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Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Barnsley FC Women

Sunday 25th February

FAWNL League Plate

Heading over to St Neots this Sunday afternoon to watch Cambridge United WFC play in a huge game, playing for the opportunity to reach a National League final as they take on Barnsley FC Women in the semi-final of the FAWNL League Plate.

A fantastic opportunity for both sides having played their way into the last 4 of the competition along side Exeter City Women and Derby County Women who are contesting the other semi-final. A Determining Round taking place between all the sides competing in the FAWNL representing tiers 3 and 4 of the women’s football pyramid with the winning sides going on to compete for the League Cup the losing sides going on to play for the League Plate.

Cambridge United WFC climbing up to 5th in the FAWNL South East Division One table with a midweek 2-1 home win over AFC Sudbury Women. The squad coming together well needing to adapt with the early season loss of their main attacking threat Sarah Wiltshire, pregnant with her 3rd child. Signing off with 4 goals it was a big hole to fill and Cambridge found the answer in playing Alysha Stojko-Down in a false number 9 position, quickly finding an eye for goal and scoring some important strikes along the way, 12 in total so far from 19 matches, backed up well by her follow attackers pushing off the flanks Bella Simmons scoring the winning goal in midweek moving onto 10 for the season while Ruth Fox has 7 to her name.

Well placed in the league have enjoyed a fantastic run in the League Plate beginning with with 2-1 away victory over fellow South East Division one side, Actonians Ladies in the opening round with goals from defender Rachel Kosky and Stojko-Down. Drawn at home to South West Division One side Keynsham Town Ladies, was likely to be a tough tie and proved to be the case with the sides drawing 1-1 after 90 minutes. Ruth Fox striking in the dying moments of extra-time to send Cambridge into the last 8. There they were drawn away to another South West Division One side, Maidenhead United Women, another close game with a single goal deciding it, Stojko-Down hitting it home to send Cambridge on into the final 4 of the competition.

 FAWNL Division One North is the only league with the FAWNL that has not featured a team on Women’s Football East (for obvious reasons) but I always like to see a new side in action and no doubt Barnsley FC Women are an ambitious side recruiting a good squad looking to win the league title and gain promotion to tier 3. Currently 2nd in the league are in a tussle for top spot with 3 others, Middlesbrough currently leading along with Durham Cestria and Hull City Ladies. Like Cambridge were in action in midweek drawing 1-1 at home to Stockport County. Emily Pierrepont their top scorer with 9 goals to her name. with both Abi Housecroft and Amy-Leigh Barringham-Beck on 6 a piece and their is a healthy number of goals spread out throughout the rest of the squad.

Barnsley beginning their FAWNL Plate campaign at home running out comfortable winners, beating Solihull Moors Women 7-0. Back at home for the 2nd Round taking on another Midlands Division One side Brooke Marsden was on target for 2 goals in a 4-0 victory, Abi Housecroft and Charlotte Stuart also scoring. The quarter finals saw them again on home soil with a tough tie against fellow title contenders Hull City, Housecroft, Stuart and Pierrepont all scoring, their opponents also scoring 3 however saw the game goal all the way to penalties, Barnsley claiming victory in the shootout 4-2 to see them drawn away to Cambridge in the semi-finals.

  Cambridge keen to get a big crowd to their home base at St Neots FC the Premier Plus Stadium within an ever increasing residential area that does boast huge potential to grow attendances and interest in the game. The grass pitch inside the stadium with a 3G pitch beside. The ground filling up nicely a good atmosphere building. The weather a little more reliable this weekend despite more midweek downpours a settled weekend, overcast and somewhat chilly the pitch in good nick as the sides walked out onto the pitch.

Cambridge United WFC

Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Lauren Webb, Rachel Kosky, Brooklyn Cheal-Ferris, Abbie Jackson, Lauren Rouse, Gisela Otten (C), Sammy Edgar, Zoe Wood, Ella Marden, Bella Simmons & Alysha Stojko-Down. Subs – Mayzee Seymour, Charlotte Gillies, Harley-Jean Simpson, Serena Cobb & Ruth Fox.

Barnsley FC Women

 Barnsley FC Women starting XI – Serena Clarke (C), Alayna Millard, Katy Woodcock, Autumn Housley, Jodie Michalska, Charlotte Stuart, Ruby Jex-Oldfield, Abi Housecroft, Brooke Marsden, Emily Pierrepont & Louise Biggins. Subs – Natalie Watson, Nat Shaw, Courteney Csomor & Amy Beck.

 Both sides having players unavailable through ineligibility for the competition. Cambridge without new signing Abbi Smith on loan from Ipswich. Barnsley rotating their squad a little with a busy run of games coming up. Cambridge to get the semi-final underway kicking off the first half wearing amber coloured shirts with black shorts and socks, Barnsley in their white away kit shirts and socks with black shorts. Alysha Stojko-Down playing the ball back to captain Gisela Otten who clips it long out to the right for Bella Simmons racing forwards, Barnsley seeing it out for a throw in. 

 The visitors getting hold of the ball looking to move it across their defence build patiently before sending it out to the left with Emily Pierrepont tracking inside, tackled by Cambridge’s, Lauren Rouse outside the box. Barnsley closing the ball down getting back on the offensive keeping possession on the left before the shot comes in from range, Cambridge goalkeeper, Lauren Webb back on her line right behind it to catch the ball. 

Cambridge midfielder, Sammy Edgar

Shaping up to be a competitive tussle in the middle with some tough tackles coming in, Sammy Edgar never one to shy away from a tackle winning the ball back for Cambridge playing it on for Stojko-Down who is quickly closed down by Jodie Michalska before she came turn on the ball. 

  GOAL! Edgar tackling well in the middle, is cleaned out on the halfway line by the retaliatory tackle the referee awarding Cambridge the free-kick. Players going forwards as defender Abbie Jackson stands over the set-piece, struck long to the right of the D, Rachel Kosky is perfectly placed to meet it as she connects with the dropping ball to clip it up over the keeper and into the back of the net to open the scoring on 6 minutes 1-0.

Rachel Kosky runs away in celebration after firing Cambridge into the lead

  The perfect start for Cambridge who see themselves very much as the underdogs going into the game. Barnsley looking for an immediate response build strongly on their left bringing the ball on Pierrepont back up the line the shot from range held by Webb. Zoe Wood turning on the ball getting space as she comes left before lifting it on for Ella Marden to chase the Cambridge attacker looking to get in behind on the left, Charlotte Stuart getting across to slide in take the ball off her feet, Wood up with Marden the pair getting the ball back, Marden’s cross claimed by Serena Clarke captain and goalkeeper for Barnsley.

  Louise Biggins up top for Barnsley putting herself about making some useful runs across the Cambridge defence looking for the ball and to create space for her teammates to run into. Jackson getting a blocking tackle in as Ruby Jex-Oldfield sends the ball into the striker. Webb down sharply to her right to glance the ball behind conceding the corner as Barnsley send another vicious strike in from range. Fired in near side Housley coming towards the ball looks to twist her body turn her header into the six yard box, the ball attacked flies up over the crossbar.

  GOAL! Barnsley push players on the diagonal past picking out Pierrepont free on the left travelling into the area, shapes to go right before dropping her shoulder and heading for the by-line sending a low cross into the six yard box, the Cambridge defence blocking only succeeding in deflecting the ball out to Alayna Millard racing into the box to mash into the goal to level things up 1-1.

Alayna Millard levels the scores for Barnsley

  Barnsley getting themselves back on level terms just 5 minutes after conceding the opening goal. Wood again finding Marden running clear on the left the defence getting back at her the ball deflected behind for a corner kick. Barnsley bring the ball on down the right winning a throw high up the pitch Housley giving Abi Housecroft the ball she turns inside looking to power her way across the top of the area, however fouls Jackson in the process giving Cambridge the free-kick. Housley on the move with the ball right on for Woodcock, Cheal-Ferris in to close her down.

Brooklyn Cheal-Ferris

  This is a lively contest, Barnsley looking to take the ball on, Cambridge with a nervous energy that is seeing them compete for everything in the middle, Otten into Stojko-Down looks to play in Simmons on the right, Millard closing her down to regain possession for Barnsley. A few strong tackle being pulled up both side competitive. Edgar passing the ball to Simmons on the right, Kosky getting up the wing to support Cambridge winning the throw, looking to get it into the final third, Katy Woodcock getting the tackle in Barnsley threatening to counter quickly on the right, Jackson well positioned to intercept the ball.

Barnsley’s Katy Woodcock

  Pierrepont causing Cambridge problems down the left with some forceful runs down the line and as equally prepared to track inside winning a corner on the left. The referee needing to speak to the players as they jostle for position inside the box, Stuart looking to get away from Otten as the ball curls into the six yard box, Stojko-Down winning it knocked down then again Stojko-Down snaps in with the tackle before launching the ball clear.

Alysha Stojko-Down

 Barnsley getting players on threatening to overwhelm Cambridge at times the defence putting in some vital challenges to prevent the final ball exposing Webb. Pierrepont taking the ball inside of a mazy run top corner of the area left of goal lets fly, her shot striking her own player before the referee blows up for a handball. Jex-Oldfield linking up with Woodcock coming right, Rouse coming out to close her down blocking her attempted cross.

  No quarter given both sides fighting for the ball, a frantic pace set, Michalska coming on with the ball for the visitors threading the p[ass out to the left, Millard getting up to support Pierrepont, Otten tracking back to help Kosky in defence the pair doing well to prevent anything reaching the area. 

 Barnsley moving the ball about crisply amongst themselves as Cambridge stand off, played into Autumn Housley at the back the right back goes on a surging run through the middle before threading a fantastic ball in behind the hosts defence for Brooke Marsden bursting into the right channel, after the ball, Webb comes rushing out to the top of her area to slide in and save at her feet.

Autumn Housley breaking forwards for Barnsley

Lauren Webb sliding in to claim the ball at Brooke Marsden’s feet

  Barnsley win the ball in the middle clipped long for Pierrepont in space on the left, turns inside running into the area striking the ball with her right foot through bodies escapes out to the left the ball turned home, however the goal won’t count the offside flag raised. Edgar giving away a free-kick on the left all of 30 yards out, Barnsley sending players up into the box with Marsden standing over the ball with Pierrepont the the former with step over before Pierrepont strikes the ball over the wall in towards goal, Webb getting up well to make the save turning the ball behind for the corner.

  The corner driven in at the near post, Edgar defending for the hosts. Cambridge looking to break however Barnsley regain possession sends the ball out into the right wing for Housley to whip a dangerous ball in across the face of goal, attacked by Biggins rushing in at the far post turned over the bar. Cambridge working hard doing a good job in frustrating Barnsley Wood getting free up the left linking up with Marden the cross floated into the area cleared by Michalska for Barnsley. 

Autumn Housley beating Ella Marden to the ball

 A pause in play as Housley and Jackson come together on the left as Wood looks to play the defender on. Both up okay Cambridge with the free-kick. Barnsley not hanging about quickly getting on with the game Kosky stealing possession back on the right going forwards looking for Stojko-Down, closed down by Millard. Played on for Pierrepont racing forwards on the left, Rouse coming across to defend for Cambridge.

  Stojko-Down central playing the ball to Marden left for Cambridge, crosses for Simmons racing on right of the D, the ball cut out by Stuart gets it back to her keeper. Millard getting forwards on Barnsley’s left playing the ball inside for Biggins outside the D, turns into the shot firing the ball straight into Webb’s midriff. 

Cambridge goalkeeper, Lauren Webb

  Barnsley keep pushing players on pushing Cambridge back Rouse across to deal with Pierrepont on the by-line left side the ball played back up the line for Millard 25 out comes inside rolling in on for Michalska to turn and curl a shot in towards goal, Webb leaping up making a tremendous save top getting a arm up to turn the ball away for a corner on the right. The corner delivered in with pace into the six yard box a good attacking height Stuart and Michalska for Barnsley a heavy collision between Stuart and Jackson leaving both players floored as the ball is cleared the referee quickly stopping play for the physio’s to race on to administer treatment. 

  The game paused concern for both players not moving immediately time taken, Jackson dazed, Stuart bleeding. Both up thankfully, blood on the pitch to be cleaned up as both walk to the side-lines before being allowed back on. No doubt the crowd are playing their part getting behind Cambridge looking to wind up Barnsley who having created some good chances have been unable to get their noses in front. Kosky lunging in to deny Biggins as she takes the ball inside from the left.

  Kosky with a vital interception then as Michalska driving forwards through the middle nearly picks out Pierrepont racing clear on the left. Barnsley winning a free-kick in a central position late in the half Pierrepont into the area Michalska up to head the ball across the top of the six yard box cleared to the left, the shot struck on the angle sent over the bar. Barnsley’s frustrations boiling over as Stuart talks herself into a yellow card after fouling Wood on the left.   

Half-time Cambridge United WFC 1-1 Barnsley FC Women

  The game all square after the first 45 minutes a lively and combative contest, both sides competing for the ball. Cambridge taking an early lead before being quickly pinned back by the visitors. Barnsley playing the ball across the ball breaking forwards well creating some good chances to get into the lead themselves, Cambridge though defending well, Webb making some excellent saves. A lot put into the first half will be interesting to see if these energy levels can be maintained in the 2nd half.

  Getting decidedly colder as the two sides return to the field for the 2nd half, neither making any changes, extra-time and penalties to come if required as Barnsley et the 2nd period underway. The visitors playing the ball forwards pushing players on right from the start, Pierrepont picked out on the left in behind to the by-line sends the ball racing in across the face of goal, defended beyond the far post knocked back inside for Webb to snatch into her gloves.

  Barnsley setting there stall out early doors, their intention to take the game to Cambridge find an early goal to take the lead in the 2nd half breaking right the ball crossed in onto the roof of the net. Cambridge under pressure at the back, Otten and Edgar pushed back to help the defence the hosts getting the ball cleared up to Simmons in space on the right plays it inside to Stojko-Down 20 yards out right of the D, her attempted shot charged down by Michalska.

  Otten shown a yellow card after a strong tackle on Jex-Oldfield on halfway. Jex-Oldfield playing the ball up the wing for Pierrepont who turns inside to lay the ball into Millard, Stuart up with her, back to Pierrepont who wins Barnsley a corner kick. An in-swinging delivery headed clear by Jackson for Cambridge. 

Barnsley’s Charlotte Stuart with Cambridge’s Zoe Wood

Wood nipping in to take the ball back for Cambridge. Wood with some good ball control looking to twist and turn get forwards for Cambridge link up with the attacking trio. Woodcock and Michalska defending solidly for Barnsley who continue to press forwards. The heavy tackles continuing both sides giving as good as they get Cambridge’s tenacity still frustrating Barnsley. 

Barnsley’s Abi Housecroft

  Barnsley powering on down the right Marsden crossing low, Jackson running back in defence cutting out the cross carrying it behind for the corner. Cambridge defending the corners Barnsley putting in some great deliveries. The hosts getting on down the right winning a throw 25 yards out put inside to Simmons positioned top of the D, Housley throwing herself into the blocking tackle as she lines up the shot.

   Cambridge making the first change of the game bringing off Otten whose on a yellow card bringing on Serena Cobb. Barnsley with their first switch too bringing Amy Beck to replace Marsden. Rouse racing back in defence as Barnsley attack down the leg traps the cross between her legs to take it out of play for a corner. Lifted in near post a Barnsley player rising to head the ball drills her header wide past the far post. 

Emily Pierrepont continues to take the game to Cambridge

  Pierrepont dribbling inside from the left pushes the ball inside to Jex-Oldfield 25 yards out, Edgar lunging in with a firm tackle to get the ball back for Cambridge. Pierrepont heavily involved in the game pulling left seeing the ball into her feet aiming to clip it over the top send Stuart through on goal the flag up however brings an end to the move. Barnsley on top but unable to find the break through as a few spots of rain begin to fall. Pierrepont sees the ball come into her feet in a central position strikes a right foot curler in on goal from range, Webb throwing herself it it can’t get there as the ball dips smashing onto the crossbar. 

Louise Biggins getting hold of the ball for Barnsley

  GOAL! Cambridge’s opportunities to break forwards limited in the 2nd half the ball cleared on for Stojko-Down central makes a great run forwards before delivering a cutting pass in behind for Simmons to attack top of the area, Michalska sliding in with her to try and win the ball, knocked on towards goal racing past Clarke to roll over the line a fire the hosts back into the lead in the 66th minute 2-1.

Bella Simmons putting Cambridge back into the lead

  Cambridge back in front after dealing with a sustained Barnsley onslaught at the start of the 2nd half. A huge blow for Barnsley as Wood getting hold of the ball travels into the right corner holding it up well before Kosky racing beyond her is pulled up for offside. The visitors rattled making a change Natalie Watson coming on to replace Jex-Oldfield. The game opening up as Cambridge find renewed energy breaking through the middle, Wood to Stojko-Down on for Simmons in attack, a crucial interception by Millard to prevent her getting clear to attack Clarkes goal.

  Stojko-Down on the half-volley from outside the area placed straight into the keeper as Cambridge attack on the left. Watson with a heavy tackle sending Simmons to the ground earning the substitute a yellow card. The tackles keep coming Stojko-Down getting bundled over outside the area aggrieved as play goes on. Cambridge winning a corner nevertheless out on the right. In near side Clarke up to punch the ball behind for a 2nd corner. The 2nd delivery into the six yard box defended by Michalska

Jodie Michalska

  Rouse the next player to go into the box as she brings Biggins down 40 yards out to the left as both turn to chase after the ball. Pierrepont over it, does have a hell of a strike on her and going for goal her attempt isn’t too far wide of the left corner. Cambridge making a change in the 79th minute bringing on Ruth Fox in place of Simmons up top.  Is a tense game now Barnsley pushing players on Cambridge nipping in to close the ball down

  GOAL! With Barnsley pushing on looking to get themselves back on level terms Cambridge winning the ball break on the left bringing the ball on players racing back to defend, the ball crossed into the box Fox central, Pierrepont getting there first gets a glancing touch on the ball can’t get it away instead presents it straight to Fox who show cool composure ( at least that’s what it looks like now doubt the heart was pounding ) as she picks her spot lifting it past the keeper and into the goal beyond immediately turning to race away in joyous celebration eventually caught by her teammates as Cambridge extend their lead with 10 minutes to play 3-1.

Ruth Fox runs in celebration after sending Cambridge into a 3-1 lead

  Barnsley respond straight away with a double switch bringing on Nat Shaw and Courteney Csomor. Falling 2 goals behind with a little over 10 minutes to play. Winning a free-kick wide on the right the ball swung into the area headed clear Cambridge look to counter Stojko-Down on for Wood who uses her experience to take the ball down into the corner at up valuable time. 

  Watson with the ball for Barnsley on for Housley travelling on down line in behind to the by-line her cross fired in across the six yard box cleared by Cheal-Ferris at the far post. Wood coming on with the ball combined with Stojko-Down as Cambridge look to keep the ball up the pitch, Michalska getting it back for the visitors up to Stuart has Housecroft inside her played out to Pierrepont on the left the cross whipped into the box cut out by Jackson for Cambridge.

  Cambridge determined in defence as Rouse clears a chipped ball forwards intended for Shaw. 

  GOAL! The game moving into stoppage time Barnsley getting themselves a free-kick inside the Cambridge half on the right, Pierrepont to play it into the area a fantastic ball cutting through the six yard box running out to the far post met by Michalska running in to turn it home from close range 3-2 game on!

Jodie Michalska pulling a goal back for Barnsley in the closing stages of the tie

  Michalska taking no time to celebrate grabbing the ball hasting back to the centre circle to get it restarted, Cambridge finding Wood on the right takes the ball into the corner, nothing silly now from the hosts keep Barnsley off the ball. Barnsley with one last push Millard on for Pierrepont wide left returns it inside for Millard to float a ball into the area attacked the header planted straight at Webb the keeper holding onto the ball.

Full time Cambridge United WFC 3-2 Barnsley FC Women

 The final whistle blows and Cambridge celebrate as they reach the final of this season’s FAWNL Plate. Beating Barnsley 3-2 with goals from Bella Simmons and substitute Ruth Fox in the 2nd half. Cambridge having to deal with a lot of Barnsley pressure in the 2nd period as the visitors came on strong looking to take the lead themselves looking to build on the good chances they had created in the 2nd half. Barnsley let themselves get frustrated by Cambridge’s tenacity and couldn’t get their noses in front. Cambridge had to work hard for the win and took their chances when they fell their way to set up what is sure to be a historic day for the club. The date and venue for the final to be announced. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Time to pick this Sunday’s Women’s Football east – Player of the Match. As with last weekends winner it’s another tough call to single out one player as it was a strong team performance all round. Several performances of note, firstly for Barnsley, Emily Pierrepont was the stand out player, worked tirelessly on the left, a ready outlet taking the ball on to the by-line or tracking infield created several good chances. Jodie Michalska strong at the back and getting forwards winning the ball and passing superbly. Autumn Housley winning the ball well at the back with several strong runs forwards. For Cambridge credit to the whole team for a battling display, were determined from the start, Abbie Jackson and Lauren Rouse with some vital tackles at the back. Rachel Kosky too as well as making some excellent attacking runs opening the scoring. Zoe Wood showing good skill on the ball got forwards well bringing others into play. Gisela Otten competing for the ball in the middle of the park getting back to help the defence. Goalkeeper Lauren Webb with some brilliant saves to keep Barnsley out n the first half. The award today though goes to the player who summed up Cambridge’s performance to a tee and that is midfielder Sammy Edgar, fought for everything getting across the park to tackle and frustrate Barnsley throughout.

  I know I’m supposed to be neutral but I do have my favourite team and it’s fantastic to see Cambridge reach a national final. Had a sneaky feeling they might. Even so the FAWNL is full of strong teams. Congratulations to Cambridge. My thanks to both sides for there help today with the teams. Best of luck to Barnsley in their hunt for the league table will keep an eye out for your results. 

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Cambridge City Ladies

Sunday 6th November

FAWNL Plate 

 Beginning November with a trip to St Neots Town FC to watch Cambridgeshire rivals, Cambridge United WFC and Cambridge City Ladies as they meet in the 1st Round of this season’s FAWNL League Plate competition.

With both sides making an early exit from this season’s FA Women’s Cup the FAWNL Plate competition represents another great opportunity for a cup run. A Determining Round played between all the sides in the 6 FAWNL Divisions with the winners going on to contest the League Cup the rest entering the League Plate Competition. Cambridge United WFC and Cambridge City Ladies drawn together in the 1st Round. Both playing in FAWNL South East Division One brings another Cambridgeshire derby match to contest.

  Cambridge United WFC win the upper hand so far in the derbies this season with a 2-0 away to City back in August bringing them their 1st 3 point haul of the season with new signing Sarah Wiltshire netting both goals. Currently 6th in the South East Division One table. The new season beginning with the women’s side forming closer ties with Cambridge United FC a women’s board created along with a stronger youth pathway to develop players for the 1st team. The squad with a few new faces this season, with Francesca Partridge (sponsored by Women’s Football East) coming in along side Sarah Wiltshire has 3 goals so far this season with Wiltshire on 5. Midfielder Sammy Edgar also joining from Royston Town Women with a few stepping up from the Development squad. Defender Abbie Jackson the most recent signing joining from Ipswich Town Women.

  Cambridge City Ladies already have a strong youth set-up, very much the foundations on which the club was built the women’s side rising rapidly through the women’s football pyramid to eventually join United in the 4th tier. That status under threat towards the end of last season but a strong performance and win at St Neots against United going a long way to securing their status in the FAWNL for a 4th successive season. The management team seeing an overhaul over the summer with Rob Coles coming in as manager with 1st team coach Darren Fairbrass. A few players moving on have once again been able to bring players up through the pathway also running a Reserves and Development side. Have struggled to get points on the board this season, with just the one league win that coming way back on the opening day at home to QPR. A late goal seeing them exit the FA Women’s Cup last Sunday. Grace Stanley always prolific in front of goal leading the goal scoring charts with 6 to her name.

  That cup game seeing this tie delayed by a week, originally scheduled to be played at The Abbey Stadium the tie reverting back to Cambridge United WFC’s regular home at St Neots Town FC. The Premier Plus Stadium situated in an ever growing housing development leading into St Neots. Really wasn’t sure if the game was going to be on at all heavy rain sweeping up from the South hitting the East overnight seeing a good portion of games called off and leaving Norfolk in heavy rain that brought traffic to a standstill on the A14 was not optimistic, however reaching Cambridge itself the rain clear and blue sky could be seen in the direction I was heading. St Neots not seeing as much rainfall the grass pitch looking immaculate. Rain likely before kick-off. Viewing around with covered terracing behind each goal and a covered mainstand. The bar open serving hot a cold drink. Serving a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marsh mellows that was proving very popular.

Cambridge United WFC

Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Lauren Webb, Abi Davies, Carrie Bennett, Lauren Rouse, Abbie Jackson, Gisela Otten (C), Sammy Edgar, Alysha Stojko-Down, Ella Marden, Francesca Partridge & Sarah Wiltshire. Subs – Abbi Griffin, Kayleigh-Anne Burt, Grace Waygood, Albany Hodgson & Libby Fraser.

Cambridge City Ladies

 Cambridge City Ladies starting XI – Sarah Hudson, Ellen Marson, Jess Fitzpatrick, Amy Reed, Bronwyn Mulheron, Ellie Cullum, Fran Steele, Paige Gardiner, Becca Stephenson, Bella Simmons & Grace Stanley. Subs – Karly Tolentino, Lauren Tomlinson & Shannon Shaw.

  With the rain beginning to fall I took the decision to abandon my usual viewing area by the dugouts and retreat into the stands, which is sometimes a gamble in itself at St Neots as the rain can blow in anyway. Thankfully not this time, the teams coming out on to the pitch. United wearing amber coloured shirts with black short and socks with City wearing white shirts and black shorts with black and white hooped socks. It’s the visitors to get the cup tie underway City kicking off the 1st half the ball played out to right back Ellen Marson lifted back into the middle won by United centre back Lauren Rouse the ball lifted out to Francesca Partridge on the left of attack, Marson in to win the ball.

Cambridge City Ladies, Ellen Marson

  GOAL! United with the ball at the back Rouse on for Abi Davies coming on right side plays the ball central, the pass forwards then clipped on through the middle dropping between City’s centre backs 20 yards out, Sarah Wiltshire nipping in beating the offside trap to latch onto the ball and takes on the early shot catching to ball perfect to send on arrowing over the keeper into the back of the net 1-0. 

Sarah Wiltshire with the early goal for Cambridge United WFC

 The perfect start for the hosts opening the scoring inside the opening couple of minutes. The ball being closed down in the middle United’s midfielders, Alysha Stojko-Down, Sammy Edgar and captain Gisela Otten all pressing. Stojko-Down advancing with Ella Marden on the right exchanging passes Stojko-Down playing it back to Otten who sends it on for Marden bursting on down the flank turning inside 25 yards out her diagonal ball fire towards the City box cut out by centre back Bronwyn Mulheron.

Cambridge United WFC’s Ella Marden

  Fran Steele on the ball for City central forwards into attacker Grace Stanley she lifts the ball out to the right into the path of Becca Stephenson racing on, sees her side win a corner kick. Played long goes over everyone inside the six yard box no one at the far post as United clear. United lively looking to get the ball into Wiltshire ready to pull off the City defence get in behind one pass seeing her almost through, City captain and goalkeeper Sarah Hudson rapidly off her line to slide in get her gloves in the ball a fraction ahead of the United attacker. 

Becca Stephenson on the ball for Cambridge City Ladies

  Marson with the ball on the right for City sends the pass long up the line for Stephenson to chase the winger latching onto it getting down the line before smashing a shot in towards goal. United goalkeeper, Lauren Webb with a smart save getting down to block the ball with her body, isn’t cleared though deflected past her running towards goal, Abbie Jackson racing back to clear the ball off the line. United get away on the right Ella Marden taking the ball on checks inside before trying her luck from distance her effort looping over. 

Cambridge United WFC goalkeeper, Lauren Webb

  City hold their line well to catch Wilshire offside as the ball is won back in the middle. Steele looks to find Stephenson on the right with a diagonal pass, intercepted by United full back Carrie Bennett. The rain beginning to fall heavily now with 15 minutes on the clock. Stephenson looking a threat on the right for City as they come forwards winning a free-kick 30 yards out. The ball struck in low cleared by United’s defence. Some committed tackles in the middle, Ellie Cullum feeling the full force of one for City. 

United’s Abi Davies with City’s Bella Simmons

 Wiltshire bringing the ball on through the middle for United sends it out to Partridge on the left continuing her run forwards into the box. Partridge holding it up as Stojko-Down advances the pass inside the midfielder playing it into Wiltshire heavily marked looked to lay it back to Stojko-Down, Cullum challenging to win the ball back for the visitors. Steele with the ball in the middle out to Stephenson on the right attacking fires a cross along the top of the United area looking for Stanley, Rouse sticking out a leg to cut the ball out clear for United. 

  United coming on well with the ball Otten from the back on for Wiltshire who releases Marden on the right to take the ball on before delivering a long diagonal cross into the box aiming for Partridge getting in at the far post rising can’t quite get her head to the ball as it runs out of play. 

  GOAL! Edgar winning the ball for United coming on left side playing it on for Wilshire pulling wide tracking inside top of the area curls in a cross to the far post looking for Partridge, Amy Reed getting to it first for City her clearance to the top of the area dropping straight to Wiltshire her run taking her into the area she hits it 1st time sending a looping shot over the keeper into the top corner to double United’s lead 2-0.

A 2nd superb strike from Sarah Wiltshire

  Midway through the 2nd half United with a 2 goal lead coming on well, Partridge on the left winning a corner. The delivery in near side turned behind for a 2nd corner. The 2nd corner a dangerous in swinger evading everyone at the near post is headed clear off the line not sure the defender knew too much about it but a great reaction nonetheless. Bella Simmons wriggling clear with the ball on the left into the corner sending a cross into the six yard box comfortably claimed by Webb.

   Mulheron sliding in to win the ball against Edgar as she looks to link up with Wiltshire in attack. City on the counter attack the ball played low through to Stanley pulling away right of the D looking to turn and shoot, Webb alert rushing out to close the angle making the blocking save batting the away to her right before being cleared for a corner kick. 

  An intriguing tie United with the better chances seeing more of the ball, City though with glimpses that they can pull a goal back. Marden attacking on the right with the ball for United, putting it back inside for Otten as she gets up in support opens up her body to lay the pass forwards aiming for Wiltshire inside the box, cut out well be Mulheron turned out to the left Edgar running onto the ball 25 yards out sends her strike over.

Cambridge United WFC midfielder, Sammy Edgar

  The rain beginning to ease up, as City bring the ball on Gardiner on for Stanley, Jackson intercepting for United. Gardiner coming left on for Simmons is held up by Davies with Marden getting bac to help City forced to play the ball all the way back to their defence. Stephenson the most likely outlet for City with some strong running on the right flank played in her cross into the box over Simmons who has come into a central position. Stephenson in again moment later as City hit United with a rapid counter attack on the angle sends her shot into the side netting. 

Cambridge City Ladies, Paige Gardiner

  Simmons turning on the ball left side finds Stanley coming into the left channel, Jackson going with her the defence pushing the striker wide Stanley nevertheless getting a shot away dragged behind. United over commit in attack as the game suddenly opens up Steele getting the ball out to Simmons on the left drives inside towards the box, Rouse standing her up charging down the ball. Stephenson bringing City a corner out on the right. An in swinger into the near post Webb up amongst the crowd to get her fists to the ball beat it down and away. 

  Wiltshire carrying the ball on shifting it to Partridge 25 yards out on the left, Reed into her can’t get the ball around the defender. Otten with a good challenge lays the ball on for Wiltshire who releases a strike from distance, on target held comfortably by Hudson. City breaking with pace the ball long for Stephenson right her cross into the ox running out to Simmons closing in left Webb running across wanting to see it run out of play taking no chances drops down to get her gloves firmly around the ball. The clock running down the skies decidedly gloomy several people are retreating to the bar to get their hands on a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marsh mellows.

  The 1st half moving into stoppage time Wiltshire is brought down by Gardiner some 30 plus yards out centrally. Wiltshire herself over the set-piece the shot taken on. Hudson behind it all the way. United ending the half strong with Partridge bringing the ball on left side, has Wiltshire ahead of her sends the pass on Wiltshire in the corner turning into the box to fire a cross into Marden at the far post inside the six yard box locked in a tussle with the defence as they scramble to hit the ball caught between feet skips up for Otten I think getting u in support to smash a shot goalwards, Hudson throwing herself  down t make the blocking save at close range the deflected ball coming back to Stojko-Down ten yards out to strike rising her shot cannons down off the cross bar!

Alysha Stojko-Down

  A late free-kick for United 25 yards out to the right of the D, Wiltshire curling a shot wide. City with a free kick of their own in the dying seconds top of the centre circle. Steele nevertheless taking on the shot hit well but over.

  Half-time Cambridge United WFC 2-0 Cambridge City Ladies

  United going into the break leading the tie 2-0. Sarah Wiltshire with an early opportunity put through on goal shooting early to send the ball past the keeper. Wiltshire then doubling the lead midway through the 1st half curling a great shot into the top corner. United with by far the better chances almost getting at 3rd at the end of the half Stojko-Down hitting the bar. The hosts strong in the middle pressing the ball well getting forwards. City with their chances however, getting into good positions Webb making a couple of crucial stops to ensure the hosts goal remains intact. 2-0 the lead more often than not the next goal proves crucial City far from out of it will want to have more of the ball in the final 3rd 2nd half while limited United’s chances at the other end.

  With the rain having passed and the forecast predicting none for a bit retreated from the stands to move back to my usual vantage point over on the far side of the pitch, especially with the Sun making an appearance now low in the sky straight into the stand, at my back now may well pose a few issues for United now defending that end of the pitch. City making a change at the start of the 2nd half Karly Tolentino coming on in attack replacing Ellie Cullum. United to get the 2nd half underway the ball out to the left City pressing quick to regain possession fired into Tolentino pulling away right of the D, Jackson nipping in to clear for United.

  City pressing players up in attack at the start of the 2nd half look to have 4 up as they move in to close the ball down, crossed in from the right into Simmons can’t dig the ball out of her feet before being closed down. United clear the ball forwards to Marden breaking away on the right taking the ball on lays the cross back into the top of the area for Wiltshire, Mulheron moving in to close her down, Wiltshire drags her shot wide of the left post. 

Cambridge City defender, Bronwyn Mulheron

  City looking to take the game to United early on find an early goal at the start of the 2nd half the ball fed through into Tolentino right of the D clear to shoot, Webb rushes out to the top of her area getting down sharply throwing out an arm to her right to glove Tolentino’s shot away to the left. Marden picking up a yellow card as she pulls Fitzpatrick’s shirt as the full back looks to get up the pitch with the ball. City putting United under a bit of pressure at the start of the 2nd half looking to get into them higher up the pitch. 

  Wiltshire with great movement throughout the 1st half coming deep for the ball is brought down on halfway. Stojko-Down coming on with the ball though the middle into Wiltshire coming inside with Partridge to curl a shot in from distance, Hudson throwing herself across her goal making a superb save to glove the ball away for a corner kick. The set-piece played in near side headed clear. Reed close in on Wiltshire preventing the attacker pulling off her with the ball. Stanley with a lay off for Gardiner to strike 20 yards out her effort blocked. 

Cambridge United WFC defender, Lauren Rouse

  City looking to build on their strong start to the 2nd half making a double change bringing off Gardiner and Simmons sending on Shannon Shaw and Lauren Tomlinson. Becca Stephenson moving into a central position. Tomlinson on the left is clipped as she looks to get the ball moving no advantage play brought back for the free-kick. Tomlinson over it wide strikes a ball into the area goes through everyone catching Webb out as the keeper throws herself across her goal had the far post covered the ball bouncing wide. 

Lauren Tomlinson with United’s Ella Marden

Cambridge City Ladies Lauren Tomlinson

  Marden is onside on the right taking the ball down the wing turns inside towards the box running into Fitzpatrick the ball running on into the area, Wiltshire eased aside by Mulheron sent tumbling as the defender clears United appealing nothing doing. United make their first change of the game seeing a switch of personnel with Partridge coming off for Abbi Griffin who drops in at right back with Davies pushed on, Marden going out to the left. The ball played over the top for Wiltshire can’t bring the ball down into her stride as she enters the box.

 GOAL! United on the attack left side winning a corner, players coming up the delivery lifted in towards the near post Hudson up well amongst bodies to beat the ball away back out out t the left where it his picked up by corner taker Wiltshire, plays rush out of the box looking to close her down the shot flashed in low to the near post Hudson down sharply to save gloving the ball up across goal and straight into Otten who has remained up unopposed, the ball deflected off the United captain into the back of the net 3-0.

Captain Gisela Otten scores Cambridge United WFC’s 3rd goal

  20 minutes gone in the 2nd half United extending their lead City get on the attack win a free-kick out on the right wide players up into the box, the delivery put in near side, Stanley up with Mulheron the header turned goalwards coming at Webb quickly the United goalkeeper with another fine save flashing out an arm to deflect the ball away to the left a shot smashed back in coming back off the bar.

Cambridge United WFC’s Abbi Griffin

  The game opening up City committing players on exposing gaps on their flanks can’t be helped as they look for a goal, United looking to take advantage. Tomlinson battling for possession on the left Steele across in support, on for Stephenson, Rouse defending. Steele getting hold of the ball for City lifting a pass on for Shaw pulling into the right channel, just too much on the ball. Jackson winning the ball at the back for United bringing it on over halfway before being brought down. 

Cambridge United WFC defender, Abbie Jackson

  Davies advanced for United with the ball travelling into the area lacking support as Tomlinson gets back on her a good tussle between the pair Tomlinson seeing the ball away for a throw.  City attack right the cross inside Tolentino with the header on across to the left Stephenson onto the ball Griffin and Rouse defending for United. Steele hauls down Wiltshire 25 yards out in a central position the free-kick given United making a change before it is taken Davies coming off for Libby Fraser. Wiltshire on the set-piece goes for goal the ball bouncing harmlessly through to Hudson. 

Cambridge City Ladies midfielder Fran Steele

  A free-kick to City in the middle Steele short to Reed gets the return ball uses it well clipping a good diagonal ball into Stanley 25 yards out left of the D turns into the shot getting her foot over the ball to sent it in towards goal, Webb moving rapidly across her goal with another excellent save to get down to tip the ball wide for a corner. The game moving into the final 5 minutes of regular play. Rouse fouling Stephenson high up the pitch on the left, play brought back with no advantage for Tomlinson as she goes after the loose ball. Taken left of the centre circle lifted in towards the near post attacked by Mulheron, Her header on target, Webb throwing herself up making another great save to tip the ball over the crossbar. The resulting corner curled into the side netting.

Becca Stephenson

  The clock ticking down United make a triple switch bringing of Edgar, Otten and Rouse sending on Kayleigh-Anne Burt, Grace Waygood and Albany Hodgson all three defenders United aiming to keep the clean sheet intact. Steele lifting the ball on through the middle looking for Tolentino, Jackson cutting the pass out for United. 

Cambridge United WFC’s Libby Fraser

  GOAL! Into stoppage time United with the ball Hodgson on for Fraser to bring on right has Wiltshire out wide playing the ball to her Wiltshire sending it back inside to Fraser 30 plus yards out sees an opening pulls the trigger catches the ball well hit hard into towards goal looping up and over Hudson as she throws herself out to try and save it the ball finding the top corner for Fraser to open her season’s account with a superb strike at the death 4-0.

Libby Fraser celebrating after the final whistle

Full time Cambridge United WFC 4-0 Cambridge City Ladies

  Full time and it’s United celebrating scoring 4 goals and a clean sheet against their Cambridge rivals as they advance in the FAWNL League Plate. Making a superb start to the game with Wiltshire scoring a well taken early opener adding another superb strike midway through the 1st half. Further chances created closing the ball down well in midfield. City’s chances limited in the 1st half nevertheless forced Webb into making a couple of saves. A change for City at he start of the 2nd half as they looked to make a fast start pull a goal back applying some pressure making further changes were frustrated as United went on to add a 3rd midway through the 2nd half. The game opening up United lively throughout, City continued to be frustrated had chances were thwarted by Webb in the United goal with a number of quality saves before Libby Fraser put the icing on the cake with a superb strike for the hosts 4th goal late in stoppage time.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Onto this Sunday’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, tough in some regards but easy in others. Performances of note to mention firstly for Cambridge City. Becca Stephenson carried a real threat on the right in the first half a constant outlet with some strong running. Fran Steele working hard in midfield throughout battling for the ball with a great range of passing. Lauren Tomlinson adding some passion to the game coming on 2nd half. United with a solid all round team performance the centre backs reading the game well. The midfield strong Sammy Edgar, and Alysha Stojko-Down particularly captain Gisela Otten. Sarah Wiltshire up top leading the attack with great movement making herself available getting into great positions with two well taken goals. Today’s award though goes to Cambridge United goalkeeper Lauren Webb was a strong performance in front of goal, thwarting City on a number of occasions pulling off some excellent saves to ensure the clean sheet.

Another intriguing Cambridgeshire derby, a healthy rivalry between the sides played largely in good spirits glad it beat the weather Good to catch up with a few familiar faces today my thanks to both sides for the team details, always appreciated.

by Darren Gilham

The Round-Up – FAWPL 15/04/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 15th April


This Sunday saw the final of this season’s FAWPL League Plate being played at Hednesford Town FC. A late change in the line-up with Southern Division side West Ham United Ladies taking on South East Division One side, Luton Town Ladies after their semi-final opponents Fylde Ladies were removed from the competition. A first ever National final for Luton Town Ladies.

  Luton Town the underdogs coming up against higher league opponents West Ham United who had had a terrific 2018 to date unbeaten in the year so far. Winning their 1st piece of silverware too this season the Isthmian Cup. West Ham United taking the lead midway through the 1st half Amber Stobbs striking the ball from 25 yards out the ball kissing the crossbar on its way in. 4 minutes later Kelly Wealthall was on hand to capitalise on a defensive error to make it 2-0. That the advantage at the break.

  Ellie Zoepfl running through on goal to extend the lead early in the 2nd half. West Ham United in control of the game went on to score twice more, Rosie Kmita curling a great shot into the back of the net and Zoepfl with her 2nd of the game to make it 5-0. West Ham United Ladies this season’s FAWPL League Plate winners. Congratulations to everyone at the club.

West Ham United Ladies 2017/18 FAWPL League Plate Winners (picture credit West Ham United Ladies)

FAWPL Southern Division 

In the FAWPL Southern Division it was a meeting between the top two with 2nd placed C&K Basildon Ladies travelling to Crystal Palace Ladies, a point between the sides. A close game between the sides few chances created in the 1st half the stalemate broken with just 3 minutes left on the clock Ellie Bailes scoring to give Crystal Palace a narrow half-time lead. Crystal Palace started the 2nd half well creating chances C&K Basildon keeping them at bay looking to find a leveller at the other end the lead for Crystal Place made more secure with just 5 minutes left to play the home side awarded a penalty which was coolly dispatched by the clubs top scorer Gemma Bryan. A win for Crystal Palace seeing them go 4 points clear of C&K Basildon who still have two games in hand.

  Charlton Athletic Women in 3rd position in the Southern Division table have 4 games in hand on Crystal Palace as they close the gap to 5 points with a victory on home turf on Sunday. A close one however as they left it late to grab a winning goal against 5th placed Portsmouth FC Ladies. Just 5 minutes left to play when the dead lock was finally broken Kit Graham sending the ball into the corner of the net for the 3 points.

   4th placed Lewes FC Women travelled to the capital on Sunday to take on 2nd bottom side Queens Park Rangers Ladies. Came home with the 3 points secure in what was a bruising encounter! The visitors taking the lead on the half hour top scorer Rebecca Carter netting her 12th goal of the season. Into 1st half stoppage time and the lead was doubled Victoria Carleton making it 2-0 to Lewes at half-time. On the hour Lewes further extended their lead Danielle Lane with her 11th goal of the season making it 3-0. That the winning score.

   Coventry United Ladies climb back up into the top half of the Southern Division table with a home win against Chichester City Ladies this Sunday. Alison Hall scoring twice midway through the 1st half to see Coventry United leading 2-0 at the break. Hall securing her hat-trick on the hour for her 20th goal of the season and 3-0 lead for Coventry United. Chloe Tucker netting a late goal for Chichester City on a 3-1 loss.

  Cardiff City Ladies move up above Gillingham FC Ladies in the Southern Division table into 9th as they won against the Kent side this Sunday. Cardiff City getting of f to a fantastic start Kelly Issac making it 1-0 in the 7th minute. Estelle Randall with some fine saves keeping Gillingham out. The visitors getting it back to 1-1 eventually in the 25th minute Millie Waud with the goal. 1-1 at half-time Cardiff City started the 2nd half well capitalising as the retook the lead in the 57th minute captain Cori Williams with the goal. Again Gillingham came back to level the scores Maddison Farrand with her 1st goal. Five minutes later and Cardiff City took the lead for the 3rd time in the match Ella Powell seeing the ball cross the goal line to make it 3-2. This time Gillingham could find no reply as Cardiff City won the 3 points.

FAWPL South East Division One

A healthy lead still in FAWPL South east Division One for AFC Wimbledon Ladies however they are stuttering a bit towards the end of the season as they suffer a 2nd successive loss in the league away to 3rd placed Leyton Orient WFC this Sunday. New signing Lisa Fulgence was making her first start for Leyton Orient and grabbed her 1st two goals for the club to put the home side 2-0 up against the league leaders inside the opening 25 minutes. Caroline Bisson getting it back to 2-1 for AFC Wimbledon 10 minutes before half-time. No more goals 2nd half as Leyton Orient worked hard to keep their lead and claim the 3 points. AFC Wimbledon Ladies have two games left to play lead the table by 10 points that lead can yet be overhauled if maximum points can be won elsewhere… I won’t say by who…

  Ipswich Town Ladies in 2nd spot in the FAWPL South East Division One table continue to enjoy a strong season with a confident win away to Denham United Ladies this Sunday. The visitors getting off to a blistering start Zoe Cossey putting Ipswich Town into the lead in the opening 30 seconds. Cossey striking again midway through the 1st half to see Ipswich Town hold a 2-0 lead at the break. Ipswich Town creating chances went further ahead early in the 2nd half awarded a penalty captain Amanda Crump stepping up to score from the spot. Gemma Moore grabbing herself a goal with 20 minutes left to make it 4-0. Lauren Cox pulling a goal back for Denham United with 15 left. Natasha Thomas scoring a 5th goal for Ipswich Town with 5 minutes left to play Cossey going on t complete her hat-trick in the closing minutes and seal a 6-1 win.

  Norwich City Ladies were hosting 6th placed Stevenage Ladies on Sunday the game looked to be heading for a 0-0 with minutes left to play Stevenage creating chances but not converting one. Norwich coming close up the other end striking the post. The visitors grabbing a late late winner Nicole Emmings striking the ball into the back of the net with a 25 yard shot. The 1-0 win taking Stevenage back above Luton Town into 5th spot in the table. 


The Round-Up – FAWPL 11/03/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 11th March

FAWPL Southern Division

Another weekend sadly affected by postponements albeit not as heavily as last weekend where only 4 games survived in the East. The FAWPL fairing better than most Charlton Athletic Ladies returning back to the top of the Southern Division after being over taken by Crystal Palace Ladies and C&K Basildon Ladies in recent weeks, the top two due to face each other this Sunday their top of the table clash falling foul of a water logged pitch.

  Not so at Thamesmead Charlton took on Cardiff City Ladies. A good start for the hosts, goals from Kit Graham and Charlotte Gurr putting them into a 2-0 lead inside the opening 20 minutes. Cardiff pulling it back to 2-1 after they were awarded a penalty Cori Williams stepping up to score. Gurr quickly restoring Charlton’s 2 goal lead on 32 minutes sending home a free-kick after Graham was fouled outside the area. A good first half for Charlton with Graham netting her 2nd of the match in the 41st minute to see the hosts leading 4-1 at half-time. Gurr moving onto 32 goals for the season as she completed her hat-trick 15 minutes into the 2nd half with Charlton going on to win 5-1 taking them back to the top.

   That defeat for Cardiff coupled with a victory on the road away to bottom side Swindon Town Ladies saw Gillingham FC Ladies move up a place into 9th in the Southern Division table. Gillingham enjoying a good first 45 minutes against their opponents going into the half-time interval leading 3-0. Top scorers Kallie Balfour scoring twice on 20 and 31 minutes with the 3rd goal coming from captain, Jade Keogh. Balfour going on to complete her hat-trick scoring her 3rd and Gillingham’s 4th with 20 minutes left.

West Ham United Ladies excellent form in 2018 continues as they remain unbeaten in a run of 7 matches in league and cup. Following up from booking their spot in this season’s FAWPL Plate Final last weekend were at home in the league this Sunday taking on Chichester City Ladies. A goal from Amber Stobbs midway through the 1st half giving West Ham a narrow advantage that they held onto for much of the game the 3 points secured 2 minutes from time as Stobbs found the back of the net for her 2nd of the game. 2-0 the final score.


Postponed from last weekend due to the bad weather, Lewes FC Women travelled up to the East Midlands on Sunday to take on Leicester City Women in the semi-final of the FAWPL Cup. A good start for Lewes as they took the lead against the side they knocked out of the FAWPL Plate at the same stage last season, Amy Taylor scoring to give the visitors the lead in the 10th minute. Leicester though were soon back on level terms Leigh Dugmore scoring the equaliser just 2 minutes later. 4 minutes later the hosts had turned it around to lead 2-1 Holly Morgan getting on the score sheet to make it 2-1 holding onto the advantage until half-time a bright start to the 2nd half put Leicester in control of the tie a 2 goals in 6 minutes from Sophia Domingo making it 4-1. Lewes could not find a response as Leicester held firm, Sarah Kempson getting a goal late in stoppage time too little too late as Lewes were defeated 4-2, Leicester City Women will play either Blackburn Rovers Ladies or Coventry United Ladies in the final that will now be played on the 25th of March after the tie was postponed for the 2nd time this Sunday.


The finalists for this season’s FAWPL Plate Final were confirmed this Sunday as Luton Town Ladies match at home to Fylde Ladies postponed from last Sunday took place this Sunday with West Ham United Ladies already there. Luton Town Ladies in the league below Fylde Ladies taking the lead in the match a goal from Nicola Henman and despite Fylde creating opportunities then hosts looked like they might hold out for the victory until the final 12 minutes as Fylde turned the game completely on it’s head, Olivia Wild levelling the score before Alys Hinchcliffe netted what would prove to be the winning goal to send the Northern Division side into the Plate final

  This season’s FAWPL Plate Final between West Ham United Ladies & Fylde Ladies will be played at Hednesford Town FC’s Keys Park Stadium on the 15th of April.

FAWPL South East Division One

A 16 point lead now at the top of FAWPL South East Division One for AFC Wimbledon Ladies after winning on the road away to Norwich City Ladies on Sunday. The sides meeting recently in the reverse fixture Wimbledon winning comfortably 8-2, Norwich City have improved since then and ran there opponents much closer this time around. The opening goal coming just past the half hour with Georgia Heasman netting the goal to give Wimbledon the lead. Caroline Bisson doubling their advantage in the closing stages of the 1st half. Norwich pulling a goal back 5 minutes into the 2nd half, a strike from Chelsea Garrett. Making for a tense end to the match Wimbledon have won a good percentage of their matches by a single goal advantage and held on once again to claim all 3 points.

The fight for for places below them is extremely hot with Ipswich Town Ladies, Leyton Orient WFC and Milton Keynes Dons all the hunt for runners-up spot. Milton Keynes with games in hand could yet chase Wimbledon down if they can gain maximum points, were away to 2nd placed Ipswich Town Ladies this Sunday in a tight and scrappy game the win coming from a wonder strike from Milton Keynes, Charly Clarke 3 minutes from time. Ipswich Town’s faint hop of catching the leaders looking over. 2 points between 2nd placed Ipswich and 4th placed Milton Keynes now.

 Sandwiched in between them Leyton Orient WFC also failed to pick up any points on Sunday after they were defeated at home by Cambridge United WFC in a battling and determined performance. The visitors taking the lead in the 21st minute Faith Hewitt arriving in the box to put home Lauren Cartwright’s cross. 1-0 the lead at the break Cambridge United’s defence of their advantage was made all the harder as they were reduced to 10 players 10 minutes into the 2nd half Cartwright picking up two quick yellows to see her afternoon finish early. Cambridge United worked hard determination to keep their lead and win all 3 points.

At the other end of the South East Division One table Denham United Ladies were in danger of getting caught up in the battle at the bottom as Norwich City Ladies winning last weekend had closed the gap on them to 5 points. At home to Enfield Town Ladies this Sunday. Goals from Sophie Cheadle and Alissa Down putting the hosts into a 2-0 half-time lead. Enfield Town pulling it back to 2-1 10 minutes into the 2nd half with Regan Coleman getting the goal. An incident soon after seeing Enfield reduced to 10 with Nuala McKevitt shown a red card. Denham taking full advantage of their superior number on the field, as Kayleigh Currivan shot to make it 3-1. Down adding her 2nd of the match too to see Denham win 4-1 taking them 8 points clear of Norwich.

The Round-Up – 04/03/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 4th March

The Beast from the East blew in last week and played havoc with the fixtures across the country as snow fell and temperatures dropped. Another weekend where virtually all the scheduled games were called off. Many leagues making the call early with snow covering pitches and roads alike. A rapid thaw coming too late for many Sunday seeing 4 matches surviving the regions leagues and with another wet week looming yet more disruption could be on the horizon with many sides still having alot of matches to squeeze in before the end of the season. Of the four matches featured in this weeks shortened edition of The Round-Up there were a total of 31 goals scored in score high scoring victories.

FAWPL Southern Division

In the FAWPL Southern Division an excellent crowd of 409 came out to Bromley FC to watch Crystal Palace Ladies take on bottom side Swindon Town Ladies and move to the top of the table.

   The hosts taking the lead inside the opening 10 minutes top scorer, Gemma Bryon sending the ball into the back of the net. Crystal Palace dominated the early exchanges but it was Swindon who found an equalising goal with their 1st meaningful attack Victoria Taylor on hand to turn the ball home to make it 1-1. Crystal Place retook the lead on the half hour Sarah Jones scoring from a corner. The half-time lead 3-1 with Crystal Palace awarded a penalty with 4 minutes left on the clock, Bryan stepping up to score her 2nd of the game. 

  The lead further extended 10 minutes into the 2nd half with Ellie Bailes making it 4-1. That was how the score remained right up until the final 10 minutes when Crystal Palace ran riot. Megan Chandler with a 25 yard strike making it 5-1 on 81 minutes. That was quickly followed up with an own goal before Bailes scored for the 2nd time in the match with 5 minutes left. Bryan moving onto 30 goals for the season completing her hat-trick in the 90th minute. The 8-1 win taking Crystal Palace from 3rd above Charlton Athletic Women and C&K Basildon Ladies to the top of the league.


West Ham United Ladies confirmed their game would be on on Saturday as they travelled north to play Hull City Ladies in the semi-final of the FAWPL Plate. The Southern Division side up against the leaders of FAWPL North Division One. A close 1st half saw the sides drawing 0-0. West Ham taking the lead on the hour with Kelly Weathall striking to make it 1-0. The advantage doubled just 2 minutes later with 16-year-old Weathall netting for the 2nd time in the match. The lead made comfortable as the game closed in on the final 15 minutes with Andria Georgiou scoring from a wonder strike to make it 3-0 and see West Ham book their spot in their 2nd cup final of the season. West Ham’s opponents in the FAWPL Plate final will be either Luton Town Ladies or Flyde Ladies whose match was one of the many casualties to the weather up and down the country.

FAWPL South East Division One

 Ipswich Town Ladies climbed up to 2nd in FAWPL South East Division One with a big win away to bottom side Haringey Borough Women on Sunday. Natasha Thomas, Ipswich Town Ladies leading goalscorer putting the visitors 1-0 in the 14th minute. Thomas turning provider for Ipswich Town’s 2nd goal coming in the 21st minute, Zoe Cossey getting on the scoresheet. 6 minutes later Cossey put the ball home for her 2nd of the match and Ipswich Town’s 3rd. Haringey suffering more woe as they were reduced to 10 players in the 38th minute striker Julia Carruthers shown her 2nd yellow. The red card compounded with Thomas scoring her 2nd of the game 2 minutes later to see Ipswich Town 4-0 up at half-time.

  Didn’t take Thomas long to bring up her hat-trick as she scored to make it 5-0 to Ipswich Town in the 51st minute. Captain Amanda Crump scoring to make it 6-0 on the hour. Ipswich Town dominating the play, Thomas added a 4th goal to her tally to make it 7-0 on 65 minutes. Two quickfire goals from Miagh Downey and Sophie Welton followed before Thomas took her tally to 5 goals for the day in a 10-0 bringing up her 20th goal of the season. 

ERWFL Division One South

The other game to survive on Sunday was from the ERWFL in Division One South, Harlow Town Ladies in 3rd looking to close the gap on 2nd placed Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies hosting Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies. A comfortable win for the hosts as they ran out 8-1 winners to claim all 3 points. Chloe Bassett, Tayla Handscomb and Abbey Dell all getting a brace in the game with Nicole Learner and Hannah Clifford also on target with a goal each. Not the result Hoddesdon Town Owls were looking for as they prepare for their 1st ever appearance in the Hertfordshire Women’s County Cup Final this coming Sunday. 

The Round-Up – FAWPL 25/02/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 25th February

FAWPL Southern Division 

Two games played in the FAWPL Southern Division this Sunday. Crystal Palace Ladies reached the final of the Capital Cup last weekend away to Queens Park Rangers Ladies this Sunday the two sides met in the league. The deadlock broken in the 28th minute as Ciara Sherwood struck from a free-kick to give Crystal Palace the lead. That was how it remained until half-time. Queens Park Rangers coming back to level the scores on 62 minutes, Kasha Petit scoring from a free-kick outside the box. Crystal Palace were quick to respond pegged back for just 2 minutes retaking the lead with Ellie Bales scoring to make it 2-1. The visitors holding on for the win the 3 points taking them to within a point of 2nd placed Charlton Athletic Women. Crystal Palace Ladies also announcing this week they have applied for a place in FAWSL 2 with will be known as the FA Women’s Championship from next season.

 In the other FAWPL Southern Division game played this weekend 6th placed Portsmouth FC Ladies travelled to Wales to take on Cardiff City Ladies. The sides going in goalless at half-time it was Portsmouth who went on the win the game in the 2nd half Daisy McLachlan scoring early in the 2nd period the 3 points make safe 6 minutes from time as Eilidh Currie netted the goal to give Portsmouth the 2-0 win. Move above Coventry United Ladies into 5th place in the Southern Division table.


Coventry United Ladies complete the line-up for the last four of the FAWPL after they were successful away winners to South West Division One side, Plymouth Argyles Ladies on Sunday. Nikki Miles with the goal in the 18th minute to hand the Southern Division side the lead at half-time. Coventry doubling their advantage as the game moved on the hour mark with Amber Hughes on target with the goal. The result made secure 10 minutes later as Miles scored her 2nd of the day to put Coventry through with a 3-0 win. 

  The semi-finals of the FAWPL Cup with take place this coming weekend Sunday 4th March (weather permitting) Coventry United Ladies will be away to Northern Division side Blackburn Rovers Ladies. In the other semi-final Lewes FC Women from the Southern Division will be away to Northern Division counterparts, Leicester City Women both currently 4th in their respective leagues. The pair met in the same fixture a year ago albeit in the FAWPL Plate, Lewes with the narrow 1-0 win then went on to reach the final and win the competition.


One quarter final tie outstanding in the FAWPL Plate too, postponed last weekend Luton Town Ladies hosting fellow South East Division One side Milton Keynes Dons Ladies. Despite a great strike from Luton’s Zara Carroll the hosts found themselves trailing 2-1 at half-time thanks to goals for Vicky Holland and Heather McDonnell for Milton Keynes. Luton get themselves back on level terms with Natasha Fensome scoring a goal celebrating her birthday. The tie won with a late late winning goal Luton the side celebrating as Nicola Henman found the back of the net to send them into the last four of the FAWPL Plate with a 3-2 win. The first time Luton have reached a national semi-final too.

   Again like the FAWPL Cup the semi-finals of the Plate are scheduled to be played this Sunday 4th March. Luton Town Ladies will be at home taking on higher league opponents, Flyde Ladies from the Northern Division, whilst West Ham United Ladies will travel to Northern Division One leaders, Hull City Ladies.

FAWPL South East Division One 

AFC Wimbledon Ladies already have a strong lead in FAWPL South East Division One extended that to 14 points with a big result away to bottom side Haringey Borough Women on Sunday. The visitors taking a very early lead Haringey credited with an own goal. AFC Wimbledon having a chance to double the lead from the penalty spot the effort was saved. Haringey came back to level the scores as they were awarded a penalty themselves, Brooke Hills scoring to make it 1-1. A busy start to the match. Wimbledon retook the lead in the 20th minute, Katie Stanley getting on the scoresheet. 2-1 quickly became 3-1 as Wimbledon captain Jess Trimnell scored from a corner. Georgia Heasman getting Wimbledon’s 4th goal as the half hour approached.

  4-1 up at half-time Wimbledon extended their lead in the 60th minute as Stanley found the back of the net for her 2nd of the game. For much of the 2nd half Haringey held Wimbledon to 5-1 before a flurry of goals scored in the last 5 ten minutes Jordanne Hoesli-Atkins making it 6-1 on 81 minutes. Caroline Bisson scoring too to make it 7-1 with Rebecca Sargeant and Laura Quinn-Low scoring a goal apiece in injury time to see Wimbledon win 9-1.

Ipswich Town Ladies are up from 4th to 3rd in the FAWPL South East Division One table with a home win against 6th placed Cambridge United WFC on Sunday. Women’s Football East was there to see a match that is usually close between the 2 sides, the case again the pace high not much time afforded on the ball led to some scrappy play. Chances at a premium, Ipswich Town opening the scoring in the 15th minute winning a corner on the right Cambridge not getting the ball clear falling to Natasha Thomas free at the top of the area she smashed it home to make it 1-0. Late into the 1st half an Ipswich goalkeeper, Sian Fagg fouled Cambridge striker Kelley Blanchflower inside the box to give away a penalty. Made up for it by saving comfortably against taker Amber Cantwell.

Two goals for Ipswich Town Ladies , Natasha Thomas

   A narrow lead for Ipswich Town at the break. Cambridge started brightly 2nd half however it was Ipswich Town who went on to double their lead, the ball played forwards Miagh Downey getting round the centre back to push the ball past the advancing keeper from the top of the area to make it 2-0. The game far from settled Cambridge working the ball well on the left got across into the top of the area themselves to find Cantwell who drove the ball past Fagg to make it 2-1. Closing in on the last 10 minutes a good run from Thomas saw her move clear into space left of the Cambridge goal and picking her spot lifted her shot up over the keeper to make it 3-1 and seal the win for Ipswich.


 A 2nd successive league win for Stevenage Ladies sees them climb up to 7th in the FAWPL South East Division One table level on points with 6th placed Cambridge now as they claimed the 3 points away to Actonians Ladies this Sunday. Paige Logie with a smart turn and volley inside the opposition six yard box on 28 minutes to give Stevenage the lead. Actonians levelling thing’s up 4 minutes from the end of the 1st half, Alessandra Barreca with the goal. The winning goal coming midway through the 2nd half Stevenage captain Donna McGuigan on target to make it 2-1.

A heavy loss last weekend for Norwich City Ladies away to leaders AFC Wimbledon Ladies thing’s were starting to look daunting for the side 2nd bottom in the FAWPL South East Division One. The difference 7 days makes as Norwich came home with the 3 points this Sunday clinching the win away to Enfield Town Ladies. An early setback for the visitor as Enfield took the lead in the opening minute Katherine Long getting the goal. The 1st half moving into the final 15 minutes Norwich got back on level terms Aimee Durrant with the shot to make it 1-1. Enfield responded quickly Sheryce Slater getting up the other end to restore the hosts lead 4 minutes later. Back came Norwich to level the scores for the 2nd time 5 minutes left in the 1st half Durrant with her 2nd of the game to make it 2-2 the score at half-time. The winning goal coming on the hour mark. Australian, Brydie Siryi making her debut for Norwich getting the goal to make it 3-2 and secure the win for Norwich that closes the gap to 10th placed Denham United Ladies to 5 points. Norwich with 2 games in hand all to play for.

The Round-Up – FAWPL 14/01/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 14th January

FAWPL Southern Division

Two league games played in the FAWPL Southern Division this Sunday and 3 points at home for 2nd placed Crystal Palace Ladies see them close the gap on leaders Charlton Athletic Women to just 2 points. Hosting Gillingham FC Ladies the 2 sides were goalless at the half-time break Ellie Stenning scoring the opening goal for Crystal Palace then top scorer Gemma Bryan made it 2-0 to the hosts with her 30th goal of the season.

Queens Park Rangers Ladies travelled to Wales on Sunday looking to build on last Sundays win against bottom side Swindon Town Ladies taking on a side just 3 points ahead of them Cardiff City Ladies. It was advantage to the visitors at half-time with QPR leading 1-0 thanks to a goal from Dominika Netschova in the 38th minute. Cardiff City finding an equaliser in the 63rd Zoe Atkins finding the back of the net to see the sides take a share of the points. Another useful point for QPR nevertheless as it brings them to within 2 points of the sides immediately above them, Gillingham and West Han United Ladies with 3 and 4 matches respectfully in hand on both.


Getting through the ties now with the 2nd Round of the competition heavily affected by the weather in December seeing alot of postponement, the FA Women’s Cup taking precedence last Sunday. Two ties involving sides in the Southern Division and for the 2nd weekend running Charlton Athletic Women were taken into extra-time by their hosts before eventually winning through. Away to one of the sides looking to challenge them for the Southern Division title Charlton were in Essex to play C&K Basildon Ladies. It was Basildon who held the lead at the half-time interval, Angela Addison scoring her 15th goal of the season. It was Charlton’s own top scorer who got the visitors back on level terms 8 minutes into the 2nd half Charlotte Gurr on target with her 23rd of the season. No more goals in the 90 minutes the game went into extra-time and it was another of Charlton’s top shots that scored the winning goal Kit Graham making it 2-1 with her 20th goal of the season.

In the the other all Southern Division tie, Lewes FC Women were at home to Portsmouth FC Ladies in the 2nd Round. Plenty of action in this one, the hosts taking the lead in the 20th minute Portsmouth, Eilidh Currie putting through her own net. Two quickfire goals on the half hour had Lewes storm into a 3-0 lead, captain, Katie McIntyre and then Sarah Kempson scoring. The visitors far from out of it saw Lewes clear twice of the line before the half-time whistle. Rachel Panting was on target for Portsmouth to pull it back to 3-1 on 57 minutes Lewes responding straight away to restore their 3 goal cushion Vicky Carleton with substitute, Georgia Bridges scoring in the last 10 minutes to seal a 5-1 win.


As with the FAWPL Cup competition the Plate was affected too by the weather with 3 ties played this weekend involving sides from the Southern and South East Division One. West Ham United Ladies were on the road in the 2nd Round taking on South West Division One side Brislington Ladies. A brace from Rosie Kmita seeing the Southern Division side leading 2-0 at half-time. The higher league side going on to score more goals 2nd half Molly Peters making it 3-0 on the hour mark. Amber Stobbs and Kelly Wealthall also netting a goal a piece before Kmita wrapped up her hat-trick in the final minutes 6-0 the final score.

Keynsham Town Ladies are going well in South West Division One were away in the 2nd Round of the FAWPL Plate taking on Swindon Town Ladies bottom of the FAWPL Southern Division it was another defeat for Swindon heavy too with Keynsham Town racking up double figures, Kerry Bartlett previously a prolific goal scorer for Cardiff City Ladies scoring 5 of Keynsham Town’s goals in a 10-1 win. Emily Arrell scoring in the 1st half for Swindon.

It was an all Division One clash in the other 2nd Round tie played in the FAWPL Plate at the weekend with South East side Luton Town Ladies hosting their South West counterparts, Southampton Saints Girls & Ladies both at the time 4th in their respective leagues. Natasha Fensome scoring for Luton Town, Jess McKay also scoring to see the hosts hold a 2-0 lead at half-time. Luton extending their lead in the 2nd half with McKay netting her 2nd before Southampton pulled it back to 3-1 with Krystal Whyte scoring the goal Luton going on to win and reach the quarter finals.

FAWPL South East Division One

 4 matches played in the FAWPL South East Division one this Sunday. It was 2nd v 3rd with Leyton Orient WFC away to Milton Keynes Dons Ladies. 4 points between the sides going into the game. It was the hosts who took an early lead in the game with Charly Clarke putting Milton Keynes in front in the 13th minute. Into the last 5 minutes of the 1st half and Leyton Orient pulled it back to 1-1 with Vanessa Wilson getting the goal. Time for Milton Keynes to retake the lead in the 1st half with a minute remaining Louise Naylor on hand to put the ball into the back of the net. 2-1 the half-time score Milton Keynes successfully defending the advantage to claim all 3 points closing the gap on Leyton Orient.

 Ipswich Town Ladies move back into 4th place in the South East Division One table following a big win at home against bottom side Haringey Borough Women on Sunday. Leading 5-0 at half-time the hosts went on to win the game 9-0 to put themselves within reach of the sides above the once again. Sophie Welton (pictured) top scoring in the match with 4 goals. Captain Amanda Crump getting 2 goal in the match too with a goal each for Natasha Thomas, Cassie Craddock and Miagh Downey.

A good result at home for Cambridge United WFC as they put pressure on the sides above them in the top half of the table in 6th were hosting Stevenage Ladies at Mildenhall Town FC on Sunday. Amber Cantwell’s goal the difference between the 2 sides at half-time giving Cambridge the lead. A good contest Stevenage with an opportunity to level from the penalty spot in the 2nd half with Amy Makewell brought down. Chloe Gunn stepping up to score to make it 1-1. Cambridge responding promptly however got up the other end of the pitch and Amy Howlett scored to put the back into the lead and go on to win the game 2-1. 

Norwich City Ladies 2nd bottom in the South East Division One table know they need points on the board if they are to have any hopes of pulling another side down into a scrap at the bottom of the table, were away on Sunday, Denham United Ladies immediately above them in 10th the gap 9 points. Annie Hewitt with the only goal of the 1st half seeing Denham leading 1-0. Into the 2nd half and Denham were awarded a penalty Alissa own stepping up to take and score. Down going on to score a brace to give the home side a 3-0 lead. A great strike from Natasha Snelling 3 minutes from time for Norwich seeing the game end 3-1. Denham moving above Stevenage into 9th, Norwich 10 points adrift of the sides above them but they have been down and out before and turned it around. 

The Round-Up – FAWPL 07/01/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 7th January

A New Year has begun and there’s plenty of exciting action to bring you over the coming months right across the East. A weather affected end to 2017 saw alot of postponements thankfully 2018 started better weather wise with only a handful of games being called off. Let’s begin proceedings with the weekends action from the FAWPL and 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup.

FA Women’s Cup

There were 6 ties in the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup featuring sides from the  FAWPL Southern and South East Division One. It was a big tie at home for South East Division One side Ipswich Town Ladies who over came fellow league side Stevenage Ladies in the previous round hosting Southern Division leaders, Charlton Athletic Women the lower league side pushing Charlton all the way taking the game into extra-time before eventually bowing out. Goalless at half-time it was Ipswich who took an early lead in the 2nd half a strike form Cassie Craddock putting the Suffolk side 1-0 in the 47th minute. Charlton came back to level it at 1-1 with 20 minutes left to play Charlotte Gurr with the goal then just 4 minutes later the visitors were leading Kit Graham sending the ball into the back of the net. Ipswich responded positively coming back to level it at 2-2 just 2 minutes later Craddock with her 2nd of the match to take the tie into extra-time. 2 goals in the 1st period of extra-time saw Charlton in control of the tie Graham with her 2nd of the game followed with a goal a minute later from Samantha Pittuck, then late into the 2nd period of extra-time Charlton made the score 5-2 with Charlotte Lee on target to send the Southern Division side into the 4th Round.

Cardiff City Ladies from the FAWPL Southern Division were at home in the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup hosting lower league side Burnley Ladies. Cori Williams giving Cardiff the early lead netting in the 7th minute that the advantage at half-time Ella Powell scored to make it 2-0 to the Welsh side 7 minutes into the 2nd half. The tie was far from settled however as Burnley came back into the game pulling it back to 2-1 in the 63rd minute drawing level in the 81st minute. Cardiff responded and Williams was on hand to score her 2nd of the game with 5 minutes left to send Cardiff through to the 4th Round with a 3-2 victory.

Crystal Palace Ladies 2nd in the FAWPL Southern Division were hosting 5th placed Coventry United Ladies in the 3rd Round Proper. It was the visitors who took an early lead in the match with Helen Dermody scoring from the penalty spot in the 7th minute. The players returning to the dressing room on 40 minutes due to an injury to Coventry United’s Keeley Davies a lengthy delay followed before the players returned to the pitch Coventry leading 1-0 at the half-time whistle. Chances for both sides in the 2nd half Coventry failing to extend their lead Crystal Place found an equaliser Nikita Whinnett sending the ball in from close range. The game heading into extra-time neither side able to find a winner it went to penalties to decide who would progress in the FA Women’s Cup, Coventry United winning the shootout 3-2 to reach the 4th Round.

A long trip up the country into Lancashire from the South Coast for Portsmouth FC Ladies to take on FAWPL Northern Division side, Blackburn Rovers Ladies. A disappointing result for Portsmouth as they were knocked out of the competition soundly beaten 7-0 by their hosts.

Another FAWPL Southern Division side making the long trip up the country were Lewes FC Women travelling the day before were taking on Huddersfield Town Ladies whom they beat in the FAWPL Plate final last season. Both sides are enjoying good season’s in the league, in the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup it was a goalless 1st half. Into the 2nd half closing in on an hour played the deadlock was broken the visitors taking the lead Rebecca Carter scoring for Lewes, their lead lasted just 2 minutes before Huddersfield levelled thing’s back up Britanny Sanderson with the goal. The winning goal coming with 10 minutes left to play Lewes captain Katie McIntyre finding the back of the net to send Lewes into the 4th Round of the competition.

Chichester City Ladies from the FAWPL Southern Division were at home in the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup taking on Luton Town Ladies from the division below. The lower league side pushing Chichester all the way the hosts leaving it very late to get the win to take them through Alex Collinghan scoring in the 86th minute was quickly followed by a 2nd goal from Cherelle Khassel to put them into the 4th Round draw.

  The 4th Round Proper draw for the FA Women’s Cup was made on Monday and for the 1st time it will see the sides from both FAWSL 1 and 2 enter at this stage with 32 sides left the 12 sides from the FAWPL getting the opportunity to maybe test themselves against the top women’s sides in the country the draw is listed below.

Durham Women FC v Sheffield FC Ladies

Aston Villa Ladies v Middlesborough

Sunderland AFC Ladies v Derby County Ladies or Brighouse Town Ladies

Keynsham Town Ladies v Lewes FC Women

Tottenham Hotspur Ladies v Doncaster Rovers Belles

Liverpool Ladies v Watford Ladies

Cardiff City Ladies v Oxford United Women

The New Saints v Chichester City Ladies

Millwall Lionesses v Coventry United Ladies

Reading FC Women v Birmingham City Ladies

Plymouth Argyle Ladies v Leicester City Women

Brighton & Hove Albion WFC v Manchester City Women

Blackburn Rovers Ladies v Charlton Athletic Women

Yeovil Town Ladies v Arsenal Women

London Bees v Chelsea Ladies

Everton Ladies v Bristol City Ladies

   The 4th Round ties are scheduled to be played Sunday 4th February with the winners receiving £2000.

FAWPL Plate 

 The FAWPL Cup and Plate competitions were heavily affected by the weather in December with a number of ties yet to be played with the FA Women’s Cup taking priority this Sunday several remain outstanding. One tie was settled in the Plate competition this weekend with Norwich City Ladies hosting Milton Keynes Dons Ladies. Norwich City with some news to searching for a new 1st team manager, Grant Palmer joining the club after an extremely successful time with Essex side Harlow Town Ladies. Also coming in to join the coaching staff is Carla Dickinson.

  On the pitch however Norwich couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start as they found themselves 2-0 inside 5 minutes. Heather McDonnell and Sasha Newsome scoring for Milton Keynes. Pulled a goal back late in the 1st half with Chelsea Garrett scoring. 2-1 at half-time Norwich got it back to 2-2 early in the 2nd half with Jodie Drake on target. Milton Keynes finished the stronger going on to the 2nd Round tie 4-2 to reach the next round of the FAWPL Plate, Amelia Hazard and Charly Wright getting the goals.

FAWPL Southern Division

Two games played in the FAWPL Southern Division this Sunday featuring the 4 sides at the bottom of the table. A frustrating afternoon at home for West Ham United Ladies as they were held to a 0-0 draw against Gillingham FC Ladies.

  Queens Park Rangers Ladies travelled to play bottom side Swindon Town Ladies on Sunday Two goals in the 1st half from new signing Helen Ogle her first for the club saw the visitors leading 2-0 at half-time. Ogle going on to complete her hat-trick early in the second half. Kasha Petit also scoring just past the hour to see QPR leading 4-0. Mia Mugford pulling a goal back for Swindon Town in injury are still looking for their 1st league point as QPR winning 4-1 win their 2nd league game of the season moving onto 7 points 3 points behind the sides in 8th, 9th and 10th an have plenty of games in hand on all.

FAWPL South East Division One

AFC Wimbledon Ladies enjoyed a great 1st half of the season leading the FAWPL South East Division One table with a 5 point lead. Started the year at home to Cambridge United WFC. Katie Stanley giving the hosts an early lead netting in the 2nd minute. That was how the score remained for the next 83 minutes AFC Wimbledon only securing the 3 points with 5 minutes left to play in the 2nd half Jenny Banfield making it 2-0.

Leyton Orient WFC are enjoying a great debut year in the FAWPL too going into 2018 in 2nd place in South East Division One. Pulling 3 points away from 3rd placed Milton Keynes Dons at the weekend with a home win over Denham United Ladies . Top scorer Sophie Le Marchand giving Leyton Orient the lead in the 12th minute. Rebecca Hirst with her 1st goal for the club making it 2-0 on 21 minutes. Sophie Cheadle pulled it back to 2-1 for Denham United with 7 minutes left to play in the 1st half. No more goals added 2nd half the 2-1 sealing the 3 points for Leyton Orient WFC

  Enfield Town Ladies came back form being a goal down at home to Actonians Ladies on Sunday to secure a point in South East Division One. Catherine Murphy scoring for Actonians to see them lead 1-0 at half-time conceded an own goal 20 minutes into the 2nd half to see the sides share the points.

The Round-Up – FAWPL 29/10/17

The Round-Up

Sunday 29th October

FAWPL Southern Division

Hope for the chasing pack in the FAWPL Southern Division as runaway leaders Charlton Athletic Women victorious in their opening 8 league games have now suffered two successive defeats the latest this weekend away to 3rd placed C&K Basildon Ladies. The hosts taking an early lead in the game with Angela Addison scoring inside the opening 10 minutes, April Bowers making it 2-0 to C&K Basildon before half-time. Charlton threatened an immediate comeback with Charlotte Gurr pulling it back to 2-1 a minute into the 2nd half however C&K Basildon defended well to hold on to their lead 2nd half and take all 3 points moving them onto 19 points 5 behind Charlton at the top with a game in hand.

A great result too for 2nd placed Lewes FC Women as they got back to winning ways in the league picking up the 3 points at home on Sunday with a convincing win over bottom side Swindon Town Ladies, scoring 7 goals without reply with 7 different names on the scoresheet. Rebecca Carter getting things started in the 23rd minute. Charlotte Owen doubling Lewes’ lead in the 38th minute her goal quickly followed by a 3rd from Avilla Bergin to put the hosts 3-0 up at the break. Rachel Palmer made it 4-0 in the 58th minute. Darcey James striking 10 minutes later to bring up the 5th goal. Sarah Kempson on target with 5 minutes left and a stoppage time goal for Danielle Lane completed the 7-0 scoreline. Lewes closing the gap to leaders Charlton to 4 points.

Coventry United Ladies are moving in the right direction up the FAWPL Southern Division table up to 4th now as they extend their unbeaten run in league and cup to 6 matches. Away to Portsmouth FC Ladies this Sunday who had beaten them 2-1 in the reverse fixture early in the season. The 2 sides playing out a goalless 1st half, Jade Formaston with a great strike early in the 2nd half giving the visitors the lead. Amber Hughes making it 2-0 with 20 minutes left. Coventry move onto 16 points have games in hand on all the sides above them.


Two games from the 1st Round of the FAWPL Cup played this weekend, Leyton Orient WFC from FAWPL South East Division One making the long trip to Wales to play higher league opponents Cardiff City Ladies. Doing well in the league Leyton Orient held the hosts to a goalless 1st half. The hosts getting the better of the 2nd half taking the lead Cori Williams hitting a brace with Ella Powell also getting a goal. Leyre Bastyr with a late goal for Leyton Orient as they exited the competition Cardiff winning 3-1.

3-1 was also the winning score for home side Plymouth Argyle Ladies from South West Division One, taking on Southern Division side, Chichester City Ladies. A 100% winning record in the league Plymouth took that form into the Cup. Striker Natasha Knapman scoring a goal either side of half-time, Tori Marks with a goal on the hour for Plymouth. Jade Widdows netting the goal for Chichester City as they exit the competition.

The draw for the 2nd Round of the FAWPL Cup was made earlier today ties scheduled to be played Sun 10th December:-

Cardiff City Ladies v Plymouth Argyle Ladies

Cambridge United WFC v Coventry United Ladies

Lewes FC  Women v Portsmouth FC Ladies

Liverpool Marshalls Feds v Blackburn Rovers Ladies

Nottingham Forest Ladies v Guiseley Vixens Women

Leicester City Women v Loughborough Foxes Women

Brighouse Town Ladies v Derby County Ladies

C&K Basildon Ladies v Charlton Athletic Women


One tie from the 1st Round of the FAWPL Plate played this weekend two an all Southern Division clash with West Ham United Ladies hosting Queens Park Rangers Ladies. Chloe Burr striking in the 17th minute to put  West Ham into the lead. Amber Stobbs making it 2-0 right on the stroke of half-time. Queens Park Rangers pulling it back to 2-1 3 minutes into the 2nd half through a Katie Knell goal it was West Ham who went onto score again Chenise Austin finding the back of the net in the 56th minute to see the hosts through to the 2nd Round of the competition with a 3-1 win.

Likewise the draw for the 2nd Round of the FAWPL Plate was made today these ties also due to be played Sunday 10th December :-

Norwich City Ladies v Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

Brislington Ladies v West Ham United Ladies

Swindon Town Ladies v Keynsham Town Ladies

Luton Town Ladies v Southampton Saints Girls

Fylde Ladies v Leeds United Ladies

Hull City Ladies v Newcastle United Women

Long Eaton United Ladies v Chorley Ladies

Birmingham & West Midlands Women v Crewe Alexandra Ladies

FAWPL South East Division One

5 games played in FAWPL South East Division One this Sunday. League leaders AFC Wimbledon Ladies leaving it very late away from home against Enfield Town Ladies to keep their winning run going extending to 8 matches. Katie Stanley the heroine scoring in the 86th minute to see the visitors take the 3 points home with them keep them 4 points clear at the top of the table.

   A brace from new signing Laura Mills sees Milton Keynes Dons Ladies consolidate 2nd spot in the FAWPL South East Division One table the 2 goals enough to claim all 3 points despite a goal from Joanne Rutherford for Luton Town Ladies.

   A good result at home for Stevenage Ladies at the weekend at home to 6th placed Actonians Ladies picking up their 3rd league win of the season thanks to goals from Leah Littlechild and substitute, Kristi Burling clinching a narrow 2-1 result. Alessandra Barreca netting for Actonians.

   Cambridge United WFC were at home on Sunday hosting Norwich City Ladies, had to comeback from a goal down to win the 3 points Chelsea Garrett scoring in the 7th minute for Norwich. The lead only lasted a couple of minutes however as Cambridge hit back immediately to level the scores Amy Howlett putting the ball home to make it 1-1. With 5 minutes left in the 1st half Cambridge took the lead, recent signing Lauren Cartwright scoring her 1st goal for the club. No more goals scored 2nd half Cambridge climb a place to 6th with the 2-1 win.

   Finally Denham United Ladies were hosting bottom side Haringey Borough Women at the weekend. Jenny Banfield scoring twice in the game for Denham their were goals too for Emma Bebbington, Annie Hewitt and Celine O’Halloran in a 5-0 win.

The Round-Up – FAWPL 22/10/17

The Round-Up

Sunday 22nd October


A limited programme of fixtures in the FAWPL this weekend with several sides involved in County Cup action. Two ties taking place in the 1st Round of the FAWPL Cup with another Chichester City Ladies away tie against Plymouth Argyle Ladies falling foul of the weather with Storm Brian arriving on the South West Coast. Both ties played saw FAWPL South East Division One sides at home to Southern Division opposition. 

  A good test at home for Ipswich Town Ladies in 4th place in South East Division One at home to C&K Basildon Ladies 4th in the Southern Division both sides enjoying a good start to the season. It was Ipswich Town who went on to cause a cup upset by knocking out their higher league opponents a single goal enough to win the game scored by Zoe Cossey chipping the goalkeeper from outside the box.

   Stevenage Ladies were hosting South Division side Coventry United Ladies in the 1st Round of the League Cup. Alison Hall putting Coventry into an 11th minute lead, Stevenage keeping the scoreline down to just a single goal at the break. Helen Dermody doubling Coventry’s advantage 10 minutes into the 2nd half. It was enough to see Coventry advance through to the next round.


3 ties featuring sides from the FAWPL Southern and South East Division One in the 1st Round of the FAWPL Plate played this Sunday. Luton Town Ladies made the trip down to Kent to play Gillingham FC Ladies. It was the South East Division One side who were leading their higher league opponents at half-time a 12th minute goal from Nicola Henman putting Luton 1-0 up. Gillingham getting themselves back into the game awarded a penalty in the 70th minute was duly dispatched by Danielle Farmer to make it 1-1. That’s the way it finished after 90 minutes the tie heading into extra-time. Two quick goals from Henman and then Jess McKay put Luton Town 3-1 up in the extra period. Again Gillingham were to come back an own goal ad then a strike from new signing Kylie Manktelow making it 3-3. It was Luton who would have the final say with Henman scoring her 3rd of the match late in the 2nd period of extra-time to see Luton with 4-3 to progress in the competition.

An all South East Division One clash in the FAWPL Plate 1st Round saw Milton Keynes Dons Ladies at home to Denham United Ladies this Sunday. The two sides had shared the points in the points in the league last weekend with a 1-1 draw at Denham. Another close contest saw the sides go into the dressing rooms goalless at the half-time whistle. The game was heading into the last 15 minutes in the 2nd half before a goal was breached. Amelia Hazard the scorer putting Milton Keynes Dons ahead. A 2nd goal followed Kerry Newman on target to secure the win for the visitors and see Milton Keynes Dons progress.

  At last a much welcomed victory for Swindon Town Ladies at the weekend a plenty of goals too for the side bottom of the FAWPL Southern Division at home to South West Division One side Maidenhead United Ladies in the 1st Round of the League Plate. Swindon getting the 1st goal on 36 minutes Annie Martin finding the back of the net. Mia Mugford added a 2nd goal for Swindon a minute before half-time. Martin extending the lead to 3-0 just 4 minutes into the 2nd half with her 2nd of the game. Lucy Casey pulling a goal back on 57 minutes for Maidenhead. Swindon then went on to take full control of the tie with a devastating spell of 3 goals in 6 minutes. Mugford adding her 2nd of the game on 59 minutes to make it 4-1 quickly followed by goals for Emily Arrell and newly arrived substitute Natalie Jo Goodright to make it 6-1. Martin going on to complete her hat-trick on injury time to see Swindon advance in the competition with a 7-1 win, great for the confidence they will be hoping to take this on into the league.

FAWPL South East Division One

Just the one league game played across the 2 divisions this Sunday in South East Division One, Cambridge United WFC 7th in the table were hosting league leaders AFC Wimbledon Ladies. A battling 1st half saw AFC Wimbledon take the lead late on Rebecca Sargent with her 8th goal of the season putting them in front. Was more of the same 2nd half both sides creating chances but Cambridge weren’t able to find an equalising goal to take anything from the game as AFC Wimbledon made it 7 straight league wins to open up a 4 point lead at the top of the table.