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Match Report – Peterborough United Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies U21s

Saturday 26th May

End of season friendly

  One more game to bring the season to a close a trip to The ABAX Stadium home of The Posh… Peterborough United FC, their Ladies side taking on Ipswich Town Ladies U21s in an end of season friendly.

A celebration for Peterborough United Ladies, fast becoming one of the leading forces for women’s football in Peterborough, newly crowned Champions of EMWRFL (East Midlands Women’s Regional Football League) Division One South will be joining Peterborough Northern Star Ladies in the Premier Division next season one step away from the FAWPL. Dropping just 5 points on their way to the title this season winning 16 of their 18 games. An opportunity to play at The ABAX Stadium again at the end of their successful season.

  Their opponents Ipswich Town Ladies U21s replacing Aston Villa Lades who were originally scheduled to bring a team up to The ABAX Stadium. Ipswich Town Ladies the leading force for women’s football in Suffolk, the first team finishing 3rd in FAWPL South East Division One, are backed up by a Development team competing at Regional level and an academy squad which make up the bulk of today’s squad very young with many 16 & 17 year olds featuring.

  The venue for this evenings friendly The ABAX Stadium home of The Posh, Peterborough United competing in EFL League One. Have been here before when Peterborough United Ladies entertained West Ham United Ladies in an end of season friendly just a spectator then decided to cover the game for Women’s Football East this time around as I haven’t gotten around to seeing then earlier in the season. An impressive stadium 3 large seated stands with terracing behind one of the goals a great surface to play on. Warm weather at the start of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Peterborough United Ladies starting XI – Sophie Powell, Imogen James, Kathryn Lusk, Bronwyn Mulheron, Jeorgia Carr, Laura Patrick, Amy Challis, Emma Stevenson, Tash Applegate, Jess Driscoll & Keir Perkins (C). Subs – Amy Gore, D’Lacy Phillips, Emily Smith, Georgia Bainbridge, Rhea Patel & Leah Crawford.

 Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Ellie Bird, Chloe Dunn, Eva Hubbard (C), Olivia Bilson, Lucy Egan, Blue Wilson, Sarah Woodbyrne, Amy Leigh Abrehart, Georgie Morton, Eloise King & Miagh Downey. Subs – Emma Wallis, Naomi Bedeau, Holly Northfield, Abbie Lafeyette & Mia Cinque.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

The teams line up

 Ipswich in an all orange kit to get the friendly kicked off. Peterborough lined up opposite wearing blue shirt with navy across the shoulders, blue shorts and red socks. The setting sun an issue for the Ipswich defence to deal with as it falls low behind the ground. Ipswich attack the ball played long out to Georgie Moreton on the right a run with the ball before sweeping a good ball into the six yard box Kathryn Lusk clearing the ball for Peterborough.

Imogen James looking to tackle Ipswich’s Blue Wilson

 A strong start to the game from Ipswich moving forwards with purpose have Peterborough on the back foot defending deep. Trying to get out in attack Peterborough’s Amy Challis attempts to play the ball in through the middle for striker and captain Keir Perkins to chase down, Lucy Egan with a vital defensive challenge for Ipswich. Tash Applegate back helping her defence charges down a cross on the right as Chloe Dunn gets forwards from right back for Ipswich. 

  GOAL! Ipswich go on to take an early lead in the match awarded a free-kick out wide left around 25 yards from goal, winger Amy Leigh Abrehart. A very good delivery fired in low towards the near post a crowd there the ball finding it’s way into the back of the net the crowd slow to react as the referee awards the goal Abrehart awarded it 0-1.

  Ipswich press their early advantage moving the ball well across the pitch. Captain Eva Hubbard brings the ball on from left-back for Ipswich fires a diagonal ball in low towards the top of the box, Eloise King the target, Laura Patrick defending for Peterborough. Dunn coming on to support Morton on the right Applegate again with good defensive work with her sides pushed back unable to get anything going in attack. Both Peterborough centre backs Lusk and Bronwyn Mulheron clearing inside the six yard box as Ipswich get crosses in. 

Tash Applegate with the ball for Peterborough United

  Jess Driscoll brings the ball on through the middle tries to pick out Perkins ahead of her as she breaks in behind the Ipswich defence positioned on the halfway line, Egan intercepting the pass. Sarah Woodbyrne gets hold of the ball in midfield for Ipswich sends a pass out to Abrehart on the left 25 yards out unleashes a shot Peterborough goalkeeper Sophie Powell with an excellent save throwing herself at the ball getting a touch upon it taking it wide of goal a corner awarded. The delivery good helped on across the six yard box an instinctive touch at the far post the ball placed wide for the goal kick.

   Mulheron back to clear the ball off the line for Peterborough as a cross from Abrehart on the left is over Powell coming towards her near post. Ipswich have been really impressive in the opening exchanges working the ball well energetic making runs off the ball someone always available for a pass. Peterborough pushed back have limited chances up front Perkins isolated always ready to break off the last defender tries to get after an over the top pass but Ipswich goalkeeper Ellie Bird out of her area early can get to the ball first. 

 Challis on the ball for Peterborough wins a throw right side a chance for Peterborough to occupy Ipswich territory the ball worked back to Mulheron lifted up into the area for Perkins good control to bring the ball down turns out to the left her shot charged down by Olivia Bilson in close attendance, Bird can gather up the loose ball. Ipswich are quick to get the ball up the other end Wilson on for Morton right side her cross into the area claimed by Powell.   

GOAL! Ipswich double their lead are awarded a free kick for handball in a dangerous position on the right Morton to put the ball in as players come up from the back. Is a great delivery fired in head height into the six yard box headed on Bilson turns the ball into the back of the net from close range 0-2. 

Ipswich’s Olivia Bilson

Peterborough were readying a change before the goal Georgia Bainbridge entering the action now for Jeorgia Carr. A top draw save from Powell as the ball is knocked down for King to strike from the top of the area for Ipswich hit first time dipping Powell throws herself to her right getting a glove on the ball to take it wide for the corner. Players up from the back once again for Ipswich Bilson goes for it again inside the six yard box but can’t get a clean connection on the ball as Peterborough get the ball away to safety. make a second change Applegate coming off for Amy Gore. 

  A free-kick to Peterborough on halfway left side the ball up into the box spilt by Bird as she goes to claim, Perkins after it but Ipswich scramble away for the throw. Left side the ball put into Challis she turns inside having a shot from 25 yards out her effort over the crossbar. Imogen James comes off for Peterborough with D’Lacy Phillips coming on. Wilson with a give and go with Woodbyrne in the middle for Ipswich after the return pass inside the box Lusk with a good tackle on her for Peterborough to win the ball back. 

Amy Challis attempting to get in on goal for Peterborough United

  Hubbard with the pass on for Abrehart left side her cross claimed by Powell with Miagh Downey closing her down. Morton finding space on the right for Ipswich gets in behind a cross flashed in across the face of goal. Bainbridge with a good run and pass on for Perkins peeling away top of the area Ipswich defending the ball away for the corner defended near post. Ipswich counter attacking quickly Abrehart on the left the ball on into the area brilliant recovery from Emma Stevenson making the tackle to deny Ipswich a shot at goal the ball away for a corner on the right.

GOAL! Ipswich extend their lead from the corner a great ball played in from the right headed on along the six yard line to King positioned far post sending her header back in and across the line to make it 0-3.

GOAL! Peterborough with an instant response get up the other end from the restart get up the other end and pull a goal back. The ball played up top towards Perkins 20 yards out Challis providing the run going beyond her into the area getting onto the end of the ball and lashing a shot up over the keeper to smash against the crossbar and bounce down over the line 1-3.

  Into stoppage time Ipswich with one last attack Morton on the right with a good cross into the six yard box Patrick with good defensive work to play the ball back to her keeper as she tracks King’s run. 

Half-time Peterborough United Ladies 1-3 Ipswich Town Ladies U21s

  A strong 1st half display from Ipswich Town Ladies young side have dominated pushing Peterborough back moving well with and without the ball, energetic have used the whole pitch well and defending a high line have restricted Peterborough attacks keeping them for large periods penned back in the final 3rd. Scoring 3 goals they have all come for set-pieces. Peterborough have struggled to get anything going in attack working hard to defend however pulling it back to 3-1 keeps them in the game as we go into the 2nd half.

  4 changes for Ipswich at the start of the second half, Emma Wallis, Naomi Bedeau, Holly Northfield and Abbie Lafeyette the players coming on. It’s Peterborough to get things underway in the 2nd period. On the attack early the ball with Challis on the right a high ball played into the box Ipswich head clear. The visitors attack the ball through the middle squeezed through to Morton making a run into the area right side shoots her low effort saved by Powell out for a corner. Peterborough bring the ball on Driscoll into Bainbridge 20 yards out central slices her shot wide of the Ipswich goal. 

 GOAL! Just what Peterborough didn’t want at the start of the 2nd half Ipswich going further into the lead and from another set-piece. Downey with good work on the right to win a corner. The ball played short up to Morton positioned upon the corner of the area a superb ball played in towards goal Lafayette with the run central to volley the ball home from close range 1-4.

  Ipswich attacking the ball played into King drifting left knocks the pass inside to Woodbyrne arriving top of the area her strike sent wide across the face of the Peterborough goal. Lafayette scuffs a chance inside the D allowing Peterborough to clear as the cross is fired into her from Morton on the right. Lusk charging down a shot as Ipswich keep the ball from a corner kick. A mistake from Bird presents Driscoll with a shooting opportunity as her goal kick goes straight to the Peterborough midfielder 30 yards from goal tries to lob a shot back in the keeper off her line the ball dropping wide of the post.

Emma Stevenson on the ball for Peterborough United

  Morton drills a shot in from the right Powell with a cracking save to tip the ball over her crossbar at her near post. The ball played into Wilson at the top of the area, her shot defended by Lusk. Play spread the ball put out to Morton in space on the right her cross defended by Mulheron over for the corner. The ball played long across the area falls to King lashes a shot in takes a deflection putting a wide a corner signalled, Peterborough defend and try to counter attack Ipswich stop them on halfway.

GOAL! Downey gets on the scoresheet for Ipswich a run into the box as Morton picks it up on the right charging forwards lays the pass on into the area Downey throwing herself at it taking it past the advancing Powell and on into the back of the net 1-5.

  Lusk comes off for Peterborough, James returning to the action. Emily Smith also on for Stevenson. The changes thick and fast now Ipswich with a double switch Mia Cinque and Abrehart returning on for Woodbyrne and Downey. Ipswich with a free-kick in a dangerous position inside the D, Cinque on the ball clips the wall allowing Powell to come and gather beyond. Gore with a dipping shot in on goal from distance for Peterborough, Bird back on her line is right behind it for Ipswich.

  Abrehart with a pacy run on the left fires a low strike in towards the near post Powell diving can’t stop it is saved by the woodwork the ball gathered by the keeper. Rhea Patel and Leah Crawford come on for Peterborough replacing Challis and Phillips. Frustration for Peterborough their is room in behind the Ipswich defence they just cannot find that all important final ball as the game enters the final 15 minutes. Smith picks up a knock her knee already bandaged comes off for Peterborough Carr back on.

  Bainbridge with a good ball out to Driscoll making a run to her right her cross flighted into the area won by Ipswich’s Bilson. Cinque with great control centrally as the ball is played up to her sends it out to Abrehart wide left takes it inside tackled the ball is sent in towards goal from distance lands on the roof of Powell’s net. Woodbyrne and Dunn come back on for Ipswich King and Morton giving way. Driscoll bringing the ball on left side knocks it on for Perkins ahead of her into the box Bird rushing out sliding in to make the save at the attackers feet. 

  Perkins last action of the game as she is replaced by Applegate late on in attack. Ipswich get the ball on Dunn linking up with Abrehart and Cinque sees a 20 yard shot put over. Abrehart with a 25 yard effort on goal out on the left wide of target. Alot of changes equals alot of stoppage time. Ipswich finishing strongly Cinque with a mazy dribble central sends a shot over the bar from the top of the area. 

  A throw won by Peterborough inside the Ipswich half worked inside to Carr at the top of the area moves into a central position before angling a shot in on goal her low drive scooped up by Bird. Woodbyrne with the run central the ball at her feet pushed into Cinque goes on past her getting the return pass sends her shot in wide across the face of goal. 

Full time Peterborough United Ladies 1-5 Ipswich Town Ladies U21s

  Ipswich win the game 5-1 were impressive from start to finish getting an early goal in both halves to keep them on the front foot. Energetic moved the ball quickly and spread play out to both wingers. Ironically 4 of their 5 goals came from set-pieces all taken well however. Not the end to the season Peterborough would have liked worked hard defensively Powell with some outstanding saves, just couldn’t get anything going in attack should take nothing away from an excellent season nevertheless. Several Ipswich 1st teamers have mentioned on social media how bright the future looks and with this squad coming through it’s easy to see why.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 One more time this season the award for the Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Several contenders from the Ipswich squad but after reading the notes on name featured more than the rest and made choosing alot easier. With her pace and movement on the right finding space and excellent deliveries into the area Georgie Morton is today’s Player of the Match.

A good game to end the season thanks to everyone at The ABAX Stadium for their help this evening.

Cup Final Report – Northampton Town Ladies v Peterborough United Ladies

One more League Cup Final for the Supporting Women’s Football Blog to cover before the end of the season and a trip over to Raunds Town FC in Northamptonshire to watch Northampton Town Ladies play Peterborough United Ladies just one goal extra scored saw Northampton Town Ladies pip their rivals to the league title as they finished level on points and goal difference, could they make it a league and cup double or would Peterborough United Ladies win their 1st piece of silverware to end their 1st season together on a high. 

Cup Final Report – Northampton Town Ladies v Peterborough United Ladies

  The 2015/16 women’s football season is almost over the league games are all complete, just a couple of games left to watch, the 1st in Northamptonshire a trip to Raunds Town FC to watch the League Cup Final between Northampton Town Ladies & Peterborough United Ladies.

  A league and cup double is on for Northampton Town Ladies as they pipped Peterborough United Ladies to the Northamptonshire Women’s Division One title by the narrowest of margins after the two sides finished level on points (27) and matched each others goal difference (26) it came down to goals scored and with 37 scored over 36, Northampton Town Ladies were crowned Champions. A small league with just 5 sides competing the two sides faced each other 3 times over the season Northampton Town Ladies winning 2 both at home and Peterborough United Ladies winning their home fixture.

 Road to the Final
    Northampton Town Ladies started the competition with an away game in the 1st Round playing 2nd Division side, Rothwell Corinthians Ladies Reserves won through to the quarter finals with a comfortable 5-0 win and progressed to the semi-finals without kicking a ball as they were awarded a home win against Kettering Town Ladies. Faced 2nd Division leaders Corby Town Ladies in the semi-final at Corby, Northampton Town Ladies won the game 4-0 to reach the League Cup Final.
  Formed this season, Peterborough United Ladies were awarded a home win in the 1st Round of the competition against 2nd Division side Thorplands Ladies. Won big in the quarter final on the road playing 2nd Division, Earls Barton Ladies scoring 7 goals without reply to reach the semi-finals and a home tie against fellow 1st Division side Thrapston Town Ladies last seasons beaten finalists. edged the game with a 2-1 to reach the League Cup Final. Come into the final off the back of a special night for the team last Saturday getting to play at the ABAX Stadium home of Peterborough United FC in a friendly match against West Ham United Ladies
  The venue for today’s game Raunds Town FC, hosting the Northamptonshire Women’s & Girls Football League (NWaGFL) Finals day, 5 finals in total starting at 9:30am U12s, U14s U16s plus 2 Ladies Finals the League Plate and Cup. The ground itself is easy to find on the outskirts of Raunds, plenty of parking a clubhouse and bar, refreshments available, a small seated stand on one side of the pitch which considering where we are in the football calender was in excellent condition, one of the best playing surfaces I’ve see in a good while. Been craving an ice-cream for a few days now too, so to see an ice-cream van in the carpark I was happy. The weather was fantastic, bright and sunny, not too hot, ideal for a game of football.

  Northampton Town Ladies starting XI – Joanna Daniels, Megan Rayment, Isla Fleury, Claire Stancliffe, Eden Brown (C), Georgia Tear, Steph Knight, Amy Marshall, Zoe Boote, Cloe Woodward & Cesca Partridge.
  subs – Aimee Smith

  Peterborough United Ladies starting XI – Amy Martin, Sephania Chaudhuri, Fiona Plumb, Kathryn Lusk, Laura Tonkin, D’lacy Phillips (C), Emily Smith, Amy Challis, Tash Applegate, Eleanor Boothman & Bryony Fox.

  subs – Courtney Edwards, Jenna Lusk, Georgie Elsom, Emma Stevenson & Jessica Harvey.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s Peterborough to get the Cup Final underway 1st half wearing blue shirts and shorts with white socks with Northampton lined up opposite wearing claret shirts and socks with white shorts. Northampton get the ball off Peterborough straight away, Georgia Tear getting stuck in, the ball being played down the right wing for Amy Marshall to go after, keeping it in looks to turn inside Laura Tonkin closes her down the ball comes off her for a throw to Peterborough. 
   Peterborough bring the ball up the left side attacking the ball played into Eleanor Boothman in attack with Bryony Fox, a throw deep in the half brings the 1st corner of the match, is delivered long to the far post Northampton get a head on it and the break is on the ball sent long, ends up all the way back into the gloves of Peterborough goalkeeper, Amy Martin. 
  In goal for Northampton, Joanna Daniels is called into action racing off her line to slide in and stop the ball as Fox is played in behind the defence by Amy Challis bringing the ball down the right side of the attack for Peterborough. Clear to see these are to closely matched sides early on a competitive opening exchange no one afforded any time on the ball in the middle of the park the ball is popped back by Peterborough to defender, Fiona Plumb the centre back sends a great ball long out to the left with Tash Applegate looking to move forwards, Northampton captain, Eden Brown comes across to challenge for the ball leaves Applegate on the ground as the ball is blocked runs harmlessly into the box. Applegate receives treatment on the pitch and is okay to continue.
  Brown along with centre back partner Claire Stancliffe are dealing well with the Peterborough attack in the opening 20 minutes as they try to play the diagonal ball into the centre for the strikers to run onto whenever they get the ball in the wide positions, Fox more than willing to try and force her way through the middle to get into the area. 
Northampton Town Ladies captain, Eden Brown
  Northampton’s Marshall coming inside plays the ball long out to the right side, Cloe Woodward goes after it, looks to be a lost cause but she manages to keep it in knocking it down the line, goes after it, Tonkin has come across with her and turns the ball behind for a corner kick as Woodward looks to cross the ball into the box. The ball is send high into the Peterborough area, in the centre, Brown jumps high trying to get something on it doesn’t as it drops far side to Cesca Partridge 12 yards out lashes the ball in towards goal the shot is cleared by the defender covering the near post. 
  Northampton keep the ball in the Peterborough half, are awarded a free kick 20 yards out to the left of goal Woodward is over the set piece lines up the shot gets it on target coming in Tonkin is in it’s path and sends in clear of her area. Boothman steals in on the ball just over the halfway line pulling out to the left takes it forwards before attempting to release Fox into the box (I was going to type it at some point wasn’t I?) too much weight on the ball allows Daniels to come and gather before Fox can reach it. A fast paced game no sooner is the ball up one end then it’s up the other, Northampton have a throw halfway inside the Peterborough half on the right side finds its way inside to Woodward drifting into the area right corner, looks to head the ball on with Partridge ahead of her near post, Partridge looks to head it on, Martin moving across has the post covered and claims the ball low however the flag is already raised as Partridge was offside.
Cloe Woodward heads the ball in for Cesca Partridge 
 Emily Smith getting hold of the ball for Peterborough in the middle carries it out towards the right with Challis down the right making the run for her, given the ball she looks to come inside knock the ball on it is cut out put behind for a corner kick. A good delivery played in at a good height, Fox rises to meet it in the middle of the goal heading the ball down on target, Martin is well placed to get her gloves on the dropping ball make the save.
Bryony Fox gets her head on the ball from the corner for Peterborough United Ladies
   Challis has the ball wide right for Peterborough tries to thread the pass forwards for Fox to get after, trying to get into the area, the foul goes against as she bundles Brown to the ground. A change for Peterborough, captain D’lacy Phillips comes off the armband handed to Plumb as assistant player manager Jenna Lusk comes on. A free kick for Peterborough wide on the left just over the halfway line as Brown fouls Applegate, the ball is delivered long into the Northampton area, Boothman jumps a back header sends the ball towards the goal, Daniels gathers, the offside flag is up against the attacker.

  Northampton make a substitution Aimee Smith coming on for Isla Fleury. Boothman peels out to the left as Smith picks up the ball in the middle sends the pass out to her, Fox comes across looking to spin in behind the Northampton defence as the ball is played forwards into the area, Daniels seeing the threat comes off her line and sliding in claims the ball. Marshall and Boote have switched sides for Northampton now on the left Marshall on the ball comes central plays the ball out to Boote on the right driving on with it down the line stands the cross up into the box, jumping Tonkin gets a glancing header on the ball sending it on across the six yard box falls to Partridge at the far post, gets the shot away, Martin has gotten across her goal and holds onto the ball.

Northampton Town Ladies, Georgia Tear

 Applegate wins Peterborough a corner on the left, the ball is whipped in central under the bar, Daniels with a strong punch clears the ball sending it out to the left another corner is won this one played up the line with Smith getting hold of the ball taking it inside is 25 yards out fires in the shot, Daniels is behind the ball and has the ball in her gloves.

  Smith fouls Tear in the centre circle inside the Peterborough half, Brown plays the ball up into the area, Jenna Lusk gets her head on the ball clearing it, Northampton soon have it back Steph Knight playing the ball out to Boote wide right, sends her cross in dissecting the six yard box, Partridge is racing in to meet it, Martin gets it into her gloves first. Late Northampton pressure in and around the Peterborough penalty box brings them a corner kick on the left a fantastic ball played in finds Woodward on the penalty spot, drills a shot back across to the near post area, the defender covering the post blocks getting it clear

  Applegate having come over to the right has the ball with support from Challis the pass is send forwards for Fox to attack the Northampton area, Brown gets back on her makes the tackle the ball out for a throw is taken quickly put into Fox right side of the area, Daniels comes racing out to the edge of the area to close her down, Fox gets the shot away past the keeper, but off target.

Half-time Northampton Town Ladies 0-0 Peterborough United Ladies

  Easy to see why these to sides finished so closely in the league, a competitive match, played at a fast tempo on a good surface, both creating chances without overly testing the goalkeepers. 0-0 at half-time it looks like it’ll be an odd goal to 2 that settle it, just a question of which side will score. Peterborough have more options available on the bench that could tell as the 2 sides start to tire 2nd half. If not then the game goes straight to penalties no extra-time being played today.
  Northampton get the 2nd half underway. Fleury is back on for Knight. Peterborough have made a double change at half time, Fox and Challis off Georgie Elsom and Emma Stevenson on both in midfield, Applegate is now further forwards in attack. They start brightly winning a throw deep on the left the ball is sent into the area, Stancliffe clears. Northampton come forwards with the ball Marshall has it on the right plays the pass inside to Partridge 25 yards out lines up the strike hits the ball low and hard, rolls wide across the goal face. 
Georgie Elsom on for the 2nd half for Peterborough United Ladies brings the ball under control
  Another free kick for Northampton inside the centre circle a chance for Brown to play the ball long into the area, a great delivery, Partridge is the player looking to connect as it bounces, close just evades her as it runs out for a goal kick. A free kick for Peterborough closer to the target, 25 yards out to the right side of the box as Stancliffe fouls Stevenson. Applegate is over it takes it quickly whipping the ball in towards the near post, Daniels moves quickly getting across to palm the ball down into the ground and claims. 
  A surging run from Peterborough’s Smith through the middle, looks to thread the ball through the centre backs for Applegate, she has strayed offside however and the move breaks down. Moments later the same thing happens only this time the flag doesn’t go up Applegate is clear after the ball, Daniels comes running out to kick clear inside the D, mis-kicks the ball it is sliced to her left, she reacts quickest throws herself on the loose ball looked mighty close to being handled outside the area as her roll takes her inside, the officials don’t give anything play continues. Knight returns to the field for Northampton with Woodward off.
Northampton Town Ladies, Isla Fleury looking to go past Peterborough United Ladies, Emma Stevenson
   Stevenson links up with Applegate on the right side as Peterborough attack, the ball rolled down the line for Applegate gets it and plays it inside to Stevenson who takes the ball into the box, her touch is a little heavy the ball getting away from her, Applegate is chasing in to the area, gets onto the ball, scuffs the shot, which sees it run safely into the keepers gloves.
  The game continues to be played at a furious pace the ball travelling from one end of the pitch to the other then back again, Northampton’s Rayment brings the ball forwards plays it forwards for Marshall they win a corner kick the ball is sent in near side flashes all the way through to Partridge once more standing free far side outside the area this time, unleashes a shot too many bodies to get through the shot is blocked, deflected up into the air and cleared. Both sides make a change, Partridge coming off for Northampton, Woodward comes back on. Boothman off for Peterborough, Jessica Harvey comes on to join Applegate in attack.
Northampton Town Ladies, Megan Rayment
  Northampton gets powerful shot in from 30 yards out, didn’t see who hit it the ball comes flying in towards Martin above her head she doesn’t have much time to react, is straight at her throws her gloves up, gets contact with the ball has done enough to kill it as it drops behind her, for a second it looks like it might creep over the line but turning Martin snatches the ball into her gloves. 
  Harvey looks to get herself in behind the Northampton defence, her forward ball is deflected behind for a corner on the left. Is a great ball flung in across the six yard box drops to Applegate 3 yards out unmarked at the far post, meets the ball on the volley looking to turn it home, sends the attempt over the crossbar. 
Meeting the corner kick at the far post Tash Applegate volleys over
  Peterborough are starting to build momentum seeing a little more of the ball, Smith plays the ball through the centre with Harvey giving chase, Brown getting back on her to win the tackle before she gets into the box. Coming again on the right Peterborough win another corner kick this one is played into the middle of the six yard box dropping for Harvey she gets a glancing header on the ball turning it on target, Daniels flings out an arm knocking the ball down into the ground and taking it on the bounce.
  GOAL! The deadlock is broken with a little over 10 minutes left on the clock. Harvey busy since joining the action closes down Stancliffe at the back challenges and comes away with the ball breaking in behind into the box is one on one with the keeper, keeps her composure right of target to send the ball across Daniels and into the back of the net 0-1.
Jessica Harvey scores the opening goal of the
Northamptonshire Ladies League Cup Final
  Northampton go on the attack from the restart get a corner kick on the right the ball whipped in central close to goal is claimed comfortably by Martin. Chaudhuri bringing the ball on plays it on for Smith coming across to the right who plays it on down the right for Harvey coming inside as she comes level with the top of the area squares the ball into Applegate inside the D, back to goal she controls the ball well flicking it up and looking to hit on the turn sends her shot over the crossbar.
  Northampton send Partridge back on with Rayment coming off as they go to 3 at the back needing a goal with 5 minutes of normal time left. The action continues either end late on in the game, Applegate on the left stays up as she is clipped going beyond squeezes a cross into the box, Daniels comes and claims near post the ball launched up field. Knight attempts to play Woodward into the area, Kathryn Lusk cuts intercepts. The game moves into injury time, Northampton have another corner on the right played into Woodward coming to the ball she tries to hook the ball on ends up lifting it over the goal. Again the ball is at Woodwards feet as Northampton push bodies forwards 25 yards out shoots pulls the ball wide of goal. Little time left Tonkin plays the ball into Smith 30 yards out takes on the shot a viscous strike on the half volley flies in towards goal, Daniels with a fantastic save throws herself at the ball tipping it over her crossbar
GOAL! From the resulting corner kick Peterborough put the result beyond doubt as they score again the ball from the right is fired in to the face of the area with Applegate free beyond the D, connects with the ball hitting it back in on the volley smashing it across the box it finds its way into the far corner of the net 0-2 Applegate wheels away in celebration performing a double somersault as her team mates rush over to celebrate virtually no time left the final whistle blows and Peterborough United Ladies win the Northamptonshire Ladies League Cup Final.

Tash Applegate scores in the closing seconds to make it 2-0 to Peterborough United Ladies

   Have seen several finals this season and this one is right up there with the best, a good competitive contest between two evenly matches sides who know each other well, might well have gone either way right up until the final 10 minutes and Northampton kept trying until the end. 

Peterborough United Ladies 2015/16 Northamptonshire Ladies League Plate Winners

  Congratulations to Peterborough United Ladies on winning the Northamptonshire Ladies League Cup.
   There were 4 other finals that took place earlier in the day starting at 9;30am the U12s final was won by AFC Rushden & Diamonds who beat Earls Barton 4-0. That was followed by a 2-1 victory for Welland Valley over Parklands Tigers in the u14s final.
  In the U16s final Gregory Celtic ran out 6-1 winners against Welland Valley, then in the Ladies Plate Final, Woodford United beat Rothwell Corinthians Ladies Reserves 4-0 to lift the trophy. Congratulations to all the winners.
  They may have lost out on the cup and making it a double celebration but Northampton Town Ladies are league Champions and were presented with their trophies after the final.
Northampton Town Ladies, Northamptonshire Women’s Division One Champions
  Another enjoyable final, my thanks to both sides for giving me their assistance with the team line-ups today always appreciated.