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Match Report – Peterborough United Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies U21s

Saturday 26th May

End of season friendly

  One more game to bring the season to a close a trip to The ABAX Stadium home of The Posh… Peterborough United FC, their Ladies side taking on Ipswich Town Ladies U21s in an end of season friendly.

A celebration for Peterborough United Ladies, fast becoming one of the leading forces for women’s football in Peterborough, newly crowned Champions of EMWRFL (East Midlands Women’s Regional Football League) Division One South will be joining Peterborough Northern Star Ladies in the Premier Division next season one step away from the FAWPL. Dropping just 5 points on their way to the title this season winning 16 of their 18 games. An opportunity to play at The ABAX Stadium again at the end of their successful season.

  Their opponents Ipswich Town Ladies U21s replacing Aston Villa Lades who were originally scheduled to bring a team up to The ABAX Stadium. Ipswich Town Ladies the leading force for women’s football in Suffolk, the first team finishing 3rd in FAWPL South East Division One, are backed up by a Development team competing at Regional level and an academy squad which make up the bulk of today’s squad very young with many 16 & 17 year olds featuring.

  The venue for this evenings friendly The ABAX Stadium home of The Posh, Peterborough United competing in EFL League One. Have been here before when Peterborough United Ladies entertained West Ham United Ladies in an end of season friendly just a spectator then decided to cover the game for Women’s Football East this time around as I haven’t gotten around to seeing then earlier in the season. An impressive stadium 3 large seated stands with terracing behind one of the goals a great surface to play on. Warm weather at the start of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Peterborough United Ladies starting XI – Sophie Powell, Imogen James, Kathryn Lusk, Bronwyn Mulheron, Jeorgia Carr, Laura Patrick, Amy Challis, Emma Stevenson, Tash Applegate, Jess Driscoll & Keir Perkins (C). Subs – Amy Gore, D’Lacy Phillips, Emily Smith, Georgia Bainbridge, Rhea Patel & Leah Crawford.

 Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Ellie Bird, Chloe Dunn, Eva Hubbard (C), Olivia Bilson, Lucy Egan, Blue Wilson, Sarah Woodbyrne, Amy Leigh Abrehart, Georgie Morton, Eloise King & Miagh Downey. Subs – Emma Wallis, Naomi Bedeau, Holly Northfield, Abbie Lafeyette & Mia Cinque.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

The teams line up

 Ipswich in an all orange kit to get the friendly kicked off. Peterborough lined up opposite wearing blue shirt with navy across the shoulders, blue shorts and red socks. The setting sun an issue for the Ipswich defence to deal with as it falls low behind the ground. Ipswich attack the ball played long out to Georgie Moreton on the right a run with the ball before sweeping a good ball into the six yard box Kathryn Lusk clearing the ball for Peterborough.

Imogen James looking to tackle Ipswich’s Blue Wilson

 A strong start to the game from Ipswich moving forwards with purpose have Peterborough on the back foot defending deep. Trying to get out in attack Peterborough’s Amy Challis attempts to play the ball in through the middle for striker and captain Keir Perkins to chase down, Lucy Egan with a vital defensive challenge for Ipswich. Tash Applegate back helping her defence charges down a cross on the right as Chloe Dunn gets forwards from right back for Ipswich. 

  GOAL! Ipswich go on to take an early lead in the match awarded a free-kick out wide left around 25 yards from goal, winger Amy Leigh Abrehart. A very good delivery fired in low towards the near post a crowd there the ball finding it’s way into the back of the net the crowd slow to react as the referee awards the goal Abrehart awarded it 0-1.

  Ipswich press their early advantage moving the ball well across the pitch. Captain Eva Hubbard brings the ball on from left-back for Ipswich fires a diagonal ball in low towards the top of the box, Eloise King the target, Laura Patrick defending for Peterborough. Dunn coming on to support Morton on the right Applegate again with good defensive work with her sides pushed back unable to get anything going in attack. Both Peterborough centre backs Lusk and Bronwyn Mulheron clearing inside the six yard box as Ipswich get crosses in. 

Tash Applegate with the ball for Peterborough United

  Jess Driscoll brings the ball on through the middle tries to pick out Perkins ahead of her as she breaks in behind the Ipswich defence positioned on the halfway line, Egan intercepting the pass. Sarah Woodbyrne gets hold of the ball in midfield for Ipswich sends a pass out to Abrehart on the left 25 yards out unleashes a shot Peterborough goalkeeper Sophie Powell with an excellent save throwing herself at the ball getting a touch upon it taking it wide of goal a corner awarded. The delivery good helped on across the six yard box an instinctive touch at the far post the ball placed wide for the goal kick.

   Mulheron back to clear the ball off the line for Peterborough as a cross from Abrehart on the left is over Powell coming towards her near post. Ipswich have been really impressive in the opening exchanges working the ball well energetic making runs off the ball someone always available for a pass. Peterborough pushed back have limited chances up front Perkins isolated always ready to break off the last defender tries to get after an over the top pass but Ipswich goalkeeper Ellie Bird out of her area early can get to the ball first. 

 Challis on the ball for Peterborough wins a throw right side a chance for Peterborough to occupy Ipswich territory the ball worked back to Mulheron lifted up into the area for Perkins good control to bring the ball down turns out to the left her shot charged down by Olivia Bilson in close attendance, Bird can gather up the loose ball. Ipswich are quick to get the ball up the other end Wilson on for Morton right side her cross into the area claimed by Powell.   

GOAL! Ipswich double their lead are awarded a free kick for handball in a dangerous position on the right Morton to put the ball in as players come up from the back. Is a great delivery fired in head height into the six yard box headed on Bilson turns the ball into the back of the net from close range 0-2. 

Ipswich’s Olivia Bilson

Peterborough were readying a change before the goal Georgia Bainbridge entering the action now for Jeorgia Carr. A top draw save from Powell as the ball is knocked down for King to strike from the top of the area for Ipswich hit first time dipping Powell throws herself to her right getting a glove on the ball to take it wide for the corner. Players up from the back once again for Ipswich Bilson goes for it again inside the six yard box but can’t get a clean connection on the ball as Peterborough get the ball away to safety. make a second change Applegate coming off for Amy Gore. 

  A free-kick to Peterborough on halfway left side the ball up into the box spilt by Bird as she goes to claim, Perkins after it but Ipswich scramble away for the throw. Left side the ball put into Challis she turns inside having a shot from 25 yards out her effort over the crossbar. Imogen James comes off for Peterborough with D’Lacy Phillips coming on. Wilson with a give and go with Woodbyrne in the middle for Ipswich after the return pass inside the box Lusk with a good tackle on her for Peterborough to win the ball back. 

Amy Challis attempting to get in on goal for Peterborough United

  Hubbard with the pass on for Abrehart left side her cross claimed by Powell with Miagh Downey closing her down. Morton finding space on the right for Ipswich gets in behind a cross flashed in across the face of goal. Bainbridge with a good run and pass on for Perkins peeling away top of the area Ipswich defending the ball away for the corner defended near post. Ipswich counter attacking quickly Abrehart on the left the ball on into the area brilliant recovery from Emma Stevenson making the tackle to deny Ipswich a shot at goal the ball away for a corner on the right.

GOAL! Ipswich extend their lead from the corner a great ball played in from the right headed on along the six yard line to King positioned far post sending her header back in and across the line to make it 0-3.

GOAL! Peterborough with an instant response get up the other end from the restart get up the other end and pull a goal back. The ball played up top towards Perkins 20 yards out Challis providing the run going beyond her into the area getting onto the end of the ball and lashing a shot up over the keeper to smash against the crossbar and bounce down over the line 1-3.

  Into stoppage time Ipswich with one last attack Morton on the right with a good cross into the six yard box Patrick with good defensive work to play the ball back to her keeper as she tracks King’s run. 

Half-time Peterborough United Ladies 1-3 Ipswich Town Ladies U21s

  A strong 1st half display from Ipswich Town Ladies young side have dominated pushing Peterborough back moving well with and without the ball, energetic have used the whole pitch well and defending a high line have restricted Peterborough attacks keeping them for large periods penned back in the final 3rd. Scoring 3 goals they have all come for set-pieces. Peterborough have struggled to get anything going in attack working hard to defend however pulling it back to 3-1 keeps them in the game as we go into the 2nd half.

  4 changes for Ipswich at the start of the second half, Emma Wallis, Naomi Bedeau, Holly Northfield and Abbie Lafeyette the players coming on. It’s Peterborough to get things underway in the 2nd period. On the attack early the ball with Challis on the right a high ball played into the box Ipswich head clear. The visitors attack the ball through the middle squeezed through to Morton making a run into the area right side shoots her low effort saved by Powell out for a corner. Peterborough bring the ball on Driscoll into Bainbridge 20 yards out central slices her shot wide of the Ipswich goal. 

 GOAL! Just what Peterborough didn’t want at the start of the 2nd half Ipswich going further into the lead and from another set-piece. Downey with good work on the right to win a corner. The ball played short up to Morton positioned upon the corner of the area a superb ball played in towards goal Lafayette with the run central to volley the ball home from close range 1-4.

  Ipswich attacking the ball played into King drifting left knocks the pass inside to Woodbyrne arriving top of the area her strike sent wide across the face of the Peterborough goal. Lafayette scuffs a chance inside the D allowing Peterborough to clear as the cross is fired into her from Morton on the right. Lusk charging down a shot as Ipswich keep the ball from a corner kick. A mistake from Bird presents Driscoll with a shooting opportunity as her goal kick goes straight to the Peterborough midfielder 30 yards from goal tries to lob a shot back in the keeper off her line the ball dropping wide of the post.

Emma Stevenson on the ball for Peterborough United

  Morton drills a shot in from the right Powell with a cracking save to tip the ball over her crossbar at her near post. The ball played into Wilson at the top of the area, her shot defended by Lusk. Play spread the ball put out to Morton in space on the right her cross defended by Mulheron over for the corner. The ball played long across the area falls to King lashes a shot in takes a deflection putting a wide a corner signalled, Peterborough defend and try to counter attack Ipswich stop them on halfway.

GOAL! Downey gets on the scoresheet for Ipswich a run into the box as Morton picks it up on the right charging forwards lays the pass on into the area Downey throwing herself at it taking it past the advancing Powell and on into the back of the net 1-5.

  Lusk comes off for Peterborough, James returning to the action. Emily Smith also on for Stevenson. The changes thick and fast now Ipswich with a double switch Mia Cinque and Abrehart returning on for Woodbyrne and Downey. Ipswich with a free-kick in a dangerous position inside the D, Cinque on the ball clips the wall allowing Powell to come and gather beyond. Gore with a dipping shot in on goal from distance for Peterborough, Bird back on her line is right behind it for Ipswich.

  Abrehart with a pacy run on the left fires a low strike in towards the near post Powell diving can’t stop it is saved by the woodwork the ball gathered by the keeper. Rhea Patel and Leah Crawford come on for Peterborough replacing Challis and Phillips. Frustration for Peterborough their is room in behind the Ipswich defence they just cannot find that all important final ball as the game enters the final 15 minutes. Smith picks up a knock her knee already bandaged comes off for Peterborough Carr back on.

  Bainbridge with a good ball out to Driscoll making a run to her right her cross flighted into the area won by Ipswich’s Bilson. Cinque with great control centrally as the ball is played up to her sends it out to Abrehart wide left takes it inside tackled the ball is sent in towards goal from distance lands on the roof of Powell’s net. Woodbyrne and Dunn come back on for Ipswich King and Morton giving way. Driscoll bringing the ball on left side knocks it on for Perkins ahead of her into the box Bird rushing out sliding in to make the save at the attackers feet. 

  Perkins last action of the game as she is replaced by Applegate late on in attack. Ipswich get the ball on Dunn linking up with Abrehart and Cinque sees a 20 yard shot put over. Abrehart with a 25 yard effort on goal out on the left wide of target. Alot of changes equals alot of stoppage time. Ipswich finishing strongly Cinque with a mazy dribble central sends a shot over the bar from the top of the area. 

  A throw won by Peterborough inside the Ipswich half worked inside to Carr at the top of the area moves into a central position before angling a shot in on goal her low drive scooped up by Bird. Woodbyrne with the run central the ball at her feet pushed into Cinque goes on past her getting the return pass sends her shot in wide across the face of goal. 

Full time Peterborough United Ladies 1-5 Ipswich Town Ladies U21s

  Ipswich win the game 5-1 were impressive from start to finish getting an early goal in both halves to keep them on the front foot. Energetic moved the ball quickly and spread play out to both wingers. Ironically 4 of their 5 goals came from set-pieces all taken well however. Not the end to the season Peterborough would have liked worked hard defensively Powell with some outstanding saves, just couldn’t get anything going in attack should take nothing away from an excellent season nevertheless. Several Ipswich 1st teamers have mentioned on social media how bright the future looks and with this squad coming through it’s easy to see why.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 One more time this season the award for the Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Several contenders from the Ipswich squad but after reading the notes on name featured more than the rest and made choosing alot easier. With her pace and movement on the right finding space and excellent deliveries into the area Georgie Morton is today’s Player of the Match.

A good game to end the season thanks to everyone at The ABAX Stadium for their help this evening.

Match Report – Ipswich Town Ladies v Cambridge United WFC

Sunday 25th February

A trip down into Suffolk today to watch a match from the FAWPL South East Division One. with 4th placed Ipswich Town Ladies taking on Cambridge United WFC in 6th.

  Been a while since I’ve been to the Goldstar Ground, home of Felixstowe & Walton FC and Ipswich Town Ladies now into their 2nd season as a regular at the venue. Always good to to see a club advertising the presence of a female side at their club too upon entry.

  A good season for Ipswich Town Ladies have been in an amongst the top 4 all season, at one point with Leyton Orient WFC and Milton Keynes Dons Ladies looking to push AFC Wimbledon Ladies all the way for top spot. A defeat at Leyton Orient WFC denting their own title hopes earlier in the season AFC Wimbledon have since moved on to take a commanding lead at the top of the table going 11 points clear. Ipswich Town Ladies have games in hand on the leaders but even with maximum points know only a slip up from AFC Wimbledon will let them back into the race now. things ca change however and Ipswich Town are aiming to finish the season as high as they can having won 8 of the 13 games they have played so far. Have Ipswich Town Talk helping with the media and they are doing a fantastic job helping promote them and adding to their exposure.

  Cambridge United WFC were in Ipswich’s position last season challenging for the title. This time around with alot of changes at the start of the season haven’t reached those heights are currently 6th in the table with the even record of 5 wins 5 draws and 5 losses from the 15 they have played very tight in the middle of the South East Division One table a late run of form could yet propel them up the table threaten the top 4, whilst keeping an eye on the sides below who fancy their chances of a top half finish. 

   Both sides are the leading women’s football sides in their respective counties and are going strong to once again retain their County Cups usually a close game between the sides. A win for Ipswich Town Ladies moves them up a place into 3rd.

  The last time I was here the new clubhouse and changing rooms were just a building site the foundations barely laid. The finished product is very impressive. The main building housing the bar and kitchen plenty of food and drink to chose from hot and cold. The changing rooms adjoining is an excellent environment for the Ipswich Town Ladies players to call home. Through the clubhouse out onto the pitch nice and wide surrounded by housing lost ball in gardens a highly likely occurrence. Promised to be a very cold weekend so I was fingers crossed Sunday morning the game would be on the Sunday was high in the sky however doing it’s best to warm thing’s up still bitterly cold bright and dry it was a good footballing afternoon. 

The new clubhouse at Felixstowe & Walton

Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Sian Fagg, Jacqueline Ball, Nicole Pannifer, Lindsey Cooper, Harriet Petley, Cassandra Craddock, Amanda Crump (C), Zoe Cossey, Sophie Welton, Natasha Thomas & Miagh Downey. Subs – Jordan Arnoup, Jade Henry & Gemma Moore.

Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Savannah Smith, Emma Jenkins, Carrie Bennett, Kayleigh-Anne Burt, Carolyn Sarafian, Laura Baker, Lauren Cartwright, Faith Hewitt, Amber Cantwell, Laura Bright (C) & Kelley Blanchflower. Subs – Michaela Dortch, Teonie Peyton & Lauren Gibson. 

It’s the visitors to kick-off the 1st half, Cambridge wearing amber and black vertical striped shirts, black shorts and socks with Ipswich lined up opposite their backs to the sun wearing blue shirts and socks with white shorts. A lively start to the game both sides looking to press the ball sees the ball lost by either side, Faith Hewitt looking to get clear down the left the ball out for a throw up the other end Miagh Downey is released into space down the left but can’t keep the ball in play. 

  Ipswich from a throw in left side work the ball in a neat triangle inside the Cambridge half before the final ball is sent in on the diagonal into the box , an easy gather for Cambridge goalkeeper Savannah Smith making her 2nd appearance since joining from Milton Keynes Dons Ladies. Cambridge win a free-kick wide right on halfway as Amber Cantwell is upended the ball played long up into the area won by Cambridge captain Laura Bright playing up top along side Kelley Blanchflower this afternoon the ball knocked out into the midfield the first time strike looks to be on Ipswich are quick to converge and regain possession.

Ipswich’s Cassie Craddock with Cambridge’s Laura Baker

   Cassie Craddock gets hold of the ball in the midfield for Ipswich moving right plays it forwards for Sophie Welton up the line she runs on with it cutting her cross back towards the top of the area, Ipswich captain Amanda Crump jumping to head the ball the looping ball angling towards the goal, Emma Jenkins gets behind it to head the ball away from danger. The tempo is very fast time on the ball at a premium Cambridge press winning the ball can’t keep it for long before Ipswich get back at them a little scrappy at times. Ipswich win a throw on the right side inside the Cambridge half between them Welton and Downey win a corner kick.

  GOAL! Coming up to 15 minutes on the clock Ipswich open the scoring from the corner kick Crump the taker a good delivery inswinging into the middle of the six yard box, Smith gets her gloves to the ball knocks it away the ball falling towards the top of the area Natasha Thomas has lost her marker, coming onto the falling ball strikes it first time the ball evading everyone and flying into the back of the net 1-0.

Natasha Thomas puts Ipswich Town Ladies into the lead

   The ball is sent forwards through the middle Blanchflower making a run across the Ipswich defence peels away in behind after it, Sian Fagg comes racing out to the edge of her area sliding in to claim the ball before the Cambridge striker can reach it. Bright and Blanchflower combine as Cambridge regain possession through Laura Baker the ball on by Bright left side Blanchflower in behind crosses into the area the ball going long Cantwell retrieves over on the right help from Jenkins the ball is fired back into the area the header won by Ipswich’s Lindsey Cooper. 

   Bright and Blanchflower with more good combination play in attack for Cambridge, Bright playing the ball on down the left makes a forwards run into the centre as Blanchflower squares the ball into her the ball is struck early 20 yards out swerves away from goal. Hewitt with a clever pass into Blanchflower who controls on her chest back to goal Lauren Cartwright makes the midfield run going beyond her Blanchflower putting the ball into her, taking it into the area left of goal Jac Ball and Hannah Petley close Cartwright down prevent her getting a shot away. 

Ipswich Town Ladies, Hannah Petley

  Welton has swapped sides with Zoe Cossey now on the right she is picked put by Petley bringing the ball out from the back, Cossey checks her run coming inside towards the top right corner of the area her shot/cross goes wide out at the far post. Cossey takes a knock for her efforts as she tracks back well to tackle Bennett as the full back goes past Hewitt on the overlap getting the return pass blocking the cross Bennett catches Cossey in the ankle the winger getting the free-kick.

Faith Hewitt with the ball for Cambridge United WFC

   A wide pitch both sides are looking to cross the ball in more than one cross ending up behind the goal. Runs through the middle are limited, Baker and Cartwright for Cambridge and Craddock and Crump for Ipswich doing a good job breaking up play. Cossey has a go picking up the ball wanting to run with it Hewitt chases her infield and slides in to win the ball. Downey comes deep to receive the ball a good turn and pass out to Cossey on the move down the right screws her cross onto the roof of the Cambridge net. Cambridge are unhappy with so of the refereeing decisions Blanchflower appearing to have her shirt tugged as she tries to spin in behind to attack the box, The referee having a word with the Cambridge bench.

Cambridge United WFC’s, Kelley Blanchflower

    Cambridge press on down the right with the ball Bright with Cantwell win the visitors a corner kick the ball is played out towards the top of the area met by Hewitt her strike is sent high over the crossbar. Cartwright is fouled as she brings the ball forwards taken short into Cantwell right she wins a throw put into Bright she holds the ball up rolled back into Cantwell her cross lifted into the box is won by Cooper. 

Keep your eyes on the ball

   Late into the 1st half is an even game quality in the final third lacking the hard pressing game continues in midfield, a 50/50 ball is won by Cambridge goes long forwards Blanchflower is onto it running clear of the Ipswich defence into the box right of goal Fagg comes running out sliding in brings Blanchflower down the referee points to the spot, PENALTY! Fagg is carded as Cantwell places the ball on the spot. Looks to place the ball to the keepers left, Fagg reads it however and throwing herself to the left makes a comfortable looking saves holding onto the ball.

Ipswich Town Ladies, goalkeeper Sian Fagg

 The opportunity for Cambridge to level the scores gone the game continues at a furious pace the ball from one end to the other possession lost too easily. Cantwell shes the ball played into her path as she makes a forwards run can’t bring it under control as Fagg closes her down to claim. Kayleigh-Anne Burt with the forwards pass for Bright on for Blanchflower a throw won on the left Cambridge get the ball into the Ipswich area, the home defence scramble it away Cambridge reclaim the ball come on again left side Hewitt on for Bennett the cross in towards the near post, Petley meeting the ball sees it skip up off her body to land onto the roof of her own net. A good delivery from the corner on the left the ball flying across the six yard box Carolyn Sarafain coming in at the far post can’t quite get on the end of it. 

Half-time Ipswich Town Ladies 1-0 Cambridge United WFC

   A narrow lead for Ipswich at half-time 1-0 thanks to Natasha Thomas. A fast paced first half but overall scrappy the tempo affecting play to a degree no one with any time to settle on the ball. Both managers frustrated few chances in the final 3rd the midfield has seen alot of the action fairly even very finely balanced with the 2nd half to come. 

Cambridge United WFC’s, Carrie Bennett

  No changes for either side at half-time as Ipswich get the 2nd half underway. Cambridge with an early opportunity to put the ball into the Ipswich box winning a free-kick out wide on the right. Jenkins to take, sends the ball long towards the far post Cartwright with a good jump gets her head to the ball but can’t get enough on it to deflect it in towards goal runs wide out of play for the goal kick. Cambridge have started the 2nd half the better making progress on the left win a corner the delivery towards the top of the area flicked in towards goal, Fagg claims the ball inside her six yard box. 

Cambridge’s Lauren Cartwright looking to hold up the ball

  GOAL! Cambridge bright start to the 2nd half is undone as Ipswich get the ball up the other end quickly to double their lead. Cossey winning the ball at the back playing it long up towards Downey in the centre, the Cambridge defence looking to shield the ball as Smith comes racing out to lay claim to the ball. Downey is tenacious as she does well to get around her marker at the top of the area getting her foot onto the ball as she goes to ground pushing it past the advancing Smith and on into the back of the net beyond 2-0. 

Miagh Downey doubles the lead for Ipswich Town Ladies

   Hewitt is fouled in a dangerous position in front of the Ipswich area left of the D 25 yards out, Bright starting the 2nd half deeper in midfield to take goes for goal her effort on target lacking the pace or height to trouble Fagg. Baker is in an advanced position central as the ball is crossed into her from the right goes with the outside of her right foot attempting to play Hewitt in behind her ball going long runs out of play far post. Craddock with a good tackle wins the ball her pass out out to the right Downey gives chase sends her cross behind the Cambridge goal.

  GOAL! 15 minutes into the 2nd half and Cambridge pull a goal back. Players drifting over to the left side as Cambridge build good work from Blanchflower as she receives the ball holding it up before sending a cross in across the top of the area finding Cantwell unmarked 20 yards out makes no mistake as she meets the ball sending her shot angling into the back of the net past Fagg before the keeper can move 2-1.

Ipswich’s Nicole Pannifer with Cambridge’s Amber Cantwell

   Soon after Cambridge make their 1st change of the game bringing Sarafian off sending on Lauren Gibson the striker joining Blanchflower up top Bright who started the game in attack is now back in defence alongside Burt. A handball spotted by the referee as Cambridge attack on the right the free-kick awarded Baker over it as players come forwards from the back the delivery towards the far post the ball knocked down into the middle of the area Bright closest tries to put the ball back over her shoulder in towards goal is blocked rebounds to Gibson right of goal six yards out she gets a shot away too many Ipswich bodies to get through the shot it kept out. Ipswich counter getting the ball up the other end Thomas looking to get into the box left side, Jenkins going with her does enough to put her off checking back Thomas tries to pick out Welton far post Burt with the interception. 

  Cossey on the ball runs forwards taking it a long way before getting into a crossing position left side puts a high ball into the box the target again Welton running in gets her head on the dropping ball but can’t direct it on target. The game is stretched Cambridge after another goal Hewitt lays the ball on for Blanchflower left side her shot in towards the near post covered by Fagg. Downey has a chance to shoot from the top of the box, Smith behind it all the way catches safely. Blanchflower is down far side need treatment. Ipswich make their 1st change, Downey the player giving way. Jade Henry coming on up top. 

Zoe Cossey on the move with the ball for Ipswich Town Ladies

  GOAL! Closing in on the final 10 minutes Ipswich break to extend their lead the ball won in midfield by Crump comes to Thomas she takes it on evading a rash challenge has space to carry the ball into on the left, wide of the area checks her run has time to look up and sends a shoot angling in over Smith and into the goal beyond 3-1. 

Blanchflower needs to come off for Cambridge as they make their 2nd change Teonie Peyton taking her place. Jenkins is fouled as she looks to get forwards down the right. Wide of goal it’s the full back over it to take sent long towards the far post Ipswich have plenty back to win the ball and get the ball clear. Cambridge make their final change Jenkins coming off to be replaced by Michaela Dortch at right back. Ipswich make another change too Cossey coming off with Gemma Moore entering the field. The home side break quickly Thomas playing Welton in Cambridge recover quickly to win the ball back. 

Ipswich Town Ladies captain, Amanda Crump

  Not long left on the clock the game is scrappy Crump and Craddock breaking it up in the middle free-kick are given away by both sides some frustration on display. Ipswich make their final change Jordan Arnoup introduced Welton giving way. The substitute in to win the ball back as Ipswich finish strongly determined not to concede another goal. Cantwell takes a knock fouled down the right the ball played down the line Pannifer putting it out for the throw. One last attack for Cambridge the ball played into Gibson top of the area lays it back out for Cantwell wide right her long distance strike wide across the area.    

Full time Ipswich Town Ladies 3-1 Cambridge United WFC

   I really enjoyed this game even if ultimately it was a scrappy affair, two energetic and committed sides on display especially in the middle of the park. Few chances created and balls into the final third going to waste. The goals scored were nevertheless very well taken. Ipswich winning 3-1 in the end will be happy with the 3 points that lift them up to 3rd in the South East Division One table. Cambridge will be disappointed in the end the goals they conceded all could have been avoided. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Never gets any easier choosing the Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. This afternoon being no exception a real battle in the middle of the park, no time afforded on the ball and although Craddock ran her close today’s award goes to the Ipswich captain Amanda Crump.

My thanks as always to both sides with their help with the team line-ups today although they are two sides who I know very well, always pays to check however. 

Match Report – Stevenage Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies

Sunday 3rd December

Action from the 2nd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup this Sunday afternoon a trip to Hertfordshire to watch the all FAWPL South East Division One tie between Stevenage Ladies and Ipswich Town Ladies.

History for Stevenage Ladies has already been made reaching the 2nd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup for the 1st time. Progressing well as a club overall supported well by Stevenage FC themselves the 1st team gaining promotion to the FAWPL the season before last, are building well on the pitch after their 1st season playing at this level in 8th position one point short of last season’s tally already. Manager Reece Buck recruiting over the close season bringing in Paige Logie, Ashleigh Deacon and the returning Nicole Emming’s all with Cambridge United WFC last season.

  The 1st team at Stevenage being pushed hard by their Reserves side leading the ERWFL Division One South winning all 9 of their opening league games scoring 52 goals along the way and yet to concede, keeping the 1st team on it’s toes. Stevenage entering the FA Women’s Cup in 3rd Round Qualifying a comfortable 8-0 win away to Hassocks LFC to reach the 1st Round Proper. At home to former ERWFL Premier Division rivals Acle United Ladies, Stevenage won 4-1 to reach the 2nd Round Proper.

Ipswich Town Ladies are currently 5th in FAWPL South East Division One actually their lowest position so far this season having been in the top four for a long period very much amongst those hoping to challenge for the title this season are unbeaten in 8 games in league and cup. Like Stevenage, Ipswich have a 2nd side a new Development side that won the Suffolk Women’s Division title in it’s 1st season now promoted to the ERWFL Division One North players from that side going on to appear for the 1st team. Have brought in Gemma Moore and Cassie Craddock previously with Lowestoft Town Ladies and Jordan Arnoup good to see her back on the pitch after a long period out of the game with injury. Speaking of injury however have unfortunately lost goalkeeper Leanne Smith to a long term injury, Sian Fagg usually playing outfield taking on the role between the sticks.

  Ipswich Town Ladies entered the FA Women’s Cup in 3rd Round Qualifying away to Cambridge City Ladies beating the ERWFL Premier Division side 5-1. At home in the 1st Round Proper taking on Leyton Orient WFC newly promoted to FAWPL South East Division One and up their in the top 4 with Ipswich the game finishing 2-2 in normal time Ipswich went on to win in extra-time 4-2 to progress to the 2nd Round Proper.

Stevenage play their home games at Hertingfordbury Park, home of Hertford Town FC. A good sized non league ground, a small seated stand on one side housing the changing rooms, a small clubhouse too serving hot and cold drinks. The pitch looking a little worn has seen alot of football looked a little boggy in places, at the start of December a reasonably cold day, gloomy and dull overhead but little chance of rain.

Stevenage Ladies starting XI – Katherine Long, Paige Logie, Dominique Godbeer, Tanya Blacksley, Chloe Gunn (C), Cara Breckenridge, Ellie Searle, Leah Littlechild, Ashleigh Deacon, Amy Makewell & Nicole Emmings. Subs – Danielle Maloney, Kristi Burling & Rebecca Scola.

Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Sian Fagg, Jac Ball, Jordan Arnoup, Lindsey Cooper, Harriet Petley, Cassie Craddock, Amanda Crump (C), Zoe Cossey, Sophie Welton, Natasha Thomas & Jade Henry. Subs – Miagh Downey, Tori Campbell, Nicole Pannifer, Florence Cage& Gemma Moore.

It’s Stevenage to kick off the match wearing white and red vertical striped shirts with red shorts and socks with Ipswich lined up opposite wearing blue shirts and socks with white shorts. The home side look to move the ball across the pitch forwards down the right side the ball played into the area with Amy Makewell giving chase, Ipswich’s Lindsey Cooper gets across to slide in to challenge, Makewell squeezes the ball in towards the near post goalkeeper Sian Fagg is across covering the angle gathers the ball.

   Ipswich win the ball in the middle of the park the pass out to Zoe Cossey left wing looks to attack sends the cross into the area cut out by Dominique Godbeer the middle of Stevenage’s 3 at the back the clearance falls to Ipswich captain midfielder Amanda Crump tries to lift the ball back into the Stevenage area the ball is cleared. Cossey with another run left side, Natasha Thomas and Jade Henry up front for Ipswich in the area her cross is over both retrieved by right back Jac Ball getting up the pitch on the right her cross is blocked by Stevenage’s Tanya Blacksley. The home side look to counter attack Ellie Searle on the ball carries it forwards is stopped by Cooper.

Stevenage Ladies, Ellie Searle

Room on the left wing for Leah Littlechild for Stevenage whips a cross into the box too close to the near post is collected by Fagg. Ipswich launch a rapid counter move the ball through the middle into Henry up top good control takes on the shot from 25 yards out is straight at goalkeeper Katherine Long who makes the comfortable save. Stevenage win their 1st corner of the game delivered left side Ipswich defend at the near post. 

Ipswich’s Jade Henry, marked by Stevenage’s Tanya Blacksley

A lively start to the game both sides competitive and looking to move the ball quickly little break in the action. Searle with another positive forwards run through the middle holding the ball up 25 yards out lays the pass back to captain Chloe Gunn she finds Littlechild free on the left going forwards her cross into the box is cleared comes back to the advancing Gunn now 20 yards out left shifts the ball then shoots the ball zipping in towards goal Fagg makes a great save getting low to her right to push the ball away from goal. 

  Ashleigh Deacon bringing the ball on down the right wing for Stevenage sees her cross into the area headed clear by Ipswich’s Harriet Petley. A free kick to Ipswich wide left on the halfway line Crump plays the ball long into the box to be attacked Jordan Arnoup gets her head on the ball sends her shot wide across the Stevenage goal however play is stopped by an offside flag. Henry and Thomas link up on the right wing as Ipswich launch a counter attack, Thomas sending a high ball in towards goal is collected at head height by Long at her near post.

   GOAL! 20 minutes into the game and the home side open the scoring attacking down the right side from a throw in the ball is with Deacon played into the area Makewell has made a fantastic run getting away from her marker, great control and shoots to send the ball in at the near post 1-0.

Amy Makewell opens the scoring for Stevenage Ladies

 Ipswich look for a quick response from the restart the ball with Cossey left side good footwork to get up the pitch the ball squared into the middle the shot is taken from distance doesn’t trouble Long in the Stevenage goal. A fantastic defensive tackle from Paige Logie to deny Cossey an opportunity to skip in behind with the ball as Craddock does well in the middle for Ipswich. Up the other end Gunn taking the ball forwards tries to play the through ball in for Makewell peeling off the centre backs, Ball is round on the cover for Ipswich to win the ball.

The wide players for both sides are seeing plenty of the ball, Cossey breaking forwards with purpose again left side sees Sophie Welton on the opposite flank looking to get into the box sends her cross long, Blacksley is aware of the threat to the Stevenage defender winning the ball at the top of her area. Littlechild has a clear field ahead of her on the left as the ball is won in the middle fired out to her driving forwards into the box strikes the shot the low ball racing wide across the face of goal. A throw in left side 25 yards out played in Makewell a turn and strike sweeps the shot wide across the goal. 

The goal has swelled Stevenage’s confidence are getting players forwards and pressurising the ball when out of possession. Welton brings down Gunn in a central position. Is Gunn to take the free kick 30 yards out goes for goal the ball over the wall straight at Fagg the keeper gathering the shot. All action Ball looks to go beyond Henry off an Ipswich throw inside the Stevenage half right side up ended by Gunn the visitors with a free kick outside the top corner of the area Crump plays the ball towards the far post, Stevenage regain he ball counter attack the ball up the field Makewell giving chase Fagg out to the edge of her area kicks the ball clear.

  Cossey with the ball left side her cross over Crump arriving in the box making a run from midfield, Blacksley beyond half clears the ball 20 yards out is dropping for Welton closed down can’t get the shot under control as she strikes the ball slicing it wide of the target. Ball makes a good run infield with the ball from the right on for Henry up front into the box, Godbeer does well getting across the attacker to get her head on the ball first, Long able to collect. Welton wins Ipswich a corner on the right players come forwards from the back one of those is Cooper, Crump’s delivery is perfect Cooper gets up 8 yards out headers the ball just over the crossbar. 

Lindsey Cooper header flies over the bar for Ipswich Town Ladies

More good defending from Godbeer to deny Henry a chance inside the box as the attacker looks to receive the ball from Welton’s good right wing run. Cossey on the opposite side whips a low cross in towards the near post Thomas there to try and attack it under challenge sends her attempt wide of goal. Fagg sliding in claims the ball before Searle can latch onto it inside the area following good control from Emmings to see the ball into her body centrally and send the pass into the box.   

Half-time Stevenage Ladies 1-0 Ipswich Town Ladies

   That 45 minutes flew by all action both sides constantly looking to get forwards no one getting much time on the ball. A lively contest both sides creating chances, Stevenage with the narrow advantage competing well, right now the tie looks like it could go either way cup football at its best.

No changes for either side at the start of the 2nd half Ipswich to get the 2nd 45 underway. A little bit of hesitancy at the back from Stevenage as they break up an Ipswich attack however the visitors don’t capitalise the ball regained and cleared. Ipswich win a corner on the right following good work from Ball getting forwards receiving the lay off from Henry putting the ball in towards the top of the area. A great chance from a corner in the 1st half for Cooper, she is close again as the delivery is played in near post gets her head on the ball drills the attempt wide of the near post. 

Sophie Welton bringing the ball forwards for Ipswich Town Ladies

Stevenage get the ball forwards Breckenridge on for Makewell moving left her early cross into the area is over Emmings head central and evades Littlechild beyond out of play a corner is signalled. Taken from the right towards the top of the Ipswich area the ball is cleared back out to Emmings on the right sends the ball back into the area, Godbeer gets her head on the ball drops safely for Fagg to collect. 

  Cossey bringing the ball on down the left for Ipswich sends a pass forwards through the middle, Blacksley misses her clearance comes onto Henry 25 yards out the ball doesn’t sit the striker not catching it cleanly the shot bounces safely on for Long to gather. Searle is brought down by Cooper as she comes forwards through the middle with the ball for Stevenage. The free kick 25 yards out central Gunn over it goes for goal on target but straight into Fagg’s gloves.

Ipswich Town Ladies, Zoe Cossey

Getting a little more physical out there the referee needing to have a word with a few players from both sides, Ipswich half a free kick just inside their own half is played long into the area dipping on Long the keeper looks to have it inside her six yard box but spills it out to her right Crump racing in blasts her shot over from a tight angle. Another free kick on halfway this time Crump on the ball play it forwards into the area gets through the crowd is claimed by Long in goal beyond. 

  The energy levels remain high from both sides, Ipswich looking to get forwards Stevenage nipping at the ball winning it and looking to counter, Searle and Gunn ahead of Breckenridge. Crump gives away the free kick inside the centre circle the ball played high into the area his headed clear by Thomas for Ipswich. 

Cara Breckenridge on the ball for Stevenage Ladies

Ipswich come forwards Welton on the ball right inside to Craddock on for Cossey going up the left wing tackled by Logie the corner conceded. The ball is delivered near post drops to the floor Cooper tries to deflect it goalwards cleared back out to the taker put back into the area again Henry central sees her downwards header cleared off the line. Good defending from Petley for Ipswich as Searle plays the ball in behind for Emmings to chase Petley cutting out her cross. The visitors make the 1st change of the game Nicole Pannifer coming on for Henry. The substitute going to left back Arnoup moving into midfield.

Stevenage Ladies, Nicole Emmings

Direct play from Stevenage almost puts Gunn through on goal the ball kicked long by Long is flicked on with Gunn breaking in behind trying to get into the area, Fagg quick off her line slides in gathering the ball momentum seeing Gunn collide with her. Both are okay.

GOAL! Good work from Cossey on the right side the ball on for Thomas she is tackled by Godbeer inside the area to concede the corner kick. Ipswich already proving they are a threat from corners score the equalising goal the ball whipped in near post Thomas get’s up well to get her head on the ball powers it across goal and in off a defender who has no time at all to react 1-1.

Searle is fouled coming forwards for Stevenage on the left side half way out Gunn plays the ball long into the area appears to go through everyone and out of play however a corner is signalled. Played in towards Logie at the top of the area right of the D gets her foot over the ball her shot on target Fagg is prevented from gathering it on her line as a Stevenage player gets across her deflected out to the right a shot from close range is blocked a 2nd corner given this one successfully defended.

   The game is stretched a little moving into the last 15 minutes both sides still looking for a goal both believing the game is there to be won. Long makes a great save on her line as Thomas looks to sweep the shot home at the near post following Welton’s right wing cross. Stevenage make their 1st change of the match, Deacon coming off to be replaced by Kristi Burling. The referee has been reluctant to show any cards but the fouls are mounting up Crump is the 1st player booked sliding in from behind.

A penalty shout for Stevenage as Makewell goes down under challenge inside the box from a throw in on the left, the referee waves play on. Makewell is presented with a goal scoring chance at close range as Ipswich attempt to header the ball back to Fagg dropping late on the keeper the ball is spilt Makewell racing in pokes the ball wide of the left post. Ipswich work the ball down the right Crump inside for Craddock her shot from 25 yards out is charged down spins away to the right the cross drilled back in rebounds back off the near post then the follow up strike is blasted wide across the six yard box. Cossey with a run through the middle shoots wide from 25 yards out for Ipswich . The score remains 1-1 as the 90 minutes are up the tie heading into extra-time.

Full time Stevenage Ladies 1-1 Ipswich Town Ladies

  A really good match to watch, the action non stop either side could yet still win in Ipswich getting the equaliser 2nd half the energy levels from both sides remaining high throughout more fouls creeping in 2nd half.


  Ipswich to kick off the 1st period of extra-time. A great chance straight away for the visitors as Craddock steals possession from Burling at the back and plays the ball into the area right side with Ball providing the run a blasts her shot wide across the Stevenage goal. Makewell up the other end bursts forwards with the ball taking it into the right corner flashes a cross along the face of the Ipswich goal. 

Stevenage with a free kick wide on the left played into the top of the box Burling with the header sends the ball looping up into the air Ipswich head clear comes back to Searle plays the ball back into the area the 2nd clearance falling to Emming’s outside the area right of the D sends her shot wide. Stevenage press forwards Littlechild on the move left side her cross squared in along the top of the Ipswich area Makewell arriving sends her 1st time strike up over the bar.

Fagg with an easy save as the shot is put straight at her from distance by Emming’s following good work from Gunn winning the ball and playing her in. Gunn then shoots wide from distance following a run with the ball at her feet through the middle. Stevenage make a 2nd change Rebecca Scola coming on for Searle. A corner late in the 1st period of extra-time for Ipswich Thomas with the header on near post Arnoup central headers the ball down towards goal Stevenage clear.

 A substitution for Ipswich at the start of the 2nd period of extra-time, Miagh Downey on for Welton as Stevenage get thing’s started. Gunn with more good work on the ball for Stevenage is brought down by Thomas wide left. The ball cleared Ipswich attack the ball into Cossey through the middle no advance as she is tugged back by Burling the free kick awarded 30 yards out. The shot is attempted a yard wide of the top right corner. 

Both sides still going for it no one is shutting up shop a quick free kick taken by Stevenage has Emmings away down the left into the corner her cross in cleared by Cooper comes back to her, another cross put in lands in the side netting. Gunn brings the ball on plays it through for Emmings trying to get into the area from the left cut out by Petley the corner conceded, Stevenage make their final change before it is taken Danielle Maloney coming on for Makewell. From the left the corner is taken short rolled into Gunn coming and calling for it turns inside 25 yards out connects with the shot wall flying towards the top corner Fagg with a top class save to tip the ball up over her crossbar. 

Ipswich Town Ladies goalkeeper, Sian Fagg

  Thomas is shown a yellow after mounting up the warnings a free kick for Stevenage wide right Emmings over it goes for the shot angling in near post another excellent save from Fagg to tip the ball over once again. The corner taken from the left cleared into Gunn outside the box central blazes her shot over the crossbar. Stevenage pressing hard late on Ipswich make a late change Gemma Moore their final substitution coming on for Cossey. The final whistle and this tie will be settled from the penalty spot.


  I might have mentioned I hate penalty shootouts before so moving on it’s a lottery now both sides have put so much into the game a late winner for either side would have been tough to take. A shootout then for a place in the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup.

The sides gather on halfway to watch the penalty shootout

   Stevenage to take the opening penalty kick. Breckenridge puts the ball down on the spot and takes it, Fagg dives to her left guessing right the ball misses running wide of the post 0-0.

Arnoup to take Ipswich’s first penalty kick, a confident strike through the middle high into the back of the net to give the visitors the advantage 0-1.

Jordan Arnoup scores Ipswich Town Ladies first penalty

  Up comes Logie to take Stevenage’s 2nd penalty sends the ball low towards the bottom left corner Fagg guesses right getting down to make the save 0-1.

  Thomas walks forwards to take Ipswich’s 2nd penalty no messing straight down the middle to double the advantage 0-2.

   Emming’s comes forwards to take Stevenage’s third penalty goes the opposite side to the previous two wrong footing Fagg however sending the ball high, too high it goes over the crossbar 0-2.

  Up comes Moore to take Ipswich’s 3rd penalty only just introduced to the action no doubt not expecting her penalty to be the one that would send Ipswich through to the 3rd Round, a low and confident strike through the middle she turns to celebrate and is mobbed by her on rushing team mates Ipswich win on penalties 3-0.

It’s a cruel way to end a match but it has to be settled one way or anther Ipswich go through to the 3rd Round Proper extend their unbeaten run to 9 games too. A great game to watch a good sized crowd in attendance too, witnessed a good contest between two committed sides end to end and rarely stopping to draw breath. Stevenage’s run comes to an end but shouldn’t be disappointed too much a great effort today. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   I do make it hard for myself at times since deciding to name a Women’s Football East – Player of the Match another tough call today good performances from players on both sides all over the pitch the back 3 for Stevenage, Fagg with some excellent saves in extra-time, Cossey on the wing for Ipswich. Overall however for today’s Player of the Match I have gone with Stevenage’s captain, Chloe Gunn, a tremendous work rate in the middle of the park good timing of passes and runs forwards a threat from a set-piece too.

   Enjoyed today got to love a cup tie, a great game to watch, tough to end on penalties. My thanks to both sides for their help today. Best of luck to Ipswich Town Ladies in the 3rd Round Draw.

Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Ipswich Town Ladies

This Sunday’s match report from the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from The Abbey Stadium, home of League Two side Cambridge United FC, another opportunity for the players of Cambridge United WFC to play at the ground following their merger last season. In league action in the FAWPL South East Division One looking to get back to winning ways having lost ground on the top 3 sides welcomed visitors Ipswich Town Ladies.

Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Ipswich Town Ladies

 The women’s football action this Sunday takes me to the Cambs Glass Abbey Stadium as Cambridge United WFC get another great opportunity to play at League Two side Cambridge United FC’s home ground taking on Ipswich Town Ladies in the FAWPL South East Division One. 

  Is great to see Cambridge United WFC back at The Abbey Stadium after their link up with the men’s club last season. An increasing number of mainstream Football League, Championship and even Premiership sides have or soon will be hosting their ladies sides which is great for the game and very encouraging. 

  Cambridge United WFC were the pace setters for a long spell in the FAWPL South East Division One before Christmas, runs in both the County Cup, reaching yet another final as holders and the FA Women’s Cup have seen them drop down to 4th in the table through lack of league games and Gillingham FC Ladies making up their games in hand keeping their unbeaten record in the league have taken over at the top. 2 draws and loss from their 3 league matches played in 2017 a win today would get them back on the tail of the top 3. Have seen a few departures of late players moving to other clubs. Welcome back Sarah Wiltshire wife of 1st team manger Steve Edwards returning to the football field a little over a month after giving birth to daughter Alexa-Rose as she looks to return to match sharpness for the start of Yeovil Town Ladies debut season in FAWSL 1.

  Ipswich Town Ladies were targeting a push for the top of the table themselves at the start of the season, with a large squad of players signed up started a new Development side this season playing in the Suffolk Women’s Division, topping the table unbeaten players have stepped up to the 1st team and been named in the County Representative squad. In the FAWPL South East Division One the results haven’t come for the 1st team down in 9th a strong finish to the season could yet propel Ipswich Town into the top half of the table and like Cambridge United have reached the Suffolk County Cup Final were they are also the defending cup holders.

  Know where the entrance is to the carpark behind The Abbey Stadium is now, arrived early the Main Stand open along with the Dion Dublin Suite. A bit of building work going on the last time I visited all complete now looks very nice purchased a cup of tea that I managed to spill down my jumper (I’m sure no-one noticed). A good playing surface at The Abbey Stadium a good size. The main stand behind the dugouts a two tier all-seater running the length of the pitch. A bright day warm the sun behind the stand however putting it in the shade few clouds around but no chance of rain.

  Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Verity Crook, Emma Jenkins, Carrie Bennett, Laura Bright (C), Kayleigh-Anne Burt, Laura Baker, Evie Gallop, Laura Mills, Ashleigh Deacon, Becky Taylor & Sarah Wiltshire.
  subs – Carolyn Sarafian & Gabrielle Whitehurst.

  Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Leanne Smith, Tamesha Blackwood, Eva Hubbard, Sian Fagg, Aimee Harrison (C), Lindsay Cooper, Laura Guyon, Amy Howlett, Hollie Clement, Sophie Welton & Natasha Thomas.

  subs – Joyce Mlambo, Roxanne Small, Jade Henry, Miagh Downey & Ellie Bird.

  With a few players missing and an important cup semi-final for Cambridge United WFC’s Reserves side also being played today they named just the two players on the bench. It’s Ipswich to kick-off the wearing blue shirts and socks with white shorts. Cambridge lined up opposite wearing Amber shirts and socks with black shorts. Winning possession Cambridge attack down the left Ashleigh Deacon on the move wins a throw taken quickly played inside to Becky Taylor sends a high diagonal ball into the area looking to pick out Evie Gallop making a run central to get into the box, Ipswich goalkeeper Leanne Smith calls for the ball and catches it above her head.

   A quiet opening to the match both sides testing the other with probing balls down the wings the full-backs winning their challenges. Ipswich are awarded a free-kick 30 yards out to the left of the area a chance to bring players forwards load the box have a height advantage over Cambridge, Hollie Clement to play the ball in a good delivery towards the near post, Cambridge goalkeeper Verity Crook takes the ball well with players all around her.

 Deacon moves forwards played in behind by Gallop support from left back Carrie Bennett the ball is played into the area, Sarah Wiltshire having make the run looking to get on the end of the pass inside the box tackled well by Ipswich captain, Aimee Harrison the ball deflecting out to the right side is picked up by Cambridge’s Laura Mills who shoots from the angle her strike flying over the bar. Clement looks to thread the ball into Thomas as she looks to get in behind, Kayleigh-Anne Burt stepping across challenges winning the ball from the attacker.

Ipswich’s Tamesha Blackwood & Lindsay Cooper with
Cambridge’s Evie Gallop

 GOAL! 10 minutes into the game and Cambridge take the lead, the ball is played out from the back into the Ipswich half, Harrison cushions her headed ball down to the left, falls to Deacon, Cambridge react quickly, both Taylor and Wiltshire break forwards Deacon threading the ball through into Wiltshire’s run left side into the box, Smith comes rushing out as Wiltshire pulls the trigger the shot past the goalkeeper runs across the six yard box striking the far post and in 1-0.

  Ipswich break space in behind on the right for Natasha Thomas squares the ball into the six yard box is cut out by Cambridge captain Laura Bright at the back the clearance going to Amy Howlett right side dives the ball back across the face of the Cambridge goal, Sophie Welton far post can’t connect as the ball runs wide for a goal-kick. Laura Guyon takes the ball to the byline fro Ipswich right side turning it back in towards the middle of goal, right back Emma Jenkins stopping it getting beyond her, Crook gathering the ball into her body.

Ipswich Town Ladies, Natasha Thomas

  Harrison steps in to stop Wiltshire as she pushes forwards with the ball through the middle. Ipswich counter attack on the left the ball played into Thomas, appeals for handball as the cross is put into the area possession outside the referee Chris Abbott spots a foul with no advantage brings play back for the free-kick in a dangerous position 25 yards out, Clement over the set-piece gets the ball past the Cambridge wall into the area, Bright cuts in out on the penalty spot, Harrison squeezes it back to Sian Fagg top of the area her strike is blocked the ball spinning away to the right picked up by Howlett inside the area sends the cross back into the six yard box Bright intercepting for a 2nd time Cambridge clear their lines.

   Thomas plays the ball out to Howlett getting in behind the Cambridge defence on the right side driving inside towards the box shoots the rising ball palmed down and gathered by Crook at her near post. Mills out on the right for Cambridge gets in behind taking the ball down the wing puts a looping ball in towards the near post area 8 yards out Gallop arriving throws herself at the ball her diving head angling away across the goal and out beyond the far post. 

Cambridge United WFC’s, Becky Taylor

  A good triangle between Taylor, Gallop and Bennett on the left side for Cambridge as the ball is brought on the final ball in towards the top of the area with Wiltshire making the run, Smith reacts quickly coming out to the edge of her box winning the race for the ball. Mills cuts the ball back towards the top of the area Gallop sees her strike charged down deflected behind for a corner. A high ball into the area from the right, Ipswich defender Lindsay Cooper gets up highest to head the ball out of the area.

Ipswich’s Thomas contests the ball with Cambridge’s Laura Baker

  An ambitious effort from Howlett, 40 yards out central position fires a dipping shot in towards goal, Crook falling forwards collects the ball on the bounce inside her six yard box. Fagg wins the ball from Wiltshire in the middle of the park plays the ball onto Guyon ahead of her space for Howlett to run into on the right Guyon picks her out the cross comes in Jenkins tracking back gets her head on the ball to clear. Thomas getting onto the ball is allowed to drive on towards the byline right side cuts the cross ball along the face of goal, Bright just about gets her foot in to kill the ball see it into her keeper with Clement free for a tap in at the far post.

  Bennett brings the ball forwards on the left infield to Wiltshire who sends Deacon through on that side on the move Deacon plays the ball back inside to Wiltshire arriving at the top of the area, falling back as she sees the ball across her body slices her shot sending it wide of the Ipswich goal. 

  GOAL! Ipswich get themselves back on level terms pushing forwards Howlett on the all attacking right plays the ball into the feet of Guyon top of the area, gets the return ball played into her feet as she continues her run into the box and sends her 1st time strike up and over Crook to land in the back of the net beyond with 10 minutes of the 1st half left 1-1.

Ipswich’s Amy Howlett makes it 1-1

 Mills driving forwards with the ball towards the Ipswich box unleashes a shot from 20 yards out getting down Smith gets her gloves behind the stinging shot, the ball striking a defender and running behind for a corner kick. A good delivery from the left side into the six yard box, Bright throws herself at the ball but doesn’t connect. Clement is over the ball for a free-kick to Ipswich inside the Cambridge half plays a high ball in towards goal, Crook on her line is phased by the blue shirt closing in as she takes the ball cleanly above her head.

  Cambridge launch a rapid counter attack Jenkins playing the ball on for Gallop moving into space on the right sends her cross long towards the far post over Smith, Taylor leaps tries to head the ball back across goal bounces on the line before skimming of the face of the far post cleared for a corner on the right. Into 1st half injury time breaking up an Ipswich attack Cambridge go forwards the ball played out to Mills on the move right side fires her cross in to Gallop coming near post looks to hit the shot on the turn straight into Harrison closely marking her.

 Half-time Cambridge United WFC 1-1 Ipswich Town Ladies
All square at the break, Cambridge getting into the lead early the match settling into an even contest both sides finding space in behind in a open contest both looking to spread the play Ipswich getting back on level terms all to play for 2nd half.
  A change for Cambridge at the break with defender Kayleigh-Anne Burt coming off, Carolyn Sarafian taking her place in the centre of defence. Cambridge kick off the 2nd half. Played out to Mills on the right has Jenkins up with her plays the ball long into the area, Smith calls and claims. Fagg fouls Wiltshire in the centre of middle a free-kick awarded 30 yards out Wiltshire tests the keeper playing the ball in towards goal, Smith behind the ball jumps and claims well with players closing her down.
  Mills on the charge into space on the right cuts the ball back to the top of the box, Gallop looks to turn hit a shot goalwards, Taylor too close to get out of the way takes over takes the ball right looking for space to shoot, nothing on plays the ball back to Mills puts her strike wide at the near post. Cambridge have started the 2nd half brightly, Ipswich are a little flat. Deacon shifts the ball between her feet taking it down the line playing the ball inside to Gallop at the top of the area turns fires the shot in towards goal past the keeper races wide across the goal a deflection on the way through the corner is awarded.
Cambridge’s Emma Jenkins with Ipswich’s Hollie Clement
  The initial delivery cleared the ball comes back to Deacon rolls it into Wiltshire top left corner of the box fires in a cross towards the far post Taylor gets her head on the ball knocking it back across towards the opposite post Gallop closely marked by Blackwood can’t get her head on the ball. Jenkins getting forwards plays the ball in behind for Mills down the right puts the ball into the area early, Wiltshire stretching throws her leg at the ball puts the ball straight into the keepers gloves. Mills attacking right sees her cross go long collected by Deacon on the opposite flank rolls it into Wiltshire outside the box, comes inside unleashes a shoot Cooper heads the ball behind for the corner kick.
 GOAL! 12 minutes played in the 2nd half and Cambridge retake the lead capitalising on their positive start to the 2nd half. The corner is played in towards the six yard box a glancing header from an Ipswich player only succeeds in helping the ball on dropping to the floor several amber shirted players pounce the ball is turned over the line, the scorer Bright makes it 2-1.
Cambridge United WFC captain, Laura Bright 
  Thomas takes on a couple of Cambridge players in the middle before threading the ball on for Howlett right side looking to get in on goal is forced wide by Bennett, eventually winning a corner, players come up from the back the delivery is met by Cooper at the near post her header taking the ball in towards goal, Bright headers the ball away on the goal line, going out to the far side play is halted as Jenkins is fouled.
Ipswich Town Ladies, Lindsay Cooper
  Up the other end it’s Cambridge’s turn to bring players forwards into the Ipswich box for a corner a pacy ball in from the right Bright throws herself at it again a glancing header taking it out towards Deacon at the far post a couple of yards out shoots Smith dives gets enough on the ball to take it onto the post rebounds out into the middle of the six yard box Smith produces a fantastic save throwing herself to the floor to keep the ball out before it is launched out of the area.
  A free-kick for Ipswich on the left outside the Cambridge box Clement sends it long Harrison far side keeps the ball alive knocking in on for Thomas beyond her plays it back in field with Howlett racing in shooting from outside the box her attempt flashes wide across the Cambridge goal. Hubbard brings the ball in field from the left into Clement the ball rolled into Thomas inside the D, her strike at goal charged down by Bright.
Sarah Wiltshire scores a
hat-trick at The
Abbey Stadium
  GOAL! 20 minutes left on the clock and Cambridge go on to double their lead awarded a free-kick on the left outside the area as Deacon is fouled. Wiltshire to take the set-piece is a fantastic strike going for goal getting the ball up and over Smith who can do little about it as it drops under the bar and in to see Cambridge lead 3-1.
  Cambridge make a change before the restart Gabrielle Whitehurst coming on for Gallop.
 GOAL! Straight from the restart Cambridge go on to extend their lead as Wiltshire completes her hat-trick the ball won by Taylor on halfway links up with Mills who sends the ball forwards the knock down from the Ipswich defence falling to Deacon with Wiltshire ahead of her gets in front of her marker as the ball is rolled forwards into her feet and strikes a left foot shot from the edge of the box into the top corner 4-1.
  Ipswich makes a double switch Clement and Welton the players taken off, Jade Henry and Miagh Downey having finished her season with Colchester Town Ladies coming on both going up top. Thomas looks to play Downey in from the right straight away, Sarafain nipping in to take the ball from the attackers feet put the ball out for a throw in. Good link up play between Thomas and Henry moments later outside the area the ball played into Howlett coming into the area from the right shifts the ball inside to wrong foot Bennett gets a shot away, Crook makes a comfortable save. 
  Ipswich bring on Joyce Mlambo for Guyon late on in the game, plays the ball on for Howlett making the run to her right down the wing squares the cross in towards the near post is claimed by Crook the final whistle blows and Cambridge win the 3 points.
Full time Cambridge United WFC 4-1 Ipswich Town Ladies

 The win moving Cambridge onto 32 points for the season 3 points behind 3rd placed AFC Wimbledon Ladies and 5 behind 2nd placed Milton Keynes Dons Ladies have games in hand on both sides. A comfortable win in the end all square after the 1st half Cambridge the better side 2nd half, creating chances and scoring 3 goals their 1st league win of 2017 much needed especially in front of The Abbey Stadium crowd.  
SWF Blog – Player of the Match

  With 3 well taken goals today’s SWF Blog – Player of the Match is Cambridge’s Sarah Wiltshire, a hat-trick at The Abbey Stadium, no new mother has done that before.
 A good day out at The Abbey Stadium good to see Cambridge United WFC beck there again and hope to see more in the future. Managed to leave my wallet behind after the game so very grateful it was found and returned.

Match Report – Ipswich Town Ladies v Lowestoft Town Ladies

Midweek football action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog from the FAWPL South East Division One, a local derby between Suffolk sides, Ipswich Town Ladies and Lowestoft Town Ladies. The reverse fixture in September saw Ipswich win the game 3-2 in the last minute of the game… lightening doesn’t strike twice does it? 

Match Report – Ipswich Town Ladies v Lowestoft Town Ladies

 A midweek trip down the A14 to catch another game in FAWPL South East Division One this evening a Suffolk derby with Ipswich Town Ladies hosting Lowestoft Town Ladies under the lights.

  The two sides met just under a month ago in the reverse midweek fixture at Crown Meadow under the lights Ipswich held a narrow 1-0 lead at half-time. Lowestoft coming back into it with 2 goals in 2 minutes from Aimee Durrant early 2nd half to go in front were pegged back to 2-2 before Natasha Thomas popped up with a 90th minute winner to see Ipswich win 3-2.

  Plenty of changes to the playing personal in both sides over the last 12 months. Lowestoft rebuilding with a young squad, retained their FAWPL South East Division One status this season. A rapidly improving league no easy games they have battled to get the results without always getting the rub of the green. One league win under their belts to date a 3-0 home win against Enfield Town Ladies, who they meet again in the FA Women’s Cup this coming Sunday.

 Ipswich Town Ladies have had such an influx of players over the close season they have been able to start up a Development side to assist the 1st team, competing in the Suffolk Women’s Division this season. Have recovered from a slow start in the FAWPL South East Division One to pick up the results and points to get them in amongst the leading pack, results this weekend going against them losing out on 3 points to drop out of the top half of the table. 

  Ipswich Town Ladies play their home fixtures at Felixstowe & Walton United FC’s, Goldstar Ground. Not too far off the A14 set in a residential area on the outskirts the carpark leads to the clubhouse and bar that over looks the cricket field with the football pitch off to the right. Surrounded by trees the pitch looked in great condition freshly cut, is a good size relatively flat a good playing surface a dry night but a little chilly with a strong breeze blowing across the pitch. Choose to stand between the dugouts making sure I wasn’t under one of the apple trees dotted around, just in case.

  Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Teodora Kodova, Beth Welton, Sophie Welton, Aimee Harrison (C), Lindsey Cooper, Sian Fagg, Amy Howlett, Natasha Thomas, Roxanne Small, Hollie Clement & Jade Henry.
  subs – Cassie Craddock, Jennifer Gray, Georgie Morton, Joyce Mlambo & Jacqueline Ball.

  Lowestoft Town Ladies starting XI – Eilish Brogan, Lyndsey Adams, Charnelle Riggall, Eleanor Froud, Abbie Everson, Broghan Scully, Millie Davies, Gemma Moore, Aimee Durrant, Molly Hall & Hannah Waters (C).

  subs – Megan Bamber, Selina Rowland & Paige Nash.

  It’s Lowestoft to get the 1st half underway, wearing white shirts and socks with blue shorts. Ipswich lined up opposite wearing an all blue kit. Roxanne Small closes the ball down in midfield winning possession looks to send the ball out to the left for Hollie Clement to chase, Lowestoft’s Lyndsey Adams gets across her to put the ball out for a throw. The ball is sent long down the line as Lowestoft press forwards, a bit frantic at the start the ball played long to test the Ipswich defence can’t get it clear Lowestoft with possession around the box.

  GOAL! Ipswich get up the other end with a fast paced counter attack and take the lead in the 3rd minute. The ball cleared from the back into Amy Howlett in the middle her though ball picks out Natasha Thomas breaking in behind the Lowestoft defence right side out pacing the defence carries the ball into the box, closing down on goal, hits the shot towards goal a powerful drive that flies in over goalkeeper, Eilish Brogan into the back of the net 1-0.

  Lowestoft look for an immediate response the ball played out to Gemma Moore on the right wing, getting down the line tries to turn inside towards box, full back Beth Wilson slides in to win the ball once, then twice the resulting clearance is cleared up towards Lowestoft’s Millie Davies in front of the centre circle, leaning back as she meets the ball looks to steer it towards the goal, on target it drops straight into the gloves of Ipswich goalkeeper, Teodora Kodova. 

  Striker Molly Hall recently signed by Lowestoft from Ipswich comes deep to receive the ball, turns and looks to thread it in behind the home defence for captain Hannah Waters leading the line to chase, Ipswich centre back Lindsey Cooper comes across to lung in and clear the ball out for a throw on the right. Thomas running forwards with the ball from midfield tries to pick out striker Jade Henry up top, Brogan comes to the edge of her area to gather the ball. Brogan comes rushing out again moments later to slide in at Henry’s feet as a deflection 30 yards out spins in behind the visitors defence.

  Howlett on the ball in the centre of midfield passes forwards through the middle for Henry making the run to get into the area, Lowestoft centre back Eleanor Froud closes her down and slides in to put the ball out to the right. Ipswich win a free kick in a dangerous position wide on the right outside the box, Clement over the set-piece a good delivery into the area, Hall gets her head on the ball clears it out of the box to the left Sian Fagg picks it up 25 yards out shoots the ball bouncing inside the six yard box before running wide of the far post.

  Waters moves across the pitch to the right side to receive the ball moves inside towards the area, holds the ball up waiting for support, lays it back to Moore arriving at the top of the area, looks to curl an cross into the six yard box, to close to the keeper, Kodova is able to claim the ball. The game is end to end Ipswich break the ball played onto Howlett drifting right looks to send the ball on down the line for Small, her cross is cut out by Aimee Everson the corner conceded. Played in from the right the ball goes long to the far post is knocked back out towards the top of the area, comes to Fagg her touch is a little heavy allows Lowestoft to converge on her clear the ball.

  Aimee Durrant receives the ball from Davies goes on a run down the left side, good control to cut back inside looks to fir a cross in along the top of the Ipswich area the ball flies across in between Hall and Davies neither able to get onto the end of it. Waters gets herself in behind the Ipswich defence as the ball is headed on from a goal kick, closing the area down, Kodova comes rushing out to the edge of her box, Waters looks to lift the ball past her with the outside if her right boot, the goalkeeper makes a great save with her foot clearing the all out to her left. 

  Lowestoft have the ball on the right Adams on for Moore her cross into the box is cut out by Ipswich captain Aimee Harrison cleared out of the area the referee spots a handball awards Lowestoft the free kick 30 yards from goal. Right of the goal it’s Moore over the ball, looks to curl a ball into the top corner, lands on the roof of the net. Ipswich press forwards players committed to the attack Lowestoft win the ball, Everson sends the ball up field, is helped on through with Waters again breaking in behind. Taking the ball into the area Kodova comes rushing out to meet her, sliding in as Waters looks to push it past her, the pair collide, the ball spins away, Durrant up with play gets hold of the ball as the Ipswich defence get back to cover the goal, playing the ball around the prone keeper, Waters up on her feet is given the ball shoots her shot is blocked on the line, play eventually stopped as Kodova needs treatment. 

  A quickly taken free-kick inside the Lowestoft half sees Henry get into the box to the right of goal, looks to send her shot across the keeper, Brogan gets down smartly to make the save push the ball wide of her goal. Ipswich’s turn to see a free-kick land on the roof of the opponents net, given one 35 yards out left side, Clement is the player who tries her luck from distance. A few refereeing decisions are baffling both sides. Ipswich get a free-kick inside the Lowestoft half in front of the centre circle the ball is played up into the box, Cooper up from the back gets up to head the ball down into the area, comes to Henry, gets the ball trapped under her feet is closed down before she can get a shot away cleared out to the right Thomas gets onto the ball whips a cross in along the front of goal, comes to Howlett at the far post a yard out puts her header up over the bar onto the roof of the net.

  Lowestoft are hit on the counter Ipswich getting players up into their half quickly the ball is rolled out to Small on the right side takes it on up the line, squares the ball into the area with Howlett getting up with play seeing the ball into her feet rolls her marker to take the ball into the area right of goal pulls the trigger, Broghan Scully has covered the ground, throws herself in the path of the shot deflecting it away for a corner. 

Half-time Ipswich Town Ladies 1-0 Lowestoft Town Ladies

  A busy 1st 45 minutes sees Ipswich with the narrow advantage just as they did in the reverse fixture. Thomas with the goal early in the game, both sides having chances. Saves from both keepers. The ball moving from one attack to the next. Lowestoft getting in behind on a couple of occasions without capitalising. Lowestoft stay out on the field at half-time to work on a few things. Ipswich get the 2nd half underway. 
  Thomas is a player who likes to get the ball at her feet and run at players does so early 2nd half taking the ball out to the right side looks to jink her way past 4 Lowestoft players as she closes in on the area turning inside as she does so runs out of room the ball closed down gets deflected across the area, Brogan needing to get down to smother it with Clement coming in from the left side.
  Small receiving the ball from Howlett in the right dribbles the ball towards the top of the area her cross is cleared out of the area falls to Cooper over the half way line looks to open her body lift the ball back in towards the area is gathered by Brogan in the Lowestoft goal. Moore making ground on the right for Lowestoft is fouled the free-kick to the right outside the area, Moore tries again to place it top corner, same result onto the roof of the net.
  Charnelle Riggall brings the ball out from the back for Lowestoft plays it on up the line for Moore ahead of her. Waters comes across to receive the pass, looks to play a 1, 2 with Moore the latter’s cross cut out by Welton. Lowestoft are preparing a substitute delay it as they have a corner kick to defend. The ball in from the right is met by Henry near side her touch takes it up towards the D, Fagg is there the ball coming at her at an awkward height tries to get a shot away slices the shot away from goal, takes a touch off a Lowestoft body on the way through another corner given. Comes in deeper this time, Froud clears, the substitution can be made, Selina Rowland who scored 28 goals for Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies last season coming on for Davies in midfield.
  The referee continues to bemuse both benches not agreeing with some of the decisions being made. Ipswich have a free-kick some 45 yards out from goal the ball is sent up towards the D, Thomas inside it gets up well to head the ball down into the area, skips up off the grass into Brogan’s gloves before anyone can pounce on it.  
  Froud getting forwards to clear the ball ends up sending a great pass forwards for Waters to run in behind the Ipswich defence on the right turning towards the area look to drill a cross into the six yard box, is cut out by Cooper rolls back to Waters has another go looking to roll it onto the penalty spot, Cooper gets to it again but only succeeds in pushing it out off the area towards Rowland rushing in connects with the ball a rising shot the ball is blocked by the Ipswich defence appeals for handball, nothing given.
  A free-kick for Ipswich inside the Lowestoft half, Harrison plays it up into the area picking out her centre back partner, Cooper, gets up to head the ball knocking it down can’t direct it on target runs wide for the goal kick. Ipswich make a change with Georgie Morton coming on for Clement. Bringing the ball on in midfield for Lowestoft, Rowland passes the ball out to Moore on the right pushing out fires a cross with plenty of pace behind it into the box runs across the six yard box cleared out of the area, Durrant wins the race with Beth Welton to get to the ball 1st blasts a shot back in flies across the area wide at the far post.
    GOAL! The game is stretched Ipswich get the ball into Fagg in the middle is played out to Small on the right linking up with Howlett getting ahead of her on the wing. Taking the ball inside as she closes in on the byline Howlett unleashes a shot from an acute angle the ball flying over Brogan kisses the crossbar and drops down into the six yard box, Thomas having burst forwards from the middle is their unmarked to get her head down to nod the ball into the empty net 2-0. 
 Lowestoft go forwards from the restart the ball into Riggall played on for Moore up the right plays it inside to Hall outside the ox looks to curl a shot in, comes in too close to Kodova the keeper gathering the ball into her body. That’s Hall’s last action of the game as she is substituted, Lowestoft bringing on ex-Colchester Town Ladies player, Megan Bamber. She takes up position on the left with Durrant moving into the middle to support Waters. 
  More joy down the right wing brings Ipswich a corner the ball whipped in near post is helped on by Cooper into the middle, Everson clears behind for a 2nd corner. A poor on is cleared at the near post however Thomas gets back on the ball regains possession looks to curl a shot in skims the top of the crossbar as it goes over. Another substitution for Ipswich Jacqueline Ball comes on replacing Beth Welton. Scully gets the ball up through the middle into Waters peeling away to the right takes the ball into the area tries to place her shot around the keeper, Kodova down quickly makes a comfortable save.
   Pushing on down the right Small rolls the ball inside for Henry who turns and shoots from outside the box, the ball racing wide of the near post. Pressure from Ipswich as the game moves into the final 5 minutes, Henry helps the ball on into the box from the right side dropping down in the six yard box, Brogan is under pressure from Morton, the substitute lifting a boot hooks the ball away from the keeper the ball in air Morton ends up on the ground as the keeper claims it then boots the ball long out of her area, more than one Ipswich player is appealing for a penalty.
  GOAL! Lowestoft play on the ball cleared up to the right side into the final 3rd is with Moore on the touchline lifts the ball inside towards the top of the area, Durrant is there connects with the ball getting her foot under the ball to whip it up and over the keeper into the back of the net to set up a tense finish to the Suffolk derby2-1.
  Ipswich make a 3rd change Jennifer Gray replacing Small. Lowestoft press looking for another goal, the ball into Rowland holds it up back to goal before releasing Moore on the right her cross is deflected behind for a corner kick on the right. The ball is fizzed in with pace towards the top of the area, Froud can’t do much with it except play it back to Moore, she is closed down a throw awarded, Rowland offering support down the line wins her side another corner.
  GOAL! Little left of the 90 minutes the corner is fired in towards the penalty spot does get much height missing the Ipswich defender in front of her the ball comes at Everson quickly a deflection off her knee, sees the ball run out of the area, sets up Durrant perfectly connects with the ball outside the box her shot arrowing into the top corner, she wheels away in celebration but is quickly swamped by her teammates 2-2.

  GOAL! Saw this happen on Sunday and for the 2nd game in a row it happens again no sooner has one side gotten level they go and concede straight away. Ipswich do it to Lowestoft again get up the other end and score a last gaps winner. The ball is with Thomas after the restart taking the ball to the right gets her head down and drives forwards into the box hits the shot on the angle comes at Brogan quickly gets something on the ball but can only parry it across the six yard box, both Gray and Morton are their the latter bundling the ball past the keeper into the back of the net as she is swarmed on by her joyous teammates 3-2.

  Little time left for Lowestoft to respond as Ipswich see it out to celebrate what had looked a comfortable win. 
Full-time Ipswich Town Ladies 3-2 Lowestoft Town Ladies

  Hardly the way Ipswich had expected to pick up the 3 points to move back into the top half of the FAWPL South East Division One table. Looked comfortable for their 2-0 lead, Lowestoft were creating chances but the defence was dealing with it well. If you keep going however the chances will lead to something and with 5 minutes to go Durrant netting twice had got Lowestoft back into the game only for the heartbreak of conceding an injury time winner. A crushing blow for one side, a moment of huge joy for the other. 
  An entertaining and fast paced game, played in good spirits for a derby good to watch. My thanks to both sides for their help with the team details tonight.

Cup Final – Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies

Monday 9th May and onto the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final being played at Portman Road home of Ipswich Town FC a special night and occasion for the two finalists Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies & Ipswich Town Ladies continue below to read the whole match report from the Supporting Women’s Football Blog.

Cup Final Report – Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies v Ipswich Town Ladies

  The Cup Finals keep on coming on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog. A Monday night final this time around the Suffolk Women’s County Cup between Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies and Ipswich Town Ladies. A special night for both sides too as the Final is being played at Ipswich Town FC’s Portman Road Ground.

  A huge league difference between the 2 sides Ipswich Town Ladies playing in the FAWPL South East Division One whilst Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies play 5 leagues below in Norfolk Women’s Division Two. Both sides have enjoyed a positive season.

  Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies won’t be playing in Norfolk Division Two next season, have achieved promotion to Division One. Winning the Division Two Title going undefeated in the league all season this just there 2nd season as a club the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final is their 1st final. A special occasion one the whole squad will relish and live long in the memories playing at such a prestigious venue.

  Ipswich Town Ladies have been buzzing since the announcement the final was going to be played at Portman Road, an opportunity to wear the clubs colours and play on their famous pitch. A positive end to a season that started off with a little trepidation manager Ralph Pruden seeing several of his squad depart or become unavailable to play for the season. A rebuilding job to a degree has gone to the opposite end of the scale with players coming in in high numbers, 2016 has seen Ipswich Town Ladies league from improve dramatically and are likely to seal a top half finish in the league. Plans are in place to start a Development team to support the 1st team next season.  

  Road to the Final
  Both sides received a bye in the 1st Round of the competition. In the 2nd Round Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies were at home playing Suffolk Women’s Division sides Leiston St Margarets Ladies won comfortably 14-1 to advance to the quarter finals. Drawn at home again were to face Suffolk Women’s Division side again, Brantham Athletic Ladies only they never showed up Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies awarded the home walk over. Played at a neutral venue Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies took on ERWFL Division One East side, bury Town Ladies for the right to play at Portman Road. Played at Walsham Le Willows the game ended all square at 1-1 after 90 minutes and 30 minutes of extra-time followed, Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies scoring the goal to take them through to the final to face a tough challenge in Ipswich Town Ladies.
  No seeding in the competition, current Suffolk Women’s County Cup holders, Ipswich Town Ladies found themselves with a very difficult opponent in the 2nd Round drawn at home to fellow FAWPL South east Division One side, Lowestoft Town Ladies. Came away from the game with a 4-2 win to progress to the quarter finals and a short away trip to eventual Suffolk Women’s Division Champions, Copleston Ladies. Racked up a double figure scoreline beating them 12-1 to advance through to the semi-finals taking on ERWFL Premier Division side AFC Sudbury in a repeat of the previous seasons final. The semi-final between the 2 sides ended goalless after 90 minutes and headed into extra-time. Roxanne Small scoring the all important goal that would see Ipswich Town Ladies win and get the opportunity to play at Portman Road.
 An impressive venue in the centre of Ipswich itself Portman Road is a good sized stadium one of the most famous football grounds around. Over 30,000 capacity the Cobbold Stand running along one side of the ground was open to fans tonight it’s 2nd tier overlooking the large pitch looking in extremely good condition despite the advanced stage in the season. A mini heatwave had descended over the weekend and it was still bright and warm as the 2 sides warmed up on the pitch, a few clouds around the threat of rain later. Referee Mary Harmer had recently been in the middle for the Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final the 1st female official to do so, now she was leading the 2 sides out officiating in the middle for the Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final, assistant referee Emily Heaslip from Bury St Edmunds combines her refereeing career with a playing career was on the field for Millwall Lionesses in FAWSL 2 at the match I attended on Sunday.

 Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies starting XI – Shauna Brunton-O’Neill, Kylie Butler, Maria Palmer, Sue-Lyn King, Sam Brown, Nikki Wigg (C), Jodie Fewkes, Gemma Farman, Sophie Martin, Jody Wells & Selina Rowland.
 subs – Sianne Davies, Sarah Meades, Jordan Harris, Peta Belson & Lisa Sissens

 Ipswich Town Ladies starting XI – Leanne Smith, Jaz Ball, Coral Young, Sian Fagg, Aimee Harrison, Lindsey Smith, Amanda Crump (C), Roxanne Small, Hollie Clement, Libby Dixon & Molly Hall.

 subs – Jo Fox, Sophie Welton, Jade Henry & Cassie Craddock.

(roll on roll off substitutes)
  Ipswich had added a few players from Lowestoft Town Ladies to their squad earlier in the season, prominent members of the squad during the latter part of the season, defender Marcie Prettyman plus attackers Zoe Cossey and Natasha Thomas were all cup ties for the game and ineligible for the Final. Was a clash of kits in their semi-final at Walsham Le Willows both sides playing in blue, Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies to don the red shirts from the host mens side. Onto the final and again both sides usually play in blue. Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies didn’t need a change of colours this time around playing in their all blue kit with a white collar and right shoulder. Ipswich wearing their away colours white shirts and socks with red trim and black shorts. Kirkley & Pakefield get the final underway.
   Ipswich win the ball right from the off and send it long into space on the left channel the ball running through into the Kirkley & Pakefield area gives goalkeeper Shauna Brunton O’Neill an early feel of the ball. Striker Selina Rowland is fouled inside the centre circle inside the Ipswich half the free kick to be take by Gemma Farman is put up towards the Ipswich penalty area, defender Lindsey Smith gets the ball clear. Ipswich look to get the ball on the move quickly spreading play long out to the left side Hollie Clement getting onto the ball looks to push on with the ball drive towards the area is tackled by Kirkley & Pakefield’s centre back Sue-Lyn King.
  Molly Hall leading the line for Ipswich comes deeper to get onto the ball nodding it on with her head to Clement racing away on the left carrying the ball on lifts it in towards the area, Brunton O’Neill gets her gloves firmly around the ball. Roxanne Small playing wide on the right for Ipswich in tonight’s final wins her side a corner on the right. Brunton O’Neill comes for and misses the inswinging ball dropping far side for Clement she look to link up with Small the ball is send back out to the right to corner taker Ipswich captain Amanda Crump lifts a high bll in towards goal dropping under the crossbar, Brunton O’Neill is back in position to call for and claim the ball.
   Ipswich come again Clement seeing alot of the ball early on races free of everyone squares the cross into the Kirkley & Pakefield area with the outside of her boot, rolls along the six yard line just beyond Libby Dixon making the central run. Ipswich have a corner on the right the inswinging ball aimed towards the far post is cleared off the line and Kirkley & Pakefield counter attack, Jodie Fewkes bringing the ball up the field right sends the pass long looking for Jody Wells making the run through the middle, Ipswich goalkeeper Leanne Smith comes racing out to the edge of her box and making the blocking save just as Wells connects with the ball.
Hollie Clement opens the scoring for
Ipswich Town Ladies in the Suffolk
Women’s County Cup Final
   GOAL! 10 minutes on the clock and Ipswich get the 1st goal of the final. The ball is played out to the left side once again with Clement getting support from Small the two linking up the ball is played inside to Clement who turns in to the area coming across the face from the left side curls her shot over Brunton O’Neill to see it into the back of the net 0-1.
  More joy for Ipswich down the left side the ball fed out to Dixon peeling away into the channel, taking on players cuts back inside running along the face of the Kirkley & Pakefield area gets a shot away drags it wide of the near post. 
  GOAL! any pre match nerves as dispelled for Ipswich as they add another goal just 3 minutes after taking the lead. The build up is down the right side the cross is played in early from deep curling in towards the near post area, Hall making the run to get into the six yard box gets a firm header on the ball sending it home 0-2.
  Hall with a chance moments later to double her goals tally, the cross whipped in from the left by Clement cutting along the face of the box drops to her inside the area looks to stab the ball up into the roof of the net, Brunton O’Neill moving along her goal line saves at close range, well placed snatches the ball down and claims it. The play is all with Ipswich, Kirkley & Pakefield having conceded 2 goals inside the opening 15 minutes are battling hard not to concede again, Clement left side again takes the ball on into the area looks to fire it across the six yard box to pick out Crump far side, King defends against the ball coming to the edge of the area 1st Dixon then Hall see efforts blocked.
  Few chances are coming for Rowland and Jody Wells up top for Kirkley & Pakefield. Rowland tries to hold the ball up when she can. 20 yards out back to goal the ball is played long into her feet, has Wells in close proximity lays the ball into her path, takes on the early shot the ball spins away from goal. A light drizzle has started to fall with 20 minutes played. Wells takes on a long range shot from wide left coming in near post Smith has the shot covered. 
Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies, Jody Wells
  Clement on the ball on the left side for Ipswich drives forwards before cutting back inside and taking on the shot, Brunton O’Neill diving forwards pushes the ball away, comes to the feet of Hall who sees her shot blocked runs back to Dixon who goes for goal the shot lifted over the bar, must have took a knick on the way through as a corner kick is signalled. Goes long to the far post area attacked the ball is turned behind for a goal kick.
  Coral Young is fouled by Kirkley and Pakefield’s Kylie Butler wide on the left halfway inside the half, Crump over the ball plays it high into the area, Sian Fagg with the crowd moving into the area to meet it gets her head on the ball puts the attempt straight at Brunton O’Neill who gets hold of the ball. Change for Kirkley & Pakefield Sam brown coming off with Jordan Harris coming on. 
Amanda Crump sends her free kick up into the Kirkley & Pakefield area
  GOAL! Closing in on the half hour mark Ipswich add a 3rd goal, Dixon the scorer. Kirkley & Pakefield have enjoyed a brief spell of possession inside the Ipswich half when the offside trap is sprung, Dixon getting clear on the right with Kirkley & Pakefield having pushed up is clear hesitates fro a moment half expecting to be pulled up no flag no whistle on she goes, Brunton O’Neill comes rushing out of her area, stays on her feet no risking the foul, Dixon cleverly nudges the ball to evade her leaving her clear to send the ball rolling into an empty net 0-3.
  Clement free on the left comes again sends the cross in along the six yard box again with Dixon in the middle just evades her again runs through to Hall beyond close range lifts her shot up over the crossbar. Young takes a throw on the left  down the line for Dixon the cross fired into Hall in the middle of the area, no room to turn towards goal lays it back out the opposite way rolling into the path of Crump coming to meet it outside the box connects well the shot loops up and is narrowly over the crossbar. 
  GOAL! A brilliant individual goal scored by the captain as Crump picks up the ball from Clement in the centre inside the Kirkley & Pakefield half carries it forwards taking it around two players, shifting it left then right closing on the edge of the area lifts the shot in sending the ball into the right corner of the goal to score0-4.
  A little over 5 minutes of the 1st half left to play and the heavens open heavy rain driving across the pitch. 
  GOAL! 3 minutes left of the 1st half and Ipswich score a 5th goal another brilliant solo run from Crump as she gets hold of the ball on the left side, in behind carries it all the way to the edge of the area before unleashing a shot left of the D sending the ball across goal into the opposite side to score her 2nd of the game and Ipswich’s 5th 0-5. 
Amanda Crump races clear in the pouring rain to score her 2nd goal of the game
  Late in the 1st half Ipswich continue to press forwards Dixon with a shot from 25 yards out sends the attempt over the crossbar, ha another go closer in this time outside the box a low drive through bodies towards goal, Brunton O’Neill dives to her right pushing the ball wide, the whistle blows bringing the 1st half to a close.
Half-time Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies 0-5 Ipswich Town Ladies
  A tough 1st half for Kirkley & Pakefield as Ipswich Town Ladies have been the dominant side for much of the half, getting players in behind and driving through the middle, their movement too much to handle at times, any early nerves settled with 2 early goals gone on to add 3 more to be fully in control of the final at Portman Road.
  Change for Kirkley & Pakefield at the start of the 2nd half Butler off, Peta Belson on. Ipswich get the 2nd half underway. A repeat of the start of the 1st half the ball going long an early claim for Brunton O’Neill. Dixon goes on a driving run with the ball on the left for Ipswich before whipping the shot across the area runs wide across goal.King concedes the corner kick as she deals with a cross sent in from the left by Clement looking to pick out Dixon. The corner left is taken short moved up to the top of the area is squared into the feet of Clement shoots sending the ball through a crowd of bodies, Brunton O’Neill can see it and gets down at her post to save.
  GOAL! 5 minutes into the 2nd half and Crump gets her hat-trick the build up on the left side Fagg out to Clement onto Crump moving forwards to receive the ball travels with it into the box closing in on the six yard box isn’t challenged and drill the shot across goal and in. 0-6.

A Cup Final hat-trick for Ipswich Town Ladies captain Amanda Crump
  Despite the rain now falling their is a good atmosphere inside the stadium 375 in attendance both sets of fans vocal, Kirkley & Pakefield’s younger supporters enjoying themselves have been giving their side encouragement all game. A rare chance for the Norfolk Division Two Champions as the ball is sent long Rowland getting clear has half a yard on the Ipswich defence, looks to hit the shot on the half volley lifts it in towards goal caught off her line, the ball isn’t high enough to loop over Smith, still she needs to make sure it stays off target throwing herself to her right pushes it out for a corner kick. Hall back to defend for the corner heads the ball clear onto Clement who carries it on.
  Double switch for Ipswich with Lindsey Smith and Dixon coming off, Cassie Craddock and Jade Henry coming on to join the action. Bringing the ball out from right back Jaz Ball plays it up the line for Henry, inside the Kirkley & Pakefield half turns inside with the ball before squaring it to Craddock left of the D sends a low shot in towards goal lacs the pace to trouble Brunton O’Neill who gets down to claim. 

 Ipswich build up another attack right side, Henry bringing the ball on fired into Crump furthest forwards attacking the near post area plays it on for Hall who plays the ball back to Craddock running from the centre of midfield to meet it 25 yards out gets too much on the shot lifts it high over the bar. Harris puts the ball out for the corner preventing Hall getting onto the end of a Small cross put in from the left. Nikki Wigg rises to head the ball away from the six yard box for Kirkley & Pakefield falls to Clement outside the box goes for the shot a fierce drive that smashes down off the crossbar before Kirkley & Pakefield scramble it away. 

Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies
captain Nikki Wigg
  Kirkley & Pakefield bring on Lisa Sissen for Martin, Ipswich bring on Sophie Welton and Jo Fox for Ball and Small. The Ipswich substitutes getting into the action straight away, Fox at the back right side up to Welton ahead of her plays it up the line for Henry, puts the early cross into the box with Crump coming towards the all looks to turn the ball across the keeper and in, Brunton O’Neill gets down and holds onto it. 
  Moments later the ball is with Welton in the centre of midfield drives forwards towards the area, Brunton O’Neill rushes out to close her down makes the block/save edge of her area, the ball is loose, Henry racing onto it 20 yards out drills the shot in is narrowly wide of the post. King makes an important intercept cutting out a Clement through ball from the left side intended for Henry making a central run to get inside the area.
   Is all Ipswich, despite their best efforts and the encouragement from their fans Kirkley & Pakefield just can’t get any meaningful possession, Wells and Rowland are staying up top always ready to attack if they can get the ball. Henry in the middle 25 yards out lays the ball out to Welton moving into space on the right side the cross comes in going long beyond the far post Hall coming in jumps to head the ball off target.
   Clement on the left puts the ball inside for Hall running onto the ball outside the box the shot is sent in back peddling Sissen clears the ball off her goal line. Free kick wide left Crump over the ball a good way out but hits it hard the ball smacking down off the crossbar once more down into the area Kirkley & Pakefield battle to defend the shot eventually hit wide by Henry right side.Hall comes off for Ipswich with Dixon returning to the field. A double switch for Kirkley & Pakefield Farman and Belson off Brown back on along with Sarah Meades. 
  Once more Ipswich strike the woodwork the ball is sent in from the left by Clement plenty of power behind it from the top of the area flies across the face of goal smashing off the far post back into the six yard area the ball is nodded over the line, the goal won’t stand as the linesman on this side Bradley Fisher has his flag raised.
  GOAL! The Ipswich bombardment eventually tells as they find the back of the net for a 7th goal. Attacking on the left the ball is played into the area for Welton finding herself in space on the edge of the six yard box shoots, Brunton O’Neill does well to get across her goal line and get something on the ball, but not enough as it squeezes past her and rolls over the line 0-7.
  Brown does well under pressure inside her area to deal with a high ball stood up into the area with Dixon closing her down. Young and Clement come off for Ipswich with Lindsey Smith and Ball returning, the latter in a more advanced role on the left. The cross bar is struck again this time as Henry lets loose from 30 yards out the ball clipping the goal frame and going out for a goal kick. 

  GOAL! The game moves into the 89th minute having been under siege for much of the half Kirkley & Pakefield have put in a defensive shift concede one more time as Welton attacks on the left breaking the ball inside towards the area hits the shot across goal lifting the ball up over the keeper and in 0-8.

  Sianne Davies comes on for Kirkley & Pakefield late on replacing Rowland. Ipswich put the ball into the back of the net again doesn’t count as the offside flag is raised. King gets in the way to block a viscous strike from Henry in injury time, the rain finally stops falling and with it the final whistle blows and Ipswich Town Ladies celebrate winning 8-0 to retain the Suffolk Women’s County Cup.

   Scoring 8 goals Ipswich Town Ladies could have had more on the night the goal frame hit on several occasions too, dominated a tough ask for Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies plying their trade 5 Division’s lower. A fantastic achievement to get through to the Final and play at Portman Road an experience they will never forget, clap their fans at the end who never stopped encouraging them were in good spirits at the end despite the heavy loss.

Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies piling on goalkeeper Shauna Brunton O’Neill in
good spirits at the end of the Final.

  An experience too that Ipswich Town Ladies will never forget playing at and winning the Suffolk Women’s County Cup, sure they’d love to do it again. Fantastic from all involved at the Suffolk FA who worked to get the game played here.

Ipswich Town Ladies celebrate lifting the trophy.
Suffolk Women’s County Cup Winners 2015/16 Ipswich Town Ladies

  A great night out for everyone, thanks to Suffolk FA and the stewards at Portman Road for their help tonight.