Monthly Archives: July 2018

Time to Prepare for the New Season

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable rest during the close season. I know it was one I most definitely needed and am glad to say got. All rested and recharged and ready for the new season that lays ahead. Another one full of highs and lows and excitement and intrigue no doubt as the months unfold. Hopefully without the dreadful wet winter we experienced last season.

The whole restructure of the FAWSL with the new Championship replacing the 2nd tier of the women’s game the effects rippling down through into the FAWPL which is to become the FAWNL from this season. The FA Women’s National League, the Southern Premier and South East Division One the starting point for the coverage on Women’s Football East with the regional and county leagues also continuing to be covered. Won’t ignore the new Championship or the FAWSL itself it’s just that I know my limits.

Challenges lay ahead for the women’s game as we begin the new season new sides will enter whilst some old familiar names will disappear, the quality will continue to improve and with it the action on display will endeavour to get to as many games as I can and bring you all the action in the weekly Round-Ups.

Inactive on the website for a while, now comes a period of disruption as I update league tables and fixtures will get it done as quickly as I can and alot of that will depend on when the county FA’s put out their info so bare with me if you’re not seeing what you want it’ll be along soon enough and of course you can always follow the twitter feed @WF_East for all the latest goings on across the East.

Heres to another great season and I wish everyone the best of luck.