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Cup Final Special – Cardea FC Ladies v Histon Ladies

Wednesday 10th May

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup Final

sponsored by the Alan Boswell Group

A trip over to St Neots this Wednesday evening for the final of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup, to be contested by the two sides vying for the title in Division One, Cardea FC Ladies and Histon Ladies. 

  The pair battling for the title in the Cambridgeshire Women’s league top division. Histon Ladies on top for much of the campaign with Cardea FC Ladies behind with their fixtures, have caught their rivals up now and after drawing 1-1 at Histon back in February. Cardea FC Ladies winning 4-2 at home against Histon 10 days ago are now 3 points clear at the top with both having 2 matches left to play.

This evening’s prize

  Cardea FC Ladies reaching their 2nd cup final of the season aiming to repeat the success of their first ever cup final a month ago in the Hunts FA Women’s Senior Cup a wonderful strike from captain Laura Rudd after just 50 seconds the difference as they turned in a strong performance against St Ives Town Ladies to win the trophy in 2nd season. A league and cup treble on the cards have been steadily improving rising to challenge at the top of the Cambridgeshire County Women’s league with ambitions to move up into regional football next season. Building a strong squad bringing in some experienced players including Emma Pollard with vast experience playing at a higher level with Peterborough Northern Star Ladies has been prolific in front of goal for Cardea, scoring an incredible 54 goals so far this season from just 19 appearances. 

 Histon Ladies have endured a couple of tough season’s since dropping out of the ERWFL, but have very much turned thing’s around this season with the appointment of Keven Jacklin as 1st team manager. A wealth of experience working with Cambridge City Ladies, chairman at one time as has brought in a few ex-Cambridge City players to bolster the strong core of players already within the club. Hit the ground running with straight wins to top the league a position held until recently after being overhauled by Cardea FC Ladies and will now need their opponents to drop points in their final 2 fixtures to have any chance of regaining top spot. Carla Penny one of the ex-Cambridge City contingent joining Kevin Jacklin at Histon, scoring alot of goals in City colours has continued that form in the red of Histon, scoring 22 in 18 appearances. Amie Fullwood another ex-City player weighing in with 12 goals with Sophie Hopkin also getting to double figures. Like Cardea are keen to get back playing regional football.

Road to the Final  

  Byes into the 2nd Round for both sides, Cardea FC Ladies entered the competition away to Division Three side Manea Sirens LFC. Cardea racking up a massive score line winning 18-0! With Emma Pollard netting 5 goals, captain Laura Rudd hitting 4 into the back of the net. With Georgie Elsom and Courtney Coles scoring 3 and 2 respectfully with a goal apiece for Charlotte Moffat, Brooke Ware, Sofia Aragosa and Olivia Smith. Histon Ladies too drawn at home to Division Three opposition getting the home win over Deeping United Ladies. 

  Into the 3rd Round, Cardea FC Ladies facing tough opposition in Division Two newcomers Peterborough Sports Ladies who would go on to win the league. Cardea though win plenty of goal scorers in their ranks as Pollard netted herself a brace with Aragosa, Rudd, Ware and Elsom all on target for a goal each in a 6-1 win. Histon at home to fellow Division One side, Leverington Sports Ladies and although it would prove a different story in the league a month later Histon with a dominant display to win through to the quarter finals with an 8-1 victory. Carla Penny scoring 4 goals, with a goal each for Sophie Hopkin, Katie Levitt, Kirsty Geal and Amie Fullwood.

  The quarter finals saw Cardea draw away to Eaton Socon Ladies making a strong showing in their debut season in Division One pushing hard in 3rd spot. It was Pollard inflicting the damage once again as she scored a hat-trick to secure a 3-1 win for her side. Histon progressing to the last 4 without kicking a ball as they were once again awarded the home win this time against Cambridge City Ladies Development 

  Cardea away from home in the semi-finals taking on another Division One side Fulbourn Bluebirds Institute. Fulbourn possessing a strong goal threat themselves were to get on the scoresheet twice, but as before Pollard was amongst the goals netting another hat-trick with Moffat also scoring to see Cardea into the final with a 4-2 win. Histon at home playing Division Two side Huntingdon Town Ladies in the last 4. goals from Penny, Levitt, Hopkin and Fullwood seeing them into the final winning 4-0.

 St Neots Town FC’s Premier Plus Stadium hosting this evening’s League Cup final, no stranger to women’s football as it also serves as the home for Cambridge United WFC and their Development side in the FAWNL. The main grass pitched stadium with a 3G facility beside. The bar and clubhouse beside the main seated stand on on side with covered viewing behind both goals. The grass pitch looking good as it has all season. Several heavy down pours across the region in the hours leading up to this evenings game, the pitch passing a 5pm inspection. Standing water in places would be a slick surface, favouring the sliding challenge, with hopefully no more rain falling. 

Cardea FC Ladies

Cardea FC Ladies starting XI – Poppy Halstead, Laura Ramsaran, Fiona Plumb, Sofia Aragosa, Brooke Ware, Maisie Homden, Laura Rudd (C), Olivia Smith, Georgie Elsom, Courtney Coles & Emma Pollard. Subs – Titch Abraham, Leah Barnes, Mia Newman & Charlotte Moffat.

Histon Ladies

Histon Ladies starting XI – Kayleigh Blanchard, Abi Laughlin, Katie Levitt, Ellie Churchill, Laura Leyland, Rachel Pearce, Sophie Hopkin, Emma Todd, Kirsty Geal, Carla Penny (C) & Amie Fullwood. Subs – Freya Goddard, Esther McTrusty, Shannon Chandler, Ellie Laughlin & Shannon Shaw.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

    Carla Penny captaining Histon, lining up with Cardea captain Laura Rudd with this evening’s referee Nicoleta Bria who is amongst growing list of female officials within the county to go on to officiate in the Women’s Championship and beyond. Histon to get the League Cup final underway kicking-off the first half wearing red coloured shirts with black shorts and socks. Cardea lined up opposite wearing navy coloured shirts with blue sleeves, navy shorts and socks. The ball rolled back to the defence put out to the right for Emma Todd to attack, Maisie Homden seeing it out for a throw for Cardea.

  Cardea get after the ball on their right pushed forwards into Brooke Ware looks to send it up the line for Emma Pollard, racing forwards sees her cross blocked by Histon’s Katie Levitt the ball out for the throw to Cardea in the corner. From the throw Pollard sees the ball into her feet and turning to attack strikes the ball goalwards from a tight angle, Histon goalkeeper, Kayleigh Blanchard getting down sharply at her near post the save beating the ball wide across her six yard box before being cleared behind for the corner kick. The inswinging delivery flying into the side netting.

Cardea’s Brooke Ware with Histon’s Kirsty Geal

  Histon surge forwards the ball fed on through the middle, Rachel Pearce laying the ball into Amie Fullwood attacking the right channel, Todd showing a rapid turn of pace to take herself in behind the Cardea defence as Fullwood rolls the ball into her path right of the D, Cardea goalkeeper, Poppy Halstead getting out to the edge of her area rapidly sliding in to claim the ball at Todd’s feet. 

Histon striker, Amie Fullwood

 Both sides looking to get after the ball in the opening exchanges, Cardea captain Laura Rudd sending the ball on for Pollard looking to pull off the defence left of goal, Laura Leyland getting her foot in to intercept the pass, clear for Histon in defence. Histon on the move left side Levitt on for Kirsty Geal out wide, pace taking the ball forwards fires a stinging drive in towards Cardea’s near post from outside the box, Halstead down sharply stretching to claim the ball with Todd closing in.

  Is competitive in the middle, Courtney Coles for Cardea battling for possession with Histon’s Sophie Hopkin. The ball put on down the line right side for Todd presses forwards, Maisie Homden getting back at her well for Cardea to defend in the corner prevent the cross coming in. Pearce getting free in the middle taking the ball forwards a clever pass into Carla Penny as she makes a run across the top of the D moving to the right, chipping the ball over the top of the defence into the area, Halstead rushing out the first to the ball.

Cardea defender, Maisie Homden

  Histon looking lively winning the ball in midfield Pearce with options left and right in Geal and Todd with Penny drifting across the defence. Leyland winning the ball at the back for Histon as Cardea attempt to release Pollard up top her clear needing to be intercepted by Homden stretching with Todd running on. Patches of standing water on the pitch, one found by Abi Laughlin as she throws herself into a sliding challenge. 

Abi Laughlin

Rudd turning on the ball on for Georgie Elsom on the left forwards into Pollard up the wing her crossfield ball, cut out and cleared by Leyland for the throw in. Histon pressing players on well a throw won high on the left into Penny plays the ball inside of Pearce who in turn lays it out to the left for Levitt bursting forwards has Geal ahead of her looking to break into the box, receiving the pass, Sofia Aragosa, closing her down challenging to win the ball. 

Laughlin sending the ball on right side for Todd hurtling forwards on the right her cross from deep swept into the area cut out by Laura Ramsaran cleared out of the area, the shot struck from distance charged down by Elsom. Histon winning the ball looking to take the game to Cardea, Laughlin going past Todd on the overlap right side, Olivia Smith tracking back on her to defend for Cardea the ball put out of play for the corner on the right. The delivery whipped in across goal threating to creep under the crossbar Halstead up well to glove it away to the far post dropping Histon lash a shot in towards goal rising central, Halstead with an excellent reactive save getting her arm up to knock the ball up over the bar.

  Pressure building from Histon the corner played in from the left inswinging central Rudd up before the keeper heading it down towards the top of the area Hopkin latching onto the shot inside the box for Histon, smashed over the bar! 

Histon’s Sophie Hopkin

  Halstead the busier of the two keepers out quickly to the right corner of her box to slide in and claim as Levitt looks to put Geal in behind on the wing after Elie Churchill wins the ball at the back. Todd moving into a central position looking to put Fullwood in to attack right of the D, taking the ball on into the box wide of goal fires a low cross into Penny outside the near post, turns as she shoots the ball struck over. 

Histon captain, Carla Penny

  Histon applying the pressure looking a threat on the right Homden exposed as Todd is played in down the line the Cardea defender doing well getting back on her nevertheless as Smith gets back to help her out the ball cleared for a throw. Pearce into Hopkin central finds Todd with the pass on the right her early cross into the box won by Cardea’s Aragosa. Pearce with time on the ball for Histon central putting the ball into Levitt’s path on the left storming forwards looks to play in Geal, Brooke Ware challenging to prevent the cross for Cardea.

Histon’s Emma Todd with Cardea’s Maisie Homden

  Pushing Cardea back, making it difficult for their opponent to get the ball into Pollard up top Histon continue to press, Hopkin into Fullwood, Penny moving across her wanting the ball, Fiona Plumb tackling for Cardea. Pollard coming into midfield for the ball taking it on central a driving run forwards, Pearce back on her lunging in to tackle get the ball for Histon who quickly turn play around the ball out to Todd right side squared inside for Fullwood 25 yards out rolls it central for Pearce to strike the ball, her shot straight at Halstead the keeper holding onto the ball.

Cardea captain, Laura Rudd


  Midway through the first half Cardea looking to up the tempo, Plumb out to Rudd left side, has been closely marked by Histon, Laughlin preventing her turning on the ball, payed inside for Coles attempts to lift the ball over the defence for Pollard bursting in behind, Leyland the tallest of the defends in the way getting her head onto the ball to clear. Histon having the better of the first half coming on with the ball. The pitch slick the challenges coming in the ball cleared out of the ground on several occasions. Penny up with Todd on the right, Rudd getting back to tackle, finds Coles up the left wing sends the ball on for Pollard, again Leyland intercepts. 

Histon defender, Laura Leyland

  Todd with the ball on the right 30 yards out stabs it into Hopkin inside the area right of goal, fires the ball across the six yard box with Geal racing in far post, hit goalwards, Halstead with a great low save across her goal mouth quickly. Aragosa fouling Geal out wide left the free-kick awarded. Cardea making a change before it’s taken Leah Barnes on for Coles. Pearce to lift the ball into the box central headed clear by Ramsaran. Histon with a short corner on the left put into the area by Geal, won by Aragosa for Cardea headed out to the left, the ball returned claimed by Halstead.

Plenty of water laying on the pitch, Sofia Aragosa wringing out her shorts

  Aragosa fouled outside the box as she attempts to keep in at her feet under pressure from Penny, the Cardea defence under the most pressure Pollard looking to provide the relief when she can take the ball on out on the right up with Ware the ball struck in viciously on the angle, Blanchard reacting well saving with her feet knocking the ball out towards the top of the area very nearly into the path of Barnes storming into the box.

Histon goalkeeper, Kayleigh Blanchard

  Histon making their first change bringing on Shannon Shaw for Geal in attack. Histon launching a rapid counter attack Todd on the ball full of pace down the right, Fullwood and Shaw bursting into the box as Todd sends her cross in behind the two attackers comes to Penny inside the D, digs the ball out of her feet hit towards goal lacks the power to trouble Halstead as she catches the ball. Homden getting back on Todd as she threatens to get away on the right support from Shaw before the free-kick is given away. Wide right from a deep position Pearce to curl a high ball in central, Halstead keeping her eyes on the dropping ball not distracted by the runner jumping across her takes the ball down cleanly.

  Barnes fouling Penny inside the Cardea half, top of the circle. Players up into the box as Pearce delivers the ball in high, Plumb getting her head on the ball knocked down off Penny challenging the attacker striking the ball wide of the left post. Histon with another change bringing Hopkin off on comes, Freya Goddard. Elsom attempting to pick out Pollard on the right, Levitt sliding in to put the ball away for the throw. 

Histon’s Katie Levitt

 Homden caught by Saw as she slides in to challenge of the ball on the right. Half-time fast approaching Cardea opt to bring the defender off for further assessment send on Mia Newman at the back. Penny up on the right slides the ball into the box for Shaw to attack right side pushed to the by-line no room for the cross lands in the side netting. Into stoppage time Plumb finding a bit of room central for Cardea lifting the pass out for Smith to attack out left, Goddard closing her down to clear the ball out of play. 

Half-time Cardea FC Ladies 0-0 Histon Ladies

  Goalless at the break, Histon with a strong first half performance getting in to win the ball high put the Cardea defence under pressure forced back, using the width well, Geal and Todd getting on down the line creating a number chances, Poppy Halstead with some great saves to keep the stalemate. Frustrated not to be in the lead. Chances for Cardea limited up top losing the ball in the middle haven’t been able to link up with Pollard up top at all this in turn allowing Histon’s full backs to come on alot to think about as the teams head into the changing rooms at half-time.

 Histon bringing on Esther McTrusty at the start of the 2nd half replacing Laughlin. Cardea unchanged from the side that finished the first half as they get the 2nd half underway the floodlights taking full effect now the ball rolled back into the defence played back to the keeper, launches it forwards with Pollard on the move into the right channel, Churchill winning the ball for Histon. 

Histon’s Esther McTrusty

 Cardea snapping at the ball in midfield, Smith into Pollard taking the ball on right channel pace letting fly from all of 35 yards out dipping in front of Blanchard at her near post the keeper with a good save diving to push the ball behind for the corner on the right. Cardea looking to get on the front foot at the start of the 2nd half the corner defended at the near post falls to Barnes at the top of the area struck first time riding back in towards goal Blanchard behind with a confident save.

Cardea’s Leah Barnes

   Cardea with a different approach to the 2nd half looking to get into the ball high in the middle feed it into Pollard in attack to run at the defence. Histon though ready to spring the counter the diagonal ball finding Todd wide right driving on, tackled by Newman. Blanchard comes rushing out to the corner of her area to close Pollard down as the is sent on by Elsom into her path left channel, the keeper just about getting there getting something on the ball to prevent Pollard racing in on goal, cleared for a throw on the left.

Histon midfielder, Rachel Pearce

  McTrusty on with Pearce in the middle for Histon out to Penny drifting left played forwards for Shaw to attack, Ramsaran winning the challenge for Cardea. The game more open now Elsom winning the ball well for Cardea a little deeper now out to Ware on the right breaking on looking to put Pollard through, the pass not quite finding it’s mark. A throw won out on the left for Cardea high up the pitch. played into Pollard left outside the box, turns inside the move across the D, McTrusty staying on her, Pollard getting the few inches she needs to turn and strike the ball 25 yards out, flashed in towards goal Blanchard beaten the ball cannoning off the cross bar and over. 

Georgie Elsom

  Certainly competitive both sides giving fouls away, McTrusty with a clumsy challenge on Rudd. The free-kick inside the Histon half played long to the far post area by Elsom, Blanchard getting up to punch the ball away. Geal coming back on for Histon as Cardea win a corner on the right the ball played in towards, Barnes top of the area, closed down quickly by Histon the ball won back look to get on the break put forwards into Todd, Ramsaran getting in a timely tackle to prevent her stealing in behind.

   Ware picking up a yellow card as she commits the foul wide on the left as Histon attack. Pearce to send the ball in cleared by Ramsaran at the near post. Pollard looking to put the ball on for Elsom as Cardea attack, McTrusty winning the tackle for Histon launching a counter attack out for Shaw attacking the left channel wins her side a corner kick. Put in low near side turned behind for a 2nd corner on the hour.

 GOAL! Blocking a shot from the top of the area as they defend the corner Cardea hit Histon on the break the ball sent forwards into Pollard making a central run bursting towards the area clear of the defence, Blanchard comes rushing out to the top of her area to close the angle, Pollard shooting early firing the ball past the keeper to find the empty goal beyond 1-0.

Emma Pollard firing home the opening goal for Cardea on the hour

  Cardea taking the lead capitalising on their positive start to the 2nd half, Pollard mobbed by her celebrating teammates. A blow for Histon look for a quick response the ball fired into Penny’s feet holding it up right of the D lays it wide for Todd to left a curling cross in towards the far post, Shaw stooping to head the ball powers it back across the six yard box narrowly wide of the right post. Titch Abraham on for Cardea taking up a position on the left. 

  McTrusty up on the right for Histon with Todd played infield to Penny who in turn clips the ball out to Shaw wide left, knocking it forwards, Ramsaran defending for Cardea. The game open now Histon keeping players up forcing the Cardea defence to defend deep however there are spaces at the back for Pollard to exploit, Elsom finding her with the pass on the right, Leyland getting out to her to tackle send the ball out for the throw. 

Laura Leyland

Abraham with a long throw in her locker out left lifted in towards the area, Leyland winning the header to clear for Histon. Out left for another throw Abraham dropping the ball into Elsom, puts it back into Abraham moving inside, stabs the ball into the area, no one gambling, Blanchard claiming it unchallenged. Abraham winning a corner of her next long throw on the left the ball curled into the six yard box won by Churchill for Histon. Headed behind for a 2nd corner. Whipped in high beyond the far post headed wide. 

Cardea’s Titch Abraham

  Histon come on with the ball McTrusty sending the pass into Fullwood up top laid back for Pearce advancing, prods it on looking for Shaw cutting in from the left, the pass cut out by Aragosa. Midway through the 2nd half Cardea continue to defend their box inviting pressure but ready to spring the counter Pollard lurking with intent. McTrusty brought down by Rudd as she takes the ball on wide right. Pearce over the dead ball players forwards from the back the ball dropped in central scrambled clear to the top of the of the D the pass fed low into the right side Leyland shooting on the angle six yards out, Halstead down sharply at her near post saving the ball.

Cardea goalkeeper, Poppy Halstead

  Elsom putting the ball on for Pollard out on the right from distance attempts to lob the keeper, doesn’t get her angles right the ball over. Shannon Chandler coming on at right back for Histon.  Cardea making another change too bringing on Charlotte Moffat for Smith. Cardea winning a throw high on the right

 GOAL! An immediate impact for the substitute as the ball is played into Moffat wide of goal, on the angle sends her shot in looping up over the keeper to drop into the goal beyond 2-0.

Charlotte Moffat making am immediate impact from the substitutes bench to make it 2-0

  A further blow for Histon as they press the ball high out to Shaw left the ball fizzed into the area, beat down by Halstead the Cardea defence working hard to keep their opponents at bay. Cardea straight on the counter the ball into midfield put on for Pollard moving to the left, Chandler tracking back with her defending inside the box as Todd gets back to clear the ball. The game end to end as Histon send players on to attack, Pearce finding Shaw on the left her angled shot in low Halstead down smartly to save pushing the ball wide across her goal. 

Histon attacker, Shannon Shaw

  Halstead coming in amongst a crowd at the near post from a Histon corner to knock the ball behind for a 2nd corner on the right. An inswinging ball the six yard box loaded, Cardea knock the ball down out towards the top of the area the shot flashed back in Halstead somehow behind it saving on the line. Histon bringing Hopkin back on with the clock ticking down. Pressing late on Cardea back defending their box determined in defence bodies in to block. 

Cardea’s Fiona Plumb

  A free-kick won wide on the right with 5 minutes left to play Rudd shown a card. Played in near post knocked down towards the top of the area, Cardea look to clear the six yard box the ball played back in wide right of goal, Halstead out to clear the ball on the by-line. Leyland putting the ball forwards into Hopkin back to goal top of the D, marked by Abraham can’t turn to release the ball. Cardea break right side Ware on the move with the ball up ended by Leyland eating up time winning the free-kick, Homden comes back on replacing Elsom. The game moving into stoppage time.

 Histon regain possession through the middle into Shaw, plays the ball out to Hopkin wide left her inswinging cross defended at the back by Newman for Cardea. Leyland shown a yellow card bringing down Pollard as she looks to burst forwards late on, right of the circle the ball lifted in towards the top of the area, defended as the final whistle blows Cardea cheer in jubilation as they come together to celebrate winning a cup double.

Full time Cardea FC Ladies 2-0 Histon Ladies

  Cardea winning the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup Final to go with the Hunts FA Women’s Senior Cup Final won last month. Making adjustments in the 2nd half to better get hold of the ball higher up the pitch 2nd half began the 2nd period strongly winning the ball and getting it on into Pollard up top, hitting the cross bar before being put through central on the hour to put the ball past the on rushing keeper to score. With Histon pushing on looking for a reply the game opened up Charlotte Moffat making an immediate impact from the bench to score Cardea’s 2nd goal. Histon continued to create chances and were frustrated by Halstead in goal on a number of occasions. Arguably the better side, certainly first half however Cardea played to their strengths working extremely hard in defence, determined and tenacious to defend their box. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this evening’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. A good contest between the top two sides in the league. Several strong contenders to mention for both sides. Histon will be frustrated they couldn’t find a goal. Emma Todd playing well out on the right in attack getting forwards into some good positions putting the Cardea defence on the back foot. Carla Penny with some good movement in the final 3rd getting into some great positions to shoot. Rachel Pearce with some great passing in midfield spreading play across the pitch. Laura Leyland winning the ball at the back. For Cardea the whole defence as in the Hunts final was superb working hard to defend win the ball and block soaking up alot of pressure from Histon. Georgie Elsom playing a little deeper 2nd half winning the ball finding Emma Pollard in attack, took her goal well making some forceful runs and looking to be available for the pass throughout. The award goes as it did in the Hunts final to goalkeeper Poppy Halstead, hard to believe she’s only 16 years old, commands her area well making a number of quality saves to thwart Histon keeping it goalless at the break pulled off a number of crucial saves in the 2nd half too.

Cardea FC Ladies , 2022/23 Cambridgeshire Women’s league Cup winners

Congratulations to Cardea FC Ladies on winning this season’s Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

  Another entertaining final from Cambridgeshire this evening, well contested between to two strongest teams in the league. My thanks go to Chris Abbott and his team and Cambs FA for all their help and too both sides for their assistance in providing me with the team line ups.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Netherton United Ladies v Peterborough United Foundation Women

Sunday 10th April

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

Plenty of exciting fixtures  being played as the football season reaches it’s climax with league titles being decided and cup final spots being secured. A semi-final game from the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup the featured game on Women’s Football East as Division One leaders Netherton United Ladies host Division Three leaders, Peterborough United Foundation Women.

  Both sides with 100% records in their respective leagues and closing in on the title. In Netherton United Ladies case a successful defence of the league title they won for the 1st time last season, back then the Premiership now Division One. Have a stronger squad this season adding a Development side. Have won all 12 of their league matches so far this season scoring 97 goals along the way. Top scorer, Yasmin Green has an impressive 50 goals for the season from just 20 appearances, whilst strike partner Emily Johnson has 38 goals so far from 21 games.

  Peterborough United Foundation Women are a new side joining the Cambridgeshire Women’s league this season with the senior women’s side moving up to the FAWNL. The Posh Foundation helping to grow football in the community in Peterborough which as I’ve eluded to before his a hotbed for football talent within the region taking on the running of the new women’s side.  Joining Division Three in Cambridgeshire  a young side have been strong right from the start topping the table winning all 15 league games played so far and like Netherton in Division One closing in on 100 goals scored with 5 players into double figures for the season, Callie Tancred leading the way with 28 goals from 13 whilst Keira Swanson has 14 goals. Andreira Olivia has 12 with Kacey Sharman and Olivia Mae Jacobs on 11 and 10 respectfully.

Dominating their leagues both Netherton and Peterborough United Foundation were drawn together in the group stages of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup. 6 groups featuring 4 or 5 sides across all 3 division’s playing each side once, the top 8 sides progressing to the quarter final knock out stage. Playing in Group E, along side Riverside Ladies of Division Two and Deeping United Ladies of Division Three. It was the be the game between the pair with Peterborough having home advantage that was going to decide who topped the group. Was a close game with Circe Rodgers and Keira Swanson scoring for Peterborough, however it was Netherton who edged it winning 3-2 with a brace from Megan Stickland plus one from Yasmin Green.

Netherton away to Cambridge University in the quarter finals, winning the game 2-0 courtesy  of an Emily Johnson brace. Peterborough drawn away to Cardea FC Ladies 2nd in Division One. The visitors too strong on the game recording a comfortable 7-2 win to progress and set up a semi-final clash with their group E rivals Netherton. 

The Grange the venue for today’s League Cup semi-final. A 3G pitch alongside several grass pitches serving the local community. The kitchen open serving hot food and drink, took full advantage with a bacon cheeseburger, undoubtedly one of the best around if you’re ever out that way. A great day for football too weather wise warm and pleasant with a little cloud cover but otherwise bright and sunny. The Cambridgeshire FA having a referee exchange program this time of year a successful trip in 2019, welcome back officials from Norway with 3 officiating today’s game, referee Marie Dahle assisted by Magnus Aaslaund and Magnus Halse.

Netherton United Ladies

 Netherton United Ladies starting XI – Amy Stanyon, Naomi Dauncey, Dita Upesjure, Jess Didio, Jordan Sampson, Ellie Hannon, Jess Perrin, Katie Barber, Megan Stickland, Yasmin Green & Emily Johnson. Subs – Jenna Nairn, Zoe Shepherd, Mollie Marshall, Reanne Mullin & Leah Palmer.

Peterborough United Foundation Women

 Peterborough United Foundation Women starting XI – Shelley Broadway, Millie Pellow, Shephania Chaudhuri, Circe Rodgers, Jess Broadway, Emily Ingle (C), Andreira Oliveira, Zoe Devonport, Callie Tancred, Piper O’Neill & Keira Swanson. Subs – Polly Pellow.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 Just the one substitute available for Peterborough this afternoon and without a regular goalkeeper, it’s midfielder, Shelley Broadway donning the gloves.  It’s the visitors Peterborough to kick the game off 1st half wearing blue coloured shirts with white sleeves, white shorts and blue socks with Netherton lined up opposite wearing red coloured shirts with black sleeves, black shorts and socks. The ball put back to the defence Peterborough immediately press Keira Swanson up top the ball deflected out to full back Dita Upesjure to lift into midfield the ball fed out to Emily Johnson racing into space on the right channel pace into the area, Jess Broadway going with her defending for Peterborough conceding an early corner. 

The ball sent in low from the right attacked at the near post, Peterborough clear with Andreira Oliveira carrying the ball out of the area before lifting it up to Swanson in attack, Upesjure defending at the back for Netherton. The hosts showing attacking intent driving on through the middle Emily Johnson picking up the ball sending it on to Yasmin Green to her right closing in on the box, Shelley Broadway comes racing out of her box to get her foot on the ball first a rushed clearance chopped out to the right wing gathered by Netherton’s Katie Barber she looks to take advantage of the keeper being off her line sends a high ball in towards goal from the angle the ball dropping wide of the far post.

Netherton’s Ellie Hannon

  Ellie Hannon taking the ball on through the middle for Netherton lifting it forwards for Johnson peeling into the right channel, a little too much on it Broadway can see it run safely out of play. A strong start from the hosts Johnson and Green picking up the ball driving at the defence with Barber and captain Megan Stickland providing width right and left. Hannon out to Barber on the move right side up the line flashes a cross in behind goal from an acute angle. Hannon breaking down a Peterborough goalkick well on for Johnson inside the D plays a one two with Jess Perrin getting forwards to support before turning 25 yards out and shooting her effort tame through to the keeper.

Peterborough’s Andreira Oliveira with Netherton’s Jess Perrin

   Peterborough’s front three looking to press the Netherton defence whenever play is turned around Callie Tancred left into Piper O’Neill her ball out to Swanson right catching her offside. Perrin central on for Barber on the move right side her cross fired in near side Green with the shot Jess Broadway close in blocking the ball deflected wide lifted back in claimed by Shelley Broadway. Green put on the clear as she peels away left comes on towards to top of the box one on one with the keeper her initial effort blocked then the ball pressured as she places it wide of the target. 

 GOAL! Somewhat agianst the run of play Peterborough break with a well worked attack to open the scoring captain Emily Ingle playing the ball out to Tancred on the left, players drawn across as she gets help from O’Neill who sends the ball out to Swanson clear on the right channel 20 yards out angles her shot back in over the keeper to find the back of the net 0-1. A well taken goal inside the opening 10 minutes.

Keira Swanson opening the scoring for Peterborough

  Johnson gathering the ball into her feet on halfway looks to send Barber away on the right wing, the pass intercepted well by Peterborough full back Millie Pellow. Barber lively out on the right for Netherton getting forwards at every opportunity her cross bouncing into the box, caught by Broadway. Peterborough battling for possession on the left winning a free-kick inside the Netherton half players up from the back, the delivery into the box knocked out to the right Swanson interested, Upesjure lunging in to defend for Netherton giving away a corner kick. Taken short before being driven into the area, headed clear.

  Stickland is pulls clear on the left crossing Shephania Chaudhuri  getting back to lunge forwards to block her cross for Peterborough. Netherton bring the ball through the middle with Perrin onto Johnson inside the D, back to goal shifts it out to her left into Green right of goal 10 yards out smashes a shot goalwards, Broadway with a great save getting her fingertips to the rising ball turning it wide for a corner kick. 

Shelley Broadway with a great save for Peterborough

  The ball from the left fed in near side defend by Inge on the post who goes down with a head injury play stopped so she can receive treatment. Netherton continue to look strong in attack, the ball with Johnson on the right travels with it a strong run to the by-line turning into the box, her shirt tugged she stays on her feet before eventually being tripped nevertheless getting a shot away an scoring from inside the six yard box, however the whistle had already blown for the penalty before the shot and a penalty is given.   

Emily Johnson on the attack for Netherton

 GOAL! Netherton equalise from the spot with 20 minutes played. Green placing the ball on the spot with a composed finish placing her strike low to the keepers right into the bottom corner 1-1.

Yasmin Green equalises from the penalty spot for Netherton

  Peterborough attack from the restart growing in confidence their front 3 pressing Netherton’s backline as Oliveira wins the ball well in the middle. A high line at times Swanson is finding space on the right to steal into as O’Neill and Tancred link up well on the left side. Perrin in midfield lifting a long diagonal pass out to the left for Stickland to chase down in the corner checks back inside to square a cross into Green inside the box left of goal slides it on to Johnson right side six out her scuffed shot saved by Broadway’s legs before the keeper gathers the loose ball.

  Netherton caught dwelling on the ball at the back left side Tancred on for O’Neill her shot on the angle 25 yards out lacking power gathered easily by Netherton goalkeeper, Amy Stanyon. Johnson with a powerful run on the ball right side drills a cross into Green central, can’t get it under control before Broadway gets her gloves on it. Swanson frustrated on the right as she’s caught by the offside flag as O’Neill picks her out. Hannon down having collected a ball in the face. Play paused.

  Netherton press the ball into Stickland through to Barber on the right pushing for the box, tackled by Jess Broadway. Peterborough come right Zoe Devonport on for Tancred over on the right forwards for O’Neill right corner of the area getting a shot away, low hasn’t the pace to trouble Stanyon back on her line. Both sides making a change, Mollie Marshall coming on for Netherton replacing Barber on the right. Polly Pellow coming on for Peterborough replacing Jess Broadway.

 GOAL! No sooner have the changes been made then Peterborough go on to retake the lead, and another great finish from Swanson as she breaks on halfway in behind with the ball driving for the area left of the D, catching the ball with the outside of her boot from 20 yards out to send it up over the advancing keeper to nestle in the net beyond 1-2.

Keira Swanson putting Peterborough back into the lead

 Peterborough close the ball down well in the centre Devonport into Ingle who looks to lift it over the top for Tancred getting in behind on the left, Stanyon out well to catch the ball. Netherton a little careless at the ball dwelling on the ball as Peterborough’s attackers are quick to close it down. Perrin getting forwards on the left side forcing a throw in. Recieving it into her feet top  of the area turns and strikes an angled shot into the box, her effort blocked before Circe Rodgers clears upfield. 

 GOAL! Peterborough break from the back with a pacey attack to extend their lead with 36 minutes played, Oliveira carrying it out of the area sending it forwards for Tancred right is quick to offload it into Swanson central who on turn feeds sends it into O’Neill’s path as she gets clear left of the D, a case of staying composed then picking her spot and places it low to the keepers left to score 1-3.

Piper O’Neill extending Peterborough’s lead

  Netherton make a 2nd change Jenna Nairn coming on in the middle for Hannon. Attacking on the right appeal for a foul as Johnson is brought down running with the ball, nothing doing as Rodgers clears. The visitors move the ball right winning a throw put back into the middle lifted up to O’Neill who deftly helps it on to Swanson to her right shooting from outside the area in over the keeper, is denied a1st half hat-trick by the offside flag. 

 Nairn gathering the ball in the middle moves right passing to Marshall, she shifts the ball well between her feet holding it up as Nairn comes to support angling a cross into the area Stickland central in front of goal stooping to head the ball close to the keeper can’t get it round Broadway as she blocks and then claims it. Swanson a nuisance in attack for Peterborough charging down the keeper as she comes to kick clear top of the area the ball deflected to the right of the D Swanson looks to chase turn and shoot find the empty net cutting across the ball it curls wide of the far post.

  The clock ticking down in the 1st half Perrin to Nairn on for Marshall right looks to thread it in behind for Johnson racing forwards, intercepted by Rodgers who clears upfield. 

Half-time Netherton United Ladies 1-3 Peterborough United Foundation Women

  Peterborough with the lead at the break staying out on the field as Netherton head into the changing rooms. A strong start from the hosts Netherton looking to take the game to their opponents, however it was Peterborough pressing the ball high who found themselves taking the lead inside the opening 10 minutes. Netherton kept coming on with the ball, guilty at times of trying to walk the ball into the back of the net it was a powerful run from striker Johnson that led to them winning a penalty and Green equalising from the spot. Peterborough continuing to battle for the ball pressuring the Netherton backline forcing errors getting themselves back in front and going on to hold a 3-1 advantage at the break. An intriguing game on another day Netherton themselves could have been leading by that same score-line have work to do if they want to get back into the tie.

Jess Broadway back on at the start of the 2nd half for Peterborough as the visitors get the 2nd 45 underway the tie going straight to penalties if the scores are level at full time. Played back to Ingle in the middle clips it forwards for Swanson and O’Neill in attack pressure as they play a one two Swanson into the box left of goal shots across the keeper Stanyon getting something on it comes back off the right post and scrambled behind for a corner as O’Neill goes for it. The delivery lifted into the penalty spot from the right headed clear by Perrin. 

Netherton captain, Megan Stickland

 GOAL! A chance for Peterborough to extend their lead at one end early in the 2nd half Netherton break left Johnson forcing a corner kick. Players come up into the box the ball curled in over everyone near side falls to Johnson free at back stick to turn the ball over the line to pull it back to 2-3.

Emily Johnson at he far post scores for Netherton

  A goal for Netherton 2 minutes after the restart, looking to take the game on with Nairn through the middle off a throw in putting a high ball into the area, Rodgers defending for Peterborough falls to Stickland on the left side fires a goal bound effort back in low held by Shelley Broadway back on her line. Marshall down with a knock for Netherton as Peterborough look to break through Swanson in attack, Didio tackling at the back for Netherton. Play stopped so Marshall can receive treatment. Naomi Dauncey on the ball right for Netherton has Perrin providing a passing option ahead of her pulling wide screws a cross in towards goal, claimed high by Broadway. 

  Nairn getting hold of the ball taking it forwards for Netherton finding Dauncey out on the right in behind her cross clipped in near post claimed by Broadway again. Oliveira taking the ball on through the centre for Peterborough lifted out to O’Neill left side crossing early looking for Swanson making a far post run, it’s Didio who instead wins the ball heading clear for Netherton. The game is open Netherton going for it pushing on in attack risking getting hit on the counter with O’Neill and Swanson ready to break in behind whenever the ball is lost. Jess Broadway charging out for the box with the ball at her feet with a good run before sending it on for Swanson, the flag halting her run.

  O’Neill with a left footed shot pulled wide of the post as she collects top of the area left of the D as Ingle plays the ball forwards. Netherton with a change Marshall who ha taken a knock earlier off with Barber back on. Perrin and Nairn strong in the middle for Netherton winning the ball keeping it in the final 3rd looking to set up Johnson and Green who will drive at the defence given any opportunity. Rodgers then Chaudhuri both making last ditch tackles to deny a shooting opportunity. Polly Pellow back on for Zoe Devonport for Peterborough.

   Tancred over on the right for Peterborough spinning off her marker to get a cross into the area cut out by Sampson. Almost a mix up at the back from Peterborough inside the box as Broadway comes to catch a high ball put into the box from a Netherton free-kick only to have a defender come in front of her to clear it away to the right. The Peterborough defence soaking up alot of pressure 2nd half as Netherton press well. Green winning a free-kick 30 yards out right of the box. Nairn over it her effort dropping wide of the far post.

Netherton defender, Naomi Dauncey

  Swanson a willing runner up top for Peterborough as Oliveira plays it on through to the box defenders chasing checks back left of the D looking for options is closed down Sampson and Dauncey seeing the ball out left before being cleared. For all Netherton’s pressure you still have the feel this tie could go either way, it’s a case of Peterborough taking their chance if they get it. Nairn has made a huge difference since coming on getting hold of the ball into the box Johnson after it as Broadway comes to claim, all happening bundled over appeals for hand ball with the ball in the ground nothing doing. Johnson carrying the ball inside from the left fizzes it across the top of the area can’t quite pick out Barber on the right side as she runs forwards.

 GOAL! Netherton’s pressure in the final 3rd tells as they get themselves back on level terms midway through the 2nd half. Attacking on the left the ball fed into Green 25 yards out top of the D holding it up well back to goal lays it off to Nairn coming on to put her foot through the ball and send a swerving shot in past the keeper to score 3-3.

Jenna Nairn putting Netherton back on level terms

  Almost as soon as they get themselves back on level terms Netherton are guilty of a sloppy pass at the back that is latched upon by O’Neill some 20 yards out right of the D, strikes her shot over the crossbar. Netherton with Stickland on the left with Johnson the ball into Barber positioned top of the D, her shot off target going wide is collected by Broadway. Peterborough’s keeper beating a shot down angled in from distance on the left from Netherton. Johnson tripped in the middle presenting Netherton with a free-kick in a dangerous position. Nairn with a vicious shot on her which Ingle feels to her cost as the ball strikes her in the Peterborough wall. 

  Swanson with an effort on goal from all of 30 yards out on the right as she pressures the Netherton defence, in low Stanton saving with her feet deflecting it wide for a corner. Fired into the far post defended headed wide for a throw. Green taking the ball on through the middle fed out to Barber on the wing right side to the by- line her cross in low just about taken by Broadway.  The game stretched at times Netherton continue to press the ball defended Jess Broadway up to Swanson battling for possession gets it on to O’Neill beating the offside trap right channel 25 yards out shoots angled in low Stanyon saves down behind the ball. 

Netherton goalkeeper Amy Stanyon

  Rodgers with a strong challenge on deny Green inside the box as she carries the ball on well through the middle off Nairn a corner conceded on the right. An inviting delivery in just evading everyone attacking it inside the six yard box. Both sides looking to score Peterborough under pressure looking a little nervous at the back. Barber wide to the right the cross fired in from the by-line Johnson attacking it as the keeper looks to gather sends the ball wide. Ingle needing to come off for treatment for Peterborough, Devonport back on. 

Stickland with a shot in low from the left held by the keeper. Peterborough with a counter attack Devonport in the middle pulling up as she plays it on for Oliveira breaking forwards too much on it the keeper gathering. A quick switch for Peterborough with Ingle back on for Devonport. The clock ticking down as both sides look for the winning goal. Perrin with Nairn linking through the middle driving on, Rodgers tackling. Upesjure getting forwards on the left winning the ball high striking a shot in from distance fired wide across the box. At times you think Netherton are being a little to intrigant in their attacking play looking to carry the ball on into the box allowing the tackle to come in. Keeping the pressure on well.

  Johnson drives a cross along the top of the area, won by Jess Broadway who brings it out of defence powering forwards looking for O’Neill ahead of her on the right is slowed down Dauncey sliding in to win the ball. Netherton with the ball back Barber to Johnson right to the b-by-line back for Barber who finds Green to cross in saved by Broadway in goal. Peterborough get up the pitch on the right Swanson with O’Neill off a throw in put back to Pellow to strike from distance the ball deflected over.

Naomi Dauncey sliding in on Peterborough’s Jess Broadway

  Pellow in to defend well at the other end moments later as Johnson breaks forwards into the box Pellow lunging in with the challenge to take the ball away for a corner. Curled in the corner goes long beyond the far post. The game moving into stoppage time, penalties looming Netherton finishing strong Perrin out to the right, Millie Pellow defending the ball cleared up to O’Neill on the left checks inside to cross looking for Swanson at the far post, her shot charged down.

 GOAL! Into the 4th minute of stoppage time Netherton with one last push the ball played out to the right into Nairn, from the tightest on angles sending the ball in towards the near post close on goal, thought it was an own goal at first as a Peterborough defender closing in tries and head clear only succeeds it turning the ball into her own net but the ball was over the line  as Netherton converge on Nairn to celebrate what surely is the winning goal at the death! 4-3.

Netherton celebrate scoring a 94th minute winner

Full time Netherton United Ladies 4-3 Peterborough United Foundation Women

  No time left for Peterborough to get another opportunity to attack, heartbreak for the visitors at the finish as they concede in stoppage time to lose 4-3. A brilliant fightback from Netherton to get themselves back on level terms and clinch a last gasp winner. Turning around a 3-1 deficit at the break. A strong 2nd half performance taking the game to Peterborough giving their defence little rest, winning the midfield battle. That said you always felt Peterborough if they got an opportunity could take it and the game was open throughout the tie Netherton getting a deserved equaliser chances came for both penalties moments away Nairn’s cross dangerous bringing the deciding goal in stoppage time. Netherton into the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup final where they will face either Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds or Leverington Sports Ladies on Sunday 8th May. A valiant effort from Peterborough a fantastic achievement to reach a league cup semi-final in your debut season on top of what surely will be a maiden league title. The league and cup double a real possibility for Netherton.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match.  A few performances of note to mention. Firstly for Peterborough, Andreira Oliveira won a lot of the ball in midfield especially first half. Keira Swanson up top lively a constant threat with her movement and scored two well taken goals. For Netherton both Emily Johnson and Yasmin Green took the game to Peterborough throughout with strong running on the ball creating numerous chances both scoring. Jess Perrin strong for Netherton in midfield through the 90 minutes covering alot of ground battling for possession and getting forwards to support the attack. The award though goes to Jenna Nairn  made a real difference coming on, strong in the middle for Netherton getting hold of the ball driving and driving on keeping the opposition defence under pressure scoring the levelling goal before finding the winner in stoppage time.

May well not have been my first choice of game for the weekend but it was an excellent plan B. A great watch as a neutral travelling from Norfolk. Peterborough unlucky in the finish battling throughout were in the tie right to the end a blow to concede so late. Netherton fighting back with a strong 2nd half performance to clinch their place in the final. An entertaining tie, my thanks to both teams for the help with the team details good to chat to both before kick-off.

by Darren Gilham

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 05/01/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 5th January

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

2019 saw a large expansion in the county leagues in Cambridgeshire a host of new sides joining saw the Premiership increase to 13 sides with a new look single Championship starting with 15 now down to 14 alot of football to be played an plenty of intrigue developing as the fixtures unfold. Newly promoted side Leverington Sports Ladies ending 2019 top of the pile in the Premiership a close battle at the top between themselves and Haverhill Rovers Ladies with Peterborough Northern Star Ladies Reserves joining the battle late on, several others well placed to mount a challenge in 2020. 

  Five matches in the Premiership to start the new year. Leverington Sports beginning the new year with a local derby match away to march Town United Ladies who ended 2019 in a rich vein of form with 3 straight wins taking them up to 5th in the Premiership table. Proved to be a tight game with March coming away with a 2-1 victory courtesy of a 7th goal of the season from Jordan Turner and a first of the season and first in 62 matches for Claire Newton (that stat provided by March). The result lifting march up to 4th in the table 3 points off the leaders with 2 games in hand.

 That narrow defeat for Leverington Sports sees Peterborough Northern Star Ladies Reserves take over at the top of the Premiership table as they came out on top in a narrow win at home to St Ives Town Ladies Development on Sunday. PNS Reserves 6th win of the season edging the result 3-2 to collect the 3 points. Hannah Flatters in her 4th appearance scoring her first goals for the club celebrating a 1st half brace with Ellie Spendelow also on target for the hosts.

Ketton Ladies promoted to the Premiership as Championship North champions last season are up to 6th in the Premiership table 5 points off top spot with games in hand themselves as they started 2020 with a win. Playing at home in the league for the first time this season were taking on Histon Ladies Reserves a brace scored by captain Beth Goodman securing a 2-0 victory. 

A brace for Ketton Ladies. Beth Goodman on Sunday.

Ketton leading a trio of sides mid-table on 13 points well positioned to push on in 2020, Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds getting off to a winning start in 2020 at home to Cambridge University Women on Sunday. Top scorer Marie Stubbings netting a brace taking her tally to 20 for the season. Ebony Rule too also amongst the goals since rejoining the club on target for a brace herself to move to 11 for the campaign. Eleanor Woodley playing in just her 3rd game for Fulbourn scoring her first goal for the club helping the hosts to a 5-1 win. Cornelia Buettner making her first appearance for Cambridge University Women getting her first goal.

Finally in the Premiership Cambridge City Ladies new A side 9th in the table are far from out of the tussle above on 12 points, 6 from top spot with a game in hand as they began 2020 with a 4th win of the season at home to bottom side Riverside Ladies on Sunday. A spirited performance from the visitors battling back to score to goals but by then the damage had already been done as Cambridge City leading 4-0 at half-time went on to win the game 6-2. Bronte Rapley along with a brace for Phillipa Witherspoon along with a goal for Sasha Tristam the scorers in the 1st half for Cambridge City. Adding a 5th goal 2nd half Riverside getting it back to 5-2 with Ines Sophia Lopes scoring both goals. Witherspoon completing her hat-trick to see the match won 6-2.

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

One game outstanding from the quarter finals of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup played this Sunday a Peterborough derby with ICA Sports Ladies at home to Netherton United Ladies. A tough fought match Annie Posnett scoring for ICA Sports Ladies, it was Netherton United who edged the win however to reach the last 4 of the competition with Jenna Nairn on target to score a brace to clinch a 2-1 result setting up a home clash with St Ives Town Ladies Development on Sunday 22nd March. Last season’s finalists Cambridge University Women at home to Riverside Ladies in the other semi-final.

Goal mouth action from Sunday’s League Cup quarter final (photo credit Gary Reed)

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

Plenty of drama going to unfold in the 2nd half of the season too in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship. A brilliant start to the season for Cambridge Rangers Women as they end 2019 well clear at the top with a 100% record 10 wins from 10 played. Very tight below with potential challenges lurking. The top two seeing their opening games of 2020 called off an opportunity to close the gap presenting itself. Pinchbeck United Ladies themselves with a 100% winning start to the season a number of call offs seeing them with games in hand 6 wins from 6 going into Sunday’s away match to local rivals Deeping United Ladies. The hosts holding the advantage at half-time leading the game 1-0 Pinchbeck fought back in the 2nd period to equalise and go on to score the winning goal to move up to 3rd in the table Courtney Walker scoring both goals taking her onto 11 for the season. Pinchbeck 9 points behind leaders Cambridge Rangers with 3 games in hand.

Eaton Socon Ladies new to the league enjoying a good start to the season 3rd in the Championship at the start of 2020. Began the new year with a trip to in from Newmarket Town Women Development climbing up into the top 6 at the end of 2019. Leading 2-0 at half-time Newmarket went on to score a further 2 in the 2nd period whilst keeping a clean sheet to win 4-0 and climb a place into 5th spot in the Championship. Maisey Flack and Olivia Caffarelli with their first goals for the side along with a goal for Brooke Wickens and top scorer Talia Irvine taking her to double figures for the season.

  Park Ladies ending 2019 on a high recording back to back wins continued their excellent form into 2020 with a 3rd straight win away to Cardea Ladies this Sunday. Another high scoring match the sides sharing 8 goals between them. A good start to the season too for Cardea a winning start 4 from 4 behind with their fixtures a first loss coming at home to Pinchbeck in their final game of 2019. Park opening the scoring in the first minute 1-0 up Cardea coming back to level 10 minutes later Phoebe Deidda with the goal. Park retaking the lead midway through the first half ending the first half well scoring two late goals to go in 4-1 up at the break. Cardea fighting back scored twice more in the 2nd half, Park though adding a 5th goal clinching a 5-3 victory. Francesca Plitsch with a hat-trick goes onto 11 for the season. Georgia Payne and Sherrie martin also on the scoresheet.

A mixed set of results so far in the new look Championship for Isleham United Ladies 3 wins and 5 losses from the first half of the season a positive start to 2020 as they won for the 4th time this season at home to Swavesey Spartans Ladies on Sunday. Poppy Green scoring her first hat-trick for the club helping Isleham United to a 5-2 win. There were first goals too for Becky O’Connor and Kayla Simpkins. Alexandra Herbert scoring for Swavesey Spartans who after this weekends results drop to the bottom of the table with just one victory so far this season.

That because previous bottom side Haverhill Rovers Ladies Development began 2020 with their first ever league win. A tough start to life since joining the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship despite some battling efforts and good performances at times not collecting the points to show for it that changed on Sunday with a big win away to Burwell Tigers Ladies. Gemma Codling scoring a hat-trick for Haverhill was joined on 3 goals by Jenna Wright a hat-trick on her first appearance for the side. Amy Evans appearing for the Development side for the first time netting a brace in an much welcomed 8-2 win. 

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 08/12/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 8th December

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

All starting to look very interesting at the top of the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership with a 3 way tie at the top of the table with Peterborough Northern Star Ladies moving top on goal difference joining Leverington Sports Ladies and Haverhill Rovers Ladies who were both in cup action this weekend on 15 points with their 3rd straight league win. A 4-3 win over Leverington last weekend were at home this weekend to another side making a good start to the season ICA Sports Ladies. PNS Reserves scoring plenty of goals averaging 4 a game so far this season were prolific in front of goal once again whilst keeping a clean sheet up the other end winning the game 3-0. Ella Gavaghan netting a brace with one for Georgia Clarke.

Peterborough’s Georgia Clarke (photo credit PNS Ladies)

Also a 3rd straight win in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership for March Town United Ladies climbing up into 5th in the table now their good run continuing at home on Sunday against Histon Ladies Reserves. March coming out on top in a 7 goal thriller despite finding themselves trailing 2-0 at half-time. A brace for Jordan Turner moving her ahead in the goal scoring charts with 6 for the season plus a 5th of the season each for Emma Searle and Eleanor McLeish seeing them comeback to edge the 2nd half 4-3. Sophie Hopkin, Molly Blair and Lucy Watson getting the goals for Histon.

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

This weekend saw the quarter finals of this season’s Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup taking place. The top three in the Premiership at the start of the day involved two meeting in the last 8 Haverhill Rovers Ladies hosting St Ives Town Ladies Development. A narrow 2-1 away win for St Ives in the league 2 weeks ago it was another Haverhill piling on the pressure just couldn’t find the goal, St Ives battling to keep them out, Francesca Worrall taking one of the chances St Ives had to see them win their 5th game in a row and in the process reach the last 4 of the League Cup. 

Leverington Sports Ladies were at home taking on Cambridge University Women in the quarter finals of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup. Cambridge University reaching the final last season. The first half ending goalless Cambridge University broke the deadlock in the 2nd period adding a 2nd whilst keeping a clean sheet to win 2-0 to advance into the semi-finals. Amanda Wainwright and Anna O’Leary with the goals. 

Cambridge University Women into the last four of the League Cup (photo credit Cambridge University Women)

A high scoring match in the quarter finals between Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds and Netherton United Ladies the weekend in the League Cup the pair sharing 10 goals between them Fulbourn with early chances it was Netherton who would open the scoring on 12 minutes Emily Johnson slotting the ball into the corner from a well practised corner routine. Jenna Nairn doubling Netherton’s lead midway through the 1st half scoring from a free-kick. Yasmin Green adding a 3rd goal on 38 minutes to see Netherton leading 3-0 at half-time. Fulbourn pulling a goal back straight away at the start of the 2nd half. Green restoring Netherton’s 3 goal advantage in the 55th minute, Johnson adding a 5th goal soon after to put Netherton into a comfortable lead, Fulbourn though pulled it back to 5-2 panic creeping into Netherton the pressure exerted by Fulbourn bringing the hosts a 3rd goal. 15 minutes left Netherton getting a free-kick 20 yards out Georgina Parrett the taker sending it home to put the visiting side 6-3 ahead. Fulbourn never gave up awarded a late penalty scored Netherton into the last four winning 6-4. A goal for Marie Stubbings plus a hat-trick for Krissie Taylor the scorers for Fulbourn.

The last quarter final to report on featured the one Championship side left in the competition Swavesey Spartans Ladies at home to Premiership side Riverside Ladies in the last 8 of the League Cup. A tough season for both in the league Riverside have saved their best form for the League Cup and were the stronger side at the weekend winning the match 4-0 to reach the semi-finals, 4 different goalscorers, Kerry Camwell and Jess Hill both on target for their 4th goals of the season. Chrissy Blake and Amelia Roberts also finding the back of the net for the visitors.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

The leaders Cambridge Rangers Women not in action this weekend it was a chance for 2nd placed Mildenhall Town Ladies to close the 7 point gap as they took on Deeping United Ladies at home on Sunday in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship. Charlotte Nash opening the scoring putting Mildenhall into the lead in the 10th minute. Lydia Vince adding a 2nd in the 35th minute to put Mildenhall 2-0 up at half-time. A quickfire double form Nash and top scorer Katie Hayes midway through the 2nd half making thing’s more comfortable for Mildenhall going on to win the match 4-0 and close the gap to the top to 4 points.

Eaton Socon Ladies climb back up into 3rd place in the Championship table with a convincing result away from home on Sunday against Cambourne United Women. Two players on target with their first goals of the season, Kayleigh Clark and Gemma Cooksley. Hannah Hutchinson with her 6th of the season their were goals too for Jemma Bleakley, Cara Howell and Cerys Richards. The final score 6-0.

  A battling performance for 10 player Newmarket Town Women Development saw them earn a point away to Hungate Rovers Ladies at the weekend. Talia Irvine scoring her 9th goal of the season as Newmarket got themselves into a first half lead. Hungate without a win on the board yet this season coming back to earn their 3rd draw in the Championship, Kesley Ramm with the goal to see it finish 1-1.

An improved performance from Park Ladies saw them pick up a good result away from home in the Championship on Sunday as they won their 3rd game of the season up and down in form so far this season this weekend on the up scoring 8 goals whilst keeping a clean sheet away to Burwell Tigers Ladies. A hat-trick each for Georgia Payne and Francesca Piltsch, with a brace for Georgia Stimson keeping her ahead in the goals scored chart.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 24/11/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 24th November

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

A strong start to the season in Cambridgeshire for 2 of the newly promoted sides with Leverington Sports Ladies joint top with Haverhill Rovers Ladies. Both on 15 points Leverington with 6 played suffering the one defeat so far that to Haverhill. Haverhill playing this Sunday at home going into the match with a 100% record 5 wins from 5 were taking on fellow promoted side St Ives Town Ladies Development who pipped them to the Championship title last season. Kayleigh Nolan scoring her 8th goal of the season putting Haverhill into a 1 goal lead at half-time, St Ives Town coming back to level the scores in the 2nd half and go on to win the match 2-1 to end Haverhill’s 100% record and in the process climb up to 4th in the Premiership table. Tash Applegate opening her St Ives account last time out on target again with a goal Francesca Worrall scoring her 4th of the season.

Peterborough Northern Star Ladies Reserves are up to 5th on the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership table winning for the 3rd time this season at home to Histon Ladies Reserves on Sunday. Histon with just the 10 available on the day all putting in a shift, Peterborough coming out on top scoring 3 goals to win the game, Georgia Clarke, Ella Gavaghan and Brandi Davies with the goals the latter pair with their first strikes. 

Peterborough Northern Star Ladies Reserves pictured this weekend (photo credit PNS Ladies)

 Also a winning weekend for the other promoted side, Championship North Champions, Ketton Ladies ending a frustrating league run with their 2nd win of the season, a 2-0 result away to Riverside Ladies.

A mixed bag of results so far this season for Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds in Premiership action this Sunday they came out on top against Cambridge City Ladies new A side to win their 3rd match of the season. Taking a 2-0 lead against Cambridge City youngsters, all but 4 of the visitors players under 18 the visitors fought back to level the scores Fulbourn on target with a 3rd goal to clinch a 3-2 win. Defender Sara Bodger with her 3rd goal of the season, Ebony Rule firing home her 8th and top scorer Marie Stubbings with her 14th of the campaign getting the Fulbourn goals.

March Town United Ladies found them selves trailing heavily to opponents Cambridge University Women last weekend in the cup eventually rallying to lose the game 8-3. The pair meeting once again at the GER Sportsground in the Premiership was a much closer affair, Emma Frost’s first goals of the season a brace helping March to their 2nd league win of the season beating Cambridge University 2-1. Lidiya Mykhaylechko with the goal for the visitors.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

5 games played in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship this Sunday, Cambridge Rangers Women making a strong start stay 7 points clear at the top as they continued their 100% winning record making it 8 wins from 8 away to Burwell Tigers Ladies. Leading comfortably 4-0 at half-time went on to score a further 3 in the 2nd period to win 7-1. Erika Balskute doubling her tally for the season as she top scored in the game netting a hat-trick. 6 goals to for the season for Stephanie Rowan who bagged a brace. Lauren Lock also on the scoresheet with a goal along with Robyn Barlow scoring her first of the season. Megan Seabrook-Mead with the 2nd half goal for Burwell.

Mildenhall Town Ladies stay 2nd in the Championship winning away from home at the weekend. Were taking on Hungate Rovers Ladies the hosts with the are 11 would finish the game with 10 with Mariah Keys-Heaps sent off for collecting two yellow cards. Charlotte Nash with one goal to her name so far this season for Mildenhall scoring in the 5th minute adding a 2nd 6 minutes later went on to complete a 1st half hat-trick in the 43rd minute. A 4th goal to Nash coming on the hour in between a brace for Jasmine Luckett. Mildenhall winning the match 6-2. Kesley Ramm and Ewelina Jerzak with her first of the season for Hungate Rovers.

A cluster of sides starting the day on 12 points below Mildenhall and with Pinchbeck United Ladies in cup action and Cardea Ladies game called off, new sides Eaton Socon Ladies and Cambourne United Women took full advantage to climb up into 3rd and 4th respectfully collecting their 5th wins of the season. Eaton Socon away to fellow newcomers Swavesey Spartans Ladies on Sunday the pair drawing 1-1 at half-time Eaton Socon going on to score two more goals in the 2nd half to clinch a 3-1 victory, a run of 4 straight wins.

Cambourne United Women at home this weekend in the Championship taking on bottom side Haverhill Rovers Ladies Development. Their 5th win of the season coming courtesy of a 5-2 result. Helen Carder-Hall netting twice in the first half with Emily Arnold also amongst the goals. Natasha Caine and Gemma Codling getting the Haverhill goals.

 Also in the Championship this Sunday it was a tale of missed chances for Park Ladies as they were beaten 2-1 at home to Isleham United Ladies. Park frustrated creating plenty of scoring opportunities a combination of poor finishing and excellent saves from Isleham’s keepers, Gemma Stimson scoring their goal, Isleham taking their chances up the other end with goals first goals of the season from Kate Silver and Nicole Bailey securing Isleham’s 2nd league win of the season to pull them away from the bottom of the table.


The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 17/11/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 17th November

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

This weekend saw 6 ties taking p[lace in the 2nd Round of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup, Haverhill Rovers Ladies awarded a home win against Pinchbeck United Women progressing to the quarter finals whilst Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds match at home to Netherton United Ladies has been rearranged for Sunday 1st December.

Cambridge City Ladies Development current holders of the League Cup, promoted to the ERWFL unable to defend their trophy there for the taking this season. ICA Sports Ladies double cup winners two seasons ago making a strong start to the season away in the 2nd Round were playing fellow Premiership side Histon Ladies Reserves. Sophie Lanham netting a brace for Histon, ICA Sports with a number of players unavailable digging deep to clinch the win with goals from Hannah Murphy, Donna Nicholls, Carmen Herridge and a 1st ICA Sports goal for 16-year-old Zoe Davenport securing a 4-2 win to put the visitors into the quarter finals. An injury blow suffered however with ICA Sports, Megan Purnell breaking her ankle in the match, wishing her well for a full and speedy recovery.

  Cambridge University Women made it all the way to the League Cup final last season were away to March Town United Ladies in the 2nd Round of this seasons competition on Sunday. A crazy start to the all Premiership tie March taking the lead with just 30 seconds played, Cambridge University coming back to level the score and surge into a 5-1 lead with less than 20 minutes gone the game settling down March battling pulled back 2 goals, Cambridge University kept creating opportunities scoring a further 3 themselves to win the tie 8-3. 2 goals for Charlotte Kenyon netting a brace her first goals for Cambridge University, also amongst the goals Lili Donlon-Mansbridge, Amanda Wainwright, Jennifer Atherton and Lidiya Mykhaylechko. Emma Searle, Jordan Turner and Louise Barbour scoring for March.

Cambridge University Women at March United on Sunday (photo credit Cambridge University Women)

  Plenty of goals elsewhere in the 2nd Round of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup too, Leverington Sports Ladies leading the Premiership at home playing Championship side Cardea Ladies who had made a 100% winning start to the league themselves. Shushannah Feast breaking the deadlock with the opening goal scoring her first goal for Leverington since her return from a terrible injury that had her sidelined for 18 months. 1-0 up. Soon after Savanna Plavecz rounded the keeper to make it 2-0 to the host side. Leverington captain, Faye Kowalewsky on target for a 3rd goal. Plavecz on target for a 2nd goal before a brace from top scorer Sophie Swinden saw Leverington into a 6-0 half-time lead. Anna Langa from the penalty spot pulling a goal back for Cardea but a further two goals from Swinden saw Leverington comfortably into the quarter finals with a 8-1 win.

Another high scoring match that saw 10 goals scored went all the way to a penalty shootout. Premiership side Riverside Ladies hosting Mildenhall Town Ladies 2nd in the Championship in the 2nd Round on Sunday. Both sides scoring 5 goals each couldn’t be separated after 90 minutes, Kerry Camwell with a brace for Riverside, with Jess Hill, Gabija Pavlova and Ines Sophia Lopes Monteiro with her first goal of the season. A first half brace for Megan Hobson along with a hat-trick for Kate Hayes her 3rd goal coming in the 88th minute on the scoresheet for Mildenhall. The tie settled from the spot Riverside winning the shootout 3-2 to reach the quarter finals.

  Penalties too needed to settle the all Championship 2nd Round tie between Isleham United Ladies and Swavesey Spartans Ladies on Sunday. Laura Todd with her 5th goal of the season for Isleham and Emma Smart scoring her first goal of the season for Swavesey seeing it finish all square at 1 goal apiece at the final whistle. Swavesey edging the shootout 2-1 to book their spot in the League Cup quarter finals.

 Lastly, St Ives Town Ladies Development were hosting Championship leaders Cambridge Rangers Women in the League Cup 2nd Round. Cambridge Rangers with a strong start to the season a 100% winning start to top the table. Daniella Lewis with her 12th goal of the season scoring for the visitors, St Ives clinching victory to reach the quarter finals with Tash Applegate scoring her 1st goal for the club and Cherish Sibanda on target for her first of the season in a 2-1 win.

  The draw for the quarter finals as follows ties to be played Sun 8th December with a 1:30pm kick-off:-

 Haverhill Rovers Ladies v St Ives Town Ladies Development

Leverington Sports Ladies v Cambridge University Women

ICA Sports Ladies v Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds or Netherton United Ladies

Swavesey Spartans Ladies v Riverside Ladies

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

  Sadly some readjusting to do in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship table with the first casualty of the season, has been coming I’m afraid the games and call offs adding up the Isleham United Ladies Youth withdrawing from the league. A shame to see and hope to see them back at some point wishing everyone involved with the club all the best.

 Two matches taking place this Sunday, the top 4 involved in the League Cup or not playing, Eaton Socon Ladies climb up to 5th in the table joining a cluster of sides all on 12 points. Their 4th win of the season coming away from home at the weekend a close match with Hungate Rovers Ladies a single strike winning the game Hannah Hutchinson on target with her 4th goal of the season to secure the victory.

Fellow newcomers Cambourne United Women joining Eaton Socon Ladies on 12 points to go 6th in the Championship table winning at home on Sunday to match their record of 4 wins and 3 loses from 7 played. Cambourne taking on Burwell Tigers Ladies at the weekend, played on 3G to beat the weather, Emily Arnold with the goal midway through the 1st half to give the hosts a narrow lead at the break, held on to the lead making thing’s alot more comfortable in the final 10 minutes, Arnold scoring her 2nd of the match 7th overall this season to ensure the win.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 20/10/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 20th October

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

Last one of the week finishing with all the latest league and cup action from Cambridgeshire. Newly promoted Haverhill Rovers Ladies continuing their excellent form in the new look Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership top of the table made it 4 wins from 4 so far this season at home to Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds on Sunday, A brace each for Joeli Kirby and top scorer Kayleigh Nolan now on 6 for the season plus a first goal of the season for Amy Evans securing a 5-0 victory. 

  Hot on their heels climbing a place into 2nd in the premiership table are another newly promoted side, Leverington Sports Ladies. Having begun the season with a win lost their 2nd league game at home to Haverhill a narrow 3-2 defeat. Leverington bouncing back well winning 3 on the bounce in league and cup to climb the table. Back to back league wins coming away to Riverside Ladies at the weekend. Sophie Swinden top scorer for Wisbech Town as they were last season continuing her fine goal scoring form in Leverington colours scoring all the goals in the visitors 4-1 win to take her into double figures for the season from just 5 played. Kerry Camwell getting the goal for Riverside her first of the season. 

Cambridge University Women late to the party as always in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership got their league campaign underway this Sunday at home taking on bottom side Histon Ladies Reserves. Last season’s League Cup finalists hitting the ground running scoring 8 goals against their opponents to get 3 points on the board early on move them straight up to 9th in the table. The final score 8-2 with Anneka DeAth and Annalisa Player scoring for Histon. A 13 strong league just one side has played 5 games so far plenty of twists and turns to come.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

 15 sides competing in the new look single  Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship. Cambridge Rangers Women continue to set the early pace 5 wins from 5 now to lead the table by 5 points. At home taking on Swavesey Spartans Ladies the league leaders coming out on top in a physical match to win by 4 goals to 2 to keep up their winning start. Daniella Lewis, top scoring for Cambridge Rangers netting a brace has 9 for the season now. Claire Kyndt and Lauren Lock also getting on the scoresheet with a goal a piece. Holly Buck and Stacy Askew with the goals in each half for Swavesey Spartans.

  Having started the season with a heavy 8-0 defeat at home to current leaders Cambridge Rangers Women. new side Mildenhall Town Ladies have responded fantastically, drawing their next game have now gone on to win 3 on the bounce a run that sees them climb up into 2nd spot in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship. Were at home to fellow newcomers Eaton Socon Ladies this Sunday. A goal from Georgia-Louise Dargan just past the half hour seeing Mildenhall take the lead, Katie Haynes adding a 2nd goal 4 minutes before half-time. Jasmine Luckett putting the hosts into a 3-0 lead early in the 2nd half. Haynes with her 2nd of the match sealing a 4-0 win 15 minutes from time.

Another new side showing good form are Cambourne United Women. 3 wins on the spin now in the league after suffering two heavy defeats in their opening games. Moving up the Championship table into 5th position. Were at home to Isleham United Ladies this Sunday. A 3 win in a row coming courtesy of goals in each half from Emily Arnold her 5th of the season and Helen Calder-Hall to secure a 2-0 result.

Almost a month since they were last in competitive action Burwell Tigers Ladies having started the season well with back to back wins were at home to Hungate Rovers Ladies this Sunday who themselves were without a point on the board after 3 played. A first goal of the season from Jessica Krauss securing Hungate Rovers first point of the season as they drew 1-1 with Burwell Tigers.

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

One League Cup tie played this Sunday the postponed fixture between Championship sides Pinchbeck United Ladies and Deeping United Ladies. Pinchbeck at home have made an excellent start to the season winning 3 out of three neck and neck with Cambridge Rangers early on but postponements have seen them out of competitive action for almost a month has done nothing to dampen that form a strong first half performance seeing them leading the match 7-1. Deeping United would rally in the 2nd half scoring a 2nd goal, Pinchbeck safely through adding a further 2 goals to win 9-2. Freya Peters and Courtney Walker both scoring a hat-trick. Victoria Bradford on target for a brace her first goals for the season. with Rebecca Navarrette also getting on the scoresheet with a goal.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 06/10/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 6th October

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

The weather affecting the fixtures across Cambridgeshire too this Sunday heavy rainfall half the games fall by the wayside with some very late call offs. 3 of the 4 scheduled games surviving in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership and it was a good result for Haverhill Rovers Ladies as they continue their excellent start to the season winning at home to previous leaders ICA Sports Ladies to go top of the table to keep up their 100% winning start. Haverhill Rovers hosting opening the scoring through a penalty scored by Kayleigh Steed. Kayleigh Steed scoring a brace in the match. Joeli Kirby heading in a Georgia England cross with England herself running through to shoot past the advancing keeper. 5-1 the winning score Clare Knibbs with the goal for ICA Sports who lose for the first time this season. 

   Leverington Sports Ladies up to 3rd in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership table with their 2nd win of the season away to Histon Ladies Reserves on Sunday. A brace from Chloe Stanborough seeing the visitors into a 2-0 lead, Sophie Swinden making it 3-0 on target from a 30 yard free-kick. Histon getting it back to 3-1 before half-time with Bethany Fisher getting the goal. Leverington (probably be December before I stop typing Wisbech) with a strong 2nd half to run out comfortable winners. Stanborough with a penalty to complete her hat-trick, Faye Kowalewsky making it 5-1 with her first of the season would go on to score a 2nd another for Swinden sandwiched in between 7-1 up a quickfire brace from Amy Newell sealing a 9-1 win.

March Town United Ladies at home to Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds this Sunday both playing just their 2nd league game of the season losing their opening fixtures ironically both against ICA Sports Ladies. In search of their first points of the campaign, it was March who were celebrating at the final whistle having secured their first win. Goals from Eleanor McLeish and captain Adele Munday giving march the 3 points.

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

One game going the distance in the 1st Round of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup this Sunday. Premiership side St Ives Town Ladies Development at home to Championship newcomers Cambourne United Women. Arianna Andrade marking her first appearance for St Ives with a 4 goal haul. Rebecca Baldry also celebrating her first goals for St Ives bagging a brace. Molly Berryman an Francesca Worrall getting their accounts opened with a goal each. Ellen Bullinaria with her first goal along with Ellie Jefferson making her first appearance. Jade Carpenter with a hat-trick seeing St Ives advance with a 13-0 win.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

One game beating the weather in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship and it was a good result for Cardea Ladies keeping up their 100% winning start to the season making it 3 wins from 3 to join Cambridge Rangers Women and Pinchbeck United Ladies on 9 points at the top of the table. Cardea hosting new side Swavesey Spartans Ladies. Captain Laura Rudd firing Cardea into a 2nd minute lead going on to add another in the first period with a goal for Courtney Coles seeing the hosts leading 3-0 at the break. Nicola Anderson on target twice in the 2nd period securing a 5-0 win.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 29/09/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 29th September

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

 Cup action this weekend in Cambridgeshire from the first round of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup, 3 of the scheduled 8 ties called off 5 games played. 

Ketton Ladies making the trip to Peterborough to play fellow Premiership side Netherton United Ladies. Katie Barber scoring her first of the season for Netherton on 6 minutes. A strong spell at the start of the 2nd half saw the hosts add a further 3 goals with Jenna Nairn on target just 2 minutes after the restart. Gemma Holloway then hitting a quickfire brace to claim her first goals of the season. Fran Kavanagh on target to score twice for Ketton, Barber wrapping up a 5-2 win for Netherton in stoppage time to see them through to the next round.

   Leverington Sports Ladies under their previous guise (Wisbech Town) reached the semi-finals of the League Cup last season were starting this cup campaign away to league newcomers Peterborough Northern Star Ladies. Victoria Vata opening the scoring with her first goal for Leverington the visitors soon 2-0 up Sophie Swinden with the strike. Have had more than their fair share of injuries in recent season lost Kaylie Swinden who is likely to be out for sometime suffering a cracked ankle and ruptured ligaments, wishing her all the best for a full and speedy recovery. Leverington pressing for more goals taking a 3-0 lead into the break with 16-year-old Savanna Plavecz scoring. The visitors continuing where they left off 1st half with both Plavecz and Swinden scoring again. Peterborough rallying to pull back two goals in quick succession through Georgia Clarke and Alexa Hunter. Amy Newell getting off the mark with her first of the season wrapping up a 6-2 win for Leverington.

Match action from PNS Ladies Reserves v Leverington Sports Ladies (photo credit PNS Ladies)

 Premiership side Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds were away in the League Cup 1st Round taking on Championship newcomers Newmarket Town Women Development. The bare 11 available for Newmarket, Fulbourn were at full strength keen to play having not done so since the beginning of the month were 4-0 up by half-time adding a further 2 in the 2nd period to safely progress. Marie Stubbings carrying a potent goals threat for Fulbourn getting her name on the scoresheet for 5 of their 6 goals with Katrina Cloherty scoring her first Fulbourn goal.

Two all Championship 1st Round ties in the League Cup, early leaders Cambridge Rangers Women away to Park Ladies. The pair meeting in the league already this season Cambridge Rangers winning comfortably at home 5-0. At Park this weekend they didn’t have it quite so easy as they edged their opponents out to reach the next round 3-2. Daniella Lewis, Claire Kyndt and Lauren Lock with her first goal of the season securing the win. Danielle Green and Francesca Piltsch with the goals in each half for Park.

  The tie between Championship newcomers Eaton Socon Ladies and Swavesey Spartans Ladies went all the way to penalties. Stacy Askew with a brace and a first goal of the season for Daisy Edwards-ainge seeing away side Swavesey holding a 3-1 lead at half-time. Eaton Socon coming back to score tie to level it up at 3-3 to send the game to penalties. Emily Whiteman with her 5th goal of the season, Jessica Bleakley  and Samantha Walker with her first of the campaign getting the goals for Eaton Socon. Swavesey coming out on top in the shootout taking it 3-2 to progress in the competition.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship

There were also two league games played this Sunday both in the Women’s Championship. Back to back wins seeing Isleham United Ladies climb the table were away to Cardea Ladies this weekend the hosts starting their season a fortnight ago recording a 9-5 home win against Haverhill Rovers Ladies Development. All the goals coming in the first half Courtney Coles and Anna Langa putting Cardea into a 2-0 lead inside the opening 15 minutes. Laura Todd getting it back to 2-1 5 minute before half-time. Cardea successfully defending their lead Isleham unable to find a levelling goal 2nd half the result seeing Cardea up to 4th in the Championship table.

  Mildenhall Town Ladies new to the league this season earning their first point away from home in a 3-3 draw with Park Ladies last weekend built on that result to win their 1st game this Sunday. Away from home once again taking on Haverhill Rovers Ladies Development. Kate Hayes with a goal in each half her first Mildenhall goals enough to see the points won, Abigail Wood with her first goal for Haverhill losing 4 at the start of the season another frustrating result.

Match Report – Cup Final Special

Thursday 16th May

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup

Cambridge City Ladies Development v Cambridge University Women

 Off to St Neots this Thursday evening for my penultimate cup final of the season, postponed from last week the Cambridgeshire S-Tech Women’s League Cup Final. Cambridge City Ladies Development v Cambridge University Women.

  Cambridge City Ladies Development playing their final game of the season, the League Cup final are looking to go one better than their first team and complete the treble having already secured the Premiership title and won the Junior Invitation Cup Final. A successful season for the club at all levels, some from the squad breaking into the first team such as Ceri Flye and Freya Standing along with top scorer Megan Tonks who has 32 goals to her name this season. 

  Cambridge University Women fielding a side in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership amongst the top sides in recent seasons. Pushing for runners up spot this season with one match left to play. Their 2nd’s playing in the competition otherwise known as The Eagles, whom they shall be referred to henceforth. Starting their fixtures later they are often playing catch up a threat to the sides above without putting them under undue pressure throughout the season capable of beating anyone in the league on their day.

Road to the Final

  The League Cup beginning with a mini-league format for the first half of the season, the sides from the Premiership and Championship North and South drawn into 4 groups each side playing the other once. Cambridge City Ladies Development topping Group C with 5 wins from 5. The Eagles in a much tighter Group D one of three sides all finishing on 9 points with 3 wins and a loss each, Haverhill Rovers Ladies top on goal difference, The Eagles pipping Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds to 2nd spot the top two from each group going on t contest the knock out stages.

  Cambridge City drawn at home to Championship North leaders Ketton Ladies in fantastic form going into the game a single goal scored by Bella Simmons seeing Cambridge City into the semi-finals. The Eagles away to fellow Premiership side march Town United Ladies, goals from Amanda Wainwright, Freya Ekman and Lu Liu securing a 3-1 victory to send them into the semi-finals. 

  Cambridge City at home to Championship North title challengers Wisbech Town Ladies. Freya Standing amongst the goals scoring a hat-trick as the hosts ran out convincing winners 8-0. The Eagles at home too taking on the holders ICA Sports Ladies a hat-trick from Eli Cropp seeing them win the match 3-1 to reach the final.

  St Neots Town FC’s Premier Plus Stadium the venue for this evenings final has been a while since I last visited the ground, was hard to find then too, set within the new build properties going up on the outskirt of the town. Once you know where it is though you’re set. Will be hosting women’s football regularly from next season as it becomes the home of FAWNL South East Division One side Cambridge United WFC. Boasts an immaculate pitch in great condition. A seated stand on one side with covered terracing behind either goal. A clubhouse and bar serving hot drinks. A warm evening a bit of cloud cover still.

 Cambridge City Ladies Development starting XI- Freya Robson, Rose Jump, Sophie Ingledew, Shona Lester, Carrie Buettner, Matilda Schwefel (C), Eli Cropp, Sara Merican, Lili Donlon-Mansbridge, Amanda Wainwright & Flora Risdill-Smith. Subs – Hannah Sanderson, Charlotte Kenyon, Flora Harpley-Green, Lu Liu & Beatrice Wood.

Cambridge University Women starting XI – Hannah Lock, Becky Langthorpe, Rachel Littlewood, Jade Powell (C), Anna Kanz, Emily Reed, Rachel Pearce, Bella Simmons, Yasmin Crow, Freya Standing & Megan Tonks. Subs – Lucy Hurst, Amy Ozakpinar, Charlotte Gillies & Drew Jenkins. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  City to get the League Cup Final underway kicking off first half wearing white shirts with black shorts and black and white hooped socks with The Eagles lined up opposite wearing blue and white vertical striped shirts with black coloured shorts and socks. The ball closed down straight from the off passes rushed in midfield neither side getting time to find their passes, Lili Donlon-Mansbridge for The Eagles the first to make a meaningful run with the ball gathering it 30 yards out and driving on central the City defence rushing out to charge her down as she goes to pull the trigger. 

   Eli Cropp playing a pass out to Donlon-Mansbridge attacking right puts the cross into the box early long to the far post City clear. City counter getting forwards on the right Yasmin Crow winning her side a corner kick. The Eagles defence dealing with the delivery lifted in towards the near post. Progress up the right side for City the cross lifted into the near post missed by goalkeeper Freya Robson as she rises to punch it dropping beyond her the ball threatening to dribble over the line the defence have gotten back the ball scrambled up field. 

Cambridge Universities, Lili Donlon-Mansbridge with Cambridge Cities Freya Standing

  Megan Tonks played in on the right top of the area the ball at her feet turns and shoots, Carrie Buettner blocking at close range for The Eagles the ball with them in the middle captain Matilda Schwefel sending it on for Donlon-Mansbridge through the middle she runs on towards the area, City captain Jade Powell getting back on her in defence to challenge and regain the ball. The Eagles keep up their pressing of the ball disrupting City as they look to send the ball forwards, Donlon-Mansbridge right playing the ball inside to Amanda Wainwright in attack, Anna Kanz tackling for City outside the area.

   Winning possession central the ball rolled into Flora Risdill-Smith in attack she spots Rose Jump getting forwards on the right flank the full back taking the ball on down the line, Rachel Littlewood for City preventing the cross. Jump then back on defensive duty does well as Littlewood coming on looks to support Freya Standing on the wing. City bring the ball on through the middle Rachel Pearce getting forwards passes to Bella Simmons peeling out to the right shoots from the angle 25 yards out pace behind the ball, Robson across to cover her near post palming it down and gathering.

Cambridge University captain Matilda Schwefel

   Schwefel fouled central a free-kick awarded the ball put on towards the top of the area for runners left side escapes everyone running behind for the goalkick. A competitive start to the game The Eagles working hard to close City down high up the pitch. Tonks showing good movement across the front leading the line for City behind her free-kick being given away disrupting play favouring The Eagles, one coming to Donlon-Mansbridge right of the D sends a shot in towards goal, straight at goalkeeper Hannah Lock she collects the high ball. 

Cambridge City goalkeeper, Hannah Lock

 Pearce plays the ball up the left for Standing she drives forwards for City, Jump going with her keeps her from getting inside Standing nevertheless squaring a cross into the six yard box the ball cut out near post the clearance just evading Simmons as she bursts forwards to the edge of the box. Becky Langthorpe getting forwards from full back for City on the right with Crow ahead of her the ball put int the box met by Simmons drifting in near side turns the ball goalwards from 8 yards out, Robson down smartly to save. City starting to gain some momentum going forwards.

Cambridge University goalkeeper, Freya Robson

  GOAL! City coming on left winning a corner the ball fired in close to goal near post dropping behind the first City attack landing at the feet of the 2nd a reactive stab sending the ball over the line from close range, Tonks with the touch to put City into the lead 1-0.

  City have the ball central, Standing released on the left, Buettner running back to get the tackle in. A throw for City high on the left the ball dropped into Tonks she turns lifting it on into the area, Simmons meeting it near side a first time shot looping high to land on the roof of the net. Schwefel making a good run with the ball for The Eagles sending it on for Sara Merican on the left flank, Risdill-Smith with a run into the left channel ahead of her, Powell sticking out a leg intercepting the pass for City at the back.

Sara Merican on the ball for Cambridge University

  Crow attacking right for City, Sophie Ingledew sliding in to dispossess her. City building seeing more of the ball, Tonks laying it on for Simmons racing ahead of her shooting from distance Robson gathering safely. 

 GOAL! Into the final 10 minutes of the 1st half and City double their lead breaking Standing on the ball central halfway plays it early lifted on for Tonks moving clear off her marker running on shooting from outside the box power behind it the low ball skipping off the surface wide of the keeper into the back of the net 2-0.

Megan Tonks taking the ball in behind

   City getting the upper hand a diagonal ball left long to the opposite side Robson up to collect with Tonks closing her down spilt on landing Tonks after it, The Eagles defence quick to close her down Robson grounded between the the ball sent behind for a corner. A good delivery fired into the box central Standing on the penalty spot the Littlewood to her right both seeing a shot blocked. 

  The Eagles make a change with Donlon-Mansbridge coming off on in her place Charlotte Kenyon. City break the ball put on up the right with Simmons racing away the ball cut back towards the top of the six yard box Standing hitting it on the volley seeing the ball smash down off the bar, the attack stopped by a raised flag. Robson with a brave save doing well at the feet of Tonks at the top of her area as Tonks runs through. The ball played through the middle coming to The Eagles Cropp taking it on she shoots from 30 yards out the effort over the crossbar.

Half-time Cambridge City Ladies Development 2-0 Cambridge University Women

  A good contest so far played in good spirits, The Eagle starting well closing City down disrupting play whilst trying to find openings themselves. City gaining momentum as the 1st half wore on getting Simmons forwards to support Tonks chances created before the opening goal came from a corner. Tonks making it 2-0. More often than not a critical scoreline the next goal and important one.

  The Eagles to get the 2nd half underway the floodlights on as the light begins to fade. City having made two changes at the start of the 2nd period, Standing and Crow off, Lucy Hurst and Charlotte Gillies taking up their positions left and right in attack. Risdell-Smith brought down inside the City half bringing the ball forward the delivery on into the area aimed for Lester can’t reach it the ball bouncing through to the keeper, Lock sending the ball up field launching a counter attack Tonks lively looking to get away right fouled. The Eagles defending the resulting free-kick.

Simmons central sends the pass up to Gillies on the right int the corner has Tonks with her the pair looking to combine the flag going up against Tonks. A bright start from City coming on in attack left side a ball squared along the top of the area Simmons central with Reed coming on tees her up The Eagles defence charging her shot down. Buettner doing well in defence for The Eagles defending from a corner put in from the right. Wainwright bringing the ball forwards right for The Eagles support for Kenyon getting on down the wing, Littlewood does well to break up the attack for City. 

Cambridge City Ladies, Emily Reed

  Simmons finding pockets of space in advanced positions sets Gillies away on the right wing, Ingledew doing well in defence for The Eagles. Hurst nicking the ball just outside the area for City is brought down, the free-kick in a dangerous position left of the D, Powell forwards to take it. Hit well Powell sees her strike smash down off the crossbar falling out to the right a shot blasted back in flies over. The Eagles on the back foot seeing little of the attack look to create through the middle Schwefel sending it on Wainwright very nearly sneaking in behind, Powell sticking out leg to make a vital interception at the back. Gillies on the attack right for City sending Simmons away ahead of her, Robson comes racing out of her box to try and close her down Simmons getting her shot away first the ball past the keeper but also wide of the right post.

  GOAL! The City pressure in attack bringing a goal with 57 minutes played Simmons getting on down the right firing a shot in on the angle pace on it Robson gloving the ball away straight to Hurst central under challenge getting as shot away to divert the ball back towards goal low wide of the keeper from outside the six yard box 3-0.

Lucy Hurst up for the headed challenge putting City 3-0 up

City with the upper hand first to the ball 2nd half aren’t letting The Eagles have any time on the ball difficult to find their attacking players. Tonks with a shot from 30 yards out a deflection taking it wide for a corner kick. Schwefel positive looking to bring the ball forwards, Reed backed up by Pearce keeping it tight through the middle winning it back for City.

  GOAL! City go further ahead the ball brought on through the middle fired into Simmons 25 yards out central turns well to send the ball into the path of Tonks inside the ball moving left of goal, Robson out to close down the City striker taking it past her in behind composed not rushing her shot plays it in along the ground the ball squeezing in inside the post before the defender sliding in to stop it can reach it Tonks scoring a cup final hat-trick 4-0.

  GOAL! No sooner have City scored a 4th goal they get up the other end to make it 5. A corner on the right taken short catching The Eagles off guard crossed in from high a fantastic delivery central into the six yard box, Tonks their free rising to nod the ball down over the line to score her 4th of the game 5-0.

  A double change for City now with Langthorpe and Reed the players off on come Drew Jenkins and Amy Ozakpinar with 20 minutes left to play. Tonks flagged offside a Robson comes rushing out of her box just about getting to the ball first. Standing returning to the action as Simmons is brought off. Standing fouled off a throw in high on the left outside the box, Hurst over it sent log to the far post Powell meeting it put straight at Robson at close range the keeper saving. 

The Eagles cannot get going in attack few opportunities to get the ball forwards City bristling with confidence. Lock catching comfortably as Kenyon floats a ball on from the right. Wainwright strikes from 25 yards out the City defence blocking. The Eagles keep possession the ball long into the box attacked near post bodies forwards lifted over a corner awarded.

 Tonks is applauded off for City as she is substituted Crow returning to the action. Buettner cutting the ball out at the back for The Eagles as Gillies plays it on from the right. Cropp catching a shot well from 25 yards out for The Eagles sees her attempt race wide of goal. Pearce coming off for City with Simmons returning. Jump comes off for The Eagles with Hannah Sanderson coming on. A throw on the right City want to make a change Littlewood called to the bench on the opposite side of the pitch, a false alarm as she is sent back getting a cheer for her efforts.

Eli Cropp coming forwards for Cambridge University

   Gillies bringing the ball on down the right a shot driven in from 20 yards out Robson saving at her near post. A late change for The Eagles Lu Liu on for Kenyon. City continue to press the ball high keeping their opponents back inside their own half a comfortable lead now the final whistle blows on the game and their season and City have done it completed the treble adding the League Cup to the already to the already bulging trophy cabinet.

Full time Cambridge City Ladies Development 5-0 Cambridge University Women

  City with a strong 2nd half capitalising on their good finish to the 1st half, creating chances to go further in front Tonks scoring 2 more to take her tally to 36 for the season. Pressing the ball high themselves lively in attack kept The Eagle from getting any foothold in the 2nd period. A bright start from The Eagles playing their part in an entertaining and good-natured final but once City got the lead they were in control. One more game for The Eagles runners-up spot still there for the taking as they play March Town United Ladies on Sunday.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  On to this evenings Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, two names above the others and that quickly became one as the 2nd half wore on. Bella Simmons with some great movement in attack creating opportunities for herself and others was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet herself. Megan Tonks did however for 4 goals took her chances well and showed great movement and vision throughout to get herself into space and be available whenever City attacked. 

A double for the first team, the Development side go one better to claim a treble and that along with a host of silverware for their youth sides a very successful season as both sides prepare now for life at a higher level.

Cambridge City Ladies Development, 2018/19 Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup winners

 Congratulations to Cambridge City Ladies Development on this evenings league Cup win and doing the treble. 

One more final to come a trip to Essex this Sunday for their league Cup final. The season almost done. Have enjoyed all of this season’s Cambridgeshire finals and my thanks go to Chris Abbott and the rest of the committee for the great work they do throughout the season. Thanks to too both clubs for their help with the team details.