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Cup Final Report – Northampton Town Ladies v Peterborough United Ladies

One more League Cup Final for the Supporting Women’s Football Blog to cover before the end of the season and a trip over to Raunds Town FC in Northamptonshire to watch Northampton Town Ladies play Peterborough United Ladies just one goal extra scored saw Northampton Town Ladies pip their rivals to the league title as they finished level on points and goal difference, could they make it a league and cup double or would Peterborough United Ladies win their 1st piece of silverware to end their 1st season together on a high. 

Cup Final Report – Northampton Town Ladies v Peterborough United Ladies

  The 2015/16 women’s football season is almost over the league games are all complete, just a couple of games left to watch, the 1st in Northamptonshire a trip to Raunds Town FC to watch the League Cup Final between Northampton Town Ladies & Peterborough United Ladies.

  A league and cup double is on for Northampton Town Ladies as they pipped Peterborough United Ladies to the Northamptonshire Women’s Division One title by the narrowest of margins after the two sides finished level on points (27) and matched each others goal difference (26) it came down to goals scored and with 37 scored over 36, Northampton Town Ladies were crowned Champions. A small league with just 5 sides competing the two sides faced each other 3 times over the season Northampton Town Ladies winning 2 both at home and Peterborough United Ladies winning their home fixture.

 Road to the Final
    Northampton Town Ladies started the competition with an away game in the 1st Round playing 2nd Division side, Rothwell Corinthians Ladies Reserves won through to the quarter finals with a comfortable 5-0 win and progressed to the semi-finals without kicking a ball as they were awarded a home win against Kettering Town Ladies. Faced 2nd Division leaders Corby Town Ladies in the semi-final at Corby, Northampton Town Ladies won the game 4-0 to reach the League Cup Final.
  Formed this season, Peterborough United Ladies were awarded a home win in the 1st Round of the competition against 2nd Division side Thorplands Ladies. Won big in the quarter final on the road playing 2nd Division, Earls Barton Ladies scoring 7 goals without reply to reach the semi-finals and a home tie against fellow 1st Division side Thrapston Town Ladies last seasons beaten finalists. edged the game with a 2-1 to reach the League Cup Final. Come into the final off the back of a special night for the team last Saturday getting to play at the ABAX Stadium home of Peterborough United FC in a friendly match against West Ham United Ladies
  The venue for today’s game Raunds Town FC, hosting the Northamptonshire Women’s & Girls Football League (NWaGFL) Finals day, 5 finals in total starting at 9:30am U12s, U14s U16s plus 2 Ladies Finals the League Plate and Cup. The ground itself is easy to find on the outskirts of Raunds, plenty of parking a clubhouse and bar, refreshments available, a small seated stand on one side of the pitch which considering where we are in the football calender was in excellent condition, one of the best playing surfaces I’ve see in a good while. Been craving an ice-cream for a few days now too, so to see an ice-cream van in the carpark I was happy. The weather was fantastic, bright and sunny, not too hot, ideal for a game of football.

  Northampton Town Ladies starting XI – Joanna Daniels, Megan Rayment, Isla Fleury, Claire Stancliffe, Eden Brown (C), Georgia Tear, Steph Knight, Amy Marshall, Zoe Boote, Cloe Woodward & Cesca Partridge.
  subs – Aimee Smith

  Peterborough United Ladies starting XI – Amy Martin, Sephania Chaudhuri, Fiona Plumb, Kathryn Lusk, Laura Tonkin, D’lacy Phillips (C), Emily Smith, Amy Challis, Tash Applegate, Eleanor Boothman & Bryony Fox.

  subs – Courtney Edwards, Jenna Lusk, Georgie Elsom, Emma Stevenson & Jessica Harvey.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s Peterborough to get the Cup Final underway 1st half wearing blue shirts and shorts with white socks with Northampton lined up opposite wearing claret shirts and socks with white shorts. Northampton get the ball off Peterborough straight away, Georgia Tear getting stuck in, the ball being played down the right wing for Amy Marshall to go after, keeping it in looks to turn inside Laura Tonkin closes her down the ball comes off her for a throw to Peterborough. 
   Peterborough bring the ball up the left side attacking the ball played into Eleanor Boothman in attack with Bryony Fox, a throw deep in the half brings the 1st corner of the match, is delivered long to the far post Northampton get a head on it and the break is on the ball sent long, ends up all the way back into the gloves of Peterborough goalkeeper, Amy Martin. 
  In goal for Northampton, Joanna Daniels is called into action racing off her line to slide in and stop the ball as Fox is played in behind the defence by Amy Challis bringing the ball down the right side of the attack for Peterborough. Clear to see these are to closely matched sides early on a competitive opening exchange no one afforded any time on the ball in the middle of the park the ball is popped back by Peterborough to defender, Fiona Plumb the centre back sends a great ball long out to the left with Tash Applegate looking to move forwards, Northampton captain, Eden Brown comes across to challenge for the ball leaves Applegate on the ground as the ball is blocked runs harmlessly into the box. Applegate receives treatment on the pitch and is okay to continue.
  Brown along with centre back partner Claire Stancliffe are dealing well with the Peterborough attack in the opening 20 minutes as they try to play the diagonal ball into the centre for the strikers to run onto whenever they get the ball in the wide positions, Fox more than willing to try and force her way through the middle to get into the area. 
Northampton Town Ladies captain, Eden Brown
  Northampton’s Marshall coming inside plays the ball long out to the right side, Cloe Woodward goes after it, looks to be a lost cause but she manages to keep it in knocking it down the line, goes after it, Tonkin has come across with her and turns the ball behind for a corner kick as Woodward looks to cross the ball into the box. The ball is send high into the Peterborough area, in the centre, Brown jumps high trying to get something on it doesn’t as it drops far side to Cesca Partridge 12 yards out lashes the ball in towards goal the shot is cleared by the defender covering the near post. 
  Northampton keep the ball in the Peterborough half, are awarded a free kick 20 yards out to the left of goal Woodward is over the set piece lines up the shot gets it on target coming in Tonkin is in it’s path and sends in clear of her area. Boothman steals in on the ball just over the halfway line pulling out to the left takes it forwards before attempting to release Fox into the box (I was going to type it at some point wasn’t I?) too much weight on the ball allows Daniels to come and gather before Fox can reach it. A fast paced game no sooner is the ball up one end then it’s up the other, Northampton have a throw halfway inside the Peterborough half on the right side finds its way inside to Woodward drifting into the area right corner, looks to head the ball on with Partridge ahead of her near post, Partridge looks to head it on, Martin moving across has the post covered and claims the ball low however the flag is already raised as Partridge was offside.
Cloe Woodward heads the ball in for Cesca Partridge 
 Emily Smith getting hold of the ball for Peterborough in the middle carries it out towards the right with Challis down the right making the run for her, given the ball she looks to come inside knock the ball on it is cut out put behind for a corner kick. A good delivery played in at a good height, Fox rises to meet it in the middle of the goal heading the ball down on target, Martin is well placed to get her gloves on the dropping ball make the save.
Bryony Fox gets her head on the ball from the corner for Peterborough United Ladies
   Challis has the ball wide right for Peterborough tries to thread the pass forwards for Fox to get after, trying to get into the area, the foul goes against as she bundles Brown to the ground. A change for Peterborough, captain D’lacy Phillips comes off the armband handed to Plumb as assistant player manager Jenna Lusk comes on. A free kick for Peterborough wide on the left just over the halfway line as Brown fouls Applegate, the ball is delivered long into the Northampton area, Boothman jumps a back header sends the ball towards the goal, Daniels gathers, the offside flag is up against the attacker.

  Northampton make a substitution Aimee Smith coming on for Isla Fleury. Boothman peels out to the left as Smith picks up the ball in the middle sends the pass out to her, Fox comes across looking to spin in behind the Northampton defence as the ball is played forwards into the area, Daniels seeing the threat comes off her line and sliding in claims the ball. Marshall and Boote have switched sides for Northampton now on the left Marshall on the ball comes central plays the ball out to Boote on the right driving on with it down the line stands the cross up into the box, jumping Tonkin gets a glancing header on the ball sending it on across the six yard box falls to Partridge at the far post, gets the shot away, Martin has gotten across her goal and holds onto the ball.

Northampton Town Ladies, Georgia Tear

 Applegate wins Peterborough a corner on the left, the ball is whipped in central under the bar, Daniels with a strong punch clears the ball sending it out to the left another corner is won this one played up the line with Smith getting hold of the ball taking it inside is 25 yards out fires in the shot, Daniels is behind the ball and has the ball in her gloves.

  Smith fouls Tear in the centre circle inside the Peterborough half, Brown plays the ball up into the area, Jenna Lusk gets her head on the ball clearing it, Northampton soon have it back Steph Knight playing the ball out to Boote wide right, sends her cross in dissecting the six yard box, Partridge is racing in to meet it, Martin gets it into her gloves first. Late Northampton pressure in and around the Peterborough penalty box brings them a corner kick on the left a fantastic ball played in finds Woodward on the penalty spot, drills a shot back across to the near post area, the defender covering the post blocks getting it clear

  Applegate having come over to the right has the ball with support from Challis the pass is send forwards for Fox to attack the Northampton area, Brown gets back on her makes the tackle the ball out for a throw is taken quickly put into Fox right side of the area, Daniels comes racing out to the edge of the area to close her down, Fox gets the shot away past the keeper, but off target.

Half-time Northampton Town Ladies 0-0 Peterborough United Ladies

  Easy to see why these to sides finished so closely in the league, a competitive match, played at a fast tempo on a good surface, both creating chances without overly testing the goalkeepers. 0-0 at half-time it looks like it’ll be an odd goal to 2 that settle it, just a question of which side will score. Peterborough have more options available on the bench that could tell as the 2 sides start to tire 2nd half. If not then the game goes straight to penalties no extra-time being played today.
  Northampton get the 2nd half underway. Fleury is back on for Knight. Peterborough have made a double change at half time, Fox and Challis off Georgie Elsom and Emma Stevenson on both in midfield, Applegate is now further forwards in attack. They start brightly winning a throw deep on the left the ball is sent into the area, Stancliffe clears. Northampton come forwards with the ball Marshall has it on the right plays the pass inside to Partridge 25 yards out lines up the strike hits the ball low and hard, rolls wide across the goal face. 
Georgie Elsom on for the 2nd half for Peterborough United Ladies brings the ball under control
  Another free kick for Northampton inside the centre circle a chance for Brown to play the ball long into the area, a great delivery, Partridge is the player looking to connect as it bounces, close just evades her as it runs out for a goal kick. A free kick for Peterborough closer to the target, 25 yards out to the right side of the box as Stancliffe fouls Stevenson. Applegate is over it takes it quickly whipping the ball in towards the near post, Daniels moves quickly getting across to palm the ball down into the ground and claims. 
  A surging run from Peterborough’s Smith through the middle, looks to thread the ball through the centre backs for Applegate, she has strayed offside however and the move breaks down. Moments later the same thing happens only this time the flag doesn’t go up Applegate is clear after the ball, Daniels comes running out to kick clear inside the D, mis-kicks the ball it is sliced to her left, she reacts quickest throws herself on the loose ball looked mighty close to being handled outside the area as her roll takes her inside, the officials don’t give anything play continues. Knight returns to the field for Northampton with Woodward off.
Northampton Town Ladies, Isla Fleury looking to go past Peterborough United Ladies, Emma Stevenson
   Stevenson links up with Applegate on the right side as Peterborough attack, the ball rolled down the line for Applegate gets it and plays it inside to Stevenson who takes the ball into the box, her touch is a little heavy the ball getting away from her, Applegate is chasing in to the area, gets onto the ball, scuffs the shot, which sees it run safely into the keepers gloves.
  The game continues to be played at a furious pace the ball travelling from one end of the pitch to the other then back again, Northampton’s Rayment brings the ball forwards plays it forwards for Marshall they win a corner kick the ball is sent in near side flashes all the way through to Partridge once more standing free far side outside the area this time, unleashes a shot too many bodies to get through the shot is blocked, deflected up into the air and cleared. Both sides make a change, Partridge coming off for Northampton, Woodward comes back on. Boothman off for Peterborough, Jessica Harvey comes on to join Applegate in attack.
Northampton Town Ladies, Megan Rayment
  Northampton gets powerful shot in from 30 yards out, didn’t see who hit it the ball comes flying in towards Martin above her head she doesn’t have much time to react, is straight at her throws her gloves up, gets contact with the ball has done enough to kill it as it drops behind her, for a second it looks like it might creep over the line but turning Martin snatches the ball into her gloves. 
  Harvey looks to get herself in behind the Northampton defence, her forward ball is deflected behind for a corner on the left. Is a great ball flung in across the six yard box drops to Applegate 3 yards out unmarked at the far post, meets the ball on the volley looking to turn it home, sends the attempt over the crossbar. 
Meeting the corner kick at the far post Tash Applegate volleys over
  Peterborough are starting to build momentum seeing a little more of the ball, Smith plays the ball through the centre with Harvey giving chase, Brown getting back on her to win the tackle before she gets into the box. Coming again on the right Peterborough win another corner kick this one is played into the middle of the six yard box dropping for Harvey she gets a glancing header on the ball turning it on target, Daniels flings out an arm knocking the ball down into the ground and taking it on the bounce.
  GOAL! The deadlock is broken with a little over 10 minutes left on the clock. Harvey busy since joining the action closes down Stancliffe at the back challenges and comes away with the ball breaking in behind into the box is one on one with the keeper, keeps her composure right of target to send the ball across Daniels and into the back of the net 0-1.
Jessica Harvey scores the opening goal of the
Northamptonshire Ladies League Cup Final
  Northampton go on the attack from the restart get a corner kick on the right the ball whipped in central close to goal is claimed comfortably by Martin. Chaudhuri bringing the ball on plays it on for Smith coming across to the right who plays it on down the right for Harvey coming inside as she comes level with the top of the area squares the ball into Applegate inside the D, back to goal she controls the ball well flicking it up and looking to hit on the turn sends her shot over the crossbar.
  Northampton send Partridge back on with Rayment coming off as they go to 3 at the back needing a goal with 5 minutes of normal time left. The action continues either end late on in the game, Applegate on the left stays up as she is clipped going beyond squeezes a cross into the box, Daniels comes and claims near post the ball launched up field. Knight attempts to play Woodward into the area, Kathryn Lusk cuts intercepts. The game moves into injury time, Northampton have another corner on the right played into Woodward coming to the ball she tries to hook the ball on ends up lifting it over the goal. Again the ball is at Woodwards feet as Northampton push bodies forwards 25 yards out shoots pulls the ball wide of goal. Little time left Tonkin plays the ball into Smith 30 yards out takes on the shot a viscous strike on the half volley flies in towards goal, Daniels with a fantastic save throws herself at the ball tipping it over her crossbar
GOAL! From the resulting corner kick Peterborough put the result beyond doubt as they score again the ball from the right is fired in to the face of the area with Applegate free beyond the D, connects with the ball hitting it back in on the volley smashing it across the box it finds its way into the far corner of the net 0-2 Applegate wheels away in celebration performing a double somersault as her team mates rush over to celebrate virtually no time left the final whistle blows and Peterborough United Ladies win the Northamptonshire Ladies League Cup Final.

Tash Applegate scores in the closing seconds to make it 2-0 to Peterborough United Ladies

   Have seen several finals this season and this one is right up there with the best, a good competitive contest between two evenly matches sides who know each other well, might well have gone either way right up until the final 10 minutes and Northampton kept trying until the end. 

Peterborough United Ladies 2015/16 Northamptonshire Ladies League Plate Winners

  Congratulations to Peterborough United Ladies on winning the Northamptonshire Ladies League Cup.
   There were 4 other finals that took place earlier in the day starting at 9;30am the U12s final was won by AFC Rushden & Diamonds who beat Earls Barton 4-0. That was followed by a 2-1 victory for Welland Valley over Parklands Tigers in the u14s final.
  In the U16s final Gregory Celtic ran out 6-1 winners against Welland Valley, then in the Ladies Plate Final, Woodford United beat Rothwell Corinthians Ladies Reserves 4-0 to lift the trophy. Congratulations to all the winners.
  They may have lost out on the cup and making it a double celebration but Northampton Town Ladies are league Champions and were presented with their trophies after the final.
Northampton Town Ladies, Northamptonshire Women’s Division One Champions
  Another enjoyable final, my thanks to both sides for giving me their assistance with the team line-ups today always appreciated.

The Tuesday Round-Up

The Tuesday Round-Up – Special Edition

(the final edition of the 2015-16 Season)

That’s it then the last games have been played across the East and we arrive here at the final edition of this seasons The Tuesday Round-Up. Started it this season with a view to giving women’s football more coverage in the region and basically as it says in the title try and ‘Round’ thing’s up in one place as much as possible and boy can it be a challenge sometimes rounding it all up, alot to cover and sometimes I really think I’ve taken on more than I can chew but I get through and am pleased to know it’s appreciated. Try to mention as many goalscorers as I can.  May well have a little tweak with the Round-Up next season but for now we have one last Edition to bring you for the 2015/16 season and I said it would be a special one, after all we know who’s won what now been a thrilling and entertaining season and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even the wet bits. For those that don’t know I also write the Supporting Women’s Football Blog and have tried to see as many different teams as I can across the East over the season. So this one is for the winners – 

The 2015/16 Season Roll of Honour


FAWPL Southern Division

Champions – Brighton & Hove Albion WFC

Runners-up – Charlton Athletic Women

FAWPL South East Division One

Champions – Crystal Palace Ladies

Runners-up – Gillingham FC Ladies

Crystal Palace Ladies are one of 3 sides across the region to go unbeaten in the league all season.

There were 2 league games left to wrap up in the FAWPL South East Division One this weekend. Ipswich Town Ladies have had a fantastic 2nd half to the season a huge improvement in league form that has seen them secure a top half finish were on the road in their final league match away to Milton Keynes Dons Ladies knowing a win could lift them above Cambridge United WFC into 5th place, goals from Zoe Cossey, Natasha Thomas and Aimee Harrison saw them win the game 3-0 and end the season on a high. A winning finish to for Norwich City Ladies in their final league game of the season at home playing Old Actonians Ladies, won the game 5-1 the goals coming from Kate Parsons, Ellen Swift, Natasha Snelling plus 2 for Chelsea Garrett.

FAWPL Cup Winners – Tottenham Hotspur Ladies

FAWPL Plate Winners – Coventry United Ladies

Eastern Regional Leagues

ERWFL Premier Division 

Champions – Stevenage Ladies

Runners-up – Billericay Town Ladies

ERWFL Division One East

Champions – Writtle Ladies


Runners-up – Silver End United Ladies

ERWFL Division One West

Champions – Royston Town Ladies

Runners-up – Hutton Ladies

ERWFL League Cup Winners – Colchester Town Ladies

ERWFL Division One Cup Winners – Writtle Ladies

 Both the ERWFL League Cup and Division One Cup Finals were played this Sunday at the Hertfordshire FA’s County Ground, Colney Heath Ladies playing Writtle Ladies in the Division One Cup Final the match report from the SWF Blog can be found further down the page, likewise the ERWFL League Cup Final between Colchester Town Ladies and Silver End United Ladies.


Norfolk Women’s Division One

Champions – Wymondham Town Ladies

Runners-up – Thorpe United Ladies

Norfolk Women’s Division Two

Champions – Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies

Runners-up – North Walsham Angels Ladies

 Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies are also unbeaten in the league over the season.

Norfolk Women’s Division Three

Champions – Gorleston FC Ladies

Runners-up – Harleston Ladies

Norfolk Women’s County Cup Winners – Thorpe United Ladies

Norfolk Ladies League Cup Winners – Aylsham FC Ladies

Norfolk Ladies League Plate Winners – North Walsham Angels Ladies


Suffolk Women’s Division

Champions – Copleston Ladies

Runners-up – Brantham Athletic Ladies

Suffolk Women’s County Cup Winners – Ipswich Town Ladies

Suffolk Women’s League Cup Winners – Brantham Athletic Ladies


Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

Champions – Cambridge City Ladies

Runners-up – ICA Sports Ladies

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North

Champions – Bourne Ladies

Runners-up – March Town United Ladies

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South

Champions – Park Ladies

Runners-up – St Ives Town Ladies

Cambridgeshire Women’s Invitation Cup Winners – Cambridge United WFC

Cambridgeshire Women’s Junior Invitation Cup Winners – Cambridge United WFC Reserves

Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup – Cambridge City Ladies


Essex Women’s Premier Division

Champions – Hullbridge Sports Ladies

Runners-up – Chelmsford City Ladies

Essex Women’s Division One

Champions – Harlow Ladies

Runners-up – Chelmsford City Ladies Reserves

Essex Women’s County Cup Winners – C&K Basildon Ladies

Essex Women’s Trophy Winners – Harlow Ladies

Essex Women’s League Cup Winners – Harlow Ladies

Tiptree & District Women’s Charity Cup Winners – Harlow Ladies

Harlow Ladies are not only unbeaten in the league but also the only side covered by Women’s Football East that have a 100% win record in the 2015/16 season. 

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

Beds & Herts Women’s Division One

Champions – Hertford Town Ladies

Runners-up – Harvesters FC Ladies

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Two

Champions – Sharnbrook WFC

Runners-up – Houghton Athletic Ladies

Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three

Champions – Hitchin Belles

Runners-up – Evergreen Ladies

Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup Winners – Luton Town Ladies

Hertfordshire Women’s County Cup Winners – Watford Ladies Dev U19s

Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup Winners – Garston Ladies

 A fantastic season to watch and be part of have really enjoyed my football this season and covering it for Women’s Football east and the Supporting Women’s Football Blog, would do more if I could. Of course it won’t work without you, the players the coaches the volunteers the fans so a massive thank you for what you do and providing such great entertainment and action week in week out whatever the weather although that has featured a bit too much this season.

   Not quite over of course one more massive game to come FAWPL Southern Division Champions, Brighton & Hove Albion WFC in action on Sunday in the FAWPL Play-off game against Sporting Club Albion the Northern Division Champions a chance to reach the FAWSL beckons for the winner, and naturally Women’s Football East will be supporting Brighton so best of luck to everyone at the club. Plenty of pictures posted above but there’s room for a few more so if you want to you’re one of those Champions or Cup Winners without a pick send it to me and I’ll see it’s added.  So for one last time this season thanks for reading The Tuesday Round-Up and I look forwards to doing it all again next season.

Match Report – Colchester Town Ladies v Silver End United Ladies

The 2nd Final of the day at the County Ground featured Colchester Town Ladies v Silver End United Ladies in the ERWFL League Cup. A 3pm kick-off the whole match report as featured on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog can be viewed below.

Cup Final Report – Colchester Town Ladies v Silver End United Ladies

 On to the 2nd of today’s ERWFL Cup Finals a 3 o’clock kick-off between Colchester Town Ladies and Silver End United Ladies as they contest this season’s League Cup.

  The ERWFL League Cup will belong to an Essex side after today’s final with both finalists travelling west to the County Ground to contest the cup. Colchester Town Ladies the only ERWFL Premier Division representative on Finals day with Silver End United Ladies playing in just their 1st season at this level reaching the final. 

Road to the Final

  A straight knock-out competition open to all the clubs playing in the 3 ERWFL leagues the Division One sides in the East & West league contest the opening two rounds. Colchester Town Ladies entered the competition at the 3rd Round stage an away trip to the the ERWFL Premier Division leaders, Billericay Town Ladies. Won the game 2-0 to reach the quarter-finals drawn at home this time to face fellow Premier Division side, Haringey Borough Women. A single goal scored by Chelsea Forde seeing them into the semi-finals and another home tie against AFC Sudbury Ladies enjoying a good 1st season in the Premier Division. I went along to this game was a classic cup tie a 7 goal thriller Sudbury taking the lead only for Colchester to come back and lead twice themselves before eventually going on to win 4-3 to reach the ERWFL League Cup Final.

  Silver End United Ladies started the competition in the 1st Round away to Division One West side Sawbridgeworth Town WFC, won the game 3-2 in extra-time. Were on the road again in the 2nd Round a tough away trip to another Division One West side, Offley & Stopsley Ladies won the game 4-1 to set up a home tie against Premier Division side Brentwood Town Ladies in the 3rd Round. Emerged 2-1 winners to reach the quarter-finals and play fellow Division One East side West Billericay Ladies at home another 4-1 victory setting up a semi-final clash at home to Stevenage Ladies who would go on to be crowned ERWFL Premier Division Champions, Silver End United Ladies the underdogs found themselves a goal down battling hard going into the closing minutes of the game, Rebecca Hollocks scored 2 goals to see them win and reach the ERWFL League Cup Final.

  Again played at the County Ground a 2 hour break between matches, allowed me the chance to destroy a sausage, egg and bacon bap, refuelled to the 2nd Final of the day, still bright and sunny as the two sides were led out onto the pitch.

  Colchester Town Ladies starting XI – Nikita Runnacles, Elizabeth Blacklock, Zoe Smith, Ellen Powles, Lucy Jones, Charlotte Bryant, Alex Brewis-Shepard, Paige Wakefield, Megan Bamber, Georgia Box & Chelsea Forde.
  subs – Kira Fitzpatrick, Stacey Roper & Laura Guyon.
  Silver End United Ladies starting XI – Hannah Streetley, Abi Head, Georgia Raby, Lindsey Cowell, Roxanne Gardener, Jodie Osborne, Dani Warnes, Alex Bailess, Rebecca Hollocks (C) Lynsey Bowman & Rebekah Henderson.
  subs – Nikita Walker, Helen Alder, Paula Drane, Amy Evans & Michelle Taylor 
(roll on roll off substitutes)
It’s Colchester wearing red and black vertical striped shirts, black shorts and socks to kick off the 1st half in the ERWFL League Cup Final against Silver End who are lined up wearing sly blue coloured shirts with navy shorts and socks. The ball goes long to the left side early towards Megan Bamber on the left, wins a couple of throws as she makes progress down the wing before the ball eventually played into the area is headed clear. 
  A quiet start to the game the ball spending alot time being exchanged between the midfield players as they look impose themselves on the ball. Charlotte Bryant plays the ball out to Bamber making a run on the left wing again, lifts the cross in towards the Silver End goal rising towards the near post goalkeeper, Hannah Streetley is well placed to claim the ball. Paige Wakefield brings the ball forwards for Colchester has Georgia Box on her right rolls the ball out to her taking it further down the wing cuts back inside as she reaches the top of the box playing it back to Wakefield who then looks to play it into captain Alex Brewis-Shephard in a central position outside the box, misses her shot the ball running on to Bamber far side, left drives forwards lifting the ball into the area, Streetley calls for it and gathers.
   Wakefield gets herself on the ball for Colchester again coming forwards has Zoe Smith ahead of her in the centre, playing the ball to her she looks to hit the shot, Silver End defender, Abi Head gets her body in the way to make the block. Box gets in behind the Silver End defence on the right makes a run towards goal into the area, Jodie Osborne comes across to win the tackle put the ball behind for a corner kick. 
Silver End United Ladies, Georgia Raby looking to get ahead of Colchester’s Georgia Box
  Silver End look to get the ball forwards themselves Alex Bailess plying it up to Silver End captain, Rebecca Hollocks, strong on the ball, holds it up well outside the Colchester area, turns back inside looking for an opening to send n a shot, none available plays the pass across to Rebekah Henderson free to the right, goes for the shot fires the ball straight at Colchester’s goalkeeper, Nikita Runnacles.
  Lynsey Bowman out wide right for Silver End brings the ball forwards, Hollocks looks to provide a run ahead of her moving into the channel, can’t get past Colchester’s Lucy Jones the ball out for a throw, ending up back with Runnacles, Colchester hit Silver End with a quick counter attack the ball played long to Bamber on the left the early cross is fired in with pace, Wakefield furthest forwards in the middle improvises as the ball runs behind her run looks to deflect it towards goal with her heel,  doesn’t get enough contact with the ball runs wide for a goal kick. Running with the ball on the right Box looks to come inside Wakefield is in the area looks to play her in, she slips as she goes to shot the ball rolls harmlessly in towards Streetley who gets down to see it into her gloves.
  An early change for Colchester as they bring Bamber off, Kira Fitzpatrick coming on to the wide left attacking position. Having rode out the opening 15 minutes of sustained Colchester possession Silver End are starting to find a little more time on the ball. The ball is put long into Bowman on the right 20 yards out meets it on the volley slicing the effort wide of goal. A free kick is won on halfway, Roxanne Gardner to play the ball up towards the Colchester area, Hollocks gets up highest to header the all across to Henderson to the left of goal takes on the strike smashes the ball against Colchester defender, Elizabeth Blacklock.
Silver End United Ladies, Lynsey Bowman
  Bowman finds some space to run into on the left as Hollocks central holds the ball up before laying out out into space for her to chase down, getting hold of it driving into the box let’s fly her shot hits the side netting. Runnacles is out quickly to block Bowman as she is played in behind on the left again, blocking the ball it goes out for a throw on the left. Box and Fitzpatrick have switched flanks, Box is over on the left reaching the top of the area plays the ball inside into Bryant who hits the 1st time shot in towards goal lifts the attempt over the crossbar.
  Silver End get caught with numbers up the pitch as they lose the ball in attack Ellen Powles playing the ball through the middle Box is in clear to run at the Silver End penalty area, Head comes across and tackles well getting the ball away from Box out to the right side, Fitzpatrick looks to get to the ball smash it back into the area ends up smashing it into the Head’s face leaves the defender pole-axed on the ground. Fear she might be knocked out but after a few moments is up albeit holding the right side of her jaw a painful one.
   Bryant passes the ball to Powles looks to go long hit the ball on the diagonal with Smith looking for it central making a run to get into the area, very nearly succeeds the pass just needs a touch and Smith is clear on goal, just evades her boot. Colchester get themselves a corner on the right fired in the ball is headed in towards goal, Streetley punches it away falls to the edge of the area , Osborne puts in the block as the shot is fired in. 
  GOAL! Colchester have been pressing for a goal and in the dying moments of the 1st half get themselves the lead the ball is played out to Box on the left side gets down the line before whipping a cross into the box, Brewis-Shephard has made the run from midfield and is unmarked on the six yard line the cross falling to her she heads it down towards the far post the ball rolling over the line 1-0.
Colchester Town Ladies captain, Alex Brewis-Shephard opens the scoring

Half-time Colchester Town Ladies 1-0 Silver End United Ladies

  Colchester have had the bulk of the attack 1st half, but for all of their possession Silver End have defended will, pressing the ball and putting in the blocks, haven’t had much in the way of attacks themselves holding out before conceding so late in the 1st half. 
  Silver End get the 2nd half underway, Colchester get hold of it right from the start putting it out to Box on the left looks to play in Brewis-Shephard through the middle, Osborne closes in to tackle the ball sent out of play for a throw left.
  GOAL! Colchester keep Silver End pegged back from the throw get players into the left corner, the ball is laid back to the edge of the area before being sent in to Box inside the six yard box left of goal, going to ground gets she shot away the ball going across the goal face past the keeper and in 2-0. An early goal 2nd half just what Colchester wanted. 
  Silver End respond with a substitution, Helen Alder coming on for Henderson. Colchester are on the attack again Chelsea Forde playing the ball out to Fitzpatrick on the right side arriving with pace meets the ball on the corner of the area fires the shot it smashes into the boarding behind the Silver End goal. Colchester a pressing hard at the start of the 2nd half Box moving out to the right takes the ball into the area squares it along the face of the area with Brewis-Shephard, before she can get the shot away, Head gets back on her blocking the ball spinning into the gloves of Streetley. Colchester make another change sending on Stacey Roper for Forde who has picked up a knock. 
  Osborne matches up the bruises on team mate Head’s face as her defensive clearance smashes her in the face again, another stinging blow needs a few seconds to recover holding her nose this time, but checking she’s okay Head is happy to continue. Ducks out of the way of a third blow to the face as the ball is put out for a throw. Colchester work the ball across the box from the throw deep on the left comes through to Wakefield sends in a low shot towards goal, Streetley is down quickly to hold onto the ball.
Silver End United Ladies captain, Rebecca Hollocks
  Silver End with a free kick inside the Colchester half, Hollocks smashes a fierce drive into the wall the ball coming back to her is played out to the left, Bowmen gets onto it takes the ball on into the area wins her side a corner kick, Wakefield back defending the set-piece gets it clear drops outside the area Head looks to hit it on the half volley slices the shot wide. Silver End make a change taking off Lindsey Cowell and bringing Amy Evans on.
 GOAL! Brewis-Shephard picks up the ball in the middle makes a crossfield run right to left, full back Jones is already on the move bombing forwards the ball is played into her path taking it on down the flank crosses the ball in towards the near post with Box coming to meet it, hits the ball hard rising towards goal, a great save from Streetley throwing herself up getting her gloves to the ball doesn’t get it away unfortunately as it falls to Wakefield at the far post to head the ball over the line 3-0. 60 minutes played Colchester with a strong start to the 2nd half have a 3 goal lead.
Paige Wakefield heads home to make it 3-0 to Colchester
 Laura Guyon is introduced to the action for Colchester. The Silver End defence is busy Colchester keep coming forwards, Fitzpatrick plays the ball into the area from the right side, Osborne defends well up against Box the ball pops free Brewis-Shephard is interested, Head goes up against her the close range effort blocked. 
  GOAL! A 4th goal for Colchester, Jones the scorer the ball with her on the left side high up the pitch sends in a high looping cross into the area, a difficult one for the keeper to deal with dropping down right under her crossbar dips late can’t get anything on it as it hits the ground and bounces over the goal line at the far stick.4-0.
Changes for both sides, Paula Drane and Nikita Walker come on for Silver End. Bamber comes back on for Colchester in place of Box. Silver End have had little of the attack 2nd half Hollocks wants to get the ball forwards, Walker looks to provide a run get into the box from the right side, the ball is sent up into the box, bounces through to Runnacles before Walker can get to it.
Amy Evans looks to get the ball forwards for Silver End United Ladies
 Wakefield picks up an injury after a challenge in the middle limps off for Colchester, Box sent back on. Bamber has the ball on the left, Box inside her is played in taking the ball into the area Evans tracking back does well to defend ease her off the ball. Hollocks knicks the ball off the Colchester defence on the left side looks to carry the ball into the area, Smith now in defence gets across to block her strike deflects the ball behind for a corner. The corner comes in central Runnacles calls for it and claims unchallenged.
Michelle Taylor comes on for Silver End, Bailess going off. The Silver End defence has battled hard 2nd half putting in alot of effort to try and stop the Colchester advance the game beyond them as it moves into the final minutes the back 4, Head, Osborne, Gardener and Raby come off, Bowman, Henderson, Bailess and Cowell come back on look to have a go late on Hollocks playing it long out to Bowman on the right her 1st time cross whipped into the box is cleared by Blacklock. Bowman has an opportunity to strike from distance the ball doesn’t trouble Runnacles.
  The final whistle blows and Colchester Town Ladies win the ERWFL League Cup beating Silver End United Ladies 4-0. A strong 2nd half performance seeing them add 3 more goals to their half-time lead, gave the Division One East side little opportunity up the other end. A spirited performance from Silver End United just couldn’t match Colchester 2nd half.
Colchester Town Ladies, 2015/16 ERWFL League Cup Winners 

Congratulations to Colchester Town Ladies on winning the 2015/16 ERWFL League Cup and once again my thanks to the both sides for helping me out with the team details today. An busy but enjoyable day attending the ERWFL Cup Finals day.

Match Report – Colney Heath Ladies v Writtle Ladies

The Supporting Women’s Football Blog feature 2 Cup Final reports from this Sunday from the ERWFL Finals Day, the 1st of which was the ERWFL Division One Cup new to this season the sides from the two Division One’s East & West drawn into 2 groups before advancing to the quarter final knock out phase with Colney Heath Ladies & Writtle Ladies reaching the final kicking off at 11am at the County Ground home of the Hertfordshire FA. Read the whole match report below.

Cup Final Report – Colney Heath Ladies v Writtle Ladies

  On the road early Sunday morning heading for the County Ground in Letchworth home of the Hertfordshire FA to watch 2 Cup Finals today both from the Easter Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL). The first an 11am kick-off for a new competition the ERWFL Division One Cup the two sides contesting it, Colney Heath Ladies and Writtle Ladies.

  The ERWFL Division One is the 4th tier of the women’s winter football pyramid currently split into 2 leagues Division One East & West with 7 sides originally contesting each, the Division One Cup replaces the old League Plate format, runs along similar lines however with the sides contesting the 2 divisions split into two groups A & B to play a mini league, providing each side with more competitive matches. The top 4 from each group progressing into a knock-out stage, the quarter finals.

  Contrasting season’s for both the finalists, Colney Heath Ladies were the beaten finalists in last season’s ERWFL League Plate competition. A young side who I have often heard talked about as one to watch in the future this season has seen the sides progress hampered by injuries and like a good number of sides across the region the poor weather that saw them hardly play a game got no momentum going were rooted to the bottom of ERWFL Division One West for virtually the whole campaign. Towards the latter half of the season getting players back and entering the Division One Cup drawn in Group B this saw them find some form winning 3 of their 5 games to finish 3rd in the table to reach the quarter finals 2 successive league wins at the end of the season saw them climb off the foot of the table.

 Writtle Ladies are very much a side on the rise newly promoted to the ERWFL this season having had 100% league win record in Essex they continued that form in the league holding onto that 100% right up until the penultimate league games against local rivals Silver End United Ladies, who we will talk about more in the next match report, edged the win in a 7 goal thriller 4-3. By then however Writtle Ladies were already crowned champions of the ERWFL Division One East and will be competing in the Premier Division next season. Were also runners-up in this seasons Essex Women’s County Cup Final. Drawn in A in the Division One Cup topped the group going through unbeaten with 4 wins and a draw.

Road to the Final

  Onto the knock-out stages the quarter-finals predetermined by the final placing in Groups A & B with 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd. That saw Colney Heath Ladies travelling from Hertfordshire to play Essex side Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies, who had gone through the group stages unbeaten themselves. Colney Heath Ladies ran out 3-1 winners to reach the semi-finals to play Hoddesdon Owls Ladies a single goal scored by Christina Freestone was enough to see them reach the ERWFL Division One Cup Final.
  Writtle Ladies were to face familiar opponents in the quarter-finals were at home to Silver End United Ladies knocked them out of the competition with a 3-1 victory. Reaching the semi-finals they were on the road taking on Offley & Stopsley Ladies had a 3-2 advantage at half-time before going on again to score 2nd half to win the game 4-2 and set-up the potential of a league and cup double.
  The venue for today’s ERWFL Finals, Hertfordshire FA’s County Ground, been here a few time this season for various games, easy to access, a good sized pitch with a large seated stand running along one side behind the dugouts, small covered terraced stands behind the goals with another covered stand on the opposite side. The weather for the finals day couldn’t be better, bright, sunny and warm.

 Colney Heath Ladies starting XI – Natalie Hilton, Molly Slade, Rachel Sheridan, Victoria Hill, Eustacia Randles, Sammy May, Kirsty Feasey, Sophie Joseph (C), Kelly Hancock, Adrienne Milton & Holly Sheridan.
 subs – Lucy Hancock, Annie Hickey & Jael Muzzi. 

 Writtle Ladies starting XI – Beth Griffiths, Caroline Brown, Kayleigh Franklin, Hannah Mold, Faith Candice, Courtney Clarke, Georgina Tricker, Leanne Stubbings, Amy Simmons, Abigail Fry (C) & Sophie Vale.

 subs – Amelia Murphy, Charlotte Walker, Kimberly Ripton, Rachel Weller & Nicola Medici. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   It’s Writtle wearing green and white horizontal striped shirts with green shorts and socks to kick off the 1st half with Colney Heath lined up opposite wearing black and white vertical striped shirts, with black shorts and socks. Writtle press Colney Heath right from the start getting the ball out on the left, look to get the ball into the area Colney Head central defender intercepts the ball and launches it far from her area. Writtle regain possession and try their luck on the opposite flank, captain Abigail Fry running into space receiving the ball squares her cross in towards the near post area, Colney Heath goalkeeper Natalie Hilton has come across and is there to scoop the ball up into her gloves.
  Colney Heath look to teat Writtle out through the centre, play the ball long looking for striker, Adrienne Milton first, looks to get into the box onto the ball, Faith Candice gets her foot on the ball first. Peeling away to the right Milton’s strike partner, Holly Sheridan does find herself played in on the ball taking it into the box on the right side, Writtle goalkeeper Beth Griffiths comes charging out to close her down, Sheridan smashes her shot straight at the keeper, spins away from danger.
  GOAL! An early lead for Writtle, the ball is rolled into Sophie Vale on the right holding the ball up initially, spins off her marker and turning in behind puts in an early cross into the Colney Heath area, along the six yard line, Leanne Stubbings is there having made a midfield run, unmarked the ball comes into her she connects to turn it 90 degrees on target, is past Hilton before she can react, a late dive to her left in vain the ball already over the line 0-1.
Leanne Stubbings opens the scoring in the ERWFL Division One Cup Final
   From a throw on the left side on half way the ball is sent across field picking out Amy Simmons on the left for Writtle, carrying the ball on towards the area unleashes a shot from 25 yards out left of the D looking to across the diving keeper, Hilton sees the ball run wide at the far post. Simmons is played through again left side by Courtney Clarke has Colney Heath defender, Rachel Sheridan on her shoulder as they run into the are, Simmons attempts to lob the keeper, Sheridan does enough to deflect the ball wide for a corner kick. The corner is cleared out to the left, winning a 2nd corner Writtle go short this time Caroline Brown receiving the ball comes to the top corner of the area and aims for the top corner her shot landing on the roof of the net.
   Writtle have started well, Colney Heath haven’t gotten going yet. Plenty of energy on show from both sides especially Colney Heath who are looking for Holy Sheridan or Milton whenever they win the ball, Sheridan finds room on the right sends a driving ball into the Writtle area no one is making a run to get onto the end of it. Colney Heath captain, Sophie Joseph gets onto the ball winning a 50/50 on halfway left side drives forwards with the ball laying the pass into Holly Sheridan coming left side back to goal on the edge of the box, turns playing the ball on with Milton the pass a little heavy Milton does well to win a corner. Comes in long from the right far post players there but no one can get a touch.
    Clarke wins Writtle a corner as the Essex side wins a throw deep on the right Kayleigh Franklin putting the ball into her feet inside the box, Eustacia Randles closing her down to concede the corner, played into the box from the right, Simmons back to goal can’t control it Stubbings far side goes to retrieve and shoot but Colney Heath have pushed out quickly the offside flag is raised. Stubbings linked up with Vale through the middle inside the Colney Heath half, the midfielder playing the ball forwards into  Vale outside the box, looks to turn inside and hit the shot, is blocked by Kirsty Feasey as she tracks back to help defend the rebound rolling back to Stubbings her strike back in towards goal is straight into the gloves of Hilton.
Writtle Ladies, Courtney Clarke
   Is a warm day the referee lets the players take on fluids as Vale receives treatment in the middle after the affects of a robust challenge in the middle of the park. As play resumes Colney Heath press the ball high Holly Sheridan winning it and putting the pass through the middle for Milton, up against Candice the two chase the ball into the box, Griffiths is coming forwards, Milton stretches trying to get it past her sends her attempt high and wide. 

The captains tussle for the ball, Writtle’s Abigail Fry with Colney Heath’s, Sophie Joseph

Fry is brought down by Joseph wide right as she attempts to take the ball on around her a free kick in a dangerous position the ball is sent into the box long, Rachel Sheridan winning the header gets the ball clear. Colney Heath have gotten better over the last 10 minutes Sammy May playing the ball to Milton moving across the the right side an early cross into the area from high up the pitch aiming near post with Holly Sheridan making the run Griffiths can gather before the striker can pounce. Slade with a defensive clearance out from the back finds Sheridan who has Randles making a surging run from left back into space rolls the ball gets her team a throw high up the pitch the ball is worked into the Writtle area Kelly Hancock tries to get onto the ball can’t bring it under control to shoot Writtle’s Hannah Mold gets it out of the area. 

  Changes for Colney Heath with Joseph and Holly Sheridan coming off, Annie Hickey and Jael Muzzi come on. Colney Heath are putting alot of effort into pressuring the ball when Writtle hit them on the counter Georgina Tricker latching on to the ball and taking it down the left wing, cutting back inside into the area her shot is charged down by the advancing keeper, Hilton runs back to Tricker she is closed down no shot on lays it back to Vale edge of the box bouncing she can’t quite get her foot over the ball, turning it in, Randles is able to head it clear. 
  GOAL! Vale gets another chance to shoot at goal moments later an takes it doubling Writtle’s lead late in the 1st half. Writtle turn the play around quickly the ball through the middle sending Vale through determined to reach in lunges for the ball outside the area digging it out of the ground sends it in rising towards goal comes at Hilton quickly throws her gloves up at it but can’t get a firm grip as it squeezes through and dropping behind her over the line. 0-2.
Sophie Vale scores to make it 2-0 to Writtle Ladies
  A late free kick for Colney Heath on half way, Slade to play the ball long in to the Writtle area, Hickey throws herself at the ball may have got a touch but either way bouncing on Griffiths pushes the ball wide of goal conceding the corner kick. Played in from the left, long again to the far post Milton rising cranes her neck to try and turn the ball on target sends the attempt over the bar.
Half-time Colney Heath Ladies 0-2 Writtle Ladies
  A 2-0 lead at half-time Writtle Ladies started the brighter and took an early lead, Colney Heath slow to get started improved as the half wore on, both sides creating chances Writtle doubling their lead 5 minutes before the break. A usual lead to have at half-time another goal would put a hand firmly on the cup.
   Colney Heath to get the 2nd half underway, Holly Sheridan and Joseph are back on the pitch, Randles and Milton off, Lucy Hancock has also been introduced to the action. Straight away they are pressing Writtle on the ball get the ball into the area, Griffiths gets the ball into her gloves. Both keepers are out of their area in the opening minutes with play congested in the middle the ball popping free to send an attacker through. Both keepers come and kick well. Fry attacking down the right wins Writtle a corner kick put in Stubbings looks to help the ball on into the crowded six yard area in front of goal, Rachel Sheridan gets the ball away.
Colney Heath’s Sophie Joseph in a race for the ball with Writtle’s Courtney Clarke
 Hickey going after a ball played through the centre nods it on with her head looks to chase it down into the Writtle area, Mold gets back on her the shot deflected wide out to the right is picked up by Kelly Hancock her ball sent back into the box is cleared. Colney Heath are awarded a free kick wide right 25 yards out May to play into the area a good delivery whipped in with pace an inviting height, Holly Sheridan goes up for it can’t quite get the connection to turn the ball in towards goal.
   Writtle have players ready to burst on when the ball is won back, Fry makes the move on the right wants the ball, gets it taking it on turn inside closing in on the area fires the shot in low and with power, Hilton gets down to stop it, pops out of her grasp for a second Simmons closing in from the left is interested, the keeper snatches the ball back into her body. Candice is in alot of pain from a tackle in the centre the defender is unable to carry on Charlotte Walker comes on goes up top in attack with Stubbings dropping into defence.
   The stand behind the dugouts is shielding the fans from the sun over on the far side but it is a potential problem for the keepers when any ball is put in from the opposite with any height, Vale does just that attacking down the right for Writtle, up high and dropping down close to her crossbar Hilton on her line does well to get hold of the ball. In the opposite goal Griffiths comes charging out of her box as Holly Sheridan as played in through the middle sliding in fully committed gets everything behind the ball to deny Sheridan the chance to shoot.
   Tricker gives away a free kick wide on the left close to 30 yards out, may is standing over the ball goes for goal gets plenty of pace on the shot smashes against the woodwork coming back out into play, Writtle hurry the clearance get the ball up the other end. Colney Heath are seeing more of the ball getting it up the field with urgency have a throw on the right taken quickly by Kelly Hancock she plays Holly Sheridan into the Writtle area, Mold gets the tackle in putting the ball out for a corner kick. Taken from the right Tricker defends the ball near post then fouls the corner taker Joseph outside the box. The set-piece is launched long to the far post a crowd of Colney Heath players after it one connects the header is wide took a knick a corner on the left is given this ball is cleared out only as far as Joseph standing on the edge of the area, snatches at the ball her shot well off target.
Colney Heath Ladies, Kirsty Feasey looking to get hold of the ball
   More substitutions, for Writtle Amelia Murphy comes on for Vale whilst Colney Heath bring Randles and Milton back on for Lucy Hancock and Muzzi. Tricker brings the ball out from the back and covers alot of grass knocking it past the full back ahead of her before playing the ball into the area, Rachel Sheridan comes across to win the ball putting it behind for a corner.
   A break for Colney Heath, the attacking 3 looking to combine as Holly Sheridan plays Milton into the box from the right side, looks to flash a cross into Hickey chasing in far post along the six yard box, Griffiths throws herself on the ball making the save in front of Hickey. Both sides are fashioning chances as Writtle play Fry in on the right attacking with the ball drives inside running along the front of the Colney Heath area rolls the ball across to Murphy waiting for it left of the D, looks to turn the shot in towards goal, curls it over the crossbar. 
   Lucy Hancock is back on for Colney Heath replacing Kelly Hancock. Writtle’s Caroline Brown plays a superb ball out to the left for Simmons to chase down into the Colney Heath box, the angle is fading fast as she closes in on the six yard box Hilton coming to close her down goes to shoot across the face of the goal, sees the effort run wide at the opposite post. Hilton needs some treatment after she ribcage is rattled coming to claim a Writtle free kick put in from halfway gets her gloves to the bouncing ball before being clattered – is okay to continue. 
  Corner for Colney Heath played in from the right side into the box dropping to Sheridan unmarked central on the six yard line headers the ball in towards goal, Griffiths looks beaten as the ball flies to her left, somehow produces an amazing piece of agility to throw herself at the ball is past her as she plucks it away from a certain goal. 
Beth Griffiths produces an amazing save to keep Writtle’s 2-0 lead intact
  Muzzi and Feasey return to the pitch for Colney Heath Hickey and May the players coming off. Colney Heath are running out of time to get a goal back and get themselves back into the final. Win a corner on the left the ball put in is headed clear by Clark for a throw in the left the ball is retained by Colney Heath is played across the face of the area, running across her Feasey opens up her body to turn the ball in towards goal, Griffiths is caught static turns to see the ball bounce off the base of the goal post and roll across the six yard box before being cleared.
  Another Colney Heath free kick on half way, Slade over it is encouraged to shoot, goes for goal on target but Griffiths has plenty of time to shuffle across and claim it. Kelly Hancock comes back on for Colney Heath, Milton comes off. With Colney Heath pushing players on looking for a goal the game is stretched, Writtle patient are ready to hit them on the break the ball is fed out to Simmons now on the right having switched with Fry, squares the ball in to the near post with Murphy running onto it lifts the strike over the crossbar. The ball is sent out to the right again as Writtle counter the early ball sent in long is past Hilton hits the crossbar and then the far post looks certain to drop over the goal line however Rachel Sheridan gets back on her line to hook it away.
 GOAL! Closing in on stoppage time and the goal Colney Heath have been pushing so hard for 2nd half finally comes. The game is stretched late on Writtle aren’t interested in taking it into the corner want a 3rd goal themselves to seal it, Colney Heath win it back play the ball through the middle, Holly Sheridan is after in racing after the ball gets plenty of power behind the shot from the edge of the box the ball coming at Griffiths is rising flies over her and hits the back of the net 1-2.
Holly Sheridan is held aloft by Molly Slade after she scores in the Cup Final for Colney Heath Ladies
  Into stoppage time so little time left Writtle get hold of the ball and keep it late on inside the Colney Heath half-time don’t let their opponents have it have the lead and are going to keep it the final whistle blows and Writtle Ladies win 2-1 to end their season with a league and cup double winning the ERWFL Division One Cup.
  A good contest played at a fearsome pace, chances at both end Writtle Ladies started the better and got the lead 2-0 at half-time were patient knew Colney Heath had to come at them both sides created chances wasn’t till late on Colney Heath got a gaol back 10 minutes sooner maybe it could have been game on however Writtle defended well for the most part and won the game.
Writtle Ladies 2015/16 ERWFL Division One Cup Winners
  Congratulations to Writtle Ladies on winning the ERWFL Division One Cup and making it a double success with the Division One East title too. My thanks to the management of both sides for their help with the teams today.

The Tuesday Round-Up

The Tuesday Round-Up – Edition Thirty Five

From Sunday 15th May

The season is almost at an end a cross the East a much smaller edition of The Tuesday Round-Up to bring you just a dozen games to write about across the region as side play out there league campaigns a couple of league titles still to be decided and in others final position. Another Cup Final too.

FAWPL Southern Division

One game left to play in the FAWPL Southern Division, for 5th placed Coventry United Ladies a win would lift them above Portsmouth FC Ladies into 4th, 3rd placed Cardiff City Ladies were the visitors. Nikki Miles gave Coventry United Ladies the perfect start putting them 1-0 up inside the opening 3 minutes. Held on to the goal advantage until half-time before Libby Piggott added a 2nd goal 3 minutes into the 2nd half to secure the victory and see Coventry United Ladies clim a place. Conceding just 18 goals in the league throughout the season theirs is the best defensive record.

Elsewhere in the FAWPL, Sporting Club Albion Ladies have won the Northern Division title and will play Southern Division Champions, Brighton & Hove Albion WFC in the FAWSL Play-off match on Sunday 29th May at Adams Park, home of Wycombe Wanderers and Reading FC Women. This match also has bearing on the relegation places because if Brighton & Hove Albion WFC win the game and are promoted to the FAWSL, 2nd bottom Forest Green Rovers Ladies will remain in the league, just as Newcastle United WFC did last season in the Northern Division when Sheffield FC Ladies went up.

FAWPL South East Division One

Having seen their penultimate league game at home against Old Actonians Ladies postponed in mid-week, Gillingham FC Ladies travelled up to Norfolk on Sunday knowing a win would see them finish as runner-up in the FAWPL South East Division One, playing Norwich City Ladies the visitors were in determined mood to finish the season strongly. Emma Tune opened the scoring on 26 minutes for Gillingham, then Kallie Balfour netted a minute later and went on to score a 12 minute hat-trick putting Gillingham 4-0 to the good at the break, same tune 2nd half (sorry) Balfour scoring her 2nd hat-trick of the match in a 10 minute burst this time Tune getting another goal 2 during that spell as Gillingham ran out 8-0 winners, play their rearranged game with Old Actonians Ladies on Thursday.

 Ipswich Town Ladies have had an excellent 2nd half to their season, two more games left in the league a top half finish is guaranteed get to wins and they could pip Cambridge United WFC to 5th spot. Were away on Sunday playing the side directly below them Enfield Town Ladies. The home side took a 3-0 lead, Cally Browne, Nuala McKevitt and Sheryce Slater all getting a goal, but Ipswich Town Ladies thought back scoring through captain Amanda Crump, with Molly Hall also on target with a brace from Natasha Thomas seeing them win the game 4-3

Old Actonians Ladies have been slowly catching up with their league fixtures a busy spell owards the end of the season, have secured their FAWPL status for another season Sunday saw them at bottom side Bedford Ladies to play a double header. Bedford Ladies captain Rebecca Vass scored twice one from the penalty spot the other open play to see them win only their 2nd game of the season. In the 2nd game Old Actonians Ladies took the lead, Kaiya Glynn pulled the scores level but they went down to a late goal to lose the 2nd match 2-1.

Eastern Regional Leagues

Just the one league game left across the ERWFL in Division One West bottom side Colney Heath Ladies were hosting Hoddesdon Owls Ladies for the 2nd successive Sunday, winning last weekends encounter 5-0 another win would see the climb off the foot of the table having been there all season. The 1st half saw 2 goals scored late on, Hoddesdon taking the lead on 40 minutes Kristina O’Connell netting the goal. In 1st half injury time Holly Sheridan got it back to 1-1. Colney Heath Ladies then took the lead a minute into the 2nd half Kirsty Feasey with the goal. Went 3-1 up on 52 minutes Sophie Joseph getting the goal. Hoddesdon pulled a goal back late on Becky Scola scoring but it wasn’t enough as Colney Heath Ladies win to lift themselves off the foot of the table.

That saw Sawbridgeworth Town WFC finish bottom and more bad news was to follow as the club announced on Twitter it was being folded, an established women’s football club always sad to here and Women’s Football East wishes everyone involved at the club all the best hope to see Sawbridgeworth back in the women’s game in the not to distant future.


One game left in Norfolk across the 3 leagues, in Division One a potential title deciding game, Wymondham Town Ladies held top spot by 3 points weren’t in action this Sunday 2nd placed Thorpe United Ladies were away to 4th placed Aylsham FC Ladies, was a ig ask to take the title a win by 5 clear goals was needed on the day. Had beaten Aylsham in the County Cup Final, however Aylsham were on a high having recently won the League Cup with a last gasp winner. Have a goal scorer in top form this season Abbie Charlton see added 4 more to her tally on Sunday to make her the leagues top goal scorer, Leanne Woodward scored twice with Sophie Burr-Walpole also scoring as they won by 5 clear goals beating Thorpe United Ladies 7-2 their goals coming from Hayley Kindred and captain Rebekah Lake meaning Wymondham Town Ladies were crowned Champions.

Congratulations to Wymondham Town Ladies on winning the Norfolk Women’s Division One title.


Cambridge City Ladies were already Champions of the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship with one match left to play were at Bar Hill Ladies to complete the Premiership fixtures on Sunday. Won the game 7-2 with goals from Emily Bevens, Izzy Broadbent, Ellie Geoghan and Carla Penny with Grace Stanley scoring a brace plus an own goal. Bar Hill Ladies end the season in 4th place their goal scorers, Maya Holmdahi and Anna Jephson. 

Two matches left to complete in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North and one was settled without a ball being kicked. Swineshead Institute Ladies being awarded the win against bottom side Tydd St Mary Ladies to see them finish 5th in their 1st season together. In the other game 2nd bottom Hungate Rovers Ladies were away playing Downham Town Ladies who had slipped down the table at the end unable to play fixtures conceding games. Mustered up 8 players to face Hungate at the weekend. The visitiors taking full advantage to end their season with a win Jade Chamberlain claiming 4 goals with Amelia Rees and Terri-Ann Moeser also on target and own goal adding to the scoreline as they beat Downham Town 7-2 their goals from Chelsea Thomason and Katy Walkey. 

In other title battle to be decided in the region this Sunday was in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South with both leaders Park Ladies and 2nd placed St Ives Town Ladies in contention for the crown both playing their 1st season. A point the difference St Ives Town Ladies should have been playing bottom side Cambridge Rangers in an 11am kick-off it didn’t happen St Ives Town Ladies awarded the away win moved 2 point ahead of Park Ladies who were away playing Riverside Rovers Reserves nothing less than a win would do. Any nerves were erased as they took control of the match leading 3-0 at half-time added another goal in the 2nd half, Erin Powell getting herself a hat-trick with Casey Ward helping herself to a goal 4-0 the final score Park Ladies win the Championship title in what has been a very competitive battle between themselves, St Ives Town Ladies and 3rd placed Milton Ladies.

Congratulations to Park Ladies on winning Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South title.


Two games being played in Essex on Sunday. One of those being the Women’s League Cup Final, and that was where the Supporting Women’s Football Blog headed to Herongate Athletic FC to watch Harlow Ladies play Runwell Hospital Ladies for the trophy. Followers of The Tuesday Round-Up will know full well how successful a season Harlow Ladies have been having, in just their 1st together under the Harlow banner, Essex Women’s Division One Champions aswell as winning two cup finals the Women’s Trophy and Tiptree & District Women’s Charity Cup. The quadruple was on. Runwell Hospital Ladies in their 2nd season together had reached their 1st ever cup final.

  It was Runwell who were to take an early lead, Rachael Selfe putting them in front, the lead wasn’t to last long as Harlow hit back straight away Eliza Weeks heading the ball in from a corner. Harlow went on to fashion a host of chances before taking the lead late in the 1st half Tia Dye popping up inside the box to turn the ball home. Again the lead was lost soon after and it was a brilliant strike to from distance by Runwell’s Nik Chapman to fire the ball into the top corner.

All square at 2-2 going into the 2nd half, Harlow got themselves back in front breaking from a Runwell corner getting the ball up into Dye she plays the ball through the keepers legs to score her 2nd of the game. Harlow added a 4th goal, Abbie Bensted firing the ball home, but despite having Runwell on the back foot for a large portion of the game they were never out of it Sammie Delves volleying home a cross inside the area to make it 4-3. 5 minutes from time Harlow got another goal Philippa Stephens rifling the ball home the final score 5-3 Harlow Ladies cap off a fantastic season with a 3rd cup win completing a quadruple and Harlow are the only side in the region with 100% win record in the league. The whole match report from the SWF Blog can be found scrolling on the website below.


Congratulations to Harlow Ladies on such a fantastic season.

One last league game to bring you in Essex Women’s Division One, Hullbridge Sports Ladies Reserves won 6-0 away to Valley Green.

That concludes the penultimate edition of The Tuesday Round-Up one more to go and it’s going to be a little different. A handful of games left out there in the FAWPL South East Division One, Essex and the ERWFL League and Division One Cup Finals. Introduced a new page to the website this week a Club Advertising page for clubs to post adverts looking for new players or coaching staff, volunteers, or to announce trial dates please get in touch if you like to place an ad. Can’t believe it’ll soon be over until next week tanks for reading.

Cup Final Report – Harlow Ladies v Runwell Hospital Ladies

The Supporting Women’s Football Blog was in Essex on Sunday to watch the Women’s League Cup Final played between Harlow Ladies, newly crowned Champions of Division One and looking to achieve a quadruple taking on Premier Division side Runwell Hospital Ladies who had reached their 1st final in the clubs history. The whole game report from the blog can be found below.

Cup Final Report – Harlow Ladies v Runwell Hospital Ladies

  Herongate Athletic FC is the destination for today’s women’s football action, another Cup Final this on from Essex, the Women’s League Cup, Harlow Ladies v Runwell Hospital Ladies.

  Two sides contested the Essex Women’s League Cup Final for the 1st time. 

  Harlow Ladies have taken the women’s football scene in Essex by storm this season their 1st season together under the Harlow banner and are aiming for a quadruple. Have won the Essex Women’s Division One title with a 100% win record. Have also won the Essex Women’s Trophy and Tiptree & District Women’s Charity Cup and will be hoping to add the League Cup too. A young side have an U18s side hot on their heels too.

  Runwell Hospital FC have run a women’s football team on and off for a number of years now, the current Ladies side have been together for 2 seasons now achieved promotion from Division One to the Essex Women’s Premier Division in their 1st season together and have held their own in the top division this season amongst the title contenders early on suffered a few injury set backs mid-season which saw them fall away from the leaders have secured a comfortable 5th placed finish. Today’s League Cup Final is the 1st final any Runwell Hospital Ladies side has reached.

Road to the Final
 Both sides received a Bye in the 1st Round of the competition. A tough challenge for Harlow Ladies in the 2nd Round drawn at home to face the leaders of the Essex Women’s Premier Division at that time, Chelmsford City Ladies, won the game 3-2. Were drawn at home to face fellow Division One side Chigwell Ladies in the quarter finals the fixture wasn’t played a home win awarded Harlow Ladies advanced to the semi-finals and an away day at Premier Division side Eastern Avenue who were the holders of the League Cup. Edged the game 2-1 to book their 3rd final appearance of the season. 
  Runwell Hospital Ladies were also up against a Chelmsford City Ladies side in the 2nd Round of the League Cup at home against their Reserves from Division One, won the game 2-1 to reach the quarter finals and another away trip taking on fellow Premier Division side Walden Ladies, a 3-1 victory saw them through to the semi-finals and a home tie against another Premier Division side Collier Row Tigers, a 2-1 win saw the club reach their 1st ever Cup Final.

  The venue for today’s Essex Women’s League Cup Final, Herongate Athletic FC, situated in the village of Herongate a large clubhouse with bar and function hall overlooks the main pitch and playing fields beyond. A large pitch freshly mowed with a good covering of grass a few dips hidden here and there. A picturesque setting for a final on a bright and sunny day, few clouds dotted about but no chance of rain as the two sides walked out onto the pitch. 

  Harlow Ladies starting XI – Sarah Walker, Megan Sende, Christie Seakens, Imogen Palmer (C), Phoebe McMurray, Riley Bennett, Eliza Weeks, Victoria Hill, Philippa Stephens, Abbie Bensted & Nene McInerney. 
  subs – Catherine Kelly, Tia Dye & Chloe Ring.

  Runwell Hospital Ladies starting XI – Hayley Johnson, Gemma Vine, Rebecca Pope, Sophie Olley, Ashleigh Harvey, Lisa Harris (C), Rachael Selfe, Sammie Delves, Lauren Wooley, Emma Slater & Vicky Martin

  subs – Danni Caton, Grace Nightingale, Jessica Light & Nik Chapman.

 (roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s Runwell to get the Essex Women’s League Cup Final underway wearing yellow shirts with blue vertical stripes down the front, blue shorts and socks with Harlow lined up in red shirts with white across the shoulders, red shorts and red socks with a white band at the top. Play is congested in the middle in the opening minute both sides wanting to get it out into the channels defences cutting out the ball. Harlow work the ball from right to left across the Runwell box, Philippa Stephens attacking on the left looks to carry the ball on is stopped by Runwell’s Ashleigh Harvey sets up a counter attack the ball carries up the right side a throw in won deep in Harlow territory.
  GOAL! Runwell take an early led in the final the goal coming from the throw is played into Sammie Delves and rolled across the face of the Harlow box with Rachael Selfe left unmarked in front of the D, turns the ball goalwards as it comes into her, goes past Harlow keeper Sarah Walker, rolls inside the post put Runwell in front 0-1.
  Harlow go straight on the offensive from the restart get the ball out to the left side Stephens playing the ball into Abbie Bensted making a run ahead of her breaking into the area wide of goal pulls the trigger puts her shot straight at Runwell keeper, Hayley Johnson covering the angle. In the next move Stephens is the player getting onto the end of a long diagonal past sprayed out to her from the right carries the ball into the Runwell area looks to knock the ball on is deflected behind for a corner kick.
  GOAL! Harlow get themselves back on level terms from the corner kick taken from the left the ball is swept in towards the near post, Johnson makes the decision to come for it comes along way and doesn’t get anything on it, flies on into the six yard box, Nene McInerney is free in the middle, so to is Eliza Weeks in front of her and she turns the ball into the back of the net from close range to make it 1-1 and barely 5 minutes of the game has been played.
Harlow Ladies, Eliza Weeks 
  Another corner won by Harlow on the right this time the ball is sent in with pace towards Christie McMurray coming from the edge of the area to meet it near side gets a glancing header on the ball looking to knock it on, Runwell’s Selfe is right behind her the ball comes at her quickly her header sends the ball looping up towards her own goal, sees it cleared by the defender covering the far post. Bensted picks up the ball for Harlow has Victoria Hill sprinting free into space on the right closing on the byline squares the cross into the box is intercepted and cleared by Vicky Martin at the near post. Emma Slater gets hold of the ball in the middle sending it long for Selfe up the left flank tries to turn inside is stopped by Weeks.
Emma Slater on the ball for Runwell Hospital Ladies
  Runwell threaten to break on the counter a fantastic ball from Sophie Olley up towards the right side of the Harlow area has Delves after the ball, racing out of her six yard box Walker arrives just in the knick of time just inside her area to slide in put the ball out for a throw as Delves goes over her. Runwell keep possession around Harlow’s area looking to thread the ball into the box, Harlow captain Imogen Palmer puts the ball behind for the corner kick.
  Harlow win the ball from the corner and try to break McInerney has it on the left side, attempts to put Bensted away through the middle the ball is cut out but not cleared finds its way to Hill on the right side her cross is long towards the far post Stephens has made up the ground, brings the ball down well great control shown to turn and hit on the volley, the attempt at goal is sent over the bar.
   Harlow come again the ball held up on the right side top of the area by McInerney, rolls it back to Hill who one again looks for Stephens at the far post, gets he head to the ball this time knocking it down across goal, Johnson gets down sharply for a moment it looks as though the ball has squirmed under the keeper will roll over the line, but Johnson reacts quickly gets to it stopping it before it rolls all the way. 
Runwell Hospital Ladies, Gemma Vine
  Harlow are creating chances but risk getting caught on the counter, Gemma Vine brings the ball out from left back up the line for Selfe, gets the throw deep on the left, links up with Vine again who launches the ball into the Harlow area, Delves the target, too much on the ball allows Walker to gather. Harlow are pushing forwards when Runwell play the ball back to Johnson the goalkeepers kick is good going long over halfway, Selfe steals in behind the defence races for the area, Christie Seakens recovers well the centre back getting back to tackle Selfe on the edge of the area. Changes for Harlow, Riley Bennett coming off with Catherine Kelly coming on. Tia Dye is on to in place of McInerney.
Rachael Selfe looking to get the ball in behind the Harlow defence
   The substitute has an early opportunity to make an impact is over a free kick won on the right side 22 yards from goal, goes for the shot takes it past the 2 player wall on the near side little to aim at the shot is wide. Harlow with the ball come again the ball played by McMurray out to Hill on the right cuts the cross back towards Bensted inside the D, brings the ball down on her chest and hits the shot on the volley sending it out towards the far post, rolls a foot wide of target.
Harlow Ladies, Phoebe McMurray bringing the ball under control
  Double change for Runwell, Rebecca Pope and Martin coming off for Grace Nightingale and Nik Chapman. Nightingale brings down Dye as she tries to make a run through into the area drifting right, is yellow carded the free kick to the right of goal is taken by Bensted looks to go for goal puts the effort well over the top of the crossbar.
  GOAL! 10 minutes before half time Harlow take the lead, pushing down the left side Stephens on the ball looks to force her way into the area plenty of yellow shirts ahead of her get their foot on the ball trying to clear hits a body and stays a threat 3 occasions cannot get the ball away Stephens trying to get to it hustling the defence the ball inside the six yard area is deflected into the path of Dye front of goal opens up her body and turns the ball in across goal 2-1.
  GOAL! The lead doesn’t last long, am still trying to finish my notes from Harlow’s goal as Runwell attack right from the restart the ball played out to the left carried up the pitch an advantage is played the ball fired inside early across the front of the Harlow area, Runwell have plenty of players breaking from midfield, one of those is Chapman meets the ball 20 yards out right of the D a brilliant strike the shot arrows into the top corner 2-2. 
Nik Chapman, closest to the ball with a brilliant strike to make it 2-2 for Runwell Hospital Ladies
  Nightingale defends well up against Dye as they pair go for the ball as it enters the Runwell area left side. Slater is hurt outside her area as she comes back to help defend clear the ball looks to have hurt her knee, a lengthy spell of treatment she is up walking albeit gingerly is taken off with Pope returning to the field. Change for Harlow Seakens off for Bennett the move seeing Kelly drop into defence. The Runwell defence is turned Dye goes after the ball stealing it from Harvey as she struggles to control carries the ball on into the ball taking it right side lifts her shot over.
Runwell Hospital Ladies, Rebecca Pope battles with Harlow’s
Phoebe McMurray for control of the ball
 Harvey then cuts a ball from Bennett in the middle intended for Stephens on the left conceding the corner. Taken short on the left the ball is fired in low and with pace towards the near post, an unorthodox but effective save by Johnson superb reflexes to stop it with her feet and get plenty of distance on the clearance, gathered out on the left by Harlow a high ball is sent back into the area dropping late Johnson back on her line has it covered the ball drops just over the bar.
Half-time Harlow Ladies 2-2 Runwell Hospital Ladies

   A scrappy 1st half both sides competitive not letting the other settle on the ball, both have had the lead and lost it almost straight away. Harlow have created more chances but the score tells you it’s not about how many you have it’s how many you take. Runwell have been on the back foot defending well enough but not getting hold of the ball for any sustained period, taken both their chances well.
  Harlow kick off the 2nd half press the ball high on the left side early on Wooley gets winded getting in the way of a cross fired into the area. Possession is retained on the left side Hill tries to bring the ball inside Runwell captain Lisa Harris comes to tackle win the ball back. Played on into Pope forwards for Chapman who sends the pass out to Delves on the right has Olley ahead of her taking the ball down the line wins a corner.
  GOAL! A Runwell corner on the right side but it’s Harlow who score up the other end, the ball is sent into the area by Runwell is intercepted by Bennett who brings it out of her area coming left plays it wide for Bensted as they counter attack rapidly, bringing the ball up to half way sends in on for Dye ahead of her giving chase gets hold of it 20 yards out taking it on into the Runwell area has a defender trying to get back on her with the keeper coming trying to stay big Dye puts the shot through her legs and scores 3-2 to give Harlow the lead again 5 minutes into the start of the 2nd half.
Two goals in the Essex Women’s League Cup Final for Tia Dye
  Bensted wins the ball in midfield 25 yards out drives a shot in towards goal, Johnson is well positioned in her goal gets her gloves firmly around the ball. Runwell get the ball up the pitch quickly Nightingale up to Selfe on the left the ball is fired into the Harlow area Delves has peeled away to the right is free the ball dropping to her hits the volley on the run sends the strike over the crossbar from 10 yards out. Tempo has clearly been lifted at the start of the 2nd half Harlow come back up the other end Hill seeing a strike from the edge of the box blocked at close range. 
  Double change for Runwell, Harris and Harvey come off, Danni Caton and Martin come on. Harlow are pushing players forwards whenever they have the ball getting bodies in and around the area attacking up the right the ball is squared across the face of the area rolling into Hill inside the D turns the ball in towards goal Johnson throws herself across her goal to the left the ball just wide of the post. Stephens returns to the action for Harlow, Bennett off.
Runwell Hospital Ladies
Sophie Olley
  Despite her error early on Johnson has been confident coming for the ball from the corner and even though she has been clattered into a couple of times has more often than not won the ball punching clear or making the claim, this time from a corner put in from the right she comes and collects sets up a quick attack the ball played into midfield helped on to find Delves drifting away to the right as she enters the area, her shot is blocked deflected behind for a corner kick. A fantastic save from Walker in the Harlow goal from the set piece the ball fired in from the right is headed on by Harlow as they attempt to clear the area runs on towards the edge of the box, Olley is making a run from a deeper position latches onto the ball hitting it hard and low back into towards goal, Walker is down sharply to get her body behind the ball stops the shot the ball is cleared. 
  Weeks is given a rest for Harlow with Seakens returning to the field. Runwell getting a little bit of joy played the all forwards through the centre, Olley going after a long all is held up by the Harlow defence allowing Walker to come to the edge of her area claim the ball. Megan Sende rings the ball up the field on the left for Harlow, winning a throw high up the pitch links up with Dye who knocks the all on into the area centre rolls to Bensted scuffs her effort allowing Runwell chance to get it away.
  GOAL! Harlow retain possession of the ball from the clearance played out to the right side of the pitch the ball is sent back into the Runwell box lofted high into the air falls to Bensted who has made a move towards the left side to attack the far post area, good connection with the ball to lift the shot high into the top corner and see Harlow gain a 2 goal advantage 4-2.
 McInerney comes back on for Harlow, Dye off. Bensted plays the pass into Hill inside the Runwell area right side of the six yard box has a defender on her shoulder, Johnson comes to close down throws herself at Hill’s feet making the save the all blocked turned behind for a corner, Johnson is hurt in the challenge needs treatment. Okay to continue comes for the ball from the resulting corner gets enough on it to push it back out wide to the taker Bensted, she looks to lift the ball long to the far post area with Stephens coming in, the ball bounces through Stephens not quite able to get there. Change for Runwell Jessica Light coming on going up top for Selfe. 
Harlow Ladies, Victoria Hill
  Stephens gets hold of the ball drives up the left for Harlow, closing down to the byline cuts the ball back in towards the front of the six yard box comes to McInerney, hits the shot 1st time, Johnson dives full stretch to her right pushes the ball from goal, still in play Stephens squeezes the ball back in towards McInerney tries to open up her body turn the ball the opposite side with Johnson still grounded, doesn’t get any pace on the ball as the keeper scrambling up lunges for the ball laying claim to it.
  Runwell need a goal and are pushing a few extra bodies forwards Caton winning the ball at the back sends it into the middle, Pope puts it out to the right, Delves plays it back into the middle, Harris latches onto it 25 yards out, going for goal puts the strike over the crossbar.
  GOAL! Have a goal shortly after working the ball up the left, Vine links with Wooley a throw is won inside the Harlow half taken quickly the ball is sent long into the area, again Delves has peeled off the defence and is in space, unmarked has time to get her foot over the ball and lash it home 4-3. 10 minutes left to play still very much game on.
  Great piece of skill shown by Stephens once again to control the all as it is flighted up to her inside the area left side from a free kick in front of the centre circle, bringing the ball down, and turning inside past her marker in one move, screws her shot away from goal. 
  GOAL! 40 minutes of the 2nd half played and Harlow extend the lead, Runwell are looking for an opening up the other end the ball is won back by Harlow, fed through the middle with urgency comes all the way up to McInerney 20 yards out getting hold of the ball, Stephens is up with her makes the run to get into the area right side this time, McInerney rolls the ball into her run, Stephens powers her shot high past the keeper and into the back of the net 5-3. 
  More chances for Harlow later on Dye and Chloe Ring onto the pitch, Hill and Bensted off. Harlow keep attacking late on the game moving into injury time McInerney stealing into the box longing to get onto the end of a long high ball gets to it just before the advancing Johnson, but lifts her attempted lob high and wide. Dye fires a ball from wide in towards goal Johnson pushes it wide. Runwell can’t get hold of the ball in the closing minutes Harlow defend a free kick put up to the edge of their area, Dye has a shot 25 yards out central looking to curl it into the top corner places it too close to Johnson. The final whistle blows and Harlow Ladies celebrate.
Harlow Town Ladies celebrate at the final whistle
  Harlow Ladies win the Essex Women’s League Cup beating Runwell Hospital Ladies 5-3 and complete an incredible quadruple in just their 1st season. Created far more goal scoring opportunities in the game had the lead 2nd half were never assured of victory right till the end Runwell Hospital Ladies always looking a threat when they did get forwards just didn’t do it enough. A good final to watch my 5th League Cup across the Eastern Counties have all been good adverts for women’s football, one more to look forwards too.
Harlow Ladies, Essex Women’s League Cup Winners
Congratulations to Harlow Ladies on winning the Essex Women’s League Cup and on doing the quadruple. For a few in the Harlow Ladies side this is their final game for the club for now as they move onto university a great way to end a season. Thanks to both sides for their help with the teams today and the staff from both the Essex FA and Herongate Athletic FC for their help too.

Cup Final – Cambridge City Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

3 nights 3 Cup Finals on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog, Tuesday saw the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup Final being played at Histon FC with Cambridge City Ladies newly crowned Champions of the Women’s Premiership with the opportunity to do the double taking on Cambridge United WFC Reserves defeated finalists last season. A cracker of a match a 7 goal thriller.

Cup Final Report – Cambridge City Ladies v Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  The busy start to the week continues with a 3rd Cup Final in 3 days a return trip to Histon FC to watch the final of the Cambridgeshire Women’s S-Tech Insurance League Cup, and it’s a local derby too with Cambridge City Ladies playing Cambridge United WFC Reserves.

  Cambridge City Ladies will be hoping to make it a league and cup double tonight, having clinched the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership title in their debut season playing women’s football having progressed as a side through the Cambridgeshire youth leagues together. Cambridge United WFC Reserves have their sights set on the League Cup too, beaten finalists last season have retained the Cambridgeshire Women’s Junior Invitation Cup already and want to add this trophy too having wrapping up the league season with a 3rd place finish.

 Road to the Final

  Cambridge City Ladies were at home in the 1st Round of the League Cup playing fellow Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership side Cambridge University Women, Grace Stanley scored 4 goals as they racked up an 8-0 victory. A trip to another Premiership side followed in the 2nd Round at Netherton United Ladies a match I covered on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog, Stanley was on target again along with Carla Penny as Cambridge City won 2-0 to reach the quarter-finals a some what delayed tie away to Bar Hill Ladies another Premiership side, Stanley and Penny the scorers once again winning 3-0. Reached the Final without kicking a ball in the semi-final after Huntingdon Town Ladies the current holders of the League Cup called time on a troubled season in the Premiership.
  A Bye for Cambridge United WFC Reserves in the 1st Round of the League Cup. At home in the 2nd Round playing Deeping Diamonds Ladies newly promoted to the Premiership although they would later fold. Catherine Hanley, Hayley Turner and Monique Christian scoring in a 3-0 win. Christian was also on the scoresheet along with Gemma Clark and Sarah Mosley in the quarter-finals at home playing Championship North side Wisbech Town Ladies winning 3-2 setting up a semi-final again on home soil against fellow Premiership side Fulbourn Bluebirds, Emily Ingle amongst the goals with a hat-trick a 6-1 win putting them through to their 2nd successive League Cup Final.
  The venue for the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup Final once again Histon FC, was put back to accommodate other finals and with heavy rain falling for much of the day was a concern the game could be in jeopardy again however the Histon FC pitch looked in fairly good shape had absorbed the water the rain stopped by the time the two sides stepped out on the grass to warm up, seen alot of action of late a little worn. An overcast and gloomy sky above thankfully the rain would stay away for the match. 
  Cambridge City Ladies starting XI – Emily Bevens, Lauren Ambrose, Olivia Fraser, Lauren Tomlinson, Izzy Broadbent, Anna Wilson, Emma Littlewood, Grace Stanley, Bronte Rapley (C), Carla Penny & Philippa Witherspoon.
  subs – Ellie Geoghan, Saskia Capetti, Miriam Amrani, Jade Drain & India Duffy
  Cambridge United WFC Reserves starting XI – Tafadzwa Mhunduru, Sarah Carroll, Robin Phillips, Becca Fay (C), Emma Roberts, Emily Reed, Liz Pamplin, Emily Ingle, Gemma Clark, Laura Mills & Hayley Turner.
  subs – Catherine Hanley, Monique Christian, Kelly Docrwa & Clara Greed.
(roll on roll off substitutes)

   A note takers nightmare with two Cambridge’s out there so to save typing it over and over it’s City v United from here on in. It’s City to kick off the 1st half wearing white shirts and socks with black shorts with United lined up opposite wearing amber and black vertical striped shirts, black shorts and amber socks. City are on the offensive right from the off the ball sent long for Philippa Witherspoon leading the line up front to attack.
  Laura Mills is up top along side Hayley Turner for United the ball is sent up towards her, City defender Anna Wilson heads clear. The ball is played out to the right with City’s Emma Littlewood getting onto the ball and driving down the line squares the cross into the United area with Witherspoon coming towards the near post, United captain Becca Fay gets to it first.
  A fast paced start to the final the ball is being moved quickly by both sides coming to Emily Ingle attacking on the right side for United her attempted through ball is cleared behind to give away the first corner of the match. On the right the ball is fed into the area near side with midfielder Liz Pamplin coming to meet it, connects on the half volley 12 yards out turning the ball in towards goal but over the crossbar. 
  Mills steals in behind the City defence for a clear run at goal carrying the ball forwards entering the box unleashes a shot the ball fired on runs low, coming quickly at goalkeeper Emily Bevens is straight at her saves well with her feet, deflecting the ball away from her goal. United come again the ball is retrieved out on the right Ingle powers her way forwards turning inside as she reaches the City area rolls the ball into the area, making the run from midfield, Emily Reed doesn’t need to make any adjustment to her run meeting the ball goes for the strike again the attempt flies over the crossbar. 
  GOAL! 10 minutes played and City get themselves the opening goal the ball played though the middle coming to Grace Stanley in an advance position on the right 20 yards out, is getting closed down but manages to get a shot away the ball gathering pace as it is sent in towards the near post, goalkeeper Tafadzwa Mhunduru is a fraction late to react diving to her right the ball is past her and over the line 1-0
  GOAL! United don’t take long to find a response right from the restart they try to get Mills in behind through the middle again, this time the ball is a little too heavy allows Bevens to gather. 2 minutes after conceding United draw level the ball picked up by Ingle on the right from the goal kick pushing forwards the ball is rolled into the area with Mills the player making the run to get onto the end of it this time, running onto the ball blasts the ball home 1-1.

Laura Mills scores for Cambridge United to make it 1-1

  Bringing the ball out from left back United’s Emma Roberts plays it forwards to Gemma Clark she lifts the ball into the centre of the City half with Mills jumping to head the ball forwards, Turner making a run in front of her coming in from the left side of the area to try and get on the ball, City defenders Wilson and Izzy Broadbent shield the ball allowing Bevens to come between them and claim it.

Cambridge United WFC Reserves, Emma Roberts
  GOAL! It’s raining goals at the start of the match 5 minutes ago United were a goal down now they get themselves in front. Have the ball on the right side players that side in number the ball from Ingle is sent into the box Turner over on that side 10 yards out turns with the ball and pulls the trigger smashing the ball into the back of the net 1-2.

  United have the City defence under a little pressure conceding a corner on the right the ball put in drops into the six yard box right Reed almost steals in on it however Bevens throws herself forwards and drops onto the ball. Pressure is relieved at the back by City captain Bronte Rapley in central midfield a seemingly innocuous long range punt from 30 yards out rolling wide is mis-controlled b Mhunduru giving away a corner. The set-piece causes panic in the United area as it pops out of Mhunduru’s gloves and players from both sides scramble to get a toe on the ball, eventually ends up put wide for the goal kick. 

  Getting hold of the ball on halfway Stanley goes on a mazy run carrying the ball forwards before letting fly with the shot from 20 yards out the ball bouncing through towards the United goal, Mhunduru gets down to stop it. United counter attack the ball into Pamplin played wide to Ingle who plays the ball along the face of the City area with Clark meeting it left side of the D, turns the ball 90 degrees towards goal, Bevens scrambling across her goal sees it roll a half yard wide of the post. 

  Rapley has Witherspoon available on the right having found a little space to run into the ball is played out to her, Fay goes across to make the challenge gets the ball away for the throw. Pamplin is fouled on halfway a chance for United to launch the ball up towards the City penalty area, Fay on the dead ball plays it forwards City get to the ball but fail to clear it drops to Ingle who shoots from outside the box the ball flying straight into Bevens gloves. Substitute for City as they bring Carla Penny off on the left side bring on India Duffy. 

Cambridge United WFC Reserves, Liz Pamplin fouled by Cambridge City’s Philippa Witherspoon


  GOAL! City’s Stanley picks up the ball inside the centre circle plays it forwards early with Witherspoon making a move on the left side to get in behind chasing the ball into the area, Mhunduru comes racing out of her goal and sliding in tries to get something on the ball Witherspoon tries to stay on her feet as her run is impeded get on the ball, the referee blows his whistle and points to the penalty spot. Rapley to step up to take it, fires it in high to the keepers left she doesn’t move the ball put into the top corner and in 2-2 with 35 minutes played.

Cambridge City captain Bronte Rapley makes it 2-2 from the penalty spot
United make a change bringing off Clark and sending on Monique Christian. The attacker wins a free kick almost immediately 25 yards out to the left side in front of the area, Ingle over it sends it through into the six yard box with runners ready to attack it one bounce in the six yard box and Bevens gathers the low ball into her body.
  Wilson defends well against Turner as United build an attack, backing up as they play the ball long through the middle giving herself the room to get her head on the ball outaide the area. City have a free kick just inside the United half on the left the ball is sent long into the box running long towards the far stick, Stanley briefly has a sight on goal Fay gets back on her quickly to put in the block turning the shot away for a corner kick. Comes into the area central bouncing Olivia Fraser lifts up a boot to turn it towards goal plays it straight at Mhunduru who holds onto the shot. A late injury to Rapley in the 1st haf sees her come off to be replaced by Jade Drain.
Half-time Cambridge City Ladies 2-2 Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  A cracking contest a lively 1st 45 minutes to the Cambridgeshire Women’s S-Tech Insurance League Cup Final. Both sides creating scoring opportunities United on top early on City getting back into the game has been fairly even offensive minded players on both side wanting to get on with the game. Beautifully poised at2-2 it could go either way.
  A change for United at the start of the 2nd half, Sarah Carroll off with Kelly Docrwa on the substitution seeing Ingle move into the back line on the right. United kick off the 2nd half.
  GOAL! United attack right from the whistle the ball played out to the left side they win a throw in a deep position, the ball is put into the feet of Christian on that side top of the area stands the cross up into the box heading in towards goal, coming at Bevens quickly the keeper going down spills it Mills is right on her coming in capitalises to turn the ball over the line 2-3.

  City have a free kick wide on the right side 20 yards out the ball fired into the area pops out of the advancing Mhunduru’s gloves, running out towards the edge of her area the keeper races after it collecting City can pounce. Another awkward ball for the United keeper to deal with back on her goal line as Stanley lets fly from 25 yards out the ball is going to drop shot with no one closing in Mhunduru does well to make sure she kills the ball with her legs before getting her gloves around the ball.

  Reed plays the ball on through the middle for Mills making the run left side closing in on the City area fires in the shot plenty of venom behind it flies past Bevens before she can react turns sees it strike the base of the far post then bounce across her six yard box before being cleared. Mills on the right attacking with the ball at her feet again squares the ball into the area Lauren Tomlinson gets to the ball before Turner can latch onto it putting it behind for a corner on the right side. Clara Greed is on for United with Roberts coming off.

Emily Ingle on the ball for Cambridge United WFC Reserves

  United are pressing City back early on trying to extend their lead, keep them on the back foot, looking for Stanley up top more often than not when they do break she is fouled just outside the box in a dangerous position left of goal. Over the free kick curls the shot in past the wall towards goal Mhunduru is well position behind and claims the shot.

   GOAL! Another penalty for City as Stanley is brought down coming inside from the left with the ball her run taking her just inside the top corner of the area, the foul inside the box the referee pointing to the spot for the 2nd time. No Rapley on the pitch to take this one so up steps Stanley, discussion in the crowd as to whether they’ve seen her take one before, cool as you like she strokes the ball along the ground past the immobile keepers left to level it all back up midway through the 2nd half 3-3.

  Good piece of defending from Ambrose as Pamplin plays a good long range ball up to Christian on the left the right back getting the tackle in. A local derby there are a few robust challenges starting to creep into the game, both sides putting alot into it. Turner getting hold of the ball 30 yards out goes on a surging drive through the middle looking to power her way through the City defence into the box is stopped inside the D the ball taken from her boot runs back to Docrwa who has raced forwards to join her meets it 1st time turning the ball back into the area runs wide of goal. Changes for both sides Rapley comes back on for City with Clark returning to the action for United.

  A long throw on the left side puts Stanley through on goal inside the United box goes to put the shot across the keeper Mhunduru gets down sharply to make the save. City send on Ellie Geoghan with Duffy coming off 15 minutes left on the clock.

  GOAL! Stanley picks up the ball central and goes on another mazy run can travel quickly with the ball taking on players in front of her the slightest of touches takes her clear in behind to run at the United goal, Mhunduru is coming out to meet her has Witherspoon free on her left, there’s only one thing on her mind as she enters the area sending the ball past the keeper and into the goal to complete a Cup Final hat-trick giving City the lead 4-3.

  Penny returns to the field for City with Witherspoon coming off. United push forwards on the back foot late on Mills stealing into space with the ball on the right side squares the cross into the area, is a little behind Turner nudged to the face of the area she goes after it looks to swivel and hit the shot just as Mills arrives to meet it pulls the trigger the shot is block, Mills is down hurt having clipped Turner on her follow through. City get the ball up the other end win a free kick wide left. United want to make a change delay whilst Mills is assessed needs extended treatment comes off with Ingle going back on. 

 The free kick from City is fired in towards the far post, Reed jumps and heads the ball clear of danger. Mills is ready to return and United bring off Turner with 5 minutes left to find at a goal to level things up. Reed is fouled in the middle of the City half by Broadbent. Ingle over the ball looks to send it into the six yard box, bouncing straight at Bevens as she goes down to collect, it pops out of her gloves briefly reclaims before Mills can get on to it. Closing in on stoppage time Saskia Capetti comes on for City replacing Littlewood. 

  A strike at goal from distance by Christian for United 25 yards out, Bevens dives to her right the ball runs wide of goal, must have been a City touch somewhere as the corner is awarded. The ball from the right is sent long City get to it 1st the ball headed high into the air, drops for Pamplin who gets her head to the ball, doesn’t get it on target out for the goal kick. Miriam Amrani on as Rapley is hurt again with the 5 minutes of added on time almost up. United can’t get hold of the ball late on finding the energy Stanley is back on the edge of her own box late on blocks a Christian strike. The final whistle blows and City celebrate as they win to end the season their season with a league and cup double beating United 4-3 to win the League Cup.

  A 4-3 defeat United are left floored at the end both sides having put so much into the match, a highly entertaining final and great advert for women’s football in Cambridgeshire.

A double celebration for Cambridge City Ladies as they collect there league winners awards
and are the 2015/16 Cambridgeshire S-Tech Insurance League Cup Winners

  Congratulations to Cambridge City Ladies on their League Cup win and doing the double Premiership Champions in their 1st season playing women’s football. A tinge of sadness to the occasion as for a few of the squad it’ll be their final game for the club.. for now at least as they go off to attend university. A great way to end things though.
  Thanks to Cambridgeshire FA’s Chris Abbott once again for his help a busy time for himself and the rest of the staff within the County FA, 31 Finals in total in recent weeks and Chris has been at 29 of them, is ready for a rest so on behalf of everyone who plays and supports the game thanks for all that happens to get these finals on is greatly appreciated.

The Tuesday Round-Up

The Tuesday Round-Up – Edition Thirty Four

From Sunday 8th May

Welcome to Edition Thirty Four of The Tuesday Round-Up, start with an apology for being a late one but it has been a busy start to the week football wise the season might be drawing to a close but that still sees the games coming thick and fast 3 Cup Finals in 3 nights starting on Sunday with the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup Final, then onto Suffolk for their Women’s County Cup Final finishing last night with the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup Final, match reports to write up and a full time job to add into the mix and that left little room to write up The Tuesday Round-Up and with this being one of the last of any significant size for this season with league titles and cups won it needed to give those involved proper recognition. Plus seeing’s as we’ve had a few extra games since Sunday we can give those a mention too so let’s get started


 One final I sadly couldn’t make it to was the biggest one in the Women’s Football East spectrum the FAWPL Cup Final. This season’s final featured two sides playing in the FAWPL Southern Division, Cardiff City Ladies and Tottenham Hotspur Ladies. A 3rd Cup Final match of the season for Tottenham Hotspur Ladies having played 2 already winning the Ryman Women’s Cup in a penalty shootout against Charlton Athletic Women, then losing to the same opponents in the Capital Cup Final, this was the big one though the one they wanted. Cardiff City Ladies too a chance to end the season with some silverware the Final played at Kidderminster Harriers FC.

Biance Baptiste scored the opening goal in the final putting Tottenham Hotspur Ladies into the lead just after the half hour mark. Cardiff City Ladies responded before have time Hope Suimenin with the goal just before the break to make it 1-1 at half-time.  The second half produced no more goals seeing the final go into an extra half hour. Cardiff City Ladies goalkeeper Alesha McGlynn was injured during the extra passage of play unable to continue Hannah Mills stepped into her place in goal. The game was looking destined to go to penalties then in the dying moments Maya Vio got her head onto the ball to nod it over the line and cue wild celebrations from the Tottenham Hotspur Ladies bench her goal winning the FAWPL Cup.

Two trophies to end their season, congratulations to Tottenham Hotspur Ladies on winning this season’s FAWPL Cup.

FAWPL South East Division One

Two games being played in the FAWPL Southern Division, league Champions Crystal Palace had enjoyed a lap of honour walking parading the trophy inside a packed Selhurst Park on Saturday. Still had unfinished business in the league however one last game to play 21 played so far an unbeaten record to keep. A trip up to Norfolk to play Norwich City Ladies. Took a while to break the home side down Alma Donohoe scoring late in the 1st half to give Crystal Palace Ladies the lead. 2nd half upping the tempo eventually led to further goals Gemma Bryan making it 2-0 before Donohoe turned provider for Leanne Bell to head the ball into the back of the net and seal a 3-0 win making it 20 wins and 2 draws for the season to cap off a fantastic season.

Also in league action for their final game of the season were Luton Town Ladies on the road facing Old Actonians Ladies in a later 4:30pm kick-off. 4th place already secured in the table they consolidated the position with 3 more points Nicola Henman and Jessica McKay with the goals as they win 2-0. 4th for the second season running however scored 27 points last time around 40 points this time ironically would have brought them a top 2 finish last season, they have improved but so to have others around them and the FAWPL South East Division One is developing into a strong competitive league.

Eastern Regional Leagues

A couple of games in the ERWFL this Sunday with teams wrapping up their fixtures. One more game left outstanding in the ERWFL Premier Division with Acle United Ladies travelling south to play Haringey Borough Women, who with a win could have secured a 4th place finish. It was 7th placed Acle United Ladies who finished with a win however as they took the 3 points courtesy of a single goal, Kate Pasque netting the goal.

In the ERWFL Division One East, Champions Writtle Ladies were due to play Bury Town Ladies in their final league match of the season but were awarded the home team as Bury Town Ladies had insufficient players available. Writtle Ladies have the ERWFL Division One Cup Final to look forwards to on the 22nd May.

In ERWFL Division One West two outstanding fixtures remain, the league games between Colney Heath Ladies and Hoddesdon Owls Ladies both home and away although both would be played at Colney Heath. The 1st this Sunday, Colney Heath Ladies have been bottom of the table all season, but have been one of a number of sides who just haven’t been able to get a run of fixtures going, 5 points adrift at the bottom only 2 wins from 2 would see them finish above Sawbridgeworth Town WFC. Hoddedon Owls Ladies have been struggling with fixtures early in the season to but getting them on late on have build up momentum and form suffering a narrow defeat to league winners Royston Town Ladies in midweek. Came unstuck this Sunday as Colney Heath Ladies hit them for 5, scoring 5 goals without reply to get the 3 points 2 goals from Adrienne Milton plus a goal a piece for Kelly Hancock, Kirsty Fraser and Samantha May. Play Hoddesdon Owls again this coming Sunday then they are Writtle Ladies opponents in the ERWFL Division One Cup Final on May 22nd.


Brandon Town Ladies… remember them? Played their last league fixture back on February 28th sat top of Norfolk Women’s Division One with one game left to play against Thorpe United Ladies, that game got postponed leaving Brandon Town Ladies without a competitive fixture for 10 weeks. Had dropped to 2nd with Wymondham Town Ladies going top couldn’t catch them but a win would secure a runners-up spot and end Thorpe United’s own hopes of winning the title. At Thorpe United this Sunday the game was eventually played, 3 goals in the match all coming 1st half saw Thorpe United Ladies win the 3 points to over take Brandon Town Ladies push them down into 3rd spot. Chloe Slater scoring for Brandon Town Ladies, Charlotte Groves and Becky Russell from the penalty spot sealing the win. 

That leaves Thorpe United 3 points behind leaders Wymondham Town Ladies with a game left. Wymondham Town Ladies awarded the A-W in their final match as opponents Fakenham Town Ladies couldn’t find the players available for this rearranged fixture. Thorpe United play 4th placed Aylsham FC Ladies away in their final league game have to win by 5 clear goals if they wish to take the title.

One other fixture played in Norfolk this Sunday in Division Two, 4th placed Red Rose Ladies could climb a place and finish 3rd in the table with a win away to 2nd bottom Morley Ladies. a brace each for Ellen Hutton and Megan Skinner plus a strike from Lauren Hems saw them win the game 5-1, Candice Halstead with the goal for Morley Ladies to see them finish 3rd. Won’t be known as Red Rose Ladies next season, the current 1st team moving on a change needed with the players and management unhappy with the current set up. Will be known as Briston Ladies next season and hope to retain their Division Two status.


It’s been coming for a few weeks now as readers of The Tuesday Round-Up will know in Suffolk and Copleston Ladies did it at the weekend won the Women’s Division Title. Coming from behind with games in hand the scenario was simple in the end if they could win all their games in hand in they could overhaul Brantham Athletic Ladies and claim the title by 2 points. Were playing their last league game against bottom side Ipswich Phoenix Ladies who haven’t taken a point all season. Copleston went about their business leading 2-0 at half time adding 2 more goals 2nd half the goals coming from Jade Horne, Megan Stock, Elysia Young and Amelia Deuchars. Won the game 4-1 Catherine Mason on target for Ipswich Phoenix Ladies. 

Congratulation to Copleston Ladies on winning the Suffolk Women’s Division Title.

Also in action in the Suffolk Women’s Division playing their last league game to were Leiston St Margarets Ladies at home to Witnesham Wasps Ladies. Leiston St Margarets taking advantage of a depleted Witnesham Wasps Ladies side to win 2-0 claim their 5th win of the season.

A spot of Monday night football in Suffolk this week too the middle of 3 Finals attended this week, a special occasion at Portman Road the home of Ipswich Town FC where this season’s Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final was being played. A fantastic opportunity for the finalists Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies and Ipswich Town Ladies the current holders of the trophy to play at the famous stadium a 5 league gap between to two sides it was always going to be a tough test for Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies. Ipswich coming at them Hollie Clement opened the scored driving into the box and curling a shot home. Molly Hall scored the 2nd goal heading the ball into the back of the net, Libby Dixon springing the offside trap to make it 3-0.

Captain Amanda Crump added 2 more goals before half-time then added a third 5 minutes into the 2nd half giving her a Cup Final hat-trick. Ipswich Town Ladies kept creating chances striking the woodwork on 4 or 5 occasions before substitute Sophie Welton scored 2 goals late on to make the final score 8-0 and retain the County Cup. The full match report from the Supporting Women’s Football Blog will be posted to the site soon for now you can read it by clicking on the link below.

Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies

Congratulations to Ipswich Town Ladies on retaining the Suffolk Women’s County Cup.




Cambridge City Ladies are celebrating to this week having secured a league and cup double. In their debut season playing in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership the side having been together all the way through the youth leagues went top last week a draw the minimum requirement in the game on Sunday a home to Netherton United Ladies would see them clinch the title. Grace Stanley scored for Cambridge City Ladies, Megan Parrett with the goal for Netherton United Ladies saw the points shared the game ending 1-1 enough to see Cambridge City Ladies crowned Champions.

Battling it out for the runners-up spot in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership were ICA Sports Ladies with the advantage a pint ahead in 2nd place hosting Cambridge United WFC Reserves. ICA Sports Ladies scored twice, Tash Applegate and Clare Knibbs on target, Cambridge United WFC Reserves found the back of the net with 2 goals themselves Ebony-Jade Rule and Hayley Turner getting on the scoresheet saw the points shared the game ending 2-2 ICA Sports Ladies in their 1st season in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership finishing runners-up.

A quick turn around for both Champions Cambridge City Ladies and Cambridge United WFC Reserves as they were in action again last night (hence why The Tuesday Round-Up is on a Wednesday this week) playing in the Final of the Cambridgeshire Women’s League Cup at Histon FC. A local derby a chance for a league and cup double for Cambridge City Ladies whilst Cambridge United WFC Reserves beaten in the final last season wanted to lift it this time around. Was always going to be a competitive match and got off to a lively start 3 goals inside the opening 15 minutes Cambridge City taking the lead a long range shot from Grace Stanley evading the diving Tafadzwa Mhunduru in the Cambridge United WFC goal to put them ahead, United came back Laura Mills blasting home a shot just two minutes later then Hayley Turner scored from inside the box to make it 2-1. 

Cambridge City were awarded a penalty with 10 minutes left of the 1st half, Philippa Witherspoon brought down, captain Bronte Rapley scoring from the spot placing the ball into the top corner. All even at half-time Cambridge United WFC Reserves got themselves back in front Mills putting the ball over the line. Conceded another penalty however and this time it was Stanley who stepped up to dispatch then with 15 minutes left Stanley went on a mazy run through the middle breaking into the box and sending the ball past the advancing keeper to seal her Cup Final hat-trick and see Cambridge City lead 4-3 in a cracking contest held on to win the game and seal a league and cup double. Like the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final the match was covered by the Supporting Women’s Football Blog and can be read by clicking the link below.

Congratulations to Cambridge City Ladies on your League and Cup double.


Elsewhere in Cambridgeshire it was a clash between the top two in the Women’s Championship North with Champions Bourne Ladies hosting March Town United Ladies both playing their final match of the season positions secured no pressure on the game, the goals flowed from both sides. Bourne Ladies leading 4-2 at half time went on to win 8-5. Kimberly Fairweather and Tracey Duxbury-Mead both scoring a brace for Bourne with the other 4 goals coming courtesy of Charlotte Ayers, Rosanna Baker, Claire Lawrenson and Toni McHamilton. March Town United Ladies goals were scored by Adele Munday who hit 2 with Shannon Kelly getting herself a hat-trick on the final day of the season. 

Wisbech Town Ladies finish 3rd in the Championship North table with a 4-0 final day away win at 2nd bottom Hungate Rovers Ladies. 2 goals for Sophie Gutteridge, plus a goal each for Shushannah Feast and Annie Rooks. Swineshead Institute Ladies in their 1st season playing in the Championship North end with a comfortable mid-table finish playing at home against Stamford Ladies. Edged the win to claim 3 points in a 7 goal thriller Eleaner Spendlow bagging the hat-trick ball with Becky Taylor also on target in a 4-3 win likely to be awarded 3 points in their final game of the season will overhaul Stamford Ladies for 5th place in the table.

  Thing’s are a little clearer in the race for the title in Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South, no longer a 3 way battle for top spot. With 2nd placed St Ives Town Ladies playing 3rd placed Milton Ladies on Sunday. Both sides needed the win to keep their title hopes alive. It was a close game a single goal settling it the 3 points going to St Ives Town Ladies, Sasha Smith grabbing the winning goal to see them keep up the pressure on leaders Park Ladies. Despite being awarded an away win in their final match Milton Ladies end the season in 3rd place it what has been a competitive battle at the top of the league all season. 

Comes down to the final round of fixtures this coming Sunday a pint between the 2 sides St Ives Town Ladies have an earlier kick off at bottom side Cambridge Rangers and although you can take nothing for granted could well hold top spot before Park Ladies kick off i their match away to Riverside Rovers Reserves. That would mean nothing short of the win will do, get it and they will be Champions. Best of luck to both sides.


In Essex it was pretty quiet at the weekend just the one fixture taking place in Essex Women’s Division One with Hullbridge Sports Ladies Reserves racking up a huge 13-0 win at home against Valley Green.

Last night Wickford Town Ladies were away in their final league game of the season playing Division One Runners-up Chelmsford City Ladies Reserves finished with a victory Kerry Newby scoring a hat-trick with Claire Campbell adding 2 more goals Stone with a goal to as they end the season with a 6-2 win.


Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

Just the one game in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire this Sunday the leagues all wrapped up it was the Women’s League Cup Final and a repeat of last seasons final with holders Garston Ladies playing Sherrardswood Ladies at AFC Kempston Rovers FC in a 6:15pm kick-off. This was also where the Supporting Women’s Football Blog started a trilogy of Cup Finals and again the link to the whole report can be found below.

Vikki Duffy gave Garston Ladies the lead moments after captain Gemma Curtis had rifled a shot against the cross bar. Duffy sending a shot in from the edge of the area. Held the advantage at half-time. Sherrardswood Ladies finished the 1st half strongly and riding out a spell of Garston pressure early 2nd half rallied as the 2nd half grew the equalising goal coming deep into injury time Rhia Rose curling a shot home to send the game into extra-time. 

Sherrardswood Ladies got themselves into the lead Rose again with the goal in the 2nd period of extra-time from a free kick a good way out central flying into the goal. So close to victory, Garston pushed down the other end late on winning a corner the delivery in the dying seconds perfect as Sam Roads rose highest inside the box to head the ball into the back of the net and send the final into penalties. Garston Ladies failed to score their 1st two penalties Sherrardswood converting theirs then a complete turn around as Garston went on to score their final 3 penalties and heart break for Sherrardswood at the end not scoring another seeing Garston retain the cup with a 3-2 penalty shootout win.

Garston Ladies v Sherrardswood Ladies

Congratualtions to Garston Ladies on winning the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup for the 2nd successive season.

That ends another Edition of The Tuesday Round-Up just a handful of games left, still some crucial games left mind titles still to be won as well as comes and although it’ll be a smaller Edition next week it’ll still be covered here. A special Edition of The Tuesday Round-Up is coming up a Role of Honours Edition and I’d like to include as many teams celebrating a league title or cup as possible so if you want to send me a picture I’d love to include everyone. Until next week thanks for reading.

Cup Final – Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies

Monday 9th May and onto the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final being played at Portman Road home of Ipswich Town FC a special night and occasion for the two finalists Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies & Ipswich Town Ladies continue below to read the whole match report from the Supporting Women’s Football Blog.

Cup Final Report – Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies

  The Cup Finals keep on coming on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog. A Monday night final this time around the Suffolk Women’s County Cup between Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies and Ipswich Town Ladies. A special night for both sides too as the Final is being played at Ipswich Town FC’s Portman Road Ground.

  A huge league difference between the 2 sides Ipswich Town Ladies playing in the FAWPL South East Division One whilst Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies play 5 leagues below in Norfolk Women’s Division Two. Both sides have enjoyed a positive season.

  Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies won’t be playing in Norfolk Division Two next season, have achieved promotion to Division One. Winning the Division Two Title going undefeated in the league all season this just there 2nd season as a club the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final is their 1st final. A special occasion one the whole squad will relish and live long in the memories playing at such a prestigious venue.

  Ipswich Town Ladies have been buzzing since the announcement the final was going to be played at Portman Road, an opportunity to wear the clubs colours and play on their famous pitch. A positive end to a season that started off with a little trepidation manager Ralph Pruden seeing several of his squad depart or become unavailable to play for the season. A rebuilding job to a degree has gone to the opposite end of the scale with players coming in in high numbers, 2016 has seen Ipswich Town Ladies league from improve dramatically and are likely to seal a top half finish in the league. Plans are in place to start a Development team to support the 1st team next season.  

  Road to the Final
  Both sides received a bye in the 1st Round of the competition. In the 2nd Round Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies were at home playing Suffolk Women’s Division sides Leiston St Margarets Ladies won comfortably 14-1 to advance to the quarter finals. Drawn at home again were to face Suffolk Women’s Division side again, Brantham Athletic Ladies only they never showed up Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies awarded the home walk over. Played at a neutral venue Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies took on ERWFL Division One East side, bury Town Ladies for the right to play at Portman Road. Played at Walsham Le Willows the game ended all square at 1-1 after 90 minutes and 30 minutes of extra-time followed, Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies scoring the goal to take them through to the final to face a tough challenge in Ipswich Town Ladies.
  No seeding in the competition, current Suffolk Women’s County Cup holders, Ipswich Town Ladies found themselves with a very difficult opponent in the 2nd Round drawn at home to fellow FAWPL South east Division One side, Lowestoft Town Ladies. Came away from the game with a 4-2 win to progress to the quarter finals and a short away trip to eventual Suffolk Women’s Division Champions, Copleston Ladies. Racked up a double figure scoreline beating them 12-1 to advance through to the semi-finals taking on ERWFL Premier Division side AFC Sudbury in a repeat of the previous seasons final. The semi-final between the 2 sides ended goalless after 90 minutes and headed into extra-time. Roxanne Small scoring the all important goal that would see Ipswich Town Ladies win and get the opportunity to play at Portman Road.
 An impressive venue in the centre of Ipswich itself Portman Road is a good sized stadium one of the most famous football grounds around. Over 30,000 capacity the Cobbold Stand running along one side of the ground was open to fans tonight it’s 2nd tier overlooking the large pitch looking in extremely good condition despite the advanced stage in the season. A mini heatwave had descended over the weekend and it was still bright and warm as the 2 sides warmed up on the pitch, a few clouds around the threat of rain later. Referee Mary Harmer had recently been in the middle for the Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final the 1st female official to do so, now she was leading the 2 sides out officiating in the middle for the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final, assistant referee Emily Heaslip from Bury St Edmunds combines her refereeing career with a playing career was on the field for Millwall Lionesses in FAWSL 2 at the match I attended on Sunday.

 Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies starting XI – Shauna Brunton-O’Neill, Kylie Butler, Maria Palmer, Sue-Lyn King, Sam Brown, Nikki Wigg (C), Jodie Fewkes, Gemma Farman, Sophie Martin, Jody Wells & Selina Rowland.
 subs – Sianne Davies, Sarah Meades, Jordan Harris, Peta Belson & Lisa Sissens

 Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Leanne Smith, Jaz Ball, Coral Young, Sian Fagg, Aimee Harrison, Lindsey Smith, Amanda Crump (C), Roxanne Small, Hollie Clement, Libby Dixon & Molly Hall.

 subs – Jo Fox, Sophie Welton, Jade Henry & Cassie Craddock.

(roll on roll off substitutes)
  Ipswich had added a few players from Lowestoft Town Ladies to their squad earlier in the season, prominent members of the squad during the latter part of the season, defender Marcie Prettyman plus attackers Zoe Cossey and Natasha Thomas were all cup ties for the game and ineligible for the Final. Was a clash of kits in their semi-final at Walsham Le Willows both sides playing in blue, Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies to don the red shirts from the host mens side. Onto the final and again both sides usually play in blue. Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies didn’t need a change of colours this time around playing in their all blue kit with a white collar and right shoulder. Ipswich wearing their away colours white shirts and socks with red trim and black shorts. Kirkley & Pakefield get the final underway.
   Ipswich win the ball right from the off and send it long into space on the left channel the ball running through into the Kirkley & Pakefield area gives goalkeeper Shauna Brunton O’Neill an early feel of the ball. Striker Selina Rowland is fouled inside the centre circle inside the Ipswich half the free kick to be take by Gemma Farman is put up towards the Ipswich penalty area, defender Lindsey Smith gets the ball clear. Ipswich look to get the ball on the move quickly spreading play long out to the left side Hollie Clement getting onto the ball looks to push on with the ball drive towards the area is tackled by Kirkley & Pakefield’s centre back Sue-Lyn King.
  Molly Hall leading the line for Ipswich comes deeper to get onto the ball nodding it on with her head to Clement racing away on the left carrying the ball on lifts it in towards the area, Brunton O’Neill gets her gloves firmly around the ball. Roxanne Small playing wide on the right for Ipswich in tonight’s final wins her side a corner on the right. Brunton O’Neill comes for and misses the inswinging ball dropping far side for Clement she look to link up with Small the ball is send back out to the right to corner taker Ipswich captain Amanda Crump lifts a high bll in towards goal dropping under the crossbar, Brunton O’Neill is back in position to call for and claim the ball.
   Ipswich come again Clement seeing alot of the ball early on races free of everyone squares the cross into the Kirkley & Pakefield area with the outside of her boot, rolls along the six yard line just beyond Libby Dixon making the central run. Ipswich have a corner on the right the inswinging ball aimed towards the far post is cleared off the line and Kirkley & Pakefield counter attack, Jodie Fewkes bringing the ball up the field right sends the pass long looking for Jody Wells making the run through the middle, Ipswich goalkeeper Leanne Smith comes racing out to the edge of her box and making the blocking save just as Wells connects with the ball.
Hollie Clement opens the scoring for
Ipswich Town Ladies in the Suffolk
Women’s County Cup Final
   GOAL! 10 minutes on the clock and Ipswich get the 1st goal of the final. The ball is played out to the left side once again with Clement getting support from Small the two linking up the ball is played inside to Clement who turns in to the area coming across the face from the left side curls her shot over Brunton O’Neill to see it into the back of the net 0-1.
  More joy for Ipswich down the left side the ball fed out to Dixon peeling away into the channel, taking on players cuts back inside running along the face of the Kirkley & Pakefield area gets a shot away drags it wide of the near post. 
  GOAL! any pre match nerves as dispelled for Ipswich as they add another goal just 3 minutes after taking the lead. The build up is down the right side the cross is played in early from deep curling in towards the near post area, Hall making the run to get into the six yard box gets a firm header on the ball sending it home 0-2.
  Hall with a chance moments later to double her goals tally, the cross whipped in from the left by Clement cutting along the face of the box drops to her inside the area looks to stab the ball up into the roof of the net, Brunton O’Neill moving along her goal line saves at close range, well placed snatches the ball down and claims it. The play is all with Ipswich, Kirkley & Pakefield having conceded 2 goals inside the opening 15 minutes are battling hard not to concede again, Clement left side again takes the ball on into the area looks to fire it across the six yard box to pick out Crump far side, King defends against the ball coming to the edge of the area 1st Dixon then Hall see efforts blocked.
  Few chances are coming for Rowland and Jody Wells up top for Kirkley & Pakefield. Rowland tries to hold the ball up when she can. 20 yards out back to goal the ball is played long into her feet, has Wells in close proximity lays the ball into her path, takes on the early shot the ball spins away from goal. A light drizzle has started to fall with 20 minutes played. Wells takes on a long range shot from wide left coming in near post Smith has the shot covered. 
Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies, Jody Wells
  Clement on the ball on the left side for Ipswich drives forwards before cutting back inside and taking on the shot, Brunton O’Neill diving forwards pushes the ball away, comes to the feet of Hall who sees her shot blocked runs back to Dixon who goes for goal the shot lifted over the bar, must have took a knick on the way through as a corner kick is signalled. Goes long to the far post area attacked the ball is turned behind for a goal kick.
  Coral Young is fouled by Kirkley and Pakefield’s Kylie Butler wide on the left halfway inside the half, Crump over the ball plays it high into the area, Sian Fagg with the crowd moving into the area to meet it gets her head on the ball puts the attempt straight at Brunton O’Neill who gets hold of the ball. Change for Kirkley & Pakefield Sam brown coming off with Jordan Harris coming on. 
Amanda Crump sends her free kick up into the Kirkley & Pakefield area
  GOAL! Closing in on the half hour mark Ipswich add a 3rd goal, Dixon the scorer. Kirkley & Pakefield have enjoyed a brief spell of possession inside the Ipswich half when the offside trap is sprung, Dixon getting clear on the right with Kirkley & Pakefield having pushed up is clear hesitates fro a moment half expecting to be pulled up no flag no whistle on she goes, Brunton O’Neill comes rushing out of her area, stays on her feet no risking the foul, Dixon cleverly nudges the ball to evade her leaving her clear to send the ball rolling into an empty net 0-3.
  Clement free on the left comes again sends the cross in along the six yard box again with Dixon in the middle just evades her again runs through to Hall beyond close range lifts her shot up over the crossbar. Young takes a throw on the left  down the line for Dixon the cross fired into Hall in the middle of the area, no room to turn towards goal lays it back out the opposite way rolling into the path of Crump coming to meet it outside the box connects well the shot loops up and is narrowly over the crossbar. 
  GOAL! A brilliant individual goal scored by the captain as Crump picks up the ball from Clement in the centre inside the Kirkley & Pakefield half carries it forwards taking it around two players, shifting it left then right closing on the edge of the area lifts the shot in sending the ball into the right corner of the goal to score0-4.
  A little over 5 minutes of the 1st half left to play and the heavens open heavy rain driving across the pitch. 
  GOAL! 3 minutes left of the 1st half and Ipswich score a 5th goal another brilliant solo run from Crump as she gets hold of the ball on the left side, in behind carries it all the way to the edge of the area before unleashing a shot left of the D sending the ball across goal into the opposite side to score her 2nd of the game and Ipswich’s 5th 0-5. 
Amanda Crump races clear in the pouring rain to score her 2nd goal of the game
  Late in the 1st half Ipswich continue to press forwards Dixon with a shot from 25 yards out sends the attempt over the crossbar, ha another go closer in this time outside the box a low drive through bodies towards goal, Brunton O’Neill dives to her right pushing the ball wide, the whistle blows bringing the 1st half to a close.
Half-time Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies 0-5 Ipswich Town Ladies
  A tough 1st half for Kirkley & Pakefield as Ipswich Town Ladies have been the dominant side for much of the half, getting players in behind and driving through the middle, their movement too much to handle at times, any early nerves settled with 2 early goals gone on to add 3 more to be fully in control of the final at Portman Road.
  Change for Kirkley & Pakefield at the start of the 2nd half Butler off, Peta Belson on. Ipswich get the 2nd half underway. A repeat of the start of the 1st half the ball going long an early claim for Brunton O’Neill. Dixon goes on a driving run with the ball on the left for Ipswich before whipping the shot across the area runs wide across goal.King concedes the corner kick as she deals with a cross sent in from the left by Clement looking to pick out Dixon. The corner left is taken short moved up to the top of the area is squared into the feet of Clement shoots sending the ball through a crowd of bodies, Brunton O’Neill can see it and gets down at her post to save.
  GOAL! 5 minutes into the 2nd half and Crump gets her hat-trick the build up on the left side Fagg out to Clement onto Crump moving forwards to receive the ball travels with it into the box closing in on the six yard box isn’t challenged and drill the shot across goal and in. 0-6.

A Cup Final hat-trick for Ipswich Town Ladies captain Amanda Crump
  Despite the rain now falling their is a good atmosphere inside the stadium 375 in attendance both sets of fans vocal, Kirkley & Pakefield’s younger supporters enjoying themselves have been giving their side encouragement all game. A rare chance for the Norfolk Division Two Champions as the ball is sent long Rowland getting clear has half a yard on the Ipswich defence, looks to hit the shot on the half volley lifts it in towards goal caught off her line, the ball isn’t high enough to loop over Smith, still she needs to make sure it stays off target throwing herself to her right pushes it out for a corner kick. Hall back to defend for the corner heads the ball clear onto Clement who carries it on.
  Double switch for Ipswich with Lindsey Smith and Dixon coming off, Cassie Craddock and Jade Henry coming on to join the action. Bringing the ball out from right back Jaz Ball plays it up the line for Henry, inside the Kirkley & Pakefield half turns inside with the ball before squaring it to Craddock left of the D sends a low shot in towards goal lacs the pace to trouble Brunton O’Neill who gets down to claim. 

 Ipswich build up another attack right side, Henry bringing the ball on fired into Crump furthest forwards attacking the near post area plays it on for Hall who plays the ball back to Craddock running from the centre of midfield to meet it 25 yards out gets too much on the shot lifts it high over the bar. Harris puts the ball out for the corner preventing Hall getting onto the end of a Small cross put in from the left. Nikki Wigg rises to head the ball away from the six yard box for Kirkley & Pakefield falls to Clement outside the box goes for the shot a fierce drive that smashes down off the crossbar before Kirkley & Pakefield scramble it away. 

Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies
captain Nikki Wigg
  Kirkley & Pakefield bring on Lisa Sissen for Martin, Ipswich bring on Sophie Welton and Jo Fox for Ball and Small. The Ipswich substitutes getting into the action straight away, Fox at the back right side up to Welton ahead of her plays it up the line for Henry, puts the early cross into the box with Crump coming towards the all looks to turn the ball across the keeper and in, Brunton O’Neill gets down and holds onto it. 
  Moments later the ball is with Welton in the centre of midfield drives forwards towards the area, Brunton O’Neill rushes out to close her down makes the block/save edge of her area, the ball is loose, Henry racing onto it 20 yards out drills the shot in is narrowly wide of the post. King makes an important intercept cutting out a Clement through ball from the left side intended for Henry making a central run to get inside the area.
   Is all Ipswich, despite their best efforts and the encouragement from their fans Kirkley & Pakefield just can’t get any meaningful possession, Wells and Rowland are staying up top always ready to attack if they can get the ball. Henry in the middle 25 yards out lays the ball out to Welton moving into space on the right side the cross comes in going long beyond the far post Hall coming in jumps to head the ball off target.
   Clement on the left puts the ball inside for Hall running onto the ball outside the box the shot is sent in back peddling Sissen clears the ball off her goal line. Free kick wide left Crump over the ball a good way out but hits it hard the ball smacking down off the crossbar once more down into the area Kirkley & Pakefield battle to defend the shot eventually hit wide by Henry right side.Hall comes off for Ipswich with Dixon returning to the field. A double switch for Kirkley & Pakefield Farman and Belson off Brown back on along with Sarah Meades. 
  Once more Ipswich strike the woodwork the ball is sent in from the left by Clement plenty of power behind it from the top of the area flies across the face of goal smashing off the far post back into the six yard area the ball is nodded over the line, the goal won’t stand as the linesman on this side Bradley Fisher has his flag raised.
  GOAL! The Ipswich bombardment eventually tells as they find the back of the net for a 7th goal. Attacking on the left the ball is played into the area for Welton finding herself in space on the edge of the six yard box shoots, Brunton O’Neill does well to get across her goal line and get something on the ball, but not enough as it squeezes past her and rolls over the line 0-7.
  Brown does well under pressure inside her area to deal with a high ball stood up into the area with Dixon closing her down. Young and Clement come off for Ipswich with Lindsey Smith and Ball returning, the latter in a more advanced role on the left. The cross bar is struck again this time as Henry lets loose from 30 yards out the ball clipping the goal frame and going out for a goal kick. 

  GOAL! The game moves into the 89th minute having been under siege for much of the half Kirkley & Pakefield have put in a defensive shift concede one more time as Welton attacks on the left breaking the ball inside towards the area hits the shot across goal lifting the ball up over the keeper and in 0-8.

  Sianne Davies comes on for Kirkley & Pakefield late on replacing Rowland. Ipswich put the ball into the back of the net again doesn’t count as the offside flag is raised. King gets in the way to block a viscous strike from Henry in injury time, the rain finally stops falling and with it the final whistle blows and Ipswich Town Ladies celebrate winning 8-0 to retain the Suffolk Women’s County Cup.

   Scoring 8 goals Ipswich Town Ladies could have had more on the night the goal frame hit on several occasions too, dominated a tough ask for Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies plying their trade 5 Division’s lower. A fantastic achievement to get through to the Final and play at Portman Road an experience they will never forget, clap their fans at the end who never stopped encouraging them were in good spirits at the end despite the heavy loss.

Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies piling on goalkeeper Shauna Brunton O’Neill in
good spirits at the end of the Final.

  An experience too that Ipswich Town Ladies will never forget playing at and winning the Suffolk Women’s County Cup, sure they’d love to do it again. Fantastic from all involved at the Suffolk FA who worked to get the game played here.

Ipswich Town Ladies celebrate lifting the trophy.
Suffolk Women’s County Cup Winners 2015/16 Ipswich Town Ladies

  A great night out for everyone, thanks to Suffolk FA and the stewards at Portman Road for their help tonight.

Cup Final – Garston Ladies v Sherrardswood Ladies

The 1st of 3 successive Cup Finals on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog on Sunday 8th May an evening kick-off for the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup Final a repeat of last season final with Garston Ladies (the current holders) taking on Sherrardswood Ladies.

Cup Final Report – Garston Ladies v Sherrardswood Ladies FC

 On to my 2nd match of the day an evening kick-off for the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Women’s League Cup Final, a repeat of last years final too, Garston Ladies v Sherrardswood Ladies.

  My 1st look at a women’s League Cup Final in the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Women’s Football League (BHWFL). 28 teams competing across 3 divisions entered this years League Cup.

Road to the Final

   Garston Ladies were awarded an away win in the 1st Round against Beds & Herts Women’s Division Three side Bedmond Ladies. An interesting pair up in the 2nd Round as they were at home once again playing their Reserve side playing in Division Two, Garston Ladies FC 96, the 1st team ran out 7-0 winners on the day to set up a quarter final tie away to fellow Division One side Letchworth Garden City Eagles. Edged the tie beating them 3-2 to reach the semi-finals of the competition and another away tie against the side that would eventually go on to win the Beds & Herts Women’s Division One title, Hertford Town Ladies. Garston Ladies won the game 4-2 to reach their second successive League Cup Final. Garston Ladies were in contention for the league themselves for much of the season but a fixture pile up at the end and unable to play the games eventually finished 6th. Garston Ladies run a large number of youth sides over 340 registered players across all age groups.
  Sherrardswood Ladies were on the road in the early rounds of the League Cup facing tough opponents starting in the 1st Round with fellow Division One side Bishops Stortford Ladies, a narrow 2-1 win saw them into the 2nd Round away again to the then league leaders Harvesters FC the match went all the way ending 2-2 after extra time onto the penalty shootout Sherrardswood Ladies winning through to the quarter finals the shootout ending in their favour 5-3. At home in the quarter finals, new side Hitchin Belles riding high in Division Three. Sherrardswood Ladies won the game 3-0 to set up a home semi-final against Division Two side Watton Ladies. For the 2nd time in the competition Sherrardswood Ladies faced a penalty shootout after a 3-3 draw. Beat Watton Ladies 4-3 on penalties to reach the final for the second successive season and face Garston Ladies once again. Differed to Garston Ladies in terms of the league getting all their matches played before everyone else ended top of the table but could only watch as others caught up and overtook them eventually finishing in 3rd spot.
  Last years Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup Final was a close affair with Garston Ladies beating Sherrardswood 1-0, Vikki Duffy with the goal.
  The venue for today’s game AFC Kempston Rovers FC, hosting a day of girls & women’s finals across the Beds & Herts Leagues 6 finals in all starting with the U12s at 9:00am then U13s, U14s, U15s & U18s. I arrived an hour before the Women’s Open Age Final was due to kick off searched out the two sides warming up. A decent sized car park beside the ground with a large modern clubhouse and changing room block down one side with a seated stand and some terracing overlooking a large sized pitch that looked in good shape considering how much action it has seen of late. Lovely weather one of the hottest days of the year to date, bright abd sunny perhaps a little too hot for a finals day but with a scheduled 6:15pm KO it was starting to cool as the 2 sides walked out onto the pitch.

  Garston Ladies starting XI – Jade Cook, Samantha Roads, Janine Rodgers, Stephanie Roads, Lauren Pinder, Gemma Curtis, Jane Hales, Emma Trill, Lucy Zecchin, Vikki Duffy & Jo Sharp.
  subs – Linda Watt

  Sherrardswood Ladies starting XI – Jennifer Mansfield, Ellen Jackson, Katie Rist, Abby Cardall, Kristie Donovan, Jade Ryan, Melissa Wright, Katy Jones (C), Frankie Novelli, Laura Cousins & Laurie Marris

  subs – Jules Briars, Rhia Rose, Emily Gaskin, Natasha Little & Manjinder Atwal

(roll on roll off substitutes)

It’s Sherrardswood to get the Cup Final underway 1st half wearing an all blue kit with white across the top of the shirt sleeves with Garston lined up opposite wearing purple shirts, black shorts and socks. Sherrardswood go down the left channel early on with Laura Cousins playing the ball on down the line with captain Katy Jones making the run getting the corner kick as she attempts to turn the ball into the area. 
  The corner comes to nothing, Garston get the ball up the other end winning a throw deep in Sherrardswood territory a long throw Vikki Duffy sending the ball into the area, Jo Sharp coming near post tries to head it on can only put the ball into the gloves of advancing Sherrardswood goalkeeper, Jennifer Mansfield. A cagey opening few minutes with both sides testing the other down the flank, another throw deep on the right for Garston as Lucy Zecchin tries to carry the ball down the right side again Sharp is picked out right corner of the area turns and shoots the ball blocked at point blank range.
  Garston are starting to press Zecchin on the right getting in behind puts two crosses into the Sherrardswood area both times it’s defender Kristie Donovan who gets her head on the ball to clear. Garston keep the pressure on possession in and around the Sherrardswood area lift the ball into the area from the left side trying to pick out Sharp in the centre the ball is cleared  comes through to Garston captain Gemma Curtis 25 yards out meeting the ball on the run hits it goal wards arrowing in flies over Mansfield smashing against the crossbar, down still in play…
  GOAL! … the ball isn’t cleared very far is out on the left a free kick is given away, taken quickly the ball is rolled inside along the face of the area, coming onto it is Duffy closing in on the D takes on the shot hitting it low and hard across the area and into the goal 1-0 giving Garston the early lead inside 12 minutes.
Vikki Duffy scores the opening goal for Garston Ladies
  Sherrardswood regroup get some joy down the left themselves striker Laurie Marris getting her side a corner kick. The ball is whipped in towards the near post area attacked Garston only succeed in knocking it into Cousins 5 yards out smashes the ball back in sending it over the top of the crossbar. Up the other end Sharp is put through by Duffy, a race to the byline with Sherrardswood’s, Abby Cardall the central defender staying with her does enough to pressure Sharp into putting her cross behind the goal.
  Marris is working hard across the front to make herself available for the ball coming to her right side of the area holds up well before turning and getting a ball into the six yards box near post area Cousins is in between 3 defenders the ball pinging around betwen them won;t fall favourably for the attacker as Garston get it clear of the area. Shouts for a penalty by Sherrardswood have a corner on the right the ball put in is headedc back out to taker Jade Ryan looks to carry the ball into the box, appears to be tripped but the protests are waved away.
   Sherrardswood do get a penalty kick moments later as Marris breaking forwards right side closing on the area is with Garston defender Sam Roads on her shoulder, goalkeeper Jade Cook comes to close her down the pair colliding just inside the box the referee points to the spot. Up steps Cardall to take hits the penalty low through the middle, Cook gets down sharply with no adjustment needed to get behind the ball knocking it away to her right, Cardall is after the rebound trying to get her foot over the ball doesn’t lifting it over the bar.
Sherrardswood Ladies, Laurie Marris pointing to where she wants the ball delivered.
  Donovan is busy at the back for Sherrardswood, namely because she is reading the ball well getting in the right place to head away the attempted crosses lifted into the area, Trill does manage to get the ball into the area for Sharp, she tries to turn inside from the left runs straight into Donovan who tackles and clears. Sharp is almost through on goal chasing through the centre as Curtis puts the ball up to the edge of the box for her has a half yard on the Sherrardswood defence entering the box stretching for the ball prods the shot goalwards comes straight at Mansfield well placed to get down and hold onto the ball.
Jane Hales gets up to head the ball for Garston Ladies
  Has been a hot day and although it is now cooling the referee calls for a drinks break a chance for both sides to rest take on fluids. When play resumes Sherrardswood make a double change Frankie Novelli and Rhia Rose on the pitch to attack left and right. Right from the restart Rose looks a danger the ball played on for her by Jones rolling into the area right corner Rose lunges for it sends the ball wide across the six yard box.
  A free kick for Sherrardswood out on the left side 25 yards out Rose is over the ball, takes on the shot and it causes a good deal of confusion amongst the watching spectators on that side including myself as the high ball in looks to dip late and sail into the back of the net, however the ball actually dropped onto the roof of the net narrowly over. Sherrardswood are finishing the half strongly as they look to get a goal back. Have another free kick on halfway Ryan to launch it in towards the edge of the area, the ball is knocked on into the area, Sam Roads coming across on the cover for Garston gets to the ball 1st sending it away for a throw on the left. Novelli comes off for Sherrardswood with Manjinder Atwal coming on.
  Ryan plays the ball down the left for Atwal who getting in behind looks to chase it down at the byline, Zecchin covers alot of ground tracking back to challenge Atwal then shield the ball out for a goal kick. Rose plays the ball on into the left channel with Marris making the run late the the half Stephanie Roads closes her down on the byline prevents the cross getting through.
Half-time Garston Ladies 1-0 Sherrardswood Ladies

   An interesting 1st half both sides fairly evenly matched Garston with the better start getting themselves in front have had good possession in the wide areas have gotten the ball into the box but rarely picking out a team mate. Defending well for the large part Sherrardswood have gotten stronger as the half has gone on  especially after the break for drinks and the introduction of Rose to the action. Leading 1-0 all to play for 2nd half. Almost 7:30pm when Garston get the 2nd half underway. 
  Attacking down the right side early on the ball into Zecchin the shot is taken early put over the bar from distance. Sherrardswood get the ball into Atwal 25 yards out looks to drive with the ball towards the area is bundled over the referee thinks there’s an advantage the ball coming to Rose, looks to take players on Garston close the ball down edge of the box.Game is stretched early on 2nd half both sides going long for a spell both wanting the next goal but rushing the final ball defences on top.
Garston Ladies captain Gemma Curtis on the ball
  Garston are starting to get more of the ball pressing Sherrardswood defence on the ball are turning play around attacking their box. A penalty shout for Garston this time goes begging as they put the ball through into the feet of Jane Hales looks to be nudged off the ball but again play is waived away. With more players available on the bench than Garston, Sherrardswood are ringing the changes Emily Gaskin, Natasha Little and Jules Briars are all on. Linda Watt is on for Curtis for Garston. Free kick wide right in a deep position, Rose to deliver aims for the far post area the ball bouncing in front of goal, runs through and out for a goal kick no one attacking it.
  Hales on the drive through the middle for Garston hits the shot outside the box blocked at close range the ball is deflected behind for the corner, put in from the right side Sherrardswood head behind for a 2nd corner. Coming in again Sharp comes to meet it before the near post, connecting on the volley turns it back in across goal but to high over the crossbar. Play is stopped for another drinks break. 
  Garston attack straight from the resumption of play a powerful run on the ball by Trill on their left flank closing in on the byline cutting the cross back across the Sherrardswood area Duffy is on the penalty spot, can’t quite get anything on the ball to turn it back towards goal. Sherrardswood have ridden out a spell of pressure from Garston now bring the ball on put into Marris wide on the right in the corner beside the area holds the ball up well before bringing in on two yards and squaring it into the area, Rose lets the ball run across her before going for the shot, slips as she does so the ball runs tamely through to Cook in the Garston goal. Novelli returns to the action for Sherrardswood with a little over a quarter hour to find an equaliser force the Final into extra-time.
Laurie Marris holds up the ball for Sherrardswood
  Sherrardswood have a corner kick on the right, the ball whipped into the six yard box by Rose is headed clear by Watts, the counter attack is on the ball played on with Zecchin stealing through clear inside the Sherrardswood half, Mansfield comes rushing out of her area has to get to the ball 1st, Zecchin has Duffy free on her left, the keeper just gets there 1st to kick the ball high and away from danger. Needing the goal Sherrardswood have intensified the temp have Garston pushed back all their attackers are on the pitch with Cousins back on as the game goes into the final 10 minutes. 
  Hales back in defence does well challenging Marris then Atwal as both try to get a shot away. A chance for Sherrardswood to deliver the ball into the box a free kick on the right. Is send in by Rose to the far post area, Hales rises highest to head the ball away for Garston. The ball coming into the area up the left side finds Rose inside the area, looks to take the ball past Stephanie Roads the defender puts the challenge in blocking the shot and brings the ball out of the area. 
  All Sherrardswood as the minutes tick down, Garston defending for their lives, a corner is conceded on the right the ball sent long to the edge of the area left of the D, Jones comes onto it meeting it with her head drills the ball wide. A rare break late on for Garston get the ball down the other end of the pitch, Watts playing it out into space for Janine Rodgers  on the right puts it down the line for Zecchin who looks to hit the shot on the turn from outside the box runs straight into Mansfield across at her near post.
Lucy Zecchin after the ball for Garston Ladies
  Garston a pinned back inside their box Sherrardswood have a throw deep on the right Novelli lifting the ball up to Marris she wins a corner kick. Another good delivery from Rose going long aiming for Cardall at the far post is put out for a corner kick on the opposite flank Rose runs across to take, Is put in long from the left this time, Hales gets her head on the ball sending the ball high into the air, Cardall attacks it trying to knock it down into the six yard box Garston rush it away…
 GOAL! … the game is already in injury time as the cleared ball is retained by Sherrardswood played out to Rose still out on the left coming to the edge of the area left corner hits the shot hard sending it flying through the area burying it into the back of the net to cues wild celebrations as Sherrardswood get the equalising goal at the death and force extra-time. 1-1. 

Extra Time

  The floodlights come on as the extra half hour begins Sherrardswood to get us underway. Cardall defends well against Rodgers as Garston look to go long. Up the other end the ball is played over the top right of the area for Rose to attack running onto the ball hits it on the half volley the shot bouncing wide across goal. 
  Penalty! Sherrardswood win another penalty in extra-time attacking down the right Rose on the ball has Atwal making a run inside the area free on the left side, tries to pick her out, the ball doesn’t reach her, cries for hand ball and t’s given the foul committed Sherrardswood have a chance to take the lead from the spot. Cardall to step up again isn’t a great penalty hit through the middle again Cook doesn’t need to move gets down to claim it.
  Hales is off for Garston with Curtis back on. Sharp is played through on the right by Zecchin taking the ball to the edge of the area pulls the trigger gets too much behind the ball the effort flies over the bar. The 1st period of extra-time ends with the score still 1-1 
  Garston get the 2nd period of extra-time underway will either side find a winning goal. Novelli with an early opportunity to have a strike on goal hits the ball on the half volley inside the Garston box fires her shot over. 
  GOAL! Thought Rose had scored from a free-kick in the 1st half. This time she does! A free kick is won pretty much in the middle of the Garston half. Rose over the ball takes on the shot hits the ball perfectly, plenty of power and pace behind it arrowing in on target dipping late as it flies over Cook and into the back of the net 1-2. Advantage Sherrardswood. 
Rhia Rose after the ball with both goals for Sherrardswood Ladies
  Garston’s Trill plays the ball on for Sharp stealing through into the Sherrardswood box right of goal shoots a low effort coming at pace towards Trill quick reactions saving with her foot at her near post. Free kick on halfway for Garston Roads to put in the ball is headed clear by Cardall. Hales returns to the pitch for Garston with Watts coming off as they push forwards to find a goal. Marris is off for Sherrardswood for Melissa Wright as they look to defend their advantage. 
  GOAL! Barely a minute left to play Garston pile forwards get themselves a corner everyone bar the goalkeeper rushes to get into the area the delivery whipped in at a good height is attacked by purple shirts, Sam Roads rising highest of them all near side to header the ball into the back of the net 2-2. Roads is buried under her team mates as their is barely anything time left to restart and the Final goes to penalties.


For the 3rd time this season Sherrardswood see a League Cup game go to a penalty shootout. A lottery, keepers can do no wrong who will keep their composure longest. 
  Garston to take the 1st penalty kick, up steps Trill, lifts the ball high through the middle hits the crossbar, Mansfield stretching may have got a touch. MISS.
  Sherrardswood’s 1st penalty taker is Rose no mistake as she smashes it low to the keepers right into the goals side netting. GOAL.
  Sharp is up next for Garston to take their 2nd penalty again the ball is lifted high up onto the crossbar and goes away from target. MISS.
 Cardall is up next for Sherrardswood having seen 2 penalties saved in normal and extra-time lifts this one high to the keepers right and into the back of the net  GOAL.
  2-0 down the pressure is on Duffy to score for Garston as she takes their 3rd spot kick, no messing hit hard and low through the middle the keeper diving away to her right. GOAL.
  Jones up next for Sherrardswood taking their 3rd spot kick gets it all wrong ballooning the ball wide of goal. MISS.
Penalty taker no 4 for Garston is Zecchin composed hits it low with power into the bottom right corner of the goal to level it all up at 2-2. GOAL!
  4th penalty taker for Sherrardswood is Ryan goes to put the ball through the middle getting height on the ball Cook jumps and makes the save. MISS.
  Curtis comes forwards to take Garston’s 5th penalty plays the ball to the keepers right, Mansfield gets down sharply but the ball squirms under her and in giving Garston a 3-2 lead in the shootout. GOAL.
  Wright up last for Sherrardswood, heartbreak as she sends her spot kick wide. MISS.
  Garston Ladies race forwards towards Cook in celebration as they come back from 2-0 down in the penalty shootout to win it 3-2 and retain the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup. A Final that had it all late drama in the 90 minutes, even more in extra-time and a penalty shootout always a heartbreaking way to lose a Final, ecstasy if you win. Garston took the early lead but Sherrardswood came back strongly had them on the ropes, missed two penalties along the way an entertaining final.  

Garston Ladies celebrate winning the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup
  Congratulations to Garston Ladies on winning the Beds & Herts Women’s League Cup today. My thanks to both sides for their help with the team details and the BHWGFL staff for their help at the ground. Enjoyed my 1st trip to AFC Kempston Rovers.