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Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Peterborough United Foundation Women

Sunday 10th April

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

Plenty of exciting fixtures  being played as the football season reaches it’s climax with league titles being decided and cup final spots being secured. A semi-final game from the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup the featured game on Women’s Football East as Division One leaders Netherton United Ladies host Division Three leaders, Peterborough United Foundation Women.

  Both sides with 100% records in their respective leagues and closing in on the title. In Netherton United Ladies case a successful defence of the league title they won for the 1st time last season, back then the Premiership now Division One. Have a stronger squad this season adding a Development side. Have won all 12 of their league matches so far this season scoring 97 goals along the way. Top scorer, Yasmin Green has an impressive 50 goals for the season from just 20 appearances, whilst strike partner Emily Johnson has 38 goals so far from 21 games.

  Peterborough United Foundation Women are a new side joining the Cambridgeshire Women’s league this season with the senior women’s side moving up to the FAWNL. The Posh Foundation helping to grow football in the community in Peterborough which as I’ve eluded to before his a hotbed for football talent within the region taking on the running of the new women’s side.  Joining Division Three in Cambridgeshire  a young side have been strong right from the start topping the table winning all 15 league games played so far and like Netherton in Division One closing in on 100 goals scored with 5 players into double figures for the season, Callie Tancred leading the way with 28 goals from 13 whilst Keira Swanson has 14 goals. Andreira Olivia has 12 with Kacey Sharman and Olivia Mae Jacobs on 11 and 10 respectfully.

Dominating their leagues both Netherton and Peterborough United Foundation were drawn together in the group stages of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup. 6 groups featuring 4 or 5 sides across all 3 division’s playing each side once, the top 8 sides progressing to the quarter final knock out stage. Playing in Group E, along side Riverside Ladies of Division Two and Deeping United Ladies of Division Three. It was the be the game between the pair with Peterborough having home advantage that was going to decide who topped the group. Was a close game with Circe Rodgers and Keira Swanson scoring for Peterborough, however it was Netherton who edged it winning 3-2 with a brace from Megan Stickland plus one from Yasmin Green.

Netherton away to Cambridge University in the quarter finals, winning the game 2-0 courtesy  of an Emily Johnson brace. Peterborough drawn away to Cardea FC Ladies 2nd in Division One. The visitors too strong on the game recording a comfortable 7-2 win to progress and set up a semi-final clash with their group E rivals Netherton. 

The Grange the venue for today’s League Cup semi-final. A 3G pitch alongside several grass pitches serving the local community. The kitchen open serving hot food and drink, took full advantage with a bacon cheeseburger, undoubtedly one of the best around if you’re ever out that way. A great day for football too weather wise warm and pleasant with a little cloud cover but otherwise bright and sunny. The Cambridgeshire FA having a referee exchange program this time of year a successful trip in 2019, welcome back officials from Norway with 3 officiating today’s game, referee Marie Dahle assisted by Magnus Aaslaund and Magnus Halse.

Netherton United Ladies

 Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Amy Stanyon, Naomi Dauncey, Dita Upesjure, Jess Didio, Jordan Sampson, Ellie Hannon, Jess Perrin, Katie Barber, Megan Stickland, Yasmin Green & Emily Johnson. Subs – Jenna Nairn, Zoe Shepherd, Mollie Marshall, Reanne Mullin & Leah Palmer.

Peterborough United Foundation Women

 Peterborough United Foundation Women starting XI – Shelley Broadway, Millie Pellow, Shephania Chaudhuri, Circe Rodgers, Jess Broadway, Emily Ingle (C), Andreira Oliveira, Zoe Devonport, Callie Tancred, Piper O’Neill & Keira Swanson. Subs – Polly Pellow.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 Just the one substitute available for Peterborough this afternoon and without a regular goalkeeper, it’s midfielder, Shelley Broadway donning the gloves.  It’s the visitors Peterborough to kick the game off 1st half wearing blue coloured shirts with white sleeves, white shorts and blue socks with Netherton lined up opposite wearing red coloured shirts with black sleeves, black shorts and socks. The ball put back to the defence Peterborough immediately press Keira Swanson up top the ball deflected out to full back Dita Upesjure to lift into midfield the ball fed out to Emily Johnson racing into space on the right channel pace into the area, Jess Broadway going with her defending for Peterborough conceding an early corner. 

The ball sent in low from the right attacked at the near post, Peterborough clear with Andreira Oliveira carrying the ball out of the area before lifting it up to Swanson in attack, Upesjure defending at the back for Netherton. The hosts showing attacking intent driving on through the middle Emily Johnson picking up the ball sending it on to Yasmin Green to her right closing in on the box, Shelley Broadway comes racing out of her box to get her foot on the ball first a rushed clearance chopped out to the right wing gathered by Netherton’s Katie Barber she looks to take advantage of the keeper being off her line sends a high ball in towards goal from the angle the ball dropping wide of the far post.

Netherton’s Ellie Hannon

  Ellie Hannon taking the ball on through the middle for Netherton lifting it forwards for Johnson peeling into the right channel, a little too much on it Broadway can see it run safely out of play. A strong start from the hosts Johnson and Green picking up the ball driving at the defence with Barber and captain Megan Stickland providing width right and left. Hannon out to Barber on the move right side up the line flashes a cross in behind goal from an acute angle. Hannon breaking down a Peterborough goalkick well on for Johnson inside the D plays a one two with Jess Perrin getting forwards to support before turning 25 yards out and shooting her effort tame through to the keeper.

Peterborough’s Andreira Oliveira with Netherton’s Jess Perrin

   Peterborough’s front three looking to press the Netherton defence whenever play is turned around Callie Tancred left into Piper O’Neill her ball out to Swanson right catching her offside. Perrin central on for Barber on the move right side her cross fired in near side Green with the shot Jess Broadway close in blocking the ball deflected wide lifted back in claimed by Shelley Broadway. Green put on the clear as she peels away left comes on towards to top of the box one on one with the keeper her initial effort blocked then the ball pressured as she places it wide of the target. 

 GOAL! Somewhat agianst the run of play Peterborough break with a well worked attack to open the scoring captain Emily Ingle playing the ball out to Tancred on the left, players drawn across as she gets help from O’Neill who sends the ball out to Swanson clear on the right channel 20 yards out angles her shot back in over the keeper to find the back of the net 0-1. A well taken goal inside the opening 10 minutes.

Keira Swanson opening the scoring for Peterborough

  Johnson gathering the ball into her feet on halfway looks to send Barber away on the right wing, the pass intercepted well by Peterborough full back Millie Pellow. Barber lively out on the right for Netherton getting forwards at every opportunity her cross bouncing into the box, caught by Broadway. Peterborough battling for possession on the left winning a free-kick inside the Netherton half players up from the back, the delivery into the box knocked out to the right Swanson interested, Upesjure lunging in to defend for Netherton giving away a corner kick. Taken short before being driven into the area, headed clear.

  Stickland is pulls clear on the left crossing Shephania Chaudhuri  getting back to lunge forwards to block her cross for Peterborough. Netherton bring the ball through the middle with Perrin onto Johnson inside the D, back to goal shifts it out to her left into Green right of goal 10 yards out smashes a shot goalwards, Broadway with a great save getting her fingertips to the rising ball turning it wide for a corner kick. 

Shelley Broadway with a great save for Peterborough

  The ball from the left fed in near side defend by Inge on the post who goes down with a head injury play stopped so she can receive treatment. Netherton continue to look strong in attack, the ball with Johnson on the right travels with it a strong run to the by-line turning into the box, her shirt tugged she stays on her feet before eventually being tripped nevertheless getting a shot away an scoring from inside the six yard box, however the whistle had already blown for the penalty before the shot and a penalty is given.   

Emily Johnson on the attack for Netherton

 GOAL! Netherton equalise from the spot with 20 minutes played. Green placing the ball on the spot with a composed finish placing her strike low to the keepers right into the bottom corner 1-1.

Yasmin Green equalises from the penalty spot for Netherton

  Peterborough attack from the restart growing in confidence their front 3 pressing Netherton’s backline as Oliveira wins the ball well in the middle. A high line at times Swanson is finding space on the right to steal into as O’Neill and Tancred link up well on the left side. Perrin in midfield lifting a long diagonal pass out to the left for Stickland to chase down in the corner checks back inside to square a cross into Green inside the box left of goal slides it on to Johnson right side six out her scuffed shot saved by Broadway’s legs before the keeper gathers the loose ball.

  Netherton caught dwelling on the ball at the back left side Tancred on for O’Neill her shot on the angle 25 yards out lacking power gathered easily by Netherton goalkeeper, Amy Stanyon. Johnson with a powerful run on the ball right side drills a cross into Green central, can’t get it under control before Broadway gets her gloves on it. Swanson frustrated on the right as she’s caught by the offside flag as O’Neill picks her out. Hannon down having collected a ball in the face. Play paused.

  Netherton press the ball into Stickland through to Barber on the right pushing for the box, tackled by Jess Broadway. Peterborough come right Zoe Devonport on for Tancred over on the right forwards for O’Neill right corner of the area getting a shot away, low hasn’t the pace to trouble Stanyon back on her line. Both sides making a change, Mollie Marshall coming on for Netherton replacing Barber on the right. Polly Pellow coming on for Peterborough replacing Jess Broadway.

 GOAL! No sooner have the changes been made then Peterborough go on to retake the lead, and another great finish from Swanson as she breaks on halfway in behind with the ball driving for the area left of the D, catching the ball with the outside of her boot from 20 yards out to send it up over the advancing keeper to nestle in the net beyond 1-2.

Keira Swanson putting Peterborough back into the lead

 Peterborough close the ball down well in the centre Devonport into Ingle who looks to lift it over the top for Tancred getting in behind on the left, Stanyon out well to catch the ball. Netherton a little careless at the ball dwelling on the ball as Peterborough’s attackers are quick to close it down. Perrin getting forwards on the left side forcing a throw in. Recieving it into her feet top  of the area turns and strikes an angled shot into the box, her effort blocked before Circe Rodgers clears upfield. 

 GOAL! Peterborough break from the back with a pacey attack to extend their lead with 36 minutes played, Oliveira carrying it out of the area sending it forwards for Tancred right is quick to offload it into Swanson central who on turn feeds sends it into O’Neill’s path as she gets clear left of the D, a case of staying composed then picking her spot and places it low to the keepers left to score 1-3.

Piper O’Neill extending Peterborough’s lead

  Netherton make a 2nd change Jenna Nairn coming on in the middle for Hannon. Attacking on the right appeal for a foul as Johnson is brought down running with the ball, nothing doing as Rodgers clears. The visitors move the ball right winning a throw put back into the middle lifted up to O’Neill who deftly helps it on to Swanson to her right shooting from outside the area in over the keeper, is denied a1st half hat-trick by the offside flag. 

 Nairn gathering the ball in the middle moves right passing to Marshall, she shifts the ball well between her feet holding it up as Nairn comes to support angling a cross into the area Stickland central in front of goal stooping to head the ball close to the keeper can’t get it round Broadway as she blocks and then claims it. Swanson a nuisance in attack for Peterborough charging down the keeper as she comes to kick clear top of the area the ball deflected to the right of the D Swanson looks to chase turn and shoot find the empty net cutting across the ball it curls wide of the far post.

  The clock ticking down in the 1st half Perrin to Nairn on for Marshall right looks to thread it in behind for Johnson racing forwards, intercepted by Rodgers who clears upfield. 

Half-time Netherton United Ladies 1-3 Peterborough United Foundation Women

  Peterborough with the lead at the break staying out on the field as Netherton head into the changing rooms. A strong start from the hosts Netherton looking to take the game to their opponents, however it was Peterborough pressing the ball high who found themselves taking the lead inside the opening 10 minutes. Netherton kept coming on with the ball, guilty at times of trying to walk the ball into the back of the net it was a powerful run from striker Johnson that led to them winning a penalty and Green equalising from the spot. Peterborough continuing to battle for the ball pressuring the Netherton backline forcing errors getting themselves back in front and going on to hold a 3-1 advantage at the break. An intriguing game on another day Netherton themselves could have been leading by that same score-line have work to do if they want to get back into the tie.

Jess Broadway back on at the start of the 2nd half for Peterborough as the visitors get the 2nd 45 underway the tie going straight to penalties if the scores are level at full time. Played back to Ingle in the middle clips it forwards for Swanson and O’Neill in attack pressure as they play a one two Swanson into the box left of goal shots across the keeper Stanyon getting something on it comes back off the right post and scrambled behind for a corner as O’Neill goes for it. The delivery lifted into the penalty spot from the right headed clear by Perrin. 

Netherton captain, Megan Stickland

 GOAL! A chance for Peterborough to extend their lead at one end early in the 2nd half Netherton break left Johnson forcing a corner kick. Players come up into the box the ball curled in over everyone near side falls to Johnson free at back stick to turn the ball over the line to pull it back to 2-3.

Emily Johnson at he far post scores for Netherton

  A goal for Netherton 2 minutes after the restart, looking to take the game on with Nairn through the middle off a throw in putting a high ball into the area, Rodgers defending for Peterborough falls to Stickland on the left side fires a goal bound effort back in low held by Shelley Broadway back on her line. Marshall down with a knock for Netherton as Peterborough look to break through Swanson in attack, Didio tackling at the back for Netherton. Play stopped so Marshall can receive treatment. Naomi Dauncey on the ball right for Netherton has Perrin providing a passing option ahead of her pulling wide screws a cross in towards goal, claimed high by Broadway. 

  Nairn getting hold of the ball taking it forwards for Netherton finding Dauncey out on the right in behind her cross clipped in near post claimed by Broadway again. Oliveira taking the ball on through the centre for Peterborough lifted out to O’Neill left side crossing early looking for Swanson making a far post run, it’s Didio who instead wins the ball heading clear for Netherton. The game is open Netherton going for it pushing on in attack risking getting hit on the counter with O’Neill and Swanson ready to break in behind whenever the ball is lost. Jess Broadway charging out for the box with the ball at her feet with a good run before sending it on for Swanson, the flag halting her run.

  O’Neill with a left footed shot pulled wide of the post as she collects top of the area left of the D as Ingle plays the ball forwards. Netherton with a change Marshall who ha taken a knock earlier off with Barber back on. Perrin and Nairn strong in the middle for Netherton winning the ball keeping it in the final 3rd looking to set up Johnson and Green who will drive at the defence given any opportunity. Rodgers then Chaudhuri both making last ditch tackles to deny a shooting opportunity. Polly Pellow back on for Zoe Devonport for Peterborough.

   Tancred over on the right for Peterborough spinning off her marker to get a cross into the area cut out by Sampson. Almost a mix up at the back from Peterborough inside the box as Broadway comes to catch a high ball put into the box from a Netherton free-kick only to have a defender come in front of her to clear it away to the right. The Peterborough defence soaking up alot of pressure 2nd half as Netherton press well. Green winning a free-kick 30 yards out right of the box. Nairn over it her effort dropping wide of the far post.

Netherton defender, Naomi Dauncey

  Swanson a willing runner up top for Peterborough as Oliveira plays it on through to the box defenders chasing checks back left of the D looking for options is closed down Sampson and Dauncey seeing the ball out left before being cleared. For all Netherton’s pressure you still have the feel this tie could go either way, it’s a case of Peterborough taking their chance if they get it. Nairn has made a huge difference since coming on getting hold of the ball into the box Johnson after it as Broadway comes to claim, all happening bundled over appeals for hand ball with the ball in the ground nothing doing. Johnson carrying the ball inside from the left fizzes it across the top of the area can’t quite pick out Barber on the right side as she runs forwards.

 GOAL! Netherton’s pressure in the final 3rd tells as they get themselves back on level terms midway through the 2nd half. Attacking on the left the ball fed into Green 25 yards out top of the D holding it up well back to goal lays it off to Nairn coming on to put her foot through the ball and send a swerving shot in past the keeper to score 3-3.

Jenna Nairn putting Netherton back on level terms

  Almost as soon as they get themselves back on level terms Netherton are guilty of a sloppy pass at the back that is latched upon by O’Neill some 20 yards out right of the D, strikes her shot over the crossbar. Netherton with Stickland on the left with Johnson the ball into Barber positioned top of the D, her shot off target going wide is collected by Broadway. Peterborough’s keeper beating a shot down angled in from distance on the left from Netherton. Johnson tripped in the middle presenting Netherton with a free-kick in a dangerous position. Nairn with a vicious shot on her which Ingle feels to her cost as the ball strikes her in the Peterborough wall. 

  Swanson with an effort on goal from all of 30 yards out on the right as she pressures the Netherton defence, in low Stanton saving with her feet deflecting it wide for a corner. Fired into the far post defended headed wide for a throw. Green taking the ball on through the middle fed out to Barber on the wing right side to the by- line her cross in low just about taken by Broadway.  The game stretched at times Netherton continue to press the ball defended Jess Broadway up to Swanson battling for possession gets it on to O’Neill beating the offside trap right channel 25 yards out shoots angled in low Stanyon saves down behind the ball. 

Netherton goalkeeper Amy Stanyon

  Rodgers with a strong challenge on deny Green inside the box as she carries the ball on well through the middle off Nairn a corner conceded on the right. An inviting delivery in just evading everyone attacking it inside the six yard box. Both sides looking to score Peterborough under pressure looking a little nervous at the back. Barber wide to the right the cross fired in from the by-line Johnson attacking it as the keeper looks to gather sends the ball wide. Ingle needing to come off for treatment for Peterborough, Devonport back on. 

Stickland with a shot in low from the left held by the keeper. Peterborough with a counter attack Devonport in the middle pulling up as she plays it on for Oliveira breaking forwards too much on it the keeper gathering. A quick switch for Peterborough with Ingle back on for Devonport. The clock ticking down as both sides look for the winning goal. Perrin with Nairn linking through the middle driving on, Rodgers tackling. Upesjure getting forwards on the left winning the ball high striking a shot in from distance fired wide across the box. At times you think Netherton are being a little to intrigant in their attacking play looking to carry the ball on into the box allowing the tackle to come in. Keeping the pressure on well.

  Johnson drives a cross along the top of the area, won by Jess Broadway who brings it out of defence powering forwards looking for O’Neill ahead of her on the right is slowed down Dauncey sliding in to win the ball. Netherton with the ball back Barber to Johnson right to the b-by-line back for Barber who finds Green to cross in saved by Broadway in goal. Peterborough get up the pitch on the right Swanson with O’Neill off a throw in put back to Pellow to strike from distance the ball deflected over.

Naomi Dauncey sliding in on Peterborough’s Jess Broadway

  Pellow in to defend well at the other end moments later as Johnson breaks forwards into the box Pellow lunging in with the challenge to take the ball away for a corner. Curled in the corner goes long beyond the far post. The game moving into stoppage time, penalties looming Netherton finishing strong Perrin out to the right, Millie Pellow defending the ball cleared up to O’Neill on the left checks inside to cross looking for Swanson at the far post, her shot charged down.

 GOAL! Into the 4th minute of stoppage time Netherton with one last push the ball played out to the right into Nairn, from the tightest on angles sending the ball in towards the near post close on goal, thought it was an own goal at first as a Peterborough defender closing in tries and head clear only succeeds it turning the ball into her own net but the ball was over the line  as Netherton converge on Nairn to celebrate what surely is the winning goal at the death! 4-3.

Netherton celebrate scoring a 94th minute winner

Full time Netherton United Ladies 4-3 Peterborough United Foundation Women

  No time left for Peterborough to get another opportunity to attack, heartbreak for the visitors at the finish as they concede in stoppage time to lose 4-3. A brilliant fightback from Netherton to get themselves back on level terms and clinch a last gasp winner. Turning around a 3-1 deficit at the break. A strong 2nd half performance taking the game to Peterborough giving their defence little rest, winning the midfield battle. That said you always felt Peterborough if they got an opportunity could take it and the game was open throughout the tie Netherton getting a deserved equaliser chances came for both penalties moments away Nairn’s cross dangerous bringing the deciding goal in stoppage time. Netherton into the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup final where they will face either Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds or Leverington Sports Ladies on Sunday 8th May. A valiant effort from Peterborough a fantastic achievement to reach a league cup semi-final in your debut season on top of what surely will be a maiden league title. The league and cup double a real possibility for Netherton.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match.  A few performances of note to mention. Firstly for Peterborough, Andreira Oliveira won a lot of the ball in midfield especially first half. Keira Swanson up top lively a constant threat with her movement and scored two well taken goals. For Netherton both Emily Johnson and Yasmin Green took the game to Peterborough throughout with strong running on the ball creating numerous chances both scoring. Jess Perrin strong for Netherton in midfield through the 90 minutes covering alot of ground battling for possession and getting forwards to support the attack. The award though goes to Jenna Nairn  made a real difference coming on, strong in the middle for Netherton getting hold of the ball driving and driving on keeping the opposition defence under pressure scoring the levelling goal before finding the winner in stoppage time.

May well not have been my first choice of game for the weekend but it was an excellent plan B. A great watch as a neutral travelling from Norfolk. Peterborough unlucky in the finish battling throughout were in the tie right to the end a blow to concede so late. Netherton fighting back with a strong 2nd half performance to clinch their place in the final. An entertaining tie, my thanks to both teams for the help with the team details good to chat to both before kick-off.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – St Ives Town Ladies Development v Netherton United Ladies

Sunday 9th May

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

 The football action on Women’s Football East this weekend comes from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with 2nd placed St Ives Town Ladies Development hosting Netherton United Ladies currently in 6th place.

  Cambridgeshire the only county in the East to carry on with its playing season after the latest Covid lockdown as lifted at the end of March. Alot of football still to be played the FA extending the season to the end of June allowing clubs to get there fixtures in. Cambridgeshire featuring two Championship divisions a North and South with 7 and 8 sides competing respectfully and an 11 strong Premiership.

 All three leagues being hotly contested at the top the Premiership no exception, with just 8 points separating current leaders Ketton Ladies and 9th placed Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds. The lead having been exchanged on several occasions throughout the season so far no one side has been able to break away at the top. Ketton are 2 points clear of 2nd placed St Ives Town Ladies Development both though have played 4 and 5 games more than 3rd placed Cambridge University Women who have lost just once this season, face 4th placed Leverington Sports Ladies at home this Sunday both on 20 points. 5th placed Whittlesey Athletic Ladies (formerly ICA Sports Ladies) have been strong too making a good start to the season. Whilst Netherton United Ladies in 6th and Peterborough Northern Star Ladies Reserves like Cambridge University have games in hand on those above.

 St Ives Town Ladies enjoying a rapid rise through the women’s football pyramid the first team now finding their feet in the ERWFL Premier Division. Started a Development side in the 2017/18 season finishing 4th in the debut season in the Championship South. The following season were impressive as they won the league winning all but one of their 15 games. Into the Premiership growing to 13 sides in the 2019/20 season more than held their own comfortable in 5th spot before the Covid pandemic saw the season declared null & void.

The ongoing pandemic causing more disruption this season, the league put on hold has affected all sides in terms of progression but could hardly be avoided, most I think will bounce back all the stronger as the women’s game continues to see healthy growth. St Ives Town Ladies Development currently 2nd in the Premiership table with 21 points from 14 played. Poppy Lyons their top scorer with 10 goals from 10 appearances whilst Jade Carpenter has 8 goals from 12.

 The Premiership title battle remains wide open and Netherton United Ladies are in a great position in 6th spot, 6 points behind leaders Ketton Ladies but have 4 games in hand. Have lost 2 of their 9 matches so far winning 5 of those. A good performance in the FA Women’s Cup partly responsible for Netherton having those games in hand. Claiming a memorable 5-4 win over Eastern region side Leigh Ramblers from Essex along the way. Are an established side in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with an experienced squad, plenty of goal scorers in their ranks, Emily Johnson leads the way so far this season 14 from 11 appearances whilst Yasmin Green and Sasha Haw have 6 each.

The venue for today’s game the One Leisure Outdoor facility, boasting a number of sporting pitches, several grass football pitches along with the site accommodating, a cricket pitch, athletic track, astro hockey pitch and tennis courts amongst other sporting activities. All it did yesterday was rain as you all know was a little worried it might affect some pitches but the ground was so dry to begin with has done it more good than anything else. Today a total contrast up to 20 degrees, sunny but overcast a strong breeze building during the match.

St Ives Town Ladies Development starting XI – Faye Dunmore, Penelope Ford, Sophie Marjoram, Emily Stephenson, Georgie Astley, Molly Berryman, Jess Conyard (C), Tia Everdell, Fran Worrall, Angel Lyden & Poppy Lyons. Subs – Jade Carpenter, Arianna Andrade, Charlotte Hammond, Charlotte Noble & Elle Jefferson.

Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Ali Beel, Dita Upesjure, Amy Stanyon, Amber Parkinson, Jordan Sampson, Chloe Earth, Jess Perrin, Megan Strickland (C), Leah Stacey, Yasmin Green & Emily Johnson. Subs – Katie Barber, Ellie Hannon & Sasha Haw.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s the hosts St Ives to kick-off the 1st half, wearing black and white vertical striped shirts with black shorts and socks, Netherton lined up opposite wearing red shirts and socks with black shorts. The ball sprayed out long to the right from the off as Angel Lyden breaks forwards for St Ives down the flank the pass too heavy however goes out for a throw. Netherton are quickly on the offensive Jess Perrin taking the ball on up the left lays it on for Yasmin Green, she plays it infield as Perrin continues her run into the D, the St Ives defence closing the door no way through.

A positive start from Netherton on the front foot taking the attack to St Ives, Perrin and Green combining once again, the ball sent into the box defended well by Molly Berryman back for St Ives. Perrin attacking right wins the away side the first corner of the game. Put long to the far post is headed goalwards, but straight Georgie Astley cannoning off her head at close range, didn’t know much about it but certainly felt it. The ball cleared for a throw out to the left, is gathered by Emily Johnson gets her head down and drives for the by line before flashing a low cross along the face of goal, cleared by St Ives captain Jess Conyard at the far post, play stopped Astley needs treatment, but is okay to continue.

Jess Perrin brings the ball on for Netherton

Johnson getting hold of the ball left side cuts inside before being brought down 25 yards out a free kick awarded, Leah Stacey over it for Netherton sends her delivery in towards the far post, players closing in but none can meet it as it runs out of play. Amy Stanyon getting forwards from defence for Netherton on the right delivers a cross into the area, is headed behind for a corner kick by St Ives Penelope Ford.

GOAL! Netherton open the scoring within the opening 10 minutes of the match from the corner kick the ball fired into the six yard box from the right goes long gathered by Johnson beyond the far post fires the ball back into the six yard box central captain Megan Strickland is there stooping to head the ball wide of goalkeeper Fay Dunmore to score her 1st goal of the season 0-1.

Captain, Megan Strickland opens the scoring for Netherton

Netherton capitalising on a bright start, St Ives look for an immediate response from the restart get straight on the attack, Angel Lyden bursting into space on the right wins her side a corner. The hosts get players forwards into the Netherton half, Sophie Marjoram allowed time to cross from deep on the right sends in a dangerous ball to the near post, goalkeeper Ali Beel has the angle covered but spills the ball, Poppy Lyons breaking into the six yard box first to it smashes it at close range Beel making the blocking save. The game beginning to open up Netherton look a threat on the counter attack, Stephenson wins it at the back for St Ives hoping to turn play around her long ball over the top, Lyons is caught offside as the away defence step up well.

Poppy Lyons plays the ball on for St Ives

  Tia Everdell coming back to receive the ball powers her way through the midfield riding a challenge before angling a through ball on for Lyons making a left channel run, too much on it sees Beel off her line win the race for the ball. Perrin is making some great runs through the middle for Netherton, Green and Johnson providing good movement ahead of her. Emily Stephenson making a couple of vital interceptions at the back for St Ives. Up the other end Lyons is looking to put pressure on the Netherton defence one on one with Jordan Sampson tracking back into the area left of goal, holds the ball up checking back to lay off for Fran Worrall, she strikes it on the angle from all of 25 yards out her shot racing wide of the near post. 

Amy Stanyon winning the ball for Netherton

  Netherton break from a St Ives corner, Perrin away with the ball at her feet makes ground on the right, Lyden tracks back with her doing well to slow her down as Stephenson closes in to make the tackle. Brings Netherton a corner kick on the left flashed into the six yard box is turned goalwards but with little power, Dunmore in the right place to claim it. Stacey travels with the ball central into the St Ives half sends it onto Johnson to her right attacks the area, Stephenson defends well for St Ives. 

St Ives Emily Stephenson with Netherton’s Emily Johnson

 Netherton getting the better of the midfield battle at the moment are keeping St Ives penned in pushing bodies forwards, Sampson getting upfield on the right seeing her cross charged down. Lyons coming back into the middle to win the ball takes it forwards well, has Worrell and Lyden breaking ahead of her, Netherton once again spring the offside trap. Katie Barber is on the field for Netherton in an advanced position top of the area looks to break in behind the defence, Stephenson closing in takes the ball away from her toes. 

Netherton defender, Amber Parkinson

 St Ives get a throw in inside the Netherton half on the right, bodies forwards the crossfield ball is played into Berryman 20 yards out central lays it forwards for Conyard right of the D, Berryman continues her run past Conyard is given the return pass, puts her foot through the ball her shot blasted in at the near post Beel get’s a glove to it the ball behind for a corner kick. Fired into the mix in front of goal from the right s a brief scramble before Amber Parkinson launches it away. Netherton threaten another break however Green is flagged offside. St Ives play the ball left Lyons running into space behind into the box Beel coming to close her down, the ball knocked past her wide of goal, Lyons after it the angle is tight, defenders running back to cover the goal, the shot is fired into the side netting.

St Ives, Sophie Marjoram

  GOAL! A chance to level at one end for St Ives, is punished as Netherton get up the other end to score and double their lead, attacking on the right the ball played on for Johnson, is met by Stephenson slices the clearance the ball deflected on behind her looks to be running out for a corner except Johnson hasn’t given it up running to catch in collects on the by line lifting a cross in along the face of goal, Stacey has gambled through the middle getting their to meet it first time lifts her effort up to strike the crossbar, rebounding down does well on the follow up to adjust her feet and deflect the ball past the keeper 0-2.

Leah Stacey doubles Netherton’s lead

  Half an hour played St Ives bring the ball out from the back on their right Marjoram playing a diagonal ball inside for Lyden up top, Parkinson with her defends for Netherton outside the box. The away side look to counter through the middle, Berryman strong breaks the move up for the hosts. Sampson with Dita Upesjure on the left for Netherton play a good triangle going forwards with Johnson ahead of them, the striker attempting to storm inside Marjoram the full back putting in a timely tackle to regain possession. 

Angel Lyden bringing the ball forwards for St Ives

  Lyden inside for Berryman she brings the ball on through the centre before spreading play out to the left, Worrell chasing the ball to the by line flashing in a vicious cross along the face of the Netherton goal no one gambling however, Lyden closest at the far post retrieves it in the corner before launching a cross into the box, a handball spotted by referee Jack Badcock a penalty awarded to the hosts.

  An opportunity to pull a goal back before half-time. Everdell placing the ball on the spot, goes low to the right, Beel goes the same way diving to save the penalty! The ball pushed out to her right, it’s St Ives sharpest on the follow up Marjoram striking the ball back in on the angle Beel rising making another brave blocking save to deny the hosts. Netherton make another change Ellie Hannon coming on for Earth in the middle. St Ives make a change to bringing on Charlotte Hammond for Astley. 

Ali Beel down well to save the penalty for Netherton

  A corner won after the penalty on the right is defended at the near post a 2nd corner given this on cleared by Hannon. Netherton with a free-kick deep on the right Green playing it long Johnson up into the area Marjoram closest to her, neither can get hold of the ball as it pings between them before deflecting safely back into Dunmore’s gloves. St Ives send the ball from the middle into the left channel Upesjure finds herself exposed, outnumbered as Lyons and Lyden get after the ball top of the area however the full back keeps her composure does well to keep the attackers off the ball, nudging it behind for a corner. A cluster of players attacking the near post the ball is deflected up high across the six yard box dropping far post Lyons is there but can’t get a clean connection with her shot.

  Late into the 1st half Perrin carries the ball on for Netherton rifles a ball into the box for Johnson making a run to the left, a good first touch checks to move inside central takes on the shot puts it straight at Dunmore who holds comfortably. Moments later Dunmore is called into action to make an excellent save for St Ives Johnson with the strike in a similar position to her earlier move skipping inside the box off Perrin’s pass, further out goes to put it in the far corner, diving full stretch to her left Dunmore throws out an arm to bat the ball wide of the post. 

Half-time St Ives Town Ladies Development 0-2 Netherton United Ladies

  A strong start to the game from Netherton saw them take the lead inside the opening 10 minutes of the game. Have looked strong in attack since Perrin providing some great runs, Johnson and Green lively up top. Took St Ives a while to get themselves into the game on the back foot began to create opportunities Netherton finding a 2nd goal to hammer home the advantage. Both keepers making excellent saves, Beel a double save from the penalty. Dunmore’s late save seeing the lead stay at 2-0, which as many more than myself is never an easy score line to defend. 

  Change’s for St Ives in the 2nd period, Jade Carpenter on for Berryman and Astley is back on in defence. Arianna Andrade was a late edition in the 1st half too for the hosts. Netherton get the 2nd period underway the cloud cover seeing the breeze picking up. 

GOAL! The perfect start to the 2nd half for Netherton, are awarded a free-kick inside the St Ives half wide on the right, Green on the ball sends it high and long towards the far post players racing in to attack it, Perrin and Hannon close together, think Hannon got the final touch, smashing it home from close range, confirmed at the end of the game is her first goal of the season too 0-3.

Ellie Hannon puts Netherton 3 goals up

  Netherton 3 goals up within a minute of the restart extending their lead a further hammer blow for St Ives who now have a mountain to climb if they are to get back into the match. Perrin’s driving runs forwards continue to cause havoc, Johnson always an option ahead of her stretching the St Ives defence. Lyden a willing runner on the right for St Ives chasing the ball down into space flashes a cross in behind from the by line following good work by Lyons holding the ball up central. 

 Perrin traveling into the box from the left sees the ball into her body from Stacey out wide controls and hits it on the angle, Dunmore across her goal to close the angle making a comfortable save. Marjoram comes off for St Ives replaced by Hammond. Strickland with a deflected shot 20 yards out left of the D falls to Johnson out on the right takes on the strike am behind it so I can see it is going narrowly wide but Dunmore can’t take that chance gets a glove on it to send it wide behind for a corner. The delivery long to the far post Carpenter up well to head clear for St Ives. Doesn’t go far before a shot is flashed back in travels narrowly wide.

Tia Everdell on the attack for St Ives

 Everdell is covering alot of ground for St Ives coming back to win the ball and get up in support of Lyons in attack, goes forwards as Andrade brings it on left side receives the squared ball inside the Netherton half attempts to thread it through for Lyons central is read well by Sampson who steps up to intercept the ball. Hannon comes of for Barber for Netherton. Great work and more brave goalkeeping from Beel as Carpenter for St Ives lifts a pass over the top to the right for Lyden to attack, the goalkeeper out early to close her down Lyden smashes her shot at her at close range the keeper making two blocking saves in quick succession before scrambling to smother the ball.

St Ives captain, Jess Conyard

 Conyard defends for St Ives back to help Stephenson inside the D as 14 tries to get the better of the defender. St Ives make a change up top bringing off Lyons, Charlotte Noble joining the action. Everdell flicking the ball on through the middle playing it to Lyden out on the right chases it into the corner, Sampson goes with her the defender doing superbly to prevent Lyden getting free. Strickland attacking on the right for Netherton moves towards the area, Everdell tracking back well puts her foot in to regain possession. 

  More strong running on the ball from Perrin central lays it out to the right for Johnson into the area beating the advancing keeper the angle going away from her fires a shot in wide across the face of goal. Stephenson winning the ball at the back brings it on into the middle before sending it long for Lyden bursting free on the right 25 yards out releases a shot past the advancing keeper, so too however the wide of the far post. 

Arianna Andrade winning the ball back for St Ives

GOAL! 20 minutes gone in the 2nd half and St Ives find a reply, Everdell with the goal getting forwards well sees the ball fired into her feet 30 yards out from goal to the left of the D, hr touch taking it inside sets her sights and with her right foot lifts her shot wide of the keeper into the right hand corner of the goal 1-3.

Netherton make a change Perrin coming off for Hannon. Andrade off for St Ives, Elle Jefferson on joining Noble in attack. The hosts with a free-kick on halfway Astley up towards the top of the area Noble onto it inside the D strikes it with the outside of her boot, Beel back on her line claiming it. Noble on the left firing a cross into the area, Parkinson dealing with it at the far post for Netherton. A long ball forwards sees Johnson through on goal checks inside to her right see her strike blocked, after the rebound fires it across goal, cleared at the far post by Hammond. Upesjure comes off for Netherton replaced by Sasha Haw who joins the attack.

Jade Carpenter on the ball for St Ives

  Johnson finding space up top as the game wears on fires a first time strike across goal. Haw off a throw out on the left strikes a shot high over the bar on the angle. Noble getting some joy out on the left travels with the ball flashes it inside for Jefferson central, Sampson close on the attack winning the ball for Netherton. Sampson defending well for Netherton winning the ball again inside the D as Carpenter bringing the ball forwards looks to combine with Noble. The game moving into the final 10 minutes. Noble with a good touch turns the ball in behind the opposition defence on the left, 10 yards out flashes her shot wide across goal. 

Netherton defender, Jordan Sampson

Perrin back on the field for Barber, the midfielder flicking the ball on for Johnson to attack into the box left side evades a sliding challenge going to to smash the ball at the near post Dunmore saving at point blank range beating the ball down before conceding the corner. Dunmore able to claim the corner unopposed at her near post as Netherton finish the game strong Johnson creating chances looking to get on the scoresheet. Lyons re-joins the game for St Ives, Everdell trying to pick her out the ball bouncing through the the keeper. 

 Perrin coming forwards has Haw beside her as the pair travel into the area unopposed have almost too much time to line up a shot, which is eventually blocked. Pace from Noble on the left attacking for St Ives whips a ball into the area trying to pick out Jefferson, Sampson there again to defend for Netherton. Green with Strickland central attempt to play a give and go, Strickland’s pass on into the area, a little too heavy allows Dunmore to get out to it first. Shortly after Strickland is played into space on the right looks to be through one on one with the keeper until Astley recovers brilliantly sliding into take the ball away from her feet.

St Ives, Charlotte Noble

 Carpenter taking control of the ball central drives forwards has Noble and Jefferson ahead of her the pair looking to combine 20 yards out once more are thwarted by Sampson at the back for Netherton. Time running out for St Ives to pull a goal back apply late pressure to Netherton the away side defending well, Stanyon and Parkinson making good tackles getting the ball clear. The hosts with a last gasp corner on the right cleared long upfield. 

GOAL! With St Ives committing in attack late on the ball is cleared long upfield, Stacey giving chase on the left taking the ball down in the area smashes her shot goalwards, Dunmore can only beat it away straight back to Stacey opens up her body to send her 2nd attempt wide of the keeper strikes the inside of the left post and deflects into the bottom right corner to see Stacey net her 2nd of the match and confirm the win for Netherton 1-4.

Full time St Ives Town Ladies Development 1-4 Netherton United Ladies

  At the final whistle Netherton seal a 4-1 away win to close the gap to St Ives to a point, Netherton up to fifth as the Premiership table becomes all the tighter at the top with wins for Cambridge University Women seeing them go top, whilst Peterborough Norther Star Ladies Reserves go 3rd, just 3 points separating the top 6 now! Netherton deserved winners making a bright start to the game on the front foot taking the lead inside the opening 10 minutes. St Ives with chances before the away side went 2-0 that the score at the break both keepers saving well, Beel keeping out a penalty. The perfect start to the 2nd half Netherton extending their lead. Looked comfortable had further chances Johnson alone could have had a hat-trick on another day. St Ives kept at it however pulling a goal back had opportunities to score further goals before Netherton ensured victory at the death.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Once again a few contenders no easy decision. Firstly for St Ives Tia Everdell was full of running covering alot of ground back to help the defence and going forwards. Whilst at the back Emily Stephenson make several vital challenges. For Netherton, Jordan Sampson wasn’t letting anything through he middle especially in the 2nd period as she made a number of crucial tackles to regain possession. Goalkeeper Ali Beel was excellent making a number of saves, including the penalty and coming to close the angle when called upon. Just ahead of both today’s award goes to Jess Perrin felt she set the tone early on for Netherton driving forwards with the ball got her side on the front foot making plenty of surging runs on the ball from the middle of the park.

  Nice to get on the road again get out of Norfolk into Cambridgeshire for the first time in 2021. Great to catch up with a few football friends too. Appreciate all the help with the team details too.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Leigh Ramblers Ladies

Sunday 4th October

Women’s FA Cup 1st Round Qualifying

Back on the FA Cup trail this Sunday with a game from 1st Round Qualifying. Cambridgeshire Premiership side Netherton United Ladies reaching this stage of the competition for the first time hoping to cause an upset hosting ERWFL side Leigh Ramblers Ladies.

  The Women’s FA Cup now sponsored by Vitality, and whilst Everton Women will face Manchester City Women in the final of last season’s competition at Wembley on the 1st November. This season’s competition is now into it’s 3rd round of games, 84 sides reaching 1st Round Qualifying. 42 ties to be played with Storm Alex blowing in bringing with it alot of rain, promising a wet afternoon everywhere, several games falling by the wayside.

  Netherton United Ladies play on 3G however so there would need to be a heck of a lot of water to see it called off. Has been quite a while since I last visited The Grange to see Netherton play, alot of changes since then. Lee Martin now in charge of the women’s side. A long established side competing in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership and aiming to challenge for the top positions. Made history in the Preliminary Round of the Vitality Women’s FA Cup winning convincingly away to Northamptonshire side Desborough Ladies 10-0. Drawn at home to higher league opposition in 1st Round Qualifying know it will be a tough challenge, recieving video messages of support from Jimmy Bullard and Paul Merson to give the squad added motivation before the game.

  A long journey in the rain from Essex for Leigh Ramblers Ladies. Have made some good memories in the Women’s FA Cup themselves in recent season’s as a county league side knocking out higher league opposition. Successive promotions those results no doubt going a long way in seeing them promoted to the ERWFL themselves. A solid debut season at that level before Covid brought thing’s to an end. Began this season with a 2-1 away win against Chelmsford City Ladies in the Preliminary Round, Rhiana Castle and Chloe Gilligan with the goals. 

  Peterborough a hot bed for women’s footballing talent boasting a number of sides competing at various levels. The venue today The Grange, situated behind a new build estate the facility boasts a number of grass pitches alongside the main 3G pitch, a small stand offering some cover for spectators. A food truck on hand serving hot food and drinks. Various measures in place to make the facility Covid secure. The weather crap, dull and overcast rain forecast and to fall heavily during the match. Multi-tasking skills to the fore today, a notepad and camera to juggle aswell as an umbrella, thankfully little wind about so the umbrella can be stuffed down the jacket

Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Ali Beel, Lucy Johnson, Dita Upesjure, Carmen Giles (C), Klinta Kulite, Megan Strickland, Lauren Laws, Jenna Nairn, Yasmin Green, Emily Johnson & Katie Barber. Subs – Amy Stanyon, Chloe Earth, Sasha Haw, Ellie Gaston, Amber Parkinson, Natalie Gibbs, Tayla Harris & Clare Noades.

Leigh Ramblers Ladies starting XI – Emily Mackler, Rhiana Castle, Jess McGarva, Paige White, Jordan Castle, Rebecca Dalgarno, Georgia Holdaway (C), Rhianne Cunningham, Ria Toovey, Amber Denton & Elisha Turner-Powell. Subs – Chloe Gilligan, Connie Mashford, Molly Giles & Lucy Dalgarno.

  The rain has been steady but the worst is on it’s way. Leigh to have the kick-off in the first half wearing blue and black vertical striped shirts, black shorts and socks. Netherton lined up opposite wearing red shirts with black sleeves, black shorts and red socks. Played back to Rebecca Dalgarno she passes it into captain Georgia Holdaway who spreads play out to the left wing with Ria Toovey after the ball, Lucy Johnson back on her in defence the full back conceding an early corner. Put in towards the top of the area Netherton clear and look to break with Emily Johnson racing on with the ball left channel the ball knocked on as she tries to get in behind, Leigh can see it out for a goal kick. 

   Netherton captain Carmen Giles gets across from centre back to tackle Toovey as she attempts to get in behind the full back on the right. Leigh making a bright start winning another corner on the right. A good delivery in from Dalgarno inswinging towards the far post, goalkeeper Ali Beel stretching getting a glove on the ball to punch it away to the left side the visitors winning a 3rd corner in as many minutes. Netherton not settled.

 GOAL! Leigh score from the corner, take it short up the line, the cross then played in along the top of the area runs through to Rhianne Cunningham right of the D 20 yards out striking the ball 1st time lifting her shot up and over the keeper to find the back of the net 0-1.

Rhianne Cunningham opens the scoring for Leigh Ramblers Ladies

  An early blow for Netherton get on the offensive as Emily Johnson on the left has support through the middle with Megan Strickland. Johnson controlling the ball well passing it inside for Strickland to head on into the gap opening on the left Emily Johnson racing into it gathering the ball puts a diagonal ball into the box looking for Yasmin Green coming in far side the ball though ahead of her goalkeeper Emily Mackler not troubled.

  Amber Denton getting hold of the ball travelling down the right for Leigh putting it inside for Toovey 25 yards out goes to strike the ball, Klinta Kulite close into her blocking the ball. Leigh on top in the early exchanges moving the ball through the middle well finding Denton out on the right Toovey along side fellow attack Elisha Turner-Powell making some threatening runs through the middle. Dalgarno attempts to thread a pass through the middle both attackers on the move a vital interception from Kulite. Giles is down in need of treatment after a coming together on the left. Walks off gingerly, the referee allowing her back on as play resumes.

Leigh Ramblers, Jess McGarva defending against Netherton’s Emily Johnson

  Denton with a strong run gets clear on the right into the corner pivots to put a cross in along the face of goal misses Toovey attacking near post, Turner-Powell right behind her connecting lifts her attempt over the bar. Holdaway allowed time on the ball left side sets her sights and takes on the strike from all of 30 yards out, dipping late drops over. Emily Johnson looking to carry the threat in attack of Netherton in the early exchanges wins her side a corner. The ball played in from the right comes through to Emily Johnson far side bringing it back up to the top of the area plays it across, Rhiana Castle getting there to clear before Lauren Laws can arrive from midfield.

Rhiana Castle clearing for Leigh Ramblers

   Giles can’t shake off her knock has to come off handing the armband to Strickland on comes Amber Parkinson at the back. Holdaway scoops a ball over the top for Turner-Powell to chase, a god starting position from goalkeeper Beel allows her to get out to it first and launch clear. Jenna Nairn playing the ball up to Green in attack on the right wins the hosts a corner kick. A good inswinging delivery from the right under the bar, Mackler though is able to claim it high in her gloves without challenge. Leigh a quickly in the attack up the other end as Holdaway releases Turner-Powell into the left channel, challenged by Lucy Johnson the ball spinning behind for a corner. 

  The game is opening up both sides looking to get it on through the middle, Nairn puts Katie Barber in at goal, Jess McGarva on her shoulder, Barber gets the ball out diagonally to the let with Emily Johnson bombing forwards plays it early into the box, Mackler advancing scooping the ball up into her gloves. 

 GOAL! Denton is finding room out on the right the ball played into her takes it further into the corner stretching play drawing players with her as Toovey and Turner-Powell break centrally into the area. Denton’s cross on the money dipping as it arrives into the six yard box straight to Turner-Powell seeing it into her feet turns to guide the ball over the line from close range. 0-2.

  Leigh doubling there lead with a little over 15 minutes played. The visitors making a strong start. Jordan Castle breaking up a Netherton attack at the back gets Leigh going forwards the ball into Dalgarno central she has Cunningham to her left sends it through for Turner-Powell breaking in behind left side, Beel out quickly to the top of her area claiming the ball. Emily Johnson pace on the wing left side gets in behind taking the ball on to the by-line looking to get into the box evades a tackle reaching the top of the six yard box angling to shoot across the keeper, Mackler down sharply to make the save pushing the ball wide, Cunningham and Green coming together far side as the midfielder attempts to clear the ball. Put out as Cunningham recieves treatment back on her feet the corner has been awarded. Sportsmanship from Netherton however as they acknowledge the ball was played out given back to the visiting goalkeeper.

   Nairn brings the ball on from the middle for Netherton left side has Emily Johnson ahead of her as Strickland hugs the line, Johnson spotting her sends the ball out to her as she races forwards to get into the box, Strickland attempts to return the ball read by Jordan Castle who slides in on Johnson to regain possession for Leigh. The rain has eased enough to abandon the umbrella (for now). A free-kick for the hosts on halfway played up for Green right side she crosses early. Mackler holding it cleanly into her midriff at the near post with Emily Johnson running in. Nairn with an ambitious attempt from all of 35 yards out central, clipping the ball up lands on the roof of the net. 

  Denton continues to make good runs into the right has Cunningham making a run across her to get into the right corner picking her out her cross into the area is held well by Beel at her near post. Netherton gaining some momentum as they look to get a foot hold back in the game Emily Johnson recieving the ball inside the area from the advancing Nairn, back to goal lays it back to the midfielder struck on the run from 20 yards her effort straight at the keeper.

 GOAL! Leigh deliver a sucker punch as Netherton go forwards they are hit on the counter the visitors moving the ball quickly lifted over the top as Toovey breaks in behind towards the box, Beel starting to come Toovey connects early striking the bouncing ball to lob her and score. 0-3.

  Chloe Earth is on for Netherton as Nairn puts it on through the middle for Barber strength tries to bulldoze her way through into the area before being stopped by Jordan Castle tackling her inside the D.

 GOAL! Just as Leigh race into a 3 goal lead Netherton hit back with an immediate reply as Emily Johnson is played in on the right side as the hosts spread play across the middle, Johnson taking the ball in into the area head down angling in towards goal has one intent as she smashes it hard over the keeper to pull a goal back 1-3.

  Half an hour played and the game has been all action, Leigh with a strong start capitalising scoring 3 goals Netherton pulling one back.

 GOAL! One becomes two Johnson causing havoc in the Leigh defence the ball played through the middle splitting the two centre backs, the keeper coming Johnson closing her down, takes the ball away from her wide of goal to the right the defence can’t get back as she strokes the ball into an empty net 2-3.

Emily Johnson pulls it back to 2-3 for Netherton

Leigh push forwards winning a corner on the right the delivery dangerous swung in towards the far post Turner-Powell can’t get a telling touch as the defence scramble clear. Nairn getting hold of the ball in the middle for Netherton now setting up an attack coming on through the middle out to Green to her right she switches it to the left for Strickland coming on attempts to play her return ball across the box for Green to run onto, puts it too far ahead of her allowing White to clear. Netherton make another change with Sasha Haw coming on for Barber up top. 

  Leigh find Denton moving clear on the right whips a dangerous ball into the box, players rushing back as Turner-Powell sees it into her feet on the penalty spot, turns into the strike sending it towards the far post, Beel hasn’t much time to react does superbly diving to her right to get her glove to the ball saving well sending the ball away to the left. A race between Turner-Powell and Parkinson through the middle the defender tackling to win the ball outside the box. Good link up play between Emily Johnson and Strickland on the left side attempting the one two outside the area Jordan Castle though has read it for Leigh and gets in between both in intercept the pass.

  GOAL! 3 minutes of normal time left in the first half and Netherton turn things around, fighting back from 3 goals down to level the scores. Emily Johnson playing a big part in all the goals scoring twice turns provider this time setting up Green inside the box to score as the hosts race up the left wing carving open the Leigh defence Johnson’s early cross dissecting the centrebacks as Green central steals into the box to gather the ball into her feet and shoot low wide of the advancing keeper, Mackler terribly unlucky getting a glove on the ball not enough as it escapes to run on behind over the line 3-3.

  One last attack in the half for Leigh the Essex side building with purpose through the middle Cunningham inside to Dalgarno on for Turner-Powell up top spinning lays it in behind for Toovey, Beel quickly out off her line to gather the ball.

Half-time Netherton United Ladies 3-3 Leigh Ramblers Ladies

  An exciting first half of cup football. Leigh starting well on top getting into a 3 goal lead looking strong, Netherton on the back foot and for a little while you’d be concerned they might be overwhelmed but showed good character to get back into the game quickly pegging it back to 2-3 finished the 1st half strong to level the scores. Terrible conditions to play in both sides have coped well showing attacking intent the game open, you feel there are more goals in it yet. Both sides stay out on the pitch during the half-time interval

 Netherton making a 4th change at the start of the 2nd half a change of goalkeepers with Beel off replaced by Amy Stanyon. Netherton to get the 2nd half underway if the scores are level at 90 minutes the tie goes straight to penalties. Leigh comfortable in defence as Netherton put it forwards mount an attack up the right Denton winning a corner. Molly Giles on for McGarva for Leigh. 

GOAL! The perfect start to the 2nd half as Leigh restore their lead. Scoring straight from the corner. Dalgarno’s deliveries have looked menacing all through the first half her inswinging ball whipped in with pace going straight in as the rain starts to fall more heavily 3-4.

Rebecca Dalgarno scores straight from a corner to restore Leigh Ramblers lead

  Has been a good contest in the middle of the park between Dalgarno and Holdaway and Laws and Nairn, the ball exchanging heads outside the Leigh area Nairn directs one down for Emily Johnson to skip onto inside the D, her snap shot looping in low parried away by the diving Mackler. Turner-Powell taking the ball on 25 yards out evading a sliding challenge from Noades shoots the ball put straight at Stanyon. 

Netherton United Ladies, Amy Stanyon

  Green clear out on the right side as the crossfield pass finds her can see it run across her body before hitting it angling in, Mackler moving across her goal looks to be threatening the top corner however she can see it safely over… just. 

GOAL! Again Netherton come back to level the scores, Lucy Johnson with the ball on the right allowed to bring it on before knocking it forwards for Green stealing in behind right of goal the angle closing hits it hard smashing the ball past the keeper to make it 4-4.

Yasmin Green with her 2nd of the game for Netherton makes it 4-4.

 Getting a little niggly out there Leigh certainly frustrated having held a 3 goal lead and getting pegged back. The rain falling heavily now making playing conditions all the harder. Nairn nipping in to regain possession central rolling her pass out to Green right side hits it early sending her attempt wide across the six yard box. The game could go either way Leigh make another change bringing Lucy Dalgarno on for White. Emily Johnson and Greens movement stretching the Leigh defence. Turner-Powell always ready to make the run at the other end. Giles stepping in to tackle Haw as she turns inside the D with the ball rolled into her feet.

Netherton United Ladies, Jenna Nairn

   Turner-Powell central holding the ball up well 30 yards out spins putting in on for Toovey into the right channel Parkinson sliding in forcing her wide top of the area her angled shot back in held by Stanyon at her near post. It’s a good contest despite the weather both sides up for it. Kulite in to block Rebecca Dalgarno as she meets a cross from Rhiana Castle on the left 25 yards out. A double change for the visitors with both Connie Mashford and Chloe Gilligan coming on Toovey and Cunningham coming off.

  Defending one end a hopeful ball forwards see Haw in the clear for Netherton 25 yards out blasts her shot over the crossbar. Holdaway makes a move up the left is picked out by Gilligan holds it up as Gilligan gets up to support her rolled into her feet she crosses into the corridor an inviting ball Turner-Powell is caught static doesn’t move. 

GOAL! midway through the 2nd half and the hosts take the lead for the first time in the tie, pile players forwards in the pouring rain, into the box as the ball out on the by-line right side is flashed into the six yard box players attacking it in front of the goalkeeper, Mackler grounded a shot put in cleared on the line by Lucy Dalgarno pops loose straight back to Haw to smash over the line 5-4!

Sasha Haw fires Netherton into the lead for the first time in the game

  Netherton are full of energy now Nairn laying the ball out to the right Green away down the wing whipping a cross in near post Haw nipping in in front of the keeper lifts her touch over the bar. Mashford lays the ball forwards for a moment Turner-Powell in clear a yard in behind Kulite with the legs to get back on her to tackle and take it away from her before she can get into the area. Lucy Johnson intercepting as Turner-Powell comes into the left channel looking to get onto a Holdaway pass.

Netherton’s Lucy Johnson with Leigh Ramblers Rhiana Castle

  Holdaway herself bursting through the middle into the box as a cross comes in from the right lobs the keeper only to see her attempt land on the roof of the net, however the flag is up against her. Netherton are looking the better side now, pulling Leigh out of shape as the visitors clearly frustrated look to find a response of their own. Are more than capable the rain falling heavily impacting both sides horrible out there. Denton moving clear right side up the line lifts a dipping cross in near post, Turner-Powell lunging for it can’t direct it across the face of goal out for a goal kick.

Leigh Ramblers, Lucy Dalgarno

 Rhiana Castle looking to get forwards more on the left with Lucy Dalgarno behind her. Has the ball at her feet charging into the box, Lucy Johnson sliding into the tackle Castle rides it, had she gone down the referee would have had to make a decision as it is Castle wins a corner. The delivery put in central headed over for another corner, Netherton clearing their lines this time. I’m sure the pictures tell you how tough it is playing out there, hardly what both sides need, Leigh pushing hard risking it at the back, Rhiana Castle and Holdaway looking to join the attack. 

  Mashford central plays it to Lucy Dalgarno advancing up the left her ball played infield finding Rebecca Dalgarno top of the D striking the ball her shot races wide of the post. Haw races onto a pass from Emily Johnson centrally 25 yards out, Lucy Dalgarno getting up with her sticking a leg out to knock the ball on for her keeper to clear. Rebecca Dalgarno coming forwards into the right channel swings a ball into the area, a yard ahead of Turner-Powell. Leigh regain possession quickly Mashford out to Rebecca Dalgarno has space to move into left her diagonal through ball picking out the run of Turner-Powell free to shoot lacks power straight at the keeper from inside the box.

Leigh Ramblers captain, Georgia Holdaway

  The game moving into the closing minutes Netherton bring on Ellie Gaston for Earth as they look to see out the game. Are inviting Leigh on somewhat, the final ball just not happening for the visitors as they try to square things up. The ball missed by the Netherton defence centrally Turner-Powell after it, Kulite gets back in just the nick of time to lung in take it away from the strikers feet. Frustrations boil over as Rhiana Castle and Lucy Johnson get involved in a shoving match after going for a 50/50 ball Johnson ushered away quickly by her teammates both she and Castle receive the first cards of the game.

  Into stoppage time a Leigh attack breaking down Netherton come on with the ball but are reluctant to commit to an attack slow things down the clock ticking down. Leigh get the ball back out with Rhiana Castle right inside for Holdaway through for Turner-Powell, Stanyon out to the top of her area to launch clear as the final whistle blows and the Netherton team rush towards the centre circle to celebrate a memorable victory.

Netherton United Ladies celebrate at the final whistle

Full time Netherton United Ladies 5-4 Leigh Ramblers Ladies

  What a game a nine goal thriller, Netherton United Ladies coming back from 3 goals down to win the tie 5-4 to advance to 2nd Round Qualifying of the Vitality Women’s FA Cup. An exciting tie to watch (there are advantages to being neutral). Entertaining despite the awful weather, what an advert for the cup there is something magical about it. Leigh Ramblers will leave the ground highly frustrated at 3-0 up they were cruising and looked in control threatening to pull Netherton apart. The hosts showing great character getting 2 goals back quickly before turning it around to level at 3-3 at half-time. Leigh responding brilliantly to score straight away 2nd half but again Netherton came back to level and from that point with their tails up looked strong threatening the Leigh defence and going on to take the lead for the first time in the match, 5-4 the winning score in the finish as the heavens opened playing conditions hard Leigh pushed them all the way just wasn’t to be.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, as per usual several contenders from both sides, starting with Leigh Ramblers, Elisha Turner-Powell never stopped running in attack carving out several opportunities for herself and her teammates. Rebecca Dalgarno too in midfield with some good running and a threat with her delivery on corners. For Netherton Jenna Nairn was influential in midfield getting hold of the ball to set up attacks playing the ball forwards. Yasmin Green a threat on the right scoring two goals. The award though goes to Emily Johnson. No doubt her goals to bring it back to 2-3 were the turning point in the tie a threat taking on the Leigh defence on the left was strong on the ball throughout.

  Despite the awful weather I thoroughly enjoyed the game a highly entertaining contest between two attacking sides. Good to visit The Grange again and will have to do so again when the sun is shining I did fancy something from that food truck bar a cup of tea. My thanks as always to both sides for those all important teams details good to catch up with both sides. Netherton will be eagerly awaiting the draw for the next round.

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

Sunday’s match report on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership, a trip to Peterborough to watch Netherton United Ladies play Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A trip to Peterborough this Sunday, the venue The Grange to watch a match from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with Netherton United Ladies hosting Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

  The season in Cambridgeshire has barely gotten started with just a handful of games having taken place in the Premiership to date with 2 of the 9 sides contesting the 2016/17 yet to get going. Both Netherton United Ladies and Cambridge United WFC Reserves have played 2 league matches to date. Both starting with a defeat then bouncing back with a win. 

  Netherton United Ladies run a number of youth sides as well as the ladies 1st team.  Started the season with a 1-0 home defeat against Newmarket Town Ladies, this was followed by 2-0 away defeat in the FA Women’s Cup against higher league opponents Acle United Ladies. Since then however the club has enjoyed a run of 3 successive home games winning all 3 games 1 league and 2 cup matches scoring 19 goals along the way. A 4th successive home win today will see them move to the top of the Premiership, albeit early days.

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves are the current Premiership leaders recovering from a 2-1 defeat against newly promoted St Ives Town Ladies on the opening day. Won big 2 weeks later scoring 10 goals past another of the promoted sides Bourne Ladies to go to the top, victory today will see them extend that lead. A lot of player movement at the club over the close season new faces in both the 1st team squad (competing in FAWPL South East Division One) and the Reserves as the club looks to push up the women’s football pyramid.

  The venue for today’s league encounter The Grange in Peterborough, to the north of the town centre, the ground at the end of a newly build housing estate boasts a new 3G pitch with room inside for spectators to watch along one side. A clubhouse with bar and hot and cold refreshments available with multiple grass pitches beyond. A nice set-up all the better because the heavy rain that had blown through all morning was finally clear and it was a bright and sunny afternoon, with the odd black cloud dotted about.

  Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Katie Cooper, Lucy Johnson, Dita Upesjure, Camen Giles, Hannah Johnson, Jenna Nairn, Megan Parrett (C), Alice MacNicol, Georgia Parrett, Yasmin Green & Emily Johnson.
  subs – Lauren McKeever, Anna Hatcher & Savannah Evans

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves starting XI – Verity Crook, Sarah Carroll, Carolyn Sarafain, Liz Pamplin, Mel Findlater, Laura Baker, Gabrielle Whitehurst, Emily Ingle (C), Teonie Peyton, Ebony Rule & Lauren Gibson

  subs- Ellen Green, Jess Harvey, McKenzie McGranor & Vicky Hoover.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   A minutes silence held before the game in honour of Paul McCann, a coach with Riverside FC who tragically passed away whilst falling ill competing in the Great Eastern Run recently.
  With Cambridge United WFC’s 1st team game in the FAWPL Cup away to Portsmouth FC Ladies postponed early in the morning the Reserves side was ale to draft in Verity Crook to keep goal for today’s match. New signing Jess Harvey having come in from Peterborough United Ladies was starting on the bench. Netherton United Ladies had a new signing on their bench too, Anna Hatcher joining the club from March Town United Ladies. It’s the visitors to kick-off the 1st half, Cambridge wearing amber shirts and socks with black shorts. Netherton lined up opposite wearing red and black shirts with black shorts and socks. 
  Cambridge work the ball out to the right wing early on captain Emily Ingle pushing up that side of the pitch to win the ball, her attempted cross blocked by Netherton’s Dita Upesjure defending that side of the pitch the ball out for a throw-in. Linking up with Ebony Rule from the throw Ingle sends the ball into the box, Netherton defend Camen Giles heading the ball clear of the area. The visitors continue to push forwards in the opening exchanges the ball won back in midfield is played up into Teonie Payton inside the D, helps the ball on into the box with Rule getting onto the end of it right of goal, shoots low aiming near post, Netherton goalkeeper Katie Cooper has the angle covered gathers the ball into her arms.
  Netherton get the ball forwards quickly, Jenna Nairn sending it long for Emily Johnson up front to chase, Cambridge are playing with 3 at the back, Johnson runs in behind Carolyn Sarafain on the left of the 3, looks to take the ball on into the area, Sarafain gets back with the attacker getting a foot on the ball to push it away from her runs on to Crook who claims the ball. 
  Pressuring the Netherton defence on the left wing, Peyton wins Cambridge the 1st corner of the game. Is a good delivery fired into the box with plenty of pace, Liz Pamplin (who can and has played in every position on the pitch) is up from the back coming onto the ball gets her head on it, puts it over the crossbar from 10 yards out. Is a competitive game a few strong challenges coming in early on complaints from both sides.
Teonie Peyton on the ball for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
looks to get away from Netherton’s Georgia Parrett
  Mel Findlater pays the ball out of the Cambridge half up to Rule, back to goal she heads the ball down into the advancing Gabrielle Whitehurst she plays it to her midfield partner Laura Baker, returning to action after an injury in early pre-season. 25 yards from goal Baker juggles the ball between her feet before hitting a shot towards goal on the volley, up and over the defence drops safely into Cooper’s gloves. The visitors have Netherton on the back foot in the opening 10 minutes. From a throw on the left side, Lauren Gibson looks to turn on the edge of the box as the ball is played into her feet falling back as she strikes the ball, lacks the power to beat Cooper at her near post.
  GOAL! The early pressure from the visitors tells as they take the lead on 11 minutes, working the ball up the right flank Cambridge win a throw, Ingle and Rule link up to get the ball into the box, a Netherton defender throws a leg out to deflect the ball out of the area is loose as it runs across the D central, is a race for the ball, Baker for Cambridge getting there just ahead of the defender takes the ball inside past her then hits a right foot shot low across the keeper into the bottom corner for her 1st goal of the season 0-1.
Laura Baker with the opening goal of the game for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
  Netherton look to move the ball forwards from the restart, captain Megan Parrett in midfield plays the ball out to Emily Johnson moving right to the right, turns back inside passing the ball inside to the advancing Nairn central, picks out Alice MacNicol coming inside from the left getting hold of the ball as she runs inside the box, left of goal the angle is against her as she squeezes a shot away the ball running along the ground Crook down to collect at her near post.
  The game is stretched from one end to the other with Cambridge playing it over the top for Gibson, Cooper rushing out of her box to kick clear manages to pick out Johnson on the right side, Georgia Parrett makes a run inside receives the ball, hits the cross on the move outside the box, Yasmin Green is there on the penalty spot the ball just evades her as she throws a leg at it. MacNicol has a pop at goal from distance for Netherton up and over the Cambridge defence like Baker’s earlier effort drops safely for Crook to take cleanly.
  A throw on the left deep inside the Netherton half brings Cambridge a corner kick the delivery his headed near post by Gibson into the middle of the area, Megan Parrett heads the ball away. A freaky deflection puts Cambridge’s Rule in on goal as Hannah Johnson’s attempted clearance smashes against her own team mate having push out from the back the deflection sees the ball spin in behind Rule reacting quickest is after it carrying the ball into the area is one on one with the keeper, her touch just a fraction heavy as she arrives in the box allowed Cooper committed to sliding in at her feet to get hold of the ball pull it into her body on the ground.
 The strong tackling continues and Cambridge feeling they aren’t getting the decisions are making their protests vocal. Johnson is caught in possession at the back by Gibson the Cambridge striker nicking the ball on the left outside the box, takes it on into the area looks to curl the ball into the top corner across goal, good save from Cooper as she throws herself at the ball pushes it wide her defence clearing far side. Cambridge keep possession inside the Netherton half, Sarafain coming forwards as Peyton wins a throw on the left, linking up with Baker, Sarafain is played in down the line coming into the area her cross is deflected behind by Hannah Johnson for a corner kick. The delivery into the six yard box his headed up into the air by Parrett, dropping amongst bodies is cleared away to the left top of the area, Baker latching onto the ball sends it back in towards goal, Cooper dives as the ball goes across her goal but leaves it confident it is racing wide.

Netherton United Ladies, Alice MacNicol

Peyton has said too much for the referees liking and get’s her name in the book. Winning the ball wide on the right for Netherton, Georgia Parrett passes the ball in field into Nairn has MacNicol to her left plays the ball into her feet takes on the strike from distance whipping the ball up over the Cambridge defence from outside the box the shot whistles over the crossbar. Giles takes a painful knock defending for Netherton at the back, wants to continue but can’t the home side making a change sending on Anna Hatcher to join the defence. 

  Play is drawn over the the right of the pitch with Cambridge attacking, Peyton moving central is in space and play is spread across to her as Gibson holds the ball up before laying it into Baker her pass finding Peyton, takes the ball on into the box, Netherton’s Lucy Johnson gets back to try and force for wide of goal, left of the target getting closed down, Peyton gets a shot away with the outside of her boot runs wide across the face of goal. Rule is played in on goal moments later Gibson playing her in behind her shot is blasted in wide of the goal.
  GOAL! Late into the 1st half and Cambridge double their lead. Are awarded a free-kick some 40 yards out to the right of the Netherton box. Baker over the ball as players pile forwards, flights the ball into the area near post area, 2 Netherton defenders go for it comes off the shoulder of one falling inside the six yard box favourably for Cambridge’s Whitehurst travelling forwards, the ball dropping into her path makes no mistake getting her foot over the ball sending her shot across the goal and into the back of the net 0-2.
Gabrielle Whitehurst scores late in the 1st half for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
Half-time Netherton United Ladies 0-2 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A goal at either end of the 1st half sees Cambridge lead the match 2-0 with a strong 1st half display. Creating plenty of opportunities inside the Netherton final 3rd have had the home side on the back foot for much of the 1st 45 minutes. A few of the Netherton players letting themselves get distracted by the verbals flying around haven’t been at their best. Haven’t been able to get their strikers in behind the Cambridge back 3 who have won most things in the air. 2-0 is always a tricky scoreline all to often the next goal has a huge influence on where the final result will go as the 2 sides line up for the 2nd half, Netherton to kick-off.
  An early corner for Cambridge as Baker gets her foot on the ball sends a pass out to Ingle wide on the right taking the ball down the line Upesjure prevents the cross coming in turning the ball behind. The ball is sent long across the top of the six yard box, Pamplin far side gets something on the ball sends it high over the top of goal. 
  GOAL! An early goal in the 2nd half for Cambridge sees them extend their lead. Peyton full of running on the left wins the visitors a throw the ball is retained that side as players drift forwards through the middle, Findlater having been shielding the back 3 for much of the game is up field in front of the Netherton area as the ball is played in towards her left of the D she sees the bouncing ball onto her foot hitting it on the half volley getting it up and over the keeper to drop into the back of the net beyond with just 4 minutes of the 2nd half played 0-3. Her 1st goal for Cambridge.
Mel Findlater with her 1st goal for the
club early in the 2nd half to make it 3-0
  Netherton win a free kick the ball is played up towards the D, MacNicol inside in attempts to control her header the ball evading her, Cambridge fail to clear it rolling back to Nairn in midfield, MacNicol comes across to the left to receive the ball, shifts it between her feet to evade a challenge and runs with the ball down the line cutting it back on the byline into the middle of the area runs straight towards Green on the penalty spot, looks to open her body take her shot into the far corner the ball rolls the wrong side of the post.   
   Peyton wins Cambridge a corner attacking down the right. The ball in is headed back out to the right by Hatcher. Peyton to put the ball back into the box is headed down into the ground by Hannah Johnson, Whitehurst outside the box gets her foot over the bouncing ball gets her shot through the crowd, no trouble for Cooper as it runs wide of goal. Megan Parrett having taken a knock comes off for Netherton, Lauren McKeever coming on into midfield. 
  Lucy Johnson brings the ball up the right for Netherton rolls in into Georgia Parrett plays the ball inside into Green who strikes the ball early from outside the box, doesn’t get off the ground rolls straight towards Crook who has time to set herself and gather. Savannah Evans comes on for Netherton. Cambridge make a change too bringing on McKenzie McGranor for Peyton. Straight away the substitute has a chance on goal ahead of play as the ball is played out from the back comes in field with Ingle moving inside helps the ball on into the box from 25 yards out McGranor gets her head on the ball tries to power it around Cooper pushes the ball wide of goal. A free kick in a dangerous area outside the box for Netherton as McKeever is fouled by Whitehurst. 25 yards out MacNicol over the ball goes for the shot her effort flashing over the crossbar. 
Netherton United Ladies, Lucy Johnson
  2nd change for the visitors as Rule comes off, Jess Harvey comes on to make her debut. Cambridge have a corner on the left. Before it is taken Netherton make a change Megan Parrett back on with Georgia coming off. Lucy Johnson does well for Netherton defending the corner getting hold of the ball play it out of the area before sending it up field, Baker from a deeper position regains possession looks to send the ball into the area, too long Cooper reaching up can pull the ball down into her body.
   Whitehurst bringing the ball over half-way passes into Gibson back to goal holds it up with Baker going past making a move to get into the box, Gibson attempts to roll the ball into her path inside the box Cooper commits early coming out to the edge of her area sliding in to push the ball away from the attacker. Harvey getting hold of the ball on the wing looks to lift the ball back in towards goal, Cooper back on her feet quickly snatches the ball down holding onto the shot. 
   Cambridge bring players forward to attack another corner kick on the left, the initial ball into the box is headed back out towards the taker Ingle, sends the ball back in central, Gibson tries to get her head on the ball, Hatcher defends well getting their 1st to clear the ball. Linking up on the right side, Ingle plays the ball down the line for Harvey, Upesjure stops the cross conceding the corner. The ball comes in quickly along the six yard box, is on Gibson far post area before she get her head under the ball, deflects off her up over the bar.
Cambridge United WFC Reserves, Jess Harvey with
Netherton’s Dita Upesjure
  Baker has the ball at her feet outside the Netherton area, moves forwards with it shifting it between her feet before shooting, taking a deflection the ball runs wide for a corner kick on the left. Cooper gets up amongst the crowd gathered near post to punch the ball on wide across the six yard box. A double change for Cambridge, Carroll and Findlater coming off, Ellen Green and Vicky Hoover coming on with 15 minutes left to play. Has been a heated contest between Hannah Johnson and Gibson all game both are called to the referee, Gibson yellow carded for dissent when her objections go too far. 
Lauren Gibson & Anna Hatcher
  Harvey attempts to turn in behind to attack the box on the right side outside the box as Whitehurst gets the ball into her feet, moving into the box Upesjure recovers to close her down and slides in to take the ball out for a corner. Going long the ball is cleared the area cleared, Cambridge come again Hoover winning the ball deep in midfield plays it into Baker who picks out Harvey right, crosses the ball along to face of the box for Gibson closed down quickly by Hatcher shifts the ball to get a shot away doesn’t get a good connection with the ball spins wide along the ground. Gibson’s last action of the game as she comes off, Rule back on. 
  Baker is brought down right on the edge of the area as she attempts to get into the box, left of the D it’s Baker over the ball, goes for goal her six flashing wide across the six yard box. A corner for Cambridge left side the delivery whipped into the six yard box, McGranor central gets her head on the ball places it up over the crossbar. Into the final minutes of the match Baker is brought down again 25 yards out in a central position. Pamplin over the set-piece goes for goal the strike heading for the top corner, Cooper throwing herself at the ball may have gotten the slightest touch the ball hitting the crossbar and spinning away to the left.
Liz Pamplin comes close from the set-piece for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
 A corner on the left in injury time, Pamplin closest to it inside the area can’t turn it goalwards plays it back to McGranor who attempts to lift the ball in across the face of goal with the outside of her boot, Green can’t quite reach it as she lunges for it in a central position the ball is cleared as the final whistle blows.
Full time Netherton United Ladies 0-3 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  Cambridge win 3-0 a comfortable win to earn the 3 points move onto six points at the top of the table are joined on 6 points by Newmarket Town Ladies who won 2-0 this afternoon too away to St Ives Town. A good performance from the visitors creating alot going forwards the back 3 not letting anything get in behind them. Not too much for Netherton to complain about weren’t at their best today the early goal 2nd half a blow couldn’t find a way back into the game can only get back on the training pitch look to get it right next match.
  My thanks to both clubs for their help with the teams today much appreciated. 

Cambridgeshire Girls U18s League Cup Final

Netherton United Ladies U18s v Newmarket Town Ladies U18s

Midweek football on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog came from St Neots Town FC and the Final of the Cambridgeshire Girls U18s League Cup played between Netherton United Ladies & Newmarket Town Ladies, two side with a strong youth policy that has seen several of their U18s play for their senior teams already.

Cup Final Report – Netherton United Ladies U18s v Newmarket Town Ladies U18s

  The Cup Finals keep coming on the Supporting Women’s Football. A midweek trip to St Neots Town FC to watch the final of the Cambridgeshire S-Tech Insurance Girls U18s League Cup, with Netherton United Ladies U18s playing Newmarket Town Ladies U18s.

  Two sides that have a similar approach to the game running a number of youth sides with a clear path in place to achieve 1st team football with the senior women’s side and this season has seen a number of U18 players feature regularly for their 1st team both of which compete in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership. 

  The venue for this evenings final St Neots Town FC, a newly build stadium on the outskirts of the town, amongst a new housing development going up, is a bit of a rabbit warren to find amongst the new housing and the Sat Nav gave up, still I found it the floodlights visible it was a case of picking the right road. Is a very nice stadium, new a large seated stand along side the pitch with a clubhouse with bar and facilities for hot refreshments although not available tonight. Terraced covered stands at either end. The large pitch looked in fantastic condition. A bright and sunny evening warm and dry total contrast to the monsoon I’d stood in to watch Newmarket Town Ladies in their semi-final game.

Road to the Final
  Just 7 sides contested the Cambridge Girls U18s League this season, Wisbech St Marys Ladies were the runaway winners playing and winning all 15 of their league matches whilst Newmarket Town Ladies finished as runners-up with Netherton United Ladies 3rd. Both sides entering in the quarter final stage.
  Newmarket Tow Ladies were awarded an away win with Riverside Rovers pulling out. Into the hat 4 the semi-finals were drawn at home against league leaders Wisbech St Marys Ladies. A tough challenge seemingly I went along to watch this semi-final on a Saturday morning played on the Dullingham Polo Fields. On the day Newmarket Town Ladies were by far the better side winning the game 4-0 to reach the League Cup Final.
  Netherton United Ladies were at home in the quarter finals showing no mercy as they romped though to the semi-finals beating Sawston 21-0. That result scaring their semi-final opponents Sawtry the game never took place and Netherton United Ladies were into the final.
The venue for this evenings final St Neots Town FC, a newly build stadium on the outskirts of the town, amongst a new housing development going up, is a bit of a rabbit warren to find amongst the new housing and the Sat Nav gave up, still I found it the floodlights visible it was a case of picking the right road. Is a very nice stadium, new a large seated stand along side the pitch with a clubhouse with bar and facilities for hot refreshments although not available tonight. Terraced covered stands at either end. The large pitch looked in fantastic condition. A bright and sunny evening warm and dry total contrast to the monsoon I’d stood in to watch Newmarket Town Ladies in their semi-final game.
  Netherton United Ladies U18s starting XI – Katie Cooper, Stacie Boon, Courtney Coles, Olivia Bass, Georgia Clarke, Hazel Sterling (C), Eleanor Mitchell, Georgina Parrett, Savannah Evans, Lucy Johnson & Emma Pollard.
  subs – Tia Vacca, Charlotte Akester & Natasha Anderson.
   Newmarket Town Ladies starting XI – Lilli Estus, Katie Webb, Chloe Slater, Yasmin Woodfield, Ella Blowes (C), Jessica Linger, Molly Agnew, Abbi Griffin, Olivia Orme, Jordanne Sillitoe & Dominika Szary
   subs – Olivia Page & Freya Rule.
(roll on roll off substitutes)
  Newmarket wearing yellow shirts with blue trim on the sides and numbering get the 1st half underway with opponents Netherton lined up opposite wearing red shirts with a black bands across the chest, black shorts and black and red hooped socks. Netherton captain, Hazel Sterling imposes herself on the ball in the midfield early on pushing out to the left side tries the play in Savannah Evans ahead of her trying to come in from the left side to get inside the area the pass carries too much weight runs through to Newmarket goalkeeper Lilli Estus for an early touch of the ball.
Netherton United Ladies u18s captain goes on the attack early on
  Not only have players from both sides played for their respective 1st teams this season, Newmarket have a few dual signed who have played at a higher level still, defender Katie Webb and attacking player Jordanne Sillitoe have experience in the ERWFL Premier Division with Great Shelford Ladies, whilst I have seen Chloe Slater in playing for Brandon Town Ladies in Norfolk Women’s Division One. Newmarket go up the other end the ball put up the right channel for Abbi griffin to chase wins her side a corner kick. Any set piece put in from that side could cause a problem for the Netherton defence with the sun setting low behind that side of the stadium. The ball comes in goalkeeper, Katie Cooper goes up to claim the ball isn’t safely in her gloves drops into the six yard box, Netherton scramble it away.
 GOAL! The perfect start for Newmarket as they open the scoring just 3 minutes played. the ball from the corner kick isn’t cleared far outsdie the Netherton box newmarket regain possession on the left side, comes to the feet of Sillitoe, carries it forwards comng inside reaches the edge of the area pulls the trigger drilling the ball low and fast across the goal and buries it into the bottom corner. 0-1.
   Newmarket aome again Sillitoe proving to be a handful on the ball, plays the pass out to Molly Agnew moving into space on the right side again the shot comes in from just outside the area Cooper gets down low and pushes the ball away for another corner. Netherton are trying to release attackers Emma Pollard and Lucy Johnson through the centre testing the Newmarket defence with high balls. Newmarket regain the ball go up the other end winning a throw on the right is put into Sillitoe’s feet turns inside and looks to curl a shot in towards the top corner, drifts wide of the target.
Netherton’s Lucy Johnson with Newmarket’s Yasmin Woodfield
  On the left Dominika Szary gets hold of the ball takes on the Netherton defence getting free, shoots from 20 yards out, Cooper dives to her left but a touch isn’t needed as the ball rolls a yard wide for the goal kick. Netherton get the ball up though the middle quickly Evans into Johnson who slides Pollard in off the shoulder of the Newmarket defence has a half yard head start, Estus comes off her line to the edge of her area right side beats the ball away with her gloves as Pollard shoots. 
Jess Linger in the centre of midfield for Newmarket plays a good ball out for Griffin on the right puts the ball inside into Sillitoe who shoots positioned left of the D, Cooper is down sharply to make the save stopping the ball then claiming it. Courtney Coles gets across and puts in a good tackle to stop Agnew wide left as she looks to travel with the ball deep on the left as Newmarket counter attack. Another block is needed from Netherton as Sillitoe charging forwards with the ball at her feet unleashes a shot, Emma Mitchell getting herself behind the ball to block. the ball looping away for a corner. Comes in high into the middle Szary going up for it connects with her head but sends the ball wide across goal.
Dominika Szary gets up to head the ball from a corner for Newmarket
  Staying close together as the ball is put up to them Johnson and Pollard attack the Netherton defence exchanging passes as they work it forwards Johnson gets the ball back to Pollard as she gets free just outside the area takes on the shot the ball looping up turns away from the right post wide.Evans wins a throw inside the Newmarket half on the left taking it gets the ball back lifts it up towards the area picking out Pollard who hits it on the turn sending the ball up into the air comes down into Estus’ gloves.
 Is a fast paced game, U18s football is alot faster than the senior women’s game and that isn’t a slow game either. Georgina Parrett bursts forwards played in by Sterling down the wing wins a throw deep in their territory the ball comes to nothing, Newmarket get hold of it, Linger getting the ball up to Griffin who goes for goal 20 yards out puts her effort over the crossbar. Sillitoe who is constantly looking for room to unleash a shot goes for it from 30 yards out left side a fierce drive is off target. 
Chloe Slater playing the ball for Newmarket Town Ladies U18s
  Change for Netherton with Sterling coming off the armband handed to Coles as Tia Vacca comes on. Evans brings the ball forwards for Netherton plays it inside to Johnson, she and Pollard exchange passes again working their way through the middle, get a shot away Newmarket have bodies in the box the ball is blocked. Szary comes off for Newmarket with Olivia Page being sent on.
  GOAL! Netherton get themselves back on level terms, Pollard picking the ball up inside the Newmarket half has Vacca running into space on her left, plays the ball out to her getting hold of it deep is closed down looks up seeing what options she has Parett has come forwards left side of the area the ball is played into her hits the shot sending the ball looping up high into the air flies over Estus and drops behind her into the back of the net 1-1.
Georgina Parrett looking to get on the ball levels things up for Netherton
 Sillitoe has taken a knock and needs to come off, Agnew who had sneaked off earlier on returning to the pitch. Netherton put a dangerous ball forwards looking to clear the Newmarket defence, Pollard is interested, but Newmarket defender Olivia Orme does well to keep her eye on the ball watch it drop with a setting sun to deal and get a firm header on the ball to clear.Break on for Netherton Johnson playing the ball down the line for Vacca surging forwards, Griffin tracking back slides in to win the ball back putting it out for the corner. Newmarket get the ball up the other end Griffins cross put behind at the near post for a corner. The ball is put into the face of the area, is rolled out to Griffin right hits it hard towards goal, stinging Coopers gloves as she saves then claims the lose ball insde her six yard box.
  Netherton go straight on the attack the ball sent out to Johnson peeling away into space left carrying the ball on left side of the area lets fly sending the shot high looping over Estus once again looks destined to drop under the bar, instead hits it then the post before dropping down central a foot in front of goal, then into the gloves of a grateful Estus. Late into the 1st half and Newmarket have a corner, on the right goes all the way through the area coming to Yasmin Woodfield left side 20 yards out fires the shot back in Copper diving to her right the ball sails wide.
Half-time Netherton United Ladies U18s 1-1 Newmarket Town Ladies U18s
  A fast paced 1st half with plenty of chances created, Newmarket getting the better share of them have used the width better getting the ball into the channels whilst Sillitoe has been all over the place in attack hard to mark. Scored early but Netherton held out working hard to chase the ball down have been patient waiting for the mistakes then trying to capitalise, equalised and could have had a lead late in the 1st half. 
  Netherton get the 2nd half underway the floodlights now starting to take full effect. Both Sillitoe and Szary are back on the pitch for the start of the 2nd half Page and Freya Rule off. After a tentative opening couple of minutes Newmarket win a corner on the right as Sillitoe pushes into the corner. The ball coming in is knocked up into the air at the near post, comes down for Linger edge of the area right of goal, takes a touch shifting the ball into a yard of space to shoot hits it hard but straight at Cooper who holds onto the ball.
  Netherton make a push through the middle, Parrett and Pollard working it forwards the latter trying to put Johnson clear on the right side, Slater closing her down tackles and brings the ball away. Pollard comes through the middle shoots 20 yards out sees the ball blocked spins away to the right Johnson winning a corner. Estus decides to come through the crowd at her near post goes to punch the ball misses it drops behind her into the six yard area in front of goal, Webb launches it. 
  GOAL! Newmarket retake the lead, coming forwards through the middle Slater to Linger the ball rolled on for Sillitoe right of the D 20 yards out, Griffin more central just ahead of her her is given the ball rolls it on for Szary coming into the area goes for the shot pulling the ball across the keeper to the far post strikes it at the base and is turned in 1-2. 
   Great tackle from Webb on Vacca left side as Netherton attack Parrett on for Pollard who looks to get Vacca through on goal. Johnson has a pop at goal 25 yards out hits the ball wide across the area. Pollard is fouled on the left side close to the top of the area. A good delivery is swept into the box, Johnson rising to attack it sends her header narrowly over the crossbar. 
  Newmarket are starting to get more of the ball, lifting a ball up into the box Griffin looks to hit the ball across the six yard box with the outside of her boot, Szary making the run is just sort of connecting with the ball before Cooper claims it. Sillitoe with a powerful run down into the right channel stands the ball up into the area Szary gets her head on the ball but can’t direct it on target. A knock for Stacie Boon comes off for Netherton with Sterling returning to the action. Change for Newmarket to Agnew coming off Page comes back on.
  GOAL! Newmarket extend their lead coming from a throw inside the Netherton half on the right side is with Page down beside the area plays the pass back up into Sillitoe coming to receive, outside the area Sillitoe goes for goal hitting a high ball into the area little Cooper can do about it as it drops late behind her and over the line. 1-3.
Jordan Sillitoe on the ball for Newmarket scores 2
in the U18s League Cup Final
  Vacca comes off for Netherton with Boon returning to the game. Linger plays the ball up in towards Sillitoe 20 yards out slips and falls as she goes to control the ball, Griffin is close with her gets the shot away looping up but straight for Cooper she palms it down the scrambles to get hold of it with Szary chasing in on the follow up. Johnson is fouled by Webb coming across her 25 yards out, Netherton have a free kick, Olivia Bass over it goes for goal puts the strike over. 
  Webb plays the ball into the box as she finds herself high up the pitch with a throw being taken on the left plays the ball into to the area, Parrett does well to defend against Sillitoe the ball cleared Page tried to turn it back in is fouled giving Newmarket the free kick in a central position 25 yards out. Linger takes it going for goal hits it hard drills the ball wide. Netherton are tiring not retaining the ball high up the pitch Newmarket bring it forwards a superb ball from Slater putting the pass across the pitch picking out Griffin on the right side shoots aiming for the near post, great save by Cooper diving at full stretch to push the ball wide for the corner as the game moves into the final 5 minutes. 
Newmarket Town Ladies, Abbi Griffin
  Corner for Newmarket on the right put into the box Sillitoe gets up highest to head the ball turning it down towards the far post Bass covering the post makes the goal line clearance. The subs are coming thick and fast from both sides late on job to keep track of who is on and who is off. Webb has been in fine form at the back for Newmarket all game and late on gets across to stops Pollard making one last break through the middle. Gets up the other end as Newmarket push forwards has a strike at goal from outside the box firing it straight at Cooper who keeps hold of the ball.
  The final whistle blows and Newmarket Town Ladies celebrate as they win the u18s Girls League Cup Final beating Netherton 3-1. An entertaining final played at a fast tempo between to sides packed with potential as they end their time in youth football setting up to women’s football next season both sides look to have an exciting future ahead of them. Newmarket were the better side over the 90 minutes creating more chances. Netherton worked hard and created chances equalising and could have lead before Newmarket went on to score 2 more goals 2nd half, Netherton tiring towards the end.
Newmarket Town Ladies U18s, League Cup Winners
  Congratulations to Newmarket Town Ladies on their cup success. Thanks to Cambridgeshire FA’s Chris Abbott for his help tonight and both sides for sorting me out with the squad details after the match.

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge City Ladies


 This Sunday’s football action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from Peterborough and trip to watch a side that had been keen to see me watch them play at their home ground, The Grange. Netherton United Ladies were in action in the 2nd round of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup against fellow Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership opponents Cambridge City Ladies. Click on the link below to take you to the match report.

Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge City Ladies 25/10/15