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ERWFL Finals Day – Acle United Ladies v AFC Dunstable Ladies

ERWFL Cup Final

Sunday 13th May

 Onto the 2nd of today’s ERWFL Final’s the League Cup. This season being contested by Acle United Ladies and AFC Dunstable Ladies. 

 Acle United Ladies in contention for the Premier Division title all season losing out in their penultimate game to leave them in 3rd position 3 points short of Champions Billericay Town FC. A busy spell at the end of the season games to be squeezed in a County Cup Final appearance too ending again in a close loss to Wymondham Town Ladies who will be joining them in the ERWFL Premier Division next season. Takes the shine of what has been another strong campaign one more shot at silverware though for the Norfolk side the ERWFL League Cup.

  Looking to stop them are Bedfordshire side AFC Dunstable Ladies finishing 6th in the ERWFL Premier Division this season haven’t matched the form of last season that saw them pushing the title challengers all the way. Have picked up some good results and one their day can beat anybody in the league. Ending their season with an opportunity to win silverware.

 Both sides short of a full squad coming into this afternoon’s final. Acle United losing the spine of their side with 3 players shown red in their final league game played against Cambridge City, adopting a new formation for the ERWFL Cup Final dubbed ‘The Christmas Tree’ formation.

Road to the Final

  The ERWFL Premier Division sides entering the League Cup at the 3rd Round stage. Easy progress for both sides Dunstable receiving a bye into the quarter finals. Acle awarded the away win against King’s Lynn Town Ladies. 

  Onto the quarter finals a trip to Hertfordshire for Acle to take on Royston Town Ladies a 3-1 victory sending them through the the last 4 of the competition. Dunstable held home advantage in their quarter final against AFC Sudbury Ladies neither side able to find a goal in regular or extra-time it went all the way to penalties Dunstable emerging the winners 6-5 in the shootout.

  The last 4 and both semi-finals were hard to call. Close matches too, Acle at home to eventually League Champion’s Billericay Town Ladies. Knocked them out of the League Cup with a 3-2 result. 3-2 was also the winning margin for Dunstable as they travelled to Essex to take on Brentwood Town Ladies in the semi-finals. 

 The ERWFL Premier Division proving all season any side can beat another on it’s day. 

 The venue of course still the same the sun out properly for the League Cup Final this afternoon.

Acle United Ladies starting XI – Cyan Fullbrook, Anna Larkins, Chloe Shields, Naomi Cooper, Grace Birchall, Broghan Scully, Laura Holden, Lauren Bullard, Megan Todd (C), Kirstie Kindred & Rhianne Brister. Subs – Lauren Bailey & Rebecca Burton.

AFC Dunstable Ladies starting XI – Hannah Payne, Rebecca Langthorpe, Lauren Chimes (C), Elly Wade, Steph Fisher, Rachel Moffat, Shianne Swarres, Danielle Carty, Samaira Khan, Charlotte South & Charlene Moreton. Subs – Jodie Patterson & Rianne Townsend-Brown. 

(roll on roll off substitutes) 

  It’s Acle wearing black and white vertical striped shirts with black shorts and black and white hooped socks to get the League Cup Final underway. Dunstable opposite wearing an all blue kit. Dunstable get hold of the ball as Acle look to play it forwards Charlene Moreton playing the ball long, Samaira Khan played in behind on the right side a run down the channel into the area Cyan Fullbrook in goal for Acle comes to close her down, Khan evading her challenge takes the ball beyond her before sending a cross in along the face of goal, no one there for Dunstable, Acle get the ball clear. 

 GOAL! A chance for Dunstable at one end it’s a goal for Acle up the other. A brilliant individual goal from Acle captain, Megan Todd the ball sent up towards her on halfway from Fullbrook’s goal kick. On the left wing Todd brings it on over halfway carrying it forwards down the wing a powerful run all the way into the box not challenged closing in on goal scoops a shot up rising past the goalkeeper in past the near post 1-0.

Acle United Ladies captain Megan Todd setting off on her run to score the opening goal

   Shianne Swarres getting hold of the ball central for Dunstable across to Rebecca Langthorpe moving forwards from right back she passes the ball on for Khan on the wing, getting in behind she fires another cross along the face of the Acle goal. Dunstable finding a few gaps in the Acle back line early on. Langthorpe with the ball on the tries to send Charlotte South away through the middle, Chloe Shields getting across to intercept for Acle.

AFC Dunstable Ladies, Charlotte South

 Khan with a drive towards the Acle defence in the central is clipped as the ball spins away to the left, no advantage play brought back for the free-kick in a dangerous position in front of goal just outside the D. Danielle Carty on the ball goes for goal her effort up over the crossbar. Acle giving away free-kicks, Moreton on one inside the Acle half launched up towards the top of the area, Shields under it for Acle heading clear. Dunstable pressing forwards having more of the ball.

AFC Dunstable Ladies, Danielle Carty

  Todd the outlet for Acle as Anna Larkins wins the ball at the back up field into Laura Holding her pass on for Todd over on the right side another driving run forwards her shot fired in from outside the area with of Hannah Payne’s near post. Moreton hooks the ball forwards from inside the Acle half out to Khan on the right, Naomi Cooper defending for Acle at left back. Dunstable bring the ball on Moreton on for Khan central, Charlotte South supporting, Acle squeeze the ball at the top of their box regain possession. 

Charlene Moreton hooks the ball forwards for AFC Dunstable Ladies

  Rhianne Brister up front for Acle comes out to the right with the ball, support from Grace Birchall coming on past her, Dunstable captain Lauren Chimes challenging for the ball breaks up the attack. Larkins sending the ball up field from the back sets Todd up for a run in behind the Dunstable defence closing in on the box, Payne coming out towards her Todd goes to try and lob the keeper, get’s it past her Payne getting a touch on the ball however as it runs wide of her goal the corner signalled. A high ball in Todd the target far post is over her as she leaps up for it.

Acle United Ladies, Anna Larkins

  A give and go between Todd and Lauren Bullard on the left the ball crossed into the box just behind Kirstie Kindred she recovers laying it back for Todd, her strike charged down. Acle press the ball high win a corner kick the ball defended at the near post. Acle win another corner, Dunstable can’t get it clear the delivery going long out to the left gathered by Todd she tries to get past Langthorpe the corner won. The ball played in knocked back to the taker before being sent in high towards the far post Todd up to head the ball puts it wide. Dunstable make a change Khan the player coming off on comes Rianne Townsend-Brown. 

  Acle having a good spell starting to get hold of the ball and cause Dunstable problems Todd right squared to Kindred she sends the ball into Brister inside the box Payne makes the save as she comes charging out to met her blocking the shot. Payne comfortable as she moves across her goal to palm down Todd’s strike from distance. Holden with the pass inside to Bullard back for Broghan Scully plays it forwards onto Kindred who shoots from the top of the area Payne making a double save stopping Kindred’s strike then as Birchall heads the ball back towards goal gloves it wide for the corner. 

AFC Dunstable Ladies, Elly Wade

  A lively contest the game played at a rapid pace. Scully over a free-kick top of the centre circle for Acle plays the ball up into the area, Payne taking the catch. Moreton coming to get hold of the ball for Dunstable plays it out to Carty on the move on the left shoots early sending the low ball racing wide of the near post. Swarres with good control in the middle playing the ball on for Carty on the left her cross into the box, South the target, Shields gets in front of her to defend for Acle. Larkins with a good tackle to stop Moreton as she comes on with the ball for Dunstable. 

  Steph Fisher putting in the tackle on Brister as Kindred looks to put the ball into her make the run in behind. Dunstable come forwards press the ball at the back Moreton getting the ball out to Carty on the right 25 yards out goes for the shot dipping Fullbrook can’t get to it as it strikes the crossbar. Dunstable ending the 1st half well. Elly Wade across to intercept the ball as Holden plays it on for Brister to chase out on the left. Bullard getting in behind Langthorpe on the right goes on into the box Langthorpe recovering well gets back on her is fouled by the attacker inside the box. 

  Acle with one last attack in the first half Todd on the left seeing the ball into her feet spins in behind running down the line cutting inside into the box fire a low cross along the face of goal, Chimes going to clear it smashes the ball against Kindred rushing in the ball loose Dunstable scramble it away.

Half-time Acle United Ladies 1-0 AFC Dunstable Ladies

  An entertaining first half to this season’s ERWFL League Cup Final. Acle scoring in the opening 2 minutes have held onto their 1-0 advantage both sides creating chances Dunstable striking the bar. The game far from settled yet.

  Changes for both sides, Lauren Bailey on at right back for Acle, Jodie Patterson on for Dunstable as well as Khan as they get the 2nd half underway. Getting a throw high up the pitch on the right. Into Moreton inside the pressuring the ball out to Khan she shoots Fullbrook dropping onto it at her near post. Todd driving forwards with the ball looks to get in on goal Wade coming back on her lunges in to take the ball away for the throw left side. 

Samaira Khan attacking for AFC Dunstable Ladies

  Acle starting the 2nd half well the ball on for Brister she pressure Patterson into conceding the corner. An inswinging delivery Payne is on it at the near post knocking the ball down Dunstable launch clear of their box. Acle make a change Birchall off at the start of the 2nd half coming on for Brister.

 GOAL! Birchall involved straight away as Acle go on to double their lead early in the 2nd half. Play spread from left to right Birchall going after it picks the ball up and surges on down the right evading a challenge cutting a cross back in the ball racing across the face of the Dunstable goal, Todd arriving at the far post smashing the ball home from close range 2-0.

  A free-kick to Dunstable as Khan is brought down trying to bring the ball inside from the right. The ball central Carty over it goes for the shot floating the ball in towards goal it cannons off the crossbar for a 2nd time. Acle counter attack Birchall in the clear on the right takes on the early shot as she closes in on the top of the area her attempt racing wide across the six yard box out the far side. Dunstable attack on the right Khan inside the area Shields defending as Fullbrook collides with her, Khan retrieving the ball as Dunstable get players forwards in support cut back to Carty to play the shot in towards the near post Fullbrook recovering has gotten back onto position to claim the ball. 

GOAL! Acle extend their lead as play becomes stretched, Todd breaking over halfway on the left a strong run with the ball squares it inside for Holden top of the area left of the D, picks her spot sending her shot in low past the keeper at her near post 3-0. 

  Townsend-Brown is played onto the ball by South coming left, Bailey with the attacker gets the challenge in Dunstable winning the corner. End to end Carty with a diagonal ball into the box from the right Shields heading away for Acle. Moreton plays the ball on into Townsend-Brown top of the area turns in behind her marker and delivers a low strike across the face of the Acle goal as the game moves into the final 20 minutes. 

Acle United Ladies, Laura Holden

GOAL! Acle go further into the lead taking control of the game Kindred with good work on halfway winning the ball, Todd latching onto it drives forwards, Holden ahead of her finding space Todd playing her in on goal Holden shoots from 20 yards out the ball striking the back of the net for her 2nd of the game 4-0. 

GOAL! Acle hammer home their advantage as Dunstable lose their shape Birchall spinning away plays the ball into Holden supporting on the right squared back to her Birchall sends a dipping shot in towards goal Payne making the save pushing the ball away lose inside the six yard box Kindred racing in on the follow up buries the shot 5-0.

  Acle looking strong now make a switch Holden rested, Brister back on. Dunstable go forwards South bringing it forwards put on for Moreton out to Townsend-Brown on the left sweeps a cross in early, Shields getting hold of it for Acle clears for the corner. 

GOAL! It’s a 6th goal for Acle Dunstable caught high up the pitch a great individual goal form Birchall. Getting onto the ball on the right as Larkins clears it up the line bursts forwards she evades Wade’s sliding challenge then shooting from the top of the area the ball races across the Dunstable goal and inside the side netting at the far post 6-0.

   A pause in play a player down a chance for a breather. play resumes.

GOAL! Dunstable pull a goal back Moreton the scorer as she gets into the area played in by Khan attacking on the right, her initial effort stopped Moreton with a 2nd bite at the cherry lifts the ball in over the keeper to score 6-1.

  Townsend-Brown controlling the ball on the left cuts it back into the middle for Carty coming on, can’t quite get the ball under control before Acle recover and close her down. Bailey comes forwards for Acle, Wade tackling the ball away for a corner. Dunstable deal with the threat, try to get out Acle closing the ball down regain possession. Birchall with space on the left plays it inside for Todd 30 yards out time to line up a shot her effort bouncing wide out past the post. 

Rianne Townsend-Brown bringing the ball under control for Dunstable Ladies

  Birchall with the ball at her feet a great run central for Acle evading two challenges before sending a shot over the crossbar. Up the other end Dunstable strike the crossbar for the 3rd time in the game, South and Carty linking on the left the ball into Townsend-Brown positioned top of the Acle area curls a shot in towards goal sees the ball collide with the woodwork. Acle go on the attack the ball on for Brister left inside for Birchall sees Bailey clear coming in on right she strikes the ball sending it across goal past Payne a defender back on the line gets there in time to block the ball skipping up into her keepers gloves. 

Full time Acle United Ladies 6-1 AFC Dunstable Ladies

  The final whistle blows and Acle celebrate as they end their season with silverware winning the ERWFL League Cup with a 6-1 win over Dunstable. Created plenty of chances throughout the game and were clinical in front of goal. Todd getting them the early lead. Dunstable had good spells in the first half coming close the levelling the scores. A narrow advantage at half-time Acle doubled the lead early in the 2nd half and going 3-0 up two quickfire goals to make it 5-0 put them in complete control of the match. Dunstable getting a late consolation goal ended up striking the crossbar 3 times. Acle the stronger side in the 2nd half.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Now for the Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. The captain led by example for Acle and scoring a fantastic solo goal early on was a handful for Dunstable to deal with all match as she moved across the front line from left to right. Adding the 2nd goal and setting up numerous chance, the award goes to Megan Todd.

Acle United Ladies lift the ERWFL League Cup

Congratulations to Acle United Ladies on winning the 2017/18 ERWFL League Cup.

Acle United Ladies, 2017/18 ERWFL League Cup Winners

 An enjoyable day spent at Letchworth watching the ERWFL Final’s. Two entertaining matches. My thanks to both sides for their help with the teams and to the ERWFL committee members for all the hard work they put into the league itself. 

Match Report – AFC Dunstable Ladies v Billericay Town Ladies

Sunday 4th February

A trip to Bedfordshire this Sunday to watch a game from the Eastern Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL) Premier Division with AFC Dunstable Ladies hosting league leaders, Billericay Town Ladies.

   The ERWFL proving to be a very competitive league across all 3 divisions this season, any given team in the Premier Division capable of beating the other on the day. 10 sides contesting the league now following the sad withdrawal of both Lowestoft Town Ladies and Colchester Town Ladies both having struggled to find enough committed players at this level. That has see some points adjustment during the way. 

AFC Dunstable are currently in 7th place in the ERWFL Premier Division table, very tight in the middle of the table with just 3 points between 7th and 4th placed Writtle Ladies. A win today could take AFC Dunstable Ladies as high as 4th with the right result. Their form has yo-yoed this season like a few other sides in the middle of the table. More than capable of putting a good run together on the back of a strong league campaign last season that saw them push the top sides all the way eventually finishing 4th. Have brought in a few players form Offley & Stopsley Women who folded over the close season, Kelly Moss, Charlene Moreton and Rianne Townsend -Brown. A 2-0 win over Sharnbrook WFC last weekend saw Dunstable reach the semi-finals of the Bedfordshire Women’s County Cup.

  Billericay Town Ladies are often amongst the side competing at the top end of the table during recent times finishing runners-up for 4 out of the last 5 seasons. 6th last campaign began this season strongly setting the early pace matched by Essex rivals Writtle Ladies. Cambridge City Ladies promoted last season going on a great winning run to took over top spot for a little while before Christmas. Billericay have added a few new faces to their squad, Dempsey Favell joining from Harlow Town Ladies, whilst Lauren Bourne, Nancy Butler and Georgia Box were with Colchester at the start of the season. Box hitting the ground running at Billericay the striker scoring 10 goals from 8 appearance. Plenty of goals already in the side before her arrival with captain Lindsey Morgan netting 15 so far and Paris Smith top scorers with 22 goals. Opened up a 4 point lead at the top after coming back from 1-0 down at half-time against 2nd placed Cambridge City Ladies last weekend and with Cambridge not in action this Sunday an opportunity to open up a 7 point gap at the top.

The venue for today’s game, Creasey Park a council run sports facility home to several clubs, aswell as AFC Dunstable Ladies, AFC Dunstable FC and Dunstable Town use the ground. Is a very nice ground newly built offering several training pitches including a 3G surface aswell as the main pitch. A clubhouse with bar and hot food and drinks available laid out well the changing room adjoining leading out onto the main pitch a good size offering plenty of width a little worn in places has seen alot of action. Only been here before for night games so nice to see it it the daylight. A small seated stand, and a good sized carpark beside the ground. A few postponements in the area but the game was on frosty earlier wet before but the pitch had dried out well, chilly but the sun was doing it’s best.

AFC Dunstable Ladies starting XI – Hannah Payne, Jodie Patterson, Lauren Chimes (C), Elly Wade, Stephanie Fisher, Rachel Moffat, Danielle Carty, Charlotte South, Samaira Khan, Rianne Townsend-Brown & Charlene Moreton. Subs – Rebecca Langthorpe, Beth Stanton, Claudia Attenborough & Kelly Moss.

Billericay Town Ladies starting XI – Robyn Strauss, Rachel Armstrong, Kirsty Knight, Hayley Piggott, Sally Appleton, Lindsey Morgan (C), Nancy Butler, Lauren Bourne, Lauren Knight, Dempsey Favell & Georgia Box. Subs – Hope Strauss.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   Billericay were without top scorers Paris Smith today, Hope Strauss an U18 player on the subs bench. Both sides have blue as their home strip, today Billericay were playing in their red away kit. It’s Dunstable to get the 1st half underway. Billericay press the ball straight from kick-off captain Lindsey Morgan bringing it forwards the ball played out wide right to Lauren Knight getting forwards her progress halted by Dunstable captain Lauren Chimes at left back. The visitors keeping possession inside their opponents half.

 Lauren Bourne and Nancy Butler combine on the left side for Billericay bringing the ball on down the line the cross swept into the box knocked down by Georgia Box at the far post into the path of Butler her low shot blocked by Stephanie Fisher at the back for Dunstable the visitors keep the ball inside the final 3rd a cross sent in long from the left Lauren Knight coming in right side sees her looping strike fly up onto the roof of the net. 

Billericay continue their good start Morgan busy in the middle of the park winning the ball sends the pass forwards for Box ahead of her the striker holding the ball up lays it back to Morgan 25 yards out she sends a shot in towards goal straight at Hannah Payne a comfortable catch for the Dunstable goalkeeper. Jodie Patterson brings the ball on for Dunstable up to Moreton central she looks to release Khan on the right Lauren Armstrong intercepts the ball.

AFC Dunstable Ladies, Jodie Patterson

Dunstable’s Danielle Carty bringing the ball in finds Rianne Townsend-Brown on the left driving on with the ball wins the home side the 1st corner of the game. A good delivery in from the left Samiara Khan get’s up highest near post puts her header wide of the goal. Butler plays the ball long up the pitch for Box moving into the right channel to chase down, Chimes sliding in to put the ball out for a throw in. Billericay work the ball across the top of the area, players drawn across Bourne his looking to get in behind, Khan doing well around on the cover to put in a vital tackle.  A good race on between Box and Dunstable centre back Elly Wade as Morgan plays the through ball on for her. the defender getting to the ball 1st plays it back to Payne to clear. 

GOAL! Billericay capitalise on their good start taking the lead 15 minutes into the game pressing forwards players racing to get into the area as Bourne carries the ball on down the left whips in a great cross along the six yard box met at the far post the shot comes in Payne makes an outstanding save to take the ball away across her goal back out to the left is knocked back out to towards the top of the area with Bourne latching onto it from 20 yards out smashes a stunning strike into the top corner no chance of stopping it 0-1. Bourne’s 1st goal for Billericay too.

Lauren Bourne opens the scoring for Billericay Town Ladies

Dunstable look to respond the ball played on through the middle by Charlotte South on for Khan coming central takes it on has Townsend-Brown making a run to her left rolls the ball on for her into the area left of goal goes to shoot, Kirsty Knight in the way making the block for Billericay the ball spinning behind for the corner. The ball played in towards the top of the Billericay box his headed over the crossbar.

 Morgan with a couple of efforts at goal for Billericay the 1st from a wide right position held low at the near post by Payne. The second as Sally Appleton plays the ball forwards from the back Morgan running onto it 20 yards from goal her strike right flashes wide across goal out at the far post. Payne with another top draw save for Dunstable this time however off one of her own defenders as Hayley Piggott getting forwards right side for Billericay puts a great cross into the box met by a blue shirt the header up heading goalwards threatening to dip under the ball Payne throws herself at it tipping it wide. 

An excellent save from AFC Dunstable Ladies goalkeeper Hannah Payne from one of her own players

 Butler receives the ball central from Morgan turns and plays it on for Dempsey Favell getting in behind the Dunstable defence a little too much on the ball allows Payne coming quickly off her line to get their 1st to clear the ball. A competitive game Appleton needed to come off to clean up a bleeding nose. Carty and Favell slid in for a 50/50 ball the Dunstable player aggrieved as the decision goes against her. A long ball played on is cleared by the Dunstable defence falls straight to Butler 30 yards out strikes the ball 1st time her effort swerving away from goal goes wide. 

Billericay Town Ladies captain, Lindsey Morgan

   Morgan taking the ball into the area for Billericay sees her shot blocked at close range by Wade another opportunity to put it in towards goal this time Fisher is in the right place to clear. Piggott with an ambitious effort from all of 40 yards out sees the ball fall just wide of goal. Charlene Moreton operating up front for Dunstable has been tracking back in order to win possession of the ball doing so has Khan making a break on the right wing the ball played up the line, Rachel Armstrong prevents her from getting a cross into the area. Counter attacking the ball played up to Morgan surging forwards into towards goal Box ahead of her right inside lays the ball back to her, Wade racing out charging down her shot. 

AFC Dunstable Ladies, Elly Wade

Dunstable make a substitution Beth Stanton coming on to replace Khan. Billericay press forwards Box picking up the ball 40 yards from goal sends it on for Favell looking to get onto it inside the box, Chimes coming around slides in to win the ball. Another change for Dunstable Khan’s stay on the bench short lived comes back on for Carty in the middle. Wade with another great defensive tackle gets across inside her box to prevent Morgan unleashing a shot as she is played on into the area. 

Billericay Town ladies, Georgia Box

  Billericay finish the half strongly getting on down the left the ball is fizzed inside towards Box the striker controlling well her 1st touch taking the ball in towards the area escaping her marker gives chase just a little too much on the ball again gives Payne time to get out to come kick the ball to safety. Dunstable break in the dying moment of the 1st half Khan with the ball right plays it into the centre with South getting up the pitch has Townsend-Brown to her left making a run into the area lets fly as she receives the ball, Billericay goalkeeper, Robyn Strauss coming to close the angle is able to hold onto the rising shot.

Half-time AFC Dunstable Ladies 0-1 Billericay Town Ladies

   A good 1st half from the visitors dominant on the ball leading 1-0 thanks to Lauren Bourne’s stunning 15th minute strike. More chances to extend the lead, Payne with some crucial saves the defence working hard for Dunstable keeping the lead down to just a single goal. Dunstable with little opportunity up the other end are far from out of the game as the sides emerge from the changing rooms for the 2nd half.

Changes for both sides at half-time, Rebecca Langthorpe on for Dunstable, Khan pushed up into an striking role alongside Moreton. Hope Strauss on for Billericay, replacing Armstrong. Operating wide right, Morgan dropping deeper, Favell into midfield Lauren Knight joining Box up front. Billericay to kick-off the 2nd half. The half getting off to a competitve start both sides looking to close the ball down quickly. Townsend-Brown getting away on the left for Dunstable her cross gathered at the near post by Strauss.

Billericay Town ladies, Dempsey Favell

 Lauren Knight putting the Dunstable defence under pressure as the ball is played into the corner on the right, Butler getting forwards to offer support Knight plays the ball to her then back to Knight her cross fired in towards the near post run Box threatening to nip in ahead of Payne coming towards the ball the striker getting a touch but only to take the ball out of play. Dunstable starting the 2nd half much better South getting the ball forwards into Khan back to goal right side has Stanton on the move on the wing the diagonal pass into her taking the ball on to the byline wins a corner kick. 

  Stanton getting forwards on the right again her cross fired in across the six yard box knocked out to Moreton positioned at the top of the area her strike charged down by Appleton. Dunstable good start has given them plenty of confidence are winning the 50/50 balls getting players into advanced positions, Billericay know they could do with a 2nd goal to quieten things down. Hope Strauss with the ball right plays it on for Butler making a run forwards her through ball into the box looking for Bourne, Payne reaching it 1st.

Nancy Butler passing the ball for Billericay Town Ladies

    Wade doing well at the back for Dunstable across to block Morgan’s cross the ball out for a throw Billericay have players forwards Morgan with another opportunity to put a cross in deeper this time cut out by Fisher coming back out to Morgan this time her cross flies across the six yard box Bourne coming in at the far post can’t quite get onto the end of it. The game is lively the action end to end Dunstable get forwards Khan picking the ball up has a run at the Billericay defence, Kirsty Knight putting the challenge in to win the ball take it away from the attack at the top of the box.

Stephanie Fisher clearing the ball for AFC Dunstable Ladies

Winning the ball at the back Wade looks up playing the ball into the middle his helped on out to the left side into the feet of Moffat taking the ball on down the wing fires a cross into the side netting. Moffat is replaced soon after with Carty returning to the field for Dunstable the home side sure they can find an equalising goal have the momentum. The ball is passed on into Khan peeling away to the right of goal in behind driving into the box Strauss comes racing out to close her down the attacker getting her shot past the keeper the ball heading towards goal the Billericay defence regrouping quickly are back on the cover Kirsty Knight clearing the ball off the line. 

Samaira Khan on the attack for AFC Dunstable Ladies

  Townsend-Brown with the ball left side sees her cross into the area cut out by Knight away for a corner, Dunstable on top with around 20 minutes left to play. Langthorpe is fouled as she brings the ball into the Billericay half. Carty over the free-kick in front of the centre circle a good ball lifted into the area dropping for South 8 yards out looks to see the ball down across her body turn into the shot, Kirsty Knight reading it closely marking her blocks the attempt. Billericay make a change Armstrong returning to the pitch in place of Favell. 

AFC Dunstable Ladies, Charlotte South

Carty seeing the ball down tries her luck from distance for the home side, on target Strauss is well placed in the Billericay goal to take the ball low into her body. Knight is shoved over by Khan as the Dunstable striker looks to get past her after the ball, despite winning the free-kick a few verbals from Knight booked see her booked. Billericay having to work hard to keep their lead in tack, Dunstable continue to press forwards. Dunstable with a free-kick inside the Billericay half Carty up into the box cleared Townsend-Brown has it left cuts the ball inside Carty forwards strikes the ball goalwards her shot looping up and dropping on target is taken high by Strauss.

 Is tense out there the game moving into the latter stages Dunstable on top in attack, Billericay defending well can’t get the ball into their own attackers to counter the game very much in the balance. Lauren Knight picking up the ball from a throw in on the right turns inside tries to get into the area, Langthorpe putting in the tackle to win the ball back for Dunstable. The home side with a late corner right side, put in near post Strauss comes in amongst the crowd to put the ball out for a 2nd corner delivered again to the near post a head puts in in at goal from close range, blocked saved or strikes the post I don’t know before being put behind for a 3rd corner as appeals for handball are made but nothing is given.

  Khan on the attack the ball passed to Townsend-Brown who sends it out to Chimes out wide her high ball into the area is met by South breaking clear of the Billericay defence her effort turned over the crossbar wouldn’t have counted to flag up for offside. An exciting 2nd half comes to an end the final whistle seeing Billericay hold on to their 1-0 lead to claim the 3 points that takes them 7 points clear at the top of the ERWFL Premier Division table.

Full time AFC Dunstable Ladies 0-1 Billericay Town Ladies

  A cliche I know but very much a game of two halves, with Billericay strong in the 1st half dominating the ball and creating plenty of chances scoring from one giving them a slender lead. A 2nd goal early in the 2nd half would have made things more comfortable, Dunstable coming out strong in the 2nd half regrouping and growing in confidence felt they could find an equaliser and it was Billericay who needed the strong defensive display in the end grinding out the win 3 point well earned.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   A game of two halves makes picking today’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match as hard as ever several good performances out their Billericay dominating the 1st half Morgan strong in the middle along with Butler, Kirsty Knight at the back particularly 2nd half. Overall it comes down to a consistent display for the entire game and today that goes to a player from the losing side, Elly Wade for Dunstable Ladies reading the game very good positioning and marking, covering when needed is today’s Player of the Match.

 Fancied a game form the ERWFL today, the regional leagues are often overlooked but an integral part of the women’s football pyramid, plenty of good players on show producing good quality entertaining and committed football if you haven’t checked out the league before I’d highly recommend it. My thanks to both teams for their help with the teams today.