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Match Report – Freethorpe Ladies v Toftwood United Ladies

The football action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog this Sunday came from Norfolk, a game from Division Three, two sides featuring on the blog for the 1st time with Freethorpe Ladies playing host to Toftwood United Ladies.

Match Report – Freethorpe Ladies v Toftwood United Ladies

  A journey from one end of the women’s football pyramid to the other this weekend, I like as you know reading this blog to vary the games and leagues give as much coverage as I can so the focus switches from the FAWSL last evening (see previous report) to county football this weekend in Norfolk, from Division Three, Freethorpe Ladies v Toftwood United Ladies.

 It is the 1st time both sides have featured on the blog, however I have seen Freethorpe Ladies play before back in the days when I was thinking about starting up a blog to help promote the game, they were playing the now defunct Earlham Colney Ladies. 

  For Freethorpe Ladies this is actually their 1st home game of the season having been away from home and having teams call off games since the season started on the 11th September. The Norfolk women’s league split into 3 Divisions last season. Freethorpe are amongst 6 sides contesting the league this season was 7, sadly the league lost Red Rose United recently. The remaining 6 sides playing each other 3 times in the league. Awarded the 3 points from their unplayed home game, Freethorpe haven’t picked up a point on their travels against the new sides entering the league some of whom have brought in player with higher league experience. A narrow defeat away to today’s opponents in the league cup 3 weeks ago.

   Toftwood United Ladies are into their 3rd season as a club based Dereham, Toftwood is a small village adjoining the town. Grew up in Dereham (East Dereham if you live outside of Norfolk) went to school there, Northgate High School which is where Toftwood are playing their home games this season. Drew their opening 2 league fixtures, have since suffered 2 defeats sandwiched between the cup win at home to Freethorpe on the road this Sunday in search of their 1st league win of the season.

  The village of Freethorpe is in East Norfolk near The Broads, the ladies football team play at the Freethorpe Community Pavilion, which houses the village hall as well as a multi sports facility, clubhouse with bar. Two football pitches, both a good size, in good condition with plenty of grass cover a slight slope from one goal to the other. A row of trees forming a wind break one end shedding their leaves onto the goal mouths that end, well into autumn afterall, the clock going back overnight an extra hour in bed for some. The weather still holding fair a dry, bright and mild afternoon.

 Freethorpe Ladies starting XI – Chloe Barber, Toni Talbot, Stacey Barnes (C), Elle-Jay Jarvis, Samantha Greenland, Louise Watts, Sarah Miller, Andrea Colbrook, Michaela Stordy, Megan Wilson & Georgia Goodson.
 subs – Sarah Earl, Wendy Barber & Amy Barber.

 Toftwood United Ladies starting XI – Katie Louise, Jolene Ayrton, Hayley Cross, Lisa Anthony, Olivia North, Summer Copeland, Lydia Hooper, Hayley Majoram, Robyn Penn (C), Katie Hart & Thea Wilson.

 subs – Melanie Freeman, Laura Harvey & Jordie Head. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s the visitors Toftwood to get the 1st half underway wearing sky blue shirts, navy shorts and sky blue and navy hooped socks with Freethorpe lined up opposite wearing yellow shirts and socks with black shorts. Toftwood have possession of the ball early on make in roads up the left Lydia Hooper firing a cross into the box runs long across the face of goal retrieved by Katie Hart on the right on the byline plays the ball back into the middle, Thea Wilson making a central run into the box, Freethorpe’s Toni Talbot gets to the ball 1st clearing it out of the box.

Freethorpe Ladies, Toni Talbot
 Toftwood captain, Robyn Penn on the ball in the middle rolls it out to Hart wide right, is tackled by Freethorpe’s, Louise Watts the ball out for a throw, deep inside the Freethorpe half the ball is thrown to Hart turning lifts the ball into the area near post over Wilson going after gets the ball smashed into her face as Freethorpe clear. Hooper moving up the left again puts a cross into the box, doesn’t get past, Elle-Jay Jarvis this time as the defender steps forwards to get her foot on the ball. 
  Andrea Colbrook gets forwards into space on the left for Freethorpe as Stacey Barnes, Freethorpe’s captain wins the ball at the back rolls it forwards for Sarah Miller her ball picking out Colbrook, Toftwood’s Olivia North comes across to tackle put the ball out for the throw. Freethorpe try to work the ball into the box top left corner, charged down Toftwood counter Summer Copeland bringing the ball on sends the pass out to Penn moving out to the right hits the ball early into the box on the diagonal with Wilson and Hooper both bursting forwards the latter left of goal as she enters the box hitting the shot 1st time her strike wide of the target.
  GOAL! Almost 15 minutes on the clock and Toftwood score the opening goal of the game the attack starting on the left the ball played up to Hooper pushing forwards, plays the cross in early getting Wilson in behind the Freethorpe defence goalkeeper Chloe Barber starts to come in an attempt to close the angle, Wilson bringing the ball under control turns and sends her shot low past the advancing keeper into the bottom corner of the net 0-1.

Thea Wilson with the opening goal of the match for Toftwood United Ladies

  Freethorpe push players on from the restart up the field as Toftwood clear it, Watts intercepts the ball wide left inside the Toftwood half takes the ball in field picking out Georgia Goodson outside the box turning towards goal gets a shot away from inside the D along the ground the shot lacks power Toftwood goalkeeper Katie Louise gathers. Jolene Ayrton advances from the back for Toftwood on the left passes the ball into the path of Hooper breaking forwards the cross goes into the box early near side Copeland racing into the area connects with the ball on the outside of her boot trying to help it goalwards knocked into the ground bounces lacking pace, Barber gets hold of it in the six yard box.

Toftwood United Ladies, Summer Copeland

  Freethorpe make a change, Amy Barber coming on for Miller. The home side counter attack from a Toftwood free-kick getting the ball down the other end quickly Goodson carrying it forwards, support from Michaela Stordy to her left receives the ball, North in to tackle the ball out for a throw. Talbot forwards to take the throw tries a long one Colbrook the target top of the area, Toftwood clear but commit the foul wide left. Amy Barber on the set-piece curls the ball into the box Lisa Anthony gets her head on the ball to clear for the visitors.

  GOAL! Closing in on the half hour mark in the 1st half Freethorpe break forwards in number and equalise the ball won at the back is played into the midfield play spread wide to Amy Barber on the left carries the ball forwards, both Goodson and Megan Wilson going with her, Copeland gets back to pressure Barber on the ball as they reach the top of the area, Hayley Cross comes in to tackle Barber the Freethorpe attacker nudging the ball past the full-back as the two collide, the ball runs beyond everyone Wilson is quickest to react getting to the ball in the six yard box gets her shot past Louise as she lunges with her leg to block, the ball is past her strikes the post and bouncing up across the face of go, Goodson is on hand to bury the ball into the back of the net 1-1.

Georgia Goodson scorer the equaliser for Freethorpe Ladies

  Putting pressure on the Toftwood back-line Freethorpe are getting more joy going forwards. Wilson winning the ball in midfield plays the ball out to Watts on the left sends the ball on down the line for Amy Barber, leaning back as she goes to cross the ball puts it behind for a goal kick. Wendy Barber comes on for the home side replacing Stordy. Freethorpe have a free-kick beside the box on the left side after the referee spots a push in the back. Jarvis forwards to take it sends the ball into the box top of the six yard box far post Wilson knocks the ball down for Amy Barber can’t keep her shot down as she goes for goal.

 Toftwood’s Wilson has the ball on the left attacking plenty going forwards for Toftwood in this attack whips the cross into the area trying to pick out Penn in a central position, Talbot nips in ahead of her to clear the ball rolls out to Copeland 25 yards out, looks to play the ball back in with Wilson coming central wanting the ball fed int her feet, can’t take the ball on the move, the Freethorpe defence get it away out to the right, Hart latches onto it one touch before hitting a low drive in towards the near post, Barber down to her left makes the save.

 Getting players forwards Freethorpe are frustrating Toftwood late in the 1st half, Barber the outlet ball on the left. Winning a throw deep on the flank, receives the ball from the long throw turning to hit the ball across the six yard box is deflected into the side netting for a corner. Cleared out of the area Samantha Greenland regains possession for Freethorpe the pass inside to Goodson goes to shoot 25 yards out, the ball charged down by Anthony. 

  GOAL! Closing minutes of the 1st half and Toftwood hit Freethorpe on the counter to retake the lead, North on the ball plays it up through the middle into the box picking out Wilson similar position to the opening goal, hits the shot on the turn left of goal sending the past the keeper into the back of the net. 1-2.

  A late chance for Freethorpe to grab a goal a half chance as Amy Barber pressuring the defence forces and error running in behind left side into the box, Louise is quickly out to slide in and get hold of the ball before the attacker can reach it.
Half-time Freethorpe Ladies 1-2 Toftwood United Ladies

  Toftwood started the match well, attacking early on and taking the lead inside 15 minutes. Freethorpe coming back into the game found the equaliser, were forcing the pace of the game after that for a spell putting pressure on Toftwood’s defence to bring about mistakes, hit on the counter late in the 1st half to go into the dressing room a goal down. All set up for the 2nd half. Two changes for Toftwood at half-time with captain Penn of along with Cross, Laura Harvey and Melanie Freeman on. Thea Wilson wearing the captains armband 2nd half. Freethorpe get the 2nd half underway. Stordy is back on for Freethorpe.
  GOAL! Toftwood extend their lead barely a minute into the 2nd half, Copeland  on the ball has a run at the defence right side stands the ball up lifting it up towards Hooper inside the six yard box at the far post gets up well to head the ball just the right amount of lift to get it up and over Barber trying to reach it drops behind her into the net 1-3. A blow for Freethorpe right at the start of the 2nd half.

Lydia Hooper heading the ball, does the same to score inside the box to make it 3-1 to Toftwood United Ladies

 Toftwood come on again the ball with Harvey played on for Hart wins a corner kick. An inswinging ball coming near post Barber in the Freethorpe goal calls for it and makes a confident claim as she advances. Up the other end Stordy closes the ball down forcing an error as Toftwood try to clear the ball rebounds back into the middle running into the box, Goodson after it, Louise is quickly off her line to the edge of her area to slide in and grab the ball. 

Toftwood’s Copeland battles with Freethorpe’s Elle-Jay Jarvis for the ball

  Hooper gets the ball into her feet on the left a forceful run sends the cross in early curling into the six yard both Barber with a good take gets her gloves firmly on the ball with Wilson running in central. Barber is the out of her box to clear a ball over the top from Toftwood with both Wilson and Hart closing her down. Toftwood’s Wilson goes after the ball played into the left corner area. Time to play the cross in has both Copeland and Hart waiting at the top of the area into Copeland she knocks in on for Hart to strike goalwards her shot dragged wide of the near post.

 With the ball on the right Colbrook tries to get a cross into the box for Freethorpe, wins a throw the ball given to her turns lifts the ball into the box North clears it for Toftwood. The home side make a change Jarvis coming off with Sarah Earl coming on. Barber produces a smart save with her feet as Hart with the ball wide right shows a burst of pace to take it on behind the defence before drilling the ball in towards goal on the angle Barber saving with her foot the ball out for a corner. 

  Majoram brings about an error from Freethorpe as she pushes forwards with the ball a miscued clearance bringing a corner kick on the left, North to take plays it into Copeland near side top of the area her touch deflecting the ball into the six yard box, Barnes clears for Freethorpe. 

Summer Copeland gets up to win the ball fr Toftwood from the corner
  GOAL! Toftwood extend their lead 18 minutes into the 2nd half, has to go down as an own goal but is very unfortunate from Barber. Harvey is advancing with the ball inside right for Toftwood 20 yards out looks to send a ball into the box comes in at a vicious height near post Barber jumping up to try and get a glove on the ball manages to knock it out of the air off balance however she falls to the ground the ball loose bounces towards goal, the keeper tries desperately to keep it out with her legs but can’t the ball crossing the line 1-4.

 Toftwood have Freethorpe on the back foot keep coming forwards, Hart on the ball down the right wing sees her cross turned behind by Watts for a corner. Freethorpe clear the initial ball from the set-piece on the right the clearance coming to Hart top of the area lifts the ball back in near side Wilson getting her head to the ball sends a looping header on up into the six yard box, Barber keeps her eyes firmly on the ball not distracted by Hooper closing in to take the ball down into her body cleanly.

 Substitutes for both sides Freethorpe bringing off Wendy Barber with Megan Wilson back on. Toftwood make 3 changes Cross and Penn back on for Ayrton and Majoram, Jordie Head comes on for Copeland. The visitors break with menace 3 forwards moving through the middle Hart on the ball unleashes a shot from the top of the area, Barber saves well the ball cleared out to Head who sends in back in with Wilson moving across the six yard box gets her head to it near post puts the ball wide. An unorthodox save from Barber moments later as the ball over the top sees Head bearing down on goal left side the keeper comes flying out to slide in rolls over in doing so stopping the ball with her bottom as Head leaps over her.

  GOAL! Head has been lively since coming on for Toftwood up front and her energy brings a mistake at the back which she capitalises on getting in behind right side pushing on with the ball hits the shot on the angle plenty of pace on the ball flies past the diving keeper into the goal beyond 1-5.

 Freethorpe reintroduce Jarvis to the action Earl coming off. Little for the Freethorpe attackers to feed on 2nd half, Colbrook is gifted a chance as Louise plays her goal-kick straight at her, 25 yards out goes for goal, on target Louise gets behind it to gather on the bounce.

Freethorpe Ladies, Andrea Colbrook

  GOAL! Toftwood go forwards the ball played out to Harvey onto Hart down the right takes the ball all the way to the byline cutting inside into the box looks to send the ball across the six yard box, hits a Freethorpe defender the deflection helps it on to the top of the six yard box with Head racing onto the ball smashes her shot into the back of the net 1-6.

  Freethorpe haven’t pressured the Toftwood defence like they did 1st half aren’t getting anything up front as a result, when they do get the ball into the box, Louise in the Toftwood goal has more often than not come for it. Watts gets hold of the ball taking it inside Amy Barber moves into the area the cross in towards her the Toftwood keeper slides in to claim at her feet.
A hat-trick for Toftwood United
Ladies, Jordie Head

  GOAL! Into the final 10 minutes of the game Toftwood extend their lead further. Freeman on for Hart down the right carries the ball to the top of the area before unleashing a stinging drive towards goal, Barber throws herself at it falling gets her gloves to the ball knocking it to the ground, Wilson is racing in near post and 1st to arrive wraps her foot over the ball to send it home for her hat-trick 1-7.

  GOAL! Goal number 7 is quickly followed by goal number 8, little Barber can do about this one as 2nd half substitute Head completes her hat-trick the ball rolled into her 25 yards out back to goal spins inside and sends a shot arrowing into the top corner of the goal 1-8.

 Wilson comes off late for Toftwood, Majoram back on. The visitors have a corner on the right the ball played into Harvey near post inside the six yard box scuffs her attempted shot the ball rolling into Majoram ahead of her the angle against her as she goes for goes puts her strike behind for a goal-kick. The final whistle blows and Toftwood with a dominant 2nd half display win their 1st league game of the season.
Full time Freethorpe Ladies 1-8 Toftwood United Ladies

  Well I certainly didn’t see that 2nd half coming after the 1st half. Totally different story 2nd half Toftwood with a quick fire goal making it 3-1 went on to dominate the attack Getting plenty of bodies forwards and creating goal scoring chances. Freethorpe after a good display 1st half getting back into the game, didn’t put the pressure on the ball 2nd half that had brought about the success 1st half. Let their heads drop too early. Little time to lick their wounds the two sides meet again in the league next Sunday, Freethorpe making the trip to Dereham.
  Good to see both sides in action at last. My thanks as always to both clubs for their help with the team details today always appreciated.

The Round-Up – Beds & Herts 23/10/16

The Round-Up

Beds & Herts – Sunday 23rd October

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

  The start of the season in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One has seen Sandy Ladies and Sharnbrook WFC Jostling for the lead at the top of the table. The lead changed again this Sunday after the weekends results. Sandy Ladies moving back to the top of the table as they win their 4th successive league game to start the season were away to newly promoted, Hitchin Town Ladies at the weekend. One goal was enough to see them come away with all 3 points. Katie Seldon scoring the winning goal for Sandy Ladies. 3 defeats to start the season for Hitchin Town Ladies but all close results haven’t been thrashed and this is the 1st league game they failed to score in.

Sandy Ladies climb above Sharnbrook WFC after the side leading the table at the start of the day were beaten away from home by Bishops Stortford Ladies who were only playing their 2nd league match of the season having been involved in cup competitions early on in the season. Brooke White opened the scoring for Bishops Stortford inside the opening 5 minutes. Sharnbrook responding straight away Charlotte Mullins netting for the Bedfordshire side. White went on to score again for Bishops Stortford on the 19th and 27th minute to complete a 1st half hat-trick. Hannah Mead adding a 4th goal 11 minutes into the 2nd half to see Bishops Stortford win 4-1 to climb into 3rd spot.

 Also climbing up the Division One table after the weekends results are Sherrardswood Ladies, up to 4th spot winning away to bottom side Letchworth Garden City Eagles. A Laure Marris hat-trick plus an own goal seeing the visitors win the match 4-1. Emily Jamieson with the goal for Letchworth.  

Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup

2 ties were still to be played this Sunday in the 1st Round of the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup. Division One side Houghton Athletic Ladies were at home playing Division Three side Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses Blues. Eased into the 2nd Round courtesy of a hat-trick scored by Emma Hawkes.

  Royston Town Ladies Reserves from Division Two were away to Division Three side Shefford Town & Campton Ladies. also won the game 3-0 to advance to the 2nd Round Harriet Smith opening the scoring in the 1st half on 21 minutes, Grace Leslie doubling the advantage 4 minutes before the break. Lucy Williamson making it 3-0 2 minutes from time.

The draw for the 2nd Round of the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup is as follows.

Sherrardswood Ladies v Royston Town Ladies Reserves

Hitchin Town Ladies v Wheathamsted Ladies

Potters Bar United Ladies v Evergreen Ladies

Hitchin Belles v Watton Ladies

Bishops Stortford Ladies v Evergreen Eagles

Letchworth Garden City Eagles v Garston Ladies

Garston Ladies FC 96 v Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses Clarets

Houghton Athletic Ladies v Sharnbrook WFC

ties scheduled to be played Sun 4th & 11th December

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

One game being played in Beds & Herts Divison Two this weekend with Evergreen Ladies travelling to the Moneyhole Playing Fields to take on Panshanger Ladies, both promoted from Division Three last season. It was Panshanger who took an early lead April SPang sending the ball into the back of the net on 7 minutes. Chemise Huitson added a 2nd goal for the home side 21 minutes in, Natalie Maher pegging it back to 2-1 at the break. Kathryn Light came on early 2nd half for Panshanger put them 3-1 ahead on 50 minutes. Huitson with her 2nd of the game scoring in the 53rd minute, Light scored her 2nd goal of the game too a minute later t make it 5-1 on 60 minutes Panshanger went further ahead Ellie Burke scoring. Evergreen pulled a goal back making it 6-2 before Burke went on to grab her 2nd goal of the game to see Panshanger up to 3rd in the Division Two table.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

Evergreen Eagles move a point clear at the top of the Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three table after a 1-1 draw at home to Bedwell Rangers on Sunday, Samantha Takis with the goal for Evergreen, Sarah King on target in the 2nd half for Bedwell Rangers who start the season with a win and a draw to climb to 3rd in the table. 

  Up to 4th in the Division Three table are new side Potters Bar United Ladies playing competitively for the 1st time this season having forfeited their 1st league match were at home playing Hatfield Town Ladies on Sunday after contesting a goalless 1st half, Hatfield Town took the lead on 54 minutes, Milan Johnson with the goal. Potters Bar came back into the game Janiece Allen pulling it back to 1-1 with 15 minutes left on the clock. Allen scored again with 3 minutes left in the game to win it for Potters Bar.

The Round-Up – Cambridgeshire 23/10/16

The Round-Up

Cambridgeshire – Sunday 23rd October

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

3 matches in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership this Sunday all 3 going the way of the top 3 sides all away from home. Following up from their 3-0 win away to Netherton United Ladies last Sunday, Premiership leaders Cambridge United WFC Reserves were back in the counties capital visiting local rivals Cambridge University Women. Have been some close games in the past between the 2, not so this Sunday, Cambridge United WFC Reserves looking strong at the start of the season winning their 3rd league match in a row after an opening day defeat. Ebony Rule scoring 2 goals. Lauren Gibson, Carolyn Sarafian and Monique Christian also finding the back of the net.

Keeping pace with Cambridge United WFC Reserves enjoying a great start to the Premiership season are Newmarket Town Ladies in 2nd place move onto 9 points as they continue their 100% winning start away from home to Bar Hill Ladies on Sunday. Lauren Deller scoring a hat-trick with Joeli Kirby and Abbi Griffin also on target as they also ran out 5-0 winners 3 wins from 3 league games to start the season.

Moving up fro 7th to 3rd in the Premiership table are St Ives Town Ladies the newly promoted side pipped to the Championship South title by Park Ladies last season both going up St Ives Town travelled to Park Ladies on Sunday. Won big whilst the side above them failed to pick up any points. Hannah Seymour-Shove scoring a brace, Sophie Marheineke, Sasha Smith, Georgia Stancombe & Amy Seymour-Shove also finding the back of the net as the visiting side ran out 6-0 winners to leap up the table. 

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North

Was a clash between 2nd and 3rd on Sunday in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North with Ketton Ladies hosting March Town United Ladies both on 9 points, 3 behind leaders Wisbech St Mary Ladies who weren’t in action this weekend, a chance to close the gap for one or the other. Both sides defending a 100% winning start to the season. The 3 points going home with March Town after they edged the result 2-1 at the final whistle their goals scored by Louise Barbour and Tiffany Hyne to put them level on points with Wisbech St Mary at the top of the table.

 A tough start to the league season for Wisbech Town Ladies in the Champioship North strugglnig to pick up points early on got one on the board last Sunday at home to P&L Motors Diamonds. On the road this Sunday build upon that point with a big 1st win of the season away to new side Spalding United Ladies. The home side scored 3 goals, Sasha Haw with 2, Tegan Wheeler with the 3rd. Wasn’t to be enough as Wisbech Town plundered their goal for double that amount, Sophie Gutteridge with a hat-trick, Leah Hall with a brace a goal each for Rebecca Bourlet and Kyra Clarke to win the game 7-3 as they start to build some form.

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South

 Cambridge City Ladies new Development side have made a great start to life in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South 4 wins from 4 to open the season travelled to Milton Ladies on Sunday a tough opponent who are looking to be amongst the sides jostling for promotion come the end of the season have won their opening 2 league matches too. 2 goals scored by Philippa Witherspoon looked to be seeing Cambridge City to their 5th straight league win however Milton came back into it Kirsty Lemmon-Sparkes with the goals as they equalised late on in the match to see the points shared, Cambridge City move onto 13 points from 5, Milton in 3rd are on 7 points with 2 games in hand on the leaders.

A point for Milton Ladies saw Isleham United Ladies climb up to 2nd in the Championship South table after a 2-0 home win against Cambridge Rangers. Winning for the 3rd time this season Shona Kelly and Laura McAllister with their goals.

Newmarket Town Ladies new Reserves side won for the 2nd time this season to move into 4th spot in the Championship South table. Were away to Riverside Rovers Reserves on Sunday. Hollie Turner netting twice for the visitors with goals scored to by, Lizzie Quigley, Dominika Szary and Kate Winneweisser as they ran out 5-1 winners in Peterborough.

The Round-Up – Norfolk 23/10/16

The Round-Up

Norfolk – Sunday 23rd October

Norfolk Women’s Division One

For the 3rd time this season North Walsham Angels Ladies scored 6 goals to win a league game as they returned to the top of the table after league leaders Thorpe United Ladies who beat North Walsham 4-3 last weekend saw their match away to Fakenham Town Ladies postponed. A chance to return to the top of the table North Walsham have been involved in some high scoring games since winning promotion to Division One. Were at home taking on Aylsham FC Ladies who themselves are no strangers to playing in high scoring matches and this one proved to be full of goals North Walsham were leading 3-2 at half-time going on to win the game 6-4. Becky Hills with a goal for Aylsham plus a hat-trick from Leanne Ferdani, goalkeeper Bethany Clark saving a penalty too, it wasn’t to be enough to take anything away from North Walsham as they hit the back of the net through sisters Luci and Hope Middleton both bagging themselves a brace with Hannah Roe and Emma Allsopp also getting a goal to their name. Move above Thorpe on goal difference both on 12 points.

Norfolk Women’s League Cup

 2 ties outstanding from the 1st Round of the Norfolk League Cup with both Bungay Town Ladies and Brandon Town Ladies involved in the FA Women’s Cup then Suffolk County Cup for the previous 2 weekends. Both Division One sides safely through to the 2nd Round. Bugay Town Ladies were at home at Maltings meadow taking on Division Two side Sprowston Ladies. Led 3-0 at half-time doubling the tally to win 6-0 at the final whistle, Lacey Andrews netting herself a hat-trick with a goal each for Emily Leach and Nicola Hazell with an own goal completing the scoreline.

brandon-forshaw  Brandon Town Ladies were also at home in the 1st Round taking on Wymondham Town Ladies new Reserves side a potential banana skin on paper wasn’t to be the case, Sally Hammerton scoring in the 1st half for Wymondham, Brandon hit back with 3 goals, adding a further 5 2nd half to march into the 2nd Round with an 8-1 win. Captain Tiffany Forshaw (pictured) with a hat-trick. Chloe Slater scoring twice, Millie Bales and Ruby Robertson also amongst the goals.



  The 1st Round games complete the draw for the 2nd Round of the League Cup was made live on twitter on Tuesday night. The 8 ties listed below scheduled to be played Sunday 13th November.

East Coast Ladies v Red Rose United

Briston Wanderers Ladies v Gorleston FC Ladies

Bohemians Ladies v Bungay Town Ladies

Brandon Town Ladies v Aylsham FC Ladies

Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies v Cromer Town Ladies

Stalham Town Ladies v Toftwood Ladies

North Walsham Angels Ladies v Tavern Ladies

Kings Lynn Town Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

Norfolk Women’s Division Two

  2 matches in Norfolk Women’s Division Two this Sunday with 2 in form sides meeting 3rd placed Long Stratton Ladies having won 3 successive league games hosting leaders Gorleston FC Ladies who had won 4 out of 4 at the start of the season. Gorleston won 14-0 at home last Sunday came out on top winning the match 3-0 to move onto 15 points from 5 games open up a 5 point gap at the top of the table with Sprowston involved in the league cup.

Bohemians Ladies built on the point they won at home to Sprowston Ladies last Sunday by taking all 3 home with them as they travelled to play Stalham Town Ladies. Ellie Blaxell and Helen Quinn with the goals in a 2-0 win opening up a 4 point gap from the bottom 3 sides. 

Norfolk Women’s Division Three

2 matches in Norfolk Women’s Division Three too this Sunday, Tavern Ladies having gone top last weekend were at home playing Freethorpe Ladies who have yet to play a game at home this season. Away again were coming up against a form side. Rianna Scott scoring a hat-trick for Tavern Ladies. Lucy Kean, Emily Bell and Sophie Fuller were also on target the final score 6-2 keeps them top of the table.

East Coast Ladies were the side Tavern beat 5-4 last weekend away from home. New to the league this season East Coast Ladies looked to bounce back this Sunday as they travelled to Dereham to play Toftwood Ladies. East Coast started the game well Rosie Cook putting them into the lead. Cook went on to score again, with Chelsea Shorten on target to give the visitors a 3-0 lead. Toftwood came back into the game scoring 2 quick goals both from Katie Hart to make it 3-2, the drama not over yet in the 1st half with Cook completing her hat-trick in the dying moments. The lead 4-2 to east Coast at half-time Toftwood pressed for another goal getting it Olivia North putting the ball into the back of the net. East Coast were awarded a penalty kick as Cook was brought down in the box, Lucy Robbens scoring from the spot. Robbens adding another goal late on to seen East Coast Ladies win 6-3.

The Round-Up – Essex 23/10/16

The Round-Up

Essex – Sunday 23rd October

Essex Women’s Premier Division

  Lawford Ladies continued their excellent start to the new season this Sunday recording a 6th straight win away to Chigwell Ladies, winning the game 5-1 to move onto 18 points. Harriet Douglas on target for Chigwell. Also scoring 5 goals away from home on Sunday in the Essex Women’s Premier Division were Harlow Town Ladies matching Lawford in having a 100% winnin start to the season the newly promoted Division One Champions have now won 5 from 5. Were playing Walden Ladies. A brace from Francesca Tye, plus a goal each for Fran Gamble, Tayla Handscomb and Hannah Clifford seeing Harlow Town win 5-0 to keep pace with the leading side.

  3 points further back in 3rd place on 12 points now from 5 matches played are Chelmsford City Ladies on the road themselves on Sunday their latest win coming at Beacon Hill Rovers Ladies. Winning the game 3-0 with 3 different goalscorers, Daisy Dobbs, Lisa Overall and Sarah Jolly putting the ball into the back of the net. A big win for 4th placed Runwell Sports Ladies at the weekend in the Premier Division at home taking on Alresford Colne Rangers the side racked up 7 goals on their way to collecting the 3 points, Alresford Colne Rangers with a consolation goal lose 7-1 as they crop to the bottom of the table now the only side in the league without a point.

  That is because Hutton Ladies Reserves collected their 1st point of the season on Sunday away to Wickford Town Ladies the sides battling out a 2-2 draw. There was also a scoring draw between Collier Row Tigers and Eastern Avenue,  in the Premier Division on Sunday the sides contesting a 1-1 draw.

Essex Women’s Division One

   A similar story is developing in Essex Division One as in the Premier Division with leaders Corringham Cosmos winning big at home at the weekend to make it 6 wins from 6 for the new sides at the start of the season. Smashed 12 goals into the back of the net without reply against Wickford Town Ladies Reserves. 

frontiers-sharon-ferguson   Another new side making a great start to the season in Essex Division One are, Frontiers Ladies, were away at the weekend taking on Harlow Town Ladies new Reserves side a tough test for both sides. 2nd versus 3rd both on 12 points the game remained goalless at half-time. Frontiers started the 2nd half strongly creating chances Kelly Holsworth heading the ball against the crossbar, Harlow Town Ladies Reserves goalkeeper called into action to make a couple of saves the deadlock eventually broken in the 75th minute, Sharon Ferguson (pictured) with the strike for Frontiers volleying the ball from 25 yards over the keeper and into the back of the net. Ferguson was on hand late into the match to seal the 3 points heading home from 8 yards after the visitors were awarded a free-kick. 5 wins from 5 move onto 15 points.

   5th placed Chelmsford City ladies recorded a big win at the weekend in Division One were at home playing bottom side Waltham Forest Ladies racked up a double figure scoreline. Emily Kendle on target for 4 goals there were braces too for Abi Challis and Emma Sharpe, with a goal apiece for Becky Tabrett and Kayla-Marie Everett the final score 10-0. A good win too at the weekend for new side FC Clacton Ladies in 6th place beating fellow new side Benfleet Villa Ladies at home 6-1.

The Round-Up – Suffolk 23/10/16

The Round-Up 

Suffolk Women’s Division – Sunday 23rd October

Two games in the Suffolk Women’s Division this Sunday the 1st a clash between the top 2 both with a 100% winning start to the season so far with leaders Walsham Le Willows Ladies hosting Ipswich Town Ladies new Development side. Walsham Le Willows have scored 22 goals without reply in their opening 3 league games, were to concede for the 1st time this season and with it suffer their 1st defeat of the season, Ipswich Town Ladies making it 3 wins from 3 to move level on points with Walsham Le Willows at the top, Elin Davies with the winning goal.

In the other match in the Suffolk Women’s Division, Bacton United Ladies at home got their 1st 3 point haul on the board as they played bottom side Ipswich Phoenix Ladies without a point yet this season themselves. Two goals each for Lois Balfour and Maria Walker seeing Bacton United win the match 4-0. 

The Round-Up – ERWFL 23/10/16

The Round-Up

ERWFL – Sunday 23rd October

ERWFL Premier Division

With the leaders of the ERWFL Premier Division seeing their match at home to Great Wakering Rovers Ladies postponed that gave an opportunity for 2nd placed Haringey Borough Women to close the 7 point gap at the top. Were away from home a tough trip to Suffolk to play AFC Sudbury Ladies. In a close contest it was the visitors who came away with the 3 points a single goal enough to win the match scored by Haringey’s, Julia Carruthers.

AFC Dunstable Ladies in 4th place in the ERWFL Premier Division table closed the gap to a point on 3rd place Acle United Ladies who to saw their home game postponed at the weekend winning their 4th game of the season at home at Creasey Park hosting Histon Ladies. A close match Histon scoring through Jordanne Sillitoe, Dunstable scoring twice to win the match 2-1 with goals from Stephanie Fisher and Paige Kavanagh.

Writtle Ladies won on Sunday, and with AFC Sudbury’s loss climb up a place to 5th the the ERWFL Premier Division table. Were at home playing fellow Essex side, Brentwood Town Ladies. Leading 2-0 at half-time went on to win the game 3-1. Ashley Debnam with the goal for Brentwood. Kayleigh Franklin, Amy Simmons and Sophie Vale all on target for Writtle Ladies. 

 Colchester Town Ladies have slipped down the ERWFL Premier Division table in recent weeks as the results had gone against them. Were away to Billericay Town Ladies at the weekend, the scores level at half-time, Georgia Box scoring for Colchester on 10 minutes, captain Lindsey Morgan levelling things up for Billericay. In the 2nd half Colchester went on to score what would prove to be the winning goal, Tiffany Reeves putting the ball into the back of the net to see Colchester climb up 2 places to 9th in the table on 7 points level with Billericay and Brentwood.

ERWFL Division One

nc2  Cambridge City Ladies weren’t in league action last Sunday saw 2nd place Wymondham Town Ladies move a pint above them winning to lead the table. This weekend it was Wymondham Town who were to see their match postponed as Cambridge City looked to maintain their 100% winning start to the season. Made it 6 wins from 6 at home against Stevenage Ladies Reserves. A narrow advantage at half-time leading 1-0, 5 more goals were scored 2nd half Leah Littlechild and Sarah Payne netting for Stevenage Ladies Reserves, Cambridge hit back with 3 more goals to win the game 4-2, Rachel Pearce, Bella Simmons and Lauren Tomlinson (pictured) with the goals.

Wymondham Town were due to play Hutton Ladies who were in 3rd place going into the weekend, unable to field a team that gave Offley & Stopsley Ladies a chance to climb back above them into 3rd themselves were away playing 2nd bottom side Hertford Town Ladies. Won the 3 points comfortably. Shanice Sutton scoring a hat-trick for Offley & Stopsley. Giselle Randall with a brace plus a goal each for Katerina Hamplova and Charlene Moreton in a 7-0 win.

Colney Heath Ladies and Silver End United Ladies in 5th and 6th place in ERWFL Division One met at Colney Heath FC at the weekend. Kayleigh Steed scoring to give the visitors the lead, Holly Sheridan equalised for Colney Heath both sides with chances to win all 3 points during the game both had to settle for a point.

 Been a tough season for bottom side Hoddesdon Town Ladies so far without a point on the board suffered a heavy home defeat in midweek against Stevenage Ladies Reserves were hosting Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies who were looking for their 1st win in the league since mid September. Had a fantastic 1st half the visitors putting the ball into the back of the net 4 times. Taylor Adcock, Sophie Dowman, Katy Judd and Kerri Thomas giving them a 4-0 lead at half-time. No more goals were scored 2nd half Hoddesdon Town battling to prevent further damage to their goal.

The Round-Up – FAWPL 23/10/16

The Round-Up

FAWPL – Sunday 23rd October

This weekend in the FAWPL their was just the one league game with the focus on the 2nd Round of the Cup and Plate comprtitions, 9 ties across both featuring sides from the Southern and South East Division One.

FAWPL Southern Division

In the FAWPL Southern Division C&K Basildon Ladies were at home hosting Swindon Town Ladies and Canvey Island FC. The visitors coming into the game off the back of a confidence boosting 7-0 win away to Queens Park Rangers Ladies last Sunday. Battled hard 1st half despite C&K Basildon creating plenty of chances the score remained goalless at the break. That changed 4 minutes into the 2nd half C&K Basildon getting the lead a goal from Sara Sinclair. The home side continued to press for a 2nd goal, Swindon resiliant keeping them at bay until deep into injury time, Lily Mellors putting the result beyond doubt in the 93rd minute to see the game won 2-0.

FAWPL Cup 2nd Round

martin Tottenham Hotspur Ladies the FAWPL Cup holders continued their defence of the trophy at home taking on last seasons beaten FAWPL Plate finalists, Enfield Town Ladies. Had the majority of the play in the 1st half, the South East Division One side hard to break down Tottenham got into the lead 6 minutes before half-time Wendy Martin (pictured) with the goal. Martin went on to score 2 goals in 2 minutes 15 minutes into the 2nd half to complete her hat-trick. Lucia Leon adding another goal to make it 4-0 with 15 minutes left. Manager Karen Hills brought Martin off with 5 minutes left replacing her with goalkeeper Toni-Anne Wayne playing outfield up front almost scored straight away. Enfield pulled a goal back late on with two minutes of normal time left, Ellie Taladiana with the goal. Injury time and Wayne is played through in behind the Enfield defence racing into the box puts her shot past the keeper into the back of the net to score! Tottenham winning 5-1 to advance into the last 16.

  Was an all FAWPL South East Division One clash at Corinthians FC, the new home for Gillingham FC Ladies this season unbeaten in all competitions so far this season were taking on Milton Keynes Dons Ladies. Despite having the majority of the ball 1st half found it hard to break down a well drilled Milton Keynes Dons defence. The visitors creating the best chance young goalkeeper Katie Startup saving well from a powerful header driven in near post the follow up headed onto the crossbar. A change of formation and the introduction of striker Kallie Balfour did the trick 2nd half for Gillingham, Balfour breaking down the left driving the ball in across thre keeper near post. Balfour adding a 2nd her shot from inside the box going through the keeper to make it 2-0 see Gillingham into the last 16 where they will be away to Tottenham Hotspur Ladies. This game was the featured match report on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog and the entire report can be found further down the page or by clicking on the link below. 

Gillingham FC Ladies 2-0 Milton Keynes Dons Ladies 23/10/16 

Postponed last weekend after heavy rain on the South coast, FAWPL South East Division One side, Cambridge United WFC in fine form at the start of the season made long trip down to Gosport borough FC to play FAWPL Southern Division side Portsmouth FC Ladies. Cambridge have been building a strong squad to mount a promotion challenge added 2 more signing earlier in the week, Danielle Puddefoot coming in after a prolific season in front of goal for Queens Park Rangers Ladies last season, also joining is Mollie Kmita who joins her sister Rosie in signing for Cambridge.

Both Kmita sisters started the match and it was Rosie who gave the visitors an early lead in the match had a few more chances to extend Cambridge’s lead 1st half however Portsmouth kept the scoreline down to a single goal chances up the other end equalised late captain Gemma Hillier making it 1-1 in 1st half injury time. Portmouth went on to take the lead 2nd half Sarah Kempson scoring in 61 minutes. Their lead didn’t last long Cambridgegetting it back to 2-2 within 3 minutes Nicole Perschky on target. Portsmouth were to go on and score again Kempson with her 2nd goal 6 minutes from time enough to see them edge the result 3-2 to advance into the last 16.

 Another side riding high in FAWPL South East Division One are AFC Wimbledon Ladies, they were at home in the 2nd Round of the FAWPL Cup taking on Southern Division opposition in Crystal Palace Ladies. The sides battled out  a goalless 1st half, Crystal Palace took the lead over their lower division opponents 12 minutes into the 2nd half, Gemma Bryan putting them ahead. The lead was doubled in the last 10 minutes, Rochelle Shakes making it 2-0 for Crystal Palace to see them through to the last 16 of the FAWPL Cup.

It was also an FAWPL Southern Division side taking on South East Division One opponents in the last game to bring you from the FAWPL Cup 2nd Round with Coventry United Ladies the current FAWPL Plate holders taking on Denham United Ladies. Once again it was goalless at the break their lower league opponents had to break down. The deadlock was broken midway through the 2nd half, Ashleigh Neville getting the goal to give Coventry the lead made sure of the result in the last 10 minutes of the match, Jade Brook and Helen Dermody both netting a goal to see Coventry into the last 16 with a 3-0 win.

  The draw for the 3rd Round of the FAWPL Cup was make earlier this week, ties scheduled to be played Sun 6th November selected ties featuring sides in the Southern and South East Division One listed below, 

Tottenham Hotspur Ladies v Gillingham FC Ladies

Cardiff City Ladies or Larkhall Athletic Ladies v Basingstoke Town Ladies or Chichester City Ladies.

Charlton Athletic Women v Portsmouth FC Ladies

Crystal Palace Ladies v Coventry United Ladies

FAWPL Plate 2nd Round

Queens Park Rangers Ladies were without a single league point this season in the Southern Division as they made the long journey to the Suffolk coast to play South East Division One side Lowestoft Town Ladies in the FAWPL Plate 2nd Round. An good contest 1st half Lowestoft doing well against their higher league opponents conceded late in the 1st half Juliette Denny scoring for Queens Park Rangers in the 4th minute of 1st half injury time to give the Southern Division side a narrow lead going into the dressing room at half-time at Crown Meadow. 

Queens Park Rangers started the 2nd half strongly, extending their lead on 54 minutes Jessica Treharne with the goal. Looked to be safely through to the last 16 of the Plate competition when Sara Ezzahiri scored to put them 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go. Late drama in the match however Lowestoft winning a penalty 2 with 2 minutes of normal play left, Gemma Moore scoring from the spot. Millie Cursons putting the ball in the back of the net on 90+1 to make it 3-2. Denny having scored in injury time 1st half repeated the feat 2nd half scoring her 2nd in the 93rd minute to see Queens Park Rangers win their 1st game of the season taking them through to the next round.

A long journey west for West Ham United Ladies in the FAWPL Plate 2nd Round taking on South West Division One side, Cheltenham Town Ladies. The 1st game of a new era for West Ham United Ladies under new management having been brought under the umbrella of the men’s club were introduced at half-time to the West Ham United fans at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday. On the pitch against Cheltenham got off to a great start Katie Bottom putting them ahead on 15 minutes from the spot after she was brought down in the area. Cheltenham battled hard, putting alot of effort in to keeping the lead down to a single goal at half-time. Started the 2nd half better gaining momentum, Louise Fensome pulling the scores level at 1-1 the game looked to be heading into extra-time, Chloe Burr getting on the ball driving forwards and rifling home a shot in injury time to see West Ham United win 2-1 to progress the last 16.

 An all South East Division One clash in the 2nd Round of the FAWPL Plate saw Ipswich Town Ladies travel down to play Actonians Ladies. The home side knocking their Suffolk opponents out of the Plate with an emphatic win. Alessandra Barreca scoring a hat-trick for Actonians, with goals too for Emma Mulhern, Carla Williams and Sinthujah Sooriyakumar seeing them advance in the competition with a 6-0 victory.

South East Division One side Stevenage Ladies still looking for their 1st league win of the season made the long trip down to the South West to play fellow Division one side Exeter City Ladies. Had won big in the FA Women’s Cup 2 weekends ago giving the squad some confidence. That confidence was extended with another cup win as they returned home with a place in the last 16 of the FAWPL Plate secured following a 4-0 win.

The draw for the 3rd Round of the FAWPL Plate was made earlier in the week, ties scheduled to be played Sunday 6th November, selected ties below featuring sides in the Southern and South East Division One. 

     West Ham United Ladies v Keynsham Town Ladies

Lewes Ladies or Maidenhead United Ladies v St Nicholas Ladies

Actonians Ladies v Queens Park Rangers Ladies

Stevenage Ladies v Luton Town Ladies


Match Report – Gillingham FC Ladies v Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

Sunday’s match action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from the 2nd Round of the FAWPL Cup an all South East Division One clash between Gillingham FC Ladies and Milton Keynes Dons Ladies.

Match Report – Gillingham FC Ladies v Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

  This Sunday’s match on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from the 2nd Round of the FA Women’s Premier League Cup an all South East Division One clash between Gillingham FC Ladies & Milton Keynes Dons Ladies.

  A Determining Round played at the start of the competition with the winning sides going on to contest the FAWPL Cup, the losing sides going into the FAWPL Plate.

  Gillingham FC Ladies are unbeaten in all competitions at the start of the season. Games in hand on all the sides above them in the table currently in 7th spot. Beat Southampton Saints Girls & Ladies 4-0 away from home in the Determining Round with a bye in the 1st Round now play Milton Keynes Dons Ladies 2 places above them in the league for a place in the last 16 of the FAWPL Cup. Felicity Gibbons returns to the club after spells with Brighton & Hove Albion WFC and Millwall Lionesses. Vicky Ashton-Jones and Amy Taylor who both played a large part in helping Brighton & Hove Albion WFC to the FAWPL Southern Division title last season have also come in at the start of the season.

  Milton Keynes Dons Ladies are 3 points above Gillingham in the FAWPL South East Division One table in 5th spot with 4 wins from 7 league games so far this season. Have a new manager with James Honeyman taking charge of the 1st team. Beat Luton Town Ladies away from home in the Determining Round to enter the FAWPL Cup proper had a bye in the 1st Round. Kara Howes has resigned for the club after being with WSL 2 side London Bees. Rebecca Vass, Bedford Ladies captain last season was also signed at the start of the season. 

  Gillingham FC Ladies have a new home this season, Corinthians FC. Just off the A2 through the villages of Bean and Longfield, ignoring the ‘Road Closed’ signs you find it just fine. In the countryside a picturesque setting you come to the Corinthian Sports Club a multi-purpose sports facility with a farmyard beyond, which you’ll end up in if you follow the Sat Nav, however there is a gate which I suspect is unlocked on most match days at that end. A large clubhouse with a bar upstairs refreshments hot and cold available. The ground itself is very nice a small seated stand behind one goal plus a small stand on one side. More seating in front of the building housing the changing rooms in on corner overlooking a large pitch, plenty of width on this on, not the flattest but in great condition nevertheless. A bright sunny day clouds dotted around but a warm afternoon, will enjoy them whilst they last.

 Gillingham FC Ladies starting XI – Katie Startup, Ellie Manning, Grace Seely, Charlie Thurston, Vicky Ashton-Jones, Rachel Ahern, Jade Keogh (C), Katie Hardaker, April Bowers, Harriett Chapman & Felicity Gibbons.
 subs – Courtney Shanly, Bethany Nugent & Kallie Balfour.

 Milton Keynes Don Ladies starting XI – Emma Kirby, Kara Howes, Samantha Gillings, Leanne Doyle, Vicky Holland, Charley Clark (C), Heather McDonnell, Charly Wright, Hannah Barrett, Leah Cudone & Rebecca Vass. 

 subs – Anna Loftus & Louise Naylor.

  Gillingham FC Ladies were without a few 1st team regulars but do have a large squad of players to draw from and with the games already building up the squad will be needed although absences and injuries see only 3 named on the bench, one of those goalkeeper Courtney Shanly with Katie Startup recently returned from Jordan having represented England Lionesses side in the U17s World Cup starting between the sticks. Milton Keynes Dons Ladies name a strong starting XI but a light on the bench with just the 2 substitutes to call upon. It’s the visitors to kick-off the 1st half, Milton Keynes Dons Ladies kitted out in red shirts and shorts with a black and white band down the sides, along with red socks with a black and white band. Gillingham lined up opposite wearing blue shirts with a vertical white stripe down the right, blues shorts with a white bands around the left leg and white socks with blue at the top.

  From kick-off, Milton Keynes look to get the ball out to Leah Cudone on the right bringing the ball down looks to knock it past Gillingham’s Ellie Manning, the full back gets a foot in to win the ball, plays it in field into Katie Hardaker through the middle up to Felicity Gibbons leading the line holding the ball up has Harriett Chapman making a run on the left sends the ball out to her, Milton Keynes, Kara Howes running with her to win the ball tackles to put it out for a throw.

MK Dons Ladies, Leah Cudone tussles with Gillingham
FC Ladies, Ellie Manning for the ball

   Gillingham have started the match brightly have the ball inside the Milton Keynes half, Gibbons with the ball at her feet back to goal looks to link up with April Bowers on the right, her cross lifted up towards the penalty spot is headed clear of the area by Milton Keynes centre back Vicky Holland. Picking the ball up from half-way Gillingham captain, Jade Keogh carries it forwards rolls the pass into Bowers moving right, sends it on for Gibbons breaking into the box on the right side right of goal moving into the six yard box, looks to shoot the angle tight doesn’t get a very good connection with the ball runs tamely into the gloves of Milton Keynes goalkeeper, Emma Kirby.


Gillingham FC Ladies
April Bowers

Milton Keynes are sitting back inviting Gillingham on to them, defending the final ball played in towards the box. Bowers is over a free-kick won in front of the centre circle after Gibbons is fouled, plays the ball up in towards the D Milton Keynes, Leanne Doyle clears it with her head. Chapman pushes forwards with the ball on the right for the home side passes inside to Hardaker, aims her pass towards Gibbons wanting the ball inside the D, Holland marking her closely gets her foot in to push the ball away from the attacker.

  Milton Keynes are defending well, deep however the starting platform to get the ball into Rebecca Vass and Cudone up top is giving the Gillingham defence time to get bodies behind the ball. Gibbons is fouled in a central position a little closer to goal this time striking distance Bowers goes for goal sends her shot over the bar. A clash of heads between Howes and Chapman sees Milton Keynes down to 10 whilst the defender receives treatment for a small cut on her mouth. Attacking Hannah Barrett gets the ball over the top for Vass, Vicky Ashton-Jones tackles getting the ball into Chapman left driving forwards with the ball sends the ball in field is helped on to the right of the pitch the cross swept in near post Gibbons arriving leaps heads the ball down towards goal, Kirby saves getting down low to get hold of the ball. 

Rebecca Vass attempts to control the ball before Vicky Ashton-Jones can make the tackle

  Milton Keynes, Hannah Barrett nipping in to win the ball inside her own half lifts it forwards over the top Vass breaking clear of the Gillingham defence gives chase, Startup is quickly off her line to come out of her area to kick the ball clear. Rachel Ahern brings the ball on up the right attacking for Gillingham crosses early the ball into Chapman coming central closing in on the D, hits the shot on the turn blasting it against a Milton Keynes defender the block rolling towards Bowers 25 yards out hits the shot 1st time races wide of the target.

  Despite all of the chances in attack Gillingham have created so far 1st half the best one falls to Milton Keynes as they win a free-kick inside the Gillingham half inside the centre circle an opportunity to bring players forwards from the back, Barrett to deliver the ball lifts it high towards the players gathered left of goal inside the area, Doyle with a great run peels in behind the back jumping gets her head to the ball drives it goalwards, Startup near post makes an excellent save pushing the ball into the air falling back across the goal Vass following in leaps up trying to nod it home from close range her attempt cannoning off the crossbar bounces down into the six yard box, Gillingham scramble it clear.

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies, Leanne Doyle

 Milton Keynes come forwards again the ball with Heather McDonnell in midfield played on to Charly Wright left her pass forwards into the middle picking out Vass central 25 yards out gets the shot away angling away to the left Startup shifting across gets her gloves firmly around the ball. Cudone finding herself out on the left side has the ball at her feet drives forwards towards the Gillingham box rides 2 challenges before pulling the trigger 20 yards out pulls her strike wide of goal. 

  Charlie Thurston fouls Vass up near half-way the free-kick awarded another chance for the visitors to bring players forwards, Barrett plays the ball long up towards the D, Wright goes up to head the ball, doesn’t get a good connection, instead it is deflected wide right into the box, Holland gets hold of it plays the ball back in to Wright who wraps her foot over the ball meeting it on the volley her effort sails high over the crossbar. Late into the 1st half Milton Keynes make a change, Barrett can’t continue is replaced by Louise Naylor.

  Cudone still out on the left gets forwards, Milton Keynes captain, Charley Clark giving her the ball moving forwards tries a 1 2 with Vass outside the box shooting sends the ball wide past the post from 25 yards out. Up the other end Gillingham are awarded a free-kick in a dangerous position on the left 22 yards from goal. Bowers over the ball goes for goal getting the ball over the wall, it falls straight into the gloves of Kirby. A late corner on the left for Milton Keynes following good work from Wright on the left the ball is angled in towards the near post headed on across the face of goal and out for a goal-kick far side. The last action of the 1st half.

April Bowers goes for goal from the free-kick late in the 1st half for Gillingham FC Ladies
Half-time Gillingham FC Ladies 0-0 Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

  Gillingham have been the dominant side in the 1st half having had more of the ball and the attack however haven’t a goal to show for it. Milton Keynes have sat back in defence and wit no room to get in behind have dealt with most things well played up into the box, have struggled to get their strikers into the game defending so deep waiting for Gillingham to make an error then nipping in on the ball sending it forwards, have had the best chance of the half hitting the crossbar.
  Anna Loftus is on for Milton Keynes at the start of the 2nd half with McDonnell the player off. Gillingham make a change at half-time too with striker Kallie Balfour coming on for midfielder Hardaker. A change of formation for the home side going to 3 at the back Gibbons dropping deeper with Balfour now leading the attack. The ball is with Balfour straight away down the right moving into space taking it on to the byline cuts her cross back into the six yard box is cleared behind for a corner by Holland. Coming towards the ball Balfour receiving the ball inside the box plays it back to Gibbons the corner taker, from the angle she sweep a shot in towards the far post, the Milton Keynes defender covering the post clears the ball. The clearance lands outside the box, Seely latches onto it her strike low into the crowded area is blocked then cleared.

Charley Clark and Kallie Balfour contest the ball

  GOAL! Barely 5 minutes into the 2nd half and Balfour’s introduction makes the difference the ball given to her as she moves to the left side turns and heads for goal a powerful run with the ball at her feet entering the box from the left gets the shot away firing the ball across Kirby at the near post and into the back of the net beyond 1-0.

  Coming forwards from the back Ahern covers alot of grass before delivering a cross into the box from the right on the diagonal in towards Gibbons who jumps for the ball but can’t make contact as the cross flies over her. A sloppy ball at the back by Gillingham allows Wright to steal in take the ball on the left pushes on up the wing, Ashton-Jones gets back on her to tackle put the ball out for a throw. Taken quickly Wright throws it back to Gillings coming up to support the full-back sweeps a cross into the box players running in it’s Ashton-Jones who gets her head to the ball to clear for Gillingham.

Charly Wright on the ball of Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

  Getting forwards down the right, Seely now playing wing back has Balfour making a run out to this side rolls the ball into her run the striker taking the ball on down the wing squares a pacey ball in along the face of goal, running along the ground Chapman has gotten into a central position the ball just evades her feet before being cleared far post.

  GOAL! Gillingham extend their lead as the 60th minute arrives the ball is brought into the Milton Keynes half by Keogh her forwards pass picking out Gibbons outside the area left of the D helps the ball on into the area with Balfour peeling off her marker into space right of goal, strikes the ball in centrally is straight at Kirby who gets down to gather the ball is unfortunate as the ball squirms through her gloves and under her body to roll into the net beyond 2-0.

2nd half substitute Kallie Balfour
scores twice for Gillingham

  Naylor plays the ball forwards in beyond the Gillingham defence for Vass to chase into the box, Ashton-Jones on her shoulder, Startup looks to come forwards, Ashton-Jones takes no chances slides a foot in to push the ball away from Vass send it out to the left where it is picked up by Wright whips the ball back into the area, Vass dropping away to the far post area stoops to head the ball is off target but deflects off a defender for a corner.

  Vass plays the ball forwards for Cudone this time to chase into the area hesitation between Startup ad Thurston allows Cudone a chance to get a shot away is off balance however and can only prod the ball straight at Startup who pushes it away with her feet, the ball cleared to the right beyond. Wright gets her foot to the ball as it is delivered long into the box from the right, falling back as she volleys the ball left of goal sends her shot over the bar. Playing in a deeper role 2nd half, Gibbons comes on with the ball, no one closing her down lets fly from 30 yards out her shot flies over the crossbar. 

  Gillingham make their 2nd change with Ahern coming off for Bethany Nugent a straight swap at the back. Keogh carrying the ball forwards passes to Balfour moving left in front of her, turning with the ball at her feet drives into the box shooting the ball lacks any pace doesn’t trouble Kirby at her near post the keeper gathering the ball. 

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies, Samantha Gillings

  Gillings bringing the ball on from the back up the left plays it on for Wright her pass forwards sees Cudone after the ball, shoulder to shoulder with Ashton-Jones the defender ends up on the ground as the ball runs behind a corner kick awarded. Is a great delivery from the left played in towards Clark inside the bx at the near post jumping gets a firm header on the ball turning it towards goal, Startup throws her gloves up the ball past her strikes the crossbar, deflected out to the left and cleared for a throw.

Milton Keynes Dons Ladies captain, Charley Clark watches as her header heads towards goal

  A long crossfield ball plays Seely into space on the right taking the ball down into the corner puts the ball into the area a good delivery inswinging central under the bar 2 Gillingham plays closing in on her Kirby going up for it loses it under challenge dropping is cleared off the line by Howes at the far post. Kirby holds onto a powerful strike from Gibbons inside the box as Balfour plays her in receiving the ball on the left sending in on across the D into Gibbons whose shot is angled straight at the keeper.

Gillingham FC Ladies captain, Jade Keogh

  A good tackle from Ashton-Jones at the back for Gillingham to concede a throw on the left as Loftus goes forwards for Milton Keynes looking to get in behind as Wright sends the ball on up the wing. With Milton Keynes pushing players on late into the game Gillingham aren’t interested in running the ball into the corner counter attack Keogh on the ball moves to within 25 yards of goal fires a low shot into the box is cleared the ball coming back to the Gillingham captain hits a swerving shot back in towards goal, moving across her line Kirby gets hold of the ball. As Milton Keynes blast a long range strike wide of goal up the other ed the referee blows the final whistle and it’s Gillingham who advance to the last 16 of the FAWPL Cup.

Full time Gillingham FC Ladies 2-0 Milton Keynes Dons Ladies

  A good contest, Gillingham eventually coming out on top adjusting things 2nd half after a goalless 1st 45 minutes. Dominated play but couldn’t break down a well drilled Milton Keynes defence sitting deep. The introduction of Balfour 2nd half altering things found space and with it 2 goals. Milton Keynes were 2nd best today despite hitting the crossbar from a set-piece in each half had less of the attack and few chances for their attackers to test the Gillingham goal. 
 My thanks to Jenny and Julian from Gillingham as well as Laura from Milton Keynes for their help with the teams today, always appreciated.

The Round-Up – Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire 16/10/16

The Round-Up

Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire – Sunday 16th October

Across the two counties it was the 1st Round of their County Cup competitions this Sunday with just the one league match taking place.

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

That game was in Beds & Herts Women’s Division One with Sharnbrook WFC hosting Hitchin Town Ladies. In 2nd going into the match Sharnbrook returned to the top of the table with a 3-1 victory Gemma Franklin scoring in the 1st half on 28 minutes. Rachel Jones getting Hitchin Town Ladies goals. Charlotte Mullins netted for Sharnbrook 8 minutes into the 2nd half to see them lead 2-1, Claire Smith adding the 3rd goal 6 minutes later to secure the 3 points.

Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup 1st Round

 Their were 3 ties scheduled for the 1st Round of the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup the rest receiving a bye into the 2nd Round. Woburn & Wavendon Lioness Blues were awarded the away win against Kempston Rovers Ladies to advance in the competition. The senior Woburn & Wavendon Lioness side, the Clarets are also into the 2nd Round following a 2-1 win at home to fellow Beds & Herts Division Two side Flitwick Ladies. Charlotte Demmon and Lara Billington with their goals in the 1st half on 23 and 28 minutes. Jess Coverdale on target for Flitwick.

In the other tie in the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup it was an all Division Three clash between Shefford Town & Campton Ladies and Crawley Green Ladies this one going straight to penalties after the scores were level at 2-2 after 90 minutes. Jessica McNamara netting both goals for Crawley Green on he 10th and 44th minute. Lead 2-1 at half-time before Shefford Town came back to equalise in the 2nd half, Louise Grocott and Gemma Smith with their goals. Crawley Green Ladies went on to win the shoot-out 3-2 to reach the 2nd Round.

4 ties to be played in the 2nd Round of the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup with holders Luton Town Ladies, AFC Dunstable Ladies, Bedford Ladies and Offley and Stopsley Ladies are receiving a bye to the quarter-finals the ties for the 2nd Round listed below to be played Sunday 20th November.

Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses Blues v Sandy Ladies

Luton Town Development v Houghton Athletic Ladies

Sharnbrook WFC H-W Toddington Rovers Ladies (withdrawn from league)

Crawley Green Ladies v Woburn & Wavendon Lionesses Clarets

Hertfordshire Women’s County Cup 1st Round

A few ties in the Hertfordshire Women’s County Cup weren’t played with sides advancing to the 2nd Round without kicking a ball due to sides withdrawing from the competition. Of the games that were played their were plenty of goals scored.

  Both Sophie Joseph and Holly Sheridan scored a hat-trick each for Colney Heath Ladies away from home on Sunday the ERWFL Division One side taking on Bedwell Rangers from Beds & Herts Division Three. There were braces too for 3 players with Molly Slade, Kelly Gunn Adrienne Milton all on target for Colney Heath in a 12-1 win.

  A similar story for Royston Town Ladies, the ERWFL Premier Division side at home on Sunday in the 1st Round of the County Cup playing Beds & Herts Division Two side Panshanger Ladies. Samantha Tinsley scoring a double hat-trick as Royston Town plundered 12 goals. Daniella Lewis also netted a hat-trick with Amy Cooper, Georgia Gannaway and Andrea Wright also putting the ball into the back of the net in a 12-1 win.

Beds & Herts Division One side Letchworth Garden City Ladies were hosting ERWFL Division One side, Stevenage Ladies Reserves on Sunday in the 1st Round. The visitors progressing to the 2nd Round with a comfortable 9-0 win. Katherine Calvert and Leah Littlechild both scoring a brace. Rebecca Day, Sherrie Evans, Jenny Hepton, Hannah Marshall and Rebecca Brooker also scoring.

Bishops Stortford Ladies of Beds & Herts Women’s Division One reach the 2nd Round of the County Cup beating Hitchin Belles of Division Two comfortably 8-0 at home. Brogan McHale with a hat-trick in the match, Lauren Maynard put the ball into the back of the net twice with Samantha Tant, Hannah Mead Mead and Kathryn Stanley all getting a goal.

Another Beds & Herts Division One side safely through to the 2nd Round of the County Cup are St Albans Ladies away on Sunday playing Division Two side Garston Ladies FC  96 both Suzanne Read and Ellie Lovelock scored a brace with Kayla Johnson and Sophie Lawrence scoring a goal apiece to win the tie 6-1. Jade Roberts with the goal for Garston 96.

Garston Ladies 1st team playing in Beds & Herts Division One are also through narrowly beating Hertford Town Ladies new Reserve side away from home, Kelly Kirwan and Bobbi Rhodes on target after they had Samantha Roads sent off. Emily Hook scoring Hertford Town Ladies Reserves goal.

Watford Ladies Youth have entered a number of their sides into this season’s Hertfordshire Women’s County Cup and one of these, Watford Youth U17s Hornets caused a cup upset knocking ERWFL Division One side Hoddesdon Town Ladies out of the competition winning the game away from home 6-2.

16 sides to contest the Hertfordshire Women’s County Cup the ties listed below scheduled to be played Sunday 13th November.

   Watton Ladies v Watford Ladies U17/U18 Wasps

Watford Ladies U17s Hornets v Wheathamsted Ladies or Hemel Hempstead Town Ladies

Royston Town Ladies v St Albans Ladies

Garston Ladies v Watford Ladies U19 Development

Stevenage Ladies v Colney Heath Ladies

Potters Bar United Ladies v Bishops Stortford Ladies

Evergreen Ladies v Stevenage Ladies Reserves

Hatfield Town Ladies v Evergreen Eagles