Ross. Were forced to play with 10 players after travelling with the bare 11 at a turned ankle seeing one of their number unable to continue. Despite that held on to the lead in an action packed flowing game until the closing stages St Ives Town ending strongly getting up the other end to score twice with goals from Lucy Sheeran and Sasha Smith to win 2-1 climb above Newmarket Town Ladies into 4th on goal difference.

Also some great news announced by St Ives Town Ladies today, following a high demand from players wanting to join the club are starting up a new Development side. to compliment the 1st team which is progressing nicely in its 1st 2 seasons.

A distorted run in somewhat in the Premiership as Bar Hill Ladies have ha to concede their last 6 games due to pitch unavailability issues amongst other things late in the season having started strongly would have been a factor in the title race a shame. A couple of games left Treble winners Cambridge United WFC Reserves taking on 2nd placed Netherton United Ladies. Newmarket Town Ladies 3 points back in 5th now will be looking for a big score at home to ICA Sports Ladies to finish as high as they can. 

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North

 March Town Ladies were celebrating at the weekend after they got the result they needed to win the Cambridgeshire Championship North title and with it promotion to the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership nest season. Came without kicking a competitive ball after opponents Thurlby Tigers bottom of the league couldn’t field a side. Awarded the home win March Town United are Champions can’t be caught with 2 games left to play.

  (quoted via email) Manager Gary Davis said ‘I’ve extremely proud of the team’s achievements this season. We have only lost one in the league and had some great results and performances. We have a fantastic bunch of committed players with a great team spirit. With March Town Reserves also gaining promotion, it has been a strong season for the Hares and one to build on’.

A few pictures from the team celebrating their title win.


Congratulations to March Town United Ladies on becoming Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North Champions.

Was one game played in the Championship North on Sunday with Wisbech Town Ladies travelling to play 2nd bottom side Hungate Rovers Ladies in their final game of the season goal from Chloe Minall, Polly Norman and top scorer Sophie Gutteridge seeing her finish on 29 goals for the season seeing Wisbech Town to a 3-0 win in 2nd place at the moment can finish no lower than 4th with 3rd and 4th placed Swineshead Institute Ladies and Boston United Ladies having tough final games.

The Round-Up – FAWPL 07/05/17

The Round-Up

FAWPL – Sunday 7th May

FAWPL Cup Final

Was an all FAWPL Southern Division Final for the 2nd season running in the FAWPL Cup. Last season Tottenham Hotspur Ladies beat Cardiff City Ladies to win the trophy this year defending the cup Tottenham have reached their 2nd successive final the newly crowned league champions looking to add to their league and cup double by winning the League Cup once again, their opponents Charlton Athletic Women who had the edge going into the match having defeated them in both the league and Capital Women’s Cup recently.

Proved to be a close match an intriguing contest played at The Lamex Stadium home of Stevenage FC. Goalless at the end of the regular 90 minutes the final went into extra-time again the extra period unable to see either side find the break through going all the way to penalties who would hold their nerve. Tottenham scored their 1st penalty, goalkeeper Toni-Anne Wayne saved Charlton’s 1st spot kick, the next 2 converted Tottenham leading 2-1 Wendy Martin up next saw her penalty saved. Kit Graham levelling it up at 2-2 went to 3-3, Katie O’Leary out for much of the season for Tottenham made it 4-3 with the 5th penalty kick. Wayne saved Grace Coombs spot kick to see Tottenham win the shootout and lift the FAWPL Cup!

(source Tottenham Hotspur Ladies)

Congratulations to Tottenham Hotspur Ladies on their successful defence of the FAWPL Cup.

FAWPL Southern Division

A huge game in the FAWPL Southern Division on Sunday in the battle for the league’s runners-up spot with 2nd Placed Coventry United Ladies travelling to Wales to play 4th placed Cardiff City Ladies, 4 points between the sides, a win for Coventry United Ladies would virtually see then secure 2nd. An injury blow for Cardiff City early in the match Abbie Britton breaking her tibia, wishing her well and a speedy recovery. Despite that Cardiff City went on to take the lead 1st half Chloe Chivers with the goal. Coventry pulling it back to 1-1 Alison Hall on target 5 minutes before half-time. Always likely to be a close contest a single goal was to settle it in the 2nd half and it was the visitors who were celebrating Amber Hughes scoring inside the final 15 minutes to see Coventry win 2-1. Three points clear of 3rd placed Charlton Athletic Women with one match left to play a +7 goal difference a point from their game away to Portsmouth will secure runners up spot.

 Portsmouth FC Ladies were given a day to remember this Sunday as they got to play at Fratton Park once again, a great experience for the club. Safe in 8th place were hosting bottom side Queens Park Rangers Ladies nothing less than a win would do going into their penultimate game of the season. Portsmouth raced into an early lead however Samantha Quayle putting them in front in the 8th minutes was on target with a great strike in the 22nd minute, Natasha Stephens adding a 3rd goal in the 28th minute. QPR Ladies got a goal back before half-time Nikki Waterman scoring in the 35th minute. Another goal with 5 minutes left in the 2nd half wasn’t enough for QPR, Sara Ezzahiri scoring going down 3-2 will finish bottom their last game at Swindon Town Ladies could yet end up level on points with a win however Swindon Town have a superior goal difference a win for them or even a draw should West Ham United Ladies lose to Tottenham on the final day could see then finish 9th.

Lewes Ladies were comfortable in mid-table as they travelled to Essex on Sunday for their final game of the season to play C&K Basildon Ladies a place above them in 6th. Sian Heather gave Lewes the lead a minute before half-time. Georgia Bridges doubled the lead in the 58th minute to see Lewes end their campaign with a 2-0 win, the FAWPL Plate Winners enjoying a very good season moving into 6th a point a head of with a better goal difference, C&K Basildon host Charlton Athletic Women on the final day only a win would see them take back 6th place.

FAWPL South East Division One

  With the title already settled in FAWPL South East Division One the battle for 2nd was where the focus was this Sunday a 3 way contest between AFC Wimbledon Ladies, Cambridge United WFC and Milton Keynes Dons Ladies. Wimbledon weren’t in action. Cambridge United WFC were hosting unbeaten Champions, Gillingham FC Ladies looking to recover from last weeks loss to Luton Town Ladies. Laura Mills gave Cambridge United WFC the lead in the 1st half. Held the advantage going into the final 15 minutes of the game, Gillingham determined to go the season unbeaten found a leveller Felicity Gibbons making it 1-1 in the 78th minute then just 3 minutes later Charlotte Gurr made it 2-1 the final score Gillingham remain unbeaten with one league game left, Gibbons and Gurr a deadly strike force netting 86 goals between them this season and Gurr wasn’t there at the start of the season.

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies 4th going into their game on Sunday were away to Enfield Town Ladies. The home side taking the lead through Juliet Thomas. Milton Keynes Dons came back to secure the win and with Cambridge United losing climb up to 2nd in the table. Goals from Hannah Barrett taking her to 18 for the season and Tayla Duffy seeing the 3 points won.

Actonians Ladies were hosting Ipswich Town Ladies on Sunday following on from a 5-1 home win in the East Anglian derby match against Norwich in midweek, Ipswich Town made it 2 wins from two. Goals from Jade Henry and Sophie Welton cancelling out Melissa Jung’s goal for Actonians Ladies an 3rd 2-1 away win at the weekend.

The away wins continued on Sunday with Luton Town Ladies taking advantage of Actonians loss to climb above them into 5th place in the FAWPL South East Division One table. Travelling to bottom side Lowestoft Town Ladies a brace for Jess McKay along with another goal for Asia Brown seeing Luton Town win 3-0.

A vital win away from home for 2nd bottom Norwich City Ladies on Sunday as they battle to avoid relegation taking on Denham United Ladies, Norwich put in a strong 1st half performance Chelsea Garrett and Paige Shorten scoring for the visitors Denham putting through their own net twice. Denham pulled a goal back just before half time adding a 2nd in the 2nd half but Norwich held on for the 3 points, Aimee Durn and Rebecca French scoring for Denham. Norwich move 4 points clear of Lowestoft who they have to play in their final 3 games. Are 4 points behind Stevenage Ladies in 9th with 2 games in hand.