Norfolk Ladies League Cup Final – Wymondham Town Ladies v Aylsham FC Ladies

A busy afternoon on NWGFL Finals day with North Walsham Angels Ladies still celebrating their Plate Final win it was onto the next final for the Supporting Women’s Football Blog with Wymondham Town Ladies (the current holders) taking on Aylsham FC Ladies in the League Cup Final.

Cup Final Report – Wymondham Town Ladies v Aylsham FC Ladies

The dust has barely settled on North Walsham Angles Ladies 4-0 Plate Final win then we’re onto the 2nd women’s final being played at Plantation Park this afternoon this one for the Norfolk Ladies League Cup, with Wymondham Town Ladies playing Aylsham FC Ladies. 

  Wymondham Town Ladies are the current holders of the Norfolk Ladies League Cup beating Brandon Town Ladies in last seasons final Have featured in the last 4 finals. Are looking to defend the trophy and currently leading Norfolk Women’s Division One will be hoping to celebrate a league and cup double come the end of the season. 

   Aylsham FC Ladies are contesting their 2nd cup final of the season having reached the final of the Norfolk Women’s County Cup, were beaten by fellow Division One side Thorpe United Ladies 2-0. Want a better result this time around, last season Norfolk Women’s Division One Champions will they finish the season with some silverware.

Road to the Final
      Wymondham received a bye in the 1st Round of the Norfolk Ladies League Cup. Were drawn away to Norfolk Women’s Division Two title chasers North Walsham Angels Ladies in the 2nd Round a tricky tie they had beaten higher league opposition in the 1st Round. Wymondham Town Ladies came out on top getting the result beating them 4-2 to reach the quarter finals and set up a repeat of last seasons final as they were drawn away to Brandon Town Ladies. Won by the same scoreline beating them 4-2 to advance to the semi-finals. At home to fellow Norfolk Women’s Division One side Lynn Ladies was a comfortable victory on the day beating them 6-0 to ease into the final.
  Aylsham FC Ladies were at home to fellow Norfolk Women’s Division One side Bungay Town Ladies in the 1st Round. A 2-0 win saw them into the draw for the 2nd Round a trip to the Norfolk coast to play Division Three side, Cromer Town Ladies, cruised to victory racking up the goals in a 9-0 win. It was a trip to the coast again for the quarter finals and Division Three opponents once again, a different test unbeaten and going for the title the result was still as emphatic another 9-0 victory to set up a home semi-final against Thorpe United Ladies. Was a fierce battle between the 2 sides a 7 goal thriller from which Aylsham FC Ladies emerged the winner beating them 4-3 to reach this seasons League Cup Final.

  Wymondham Town Ladies starting XI – Gemma Hamilton-Rout, Kelly Ayers, Mary Cann, Rachel Cossey (C), Brooke Cheal, Laura Hammerton, Louise Hamilton-Rout, Kayleigh Holloway, Amber Cantwell, Alice Collins & Sally Hammerton.
  subs – Gemma Sanders, Leah Newcombe & Laura Wiseman.

  Aylsham FC Ladies starting XI – Becky Hibbert, Di England, Aneliese Smith, Vicki Bird (C), Alicia Lacey, Emma Gillespie, Lisa Ferdani, Sophie Burr-Walpole, Becky Hills, Leanne Woodward & Abbie Charlton. 

  subs – Debbie Kelly, Michaela England & Kiera Squires. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   It’s Wymondham to get the Cup Final underway kicking off 1st half wearing red shirts, black shorts and socks with Aylsham kitted out in orange shirts with a blue and white horizontal band across the front, blue shorts and orange socks. The opening passage of play is fairly tentative the ball being exchanged between the two sides as they test each other out neither getting any joy in behind. 
   Aylsham’s Emma Gillespie puts the ball into the feet of striker Abbie Charlton 20 yards out back to goal, marked closely she looks to spin and turn around Wymondham captain Rachel Cossey, who read the move and going with her leaves no way through into the box, tackling to win the ball. Both sides have players who can do damage on the ball, is seeing the game played at a fierce tempo as the ball is closed down. Gillespie runs the ball on for Becky Hills on the right side, coming inside tries to play the ball on for Charlton into the bx Brooke Cheal intercepts bringing the ball out of the box. 
Aylsham’s Sophie Burr-Walpole with Wymondham’s Louise Hamilton-Rout
  Wymondham attack the ball played through the midfield, Amber Cantwell with the ball to send Alice Collins in behind the Aylsham defence in the middle looking to meet the ball as it rolls to the edge of the area, Becky Hibbert is keeping goal for today’s final and rushing off her line to the edge of the area closes Collins down blocking her shot at point blank range. Aylsham turn the Wymondham defence get possession deep on the right winning a throw the ball is given to Gillespie right side of the Wymondham area plays the ball across the front coming to Sophie Burr-Walpole left of the D, hits the ball in towards goal 1st time the volley looping up comes down short safely into the gloves of Wymondham goalkeeper, Gemma Hamilton-Rout.
  A constant threat out wide on the left of the attack for Wymondham, Kayleigh Holloway is always ready to take on a player, spin off them and drive forwards with the ball, Laura Hammerton challenges for the ball in the centre, Holloway makes her move springing away to break clear of the Aylsham back line, Hibbert sniffs the danger and wastes no time getting up out of her box to to clear the threat before Holloway can close the ball down. The Hammerton’s link up in Wymondham’s next attack, Laura in the middle playing the ball up through the centre for striker Sally Hammerton into the box, Aylsham captain Vicki Bird gets across her to tackle well the ball running behind a goal kick the decision.
Aylsham goalkeeper, Becky Hibbert claims the ball as Wymondham surge forwards
  Defences on top all around for the large part of the game, Bird and Alicia Lacey in the middle for Aylsham winning alot of balls, at right back for Wymondham today, Kelly Ayers isn’t letting anything past her, is prepared to carry the ball forwards when she regains possession. Bird gets caught in possession at the back left corner of the area, Sally Hammerton closing her down takes the ball from her and bursts forwards, pulls the trigger sends her shot rolling wide across the goal.
Kelly Ayers carries the ball forwards for Wymondham
  Aneliese Smith fouls Cantwell deep on the right giving away a free kick that’s as good as a corner the ball is put into the area by Cheal, flying over the players coming to meet it near side is cleared by Aylsham out of the area falling perfectly for Cantwell central 20 yards out, smashes the ball back into the area, their are cries for handball as the shot strikes an Aylsham player, nothing doing the protests come to nothing play continues. Up top Sally Hammerton sends the ball further on for Collins coming in to attack the box from the left side, a vital touch from Lacey, unintentionally slices the ball taking it away from Collins into the area, Hibbert comes racing out and sliding in smothers the ball. 
   Holloway plays the ball into the right channel with Louise Hamilton-Rout after it gets a corner as Burr-Walpole tracks back to defend. The ball played in high drops into the middle of the box, Hibbert coming for it get’s lost amongst the crowd Aylsham scramble the ball out, Wymondham pick it up again right side rolled into Ayers up with play looks to lift a  shot up towards the far corner of goal, Hibbert back in position comes across at gathers the ball.
Half-time Wymondham Town Ladies 0-0 Aylsham FC Ladies

  A 1st half of few chances, two sides that are fairly well balanced both competitive and defending well no one is getting any time on the ball and the final passes are rarely finding their mark. Plenty of players out there that can turn it on change the game with one move of quality, but so far it’s been the defenders who have been on top. Aylsham stay out on the pitch during half-time Wymondham back in their dressing room make changes at the start of the 2nd half Laura Wiseman who has just been selected for the GB Deaf Women’s World Cup squad this summer along with team mate Gemma Sanders both coming on Wiseman up top replacing Sally Hammerton who took a knock clattering into Hibbert at the very end of the 1st half. Sanders comes into the midfield for Louise Hamilton-Rout.
   A double switch for Aylsham too with Debbie Kelly and Michaela England on at the start of the 2nd half, for Woodward and Smith as they get thing’s rolling 2nd half. Attack early on the ball put into Charlton wide left taking the ball deep to the byline, beats Cossey to come inside past Cheal, shoots the angle against her Hamilton-Rout has that side covered the ball isn’t cleared far Aylsham regain possession the ball swept into the box from the right side cleared for a corner, the set-piece initially cleared falls to Charlton outside the box goes to hit it hard striking bodies between her and the goal, it rebounds back to her, tries to lift it over everyone this time, Hamilton-Rout leaping up palms the ball down and claims.
 Holloway seeing the ball into her feet on the left spins away from the attentions of her mark to race with the ball down the wing sends in a early cross into the box coming along the six yard line Collins with the diving header sends the ball wide of the near post. Wiseman receiving the ball from Hammerton in the centre does well to put the ball out left with Holloway looking to steal in behind, has a couple of yards on Bird as the defender goes after her has the legs to get back on her tackle to win the ball before she can carry it into the area.
  Hammerton passes the ball out to Holloway wide left looks to play the diagonal ball early send Wiseman in on goal inside the box, Lacey clears it comes back out to Holloway who delivers the ball ball into the box looking for Collins racing in near post, Hibbert has the ball in her gloves a fraction before the striker arrives knocks it free, falling inside the six yard box ,can’t get onto the end of it as Aylsham get back to hook it away.
    Hamilton-Rout makes a great save in the Wymondham goal from a Charlton corner swung in from the left, curling in towards the near post the keeper pushes it away across the goal and out the other side for another corner. Another great delivery driven in low Burr-Walpole making the run towards the ball 10 yards out complete misses her shot the ball rolling into the crowd beyond is cleared. Another change for Wymondham with Cann coming off as Leah Newcombe returns to field having been out injured for a long period.
Leah Newcombe with Aylsham’s Becky Hills
  A surging run down the right side by Collins taking on and beating two Aylsham players closing in on the box her shot is blocked by Gillespie at the back. Sanders drives forwards with the ball for Wymondham right of the box crosses in looking for Collins, Lacey steps out of defence to get her toe on the ball bring it clear. 
Laura Wiseman scores to give
Wymondham the lead in the Final

  GOAL! 20 minutes into the 2nd half and the deadlock is broken. Getting hold of the ball in the centre of midfield it is lifted over the top of the Aylsham defence with Wiseman running through central to connect with the ball on the move hitting it early sending her shot flying past the Hibbert from the edge of the box her team mates rushing over to congratulate her as Wymondham take the lead in the Cup Final 1-0.

  Holding the ball up high on the right, Hills gets help from Michaela England knocking the ball back to her she sweeps the cross in towards the far post area with Burr-Walpole racing into the area to meet it from the left, connecting on the volley sends the strike high over the bar. Leading one nil Wymondham make a change bringing off a striker, Collins and sending Louise Hamilton-Rout back on as they look to defend the lead with 20 minutes left to play. A chance to make it 2-0 as again Wiseman is put through from midfield to have a run at the Aylsham goal right side shoots early putting the ball wide of Hibbert, sees it roll wide of the goal too.

  A free kick to Wymondham on the right just outside the box Cantwell over the ball plays it into the area, Sanders turns the ball towards goal is cleared inside the six yard box comes straight back to Sanders who headers the ball over the crossbar. Good hold up play on the left between Wiseman and Holloway the cross is squared along the face of the area into Louise Hamilton-Rout, Lacey keeping close to her she  manages to get the shot away Hibbert parries the ball away from goal.Double change for Aylsham with Burr-Walpole and Kelly coming off to be replaced by Woodward and Keira Squires. The game is moving into the final 5 minutes. 

  High ball up into the box by Aylsham from Ferdani, Woodward is under it looks favourite to get there, Newcombe and Cossey do well to get in front of her and the ball smuggle it back to their keeper. Wymondham break the ball with Holloway on the left comes away with the ball riding a challenge pushing on goes to shoot 20 yards out putting the ball up into the air drops down into the side netting at the near post.

  GOAL! The game is into the closing minutes when Aylsham get themselves a corner kick on the right hand side, everyone has to go forwards fill the box the delivery is excellent from Charlton the ball flying in with pace at Lacey closest goes to attack it doesn’t connect, but her presence has left Bird behind her unchallenged to leap and power a bullet header into the back of the net to make it 1-1 and possibly send the final into extra time.

Aylsham FC Ladies captain Vicki Bird powering in the header to make it 1-1!
  GOAL! What a finish to the game. Aylsham were a goal down with less than 5 minutes left on the clock, pull it level, then would you believe it they take the lead! The goal coming from an seemingly innocuous free kick given away inside the Wymondham half in front of the centre circle right side, Charlton over the ball, decides to take on the strike a beauty too hits it hard flying towards goal a little swerve on it Hamilton-Rout can’t get anything on it as it sails past her into the top corner to send Aylsham into delirium as they all race over to and Charlton is buried under everyone 2-1.
 No more than a couple of minutes left, Sally Hammerton and Collins are immediately sent back on gone from a winning to losing position in the matter of minutes conceding from 2 set-pieces they attack pile forwards Aylsham defend the ball lifted into the box is launched up the pitch Wymondham have no time to come again as the final whistle blows and Aylsham FC Ladies pull off the spectacular winning the NWGFL League Cup winning 2-1. An amazing turn around to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat a fantastic way to win a game a heart breaking way to lose.
Aylsham FC Ladies, NWGFL Cup Final Winners
Congratulations to Aylsham FC Ladies winning the NWGFL Cup Final. 
The presentations didn’t end there today either 2 otherfinals taking place today, Sprowston Girls FC winning the U15s League Cup Final. In the Norfolk Women’s 7’s Final Hellesdon Belles beat Costessey Sports FC 2-0.
  Despite their heartbreak in today’s Cup Final, Wymondham Town Ladies are still top of Norfolk Women’s Division One and best placed to win the league title. In regards to Norfolk Women’s Division’s Two and Three the title has already been decided and the Champions from both were here to collect their winners plaque and player trophies.
Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies Champions of  NWGFL Division Two
  Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies were in a battle with North Walsham Angels Ladies all season from the NWGFL Division Two title, have gone the entire league campaign unbeaten to finish top in just their 2nd season as a club and have a Suffolk Women’s County Cup Final to look forwards to playing Ipswich Town Ladies at Portman Road next Monday 9th May. 
Gorleston FC Ladies NWGFL Division Three title winners
  Gorleston FC Ladies have won the NWGFL Women’s Division Three title with 2 games left to play with a 100% league win record in just their 1st season together.
  A busy, but enjoyable day at Plantation Park, 2 finals watched, a good sized crowd coming to support all the games played today. Thanks to Wymondham and Aylsham for their help with the teams and the NWGFL volunteers for their help today to doing a great job to grow the game.