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Match Report – King’s Lynn Town Ladies v Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

Sunday 6th August

A new beginning on Women’s Football East the first match report published straight to the website as it becomes the new home for the SWF Blog my other women’s football adventure moving here after 3 and a half season’s to better streamline my coverage of the game. Still as it is a continuation of the SWF Blog, (same writer) just a different platform this is match report 291.

  A new season will soon be upon us pre season well under way for some clubs the FAWPL season beginning in less than 2 weeks. Still plenty to do on the website. Have had a good break over the summer after completing 102 matches in 2016 then pushing straight on into 2017. Needed the rest did me the power of good. Would have been back sooner covering a few more friendlies only family matters took a turn for the worse and needed my whole attention. Settled down now and time to get back into it.

  Enough about me however onto the football. Began my season with a trip up the A47 to King’s Lynn the venue The Walks stadium to watch King’s Lynn Town Ladies beginning their 2nd season under the King’s Lynn Town FC banner hosting Milton Keynes Dons Ladies who ply their trade 2 leagues higher in FAWPL South East Division One. 

 A good test for King’s Lynn Town Ladies as they get to host another showpiece game at The Walks following on from taking on a West Ham United Ladies XI last season. A club on the move beginning 3 seasons ago as Lynn Ladies winning promotion from Norfolk Women’s Division Two in their 1st season establishing themselves in Division One the following season. Merged with King’s Lynn Town FC last season as the club sort to build better community spirit and relations. The move bringing about more progress as the ladies side challenged for the Division One title and won their 1st ever piece of silverware the Ladies League Plate. Finishing 3rd in the end applied for promotion to the regional league and accepted won a place in ERWFL Division One North. The squad preparing for their 4th season playing at a higher level.

  Milton Keynes Dons Ladies will be amongst the favourites for the FAWPL South East Division One title this coming season having clinched runners up spot last time around. Bring a squad of both 1st team and development squad players up to Norfolk for today’s pre season friendly including new recruits Alice Hughes a recent signing from Nottingham Forest Ladies and striker Sarah Payne back to full fitness after recovering from a long injury lay off making the move from Stevenage Ladies.

The playing surface at The Walks looked immaculate a great pitch to play on will see alot of action over the coming season with King’s Lynn Town FC having 6 teams, 1st’s, Reserves and U18s using it on a regular basis. King’s Lynn Town Ladies playing any home ties they receive in this season’s County and FA Women’s Cup here. A good sized stadium a large seated main stand, bar and refreshments. The weather was perfect bright and sunny another great opportunity to showcase women’s football at the ground. 

 King’s Lynn Town Ladies squad – Bryony Russell-Smith, Millie Wilson, Winnie Lee, Shanice Burch, Albany Hodgson, Bethan Jones, Jade Kelly, Becky Russell, Shelley Woods (C), Josie Turner & Elle Bocking, Vikki Burkauskaite, Tegan Wheeler, Lisa Wilson & Louise Coggles.

 Milton Keynes Dons Ladies squad – Sophie Shults, Khakr, Taylor Shields, Zoe Lander, Abbey Roberts (C), Sarah Harrison, Charley Aldridge, Molly Corbett, Taylor Duffy, Charlotte Murphy, Sarah Payne. Jemma Brittain & Alice Hughes.


   It’s the visitors to get the game underway Milton Keynes wearing an all red strip with a black and white vertical band upon the sides of the shirts and shorts along with a black ad white hoop upon the socks. King’s Lynn are wearing their new kit for the season sponsored by Adrian Flux Insurance, blue shirts with a yellow collar and sleeves, yellow shorts and blue socks. Milton Keynes start on the attack the ball played out to Taylor Duffy on the left wing runs inside taking the ball into the box, King’s Lynn centre back Albany Hodgson closes her down pushing her away from goal before tackling putting the ball behind for a corner kick.

GOAL! The last thing you want to do when facing higher league opposition is concede an early goal, Milton Keynes have several tall players in their side those fill the box for the set piece flighted in towards the far post by Duffy, Sarah Harrison is there connects knocking the ball into the ground on target one bounce taking it past goalkeeper Bryony Russell-Smith into the back of the net 0-1. 2 minutes played.

A positive start from the visitors, King’s Lynn yet to settle pushed back as Milton Keynes push players forwards win another corner on the left played in near side towards the top of the box, Charley Aldridge locks onto the  ball her shot is deflected wide of goal by a King’s Lynn leg to concede another corner. The ball comes in central is cleared by Hodgson for King’s Lynn the home side attempt to break the ball played long for Elle Bocking to chase threatening to get in behind is tackled by Zoe Lander for Milton Keynes.

 Charlotte Murphy gets hold of the ball in the middle for Milton Keynes attempts to play the ball in behind for striker Sarah Payne to chase taking her to the right of goal attempts to lift the ball over the defence into the middle of the six yard box the ball cut out is turned behind for the corner. Plenty of bodies in the six yard box the referee spots a foul as the ball is turned in towards goal a nervous start from the hosts. 

 King’s Lynn look to make progress down the right side the ball into Becky Russell helped on for Josie Turner up front again Lander gets across her to slide the ball into goalkeeper Sophie Shults to clear up field a counter attack on the pass from midfield finds Duffy running clear on the left carrying the ball into the box King’s Lynn’s Shanice Burch times her tackle perfectly going to ground to take the ball away from Duffy and behind for the corner. 

King’s Lynn need someone to get hold of the ball in the middle of the park. Coming forwards Bethan Jones gets the ball up the pitch Russell 25 yards out headers the ball on in towards the top of the area, Turner makes the run in behind, Lander goes with her however and gets her head on the ball to play it into her keepers gloves.

GOAL! Just over 15 minutes played and King’s Lynn get themselves back on level terms with some good build up play the ball with midfielder Jade Kelly 30 yards out she has possession drives forwards fires the pass into Bocking left of the D good hold up play from the attacker sees Russell making a central run rolls the ball into her path 25 yards out central she lets fly straight at the keeper it dips late Shults goes to block with her gloves doesn’t get a good connection the ball slipping beyond her and to her dismay into the back of the net 1-1.

King’s Lynn Town Ladies – Becky Russell

Play is stretched Milton Keynes prepared to play a high line at times, King’s Lynn try to counter get their strikers in behind, Lander isn’t letting anything past her, last player on a couple of occasions times her tackles well. With Kelly finding a little more room to exploit King’s Lynn a posing a few problems going forwards. Risk being hit on the counter Milton Keynes quickly turning things around players going forwards Payne up front ready to break clear of the last defender a good tempo to the game. A shot wide from outside the box by Milton Keynes, Molly Corbett as she receives the lay off from Payne dribbling inside from the left.

King’s Lynn captain Shelley Woods playing on the left fires the ball in towards Turner inside the box her snap shot is wide of the near post. Harrison carries the ball forwards for Milton Keynes play in on for Murphy ahead of her, she in turn sends it on into the box with Payne breaking, Burch goes with her tackling to put the ball behind for a corner kick on the right. Players go forwards a high ball into the six yard box central is met by Milton Keynes, Abbey Roberts who sends her header up over the crossbar.

King’s Lynn Town Ladies – Shanice Burch

GOAL! Milton Keynes score soon after to retake the lead the ball won up field is lifted forwards picked up by Harrison central drives forwards his challenged by Russell outside the area, charged down the ball pops back to Harrison she hits it first time a sweet strike that flies like a bullet past the keeper before she can react into the back of the net 1-2.

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies – Sarah Harrison

Milton Keynes make a change bringing right back Khakr off for Jemma Brittain. An injury blow for King’s Lynn, Kelly hurt as she goes in to tackle Duffy on the attack down the left side, the free kick awarded to the visitors Kelly can’t continue is carried off the pitch, Lisa Wilson coming on to join the action. Harrison to take the free kick the ball long towards the far post a touch but sent wide. Murphy wins Milton Keynes a corner on the right another good delivery into the box a point blank header from Harrison straight at Russell-Smith gloves it up into the air but claims as it falls. The referee plays an advantage as Duffy is brought down again on the left Taylor Shields on the overlap picking up the ball fires the diagonal ball inside to Murphy tees up a shot 20 yards out is wide of target.

Payne has been threatening to do it all through the 1st half, this time succeeds in beating the offside trap clear bearing down on the box, Russell-Smith comes rushing in to close her down, Payne shoots too close to the keeper takes a deflection off her putting it wide for the corner.

GOAL! The set-piece is played in from the left played up the line then fired into the area missed by the King’s Lynn defender attempting to clear runs through to Murphy beyond 8 yards from goal stabs her shot to the right of the keeper to score 1-3.

Up the other end Shults produces a fine save to deny Turner tipping her 20 yards strike over the bar, However both she and fellow striker Bocking had moved to soon as King’s Lynn looked to break as Jones and Russell break up another Milton Keynes attack. Penalty! A hand ball is spotted by the referee inside the King’s Lynn box as Milton Keynes attack down the left Duffy on the ball firing a ball into the area. It’s Duffy to take the spot kick fires her low drive narrowly wide of the left post the chance to extend their lead gone.

Payne finds herself in the clear again chasing another ball over the top 30 yards out closing in on the top of the area Russell-Smith comes out to close her down the pair collide as Payne squeezes her shot past the keeper the ball rolls wide across goal. Payne stays down a moment of concern as she clutches her ankle but it’s short lived as she gets back to her feet as the 1st half moves into stoppage time.

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies – Sarah Payne

GOAL! Milton Keynes go on to grab a 4th goal in the closing seconds play stretched King’s Lynn over committing to an attack lose possession the ball is played long for Murphy as she moves out to the right attacking down the line beats the full back taking the ball inside the area closing in on the six yard box has Payne free in a central position picks her out a simple stroke into the back of the net 1-4.

Half-time King’s Lynn Town Ladies 1-4 Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

  Changes for both sides at the beginning of the 2nd half a switch of goalkeepers for Milton Keynes, along with Khakr coming back on for Roberts. King’s Lynn make a change bringing on Vikki Burkauskaite for Wilson going into the left back position, sees Millie Wilson move inside to centre back with Hodgson pushed up into a midfield role. King’s Lynn to kick-off the 2nd half. 

The home side win an early free-kick on half-way Wilson to play the ball forwards left side into Woods combines with Turner the ball lifted in centrally into the box, Bocking getting onto the ball has just strayed offside. Hodgson wins the ball in the middle the pass on for Bocking up top good hold up play before shifting it out to Jones on the right shoots from the angle the 25 yard drive wide of the near post. A positive start to the 1st half from King’s Lynn. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies – Albany Hodgson

GOAL! 6 minutes into the 2nd half ad King’s Lynn pull a goal back a well timed run from Turner attacking left into the box as the ball is lifted forwards composure as she opens up her body to curl her shot wide of the keeper to score 2-4.

King’s Lynn Town Ladies – Josie Turner

GOAL! A sluggish start to the 2nd half from Milton Keynes the King’s Lynn goal waking them up the ball won in midfield played out to Duffy on the left side takes her the full back getting inside carries the ball on into the area before shooting firing a low strike across the keeper and into the far corner of the goal 2-5.

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies – Taylor Duffy

Another chance for Duffy moments later as the ball is played into Payne central back to goal outside the D, works it wide into Duffy’s run as she charges into the box pulls the trigger shooting across goal this time the ball races wide of the far post. both sides make a change with Roberts back on for Milton Keynes replacing Harrison, Wilson back on for Jones. Good work from Russell on the right for King’s Lynn the ball rolled on for Bocking to attack inside the box sliding in at her feet the keeper can claim 1st. 

 Duffy plays an inviting cross in from the left Payne leaps inside the box a glancing header puts the ball wide of the far post from 10 yards out. What happened next I didn’t think was possible but even a 50+ goals a season striker can blaze over from 3 yards! King’s Lynn are attacking down the right good build up into Turner inside the box to the by line right of goal turns inside gets the ball past the keeper at the near post Woods is there unmarked looks certain to score but doesn’t the ball deflecting up off her boot over. 

GOAL! Moments from pulling it back to 3-5 Milton Keynes go up the other end and extend their lead, a swift counter move the ball turned around played wide to Duffy on the left an early diagonal cross into the box players free running in at the far post Payne and Murphy one of then turns the ball into the back of the net think it was Murphy but either way Milton Keynes lead 3-6.

A dominant spell from Milton Keynes follows King’s Lynn pushed back, Lee does well to keep Duffy getting inside the box before sliding in to challenge for the ball. Jones returns to the field for King’s Lynn replacing Hodgson. Milton Keynes press Payne picking up the ball centrally screws left then right before passing the ball forwards into the box for Roberts making the run, left of goal she shapes to shoot Russell-Smith dives in to save at her feet before Burch clears the ball. Harrison returns to the pitch for Milton Keynes as Duffy pushes inside from the left plays the pass across the top of the area into her inside the D, Harrison picks out Payne inside the box she drives her strike wide across goal.

Late into the game King’s Lynn have expanded alot of energy but break late on Russell finding space on the right cuts inside towards the area sees the keeper moving towards her opts for the early lob getting the ball over her, sees her effort bounce off the far post before Khakr gets back to clear. 

GOAL! Into the closing minutes and Milton Keynes score a 7th goal, Harrison has made several attacking runs throughout the game finding space tired legs in front of her now drives in right side into the area closing in on the by line cuts the cross back along the face of goal beating the keeper Payne running in with a defender far post both sliding in the ball ends up in the back of the net as Payne claims her 2nd of the game 2-7.

King’s Lynn push on late on in stoppage time Burkauskaite goes forwards getting in behind looks to turn inside get into the box closed down by Khakr the ball put behind for the corner left side Russell with the inswinging ball teasing bounces at the far post inside the six yard box but no one can connect as it goes out for the goal-kick.

Full time King’s Lynn Town Ladies 2-7 Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

   The final whistle blows and Milton Keynes wrap up a 7-2 win as they prepare for the new season. Played well with some good individual performances and some well taken goals. A pre season friendly ultimately is about getting minutes in the legs, bedding in players and finding match sharpness in that regards a useful exercise for both sides. King’s Lynn recovering after a nervy start looked to be building momentum after equalising after Kelly started to find time on the ball, her injury a loss. Milton Keynes 1st team players having the experience to find the space and exploit it with Payne a good foil up front. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Today’s Women’s Football East (as a pose to the SWF Blog) – Player of the Match goes to Milton Keynes Done Ladies, Sarah Harrison good work on and off the ball always available for the pass and looking to make something happen carrying it forwards.

  The 1st match report of the new season, have missed it now rested up and ready to go with a new home can’t wait for the competitive action to begin so check back soon.