Match Report – Mildenhall Town Ladies v Newmarket Town Women Development

Sunday 16th May

Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South

A local derby today on Women’s Football East from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South with Newmarket Town Women’s Development side heading east along the A11 to play Mildenhall Town Ladies.

  As mentioned in last Sunday’s report from the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership, the county leagues the only ones in the East to continue after the country emerged from the latest lockdown brought on by the ongoing Covid pandemic. The Championship South consisting of 8 sides with it looking likely to be a 3 way battle for the title at the top.

  Has been a while since I was last at Mildenhall Town FC for a women’s football match. The club adopting FAWNL side Cambridge United WFC for a number of seasons. The club embracing women’s football and when Cambridge eventually moved on I felt the town was ideally suited for a new women’s side and was very pleased to see the formation of Mildenhall Town Ladies a couple of seasons ago. 

  Got off to a flying start to emerging a strong contenders in what was then a large 15 strong single Championship picking up alot of good results before unfortunately the 2019/20 season was brought to an end. There 2nd season seeing the Championship’s split once more Mildenhall form up and down winning as many as they have lost before the long pause to proceedings. Looking to get thing’s going again now in midtable ran the leaders close in a 5-4 defeat last time out. Charlotte Nash the clubs top scorer with 19 goals from 10 appearances, Lauren Deller joining from Newmarket this season bringing experience to the attack has scored 8 goals in her  appearances so far. 

  Newmarket have always been a club with a strong youth set up running teams from U9 – U16 aswell as two women’s team the Development side and the 1st team competing in the ERWFL. Newmarket’s U15s winning the U15 B-league this weekend. Manager Shane Lebbon believing strongly in developing youth players and bringing them through the club and whereas some club have taken advantage of their 1st teams seasons ending early playing a stronger dev/reserves side Newmarket have resisted playing just 1 or 2 to help the younger players development. Lay third in the Championship table just a point behind joint leaders Cambridge Rangers Women and Histon Ladies Development. Like Mildenhall they two have a striker in prolific form in front of goal with Kaitlin Elsey finding the back of the net 24 times so far from 9 appearances. Backed up by Sarah O’Rourke who has 10 from 9 appearances.

  The pitch at Mildenhall was always a superb playing surface, a lush covering of grass. Slopes from one goalmouth to the other and is nice and wide. A new hospitality room added beside the main stand and clubhouse. The latest easing of restrictions will see fans able to return to watch from Monday. Many eager to get back. Quite warm and bright with a few dark clouds around, rain forecast, with heavy showers at times but thankfully these were never to materialise. 

Mildenhall Town Ladies starting XI – Tiffany Toynton, Rosalind Ramos, Alex Milner, Cassandra Carvalheira, Niketa Cartner, Eloise Gookey, Annalise Brown, Jasmine Luckett, Katie Haye, Lauren Deller & Charlotte Nash (C). Subs – Megan Hobson & Sara-Jane Langford

Newmarket Town Women Development starting XI – Dominika Szary, Lydia Mason, Rebecca Towler, Beth Woodfield, Kara Wayman, Cerys Crompton, Hannah Doyle, Grace Muffett, Leah Harper, Sarah O’Rourke (C) & Kaitlin Elsey. Subs – Hannah Lock, Emily Davey, Sophie Barrell, Amy Cayzer & Faith Winters.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Before the match the teams gather around the centre circle for a minutes silence to pay tribute to 9 year old Jordan Banks from Blackpool who was tragically killed this week being struck by lightning whilst training. Rest in Peace.

A minutes silence held before the game

Along with Lauren Deller, Cassandra Carvalheira starting at the back for Mildenhall has played for Newmarket. Goalkeeper Hannah Lock injured in the warm up for Newmarket sees a late change with Dominika Szary donning the gloves, an experienced goalkeeper in her own right having enjoyed a season in the FAWNL with Cambridge City Ladies. The captains, Sarah O’Rourke for Newmarket and Charlotte Nash for Mildenhall meet in the centre with the referee, Mildenhall opting to switch ends moving into position to attack up the slope in the first half. Newmarket to kick-off the match wearing yellow shirts with blue shorts and yellow and blue hooped socks. Mildenhall wearing amber coloured shirts with black shorts and socks.

A frantic start the ball pinging back and forth in the centre of the park as each sides closes down the other, the ball eventually being lung out to the right channel by Newmarket for striker Kaitlin Elsey to run down, takes it on into the corner before being challenged by Mildenhall full back Alex Milner an early corner conceded. The delivery swept into the near post cleared by the hosts. Mildenhall get hold of the ball central Jasmine Luckett sending it on through for Nash to attack central, Kara Wayman steps in winning the ball back and preventing Nash escaping in behind her.

Kara Wayman bringing the ball out for Newmarket

  Newmarket send the ball low through into Elsey’s feet 30 yards out she sweeps the pass out to the right channel for O’Rourke who attempts to dink it over the top of the defence for Elsey to run onto, too much on it as goalkeeper Tiffany Toynton comes to claim. Elsey has pace at her disposal as she gets the ball into her feet right side and powers forwards fizzes a ball in towards the near post, is dealt with well by Mildenhall’s Rosalind Ramos who clears upfield. 

  Mildenhall build out on the left Katie Hayes travelling with the ball, sending it on for Deller 20 yards out corner of the box has Luckett going on past her on the over lap diverts the ball into her run, Szary comes to close her down kicking the ball away before Luckett can reach it. Defending at the back Newmarket quickly counter left side the ball up to Leah Harper she fires it up the wing with Elsey peeling off the full back to get in behind, Ramos recovers well to get back on her sliding in to tackle take the ball away from her wide, Elsey going after it turning to fire in a ball along the top of the box, Eloise Gookey intercepting inside the D to bring it away from Mildenhall. 

Newmarket goalkeeper, Dominika Szary

  Newmarket’s pace in attack, unsettling the Mildenhall defence as the visitors are looking to quickly turn play around, Grace Muffett playing it through to O’Rourke looking to escape in the right channel 20 yards out, Milner manages to get across her to send the ball on into her goalkeeper for Toynton to clear. A throw deep on the left sees Newmarket go on to claim a corner kick, the ball played in near post defended by Niketa Cartner, Mildenhall go on the counter attack as Deller carries the ball upfield, sending a strong ball through for Nash leading the attack is clear after it, Szary though ever one to stay on her line is already on the move running out of her box to win the race for the ball launch it back towards her opponents area.

Mildenhall Town Ladies captain, Charlotte Nash

  Nash succeeds to springing the offside trap getting in behind the defence for Mildenhall on the right side pace taking her on into the box Szary comes to close the angle but is beaten top of the box, Nash’s touch sending the ball central but no one is up with her as Newmarket recover at the back. Mildenhall getting some joy out on the left Hayes getting the ball into her feet and looking to take players on, checks inside this time 20 out firing a cross into Nash inside the D hits a shot on the turn the ball running wide of the far post. 

 GOAL! Szary is quick to get play going again and Newmarket hit their opponents with a sucker punch as they go straight up the other end to open the scoring the ball helped on through to Elsey  20 yards out left of the D takes the ball on the bounce setting herself to shoot across the keeper low into the bottom corner from the top of the area 0-1.

Kaitlin Elsey opens the scoring for Newmarket

  A goal inside the opening 15 minutes from Newmarket, Mildenhall get forwards from the restart Annalise Brown into Deller who holds the ball up well in a central position, Nash offering her an option to the left, attempts to put her in on goal, Beth Woodfield stepping out of the back line to take the ball off her toes. Deller strong on the ball 25 yards out left of the D sends a ball into the six yard box, Lydia Mason holds Nash off the defender bringing the ball away on the left firing it forwards for Harper, with Elsey moving across to support, Ramos doing well defensively for the hosts.

 GOAL! Newmarket quickly double their lead the ball won at the back by Woodfield, played on through the middle driven along the floor the target Elsey up in the right channel, takes the ball on running at the defence, checking back to turn inside move central before shooting firing her shot back across the keeper for her 2nd of the game 0-2.

 Mildenhall come very close to pulling a goal back straight away as Hayes attacks with it at her feet on the left wing, shifting inside 25 yards out on the angle goes for goal a sweeping strike that is over Szary, cannons back off the far post, across goal staying in play, Rebecca Towler dealing with it for Newmarket the visitors going straight down the other end a shot from the right fired across the face of goal out for a corner kick. The delivery played into O’Rourke in space outside the area central shifts to her right opening up the angle fires a shot in towards the bottom corner, Toynton diving full stretch to her left making an excellent save.

Katie Hayes striking the woodwork for Mildenhall

  Midway through the 2nd half Mildenhall are looking to get Hayes on the ball left side, Deller holding the ball up well, Nash moving off her win a corner, players come forwards, the set piece played long no one gambling at the far post. Mildenhall’s, Brown is showing so great footwork moving the ball well skipping past players as she looks to get the ball into Deller and Nash up top. Newmarket up the other end always ready to play off the shoulder of the last defender, Elsey never still. Harper on the left comes on with the ball attempts the give and go with Crompton central Ramos tracking Harpers run sliding in to win the tackle for Mildenhall.

Mildenhall’s Annalise Brown with Newmarket’s Cerys Crompton

  A pause in play with Mildenhall having a player down, Gookey who comes off to be replaced by Sara-Jane Langford. Both sides taking on fluids the game being played at a fast pace under bright sunshine. As play resumes Newmarket play O’Rourke in on the right, Milner going with her for Mildenhall to challenge send the ball out for a throw in. Newmarket are pressurising the final 3rd better but Mildenhall’s defence dropping deep at times isn’t being carved open, only when Newmarket back off allow the defence to step out can they exploit Elsey’s pace, the striker sending the ball into the bottom corner, no goal however as the hosts defence stepped up well exposing her to be flagged offside. 

Lauren Deller comes out with the ball for Mildenhall

  Faith Winters joins the game for Newmarket in place of Harper on the left side. Is straight into the action a ball from Hannah Doyle fired through from the centre into her, chases the ball into the box, Ramos does fantastic lunging to tackle send the ball on through to her keeper to deal with. Carvalheiro too with a strong defensive tackle in on Elsey inside the D as the young striker attempts to take the ball in behind her. Langford plays the pass on for Deller who lays it off the Nash running into space on the right goes on into the box before firing a shot into the side netting. 

 GOAL! Mildenhall have been threatening on the left, good footwork from Brown in the middle seeing her release the ball to Hayes out wide on the flank, turns inside strong on the ball taking it into the area before clipping a shot high into the near post under the bar to make it 1-2.

  Newmarket go on the attack the ball fed down the line by Towler, taking the ball on down the right O’Rourke cuts the ball back inside for Elsey 30 yards out right of the D, gets plenty of power behind her strike as she smashes it across the keeper but also wide of the far post. The game has opened up Mildenhall having fallen two goals behind responding well to get themselves back into it go on the attack as Hayes is allowed time on the ball 30 yards out left side taking on the shot Szary scrambles across her goal thankfully sees the ball brush the side netting. 

 GOAL! Newmarket restore their 2 goal advantage and it’s Elsey who goes on to score a 1st half hat-trick. The visitors attacking down the left Ramos defending the ball out for a throw played inside a loose ball played on sees Elsey 25 yards out left of the D nip in to steal it take it on and fires a shot hard across the keeper into the bottom corner 1-3.

Kaitlin Elsey with a 1st half hat-trick

 Newmarket have a corner on the left coming forwards are pressurising the Mildenhall back line the delivery long across the box, Luckett can’t get it away, Cartner sees her attempt charged down, before Brown launches it upfield into Deller who lifts it on for Nash going for the box, Mason taking it off her toes. Deller doing well holding up the ball trying to bring others into play, Luckett away on the right, Wayman into her concedes the throw. Luckett seeing Ramos’ throw into her feet lay it back to her to cross 20 yards out the ball dropping on the penalty spot, Nash after it, Woodfield under it heading firmly away for Newmarket.  

Half-time Mildenhall Town Ladies 1-3 Newmarket Town Ladies Development

  Newmarket leading 3-1 at the break starting the match well opening the score after 15 minutes quickly doubling their advantage. Mildenhall coming back into the game well a couple of chances before pulling it back to 2-1. Newmarket quickly restoring their 2 goals advantage with Elsey’s pace up top a real danger as the young striker completed a first half hat-trick. The game beautifully poised for the 2nd half, Mildenhall know they can’t concede early however.

  The hosts to get the 2nd half underway attacking down the slope now. Newmarket with a change, Elsey off, Emily Davey taking up a position on the right on. The ball played out to the right the pass cut out, Brown regains possession well for Mildenhall passing back to Ramos wide fires it down the line for Luckett, Wayman slides in to tackle for Newmarket. The visitors attack let Winters up with O’Rourke goes inside her taking the ball on looks to be clear in on the box, Toynton comes rushing out to the top of her area makes a brave blocking save getting a bit of both the ball and player but comes off worse the ball put out of play needs treatment but is okay to continue. 

Mildenhall’s Jasmine Luckett

 Deller wins the challenge as the ball is dropped into her left side sending it on down the flank for Hayes, Towler moving across into her to make the challenge send the ball out of play. The pace of the 2nd half as intense as the first Newmarket running the ball on through the middle with Doyle a throw won high on the right is directed into Doyle right of the D her touch lifting it in behind for O’Rourke to spin in behind, picks up pace on the bounce however running out of play before O’Rourke can close it down.

  Mildenhall make a change Gookey coming back on replacing Brown. Winters drives on with the ball left side whipping a cross into the box which is launched into the carpark by Langford defending for Mildenhall. Play a little stretched Newmarket not getting so much of the ball up top, Deller linking up well in attack with Hayes for Mildenhall. Hayes spinning off her marker on halfway taking the ball on into the Newmarket half before angling a diagonal ball into the box looking for Nash peeling off the last defender, the bounce favouring the keeper however as Szary comes well to catch the ball.

Charlotte Nash attempts to flick the ball on spin in behind for Mildenhall

  Carvalheiro steps on the ball loosing possession 25 yards out right of goal presenting O’Rourke with a shooting opportunity the effort no carrying much conviction landing in the side netting. A change for Newmarket with Amy Cayzer joining the game. Winters fed the ball by Mason on the left takes it on firing her pass into O’Rourke who drills a low effort from 20 yards out wide of the near post. Mildenhall bring the ball right Luckett flashes in inside to Nash, attempts to play it across for Deller, Woodfield steps out to intercept. 

Newmarket’s Emily Davey looking for options as she goes forwards

  The host now applying pressure to the Newmarket defence have started the 2nd half well winning a corner, right side fired into the crowded near post Szary amongst it punching the ball away. Ramos up on the right into Luckett 20 yard out skips inside going for the area, Woodfield comes to close her down. Harper has come back on for Newmarket. Luckett on the ball central 25 out sends it out to Hayes attacking on the left, her touch deflecting it on into the box, Mason comes across to put it out for a corner. 

  Megan Hobson comes on for Mildenhall to replace Langford. The corner from the left played chest height into the near post, Cartner getting something on it from 3 yards out turning it goalwards, Szary is well placed saving with a well taken grab low between her legs and reacts quickly releasing it early. Mildenhall on top now pushing forwards winning the ball back in the final 3rd, Deller and Nash taking on the Newmarket defence another corner won on the left met low central but blasted back hard wide across goal. 

Dominika Szary well placed to save as Niketa Cartner turns the ball goalwards

  For all their pressing Mildenhall are vulnerable to the counter attack the ball brought clear left side fed on for O’Rourke getting clear central, bearing down on the area, Toynton comes to close her down, O’Rourke unleashes a shot looks certain to score, Toynton arms outstretched gets the merest of fingertips to it deflect the ball wide of goal for a corner, an excellent save! 

  Davey gets on well up the right to support O’Rourke for Newmarket the pair combining Davey inside attempting the return ball into the box for the attacker, Cartner gets across well to stop the move, pulls up immediately, can’t continue has to come off, Brown returning to the game. Doyle takes the ball on through the middle as Newmarket break from a set play Milner and Ramos combine to close her down win the ball back for the hosts. 

Mildenhall’s Alex Milner

  Wayman with a strong run attacking down Newmarket’s left brings her side a corner as Ramos comes across to tackle. Mildenhall defend but fail to break Newmarket attack again on the left the ball into the top of the area, Toynton comes doesn’t get the ball, the shot is sent past her central, Ramos backing off to cover the goal blocks the ball. The game moving into the final 10 minutes Newmarket bringing Elsey back on up top for O’Rourke. Elsey straight into the action left side given the ball by Winters into the box, Toynton comes making another great save with her legs deflecting the ball wide across her six yard box.  


  Deller 25 yards out fizzes a pass into Nash inside the D, her touch taking it wide to her left turns inside the angle going against her blasts her strike behind the target. The Mildenhall defence is tiring, Elsey rested back on has pace at her disposal, Doyle feeding her in central she drives on to the top of the area, Toynton coming out saving well against her. Up the other end Luckett’s pass sees Nash force a corner kick, Newmarket struggle to get it clear, Brown closing down wide right flashing a shot wide across the six yard box. Less than 5 minutes left to play.

GOAL! Elsey adding an injection of pace into the Newmarket attack picks the ball up 40 yards out powers forwards has Doyle up ahead of her to the right sends the ball out to her the midfielder taking in on into the box wide of goal strikes the ball sending a looping shot high to drop over the line behind the keeper 1-4.

Hannah Doyle scores Newmarket’s 4th

  Newmarket bring Sophie Barrell on for Lydia Mason late on.

 GOAL! A strong end to the game from Newmarket taking it away from Mildenhall, Elsey on the scoresheet for her 4th of the game given the ball central is closed down by the Mildenhall defence, tired one up ended Elsey powers on breaking clear to the top of the area, sets her sights planting a fiercely drilled shot wide to the right of the keeper 1-5. 

Kaitlin Elsey powering her way on into the box

 A late free-kick in stoppage time for Mildenhall 30 yards out central, Hayes on it up into the area tries to pick out Nash, Woodfield going with her shields the ball into Szary.

Full time Mildenhall Town Ladies 1-5 Newmarket Town Ladies Development

  Two late goals for Newmarket seeing them win the game 5-1 and keep the pressure on the leading pair. Started the game well taking the lead inside 15 minutes quickly going 2 up. Mildenhall fought back well having chances pulling a goal back. Newmarket hitting back straight away to lead 3-1 at the break. Final scores don’t always reflect games, no doubt Mildenhall had the better of the 2nd half for 40 minutes, Tiffany Toynton with some crucial saves however couldn’t find a goal, Newmarket hitting them with two late goals at the death to seal the win.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. A few performances to mention first. Some great goalkeeping from Tiffany Toynton kept her side in the game for a long period in the 2nd half. Katie Hayes out on the left with some impressive runs and took her goal well. Rosalind Ramos in particular at the back made several vital tackles. For Newmarket, Lydia Mason covered alot of ground at the back winning several tackles. The award though goes to Newmarket striker Kaitlin Elsey 28 goals from 10 appearances now and easy to see why, great positional play and pace troubled the Mildenhall defence first half scoring a hat-trick coming back on late on to get an assist and score her 4th.

  Enjoyed being back at Mildenhall again is a great club good to see it embracing it’s women’s side, an enjoyable match. My thanks to both sides for giving me those all important team details much appreciated.

 by Darren Gilham