Match Report – St Ives Town Ladies v Newmarket Town Ladies

Wednesday 9th May

 A midweek clash between the top two in the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership this Wednesday evening. A celebration in the finish with St Ives Town Ladies clinching the league title on Sunday hosting runners-up Newmarket Town Ladies.

St Ives Town Ladies winning the Premiership title in just their 3rd season together. Confirmed as league winners at the weekend after opponents Netherton United couldn’t field a side. 3 points awarded that meant they could no longer be caught at the top of the table with an 8 point lead at the top of the table with Newmarket Town Ladies also awarded a home win at weekend having 2 games left to play.

  Has been a strange season everywhere the awful weather seeing no end of games called off prolonging a season teams having to play double headers at the end to ensure the fixtures were caught up. Both St Ives Town Ladies and Newmarket Town Ladies overhauling the early pace setters, Netherton United Ladies.

  One more game left to play for St Ives Town Ladies at the ProEdge Westwood Road Stadium home to the St Ives Town FC. A strong league campaign losing just once all season in their opening fixture against Newmarket Town Ladies. Now they both meet at the opposite end of the season 1st & 2nd in the league. Nothing riding on this evenings match both sides should be able to relax and express themselves. 

  A dry and firm surface at the ProEdge Stadium, the pitch worn in places after a long season. Three stands over on the far side of the ground the clubhouse opposite with bar, function room and refreshments all available. A mild evening not as hot as it has been in recent days.

 St Ives Town Ladies starting XI – Kira Markwell, Penny Ford, Connie Liddiard, Anna Hicks, Mollie Flack, Harriet Ford, Hannah Seymour-Shove, Katie Stancombe, Amy Seymour-Shove (C), Tierney Coulson & Georgia Stancombe. Subs – Sophie Marjoram, Ellie Brown, Katherine Speed, Molly Berryman & Jess Guthrie.

 Newmarket Town Ladies starting XI – Eloise Hope, Yasmin Woodfield, Hannah Rogers, Chloe Slater, Beth Woodfield (C), Jess Linger, Antonia Smith, Abbi Griffin, Molly Agnew, Lauren Bailey & Jordanne Sillitoe. Subs – Dominika Szary, Sarah O’Rourke & Hollie Turner

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Newmarket to get the first half underway, wearing yellow shirts and socks with blue shorts. St Ives playing in black and white vertical striped shirts, black shorts and socks. The ball worked forwards up to striker Jordanne Sillitoe moving out to the left she sends a diagonal ball forwards into the area Abbi Griffin making the central run in the clear closing down St Ives goalkeeper Kira Markwell she is first to the ball kicking it clear as Griffin turns looking to block the ball.

  St Ives press the attack captain Amy Seymour-Shove getting in behind on the left sends a squared cross along the face of goal, met on the far side a shot drilling in low, Eloise Hope in goal for Newmarket is right behind it down to gather the ball. Sillitoe operating as the lone attacker for Newmarket with support from Laura Bailey will move out to the flanks to receive the ball good hold up play as the diagonal ball from Antonia Smith is put into her turns off her marker and sends a cross in to the area the ball out of play at Markwell’s far post with Griffin trying to make up the ground.

  Hannah Seymour-Shove winning the ball in the middle for St Ives played forwards into Georgia Stancombe she releases Katie Stancombe on the left wing in behind a good run the cross fired in met by Tierney Coulson at the top of the six yard box near post her shot up over the crossbar. Connie Liddiard winning the ball back at left back bringing it on up the flank before sending it forwards for Coulson she plays it early Georgia Stancombe looking to get in behind central, Newmarket centre back Chloe Slater going with her clears the ball as it drops over her shoulder. 

  Jess Linger back to help the defence gets across Georgia Stancombe as Hannah Seymour-Shove turns play around in the middle, sees the ball back into her goalkeepers gloves. Newmarket captain Beth Woodfield does the same as Amy Seymour-Shove looks to press in behind moving inside from the left. Harriet Ford with time and space on the ball inside the Newmarket half decides to have a crack at goal from 30 yards out, Hope right behind it drops to gather the ball into her body. 

Newmarket’s Jess Linger with St Ives Town Ladies, Harriet Ford

  Play turned round quickly by both sides, Newmarket looking to get Griffin away on the right is tackled by Harriet Ford. St Ives get the ball up field rapidly the diagonal pass releasing Georgia Stancombe drifting out to the right her cross fired low into the area, a vital interception by Yasmin Woodfield on the penalty spot with Amy Seymour-Shove beyond her. Newmarket with a corner on the right an inswinging delivery to the middle of the goal a confident claim by Markwell. 

  Katie Stancombe in behind attacking with the ball on the right for St Ives her strike drilled in low towards the near post sees Hope well positioned to claim. An even start to the game both sides attacking. Beth Woodfield’s clearance long out to the left is picked up by Molly Agnew on the left side for Newmarket taking the ball into the box shoots the ball put in across the keeper Markwell making an excellent save getting down to her left to push the ball behind for the corner. A good ball into the area from the set-piece Sillitoe rising gets her head on the ball, can’t direct the ball on target out at the far post for a goal kick.

  Smith plays the ball forwards into Bailey top of the area to the left of goal good hold up play, Agnew provides the run into the area, a touch from the St Ives defence on it’s way through Agnew settles for the corner. Another inswinging delivery from the left Markwell has it covered as it curls out over her crossbar. Penny Ford with a good tackle to stop Agnew’s run inside from the left. Hannah Seymour-Shove busy in the middle for St Ives has options left and right aswell as through the middle as the St Ives attackers all look for find space in behind the Newmarket defence playing a higher line than their opponents. 

Newmarket’s Abbi Griffin with St Ives Town Ladies, Amy Seymour-Shove

  St Ives win the ball in the middle Hannah Seymour-Shove into Harriet Ford, the ball played out for Katie Stancombe in the right, Hannah Rogers winning the tackle for Newmarket. Coulson seeing the ball into her feet turns and looks to set Georgia Stancombe away in behind central, Slater reading the ball going with the attacker intercepts the ball. St Ives begin another attack win a free-kick inside the Newmarket half in a central position.

GOAL! From the free-kick St Ives open the scoring the ball played long towards goal Hope moving across her line to the right does take the high ball in cleanly not secure it drops into the six yard box in front of her St Ives having 3 players closing her down on the follow up a little bit of head tennis before the final touch is applied sending the ball across goal and over the line Amy-Seymour-Shove getting the telling header 1-0.

Newmarket look for an immediate response Sillitoe coming to receive the ball centrally lays it on for Bailey through the middle into the area up against Anna Hicks as she closes in on goal gets a shot away the ball over the crossbar. Smith regaining the ball for Newmarket as St Ives look to break through the middle plays it out to Sillitoe to her left a long way out tries her luck a looping ball sent in towards goal has Markwell concerned as it drops but safe landing on the roof of the net. 

Jordanne Sillitoe on the ball for Newmarket Town Ladies

   Sillitoe with good hold up play on the left puts Bailey through into the box for a run at goal once more, Hicks on her shoulder does enough to slow her down allowing Markwell the chance to come and gather. Mollie Flack clearing the ball played into the area from the right as Griffin and Linger combine in attack for Newmarket. Flack and Hicks both converge to stop Bailey as she tries to force her way into the area given the ball inside the D. 

 GOAL! A little under 10 minutes left in the 1st half and St Ives double their advantage. Katie Stancombe with a powerful run on the right side breaks in behind cutting inside and strikes the ball well evading Hope at the near post this time drilled across her and into the back of the net. 2-0.

Both goalkeepers alert to come and take the ball top of their areas as the ball is slid in behind. Bailey in the path of a poor kick out at the back tries to send the shot back in towards goal doesn’t get a clean connection no pace on the ball Markwell can bring it up into her gloves and kicking it long looks to set up another St Ives attack. St Ives press forwards, Amy Seymour-Shove clear on the left into Coulson on for Georgia Stancombe, Hope rushing out of her area doesn’t get a good kick on the ball it spins in behind Stancombe after it, Beth Woodfield recovers well for Newmarket sliding in to clear the ball away for the corner. 

Beth Woodfield clearing the ball for Newmarket Town Ladies

  The delivery in towards the near post headed behind for a 2nd corner this one taken short up the line the ball eventually worked inside across the top of the area Liddiard up from the back blazes her shot high out for the goal kick. Hannah Seymour-Shove winning the ball late in the first half slides the pass through the middle for Georgia Stancombe Hope coming to close her down edge of her area, Stancombe attempts to lob her but under pressure screws the ball wide.

Half-time St Ives Town Ladies 2-0 Newmarket Town Ladies

  2-0 advantage for St Ives at the break, playing well keeping a solid line at the back, Harriet Ford and Hannah Seymour-Shove busy in midfield breaking up play, attacking options going forwards with good runs from Amy Seymour-Shove and Katie Stancombe on the wings, Coulson and Georgia Stancombe through the middle. Sitting deeper aren’t giving Newmarket any room in behind, have gotten into some god position’s nevertheless but you feel they will need the next goal if they are to get back into the game.

St Ives Town Ladies, Hannah Seymour-Shove

Change’s at half-time for Newmarket, Rogers off Bailey now at left back with Sarah O’Rourke with Hollie Turner up top now Sillitoe also off. Dominika Szary replacing Hope in goal. St Ives to get the 2nd half underway. A quiet start to the 2nd period the ball put out wide, Yasmin Woodfield getting to it before Amy Seymour-Shove. Beth Woodfield clearing a high ball put into the area from St Ives after a throw in on the right.

GOAL! A blow for the visitors at the start of the 2nd half as St Ives extend their lead. A superb individual goal from Katie Stancombe too. Picking up the ball on half way right side she plays it forwards Georgia Stancombe not quite back on side from a previous attack central doesn’t make a move towards the ball Katie Stancombe runs on to pick up the ball driving forwards with it free of challenge taking the ball into the box and shoots cutting the ball across the keeper to cross the line at inside the far post 3-0.

A brace for St Ives Town Ladies, Katie Stancombe

Bailey tackling wins the ball back for Coulson as the St Ives attacker looks to get in behind moving to the right with the ball. Agnew coming forwards for Newmarket on the left plays the diagonal ball in low for O’Rourke to chase, Flack getting hold of it for St Ives. Griffin latching onto a poor ball at the back from St Ives attacks on the right, Liddiard putting in the tackle to win the ball back. 

  Amy Seymour-Shove left side in attack plays the pass into the area for Georgia Stancombe left of goal Slater going with the attacker no shot on the ball played back to the top of the area Coulson coming onto the ball sends her effort over the bar. Hicks and Flack aren’t giving much away through the centre of defence for St Ives a solid base from which to begin an attack Harriet Ford on for Hannah Seymour-Shove, Georgia Stancombe wanting it plays into the right channel, Slater going with her puts in the challenge to regain the ball. 

  Newmarket’s Hollie Turner allowed time and space on the ball 30 yards out takes a shot at goal, Markwell getting set isn’t troubled. A change for St Ives Penny Ford coming off, Molly Berryman coming on. A free-kick top of the circle for Newmarket inside the St Ives half a chance for Linger to play the ball into the area, Flighted in towards the near post runners attacking the ball, Markwell behind it is able to take cleanly on the bounce. 

  St Ives come forwards on the left the ball put inside for Coulson 25 yards out left of the D drills a shot in towards goal the ball running wide across the face of goal. A throw taken quickly by Harriet Ford on the right for St Ives, Georgia Stancombe taking it to the byline whips a cross in along the face of goal, Szary composed isn’t put off by Coulson closing her down at she claims the ball. Coulson helping the ball on through the middle puts Georgia Stancombe in behind right of the area shooting her strike running narrowly wide at the far post.

St Ives Town, Tierney Coulson holding Newmarket defender Chloe Slater off the ball

  St Ives tails are up, Newmarket look a little flat the 3rd goal a blow. Sillitoe back on as Agnew brings the ball on down the right, squared centrally into Sillitoe 20 yards out her shot charged down the ball coming to Turner 20 she strikes the ball back in races wide of the post. Liddiard rises to head the ball inside the box to clear for St Ives as Linger plays a free-kick into the box. Sillitoe forcing her way forwards pushes the ball on for Turner through the middle, Flack tackling for St Ives. 

  The game stretched a little, Newmarket committing players forwards St Ives counter attack Hannah Seymour-Shove releases Georgia Stancombe clear into the Newmarket are right of goal slight hesitation before striking a shot wide across the face of goal. Beth Woodfield with a good tackle to deny Georgia Stancombe a shot as the striker looks to latch onto the ball played on through the middle. Into the final 10 minutes of the game St Ives are determined not to concede 3 defenders all close Agnew down as she attempts to drive on into the area with the ball on the left. 

Katie Stancombe with Newmarket’s Molly Agnew

Sillitoe after the ball on the right side sends her cross long into the box Agnew in behind this time retrieves at the far post sends the ball looping back in across the face of goal O’Rourke coming in the ball  can’t quite reach it. 5 minute left a triple change for St Ives, Jess Guthrie, Ellie Brown and Katherine Speed all coming on for Georgia and Katie Stancombe and Liddiard. Sillitoe sees her strike from the top of the area charged down a 4th change for St Ives a keeper change Markwell off Sophie Marjoram joining the action. 

  A save for Marjoram in the closing moments of the game a shot coming into her from distance heading top corner the keeper getting across to parry the ball behind the corner coming to nothing as the final whistle blows and St Ives celebrate as they end their season with a win.

Full time St Ives Town Ladies 3-0 Newmarket Town Ladies

  Three goals without reply to end the season for St Ives putting on a good show for the fans at the ProEdge Stadium. A solid performance, confident and determined not to concede. Players ready to attack all across the front line, moved the ball well. Newmarket’s season almost over a bit flat at the end has been a long campaign a busy spell recently too the players looked tired physically and mentally but should be proud of what they have achieved this season a memorable run in the FA Women’s Cup. Two young squads here gaining plenty of experience both will only improve going forwards. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  This evening’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match award goes to St Ives Town Ladies Hannah Seymour-Shove a strong performance in midfield lively closing down the ball and with her attackers always ready to go in front of her she had the vision and range of passes to pick them out.

St Ives Town Ladies, Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership Champions

Congratulation to St Ives Town Ladies on winning the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership title. Good to finely get to see them at last this season. Thanks to both clubs for their help this evening.

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