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Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

Sunday’s match report on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership, a trip to Peterborough to watch Netherton United Ladies play Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A trip to Peterborough this Sunday, the venue The Grange to watch a match from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with Netherton United Ladies hosting Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

  The season in Cambridgeshire has barely gotten started with just a handful of games having taken place in the Premiership to date with 2 of the 9 sides contesting the 2016/17 yet to get going. Both Netherton United Ladies and Cambridge United WFC Reserves have played 2 league matches to date. Both starting with a defeat then bouncing back with a win. 

  Netherton United Ladies run a number of youth sides as well as the ladies 1st team.  Started the season with a 1-0 home defeat against Newmarket Town Ladies, this was followed by 2-0 away defeat in the FA Women’s Cup against higher league opponents Acle United Ladies. Since then however the club has enjoyed a run of 3 successive home games winning all 3 games 1 league and 2 cup matches scoring 19 goals along the way. A 4th successive home win today will see them move to the top of the Premiership, albeit early days.

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves are the current Premiership leaders recovering from a 2-1 defeat against newly promoted St Ives Town Ladies on the opening day. Won big 2 weeks later scoring 10 goals past another of the promoted sides Bourne Ladies to go to the top, victory today will see them extend that lead. A lot of player movement at the club over the close season new faces in both the 1st team squad (competing in FAWPL South East Division One) and the Reserves as the club looks to push up the women’s football pyramid.

  The venue for today’s league encounter The Grange in Peterborough, to the north of the town centre, the ground at the end of a newly build housing estate boasts a new 3G pitch with room inside for spectators to watch along one side. A clubhouse with bar and hot and cold refreshments available with multiple grass pitches beyond. A nice set-up all the better because the heavy rain that had blown through all morning was finally clear and it was a bright and sunny afternoon, with the odd black cloud dotted about.

  Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Katie Cooper, Lucy Johnson, Dita Upesjure, Camen Giles, Hannah Johnson, Jenna Nairn, Megan Parrett (C), Alice MacNicol, Georgia Parrett, Yasmin Green & Emily Johnson.
  subs – Lauren McKeever, Anna Hatcher & Savannah Evans

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves starting XI – Verity Crook, Sarah Carroll, Carolyn Sarafain, Liz Pamplin, Mel Findlater, Laura Baker, Gabrielle Whitehurst, Emily Ingle (C), Teonie Peyton, Ebony Rule & Lauren Gibson

  subs- Ellen Green, Jess Harvey, McKenzie McGranor & Vicky Hoover.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   A minutes silence held before the game in honour of Paul McCann, a coach with Riverside FC who tragically passed away whilst falling ill competing in the Great Eastern Run recently.
  With Cambridge United WFC’s 1st team game in the FAWPL Cup away to Portsmouth FC Ladies postponed early in the morning the Reserves side was ale to draft in Verity Crook to keep goal for today’s match. New signing Jess Harvey having come in from Peterborough United Ladies was starting on the bench. Netherton United Ladies had a new signing on their bench too, Anna Hatcher joining the club from March Town United Ladies. It’s the visitors to kick-off the 1st half, Cambridge wearing amber shirts and socks with black shorts. Netherton lined up opposite wearing red and black shirts with black shorts and socks. 
  Cambridge work the ball out to the right wing early on captain Emily Ingle pushing up that side of the pitch to win the ball, her attempted cross blocked by Netherton’s Dita Upesjure defending that side of the pitch the ball out for a throw-in. Linking up with Ebony Rule from the throw Ingle sends the ball into the box, Netherton defend Camen Giles heading the ball clear of the area. The visitors continue to push forwards in the opening exchanges the ball won back in midfield is played up into Teonie Payton inside the D, helps the ball on into the box with Rule getting onto the end of it right of goal, shoots low aiming near post, Netherton goalkeeper Katie Cooper has the angle covered gathers the ball into her arms.
  Netherton get the ball forwards quickly, Jenna Nairn sending it long for Emily Johnson up front to chase, Cambridge are playing with 3 at the back, Johnson runs in behind Carolyn Sarafain on the left of the 3, looks to take the ball on into the area, Sarafain gets back with the attacker getting a foot on the ball to push it away from her runs on to Crook who claims the ball. 
  Pressuring the Netherton defence on the left wing, Peyton wins Cambridge the 1st corner of the game. Is a good delivery fired into the box with plenty of pace, Liz Pamplin (who can and has played in every position on the pitch) is up from the back coming onto the ball gets her head on it, puts it over the crossbar from 10 yards out. Is a competitive game a few strong challenges coming in early on complaints from both sides.
Teonie Peyton on the ball for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
looks to get away from Netherton’s Georgia Parrett
  Mel Findlater pays the ball out of the Cambridge half up to Rule, back to goal she heads the ball down into the advancing Gabrielle Whitehurst she plays it to her midfield partner Laura Baker, returning to action after an injury in early pre-season. 25 yards from goal Baker juggles the ball between her feet before hitting a shot towards goal on the volley, up and over the defence drops safely into Cooper’s gloves. The visitors have Netherton on the back foot in the opening 10 minutes. From a throw on the left side, Lauren Gibson looks to turn on the edge of the box as the ball is played into her feet falling back as she strikes the ball, lacks the power to beat Cooper at her near post.
  GOAL! The early pressure from the visitors tells as they take the lead on 11 minutes, working the ball up the right flank Cambridge win a throw, Ingle and Rule link up to get the ball into the box, a Netherton defender throws a leg out to deflect the ball out of the area is loose as it runs across the D central, is a race for the ball, Baker for Cambridge getting there just ahead of the defender takes the ball inside past her then hits a right foot shot low across the keeper into the bottom corner for her 1st goal of the season 0-1.
Laura Baker with the opening goal of the game for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
  Netherton look to move the ball forwards from the restart, captain Megan Parrett in midfield plays the ball out to Emily Johnson moving right to the right, turns back inside passing the ball inside to the advancing Nairn central, picks out Alice MacNicol coming inside from the left getting hold of the ball as she runs inside the box, left of goal the angle is against her as she squeezes a shot away the ball running along the ground Crook down to collect at her near post.
  The game is stretched from one end to the other with Cambridge playing it over the top for Gibson, Cooper rushing out of her box to kick clear manages to pick out Johnson on the right side, Georgia Parrett makes a run inside receives the ball, hits the cross on the move outside the box, Yasmin Green is there on the penalty spot the ball just evades her as she throws a leg at it. MacNicol has a pop at goal from distance for Netherton up and over the Cambridge defence like Baker’s earlier effort drops safely for Crook to take cleanly.
  A throw on the left deep inside the Netherton half brings Cambridge a corner kick the delivery his headed near post by Gibson into the middle of the area, Megan Parrett heads the ball away. A freaky deflection puts Cambridge’s Rule in on goal as Hannah Johnson’s attempted clearance smashes against her own team mate having push out from the back the deflection sees the ball spin in behind Rule reacting quickest is after it carrying the ball into the area is one on one with the keeper, her touch just a fraction heavy as she arrives in the box allowed Cooper committed to sliding in at her feet to get hold of the ball pull it into her body on the ground.
 The strong tackling continues and Cambridge feeling they aren’t getting the decisions are making their protests vocal. Johnson is caught in possession at the back by Gibson the Cambridge striker nicking the ball on the left outside the box, takes it on into the area looks to curl the ball into the top corner across goal, good save from Cooper as she throws herself at the ball pushes it wide her defence clearing far side. Cambridge keep possession inside the Netherton half, Sarafain coming forwards as Peyton wins a throw on the left, linking up with Baker, Sarafain is played in down the line coming into the area her cross is deflected behind by Hannah Johnson for a corner kick. The delivery into the six yard box his headed up into the air by Parrett, dropping amongst bodies is cleared away to the left top of the area, Baker latching onto the ball sends it back in towards goal, Cooper dives as the ball goes across her goal but leaves it confident it is racing wide.

Netherton United Ladies, Alice MacNicol

Peyton has said too much for the referees liking and get’s her name in the book. Winning the ball wide on the right for Netherton, Georgia Parrett passes the ball in field into Nairn has MacNicol to her left plays the ball into her feet takes on the strike from distance whipping the ball up over the Cambridge defence from outside the box the shot whistles over the crossbar. Giles takes a painful knock defending for Netherton at the back, wants to continue but can’t the home side making a change sending on Anna Hatcher to join the defence. 

  Play is drawn over the the right of the pitch with Cambridge attacking, Peyton moving central is in space and play is spread across to her as Gibson holds the ball up before laying it into Baker her pass finding Peyton, takes the ball on into the box, Netherton’s Lucy Johnson gets back to try and force for wide of goal, left of the target getting closed down, Peyton gets a shot away with the outside of her boot runs wide across the face of goal. Rule is played in on goal moments later Gibson playing her in behind her shot is blasted in wide of the goal.
  GOAL! Late into the 1st half and Cambridge double their lead. Are awarded a free-kick some 40 yards out to the right of the Netherton box. Baker over the ball as players pile forwards, flights the ball into the area near post area, 2 Netherton defenders go for it comes off the shoulder of one falling inside the six yard box favourably for Cambridge’s Whitehurst travelling forwards, the ball dropping into her path makes no mistake getting her foot over the ball sending her shot across the goal and into the back of the net 0-2.
Gabrielle Whitehurst scores late in the 1st half for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
Half-time Netherton United Ladies 0-2 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A goal at either end of the 1st half sees Cambridge lead the match 2-0 with a strong 1st half display. Creating plenty of opportunities inside the Netherton final 3rd have had the home side on the back foot for much of the 1st 45 minutes. A few of the Netherton players letting themselves get distracted by the verbals flying around haven’t been at their best. Haven’t been able to get their strikers in behind the Cambridge back 3 who have won most things in the air. 2-0 is always a tricky scoreline all to often the next goal has a huge influence on where the final result will go as the 2 sides line up for the 2nd half, Netherton to kick-off.
  An early corner for Cambridge as Baker gets her foot on the ball sends a pass out to Ingle wide on the right taking the ball down the line Upesjure prevents the cross coming in turning the ball behind. The ball is sent long across the top of the six yard box, Pamplin far side gets something on the ball sends it high over the top of goal. 
  GOAL! An early goal in the 2nd half for Cambridge sees them extend their lead. Peyton full of running on the left wins the visitors a throw the ball is retained that side as players drift forwards through the middle, Findlater having been shielding the back 3 for much of the game is up field in front of the Netherton area as the ball is played in towards her left of the D she sees the bouncing ball onto her foot hitting it on the half volley getting it up and over the keeper to drop into the back of the net beyond with just 4 minutes of the 2nd half played 0-3. Her 1st goal for Cambridge.
Mel Findlater with her 1st goal for the
club early in the 2nd half to make it 3-0
  Netherton win a free kick the ball is played up towards the D, MacNicol inside in attempts to control her header the ball evading her, Cambridge fail to clear it rolling back to Nairn in midfield, MacNicol comes across to the left to receive the ball, shifts it between her feet to evade a challenge and runs with the ball down the line cutting it back on the byline into the middle of the area runs straight towards Green on the penalty spot, looks to open her body take her shot into the far corner the ball rolls the wrong side of the post.   
   Peyton wins Cambridge a corner attacking down the right. The ball in is headed back out to the right by Hatcher. Peyton to put the ball back into the box is headed down into the ground by Hannah Johnson, Whitehurst outside the box gets her foot over the bouncing ball gets her shot through the crowd, no trouble for Cooper as it runs wide of goal. Megan Parrett having taken a knock comes off for Netherton, Lauren McKeever coming on into midfield. 
  Lucy Johnson brings the ball up the right for Netherton rolls in into Georgia Parrett plays the ball inside into Green who strikes the ball early from outside the box, doesn’t get off the ground rolls straight towards Crook who has time to set herself and gather. Savannah Evans comes on for Netherton. Cambridge make a change too bringing on McKenzie McGranor for Peyton. Straight away the substitute has a chance on goal ahead of play as the ball is played out from the back comes in field with Ingle moving inside helps the ball on into the box from 25 yards out McGranor gets her head on the ball tries to power it around Cooper pushes the ball wide of goal. A free kick in a dangerous area outside the box for Netherton as McKeever is fouled by Whitehurst. 25 yards out MacNicol over the ball goes for the shot her effort flashing over the crossbar. 
Netherton United Ladies, Lucy Johnson
  2nd change for the visitors as Rule comes off, Jess Harvey comes on to make her debut. Cambridge have a corner on the left. Before it is taken Netherton make a change Megan Parrett back on with Georgia coming off. Lucy Johnson does well for Netherton defending the corner getting hold of the ball play it out of the area before sending it up field, Baker from a deeper position regains possession looks to send the ball into the area, too long Cooper reaching up can pull the ball down into her body.
   Whitehurst bringing the ball over half-way passes into Gibson back to goal holds it up with Baker going past making a move to get into the box, Gibson attempts to roll the ball into her path inside the box Cooper commits early coming out to the edge of her area sliding in to push the ball away from the attacker. Harvey getting hold of the ball on the wing looks to lift the ball back in towards goal, Cooper back on her feet quickly snatches the ball down holding onto the shot. 
   Cambridge bring players forward to attack another corner kick on the left, the initial ball into the box is headed back out towards the taker Ingle, sends the ball back in central, Gibson tries to get her head on the ball, Hatcher defends well getting their 1st to clear the ball. Linking up on the right side, Ingle plays the ball down the line for Harvey, Upesjure stops the cross conceding the corner. The ball comes in quickly along the six yard box, is on Gibson far post area before she get her head under the ball, deflects off her up over the bar.
Cambridge United WFC Reserves, Jess Harvey with
Netherton’s Dita Upesjure
  Baker has the ball at her feet outside the Netherton area, moves forwards with it shifting it between her feet before shooting, taking a deflection the ball runs wide for a corner kick on the left. Cooper gets up amongst the crowd gathered near post to punch the ball on wide across the six yard box. A double change for Cambridge, Carroll and Findlater coming off, Ellen Green and Vicky Hoover coming on with 15 minutes left to play. Has been a heated contest between Hannah Johnson and Gibson all game both are called to the referee, Gibson yellow carded for dissent when her objections go too far. 
Lauren Gibson & Anna Hatcher
  Harvey attempts to turn in behind to attack the box on the right side outside the box as Whitehurst gets the ball into her feet, moving into the box Upesjure recovers to close her down and slides in to take the ball out for a corner. Going long the ball is cleared the area cleared, Cambridge come again Hoover winning the ball deep in midfield plays it into Baker who picks out Harvey right, crosses the ball along to face of the box for Gibson closed down quickly by Hatcher shifts the ball to get a shot away doesn’t get a good connection with the ball spins wide along the ground. Gibson’s last action of the game as she comes off, Rule back on. 
  Baker is brought down right on the edge of the area as she attempts to get into the box, left of the D it’s Baker over the ball, goes for goal her six flashing wide across the six yard box. A corner for Cambridge left side the delivery whipped into the six yard box, McGranor central gets her head on the ball places it up over the crossbar. Into the final minutes of the match Baker is brought down again 25 yards out in a central position. Pamplin over the set-piece goes for goal the strike heading for the top corner, Cooper throwing herself at the ball may have gotten the slightest touch the ball hitting the crossbar and spinning away to the left.
Liz Pamplin comes close from the set-piece for Cambridge United WFC Reserves
 A corner on the left in injury time, Pamplin closest to it inside the area can’t turn it goalwards plays it back to McGranor who attempts to lift the ball in across the face of goal with the outside of her boot, Green can’t quite reach it as she lunges for it in a central position the ball is cleared as the final whistle blows.
Full time Netherton United Ladies 0-3 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  Cambridge win 3-0 a comfortable win to earn the 3 points move onto six points at the top of the table are joined on 6 points by Newmarket Town Ladies who won 2-0 this afternoon too away to St Ives Town. A good performance from the visitors creating alot going forwards the back 3 not letting anything get in behind them. Not too much for Netherton to complain about weren’t at their best today the early goal 2nd half a blow couldn’t find a way back into the game can only get back on the training pitch look to get it right next match.
  My thanks to both clubs for their help with the teams today much appreciated. 

Cup Final – Cambridge City Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

3 nights 3 Cup Finals on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog, Tuesday saw the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup Final being played at Histon FC with Cambridge City Ladies newly crowned Champions of the Women’s Premiership with the opportunity to do the double taking on Cambridge United WFC Reserves defeated finalists last season. A cracker of a match a 7 goal thriller.

Cup Final Report – Cambridge City Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  The busy start to the week continues with a 3rd Cup Final in 3 days a return trip to Histon FC to watch the final of the Cambridgeshire Women’s S-Tech Insurance League Cup, and it’s a local derby too with Cambridge City Ladies playing Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

  Cambridge City Ladies will be hoping to make it a league and cup double tonight, having clinched the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership title in their debut season playing women’s football having progressed as a side through the Cambridgeshire youth leagues together. Cambridge United WFC Reserves have their sights set on the League Cup too, beaten finalists last season have retained the Cambridgeshire Women’s Junior Invitation Cup already and want to add this trophy too having wrapping up the league season with a 3rd place finish.

 Road to the Final

  Cambridge City Ladies were at home in the 1st Round of the League Cup playing fellow Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership side Cambridge University Women, Grace Stanley scored 4 goals as they racked up an 8-0 victory. A trip to another Premiership side followed in the 2nd Round at Netherton United Ladies a match I covered on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog, Stanley was on target again along with Carla Penny as Cambridge City won 2-0 to reach the quarter-finals a some what delayed tie away to Bar Hill Ladies another Premiership side, Stanley and Penny the scorers once again winning 3-0. Reached the Final without kicking a ball in the semi-final after Huntingdon Town Ladies the current holders of the League Cup called time on a troubled season in the Premiership.
  A Bye for Cambridge United WFC Reserves in the 1st Round of the League Cup. At home in the 2nd Round playing Deeping Diamonds Ladies newly promoted to the Premiership although they would later fold. Catherine Hanley, Hayley Turner and Monique Christian scoring in a 3-0 win. Christian was also on the scoresheet along with Gemma Clark and Sarah Mosley in the quarter-finals at home playing Championship North side Wisbech Town Ladies winning 3-2 setting up a semi-final again on home soil against fellow Premiership side Fulbourn Bluebirds, Emily Ingle amongst the goals with a hat-trick a 6-1 win putting them through to their 2nd successive League Cup Final.
  The venue for the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup Final once again Histon FC, was put back to accommodate other finals and with heavy rain falling for much of the day was a concern the game could be in jeopardy again however the Histon FC pitch looked in fairly good shape had absorbed the water the rain stopped by the time the two sides stepped out on the grass to warm up, seen alot of action of late a little worn. An overcast and gloomy sky above thankfully the rain would stay away for the match. 
  Cambridge City Ladies starting XI – Emily Bevens, Lauren Ambrose, Olivia Fraser, Lauren Tomlinson, Izzy Broadbent, Anna Wilson, Emma Littlewood, Grace Stanley, Bronte Rapley (C), Carla Penny & Philippa Witherspoon.
  subs – Ellie Geoghan, Saskia Capetti, Miriam Amrani, Jade Drain & India Duffy
  Cambridge United WFC Reserves starting XI – Tafadzwa Mhunduru, Sarah Carroll, Robin Phillips, Becca Fay (C), Emma Roberts, Emily Reed, Liz Pamplin, Emily Ingle, Gemma Clark, Laura Mills & Hayley Turner.
  subs – Catherine Hanley, Monique Christian, Kelly Docrwa & Clara Greed.
(roll on roll off substitutes)

   A note takers nightmare with two Cambridge’s out there so to save typing it over and over it’s City v United from here on in. It’s City to kick off the 1st half wearing white shirts and socks with black shorts with United lined up opposite wearing amber and black vertical striped shirts, black shorts and amber socks. City are on the offensive right from the off the ball sent long for Philippa Witherspoon leading the line up front to attack.
  Laura Mills is up top along side Hayley Turner for United the ball is sent up towards her, City defender Anna Wilson heads clear. The ball is played out to the right with City’s Emma Littlewood getting onto the ball and driving down the line squares the cross into the United area with Witherspoon coming towards the near post, United captain Becca Fay gets to it first.
  A fast paced start to the final the ball is being moved quickly by both sides coming to Emily Ingle attacking on the right side for United her attempted through ball is cleared behind to give away the first corner of the match. On the right the ball is fed into the area near side with midfielder Liz Pamplin coming to meet it, connects on the half volley 12 yards out turning the ball in towards goal but over the crossbar. 
  Mills steals in behind the City defence for a clear run at goal carrying the ball forwards entering the box unleashes a shot the ball fired on runs low, coming quickly at goalkeeper Emily Bevens is straight at her saves well with her feet, deflecting the ball away from her goal. United come again the ball is retrieved out on the right Ingle powers her way forwards turning inside as she reaches the City area rolls the ball into the area, making the run from midfield, Emily Reed doesn’t need to make any adjustment to her run meeting the ball goes for the strike again the attempt flies over the crossbar. 
  GOAL! 10 minutes played and City get themselves the opening goal the ball played though the middle coming to Grace Stanley in an advance position on the right 20 yards out, is getting closed down but manages to get a shot away the ball gathering pace as it is sent in towards the near post, goalkeeper Tafadzwa Mhunduru is a fraction late to react diving to her right the ball is past her and over the line 1-0
  GOAL! United don’t take long to find a response right from the restart they try to get Mills in behind through the middle again, this time the ball is a little too heavy allows Bevens to gather. 2 minutes after conceding United draw level the ball picked up by Ingle on the right from the goal kick pushing forwards the ball is rolled into the area with Mills the player making the run to get onto the end of it this time, running onto the ball blasts the ball home 1-1.

Laura Mills scores for Cambridge United to make it 1-1

  Bringing the ball out from left back United’s Emma Roberts plays it forwards to Gemma Clark she lifts the ball into the centre of the City half with Mills jumping to head the ball forwards, Turner making a run in front of her coming in from the left side of the area to try and get on the ball, City defenders Wilson and Izzy Broadbent shield the ball allowing Bevens to come between them and claim it.

Cambridge United WFC Reserves, Emma Roberts
  GOAL! It’s raining goals at the start of the match 5 minutes ago United were a goal down now they get themselves in front. Have the ball on the right side players that side in number the ball from Ingle is sent into the box Turner over on that side 10 yards out turns with the ball and pulls the trigger smashing the ball into the back of the net 1-2.

  United have the City defence under a little pressure conceding a corner on the right the ball put in drops into the six yard box right Reed almost steals in on it however Bevens throws herself forwards and drops onto the ball. Pressure is relieved at the back by City captain Bronte Rapley in central midfield a seemingly innocuous long range punt from 30 yards out rolling wide is mis-controlled b Mhunduru giving away a corner. The set-piece causes panic in the United area as it pops out of Mhunduru’s gloves and players from both sides scramble to get a toe on the ball, eventually ends up put wide for the goal kick. 

  Getting hold of the ball on halfway Stanley goes on a mazy run carrying the ball forwards before letting fly with the shot from 20 yards out the ball bouncing through towards the United goal, Mhunduru gets down to stop it. United counter attack the ball into Pamplin played wide to Ingle who plays the ball along the face of the City area with Clark meeting it left side of the D, turns the ball 90 degrees towards goal, Bevens scrambling across her goal sees it roll a half yard wide of the post. 

  Rapley has Witherspoon available on the right having found a little space to run into the ball is played out to her, Fay goes across to make the challenge gets the ball away for the throw. Pamplin is fouled on halfway a chance for United to launch the ball up towards the City penalty area, Fay on the dead ball plays it forwards City get to the ball but fail to clear it drops to Ingle who shoots from outside the box the ball flying straight into Bevens gloves. Substitute for City as they bring Carla Penny off on the left side bring on India Duffy. 

Cambridge United WFC Reserves, Liz Pamplin fouled by Cambridge City’s Philippa Witherspoon


  GOAL! City’s Stanley picks up the ball inside the centre circle plays it forwards early with Witherspoon making a move on the left side to get in behind chasing the ball into the area, Mhunduru comes racing out of her goal and sliding in tries to get something on the ball Witherspoon tries to stay on her feet as her run is impeded get on the ball, the referee blows his whistle and points to the penalty spot. Rapley to step up to take it, fires it in high to the keepers left she doesn’t move the ball put into the top corner and in 2-2 with 35 minutes played.

Cambridge City captain Bronte Rapley makes it 2-2 from the penalty spot
United make a change bringing off Clark and sending on Monique Christian. The attacker wins a free kick almost immediately 25 yards out to the left side in front of the area, Ingle over it sends it through into the six yard box with runners ready to attack it one bounce in the six yard box and Bevens gathers the low ball into her body.
  Wilson defends well against Turner as United build an attack, backing up as they play the ball long through the middle giving herself the room to get her head on the ball outaide the area. City have a free kick just inside the United half on the left the ball is sent long into the box running long towards the far stick, Stanley briefly has a sight on goal Fay gets back on her quickly to put in the block turning the shot away for a corner kick. Comes into the area central bouncing Olivia Fraser lifts up a boot to turn it towards goal plays it straight at Mhunduru who holds onto the shot. A late injury to Rapley in the 1st haf sees her come off to be replaced by Jade Drain.
Half-time Cambridge City Ladies 2-2 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A cracking contest a lively 1st 45 minutes to the Cambridgeshire Women’s S-Tech Insurance League Cup Final. Both sides creating scoring opportunities United on top early on City getting back into the game has been fairly even offensive minded players on both side wanting to get on with the game. Beautifully poised at2-2 it could go either way.
  A change for United at the start of the 2nd half, Sarah Carroll off with Kelly Docrwa on the substitution seeing Ingle move into the back line on the right. United kick off the 2nd half.
  GOAL! United attack right from the whistle the ball played out to the left side they win a throw in a deep position, the ball is put into the feet of Christian on that side top of the area stands the cross up into the box heading in towards goal, coming at Bevens quickly the keeper going down spills it Mills is right on her coming in capitalises to turn the ball over the line 2-3.

  City have a free kick wide on the right side 20 yards out the ball fired into the area pops out of the advancing Mhunduru’s gloves, running out towards the edge of her area the keeper races after it collecting City can pounce. Another awkward ball for the United keeper to deal with back on her goal line as Stanley lets fly from 25 yards out the ball is going to drop shot with no one closing in Mhunduru does well to make sure she kills the ball with her legs before getting her gloves around the ball.

  Reed plays the ball on through the middle for Mills making the run left side closing in on the City area fires in the shot plenty of venom behind it flies past Bevens before she can react turns sees it strike the base of the far post then bounce across her six yard box before being cleared. Mills on the right attacking with the ball at her feet again squares the ball into the area Lauren Tomlinson gets to the ball before Turner can latch onto it putting it behind for a corner on the right side. Clara Greed is on for United with Roberts coming off.

Emily Ingle on the ball for Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  United are pressing City back early on trying to extend their lead, keep them on the back foot, looking for Stanley up top more often than not when they do break she is fouled just outside the box in a dangerous position left of goal. Over the free kick curls the shot in past the wall towards goal Mhunduru is well position behind and claims the shot.

   GOAL! Another penalty for City as Stanley is brought down coming inside from the left with the ball her run taking her just inside the top corner of the area, the foul inside the box the referee pointing to the spot for the 2nd time. No Rapley on the pitch to take this one so up steps Stanley, discussion in the crowd as to whether they’ve seen her take one before, cool as you like she strokes the ball along the ground past the immobile keepers left to level it all back up midway through the 2nd half 3-3.

  Good piece of defending from Ambrose as Pamplin plays a good long range ball up to Christian on the left the right back getting the tackle in. A local derby there are a few robust challenges starting to creep into the game, both sides putting alot into it. Turner getting hold of the ball 30 yards out goes on a surging drive through the middle looking to power her way through the City defence into the box is stopped inside the D the ball taken from her boot runs back to Docrwa who has raced forwards to join her meets it 1st time turning the ball back into the area runs wide of goal. Changes for both sides Rapley comes back on for City with Clark returning to the action for United.

  A long throw on the left side puts Stanley through on goal inside the United box goes to put the shot across the keeper Mhunduru gets down sharply to make the save. City send on Ellie Geoghan with Duffy coming off 15 minutes left on the clock.

  GOAL! Stanley picks up the ball central and goes on another mazy run can travel quickly with the ball taking on players in front of her the slightest of touches takes her clear in behind to run at the United goal, Mhunduru is coming out to meet her has Witherspoon free on her left, there’s only one thing on her mind as she enters the area sending the ball past the keeper and into the goal to complete a Cup Final hat-trick giving City the lead 4-3.

  Penny returns to the field for City with Witherspoon coming off. United push forwards on the back foot late on Mills stealing into space with the ball on the right side squares the cross into the area, is a little behind Turner nudged to the face of the area she goes after it looks to swivel and hit the shot just as Mills arrives to meet it pulls the trigger the shot is block, Mills is down hurt having clipped Turner on her follow through. City get the ball up the other end win a free kick wide left. United want to make a change delay whilst Mills is assessed needs extended treatment comes off with Ingle going back on. 

 The free kick from City is fired in towards the far post, Reed jumps and heads the ball clear of danger. Mills is ready to return and United bring off Turner with 5 minutes left to find at a goal to level things up. Reed is fouled in the middle of the City half by Broadbent. Ingle over the ball looks to send it into the six yard box, bouncing straight at Bevens as she goes down to collect, it pops out of her gloves briefly reclaims before Mills can get on to it. Closing in on stoppage time Saskia Capetti comes on for City replacing Littlewood. 

  A strike at goal from distance by Christian for United 25 yards out, Bevens dives to her right the ball runs wide of goal, must have been a City touch somewhere as the corner is awarded. The ball from the right is sent long City get to it 1st the ball headed high into the air, drops for Pamplin who gets her head to the ball, doesn’t get it on target out for the goal kick. Miriam Amrani on as Rapley is hurt again with the 5 minutes of added on time almost up. United can’t get hold of the ball late on finding the energy Stanley is back on the edge of her own box late on blocks a Christian strike. The final whistle blows and City celebrate as they win to end the season their season with a league and cup double beating United 4-3 to win the League Cup.

  A 4-3 defeat United are left floored at the end both sides having put so much into the match, a highly entertaining final and great advert for women’s football in Cambridgeshire.

A double celebration for Cambridge City Ladies as they collect there league winners awards
and are the 2015/16 Cambridgeshire S-Tech Insurance League Cup Winners

  Congratulations to Cambridge City Ladies on their League Cup win and doing the double Premiership Champions in their 1st season playing women’s football. A tinge of sadness to the occasion as for a few of the squad it’ll be their final game for the club.. for now at least as they go off to attend university. A great way to end things though.
  Thanks to Cambridgeshire FA’s Chris Abbott once again for his help a busy time for himself and the rest of the staff within the County FA, 31 Finals in total in recent weeks and Chris has been at 29 of them, is ready for a rest so on behalf of everyone who plays and supports the game thanks for all that happens to get these finals on is greatly appreciated.

Match Report – Cambridge United WFC Reserves v Wisbech Town Ladies

Match Report from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Junior Invitation Cup Final as covered on the SWF Blog Weds 13th April

Cup Final Report – Cambridge United WFC Reserves v Wisbech Town Ladies

 A midweek trip into Cambridgeshire to watch the final of the Women’s Junior Invitation Cup sponsored by S-Tech Insurance, with defending cup holders Cambridge United WFC Reserves taking on Wisbech Town Ladies for the trophy.

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves are currently top of the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership. Beat Milton Ladies from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South in last years final 4-0. Defend the cup once again against lower league opposition from the Championship North this time around, Wisbech Town Ladies, have dropped to 5th in the table after the weekends results despite holding the current league leaders Bourne Ladies to share the points in a 2-2 draw.

Road to the Final
 It was an away tie to start the defence of the trophy for Cambridge United WFC Reserves taking on Championship North side Wisbech St Marys Ladies a comfortable 4-0 win saw them through the quarter finals. Drawn away from home they met Milton Ladies in a repeat of last seasons final scored 4 goals again to win the game 4-2. Drawn at home to Isleham United Ladies in the semi-finals they were awarded a home win with their opponents unable to field a side to book their spot in the Women’s Junior Invitation Cup for the 2nd season running.
 The opposite for Wisbech Town Ladies they started the competition by being awarded a home win in the 1st round against Comberton Ladies. In the quarter finals faced a tough away draw against Premiership side Fulbourn Bluebirds. the game ending all square at 2-2 after extra-time the game went to a penalty shootout Wisbech Town Ladies winning 2-0 to progress to the semi-finals. Were drawn away from home to face Park Ladies from the Championship South, an interesting match up Wisbech Town Ladies proved too strong on the day taking the tie with a 3-0 victory to set up a final showdown with Cambridge United WFC Reserves.
 The venue for tonight’s final Ely City FC, the regular home venue for Cambridge United WFC’s 1st team. Tonight it hosted their Reserve side and Wisbech Town Ladies who had brought a good number of supporters with them. The pitch which has seen alot of football was a little worn in places but overall showed good grass coverage. A large pitch surrounded by a railing a clubhouse with built in seated stand on one side opposite the dugouts. A cool but dry evening, good weather conditions for a Cup Final.

  Cambridge United WFC Reserves starting XI – Tafadzwa Mhunduru, Emma Roberts, Becca Fay (C), Robyn Phillips, Liz Pamplin, Emily Ingle, Sarah Mosley, Emily Reed, Hayley Turner, Kelly Docrwa & Monique Christian.
  subs – Catherine Hanley, Gemma Clark, Sarah Carroll, Kirsten Burt & Ebony-Jade Rule.

  Wisbech Town Ladies starting XI – Abbie Venni, Danika Moss Papke, Emily Stephenson (C), Elizabeth Simpson, Faye Kowalewsky, Annie Rooks, Kyra Clarke, Polly Baird, Chelsea King, Albany Hodgson & Sophie Gutteridge.

  subs – Jasmine Luckett, Amy Hempting, Becky Bourlet & Leah Hall

(roll on roll off substitutes)

The floodlights start to come on as Wisbech wearing red shirts with black running along the sleeves, black shorts and red socks get the 1st half underway with Cambridge lined up opposite wearing amber and black vertical striped shirts, black shorts and amber socks. The ball is sent long down the right flan early on the attempted cross charged down turned out for a throw. A relatively quiet open to the match as both sides look to test the other out putting the ball into their attacking players without anyone finding any joy finding space behind.

   From a throw on the right inside Wisbech’s half, Cambridge central midfielder Liz Pamplin longs to play a pass dissecting the centre backs with Hayley Turner looking to make a run in behind right of goal chasing the ball can’t catch it be the ball runs out of play. Making progress into Cambridge territory winning a series of throws down the left the ball eventually comes to the feet of Wisbech’s Polly Baird who passes the ball down to Sophie Gutteridge moving into the left channel, looks to try and drive inside pick out Kyra Clarke pushing to get into the Cambridge area, Sophie Ingle tracks back for Cambridge and closing Gutteridge down wins the ball back on the edge of the area. Passing forwards into Sarah Mosley who plays a great ball up the right side for Turner to go after she wins Cambridge the 1st corner of the match the ball is sent in low and fast to the back of the area, met on the volley by Monique Christian the shot is sent over the crossbar.

   Both sides are playing it long from the back their attackers trying to win the ball in the air, Clarke goes up for the ball inside the Cambridge half under challenge for the ball bashes her head against her opponent and goes down. A lengthy pause as she receives treatment a nasty blow to the head unfortunately her cup final is over as the stretcher is brought on and she is taken off. No chances taken with concussion, an ambulance is called and after being seen to by the crew is taken to hospital for further checks, wish her a full and timely recovery.

  Play goes on Jemma Adams coming on to replace Clarke. Mosley takes a free kick won on the right inside the Wisbech half puts it long towards the area with Turner making the run to get onto the end of it inside the box, Wisbech central defender Elizabeth Simpson stays with Turner and keeps her from connecting with the ball as goalkeeper Abbie Venni comes to scoop the ball up into her gloves. Gutteridge is the focal point of the Wisbech attack and is busy working across the Cambridge back line probing for an opening as the midfielders try to play the ball into her feet. 

  Closing down the ball in the middle, Mosley coming to the right side sends Kelly Docrwa away down the wing, has Ingle up in support coming inside into the box the ball is played into her headers it down, Venni reacts going to her left and pushing the ball behind for a corner kick.Cambridge keep the pressure on from the corner kick as Wisbech struggle to clear it pops back to Emily Reed left outside the area fires the shot back in again Venni saves throwing herself to her right to put the ball behind for another corner kick. A firm header inside the six yard box sees Wisbech clear the ball set up a counter attack with Annie Rooks bringing the ball on forwards into Gutteridge who peels left again, isn’t getting much joy against Cambridge’s Robyn Phillips as she tackles to win the ball.

   A free kick inside the Cambridge half 30 yards out for Wisbech sees Albany Hodgson on the ball, a good delivery sent into the area, Cambridge’s Emma Roberts puts her name on the ball and headers it away. Wisbech retrieve the ball and attack down the right whip a cross into the area, Cambridge goalkeeper, Tafadzwa Mhunduru moving to that side of her area brings the ball down into her gloves. Up the other end Venni is called into action again Reed putting Christian through on the left side pulls the trigger from 20 plus yards, the shot coming in low is turned around the post as Venni throws herself to her right.

  GOAL! Cambridge take the lead from the resulting corner kick, although not many in the crowd initially release they have down so thinking the ball coming in low with plenty of pace from the corner taker Ingle has run behind the goal, but no it is in running through the players gathering at the near post and rolling over the line to nestle in the back of the net Cambridge lead 1-0. 

   Wisbech make a change bringing on Jasmine Luckett, combines with Faye Kowalewsky straight away the two working the ball into Gutteridge, tries to take the player on in front of her turn towards goal, too much to do, riding one challenge is stopped by the 2nd. 

 GOAL! Cambridge’s lead lasts just 5 minutes as Wisbech pull it back all square just past the half hour mark, winning a free kick on halfway in a central position, Hodgson is over the ball looks to play it long into the area, Mhunduru comes towards the ball a it lands just inside the area, totally misreads the bounce as the ball skips up high over her falling behind to the left Wisbech have runners following in, Gutteridge is closest to the ball gets it, controlling inside her six yard box taps the ball home to make it 1-1.

   Is a scrappy contest with neither side really able to get their foot on the ball and keep any meaningful possession, Gutteridge is working hard in front of the Cambridge defence, Rooks trying to get up to support, whilst at the other end Cambridge are getting Docrwa, Christian and Turner in behind just not finding the right ball. Amy Hempting is introduced to the action by Wisbech with Elizabeth Simpson coming off. Winning a corner on the left Cambridge try to take it quickly catch Wisbech before they can set themselves, Danika Moss Papke is alert to it and the only play from both sides already set inside the six yard box as the ball comes in headers it clear, Pamplin steals in to pass to Roberts who shoot from outside the box rolls through to Venni.

   Kowalewsky turns her marker to bring the ball on over halfway down the left for Gutteridge back to the goal, tries to turn Phillips the defender is a tall player to get around stick out a leg and comes away with the ball. Cambridge break the ball put up the right into Docrwa drives into the Wisbech box, squeezes a cross along the six yard box to the far side of goal with Christian standing unopposed, looks to scoop the ball up and around Venni the goalkeeper parries the ball down falling right Docrwa tries to get to it but under challenge from Wisbech’s captain Emily Stephenson can only slice her shot wide.

   Leah Hall joins the action for Wisbech. Luckett and Kowalewsky link up again in the middle played onto Hodgson, tries to bring the ball on is floored by a robust challenge in the middle. The ball is played up to the area again, Cambridge captain Becca Fay winning the header on the edge of the box. Cambridge make a couple of changes late in the 1st half on comes Gemma Clark and Ebony-Jade Rule for Christian and Mosley.

Half-time Cambridge United WFC Reserves 1-1 Wisbech Town Ladies
  Fair to say this hasn’t been the most exciting 1st half of a Cup Final, has been scrappy but highly competitive both sides aren’t letting the other sit on the ball, are not picking out the right balls when they win the ball back the goals given away softly. Two sides that know little about each other have spent much of the 1st half trying to suss each other out. Gutteridge has done well on her own in attack losing Clarke to concussion early on was a blow.
  Cambridge get the 2nd half underway and start brightly get a free kick in the middle as Hodgson fouls Turner. Towards the right the ball is sent long out to the far post across the Wisbech area, Clark operating wide left is coming in but can’t connect to turn the ball in as it bounces wide out of play. Clark is played in down the left wing pushing on in behind with the ball cuts back on herself and rolls the ball along the face of the area into Ingle, closely marked she tries to wriggle free to get room for a shot ends up on the ground but no one claims for a penalty as Wisbech bring it away.
  Pamplin winning the ball inside the Wisbech half sees them continue to hold onto the ball early on Clark is put away down the left again, sends a pacey cross into Rule who meeting it on the volley cuts the ball high into the air and wide of goal. Reed with a good run through the middle plays the ball wide into Ingle her cross is turned behind for a corner kick, the ball is cleared out of the box back to the right sent back in Venni gathers this time. Good tackle from Stephenson on Rule as she gets the ball running into the area from the right.
  Wisbech have ridden out a testing 10 minute spell at the start of the 2nd half from Cambridge now getting more of the ball inside their opponents half, Kowalewsky bringing it right has Hodgson available, from the wide position she sends a high ball up towards the Cambridge area a tricky ball, Roberts sees it cleared with Gutteridge lurking. A surging run up the left wing from full back Moss Papke sees Wisbech earn a corner kick. The set piece comes to nothing, Wisbech don’t let Cambridge bring it far winning the ball attempt to put Gutteridge in behind, Mhunduru comes racing out to get her gloves firmly on the ball 1st.
  Regaining momentum Wisbech have Baird on the ball wide right like Hodgson minutes before she looks to send a high ball into the box higher up the pitch this one is dropping into the six yard box Mhunduru must see Gutteridge coming in the corner of her eye but isn’t distracted sees the ball safely into her gloves even as the striker leaps across her. Cambridge bring on Sarah Carroll and Kirsten Burt.
  Cambridge spring the offside trap turning play around quickly as it is won, at the back, both Rule and Docrwa turn and as the ball goes over the Wisbech defence are through on goal. Rule has the ball reaching the edge of the area hits the shot, put it too close to Venni, who needs to get down sharply with spin on the ball saves the ball deflecting out of play for a corner across the goal. The corner comes in long towards the far stick, Moss Papke brings the ball out for Wisbech.
  Good work from Clark on the left for Cambridge as Pamplin plays the pass out to her, driving with it to the byline, takes on and beating her marker gets into the area then looks to lift her cross up towards the near post, no one has gambled and the ball is brought out by Wisbech. Docrwa Hempting is back on for Wisbech. 15 minutes left to play and the game could go either way the action end to end Christian and Ingle work the ball up the right wing Ingle putting the ball into the area Stephenson intercepts and brings it out from the back sends the pass out to the left on for Rooks has Baird ahead of her rolling her in 20 yards out she slips as she goes to shoot the ball rolling tamely along the ground through to Mhunduru. 
   GOAL! The stalemate is broken as the game moves into the final 10 minutes, Cambridge win a free kick on half way the ball is sent up towards the Wisbech area by Fay the initial delivery is dealt with by Wisbech but as they attempt to play it out the ball strikes Carroll rebounds back into Christian on the edge of the box, connecting with the ball sends it high into the night sky, is falling towards goal, back on her line Venni can’t keep it out as it drops under the cross bar and bounces over the line 2-1.
  Catherine Hanley comes on for Cambridge for Burt with 7 minutes left of normal time as they look to hold onto the lead. Get players back crowd Gutteridge off the ball as Luckett tries to send her through. Kowalewsky tries to do the same the ball played in over the top, Mhunduru is closer to it and claims before Gutteridge clatters into her. Cambridge break the ball swept out to the right by Fay into Carroll before the cross is put long out to Clark on the left opening her body for the shot shoots wide across goal from just inside the Wisbech box.
  Cambridge are looking to keep the ball when they can in the corner, Wisbech aren’t letting them settle, Moss Papke bringing the ball out onto Luckett, Hodgson ahead of her is given the ball is allowed time and space 20 yards out but gets the shot all wrong sending the ball high and out of play. Cambridge defend well in stoppage time and celebrate as the referee blows the final whistle to see them win 2-1 to retain the Junior Invitation Cup. 
 Not a classic and the result was never certain could have gone either way, Venni was named player of the match for the vital saves she made for Wisbech Town Ladies who did the Championship North proud giving Premiership leaders Cambridge a run for their money. 
Cambridge Women’s Junior Invitation Cup winners Cambridge United WFC Reserves
celebrating their trophy success

   The club will be hoping to make it a double cup success with their 1st team contesting the Senior Invitation Cup tomorrow night again defending the trophy, while the Reserves get are in another Cup Final later in the month on the 28th April taking on Cambridge City Ladies in the League Cup, beaten finalists last year will be hoping to go one better this time around.

*NB Cambridge United WFC Reserves will now face Cambridge City Ladies on the 10th May after the Senior Invitation Cup on Thursday was postponed due to bad weather

 Congratulations to Cambridge United WFC Reserves on their cup win. Best wishes to Wisbech Town Ladies injured player Kyra Clarke and thanks to Chris Abbott from the Cambridgeshire FA for his help with the squads tonight.