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Match Report – Long Stratton Women v Brantham Athletic Ladies

Sunday 10th September

FA Women’s Cup

The football season gets into full swing this Sunday with the county leagues getting their season’s underway as well as the FA Women’s Cup where there is once again a record number of entrants with a whopping 103 ties in the 1st Round Qualifying draw with £1,800 going to the winning sides. Off to Manor Road today to watch Long Stratton Women v Brantham Athletic Ladies.

 The FA Women’s Cup now offering better prize money to go with the prestigious of the competition an opportunity for clubs to earn some decent and much needed money with a fortuitous run the road to Wembley begins today!

  Long Stratton Women having become an established side in Norfolk Women’s Division One over the past couple off season pushing on looking to challenge for honours, that said has been something of and overhaul coming into the new season with the club losing manager Adam Race to ERWFL Premier Division One side along with a number of experienced players. Have brought in Paul Simmons and Simon Charlton to co-manage the side and the duo have brought in a a number of new faces, for other sides and promoted within with the club benefitting from it’s youth set-up and wildcats programme. 

  Most notably in goal, far from the easiest of positions to fill within the women’s game have done fantastically to bring in Cyan Fullbrook who has season’s of experience playing at a higher level with Wroxham Women. Defender Jade Copeman joins having been with Blofield United Ladies last season. Elisha Bower and Lucy Robbens too bring a host of experience into the side joining from Beccles. While Madeleine Hopkins, Jess, Liv Charlton, Caitlin Skipper. Esme Goodall and Grace Wall set up from the U16s along with Emily Read and Lucy Tull who have been with the club since the Wildcats. 

 This time last season Brantham Athletic Ladies faced an uncertain future long established in the county league in Suffolk, were struggling for numbers and in doing so form languishing at the foot of the table brought in new coaching staff to help turn thing’s around and haven’t looked back since going on to reach the League Cup final, have grown in the close season with an influx of new players and additional coaching staff setting up a new Development side in the Suffolk Women’s Championship.

  The 1st team competing in the Suffolk Women’s Premiership have brought in several players with a great deal of experience from the former Brettvale side including defender, Kirby Seward, Claire Turnbull, Rachel White and Tarnya McKew. Goalkeeper Daisie-Mae Gibbs joins from Needham Market. Striker M’Leah Wright also new to the squad with merlin Watson returning to the club. Like Long Stratton this the clubs first competitive match of the season. 

 Manor Road the venue for this afternoon’s game the community playing field featuring a new clubhouse with numerous grass pitches a playground and skate park too. A blisteringly hot afternoon as the mini heatwave at the start of September continues promising hot playing conditions with the temperature 30 degrees break to take on fluids a must especially with two sides used to playing with roll on roll off substitutes the FA Cup different just the 3 substitutes permitted. Fitness and stamina sure to be tested.

Long Stratton Women

Long Stratton Women starting XI – Cyan Fullbrook, Karmen Harvey, Summer Whiting, Esme Goodall, Jade Copeman, Megan Vincent (C), Elisha Bower, Caitlin Skipper, Elsie Downer, Lucy Robbens & Grace Wall. Subs – Emily Coe, Kate Simmons, Scarlett Royden & Liv Charlton.

Brantham Athletic Ladies

 Brantham Athletic Ladies starting XI – Daisie-Mae Gibbs, Aimee Berry, Shannan Hill, Kirby Seward, Merlin Watson, Lucy Dunnett (C), Laura Tuley, Rachel White, Chloe Wilson, Sophie Crabtree & M’Leah Wright. Subs – Bethany Ryan, Claire Turnbull, Shannon Giles, Rebecca Prime & Jess Ryan.

Not much shade on offer at Manor Road shouldn’t complain the crap weather will be here soon enough. Referee Francesca Catchpole a top quality striker in her own right leading the two sides out for today’s cup tie. Megan Vincent, Long Stratton’s new captain. Lucy Dunnett captaining Brantham. Brantham wearing and all navy strip to get the game underway kicking off the first half with Long Stratton opposite wearing red shirts and socks with black shorts. The ball played back to Lucy Dunnett in midfield put out to Merlin Watson on the move up the right forwards Elisha Bower stepping out to cut the ball out for Long Stratton.

Brantham Athletic Ladies captain, Lucy Dunnett

Back with Dunnett in the middle puts the clipped pass on for Sophie Crabtree making a run into the right channel, Esme Goodall getting in the challenge to prevent the attacker stealing into the box, the ball cleared for a Brantham throw high on the right. Long Stratton heading the ball clear inside the box get on the attack the ball lifted forwards into Caitlin Skipper on the move wide right taking the ball on with pace, Kirby Seward comes across to slide in with the tackle send the ball out of play.

Hot out there but both sides willing to take each other on close down the ball, Merlin Watson lunging in with the tackle winning the ball a Megan Vincent looks to put Grace Wall away into the left channel for Long Stratton. Brantham get the ball down exchanging passes well outside the Long Stratton area, Dunnett finding Tuley right of the D some 25 yards out shapes to shoot drags the effort wide past the far post. Shannan Hill and Seward making several winning tackles at the back as Long Stratton look to tee up their pace players in attack, Seward stepping in to halt Skipper as she plough forwards.

Brantham’s Shannan Hill

Chloe Wilson tracking inside with the ball on the left for Brantham striking a shot over the bar from all of 30 yards. Long Stratton get the ball on through the middle lifted up to Wall breaking in behind the Brantham back line, Hill doing well staying on her shoulder to win the ball confidently tackling inside the box.

Long Stratton striker, Grace Wall

Pushing up Brantham risk getting opened up at the back as long Stratton bring the ball left the diagonal pass inside the clearance missed by Seward the ball travelling on to the right Long Stratton break with two spare, Aimee Berry getting a foot to take the ball away from Elsie Downer, allowing her defence time to recover. M’Leah Wright taking the ball on from the left cutting inside outpacing the defence shoots from the top of the area the ball rising held comfortably by Cyan Fullbrook in the Long Stratton goal.

Downer showing good pace on the right driving forwards down the line for Long Stratton gets a cross into the box well under challenge, Daisie-Mae Gibbs rising to claim the ball for Brantham.

GOAL!  12 minutes on the clock and the deadlock is broken as Dunnett getting hold of the ball in the middle lines up a shot from 30 yards out a thunderbolt rising central Fullbrook with a athletic leap throwing an arm up to try and stop it gets the merest of touches enough to turn the shot up to smash down off the crossbar, the ball smashed home as Wright runs through on the follow up to score from close range 0-1.

M’Leah Wright opens the scoring for Brantham

Long Stratton bring the ball on down the left Robbens out to Wall wins a throw in the ball launched into the area headed clear by Hill for Brantham. The Brantham backline high at times allowing the midfield to press, using their experience to intercept the ball, White playing the ball inside into Crabtree, Goodall with a well timed tackle against her right of the D as she looks to skip on into the box.

Long Stratton coming into their own as the first half enters the midway point Vincent and Bower closing the ball down in the middle looking for Skipper, Downer and Wall making runs ahead of them. Seward putting the ball on into Dunnett, Brantham’s captain looks to release Tuley to her right, Karmen Harvey stretching a leg out to win the ball back for Long Stratton.

Watson takes a high ball down superbly in the middle putting the pass into Dunnett who in turn sets Crabtree away to attack on the right racing into the box, Goodall getting back on her wins Brantham a corner kick. Players up from the back the ball played into the six yard box knocked down and wide past the far post. Summer Whiting doing the defending at the back for Long Stratton as Crabtree attacking through the right channel looks to tee up Wilson on the left.

Seward giving herself a vital half a yard on Wall in the Long Stratton attack as Robbens sends the ball on through the middle defender and striker racing towards the box Seward stretching to shield the ball seeing it safely back to her keeper. A drinks break called with players struggling in the heat, Long Stratton making a change bringing off Harvey with Emily Coe on at left back. Long Stratton press the ball from the restart getting forwards on the left with Wall, Robbens and Downer combining the latter storming into the area Hill going with her tackling to put the ball out off Downer for a goal kick.

Long Stratton captain Megan Vincent with Brantham’s Chloe Wilson

Brantham get straight up the other end to win themselves a corner on the left swept into the six yard box met by Seward at the far post knocked wide. A pause in play a Hill goes down needing treatment players taking on additional fluids is very hot out there. Hill okay to play on. Wilson cutting in from the left lines up a shot blocked by Long Stratton’s Jade Copeman, then Goodall heads the ball clear as Wilson attempts to lift the ball back into the box. Bower busy in the middle for Long Stratton getting after the ball.

White taking the ball inside from the left picks out Fullbrook with her strike on goal. Dunnett placing the pass into Tuley as Brantham build well through the middle Tuley opening up her body attempting to place the ball into Wright’s path as she bursts into the box left of the D, racing after the ball can’t quite keep it in play. Skipper bundled over by White as she drives forwards for Long Stratton the hosts winning a free-kick some 30 yards out, Bower over it floats a shot in towards goal, not troubling Gibbs claiming it low back on her line.

Brantham goalkeeper Daisie-Mae Gibbs

Skipper winning the ball wide for Long Stratton sending the pass inside for Robbens to line up a shot her effort lacking to pace to trouble Gibbs. Brantham hit Long Stratton on the counter Watson left inside for Dunnett on for Wright in attack Copeman throwing herself into the tackle just about getting a toe on the ball taking it wide to the left with Wilson breaking into the box from the left fires over as Fullbrook comes racing out to close her down.

Watson struggling for Brantham sees another long pause as she gets the necessary treatment. Wall pulling out to the right for Long Stratton in attack but Hill stays on her well to get the challenge in prevent the ball finding it’s way into the box.

Long Stratton finding some momentum late in the first half as Brantham tail away slightly pressing forwards win a free-kick out wide on the right the ball played across the top of the area by Bower, Robbens meeting it sees her shot charged down by Dunnett, the Brantham captain again in the way as Skipper strikes the rebound. Long Stratton pressing the Brantham back line forcing errors. Hill strong in the Brantham backline winning her tackles.

Long Stratton’s Elsie Downer

The visitors a threat on the counter turn play around quickly the threaded pass into the box finding Wright stealing in behind the defence right of goal, Fullbrook out to close her down with a brilliant blocking save as she slides in. Wright then looking to put the ball on for Wilson pulling left for Brantham her cross cut out by Long Stratton’s Goodall. The host quick to counter putting the ball long on the left for Downer racing on with the ball, Hill and Watson closing her down to defend for Brantham.

Play end to end all of a sudden with Dunnett putting the ball on for Tuley for Brantham right channel finds Crabtree breaking into the area her shot brushing the side netting. Heat taking it’s toll on a few players putting in a hard shift closing down the ball, the half stretching on with a number of breaks but precaution shown at all times by the officials. Watson busy on the left with Wall and Downer switching sides, Brantham bring Berry across to the right as Watson prepares to come back on on the left.

Kirby Seward winning the ball before Grace Wall can pounce for Long Stratton

Seward throwing herself into the tackle as she comes across to stop the marauding run of Skipper on the right the ball out for a throw. Off the throw Robbens finds Wall right of the D her low shot forcing Gibbs into a low save turns the ball wide of the right post for a corner kick.

GOAL! Whiting to put the ball into the box from the corner in towards the near post attacked six yards out by Downer turned onto the post before the rebound is fired past the keeper into the back of the net Long Stratton equalising late in the first half 1-1.

Elsie Downer at the near post firing home the equaliser for Long Stratton

Long Stratton with their tails up as the first half draws to a close Brantham on the back foot as Robbens looks to send the ball on for Skipper breaking on into the left channel, Hill intercepting for Brantham.

Half-time Long Stratton Women 1-1 Brantham Athletic Ladies

 The score all square at the break as Long Stratton battle back to find an equalising goal late in the first half. Both sides putting a lot of effort into the half despite the heat. Brantham pressing the ball in the middle with a high back line at time making a positive start taking the lead inside the opening 12 minutes, creating a couple more chances Cyan Fullbrook the busier of the two goalkeepers. Long Stratton with youth and pace in their attack looking a threat out wide and breaking into the channels capitalising a Brantham tailed off towards the end of the half. Still very much all to play for going into the 2nd half.

Brantham making a couple of changes at the start of the 2nd half bringing on Bethany and Jess Ryan on their left replacing Watson and White. Long Stratton unchanged as the hosts get the 2nd half underway. Brantham snapping in to win the ball in midfield the visitors mount the first attack bursting away down the right with Bethany Ryan on the ball her cross squared high into the box plucked down into her gloves safely by Fullbrook.

 Coe lunging in with the challenge to win the ball from Bethany Ryan as she is fed the ball out on the right by Dunnett. Long Stratton pressing bodies on at the start of the 2nd half, Hill defending as Robbens looks to track inside from the right, Dunnett links up with Crabtree and Tuley in attack as Brantham build on the left the cross squared into the top of the Long Stratton area won by Vincent and cleared. Jess Ryan bringing the ball on right side for Brantham plays it on for Bethany Ryan twists and turns on the ball looking to find her way into the box, Coe snapping at her heels going to ground just about getting in the tackle to deflect the ball off Ryan into her keepers gloves.

  A competitive tussle brewing between Skipper and Berry as the winger looks to get in behind the full back on Long Stratton’s right. Long Stratton win a free kick in a dangerous area 25 yards out left of the D as Wall is brought down looking to take the ball on from Robbens. Bower over the set-piece floats a shot over the Brantham goal. Brantham drop off allowing Bower time on the ball in midfield lines up a shot from distance, can only pick out Gibbs in goal. 

  Long Stratton looking to get the ball forwards find their way pass the Brantham defence, the visitors looking to launch the counter attack, Dunnett looking to pick the pass whenever she gets onto the ball finds Bethany Ryan on the right the pass inside for Tuley, taking the ball in Vincent in to close her down for Long Stratton. Goodall then getting the tackle in outside her area as Wright and Tuley look to link up in attack. Tuley covering the ground sending a strike over from 25 yards out.

Long Stratton captain, Megan Vincent

  A corner for Long Stratton out on the left cleared at the near post by Seward for Brantham who is then fouled by Bower.

  GOAL! Having struggled to find any rhythm at the start of the 2nd half Brantham hit Long Stratton with a sucker punch to retake the lead, Dunnett sending a great ball in over the defence that sees Wright run through into the box the flag stays down closing on the keeper places the ball wide of Fullbrook to score 1-2.

 The goal injecting a much needed boost into the Brantham players as they come on with purpose, Dunnett laying a diagonal pass into Crabtree bursting forwards on the left, Whiting intercepting the ball for Long Stratton. Tuley putting her shot wide as she lets fly from 25 yards out to the right of goal. Another pause for drinks as Long Stratton look to regroup. It’s Brantham though who have the momentum, Bethany Ryan out wide right surges infield before striking the ball low on the angle, Fullbrook has her near post covered.

Long Stratton goalkeeper, Cyan Fullbrook

  Brantham with a free-kick left on halfway Dunnett chipping the ball in over the back line Tuley stealing in behind clear onto the ball into the box Fullbrook rushing out to close her down with an excellent blocking save. Long Stratton’s turn to counter the ball lifted into Skipper right racing on with the ball fired inside towards Wall central can’t quite take it on the turn as Hill clears. Seward bringing the ball on for Brantham sends the ball over the top for Wright to attack, Fullbrook out to claim it keeping her eye on the ball catching safely and holding onto it as Wright crashes into her. Both up okay. 

  GOAL! Long Stratton equalise, strong from Wall at the top of the area as Whiting finds her out on the right with a superb diagonal pass the striker turning into the box driving into the six yard box right of goal holding off her challenger to knock the ball past the keeper into the bottom corner, 2-2.

Grace Wall battling her way to goal to equalise for Long Stratton

Grace Wall congratulated by her teammates after making it 2-2

  The contest between Berry and Skipper hotting up  the pair going shoulder to shoulder as Skipper drives on with the ball, Berry incensed as she is adjudged to foul the Long Stratton winger presenting the hosts with free-kick wide outside the area. Bower sweeping the ball in across the face of goal Wall getting up well, can only get a glancing header the ball carrying on out to the left sent forwards as Brantham break, through into the box for Wright to chase.

Brantham’s Sophie Crabtree

 Crabtree with the ball driving to the by-line on the left looking to get past Whiting checks back inside to flash a cross into the far post Wright inside the six yard box looking to attack it Coe going to ground getting enough of the ball to deny the snap shot before Wright does connect Fullbrook throwing an arm up to tip the ball over from close range. 

Brantham fullback Aimee Berry

 Both sides working hard despite the heat to get hold of the ball a competitive cup tie finely balanced as Brantham win another free-kick on half-way, Dunnett to deliver a high ball into the area the header won by Copeman clearing for Long Stratton the hosts break Skipper through the middle on for Wall top of the area, Seward getting back at her to defend. Players tiring have been out there for nearly 2 hours now due to the various breaks for drinks and injuries still 10 minutes left to play.

Tuley shooting wide inside the box for Brantham as she in played though to the left of goal, Fullbrook doing well as she comes out towards her to narrow the angle the ball played wide of the far post. Long Stratton making a change bringing off Skipper with Kate Simmons coming on. Dunnett lining up a shot from 35 yards straight at the keeper. The visitors winning a throw high in the right corner the ball knocked into the box close to the near post Wright attacking it Fullbrook down well to save pushes the ball straight into the on coming Tuley no time to adjust prods the ball wide.

  GOAL! Brantham restore their lead late in the game as they bring the ball on through the middle the Long Stratton defence backing up as Dunnett plays the ball out to Crabtree on the left, 20 out curls a cross into the box with both Wright and Tuley getting in behind the ball drops for Tuley who makes no mistake sending the ball back across the keeper into the bottom corner 2-3.

Laura Tuley celebrates after putting Brantham back into the lead

  Brantham confident as they pour forwards Dunnett with time on the ball to pick a pass finding Crabtree out left running into the box, Goodall across to defend putting the ball out for a corner kick. Brantham making a change before it’s taken bringing off Wilson on comes Turnbull. The corner angled into the box met on the volley by Crabtree 12 yards out crashed wide. The game entering the final 5 minutes Long Stratton with their 3rd change bringing off Downer, on comes Liv Charlton. 

 Brantham using their experience now running the ball into the corner Tuley holding players off eating up valuable time, Long Stratton trying to get hold of it, Bethany Ryan stealing it back to shoot on the angle the ball into the keeper. Crabtree coming left for Brantham laying the ball back into the middle for Dunnett to strike goal wards from 30 yards out, Fullbrook sees it all the way. 

Lucy Dunnett winning the header for Brantham

  A lot of tired legs out there a welcome breeze blowing across the pitch Brantham finishing strong winning a corner on the left fired in towards the top of the area, Dunnett with a miscued shot deflected through to put Wright clear on goal, however the flag goes up against her.

 Brantham break up a Long Stratton attack the ball cleared out to the left Whiting looking to see it run out of play as Crabtree closes her down the attacker stealing the ball on the line to turn inside run into the box and shoot, Fullbrook with a superb save leaping up to tip the ball up onto the bar and over. The resulting corner on the right the last action of the game as the ball falls to Bethany Ryan inside the box her strike blocked and cleared. 

Full time Long Stratton Women 2-3 Brantham Athletic Ladies

  Brantham scoring the winning goal inside the final 10 minutes to settle a tremendous cup tie, with both sides putting in a great effort in very hot conditions. Brantham starting well going in front inside the opening 12 minutes created some good chances, Long Stratton fighting back towards the end of the first half to get themselves back on level terms set up an intriguing 2nd half. The hosts making a positive start to the 2nd period Brantham guilty of tailing off a little but still remained a threat going forwards retaking the lead a Wright broke clear on goal to score her 2nd of the game but again Long Stratton fought back a strong run from Wall seeing them equalise for the 2nd time in the game. Fullbrook pulling off some fine saves along the way, Tuley though having missed a few opportunities got in behind the defence to score the winning goal late in the game. A home tie against another Norfolk Women’s Division One side awaits with Sprowston FC Women their opponents.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 Onto this Sunday’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. A fine effort from both sides in very hot conditions to produce a great cup tie and both look in good shape going into the new season. Hard to single out a single player and their were several performances to note firstly for Long Stratton, Esme Goodall with some vital defending at the back. Elisha Bower strong in the middle looking to win the ball, Caitlin Skipper pacy on the ball looking to take her opponents on. Goalkeeper, Cyan Fullbrook outstanding on her Long Stratton debut pulling off a number of top quality saves. For Brantham both Kirby Seward and Shannan Hill were strong at the back winning the ball back, reading the game well. Sophie Crabtree out wide in attack with some great running throughout the match getting into some good positions. Pipping everyone though the award goes to midfielder Laura Tuley covered a lot of ground in the middle getting into some great positions to carve out opportunities in front of goal and ultimately score the winning goal. 

 An entertaining cup tie between two sides only beginning their season a great effort from both in very hot conditions Long Stratton pushing Brantham all the way levelling up the scores twice before Tuley’s winning goal. My thanks to both sides for their help with the team details today and good luck for the campaign ahead.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – East Bergholt United Ladies v Brettvale Women

Sunday 18th September

FA Women’s Cup 1st Round Qualifying

A trip to Suffolk this Sunday for a game from the opening fixtures of this season’s FA Women’s Cup, East Bergholt United Ladies taking on local rivals Brettvale Women in 1st Round Qualifying.

 The start of the competition delayed by a weekend due to fixtures being suspended as a mark of respect after the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II at 96 years of age Britain’s longest reigning monarch and the only one most of us have ever known a grandmother to us all her loss deeply felt. Serving with dignity and devotion a minutes silence will prelude today’s match as with every other across the land.

 The FA Women’s Cup recieving a significant boost in prize money this season adding a huge incentive to the 438 clubs entering and a run in the cup will be a huge boost to a grassroots clubs coffers with today’s winners receiving £1,800 a jump of £1,400 from the previous season with the losing side receiving £450.  Still a long way from the men’s competition but nevertheless a huge incentive for clubs to want to win through to the next round. Not only that the the competition itself still holds great respect for clubs and is recognised around the world not only England and one of the premier cup competitions. The first  step to Wembley.

Tier 6 side East Bergholt United Ladies enjoying a good start to the season starting their league campaign in ERWFL Division One South with 2 wins from 3 to lay 3rd in the very early league table. Fair to say the club has found life tough in the ERWFL since promotion from the Suffolk Women’s County League in 2019. The Covid hit season’s playing there part have struggled for numbers at times in a strong catchment area for players, but have always been a club with a strong youth policy keen to test themselves at a higher level are starting to reap the rewards. Jordan Giddings coming in as 1st team manager,  thing’s looking positive with a good sized squad at their disposal are looking to push on this season with a run in the FA Women’s Cup an added bonus.

For Brettvale Women this is their first competitive game of the season with their county league season yet to get underway. Defending champions in the Suffolk Women’s Premier Division will be strong favourites to retain that title have a very experienced squad. Just 7 teams in the Premier Division with only 6 in the Championship below with 3 late withdrawals recruitment of players does appear to be an issue within the county with Suffolk a long way behind the rest of the counties in the East in terms of women’s sides. An issue certainly, however Essex suffered a similar situation a few seasons back and has come back stronger than ever. Not the bounce from the Euro’s that might have been expected but hopefully that growth will come. In the meantime Brettvale have become an established force within the county in a short space of time now starting a new U13s side as they themselves look to the future.

Gandish Road Playing Field the venue for today’s game the community sports facility offering number of grass pitches, and cricket square. A open space is somewhat exposed to the elements a strong breeze blowing across the pitch from end to end prior to kick-off, a few dark clouds around but no rain forecast. Hot drinks available from the clubhouse. Arrived a bit later due to the A14 being closed but set up in time for kick-off having had a chance to meet both teams.  

East Bergholt United Ladies

 East Bergholt United Ladies starting XI – Zoe Adams, Shannon Cameron, Jess Clarke, Ella  Karkoska, Harriet Meers, Megan Partridge (C), Millie Wilding, Stacey Desborough, Jess Quinsee, Jade Horne & Vic Hall. Subs – Nicole Leppard, Katie Bruce, & Charlie Roach-Smith.

Brettvale Women

 Brettvale Ladies starting XI – Faye Lunn, Chloe Stopher, Coral Young, Kirby King, Rachel White, Robyn McEvoy, Amy Parton, Claire Turnbull (C), Amie Chippendale, Laura Tuley & Tarnya McKew. Subs – Kat Parnell, Leila Poulter, Georgia Lindon, Kristie Turner & Danni Lynch.

A minutes silence held before kick-off in respect and remembrance of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Our longest reigning Monarch may she rest in peace.

  It’s the hosts East Bergholt to get the 1st half underway, wearing green coloured shirts with black sleeves, black shorts and socks with Brettvale lined up opposite wearing blue shirts fading to sky blue, blue shirts with sky blue trim and sky blue socks. The wind has really picked up in the minutes leading up to kick-off with the sky darkening as strong as it blows from one goal to the other, favouring Brettvale as the ball is played back to East Bergholt captain, Megan Partridge in midfield is brought down as she plays the ball an early free-kick for the hosts played out to left back Jess Clark goes forwards playing a one two with Jess Quinsee out with Kirby King comes across to close Clark down send the ball out for a throw in.

 GOAL! A frantic start to the game the ball played on East Bergholt looking to press loose possession, Brettvale turning play around the pass sent out to Amie Chippendale wide right she in turn releasing it forwards quickly over the top with Coral Young peeling in behind on the wing getting hold of the ball as she runs into the box wide on the by-line digs a cross out slicing the ball high over the keepers head at the near post the ball dropping beyond a combination of wind and the spin on the ball seeing it rise up to cross the line drop into the goal 0-1.

  A goal inside the opening 2 minutes for the visitors. East Bergholt looking out of sorts in the early exchanges sloppy on the ball giving away a corner. Played into captain Claire Turnbull top of the area leaning back as she attempts the shot, the ball cleared, Brettvale snapping in to prevent a break get the ball turned around out to Chippendale wide right finds the corner taker Tarnya McKew out wide top of the area her cross into the area wide at the far post.

Brettvale’s Amie Chippendale

  Players closing each other down in the middle, time on the ball at a premium, Partridge breaking forwards gets clear of the centre backs the ball lifted on through the middle into her feet she bears down on the top of the area, goalkeeper, Faye Lunn already there staying big arms out makes a strong blocking save as Partridge strikes the ball, the rebound falling to Jade Horne to the right her 1st time effort on target but lacking the pace to beat Lunn having gotten back into her six yard box to catch the ball. 

  Is an open game as East Bergholt look to get forwards Brettvale are quick to get on the counter McKew up top looking to be the target player, a corner won on the right. Flighted into the middle of the box, Chippendale rising unopposed to head the ball in towards goal, dropping, East Bergholt goalkeeper, Zoe Adams with a sharp save beating the ball away to her right, her defence scrambling it clear at the far post. 

Amie Chippendale heading the ball towards goal

  Brettvale working hard to press the ball are forcing mistakes from East Bergholt as they look to get on the attack Amy Parton finds McKew up top, another corner won on the right the delivery defended at the near post. The wind affecting the flight of the ball at times better left on the ground the pitch is fairly hard which too is affecting the bounce making control tricky Turnbull fouled a free-kick for Brettvale 30 plus yards out to the right of goal. Chippendale’s shot sent in on target not troubling Adams. Partridge going forwards linking up with Millie Wilding the ball forwards into Vic Hall in attack, King getting the foot in to take the ball away from her, on the counter, McKew pulled up for offside as she pulls of the shoulder of the centre back too soon. 


East Bergholt’s Vic Hall

Brettvale’s Chloe Stopher

  Play largely in the East Bergholt half as the visitors win back the ball frustration for the hosts who have not settled into any rhythm. Robyn McEvoy on the ball for Brettvale 30 yards out with a speculative attempt on goal wind assisted dips late almost catching Adams out is saved by the cross bar as the ball cannons off it away to the left. Stacey Desborough turning in the middle attempts to play the ball on for Horne on the right wing, Rachel White stretching into the challenge to put the ball away for a throw.

Brettvale’s Rachel White

  Conditions making the ball lively wrong footing players as they look to get it under control both sides affected. 20 minutes played Brettvale get on down the left Laura Tuley winning a corner. An inswinging delivery near post, Adams getting her fists to it to punch the ball away. Tuley left of goal hooking her shot over the bar. Players drawn to the right of the pitch as Horne presses on with the ball whipping a cross into the D, Chippendale tracking back cutting it out for Brettvale. 

  The visitors on the attack left side Tuley’s early cross into Chippendale 20 yards out right of the D, headed down into the area for McKew left, looking to get onto it get a shot away, Harriet Meers with her for East Bergholt, great defending from the centre back strong to hold off the attacker seeing the ball out of play well.  A bit more urgency creeping into East Bergholt’s game as they look to get the ball on up the pitch quicker, King and White both intercepting the final ball inside their area. The risk they get hit on the counter, but so far Meers and fellow centre back Ella Karkoska are holding a good line catching McKew offside again. 

East Bergholt’s Jess Clark

  A few knocks being taken out there the pitch is unforgiving a hard landing guaranteed. Clarke moving into space on the left sets her sights from all of 35 yards out a viciously hit ball, Lunn scrambling across her goal, is safe as it races wide of the left upright. McEvoy on for Chippendale right side closing in on the top of the area turn inside, Karkoska across to block her cross, Chippendale with a 2nd bite plays the ball low into the six yard box gathered by the keeper. 

East Bergholt captain, Megan Partridge on the attack

  Half an hour played East Bergholt getting the ball forwards, Brettvale defending deeper making it hard to get in behind the right pass could open then up as Partridge brings the ball on, Quinsee and Wilding up with her, the ball into Hall looking to turn, King getting a foot in to take the ball off her feet. McKew is pulled up for a handball inside the D as she looks to get the better of the East Bergholt centrebacks as Chippendale flicks the ball on. Partridge making some strong runs on the ball from midfield, taking the ball out to the left has Clark up in support plays the pass into her the full back putting it inside for Wilding left of the D, turning attempts to drive into the area, King closing her down forcing her wide before clearing.

Brettvale’s Kirby King

  The open nature of the game see’s one East Bergholt attack quickly turning into a counter for Brettvale, Karkoska is exposed at the back with McKew putting her under pressure to get the bouncing ball dealt with, cool with it does well to play it to safety. McKew is putting in alot of running up top for Brettvale pulling into the channels always ready to receive the ball, her cross from the right, deflected behind by Meers for a corner.

 East Bergholt with another killer pass through the middle setting there attacker through on goal, Lunn as she has all game out to the top of her area spreading her limbs as she makes the blocking save the ball spinning out to the right struck 1st time frustration as it spins away from the open goal wide. East Bergholt applying the pressure late the the 1st half winning their fair share of the 50/50 balls looking to get it moving forwards. Young with an attempt from distance keeping the hosts on their toes as it drops over the bar. 

Half-time East Bergholt United Ladies 0-1 Brettvale Women

1-0 the advantage for Brettvale at the break. Coral Young’s cross spinning over the line in the 2nd minute the difference between the sides, Both goalkeepers called into action to make saves to keep the ball out. Brettvale starting the better getting after East Bergholt to press the ball take the game to them for large portions. The hosts looking unsettled taking a while to find their stride, looked better moving the ball quicker ending the half strongly. The conditions not helping with ball control with neither side getting it down and controlling proceedings has led to an open contest, certainly a derby feel to it and with a single goal in it still all to play for.

  Looks like both sides are still the same at the start of the 2nd half, both used to roll on roll off substitutes the FA Women’s Cup with three substitutes meaning changes have to be more calculated. Brettvale too playing their first competitive match will they begin to tire as the 2nd half wears on. The windy conditions in theory favouring East Bergholt 2nd half if they can find a way to exploit them, Brettvale defending deeper trying not to let anything in behind. It’s Brettvale to get the 2nd half underway. Played back into McEvoy in midfield out to the right, the ball lost out of play.

Brettvale attacker, Tarnya McKew

  McKew looking to get hold of the ball turn in behind as it comes to her left channel, Karkoska forcing her wide as Cameron gets back to help her out regain possession for East Bergholt. Coming right the hosts win a corner kick. The ball fizzed in near post is missed by Lunn as she goes to punch, drops for Desborough in the six yard box is quickly closed down, as she goes to strike the ball, hurt in the exchange as Lunn gets her gloves firmly around the ball. Desborough staying down needs treatment is slow to get to her feet but okay to continue. 

 East Bergholt’s Partridge finding room in the middle plays a great pass forwards for Horne releasing the attacker outside the D in behind turns on the ball, Lunn with a starting position often at the top of her area moves up sharply outside to get her foot through the ball to clear out for a throw right. Brettvale winning a free-kick wide left inside the East Bergholt half, McEvoy to play it in a teasing ball into the box bouncing in front of the keeper, Adams taking it cleanly despite runners going for it. Desborough is struggling from her earlier fall and needs to come of East Bergholt making the change bringing on Katie Bruce. Have been a few strong challenges put in from both sides all good natured so far but totting up the referee having a word with Partridge as Chippendale is brought down,

Brettvale goalkeeper, Faye Lunn

  Play is stretched the game open one end to the other a cup tie, East Bergholt coming left Bruce crossing the ball intercepted in the middle by McEvoy cleared up field helped on for McKew to attack right channel, Adams out of her area to clear. Cameron playing a long ball up the right finding Horne out right outside the box sends in a low shot on the angle, Lunn getting down on her line to smother the ball. Moments later Horne is again played in on the right of the D pulling of the last defender to shoot, her strike driven wide of the right post. 

East Bergholt’s Katie Bruce with Brettvale captain, Claire Turnbull

  East Bergholt starting to see more of the ball, Brettvale beginning to tire McKew with the rallying cry continues to get about the pitch in the final 3rd. East Bergholt with a 2nd change, Nicole Leppard coming on in attack for Hall. McKew is caught offside yet again more valuable seconds used up. The game remains open Brettvale knowing they can’t sit back and let East Bergholt come at them need a 2nd goal as much as their opponents need to equalise. Cameron cutting the ball out denying Tuley down the line as McEvoy looks to play her in. 

  Partridge seeing the ball into her feet well 25 yards out central for East Bergholt sliding it into Wilding  right of the D, her 1st time effort blocked by Young going away for a corner. Put into the area from the right a hand ball spotted by referee, Thomas Ling the free-kick going to Brettvale. Wilding battling for the ball central with Quinsee played up top for Leppard to go after, Lunn out to clear put right a corner won. Played in centrally, Karkoska rising gets her head on it but can’t direct on target back to the corner taker closing inside flashes her cross wide across the face of goal.

  Turnbull with a late challenge on Cameron, East Bergholt with the free-kick out wide right. Clark on it, an acute angle but nevertheless goes for goal curling the ball in with a left foot strike over Lunn as she goes for it near post drops onto the cross bar spinning away to the left where Brettvale give away another set-piece. Partridge on this one fired in waist height to the near post, Lunn across taking the ball into her midriff. A change for Brettvale Stopher coming off to be replaced by Kat Parnell.

East Bergholt’s Millie Wilding

  East Bergholt getting players on Cameron and Clark looking to press on from full back to bolster the attack with the clock running down. Tuley does well to regain possession on the left for Brettvale sending the ball on up top for McKew to chase down, Karkoska doing well to win the ball as she get’s round on the cover to clear. Brettvale are tiring a few knocks being picked up, working hard to chase the ball. McEvoy coming across to support Turnbull. Tuley off for the visitors with Georgia Lindon coming on as they look to push on for the final 10 minutes of regular play. 

 Meers with a vital header to win the ball at the back for East Bergholt as Chippendale looks to capitalise in the middle off McKew’s knock on. Soon after McKew herself fires a shot over from the top of the area as East Bergholt fail to clear. Getting a bit feisty late on, McEvoy shown a yellow card. Parnell bursting forwards strong on the ball winning a throw in high. Played into McKew, Karkoska in close stretching to get a foot on the ball as she attempts to hold it up. The hosts attacking left, Wilding and Quinsee looking to combine exchanging passes as they close in on the box, Brettvale closing in to scramble it away.

East Bergholt’s Harriet Meers

  Clark picking up a yellow card for East Bergholt. East Bergholt pressing forwards on the right a cross from the corner, drops to Quinsee clear at the far post six yards out, is this the moment the equaliser is found, NO as the header is agonisingly placed wide of the far post.

  Brettvale are battling hard late on looking to hold onto their narrow lead, Parnell has picked up a knock and struggling has to come off, on in her place going into the back line is Danni Lynch. Lynch able to bring the ball on from the back left side played inside to Chippendale who turning attempts to play it into the feet of McKew pulling into the area from the right, Karkoska going with her shielding the ball well to see it back to her keeper.

  Into stoppage time, Turnbull is down struggling with cramp in her calf, running it off not the most pleasant thing to do but there’s a game to see out. King has been solid at the back throughout for Brettvale and does well as she goes with Wilding as Partridge puts her in through the middle to defend for the visitors who celebrate as the final whistle blows and it’s Brettvale who progress in this season’s FA Women’s Cup. 

East Bergholt’s Nicole Leppard tackled by Brettvale goal scorer, Coral Young

Full time East Bergholt United Ladies 0-1 Brettvale Women

  A trip to Norfolk for Brettvale in 2nd Round Qualifying of the FA Women’s Cup to play Division One side, Sprowston FC Women on Sunday 2nd October. Coral Young’s 2nd minute goal proving the difference between the sides in the finish. Brettvale holding on to their advantage to win through to the next round. Were pushed hard by East Bergholt in the 2nd half who came close to finding the equalising goal the woodwork struck just wasn’t to be their day. Brettvale working hard until the final whistle to hold on for the win looking for a much needed 2nd goal themselves. The time open to the end. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. This is another tough one to call some strong contenders out their and a few performances of note to mention. Firstly for East Bergholt, Megan Partridge with some great tackling and midfield runs looking to create openings for her side. Centre backs Harriet Meers and Ella Karkoska with some vital tackles at the back to ensure the game was never settled. For Brettvale, Amie Chippendale was strong out on the right winning the ball and getting forwards to support McKew in attack. Tarnya McKew herself was fantastic leading the line, a constant outlet for any forward pass showing good movement across the final 3rd and creating opportunities throughout the game. Is narrowly pipped to today’s award by defender Kirby King was brilliant at the back rarely out of position getting in to win the ball as East Bergholt tried all they could to find a way through the middle full of running around on the cover well as play was stretched late on.

  Another enjoyable game from Suffolk, didn’t think there would be much between the sides and that would result in a proper cup tie wasn’t disappointed. Good to catch up with a few familiar faces and my thanks to both sides for their assistance today.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Riverside Ladies v Bungay Town Ladies

Sunday 1st September

Women’s FA Cup Preliminary Round

Cup action this Sunday on Women’s Football East, from the Preliminary Round of this season’s Women’s FA Cup and an opportunity to see two sides I haven’t seen play in a while as  Peterborough based side, Riverside Ladies take on Bungay Town Ladies from Suffolk.

  The Women’s FA Cup seeing more entries than ever as the game continues to grow across the country, an extra Preliminary Round already played there are 98 ties taking place this Sunday. Plenty of intriguing match ups too hard to settle on one always throws up some interesting ties.

  Has been a long time indeed since I last saw Riverside Ladies play getting on for 4 years I think. The club enjoying a rapid rise seeing them moving up to the East Midlands regional set-up and out of Women’s Football East’s coverage (can only do so much). Peterborough a hotbed for women’s football with several talented sides in the area, Riverside saw players leaving sometimes poached. Struggling dropped back into the Cambridgeshire Championship a rebuilding process, winning promotion back the the Premiership once again finished bottom as the team was hit once again, now rebuilding again as they prepare for another season in the Premiership the league strengthened now up to 13 sides will be a competitive league. Riverside have a strong youth set-up with U18s ready to step up to the senior side and U15 & U14 that bode well for future development. This Riverside’s first game of the season. 

  Bungay Town Ladies know the feeling of having their side raided for talent have often found themselves having to rebuild themselves. Playing in Norfolk Division One did the double just two season’s ago, last season proving more difficult with the squad suffering losses. Didn’t get to see them play last season much to my disappointment. Jody Wells now assisting manager Graham Purling have assembled a decent squad as they prepare for the new season in Norfolk, like the Cambridgeshire Premiership, Division One seeing an increase in size to 11 as new sides enter the league. Good results in pre-season 5 wins from 5 including a 2-1 win away to Northamptonshire side Corby Town Ladies in the extra Preliminary Round of the Women’s FA Cup.

  The venue for today the Queens Park Pavilion Playing Fields, in Yaxley south of Peterborough itself. A large side featuring two full sized and several youth sized grass patches. Plenty of parking the changing room block before the playing area itself. The surface dry offering plenty of width. Nowhere near as hot as last weekend temperatures down to 20 degrees a fair bit of cloud around some dark, warm when the sun could break through a breeze blowing, pleasant.

Riverside Ladies starting XI – Maxine Wren, Amelia Roberts, Abigail Baker, Elizabeth Walker, Tia Vacca (C), Abigail Baker, Jess Hill, Rachel Burbridge, Gabija Pavlova, Ines Monteiro & Kerry Camwell. Subs – Ella Gaston & Jodie Skells.

Bungay Town Ladies starting XI – Joanne Pipe, Erin Galer, Leah Shephard, Charlotte Power (C), Katie Walker, Charnelle Riggall, Selina Rowland, Shannon Dade, Nicola Hazell, Leanne Smith & Imogen McGregor. Subs – Teodora Ilie, Samantha Penman, Tracey Livingstone & Lindsey Adams.

  Two sides playing in today’s tie who are used to roll on roll off substitutes, not so in the Women’s FA Cup with only 3 substitutes allowed in regular play. Riverside starting with the bare 11 have one substitute not available for kick-off another injured and only to be risked in necessary. Bungay able to name 4 substitutes the visitors have the kick-off first half wearing and all away kit with white trim. Riverside playing on purple coloured shirts with black shorts and socks. The hosts quick to charge the ball down Ines Monteiro charging it down in the centre taking the ball on through the middle stopped at the top of the area as Bungay’s centrebacks close the door. Bungay then caught offside trying to break with Riverside playing a high line.

   Leanne Smith getting control of the ball in the centre of the park for Bungay spreads play out to Nicola Hazell breaking into space on the left wing, taking the ball on up the line is tackled by Abigail Baker the ball out for a throw in as she attempts to cut inside. A long throw put in towards the edge of the area knocked down latched onto by Imogen McGregor her snap shot left of the D dragged wide of the near post. Rachel Burbridge puts the ball on over the top for Riverside, Monteiro looking to peel away in behind the full back just a little too early flagged offside.

Rachel Burbridge winning the ball for Riverside

  Bungay quick to turn play around as Hazell picks up possession on the left provides the ball for Smith this time coming on through the middle put on for McGregor racing into the box, Maxine Wren able to get hold of it first keeping goal for Riverside. Bungay are looking lively early on as they push on through the middle, Selina Rowland on for Smith up to McGregor top of the area looks to play in Shannon Dade getting forwards on the right her shot taking a deflection seeing a corner awarded. The ball in deep touched on safely into Wren’s gloves she looks to set up an attack Monteiro after ball fed into the left channel, Erin Galer defending for Bungay, the counter attack on played up to Dade right she drives forwards before unleashing a shot, Wren down safely gathering.

 GOAL! Play compacted at times in the centre of the pitch this allows Bungay to spring away in attack the pass through for Dade she is away taking it in right of goal 25 yards out lets fly with a shot similar to her effort moments ago only this time she puts the ball wide of the keeper into the bottom corner 0-1. 7 minutes played.

  An early lead for Bungay the hosts look for an immediate response, a good run forwards from full back Amelia Roberts gets her in behind to cross inside the area wrong footing the defence she looks to square the ball into the six yard box, too close to the goalkeeper as Joanne Pipe across to her near post claims the ball. Riverside continue to play a risky high line in defence catching Bungay offside almost turn it to their advantage as defender Elizabeth from just over halfway plays a inviting high ball in towards the top of the area the Bungay defence not dealing with it on the bounce Monteiro looks to be in the bounce her undoing too however as she can’t get her foot over the ball for a clean strike.

Amelia Roberts on the attack for Riverside Ladies

  Charnelle Riggall back playing again after being out for a long spell with the dreaded ACL in the middle today for Bungay puts a fantastic ball on for Hazell to chase puts a shot in across goal that is cleared by Riverside’s captain Tia Vacca. Bungay continue to press getting joy on both flanks Dade flashing another strike across the face of goal. 

 GOAL! Bungay double their advantage in 15 minutes winning a corner on the right, the delivery too high for the keeper to claim near post dropping into a congested 6 yard box several players go for it the ball stabbed home, Leanne Smith I think with the final touch 0-2.

  Riverside attack left Gabija Pavlova with great ball control taking the ball on lacks support as she is closed down. Bungay are winning the battle in midfield Riggall and Rowland with Smith prepared to bomb on, McGregor played tries to beat the keeper with a lobbed shot from 30 yards out the effort falling wide. Wren doing well for Riverside in the next Bungay attack coming out towards the top of her area with a good punch on the ball to deny McGregor a chance as Dade crosses from the right. Wren with more heroics in goal to deny Hazell a goal as she cuts inside from the left to have a strike inside the area Riverside’s keeper saving with her legs. 

Charnelle Riggall playing the ball for Bungay Town Ladies

  Bungay getting in behind as Riverside are caught up the pitch playing a good line at times catching their opponents offside on three or four occasions, Bungay are able to come on at will however McGregor providing some good runs in attack, Hazell and Dade left and right ready to go. McGregor attempting to lob the keeper once more sees another effort fall wide of the mark. Smith gets forwards into an attacking position as Hazell holds onto possession left side looking to get inside to shoot, Smith taking on the shot as the ball rolls lose a powerful shot has Wren diving the ball narrowly wide of her right post.

 GOAL! Smith sees Bungay into a 3 nil lead, the ball won somewhat painfully by Rowland in the middle of the park is put on into the path of Smith breaking forwards right she sends her shot wide of the keeper into the back of the net 0-3. 25 minutes played.

  Monteiro chases down a ball put into the right channel cutting in towards the top of the area the Bungay defence converge closed down she lays it off to Kerry Camwell a yard away, she hits it hard, Bungay captain Charlotte Power turning to block. The ball not clear out left side a shot comes in from distance wide of the post. On the counter Bungay look a constant threat Smith through the middle, McGregor ahead of head, the latter away in attack is forced wide of goal by Vacca still manages to squeeze a shot in on the angle rising taken down well by Wren. 

GOAL! Bungay are creating the majority of the chances and as Power brings the ball out from the ball unchallenged they add a 4th the pass on for McGregor in attack the drives on with it forced out wide again nevertheless the cross finds its way unopposed across the six yard box and Smith is there unmarked to bring up her hat-trick from close range 0-4.

GOAL! Moments later it 5, Bungay with no effort easily turning defence into attack burst forwards the ball fed on to McGregor the young striker having come close with a number of chances gets her goal, moving right of goal, her shot taking a deflection inside the area off the defender attempting to block, sending it beyond the keeper into the back of the net. 0-5.

  Katie Walker defends at the back for Bungay following a ball headed on from Camwell that has Monteiro interested as she breaks into the area the defender getting the ball back to Pipe in goal. Riggall plays the ball up to Hazell left side she sends an inviting ball in across the face of goal McGregor can’t get a touch far post, Dade in behind does her shot in saved well be Wren moving across her goal.

GOAL! Bungay are on top no doubt about it as a 6th goal is recorded, McGregor running clear in behind no-one goes with her has time to way up her options, pick a spot Wren exposed by her defence can do little about it as the ball is placed wide of her and into the back of the goal from the top of the area 0-6.

  What follows is brutal (look away now).

GOAL! In quick succession Bungay add not 1, but 3 goals to run rampant at half-time. Smith scoring her 4th of the match as she gets on to support McGregor in attack the strike making a nuisance of herself on the ball not challenged as she takes the ball out to the left, cuts it back into Smith top of the box she sends a looping shot up over the keeper to score 0-7.

Leanne Smith amongst the goals for Bungay Town Ladies in the 1st half

GOAL! Smith nets for a 5th time moments later Riverside losing their discipline totally not tracking her as she runs in behind with ease left of goal six yards out able to come back in across goal and pick her spot to slot home 0-8.

GOAL! Rowland gets in on the goal scoring for Bungay as they hammer home an already insurmountable advantage. Catching the defence static the midfielder is allowed to go on a natural goalscorer she gives the keeper no chance as she smashes the ball past her to score 0-9.

 Pipe forced into a late save at the close of the first half as Jess Hill from 25 yards out drives a low strike in towards goal.

  Half-time Riverside Ladies 0-9 Bungay Town Ladies

  Bungay in complete control a flurry of late goal making the task before Riverside impossible 9-0 down at half-time. The away side have been in control from start to finish getting players forwards at will the advantage in having played 6 games more than Riverside showing. The hosts shell shocked letting the scoreline get out of control a difficult 2nd half looms, what can be said. Got to go back to square on start all over again and try to build some positives.

  Riverside to kick-off the 2nd half. Bungay with a triple change, with Teo Ilie, Samantha Penman and Tracey Livingstone coming on for Riggall, Dade and Smith. Pavlova has come into a more central defensive midfield position for Riverside as they get the ball rolling. McGregor looks to get away in attack on the right, Vacca does well keeping with her to force her to attempt the cross in towards the top of the area then steps up well to leave her offside as the ball is returned.

  GOAL! Far from the start to the 2nd half Riverside would have wanted as they concede early, Livingstone looking to get away left inside the area winning a corner. Is a fantastic ball played in towards the top of the area by Bungay with Rowland rising unopposed left of the D, she plants her header across goal into the far corner for her 2nd of the game 0-10.

Bungay Town Ladies, Selina Rowland

GOAL! This game can be brutal at times an early goal 2nd half for Bungay quickly becomes 2 as they score an 11th. The ball fed out to the right sees Samantha Penman newly arrived to the action away to take the ball on into the area closing in on the six yard box ways up her options spots Livingstone running in far post squares the ball, no one with her Livingstone scores with a simple tap in 0-11.

  Riverside down to 10 as Camwell receives treatment. Vacca with some fantastic defending to stop Livingstone top of the area as the cross is swung in from the right. Camwell able to return. A quieter spell, much needed Riverside have been under the cosh but have had fleeting moments, they look like a side right at the start of pre-season the individual skill is visible but the team play needs alot of work. Hazell gets hold of the ball on the left whips a shot in towards goal for Bungay isn’t far over. 

GOAL! Bungay add to their scoreline and this goal is started and finished by Rowland to bring up her hat-trick albeit via an fortunate take from a misplaced goalkick, falling straight to the midfielder 30 yards out on the right she sends it on down the line for Penman ahead of her down the line Penman crosses the ball well, into the top of the area and who should be there but none other than Rowland, doesn’t get a clean connect on the ball but that works to her favours as the ball runs wide of the keeper into the back of the net 0-12.

  Glimpses of what they can do from Riverside, Pavlova in the middle breaking the attack up much better, Hill on the ball out to Roberts getting forwards on the right sending a great cross in near post Camwell getting in front of her defender with a great turn and hit firing over. Riverside are ready to make a change Walker coming off, as Ella Gaston enters the field.

Riverside Ladies, Gabija Pavlova

  Bungay getting forwards a corner won on the left the delivery into the six yard box a shot blocked a pointblank range as Livingstone shoots inside the six yard box. Deflected out to Penman right she fires a ball back across the face of goal McGregor flinging herself forwards can’t get a touch. The ball still in play gather by Hazell on the left wing she fires over frustratingly.

Ella Gaston looking to get forwards for Riverside Ladies

GOAL! Hazell gets her chance however moments later as Bungay are awarded a penalty, no doubt as Penman is tripped inside the box. Hazell placing the ball on the spot, goes for power hitting the ball hard rising is over Wren has no chance 0-13.

Nicola Hazell smashes the ball in from the penalty spot

  Wren saving soon after as Livingstone scuffs a shot inside the box having been fed in by Ilie. Head naturally have dropped Riverside finding it tough going, Wren spurring then on they know they have been soundly beaten smiles are good to see, keep going. A corner flung in from the left for Bungay Livingstone with the stooping header far post Wren behind holding onto the ball. Ilie looks to combine with McGregor and Penman on the right, Vacca and Heagren doing well in defence get the ball away for Riverside.

Tia Vacca on the ball for Riverside Ladies

 Wren with another save as Rowland moving out to the left plays it through fro Livingstone in the box McGregor close by feeds her the ball, Wren saving at close range going to ground. 

GOAL! Brutal for Riverside as they concede another very unfortunate too, a back pass played to Wren she goes to clear inside her area her kick seeing the ball spin straight up into the air. Livingstone closing in alive to it pressure the striker sees the ball on into the back of the net as Wren is hurt colliding with the post 0-14. 

 Their keeper up but injured Wren is hobbling maintaining good spirits. Hill getting back tracks back well to slide in and deny McGregor as she shoots inside the area the ball out behind for a corner on the right. 

GOAL! The goals keep coming for Bungay taken short the cross coming in for McGregor positioned top of the box right side she lashes a shot in towards goal, Wren unsighted by a defender attempting to block in front of her both miss the ball finding its way in 0-15. 

Imogen McGregor

  Riverside keep battling away are in good spirits despite the scoreline, can do little else might aswell be positive, Wren can hardly move in goal now having taken a knock, Livingstone played in by McGregor, Baker stays with her sliding in to make the tackle the ball loose Hazell latches onto the shot blasting over, it just won’t happen from open play for her today. Penman sending a shot wide across goal in the closing moments.

Full time Riverside Ladies 0-15 Bungay Town Ladies

   A brutal scoreline for Riverside as Bungay Town Ladies advance in the Women’s FA Cup. Out performed their opponents but can only beat what’s in front of them. In good form in pre-season and far advanced than Riverside it showed as they cruised to victory and into the hat for the draw for the next round of the competition where they will have their fingers crossed for a home draw for a change having played 8 out of their previous FA Cup matches away from home with long trips to Essex and Northamptonshire amongst those. Played well, moved the ball and looked sharper. Fair play to Riverside kept going did improve 2nd half despite conceding better passages of play, a result to forget no doubt so it doesn’t help that some bloke from Norfolk turned up to write about it. Got to put it to bed move on can see the talent, this result will hit the belief but it’s just one game.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this Sunday’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Basically I’m going to discount the last hour of the match and focus on the opening 30 minutes. Early on Bungay got on top in midfield Charnelle Riggall and Selina Rowland winning the ball well, the driving runs and forwards passes of Leanne Smith making a huge difference plus 5 goals to her name giving her today’s award.

  These reports are hard to write, credit where credits due, Bungay played superbly but they themselves would admit they’d rather win a tight game 2-1. It is what it is however. I know Riverside can play better, they have featured in one of my favourite games on the old Supporting Women’s Football Blog afterall. Wishing both well for the new season ahead and thanks for the team sheets as ever.

The Round-Up – FA Women’s Cup 10/02/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 10th February

FA Women’s Cup

The weather effecting a large percentage of the women’s football fixtures last weekend with the FA Women’s Cup being no exception with 50% of the fixtures from the 4th Round postponed at the beginning of February, those fixture arranged to be played this Sunday the rain threatening a few but all of the 8 remaining ties were played, the 5th Round already drawn the winners knowing who they would face in the last 16 of the competition. 5 of the 8 ties involving sides who play or have played in the leagues covered by Women’s Football East.

  It was a plum away draw in the 4th Round of the FA Women’s Cup for FAWNL Southern Premier Division side, Milton Keynes Dons Ladies, a 1-0 away win against Nottingham Forest Ladies of the Northern Premier Division seeing them up against FAWSL side, Liverpool FC Women. Kept the scores level for the first half an hour before a quick fire double from Laura Coombs and Courtney Sweetman-Kirk with her 10th goal of the season saw the FAWSL side take a 2-0 lead.

  2-0 up at the break Liverpool were creating chances the lead extended on the hour when centre back Leandra Little headed the ball home for her first Liverpool goal. New signing Jemma Purfield making her debut scoring moments later her left foot strike making it 4-0. Ashley Hodson coming on for Liverpool in the 67th minute making her return after 9 months out injured, marked her return with a goal scoring with 10 minutes left, with Purfield adding a 6th goal for Liverpool in the final 5 minutes to see them safely through to the last 16 with a 6-0 win.

An all Championship tie in the 4th Round saw Lewes FC Women travelling to Dartford FC to play Millwall Lionesses who were without a win so far this season. A close game that got feisty towards the end Lewes pressing. Cards shown amongst them a red for Lewes Amy Taylor sent off in the 84th minute. The game looked to be heading into extra-time a late corner for Millwall the ball on the left played high into the box players forwards amongst them Grace Neville clear on the far side of the area meets the ball on the half volley rifling a shot into the back of the net and sending Millwall through to the 5th Round and an away tie against Liverpool with the clubs first victory of the season.

   Cardiff City Ladies from the FAWNL Southern Premier Division were making the long trip up to the North East to take on Championship side Durham FC Women in the 4th Round of the FA Women’s Cup. The welsh side falling behind within the opening 10 minutes as Abby Holmes nodded home at the far post to score her 1st goal for Durham. A chance for Cardiff to level from the penalty spot Kylie Nolan brought down inside the box up up take the spot kick her attempt saved by Durham keeper Megan Borthwick. Nolan recovering to score the equalising goal in the 23rd minute. 1-1 with a couple of minutes remaining in the first half Beth Hepple latching onto a shot after the ball is cleared off the line from a Sarah Wilson effort to see Durham retake the lead.

  2-1 at half-time Sarah Robson was introduced to the action by Durham and made a immediate impact getting a goal in the 50th minute to extend the Championship sides lead. Further chances fell the win not made fully secure until the final 10 minutes with Zoe Ness scoring a late brace to see Durham run out 5-1 winners and progress to the last 16 where they will be making a long trip themselves to take on FAWSL side Bristol City WFC.

   A late switch of pitches saw the game between Loughborough Foxes Women of the FAWNL Southern Premier Division and Sheffield United Women of the FA Women’s Championship go ahead. Jodie Bartle returning to the side for Loughborough after a 3 month injury lay off. A lively start both goalkeepers called into action Alethea Paul firing Sheffield into the lead with 14 minutes played. Sam Tierney then striking the crossbar for the visitors. Amy Burle in goal for Loughborough making some good saves to keep Sheffield’s lead down to a single goal at the break. The Championship side creating chances doubled their advantage within the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half Sami Veatriki scoring to make it 2-0. Sheffield defending their lead to book their place in the last 16 with a trip to Aston Villa Ladies awaiting.

   It when all the way to penalties in the game between Charlton Athletic Women and Huddersfield Town Ladies in the 4th Round of the FA Women’s Cup on Sunday. Both sides currently 2nd in their respective leagues, Charlton doing very well in their debut season in the Championship, Huddersfield in the FAWNL Northern Premier Division. Charlton taking an early lead in the match with Kit Graham finding the back of the net in the 6th minute. Charlotte Gurr adding Charlton’s 2nd in the 34th minute. The hosts enjoying the better of the 1st half Lily Agg seeing two goals ruled off for off-side. Charlton further extending their lead midway through the 2nd half with Graham getting on the scoresheet for her 2nd goal of the afternoon. 

  Charlton 3-0 up with the game closing in of the final 15 minutes, Huddersfield mounted an extraordinary comeback to send the game into extra-time two quick goals setting up a nervous end to the game with Brittany Sanderson making it 3-1, Laura Elford lobbing the keeper moments later for 3-2. The come back complete with 5 minutes left on the clock captain Katie Mallin with the goal to send the game into extra-time. No further goals added the sides heading into a penalty shootout. Huddersfield’s Laura Carter saving Charlton’s 2nd penalty her teammates all with successful spot kicks to win the shootout 5-4 and send them into the last 16 with an away trip to FAWSL’s West Ham United Women.

  The 5th Round games being played this coming Sunday 17th February below the draw in full:- 

Liverpool FC Women v Millwall Lionesses

Bristol City WFC v Durham FC Women

Reading FC Women v Birmingham City Women

Chelsea Women v Arsenal Women

Manchester United Women v London Bees

West Ham United Women v Huddersfield Town Ladies

Aston Villa Ladies v Sheffield United Women

Tottenham Hotspur Ladies v Manchester City Women

The Round-Up – FA Women’s Cup 03/02/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 3rd February

FA Women’s Cup

It was another weekend where the weather tried to take centre stage yet again over half the fixtures across the East and beyond falling by the way side. Snow and frozen pitches the feature. Nevertheless their were some big games played and none more so than in the 4th Round of the FA Women’s Cup. February beginning with the sides from the FAWSL and Championship entering the competition 16 ties across the country six taking place that feature sides currently playing in the leagues on Women’s Football East and those that have progressed to the Championship and FAWSL itself.

The 4th Round action beginning on Saturday with FAWSL leaders Manchester City Women drawn at home to Watford FC Ladies playing in the FAWNL Southern Premier Division. Manchester City dominating the chances first half but frustrated Watford going in at half-time the score goalless. The hosts patient kept going getting closer the deadlock eventually broken just past the hour with Nikita Parris putting them into the lead, the England international doubling Manchester’s advantage just 7 minutes later. The win secured in the final five minutes Pauline Bremer finally getting on the scoresheet out for a lengthy period with injury, hit the woodwork and had a goal ruled off for offside in the first half scoring the 3rd goal for Manchester to see them advance.

 It was the FA Women’s Cup where the match action on the website came from this weekend a road trip south of the Thames to watch AFC Wimbledon Ladies from FAWNL South East Division One take on FAWSL side Bristol City WFC. Some 35 league places between the sides the biggest gap between sides in the last 16. Wimbledon  reaching this stage having previously beaten higher league opponents in the previous two rounds Portsmouth FC Women and Hull City Ladies playing in the Southern and Northern Premier Divisions. Bristol a tough test with the FAWSL now a fully professional league.

A good crowd of 500 in attendance Wimbledon playing at Carshalton Athletic FC on a 3G surface. Bristol getting off to a flyer taking the lead after just 12 seconds! A diagonal ball finding new signing Abi Harrison on the left she ran in behind taking the ball into the box and shooting to score her first goal for the club. The post kissed moments later Wimbledon were on the back foot goalkeeper Edie Kelly carrying an injury pulled off some fantastic save it was all Bristol camped inside their opponents half on 23 minutes the lead was doubled, Poppy Pattinson getting in behind left side a cross put along the face of goal met by Katie Robinson at the far post for 2-0. In midfield Carla Humphrey and Poppy Wilson were playing well for Bristol combined for their 3rd on 36 minutes Wilson beating two players top of the area to get into a scoring position and fire the ball into the back of the net.

Bristol’s Carla Humphrey leaping clear of the tackle

A 3-0 lead for Bristol at half-time their opponents no registering a shot up the other end needed to show more positive intent 2nd half. Did so the game more open Bristol comfortable though defending their lead. Captain Jess Trimnell with a shot from distance wide across goal for the hosts, Bristol seeing Kelly tip s long range shot over her crossbar. Wimbledon drawing the 2nd half 0-0 saw their historic cup run come to an end, Bristol safely negotiating the first hurdle.

 It was an all Championship tie in the 4th Round of the FA Women’s Cup a London derby too with Crystal Palace Ladies hosting league leaders Tottenham Hotspur Ladies. In great form with plenty of attacking options in their squad Tottenham creating opportunities took the lead in the 40th minute with Jessica Naz capitalising on the follow up to score after Rianna Dean’s strike was pushed out by the keeper. The lead doubled deep into first half injury time with full back Ashleigh Neville putting the ball into the back of the net. A 3rd goal coming 10 minutes into the 2nd half with midfielder Coral Haines sending the ball home Tottenham advancing to the 5th Round.

  Three goals too for the winning side in the match between West Ham United Women of the FAWSL at home to FAWNL Northern Premier Division leaders Blackburn Rovers Ladies. The visitors taking an early lead with Natasha Flint capitalising on a mix-up to put Blackburn into the lead in the 14th minute. West Ham drawing the scores level right on the stroke of half-time with Adriana Leon scoring to make it 1-1. That how it remained going into the final 20 minutes, Brianna Visalli striking to put West Ham in front in the 72nd minute. That goal quickly followed by a 2nd of the game for Leon to make the lead more comfortable for West Ham and see them into the draw for the 5th Round.

   It was a double header in Crawley with two games from the 4th Round of the FA Women’s Cup on Sunday, starting off with Brighton & Hove Albion WFC of the FAWSL hosting Manchester United Women for the FA Women’s Championship. A close first half between the sides seeing them drawing 0-0 at the break. The deadlock broken 6 minutes into the 2nd half with Lauren James getting the goal to put the visitors in front. Bright awarded a penalty, Manchester United goalkeeper Siobhan Chamberlain pulling off a fantastic save to keep the lead intact the tie settled in injury time with James getting her 2nd of the game to put Manchester United through to the 5th Round.

  The was followed by Crawley Wasps Ladies versus Arsenal Ladies, 33 places between the sides Crawley Wasps riding high in FAWNL South East Division One with a 100% record Arsenal in the hunt for the title 2nd in the FAWSL. A great crowd of 1500 in attendance. Captain Kim Little firing Arsenal into the lead getting herself in the box to fire a low shot into the back of the net. 16-year-old Ruby Grant one of five debutants starting for Arsenal doubling their lead. 2-0 to the good at half-time. Frankie Gibbs pulling off some great saves to deny Arsenal from going further ahead. Grant getting her 2nd and Arsenals 3rd saw the woodwork deny her hat-trick but a further chance fell her way and see celebrated her 3rd goal wrapping up a 4-0 victory for Arsenal. Like AFC Wimbledon Ladies a great FA Cup run for Crawley Wasps Ladies.

  The draw for the 5th Round of the FA Women’s Cup made yesterday the last 16 know who they will face with several ties postponed taking place this coming Sunday, the 8 ties to be played Sun 17th February are as follows :-

Liverpool FC Women or Milton Keynes Dons Ladies v Millwall Lionesses or Lewes FC Women

Bristol City WFC v Durham Women FC or Cardiff City Ladies

Reading FC Women or Keynsham Town Ladies v Yeovil Town Ladies or Birmingham City Women

Chelsea Women v Arsenal Women

Manchester United Women v London Bees

West Ham United Women v Charlton Athletic Women or Huddersfield Town Ladies

Stoke City Ladies or Aston Villa Ladies v Loughborough Foxes Women or Sheffield United Women

Tottenham Hotspur Ladies v Manchester City Women

Match Report – AFC Wimbledon Ladies v Bristol City WFC

Sunday 3rd February

FA Women’s Cup

Longest journey of the season to date this Sunday a road trip south the watch the FA Women’s Cup 4th Round match between AFC Wimbledon Ladies & Bristol City WFC.

  35 places and 3 leagues between the sides the biggest gap of all 16 ties in this Sunday’s FA Women’s Cup reaching the 4th Round stage where the big guns from the FAWSL & Championship enter the competition. AFC Wimbledon Ladies one of three FAWNL Division One sides to reach the 4th Round along side South East counter parts and league leaders Crawley Wasps Ladies and Keynsham Town Ladies 2nd in the South West league.

  AFC Wimbledon Ladies currently 6th in what is a hotly contested top half battle in South East Division One are relishing & excited for the what they know will be a tough test at home against a side from the top tier of women’s football. Have made history already reaching the 4th Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup beating higher league side Hull City Ladies from the FAWNL Northern Premier Division 3-0 away from home. Showing good form in the cup competitions are also through to the last 8 of the FAWNL Cup. This there sixth game in their historic cup run

 As Bristol Academy, Bristol City WFC were one of the founding members of the FAWSL and have seen the league undergo many changes in it’s relatively short history. The latest being the top tier of the women’s game going fully professional. Tanya Oxtoby’s side comfortably established in 5th position in the 11 side league. Has been a while since I’ve seen any FAWSL football, the clubs closer to home keeping me busy but have always had a soft spot for Bristol enjoyed many trips down to their Stoke Gifford Stadium home in the past. The standard has increased year on year and an intrigued to see how much it has risen.

AFC Wimbledon Ladies played their home matches at Carshalton Athletic FC. A 3G playing surface soon I guessed it would fair better with the previous few days inclement weather. A good size the stadium tucked away in a residential area. A large terraced stand along one side of the pitch another seated stand opposite a bar and large clubhouse, hot and cold refreshments a tidy layout with a decent sized crowd building. The weather quite good actually bright and sunny after a cold start blue skies.

AFC Wimbledon Ladies starting XI – Edie Kelly, Rosie Russell, Sian Kylie, Kelly Highman, Hannah Billingham, Becky Mclaren-Johnson, Jess Trimnell (C), Rebecca Sargent, Caroline Bisson, Georgia Heasman & Jenny Nagle. Subs – Megan Kowalski, Lindsey Clarke, Sarah Wentworth, Katie Stanley, Hannah Baptiste & Jordanne Hoesli-Atkins.

Bristol City WFC starting XI – Eartha Cummings, Gemma Evans, Heather Payne, Danique Kerkdijk, Julie Biesmans (C), Poppy Pattinson, Carla Humphrey, Poppy Wilson, Abi Harrison, Katie Robinson & Juliette Kemppi. Subs – Sophie Baggaley, Loren Dykes, Frankie Brown, Lucy Graham, Rosella Ayane & Jess Woodley.

Pre-match handshakes

It’s the visitors Bristol to get the game underway 1st half wearing red shirts and socks with white shorts, Wimbledon it their all blue kit, a bit of eager encroachment seeing the kick-off retaken.

  GOAL! The quickest goal of the weekend I suspect and certainly the quickest recorded in a match report on Women’s Football East. Bristol playing the ball out to the right back position the diagonal ball is long probing to the left Abi Harrison, Bristol’s latest signing making her first start picking the ball up into her run as she ghosts in behind into the area shapes to shot sending a low driven shot across the keeper and into the goal beyond, her 1st goal for Bristol, 12 seconds played 0-1.

Bristol City WFC’s Abi Harrison

Certainly not the start you want as the underdogs, a blow so early in the game no time to implement a game plan the visitors able to settle early a goal to the good. Wimbledon look to play the ball long for Caroline Bisson on the right hand side straight from the restart, Poppy Pattinson can see it safely out for Bristol. The visitors quick to counter the ball with Pattinson left side on for Poppy Wilson making a run forwards into the left channel, Kelly Highman getting across her run to see it out of play safely for Wimbledon. 

  Bristol on the front foot right from the off make ground on the right the cross flashes into the area, Highman gets a boot on it knocks it out to the top of the area comes straight to Wilson she connects with it sweetly the ball clattering off the post right back into Wilson path no time to control can only put the follow up over the bar. Bristol finding room on the flanks pushing Wimbledon back Carla Humphrey with the ball it her moves right before sending a cross into the box, Sian Wylie clears inside her six yard box for Wimbledon the ball picked up by Wilson 20 yards out her shot back in straight at Wimbledon goalkeeper Edie Kelly.

AFC Wimbledon Ladies, Sian Wylie

  Most of the play inside the Wimbledon half, Bristol invited to come on Wilson combining with Humphrey in the middle the pass out to Katie Robinson breaking down the right, her attempt to cut inside stopped by Wimbledon full back Rosie Russell. A melee in the box ends up with goalkeeper Kelly down needing treatment, Humphrey’s cross from the right initially cleared by Highman, falls to Wilson can’t quite getting over the bouncing ball to  smash a clean shot in Wimbledon get it away.

  Bristol overload the right as they attack the ball squared inside across the top of the area helped on comes to Wilson her low shot driven in low held by Kelly. A rearguard action from Wimbledon early on standing off Bristol inviting pressure the FAWSL team able to let their full backs get forwards, captain Julie Biesmans and Danique Kerkdijk at the back able to pick their passes often the only themselves along with goalkeeper Eartha Cummings in their half. Another ball into the area from the right side, Kelly goes to ground as Juliette Kemppi closes her down the pair come together the keeper manages to hold onto the ball, as Highman gets around to cover behind. Kelly needs treatment but is okay to continue. 

Bristol City WFC captain, Julie Biesmans

  Bristol will be used to a high tempo game the ball squeezed decision making often forced a different story at the moment players looking up deciding what option to take willing runners left and right, Humphrey coming for the ball moving into gaps Wilson able to push on through the middle, Jenny Nagle leading the line for Wimbledon has little to feed on and is pushed back into her own half much of the time. Billingham jumps well inside the box to get her head on it and clear for Wimbledon as Robinson puts a ball in from the right. Kemppi fouled outside the box right of goal, Biesmans over the free-kick goes for goal her attempt still rising as it goes over.

   GOAL! 23 minutes played and Bristol’s dominant start to the game brings them a second goal, Harrison and Pattinson linking up on the left wing Pattinson running in behind with the ball fires a vicious ball across the face of the Wimbledon goal Katie Robinson arriving far post half a yard on her marker to smash the ball into the back of the net and make it 0-2.

Katie Robinson on the attack for Bristol City WFC

Gemma Evans with the ball at the back decides to go on a forwards run cutting inside on halfway laying the pass into Pattinson, her run forwards halted by Wimbledon’s Becky Mclaren-Johnson. A corner for Bristol right side taken short up the line the cross/shot driven in Kelly with an excellent fingertip save to take the ball up over the bar for a 2nd corner. Hannah Billingham heading clear for Wimbledon. Humphrey has the ball at her feet right of goal all of 30 yards out strikes it well her shot whistling wide across goal. 

AFC Wimbledon Ladies, Rebecca Sargent

  Bristol’s good start has silenced the crowd but there is a passion clear amongst those gathered and when they see their side getting stuck in they’re ready to will them on, Nagle putting the tackle in on half way to win the ball Rebecca Sargent looking to burst through with it stopped by Evans. Mclaren-Johnson winning the ball back as she is pushed onto her defence. 

  GOAL! Bristol get a 3rd goal their central midfielders combining Humphrey sending a great diagonal ball on for Wilson making a run towards the top of the box, beats two defenders effortlessly to get herself clear into the box, left of goal sends her shot racing across the keeper to nestle inside the side netting 0-3.

Poppy Wilson driving forwards with the ball for Bristol City WFC

   Wimbledon haven’t had much of the ball let alone in their opponents half Georgia Heasman trying to get forwards on the right but as quick as the Bristol full backs are to join the attack their wide players are back to help in defence. Bristol come left Harrison with the cross into the area for Kemppi looks to get turned for a shot Billingham in to close her down. Wimbledon captain Jess Trimnell plays the ball on for Nagle, Bisson in close support the crowd willing them on run into traffic the game open for a moment Bristol play it forwards Highman in to win the tackle. The biggest cheer of the day goes up when the referee takes a tumble.

AFC Wimbledon Ladies, Jenny Nagle

  Late into the 1st half a rare attack for Wimbledon Nagle out to Heasman on the left Russell on the overlap gets forwards down the line but Bristol prevent the cross as the referee blows for half-time. 

Half-time AFC Wimbledon Ladies 0-3 Bristol City WFC

  As easy a first half as Bristol have ever played, have had the majority of the ball and that in the opponents half. Taking such an early lead settled any nerves they might have had have been able to get forwards at will since, rarely threatened in attack, created numerous chances and taking a goal lead into half-time. Wimbledon haven’t had a single shot at goal even created a chance, have defended deep stood off thier opponents, very unusual as they are usually a high pressing in your face side who are at their best on the offensive. The early goal no doubt not in he game plan but will need to do something be more positive in the 2nd half if they wish to get anything out of the tie. A big ask at 3-0 down. 


  A change at half-time for Bristol, Robinson picking up an injury replaced by Rosella Ayane. Wimbledon with a positive intent straight from the start kicking-off the ball forwards with Heasman, on to Nagle looks to hold it up is tackled. Mclaren-Johnson nipping in to win the ball back, Trimnell too. Give away a free-kick right the ball played in high his claimed well by Kelly. Wylie clearing a Bristol corner. Wimbledon get the ball forwards win a throw right side put into Trimnell who takes the shot on from distance plenty of power behind it Cummings can see it wide of her goal. 

AFC Wimbledon Ladies captain Jess Trimnell after Bristol’s Poppy Wilson

  Wilson with the ball out to Harrison running on left side her ball into the box picked up by Kemppi right of goal, Highman sliding in to take it away from the attacker before she can get a shot away. A more open game 2nd half Bristol still have more of the ball but Wimbledon quicker to close it down get players in support of Nagle. Mclaren-Johnson very proactive in the middle Sargent looking to get forwards. Bristol come right Heather Payne getting forwards in support of Kemppi the pass back to the full back the cross in towards Humphrey getting into a central position stoops into the header her looped ball on target but caught by Kelly. 

 Wimbledon make a change Nagle coming off up top to be replaced by Katie Stanley with an hour played. If Wimbledon do manage to get away on either flank the run is short lived Bristol have pace in abundance and put it to good use to recover the ball. Kemppi this time back to tackle and put the ball out for a throw. Stanley is tackled in the final 3rd Bristol counter quickly the ball left the cross in long gathered by Harrison right side looks to tie up Humphrey central connects well her shot arrowing in just swerving away from the top corner. 

Bristol’s Carla Humphrey leaping clear of the tackle

  Bristol make their 2nd change, Pattinson coming off on comes Scottish international Frankie Brown. Harrison puts the ball on for Wilson central she pushes on, Mclaren-Johnson in to tackle and win the ball well outside the box. Heasman comes off for Wimbledon on in her place Megan Kowalski. Bristol remain strong are still holding a high line getting down the flanks crosses left the right dealt with by the Wimbledon centre-backs. Bristol not afraid to go direct either when the opportunity presents itself breaking up a Wimbledon move outside their box the ball played up into Harrison on half-way controls well turning plays a great pass on for Humphrey breaking on in behind only a good starting position from Kelly denies her a chance as the keeper claims on the top of her area. 

  Bristol come on the cross low into the area Kemppi right of goal tries to bring it down and turn into the shot Highman sliding in makes the block, the rebound comes to Ayane her shot from outside the box blocked by Wylie as Bristol push bodies forwards. Stanley does well inside the Bristol half to win the ball support from Kowalski in front of the centre circle, her pass long finds Bisson running in clear on the right, Cummings has had little to do but is alert going to ground on the edge of the area to get something on the ball play however is halted by a raised flag.

Less than 10 minutes left a change for both sides, Hannah Baptiste coming on for Wimbledon replacing Trimnell. Jess Woodley on for Bristol replacing Harrison. Kelly with another fine finger tip save turning the ball up over her crossbar as a Bristol shot is driven in from distance. The corner right side a good delivery no one attacking it far post. Wimbledon mount an attack Bisson a threat on the right if she can get forwards a great ball fired into the six yard box Russell furthest forwards tries to get there, Kerkdijk getting in front of her clearing the danger for Bristol.

Bristol City WFC defender, Danique Kerkdijk

Woodley sees the ball into the back of the net for Bristol off a corner on the left, won;t count however as the officials flag is raised. Kelly sees a poor kick out land straight at Kemppi’s feet left of the area she takes a touch to get it out of her feet drags her shot wide of goal.

  Wimbledon with a throw right side comes on into the top of the Bristol area finds Kowalski she lays it back to Mclaren-Johnson her ball back in cut out spins to Stanley right of the D, her first time shot is dragged wide of the target. Bristol finish the game strong, mounting an attack the ball into Kemppi tackled by Highman then Billingham slides in to charge a shot down from Wilson. 

Full time AFC Wimbledon Ladies 0-3 Bristol City WFC

  A goalless 2nd period a much improved performance from Wimbledon, the damage down in the first half, Bristol able to sit off in the 2nd half with a 3 goal lead. Played well dominated without really being tested at the back, weren’t pressed when on the ball, case of choosing the right options and that was made easier by good movement and use of space in front of them. Training full time have the edge when it comes to fitness good on the recovery when needed.

  Wimbledon’s fine FA Women’s Cup campaign comes to an end, not how they would have wanted a great achievement getting this far in the competition history made, should make you hungry for more. The early goal certainly playing a part, hold out for the first 10/15 minutes the confidence grows you start to ask questions and with their passionate supporters ready to will them on…  

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Time for today’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match award. Edie Kelly with some fine saves and Becky Mclaren-Johnson two stand out performers for Wimbledon this afternoon. Bristol were dominant for much of the game playing the game inside their opponents half. It’s a straight shoot-out between their central midfielders, Poppy Wilson making some great forwards runs joining the attack and getting in behind when Wimbledon were looking to keep it tight through the middle took her goal well. Carla Humphrey edging it however, finding some great space moving right with a useful range of passing, getting into some great attacking positions unlucky not to score herself is today’s Player of the Match.

Been awhile since I’ve travelled south of the Thames for a game, enjoyed it though even if the trip out of London wasn’t fun, halfway home decamped at a hotel to get the report written tonight. The Draw for the 5th Round to be make live on TV tomorrow evening, several ties postponed this weekend. Nice to see Wimbledon at home at last, a nice venue, a tasty bacon bap and a much needed cup of tea. My thanks for the clubs help with the teams today.

The Round-Up – FA Women’s Cup 06/01/19

Sunday 6th January

FA Women’s Cup

Happy New Year to you all! The first edition of The Round-Up for 2019 the action beginning with the 3rd Round of the FA Women’s Cup. 10 ties across the country the competition seeing the sides from both the FAWSL and Championship enter in the 4th Round.

No sides from outside the FAWNL making it to this stage of the competition. 7 of the 10 ties featuring clubs playing in either the Southern Premier or South East Division One.

Coventry United Ladies leading the Southern Premier Division unbeaten so far this season were hosting Crawley Wasps Ladies, the leaders in South East Division One, with an equally impressive start to the season a 100% success rate so far. Two in form sides going head to head it was Coventry who opened the scoring attacking down the right a cross sent into the area put in at the far post by Amber Hughes in the 26th minute. Crawley hitting back with an instant reply Ariana Fleischman up the other end getting the final touch to level the scores. 1-1 at the break. Both sides creating opportunities in the 2nd period Megan Stow seeing an effort strike the woodwork for the visitors just past the hour dug in as Coventry pressed. Into stoppage time with the game heading into extra-time, Crawley found the winning goal, Darcey James heading in a Naomi Cole corner to see Crawley beat their higher league opponents to reach the 4th Round.

Northern Premier Division leaders, Blackburn Rovers Ladies are into the 4th Round of the FA Women’s Cup although it took a last minute winner to secure their place on the road away to Oxford United Women in the 3rd Round on Sunday. A fast paced 1st half between the two sides looked to be heading into the changing rooms goalless at half-time when deep into injury time Evie Gane tapped the ball home to give the Southern Premier Division side, Oxford the lead. Blackburn came back to level the scores midway through the 2nd half Natasha Flint finding the back of the net, then in the closing minute it was Flint on target worth her 2nd of the match to clinch the victory for Blackburn.

Had planned a trip to Nottingham this Sunday, circumstances against me however as Nottingham Forest Ladies stalwarts of the Northern Premier Division played host to Milton Keynes Dons Ladies newly promoted to the Southern Premier Division in the 3rd Round. A tight contest between the two sides, a single goal the winning margin, scored in the 2nd minute of 1st half stoppage time, Kim Farrow getting one on one with the keeper to put Milton Keynes Dons Ladies into the lead the visitors holding on to win and reach the 4th Round for the 1st time.

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies, Kim Farrow

It was a long trip up to the North East for Southern Premier Division side Watford Ladies as they took on Middlesborough Women from the Northern Premier Division in the 3rd Round of the Cup. Midfielder Danielle Scanlon with the early goal for the visitors seeing Watford 1-0 up after 7 minutes just 3 minutes later Watford were 2 goals to the good Helen Ward scoring. Both sides attacking chances coming Middlesborough pulling it back to 2-1 on 18 minutes through Emily Scarr. Just two minutes later Watford were back ahead by 2 goals with Ward netting for the 2nd time to make it 3-1. Eleanor Drake on the scoresheet for the hosts to reduce the deficit once again on the half hour. Watford when into the half-time break with their 2 goal cushion restored as Katie O’Leary scored to make it 4-2 in the 39th minute. The visitors having the better of the 2nd half as the home side pushed from a reply, Samantha Hailsworth making it 5-2 on the hour. Into the final 10 minutes and Ward scored twice more to claim 4 for the game and secure a 7-2 win for Watford.

Plenty of goals too between Billericay Town Ladies and Loughborough Foxes Women in the 3rd Round as the Essex side 2nd in South East Division One took on their higher league placed opponents. Billericay taking an early lead in the game Sam Pittuck volleying home in the 5th minute. Loughborough quick with the response levelling the scores within 3 minutes Rebecca Knight scoring to make it 1-1. 3 minutes later Loughborough were in front Rebecca Mcgrother with the goal. Amy Burle with a terrific save to deny Karissa Rodney a goal on the half hour soon after Mcgrother found the back of the net up the other end to put Loughborough 3-1 up. That the score at half-time Billericay started the 2nd half strongly pushing for a goal chances Burle saving once more. The game closing in on the final 20 minute Loughborough further extending their lead, Eva Rogers played through and sending the ball past the keeper to make it 4-1 for the visitors. Zoe Rushen pulling it back to 4-2 with 10 minutes left. Burle busy in the Loughborough goal, Rushen beating her for her 2nd of the game to set up a nervy final five minutes Loughborough holding out to win the game 4-3.

Cardiff City Ladies were hosting Bolton Wanderers Ladies from Northern Division One in the 3rd Round of the FA Women’s Cup on Sunday. An early goal helping settle any nerves the Southern Premier Division side might have Cori Williams heading in from a corner in the 7th minute. Kylie Nolan with the final shot from a break making it 2-0 on 15 minutes. Those goals proving enough with Bolton unable to find a reply, Cardiff progressing.

AFC Wimbledon Ladies, 3rd in South East Division One were on the road in the FA Women’s Cup on Sunday taking on higher league opponents Hull City Ladies from the Northern Premier Division. A goalless 1st half between the sides, it was Wimbledon who enjoyed the better of the 2nd half Katie Stanley putting them a goal up just past the hour mark. Jordan Hoesli-Atkins doubling the visitors lead just 7 minutes later to put Wimbledon 2-0 up and with Hull pushing later on for a goal Georgia Heasman secured victory for Wimbledon scoring their 3rd goal in injury time.

In the other 3 3rd Round ties, Stoke City Ladies won 2-1 away to Derby County Ladies. Huddersfield Town Ladies were 4-1 winners at home to Leeds United Ladies and Keynsham Town Ladies doing well in South West Division One beat Flyde Ladies 2-1 at home.

The FA Women’s Cup 4th Round draw – ties to be played Sun 3rd February

Yeovil Town Ladies v Birmingham City Lades

AFC Wimbledon Ladies v Bristol City Women

Crystal Palace Ladies v Tottenham Hotspur Ladies

Millwall Lionesses v Lewes FC Women

Durham Women v Cardiff City Ladies

Everton Ladies v Chelsea Women

Leicester City Women v London Bees

Reading FC Women v Keynsham Town Ladies

Liverpool Women v Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

Loughborough Foxes Women v Sheffield United Women

Charlton Athletic Women v Huddersfield Town Ladies

Brighton & Hove Albion WFC v Manchester United Women

West Ham United Women v Blackburn Rovers Ladies

Stoke City Ladies v Aston Villa Ladies

Manchester City Women v Watford FC Ladies

Crawley Wasps Ladies v Arsenal Women

The Round-Up – FA Women’s Cup 09/12/18

Sunday 9th December

FA Women’s Cup

   Two ties from the 2nd Round of the FA Women’s Cup this weekend, both falling foul to the weather last Sunday.                                                           Crawley Wasps Ladies have made a fantastic start to the season, a 100% winning record top of FAWNL South East Division One were handed a home tie against higher league opponents Chichester City Ladies, who themselves have enjoyed a brilliant campaign to date amongst the title challengers in the Southern Premier Division.

  The game moved to Worthing FC, played on 3G. Crawley’s good form continuing the hosts taking the lead in the 38th, Kemina Webber with the goal heading in from a corner. The advantage quickly doubled with a 2nd goal late in the 1st half again from a corner Darcey James with the header this time powering the ball into the back of the net. Crawley leading 2-0 at half-time. Chichester frustrated couldn’t find a reply in the 2nd half Crawley winning to march on in the FA Women’s Cup and an away trip to Southern Premier Division leaders, Coventry United Ladies to look forwards to in the New Year.

  Watford Ladies have an away trip up to the North East in the 3rd Round of the FA Women’s Cup against Northern Premier Division side, Middlesborough Women in the New Year. Progressed with a narrow 1-0 home win to Buckland Athletic Ladies on Sunday. The South West Division One side giving a good account of themselves holding the Southern Premier Division side to a goalless score at half-time. The Watford goal coming with 20 minutes left on the clock, Katie O’Leary finding space inside the box to drive a low shot into the bottom corner.


The Round-Up – FA Women’s Cup 02/12/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 2nd December

FA Women’s Cup

December begins with the 2nd Round of the FA Women’s Cup, with the FAWNL Northern & Southern Premier Division sides entering the competition. Nine of those ties featuring sides from the Southern Premier aswell as those reaching this stage from South East Division One, no sides from the Eastern Regional league or below making it this far. Wet weather prior to Sunday’s matches seeing a few games affected across the fixture list including two FA Women’s Cup ties with Crawley Wasps Ladies v Chichester City Ladies & Watford Ladies v Buckland Athletic Ladies called off.

  Elsewhere there were a couple of upsets aswell as two further ties needing extra-time to seal the win. AFC Wimbledon Ladies from South East Division One causing an upset as they carried their recent good form into the FA Women’s Cup to knock-out Southern Premier Division side, Portsmouth FC Ladies on Sunday. Caroline Bisson scoring direct from a free kick in the 28th minute to see Wimbledon leading 1-0 at half-time. Closing in on the hour and Wimbledon doubled their advantage Bisson with the assist as Georgia Heasman fired the ball home to make it 2-0. Portsmouth unable to find a reply as Wimbledon booked a spot in the 3rd Round.

   Also causing a shock in that they knocked out higher league opposition in the FA Women’s Cup were, Keynsham Town Ladies. In great form this season however with a 100% record in the league 8 wins from 8, in South West Division One would have fancied their chances with a home tie in the 2nd Round up against C&K Basildon Ladies, the Essex side struggling for points at the wrong end of the Southern Premier Division. A high scoring game with the sides sharing 11 goals, C&K Basildon on the scoresheet for 3 of them couldn’t keep Keynsham out at the other end as they rattled in 8. Laura Williams with Keynsham’s first in the 16th minute. Kerry Bartlett is way out in front as top scorer for Keynsham with over 30 goals already this season from 14 appearances. Was amongst the goals once again in the 2nd Round of the FA Women’s Cup scoring a 1st half hat-trick. Bartlett adding another on the hour, after Justine Radburn had found the back of the net for Keynsham’s 5th goal. Into the final 15 minutes of the game and Keynsham added two more goals Christina Vega Leandro and Ellis Hillman scoring in quick succession. Keynsham through to the 3rd Round of the FA Women’s Cup with an 8-3 win.

  One 2nd Round tie saw an all South East Division One line-up with 2nd placed Billericay Town Ladies hosting bottom side Luton Town Ladies. The Essex side finding it tough to break down a young Luton side in the 1st half. 0-0 at the break. It was the visitors who would go on to open the scoring the the 2nd half, 12 minutes played Aurora Ryan charging down the goalkeeper, winning the ball and taking it past her to score. Karen Stephanou making just her 2nd appearance since joining Billericay over the close season from C&K Basildon scoring her first goal just 7 minutes later from inside the box to level the scores. 90 minutes up the sides drawing 1-1 the tie heading into extra-time. Broghan Kelly another new arrival for Billericay in the summer scoring her 1st goal for the 1st team to put the hosts into the lead, a great strike from outside the box. 3 minutes later Jay Blackie played through to run at the Luton goal and send the ball past the keeper to put Billericay 3-1 up and see them make more history in reaching the 3rd Round for the 1st time.

   Milton Keynes Dons Ladies were at home in the 2nd Round the Southern Premier Division side facing a potential tricky tie up against Southampton Women, riding high in 2nd spot in South West Division One. The hosts settling quickly with an early goal, Leah Littlechild crossing the ball for Leah Cudone to score inside the opening 5 minutes. The same combination with 7 minutes left to play in the 1st half saw Milton Keynes Dons double the lead Littlechild’s cross headed in by Cudone, 2-0 at half-time. The lead made more secure with a little under 20 minutes left Littlechild getting on the scoresheet herself adding a 3rd goal. Littlechild once more having a hand in the 4th goal too as she sent the ball into the box with 4 minutes left for Cudone to score and complete her hat-trick. 

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies, Leah Cudone

   Oxford United Women, 5th in the Southern Premier Division had to wait to find out who their eventual opponents at home in the 2nd Round were as the 1st Round tie between Cambridge City Ladies & Cambridge United Women was made to be replayed. City winning the 1st game 2-1 after extra-time the FA upheld a complaint by United about the smallness of their pitch sending it into a replay. At United’s Mildenhall Town FC home, the South East Division side winning the game 2-0 to set up the 2nd Round trip to Oxford. Ellie Noble firing Oxford into the lead on the half hour it was quickly 2-0 with captain Lauren Haynes on the scoresheet. Florence Fyfe adding a 3rd goal for Oxford soon after the restart. Oxford making a new signing leading up to this Sunday’s cup tie, Evie Gane rejoining the club after a spell with Aston Villa making her debut with a goal in the 65th minute to seal a 4-0 victory.

   Three ties from the 2nd Round played on Sunday featured an all Southern Premier Division line-up. Loughborough Foxes Women were hosting Gillingham Lades in the FA Women’s Cup the two sides having met in Kent a week ago the game ending all square at 2-2. There had to be a winner this time around, however that needed extra-time to be decided with the sides drawing 1-1 after the final whistle. Charlotte Broad having put Loughborough into the lead in the 19th minute. Gillingham getting back on level terms 20 minutes into the 2nd half with Alice Bussey on target. Rebecca Knight winning the game for Loughborough in the extra half hour netting twice in the 1st half of extra play, 3-1 the final score.

   Queens Park Rangers Women travelled west to Wales on Sunday to take on Cardiff City Ladies in the FA Women’s Cup, the 2nd Round tie all square at the break with QPR doing well to keep their opponents out. Cardiff eventually getting the break through in the 57th minute Grace Horrell new to the action the substitute making an immediate impact supplying the cross for Cori Williams to score. Cardiff with a strong 2nd half performance quickly found a 2nd goal Nia Rees getting one on one with the keeper to score. Gwennan Davies with a fantastic volleyed goal to make it 3-0 and open her account for Cardiff. Horrell on the scoresheet herself wrapping up a 4-0 win in stoppage time. 

  Lastly Southern Premier Division leaders, Coventry United Ladies were at home in the 2nd Round of the FA Women’s Cup taking on Plymouth Argyle Ladies for the 2nd successive Sunday. Their previous trip one to forget for Plymouth as they were heavily beaten 9-1 in the league. A much closer score this time around. Coventry awarded a penalty, Chenise Austin sending a coolly struck low ball past the keeper to make it 1-0. Helen Bleazard played through to take the ball into the area struck the ball hard to find the back of the net to level the scores in the 17th minute for Plymouth. 1-1 the score at half-time. Coventry creating chances in the 2nd half retaking the lead through Amy Wathan 10 goal in 14 games now as she headed in a near post cross to make it 2-1 and see Coventry’s long unbeaten run continue.

  The draw for the 3rd Round of the FA Women’s Cup made on Monday, the ties scheduled for the first Sunday of the New Year, 6th January the winners receiving £1000 are listed below:-

  Cardiff City Ladies v Bolton Wanderers Ladies or West Bromich Albion Women

Derby County Ladies v Stoke City Ladies

Huddersfield Town Ladies v Leeds United Ladies

Middlesborough Women v Watford Ladies or Buckland Athletic Ladies

Billericay Town Ladies v Loughborough Foxes Women

Hull City Ladies v AFC Wimbledon Ladies

Coventry United Ladies v Crawley Wasps Ladies or Chichester City Ladies

Nottingham Forest Ladies v Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

Oxford United Women v Blackburn Rovers Ladies

Keynsham Town Ladies v Fylde Ladies

The Round-Up – FA Women’s Cup 11/11/18

The Round-Up

Sunday 11th November

FA Women’s Cup

The FA Women’s Cup saw 15 ties drawn for this Sunday, the 1st Round Proper of the competition. An £850 prize for the winners with the FAWNL Premier Division sides set to enter in the next round. 5 of the 1st Round ties featuring sides covered by Women’s Football East. One of those falling foul to the weather, AFC Wimbledon Ladies away to New London Lionesses called off due to a water-logged pitch.

  It was action from the FA Women’s Cup too this weekend for Women’s Football East a return to the Trinity College Playing Fields to watch a local derby between Cambridge City Ladies from the ERWFL Premier Division hosting rivals Cambridge United WFC competing in the league above, FAWNL South East Division One. Cambridge City Ladies making history already reaching the 1st Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup, top of the ERWFL Premier Division hold a 100% winning record going into the game, saw a thrilling game in 2nd Round Qualifying as they came back to beat FAWNL South East Division One side, Leyton Orient WFC 5-4.

  A large crowd in attendance to watch Cambridgeshire’s leading women’s footballing sides go head to head. Certainly had the feel of a local derby, an intriguing watch the sides evenly matched first half ending goalless. A tense start to the 2nd half Cambridge City asserting some pressure substitute Bella Simmons forcing a fantastic save from Cambridge United goalkeeper Savannah Smith. Cambridge United broke with 15 minutes left captain Kelley Blanchflower out to the left wing sending a great cross into the area over Becky Shepherd making a central run, new signing Jade Bell meeting the ball at the far post sending it into the back of the net for her first goal for the club United leading 1-0. 

Sarah Mosley getting the ball up field for Cambridge City Ladies

  Cambridge City left it late against Leyton Orient to win the game, was another late strike to equalise right at the death and force the game into extra-time, Lauren Tomlinson with a long throw into the near post area, the ball not cleared popping out to Bella Simmons to smash the ball into the back of the net and get buried under her team mates in celebration. Into extra-time momentum firmly with Cambridge City, United rattled forced to make a keeper change, unhappy with some refereeing decisions, one of those a contributing factor to City going on to take the lead a well worked move from the throw-in down the line on the left, the cross in central top of the area Laura Mills finding a pocket of space meeting the ball firmly firing it into the goal, City lead 2-1! United couldn’t find a reply, Emma Jenkins coming closest late on seeing her close range attempt cleared of the line from a corner. Cambridge City winning to make it into the 2nd Round draw, where thy have been paired away to FAWNL Southern Premier Division side, Oxford United Women. 

Cambridge City Ladies celebrate their late equaliser goalscorer Bella Simmons in under there somewhere

   Luton Town Ladies from FAWNL South East Division One were hosting, Kent United Ladies from the  London & South East Regional Premier Division in the FA Women’s Cup, 1st Round Proper this Sunday. Like the Cambridge derby, the lower league side holding their opponents to a goalless draw at half-time. Midway through the 2nd half the dead lock was broken the visitors awarded a penalty, Elizabeth Waldie stepping up to score from the spot to put Kent United into the lead. Luton coming back to level with 15 minutes left to play Nicola Henman sending the ball home to make it 1-1. The game heading into extra-time with neither side managing to edge victory it was to be settled on penalties. Luton holding their nerve, Kent United missing theirs Luton make it to the 2nd Round of the FA Women’s Cup where they have been drawn away to fellow league side Billericay Town Ladies.

  Billericay Town Ladies needing extra-time themselves to progress in the FA Women’s Cup and make history by reaching the 2nd Round of the competition. Were away to fellow South East Division One side, Norwich City Ladies. The hosts getting off to the great start opening the scoring with Chelsea Garrett making it 1-0 with her 10th goal of the season. Ellie Smith doubling Norwich’s lead to see them 2-0 up at half-time. Both sides though reduced to 10 before the half-time whistle. Billericay fought back in the 2nd half getting a goal back then levelling the scores to send the game into the added 30. The visitors down to 9 following a 2nd sending off, nevertheless managed to get their noses in front to lead 3-2. Held on as Norwich to ended the game with 9. A home tie with Luton Town Ladies in the 2nd Round the reward.

   No drama for Crawley Wasps Ladies in the 1st Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup as the leaders of FAWNL South East Division One maintained their 100% winning start to the season on Sunday at home to London & South East Regional Premier Division side, Queens Park Rangers Girls. Kemina Webber opening the scoring for Crawley Wasps in the 13th minute. Emma Plewa doubling the lead midway through the 1st half to see Crawley 2-0 up at half-time. Plewa adding her 2nd of the game 4 minutes into the 2nd half. Megan Stow with a superb 25 yard strike on the hour making it 4-0 to the hosts, Plewa wrapping up her hat-trick 5 minutes later. Ariana Fleischman scoring with 20 minutes left to see Crawley Wasps win the game 6-0. A home tie in the 2nd Round up against FAWNL Southern Premier Division leaders, Chichester City Ladies.

20 ties pulled out of the bag for the 2nd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup, scheduled to be played Sun 2nd December. The full draw listed below:-

Sheffield FC Ladies v Nottingham Forest Ladies

Long Eaton United Ladies v Hull City Ladies

Leeds United Ladies v Doncaster Rovers Belles

Huddersfield Town Ladies v Bradford City Women

Sunderland AFC Ladies v Fylde Ladies

Chester-Le-Street Town Ladies v Stoke City Ladies

Middlesborough Women v Stockport County Ladies

Bolton Wanderers Ladies v West Bromich Albion Women

Guiseley AFC Vixens v Derby County Ladies

Wolverhampton Wanderers Women v Blackburn Rovers Ladies

Keynsham Town Ladies v C&K Basildon Ladies

Loughborough Foxes Women v Gillingham Ladies

Billericay Town Ladies v Luton Town Ladies

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies v Southampton Women

New London Lionesses or AFC Wimbledon Ladies v Portsmouth FC Women

Oxford United Women v Cambridge City Ladies

Watford Ladies v Buckland Athletic Ladies

Coventry United Ladies v Plymouth Argyle Ladies

Crawley Wasps Ladies v Chichester City Ladies

Cardiff City Ladies v Queens Park Rangers Women