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Match Report – Freethorpe Ladies v Toftwood United Ladies

The football action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog this Sunday came from Norfolk, a game from Division Three, two sides featuring on the blog for the 1st time with Freethorpe Ladies playing host to Toftwood United Ladies.

Match Report – Freethorpe Ladies v Toftwood United Ladies

  A journey from one end of the women’s football pyramid to the other this weekend, I like as you know reading this blog to vary the games and leagues give as much coverage as I can so the focus switches from the FAWSL last evening (see previous report) to county football this weekend in Norfolk, from Division Three, Freethorpe Ladies v Toftwood United Ladies.

 It is the 1st time both sides have featured on the blog, however I have seen Freethorpe Ladies play before back in the days when I was thinking about starting up a blog to help promote the game, they were playing the now defunct Earlham Colney Ladies. 

  For Freethorpe Ladies this is actually their 1st home game of the season having been away from home and having teams call off games since the season started on the 11th September. The Norfolk women’s league split into 3 Divisions last season. Freethorpe are amongst 6 sides contesting the league this season was 7, sadly the league lost Red Rose United recently. The remaining 6 sides playing each other 3 times in the league. Awarded the 3 points from their unplayed home game, Freethorpe haven’t picked up a point on their travels against the new sides entering the league some of whom have brought in player with higher league experience. A narrow defeat away to today’s opponents in the league cup 3 weeks ago.

   Toftwood United Ladies are into their 3rd season as a club based Dereham, Toftwood is a small village adjoining the town. Grew up in Dereham (East Dereham if you live outside of Norfolk) went to school there, Northgate High School which is where Toftwood are playing their home games this season. Drew their opening 2 league fixtures, have since suffered 2 defeats sandwiched between the cup win at home to Freethorpe on the road this Sunday in search of their 1st league win of the season.

  The village of Freethorpe is in East Norfolk near The Broads, the ladies football team play at the Freethorpe Community Pavilion, which houses the village hall as well as a multi sports facility, clubhouse with bar. Two football pitches, both a good size, in good condition with plenty of grass cover a slight slope from one goal to the other. A row of trees forming a wind break one end shedding their leaves onto the goal mouths that end, well into autumn afterall, the clock going back overnight an extra hour in bed for some. The weather still holding fair a dry, bright and mild afternoon.

 Freethorpe Ladies starting XI – Chloe Barber, Toni Talbot, Stacey Barnes (C), Elle-Jay Jarvis, Samantha Greenland, Louise Watts, Sarah Miller, Andrea Colbrook, Michaela Stordy, Megan Wilson & Georgia Goodson.
 subs – Sarah Earl, Wendy Barber & Amy Barber.

 Toftwood United Ladies starting XI – Katie Louise, Jolene Ayrton, Hayley Cross, Lisa Anthony, Olivia North, Summer Copeland, Lydia Hooper, Hayley Majoram, Robyn Penn (C), Katie Hart & Thea Wilson.

 subs – Melanie Freeman, Laura Harvey & Jordie Head. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s the visitors Toftwood to get the 1st half underway wearing sky blue shirts, navy shorts and sky blue and navy hooped socks with Freethorpe lined up opposite wearing yellow shirts and socks with black shorts. Toftwood have possession of the ball early on make in roads up the left Lydia Hooper firing a cross into the box runs long across the face of goal retrieved by Katie Hart on the right on the byline plays the ball back into the middle, Thea Wilson making a central run into the box, Freethorpe’s Toni Talbot gets to the ball 1st clearing it out of the box.

Freethorpe Ladies, Toni Talbot
 Toftwood captain, Robyn Penn on the ball in the middle rolls it out to Hart wide right, is tackled by Freethorpe’s, Louise Watts the ball out for a throw, deep inside the Freethorpe half the ball is thrown to Hart turning lifts the ball into the area near post over Wilson going after gets the ball smashed into her face as Freethorpe clear. Hooper moving up the left again puts a cross into the box, doesn’t get past, Elle-Jay Jarvis this time as the defender steps forwards to get her foot on the ball. 
  Andrea Colbrook gets forwards into space on the left for Freethorpe as Stacey Barnes, Freethorpe’s captain wins the ball at the back rolls it forwards for Sarah Miller her ball picking out Colbrook, Toftwood’s Olivia North comes across to tackle put the ball out for the throw. Freethorpe try to work the ball into the box top left corner, charged down Toftwood counter Summer Copeland bringing the ball on sends the pass out to Penn moving out to the right hits the ball early into the box on the diagonal with Wilson and Hooper both bursting forwards the latter left of goal as she enters the box hitting the shot 1st time her strike wide of the target.
  GOAL! Almost 15 minutes on the clock and Toftwood score the opening goal of the game the attack starting on the left the ball played up to Hooper pushing forwards, plays the cross in early getting Wilson in behind the Freethorpe defence goalkeeper Chloe Barber starts to come in an attempt to close the angle, Wilson bringing the ball under control turns and sends her shot low past the advancing keeper into the bottom corner of the net 0-1.

Thea Wilson with the opening goal of the match for Toftwood United Ladies

  Freethorpe push players on from the restart up the field as Toftwood clear it, Watts intercepts the ball wide left inside the Toftwood half takes the ball in field picking out Georgia Goodson outside the box turning towards goal gets a shot away from inside the D along the ground the shot lacks power Toftwood goalkeeper Katie Louise gathers. Jolene Ayrton advances from the back for Toftwood on the left passes the ball into the path of Hooper breaking forwards the cross goes into the box early near side Copeland racing into the area connects with the ball on the outside of her boot trying to help it goalwards knocked into the ground bounces lacking pace, Barber gets hold of it in the six yard box.

Toftwood United Ladies, Summer Copeland

  Freethorpe make a change, Amy Barber coming on for Miller. The home side counter attack from a Toftwood free-kick getting the ball down the other end quickly Goodson carrying it forwards, support from Michaela Stordy to her left receives the ball, North in to tackle the ball out for a throw. Talbot forwards to take the throw tries a long one Colbrook the target top of the area, Toftwood clear but commit the foul wide left. Amy Barber on the set-piece curls the ball into the box Lisa Anthony gets her head on the ball to clear for the visitors.

  GOAL! Closing in on the half hour mark in the 1st half Freethorpe break forwards in number and equalise the ball won at the back is played into the midfield play spread wide to Amy Barber on the left carries the ball forwards, both Goodson and Megan Wilson going with her, Copeland gets back to pressure Barber on the ball as they reach the top of the area, Hayley Cross comes in to tackle Barber the Freethorpe attacker nudging the ball past the full-back as the two collide, the ball runs beyond everyone Wilson is quickest to react getting to the ball in the six yard box gets her shot past Louise as she lunges with her leg to block, the ball is past her strikes the post and bouncing up across the face of go, Goodson is on hand to bury the ball into the back of the net 1-1.

Georgia Goodson scorer the equaliser for Freethorpe Ladies

  Putting pressure on the Toftwood back-line Freethorpe are getting more joy going forwards. Wilson winning the ball in midfield plays the ball out to Watts on the left sends the ball on down the line for Amy Barber, leaning back as she goes to cross the ball puts it behind for a goal kick. Wendy Barber comes on for the home side replacing Stordy. Freethorpe have a free-kick beside the box on the left side after the referee spots a push in the back. Jarvis forwards to take it sends the ball into the box top of the six yard box far post Wilson knocks the ball down for Amy Barber can’t keep her shot down as she goes for goal.

 Toftwood’s Wilson has the ball on the left attacking plenty going forwards for Toftwood in this attack whips the cross into the area trying to pick out Penn in a central position, Talbot nips in ahead of her to clear the ball rolls out to Copeland 25 yards out, looks to play the ball back in with Wilson coming central wanting the ball fed int her feet, can’t take the ball on the move, the Freethorpe defence get it away out to the right, Hart latches onto it one touch before hitting a low drive in towards the near post, Barber down to her left makes the save.

 Getting players forwards Freethorpe are frustrating Toftwood late in the 1st half, Barber the outlet ball on the left. Winning a throw deep on the flank, receives the ball from the long throw turning to hit the ball across the six yard box is deflected into the side netting for a corner. Cleared out of the area Samantha Greenland regains possession for Freethorpe the pass inside to Goodson goes to shoot 25 yards out, the ball charged down by Anthony. 

  GOAL! Closing minutes of the 1st half and Toftwood hit Freethorpe on the counter to retake the lead, North on the ball plays it up through the middle into the box picking out Wilson similar position to the opening goal, hits the shot on the turn left of goal sending the past the keeper into the back of the net. 1-2.

  A late chance for Freethorpe to grab a goal a half chance as Amy Barber pressuring the defence forces and error running in behind left side into the box, Louise is quickly out to slide in and get hold of the ball before the attacker can reach it.
Half-time Freethorpe Ladies 1-2 Toftwood United Ladies

  Toftwood started the match well, attacking early on and taking the lead inside 15 minutes. Freethorpe coming back into the game found the equaliser, were forcing the pace of the game after that for a spell putting pressure on Toftwood’s defence to bring about mistakes, hit on the counter late in the 1st half to go into the dressing room a goal down. All set up for the 2nd half. Two changes for Toftwood at half-time with captain Penn of along with Cross, Laura Harvey and Melanie Freeman on. Thea Wilson wearing the captains armband 2nd half. Freethorpe get the 2nd half underway. Stordy is back on for Freethorpe.
  GOAL! Toftwood extend their lead barely a minute into the 2nd half, Copeland  on the ball has a run at the defence right side stands the ball up lifting it up towards Hooper inside the six yard box at the far post gets up well to head the ball just the right amount of lift to get it up and over Barber trying to reach it drops behind her into the net 1-3. A blow for Freethorpe right at the start of the 2nd half.

Lydia Hooper heading the ball, does the same to score inside the box to make it 3-1 to Toftwood United Ladies

 Toftwood come on again the ball with Harvey played on for Hart wins a corner kick. An inswinging ball coming near post Barber in the Freethorpe goal calls for it and makes a confident claim as she advances. Up the other end Stordy closes the ball down forcing an error as Toftwood try to clear the ball rebounds back into the middle running into the box, Goodson after it, Louise is quickly off her line to the edge of her area to slide in and grab the ball. 

Toftwood’s Copeland battles with Freethorpe’s Elle-Jay Jarvis for the ball

  Hooper gets the ball into her feet on the left a forceful run sends the cross in early curling into the six yard both Barber with a good take gets her gloves firmly on the ball with Wilson running in central. Barber is the out of her box to clear a ball over the top from Toftwood with both Wilson and Hart closing her down. Toftwood’s Wilson goes after the ball played into the left corner area. Time to play the cross in has both Copeland and Hart waiting at the top of the area into Copeland she knocks in on for Hart to strike goalwards her shot dragged wide of the near post.

 With the ball on the right Colbrook tries to get a cross into the box for Freethorpe, wins a throw the ball given to her turns lifts the ball into the box North clears it for Toftwood. The home side make a change Jarvis coming off with Sarah Earl coming on. Barber produces a smart save with her feet as Hart with the ball wide right shows a burst of pace to take it on behind the defence before drilling the ball in towards goal on the angle Barber saving with her foot the ball out for a corner. 

  Majoram brings about an error from Freethorpe as she pushes forwards with the ball a miscued clearance bringing a corner kick on the left, North to take plays it into Copeland near side top of the area her touch deflecting the ball into the six yard box, Barnes clears for Freethorpe. 

Summer Copeland gets up to win the ball fr Toftwood from the corner
  GOAL! Toftwood extend their lead 18 minutes into the 2nd half, has to go down as an own goal but is very unfortunate from Barber. Harvey is advancing with the ball inside right for Toftwood 20 yards out looks to send a ball into the box comes in at a vicious height near post Barber jumping up to try and get a glove on the ball manages to knock it out of the air off balance however she falls to the ground the ball loose bounces towards goal, the keeper tries desperately to keep it out with her legs but can’t the ball crossing the line 1-4.

 Toftwood have Freethorpe on the back foot keep coming forwards, Hart on the ball down the right wing sees her cross turned behind by Watts for a corner. Freethorpe clear the initial ball from the set-piece on the right the clearance coming to Hart top of the area lifts the ball back in near side Wilson getting her head to the ball sends a looping header on up into the six yard box, Barber keeps her eyes firmly on the ball not distracted by Hooper closing in to take the ball down into her body cleanly.

 Substitutes for both sides Freethorpe bringing off Wendy Barber with Megan Wilson back on. Toftwood make 3 changes Cross and Penn back on for Ayrton and Majoram, Jordie Head comes on for Copeland. The visitors break with menace 3 forwards moving through the middle Hart on the ball unleashes a shot from the top of the area, Barber saves well the ball cleared out to Head who sends in back in with Wilson moving across the six yard box gets her head to it near post puts the ball wide. An unorthodox save from Barber moments later as the ball over the top sees Head bearing down on goal left side the keeper comes flying out to slide in rolls over in doing so stopping the ball with her bottom as Head leaps over her.

  GOAL! Head has been lively since coming on for Toftwood up front and her energy brings a mistake at the back which she capitalises on getting in behind right side pushing on with the ball hits the shot on the angle plenty of pace on the ball flies past the diving keeper into the goal beyond 1-5.

 Freethorpe reintroduce Jarvis to the action Earl coming off. Little for the Freethorpe attackers to feed on 2nd half, Colbrook is gifted a chance as Louise plays her goal-kick straight at her, 25 yards out goes for goal, on target Louise gets behind it to gather on the bounce.

Freethorpe Ladies, Andrea Colbrook

  GOAL! Toftwood go forwards the ball played out to Harvey onto Hart down the right takes the ball all the way to the byline cutting inside into the box looks to send the ball across the six yard box, hits a Freethorpe defender the deflection helps it on to the top of the six yard box with Head racing onto the ball smashes her shot into the back of the net 1-6.

  Freethorpe haven’t pressured the Toftwood defence like they did 1st half aren’t getting anything up front as a result, when they do get the ball into the box, Louise in the Toftwood goal has more often than not come for it. Watts gets hold of the ball taking it inside Amy Barber moves into the area the cross in towards her the Toftwood keeper slides in to claim at her feet.
A hat-trick for Toftwood United
Ladies, Jordie Head

  GOAL! Into the final 10 minutes of the game Toftwood extend their lead further. Freeman on for Hart down the right carries the ball to the top of the area before unleashing a stinging drive towards goal, Barber throws herself at it falling gets her gloves to the ball knocking it to the ground, Wilson is racing in near post and 1st to arrive wraps her foot over the ball to send it home for her hat-trick 1-7.

  GOAL! Goal number 7 is quickly followed by goal number 8, little Barber can do about this one as 2nd half substitute Head completes her hat-trick the ball rolled into her 25 yards out back to goal spins inside and sends a shot arrowing into the top corner of the goal 1-8.

 Wilson comes off late for Toftwood, Majoram back on. The visitors have a corner on the right the ball played into Harvey near post inside the six yard box scuffs her attempted shot the ball rolling into Majoram ahead of her the angle against her as she goes for goes puts her strike behind for a goal-kick. The final whistle blows and Toftwood with a dominant 2nd half display win their 1st league game of the season.
Full time Freethorpe Ladies 1-8 Toftwood United Ladies

  Well I certainly didn’t see that 2nd half coming after the 1st half. Totally different story 2nd half Toftwood with a quick fire goal making it 3-1 went on to dominate the attack Getting plenty of bodies forwards and creating goal scoring chances. Freethorpe after a good display 1st half getting back into the game, didn’t put the pressure on the ball 2nd half that had brought about the success 1st half. Let their heads drop too early. Little time to lick their wounds the two sides meet again in the league next Sunday, Freethorpe making the trip to Dereham.
  Good to see both sides in action at last. My thanks as always to both clubs for their help with the team details today always appreciated.