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Match Report – Cambridge City Ladies v Writtle Ladies

Wednesday 6th September

  The midweek football action on Women’s Football East comes from the ERWFL Premier Division with newly promoted Division One Champions hosting Writtle Ladies at Huntingdon Town FC.

A clash between two sides that have enjoyed a similar rise through the leagues celebrating back to back promotions from county level into the regional leagues promoted from Division One into the ERWFL Premier Division. 

  Entering the regional setup as Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership Champions last season Cambridge City Ladies pretty much led the way from start to finish to win the title and earn promotion to the ERWFL Premier Division. A strong youth setup within the club players ready to come through and step up to the 1st team. Their Development side new last season also winning their respective league to earn promotion. Started life at the higher level with a 7-0 win against Colchester Town Ladies. Followed that up by beating Northamptonshire side Moulton Ladies at home 8-2 in the 1st Qualifying Round of the FA Women’s Cup last Sunday.

  Writtle Ladies too have been among the goals in their opening 2 fixtures. Promoted to the ERWFL last season their 3rd successive promotion the side held their own in the league finishing comfortably in mid-table. A stable squad coming through the leagues together have added winger Lynsey Bowman from Silver End United Ladies to their squad this season. Earned a point in their opening league match away to AFC Dunstable Ladies a thrilling game that saw both sides score 5 each. Courtney Clarke netting a hat-trick away to AFC Sudbury Ladies in the FA Women’s Cup this past Sunday it wasn’t enough however as AFC Sudbury hit the back of their net 4 times to knock Writtle Ladies out of the cup. 

  Huntingdon Town FC the venue for tonight’s match under the lights at Jubilee Park, have been here before a couple of times when Huntingdon Town Ladies still plied their trade. A new clubhouse and changing room, huge carpark a multi pitch sports site the game tonight on the main pitch. A large pitch wide too a good covering of grass looked in good condition a little bobbly. The weather a little cooler of late a bit of damp in the air but dry and still the floodlights taking full effect as the two sides walked out onto the pitch.

Cambridge City Ladies starting XI – Tafadzwa Mhunduru, Bronte Rapley, Lauren Tomlinson, Becca Fay (C), Emily Reed, Sarah Mosley, Stacey Fullicks, Charlotte Gillies, Carla Penny, Bella Simmons & Philippa Witherspoon. Subs – Hayley Turner & Anna Kanz

Writtle Ladies starting XI – Jessica Barrow, Kayleigh Franklin, Lucy Jones, Niamh Gamble, Zoe Smith, Ellie Bowdidge, Caroline Brown, Abigail Fry (C), Lynsey Bowman, Courtney Clarke & Amy Simmonds. Subs – Hannah Mold, Sophie Vale & Faith Candice

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s Writtle to kick off the 1st half wearing their change strip of red shirts with black across the top of the chest and sleeves, black shorts and socks with Cambridge wearing white shirts with black shorts and black and white hooped socks. Cambridge start on the front foot winning the ball inside Writtle’s half and attacking down the left Carla Penny on the ball tackled by Writtle’s Kayleigh Franklin for a throw in. Full back Lauren Tomlinson has a long throw in her sends it up into the box headed out Cambridge press around the edge of the area striker Bella Simmons fouled a free kick given 25 yards out to the left, Bronte Rapley over the set-piece sends the ball in high towards the far post goalkeeper Jessica Barrow gets her gloves on the ball misdirecting it behind for the corner kick.

The delivery towards the near post Writtle’s Zoe Smith heading the ball out of the area the visitors can’t get the ball out of their half Cambridge winning the ball back, Stacey Fullicks out to Charlotte Gillies on the right taking the ball on Rapley going past her the two linking up a high all into the area the header won by Writtle’s Niamh Gamble. Cambridge renew an attack right win a throw in the ball inside to Simmons outside the area fires in a shot held by Barrow. 5 minutes on the clock before Writtle get the ball into the Cambridge half the ball put long with Amy Simmons holding it up outside the area right of the D players getting forwards in support to her left rolls it across the D met by Courtney Clarke her 1st time strike rasping past the post wide.

   Tomlinson comes forwards to take another long throw on the left high towards the top of the area striker Philippa Witherspoon gets up highest looking to head the ball across the area find Bella Simmons, Gamble s in front of her heads the ball clear. Battling for the ball 35 yards out Witherspoon’s persistence pays off as almost sends Simmons through on goal, Smith getting across to put in the tackle win the ball just outside the box. A quick counter attack by Writtle Caroline Brown with the pass for Amy Simmons moving clear on the right her early cross intercepted and clear by Cambridge captain Becca Fay inside her six yard box. Writtle regain the ball delivered high into the box put behind for the corner.

Players forwards from the back for the corer delivered to the near post Gamble meeting the ball with her head puts it wide of the mark. Cambridge on the right Penny getting forwards support from Tomlinson, Franklin cuts out the attempted cross the rebound finding Bella Simmons outside the area 20 yards out left of goal shoots the ball blocked by Gamble. Neither side is able to retain the ball for long a combination of rushed or long passes and an uneven pitch. Cambridge going long Writtle are well organised at the back the full backs keeping wide standing up to their opposing players.  Aware of the threat from Tomlinson’s long throws Smith does well inside her area with Simmons coming towards her to direct her header safely back to her goalkeeper.

Clarke drives on left side for Writtle support from Lynsey Bowman the ball into the winger taking the ball down to the byline her cross cleared by Emily Reed. Getting scrappy in the middle the ball not being retained one side has it then given away little goalmouth action through balls not finding their intended target frustration creeping in. Fullicks with the tackle on halfway releases the ball into Gillies in a central position a flick to move the ball on past her marker takes a run at the Writtle back line Lucy Jones not letting her past.

A free-kick in the right corner for Writtle the ball whipped in high along the six yard box goalkeeper Tafadzwa Mhunduru jumps up arms up to claim the ball doesn’t get it cleanly as she footing is taken from under her but adjusts well as she falls to pull the ball into her body. Half an hour played Cambridge make a change Witherspoon coming off, Hayley Turner coming on up front. Ellie Bowdidge getting forwards through the middle strikes the ball on the volley as it is squared to her from the left 25 yards out the ball is put straight into the keepers gloves.

Writtle finding a little more of the ball in the latter stages of the 1st half as Cambridge give the ball away. Clarke is away on the right with the ball at her feet running cuts the ball in towards the D with captain Abigail Fry bombing forwards, Sarah Mosley with her puts in the challenge as the ball arrives loops up towards goal Mhunduru claiming on her goal line. Mhunduru then with a superb reactive save as Clarke drives at the area to the left of her goal fires in a vicious strike coming at the goalkeeper quickly leaning back tips the ball up onto the crossbar not out of play Amy Simmons tries to get to the falling ball the Cambridge defence getting back scramble it clear. 

Half-time Cambridge City Ladies 0-0 Writtle Ladies

  All square at the break little quality on the ball a scrappy game neither side settling to any rhythm no one finding time on the ball. Cambridge started strongly with intent but it fell away Writtle strong at the back ending the half on the front foot building momentum coming the closest to scoring.  

Changes for both sides at the start of the 2nd half, Sophie Vale on for Simmons up front for Writtle. Anna Kanz is on for Cambridge going into central defence with Reed pushed up into the middle Mosley the player off. Cambridge to get the 2nd half underway. An early chance for Gillies as she is released in behind by Penny taking the ball inside into the box is closing in on goal caught in two minds whether to shoot or cross Barrow stands tall at her near post and it’s a simple catch as the ball is put straight at her.

Bowman getting forwards with the ball on the left sends her cross into the area, Fay heading clear. Clarke picking it up left tries to go forwards Fullicks getting on her to tackle and put the ball out for the throw. Kanz stands up well against Clarke as the attacker looks to flick on Bowman’s pass to her on the right tackled the ball out for the throw. Initially cleared Writtle have bodies forwards the ball whipped back into the area Fry looking to attack in Mhunduru makes the claim at the near post.

A big pitch space is available however passes continue to go astray. Clarke looking a threat for Writtle now with her power and pace takes the ball on down the left channel whips in a cross along the top of the six yard box, Vale is closest making a run far post but can’t reach it. Fullicks winning the challenge on halfway picks out Rapley with the pass right as the full back bombs forwards looking to take on Jones the two come together Rapley down needing treatment needs to come off. Sees Mosley back on a change at the back with Fullicks dropping to centreback along side Fay, Kanz out to right back.

GOAL! 10 minutes played in the 2nd half and the deadlock is broken a great ball through the middle picks out Bowman timing her run in behind on the left carrying the ball into the area the angle closing rapidly she wraps her foot around the ball and fires a powerful shot up over the keeper into the roof of the net to score 0-1.

 Clarke has picked up an injury and can’t continue coming off Amy Simmons comes back on. Writtle come on again Bowdidge and Brown linking up through the middle releasing Bowman once again on the left her early cross intercepted by Kanz. Got hold up play from Turner outside the box for Cambridge has Gillies coming on to her left back to goal rolls the ball into her path Gillies looks to drive into the box Smith goes with her keeping on her feet prevents the cross coming in. Writtle always ready to counter attack Fry getting forwards playing a one two with Vale outside the area looking to get onto the return ball inside the D, Fullicks steps up to put in the challenge win the ball.

Cambridge make a change bringing Simmons off in attack sending Witherspoon back on. Writtle too making a switch with Hannah Mold coming on for Bowman seeing a shift in shape allowing the full backs to get on more with 20 minutes left to play. A throw on the left fr Writtle inside the Cambridge half the ball played inside to Brown outside the box fires in a shot coming straight at Mhunduru plenty of pace on the strike gloves it up into the air almost threatens to sneak in behind her but turning sharply plucks the ball out of the air. 

A frustrating game for both sides frustration creeping in referee Chris Abbott needing to have a word with a few players. The tempo is good Cambridge giving the ball away Writtle stretching them the back line winning most thing’s launched forwards. Reed plays the ball inside for Gillies moving forwards lays the pass to Mosley going with her her strike from 25 yards out screws wide of the Writtle goal. Simmons comes off for Writtle Faith Candice coming on with 15 minutes left.

Needing to find a goal to get back into the game Cambridge go to 3 at the back Fullicks moving up field into a more advanced role with Reed moving into a defensive midfield role in front of the defence. Vale sends her shot on the turn from a throw deep on the left up onto the bar as the game moves into the final 10 minutes. Fry goes down in the box after getting up to try an attack a Jones free-kick played into the area struggling is taken off Bowman returning to the action.

Cambridge push on late in the game Fullicks to Gillies right on for Witherspoon a throw in won the ball then crossed in long towards the far post Turner attacking it close range on top of the keeper the ball knocked up onto the crossbar, then placed wide a corner signalled as players scramble to reach the ball. The corner from the left headed clear of the box to the right side Mosley picking it up fired back across the area plenty of white shirts that side a shot is fired in the ball hitting the bar for the 2nd time. Cambridge have Writtle pushed back around their area winning a corner left the ball comes in central Fay stooping into the header lifts her attempt over the bar from inside the six yard box. 

  Barrow saves near post as the ball is fired in Cambridge pushing hard as the game moves into stoppage time everyone back for Writtle. Witherspoon battling forwards with the ball into the box Gamble defending well against her with both closing in on the keeper the corner conceded the ball attacked near post is headed wide along the face of goal. Writtle launch it up field as the final whistle is blown.

Full time Cambridge City Ladies 0-1 Writtle Ladies

  Writtle win their 1st 3 points of the season 4 points from 2 league games Lynsey Bowman’s strike the difference between the 2 sides and after conceding 8 goals in their opening 2 games the clean sheet as pleasing two the defence working hard throughout the game. Was a scrappy affair under the lights ball retention not at its best. A bright start from Cambridge seemed to lose their way a little finishing strong at the end the woodwork struck by both sides might have been a 3-2 on another night. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Tonight’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match goes to a defender the Writtle back line composed and organised not letting much get in behind players staying on their feet keeping with their runners picking one over the other is difficult but I’ve gone for Zoe Smith whose positioning was good though out the game.

Not the prettiest of games tonight but still I always enjoy a game under the lights my thanks to both sides for their help with the team line-ups.

Match Report – Colchester Town Ladies v Writtle Ladies

A Thursday night trip down into Essex for the Supporting Women’s Football Blog, to catch some early season action from the ERWFL Premier Division with a new look Colchester Town Ladies side taking on newly promoted Writtle Ladies under the floodlights at Stanway Rovers FC.

Match Report – Colchester Town Ladies v Writtle Ladies

 A midweek trip down to Essex to watch a derby match in the ERWFL Premier Division with Colchester Town Ladies hosting Writtle Ladies both playing their 3rd match of the new season.

  Is a new look Colchester Town Ladies side too starting the 2016/17 season. Had a good end to last season winning the ERWFL League Cup Final. Much of that side has now left the club. Former manager Rosi Webb and a couple of others have gone to fellow ERWFL Premier Division side, Billericay Town Ladies, others have joined Lowestoft Town Ladies and C&K Basildon Ladies whilst former captain Alex Brewis-Shephard has retired from the game. 

  Adam Firman is now 1st team coach and taking charge of a new look side, Colchester have a strong youth set-up and several of their U18s have stepped up to the 1st team. Goalkeeper Molly Povey joining the club from C&K Basildon Ladies starts in goal tonight making her debut. A side still getting to know one another. Started the season with an opening day win scoring the winning goal late on, suffered the opposite in their 2nd game losing out to a last gasp winning goal. 

  Writtle Ladies are newly promoted to the ERWFL Premier Division, have had a rapid rise up the football pyramid 3 successive promotions from the Essex Women’s County Leagues up into the ERWFL Division One East last season had a 100% for almost 3 seasons in that time to lost one game towards the end of last season to end that amazing record by then however they were Champions and going up, got more silverware too winning the ERWFL Division One Cup last season aswell as finishing runners-up in the Essex Women’s County Cup. 

  Have a settled and stable playing squad backed up by a good youth set-up have made new signings, two former Colchester Town Ladies players in their ranks now, Charlotte Bryant and Lucy Jones. Lost their opening league fixture before bouncing back to win 5-1 last Sunday, both sides on 3 points going into tonight’s Essex derby.

  The venue for tonight’s game Stanway Rovers FC, not far off the A12 between a residential and industrial area. Bar and clubhouse out front beside the carpark the ground beyond. A large pitch, not the most level of playing surfaces by any means rises sharply towards one corner. Hot drinks available a cup of tea the 1st order of business. Has been another warm sunny day the evening dry, cooling slightly the floodlights taking effect as the two sides walk out for kick-off.

Colchester Town Ladies starting XI – Molly Povey, Tamesha Blackwood, Chloe Dunn, Elizabeth Blacklock, Georgia Lockerbie, Sasha McDonald, Katie Bruce, Rebecca Donnelly, Millie Wilding, Miagh Downey & Georgia Box (C).
subs – Lauren Bourne, Nancy Butler & Erin Hornby.

Writtle Ladies starting XI – Jamie-Lee Bamford, Kayleigh Franklin, Lucy Jones, Niamh Gamble, Lynette Jones, Charlotte Bryant, Ellie Bowdidge, Courtney Clarke, Leanne Stubbings, Abigail Fry (C) & Sophie Vale.

subs – Hannah Mold, Charlotte Walker, Georgia Tricker, Amelia Murphy & Mia Brisley.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s Colchester to get the game underway kicking off 1st half wearing red and black vertical striped shirts, black shorts and socks with Writtle lined up opposite wearing white and green horizontal striped shirts, green shorts and socks. The home side move the ball quickly into the Writtle half, captain Georgia Box giving chase to it into the right channel forces Writtle to concede a throw in the ball is given to Chloe Dunn the full-back firing a diagonal ball into the box near side is met by Miagh Downey her 1st touch a header powers the ball wide of goal.
  GOAL! It’s a goal to the away side early on as they hit Colchester on the counter attack, goalkeeper, Jamie-Lee Bamford having collected the ball from a free-kick gets it moving quickly the ball is with Leanne Stubbings in a central position as she drives forwards with the ball centrally as she drives into the Colchester half, has Writtle captain Abigail Fry making a run on the left rolls the ball into her, players pile forwards towards the top of the area, Fry squares the ball along the top of the Colchester box, Stubbings helps it on with Courtney Clarke beyond opens her body to turn the ball towards goal keeping the shot low, Molly Povey in the Colchester goal can’t get down quick enough the ball inside the post and in 0-1.
   Both sides are looking to build a quick attack get the ball into their attackers, Sasha McDonald for Colchester tries one over the top for Box to go after, the bounce carrying it through to Bamford in the Writtle goal. Charlotte Bryant on the ball moving forwards for Writtle through the centre of midfield plays the ball on with Stubbings making a run in behind the Colchester defence, the attack halted by the offside flag. 

  Colchester bring the ball out from the back the pass up field into Millie Wilding bringing the ball up the right passes inside to McDonald she switches play out to the left, Downey with Rebecca Donnelly, win a throw level with the top of the area, taken quickly the ball is played into Downey’s feet outside the top left hand corner of the Writtle area, her turn and hit is charged down. 

  Niamh Gamble in the Writtle back line turns defence into a attack as she tackles Box to win the ball back for the visitors and plays it long down the left wing with Fry breaking down the line, picking up the ball dribbles her way into the area closing in on goal her touch to move the ball inside is too strong gives Povey the chance to pounce on the ball send it clear of her area. Writtle are using the full width of the pitch Fry left and Sophie Vale on the right stretching the Colchester defence, Vale gets in behind looks to drive towards the area, Georgia Lockerbie closes her down a good tackle to win the ball back. 

  Throw on the right for Colchester inside the Writtle half, Dunn to take throws in towards Box near the top right corner of the area, good hold up play before laying the pass back to the advancing McDonald she looks to swing a diagonal ball into the area, Downey and Donnelly up there, in between them Writtle’s Lynette Jones rises highest to head the ball out of danger. 

  GOAL! The game is being played at a rapid tempo the ball played up field quickly as an attack is broken down, Writtle win the ball back push it on into midfield the ball then put long for Vale to receive on the right, getting in behind the Colchester defence turns inside to close down the area, Povey starts to come, Vale opts to shoot from outside the area blasting the ball across the advancing keeper and into the far corner of the net0-2.

  A change of positions for Colchester switching full-backs Dunn moving to the left, Tamesha Blackwood coming over to the left. Writtle press the ball high up the pitch, Stubbings has it right side puts the ball into Vale, Kayleigh Franklin from right back goes on the overlap the ball cut back in towards the top of the area looking to pick out Clarke near side, Blackwood gets back on her to prevent her getting the ball under control and unleashing a shot. On the opposite flank the ball is with Fry as she takes it down to the byline whips the cross on near post Clarke has made the run turning the ball on towards goal her effort is blocked. 

  Colchester make two substitutions, Donnelly and Katie Bruce off, on come Lauren Bourne and Nancy Butler. A corner for Writtle on the right side the ball played long towards the far post is met by Fry, can’t keep her header down the ball going out for the goal-kick. 

  GOAL! Writtle are seeing more of the ball have possession inside the Colchester half win a free kick wide on the right the ball in a deep position, Vale over it as players come up from the back the ball is sent long into the box near post two green and white stripe shirted players look to attack it the ball instead is cleared out of the area comes to a Writtle boot knocked across to Ellie Bowdidge outside the area in a central position takes the shot on 20 yards out powering the ball into the back of the net over the keeper before she can react 0-3.

  A free kick from an almost identical position a moment later the ball sent up into the area again, more central this time comes to Bowdidge can’t bring it under control before she is closed down by the Colchester defence. Fry keeps finding room on the left for Writtle swings in a good cross, Clarke the target, Elizabeth Blacklock clears the ball with her head. A free kick to Writtle wide left this time, Vale looks to go for goal sending a ball high, it drops late, too late however onto the roof of the net.

 Erin Hornby comes on for Colchester replacing, Blackwood at right back. Vale with another set-piece on the right lifts the ball up into the box Clarke central is challenged by Dunn the Colchester defender doing well against her to win the ball. The free-kick count for Writtle is adding up have another outside the box to the left of goal, Fry over this one curls the ball in aiming for the top corner near post on target, Povey does fantastically well to get a glove on the ball take it behind for the corner.

  GOAL! Is a fantastic delivery from the corner on the left, Vale whipping the ball in along the six yard box keeping it low, is met by Clarke coming in far post gets her foot on the ball to stab it in towards goal and over the line 0-4. 

  Colchester attack from the restart the ball played up the right wing by Bourne for Box to go after, a clever turn to take her inside into the box, looks to send it across the ball cut out by the Writtle defence comes back to Downey inside the D shifts it to open up a shooting opportunity, hits the ball hard takes a deflection taking it wide for the corner kick. The ball is swung into the area from the right just over Blacklock on the penalty spot the ball headed out only as far as Wilding 20 yards out right of the area hits the shot 1st time off target goes wide.

Half-time Colchester Town Ladies 0-4 Writtle Ladies

  A comfortable lead for Writtle at half-time as they remain on the field at half-time, Colchester head to the dressing room needing to sort a few things out. Have been stretched at the back by Writtle’s movement the visitors switching play well, Fry and Vale using the wide pitch to their full advantage. 
 It’s Writtle to kick-off the 2nd half, look for Fry on the left early, can’t keep the ball in play. Franklin pushes forwards on the right side going past Vale wins her side a corner kick. Vale to delivery it swept in centrally, Clarke jumps can only brush the ball with her head, is cleared behind her, Writtle winning it back outside the box the ball is sent back in bounces through to Povey who gathers without challenge. 
  Colchester are playing a slightly higher line at the start of the 2nd half twice they catch Writtle offside. Clarke on the drive with the ball for Writtle through the middle of the park has Vale ahead of her outside the D lays the ball to Fry left side the pair exchange passes before the cross is swung into the box, Dunn gets it away for Colchester. Colchester look a lot tighter at the back 2nd half, closer and closing the ball quicker are penned in their own half not able to release Box up top.
  Free-kick for Colchester inside the Writtle half, Blacklock over the ball sends it up into the area, McDonald is under the bouncing ball, trying to bring it under control is closed down by 3 Writtle defenders the ball won back. Writtle make two changes firstly bringing on Georgia Tricker for Bryant, then Hannah Mold comes on for Franklin. Bourne battles her way through the middle with the ball for Colchester before playing the pass to Box on her left, tries to square the ball back to Bourne is squeezed off it the throw conceded, Dunn getting forwards has a chance to hit the ball into the area her cross to the far post is sliced back across the six yard box by Gamble as she attempts to clear, no one on had for Colchester to pounce the ball is safely away.
  3rd substitution for Writtle, Bowdidge is replaced by Charlotte Walker. A little flat from Writtle are looking to lift it still with a comfortable 4-0 lead, Colchester have upped their tempo the ball being contested at every opportunity. 4th change for Writtle, Clark coming off to be replaced by  Amelia Murphy. Colchester bring the ball on down the right, Butler passing into Box outside the area switches play to the right Downey shooting from outside the area slices hr shot straight into Bamford’s mid-riff.
  A powerful run from Tricker in midfield, left of the goal hits the shot on the run from 25 yards out drills the ball wide across the area. Mia Brisley comes on for Writtle for Vale the move seeing Fry switch over to the right side. Colchester concede a free-kick outside their area to the left of the D 25 yards out, Tricker I think plays the shot in towards goal on target Povey looks to palm it down but it gets away from her rolling to the right 2 Writtle players are after it Walker nudging the ball onto the post, Gamble ensuring it goes over the line, the celebrations are cut short however it won’t count the flag is up for offside.
   Downey central connects with the ball well sending a low shot in from 30 yards out as Box passes the ball in field from the left. On target Bamford dives to her right pushes the ball wide of her goal, Mold then getting onto it 1st and clearing before Box following up can latch on to it. Blackwood returns to the field for Colchester with Lockerbie coming off at the back. Butler over on the right outside the Writtle box hustles the defence to win the ball lays it back for Hornby to swing a ball into the middle Bourne can’t quite bring it down outside the back before she is closed down and tackled by Jones. 
  The game continues to be played at a good tempo, Writtle’s Tricker has space to take advantage of on the right, plays the cross into the box, Murphy closest to the ball attempts a back heel doesn’t come off runs through Brisley beyond she opts for power blasting a shot at goal, Hornby is in the way throws her body into the shot blocking it. Bruce is back on for Colchester a straight switch for McDonald in the middle. Are working hard in defence to keep things tight, Writtle have threats all over the park now, Tricker latches onto a clearance on the right goes for goal some 30 yards out a low strike is off target but coming across to cover her near post Povey can’t be sure dives to stop the ball then is up quickly to gather.
  GOAL! Colchester have been much improved 2nd half putting in a lot of effort to keep Writtle out up one end get forwards to pull a goal back, counter attack down the right the ball turned inside, Downey tries to help it on for Box in loads of space on the left the initial ball is cut out, Colchester squeeze it central win it back, Downey picking out Box with the pass this time to send her clear into the Writtle area, one on one with Bamford hits a composed strike up over the keeper to put the ball into the back of the net 1-4.
  Very nearly concede up the other end, Fry racing clear on the right is picked out by Stubbings taking the ball on down the wing turns inside into the box, Povey comes out to meet her sliding in at her feet to take the ball cleanly. Writtle with the attack late on Bowdidge plays the ball over the top for Fry to go after, Colchester concede the corner kick. Played in from the right, Stubbings near side chests the ball on into the middle, Colchester clear the referee blowing the final whistle. 
Full-time Colchester Town Ladies 1-4 Writtle Ladies

 A much improved 2nd half performance from Colchester 2nd half matching Writtle better after the visitors blew them away in the 1st half scoring an early goal and following up with 3 more. With a 4 goal advantage didn’t need to press on as much 2nd half but were looking to add to the tally. Fry and Vale doing the damage in the wide positions. A 2nd win of the season for Writtle sees them up to 3rd in the Premier Division table, still very early days the season just 3 weeks old.
  My thanks to both clubs for their help with the team details today always appreciated.

Match Report – Colney Heath Ladies v Writtle Ladies

The Supporting Women’s Football Blog feature 2 Cup Final reports from this Sunday from the ERWFL Finals Day, the 1st of which was the ERWFL Division One Cup new to this season the sides from the two Division One’s East & West drawn into 2 groups before advancing to the quarter final knock out phase with Colney Heath Ladies & Writtle Ladies reaching the final kicking off at 11am at the County Ground home of the Hertfordshire FA. Read the whole match report below.

Cup Final Report – Colney Heath Ladies v Writtle Ladies

  On the road early Sunday morning heading for the County Ground in Letchworth home of the Hertfordshire FA to watch 2 Cup Finals today both from the Easter Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL). The first an 11am kick-off for a new competition the ERWFL Division One Cup the two sides contesting it, Colney Heath Ladies and Writtle Ladies.

  The ERWFL Division One is the 4th tier of the women’s winter football pyramid currently split into 2 leagues Division One East & West with 7 sides originally contesting each, the Division One Cup replaces the old League Plate format, runs along similar lines however with the sides contesting the 2 divisions split into two groups A & B to play a mini league, providing each side with more competitive matches. The top 4 from each group progressing into a knock-out stage, the quarter finals.

  Contrasting season’s for both the finalists, Colney Heath Ladies were the beaten finalists in last season’s ERWFL League Plate competition. A young side who I have often heard talked about as one to watch in the future this season has seen the sides progress hampered by injuries and like a good number of sides across the region the poor weather that saw them hardly play a game got no momentum going were rooted to the bottom of ERWFL Division One West for virtually the whole campaign. Towards the latter half of the season getting players back and entering the Division One Cup drawn in Group B this saw them find some form winning 3 of their 5 games to finish 3rd in the table to reach the quarter finals 2 successive league wins at the end of the season saw them climb off the foot of the table.

 Writtle Ladies are very much a side on the rise newly promoted to the ERWFL this season having had 100% league win record in Essex they continued that form in the league holding onto that 100% right up until the penultimate league games against local rivals Silver End United Ladies, who we will talk about more in the next match report, edged the win in a 7 goal thriller 4-3. By then however Writtle Ladies were already crowned champions of the ERWFL Division One East and will be competing in the Premier Division next season. Were also runners-up in this seasons Essex Women’s County Cup Final. Drawn in A in the Division One Cup topped the group going through unbeaten with 4 wins and a draw.

Road to the Final

  Onto the knock-out stages the quarter-finals predetermined by the final placing in Groups A & B with 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd. That saw Colney Heath Ladies travelling from Hertfordshire to play Essex side Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies, who had gone through the group stages unbeaten themselves. Colney Heath Ladies ran out 3-1 winners to reach the semi-finals to play Hoddesdon Owls Ladies a single goal scored by Christina Freestone was enough to see them reach the ERWFL Division One Cup Final.
  Writtle Ladies were to face familiar opponents in the quarter-finals were at home to Silver End United Ladies knocked them out of the competition with a 3-1 victory. Reaching the semi-finals they were on the road taking on Offley & Stopsley Ladies had a 3-2 advantage at half-time before going on again to score 2nd half to win the game 4-2 and set-up the potential of a league and cup double.
  The venue for today’s ERWFL Finals, Hertfordshire FA’s County Ground, been here a few time this season for various games, easy to access, a good sized pitch with a large seated stand running along one side behind the dugouts, small covered terraced stands behind the goals with another covered stand on the opposite side. The weather for the finals day couldn’t be better, bright, sunny and warm.

 Colney Heath Ladies starting XI – Natalie Hilton, Molly Slade, Rachel Sheridan, Victoria Hill, Eustacia Randles, Sammy May, Kirsty Feasey, Sophie Joseph (C), Kelly Hancock, Adrienne Milton & Holly Sheridan.
 subs – Lucy Hancock, Annie Hickey & Jael Muzzi. 

 Writtle Ladies starting XI – Beth Griffiths, Caroline Brown, Kayleigh Franklin, Hannah Mold, Faith Candice, Courtney Clarke, Georgina Tricker, Leanne Stubbings, Amy Simmons, Abigail Fry (C) & Sophie Vale.

 subs – Amelia Murphy, Charlotte Walker, Kimberly Ripton, Rachel Weller & Nicola Medici. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   It’s Writtle wearing green and white horizontal striped shirts with green shorts and socks to kick off the 1st half with Colney Heath lined up opposite wearing black and white vertical striped shirts, with black shorts and socks. Writtle press Colney Heath right from the start getting the ball out on the left, look to get the ball into the area Colney Head central defender intercepts the ball and launches it far from her area. Writtle regain possession and try their luck on the opposite flank, captain Abigail Fry running into space receiving the ball squares her cross in towards the near post area, Colney Heath goalkeeper Natalie Hilton has come across and is there to scoop the ball up into her gloves.
  Colney Heath look to teat Writtle out through the centre, play the ball long looking for striker, Adrienne Milton first, looks to get into the box onto the ball, Faith Candice gets her foot on the ball first. Peeling away to the right Milton’s strike partner, Holly Sheridan does find herself played in on the ball taking it into the box on the right side, Writtle goalkeeper Beth Griffiths comes charging out to close her down, Sheridan smashes her shot straight at the keeper, spins away from danger.
  GOAL! An early lead for Writtle, the ball is rolled into Sophie Vale on the right holding the ball up initially, spins off her marker and turning in behind puts in an early cross into the Colney Heath area, along the six yard line, Leanne Stubbings is there having made a midfield run, unmarked the ball comes into her she connects to turn it 90 degrees on target, is past Hilton before she can react, a late dive to her left in vain the ball already over the line 0-1.
Leanne Stubbings opens the scoring in the ERWFL Division One Cup Final
   From a throw on the left side on half way the ball is sent across field picking out Amy Simmons on the left for Writtle, carrying the ball on towards the area unleashes a shot from 25 yards out left of the D looking to across the diving keeper, Hilton sees the ball run wide at the far post. Simmons is played through again left side by Courtney Clarke has Colney Heath defender, Rachel Sheridan on her shoulder as they run into the are, Simmons attempts to lob the keeper, Sheridan does enough to deflect the ball wide for a corner kick. The corner is cleared out to the left, winning a 2nd corner Writtle go short this time Caroline Brown receiving the ball comes to the top corner of the area and aims for the top corner her shot landing on the roof of the net.
   Writtle have started well, Colney Heath haven’t gotten going yet. Plenty of energy on show from both sides especially Colney Heath who are looking for Holy Sheridan or Milton whenever they win the ball, Sheridan finds room on the right sends a driving ball into the Writtle area no one is making a run to get onto the end of it. Colney Heath captain, Sophie Joseph gets onto the ball winning a 50/50 on halfway left side drives forwards with the ball laying the pass into Holly Sheridan coming left side back to goal on the edge of the box, turns playing the ball on with Milton the pass a little heavy Milton does well to win a corner. Comes in long from the right far post players there but no one can get a touch.
    Clarke wins Writtle a corner as the Essex side wins a throw deep on the right Kayleigh Franklin putting the ball into her feet inside the box, Eustacia Randles closing her down to concede the corner, played into the box from the right, Simmons back to goal can’t control it Stubbings far side goes to retrieve and shoot but Colney Heath have pushed out quickly the offside flag is raised. Stubbings linked up with Vale through the middle inside the Colney Heath half, the midfielder playing the ball forwards into  Vale outside the box, looks to turn inside and hit the shot, is blocked by Kirsty Feasey as she tracks back to help defend the rebound rolling back to Stubbings her strike back in towards goal is straight into the gloves of Hilton.
Writtle Ladies, Courtney Clarke
   Is a warm day the referee lets the players take on fluids as Vale receives treatment in the middle after the affects of a robust challenge in the middle of the park. As play resumes Colney Heath press the ball high Holly Sheridan winning it and putting the pass through the middle for Milton, up against Candice the two chase the ball into the box, Griffiths is coming forwards, Milton stretches trying to get it past her sends her attempt high and wide. 

The captains tussle for the ball, Writtle’s Abigail Fry with Colney Heath’s, Sophie Joseph

Fry is brought down by Joseph wide right as she attempts to take the ball on around her a free kick in a dangerous position the ball is sent into the box long, Rachel Sheridan winning the header gets the ball clear. Colney Heath have gotten better over the last 10 minutes Sammy May playing the ball to Milton moving across the the right side an early cross into the area from high up the pitch aiming near post with Holly Sheridan making the run Griffiths can gather before the striker can pounce. Slade with a defensive clearance out from the back finds Sheridan who has Randles making a surging run from left back into space rolls the ball gets her team a throw high up the pitch the ball is worked into the Writtle area Kelly Hancock tries to get onto the ball can’t bring it under control to shoot Writtle’s Hannah Mold gets it out of the area. 

  Changes for Colney Heath with Joseph and Holly Sheridan coming off, Annie Hickey and Jael Muzzi come on. Colney Heath are putting alot of effort into pressuring the ball when Writtle hit them on the counter Georgina Tricker latching on to the ball and taking it down the left wing, cutting back inside into the area her shot is charged down by the advancing keeper, Hilton runs back to Tricker she is closed down no shot on lays it back to Vale edge of the box bouncing she can’t quite get her foot over the ball, turning it in, Randles is able to head it clear. 
  GOAL! Vale gets another chance to shoot at goal moments later an takes it doubling Writtle’s lead late in the 1st half. Writtle turn the play around quickly the ball through the middle sending Vale through determined to reach in lunges for the ball outside the area digging it out of the ground sends it in rising towards goal comes at Hilton quickly throws her gloves up at it but can’t get a firm grip as it squeezes through and dropping behind her over the line. 0-2.
Sophie Vale scores to make it 2-0 to Writtle Ladies
  A late free kick for Colney Heath on half way, Slade to play the ball long in to the Writtle area, Hickey throws herself at the ball may have got a touch but either way bouncing on Griffiths pushes the ball wide of goal conceding the corner kick. Played in from the left, long again to the far post Milton rising cranes her neck to try and turn the ball on target sends the attempt over the bar.
Half-time Colney Heath Ladies 0-2 Writtle Ladies
  A 2-0 lead at half-time Writtle Ladies started the brighter and took an early lead, Colney Heath slow to get started improved as the half wore on, both sides creating chances Writtle doubling their lead 5 minutes before the break. A usual lead to have at half-time another goal would put a hand firmly on the cup.
   Colney Heath to get the 2nd half underway, Holly Sheridan and Joseph are back on the pitch, Randles and Milton off, Lucy Hancock has also been introduced to the action. Straight away they are pressing Writtle on the ball get the ball into the area, Griffiths gets the ball into her gloves. Both keepers are out of their area in the opening minutes with play congested in the middle the ball popping free to send an attacker through. Both keepers come and kick well. Fry attacking down the right wins Writtle a corner kick put in Stubbings looks to help the ball on into the crowded six yard area in front of goal, Rachel Sheridan gets the ball away.
Colney Heath’s Sophie Joseph in a race for the ball with Writtle’s Courtney Clarke
 Hickey going after a ball played through the centre nods it on with her head looks to chase it down into the Writtle area, Mold gets back on her the shot deflected wide out to the right is picked up by Kelly Hancock her ball sent back into the box is cleared. Colney Heath are awarded a free kick wide right 25 yards out May to play into the area a good delivery whipped in with pace an inviting height, Holly Sheridan goes up for it can’t quite get the connection to turn the ball in towards goal.
   Writtle have players ready to burst on when the ball is won back, Fry makes the move on the right wants the ball, gets it taking it on turn inside closing in on the area fires the shot in low and with power, Hilton gets down to stop it, pops out of her grasp for a second Simmons closing in from the left is interested, the keeper snatches the ball back into her body. Candice is in alot of pain from a tackle in the centre the defender is unable to carry on Charlotte Walker comes on goes up top in attack with Stubbings dropping into defence.
   The stand behind the dugouts is shielding the fans from the sun over on the far side but it is a potential problem for the keepers when any ball is put in from the opposite with any height, Vale does just that attacking down the right for Writtle, up high and dropping down close to her crossbar Hilton on her line does well to get hold of the ball. In the opposite goal Griffiths comes charging out of her box as Holly Sheridan as played in through the middle sliding in fully committed gets everything behind the ball to deny Sheridan the chance to shoot.
   Tricker gives away a free kick wide on the left close to 30 yards out, may is standing over the ball goes for goal gets plenty of pace on the shot smashes against the woodwork coming back out into play, Writtle hurry the clearance get the ball up the other end. Colney Heath are seeing more of the ball getting it up the field with urgency have a throw on the right taken quickly by Kelly Hancock she plays Holly Sheridan into the Writtle area, Mold gets the tackle in putting the ball out for a corner kick. Taken from the right Tricker defends the ball near post then fouls the corner taker Joseph outside the box. The set-piece is launched long to the far post a crowd of Colney Heath players after it one connects the header is wide took a knick a corner on the left is given this ball is cleared out only as far as Joseph standing on the edge of the area, snatches at the ball her shot well off target.
Colney Heath Ladies, Kirsty Feasey looking to get hold of the ball
   More substitutions, for Writtle Amelia Murphy comes on for Vale whilst Colney Heath bring Randles and Milton back on for Lucy Hancock and Muzzi. Tricker brings the ball out from the back and covers alot of grass knocking it past the full back ahead of her before playing the ball into the area, Rachel Sheridan comes across to win the ball putting it behind for a corner.
   A break for Colney Heath, the attacking 3 looking to combine as Holly Sheridan plays Milton into the box from the right side, looks to flash a cross into Hickey chasing in far post along the six yard box, Griffiths throws herself on the ball making the save in front of Hickey. Both sides are fashioning chances as Writtle play Fry in on the right attacking with the ball drives inside running along the front of the Colney Heath area rolls the ball across to Murphy waiting for it left of the D, looks to turn the shot in towards goal, curls it over the crossbar. 
   Lucy Hancock is back on for Colney Heath replacing Kelly Hancock. Writtle’s Caroline Brown plays a superb ball out to the left for Simmons to chase down into the Colney Heath box, the angle is fading fast as she closes in on the six yard box Hilton coming to close her down goes to shoot across the face of the goal, sees the effort run wide at the opposite post. Hilton needs some treatment after she ribcage is rattled coming to claim a Writtle free kick put in from halfway gets her gloves to the bouncing ball before being clattered – is okay to continue. 
  Corner for Colney Heath played in from the right side into the box dropping to Sheridan unmarked central on the six yard line headers the ball in towards goal, Griffiths looks beaten as the ball flies to her left, somehow produces an amazing piece of agility to throw herself at the ball is past her as she plucks it away from a certain goal. 
Beth Griffiths produces an amazing save to keep Writtle’s 2-0 lead intact
  Muzzi and Feasey return to the pitch for Colney Heath Hickey and May the players coming off. Colney Heath are running out of time to get a goal back and get themselves back into the final. Win a corner on the left the ball put in is headed clear by Clark for a throw in the left the ball is retained by Colney Heath is played across the face of the area, running across her Feasey opens up her body to turn the ball in towards goal, Griffiths is caught static turns to see the ball bounce off the base of the goal post and roll across the six yard box before being cleared.
  Another Colney Heath free kick on half way, Slade over it is encouraged to shoot, goes for goal on target but Griffiths has plenty of time to shuffle across and claim it. Kelly Hancock comes back on for Colney Heath, Milton comes off. With Colney Heath pushing players on looking for a goal the game is stretched, Writtle patient are ready to hit them on the break the ball is fed out to Simmons now on the right having switched with Fry, squares the ball in to the near post with Murphy running onto it lifts the strike over the crossbar. The ball is sent out to the right again as Writtle counter the early ball sent in long is past Hilton hits the crossbar and then the far post looks certain to drop over the goal line however Rachel Sheridan gets back on her line to hook it away.
 GOAL! Closing in on stoppage time and the goal Colney Heath have been pushing so hard for 2nd half finally comes. The game is stretched late on Writtle aren’t interested in taking it into the corner want a 3rd goal themselves to seal it, Colney Heath win it back play the ball through the middle, Holly Sheridan is after in racing after the ball gets plenty of power behind the shot from the edge of the box the ball coming at Griffiths is rising flies over her and hits the back of the net 1-2.
Holly Sheridan is held aloft by Molly Slade after she scores in the Cup Final for Colney Heath Ladies
  Into stoppage time so little time left Writtle get hold of the ball and keep it late on inside the Colney Heath half-time don’t let their opponents have it have the lead and are going to keep it the final whistle blows and Writtle Ladies win 2-1 to end their season with a league and cup double winning the ERWFL Division One Cup.
  A good contest played at a fearsome pace, chances at both end Writtle Ladies started the better and got the lead 2-0 at half-time were patient knew Colney Heath had to come at them both sides created chances wasn’t till late on Colney Heath got a gaol back 10 minutes sooner maybe it could have been game on however Writtle defended well for the most part and won the game.
Writtle Ladies 2015/16 ERWFL Division One Cup Winners
  Congratulations to Writtle Ladies on winning the ERWFL Division One Cup and making it a double success with the Division One East title too. My thanks to the management of both sides for their help with the teams today.

Essex Women’s County Cup Final

This Thursday the action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog came from Thurrock FC for the final of the Essex Women’s County Cup, played between C&K Basildon Ladies the current holders and Writtle Ladies.

Cup Final Report – C&K Basildon Ladies v Writtle Ladies

 A trip down south into Essex tonight just off the M25 at junction 30 to Thurrock FC to watch this seasons Women’s County Cup Final between C&K Basildon Ladies & Writtle Ladies.

  C&K Basildon Ladies are the leading women’s football side right now. Newly promoted to the FAWPL Southern Division, have had a solid debut season, with one league game left to play are comfortably in mid-table. Are the current holders of the Essex Women’s County Cup beating Billericay Town Ladies 7-1 in last seasons final. Opponents Writtle Ladies are a side very much on the rise, formed 3 seasons ago have won successive league title in Essex then again this time around in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL) Division One East with a 100% winning league record over those 3 seasons to date have to games left with the title in the bag.

Road to the Final
  As defending cup holders C&K Basildon Ladies were given a bye until the quarter finals of the competition where they were drawn at home to Essex Premier Division title hopefuls Hullbridge Sports Ladies, a comfortable victory on the day a 10-0 win easing them into the semi-finals where they we away to ERWFL Premier Division side Colchester Town Ladies, who did well to hold Basildon to a 0-0 during the 90 minutes to send the game into extra-time. Basildon went on to find the back of the net 3 times to reach their 2nd successive Essex Women’s County Cup Final.
  Writtle Ladies entered the competition in the 2nd round were at home to Silver End United Ladies promoted with them to the ERWFL Division One East as Essex Premier Division runners-up last season. Writtle were the stronger on the day recording a 3-1 win to progress to the quarter-finals where they were to face an away trip to ERWFL Premier Division side Billericay Town Ladies came out the wrong side of a nine goal thriller losing 5-4. Billericay Town Ladies went on to win the semi-final against local rivals Brentwood Town Ladies but were later removed from the competition for fielding an ineligible players against Writtle who were reinstated to the competition to face Brentwood Town Ladies themselves at home, the ERWFL Premier Division side at the time in a poor run of form, Writtle took full advantage winning 5-0 to find themselves in the final.
  The venue for tonight’s final Thurrock FC just off the M25 at junction 30, a large non-league ground plenty of parking the ground is overlooked by the Thurrock Hotel has a large covered seated stand on one side covered seating and terraces all around a clubhouse and bar. Refreshments hot and cold on offer. A large pitch with railing all around.
Turrock FC’s main stand overlooked by the Thurrock Hotel

  C&K Basildon Ladies starting XI – Sophie Blowers, Kerry Stimson, Karen Stephanou, Claire Lacey (C), Rebecca Smith, Hannah Porter, Katherine Huggins, Zoe Rushen, Amy Nash, Lily Mellors & Karissa Rodney. 
  subs – Nicola Carty, Laura Bryant & Kayleigh Xidhas

  Writtle Ladies starting XI – Rhianna Farr, Amy Simmons, Kayleigh Franklin, Lynette Jones, Leanne Stubbings, Mia Brisley, Hannah Mold, Abigail Fry (C), Georgina Tricker, Courtney Clarke & Sophie Vale

  subs – Beth Griffiths, Amelia Murphy, Faith Candice, Caroline Brown & Charlotte Walker.

(roll on roll of substitutes) 
  Writtle to kick off the final 1st half wearing green and white horizontal shirts, green shorts and socks with Basildon lined up opposite in an all red strip with white trim. Were without experienced centre back Stacey Little who required surgery on a fractured cheek bone sustained during last Sunday’s FAWPL Southern Division match away to Lewes Ladies. Basildon get hold of the ball from the kick off and look to play it out to Amy Nash attacking down the left side running into Writtle’s Kayleigh Franklin the ball goes out for a throw.
 A counter attack from Writtle sees them break down the left side, Amy Simmons playing the ball on for Sophie Vale moving out to the left he squares the ball into Georgina Tricker, just beyond her outside the box she keeps going trying to get into the box as the ball runs on for Courtney Clarke central, rolling the ball into the area for Tricker to chase, Basildon captain Claire Lacey puts in a great defensive tackle to win the ball. 
  GOAL! Playing higher league opposition the last thing you want to do early on is concede an early goal, however Writtle do exactly that as Basildon hit them on the break the ball going left is played on to Nash who puts it forwards rapidly with striker Karissa Rodney on the move to get in behind the Writtle defence can’t catch her as surges towards the area with goalkeeper Rhianna Farr starting to come, Rodney goes for the early shot, plenty of pace on the ball as she fires it past the advancing keeper into the back of the net 1-0.
   Rodney and Nash link up again a couple of minute later, Rodney providing the pass this time putting the ball into Nash as she reaches the Writtle area left side knocks the ball on a yard to open up the space for a shot puts her strike straight at Farr, who parries the ball down before gathering at the 2nd attempt. Basildon have Writtle on the back foot, Lily Mellors takes the ball off left back Mia Brisley and races forwards getting in behind has Rodney moving into the box plays the ball on the diagonal into her, looking to hook her foot over the ball to turn the shot on target, sees her effort smashed against the bottom of the goal post before rolling back out Lynette Jones clearing for Writtle.
   Writtle are looking to get forwards themselves, Vale with Simmons to the left, Tricker to the right with Clarke a little deeper are probing trying to find away in behind Basildon’s back line full-backs Kerry Stimson and Karen Stephanou more often than not challenging and winning the ball. When Simmons does get the better of Stimson tries to pick out Vale just on the edge of the box Hannah Porter get’s back from midfield to put in the challenge to reclaim the ball. At the other end the Writtle defence is busy as Mellors steals in behind on the right looks to pick out Rodney coming through the centre, Jones does well to get a foot in front of her to take the ball away from her concede the corner. Is played short with Stimson coming forwards to receive whipping the cross into the box Rodney rises turns her headed ball down towards the far stick Writtle block/clear off the line. 
  GOAL! Basildon go 2 goals up a strike from distance by Mellors who finds the ball presented to her from a kick out of the area, 25 yards out wastes no time pulling the trigger, good connection with the ball right side of the D lifts her shot over the keeper and into the back of the net 2-0.
   Tricker attacks down the right flank for Writtle bringing the ball deep into Basildon territory sends the cross in dissecting the area heading far post, Simmons is closing down the space trying to get there to turn the ball home, Stimson is aware of her presence behind her and sends the ball on out of play for a corner kick. 
   A free kick for Basildon wide on the left inside the Writtle half the ball is played in towards the front post with Lacey up from the back the target, stooping to head the ball try and turn it on into the net, lifts her effort wide and over across the goal face. The game is relentless Writtle go forwards lose the ball, Basildon look a danger every time they counter attack Rodney and Mellors both getting in behind. Nash left rolls the ball to Zoe Rushen unmarked outside the box, gets the strike all wrong lifting it high and over for a goal kick. Rodney onto a Katherine Huggins ball in the middle finds an extra gear to race clear into the box, Farr comes and slicing towards her comes away with the ball in her possession.
  A great save and good sized slice of luck sees Farr keep Basildon from getting a 3 goal advantage. The move coming from what looks a nothing ball played long across field out to the right, chasing the ball to the by line, Mellors retrieves and send a cross in to the near post, Rodney has gambled and made up the ground, looks to help the ball on lift it across Farr who flashes a glove up to try and stop the ball parries it up turning it behind her a narrowly wide of the post, could have gone anywhere the corner is conceded. A great delivery from the set-piece the ball coming in with pace is met by Lacey drills her bullet header wide of the post.
  Writtle’s Brisley bringing the ball under control left lays it into Clarke in the middle of the park, spreading play out to Simmons on the wing she looks to play a high ball into the area for Vale and Tricker to attack, finds neither as Rebecca Smith heads clear. Writtle come again captain Abigail Fry getting forwards on right has Leanne Stubbings in support inside gives her the ball, closing down on the right side of the Basildon area sees her shot charged down. Free kick on half way from Writtle goes long looking for Simmons edge of the box can’t get her head on the ball, but Writtle get an unexpected corner as goalkeeper Blowers slices the back pass rolled into out behind goal. There are cries for handball as the ball fired in to the area is cleared by Stimson but the referee isn’t interested.
   Basildon bring the ball on Rodney with a shot from outside the box plants the ball straight at Farr. Mellors and Brisley go shoulder to shoulder into the area right of goal the Basildon attacker getting a shot away fires the ball wide across the Writtle six yard box. Half time is rapidly approaching.
  GOAL! Basildon get their 3rd goal of the match attacking down the left side an early release from Nash puts Mellors through in behind coming in from the left side this time enters the area, Farr comes towards her drops as Mellors pulls the trigger gets a glove to the ball turning it wide across her six yard box, Mellors goes after it reclaiming at the far post to turn the ball home. 3-0.
  Half-time C&K Basildon Ladies 3-0 Writtle Ladies
  Had just put in notes at 2-0 Writtle aren’t out of it were starting to create a few openings them conceded the 3rd goal on the stroke of half-time leaving them with alot to do if they have any hope of getting back into the match. Basildon have been too strong getting in behind repeatedly could have added more goals to their total 1st half and if the 2nd half continues like the 1st then you can only see them going to score more goals.
  It’s Basildon to kick off the 2nd half. Writtle press them forcing them to play the ball all the way back to their keeper, Blowers. Basildon attack the ball from Porter releasing Mellors she is forced wide by Jones out right side of the area Mellors tries to pick out Rushen inside the box, Brisley makes the interception cutting off the cross and playing the ball out of defence.
Basildon push at the start of the 2nd half, keeping hold of the ball around the Writtle box Hannah Mold makes a couple of defensive clearances as they try to lift the ball in. Rodney comes again right side bringing the ball on hits it on the run fires the shot straight at Farr who holds onto the shot.
  Huggins with a superb pass 20 yards out to put the ball on into the area left side for Nash to run onto, hits her shot goalwards again Farr is well placed gets everything behind the shot. Sustained possession from Basildon ends when Huggins goes for the strike 25 yards out Farr again claiming the ball. Rodney attacking with the ball at her feet down the right flank getting into the box stands the ball up towards the far post, Rushen rises 3 yards out headers the ball down, fantastic reactions from Farr going down to throw an arm out and tip the ball wide of goal for a corner kick.
  Writtle ride it out despite the pressure their 3 attackers are keeping disciplined staying up top waiting for the opportunity if the ball comes up to them. Fry offers Clarke an option on the right side going on with the ball squares the cross in towards Tricker coming into the area, can’t quite get the ball under her control gives Smith the chance to get on the ball and clear. Vale has a chance to strike from distance 25 yards out smashes a shot in straight at Blowers the keeper spills the shot runs back out towards the edge of her area she goes after it gets hold of it before the onrushing Simmons can pounce.
  Writtle are starting to do better, still risk getting hit on the break but are prepared to keeping players up the pitch have options whenever they win it back. Make a double change with Franklin and Vale coming off for Amelia Murphy and Caroline Brown. Murphy joining the attack get’s on the ball straight away in the middle of the park playing in on to Clarke ahead of her 20 yards out a turn and hit, must have got some swerve on the shot because Blowers starting to go one way adjusts well to get down and make the save to her left stopping the ball. 
   A corner for Writtle put in from the right side Lacey gets a good header on the ball taking it out of the area, Writtle reclaim on the right side Fry drilling a ball back in low Blowers calls and get’s her gloves firmly around the ball. Basildon launch a counter attack the ball fed into the run of Rushen left of the goal 25 yards out, Mellors and Rodney race on getting ahead of her, the Writtle defence attracted to them both no one closes Rushen down edge of the area has the time and space to hit a shot, comes at Farr at a good speed parries the ball up into the air, flicking the ball up and just onto the top of the cross bar and over. 
  Free kick for Writtle wide right outside the area, a shooting opportunity Clarke over it goes for goal hit long looking for the top corner far post but over. Double change for Basildon with Nicola Carty and Laura Bryant coming on for Stimson and Smith. Farr gathers a shot from Mellors fired in from the edge of her area. Basildon come on again Rodney travelling into space on the right whips the cross in along the face of the area through to Nash who shoots blasts the strike wide of the goal. Substitute Bryant plays the ball through the middle almost putting Mellors through Farr coming to the edge of her area just gets to the ball 1st. Rodney with the ball on the right again holds it up allowing Huggins to come call for the pass given the ball sweeps a cross in looking for the run of Nash far side of the six yard box tries to meet the ball on the volley misses giving Farr a chance to get down and save at her feet.
  A vicious strike at goal from the right from Writtle’s Clarke comes at Blowers quickly throwing up a glove pushes the ball out across goal to her left. Charlotte Walker is on for Writtle with Tricker rested after an earlier knock. Another strike from distance as Clarke goes for the top corner 25 yards out drops before it gets there coming at Blowers quickly she reacts putting the ball wide of the post for a corner. Tricker returns to the field with Simmons now rested. Writtle are doing much better now no signs they are tiring Fry playing the ball inside to Tricker 20 yards out her shot is a tame one rolling through to the keeper. Time is running out to get a goal however. 
  Murphy is played in through the middle running after the ball into the area can’t get there as Blowers comes and scoops the ball out. Another shot from Tricker on the right side of the area more height this time but put straight at Blowers. Nash attacking for Basildon as the game enters the final minute slices a shot well wide from the edge of the area running out to the right Mellors is still full of running keeping it in Rodney is available for the ball to be played back up the right side, lifts the cross into the area Rushen meeting it turns her header wide. 
  Late charge from Writtle in injury time Clarke in the drive with the ball through the middle gets plenty of power behind the shot swerve on the ball is coming straight for Blowers central in her goal, going to claim the ball almost evades her plucking it out of the air behind her keeping her clean sheet intact as the final whistle blows and Basildon celebrate winning 3-0 to retain the Essex Women’s County Cup
  A good battle played at a high tempo throughout, Basildon doing all the damage 1st half always in control with a 3-0 lead could have doubled it or more on another night had the chances. A much improved performance 2nd half from Writtle Ladies, 1st time I’ve seen them in action and clear to see why they have done so well climbing the leagues. 
C&K Basildon Ladies, Essex Women’s County Cup Winners
  Congratulations to C&K Basildon Ladies on winning the cup and my thanks to the staff at Thurrock FC and the Essex County FA for their help tonight.