Match Report – Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers Women v Thetford Town Ladies

Wednesday 18th May

Norfolk Women’s League One

 The 2021/22 season is reaching it’s climax, just a handful of fixtures left to complete just 3 more left for Women’s Football East to cover, beginning this evening with my final league fixture of the season, from Norfolk Women’s Division One with Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers Ladies fresh from winning the League Plate on Sunday playing they’re penultimate game of the season at home to Thetford Town Ladies playing their last competitive fixture of the campaign.

A cup final win for Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers Women on Sunday against Caister FC Ladies in the NWGFL Plate their first trophy under there new name after moving from Sprowston to become Dussindale & Hellesdon a couple of seasons ago, are currently 3rd in the Division One table 4 points behind 2nd placed and League Cup winners, Fakenham Town Ladies with 2 games to play. Fakenham played out their fixture can only watch now Dussindale & Hellesdon with a superior goal difference needed 4 points from their remaining two fixtures to ensure them of a runners-up finish, lose and it’s all over Fakenham can’t be caught. A hat-trick for Shanice Sutton in Sunday’s Plate Final seeing her become leading goal scorer for Dussindale & Hellesdon with 38 goals one ahead of Victoria Leyer.

 Thetford Town Ladies travel over to The Nest this evening knowing they are going to finish 4th in the Division One table. They’re highest ever finish to a season as the club looks to become an established force in the league with the ambition to push on further next season. Have achieved this having had terrible luck with injuries, there squad struggling for numbers at times particularly to their defenders. Have bolstered the squad with some useful signings to help their challenge for a top 4 finish such as Hannah Claughton from Norwich and Becky Russell dual signed from Wroxham. Becky White, Thetford’s leading goal scorer with 17 for the season so far.

  The Nest the venue for this evenings game the state of the art facility on the outskirts of Norwich home to not only Norwich City Women but also Dussindale & Hellesdon, who normally use the grass pitch leading into the complex but with that undergoing maintenance the main 3G pitch is hosting their Division One clash with Thetford a game under the lights the cafe open serving a range of cakes and snacks, along with hot food and drinks. Like most 3G facilities the 3G pitch well used a large number of youth goalkeepers being put through their paces whilst two sides warm up behind. Another warm and sunny day leading into a pleasant evening beginning to cool but no sign of any rain.

Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers Women

Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers Women starting XI – Tyla Cole, Amee Kennett, Siesha Humphries, Calista Tink (C), Maddy Goodenough, Abi Nobbs, Lucy Wetherall, Georgina Belton, Abby Hutchin, Chelsea Brister & Shanice Sutton. Subs – Ruby Wilson, Kari Kowalczyk, Charlie Head & Tallulah Bell.

Thetford Town Ladies

 Thetford Town Ladies starting XI – Lydia Ward, Zoe Klimcke, Ellie-Mae Davies, Erin Lloyd, Rachel Lynch, Dayna Howard (C), Becky Russell, Hannah Claughton, Abbie Corbyn, Charlotte Howard & Becky White. Sub – Courtney Musgrove.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Dussindale & Hellesdon with just the one change to the squad that started Sunday’s Plate final, Tallulah Bell named on the bench. Thetford travelling with just the one substitute available with a number of players carrying knocks. Dayna Howard named as captain in the place of the absent Melissa Boulton. It’s the visitors to kick-off the first half, Thetford wearing blue shirts with a white band across the front and sleeves, navy coloured shorts and socks. Dussindale & Hellesdon in their claret strip. The ball played out to the left Hannah Claughton getting forwards, Dussindale & Hellesdon close straight away the ball out for a throw in.

  The ball contested on the far side of the pitch both sides battling for possession out for a series of throws, Thetford play it forwards a strike from distance running wide of the near post. Howard with Becky Russell in the middle for Thetford the ball won play spread out to Abbie Corbyn wide right bringing it down turns infield looking to drive towards the area, is brought down, Thetford awarded the free-kick. Becky White over the set-piece the striker sends an angled ball up towards goal, Tyla Cole calling for it in the Dussindale & Hellesdon call making a straight forward catch unchallenged.

Becky White with the goal attempt for Thetford (photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

   Cole with another solid claim for Dussindale & Hellesdon setting up a swift counter attack the ball fed on up the right for Abby Hutchin to bomb on into the corner winning her side a throw deep in the corner. Ellie-May Davies defending for Thetford on the left seeing the visitors regain possession. A crossfield pass finding Corbyn on the right she once again takes the ball inside looking to drive for the box, Siesha Humphries challenging at the back to win the ball for Dussindale & Hellesdon. 

  Dussindale & Hellesdon captain, Calista Tink carrying the ball out from the back sends the ball on into the right channel with midfielder Georgina Belton pushing on, with the ball at her feet powers forwards, Erin Lloyd tackling her for Thetford halting her progress. Humphries getting up on the left to support Chelsea Brister on the wing the pair looking to get the ball into the Thetford area held up by Zoe Klimcke, as Corbyn tracking back lunges in with the tackle to put the ball away for a throw in. Put into Abbi Nobbs outside the box central passes the ball out to the right side, the cross sent in near side attacker, Shanice Sutton heading the ball over the bar.

Thetford Town Ladies, Hannah Claughton (photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

   Both Belton and Lucy Wetherall looking to get on from midfield for Dussindale & Hellesdon. Won at the back Tink plays the ball up through the middle for Nobbs central has Hutchin to her right squaring the ball to her, shifts forwards, up against Davies, the Thetford full back with a strong tackle to thwart her. Brister taking the ball on left side for Dussindale & Hellesdon with an early diagonal pass into Sutton inside the D, Rachel Lynch closing her down winning the ball back for Thetford. Hutchin looking to get forwards on the right as she did in the Plate final, Davies playing the ball out for a throw. 

Thetford Town defender, Zoe Klimcke (photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

 Thetford’s Howard with the pass for White pulling left, has Russell making a run inside to get beyond her, the pass cut out by the Dussindale & Hellesdon defence. Regained in the middle Thetford send the ball on through the middle White’s touch deflecting the ball out to Corbyn to the right, gets on with the ball heading for the area, Maddy Goodenough blocking her shot from outside the box, the counter attack on the ball lifted forwards for Sutton who beats the offside trap in behind through the centre, Thetford goalkeeper, Lydia Ward rushing out to the top of her area to close the angle saves well, blocking the shot deflecting it behind, running wide out for a corner. 

Thetford goalkeeper, Lydia Ward (photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

  The corner from the right played into the top of the area, Charlotte Howard clearing for Thetford. Quickly regained, Dussindale & Hellesdon are pulled up for a hand ball. Is a decent sized pitch a lot of ground to cover Thetford’s defence keeping a good shape, Lynch marshalling her defenders. Lloyd clearing the ball out of the ground as Brister looks to attack on the left. Brister getting hold of the ball taking it on moving inside closing in on the box, strikes her shot over the crossbar. A change for Thetford at the back with Lloyd coming off, Courtney Musgrove coming on.

Dussindale & Hellesdon’s Georgina Belton

   Midway through the 1st half Belton onto Hutchin right into the Thetford half threads the pass on to find Sutton right of the D, squares it across to Brister inside the D, her 1st time strike curled wide of the right post. A few free-kicks creeping into the game, Nobbs going right with Humphries pulled back, no advantage play brought back for the free-kick. Wide left Brister over it angles a cross in to the far post, goes long out for a goal kick. Belton pulling away to the right, strength on the ball winning a throw. Up the line for Hutchin to the by-line her cross in turned behind for a corner. Goodenough looking to attack the ball near side can’t turn onto her shot as Thetford scramble it clear. 

Abbie Corbyn with Lucy Wetherall (photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

 Lynch getting a cross to support her full back cutting out Wetherall’s pass intended for Brister on the left. Lynch’s clearance put long for Corbyn to go after on the right, Cole coming can claim top of her area. A free-kick for Thetford inside the Dussindale & Hellesdon half Lynch over it goes for goal her long range effort wide of Cole’s goal. Dussindale & Hellesdon with more of the possession looking to get forwards. the Thetford defence, Lynch in particular reading the passes intercepting the ball. Sutton narrowly offside to the right of goal.

 GOAL! The opening goal coming in the final 10 minutes of the 1st half. Dussindale & Hellesdon with a quick counter attack the ball fed through to Hutchin right side travelling for the box, Davies stretching tackling her from behind upending Hutchin inside the box Penalty! Sutton placing the ball on the spot hits it well to the keepers right, Ward going the right way can’t get near it 1-0.

Shanice Sutton scoring from the penalty spot for Dussindale & Hellesdon

  The break through at last Thetford haven’t get forwards much, Corbyn the most likely on the right is given the ball by Russell drives on but is soon outnumbered run off the ball by Dussindale & Hellesdon at the back. Dayna Howard winning the ball in the middle for Thetford on for Corbyn right comes inside looking to pick out Charlotte Howard central, cleared for a throw right side. Charlotte Howard then brought down outside the box to the right corner of the area. White on the ball looks to curl a shot in towards goal, on target, Cole though with a firm call right behind it to claim.

  White coming left for Thetford taking the ball on from Claughton playing it forwards for Russell getting in on the left angles a cross in near side Corbyn arriving, Goodenough close on her blocking to turn the ball away for a corner. Late in the 1st half players up the inswinging cross lifted in near post players attacking it goes through everyone bouncing a cross goal, Corbyn free back post not really expecting it unable to get anything on it as it runs out of play.

Half-time Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers Women 1-0 Thetford Town Ladies

  A double change for Dussindale & Hellesdon at the start of the 2nd half with Tallulah Bell and Charlie Head coming on up top for Wetherall and Brister. The move seeing Sutton pull out out out to the right, Hutchin deeper into midfield left side. The hosts getting the 2nd half underway looking to get Belton on the ball push on from midfield, Dayna Howard getting back on her to tackle regain the ball for Thetford. Davies on the left for Thetford looking to get on with the ball support Claughton on the wing winning a throw in. Lynch with a strong throw on her the ball long up to the area Tink getting her head under the ball to clear for a throw. 

  Russell linking up with Lynch outside the Dussindale & Hellesdon area pushing inside is closed down by the defence. Lynch with another throw down the left White taking it on as Thetford look to attack racing on sending a vicious cross into the six yard box, Cole down to lay claim to the ball with Corbyn drifting in far side. Claughton fouled on the left side as she looks to get the ball down for Thetford. Lynch on the set-piece lining up a shot, catches it wrong dragging the ball wide.

Ellie-Mae Davies with Shanice Sutton

  Thetford with a brighter start to the 2nd half, are caught out as Nobbs plays the ball through to Bell the half-time substitute racing forwards left channel feeding the ball on into fellow substitute Head inside the box, she shot fired in Ward with an instinctive save throwing out a leg to cut out the ball deflect it away to right. A strong 50/50 challenge outside the area between Belton and Klimcke leaves the defender on the ground hurt looking in trouble. A lengthy pause following as she is treated and assessed. Lloyd back on. 

15 minutes played in the 2nd half, Dussindale & Hellesdon winning a corner on the right side. A great delivery in high to the near post Tink rising for it sending her effort narrowly over the bar despite a clash of heads with Lynch getting up with her. A blow to the back of the skull. Tink needs a moment to recover.

(photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

  Thetford look to get forwards on the left White across with Claughton, Kennett defending for Dussindale & Hellesdon. Hutchin coming left getting on playing a crossfield pass into Belton central outside the D, opening up her body as the ball runs across her turns it goalwards, Ward with the save beating the ball down to her left before claiming it. 

 GOAL! 20 minutes into the 2nd half Dussindale & Hellesdon attacking down the right Sutton on the ball taking it in behind fires a cross into the middle of the six yard box, both Head and Bell closing it down in front of Ward, Bell with the telling touch to smash the ball past the keeper into the back of the net to double the lead 2-0.

Tallulah Bell doubles Dussindale & Hellesdon’s lead (photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

  Dussindale & Hellesdon break on the right as a Thetford set-piece into their area is cleared Sutton bringing the ball away pace winning a corner kick. Fired into the middle of the box the ball cleared back to the corner taker, Nobbs outside whips another ball into area across the six yard box coming to Head at the far post her headed attempt not far over the bar. 

  Is a little feisty out there, a few comings together between Davies and Sutton a foul on Sutton returns the favour with a push. The referee quick to intervene cool it down issuing Sutton with a yellow card. A free-kick on the left for Thetford, lifted on into the box White stealing through her header off cue. The lights taking full effect now not the highest any high ball struck is getting lost in the darkness, calls from both sides to try and keep in on the ground. Dussindale & Hellesdon pressing through the middle Belton making her presence felt. Head is put in the clear breaking for the box central a one on one with the keeper, a push of blood as she looks to place it wide of Ward sends her effort wide of her right post. 

(photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

  Klimcke returning to the game for Thetford for Corbyn with 15 minutes of regular time left to play. Humphries finding a burst on pace to get back on White to tackle outside the area for Dussindale & Hellesdon as the Thetford attacker is played through by Russell. A free-kick given away by Dussindale & Hellesdon outside their area right of goal. The curled effort in, Cole has been strong with her calling all game and is once again firmly behind the ball.

(photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

  Charlotte Howard tackling Humphries conceding a corner kick as the defender looks to get on with Hutchin in attack. The ball played in low near side finds it’s way through to Bell central, back to goal attempts the backheel rolls wide of the far post. Bell is taken out on the right just inside the box as she looks to travel with the ball, Dussindale & Hellesdon winning a 2nd penalty in the 77th minute. Sutton over it again this time looking to place it in the opposite corner gets too much on it playing it wide.

  Tink with another strong tackle on Claughton as she attacks coming on from the left. On the opposite side Nobbs plays in Bell on the left running with the ball shifts inside heading for the area lining up a strike Lynch closing her down with the blocking tackle. Brister and Wetherall returning to the field for Dussindale & Hellesdon with Kennett and Sutton off. Nobbs on for Hutchin left puts it into Bells path, Klimcke cutting the ball out for Thetford. Klimcke coming off then with Corbyn retuning to the game.

(photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

  Davies doing well in defence for Thetford has taken a far share of knocks for her efforts too, does well as Bell looks to link up with Brister wide. Wetherall cutting in from the left outside the D sees her shot strike the crossbar. Bell stabbing out a foot intercepting Lynch’s clearance 20 yards out sees the ball run safely through to Ward in the Thetford goal. Bell with another near miss moments later as Dussindale & Hellesdon attacking left side fire a ball in across the face of goal, Bell diving in sending it over. Goodenough coming off for Dussindale & Hellesdon at the back, Ruby Wilson coming on. 

 The game moving into stoppage time, several minutes likely to be played. Tink with the ball on from the back lifted on to Bell right side of attack her cross cut out by Dayna Howard for a corner kick. Thetford tiring late on Dussindale & Hellesdon nipping in to regain the ball. Russell looking to get on through the middle tackled by Hutchin. Bell turning a shot in straight to the keeper as Brister fires a cross in from the left, Ward taking it low. Players up and around the Thetford area Dussindale & Hellesdon squeezing the ball in the final 3rd late on. 

 GOAL! 5 minutes of stoppage time played and breaking up a Thetford attack, Dussindale & Hellesdon are quick to counter the ball fed on through the midfield finding Brister racing into the area left of goal on the angle strikes her shot across the area low into the bottom corner 3-0.

 GOAL! A further blow to Thetford deep in stoppage time as they concede a 4th goal, Hutchin on the ball central for Dussindale & Hellesdon putting the forwards pass into Head breaking on into the area holding off the challenge with the keeper advancing to close her down, she places her shot wide of Ward to send the ball on into the back of the net 4-0.

Charlie Head with Dussindale & Hellesdon’s 4th goal (photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

It gets worse for Thetford on the closing seconds as Head is pulled down inside the box as the ball is lifted over the top the hosts with a 3rd penalty on the night. Sutton off the field it’s Wetherall with the kick, placing the ball low to the right, Ward getting down to block it with her leg, saved out to the right, Bell racing in on the follow up smashed her shot over the bar.

Full time Dussindale & Hellesdon Rovers Women 4-0 Thetford Town Ladies

(photo credit Scott Grearhardy)

4-0 win in the finish for Dussindale & Hellesdon moving them to within a point of 2nd placed Fakenham with one game to play at home to bottom side North Walsham Angels Ladies on Sunday. Runners up spot within their grasp. Shanice Sutton’s first half penalty the difference between the sides at the break. Thetford whilst creating little going forwards working hard to keep their opponents out in defence. A 2nd goal coming in the 65th minute. Thetford continued to work hard a rough end to the game to concede to late goals in stoppage time. Dussindale & Hellesdon though creating enough chances with two penalties also missed. Thetford nevertheless can be proud of what has been achieve this season.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this evenings Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, a few contenders as is often the case. Some performances of note to mention first. For Thetford, Rebecca White put in a shift up top covering alot of ground looking for openings. In defence Ellie-Mae Davies will have a nice collection of bruises for her efforts as she put in a number of tackles, battling for the ball. Rachel Lynch powerful in the back line reading the ball and getting across to support her full backs. For Dussindale & Hellesdon, Shanice Sutton was once again lively in attack making some excellent runs. Abbi Nobbs with a solid midfield display, Georgina Belton with some powerful runs getting forwards to receive the ball. The award this evening though goes to Dussindale & Hellesdon’s captain, Calista Tink. Fantastic at the back winning the ball, getting into some good positions with some great play out from the back.

  Last league game of the season completed, a good evening under the lights at The Nest is a great facility pleasing to see players form other woman’s sides within the division thier to watch the action too. My thanks to both sides for the team details always appreciated and to Scott Grearhardy again with the photo’s used in the report. 2 more games left a trip down to Essex this Sunday for the League Cup Final between Lawford Ladies and Chelmsford City Women then to Carrow Road in midweek for the Norfolk County Cup Final between Mulbarton and Wymondham.

by Darren Gilham