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Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Worthing FC Women

Sunday 3rd December

FAWNL South East Division One

Two weeks later than originally advertised heading west into Cambridgeshire to St Neots to watch my final game of 2023, between Cambridge United WFC and Worthing FC Women in FAWNL South East Division One.

A clash between 4th and 5th in the league with Worthing FC Women moving above Cambridge United WFC winning 4-0 at home to Cambridge City Women last weekend. The two clubs enjoying a great first half to the season amongst the chasing pack looking to apply pressure to the leading pair of AFC Wimbledon Women and Norwich City Women going into the new year.

  Cambridge United WFC without last season’s top scorer Sarah Wiltshire as she announced she was pregnant with her 3rd child, at the beginning of the campaign, signing off by scoring all 4 goals in Cambridge’s 1st league win of the season. That seeing the management team having to device a new strategy for the season, and so far has paid off playing midfielder Alysha Stojko-Down as a false number 9, scoring 9 goals to date to push Cambridge United WFC into a strong position in the top half of the FAWNL South East Division One table.

  Ruth Fox netting 7 goals and Bella Simmons on 6, a run of 3 wins and a draw coming to an end last time out with a narrow 3-2 loss to QPR FC Women. Building a competitive squad the club backed well by Cambridge United FC itself with a number of games to take place at the Abbey Stadium itself. St Neots Town FC’s Premier Plus stadium remains the clubs main home, situated in an ever growing residential area on the outskirts of the town. Winger Charlotte Gillies to most recent player to join their squad often a thorn in United’s side when playing for rival Cambridge City her pace and skill will add to the sides attacking flare.

  Worthing FC Women newly promoted to the FAWNL after winning the London & South East Premier Division last season losing just one match along the way. Managed by ex-Lewes FC Women’s manager, John Donohue assisted by Kelly Newton, who is Lewes FC Women’s record appearance holder. The South Coast side the latest addition to a number of clubs sharing rapid growth in the area. Donohue recruiting a strong squad of players from, Lewes itself with FAWNL and Championship experience, such as goalkeeper Lauren Dolbear and captain Rachel Palmer along with some ex-Portsmouth FC Women players, such as Danielle Rowe, Tierney Scott and Samantha Quayle amongst others.

  That has seen them hit the ground running as Worthing plays in the 4th tier for the 1st time, winning 5 of their 6 opening league games to put themselves right in contention with the leaders. A slight dip in results seeing them fall back down to 6th before a 4-0 home win over Cambridge City Women saw them leap frog Cambridge United back into 4th. Becki Bath leading the goal scoring charts so far this season netting 13 goals in 12 appearances while Samantha Quayle has 9 goals from 11 games.

 St Neots Town FC’s Premier Plus Stadium the venue for today’s match, the way into the stadium seeing an ever growing residential development. The ground very much in the heart of the community the main grass pitch in good condition with plenty of green offering good width. A seated stand on one side housing the changing rooms beneath and clubhouse beside the bar open serving hot and cold drinks. A cup of tea definitely needed a bitter bite to the wind blowing, but a vast improvement on last weeks WET and miserable weather. One more game for 2023, lets go…

Cambridge United WFC

 Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Lauren Webb, Rachel Kosky, Brooklyn Cheal-Ferris, Lauren Rouse, Abbie Jackson, Gisela Otten (C), Sammy Edgar, Zoe Wood, Ella Marden, Ruth Fox & Alysha Stojko-Down. Subs – Mayzee Seymour, Natasha Collins, Niamh Day, Serena Cobb & Bella Simmons.

Worthing FC Women

 Worthing FC Women starting XI – Lauren Dolbear, Katie Young, Rachel Palmer (C), Emma Blakely, Chloe Winchester, Danielle Rowe, Tierney Scott, Chloe Humphrey, Shannon Albuery, Samantha Quayle & Becki Bath. Subs – Rebecca Bell, Niamh Anderson, Izzy Glass-Oliver, Gemma Worsfold & Katie Cooper. 

 The game rearranged from a fortnight ago, Cambridge ending the year nursing a few knocks with a few missing including midfielder, Fran Steele who has been a strong addition to the side since joining from Cambridge City this season. Gisela Otten captaining Cambridge, Rachel Palmer, Worthing joining the match officials in the middle to decide kick-off. Cambridge to get the 1st half underway wearing amber coloured shirts with black shorts and socks. Worthing in their all blue away strip lined up opposite. The ball rolled back for the midfield to play a ball out to the left with the advancing Ruth Fox the target, Katie Young instead intercepting at the back for Worthing knocked on into the middle for Danielle Rowe lays the diagonal pass out to the right for Chloe Humphrey pushing on, Lauren Rouse across to close her down the ball out for the throw in.

Worthing FC Women’s defender, Katie Young

  The throw dropped short laid back up the line for Rachel Palmer to send a deep cross in towards the top of the area, Sammy Edgar under it to head clear for Cambridge. The hosts looking to break on the left the ball played on for Fox to attack, Young though is quickly across o kick clear for Worthing. 

 GOAL! Cambridge win the ball on the right Rachel Kosky getting on up the wing to support Ella Marden the ball crossed into the six yard box, Young getting head head on it to intercept for Worthing, knocks it back out to the right of goal, falls straight to Alysha Stojko-Down and she lashes the ball back in across the face of goal to open the scoring inside the opening two minutes 1-0.

Alysha Stojko-Down firing Cambridge into the lead with her 10th goal of the season

  Worthing push players on from the restart looking to recover quickly from their early set back Tierney Scott linking up with Rowe the ball on for Shannon Albuery making a run into the box right side, Rouse getting in the challenge to take the ball away to the touchline. Zoe Wood with quick footwork taking the ball on left for Cambridge knocking it on for Fox chasing in behind taking the ball on to the by-line her cross low to the near post, adjudged to have gone behind before goalkeeper, Lauren Dolbear gets down to it.

  Cambridge with a bright start to the game lively on the flanks lose the ball on the left Worthing finding Quayle out on the wing knocks it into Albuery running into the area on the left, evading a couple of defensive challenges before squeezing a shot away on the angle, lacks the power to trouble Cambridge goalkeeper Lauren Webb as she has her angles covered getting down to claim the ball. 

Wood causing Worthing a few issues early on is brought down by Quayle the hosts awarded a free-kick. Moments later Scott fouls Cheal-Ferris as the pair tussle for possession. Proving to be a competitive tie between two sides closely placed in the top half of the table. Wood skipping free on the left with a diagonal ball long into the area looking for Stojko-Down, Dolbear can safely come out to lay claim to it. Kosky powering forwards on the right for Cambridge, Emma Blakely coming across to tackle for Worthing halting her run in the corner.

Worthing’s Emma Blakely

 Abbie Jackson with the tackle for Cambridge inside the D, as Albuery seeing the ball into her feet looks to turn into the box. Young on the ball at the back for Worthing time to look up pick her pass sends a dangerous diagonal ball forwards with Humphrey making a run into the area, Kosky tracking back with her the pair tangling, going down, the referee pointing to the spot Penalty! The Cambridge bench furious with the decision. An opportunity for Worthing to level things up from the spot. Bath to take the spot kick, strikes the ball to the left of goal, Webb diving the right way to make a fantastic save her right arm outstretched to push the ball wide of goal behind for a corner kick.

Lauren Webb saving Becki Bath’s penalty.

Lauren Webb

Lifted in high from the left a Cambridge head gets a touch near side but can only help it on into the middle, falls for Blakely, stabs the ball goal wards is trapped between her feet by Jackson in the six yard box before scrambling the ball clear of danger. 

Cambridge’s Abbie Jackson

  Worthing look to build through the middle Rowe on for Albuery, Humphrey entering the area likely to be flagged offside if the ball found it’s way through to her but the Cambridge centre backs close the door on Albuery the ball cleared. Rouse coming across on two occasions to stop Worthing on the left as they threaten to get in behind. Scott lining up a strike from distance, the Worthing midfielders shot not troubling Webb.

Worthing’s Tierney Scott

  Lively in the middle, both sides working hard to close down the ball, Worthing pressing forwards as Cambridge drop off at time to defend their area. Albuery linking up with Zoe Winchester going left, Rouse tackling, Cambridge countering right side Kosky them Marden inside for Stojko-Down 25 yards out looks to play the ball across the top of the D for Fox, can’t quite turn into the shot but keeps the attack alive pushing for the area, Blakely closing her down for Worthing.

  Cambridge not happy with the earlier penalty decision only further aggravated as they question other decisions. Wood winning a corner for the hosts on the right Worthing clearing their lines attack through the middle, the ball fired forwards into the area, Rouse not getting hold of it evades her as Bath steals in beyond her, striking the ball, Webb moving forwards to close the angle making the blocking save at close range. 

 Fox high on the left breaking the ball down well off her chest knocking the ball into the area, Blakely in to block as she shapes to shoot the ball deflected clear. Emotions rising the referee stopping play to have a word with Cambridge manager Darren Marjoram, settling things down… for now. Wood and Fox liking up well on the left the former lifting a long diagonal ball forwards for Marden to attack on the right, Dolbear alert to the danger out to the edge of her area to drop onto the ball.

  Worthing have the ball in the back of the net in the 26th minute as Scott free at the back post taps in Quayle’s pass to her from the left as Winchester and Albuery combine top of the area, however it won’t count as the Worthing attack breaking forwards with pace is flagged offside. Cambridge putting themselves under pressure dropping off allowing Worthing to come at them.

Worthing midfielder, Zoe Winchester

  Scott shifting the ball well between her feet sending the ball on into the left channel for Quayle, looking to get into the area, Kosky tracking back to tackle the ball deflected back across the D, Albuery rushing in looking to latch onto it, Otten diving in for Cambridge, just about getting to take the ball out of her path.

 No advantage, play brought back as Wood is pulled back for Cambridge out on the left inside the Worthing half, players forwards as Cheal-Ferris sends the set-piece angling into the far post attacked, Worthing defending the ball cleared, won back 30 yards out the shot taken struck wide, over the bar (and by bar I mean the stand behind the goal). A pause in play with Dolbear down in the Worthing goal, a chance for the coaches to get instructions to their players.

 Scott evading a tackle on the right getting forwards opening up her body attempting to thread a pass into the area for bath to run onto, too close to Webb however the keeper getting her gloves wrapped around the ball. Albuery turning on the ball in the middle sending a clipped pass out to Humphrey wide on the left, Marden tracking back for Cambridge putting in the tackle to clear the threat. Worthing though pushing players on force Cambridge back, Palmer sweeping a deep cross into the area, Fox heading clear for Cambridge.

  Worthing winning a free-kick central 25 yards out, Young running in to strike the ball smashes it into Cambridge’s wall. Cambridge attacking on the left Wood laying the ball back for Cheal-Ferris to hit long up towards Fox moving into the area, Blakely instead under it to hook clear for Worthing. 

Dolbear miscuing her goal kick putting the ball straight at Fox inside the box to the left of goal looking to control with her head get the ball down to strike, is closed down quickly by the Worthing defence. Moving into the final 5 minutes of the 1st half, pressing Cambridge back Edgar sends the ball back into her keeper coming at Webb with pace the keeper looking to try and adjusted her feet screws her clearances straight into the path of Bath charging in through the middle, the shot though fired straight back into the keeper, Webb falling back grateful to get the ball into her body.

Worthing’s Becki Bath

  Cambridge’s turn to appeal for a penalty as the ball is rolled in towards Fox inside the box from the right, a heavy challenge but well timed I think the appeals waved away. Cambridge getting a free-kick inside the Worthing half out to the left Cheal-Ferris over it again flighting a ball into the area headed clear, Edgar tackling stopping the visitors from breaking away keeping the pressure on around the area Kosky pushing on to the by-line on the right is closed down by Blakely preventing her from getting a cross into the box.

Ruth Fox

  Winchester out to Albuery moving to left her strike on the angle to the near post saved well by Webb with Quayle bursting forwards looking to attack. Worthing to the attack Rowe to Quayle on for Humphrey left side keeping the ball in play on the by-line laid back to Bath left of the D, her low strike in towards goal blocked by Jackson for Cambridge. 

Brooklyn Cheal-Ferris beating Worthing’s Tierney Scott to the ball

Into stoppage time, Cheal-Ferris and Scott continue to enjoy a lively contest as they look to win the ball the former fouled, the free-kick taken quickly Worthing quick to win it back forwards for Scott on the right lifts a diagonal ball towards the area looking to cut a hole in the Cambridge defence, Jackson coming across, throwing up a leg catching the ball with her heel a vital touch as she deflects the ball away from the advancing Bath into the arms of her keeper. 

  Stojko-Down bundled over as she looks to bring the ball on through the middle for Cambridge halfway inside the Worthing half. Jackson over it, sends a teasing strike in towards goal bouncing narrowly wide of Dolbear’s right post. Young forwards for Worthing on the right inside for Bath central lays it into Quayle right of the D, Cheal-Ferris close in, Quayle goes down, Cambridge not pleased with the decision a free-kick to Worthing 25 yards out in a dangerous position, Palmer across to take it curls her attempt straight against the wall. Wood looking to break clear on the left for Cambridge, Blakely out well to close her down for Worthing.

Half-time Cambridge United WFC 1-0 Worthing FC Women

  Cambridge with the early goal go into the break leading 1-0 at half-time have worked hard for their lead. Defending at the back, dropping off at times inviting pressure. Worthing have gotten forwards well moving the ball across the pitch winning a penalty, seeing the chance to level the scores saved whilst the offside flag has denied them another opportunity. The interval a chance to put a few thing’s right a competitive tie between the sides placed 4th and 5th in the league, set up nicely for the first half. 

  No changes for either side at the break, the light beginning to fade the floodlights coming on. Worthing to get the 2nd half underway. The ball put out wide, Wood moves in quickly to close it down for Cambridge, the visitors move in to regain possession get on the attack pressing up the left winning a throw high, knocked onto into the Cambridge area, cleared by Rouse. Worthing showing attacking intent at the start of the 2nd period winning a corner on the left, swept in low to the near post defended knocked on across the six yard box cleared by Kosky at the far post.

  Worthing looking to impose themselves on the ball, Albuery getting about the park to win the ball. Another corner won on the left, rolled in shot played back to the taker the ball crossed in towards the far post Kosky defending for Cambridge before the shot is struck over on the angle to the right of the box. 

  Worthing on the charge through the middle Rowe on for Humphrey inside the area, Quayle ahead of her looking to tee her up, Jackson comes in to close her down in the nick of time to clear the ball away from a throw on the left. Worthing making a strong start to the 2nd half keeping Cambridge penned inside their final 3rd winning another corner on the left whipped in across goal the ball cannoning down into the six yard box off the far post before Cambridge’s defence scrambles it away.

Worthing’s Chloe Humphrey

  Under the cosh in the opening exchanges little opportunity to break for Cambridge, Wood though with a fantastic flick on from a throw on the right sending Marden on give chase to the ball, ahead of Blakely, can’t quite get there before Dolbear comes rushing towards her to clear the ball.

 Cambridge under pressure needing to dig deep. Humphrey attempting to get onto the end of a cross field pass from the right as she attacks on the left, Rouse needing to come out to challenge conceding a corner. Kosky adjudged to have fouled Humphrey on the wing, looked more like a tangle of legs as the pair crossed paths, nevertheless the decision goes Worthing’s way.

  Cambridge feeling aggrieved with the decisions, as Worthing continue to press the ball, Winchester latching onto Rouse’s clearance 30 yards out, her 1st time strike angling wide past the left post. Fox clattered into out on the left the free-kick swept into the area cleared by Worthing’s Young. Another decision causing consternation amongst the Cambridge ranks as Wood is penalised for a foul on Humphrey. That leads to the ball being played up the line passed inside to Albuery pushing inside appears to be sent tumbling, the set-piece awarded again Cambridge livid at the decision…

Shannon Albuery winning Worthing a free-kick in the 61st minute.

 GOAL! The free-kick outside the area to the left of the box everyone back for Cambridge to defend, Worthing lining up at the far post ready to attack the ball is put right on the money players running in met by a blue shirt headed home across goal to put Worthing back on level terms, Albuery the player on the mark 1-1.

Shannon Albuery fires home Worthing’s equaliser

  Cambridge incensed by the decision to award the free-kick in the first place are further penalised, Edgar furious talking herself into trouble shown the yellow card by the referee and sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes. Cambridge down to 10 just as they look to make a change bringing on Simmons to replace Marden. Worthing though on a high looking to push home the advantage as Cambridge look to adjust personal to cover their missing players.

GOAL! And take advantage they do closing the ball down in the middle, the through ball cutting open the defence to see Quayle break in behind to the left of goal closing down the six yard box, strikes her shot across the keeper and into the bottom corner to fire Worthing into the lead 1-2!

Samantha Quayle puts Worthing into the lead

  A big spell for Cambridge the game going against them need to rally unhappy with the referee as another foul is given against them as Quayle is fouled. Worthing on top pushing on Rowe out to the right the cross lifted in near posted defended by Kosky, drops to Quayle on the angle sends her attempt at goal over. Bath running onto the ball in the middle with a wild strike on the ball, in towards goal easy for Webb.

  Scott 25 yards out to the right corner of the Cambridge box hesitates as she brings the ball down expecting like Cambridge to be pulled up for a hand ball, when the decision doesn’t come however she turns to take a shot sending her effort up over the crossbar. Worthing with a strong performance in the 2nd half, Cambridge having to battle hard at the back to keep them at bay struggling to make anything stick up top. Wood looking to get hold of the ball make things happen for the hosts but is quickly closed down.

  Edgar back on for Cambridge as the game moves into the final 15 minutes, Worthing making a change bringing on Rebecca Bell in place of Scott. Worthing with a set-piece Rowe to curl the ball into the area, Rouse heading it clear for Cambridge. Wood strong on the ball coming right is sent tumbling the advantage played however as she finds Simmons clear to the right, Kosky breaking past her on the overlap to cross the ball into the box, Blakely getting her head on the ball to clear the threat for Worthing.

Zoe Wood bringing the ball on for Cambridge

  Another switch for Worthing with Gemma Worsfold coming on Quayle. Worthing on the attack on the left a low cross flashing into the six yard box, Bath attacking the ball far post crashed down off the crossbar the ball then scrambled clear by the Cambridge defence. Worthing looking to put the game to bed the ball with Bath 30 yards out has time to line up a shot strikes the ball wide of the right post as Webb throws herself across her goal.

  Cambridge making a change bringing on Serena Cobb for Otten in the 85th minute, Worthing replacing Bath with Katie Cooper. Wood is brought down wide on the right inside the Worthing half. Jackson to swing the ball into the area, Worthing with a solid defensive line clearing the top of their area. Cambridge attack down the left Cheal-Ferris forwards for Wood turns into the area left corner appears to be sent tumbling but to Cambridge’s disbelief she is the player penalised Worthing awarded the free-kick… outside the area.

  Worthing come strong on the right a cross whipped in near post, Webb doing well under challenge to get hold of the ball. Cambridge with a free-kick out to the right. The ball lifted into the area knocked down into the ground, Blakely getting it clear for a throw for Worthing. Into stoppage time Worthing with a change slowing Cambridge down as they try and push for a late equaliser, Humphrey coming off, Niamh Anderson coming on. Worthing getting everyone back behind the ball to see out the closing moments of the match keep Cambridge at bay and celebrate as they come back from a goal down to win 2-1 in the 2nd half and claim the 3 points seeing them end 2023 in 3rd spot. 

Full time Cambridge United WFC 1-2 Worthing FC Women

  A strong 2nd half performance from Worthing making adjustments at the break to come out looking to impose themselves on the game right from the start put Cambridge on the back foot. Taking the lead and then with Cambridge reeling from the first goal striking fast to add a 2nd take the lead and press for a 3rd goal. Closing the ball down in their opponents half making the counter attack hard in turn allowing players to keep high to outnumber the midfield. Cambridge will no doubt feel hard done by, by some questionable decisions that ultimately cost them, but worked hard throughout and were good value for their 1st half lead, competing with Worthing. Under the cosh at the start of the 2nd half couldn’t get the ball to stick up top inviting pressure. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football east – Player of the Match, had someone in mind leaving the stadium and although a few contenders have put themselves into contention in the notes will stick with that call. Several performances of note however in what was a highly competitive game. Firstly for Cambridge, Lauren Rouse and Abbie Jackson were strong in the middle of the Cambridge defence making a number of vital tackles and interceptions. Zoe Wood was looking to get the ball down and make thing’s happen constantly throughout the match. For Worthing, Emma Blakely had a strong game at the back getting across to close the ball down and win it inside her box. Tierney Scott was lively out on the flanks winning the ball and looking to play it forwards, Danielle Rowe with a controlled performance in the middle, good control shifting play across the pitch. Samantha Quayle bursting forwards finding some great positions to attack scoring the winner. The award though goes to Shannon Albuery, covered a huge amount of ground getting across the pitch to get hold of the ball with some fantastic link up play, a constant threat to the Cambridge defence.

  My final game of 2023 complete as entertaining as any watched highly competitive between two sides enjoying a strong season in FAWNL South East Division One. My first time seeing Worthing in action (although I know of most of their players having seen several in action for their previous clubs) a strong side that will be a threat to everyone in the league in 2024. A hard one for Cambridge to take will feel hard done by by the decisions but should use it as fuel to drive them on in 2024 remain well placed to push the side above them. My thanks to both for their help with the team details as always much appreciated… time for a rest over the festive period. Merry Christmas and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Long Stratton Women v Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers FC Women

Sunday 6th March

Norfolk Women’s Division One

 Staying in Norfolk this Sunday with a trip east along the A47 then down the A140 to watch a game from Norfolk Women’s Division One with Long Stratton Women taking on Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers FC Women at Manor Road.

 After two season cut short by the Covid pandemic it is good to see a buy football schedule continuing into March and for plenty of teams across the East there is still alot of football to be played. The battle at the top of Norfolk Women’s Division One shaping up nicely. Mulbarton Belles Ladies the team to beat at the top with a 100% record so far from 12 played. Competitive amongst the sides chasing below jostling for position in the top 6.

 Long Stratton Women amongst those sides currently 4th in the table, looking to establish themselves as a side that can challenge for silverware in the coming seasons. Their captain Sam Walker a prolific goal scorer prior to joining the club has continued to find the back of the net on a regular basis for Long Stratton already on 30 for the season to date from 14 appearances. Long Stratton’s goal threat doubling with Luci Middleton joining the cub at the start of the season after a period away from the game. Back with a bang with her tally at 24 from 14 as she chases down a 30 goal target herself. Winning 6 of their 13 games played so far with 2 draws and 5 loses are unbeaten in the league so far in 2022 with 3 wins an a draw.

 Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers FC Women were formed in 2020 the playing squad having previously been Sprowston Ladies. Under the Sprowston name were a highly successful side winning the league cup aswell as finishing in the top three in previous seasons prior to the Covid pandemic. Looking to continue in that vein as Dussindale & Hellesdon were looking strong in their debut season before things were curtailed. Similarly this time around currently 6th in the Division One table but have played less games than those above them just 8 so far winning 6 with 2 losses. Victoria Leyer their talisman in front of goal in previous seasons and has 15 goals so far this season from just 6 appearances. Dussindale & Hellesdon far from reliant on Layer’s goals however as they are scoring plenty of goals with 3 more players into double figures already. Chelsea Brister with 12 goals from 11 appearances, whilst ex-Long Stratton player Charlie head has scored 18 from 9. With Shanice Sutton top scoring with 21 goals so far from 10 finding the form she’d shown when at Thorpe United before a catastrophic knee injury saw her side-lined from the game for a lengthy spell.

Manor Road the venue for today’s game, home to Long Stratton 4 adult sides plus youth teams the large recreation ground boasting a number of grass pitches and other sporting facilities overlooked by a new pavilion and kitchen area. Today’s game on the pitch at the far end of the ground, offering plenty of width, the ground heavy underfoot, muddy conditions for sure. A stiff breeze blowing across the pitch bringing with it dark clouds and although no rain was forecast we would be graced with a few spots during the match.

Long Stratton Women

 Long Stratton Women starting XI – Jody Todd, Emily Farmer, Mia Wilkinson, Megan Vincent, Megan Bird, Milly Cawcutt, Beth Stratton, Kate Ransome, Emily Allsopp, Harriet Hunwicks-Rush & Sam Walker (C). Sub- Karmen Harvey.

Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers FC Women

 Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers FC Women starting XI – Tyla Cole, Amee Kennett, Sieska Humphries, Calista Tink (C), Georgina Belton, Abi Nobbs, Katy Leigh, Abby Hutchin, Chelsea Brister, Shanice Sutton & Tallulah Bell. Subs – Kirstie Rusted, Carina Holmes & Lucy Wetherall.

A few keys players missing for Long Stratton today including Luci Middleton up top, with just one player available from the bench. Charlie Head missing for Dussindale & Hellesdon after picking up an ankle knock. Long Stratton to kick-off the game in the 1st half wearing red shirts and socks with black coloured shorts. Dussindale & Hellesdon usually in an all claret kit fearing a kit clash adorning navy coloured tops for the game. The ball closed down in the middle straight away both sides charging in to close it down, skipping up back and forth between the players, Beth Stratton releasing it up the right wing for captain Sam Walker to chase, Sieska Humphries tackling for Dussindale & Hellesdon the ball out for a throw in.

 The throw in clipped on into the area, safely in the hands of Dussindale & Hellesdon keeper, Tyla Cole guarding her near post. Play continues to be intense in the middle of the park players diving in to win the ball no control, skipping up Kate Ransome attempting to feed it through for Walker up top, Dussindale & Hellesdon’s captain, Calista Tink defending at centre back, clearing the ball upfield. Shanice Sutton collecting the ball inside the Long Stratton half on the right playing a diagonal ball into Tallulah Bell up top the Dussindale & Hellesdon attack, not able to get control of the ball before she is challenged by Long Stratton’s Milly Cawcutt.

 Roles reversed a few moments later as the ball is angled into Bell drifting left before whipping a long cross into the area for Sutton beyond the far post, Mia Wilkinson closing in at full back to defend getting the ball back to her keeper Jody Todd. Long Stratton looking for Walker out on the left wins a throw high up the pitch, Harriet Hunwicks-Rush to take it has a long throw on her sent into the area a strong header from Dussindale & Hellesdon’s Georgina Belton to clear, out to Amee Kennett on the right the visitors looking to break the ball fed on for Bell taking it on before playing a long diagonal ball forwards into the box looking for Sutton, difficult to get under control before she is tackled by Megan Vincent.

Long Stratton’s Mia Wilkinson

   Dussindale & Hellesdon are quick to win the ball back keep momentum going Chelsea Brister over on the right putting a diagonal ball into Bell inside the D, sees it up onto her chest on the turn to lift a shot over her marker, over the crossbar too. Rain falling steadily the wind blowing the clouds on not likely to last long. Humphries charging forwards on the ball for Dussindale & Hellesdon making ground on the wing before she is stopped by Long Stratton’s Emily Farmer. 

Dussindale & Hellesdon’s Sieska Humphries

  Dussindale & Hellesdon making frequent sorties down the wings Brister this time left side whipping in a cross, can’t quite find Sutton. Nor does Bell attacking left checking back up the line to curl a cross in going long over Sutton attacking central. Conditions not helping the game somewhat scrappy at time with both sides working hard to close the ball down in the middle often congested no one afforded any time. Walker operating on her own up top Long Stratton looking to feed the ball into her one to chase, Belton having just enough of a head start to win the race knock it back to her keeper to clear.

Megan Bird carrying the ball out for Long Stratton


  Bell looking lively drifting out to the left in attack for Dussindale & Hellesdon, squaring a cross into the near side of the box looking for Sutton running behind her comes to Abby Hutchin outside the , shifts it right looking to open up space for a strike, Ransome going with her getting her foot up to block her effort deflecting it up over the bar for a corner kick. Players forwards the delivery long dropping far post cleared up field by Vincent a potential break with Walker charging after it Humphries needing to defend well, and does to clear.

Long Stratton captain, Sam Walker with Dussindale & Hellesdon’s Amee Kennett

 Walker has the ability to turn any situation into a goal scoring opportunity if given half a chance. 40 yards from goal brings a long ball down off her chest, no one on her turns smartly to strike a shot goalwards, off target however Cole can see it safely roll past her far post. 

  GOAL! The deadlock broken in the 20th minute as Dussindale & Hellesdon with a corner on the left. Players come forwards a well practised set piece, Brister to play the corner in near post Tink rising up to head the ball twisting to power the ball into the back of the net 0-1.

Calista Tink scoring from the corner kick

Dussindale & Hellesdon captain Calista Tink opening the scoring

  Long Stratton competing for the ball well enough in the middle of the park are struggling to get it into Walker in attack, Tink and Belton winning it back bringing it forwards demanding passing options ahead of them. Kennett carrying the ball on right side cuts inside driving for the area, Kate Ransome coming across sliding in to take the ball away from her for a throw in on the right. The visitors applying pressure in the final 3rd winning another corner on the left, the delivery long this time over to the far post.

  Belton winning the ball against Walker takes it forwards for Dussindale & Hellesdon before being brought down presenting the visitors with a free-kick. Hutchin on to Leigh who puts it into Sutton in front of goal, Concedes a foul giving Long Stratton possession back. The ball coming back all to often for Long Straton the host frustrated with a few decisions a free-kick conceded central Hutchin clipping in on for Leigh left of the D helps it on to Bell inside the box behind her she crosses it to Sutton on the right, Wilkinson closing in to take the ball away from her.

Abby Hutchin on the ball for Dussindale & Hellesdon

   Stratton clattered in the middle down for Long Stratton a pause in play whilst she receives treatment goes off but is okay to return to the action is over on the left as the ball comes to her connects sending it over the top for Walker, Tink back peddling however for Dussindale & Hellesdon getting her head on the ball first. Stratton up ended again centrally as the hosts look to up the tempo apply some pressure higher up the pitch. Players up into the area Ransome getting her head on the ball near side knocking it down past the far post Megan Bird after it keeping the attack alive no one to help her is forced wide Stratton arriving to receive the ball knock inside before lifting in a cross into the area that bounces wide of the near post.

  Vincent in to block again getting her foot up to deny Sutton as she drifts away to the right of goal. Bell on the left taking the ball out wide down the line Farmer across with her preventing the cross coming in. 

 GOAL! A little under 5 minutes left to play in the 1st half and Dussindale & Hellesdon go on to double their lead the attack staring with Kennett on the right space to run into travels inside moving central before clipping the ball on for Sutton making a run to the near post right on goal, taking the ball on, looks to commit the keeper, pace Todd stands her ground six yards out Sutton taking it wide to further to the right sending a angled ball back to strike the back of the net 0-2.

Shanice Sutton doubles the visitors lead

  Long Stratton having just conceded a 2nd goal find themselves at a further disadvantage moments later. Allsopp is busy central working to win possession back the ball rebounding up striking her arm is penalised and not at all happy about it, those protests landing her in trouble with the referee as she is yellow carded and sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes. Long Stratton to see the half out with 10 players. Dussindale winning a free-kick wide on the left, the ball floated into the area cleared by Wilkinson beyond the D, drops straight to Brister, 20 yards out left of the D, takes on the strike blasting the ball wide across goal. 

Long Stratton’s Harriet Hunwicks-Rush

The game moving into stoppage time, despite being down to 10 Long Stratton are prepared to commit players forwards, as Walker gathers the ball on half way left sends it on into the middle for Ransome to head down into the path of Bird beside her she in turn has Wilkinson bombing on wide left picking her out, she delivers a cross into the area, Dussindale & Hellesdon getting sufficient players back inside their box to win the header and clear. 

Hutchin taking the ball on left for Dussindale & Hellesdon playing it on into Sutton left of the D, doesn’t connect cleanly with her shot, scuffed it rolls straight to Todd at her near post. Kennett on the charge right side evading Wilkinson’s challenge in behind to whip in a cross near side for Sutton to attack, Vincent in ahead of her slicing the ball away to the top of the D, Nobbs racing onto it taking on the first time shot her attempt swerving away from goal wide. 

  Dussindale & Hellesdon with a free-kick wide left put in near side Todd coming through bodies at her near post the clear, back out to the left Dussindale & Hellesdon drawing players out before sending a cross dipping into Sutton at the near post attempts an audacious back heel flick, would have been a spectacular goal, only to Sutton despair the ball cannons off the base of the far post before Todd scoops it up into her gloves.

Half-time Long Stratton Women 0-2 Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers FC Women

 A 2-0 lead for Dussindale & Hellesdon at the break both sides staying out on the field as the temperature drops considerably. A strong first half creating a host of chances scoring twice. The game in itself quite a scrappy affair the ball heavily contested in the middle, Dussindale & Hellesdon getting players up to support Bell and Sutton in attack, Long Stratton in contrast working hard to try and get hold of the ball struggling to get Walker into the game up the other end.

  No changes as far as I can tell for either side at the break. The rain has stopped the sun trying to make an appearance now despite the chill in the air. The start of the 2nd half a repeat of the first the ball going no where in the middle popping back and forth, Leigh eventually clipping a long pass forwards dealt with by Vincent for Long Stratton at the back. 

Dussindale & Hellesdon’s Katy Leigh

 Ransome getting possession for Long Stratton in the centre lifting the ball on for Walker to attack, Tink getting in to header it clear for Dussindale & Hellesdon. Long Stratton soon back up to 11 as Allsopp is allowed to return to the action. Hunwicks-Rush looking to send her long throws on into the area, a potential problem for Dussindale & Hellesdon as Stratton looks to get the ball down before it is hooked clear. 

  GOAL! The last thing Long Stratton wanted to do was concede early in the 2nd half, Bell has moved over to the right in the 2nd half getting hold of the ball drives for the by-line Wilkinson going with her, Bell brought down as she manages to lift a cross in along the face of goal. The referee pointing to the spot, Wilkinson penalised for her challenge on Bell Penalty! Sutton to place the ball on the spot fires it straight at Todd who saves with her feet. The ball deflected up dropping to the right of goal as players rush in on the follow-up Sutton their to receive as the ball is cut back into her to drive hard past Todd as she dives in vein to her left to try and keep it out. 0-3.

Jody Todd initially saving Shanice Sutton’s penalty before the striker scored her 2nd of the game

Shanice Sutton scoring twice for Dussindale & Hellesdon

  Dussindale & Hellesdon 3 goal to the good with 50 minutes gone. Hutchin has made a number of driving runs through the middle for the visitors Bell always available peeling away on the flanks taking the pass on down the line from the angle her cross landing on the roof of the net. Hutchin combining with Bell again on the right the cross deeper this time dropping near post catch cleanly by Todd with Sutton closing in. Sutton with an attempt on goal herself from all of 35 yards dipping in front of Todd caught back on her line. 

  Stratton battling for the ball left side taking it forwards sends the pass on for Walker to attack but as has been the case for much of the afternoon the final ball is dealt with by Dussindale & Hellesdon as Cole comes racing out of her area to clear. Tink clearing a Hunwicks-Rush throw sent into the area on the right sets up a counter attack Nobbs playing the ball on for Sutton to lift out to Bells pulling away on the right wing strikes on the angle a powerful shot Todd stretching getting a firm glove on the ball to deflect it wide of the far post for a corner kick.

Emma Allsopp battling for possession with Amee Kennett

  Allsopp continues to work hard centrally for Long Stratton going in to close the ball down getting hold of it inside the centre circle spots Walker moving into the right channel, so too does Belton for Dussindale & Hellesdon the centre back having kept a close eye on Walker throughout closing in to win the ball back, Long Stratton continue to be frustrated with decisions going against them. The hosts do win a free-kick on the right the delivery into the near side inside the box Vincent low knocking the ball up into the air inside the six yard box Cole up to claim it clattered wins a free-kick.

Sam Walker

  Cawcutt taking a knock at the back for Long Stratton a pause in play allowing a substitution Karmen Harvey on for Hunwicks-Rush with 25 minutes left to play. Stratton seeing the ball into her feet spinning off her marker in the middle putting the ball on for Walker, Belton going with her tackling to deny an opportunity on goal. Todd moving out to the right corner of her area to deal with the threat from Bell as she looks to steal in behind as the ball in played long from midfield. 

 Walker has worked hard up top moving about the back line to try and find and opening all game taking the ball right Belton going with her again, gets the better of the centre back this time frustrated though an her angled drive lands in the side netting. Brister from the left firing a cross in across goal over Bell attacking the far post retrieved on the right a shot put wide. Walker picking up the ball deep powers her way forwards through the middle before sending a shot wide of goal. Both sides beginning to tire the yellow ball coated in mud. Both sides seeing passes going astray Long Stratton frustrated as it just doesn’t seem to be running their way. 

  A double switch for Dussindale & Hellesdon with around 15 minutes left on the clock, Brister and Nobbs coming off on come Kirstie Rusted and Carina Holmes. Long Stratton are taking more risks Allsopp trying to get up with Walker at times as they look for a goal. Wilkinson on the charge down the left gets in behind only to overrun the ball giving Cole a chance to sprint out towards her claim the ball. 

Karmen Harvey defending for Long Stratton

 GOAL! Into the final 10 minutes Dussindale & Hellesdon get the ball up on the right players up in attack Bell back for Sutton right corner of the box drills a shot towards goal low and hard through the defence into the bottom corner to claim her hat-trick 0-4.

A hat-trick for Dussindale & Hellesdon’s Shanice Sutton

  Another blow for Long Stratton they look to regroup press the attack Stratton battling for possession out to Allsopp, the pass forwards intercepted. Allsopp looks to go on her out through the middle a unfavourable bobble taking the ball away from her. Bird on the right for Long Stratton wrapping her foot around the ball looking to deliver it into the near post, Belton winning the defensive header for Dussindale & Hellesdon. 

Todd with another save off her legs as Bell fires a shot in from the right as she and Sutton combine on the flank. A corner given on the right put into the crowd near post Todd calls coming into the mix to punch clear sliced out to the left cleared by Stratton. Belton has been a thorn in Walkers side all afternoon the defender in to tackle well again as Walker attempts to force her way through into the box on the right. 

 Into stoppage time Dussindale & Hellesdon on the attack a cross put into the box from the right headed away by Ransome. Holmes with a strike from distance send wide right to left past the far post a second later the final whistle blows. 

Full time Long Stratton Women 0-4 Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers FC Women

  A comfortable win for Dussindale & Hellesdon in the finish coming out on top in what was at times a scrappy contest played in difficult conditions. The job done however a well practised set-piece leading to the opening goal. The advantage doubled before the break with further opportunities created in front of goal. Long Stratton with a battling display working hard but all too often Walker found herself isolated in attack, the ball coming back to Dussindale & Hellesdon. A penalty conceded early in the 2nd half well saved by Todd only to be struck home on the follow up putting the visitors in control. Sutton going on to complete her hat-trick moving onto 24 goals for the season lifting Dussindale & Hellesdon above Long Stratton into 4th in the process.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match One winner in the finish but a few performances of note to mention first. For Long Stratton, Sam Walker worked tirelessly leading the attack and made herself available for her teammates throughout the game. Whist Beth Stratton and Emma Allsopp both battled hard in the middle to try and regain possession. For Dussindale & Hellesdon both Calista Tink and Georgina Belton were solid at the back, the latter dealing with Walker’s threat well in the 2nd half. Abby Hutchin with some strong runs on the ball from the middle. Whilst Katy Leigh won more than her fair share to tackles in midfield. In attack was impressed by Tallulah Bell her movement out into the flanks causing problems drawing players out and in doing so opened up opportunities in front of goal for her strike partner and today’s player of the match, Shanice Sutton. Found some great positions in front of goal and took her goals well, creating further chances (if only that back heel flick had gone in!).

  Finally caught up with Dussindale & Hellesdon since their name chance good to see them and Long Stratton in action once again. Now doubt women’s football in Norfolk is getting stronger more to come from both sides I feel. My thanks to both sides for the team details as always much appreciated.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – St Ives Town Ladies Development v Netherton United Ladies

Sunday 9th May

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

 The football action on Women’s Football East this weekend comes from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with 2nd placed St Ives Town Ladies Development hosting Netherton United Ladies currently in 6th place.

  Cambridgeshire the only county in the East to carry on with its playing season after the latest Covid lockdown as lifted at the end of March. Alot of football still to be played the FA extending the season to the end of June allowing clubs to get there fixtures in. Cambridgeshire featuring two Championship divisions a North and South with 7 and 8 sides competing respectfully and an 11 strong Premiership.

 All three leagues being hotly contested at the top the Premiership no exception, with just 8 points separating current leaders Ketton Ladies and 9th placed Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds. The lead having been exchanged on several occasions throughout the season so far no one side has been able to break away at the top. Ketton are 2 points clear of 2nd placed St Ives Town Ladies Development both though have played 4 and 5 games more than 3rd placed Cambridge University Women who have lost just once this season, face 4th placed Leverington Sports Ladies at home this Sunday both on 20 points. 5th placed Whittlesey Athletic Ladies (formerly ICA Sports Ladies) have been strong too making a good start to the season. Whilst Netherton United Ladies in 6th and Peterborough Northern Star Ladies Reserves like Cambridge University have games in hand on those above.

 St Ives Town Ladies enjoying a rapid rise through the women’s football pyramid the first team now finding their feet in the ERWFL Premier Division. Started a Development side in the 2017/18 season finishing 4th in the debut season in the Championship South. The following season were impressive as they won the league winning all but one of their 15 games. Into the Premiership growing to 13 sides in the 2019/20 season more than held their own comfortable in 5th spot before the Covid pandemic saw the season declared null & void.

The ongoing pandemic causing more disruption this season, the league put on hold has affected all sides in terms of progression but could hardly be avoided, most I think will bounce back all the stronger as the women’s game continues to see healthy growth. St Ives Town Ladies Development currently 2nd in the Premiership table with 21 points from 14 played. Poppy Lyons their top scorer with 10 goals from 10 appearances whilst Jade Carpenter has 8 goals from 12.

 The Premiership title battle remains wide open and Netherton United Ladies are in a great position in 6th spot, 6 points behind leaders Ketton Ladies but have 4 games in hand. Have lost 2 of their 9 matches so far winning 5 of those. A good performance in the FA Women’s Cup partly responsible for Netherton having those games in hand. Claiming a memorable 5-4 win over Eastern region side Leigh Ramblers from Essex along the way. Are an established side in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with an experienced squad, plenty of goal scorers in their ranks, Emily Johnson leads the way so far this season 14 from 11 appearances whilst Yasmin Green and Sasha Haw have 6 each.

The venue for today’s game the One Leisure Outdoor facility, boasting a number of sporting pitches, several grass football pitches along with the site accommodating, a cricket pitch, athletic track, astro hockey pitch and tennis courts amongst other sporting activities. All it did yesterday was rain as you all know was a little worried it might affect some pitches but the ground was so dry to begin with has done it more good than anything else. Today a total contrast up to 20 degrees, sunny but overcast a strong breeze building during the match.

St Ives Town Ladies Development starting XI – Faye Dunmore, Penelope Ford, Sophie Marjoram, Emily Stephenson, Georgie Astley, Molly Berryman, Jess Conyard (C), Tia Everdell, Fran Worrall, Angel Lyden & Poppy Lyons. Subs – Jade Carpenter, Arianna Andrade, Charlotte Hammond, Charlotte Noble & Elle Jefferson.

Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Ali Beel, Dita Upesjure, Amy Stanyon, Amber Parkinson, Jordan Sampson, Chloe Earth, Jess Perrin, Megan Strickland (C), Leah Stacey, Yasmin Green & Emily Johnson. Subs – Katie Barber, Ellie Hannon & Sasha Haw.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s the hosts St Ives to kick-off the 1st half, wearing black and white vertical striped shirts with black shorts and socks, Netherton lined up opposite wearing red shirts and socks with black shorts. The ball sprayed out long to the right from the off as Angel Lyden breaks forwards for St Ives down the flank the pass too heavy however goes out for a throw. Netherton are quickly on the offensive Jess Perrin taking the ball on up the left lays it on for Yasmin Green, she plays it infield as Perrin continues her run into the D, the St Ives defence closing the door no way through.

A positive start from Netherton on the front foot taking the attack to St Ives, Perrin and Green combining once again, the ball sent into the box defended well by Molly Berryman back for St Ives. Perrin attacking right wins the away side the first corner of the game. Put long to the far post is headed goalwards, but straight Georgie Astley cannoning off her head at close range, didn’t know much about it but certainly felt it. The ball cleared for a throw out to the left, is gathered by Emily Johnson gets her head down and drives for the by line before flashing a low cross along the face of goal, cleared by St Ives captain Jess Conyard at the far post, play stopped Astley needs treatment, but is okay to continue.

Jess Perrin brings the ball on for Netherton

Johnson getting hold of the ball left side cuts inside before being brought down 25 yards out a free kick awarded, Leah Stacey over it for Netherton sends her delivery in towards the far post, players closing in but none can meet it as it runs out of play. Amy Stanyon getting forwards from defence for Netherton on the right delivers a cross into the area, is headed behind for a corner kick by St Ives Penelope Ford.

GOAL! Netherton open the scoring within the opening 10 minutes of the match from the corner kick the ball fired into the six yard box from the right goes long gathered by Johnson beyond the far post fires the ball back into the six yard box central captain Megan Strickland is there stooping to head the ball wide of goalkeeper Fay Dunmore to score her 1st goal of the season 0-1.

Captain, Megan Strickland opens the scoring for Netherton

Netherton capitalising on a bright start, St Ives look for an immediate response from the restart get straight on the attack, Angel Lyden bursting into space on the right wins her side a corner. The hosts get players forwards into the Netherton half, Sophie Marjoram allowed time to cross from deep on the right sends in a dangerous ball to the near post, goalkeeper Ali Beel has the angle covered but spills the ball, Poppy Lyons breaking into the six yard box first to it smashes it at close range Beel making the blocking save. The game beginning to open up Netherton look a threat on the counter attack, Stephenson wins it at the back for St Ives hoping to turn play around her long ball over the top, Lyons is caught offside as the away defence step up well.

Poppy Lyons plays the ball on for St Ives

  Tia Everdell coming back to receive the ball powers her way through the midfield riding a challenge before angling a through ball on for Lyons making a left channel run, too much on it sees Beel off her line win the race for the ball. Perrin is making some great runs through the middle for Netherton, Green and Johnson providing good movement ahead of her. Emily Stephenson making a couple of vital interceptions at the back for St Ives. Up the other end Lyons is looking to put pressure on the Netherton defence one on one with Jordan Sampson tracking back into the area left of goal, holds the ball up checking back to lay off for Fran Worrall, she strikes it on the angle from all of 25 yards out her shot racing wide of the near post. 

Amy Stanyon winning the ball for Netherton

  Netherton break from a St Ives corner, Perrin away with the ball at her feet makes ground on the right, Lyden tracks back with her doing well to slow her down as Stephenson closes in to make the tackle. Brings Netherton a corner kick on the left flashed into the six yard box is turned goalwards but with little power, Dunmore in the right place to claim it. Stacey travels with the ball central into the St Ives half sends it onto Johnson to her right attacks the area, Stephenson defends well for St Ives. 

St Ives Emily Stephenson with Netherton’s Emily Johnson

 Netherton getting the better of the midfield battle at the moment are keeping St Ives penned in pushing bodies forwards, Sampson getting upfield on the right seeing her cross charged down. Lyons coming back into the middle to win the ball takes it forwards well, has Worrell and Lyden breaking ahead of her, Netherton once again spring the offside trap. Katie Barber is on the field for Netherton in an advanced position top of the area looks to break in behind the defence, Stephenson closing in takes the ball away from her toes. 

Netherton defender, Amber Parkinson

 St Ives get a throw in inside the Netherton half on the right, bodies forwards the crossfield ball is played into Berryman 20 yards out central lays it forwards for Conyard right of the D, Berryman continues her run past Conyard is given the return pass, puts her foot through the ball her shot blasted in at the near post Beel get’s a glove to it the ball behind for a corner kick. Fired into the mix in front of goal from the right s a brief scramble before Amber Parkinson launches it away. Netherton threaten another break however Green is flagged offside. St Ives play the ball left Lyons running into space behind into the box Beel coming to close her down, the ball knocked past her wide of goal, Lyons after it the angle is tight, defenders running back to cover the goal, the shot is fired into the side netting.

St Ives, Sophie Marjoram

  GOAL! A chance to level at one end for St Ives, is punished as Netherton get up the other end to score and double their lead, attacking on the right the ball played on for Johnson, is met by Stephenson slices the clearance the ball deflected on behind her looks to be running out for a corner except Johnson hasn’t given it up running to catch in collects on the by line lifting a cross in along the face of goal, Stacey has gambled through the middle getting their to meet it first time lifts her effort up to strike the crossbar, rebounding down does well on the follow up to adjust her feet and deflect the ball past the keeper 0-2.

Leah Stacey doubles Netherton’s lead

  Half an hour played St Ives bring the ball out from the back on their right Marjoram playing a diagonal ball inside for Lyden up top, Parkinson with her defends for Netherton outside the box. The away side look to counter through the middle, Berryman strong breaks the move up for the hosts. Sampson with Dita Upesjure on the left for Netherton play a good triangle going forwards with Johnson ahead of them, the striker attempting to storm inside Marjoram the full back putting in a timely tackle to regain possession. 

Angel Lyden bringing the ball forwards for St Ives

  Lyden inside for Berryman she brings the ball on through the centre before spreading play out to the left, Worrell chasing the ball to the by line flashing in a vicious cross along the face of the Netherton goal no one gambling however, Lyden closest at the far post retrieves it in the corner before launching a cross into the box, a handball spotted by referee Jack Badcock a penalty awarded to the hosts.

  An opportunity to pull a goal back before half-time. Everdell placing the ball on the spot, goes low to the right, Beel goes the same way diving to save the penalty! The ball pushed out to her right, it’s St Ives sharpest on the follow up Marjoram striking the ball back in on the angle Beel rising making another brave blocking save to deny the hosts. Netherton make another change Ellie Hannon coming on for Earth in the middle. St Ives make a change to bringing on Charlotte Hammond for Astley. 

Ali Beel down well to save the penalty for Netherton

  A corner won after the penalty on the right is defended at the near post a 2nd corner given this on cleared by Hannon. Netherton with a free-kick deep on the right Green playing it long Johnson up into the area Marjoram closest to her, neither can get hold of the ball as it pings between them before deflecting safely back into Dunmore’s gloves. St Ives send the ball from the middle into the left channel Upesjure finds herself exposed, outnumbered as Lyons and Lyden get after the ball top of the area however the full back keeps her composure does well to keep the attackers off the ball, nudging it behind for a corner. A cluster of players attacking the near post the ball is deflected up high across the six yard box dropping far post Lyons is there but can’t get a clean connection with her shot.

  Late into the 1st half Perrin carries the ball on for Netherton rifles a ball into the box for Johnson making a run to the left, a good first touch checks to move inside central takes on the shot puts it straight at Dunmore who holds comfortably. Moments later Dunmore is called into action to make an excellent save for St Ives Johnson with the strike in a similar position to her earlier move skipping inside the box off Perrin’s pass, further out goes to put it in the far corner, diving full stretch to her left Dunmore throws out an arm to bat the ball wide of the post. 

Half-time St Ives Town Ladies Development 0-2 Netherton United Ladies

  A strong start to the game from Netherton saw them take the lead inside the opening 10 minutes of the game. Have looked strong in attack since Perrin providing some great runs, Johnson and Green lively up top. Took St Ives a while to get themselves into the game on the back foot began to create opportunities Netherton finding a 2nd goal to hammer home the advantage. Both keepers making excellent saves, Beel a double save from the penalty. Dunmore’s late save seeing the lead stay at 2-0, which as many more than myself is never an easy score line to defend. 

  Change’s for St Ives in the 2nd period, Jade Carpenter on for Berryman and Astley is back on in defence. Arianna Andrade was a late edition in the 1st half too for the hosts. Netherton get the 2nd period underway the cloud cover seeing the breeze picking up. 

GOAL! The perfect start to the 2nd half for Netherton, are awarded a free-kick inside the St Ives half wide on the right, Green on the ball sends it high and long towards the far post players racing in to attack it, Perrin and Hannon close together, think Hannon got the final touch, smashing it home from close range, confirmed at the end of the game is her first goal of the season too 0-3.

Ellie Hannon puts Netherton 3 goals up

  Netherton 3 goals up within a minute of the restart extending their lead a further hammer blow for St Ives who now have a mountain to climb if they are to get back into the match. Perrin’s driving runs forwards continue to cause havoc, Johnson always an option ahead of her stretching the St Ives defence. Lyden a willing runner on the right for St Ives chasing the ball down into space flashes a cross in behind from the by line following good work by Lyons holding the ball up central. 

 Perrin traveling into the box from the left sees the ball into her body from Stacey out wide controls and hits it on the angle, Dunmore across her goal to close the angle making a comfortable save. Marjoram comes off for St Ives replaced by Hammond. Strickland with a deflected shot 20 yards out left of the D falls to Johnson out on the right takes on the strike am behind it so I can see it is going narrowly wide but Dunmore can’t take that chance gets a glove on it to send it wide behind for a corner. The delivery long to the far post Carpenter up well to head clear for St Ives. Doesn’t go far before a shot is flashed back in travels narrowly wide.

Tia Everdell on the attack for St Ives

 Everdell is covering alot of ground for St Ives coming back to win the ball and get up in support of Lyons in attack, goes forwards as Andrade brings it on left side receives the squared ball inside the Netherton half attempts to thread it through for Lyons central is read well by Sampson who steps up to intercept the ball. Hannon comes of for Barber for Netherton. Great work and more brave goalkeeping from Beel as Carpenter for St Ives lifts a pass over the top to the right for Lyden to attack, the goalkeeper out early to close her down Lyden smashes her shot at her at close range the keeper making two blocking saves in quick succession before scrambling to smother the ball.

St Ives captain, Jess Conyard

 Conyard defends for St Ives back to help Stephenson inside the D as 14 tries to get the better of the defender. St Ives make a change up top bringing off Lyons, Charlotte Noble joining the action. Everdell flicking the ball on through the middle playing it to Lyden out on the right chases it into the corner, Sampson goes with her the defender doing superbly to prevent Lyden getting free. Strickland attacking on the right for Netherton moves towards the area, Everdell tracking back well puts her foot in to regain possession. 

  More strong running on the ball from Perrin central lays it out to the right for Johnson into the area beating the advancing keeper the angle going away from her fires a shot in wide across the face of goal. Stephenson winning the ball at the back brings it on into the middle before sending it long for Lyden bursting free on the right 25 yards out releases a shot past the advancing keeper, so too however the wide of the far post. 

Arianna Andrade winning the ball back for St Ives

GOAL! 20 minutes gone in the 2nd half and St Ives find a reply, Everdell with the goal getting forwards well sees the ball fired into her feet 30 yards out from goal to the left of the D, hr touch taking it inside sets her sights and with her right foot lifts her shot wide of the keeper into the right hand corner of the goal 1-3.

Netherton make a change Perrin coming off for Hannon. Andrade off for St Ives, Elle Jefferson on joining Noble in attack. The hosts with a free-kick on halfway Astley up towards the top of the area Noble onto it inside the D strikes it with the outside of her boot, Beel back on her line claiming it. Noble on the left firing a cross into the area, Parkinson dealing with it at the far post for Netherton. A long ball forwards sees Johnson through on goal checks inside to her right see her strike blocked, after the rebound fires it across goal, cleared at the far post by Hammond. Upesjure comes off for Netherton replaced by Sasha Haw who joins the attack.

Jade Carpenter on the ball for St Ives

  Johnson finding space up top as the game wears on fires a first time strike across goal. Haw off a throw out on the left strikes a shot high over the bar on the angle. Noble getting some joy out on the left travels with the ball flashes it inside for Jefferson central, Sampson close on the attack winning the ball for Netherton. Sampson defending well for Netherton winning the ball again inside the D as Carpenter bringing the ball forwards looks to combine with Noble. The game moving into the final 10 minutes. Noble with a good touch turns the ball in behind the opposition defence on the left, 10 yards out flashes her shot wide across goal. 

Netherton defender, Jordan Sampson

Perrin back on the field for Barber, the midfielder flicking the ball on for Johnson to attack into the box left side evades a sliding challenge going to to smash the ball at the near post Dunmore saving at point blank range beating the ball down before conceding the corner. Dunmore able to claim the corner unopposed at her near post as Netherton finish the game strong Johnson creating chances looking to get on the scoresheet. Lyons re-joins the game for St Ives, Everdell trying to pick her out the ball bouncing through the the keeper. 

 Perrin coming forwards has Haw beside her as the pair travel into the area unopposed have almost too much time to line up a shot, which is eventually blocked. Pace from Noble on the left attacking for St Ives whips a ball into the area trying to pick out Jefferson, Sampson there again to defend for Netherton. Green with Strickland central attempt to play a give and go, Strickland’s pass on into the area, a little too heavy allows Dunmore to get out to it first. Shortly after Strickland is played into space on the right looks to be through one on one with the keeper until Astley recovers brilliantly sliding into take the ball away from her feet.

St Ives, Charlotte Noble

 Carpenter taking control of the ball central drives forwards has Noble and Jefferson ahead of her the pair looking to combine 20 yards out once more are thwarted by Sampson at the back for Netherton. Time running out for St Ives to pull a goal back apply late pressure to Netherton the away side defending well, Stanyon and Parkinson making good tackles getting the ball clear. The hosts with a last gasp corner on the right cleared long upfield. 

GOAL! With St Ives committing in attack late on the ball is cleared long upfield, Stacey giving chase on the left taking the ball down in the area smashes her shot goalwards, Dunmore can only beat it away straight back to Stacey opens up her body to send her 2nd attempt wide of the keeper strikes the inside of the left post and deflects into the bottom right corner to see Stacey net her 2nd of the match and confirm the win for Netherton 1-4.

Full time St Ives Town Ladies Development 1-4 Netherton United Ladies

  At the final whistle Netherton seal a 4-1 away win to close the gap to St Ives to a point, Netherton up to fifth as the Premiership table becomes all the tighter at the top with wins for Cambridge University Women seeing them go top, whilst Peterborough Norther Star Ladies Reserves go 3rd, just 3 points separating the top 6 now! Netherton deserved winners making a bright start to the game on the front foot taking the lead inside the opening 10 minutes. St Ives with chances before the away side went 2-0 that the score at the break both keepers saving well, Beel keeping out a penalty. The perfect start to the 2nd half Netherton extending their lead. Looked comfortable had further chances Johnson alone could have had a hat-trick on another day. St Ives kept at it however pulling a goal back had opportunities to score further goals before Netherton ensured victory at the death.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Once again a few contenders no easy decision. Firstly for St Ives Tia Everdell was full of running covering alot of ground back to help the defence and going forwards. Whilst at the back Emily Stephenson make several vital challenges. For Netherton, Jordan Sampson wasn’t letting anything through he middle especially in the 2nd period as she made a number of crucial tackles to regain possession. Goalkeeper Ali Beel was excellent making a number of saves, including the penalty and coming to close the angle when called upon. Just ahead of both today’s award goes to Jess Perrin felt she set the tone early on for Netherton driving forwards with the ball got her side on the front foot making plenty of surging runs on the ball from the middle of the park.

  Nice to get on the road again get out of Norfolk into Cambridgeshire for the first time in 2021. Great to catch up with a few football friends too. Appreciate all the help with the team details too.

by Darren Gilham

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 15/09/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 15th September

Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup

The third county beginning their County Cup competition this Sunday in the East was Bedfordshire, four ties taking place in the first round. 

Bedford Ladies Development were hosting Division Three side Kempston Rovers Ladies in the 1st round of the competition, pushed hard by their opponents Division Two Bedford scoring twice to secure their place in the next round winning 2-0.

  It was also a 2-0 win at home for Division Two side Langford Ladies against Stotfold Juniors Ladies from Division Three in the County Cup 1st round. A first goal of the season for Tabitha Brown along with a goal for last season top scorer Amber Clark securing the win.

  Division Three side Biggleswade United Ladies took their Division Two opponents AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies all the way to a dramatic penalty shootout before being knocked out of the competition. Goals for Biggleswade’s Zoe Molloy and Kempston’s Charlie Mullins seeing it end all square at 1-1 to force the shootout, Kempston clinching it with a 6-5 result.

  AFC Dunstable Ladies Blues were strong at home as they advanced to the next round of the County Cup scoring double figures against Division Three opponents Flitwick Eagles Ladies. Bianca Vassell top scoring in the game with a hat-trick. Emily Mitchell scoring a brace, so too Lakeisha Fazilahmed with her first goals of the new season. There were also first goals of the campaign for Lauren Brooker, Kerry Mulvihill-Reed and Holly Wicks with Courtney McNamara also celebrating a goal in an 11-0 win.

Three games taking place in the 2nd Round of the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup the draw as follows ties to be played Sunday 20th October.

 Langford Ladies v EB Lions AFC Ladies

AFC Dunstable Ladies Blues v AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies

Bedford Ladies Development v Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

There was a full programme of fixtures in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One with all 10 sides in action. An 8-2 win at home to Hitchin Belles to start the season, defending champions Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies are looking strong at the start of the season as they travelled to play another promoted side this weekend. Letchworth Garden City Eagles playing their first competitive game of the season. A 5 goal haul for Bianca Hedgecock to open her account last weekend she was at it again this Sunday scoring 5 again. Last seasons top scorers Natasha McConville also on target with a hat-trick, with a goal each for Amy Bentall, Kayleigh Baker and Ella Mercer, final score 11-0.

Last season’s Division Two Champions, Hitchin Belles losing to Hemel Hempstead in their opening Division One fixture faced another tough opponent this weekend as they hosted St Albans Ladies. Cally Salter on target to score a first half hat-trick for St Albans her 3rd in the 44th minute, Ellen Salter adding a fourth just before the half-time whistle. Hitchin Belles restricting their opponents to just one more goal with Cally Salter scoring her 4th of the game 10 minutes from time. 2 wins from 2 for St Albans who travel to ERWFL side Histon Ladies this weekend in the Women’s FA Cup.

Tighter affairs elsewhere in Division One with the points shared in the other 3 matches. Hitchin Town Ladies newly promoted were away to last seasons runners-up, Northwood Ladies playing their first game of the season. The hosts opening the scoring midway through the 1st half. Hitchin Town coming back to level 10 minutes later Robyn Wilfort sliding in to beat the keeper send the ball over the goal line. All square at the break both sides attacking 2nd half sensing they can win the game entering the closing minutes Hitchin clearing in defence the ball played up field finding Samantha Couglan one on one with the keeper o score and send Hitchin into the lead. Northwood coming back at them in stoppage time piling players forwards a cross into the box sent home to see it finish 2-2. Holly Gilder and Emma Steele with the Northwood goals.

 2-2 the final score to between Garston Ladies and Houghton Athletic Ladies seeing both collect their first point of the season having both started with a defeat. Charley Kelsey and Danielle McMullan getting the goals for Garston, whilst Emily Wilson and Louise Spendelow were on target for Houghton Athletic.

Hartham United Ladies were playing at home for the first time this weekend hosting Royston Town Women Development. The hosts starting well creating chances, Royston’s keeper keeping it at 0-0. The visitors going on to open the scoring with Jazmin Racher chasing down the keeper to tap the ball into the empty net. A 1-0 lead for Royston at the break, Hartham strong in the 2nd half Janiece Allen finding the bottom corner to make it 1-1. More chances created Hartham were again thwarted by Royston’s keeper to see the sides finish level.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

With several of the Division Two sides involved in the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup there was just the one fixture in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two this Sunday with Watton Ladies hosting Garston Ladies Vintage Purples. Stephanie Roads putting Garston into the lead. Watton beaten heavily on the opening day of the season, better this time around coming back to level the scores with Gemma Bickell on target to make it 1-1 and see the sides earn a point each.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

The Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup also affecting the fixtures in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three on Sunday with just two games played. A third seeing Hitchin Town Ladies Reserves awarded the home win over Evergreen Eagles. 

Big wins in the other two matches Bedwell Rangers Ladies having lost their opening game getting off the mark with 3 points won away to Buntingford Town Ladies. The hosts taking the lead with Chloe Camper putting Buntingford 1-0 up against the run of play. The goal spurring Bedwell into life the visitors going on to score 4 quick goals to lead the game 4-1 at half-time. Bedwell continued to press for more goals 2nd half adding another 4 to win the game 8-1 to collect their first points of the season. Rachel Young netting a hat-trick, there was also a three goal haul for Jessica Sullivan with Maisie Main and Freya Rampley also on the scoresheet with a goal each.

An 8-1 win for Bedwell Rangers Ladies on Sunday (photo credit Bedwell Rangers Ladies twitter)

Also scoring 8 goals at the weekend were Harvesters Ladies to make it 2 wins from 2 to start the season away to fellow newcomers Whetstone Wanderers Ladies. Two players celebrating a hat-trick for Harvesters with both Rachel King and Eve Shaw scoring 3 each. Rachel Dodd and Isobel Hughes also on target with a goal each the win seeing Harvesters move clear at the top albeit very early days.


The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 15/09/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 15th September

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

 It was to the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership where the action came from this Sunday for Women’s Football East to watch the league encounter between March Town United Ladies at home to ICA Sports Ladies. The Premiership looking like at is going to be very competitve this season, ICA Sports one of the sides to record an opening day win as they between Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds 6-5 at home. Travelling to play March who sat out the opening weekend this their first competitive action of the season. The hosts making a slow start ICA Sports soon on the front foot, breaking to take an early lead Donna Nicholls taking the ball forwards passing into Carman Herridge top of the area she lay it back for onrushing midfielder Hannah Murphy to strike the ball in from 20 yards. Nicholls lively at the start for ICA Sports soon putting the visitors 2-0 up driving into the box to sent the ball through the keepers legs from close range. A set-piece played into the area seeing ICA Sports take a 3-0 lead captain Becky Shields heading the ball to the back post Murphy there unmarked smashing the ball in for her 2nd of the game.

Donna Nicholls controlling the ball for ICA Sports 

A dominant first half for ICA Sports, March performing better 2nd half pushing forwards creating opportunities a free-kick forwards into Emma Searle to take the ball across the top of the box and fire a shot back in across goal off the post and in to make it 2-1. ICA Sports restoring their 3 goal lead with Nicholls producing another fantastic drive into the box to shoot and beat the keeper. March continued to be positive scoring another with Searle on target smashing home from outside the area off a corner. The game stretched late on Herridge scoring late on finding the bottom corner from the top of the area. ICA Sports winning 5-2 to move to the top of the league.

 St Ives Town Ladies Development also starting the season with a win newly promoted to the Premiership winning the Championship South title last season. A 3-1 win away to Riverside Ladies then, Riverside were once again the opponents this Sunday travelling to St Ives. The sides contesting a goalless draw to share the points, Riverside improving since their heavy defeat in the Women’s FA Cup.

  Also getting their first win under their belts this weekend were Cambridge City Ladies newly formed A side. A trip to Netherton United Ladies this weekend. Cambridge City’s first team not in action a couple of their young players turning out for the A team helping the side to clinch a narrow 3-2 victory. Emily Johnson and Yasmin Green scoring in the 2nd half for Netherton. Goals for Ceri Flye, Sofia Castiglione and Jessica Elliot securing the win for Cambridge City A

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

Plenty of action to cover in the new single division Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship with 14 of the 15 side in league action. A total of 66 goals scored between them!

  Beginning with Cambridge Rangers Women at home to Park Ladies. Both sides recording a 8-0 victory on the opening day to top the early table. Meeting this Sunday, it was Cambridge Rangers who came out on top to make it 2 wins from 2 to start their season. Both Daniella Lewis and Stephanie Rowan scoring twice, Nicky Brewin also on the scoresheet with her 1st goal for the club in a 5-0 victory.

Also making it 2 wins from 2 at the start of the season are Pinchbeck United Ladies, travelling on Sunday to face Hungate Rovers Ladies, 3 players were celebrating their 1st goals of the season at the final whistle with Rebecca Navarette getting off the mark along with captain Chloe Gray with Freya Peters scoring a brace her first goals for the club in a 4-1 win. 

Wins are like buses for Burwell Tigers Ladies, you wait ages for one then two come along at once. Have made a fantastic start to the season as they record back to back wins. At home to newcomers Swavesey Spartans Ladies this Sunday. Just the bare 11 available Vicky Murrell scoring a hat-trick to open her account for the season their were goals too for Charlotte Forgarty and Megan Seabrook in a 5-2 win. Stacy Askew scoring both for Swavesey Spartans.

A 3-0 defeat to Pinchbeck United Ladies to start the season for Isleham United Ladies, turned things around in style this Sunday with a big win over new side Isleham United Ladies Youth playing their first match in the Championship. Laura Todd regularly featuring on the scoresheet for Isleham she scored 5 goals on Sunday, a hat-trick for Poppy Green along with first goals for Kay Cooper, Amy Ellis and Kerry Murry seeing the hosts win 11-1.

A big win to mark their debut in the Championship for Newmarket Town Women’s new Development side this Sunday beginning their campaign away to Cambourne United Women. Leah Harper scoring 4 goals for the visitors, their were goal celebrations too for Tixie Allsopp, Evie Jakes, Sarah O’Rourke, Clementine Key and Talia Irvine in a 9-2 victory. Alice Taylor and Michelle Lau on the scoresheet for Cambourne.

High scores elsewhere too on Sunday. Cardea Ladies were beginning their season at home playing Haverhill Rovers Ladies Development. The visitors putting 5 goals into the back of their opponents net with Gemma Codling on target for a brace, goals too for Emma Barnes, Bethany-May Harding and Rachel Jeffs. Despite that Haverhill went home with no points as Cardea were strong in attack also Courtney Coles scoring 4 goals there was also a brace for Anna Langa with Jessica O’Sullivan, Jade Ramm and captain Laura Rudd all getting off the mark to see the game won 9-5. 

The final match to bring you in Cambridgeshire this week also another high scoring affair. Deeping United Ladies having started the season with a 2-0 win against Haverhill hosting fellow new comers Eaton Socon Ladies who lost to Burwell on the opening day. Both sides seeing a player on target for 4 goals. Hannah Chapman scoring for Deeping United. Emily Whiteman also celebrating a 4 goal haul for Eaton Socon. Ella Jons scoring her 1st for Deeping. Goals for Hannah Hutchinson, Maddison O’Connor and Jessica Bleakley seeing Eaton Socon win the game 7-5 and collect their 1st win.

The Round-Up – ERWFL 15/09/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 15th September

ERWFL Premier Division

A 100% winning start to the season saw Luton Town Ladies top of the fledgling ERWFL Premier Division table with 3 wins out of 3 as they look to bounce back following relegation from the FAWNL last season. A long trip up to Norfolk this Sunday to take on Wymondham Town Ladies. Something of a kit clash between the pair the first half ending in stalemate 0-0. More eventful 2nd half Wymondham making a great start taking the lead on 50 minutes with Chelsea Clarke scoring direct from a corner. 2 minutes later Wymondham were 2-0 up new signing Cassie Craddock putting the ball on for captain Hannah Waters to shoot a score across the keeper. Luton responding with a quick reply pulling it back to 2-1 straight away netting from a corner. The visitors salvaging a point 10 minutes from time to see the game end 2-2 Zara Carroll and Rebecca Ferris the goalscorers.

Wymondham Town Ladies, Hannah Waters

Luton dropping two points sees their winning start end and a new leader at the top of the table as Essex side Harlow Town Ladies take over on difference. Ironically their points dropped so far were away to Wymondham too on the opening day of the season. Have since won 3 on the bounce making a fantastic start to the season, bringing in several new players over the close season have added experience and goals to their ranks. At home to AFC Dunstable Women this Sunday goals from Lucy Edmeades, Amy Nash & Kaydee King helping Harlow to a 7-1 win. Also on target were Nicole Farmer with her 1st Harlow goal, Hannah Porter also scoring her 1st goals for the club netting twice. With Becky Shephard another new addition scoring her 8th goal of the season. Louise McCay with the consolation goal for AFC Dunstable.

10 points each for Harlow and Luton at the top of the Premier Division, tight at the top as 3 sides jostle for position just a point behind. Royston Town Women nudging ahead on goal difference into 3rd spot as they extend their winning streak to 3 matches in league and cup. Were away to Hertfordshire rivals Colney Heath Ladies this Sunday, both sides with a good start to the season, injuries affecting Colney Heath last time out were again hit by an injury with defender Kelly Glynn suffering ligament damage. Goals from Charlotte South and a brace from Rebecca Vass seeing Royston leading 3-0 going into the final 15 minutes of the match. Samiara Khan pulling it back to 3-1 for Colney Heath. Sammy Tinsley scoring to secure a 4-1 victory to Royston. 

An off day for Wroxham Women at home to Harlow Town Ladies last Sunday they were looking to bounce back this weekend once again at home taking on St Ives Town Ladies, the newly promoted side still looking for their first points of the season. Wroxham making a great start to the game Grace Birchall onto the end of a long clearance to strike home from 18 yards. 6 minutes later Wroxham were 2-0 up, Birchall on the scoresheet once again brought down 30 yards out scoring from the resulting free-kick. A minute later it was 3, Mary-Anne Hoy latching onto a sliced clearance out wide firing the ball back in on the angle to score her 1st of the season. Wroxham 3-0 up at the break continued to dominate in the 2nd period and despite being reduced to 10 after Rhianne Brister was sent off for collecting two yellows the hosts when on to add 3 more goals in the final 20 minutes a 2nd half hat-trick for Birchall adding to the 2 she scored first half putting her on 9 for the season. Paige Jones scoring a late goal for St Ives Town her 1st of the season nothing but a consolation.

 Joining Royston and Wroxham on 9 points are newly promoted Bowers & Pitsea Ladies. This despite suffering a heavy defeat to the hands of Harlow their only loss to date however as they record a 3rd league win this Sunday at home to Haringey Borough Women. Meagan Harley firing a shot into the bottom corner to put the Essex side into the lead. A 30 rocket struck by Danielle Styles off a free-kick doubling the lead. 2-0 up at half-time Bowers & Pitsea went 3-0 up courtesy of Danni Jennings running from halfway taking on three players to send the ball home. Harley putting a shot into the roof of the net making it 4-0. Jennings too scoring a brace to see the game won 5-0.

Peterborough Northern Star Ladies also victorious this weekend are in 7th spot in the Premier Division table but just 3 points behind the leaders. An away trip to Bedford Ladies this Sunday, Leah Cudone celebrating her birthday early by scoring a brace for the visitors with Gabrielle Smith also scoring her 1st goal for the club Peterborough running out 3-1 winners. Mathilda Fidler on the scoresheet for Bedford.

ERWFL Division One North

Has been something of the slow start to the league campaigns in both the ERWFL Division One North and South this season, cup games taking priority at the start of the season on most cases 5 of the 16 sides competing in both division still to get off the mark. Two games in Division One North this Sunday. Newly promoted East Bergholt United Ladies one of the few to have actually played a league match prior to this weekend top after a 7-1 win away to fellow promoted side Gorleston Ladies. This weekend they were at home looking to make it 2 wins from two as they took no Cambridgeshire side Histon Ladies. The hosts taking an early lead Jessica Clark on the run striking from 35 yards putting her shot over the keeper on 7 minutes. Histon competing hard looking for a reply efforts narrowly wide one striking the bar. East Bergholt holding their 1-0 advantage heading into the final 15 minutes made thing’s more comfortable Charlotte McGrath finding space to shoot and find the bottom corner from 15 yards out. East Bergholt winning 2-0.

  Also marking their ERWFL debut with a win are Cambridge City Ladies Development. A tough test to start the campaign away to King’s Lynn Town Ladies. A closely fought 1st half Cambridge City coming closest with Carla Penny striking the post. The dead lock broken just before half-time Penny finding the back on the net this time from 18 yards out. The visitors defending a slender lead began the 2nd half well adding another goal Freya Standing volleying in to make it 2-0. King’s Lynn battling back pulling it back to 2-1 with captain Becky Russell scoring from a free-kick. Cambridge City hitting King’s Lynn on the counter to score a 3rd, Bella Simmons carrying the ball out of defence setting up Standing to score her 2nd of the game to see Cambridge City win their league opener 3-1.

ERWFL Division One South

 The ERWFL can be a brutal league at times and feature some eye watering scorelines, this weekend no exception in Division One South. Stevenage FC Women Development having started their season with a 6-0 win over Hoddesdon Tow Owls Ladies, were at home to Bishops Stortford Ladies this weekend. The host were short on numbers with just 10 available. Up against a Stevenage side that could name five on the bench. Several additions to the Stevenage squad over the summer, young exciting talent added to an already experienced bunch the hosts proving too strong with no less than 7 players opening their goals account. Paige Prior on her debut scoring 5! Lucy Bolitho scoring 4, Rebecca Brooker on target for a brace there were 1st goals too for Louise Godden Louise Sollis, Danielle Ransom and Sherrie Evans. Sofia Carpenter on target for a hat-trick, Emily Schofield and Chloe Gunn also getting goals in a crushing 20-1 win. Georgia Sleep scoring the Bishops Stortford goal.

  A tough start to the season too for Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies losing their opening league fixture were away to new side Millwall Lionesses making their league bow this weekend. Ellis Lunn getting Millwall off to a flyer scoring in the opening 5 minutes was celebrating a hat-trick before 20 minutes. Katie Klosinski making it 4-0 in 21 minutes. Millwall dominating early on. 5 more goals to the hosts before half-time. Lunn adding 2 more to her tally. Klosinski with her 2nd along with goals for Molly Hawkins and captain Emily Stanley. Millwall ruthless leading 9-0 at half-time. Shannan Drewe bringing up a 10th goal for Millwall 5 minutes into the 2nd period the hosts awarded a penalty, Drewe on target from the spot. A lull in play then with no more goals added until the final 10 minutes with Hawkins scoring twice to celebrate a hat-trick. Millwall winning 12-0.

Amongst the goals Ellis Lunn scoring 5 for Millwall Lionesses (photo credit Millwall Lionesses)

Hutton Ladies began their ERWFL Division One South campaign at home to the same opponents they faced last Sunday in the League Cup, Leigh Ramblers Ladies. Hutton beating the newly promoted side 7-1 then. Another win for Hutton this Sunday the 3 points coming courtesy of a 4-0 win. Last season’s runaway top scorer Vicky Kinsman scoring a brace there were goals too for Sally Appleton ad Hayley Piggott with her first of the season.  

The Round-Up – ERWFL 08/09/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 8th September

ERWFL Premier Division

The ERWFL Premier Division fixtures into their 3rd weekend and after the final whistle on Sunday just one side remained with a 100% winning start, Luton Town Ladies two points clear at the top however they left it very late to clinch victory. Luton at home on Sunday playing in the Bedfordshire derby against their rivals Bedford Ladies who they have locked horns with several county cup finals. Bedford with the upper hand in those winning the last two. Meeting in the ERWFL for the first time this season following Luton’s relegation it was the visitors who opened the scoring in thee first half a free-kick awarded right at the top of the area, Maya Sidhu putting a fantastic ball in to make it 1-0. Luton were dominant for long spells but Bedford’s defence held firm until the 80th minute the ball fed to Jess McKay to blast home to make it 1-1. More chances came and went Bedford’s keeper Lauren Webb making some great saves. Luton winning a free-kick out wide deep into injury time Zara Carroll swinging the ball into a packed area, McKay rising highest to head the ball in to clinch a last gasp 2-1 win.

  Harlow Town Ladies are up into 2nd in the ERWFL Premier Division table the Essex side making the long trip to Norfolk on Sunday to face Wroxham Women who were looking to maintain their 100% winning start. A bright start from both Harlow showing intend pushing the attack opened the scoring in the 13th minute. Wroxham looking for an immediate reply saw an effort cleared off the line. The visitors doubling their lead on 27 minutes getting in behind the defence to send the ball home. Wroxham starting positively in the 2nd half however it was Harlow who would score a 3rd on the hour. Grace Birchall doing well to beat her marker and strike to make it 3-1. The hosts went in search of another goal coming close but it would be Harlow who had the final say deep into added time scoring a 4th to take the 3 points with a 4-1 victory. Olivia Steele, Lucy Edmeades, Chloe Bassett and Abby Dell with the goals.

Another side looking to continue their winning start were Hertfordshire side Colney Heath Ladies as they travelled to play Peterborough Northern Star Ladies on Sunday. Women’s Football East there too to watch the action. Colney Heath travelling with a few missing and no recognised goalkeeper, Lucy Hancock donning the gloves. A competitive encounter both sides showing intend in the final 3rd, Peterborough building momentum getting players forwards opening the scoring right back Evie Driscoll-King getting forwards coming inside top of the area smashed a ball in across goal evading everyone found it’s way into the back of the net. Colney Heath getting forwards with Adi Milton in particular a threat on the right winning a corner with 10 minutes left in the 1st half, Charlene Moreton on the set-piece a great inswinging ball missed by the keeper near post creeping under the crossbar to see the scores level. Moments later Colney Heath had the lead, Milton through onto a miscued defensive header to run at the box shooting early a fantastic strike giving the keeper no chance. The last action of the half seeing Peterborough coming back to level the scores themselves. Leah Cudone strong on the ball inside from the left sending a fantastic shot from the top of the area across goal into the top corner. 2-2 at half-time, Peterborough pressed the attack, Colney Heath keeping it tight in defence not pressing the attack intend of keeping unbeaten, Hancock with a confident display Peterborough couldn’t find a way through the points shared.

Leah Cudone with Colney Heath Ladies, Samantha May (photo credit Peterborough Northern Star Ladies)

  A tough start to life in the ERWFL Premier Division for St Ives Town Ladies following promotion last season losing their opening two fixtures were at home to Royston Town Women this Sunday. Positive signs for St Ives Town as they progress as a side, Royston making a slow start hit their opponents with two quick goals to take a 2-0 lead with Rebecca Vass and Joanne Rutherford on target. St Ives Town never out of it scoring late on capitalising on a defensive mix-up with Tierney Coulson scoring her 1st goal of the season. Royston winning 2-1 are 4th a point back from Colney Heath and Harlow.

  Also moving onto 6 points into the top half of the Premier Division are newly promoted Bowers & Pitsea Ladies the Essex side winning their 2nd league game of the season at home to AFC Dunstable Women on Sunday. A great first half for Bowers & Pitsea seeing them going into the dressing room at half-time 4-0 up. Donna Fletcher heading home from a Megan Harley cross to put the hosts into the lead. Harley herself on the scoresheet with Bowers & Pitsea’s 2nd finding the bottom corner. Danielle Jennings scoring from a rebound to net her first goal for the club making it 3. Harley getting her 2nd of the game to put Bowers & Pitsea 4-0 up. Ebony Moore amongst the goals 2nd half making it 5-0. Louise McCay with a consolation goal for the visitors as they start the season with 3 defeats.

  Three defeats to start the season too for Haringey Borough Women and a heavy loss on Sunday seeing them go bottom. At home were taking on Norfolk side Wymondham Town Ladies looking for their first win of the season. The visitors getting off to a flyer taking the lead inside 2 minutes with Hannah Waters scoring. Mollie O’Callaghan doubling the lead on 15 minutes. Katie Knights and Waters with her 2nd of the game seeing Wymondham lead 4-0 at half-time. The goals continuing to flow for the visitors 2nd half Freya Symonds making it 5-0 straight after the restart the new signing would go on to score a hat-trick. Chelsea Clarke on the scoresheet for 2 2nd half goals. New signings Mia Etheridge and Sarah Payne both celebrating a goal too along with Jorja Patterson in a 12-0.


   A new format for the ERWFL Cup this season with the Division One sides entering a group stage the 16 teams drawn into 4 groups of 4 with each side playing the other once with the group winners going on to compete in the knockout stages of the competition joined then by the 12 Premier Division sides. The rest going on to compete for the ERWFL Plate which will to become a knock-out competition. For most the first round of group stage matches preceding the league campaign itself.

  Group A features Bishops Stortford Ladies, Newmarket Town Women, East Bergholt United Ladies and Stevenage FC Women Development.

  Newmarket Town Women were at home playing Bishops Stortford Ladies in the 1st round of group matches taking place this Sunday. A strong debut season in the ERWFL, Newmarket will fancy their chances in both league and cup winning the Plate competition last season. Made a confident start too beating Bishops Stortford’s bare 11 with a high score. Katie Webb top scoring in the match netting 4 goals herself, their was a brace to for young striker Annabel Cuthbert. Plenty of goals elsewhere too with 7 other players celebrating a goal, Holly Dryland, Brooke Wickens, Antonia Smith, Laura Bailey, Jodie Woodfield, Lauren Deller and Jess Linger in a 13-0 win.

  Also in Group A, East Bergholt United Ladies new to the ERWFL this season, winning the league and cup double in Suffolk last season for the 2nd successive time. Stepping up a level were taking on Stevenage FC Women, both having played one league match beginning with a win. Chloe Gunn back for Stevenage has been sorely missed out with an ACL injury in fine form previously, Gunn opening the scoring with a 30 yard screamer. The visitors awarded a penalty, Gunn scoring following in the rebound after being saved. Emily Schofield getting a 3rd goal for Stevenage wining 3-1 with Jess Clarke scoring for East Bergholt.

Group B features, AFC Sudbury Ladies, Cambridge City Ladies Development, Lawford Ladies and Millwall Lionesses.

Cambridge City Ladies, Carla Penny

  Cambridge City Ladies Development winning the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership last season part of a treble. Entering the ERWFL began with a cup game at home to Lawford Ladies. The hosts going ahead early with Carla Penny on target to make it 1-0 in the 7th minute. Lawford responded well Daisy Canny a threat forcing a save from goalkeeper Tee Mhunduru. 1-0 the narrow advantage at the break. Penny scoring early in the 2nd half to double the advantage. Bella Simmons on the end of a Jade Powell free-kick scoring the hosts 3rd goals. Cambridge finishing strong Penny completing her hat-trick bringing up a 4th goal. A hat-trick to for Simmonds.



Millwall Lionesses join the ERWFL off the back of events at the club that saw the women’s section break away from the club to become London City Lionesses. A new beginning for Millwall Lionesses a young squad, well supported within the club along with a passionate fan base. Millwall were away to AFC Sudbury Ladies in their first group match. Sudbury relegated from the Premier Division last season rebuilding themselves with a young squad. The hosts taking the lead midway through the 1st half a cross squared in an converted. Millwall forcing the opposing goalkeeper into a save a shot into the side netting for the hosts. Millwall getting back on level terms late in the 1st half, Shannan Drewe’s looped shot in from the left beating the keeper. Millwall starting strong in the 2nd period bringing a goal on the hour, a corner floated in cushioned down into the path of Molly Hawkins to blast home 2-1. The visitors pushing striking the crossbar twice, the momentum with Millwall with 10 minutes left Hawkins their for her 2nd of the game after the goalkeeper saved to see the game won 3-1.

  Group C features , Gorleston Ladies, Needham Market Women, Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies and Wodson Park Ladies.

  Needham Market Women joining the ERWFL after a successful debut season that saw them finish runners-up up in the Suffolk Women’s Division, League Cup and County Cup finals. Creating a new Reserves side this season have recruited over the summer a vibrant club that is capturing the imagination and hearts of many. Began their league cup campaign with a home tie against Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies a hugely experienced side at this level. An off day to start their season however as they were soundly beaten. Needham Market winning convincingly 9-1. Annie Northwood joining from local rivals East Bergholt United Ladies over the summer scored 40 goals last season off the mark with a hat-trick on Sunday. Gemma Moore and Lina Hagib also joining the squad both off the mark with a goal each. Amber Sparks netting a brace. Defender Megan Stock with a goal too along with Francesca Rainbird often a top performer for Needham Market last season.

  Gorleston Ladies are also new to the ERWFL joining from Norfolk. A heavy loss with players missing to start their league campaign last weekend began their league cup campaign this Sunday with a trip down to Hertfordshire to play Wodson Park Ladies, who were previously Hertford Town Ladies. A better result this time around as the visitors netted 5 times to win the game 5-1. Abigail Bell who I think was with Gorleston Rangers Ladies last season scoring twice. Hannah Croft, Melissa Anderson and Hayley Muir with the other goals. Olivia Worsfold scoring the goal for Wodson Park.

 Group D features, Histon Ladies, Hutton Ladies, King’s Lynn Town Ladies and Leigh Ramblers Ladies.

   King’s Lynn Town Ladies are looking to do well in both the league and cup competitions this season began their cup campaign with an away trip to Histon Ladies who look to have strengthened themselves as they begin the new season. An early lead for the hosts hitting King’s Lynn on the counter Kirsty Geal bursting forwards collecting the pass and shooting form 20 yards to score with 5 minutes gone. King’s Lynn levelling the scores with 10 minutes of the 1st half left. Histon coming close to retaking the lead, but it was the visitors from Norfolk leading 2-1 at the break scoring just before the whistle to go 2-1 ahead. The victory sealed with 15 minutes left King’s Lynn winning 3-1 the goals scored by Tiffany Forshaw, Rachel Skinner and Katie Ward. 

  An all Essex affair in the final group match to bring you with Hutton Ladies hosting newly promoted Leigh Ramblers Ladies winners of the Essex Women’s Premier Division last season. Leigh Ramblers still with a very young squad most 18 years old. Hutton have experience on their side and a goal threat. Started the season with a 7-1 victory. Vicky Kinsman, Kate Lowen and Lauren Knight amongst the goals with Sally Appleton netting a hat-trick.

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 05/05/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 5th May

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

The final day of the league season in the Beds & Herts Women’s football leagues this Sunday with just the League Cup and Chris Renshaw Cup Finals to come. Things settled in Division One with Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies winning the title 3 points clear of 2nd placed Northwood Ladies with St Albans Ladies who Hemel Hempstead will meet in the League Cup finishing 3rd. Joining St Albans on 32 points in 4th are Welwyn Pegasus Sapphires with a big win on the final day to mark a fine fist season playing in Division One. Leading for a good spell early on Welwyn have more than held their own in a competitive league following promotion from Division Two. At home to Sharnbrook WFC who have tailed away towards the end of the season Welwyn secured the 3 points courtesy of a 7-1 win.

Promoted as champions of Division Two along with Welwyn, Garston Ladies 2nd XI had a difficult start to life in the higher league bottom for a long spell simply not playing games had alot of catching up to do but a terrific run of form at last getting games played they have stormed up the league to seal a 6th placed finish winning 6 of their last 8 league matches. Away to Houghton Athletic Ladies who have been solid in mid-table on the final day the sides sharing 8 goals between them, Garston edging Houghton out to win the game 5-3. Charley Kelsey netting twice for Garston to put her on 15 goals for the season. Ruby Jager top scorer with a goal has 18. Holly Jury and Lauren Berryman also on target with a goal each. Emily Wilson with 15 goals for Houghton scoring in their final game along with Shakeela Hussain and Coral Beary with her first goal. Garston’s 2nd XI with one more game to play this Sunday at 11am The Chris Renshaw Cup Final against counterparts Garston Ladies 1st team.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

One game left to play in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two and having secured a 2nd placed finish in the league and promotion to Division One, Hitchin Town Ladies were away to Wheathampstead Wanderers Ladies on the final day. Have enjoyed a strong season at the top for much of the campaign a big win to finish the campaign. Captain Emma Chaffey edging out Louise Gash to the top goalscorer position netting a hat-trick to finish on 18 goals, Gash with a brace not far behind with 15. There was a brace to in the final game for Rebecca Day her first goal of the season with Lauren Wyatt and Natalie Thompson also scoring a goal each in a 9-0 win. 

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

All set up for a dramatic final day of the season in Beds & Herts Division Three with the top 3 all with a chance to win the title. Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses top of the pile at the start of the day a point clear of both AFC Dunstable Ladies Development and AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies. 

 Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses with just the 2 losses all season away to 3rd placed Kempston & Bedford in their last game. Kempston & Bedford with a strong finish to the season to put themselves right back in the title picture including back to back wins against Dunstable. Those Dunstable’s only defeats too having drawn 0-0 on the opening day going on to win their next 12 league matches to lead the way in their debut season in women’s football. The title out of their hands going into the last game needed the other result to go there way so long as they did there job away to Biggleswade United Ladies. 

AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies also making their debut in women’s football enjoying a good start and finish to the season whilst also reaching the semi-finals of both the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup and League Cup. Giselle Randall’s goals powering Woburn & Wavendon to the top of the league, she was on target for 2 more in the final game to put her on 39 for the season. It wasn’t enough as Woburn & Wavendon lost to see them finish up in 3rd spot with Kempston & Bedford winning the game 5-2! Chloe Urbanowicz with the goals early on in the campaign setting the tone for the season on the scoresheet with her 19th of the season. Kayleigh Humphries and Abigale Young both getting a goal a piece along with a first goal for the club for Chloe Hulett and Emily Kay. Kempston & Bedford finishing above Woburn & Wavendon.

That result seeing the Beds & Herts Division Three title go to AFC Dunstable Ladies as they got the win they needed against Biggleswade United Ladies. Bianca Vassell putting Dunstable into the lead late in the first half. Biggleswade not letting Dunstable have it their own way however as they came back to level the scored 7 minutes into the 2nd half. Helen Coster with the goal. Dunstable getting there noses back in front 10 minutes later with Vassell scoring her 2nd of the match her 34th overall. This time they held on in what was bound to be a nervous finish to clinch the 3 points to become Champions!

AFC Dunstable Ladies Development, Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three Champions. (photo credit AFC Dunstable Ladies Development)

 Congratulation’s to AFC Dunstable Ladies Development on winning the Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three title.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 24/03/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 24th March

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

Five games played across the county this Sunday with two in the Premiership and a full fixture list in the Championship North. In the Premiership, Cambridge City Development leading the table saw their run of wins in league and cup extend to 12 matches this Sunday. A 5th straight league win coming at home against Histon Ladies Reserves. A narrow advantage for Cambridge City at half-time a 1 goal lead, stepped it up a gear 2nd half to score a further 4 games to win 5-0. 

  Third placed Cambridge University Women were awarded the 3 points a home win against Netherton United Ladies.

  Elsewhere in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership it is a very tight picture form 4th down to 7th with there being just 2 points between the 4 positions. March Town United Ladies the latest side to jump up the table going from 7th up to 4th with a home win against bottom side Riverside Ladies on Sunday. Riverside having just the bare 11 available some carrying knocks March held a 2-0 lead at half-time going on to add a 3rd in the 2nd half to win the 3 points, Emma Searle, Emma Frost and Kayleigh Churchyard the goal scorers.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North

All six sides in action in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship this Sunday with the leading pair Ketton United Ladies and Wisbech Town Ladies both winning away from home along with an away win too for bottom side Pinchbeck United Ladies their 1st league win of the season.

  Ketton Ladies made it 10 wins from 10 at the top of the Championship North beating Cardea Ladies away from home this weekend. Ketton scoring 3 goals in each half to win the game 6-0, now have 69 goals for the season a potent strike force in Fran Kavanagh and Claire Lawrenson the pair have 64 goals between them this season, Kavanagh moving past 40 with 4 on Sunday, Lawrenson with a brace moves onto 22.

Ketton Ladies, attackers Fran Kavanagh (back) & Claire Lawrenson

 Three points behind Ketton with just the one league defeat to date Wisbech Town Ladies also won away from home on Sunday in their local derby match with Wisbech St Mary Ladies. Have a potent attack of their own as they ran out 7-0 winners to collect the 3 points in Sunday top scorer Sophie Swinden scoring 4 in the game fast closing in on 40 goals herself. Chloe Stanborough moves past 20 goals scoring twice on Sunday with Amy Newell also amongst the goals for her 12th of the season.

   Pinchbeck United Ladies also celebrating a win at the weekend their first league win of the season coming at 2nd bottom Hungate Rovers Ladies, a brace from Rebecca Navarrete as well as a goal for Chloe Gray seeing them win the game 3-1.

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 10/03/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 10th March

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

 It remains an ever changing picture at the top of Beds & Herts Women’s Division One, St Albans Ladies with a big win at home last Sunday the latest side to occupy top spot in the league. This Sunday they were hosting previous leaders Northwood Ladies who ha held fellow title hopefuls Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies to two successive 2-2 draws home and away. The lead changing once again with Northwood coming out on top goals from Danielle Tyler and Megan Warner securing a 2-0 win taking them a point clear of the chasing pack 3 sides all on 23 points.

  St Albans Ladies 2nd, Welwyn Pegasus Sapphires are 3rd joining them on 23 points in 4th spot go Houghton Athletic Ladies. An away trip to Garston Ladies 2nd XI this Sunday goals from Shakeela Hussain, top scorers Emily Wilson and a goal for Holly Thomson in her 1st game for Houghton Athletic seeing the visitors win the game 3-1 to move above Hemel Hempstead. Holly Jury with the goal for Garston. Hemel Hempstead two points back from the top 4 crucially have 2 to 3 games in hand on them all.

   Also in Division One this Sunday it was a home win for Sharnbrook WFC, earning the 3 points with a narrow victory over Sherrardswood Ladies, Francesca Novelli with a 22nd minute goal for the visitors, Sharnbrook scoring twice to clinch the win 2-1.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

Hitchin Town Ladies won away from home in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two on Sunday to close the gap to leaders Hitchin Belles back to 3 points with a game in hand. Hitchin Town were taking on Watton Ladies at the weekend. Got off to a fantastic start with Louise Gash through on goal to score inside 2 minutes, 4 minutes later the visitors were 2-0 up Mandy Cain-Murnane trying her luck from distance to score. Both sides battling the windy conditions Watton had a goal disallowed for offside midway through the first half. 2-0 it remained heading into the last 5 minutes Sherrie Evans with her first goal for Hitchin Town scoring in her 3rd appearance to make it 3-0 on 85 minutes, 2 minutes later it was 4-0 with Lauren Wyatt also into her 3rd appearance scoring her first for the club to see Hitchin Town win the game 4-0.

   A ninth league win of the season sees Letchworth Garden City Eagles in 4th keep the pressure on the leading pack a point now behind 3rd place Royston Town Ladies Development with 2 games in hand. Letchworth were away to Evergreen Eagles this Sunday. Kate Tempest scoring a hat-trick for the visitors has 7 for the season. Top scorer Tayla Murray also amongst the goals netting a brace to move onto 12 for the campaign, with Emily Jamieson also getting her 7th goal of the season in a 6-2 win for Letchworth.

   5th placed Evergreen Ladies were hosting bottom side Welwyn Pegasus Azures this Sunday in Division Two a good first half to the game saw Evergreen into a 5-0 lead with a goals for Rebecca Freeman and Natalie Maher along with her first goals of the season for Amira Nekikeche celebrating a hat-trick. April Spang pulling a goal back for Welwyn early in the 2nd half it was as good as it got with Maher scoring a 2nd of Evergreen to see them run out 6-1 winners.

   A single goal enough to secure all 3 points in the other game to report on in Division Two, going to Wheathampstead Wanderers Ladies at home taking on Bedford Ladies Development on Sunday.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

Two matches played in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three this Sunday. 5th placed Biggleswade United Ladies consolidating their position with a good result at home to Kempston Rovers Ladies. Sarah King doubling her goals tally for the season as she scored 5 goals on Sunday for Biggleswade to move into double figures. Tashai Simms also finding the back of the net for a goal along with top scorers Leeanne Davison chalking up her 17th of the campaign in a 7-2 win. Meghan Dimmock and Beth Prior scoring for Kempston Rovers.

  Stotfold Juniors Ladies climb above Kempston Rovers as a result of that defeat coupled with victory at home on Sunday in the league over Buntingford Town Ladies. Stotfold winning the game 2-0.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

One outstanding quarter final tie remaining in The Chris Renshaw Cup, postponed last time out Division Three leaders AFC Dunstable Ladies Development were away to Garston Ladies 1st team struggling for results in Division One. Garston getting themselves into an early lead 1-0 up after 6 minutes, Dunstable coming back late in the first half to score two quickfire goals to lead 2-1 at the interval, Holly Wilks and top scorer Bianca Vassell with the goals. Garston back on level term 7 minutes into the first half scored a 3rd on the hour to lead 3-2, that would prove to be the winning goal, Garston’s 1st team joining their 2nd XI in the last 4 of the competition, Jane Hales, Emma Trill and Lucy Zecchin the players getting the goals. 

  Both Garston sides with a home draw in the semi-finals to be played on the 24th March, Garston 1st team up against another Division Three high flyer Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses whilst the 2nd XI are up against Division Two title chasers, Hitchin Town Ladies.