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Cup Final Special – St Margaretsbury Women v Colney Heath Ladies

Sunday 5th May

Beds & Herts Chris Renshaw Cup Final

After last weekend’s washout the cup final double bills begin this weekend with a trip down into Bedfordshire for the Beds & Herts Women’s League Finals day featuring two matches to end the season. First up The Chris Renshaw Cup being contested this season by St Margaretsbury Women and Colney Heath Ladies.

  Has been a while since I’ve been able to make the Beds & Herts Women’s Finals Day the traditional end to their season and an really looking forward to the two matches on offer. The Chris Renshaw Cup contested by the sides knocked out of the early rounds of the League Cup itself and some strong sides amongst them. The cup named after Chris Renshaw the leagues former referees officer who passed away, extremely liked and well thought off the competition formerly the Invitation Cup renamed in his honour.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

St Margaretsbury Women achieving back to back promotions to reach the Beds & Herts Women’s Premier Division this season. Winning Division Three with a 100% record in their debut season in 21/22. Finishing 2nd behind Stotfold Women in Division One last season to continue that rise. Have had a solid campaign in the Premier Division including a 7 match unbeaten run with 6 wins and a draw to put them right in contention for the title itself before eventually finishing 4th in the table.

Enjoyed a couple of good cup runs too, narrowly missing out to Stevenage FC Women Development on penalties in the semi-finals of Hertfordshire FA’s new Women’s Trophy competition before going all the way to the final in The Chris Renshaw Cup. Scoring plenty of goals along the way to with Paige Prior not only top scorer for the club but the league itself firing in 27 goals this season. Gabrielle Charalambous has 10 goals to her name too with Amber Strows on 9.

Colney Heath Ladies are the Champions, winning the Beds & Herts Women’s Premier Division and still in the hunt for a league and cup treble. A strong response from the club effectively rebuilding after losing their entire 1st team and with it ERWFL Premier Division status as they moved under a new club and name. Colney Heath Reserves side stepping up to the mark getting off to a flying start in the league with 6 wins and a draw in their opening 7 games. Going all the way to the Hertfordshire FA Women’s Trophy final where they will play Stevenage FC Women Development in the rearranged fixture after the original game was abandoned due to an medical incident for a Stevenage player. Knocked out of the league cup regrouped after a mini wobble to storm the league and reach the final.

 The league secured with just one defeat along the way, looking to make it a double today against St Margaretsbury have a squad with some useful experience and young talent scoring plenty of goals amongst them with 15 different players on the scoresheet so far this season. Mia Simmonds the top scorer netting 13 so far from 20 appearances. Cally Salter also into double figures on 10 with Holly Jury on target for 8 goals.

 Road to the Final

Both sides progressing without kicking a ball in the 1st Round of the competition, St Margaretsbury awarded the home win while, Colney Heath had a bye.

Into the 2nd Round St Margaretsbury were away in what could have been a potential banana skin again Division Three newcomers and leaders Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses. Goals from Chloe Ahmet, Gabrielle Charalambous, Kelly-ann Westgrath and Paige Pryor securing a 4-1 win to see St Margarets bury into the quarter finals. Colney Heath again not having to kick a ball awarded the H-W against Division Two side Hitchin Town Women.

Both sides rattling in the goals in the quarter finals St Margaretsbury were at home taking on Division Two side Buntingford Town Ladies. Pryor was on target for 5 goals alone with Charalambous also bagging herself a hat-trick. A brace each for Billie Curtis and Amber Strows with Katelyn Mulvey also scoring in a 13-2 victory. Colney Heath on the road taking on Division Two leaders, Real Bedford Ladies Development. Holly Jury and Mia Simmonds firing Colney Heath into a 2 goal lead inside 10 minutes, Jury would go on to net a hat-trick. Simmonds a brace, along with Amy Phillips. Cally Salter, Amy Williams and Jael Muzzi also on the score sheet in a 10-1 win.

Into the semi-finals, St Margaretsbury hosting Division One side Biggleswade United Women Blues in the last 4. Marched into the final confidently wining the game 6-0 with a hat-rick each for Pryor and Sherie Evans. Colney Heath away to another Division one side, Garston FC Ladies Mets. Leading 2-0 at half-time thanks to goals from Molly Slade and Sheree Oliver, Caroline Pennifold and Holly Jury on target to double the score in the 2nd half see Colney Heath into their 2nd final of the season.

The Beds & Herts Women’s Finals Day traditional taking place at Kempston Rovers FC in Bedfordshire. An early start a cup of tea the first port of call, the clubhouse and bar open along with the kitchen hatch serving hot food. A seat stand on the clubhouse side of the ground with standing viewing all round the grass pitch with 3G facilities beyond. The club a hive of activity with several youth matches being played. A washout in Cambridgeshire last Sunday couldn’t be any different this Sunday, bright and sunny some heat to the sun too, no wind and no rain forecast either, drinks breaks to be applied with the heat. 

St Margaretsbury Women

St Margaretsbury Women starting XI – Christina Xanthi, Evelyn Rose, Hannah Fowler, Jacqueline Stott, Sherrie Evans, Kelly-ann Westgrath (C), Faye Bullock, Amber Strows, Chloe Ahmet, Gabrielle Charalambous & Paige Pryor. Subs – Megan Walker, Billie Curtis, Laura Tyrell, Katelyn Mulvey & Katrina Martin.

Colney Heath Ladies

Colney Heath Ladies starting XI – Lauren Croucher, Anna Simou (C), Sophie Joseph, Maddie Gorton, Abbey Williams, Caroline Aubery, Sheree Oliver, Holly Jury, Amy Phillips, Cally Salter & Mia Simmonds. Subs – Laura Gifford, Olivia Corbett, Rachel Sherlow, Molly Slade & Lacey Blake.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

It’s Colney Heath to get the Chris Renshaw Cup final underway kicking off the first half wearing black and white vertical striped shirts with black shorts and white socks with St Margaretsbury lined up opposite earing yellow coloured shirts with black shorts and yellow and black hooped socks. The ball played into the middle rolled back to defence out to the left, Sophie Joseph sending it up the line for Cally Salter to attack, Evelyn Rose in defence for St Margaretsbury comes across to deal with the threat send the ball out for a throw in.

Colney Heath looking to get after the ball early on winning it high fed on for Mia Simmonds running the right channel fires a diagonal ball across the box looking for Salter’s run, Rose intercepts the ball for St Margaretsbury. Sherie Evans winning the ball for St Margaretsbury in the centre played up to Paige Pryor in attack back to goal lays the pass out to Gabrielle Charalambous on the left drives on before cutting her cross back to the top of the box looking for Pryor, Maddie Gorton getting her foot to the ball first clearing for Colney Heath.

Maddie Groton winning the tackle

Colney Heath break up on their left Salter wide with a give and go into Amy Phillips inside her, Phillips laying the return ball into Salter’s path as she surges up the wing before checking inside and pulls her cross, sending it swinging into goalkeeper, Christina Xanthi’s gloves. Holly Jury taking the ball forwards through the middle for Colney Heath sends it on for Simmonds attacking the right channel, lays the ball wide to captain, Anna Simou getting up on the right, Hannah Fowler getting in the challenge to deny the cross for St Margaretsbury.

St Margaretsbury, Hannah Fowler

Colney Heath getting players on pressing the final 3rd win a corner on the right the ball played in near side headed out back to the right by Jacqueline Stott, Colney heath returning the ball on the angle into the top of the box with Simmonds looking to control and turn in one motion, can’t keep her footing her shot tame in the finish rolling safely through to the keeper.

Joseph bringing the ball out from the back for Colney Heath on the left sends it long for Jury pulling out wide her cross dipping into the near post put behind by Xanthi for a corner kick. Played in near post not attacked however St Margaretsbury don’t get the ball clear comes back to Salter out left her cross, blocked. Amber Strows bringing the ball down for St Margaretsbury travelling left side played forwards into Pryor peeling wide, the striker turning inside to drive into the box her run halted by Simou.

St Margaretsbury’s Amber Strows

Colney Heath lively when they are in possession players driving forwards with the ball, Phillips on through the middle looks to release Salter wide left, St Margaretsbury hold their line well catching her offside. Oliver plays the ball out to Phillips on the left, Faye Bullock sliding in to take the ball away from her before she can release Salter. Simmonds fed the ball as she pushes on into the right channel looking to power her way into the box, Stott stays on her well to put in the tackle send the ball away for the throw.

St Margaretsbury defender, Jacqueline Stott

St Margaretsbury awarded a free-kick out wide on the left from deep the ball fired in towards the near post, Charalambous making a good run can’t reach the ball but puts pressure on goalkeeper, Lauren Croucher who doesn’t get hold of the ball instead knocked up into the air inside the six yard box in front of goal, Evans there looking to get her head on the ball, sees the ball land on the roof of the net.

Sherie Evans

Phillips pushing on left side up with Salter looking to double up on Rose at the back, the defender under pressure does well to get her foot on the ball take it out for a throw allow her side to regroup. The throw taken quickly Phillips puts the ball into Jury left top corner of the area turning on the ball releases a low strike fired into the near post, Xanthi has the angle covered. Colney Heath getting players forwards Joseph from the left sending a high ball in towards the top of the area, the clearance sliced behind for a corner on the left. Curled into the near post attacked but put wide.

Phillips getting up the pitch well to support Salter on the left causing St Margaretsbury a few problems, Stott winning the balls into the box cleared up to Westgrath plays it out to Charalambous wide left powers her way on before squaring a cross along the top of the Colney Heath box, Pryor taking a swing at it misses her kick as Gorton gets it clear. Colney Heath counter getting on in attack up the right, Fowler getting cross to challenge.

Gabrielle Charalambous on the attack for St Margaretsbury

St Margaretsbury making a change bring off Bullock sending on Billie Curtis. St Margaretsbury with a throw high on the left crossed into the box, appeals for a penalty as Joseph goes to tackle Pryor but nothing doing. A strike on the angle from distance from the middle held by Croucher.

GOAL! the mid point of the first half fast approaching Colney Heath building well through the middle, Caroline Aubery on the ball comes left lays it out wide for Phillips charging up the wing into the corner flashes a cross into the near post, Salter going in to attack the ball as Xanthi goes down for it, the attacker getting a touch with her left foot, not enough contact the ball still hanging there to hit, adjusts well getting the outside of her right boot to the ball to turn it over the line to score 0-1.

Cally Salter opening the scoring for Colney heath

St Margaretsbury look to get on down their left from the restart the ball inside for Charalambous  inside for Evans has a go from distance the shot over. The referee calling for a drinks break, is warm out there, fluids needed. Phillips getting on the the ball left side for Colney Heath as play resumes dribbling with the ball, Curtis lunging in to block her attempted pass as she looks to release Salter ahead of her.

Gorton with the ball for Colney Heath sends a diagonal pass out to Phillips breaking on down the left her cross squared in high towards the right of the D, Jury looking to meet it on the volley, gets her connection all wrong her shot blazing high. Strows on for Charalambous left side for St Margaretsbury her ross lifted into the box just over Pryor attacking the near post drops for Curtis far side, takes a swing at the ball but under pressure from Abbey Williams the defender squeezes the ball away to safety.

Colney Heath’s Holly Jury

A lively contest despite the heat Colney Heath pushing on stretching St Margaretsbury at times Oliver sending the cross field ball out to Phillips advancing on the left, pace to take the ball on before flashing a cross along the face of the St Margaretsbury goal, Salter flying in just missing it.


Williams clearing at the back for Colney Heath the ball long up to Salter 20 yards out central back to goal lays it off to her left for Simmonds who sends her strike over the crossbar. St Margaretsbury winning the ball in the middle Evans out to Strows inside to Charalambous who lays it into Pryor as she bursts into the box from the left her shot fired in low, saved by Croucher at her near post.

St Margaretsbury captain, Kelly-ann Westgrath

Westgrath taking the ball on for St Margaretsbury threads it on for Pryor up top, shifts her feet to march on into the area, Williams coming to close her down for Colney Heath. Aubery bringing the ball on through the middle takes aim, firing a shot in on goal from range, plenty of pace on the shot just not enough height to beat Xanthi, the keeper seeing the ball safely into her gloves.

Caroline Aubery strikes the ball

A nasty collision between Philips and Ahmet, the former coming off worse but ok as they both get to their feet. Simmonds seeing the ball into her feet turns to play the ball on for Simou getting on up the right her cross into the box collected by Salter near side turns puts it across goal but can’t pick anyone out.

Charalambous with the ball for St Margaretsbury with a powerful run bursting on to the by-line winning her side a corner kick. Swung in towards the near post, Oliver up well to head it clear back out to the corner taker, Swung back into the near post on the angle, Croucher calls for it and drops onto the ball.

Lauren Croucher

Colney Heath giving the ball to Phillips bombing up the left her clipped cross into the near side is misses by the on rushing Oliver, Rose getting hold of it hooks the ball out of the box, comes straight back in central, Stott intercepting and strong under pressure to get it away, Colney Heath pressing the box regain possession rolled into Simmonds right of the D turns to shoot sending the ball wide past the far post.

Late in the first half Colney Heath pressing for a 2nd goal, St Margaretsbury battling to find a reply, the ball played back to Joseph in defence, passes it back to her keeper as Pryor presses the ball, the striker looking to charge down the keeper as she goes to clear the ball top of her area strikes it against Pryor rebounding back into the box, Croucher instinctively goes to pick it up, St Margaretsbury appeal, the referee blows up and after consulting his assistant and indirect free-kick is awarded to the right of goal. A late chance for St Margaretsbury to pull a goal back shifts into Strows, moving central to unleash a shot smashes the ball wide past the far post.

Christina Xanthi

Colney Heath scrappy in the close moments of the first half the keeper missing Charalambous ball in from the left, scrambled clear, Strows adjudged to have handled the ball as she looks to get it under control top of the box.

Half-time St Margaretsbury Women 0-1 Colney Heath Ladies

  The half-time whistle blows Colney Heath putting themselves under pressure late on leading the game 1-0 thanks to Cally Salter’s goal midway through the half. Have looked strong on the attack getting players on well using the width and putting crosses into the box whilst in turn limiting the ball into Pryor in attack up the other end keeping St Margaretsbury’s top scorer quiet. Still with one goal in it the game still very much there for the taking and the result is far from settled.

Is warm out there, both sides putting a lot into the first half, the benches will play there part in the 2nd half. Colney Heath with a double switch at the start of the 2nd half with Jury and Simmonds taken off, Lacey Blake and Laura Gifford coming on. St Margaretsbury to get the 2nd half underway the ball played to the right, Colney Heath straight in to press the ball, St Margaretsbury keep possession well playing the ball on down the right winning a throw high the cross worked into the area taken cleanly by Croucher.

GOAL! Colney Heath with the ball in the middle as they turn play around fed out to Salter breaking away into the right wing sending a dangerous ball in across the top of the six yard box, Xanthi can’t reach it, but Phillips can as she meets it at the far post to turn home from close range to double the lead 0-2. 

Amy Phillips puts Colney Heath 2-0 early in the 2nd half

Colney Heath with their tails up breaking on down the left, Lacey Blake attacking firing a cross into the box, Fowler up to head the ball back out to the left, Blake lifting it back in Stott getting it away this time around for St Margaretsbury. Ahmet sends the pass out to Charalambous on the left taking the ball on strong with her run into the box before being stopped by Williams.

Gabrielle Charalambous

St Margaretsbury with the ball on through the middle by Evans for Charalambous, drives on, Williams putting in the tackle even as her keeper comes rushing out for the ball, the counter attack launched Blake on the left with Phillips the cross fired into the near post area, Salter beating the keeper to the ball sees her effort come back off the base of the post.

Phillips with the ball left, Rose tackling for St Margaretsbury the ball turned behind for a corner kick. St Margaretsbury clearing the corner, Colney Heath quick to regain possession turned out to Phillips left on for Blake on the move down the wing her crossed whipped into the near post headed away by Fowler.

GOAL! The ball with Colney heath central played into Phillips on the move left side taking the ball on power her way forwards into the box before smashing her shot low across the keeper into the bottom corner to put her side into a strong position with her 2nd of the game 0-3.

Amy Phillips celebrates her 2nd goal of the game

A blow for St Margaretsbury as they make a double change bringing off Westgrath and Ahmet, Laura Tyrell and Katrina Martin coming on. Curtis looking to attack on the left enjoying a good tussle with Simou, but gives away the free-kick this time. Salter caught offside for Colney heath as Gifford looks to release her on the right. Charalambous carrying the ball all the way into the box from the left for St Margaretsbury but hesitates before releasing a shot allowing Gorton to get a foot in on the ball, Colney Heath launching a rapid counter the ball lifted on for Blake out wide left taking the ball on surging into the area, getting a shot away under challenge runs through to the keeper.

Colney Heath defender, Maddie Gorton

Colney Heath’s turn to make a change bringing of Aubery in the middle, Molly Slade replacing her. Phillips into Blake on the left her cross whipped into the D, Salter near side bringing it down laying it off to Gifford beyond her strike, hit up high over the bar. At the mid point in the 2nd half, the third goal zapping the energy out of St Margaretsbury as they make another change, Rose coming off at the back, Megan Walker sent on as the drinks break is called.

Colney Heath’s Laura Gifford

Colney Heath making another change before play resumes, Salter the player off, on comes Olivia Corbett. The substitute out on the right playing the ball inside for Gifford, who attempts to thread a diagonal ball into Phillips attacking the area left side, Evans with a vital interception for St Margaretsbury.

Caroline Aubery holding off Chloe Ahmet

Simou opens up her body to slide the ball on for Gifford attacking down the right, taking the ball all the way to the by-line her cross is struck in across the face of goal with pace, too strong evades everyone as Corbett looks to get onto the end of it far post. Contrasting energy levels, Colney Heath with renewed energy pouring forwards, St Margaretsbury with the energy zapped out of them, Curtis still full of running however attacking left side taking on Simou once again, getting the free-kick this time around.

Colney Heath captain, Anna Simou with St Margaretsbury’s, Billie Curtis

The free-kick from the left up to the top of the area, Gorton looks to bring it away for Colney Heath, Curtis snapping in to challenge wins the ball back and puts it out to Charalambous wide left her cross dipping in central, cleared by Williams. Colney Heath straight on the counter attack Slade out to Blake powering forwards on the left her angled shot beat down by Xanthi at her near post.

Blake’s runs down the left adding to Colney Heath’s threat going forward in the 2nd half gets down into the corner before whistling a cross into the box, narrowly avoiding Corbett tracking in at the near post, runs through to Gifford central, Stott throwing herself in the way to block her shot. Colney Heath relentless getting the ball back high up the pitch, rolled into Corbett, left of the D, players the ball off the outside of her boot in towards goal, Xanthi, behind it getting down to claim.

Paige Pryor looking to attack for St Margaretsbury

 Oliver with the ball and her feet goes on a run through the middle, no challenge coming in is encouraged to go all the way, breaking into the box, setting herself up with a one on one with the keeper a Xanthi comes to close her down, Oliver shoots looking to put the ball past her, Xanthi saving with her leg, deflecting the ball behind for a corner kick. Both sides making changes as the match moves into the final 5 minutes, Charalambous coming off for St Margaretsbury with Katelyn Mulvey coming on. A double switch for Colney Heath, Phillips and Oliver taken off, Jury and Simmonds returning to the action.

Sheree Oliver

  The corner delivered into the near post from the right, St Margaretsbury defending the ball ack out wide, the shot taken on the angle, taking a deflection as it flashes wide, the resulting corner coming to nothing. Blake firing in a left wing cross to the far post, Gifford looking to get it down under control to shoot, Stott getting in the tackle to clear. Ahmet down for St Margaretsbury having picked up an injury, after treatment she needs to come off, helped to the side lines Westgrath comes back on. Slade finding Corbett on the right runs into space before sending a vicious cross in along the face of goal, Xanthi getting something on it to deny, Simmonds racing in to attack it.

  GOAL! Simmonds on the score sheet soon after as the ball won back on the left is played into her feet, the attacker taking it on, pressing inside heading for the St Margaretsbury box, Xanthi rushing out to the corner of her area to close her down, Simmonds gets her shot away sending it across the keeper to race on past her into the bottom corner 0-5.

Mia Simmonds running into the box to fire home Colney Heath’s 4th goal

 3 minutes left to play, Colney Heath  goals up not done attacking yet as Slade plays Corbett in on the right wing, takes the shot on on the angle her pacy effort, saved by Xanthi down low at her near post. Stott getting her head onto another right wing cross to concede the corner kick. Played in near side, Gorton coming for the ball can’t get it under control before Tyrell closes her down. Another corner on the right for Colney Heath, put in near side, Gifford looking to meet it knocking the ball up into the air, Simou looking to hit it on the volley sends the ball wide. 

GOAL! All Colney Heath in the closing moments of the match players up around the box the ball put across the D into, Gifford and Corbett left side from the top of the area, Corbett latches onto the ball and smashes a rising shot past the diving Xanthi inside the left post to score 0-5.

Olivia Corbett firing home Colney Heath’s 5th goal

  Into the closing seconds of the match, St Margaretsbury win themselves a corner kick on the right, Stott in the box putting the ball back out wide to the corner taker the ball fired back into the box on the angle, Williams with a vital interception with Pryor ready to pounce on it beyond her, the ball cleared up field the final whistle blowing soon after and Colney Heath celebrate as they win this season’s Chris Renshaw Cup and make it a league and cup double.

Full time St Margaretsbury Women 0-5 Colney Heath Ladies

  A dominant 2nd half from Colney Heath in the finish, piling on the pressure to score a 2nd goal early in the 2nd half, a 3rd goal coming quickly after zapping the energy out of St Margaretsbury giving them a mountain to climb, worked hard at the back, the 5-0 score line a little harsh perhaps, but no more than Colney Heath deserve for their attacking performance, came on at will at times, adding two more goals at the death to seal the win in style. Disappointment in the end for St Margaretsbury, nevertheless a strong first season in the Premier Division with a 4th placed finish and reaching the final of a cup.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Time to pick the first Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Often a difficult decision, occasionally not however and this is one of those occasions. A few performances of note to mention first, for St Margaretsbury, Jacqueline Stott was strong at the back, called upon on a number of occasions to make vital tackles and win back the ball. Sherie Evans fighting to win possession in the middle trying to get her attackers into the game. Gabrielle Charalambous with some powerful runs on the ball running into the channels looking to create an opportunity in front of goal. Caroline Aubery and Sheree Oliver did well in the middle for Colney Heath winning the ball back and getting it forwards into their attackers quickly. Holly Jury ahead of them driving on with the ball and joining the attack. Cally Salter with some great positional play getting out wide to receive the ball and put several crosses into the box, as well as getting into the box herself composed to open the scoring in the first half. Lacey Blake making an impact on the left coming on 2nd half. The award goes to Amy Phillips who herself caused havoc on the left throughout the game getting onto the ball and driving forwards on a number of occasions, linking up well with Salter in the first half, her 2 goals early in the 2nd half, going along way to sealing the victory for Colney Heath.

Colney Heath Ladies 2023/24 Chris Renshaw Cup winners

Congratulations to Colney Heath Ladies on winning this season’s Chris Renshaw Cup.

Colney Heath Ladies also Premier Division Champions

A league and cup double for Colney Heath as they collect their award for winning the Beds & Herts Women’s Premier Division too.

  My thanks to both clubs for helping me out with the team details this morning, the celebrations moved off the pitch as the sides competing for this afternoon’s League Cup final take to the pitch a quick turn around, but just enough time to grab a bite to eat before setting up for the next one…

by Darren Gilham


The Round-Up – 16/02/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 16th February

 The first multi-competition edition of The Round-Up last season after Storm Dennis played havoc with the fixture lists once again this weekend. A total wipe out of matches the weekend with Storm Ciara blowing through. 12 games in all to report on from Sunday featuring sides competing in the leagues covered by Women’s Football East. 

Women’s FA Cup

 Starting with the biggest game of the week a dream tie in the Women’s FA Cup 5th Round for Ipswich Town Women, a historic run taking the Suffolk side into the last 16 of the competition, the lowest ranked side to get this far playing in the fourth tier up against the current holders and FAWSL leaders, a tough test but an occasion to be savoured Ipswich’s history making run drawing national attention in the media.

 Manchester City starting well against Ipswich the visitors fielding a young side with 7 17 year olds in their side. Defender Lucy Egan with a couple of vital blocks in the opening 18 minutes, Manchester City taking the lead in the 19th minute breaking away from an Ipswich corner Laura Coombs striking the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-0. Ipswich goalkeeper Nikita Runnacles saving with her legs to deny, Norfolk born Lauren Hemp a goal 2 minutes later. Pauline Bremer amongst the goals for Manchester City this season firing the hosts into a 2 goal lead midway through the first half rounding the keeper to score. Jess Park shooting from the edge of the area seeing Manchester City leading 3-0 on the half-hour. That the score at half-time. 

Ipswich striker Natasha Thomas up against Manchester City & England captain Steph Houghton (photo credit @RossMediaUK )

   Ipswich with plenty of travelling support for the match spirits high everyone enjoying the occasion. Manchester City out of the blocks quickly in the 2nd period Bremer with an early chance before adding her 2nd of the game in the 49th minute. Ipswich fighting plenty of energy put into closing the ball down Manchester City kept on their toes a professional performance extending the lead in the 57th minute a ball put across the face of goal Georgia Stanway sliding in to score. Bremer netting completing her hat-trick in the 64th minute. Manchester City stepping it up as Ipswich tired Stanway with her 2nd of the game to make it 7-0 two minutes later. Into the final 15 minutes and Park is slid through on goal to net her 2nd of the match wrapping up her hat-trick 3 minutes later her distance strike finding the top corner. Stanway becoming the 3rd Manchester City player to score a hat-trick as she finished from distance from a clearance with 3 minutes to go to see the match won 10-0. A large defeat in the end for Ipswich but a massive gulf between the sides Manchester City a side to be inspired by. Ipswich’s fantastic FA Cup journey coming to an end putting the club firmly on the map plenty still to play for this season challenging for the title in FAWNL South East Division One straight back to it this Wednesday with as big a game away to Norwich City Women in the East Anglian derby.


Another big game in the FAWNL Cup competitions for Milton Keynes Dons Women this weekend at home taking on Northern Premier Division side Stoke City Women in the semi-final this Sunday. A 2nd successive season for Milton Keynes reaching the last 4 of a national competition. League Plate semi-finalists last time out, have saved their best performances for the FAWNL Cup this season dogged in defence going through on penalties in earlier rounds, up against a Stoke City side in good form. The Stadium MK offering some protection from the elements that would certainly play apart in other matches surviving the afternoon, Stoke starting well putting the ball into the Milton Keynes area he home defence standing firm the sides goalless at the break. Abby Hunt firing Stoke City into the lead in the 57th minute the visitors going 2-0 5 minutes later courtesy of a powerfully struck 25 yard free-kick from Hollie Gibson. Milton Keynes looking for a reply seeing a goal ruled out for offside. Milton Keynes breaking with 15 minutes left a shot fired inches wide. Alison Hall smashing a shot against the crossbar for Stoke City with 3 minutes left, a 3rd goal not required 2-0 enough to see Stoke City into this season’s FAWNL Cup final where they will face either Sunderland AFC Ladies or Southampton FC Women the pair meeting in their semi-final this coming Sunday.

Norfolk Women’s County Cup

 Two games surviving Storm Dennis in Norfolk at the weekend and both big ones as the semi-finals of the Norfolk Women’s County Cup took place. Women’s Football East braving the elements to watch one of those matches Norwich City Women taking on Wroxham Women. Played at The Nest north of the city the weather rubbish very wet and windy the pitch holding out well however the game on. A fairly even start to the game both sides testing the other creating opportunities joy on the flanks. Wroxham taking the lead just past 20 minutes, captain Anna Larkins put away down the right her ball in on the angle parries down across goal by Norwich goalkeeper Hope Armstrong, top scorer Grace Birchall sliding in at the far post to score from close range. Norwich quick to respond the ball put forwards quickly through the middle their top scorer Chelsea Garrett breaking in behind the defence, goalkeeper Amy Bell starting to come can’t get there is caught in no mans land as Garrett lobs her from outside the box to make it 1-1. No sooner are Norwich level then they take the lead themselves Aimee Durrant putting a free-kick from the right into the box a shot from the left charged down the rebound falling to Garrett top of the box rifles it home for her 2nd of the match. A devastating spell from Norwich as they go on to score twice more in quick succession Durrant causing problems wide right her cross into the six yard box bringing an own goal, then putting pressure on defender and goalkeeper as they get to close to each other at the top of the area steals in to rob the ball and walk it into the empty net.

Natasha Snelling with a late double to help send Norwich through to the Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final

 Norwich leading 4-1 at half-time scoring 4 goals in 6 minutes, Wroxham coming out fighting at the start of the 2nd half as they look to pull a goal back quickly Norwich solid at the back defender Lauren Cullum clearing a ball off the line. The game entering the final 10 minutes midfielder Jodie Drake lining up a strike from 35 yards out struck well to seal the win 5-1 it was the catalyst for another Wroxham collapse as they suffered a repeat of the 2nd half. Keunna Dill on in the 2nd half free on the left away down the line squaring a ball along the face of goal Natasha Snelling arriving for the tap in. 6-1 quickly became 7-1, a corner taken short Sian Douglas with a well struck shot on the angle driving the ball home to score her first goal for the club. Dill racing away again shooting over Bell seeing her shot strike the bar coming back down not gathered Snelling latching onto it to score her 2nd of the game. Norwich through the the Norfolk Women’s County Cup final, getting the opportunity at long last to play at Carrow Road. The whole game report can be found below this post.

  Norwich’s opponents in this season’s Norfolk Women County Cup final will be back to back winners of the competition Wymondham Town Ladies as they made it a fourth county cup final appearance in a row winning away to Sprowston Ladies at the weekend. Sprowston the only county league side to make it this far in the competition amongst the top sides in Division One putting on a spirited performance against a Wymondham side despite being hampered by injuries throughout the season scoring plenty of goals. Vice captain Leah Newcombe at last making her return to the field after being out since last season’s cup final. Goals from Freya Symonds, Katie Knights, striker Hannah Waters and her first for the club from defender Lauren Kett seeing Wymondham through to a fourth successive final 4-0. The County Cup Final to be played on Sunday 19th April kicking off at 11am at Carrow Road.

Essex Women’s County Cup

 County Cup semi-final action too in Essex this weekend again the only games to beat the weather and had a feeling if any would it would be these both played on good 3G pitches kicking off later in the afternoon. The competition dominated by Billericay Town Ladies and AFC Basildon Women in recent season’s Basildon first and recent Billericay have lifted the trophy locking horns in recent finals. Both playing in FAWNL South East Division One, Basildon rebuilding somewhat have found their feet in the league making up a strong top half of the table joined by Billericay. Drawn to meet in the semi-finals this time around both fancying their chances on recent form. Played at Aveley FC a 4:30pm kick-off no clear cut chances for either side in the opening 15 minutes. Basildon opening the scoring in the 21st minutes Jodie Osborne flicking the ball over the keeper to make it 1-0. The visitors getting themselves into a 2-0 before the half hour Kelly Wealthall with the tap in following great work on the ball from strike partner Holly Turner. Billericay coming back at Basildon Zoe Rushen seeing a shot saved, Therese Addison with an effort blocked on the line late in the half Basildon going into the changing rooms 2-0 up. 

Action from this weekends semi-final (photo credit Nicky Hayes)

 Another block on the goal line denying Rushen a goal early in the 2nd half Basildon going on to take a 3-0 lead 15 minutes into the 2nd period Turner with a well struck shot. Basildon adding a 4th goal 5 minutes later with Poppy Binding tapping home to put the visitors into a strong position with 25 minutes to play. Billericay getting a goal back straight away Hannah Smith making it 4-1. Billericay pushing later on shots saved Addison firing in a free-kick with 3 minutes left a consolation as Basildon were celebrating at the final whistle reaching the County Cup Final again 4-2. 

 History to be made in the other Essex Women’s County Cup semi-final with Bowers & Pitsea Ladies at home to Collier Row Tigers both looking to reach the final for the first time. Bowers & Pitsea doing well in their first season in the ERWFL Premier Division not underestimating their lower league opponents Collier Row Tigers top of the Essex Women’s Premier Division unbeaten dropping just 2 points so far this season whilst scoring plenty of goals and keeping it tight at the other end conceding just 11. Weather condition poor wet and windy scrappy at the start few clear cut chances created. Goalless at half-time Collier Row Tigers proving a tough opponent Bowers & Pitsea battling to get the opening goal wouldn’t come the game going to extra-time. A further half and hour of play seeing no goals added the semi-final to be settled on penalties. Some well taken penalties it was Bowers & Pitsea who were celebrating at the finish going through to the final 6-5 in the shootout. The Essex Women’s County Cup Final to be played on Thursday 9th April a 7:45pm KO at Aveley FC.

Essex Women’s Trophy

 Another semi-final played at the weekend in Essex in the Trophy competition and better news for Billericay Town Ladies in this one played earlier in the afternoon at Aveley FC with their Reserves side beating Essex Women’s Premier Division side Beacon Hill Rovers Ladies 3-0 to reach the final. Amelie Johnson scoring the opening goal of the game. Becky Gallagher striking to put Billericay 2-0 ahead Leigha Bradding-Butler netting the 3rd goal. Billericay’s Reserves will face either Hutton Ladies Reserves or Lawford Ladies in the final their semi-final falling foul of Storm Dennis will try again this coming weekend.

Suffolk Women’s Division

 There were just four league matches that survive at the weekend and just the one match in Suffolk. Bury Town Ladies keeping up their title charge as they move into 2nd spot ahead of Brettvale Ladies on goal difference with a double figure win at home against bottom side University of Suffolk Women the visitors short of a full side up against a Bury Town side full of goals players contributing throughout the side. Julie Brind top scorer netting a hat-trick at the weekend moving her onto 22 for the season. Mia Bambury into double figures too now scoring at the weekend on 10. Kirsty Pollard with a brace goals too for Sophie Hemming and Norma Locker. Katie Walker with another goal has 2 form 2 appearances with Georgia Parker scoring her first goal of the season. 

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

 Again in Cambridgeshire Storm Dennis wreaked havoc with the fixture lists on Sunday with just one match played in  both the Premiership and Championship. In the Premiership it was a poignant game for St Ives Town Ladies Development away to Netherton United Ladies. Sad news this weekend with the sad news that one of their founding players Charlene Martin passing away losing her battle with bowel cancer. Can only offer my condolences and thoughts to her family and friends and those at St Ives was an inspiration to so many.  

 The club coming together to play at the weekend travelling to play Netherton United Ladies. A late winner in stoppage time seeing the 3 points go to Netherton, Yasmin Green scoring from the penalty spot for the hosts earlier in the game, Tash Applegate scoring for St Ives Town. Katie Barber finding the back of the net in the 93rd minute giving Netherton the win, moves them level with St Ives Town on 16 points in what is a very congested mid-table in the Premiership a number of sides pushing for a top 4 finish there is still alot of football to be played.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

One game played in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship at the weekend rough conditions too for Cardea Ladies as they hosted 2nd placed Mildenhall Town Ladies at the weekend the opening half an hour seeing no goals. Charlotte Nash putting away her 10th goal of the season for Mildenhall seeing the visitors open the scoring. 5 minutes later were 2-0 up with Nadine Basson on target with a goal. A flurry of goals coming late in the first half 10 minutes left to play Courtney Coles pulling it back to 2-1 for Cardea. Nash scoring her 2nd of the game restoring Mildenhall’s 2 goal lead, Coles with her second bringing it back to 3-2 at half-time. Mildenhall ramping it up 2nd half to ensure the 3 points. Top scorer Katie Hayes scoring her 19th goal of the season on the hour, Jasmine Luckett with her 5th of the campaign 5 minutes later along with a brace in the final 15 minutes from Rachel Pearce seeing the game won 7-3 moving Mildenhall to within 4 points of leaders Cambridge Rangers Women.

Beds & Herts The Chris Renshaw Cup

A couple of matches too surviving Storm Dennis in the Beds & Herts Women’s Football League. Division One side Hitchin Belles hosting Division Two leaders AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies in the quarter finals of The Chris Renshaw Cup. The visitors in good form at the top of the table Hitchin Belles bottom of the Division One table Kempston Ton & Bedford College tight at the back conceding just 6 goals in the league keeping Hitchin out on Sunday in the cup progressing through to the semi-finals of the competition winning 4-0 with both Charlie Mullins and Chloe Urbanowicz scoring a brace. AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College will now be at home to fellow Division Two side Garston Ladies Vintage Purples in the semi-finals date to be announced.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

As AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies were advancing through to the last four of The Chris Renshaw Cup they were also knocked off the top of the Division Two table on goal difference by Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses as they won big at home to bottom side Wheathampstead Wanderers Ladies at the weekend. Charlotte Bedford opening the scoring for Woburn & Wavendon in the first minute. Laura Taylor seeing them 2-0 up inside 5 minutes. Jess Katsinas adding to the scoreline with a goal 5 minutes later Woburn & Wavendon with a strong opening to the game were 4-0 up with 15 minutes played Kelly Randall scoring her first goal of the season. Katsinas with her 2nd of the match putting them 5-0 up. Taylor netting 2 goals in 3 minutes to complete a first half hat-trick seeing Woburn & Wavendon leading 7-0 at half-time. More goals in the 2nd half with Emily Wall getting her first of the season on the hour. Bedford and Randall on target for their 2nd goals of the game each. Lucy Boyle another to celebrate her first goal of the season in the final 10 minutes. Jessica Greaves at the death sealing a 12-0 win. Woburn & Wavendon going top of goal difference but still incredibly tight at the top of Division Two with 3 points separating the top 4.

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 02/02/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 2nd February

Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup

Cup action in the Beds & Herts Women’s Football League this weekend with quarter final matches played in both competitions, the League Cup and The Chris Renshaw Cup. One quarter final tie in the League Cup falling foul to the weather holders Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies home tie with Hartham United Ladies called off will try again next Sunday. Two Division Three sides reaching the last 4 of the League Cup both having home advantage at the weekend up against Division One opponents. 

  Herts Vipers leading the way in Division Three with a 100% scoring plenty of goals too were hosting Hitchin Town Ladies. Herts Vipers off to a fast start taking the lead inside the opening 2 minutes Nicole Jancey setting up Selin Buyukgiray make it 1-0. Herts Vipers coming close to a 2nd before making a change in the 34th minute Rachel Wall introduced to the action making an instant impact scoring with her first touch to double the lead. Jancey on the scoresheet late in the first half to put Herts Vipers 3-0 up at the break. Buyukgiray with her 2nd of the game in the 56th minute, Herts Vipers finishing strong the game heading into the final 20 minutes Jancey going on to score a 9 minute hat-trick to add to her first half goal sending her to 42 goals to the season. Kelsey Millen sneaking in her 13th goal of the season during Jancey’s onslaught. 9-0 the final score to Herts Vipers a comprehensive victory to send them into the last 4 of the competition Buyukgiray completing her hat-trick with 5 minutes to play has 15 goals now this season from just 5 appearances. The draw for the League Cup semi-finals will see Herts Vipers at home to either St Albans Ladies or AFC Dunstable Women Blues who play their rearranged semi-final this weekend. 

Kick-off between Herts Vipers & Hitchin Town Ladies at the weekend (photo credit Harts Vipers)

  Biggleswade United Ladies 2nd in the Division Three table were at home to Division One side Garston Ladies 1st in the quarter finals of the League Cup, another side with goals in them Biggleswade were up against a Garston side in good form winning their last 4 league matches up to with goals coming throughout their side. Proved to strong for Biggleswade at the weekend scoring 5 without reply to advance into the semi-finals of the competition. 5 different scorers in the match too with, Holly Jury, Harley Carr, Charley Kelsey and Daniella and Jade Roberts celebrating a goal each. Garston with face either Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies or Hartham United Ladies away in the semi-finals.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

Quarter final weekend too in The Chris Renshaw Cup with 3 of the 4 ties played this Sunday. Division One side Northwood Ladies at home to Division Three side Hitchin Town Ladies Reserves. Northwood 3rd in the Division One table in good form winning six in a row in league and cup scoring goals too 37 in their last 3 games alone were amongst the goals again this weekend to safely progress to the last 4 of the competition. Emma Steele scoring a hat-trick in the tie going to 22 goals for the campaign. Emma Marshall netting a brace with Joanne Horwood also on the score sheet with a goal both on 8 for the season helping to secure a 6-0 win for Northwood. 

Northwood will be away to fellow Division One side Houghton Athletic Ladies after they narrowly beat Division Tow title contenders Langford Ladies in the quarter finals of The Chris Renshaw Cup at the weekend. Sophie Bounds scoring for Langford, goals though from Shakeela Hussain and Louise Spendelow seeing Houghton Athletic clinch a 2-1 victory to progress into the last four.

An all Division Two clash saw familiar opponents Garston Ladies Vintage Purples at home to Sherrardswood Ladies the pair meeting in the League Cup final itself a few season ago. Chances for both sides early on Garston taking the lead with Yasmin Sabri rounding the keeper to make it 1-0. Emma Trill doubling the hosts lead before Sabri struck again to see Garston 3-0 up at half-time. Alot for Sherrardswood to do to try and get back into the game Garston were working hard to prevent them scoring. Jane Hales striking a free-kick the ball sneaking in at the near post to put Garston 4-0 in front, Trill joining Sabri on 10 goals each for the season scoring her 2nd of the afternoon on the follow-up after her initial shot was saved. Trill going on to complete her hat-trick her position as stand alone top scorer lasting a matter of minutes with Sabri too sealing her hat-trick and send Garston into the last four of The Chris Renshaw Cup courtesy of a 7-0 win. Will be away to either Hitchin Belles or AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies in the semi-final the pair meeting this weekend.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

  One league game played in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One this weekend, Royston Town Women Development hosting Letchworth Garden City Eagles. Both sides finding it tough in the league following promotion last season, just the one win and draw for Royston from 9 played going into the game, Letchworth’s without a win so far this season 2 draws to date, 3-3 at home to Houghton Athletic Ladies last weekend Letchworth battled well against Royston at the weekend to see them earn a 2nd successive point of the season the match ending in a 2-2 draw, Kate Tempest and Tayla Murray with her 6th goal of the season scoring. Royston feeling they could have gotten more from the game scoring through Lydia Webb and Emer McAuliffe.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

Also one league match played in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two at the weekend and a significant result for AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies as they win at home to move to the top of the table for the 1st time this a season edging ahead of the 3 sides promoted with them last season, still just 3 points in it though between the top 4. Were at home to Evergreen Ladies on Sunday, goals from Charlie Mullins, Rachael Mumford and Helen Spalding securing a 3-0 victory.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

Four games played in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three at the weekend and with the top two playing in the League Cup it was an opportunity for Harvesters Ladies in 3rd position to move back level on points with Biggleswade United Ladies in 2nd. Harvesters were on the road taking on bottom side Buntingford Town Ladies. Top scorers Eve Shaw netting a first half brace for the visitors taking her to 13 goals for the season now for Harvesters. Louise Avery scoring their 3rd goal early in the 2nd half, Rachel Dodd on target with a goal with 20 minutes left seeing Harvester secure a 4-1 victory to give them the 3 points. 

 Kempston Rovers Ladies move back up to 4th in the Division Three table with a 7th league win at home to Whetstone Wanderers Ladies on Sunday. Working hard for each other Whetstone proved a tough opponent for Kempston Rovers to break down. The deadlock finally broken with Vicki Boyde scoring to make it 1-0 with her first goal for the side. Lucy Harper making to 2-0 to Kempston Rovers, top scorer Ellie Newberry-Bierton with her 9th goal of the season wrapping up a 3-0 win.

A confidence boosting 6-0 home win for Flitwick Eagles Ladies at home to Buntingford last weekend, had the better of the first half this weekend away to Bedwell Rangers Ladies holding a 2-0 advantage at the break. Charlie Newton firing the visiting side into the lead in the 20th minute adding a 2nd goal late in the first half. Jessica Sullivan pulling it back to 2-1 for Bedwell Rangers right at the start of the 2nd half, Flitwick responded straight away to restore their 2 goal lead Newton on target for her hat-trick doubling her tally for the season to 6 goals. Bedwell Rangers fighting back once again to bring it back to 3-2 on the hour, Sullivan scoring again her 12th goal of the season. The game moving into the final 20 minutes, Bedwell Rangers captain Georgia Miller struck with her 8th goal of the season to level the scores at 3-3 and see the sides share the points.

Stotfold Juniors Ladies capitalising on Bedwell Rangers draw winning all 3 points at home on Sunday to climb above them into 6th spot in the Division Three table. Meeting Evergreen Eagles for the 2nd successive Sunday a 4-1 win away from home last weekend a much close scoreline this time around Evergreen Eagles scoring twice, Stotfold on target to score 3 goals to win the game. The goals scored by Holly Konopka, Hope Page and top scorer Chloe Ward with her 12th of the campaign.


The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 12/01/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 12th January

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

A busy fixture lists across the Beds and Herts Women’s Football League with games in all three divisions and 8 cup ties from the Chris Renshaw Cup played this Sunday. Plenty of goals scored and some big games.

None more so than the top of the table clash in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One between 1st and 2nd. Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies 3 points clear at the top hosting 2nd placed St Albans Ladies who have a game in hand. Hemel Hempstead beating St Albans 3-1 in the reverse fixture at the start of the season. A cracking game of football by all accounts both sides on target for 2 goals in the first half Kayla Johnson netting a brace for St Albans giving her 8 for the season. Kayleigh Baker with her 4th of the season and a 10th goal of the campaign the Hemel Hempstead scorers all square at the break neither side able to breach the others defence for a winning goal 2nd half the points shared.

 The other game in Division One at the weekend saw Garston Ladies 1st team in 5th spot close the gap to 4th placed Hartham United Ladies to just a point as they won away from home to 2nd bottom Letchworth Garden City Eagles on Sunday. Garston edging the result 2-1 to take the 3 points home. Ruby Jager on the scoresheet for Garston was also given a red card the visitors ending with 10. 

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

The title race in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two remains as tight as ever the weekend starting with a 3 way tie at the top with Langford Ladies, Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses and AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies all on 18 points, AFC Dunstable Women Blues just two points behind in fourth after drawing with Sherrardswood Ladies last time out. Another top of the table clash saw them at home to Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses this Sunday the visitors ending Dunstable’s 100% winning start at the end of 2019 beating them 5-2 in the reverse fixture. A close game Dunstable keen to keep Woburn & Wavendon from scoring, taking a chance late in the 1st half to lead the game at the break 1-0 Holly Wilks putting away her 6th goal of the season. Chances to extend the lead coming in the 2nd half Dunstable eventually doubling their lead mid-way through the 2nd half Nicole Cameron on target for her 4th of the season, kept a clean sheet to win the match 2-0 and as a result go top of the table themselves by a point between the top 4 and 5th and 6th placed Garston Ladies Vintage Purples and Sherrardswood Ladies are far from out of it.

At the other end of the Division Two table a tough first half of the season for both Bedford Ladies Development and Evergreen Ladies. The latter making the journey to take on Bedford this weekend the hosts looking to build on last weekends 0-1 win away to bottom side Wheathampstead Wanderers Ladies just their 2nd of the season the first coming against Wheathampstead back at the start of October. Just the one win too so far for Evergreen Ladies but the start of a new era, new management bringing a positive outlook. Evergreen falling behind early in the match Bedford doubling their lead scoring straight from a corner to go into half-time 2-0 up. Hannah Holden pulling Evergreen back to 2-1 early in the 2nd half. Bedford strong in the box going on to score a 3rd goal adding a further two, Ellie Smith with her first goal of the season scoring for Evergreen late on. Bedford making it back to back wins to start 2020, Remi Bains and Charlotte Demmon both scoring a brace apiece with Alicja Olszanka also on target to score her 9th goal of the season.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

Also a top of the table meeting in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three this Sunday with leader Herts Vipers taking their 100% winning start to 3rd placed Biggleswade United Ladies themselves just losing the one match in the league this season that a narrow 3-2 defeat to Herts Vipers early in the season. Just 3 points in at at the start of play. Herts Vipers opening the scoring on 30 minutes Kelsey Millen lobbing the keeper from outside the box to put the visitors 1-0 up, that the advantage at half-time. Millen scoring her 2nd and 10th of the season early in the 2nd half after the initial shot was parried by the goalkeeper Millen there to send over the line. Millen turning provider for Herts Vipers 3rd goal crossing the ball in put away in the 64th minute by top scorer Nicole Jancey for her 36th goal of the season. Helen Coster with her first goal for Biggleswade pulling it back to 3-1 with 15 minutes to play. Herts Vipers making it 9 wins from 9 to go 3 points clear of Harvesters Ladies at the top of the table.

The Herts Vipers squad lining up before Sunday’s 3-1 win away to Biggleswade United Ladies (photo credit Herts Vipers)

Evergreen Eagles were celebrating their first win of the season in Division Three from open play last Sunday getting 2020 off to a positive start. This weekend they were away to bottom side Buntingford Town Ladies who were the only side in the league without a point on the board losing all 7 league games played so far. The pair playing a high scoring game Buntingford getting themselves into a 5-0 lead. Evergreen Eagles mounting a terrific fight back Samantha Takis scoring in the 50th minute would go on to complete her hat-trick in the final 10 minutes of the match Christine Brewer also scoring for the visitors Buntingford survived the sustained pressure going on to win the match 6-4 and celebrate their first win of the season.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

Plenty of cup action to report on too this weekend with 8 ties from the 2nd round of The Chris Renshaw Cup. Alot of goals scored and some big wins too. The biggest by far Northwood Ladies home win against Whetstone Wanderers Ladies. A huge gap between the sides with Northwood fighting at the top of Division One, Whetstone Wanderers in contrast struggling for results at the bottom of Division Three. Despite having only 10 players available due to illness and injury Northwood proved too strong and opponent, Whetstone kept going but Northwood found the back of the net at regular intervals to win the game 17-0. 4 goals each for Emma Steele and Scarlett Keightley. Both Joanne Horwood and Samantha May netting a hat-trick there were also goals for Leanne Jones and Emma Marshall.

Been a tough season so far for Hitchin Belles since winning promotion to Beds & Herts Division One collecting just the 1 point from 10 games played. The Chris Renshaw providing a break from their league struggle, were taking Division Three side Flitwick Eagles Ladies on at home this weekend in the 2nd round of the competition. A much welcome victory for Hitchin Belles the final result 7-1 to see them progress in the cup. Millie Fraser scoring a hat-trick. Emily Field on target for her 5th goal of the season. Their were first goals of the season to for Charlotte Peters and a brace for Kayleigh Grey. Brittany Holdsworth with a late consolation for Flitwick.

Division One side Houghton Athletic Ladies were drawn away to Division Three pace setters Harvesters Ladies in the 2nd round of The Chris Renshaw Cup a potentially tricky tie. Houghton Athletic coming through safely to advance into the next round winning the match 5-1 despite having Shakeela Hussain sent off. Louise Spendelow on target to score a brace their were goals to for Emily Wilson and Ciara Craig along with Eireann O’Donoghue scoring her first goal of the season. Louise Avery with the goal for Harvesters.

One Division One side knocked out of the competition though are Royston Town Women Development as they lost in the final minute away to Division Two side Sherrardswood Ladies. The sides level at 2-2 heading into the closing minutes, an OG and a 55th minute goal from Abby Cardell for Sherrardswood. Eve Chappell and Sabrina Purser scoring for Royston and 89th minute goal for Rhianna Rose saw Sherrardswood clinch the game at the death 3-2. 

Leading Beds & Herts Women’s Division Tow going into the weekend Langford Ladies were at home to fellow league side Wheathampstead Wanderers  Ladies in the 2nd round of The Chris Renshaw Cup. Goals from Leah Holmes and Ayesha Brown enough to see of the club bottom of the league 2-0.

  Also in the mix for the Division Two title are AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies. Were at home to Division Three side Stotfold Juniors Ladies  in the 2nd round of the competition on Sunday. The host safely through to the next round winning the game by 4 goal to nil. Freya Green scoring her first goal for the club. Natasha Wing also on the scoresheet along with Helen Spalding with a brace.

Emma Trill on target for five goals as Garston Ladies Vintage Purple won comfortably at home to Division Three side Bedwell Rangers Ladies in their first match of 2020 to advance in The Chris Renshaw Cup. Yasmin Sabri opening the scoring for Garston. Trill leading the attack making it 2-0 overnight rain making playing conditions tricky Bedwell pulling it back to 2-1 a great strike from Jessica Sullivan. Garston getting themselves into a 3-1 lead Lucy Zecchin slotting the ball under the keeper. Trill with her 2nd of the game lobbing the keeper from outside the box to see the hosts 4-1 up at the break. Garston starting the 2nd half where they left of the first Trill going on to complete her hat-trick. A 4th goal for Trill turned in at the near post, then put through on goal to score her 5th of the game. 7-1 up Garston adding an 8th from a corner Samantha Roads rising highest to head home celebrating a goal on her birthday. Bedwell scoring an absolute screamer with the final kick of the game to make it 8-2 Georgia Miller the scorer.

Hitching Town Ladies Reserves the only Division Three side left in the competition as they took their recent good form into the cup knocking out Division Two side Watton Ladies in the 2nd round of The Chris Renshaw Cup on Sunday. 5 straight wins going into the game and despite not being in action for 5 weeks that run continued. April Spang enjoying herself in attack for Hitchin scoring an early brace adding a hat-trick in the 2nd half. Her 5 goals taking her to 20 for the season a goal too for Ellie Coyler as Hitchin Town Reserves ran out 6-3 winners. Elizabeth Dowton, Gemma Bickell and Sian Owens scoring for Watton.

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 08/12/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 8th December

Hertfordshire Women’s Challenge Cup

One tie played this weekend in the Hertfordshire Women’s Challenge Cup quarter finals, ERWFL Premier Division side Colney Heath Ladies hosting Beds & Herts Women’s Division One side St Albans Ladies in the last 8 of the competition. Both sides in good form so far this season St Albans having had a run in the FA Women’s Cup earlier in the season. The lower league sides starting well top scorer Eleanor Lovelock firing St Albans into the lead inside 3 minutes. Sophie Hull adding a 2nd goal just past the quarter hour. A debatable penalty giving Colney heath a chance to pull a goal back their top scorer Samaira Khan finishing from the spot. St Albans continued to play well create chances had Colney Heath under pressure Lovelock scoring her 2nd of the match and 21st overall to put the visitors into a 3-1 lead. A big 2nd half needed from Colney Heath started well Charlene Moreton latching onto a poor goalkick to pull it back to 3-2 in the 47th minute. 10 minutes later and Colney Heath were level at 3-3 Moreton scoring again. The turn around complete midway through the 2nd half Moreton combining with Rianne Townsend-Brown to complete her hat-trick. St Albans not out of it by any means opportunities to score kept coming Amy Butler saving in goal for Colney Heath, Moreton turning in a cross to score her fourth of the match to make it 5-3 with 15 minutes left. Colney Heath through to the semi-finals of the competition.

4 goals for Colney Heath Ladies, Charlene Moreton

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies were threatening to runaway with it at the top of Beds & Herts Women’s Division One the defending champions 6 points clear at the top of the table winning all of their 8 matches played so far. That run coming to an end at the weekend as they suffered their first defeat of the season away to Northwood Ladies. Northwood’s own form in recent weeks improving came into the match on the back of 3 straight league wins. A 1-0 win for Hemel Hempstead in the reverse fixture back in September. This weekend the game another close affair. Ella Mercer and Charlene Turturici-Clarke scoring for Hemel Hempstead, a brace from top scorer Emma Steele giving her 10 for the season plus a first of the season for Joanne Horwood seeing Northwood edge it 3-2 move up to 4th in the Division One table.

Also moving a pace up the Division One table at the weekend are Garston Ladies 1st up to 5th joining Northwood on 14 points. Were away to bottom side Hitchin Belles on Sunday. Sian Fisher on target to score her 5th goal of the season, a goal from Cassandra Chase and a first of the season for Jade Roberts securing the points with a 3-0 victory.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

Two matches played in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two also this Sunday with big away wins for two of the top three to put all three level on 21 points. Herts Vipers back to the top of the pile on goal difference closing in on 70 scored so far this season as they extended their 100% winning start to 7 matches away to Bedwell Rangers Ladies. Kesley Millen named as the clubs new vice-captain starting the scoring with the first goal of the match in the 8th minute. Two quick fire goal from Rachel Wall and top scorer Nicole Jancey had Herts Vipers 3-0 up just 3 minutes later. The visitors with a purple patch in front of goal hammering home their advantage, Rebecca Scott adding a 4th goal in the 18th minute, Wall firing in a double a minute later to complete her hat-trick. Millen repeating the feat soon after 2 goals in the 22nd and 25th minutes to have a first half hat-trick of her own. 8 goals scored with barely half an hour played the game settled down some what. Bedwell working hard trying to play the right way Herts Vipers adding a 9th just before the break Tazmin Symonds Bishop scoring. The 2nd half seeing just the one goal added by Herts Vipers with 20 minutes left Millen netting her 4th of the game. The final score 10-1, Bedwell Rangers goal scored by Georgia Miller.

  A big away win for Biggleswade United Ladies too at the weekend in Division Three taking them up to 2nd in the table in between Herts Vipers and Harvesters Ladies. Were taking on Stotfold Juniors Ladies. Robyn Gibbons putting Biggleswade into the lead in the 17th minute. Kayleigh Saunders putting Biggleswade 2-0 up 10 minutes later. Zoe Molloy adding a 3rd goal as the visitors finished the first period strongly top scorer Leeanne Davison getting her 18th goal of the season with Tashai Simms scoring on the stroke of half-time to see Biggleswade 5-0 up. More goal coming 2nd half Saunders scoring her 2nd of the game and 14th overall 5 minutes after the restart. Molloy and Simms both adding another goal with Annabelle Gee scoring her first Biggleswade goal on the 80th minute to see the match won 9-0.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

This weekend also saw the beginning of The Chris Renshaw Cup, three tie played on Sunday in the 1st Round of the competition. Evergreen Ladies and Sherrardswood Ladies were meeting for the 3rd successive match. The previous two encounters full of drama and goals, a 7-4 extra-time win in the Hertfordshire Women’s Challenge Cup for Sherrardswood in November the points shared in a 3-3 draw in Division Two now meeting for a 3rd time in the 1st Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup. Plenty of goals in this one two although a very contrasting scoreline. Sherrardswood starting well Laura Cousins with the opening goal inside 10 minutes. Manjinder Atwal then rattling in an 11 minute hat-trick, Abby Cardell also on the scoresheet to see Sherrardswood 5-0 with just 22 minutes gone. Cousins scoring her 2nd of the game late in the first half to see the visitors 6-0 at half-time. Sherrardswood continuing in the same vain in the 2nd half Francesca Novelli scoring a brace to put them 8-0 before an hours play. Leane Pickett with her first of the season pulling one back for Evergreen as good as it would get Cousins going onto complete her hat-trick. The game entering the final 10 minutes Lola Steiner making just her 2nd appearance for Sherrardswood scored her first goal for the club the final score 11-1 with Atwal adding her 4th of the match in the final 5 minutes.

Harvester Ladies going into the weekend top of Beds & Herts Division Three were at home to Division One side Letchworth Garden City Eagles in the 1st Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup. A high scoring encounter that saw the pair share 9 goals. Natasha Reynolds, Kim Franklin and  Samantha Coughlan with their first goals of the season for Letchworth plus one for Katie Smith seeing them put for past their opponents, Harvesters though through to the next round of the competition scoring one more to win it 5-4.

A good result in the 1st Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup for Division Three side Hitchin Town Ladies Reserves as they beat Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses doing well this season in Division Two. Despite a good start to the game from Woburn & Wavendon, it was Hitchin who opened the scoring Ellen Beary making her first start for the club putting a looping shot into the top corner in the 9th minute. Chances followed for both sides Hitchin holding onto their 1-0 advantage at half-time. Top scorer April Spang latching onto a scuffed goalkick on the hour sending the ball home to put Hitchin 2-0 ahead. The lead made more secure in the final 20 minutes Spang with her 15th of the season putting Hitchin 3 goals up. A late penalty for Woburn & Wavendon saw Giselle Randall pull a goal back Hitchin though safely through to the next round winning 3-1. Also through to the next round of The Chris Renshaw Cup are AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies awarded the home win against Kempston Rovers Ladies.


The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 12/05/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 12th May

Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup

The final day of the season in the Beds & Herts Women’s Football League the league itself done and dusted across the 3 divisions all that remained was Finals Day, The Chris Renshaw Cup followed by the League Cup Final itself. 

 In reverse order we shall begin with the League Cup Final. St Albans Ladies winning the competition last season to complete a league and cup double were defending the trophy against Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies who themselves were hoping to do the double having won the Division One title in their first season in the league. Object acheived as Hemel Hempstead ran out 3-1 winners to lift the trophy. Asked the club to supply a few words regarding the game and below is a brief summary of the game from club secretary Lionel Davey

 “Sunday saw the Ladies play in the the league cup final against local rivals St Albans. At a Sunny Kempston the ladies were led out by Captain Steph Cripps and escorted by 14 excited mascots from the girls U8 and U10 sides.
The ladies started well with good moving and passing Which resulted in Amy Bentall breaking through and slotting home to put the ladies one up after 10 mins. The ladies continued to dominate possession and a charged down clearance by top scorer Natasha McConville saw her coolly round the keeper to put the ladies 2 up on the half hour. This seemed to trigger St Albans Ladies in to life and they started getting more ball. A defensive slip by the ladies gave St Albans Georgia Knight some space which she took and made it 2-1 five mins before half time. The Hemel ladies were glad to hear the half time whistle when it came. Hemel 2-1 up at the break the game had the feel that the next goal would win it. The second half St Albans pressed hard throwing everything at Hemel but the whole Hemel defence stood firm and not allowing many chances. Twenty minutes in to the second half a defence splitting pass by Bianca Hedgecock saw Amy Bentall bearing down on goal, everything appeared to go in slow motion, Amy pulled the trigger and in to the corner the ball went, 3-1 to the Ladies.
While the St Albans team continued to push , we knew the game was over. It may not have been the best display by the ladies this year but they worked hard to get the job done.The Ladies had done it to go with their league triumph. A nice little double. Up the Town.
Thank you to the mascots and all the supporters who came over. Great encouraging and loud support.”

Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies 2018/19 Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup winners (picture credit Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies)

Congratulations to Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies on winning the League Cup and completing the double.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

  The first final on the day kicking off at 11am. The Chris Renshaw Cup, a guaranteed win for Garston Ladies, the question was which one? Garston Ladies 1st team taking on Garston Ladies 2nd XI (formerly FC 96). Both playing in Division One and both at the wrong end of the table as they both won through to the final of the competition.

   Nothing separating the sides at half-time 0-0 it was the 2nd XI who got themselves into an early lead in the 2nd half the advantage doubled soon after, Danielle Mcmullan choosing a cup final to score her first of the season with Leah Crocket also on target scoring her 10th of the campaign. Emma Trill pulling it back to 2-1 for Garston’s 1st team with 25 minutes to go, the 2nd XI youngsters holding onto their lead to win the competition and end their debut season playing in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One on a high having not played much at all sitting bottom for a long spell a strong end to the season seeing them stay up convincingly. Harriet Woods the Player of the Match.

Garston Ladies 2nd XI 2018/19 Chris Renshaw Cup winners (picture credit Garston Ladies 2nd XI)

 Congratulations to Garston Ladies 2nd XI on winning The Chris Renshaw Cup.

That brings an end to another thrilling season across the whole Beds & Herts Women’s League very competitive and never short on intrigue already looking forwards to next season but for now enjoy your rest.

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 24/03/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 24th March

Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup 

Another busy Sunday across the Beds and Herts Women’s league action as well as the semi-finals of both the League Cup & The Chris Renshaw Cup.

   Current League Cup holders, St Albans Ladies aiming to go all the way again in this season’s competition winning through to the last 4 were drawn at home in the semi-finals to play Division Three side AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies. One of a cluster of new sides entering the league this season that have made an impact, reaching the last 4 of the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup, an exciting game between the sides chances at both ends St Albans having a goal ruled out for offside end to end at times Kempston clearing an effort off the line St Albans registering a goal late in the 1st half Eleanor Lovelock sliding the ball past the keeper to put the Division one side 1-0 up. Kempston seeing a goal ruled off for offside themselves just before half-time. St Albans tried their utmost to find a 2nd goal in the 2nd period as Kempston defended for their lives trying to pull a goal back up the other end, Lovelock’s 15th goal of the season proving to be enough as St Albans reach the League Cup Final for the 2nd successive season.

   Far from a close contest in the other semi-final with Division One side Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies hosting, Hitchin Belles leading the way in Division Two and in confident mood reaching the last 4 of the League Cup. Hemel Hempstead in a strong position to challenge for the Division One title running up a double figure scoreline. Bianca Hedgecock nearly doubling her goals tally for the season as she scored a double hat-trick. Likewise Charlotte Ross who had 3 goals to her name before this Sunday also scoring a hat-trick, with top scorer Natasha McConville also amongst the goals with a brace taking her to 21 for the season. An 11-0 win seeing Hemel Hempstead into the final.

  The Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup Final to be contested at Kempston Rovers FC on Sunday 12th May kick-off 2pm

Beds & Herts The Chris Renshaw Cup

Also semi-final weekend in The Chris Renshaw Cup and after this weekends results it’s guaranteed Garston Ladies name will appear on the trophy, just a matter of them playing to see which one.

   Both Garston Ladies sides playing in Division One, have struggled for league form this season with the 2nd XI and 1st team bottom of the league with just one win each. Both into the last 4 of The Chris Renshaw Cup were at home taking on lower league opposition both their opponents 2nd doing well.

  Garston Ladies 1st team were taking on Division Three side Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses, the sides involved in a 7 goal thriller with Garston just edging out Woburn & Wavendon at the final whistle. Victoria Harrold, Laura Sephton and top scorer Giselle Randall with her 21st goal of the season getting on the scoresheet for the Division Three side. A brace from Yasmin Sabri, along with a goal each for Jane Hales and Lucy Zecchin seeing Garston’s 1st team through to the final courtesy of a 4-3 victory.

   Garston Ladies 2nd XI were taking on Division Two side Hitchin Town Ladies in the last 4 of the competition on Sunday, both sides starting the game positively Garston drawing first blood taking the lead in the 25th minute. Hitchin Town responding straight away to level, Louise Gash sliding in to make it 1-1 3 minutes later. Back came Garston retaking the lead right away scoring through an unfortunate own goal.  A corner late in the first half seeing Garston take a 3-1 lead Gash hitting the bar for Hitchin Town in the final minute of the 1st half. 3-1 up at half-time Garston added a 4th goal with 20 minutes left to play. Hitchin pulling a goal back in the final minute with Hayley Watson’s half volley from 35 yards out finding the back of the net. Too late Garston winning through to the final 4-2, Holly Jury with her 9th of the season, Dion Lewis and a 1st goal of the season for Garston for Megan Allaway the goalscorers.

  The Chris Renshaw Cup Final also being played on Sunday 12th May and 11am kick-off at Kempston Rovers FC.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One 

One league game played in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One on Sunday with leaders Northwood Ladies extending their lead at the top of the table to 4 points with a home win against Sherrardswood Ladies. Northwood clinching the 3 points with a 2-0 victory, Emma Steele with both the goals taking her onto 21 goals for the season.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

 4th at home to 2nd in Division Two on Sunday as both Royston Town Ladies Development and Letchworth Garden City Eagles were looking to close the gap on the sides immediately above them, both Hitchin side involved in the cups. The points were shared in the finish with neither side unable to break the deadlock the game ending 0-0.

  Plenty of goals in the other game played in Division Two on Sunday, all going to the away side as 5th placed Evergreen Ladies travelled to play bottom side Welwyn Pegasus Azures. Well clear of the sides below Evergreen rattled 9 goals past their opponents to win the game 9-0. Those 9 goals shared between 2 players the clubs top scorers by some distance, with Natalie Maher scoring 5 and Rebecca Freeman on target for 4 goals both neck and neck in the race for the clubs golden boot with 12 goals each.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

Two games also this Sunday in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three, with Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses in Cup action it was an opportunity for league leaders AFC Dunstable Ladies Development to go 7 points clear at the top. At home were taking on Biggleswade United Ladies. An early lead for Dunstable with Nicola Hollick firing the hosts into a 15th minute lead, that how the score remained heading into the final 10 minutes, Sophie Bounds with her first goal for Biggleswade levelling it up at 1-1. The game heading for a draw Dunstable came back to grab the winning goal with two minutes of regular time left Bianca Vassell with her 31st strike of the season putting the ball into the back of the net.

  Stotfold Juniors Ladies have found some form in recent weeks 7 points won from their last 3 league matches were away t bottom side Buntingford Town Ladies this Sunday. Kept the good run going with a 4-0 to close t within a point of 5th placed Biggleswade. Charlotte Hindmarch and Holly Konopka both scoring twice.

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 17/02/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 17th February 

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

The league action scarce this weekend in the Beds & Herts Women’s leagues with 7 ties outstanding in the 2nd Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup. Last week saw a 3 way tie at the top of Division One with 3 sides all on 19 points, Northwood Ladies top on goal difference. Now it’s a 4 way tie with Houghton Athletic Ladies joining the top 3 on 19 points in the table. The only match in the division on Sunday seeing Houghton Athletic away to Northwood. The hosts having just the 10 players available for the match. Houghton Athletic able to name five on the bench. Northwood with a valiant effort Emma Steele getting on the scoresheet with a goal Houghton Athletic found the back of their opponents net for 3 goals to with the game. Rachel Spendelow, Ciara Craig and Emily Wilson with her 12th of the season the goalscorers.

One other match in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One on Sunday saw 5th placed St Albans Ladies away to Sherrardswood Ladies. a 6-0 win for St Albans seeing them just 2 points behind the 4 way tie above. Ellen Slater opening the scoring for St Albans in the 13th minute. Goals from Eleanor Lovelock and Michaela Lovelock on the half hour saw the visitors 3-0 up at half-time. Carys Baker making it 4-0 in the 56th minute her first goal for St Albans. Two further goals were scored in the last 5 minutes of the game with Lovelock getting her 2nd and Lauren Croucher on target for her first St Albans goal.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

There was the one league game played in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two this Sunday with league leaders Hitchin Belles at home to 4th placed Letchworth Garden City Eagles. A close contest between the sides, Lottie Cartwright and Natalie Moey were on the scoresheet for Letchworth. Amy Jack with her 14th & 15th goals of the season scoring a brace for Hitchin Belles, Keira How adding another goal to move into double figures herself for the season in a 3-2 win that see’s Hitchin Belles open up a 5 point lead at the top of the table.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

One game played too in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three this Sunday with Kempston Rovers Ladies back in action after a month with a game at home to AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies. A strong performance from the visitors seeing them run up a large score and move up into 3rd place in the table as a result. Kimberlee Aldred netting a hat-trick in the match there was a brace too for top scorer Chloe Urbanowicz taking her onto 16 for the season. Goals too for Bex Cray and Zara Garrad with Abigale Young making her 1st start for the club scoring on her debut in an 8-0 win.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

The weather playing havoc with the competition over the past couple of weeks at last all 7 of the remaining 2nd Round ties from this season’s Chris Renshaw Cup were played on Sunday. Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses the only side to book a quarter final spot before this weekend. 

Division One side, Sharnbrook WFC were hosting Division Two title chasers Hitchin Town Ladies this Sunday in the 2nd Round of the competition. A goal from Hitchin Town captain Emma Chaffey plus a brace from Louise Gash securing a 3-1 win for the visitors to see them advance to the quarter finals. Mel Harradine getting the goal for Sharnbrook.

   Both Garston Ladies sides were at home in the 2nd Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup. Garston Ladies 1st team were taking on Division Two side Evergreen Eagles. The visitors short on numbers Garston struggling for form in Division One advancing with a comfortable result in the finish Jane Hales scoring 5 goals in the game with Lucy Zecchin also on the scoresheet in a 7-0 win.

  Likewise Garston Ladies 2nd XI are at the wrong end of Division One were taking on Royston Town Ladies Development this Sunday in the Cup. The hosts scoring twice through Daisy Culaj and Chloe Hazell, Royston responding with 2 themselves to see the ties head all the way to a penalty shootout with Nicole Cooper and Kierra Gabriel on the scoresheet Garston getting the better of the shootout winning on penalties 4-2 to book a spot in the quarter finals.

An all Division Two tie in the 2nd Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup saw Welwyn Pegasus Azures at home to Watton Ladies on Sunday. Two goals in the first half for Anna Bright for Welwyn she went on to complete her hat-trick in the 2nd half taking her onto 11 for the season, with April Spang netting a goal too in the first half securing a 4-2 victory for the hosts to see them progress.

  Division Three side Biggleswade United Ladies were at home to Evergreen Ladies from Division Two in the 2nd Round of the Cup. The hosts getting themselves into a 2-0 lead. Leane Pickett pulled it back to 2-1 for Evergreen, Biggleswade adding a 3rd goal, it proved to be enough to see off their higher league opponents and advance in the competition despite another goal from Pickett. 3-2 the final score.

Lastly there were two all Division Three ties in the 2nd Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup  league leaders AFC Dunstable Ladies Reserves drawn away to 3rd placed Langford Ladies. Turned out to be a dramatic game with the sides sharing 9 goals. Nicola Hollick putting Dunstable into the lead inside the opening 15 minutes her first for the club. Top scorer Bianca Vassell doubling Dunstable’s lead in 1st half injury time. Langford pulling a goal back within 5 minutes of the restart. Courtney McNamara  on 57 minutes and Nicole Cameron in the 63rd minute firing Dunstable into a 4-1 lead. Langford getting it back to 4-2 with 20 minutes left to play. Hollick making just her 2nd start getting a 2nd goal in the 80th minute for Dunstable 5-2 ahead Langford threatened a late comeback scoring twice late on to pull it back to 5-4. Dunstable with enough of a lead to hold on and advance. Chloe Scott with a hat-trick for Langford with Amber Clark also on the scoresheet. 

The other all Division Three tie went all the way to a penalty shootout with Stotfold Juniors Ladies at home to Bedwell Rangers Ladies in the 2nd Round of the competition. Stotfold scoring 3 times in regular play the scores level at the final whistle with Jessica Sullivan netting at hat-trick for Bedwell. The game to be decided from the penalty spot Stotfold edging Bedwell out with a 3-2 shootout win to reach the quarter finals.

The quarter finals of The Chris Renshaw Cup to be played in a fortnights time Sunday 3rd March with a 1:30pm kick-off are listed below:-

  Garston Ladies 1st team v AFC Dunstable Ladies Reserves

Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses v Stotfold Juniors Ladies

Garston Ladies 2nd XI v Welwyn Pegasus Azures

Hitchin Town Ladies v Biggleswade United Ladies

The Round-Up – 10/02/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 10th February

It doesn’t happen very often but this time of year the weather plays it’s part to hit the fixtures and sometimes it’s simply easiest to combine all or some of the weekends Round-Up’s into  a collective post. This Sunday there were just two fixtures played in Norfolk, Suffolk and 3 in Beds & Herts so they get to share this edition. Water logged pitches being the theme.


Norfolk Women’s Division Two

Just three games scheduled in Norfolk anyway those in Division Two that was reduced to two with the rain seeing the match between Hockering Ladies & Tavern Ladies postponed. League leaders Taverham United Women were away on Sunday there opponents Horsford Women. Taverham unbeaten winning their last 10 league games in a row are scoring plenty of goals with Rebecca Sutton and Abbie Walker slugging it out for top goal scorer. Walker getting herself another hat-trick this Sunday, Sutton waded in with 5 goals, a total of 55 goals between them now, Sutton on 29, Walker on 26 both with 14 appearances. A hat-trick too for Maya Lawlor on Sunday takes her into double figures for the season for Taverham. Charlotte Hurren and Teigan Robinson also getting a goal each as Taverham extend their lead at the top of the Division Two table with a 13-0 to 7 points over Fakenham Town Ladies who do have two matches in hand.

  In the other match played in Division Two this Sunday, Bulldogs Ladies fresh from their 1st win of the season last Sunday travelled to the East coast to player Gorleston Rangers Ladies, in 5th position. A goal in each half from Abigail Bell seeing Gorleston Rangers record a 2-0 win their 6th of the season to take them level on points with 4th placed Bure Valley Wildcats Ladies.  


Suffolk Women’s Division

4 matches scheduled for the Suffolk Women’s Division Division this Sunday including the two League Cup semi-finals, both of those games postponed will be replayed on Sun 24th February instead. Those ties featuring the top 4 in the league itself.

  Two league games did get played and it was another positive result for Woodbridge Town Ladies their 3rd straight league win to help them consolidate their 5th placed position in the Suffolk Women’s Division. A reverse of last Sunday’s fixture were away to Chantry Grasshoppers Ladies then securing a comfortable 5-0 win. A different story at Chantry Grasshoppers the sides all square at 1-1 at half-time Woodbridge scoring again in the 2nd half to win the game 2-1. Kiera Hines and Kirsten Spooner with her first Woodbridge goal the scorers for the visiting side. Charlotte Archer on target in the first half for Chantry Grasshoppers.

A high scoring game between University of Suffolk Women and Walsham Le Willows on Sunday. Walsham travelling to the bottom placed side with just the 10 players available. A mixed bag of form for Walsham this season, hasn’t stopped top scorer Laura Brame from finding the back of the net more often than not scored another hat-trick on Sunday to move onto 20 for the season. Also scoring a hat-trick for Walsham on Sunday was Emma Marie Baker her first goals for the side too n just her 2nd appearance. Lisa Pratt and Kirsty Pollard both getting a goal a piece too as Walsham ran out 8-3 winners in the game taking them back into 6th spot.

Beds & Herts

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

It was a limited league programme in the Beds & Herts Women’s Division this Sunday anyway with cup action taking president. One game taking place in Division One saw defending champions St Albans Ladies at home to title chasing Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies. Sophie Hull scoring in the 13th minute giving St Albans an early lead. The hosts working hard defensively to keep their opponents at bay were unlucky to concede right at the death, Hemel Hempstead’s top scorer Natasha McConville striking late in the game to secure a point with her 18th goal of the season. That only adds to the intrigue at the top of the league with there now being a 3 way tie at the top with Northwood Ladies, Hemel Hempstead and Welwyn Pegasus Sapphires all on 19 points!

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

One game also in Division Two this Sunday and that sees new leaders as Hitchin Belles replace local rivals Hitchin Town at the top for the 1st time this season. Hitchin Belles winning for the 9th time this season on the road on Sunday taking in Bedford Ladies Development. Have a potent attack with Katie White keeping the lead in the goal scoring charts netting a hat-trick on Sunday taking her onto 17 for the season. Charlotte Peters has 14 to her name claiming a brace at the weekend, Amy Jack and Keira How also amongst the goals this season both on target with their 13th and 9th goals respectfully Hitchin Belles winning 7-1.

The Chris Renshaw Cup

For the 2nd Sunday in a row the weather played havoc with The Chris Renshaw Cup competition the rescheduled cup ties once again hit by the wet conditions the day before. 5 2nd Round ties set for this Sunday in the end just the one survived that saw Division Three high flyers Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses at home to Sherrardswood Ladies struggling for form in Division One this season. A goal from Charlotte Bedford along with a penalty struck home by Victoria Harrold seeing Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses advance to the quarter finals.


The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 02/12/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 2nd December

Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup

Cup weekend in the Beds & Herts with the quarter finals of the League Cup and 1st Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup taking place, plus a scattering of league matches too.

  The League Cup saw 3 of the 4 quarter final ties played this Sunday, holders St Albans Ladies home tie with Houghton Athletic Ladies no scheduled until the New Year. Welwyn Pegasus Sapphires leading Beds & Herts Division One were drawn away in the quarter finals to play Division Three high flyers, AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies, the lower league side causing an upset knocking Welwyn out of the Cup with a 2-1 victory, Emily Devereux on the score sheet for Kempston, Janiece Allen with the Welwyn goal.

  Hemel Hempstead Town ladies 2nd in Division One were away to last season’s finalists, Northwood Ladies. Hemel Hempstead in a great vein of form winning 6 in all competitions prior to this weekends League Cup quarter final extended the run to 7 to reach the last 4. Charlene Turturici-Clarke and Leah Haley scoring in a 2-0 win.

   In the other League Cup quarter final it was an all Division Two tie with Hitchin Belles at home to Letchworth Garden City Eagles on Sunday. The pair meeting for the 2nd successive Sunday, last time out in the league Hitchin Belles winning 4-1 away from home ending Letchworth’s winning streak of 5 matches. Hitchin Belles also ending Letchworth’s involvement in the League Cup this weekend as they won comfortably to book their place in the semi-finals. Although it’s listed as 6-0, Hitchin state on twitter it was 5, and seeings as I can only account for 5 goals I’ll go with that. Emma Wells scoring twice, their was a goal each for Bonnita Woodward, Keira How and top scorer Amy Jack who moves into double figures for the season.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

One league match taking place in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One on Sunday between two sides looking for more points at the bottom of the table, Garston Ladies 2nd XI hosting Sherrardswood Ladies. A goal in each half from Laurie Marris securing a 2nd win of the season for Sherrardswood as they edged the win 2-1. Maddie Gordon on target with the goal for Garston.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

Likewise their was just the single league fixture taking place in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two on Sunday with Royston Town Ladies Development in 3rd position at home to bottom side Welwyn Pegasus Azures. Kierra Gabriel scoring a hat-trick in the game moves onto 8 for the season. Abby Laughlin and Jazmin Racher also getting a goal a piece along with Ellie Pickard getting a goal in her first game for Royston. The winning margin 6-1 as Royston move to within a point of 2nd placed Letchworth.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

You guessed it! There was the one league game played also in Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three on Sunday a top of the table clash with league leaders Langford Ladies away to 4th placed Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses. Two successive defeats of Langford going into the game both against sides pushing for top spot in Division Three themselves, AFC Kempston Town & Bedford College Ladies beating them in the County Cup was followed by defeat in the league away to AFC Dunstable Ladies last Sunday. Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses another side starting the season well one defeat from 5 played were leading 2-0 at half-time, Langford getting one back in the 2nd half through Chloe Scott. Woburn & Wavendon adding two more goals themselves to win the game 4-1 and climb into 3rd spot a point off Dunstable, and to within 3 points of Langford at the top, both having 3 games in hand with Kempston in 4th now 6 points off the top with 4 games in hand. Giselle Randall and Victoria Harrold both scoring two each for Woburn & Wavendon.

Beds & Herts The Chris Renshaw Cup

This season’s Chris Renshaw Cup competition began this Sunday with 3 1st Round ties taking place. AFC Dunstable Ladies Development 2nd in Division Three in great form unbeaten in the league were away to Division Two side, Bedford Ladies Development. Bianca Vassell way out in front in the goal scoring charts for Dunstable adding two more to her tally on Sunday has 18 to her name now. Courtney McNamara and Lauren Brooker both getting a goal each in a 4-0 win for Dunstable.

   Division Three newcomers Kempston Rovers Ladies were hosting Watton Ladies from Division Two in the 1st Round of The Chris Renshaw Cup this Sunday. The lower league side getting themselves into a 2-0 lead with Chelsea Rose Jeffery and Sabrina Stramaglia on the score sheet. Watton rallied to come back into the game and go on to win it 3-2 to progress, Gemma Bickell, Zoe Hammick and Sian Owens getting the goals for Watton.

   An all Division Three tie The Chris Renshaw Cup saw Buntingford Town Ladies hosting Bedwell Rangers Ladies in the 1st Round both at the wrong end of the table, Jessica Sullivan scoring a hat-trick for Bedwell before sadly suffering a serious injury. Hoping for the best and certainly wish her well for a speedy recovery. The goals helping Bedwell on to victory with Maisie Main and Georgia Miller also scoring a goal a piece in a 5-2 win to see Bedwell advance.

  Evergreen Ladies with face Wheathampstead Wanderers Ladies in the 1st Round of the competition in the New Year.