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Match Report – Thetford Town Ladies v Fakenham Town Ladies

Sunday 30th January

Norfolk Women’s Division One

 County league action featured on Women’s Football East this weekend with a top of the table clash from Norfolk Women’s Division One, as 2nd placed Thetford Town Ladies host 3rd placed Fakenham Town Ladies.

  A point between the sides going into the game with both having played 7 to date in Division One. Thetford Town Ladies making a fantastic start to life in Division One especially as they could very well have been on Division Two his season had the original plan for the county league in Norfolk gone with 3 divisions instead. As it was with teams withdrawing late in the planning the format was adjusted to accommodate 2 divisions with Thetford joining Stalham Town Ladies, North Walsham Angels and Beccles Town Ladies in Division One. 

  Of the four that moved up Thetford have by far had the best start, the squad gaining valuable experience since joining the league a few players with experience at regional level with Bury Town Ladies added to the squad at the start of the season. An unbeaten start to date recording 6 wins and a draw, reaching both the quarter finals of the County and League Cup. Losing out to County Cup favourites Wymondham Town Ladies a fortnight ago were narrowly beaten 2-1 by Bungay Town Ladies in last Sunday’s League Cup quarter final. Rebecca White is Thetford’s top goal scorer so far with 12 goals with Melissa Boulton and Shannon Richardson joint 2nd with 7 goals each from 7 played with Hannah Rogers scoring 6 from 6. Darrell Allen recently joining Thetford Town Ladies to help run the social media and promotion of the club brings valuable knowledge within the woman’s game and is keen to promote both mens and women’s football within Norfolk. 

  Fakenham Town Ladies too making a fantastic start to the season in Norfolk Division One, were rampant in their opening game running out 22-0 winners away to Thorpe St Andrew Women. Another 24-0 result logged in the League Cup too against Red Rose from Division Two. Are through to the semi-finals of the League Cup after they beat Long Stratton Women on penalties after the sides finished 3-3 in regular play. Sit 3rd after 7 played winning 6 with a single defeat. Sophie Lubbock top scoring so far with 18 goals from 9 appearances with Shelley Woods on 14 from 8 and Chantelle Ketteringham on 12 goals from 9 played.

 Thetford Town FC the venue for today’s league encounter, one of the closest grounds to my home, on Mundford Road in Thetford. The grass pitch sloping offers plenty of width. Fenced on all sides leading onto more sports pitches and the leisure centre beyond. A covered stand offering seating for spectators on one side with a modern bar and spacious clubhouse beside. A bright dry day. The sun with a little heat in it falling behind the stand, noticeably cooler in the shade. Today’s game part of a Thetford/Fakenham double this weekend with the men’s sides meeting in their respective league yesterday. A single goal the difference then going the way of Fakenham.

Thetford Town Ladies

Thetford Town Ladies starting XI – Lydia Ward, Chloe Webb, Ellie-Mae Davies, Sausha Levy-Twomey (C), Katie Hardie, Courtney Musgrove, Dayna Howard, Melissa Boulton, Abbie Corbyn, Chloe Bentick & Rebecca White. Subs – Amy Coaker, Mia Bambury, Hannah Rogers, Amy Skipp & Charlotte Howard.

Fakenham Town Ladies

Fakenham Town Ladies starting XI – Tilly Betts, Gina Pooley, Chantelle Ketteringham, Jemma Riches, Amie Hutchinson, Sian Sands (C), Vicky Lubbock, Megan Spurrell, Sophie Lubbock, Shelley Woods & Olivia Baker. Subs – Holly Davies.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  A minutes silence observed before kick-off in in respect to Fakenham’s Lewis Sturman and the passing of his mother. 

The players from both sides observing a minutes silence

Thetford short on numbers in last weeks quarter final loss name 5 on he bench for today’s top of the table league clash. Fakenham travelling with just the one named substitute available. 

 It’s the hosts Thetford to get the game underway kicking-off first half, wearing blue shirts with a white band across the top of the chest, navy shorts and socks with Fakenham lined up opposite wearing amber shirts with black sleeves, black shorts and socks. The ball played out to their left Thetford are quick to close it down in the middle the ball going out of play. Is scrappy in the opening exchanges the ball pinging between feet over on the far side of the pitch neither side making any headway.

Thetford’s Rebecca White with Fakenham’s Gina Pooley

  Fakenham’s, Olivia Baker dropping deeper to get hold of the ball has Sophie Lubbock to her left the pair exchanging passes before Baker threads a diagonal ball to send Sophie Lubbock in behind on the left into the box takes on the early strike pulling the shot wide of the near post. Play is exclusively on the sunny side of the pitch in the opening minutes the ball not sticking with anyone Fakenham captain Sian Sands in with a strong tackle to win possession up to Baker, she in turn tackled by Thetford captain, Sausha Levy-Twomey at the back. 

  Baker moving to the right running onto the ball played on by Shelley Woods, wraps her foot around the ball her cross dragged back along the top of the area out beyond the D, gathered by Sophie Lubbock who turns into the box striking an angled ball rising towards the near post, Thetford goalkeeper, Lydia Ward, plucking the ball down and claiming it on the bounce.

GOAL! The deadlock is broken inside the opening 5 minutes, Fakenham with a couple of half chances are hit on the counter as Thetford play the ball long out to the right for attacker Rebecca White to run onto, checking back inside around her marker fires an inviting ball across the six yard box, Chantelle Ketteringham stretching for it for Fakenham deflects it out beyond the far post straight into the feet of Abbie Corbyn racing into the box from the left, hits it first time low back across the keeper and into the bottom corner 1-0.

Abbie Corbyn opening the scoring for Thetford

Players from both sides rushing in to close the ball own in the middle, Sands playing a good diagonal ball out to the right for Megan Spurrell, is quickly closed down by Thetford’s Ellie-Mae Davies. Fakenham push players up as they are awarded a free-kick on halfway Amie Hutchinson over the ball, Thetford clearing the ball for a throw high on the left, Fakenham keep bodies up the pitch pressure as Hutchinson turning off the throw sends a diagonal ball in to the top of the area, cleared by Thetford’s Courtney Musgrove. Fakenham regain possession Hutchinson central punching her way through the middle takes on the shot from inside the D, a low effort bobbling up off the pitch, Ward behind it all the way down to gather into her body.

A lively contest the sides evenly matched, Melissa Boulton bringing the ball on down the right up to White she attempts the flick on looking to send Chloe Bentick clear through the middle, too much on it however allowing Fakenham’s goalkeeper, Tilly Betts to claim. Woods wriggling away on the right wing drives on before sending a dangerous cross in towards the near post, Ward needing to get her gloves on the ball punch clear or, Sophie Lubbock closing in is heading into an open goal. 

Thetford’s Melissa Boulton

  Musgrove playing the pass forwards into Bentick she turns sending the ball out to White on the right, controls checking back inside to turn towards the box opening up her body to unleash a left for strike angled in the ball deflected off a Fakenham leg runs wide for the 1st corner of the game. The set-piece coming to nothing. Thetford are proving difficult to break down at the back, both full back making vital interceptions. Boulton coming on down the right linking up well with White before Hutchinson comes across sliding in to take the ball from the Thetford attacker.

Chloe Bentick moving inside with the ball for Thetford

Thetford press the ball in the final 3rd winning a corner on the right, driven low into the crowded six yard box is scrambled clear falling to Thetford’s Katie Hardie outside the D. Gets her foot over the ball to lash a shot back in taking a wicked deflection sending it up to smash off the bar and out for another corner on the left. Betts coming through a crowd to get her gloves on the ball half clears helped on Fakenham break through Vicky Lubbock, Dayna Howard quickly across to nullify the threat taking the ball out for a throw in. 

Thetford’s Katie Hardie clearing the ball


  Thetford taking full advantage of the width with White and Corbyn both gaining ground left and right. Corbyn playing a low cross into the box cleared out straight to Musgrove 20 yards out her shot driven back in blocked spinning out to the left Corbyn trying to take advantage, Ketteringham across her well to defend see the ball out for a goal kick. 

Fakenham’s Sophie Lubbock

Sophie Lubbock receiving the ball off her twin sister Vicky in the middle, takes the ball all the way up the left flank driving on forcing Boulton to concede the corner. Put in near side Vicky Lubbock coming for it turns the ball deflected behind for another corner. This delivery longer to the far post area, Baker getting it out of her feet smashing a shot goalwards blocked comes back to Baker for another bite fired in low is blocked on the line this time and launched clear. 

Thetford make a change with Mia Bambury coming on for Chloe Webb at the back.  Jemma Riches moving across from centre back to deal with the threat of White on the right as Boulton scoops the ball over the top for her to chase down. Off the resulting throw Boulton crosses the ball into Bentick outside the D, can’t dig the shot out before being closed down, retains possession shifting it back across the area for Boulton, aiming to curl a shot into the top corner, doesn’t get it further enough away from the keeper, Betts with a comfortable catch.

Thetford make a triple substitution bringing off, Musgrove, White and Bentick for new signing Amy Coaker, Charlotte Howard and Hannah Rogers. Boulton carrying a knock is brought down as she attacks coming inside from the right 25 yards out. Rogers over the free-kick goes for goal getting the ball over the wall well on target but dropping short safely into Betts’ gloves. 

  Boulton taking the ball on the right, Gina Pooley staying on her forcing her out wide, checks back managing to get a cross into the box but the Fakenham defence has regrouped, with Sands clearing from the top of the area. Boulton having been struggling with a knock needs to come off receive treatment. White back on with five minutes left to play in the first half. Coaker coming across to the right side immediately wins a corner kick.

Thetford’s Hannah Rogers tackling Fakenham captain Sian Sands

  Fakenham awarded a free-kick on halfway to the right played in towards the top of the area right side knocked down by Woods comes across to Sophie Lubbock left of the D her first time strike angling away from goal. Fakenham attacking late in the first half Spurrell into Baker she looks to combine with Sophie Lubbock left, Bambury intercepting the pass for Thetford. 

Half-time Thetford Town Ladies 1-0 Fakenham Town Ladies

  A pretty even 1st half between the sides. Few clear cut chances created, both sides applying pressure well in the final third at times. Thetford with the early lead Abbie Corbyn firing the hosts in front after 5 minutes. Have worked hard as a unit at the back to limit Fakenham’s chances. The final ball from Fakenham letting them down at times often too easily intercepted. Thetford have countered well, White and Corbyn using the flanks well. The woodwork struck and Fakenham seeing an effort blocked on the line is a close game. One goal you think is not going to be enough for Thetford all the play for 2nd half.

One change for Thetford at the break with Bentick back on in place of White. Holly Davies is on the field too for Fakenham at the back with Baker the player off. Fakenham with the kick-off in the 2nd period a carbon copy of the first the ball played out to the left immediately out for a throw. Spurrell comes on with the ball right side sent infield for Sands advancing through the middle takes on the early shot from all of 30 yards out the ball running safely through to the keeper.

Holly Davies in to defend close on Bentick as she looks to gain ground on the left with the ball at her feet. Corbyn gathering the ball off the throw in twists and turns her way free moving central turning towards goal before firing a shot from 25 out off target. Corbyn then back to help Ellie-Mae Davies at the back as Sophie Lubbock picks up the ball on the right powers her way forwards.

Rogers on the attack for Thetford moving left with the ball to the by line twists back to fire in a cross near side, attacked by Howard the ball smashing her in the face painfully as it cannons against her off a defender. Needs looking at and is brought off with White returning to the action. Play resumes the ball spread cross field to Ketteringham on the right advancing with the ball pace is closing in on the area, over runs the ball slightly allowing Ward to step out come drop onto the ball.

Fakenham midfielder Vicky Lubbock

Vicky Lubbock through the middle picking up the ball drives on through the middle moving left to right, sliding onto the ball to shot under challenge the ball fired wide from 25 yards out. Spurrell on the right squares it inside for Sophie Lubbock up top ploughs forwards into the area wide sends a cross long through the six yard box into Ketteringham beyond the far post, can’t dig the ball out from under her feet before Hardie closes her down. The visitors have upped the tempo pressing forwards taking the attack to Thetford the hosts finding themselves under pressure.

Thetford’s Hannah Rogers with Fakenham defender Jemma Riches

Fakenham risk getting hit on the counter, as Thetford do just that White with the ball up to Coaker on the right goes forwards, Ketteringham coming all the way back to put in the tackle win the ball back. Holly Davies with a crucial interception on the left to deny Bentick as Corbyn’s clever footwork looks to put her through on goal. Davies though is hurt in the move and going down needs to come off. Baker returning to the action Spurrell dropping into the defence.

Thetford goalkeeper Lydia Ward punching the ball away


Woods powers her way forwards wide on the left for Fakenham playing an early diagonal ball into the area only Sophie Lubbock in there beyond the far post managing to reach the ball on the by line attempts to turn it back across goal, plays the ball into the side netting. Ellie-Mae Davies comes off for Thetford with Boulton back on with a little under half an hour to play. Howard moving into the left back position. Howard clearing the ball as Vicky Lubbock picking up the ball in the middle drives forwards left to right. A corner won on the right for Fakenham.

The set-piece played into the near post defended by Levy-Twomey a 2nd corner awarded. Ward coming into the crowded at her near post to punch the ball down Fakenham getting a 3rd corner on the left. An inswinging delivery from Ketteringham the ball striking the near post rebounding back into play half cleared Riches hitting it back into the top of the area Hutchinson turning into the shot striking the ball over the bar.

Thetford’s Corbyn getting a throw high on the left, Rogers and Boulton combine a one two Rogers putting Boulton in behind left, Betts rushing out to beat her to the ball clearing it for a throw in in the corner. Played into Boulton left corner of the box shifts to her right opening up her body to curl a shot in on the angle, Betts sees it all the way makes a comfortable catch. Ketteringham taking the ball on down the left for Fakenham striking the shot early from distance angling across the keeper, Ward down well to make the save getting something on the ball to turn it past her far post for a corner.

Ward getting her gloves on the ball to punch clear to the top of the area her defence scrambling it away. Corbyn showing more good footwork on the ball squirming free in the middle driving on towards the area, Riches standing firm to put in the challenge inside the D stopping her progress. Corbyn is proving a handful in the middle for Fakenham, slides the ball through to Boulton outside the D, turns into Hutchinson the centre back halting her attack the ball loose gathered by Corbyn left of the D 20 out sees her strike hit Boulton.

Baker on the right off a throw turns has Woods and Vicky Lubbock driving on though the middle attempts to lay the ball in behind the defence, too close to Ward however as the keeper gets it ahead of her attacking players. Bentick comes off for Thetford replaced by Musgrove with 15 minutes left to play.

Fakenham’s Megan Spurrell

Corbyn combining well with Boulton on the left the latter looking to get behind Spurrell, the full back recovering well to get back at her nip in to retake the ball. Fakenham make a change with Davies recovered back on for Baker. Fakenham with a free kick on the left angled in towards the near post skips up in front of Ward the keeper, not collecting, Musgrove there ahead of Sophie Lubbock to hook the ball clear. Fakenham applying pressure late on Thetford starting to look nervous at the back as they defend their single goal lead. Levy-Twomey across to tackle Sophie Lubbock put the ball out for a throw in as she looks to get in behind on the right.

Hannah Rogers looking for the through ball for Thetford

The throw into Vicky Lubbock chests down and hits a shot in towards the near post from the top corner of the area Ward down at her near post to save. Woods comes on with the ball left side drives a cross through the box looking for Sophie Lubbock right side, Levy-Twomey hooking the ball behind for a corner. The delivery fired in towards the near post attacked players diving in, the ball sent narrowly over the cross bar. Fakenham turning the screw late on have a free-kick wide left some 25 yards out. Angled in towards the near post Ward sees it all the way.

Musgrove across to the left to prevent Ketteringham delivering a cross into the box. The game moving into the final minute of regular play Thetford make a late change bringing off Levy-Twomey for Ellie-Mae Davies.

GOAL! Fakenham capitalise as they are awarded a free-kick on the right the ball played up towards the top of the area push players forwards looking to get hold of the ball, half cleared Vicky Lubbock gets it threading a ball through the ball line into Woods breaking in behind to the left of goal and strokes a shot low across the keeper into the back of the net to score a late equaliser 1-1.

Shelley Woods with the 89th minute equaliser for Fakenham

Into stoppage time a sucker punch for Thetford at the death they go on the attack straight from the restart the ball out to Corbyn on the left takes it on in behind whipping a cross in along the six yard box picking out White at the far post two yards out looks to send her header over the keeper and in, too close to Betts however the keeper getting her arms up to block pull the ball down to safety.

Thetford’s Abbie Corbyn looking to get around Fakenham’s Megan Spurrell

GOAL! A chance to retake the lead at one end Fakenham press the ball played on through the middle clipped on over the top into the box sees Woods breaking clear once more left off goal and from the angle hits a fantastic strike up over the keeper to nestle in the back of the net and steal the 3 points at the death 1-2.

Shelley Woods with her 2nd of the game winning it at the death for Fakenham

There’s practically no time left for left for Thetford to mount a serious attack as referee Paul Gibson blows for full time.

Full time Thetford Town Ladies 1-2 Fakenham Town Ladies

  Fakenham stealing the 3 points at the death with a last minute equaliser and winning goal in stoppage time to end Thetford’s unbeaten start to the season and climb above them into 2nd spot in the Division One table. Thetford good value for their lead at the break Abbie Corbyn’s 5th minute goal the difference. Limiting Fakenham’s chances. One goal however was never likely to be enough and with both sides making changes both in personal and tactically throughout the 2nd half you felt the hosts were going to need a 2nd goal. Fakenham applying pressure Thetford getting nervous towards the end, but just as it was starting to look like one of those days for Fakenham where a goal wouldn’t come Shelley Woods found the net with an 89th minute equaliser. Thetford with a good chance to retake the lead in stoppage time however it was Fakenham and Woods with her 2nd of the game that would have the final say. A draw may well have been the fairer result but that’s football.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Not an easy one at all both sides playing their part in an entertaining contest. Several performances of note firstly for Thetford. Dayna  Howard covering a lot of ground in both midfield and defence to win the ball back on numerous occasions. Melissa Boulton solid in defence and bringing the ball forwards bringing other into play throughout. Don’t normally single a player of the match out for both sides but on this occasion I will was impressed by Abbie Corbyn today showed great footwork and close ball control getting round players and setting up numerous attacks scoring the opener. For Fakenham, Jemma Riches played well in defence solid throughout tough to break down tackled well. Vicky Lubbock in the centre of the park was busy winning several tackles driving forwards and regaining possession. Today’s award though goes to Shelley Woods her goals winning the game for Fakenham, provided the thrust for many of Fakenham’s attacking moves.

Another great advert for women’s football in Norfolk between two sides that have improved immensely. An enjoyable afternoon at Thetford my thanks to both clubs for there help today and to Darrell Allen for his assistance.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Queens Park Rangers WFC

Sunday 23rd January

FAWNL South East Division One

A quiet start to 2022, needed a break after what was a tested end to 2021, the mental health not great a pause most definitely needed, ready to go again and plenty of exciting football to look forwards to in what hopefully will be a relatively normal 2022. A trip to St Neots today to watch a game from FAWNL South East Division One between two sides looking to push for a top 4 finish in the league as Cambridge United WFC take on Queens Park Rangers Women.

  Darren Marjoram coming in from St Ives Town Ladies to manage along side head coach Ben Yeomans has seen Cambridge United WFC make an excellent start to the season holding their on in the top 4 for much of the first half of the season although 1 collected from there last 3 league matches in 2022 plus no league action since December 12th has seen them slip down to 7th. In the only competitve match played so far in 2022 Cambridge were convincing winners against Eaton Socon Ladies as they secured their place in the Hunts FA Women’s Senior Cup final where they will play St Ives Town Ladies. Have been busy in the transfer market looking to add to an already competitive squad with defender Rachel Kosky joining from Enfield Town Ladies, striker Nicole Emmings returning to Cambridge after 4 seasons with Stevenage FC Women along with Amber Cantwell re-joining after a spell with Wroxham Women.

Saw QPR Women in my last game of 2021 away to Norwich City Women. Back hen the club was midtable closer to the sides in the bottom 4 but with games in hand didn’t look likely to get dragged into a battle at the bottom. Were comfortable for the large part in a 2-1 win, ending the year with defeat to the leaders Hashtag United Women. Have made an excellent start to 2022 as they embarked on a run of 3 games in 8 days winning 0-1 away to London Seaward last Sunday then making it back to back wins with a good result at home to 3rd placed Actonians 2-1 the winning score with goals from Katie Akerman and top scorer Melanie Hall who has 12 for the season. That result putting them firmly in the mix for a top 4 finish as they move ahead of Cambridge on goal difference.

St Neots Town FC’s Premier Plus stadium the venue for todays fixture the area leading up to the stadium seeing an ever growing housing development on that side of the town offering a good catchment area for growing fanbases of the mens and women’s side, Cambridge United WFC that side getting good support from St Neots and Cambridge United FC themselves, were due to play QPR at the Abbey Stadium earlier in the season had the FA Cup not gotten in the way. Hopefully a game at the Abbey Stadium is soon on the horizon. The pitch in good condition, sawdust applied to a few patches. Is wide play can be spread with both sides liking to spread play out to their flanks. A dry day if very overcast.

Cambridge United WFC

Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Kira Markwell, Anna Re, Carrie Bennett. Grace Waygood, Gisela Otten, Laura Baker (C), Alysha Stojko-Down, Amy Howlett, Laura Mitchell, Nicole Emmings & Ruth Fox. Subs – Liz Pamplin, Abi Davies, Lauren Rouse, Amy Houghton & Faith Hewitt.

Queens Park Rangers Women

 Queens Park Rangers WFC starting XI – Katie McLean, Georgie Lewin, Danielle Maloney, Lauren Jordinson, Vicky Grieve (C), Joanna Blodgett, Laura Hennessey, Katie Akerman, Ellie Searle, Melanie Hall & Demi Edwards. Subs – Lucie White, Brogan Moore, Sue Kumaning, Ailish Carolan & Emilia Parsons.

Nicole Emmings the only one of the three new arrivals available to today starting up top alongside top scorer Ruth Fox who has 12 for the season. It’s the visitors to get the game underway  wearing blue and white hooped shirts, blue shorts and socks. Red numbers on the back will be hard to read again but having seen them quite recently the players are fresh in my mind. Cambridge lined up opposite wearing amber shirts with black shorts and socks. The ball played back to the defence Cambridge move in quickly to close the ball down Fox on captain Vicky Grieve forced into a hasty clearance, scrappy in the middle before Cambridge’s Alysha Stojko-Down goes in hard with a strong tackle to put the ball out. It’s had enough and is replaced. 

Alysha Stojko-Down in to win the ball for Cambridge

  QPR shift the ball across the middle Katie Akerman into Joanna Blodgett put long to Melanie Hall looking to peel in behind in the left channel, Gisela Otten reading the pass for Cambridge the centre back intercepts. The visitors regain possession spreading play to the right the cross in half cut out by Carrie Bennett runs into the D scrambled out, a midfielder running onto the ball the shot in low, Cambridge goalkeeper, Kira Markwell crouching to gather is behind the ball. 

 QPR’s Laura Hennessey winning the ball in the middle clips a pass on for Hall moving left, Otten across with her sliding in to make the tackle, on her feet quickly looks for options picks out Emmings with a fine diagonal pass out to the left. Emmings taking the ball up the wing moves inside before delivering a cross in near post, goalkeeper  Katie McLean down low to claim it. An even start to the game with both sides closing down the ball. QPR are awarded a free-kick left side the ball put out to George Lewin moving into space on the right down the line squares a ball into the top of the box looking for Demi Edwards, Amy Howlett back defending for Cambridge gets there first. 

  A throw on the left sees the ball put on for Ellie Searle looks to take it in behind, Anna Re with her the fullback slides in to tackle the ball off Searle runs out for a goalkick. Cambridge are matching QPR in the middle, the final ball into their attackers more often than not intercepted by QPR’s centrebacks, Grieve and Lauran Jordinson. Akerman plays it forwards into Edwards feet controls and spins the pass into Hal right of the D a fluid move Hall on the turn plays it out to Searle running into the box from the left, the shot struck wide, Searle frustrated having not got the connection right.

QPR over commit going forwards the strikers getting little joy central for Cambridge drifting out into the channels Fox is put clear on the left running with the ball is allowed to go all the way into the box looks to cut a cross along the six yard box, McLean diving forwards scooping the ball into her gloves. Lewin on the right getting into Cambridge’s half firing a fierce ball into Edwards right of the D, Grace Waygood on her quickly defending for Cambridge the ball cleared up to Fox in space on the left takes on the strike early outside the box across the goalkeeper, McLean down gets a touch to deflect the ball wide of her far post for a corner. The ball in defended at the near post before Cambridge are flagged offside trying to keep the attack alive.

Cambridge striker, Ruth Fox

  Edwards has been busy up top working to get the better of Cambridge’s centrebacks a good contest so far between her and Otten. Bennett lifting the ball on for Emmings this time in the clear on the left the attacker driving forwards squares a cross into the top of the area, Grieve intercepting for QPR. A flare up between Edwards and Otten sees the referee having a word with both. Is competitive even in the middle the centre backs for both sides proving a solid unit to break down. A throw high on the right for QPR the cross fired in near side, Edwards there to turn the ball goalwards, Waygood blocking at close range. 

  Emmings off a throw on the left shifts infield surges towards the box the cross in to the near post Laura Mitchell after it but commits a foul trying to claim the ball. An audacious attempt on goal from Hall for QPR forcing Markwell to save tipping the ball over the top for a corner kick. The move starting on the right with Edwards and Akerman combining  playing a 1 2 to get the ball down the wing the cross swung into the box long to the far post looks to be over Hall but she rises a foot behind her to connect with the ball, loops up towards goal dropping Markwell making a superb save needed tips the ball over the bar.

QPR’s Katie Akerman

GOAL! For all the clever play leading up to the corner it is a simple move that brings about the opening goal of the game, the ball put in at a good height near side players up from the back, Grieve drifts in unopposed to rise and head the ball looping it up and over the keeper to make it 0-1. 

QPR captain, Vicky Grieve with the header to put the visitors into the lead.

The deadlock broken in the 20th minute. Cambridge look to get on the offensive from the restart the ball out to Mitchell right, look to go on, Danielle Maloney lunging in to tackle the ball out for a throw. QPR are quick to turn play around as Cambridge push players on Searle has pace to burn on the left is a good outlet taking the ball on turns inside flashing a cross through the six yard box. Maloney in to intercept as Cambridge captain Laura Baker takes the ball on through the middle the pass into Howlett looking to put Michell in behind, Maloney has to get there and does. 

  Cambridge with a free-kick wide right players up Baker over it, plays a ball into the neat post, headed clear falling to Howlett position 20 yards out right of the D, drills a low shot in through bodies is cleared off the line comes back to Baker on the right. Sent back in is bouncing in front of McLean leaning back at full stretch the goalkeeper does well to tip the ball over the bar for a corner. The set piece coming to nothing QPR hit Cambridge on the counter.

 GOAL! Searle’s pace on the left causing problems once again attacking the ball past the defence taken to the by line Cambridge stretched at the back, the cross sent in past the keeper across the face of goal, Edwards there on the goal line ahead of Bennett to take the ball over the line. Cambridge appeal for offside, the goal however stands 0-2. The visitors doubling there advantage as the game approaches the half hour. 

Demi Edwards putting QPR into a 2 goal lead

Cambridge feel aggrieved that a few decisions having gone against the leading up to the 2nd goal have an uphill task now to get themselves back into the game. The frustration grows as Howlett plays in Mitchell right side of the D then she feeds it through to Fox in behind inside the box, the flag raised against her. The hosts push looking for a quick reply Mitchell moving to the left picking up the ball top of the D goes to the by line, prevented from turning back to cross sends it up the line for Bennett to deliver the ball lofted in near post Grieve gets her head to it to clear only as far a Fox who drives back into the area doing well to force a corner.

Ruth Fox looking to get into a shooting position for Cambridge

   The hosts pressing the attack QPR hold well at the back breaking with intent the ball played through the middle lifted up to Edwards, both centrebacks close on her a mistake could cost them dear. Otten though makes no mistake composed as Edwards lunges in front of her. Mitchell starting to drift in from the right giving Cambridge an extra body around the box. Edwards left has Hennessey looking to go past her Re sliding in tackles, the shot struck in on the angle blazed over the bar. Searle with that shot has the ball at her feet powers down the wing whipping a low cross in near side Hall attempting another clever backheel looking to flick it on to Edwards behind her, Otten in to stab it away from danger. 

Cambridge’s Alysha Stojko-Down

Decisions are not going Cambridge’s way, play is disrupted because of it. Stojko-Down winning a good number of tackles in the middle plays Emmings in on the left up the wing a good cross in but no one gambling at the near post as has been the case on a few occasions allowing Jordinson to head it away untroubled.  The game moving into stoppage time at the start of the 1st half, Blodgett nudging the ball into Hall 30 yards out spinning off her marker to strike a shot, the ball brushing the roof of the net on its way over. 

QPR’s Laura Hennessey

 Hennessey with a good if painful tackle to deny Emmings getting away again on the left, play spread across the pitch out to Searle surging on down the wing the shot fired in Markwell down low behind it all the way.

Half-time Cambridge United WFC 0-2 Queens Park Rangers WFC

  A 2 goal lead for QPR at the break. Taking the lead in the 20th minutes and going on to double the advantage 10 minutes later. Have looked solid at the back with Cambridge finding more joy out wide without delivering the final ball. Has overall been a fairly even contest between the sides closing down the ball. Both sets of centre backs proving impossible to get through so far. QPR taking the lead from a set-piece, chances created whilst Cambridge have bee getting the ball up to their attacks they have for the most part been forced away from goal to  look to cause damage. Decisions certainly frustrating Cambridge who have to hit the ground running at the start of the 2nd half if they are going to find a way back into the game. QPR though are a difficult side to break down.

  A change for QPR previously unoticed, Brogan Moore on for Joanna Blodgett as Cambridge get the 2nd half underway, looking to get Fox on the move on the right, Searle is back to help Maloney the pair running Fox off the ball. Cambridge getting on the  front foot right from the off at the start of the 2nd half pressing the ball in QPR’s half, Baker the Stojko-Down winning it back, Mitchell just missing out on an opportunity to get in behind on the right. Cambridge preparing to make a change early on, a break in play with a QPR player down, sees play paused Cambridge looking to keep moving stay warm. It’s Lewin down has picked up a knock and QPR are forced into an early change 2nd half bringing on Emilia Parsons in her place. Cambridge make their change too bringing with Waygood struggling, on comes Amy Houghton to join Otten at the back.

Howlett with a first time effort from 20 yards out right side of the D as the ball rebounds to her from inside the box curled wide of the post. QPR  break quickly the ball fed through the middle out to Edwards moving right into the box getting a shot away under challenge isn’t far wide. The game opening up with Cambridge taking more risks up to Baker clipping a pass to Mitchell on the right takes the ball on sending a rising ball into the box headed clear by Grieve. Baker with a good challenge winning the ball high on the left Bennett taking it on in behind to cut back from the by line Mitchell top of the box inside left leaning back into her shot sending it over the bar. 

Cambridge’s Laura Mitchell

  Cambridge are pushing hard for a goal a corner on the right the ball in central McLean in amongst bodies to punch clear. Fox taking the ball on right winning a corner. The delivery in central met by Otten her header driven down wide of the near post. Cambridge make a 2nd change, Emmings coming off. Abi Davies on takes up an attacking position on the right with Mitchell moving left. Stojko-Down turning in the middle moving left forwards for Fox in the left channel gets a move on with the ball letting fly on the angle the ball sent in low towards the near post McLean down low to save. 

Cambridge full back Anna Re

Searle continues to be a menace on the right has certainly kept Re busy, shifting inside goes early with her cross angled to towards the top of the D, Houghton getting up well to clear it. The game played at a good pace, Mitchell drifting into the box recieves the ball right of goal as Davies travels with it on the right, turning looks to have space to shoot, turns inside though before checking back to take a swing, a QPR leg up to deflect it wide for a corner. Played in near post defended the ball back with the taker lifted back in Otten stooping into the header, turned goalwards, the ball cleared off the line, Cambridge appeal for a handball nothing given.

Gisela Otten defending for Cambridge

  QPR make a change Akerman coming off for Sue Kumaning. Cambridge pressing hard for a reply, QPR defending well like they did against Norwich and remain dangerous on the counter their attackers always ready. Davies attacking on the right for Cambridge sees two crossing attempts blocked by both Maloney and Searle. A throw on the right the cross dropped into the box bouncing, again Cambridge appeal strongly for a penalty a handball seen but again no is the call. Markwell needing to stay alert the other end too as QPR break Maloney has Searle travelling forwards on the left wraps her foot around the ball flighted in near side Markwell snatching it down well with Edwards closing her down. 

Fox into the left channel keeps the ball close to her feet QPR can’t risk lunging in the shot fired in low in the angle a combination of keeper post keeping it out. Stojko-Down left corner of the area forwards to take the shot on rising over the bar. Cambridge continuing to knock on the door with 24 minutes of the 2nd half played.

GOAL!  For all their attacking play however Cambridge find themselves falling further behind as Edwards with a great finish extends the lead. The visitors bombing up the right the cross squared into Edwards back to goal right of the D, control it well before turn to lift a rising shot past the keeper into the top corner 0-3.

Before the restart QPR make a keeper change, McLean coming off for Lucie White.

 GOAL! A further hammer blow for Cambridge as no sooner have they conceded a 3rd goal it become 4. QPR on the attack have Cambridge stretched with Searle raiding down the left in behind her marker to the by line to cut a ball back across the six yard box a shot struck first time bodies flying into to block, deflects out to the right. Cambridge with bodies still on the ground as Hall on the angle fires a vicious ball back in taking a wicked deflecting that takes back towards the near post away from Markwell and over the line 0-4.

Cambridge with two successive hammer blows receive a 3rd as Baker unhappy as a decision goes against her complains and is shown a yellow card and sin binned for dissent. Cambridge without their captain down to 10 for 10 minutes. Fox looks to battle her way forwards on the right is fouled for her trouble Cambridge seeing a decision go their way. Stojko-Down on it sent into the area White coming into the crowd to punch. Edwards game is run as she comes off for Ailish Carolan.  Davies looking to get in behind Maloney on the right lays a cross in to the six yard box cut out by Grieve going behind for a corner. 

 Cambridge have to push players up wanting a goal. The delivery into the middle, appeals straight away and a the 3rd attempt Cambridge win a penalty! An opportunity to pull a goal back with the clock running down. Now I have to confess to not noticing who was taking it, but that spares them as the ball is hit low to the right, White going the right way diving left to make the save keep it out keep QPR clean sheet intact. 

Lucie White saving from the penalty

With a player advantage QPR are keeping the ball giving themselves a respite as much as allowing Cambridge in initiative.  Faith Hewitt coming on for the hosts Cambridge bringing off Stojko-Down.  Baker rearing to get back on Cambridge back up to 11 with a few minutes plus stoppage time left. QPR happy to force Cambridge’s attacks wide with the ball knowing options in the box remain limited. Davies playing the ball into Howlett 25 yards out lines up a strike her attempt over. 4 minutes of stoppage time left.

  Hall on the right taking on the shot from all of 30 yards out for QPR driven over the bar. Cambridge with one last attack Davies and Hewitt combining outside the D, Howlett skipping between them to get into the box Hewitt putting the pass into her right of goal, Jordinson across to lung in and take the ball away from her feet. 

Full time Cambridge United WFC 0-4 Queens Park Rangers WFC

  QPR make it 3 wins from 3 in 8 days to move move 3 points clear of Cambridge in 5th spot in the South East Division One table. The game starting off fairly even between the sides before QPR took the lead midway though the 1st half with their captain Vicky Grieve heading home unmarked from a corner. Cambridge frustrated with decisions seemingly going against them through out with an up hill task 2nd half. Gave it a good go applying plenty of pressure. QPR absorbed it well however always looking dangerous on the counter. Cambridge momentum building Edwards with her 2nd of the game taking it away from the hosts with Hall’s strike moments later making it 4. Further frustration with their captain sin binned. A glimmer of hope from the penalty spot was saved. All in all an afternoon of frustration for Cambridge build up play excellent just lacking that final ball. QPR looked good for their win scoring at crucial times. Move the ball about the pitch well always looking to stretch the opposition.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match not an easy decision but that reflects a good team performance more than anything else. A few performances to mention firstly for Cambridge, Anna Re was kept busy at the back by Searle but nevertheless put in a good number of challenges. Gisela Otten had a good contest with Edwards especially first half winning some crucial tackles. Ruth Fox up top isn’t easy to get off the ball when she has it at her feet, QPR forcing her wider than she would have liked but created some good opportunities for herself. For QPR, Vicky Grieve and Lauren Jordinson were both solid in defence. Ellie Searle a constant threat with her pace down the right setting up several chances. Is close between and today’s award winner, Demi Edwards really took the game to the Cambridge centre back moving about the back line to receive the ball, scoring twice the 2nd a fine goal.

  Good to be back, needed the break recharged, mentally which was what was needed. An entertaining game my takes to Cambridge and Gary Reed for providing me with the team details today, much appreciated. 

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Wymondham Town Ladies v King’s Lynn Town Ladies

Sunday 9th January

ERWFL Premier Division

 Excited to start a new year on Women’s Football East. 2022 promises to be a huge year for women’s football with England hosting the UEFA Women’s European Championships. The game will receive coverage like never before and England themselves have a real opportunity to win the competition themselves.

 Plenty of exciting football action to come before that though and my year begins with a Norfolk derby, a top of the table clash no less in the ERWFL Premier Division with league leaders, Wymondham Town Ladies hosting 3rd placed King’s Lynn Town Ladies.

Wymondham Town Ladies in a very strong position at the top of the ERWFL Premier Division going into the new year. 6 points clear of 2nd placed Royston Town Ladies, the most likely side capable of catching them barring a major collapse now for the title and with it promotion to the FAWNL. Not that manager Alex Guy will let his side take their eye off the ball. Have led for most of the campaign winning 10 of their 13 games played so far, with the only blip back to back defeats at the end of September against Royston and King’s Lynn. Have scored to most goals in the league and have the best defensive record with it. A prolific attack with Hannah Waters leading goal scorer so far with 13 goals from 16 played, Francesca Catchpole and Laura Nicholls both with 10 goals apiece behind Waters from 16 and 13 appearances respectfully.

King’s Lynn Town Ladies reaching their highest ever league position in the women’s football pyramid to close out 2021. Up to 3rd in the ERWFL Premier Division in what is there debut season at this level. Joe Simpson stepping down as manager leaving a strong squad and great set-up within the club for his successor. Alex Cook the new manager looking to take the side forwards a great platform to build on in what is a competitive league. King’s Lynn quickly finding their feet at this level a 4-0 victory at home to today’s opponents Wymondham being one of the highlights. Amy Magnus and captain Tiffany Forshaw top scorers so far this season with 6 goals each.

Ketts park the venue for todays game. With heavy rainfall the day before I thought it a safe bet to go for a 3G option and with it being a top of the table clash plus derby match too it was an easy choice. A van serving hot and cold drinks leading into the ground. The caged pitch offering standing room for spectators along one side opposite the dugouts. A little bit of heat from the rapidly descending sun that falling below one goal could pose a few viewing problems for defenders.

Wymondham Town Ladies

 Wymondham Town Ladies starting XI – Chloe Pearce, Leah Newcombe, Chelsea Clarke, Mary Croft, Aimee Stretch, Rachel Cossey (C), Rebecca Russell, Natasha Youngs, Laura Nicholls, Francesca Catchpole & Hannah Waters. Subs – Hayley Kindred, Katie Knights, Kyla Love & Jenifer Codman.

King’s Lynn Town Ladies

 King’s Lynn Town Ladies starting XI – Ellie Prentice, Chloe Burch, Shanice Burch, Fran Peeling, Amy Cropley, Samantha Davis, Alexa Hunter, Jodie Hopkins, Tiffany Forshaw (C), Ella Gavaghan & Amy Magnus. Subs – Amy Bell.

(Roll on roll off substitutes)

  Rachel Cossey captaining, Wymondham today, good to see her starting a game after spending more than two seasons out through injury. New signing Kyla Love joining from Wroxham amongst the 4 substitutes. King’s Lynn’s naming just the one substitute goalkeeper, Amy Bell. It’s the hosts Wymondham to kick off the match wearing red shirts with black shorts and socks. King’s Lynn in a new away strip, black and white vertical striped shirts with white shorts and socks. With gold numbers on the back (not my favourite combo of shirt and colour number to read it has to be said, hard to read when you’re trying to follow the numbers).

  King’s Lynn press Wymondham on the ball right from the start forcing them to go back to their goalkeeper Chloe Pearce, cleared out to the left the ball out for a throw. The visitors continue t press the ball on the right striker Ela Gavaghan put through behind by Amy Cropley however the flag raised against her for offside. Wymondham come through the middle of the park the ball lifted forwards, Shanice stepping out of the back three for King’s Lynn to clear the ball long upfield out into the right channel for Gavaghan to chase, Wymondham defender, Mary Croft getting across her to shield for Pearce as the keeper comes sliding in to claim the ball.

Wymondham defender, Mary Croft

   King’s Lynn pressing the ball high trying to unsettle Wymondham at the back early on Alexa Hunter in to win the ball, Aimee Stretch nicking it ahead of Amy Magnus up top, on for Rachel Cossey, Wymondham’s captain driving forwards on the ball, playing it long for Hannah Waters escaping into space behind on the right, Shanice Burch recovering well to get back on her sliding in to take the ball away from the attacker before she can check inside to line up a shot on goal.

   Wymondham not finding their rhythm in the opening minutes rushed on the ball as King’s Lynn work hard to close it down. Rebecca Russell evading a tackle central finding space to run into with the ball laying it up the left for Chelsea Clarke bombing on, her cross/shot angling wide beyond the far post. Gavaghan nipping at the Wymondham defence, looks to be in behind momentarily the ball running behind for a goal kick. Fouls being given away.

  Waters linking up with fellow attacker Francesca Catchpole up top for Wymondham, Leah Newcombe’s run from the right spotted the full back picked out goes on up the wing before turning a cross ack in across the top of the area just beyond Laura Nicholls positioned left of the D. Jodie Hopkins on the ball in the centre for King’s Lynn has plenty of space ahead of her goes on unopposed lifting it on for Magnus right of the D 20 out, can’t bring it down under control before being closed down by Wymondham’s Stretch, the ball loose beyond the pair comes to Gavaghan she plays it across the box to the right looking to pick out her captain, Tiffany Forshaw. Wymondham get back on her en masse the ball scrambled away comes back to Hopkins some 30 yards out strikes it first time but well off target.

King’s Lynn captain, Tiffany Forshaw

   Cossey brought down in the middle left side a free-kick to Wymondham taken early put out to Newcombe free on the right her early cross lifted into the mix cleared top of the area Forshaw bringing it away King’s Lynn with a swift counter attack Forshaw clipping a diagonal ball forwards for Magnus on the right takes the ball into the box shooting on the angle the ball driven in with pace, Pearce across well placed to bat the ball away at her near post. 

Wymondham’s Francesca Catchpole

  Both sides giving fouls away Catchpole catching Hopkins as she attempts to launch a counter attack for King’s Lynn. The free-kick coming to nothing as Wymondham launch a quick counter of their own through Newcombe on the right the pass inside looking for Catchpole 20 yards out back to goal, Shanice Burch close on her defending for King’s Lynn. Pearce is down taking a blow after a coming together with Magnus after clearing the ball. A moment of concern however Pearce is back up on her feet and able to continue. 

Jodie Hopkins with the ball for King’s Lynn

  Wymondham with a great passage of play as Natasha Youngs is picked out by Russell moving up the right wing cuts the ball inside for Waters good close control plays it back to Cossey in midfield square to Russell fired forwards into Clarke coming side from the left lines up a shot 20 yards out left of the D low along the ground, Ellie Prentice in goal for King’s Lynn quickly across her goal mouth to claim the ball. 

Wymondham captain, Rachel Cossey

  Youngs getting in behind on the right again for Wymondham is brought down by Fran Peeling the hosts awarded a free-kick. Russell over the set-piece the angle against the shot plays the ball in to be attacked at the far post no one gets there the ball running out of play.

Laura Nicholls with the back heel for Rebecca Russell to take the ball on

 Nicholls back heeling the ball into Russell’s path on the left the midfielder coming forwards, plays the pass out to Clarke on the left, the cross flung into the box across the top of the six yard line, Prentice calls for it, has to get there with both Waters and Youngs closing in… and does.

  Hunter catches Newcombe bringing her down on the right presenting the hosts with another free-kick wide of the box. Russell over it plays the ball in across the penalty spot Waters lunging for it can’t quite reach it, Cossey diving in beyond her at the far post turning her header goalwards, Prentice down smartly to save on her line turning the ball over the line for a corner. The resulting corner taken short, Wymondham looking to work the ball inside, Chloe Burch comes sliding in with a strong tackle giving away another free-kick an ending up in the book with a yellow card. Russell across to take it and inswinging ball flung across the face of gaol evading everyone out far side. 

King’s Lynn’s Samantha Davis

  Samantha Davis taking the ball down the left looking for Gavaghan between them a corner is won. The delivery fired long beyond the far post Wymondham clearing into midfield the ball retrieved by King’s Lynn rolled on for Magnus right side the ball struck on the angle rising narrowly over the crossbar.

GOAL! 27 minutes played and the deadlock is broken. Wymondham’s Newcombe winning the ball back centrally quick to play it forwards for Waters peeling away into space behind on the right, getting the ball under control turning into the box evading a challenge the ball ahead of her moving across the top of the six yard box the attacker after it. A mistimed challenge now and the likely result is a penalty, as it is Waters knows exactly where she wants to put the ball turning onto it with her left foot to stab in low past the keeper to make it 1-0.

Hannah Waters with Wymondham’s first goal of 2022

Wymondham matching King’s Lynn’s pressing game now is competitive in the middle, both sides giving fouls away little being given away. Peeling intercepting a pass from Cossey in the middle intended for Youngs on the right. Catchpole with an ambitious effort on gaol from all of 35 yards out clipped wide of the right post. Hunter with a strong but far tackle on Cossey, Hopkins is dragged back as she looks to capitalise, Russell goes into the book. 

Alexa Hunter

 King’s Lynn forwards on the right winning a corner, taken short into Magnus inside the box swivels into the shot low on the angle blocked by Clarke defending the near post. Davis with the ball left side for King’s Lynn attacking the cross in near side Forshaw helping it on for Magnus right of the D closed down but gets her shot away. Pearce back on her line right behind it saves. Peeling left inside for Hopkins allowed to travel opens up her body to send the pass wide of Stretch for Gavaghan peeling off her shoulder right of goal moved a fraction too early the flag up against her.

Leah Newcombe coming forwards for Wymondham

 Youngs right up for Waters taking the ball up the wing, Shanice Burch collecting another 3G burn as she slides in to deny her a shooting opportunity. Wymondham building momentum through the middle Cossey into Waters back to goal 30 out turns quickly to thread the pass through for Nicholls in behind taking the ball into the box looks to place her shot around the advancing Prentice, throws her head back in frustration as her effort runs narrowly wide of the right post.

  GOAL! One opportunity gone another soon follows as Wymondham double their lead with a little over five minutes left in the first half. Russell with the ball on the left playing it on support from Clarke and Nicholls the ball wide of area back with Russell on the angle curls in a shot over the keeper and into the net beyond 2-0.

Rebecca Russell doubles Wymondham’s lead

  Wymondham looking strong pile forwards to win a corner on the right, Russell with a inswinging delivery to the far post Nicholls attacking it her header cleared by the King’s Lynn defence. 

  GOAL! King’s Lynn finding themselves on the back foot towards the end of the first half have have the ball on the left Peeling on for Davis takes it on has support with Forshaw the pair combining before the cross is fired long on the angle into the box Gavaghan there at the far post to attack it getting her head on the ball to power it past Pearce and score 2-1.

Ella Gavaghan pulling a goal back for King’s Lynn

  A quick reply from King’s Lynn after falling 2 goals behind getting one back straight away. Wymondham have been guilty of letting Hopkins pick the ball up in the middle and travel with it unopposed taking it on once again takes on the shot from all of 30 yards out connecting with the ball well, a powerful strike swerving through the air, much to Hopkin’s disappointment this taking it away from goal but not by much. 

  The half drawing to a close Youngs attacking with the ball on the right for Wymondham whips a cross in near side for Waters doesn’t get a firm enough touch with Shanice Burch close on her, the ball won by Hunter is won back by Nicholls inside the area put back to Catchpole inside the D her strike blasted over the bar.

Half-time Wymondham Town Ladies 2-1 King’s Lynn Town Ladies

  An enthralling 1st half comes to a close with Wymondham holding a narrow 2-1 lead over King’s Lynn. The visitors starting brightly closing Wymondham down high up the pitch creating opportunities. Both sides giving fouls away. Wymondham growing into the match getting players forwards on the flanks. Waters firing them into the lead midway through the first half, looked strong after that finding a 2nd goal. King’s Lynn quickly getting a goal back to set up an intriguing 2nd half.

  Wymondham ringing the changes at the start of the 2nd half using all four of their substitutes with Hayley Kindred, Katie Knights, Kyla Love and Jenifer Codman all on for Youngs, Catchpole, Russell and Cossey. King’s Lynn to get the 2nd half underway a large dark cloud now obscuring the sun the heat it gave gone the hat deployed. Wymondham getting the ball back quickly turning play around out to Kindred out on the right her early cross into the area cleared by Shanice Burch.

King’s Lynn defender Fran Peeling

  Wymondham essentially changing their midfield, Love taking the ball on the advantage played as Codman is fouled moving out to the left her cross squared along the top of the area coming to Knights right of the d her shot angled in low held by Prentice back on her line. Hunter collecting a yellow card for King’s Lynn. The competitve contest continues the ball rarely still for long Hopkins brought down in the middle. The set piece flicked up towards Gavaghan who attempts to head it on in behind read by, Croft the defender clearing for Wymondham. 

  Pearce with a superb save to deny King’s Lynn an equalising goal. Hopkins on the ball in the middle travelling lifting it in behind for Gavaghan into the box on the right striking the shot on the angle the ball rising Pearce back on her line reacting well getting her arm up to glove the ball away. 

Wymondham goalkeeper, Chloe Pearce

  Chances at both ends as Wymondham work the ball quickly through the middle into Love right of the D her shot isn’t far over the bar. Hunter getting hold of the ball central for King’s Lynn her pass on for Gavaghan on the right intercepted well by Clarke. Forshaw controlling the ball well on the left playing in inside for Gavaghan in the box looking to get in between Stretch and Croft, the ball bouncing down between the pair out to the right, Gavaghan going for it a Pearce slides in to claim the ball at her feet. 

  GOAL! 10 minutes into the 2nd half chances for both sides, it’s Wymondham who go on to extend their lead. Attacking on the left Newcombe the pitch into the ox for Knights helped on to Love right side takes the ball past the advancing keeper and beats the defenders trying to get back on her to put the ball over the line to score 3-1.

Kyla Love extending Wymondham’s lead

Clarke blasts a shot back in blocked by Chloe Burch from 20 yards out as the ball is cleared back to her following an attack on the right from Kindred. Nicholls down in the box a pause in play a chance for both groups of players to regroup Nicholls back on her feet. Prentice out quickly to the top pf her area to slide in and claim the ball as Clarke’s clearance looks opens up an opportunity for Waters in attack. 

  Magnus deeper in midfield winning the ball on for Forshaw 25 yards out turns and strikes a shot goalwards a dipping effort dropping short however straight into Pearce’s gloves. Nicholls drifting right with a deft flick on looking to drop the ball in behind for Waters to chase, too much to do however as Prentice comes out to the top of the area to get hold of the ball. Love making some strong runs from midfield moving left on for Waters her cross into the box looking for Nicholls doesn’t get it under control out for a goal kick.

  Fresh legs in the middle, Wymondham are seeing more of the ball have willing runners left and right in Love and Kindred. Clarke left on for Nicholls in behind through the middle, Prentice just about getting there first. 

Wymondham’s Laura Nicholls

  GOAL! Wymondham extend their lead midway through the 2nd half the ball with Knights in the middle her pass on for Kindred to take on down the right flank angles her cross low into the box on a plate for Waters running onto the ball takes in past an attempted challenge before drilling a low strike into the bottom corner. 4-1.

  King’s Lynn look for a quick response with Hunter forwards on the ball her effort charged down by Croft outside the box. The hosts look to break the ball cleared up to Kindred on the right goes to cross early with Waters once again the target this time though Waters is thwarted by the offside flag. Getting gloomy out there the floodlights beginning to take full effect. Wymondham with more of the ball King’s Lynn tiring dropping deeper, Nicholls turning down the line on the right smashing a shot into the side netting from the angle. Her last action of the match as she comes off with Catchpole back on up front.

Hayley Kindred attacking for Wymondham

   Kindred’s turn to strike a shot over the bar as she attacks down the right for Wymondham. Catchpole off a throw on the right taking on an effort at goal from 30 yards out sent over the bar. Knights coming back to defend tackling Forshaw as King’s Lynn’s captain takes the ball on through the middle looking to carves her way through the defence. Burch with a last ditch tackle central sliding on to deny Waters as Codman puts her though central.

Jenifer Codman and Chloe Burch challenge for the ball

   Wymondham on top pushing players on Codman winning the ball central her pass picking out Clarke on the left squares her cross inside for Waters outside the area looks to help it across the top of the D to Love right side, hits it goalwards first time bac across goal running wide of the far post. Another change for Wymondham, Russell back on replacing Clarke. Wymondham pressing numbers on Codman into Kindred inside the D turns into her shot blocked at close range knocked down to Waters in six yard box, defended, a player down. Chloe Burch is shown a yellow card and sinbinned by the referee, more is said however and this turns into a straight red, Burch sent off, King’s Lynn down to 10 with a little over five minutes left to play.

   Cossey back on for Newcombe. Catchpole drifting out to the right her cross into the box headed clear by Shanice Burch. Catchpole with another go from long distance the shot see all the way by Prentice. Prentice with a superb save at her near post moments later as Kindred driving down the right lets fly on the angle. King’s Lynn with little chance to attack get forwards on the left the ball crossed in Russell defends up to Waters on the left checks inside running for the box her shot charged down. Waters off now for Youngs with he clock ticking down.

King’s Lynn’s Ella Gavaghan

  Hunter coming forwards with the ball through the middle lifted onto Gavaghan in attack moving right strikes the ball early angling in high on goal Pearce back on her line untroubled plucking the ball down safely. 

Wymondham’s Rachel Cossey with King’s Lynn’s Jodie Hopkins

Full time Wymondham Town Ladies 4-1 King’s Lynn Town Ladies

  A strong 2nd half performance from Wymondham to see them extend their lead at the top of the ERWFL Premier Division with a 4-1 win over King’s Lynn. A whole sale change to their midfield proving advantageous with their opponents having the bare 11 outfield today. Fresh legs the substitutes all making their mark with Kyla Love extending their lead before Waters added her 2nd and Wymondham’s 4th goal. King’s Lynn getting off to a strong start putting the hosts under pressure closing down the ball, unsettling Wymondham they eventually found their form to take the lead midway through the first half looking good as they made it 2 nil. King’s Lynn with a quick reply to ensure it remained all to play for at the break numbers telling in the finish as King’s Lynn tired in the 2nd half. For both sides the attention turns to the County Cup with both in quarter final action. Wymondham travelling to Norfolk Division One side Thetford Town Ladies next Sunday with King’s Lynn away to Norfolk Division Two leaders Caister Ladies.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. No surprise it’s as tough a pick at the start of 2022 as it was for much of 2021. Plenty of good performances to mention first. For King’s Lynn, Jodie Hopkins was strong in the middle of the park through out getting up and down the pitch making so useful attacking runs. At the back Shanice Burch was strong in the middle off defence with a number of crucial tackles. For Wymondham there were a few contenders a strong team performance, Rachel Cossey strong in midfield getting about the pitch making challenge in the first half. Kyla Love equally as strong in the 2nd half making some good runs on and off the ball getting a goal. Hannah Waters in attack getting into some good positions scoring twice. Mary Croft and Leah Newcombe great at the back. The 1st Player of the Match award of the new Year though goes to Chelsea Clarke making some good tackles at the back getting up and down the left flank and putting some dangerous balls into the box.

  A great game to get 2022 underway (shame I won’t get another one for a fortnight) many more to come no doubt plenty of action to look forwards too! My thanks to both sides for the team details much appreciated looking forwards to the next one.

by Darren Gilham