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Match Report – Acle United Ladies v AFC Sudbury Ladies

Sunday 27th August

  A hot and sunny August Bank Holiday weekend, headed east along the A47 to watch a game from the ERWFL Premier Division this Sunday afternoon into its 2nd weekend a game between two sides that had opened their season scoring 5 goals apiece to claim the 3 points Acle United Ladies at home to AFC Sudbury Ladies.

12 sides contesting the ERWFL (Eastern Region Women’s Football League) Premier Division this season, Cambridge City Ladies and Colney Heath Ladies promoted from Division One.

  Acle United Ladies came within ONE win of winning the ERWFL Premier Division title last season and clinching promotion to the FAWPL took it to the final game of the season with a strong winning run late on to set up a winner takes all game away to Haringey Borough Women. Lost in the end Haringey Borough celebrating becoming champions going on to complete a double with the League Cup. So close Acle United begin the new season with a determination to go one better and win the Premier Division this season start as favourites although there will be a few challengers in the league.

   Have made several new signings over the close season bringing in Erin Wilson from Norwich City Ladies along with Ceira Flatt from Lowestoft Town Ladies. Kirstie Kindred and Olivia Mungham-Gray both join from Norfolk Division One Champions, Thorpe United Ladies. A new goalkeeper too with Cyan Fullbrook joining from North Walsham Angels Ladies. Started the season with an away trip to AFC Dunstable who pushed the top three hard last season winning the game 5-1. 

  AFC Sudbury have established themselves in the ERWFL Premier Division, the Suffolk side having a solid campaign last season constantly in the top half pushing the top sides well before clinching 5th spot. An experienced squad have retained most of last season’s players bringing in a couple of new faces, defender Laura Wheeler from Brentwood and Semma Halil who was with Silver End United Ladies.

A new home ground for Acle United Ladies this season playing at the FDC (Football Development Centre) Flegg situated at Flegg High School on the outskirts of the village of Martham. Has been and still is Acle United Ladies training ground and they played a couple of cup matches there last season. An all weather 3G pay and play facility means Acle United Ladies can play home fixtures in August and regularly throughout the season with less chance of postponements. Hot and cold drinks are available not so much room for spectators is a small pitch with coloured markings denoting various sized pitches. A beautiful day hot and sunny best enjoy them whilst they last.

Acle United Ladies starting XI – Cyan Fullbrook, Anna Larkins, Erin Wilson, Kate Pasque, Chloe Shields, Broghan Scully, Amber Rowland, Ciera Flatt, Lauren Bullard, Rebecca Burton (C) & Megan Todd. Subs – Joanne Hooper & Kirstie Kindred.

AFC Sudbury starting XI – Penny Everett, Holly Harrison, Rebekah Henderson, Marie Seabrook (C), Rebecca Chandler, Charley Roach, Megan Partridge, Sophie Jeffery, Semma Halil, Mia Etheridge & Stacey Teager. Subs – Laura Wheeler, Georgia Lindon, Phoebe Scott, Natalie Golding & Harriett Young.

(Roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s Acle to get the game underway kicking off 1st half wearing black and white vertical striped shirts, black shorts and black and white hooped socks with Sudbury lined up opposite wearing yellow coloured shirts with blue across the left side of the upper chest, Blue shorts with a yellow band round the left leg and yellow socks. Acle look to put the ball long to Megan Todd moving down the right wing, Sudbury defender Rebekah Henderson wins the ball then once again as she clears and Acle regain the ball. 

A small pitch the midfield is congested and early on is shaping up to be a competitive battleground players on both sides quick to close the ball down Sudbury win it play the diagonal ball out to Semma Halil on the right running clear is tackled bringing 1st a throw then a corner kick. The ball goes long across the six yard box cleared Acle try to launch a counter attack the ball long for Lauren Bullard left side into the area is muscled off the ball by Rebecca Chandler. Todd is a player who likes to get forwards covers the ground quickly and will drift inside as much as stick to the wing, looks to get onto the end of a central ball flighted up towards the area into the D, Sudbury captain Marie Seabrook stands her ground coming together with Todd both grounded appeals for the foul the referee waves play on.

AFC Sudbury Ladies captain, Marie Seabrook

Acle come again Erin Wilson on for Bullard on the left side getting ahead of play cuts the ball back inside the area with Ciera Flatt arriving leans into the shot sending it goalwards Sudbury goalkeeper Penny Everett dives to her right, the ball skims wide off the outside of the post. A busy start to the game injuries for both sides requiring on pitch treatment giving everyone a chance to catch their breath.

   Play resumes Sudbury look to attack down the left Sophie Jeffery is quickly closed down by Acle’s Anna Larkins, support from midfielder Amber Rowland the ball sent on for Todd on the right plays a long diagonal pass for Bullard trying to get into the area on the left, manages to win the home side a corner kick.An in swinging corner the ball lands in the six yard box a scramble ensues as Todd tries to latch onto it Sudbury get the ball out of the area falls straight to Acle centre back Chloe Shields takes on the shot from 25 yards out getting it on target puts the ball straight into Everett’s gloves. 

GOAL! A little over 15 minutes on the clock Acle have started brightly and take the lead coming forwards Todd gets in behind on the right as the ball is played through to her taking it to the byline inside the area cuts the cross back across the face of goal with pace, Everett throws herself forwards in an attempt to stop it evades her and finds Bullard timing her arrival perfectly at the far post to connect with the ball and send it into the back of the net 1-0.

Acle United’s, Lauren Bullard

 Todd puts the ball in the back of the net in the very next attack however it doesn’t count as it’s the wrong goal as she is slid through on goal by a beautifully weighted pass from Acle captain Rebecca Burton right side into the box Todd pulls her strike sending it wide of the near post and into one of the five a side goals stored behind the goal.

GOAL! Sudbury respond well to going a goal down pushing forwards draw level as Halil wins the ball right side drives on before crossing along the top of the area for Mia Etheridge central spots Jeffery on the move up the left wing sends the ball on the winger takes the ball on challenged the ball pops in behind favourably for her to go on sends the cross into the six yard box missed by Acle at the ear post Stacey Teager is clear beyond to raise her boot and turn the ball home to equalise 1-1.

Stacey Teager with the ball for AFC Sudbury Ladies

Some crunching challenges out there going to be a few bruises in the morning but these two sides have met regularly over the past few seasons know what to expect from each other and are getting on with it. Megan Partridge is down for Sudbury needing treatment a drinks break is called very hot out there. Partridge is okay play resumes with 25 minutes played. Breaking up a Sudbury attack play is turned around quickly Todd running through the middle after the all has half a yard on Chandler gets a shot away from the top of the area dips late on Everett but flies narrowly over the crossbar.

A free kick wide right over halfway to Acle players go up as Larkins sends it long to the far post Bullard up headers it down into the centre Burton and Seabrook challenging for the ball end up on the ground the striker getting a shot away sends the ball wide. Wilson wins the ball at left back for Acle on for Bullard left side plays the pass inside to Broghan Scully has Rowland to her right puts the ball into her moving forwards Rowland’s strike from 25 yards is blocked by Chandler. Acle regain possession out on the right with Todd the ball is sent high into the area, Everett claiming well on the bounce as the ball is attacked.

GOAL! Acle double their lead as the game moves past the half hour with Jeffery looking a threat on the left side for Sudbury, Acle move in quickly to get players around her before she can break squeezed off the ball on half way by Todd, Larkins is already on the move down the wing the right back receiving the ball is a good way out around 35 yards as she whips the ball into the air sending it towards high looping towards the top corner far post has Everett backpedalling can’t get to it as it flies over her into the goal beyond 2-1.

Anna Larkins restores the lead for Acle United Ladies

  Tough tackling from Partridge after the restart sends the ball on for Etheridge central closing in on the top of the area can’t connect with the shot. Jeffery taking players on on the left wing is getting plenty of Acle attention getting a cross away the ball is claimed by Fullbrook. 

  GOAL! Acle get up the other end with 5 minutes left of the 1st half and score a 3rd goal another great through ball from Burton with Sudbury high up the pitch Todd central is after it Everett comes rushing out of her goal sliding in looks to block Todd as she shapes to shoot does so but an unfortunate rebound off the attacker takes the ball beyond Everett, Todd stays on it and puts the ball into the empty goal beyond 3-1. 

Acle United’s, Megan Todd

Rowland goes down with n injury is substituted with Acle sending on Kirstie Kindred. A fantastic turn from Halil attacking left side Sudbury as the ball is rolling into her by Roach in behind gets past Pasque clear heads for the area, Shields gets across lunging in to win the ball take it away from Halil for the throw in. Sudbury push late on in the half Teager battling in the middle 30 yards out gets the ball through for Etheridge for a moment clear on goal Larkins does well to get across and put the challenge in. 

Half-time Acle United Ladies 3-1 AFC Sudbury Ladies

  An entertaining 1st half no shortage of action a few injuries disrupting play but despite the heat the players on both sides putting plenty into the game. Acle have been on top getting in behind the Sudbury defence have had the better chances. The visitors when they can get the ball wide themselves trying to create an opening. Acle with the 2 goal cushion going into the 2nd half.

A change for Sudbury at the start of the 2nd half Laura Wheeler on for Halil, the defender going in at centreback alongside Chandler, Seabrook moving forwards to bolster the midfield. The visitors the kick off the 2nd half. Straight away Sudbury are looking to get the ball have Acle pinned back in their half without making any in roads into their box. From a counter the ball is laid on for Todd right shapes to shoot early reaching the top of the area sends the strike wide. 

Charley Roach on the attack for AFC Sudbury Ladies

Roach and Partridge with support from Seabrook are winning the ball for Sudbury looking to carry it forwards Acle a little sluggish at the start of the 2nd half start to gather Flatt moving well finding pockets of space wanting the short pass into her. Todd peeling away right gets clear as the ball finds her running on squares the cross along the top of the area a vital interception from Chandler with Burton ready to throw herself at the ball beyond. 

GOAL! Despite a good start to the 2nd half from Sudbury it’s Acle who score the next goal to further extend their lead. Have possession on the right the ball carried forwards by Kindred the cross is fired in with pace into the six yard box Harrison attempts to send it clear covering the far post the ball falls straight to Burton central the striker turning the ball from the top of the six yard box into the back of the net 4-1.

Acle United Ladies captain, Rebecca Burton

Todd sets up a chance for Burton moment after the restart as the ball is won back in the middle on for Todd drives at the Sudbury area before laying it on to Burton peeling away to the right inside the area pulls the trigger sends her shot up over the bar. Rowland returns to the action replacing Scully in midfield. Larkins is over a free kick inside left a long way from goal nevertheless takes on the shot puts it wide of Everett’s goal.

GOAL! Sudbury pull a goal back 4 minutes after going 4-1 down. Winning a corner kick on the right is a fantastic delivery high angling in towards the far post two Acle defenders jump or it can’t reach it falls to Etheridge beyond adjusts well the get a foot on the ball leaning back and send it high into the net to make it 4-2.

Mia Etheridge pulls a goal back for AFC Sudbury Ladies

Sudbury come very close to making it 4-3 as the game restarts winning the ball strong from Teager to close Acle down left side wrestle possession back take the ball inside pushes it on into the path of Partridge breaking forwards 30 yards out lets fly with a venomous strike comes straight at Fullbrook the keeper reacting instinctively gloves up deflects the ball up over her head onto the crossbar it bounces once, twice on the woodwork before falling back into play pressure behind her Fullbrook is distracted watching the ball grabs it into her body saving on her goal line. 

AFC Sudbury’s Megan Partridge with Acle’s Kate Pasque

 Another much needed drinks break in the 2nd half. Acle bring Scully back on for Flatt in the middle. Sudbury win a corner after the game resumes left side the ball into the box Teager chests down and on the turn hits a shot the ball straight at Fullbrook well positioned in the goal beyond. Acle break quickly the ball up top for Kindred central drags her strike wide as Everett diving across smothers the ball. Wilson winning the ball left side plays a good diagonal ball long for Todd running clear on the right sends the cross inside for Scully in a central position outside the box the midfielder connects with the ball sends her shot high over the Sudbury goal.

Acle make a goalkeeper change with Fullbrook coming off to be replaced by Joanne Hooper who can and has played everywhere on the pitch for Acle over the seasons. Seabrook comes off for Sudbury, Georgia Lindon comes on goes into right back with Harrison moving inside, Candler pushed into midfield. Rowland on the ball in the middle pushes on attacking the Sudbury defence sends the pass to Bullard coming inside from the left outside the area plays her shot wide of goal. An injury concern for Sudbury as Wheeler stays down after the attack her ankle strapped before the game looks to have injured it again a long break in play as she receives treatment. Gingerly gets back to her feet and is able to limp off the pitch.

Acle’s Amber Rowland with AFC Sudbury’s, Sophie Jeffery

An enforced change Seabrook comes back on for Wheeler, Chandler too comes off Halil returning to the field. A strong run from Partridge through the midfield before playing the ball into Teager outside the box back to goal good control before getting a shot away wide of the far post. Bullard takes the ball on down the left looks to get past Lindon the defender going to ground times her challenge well conceding the corner kick from the left side the ball comes into the area a touch sends t towards goal lacks pace Everett going to ground it able to claim the ball. 

Jeffery in a central position breaks with the ball for Sudbury plays the pass over the top with Acle holding a high line Teager is in behind after the ball. Hooper with a good starting position inside the box is out quickly to clear the danger. 

GOAL! With the game stretched both sides looking to attack Acle grab a 5th goal the ball with Todd on half way she runs forwards, Scully is the player furthest forwards inside the box Todd’s diagonal pass picks her out Scully opening up her body connects with the ball sending it wide of Everett and into the goal to make it 5-2 .

The injuries 2nd half have extended the game by several minutes kicking off at 3:02 the 45 minutes are up but there is quite alot of stoppage time to be played. Sudbury make a change Teager coming off up top to be replaced by Phoebe Scott. Flatt is back on for Acle replacing Bullard. Everett palms down a strike sent goalwards from Burton on the edge of the area. Hooper is a long way out of her area to kick clear as Sudbury look to counter quickly. Roach to take a free-kick wide right on halfway for Sudbury delivers the ball to the top of the area the header comes in knocked down towards goal Hooper throwing herself forwards can claim the ball.

 Tensions have been building throughout the 2nd half and they come to a head with Henderson shown a straight red card in the closing moments for saying something she shouldn’t have to the referee Sudbury reduced to 10. Acle attack in the final seconds the ball with Rowland outside the box takes it across the top of the area before seeing her shot blocked by Harrison the final action of the match.

Full time Acle United Ladies 5-2 AFC Sudbury Ladies

  Another 5 goals scored by Acle as they open their campaign with 2 league wins taking maximum points with a 5-2 victory at home. Deserved winners starting well taking the lead Sudbury responded straight away before going 3-1 down at half-time as Acle got in behind their defence to score. Sudbury started brightly 2nd half before falling a further goal behind again responded well getting a goal back almost a 3rd Acle going on to wrap up the win late on.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  A few contenders for today’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match some fine attacking play from Acle today moving the ball with pace have chosen their captain Rebecca Burton with some fine passing dropping deeper to receive the ball from the midfielders her forward passes setting up chances and goals along with also getting her name on the scoresheet. 

   With two sides both scoring 5 goals in their opening league game I might have been setting myself up for a 0-0 but knowing these two sides didn’t expect anything but a committed competitive contest, plenty of energy and goals an entertaining match played in hot temperatures very enjoyable to watch.


Match Report – AFC Sudbury Ladies v Acle United Ladies

The women’s football action at the weekend came from the ERWFL Premier Division on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog a trip to the Wardale Williams Stadium to watch AFC Sudbury Ladies play Acle United Ladies.

Match Report – AFC Sudbury Ladies v Acle United Ladies


  The women’s football action on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog this Sunday comes from the Eastern Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL) Premier Division a trip to Suffolk to watch AFC Sudbury Ladies play Acle United Ladies. 

  The ERWFL season kicked off last Sunday and both sides got off to a great start recording opening day wins. Suffolk side, AFC Sudbury Ladies enter their 2nd season playing in the ERWFL Premier Division finished 3rd in their debut season at this level a position they held for most of the campaign. Will be hoping to push on challenge for the top 2 this time around have added to their squad bringing in Penny Everett and Megan Partridge who were with the now folded Long Melford Ladies last season. Started the season with an opening day victory at home, Sasha Diston scoring the goal as Sudbury beat newly promoted Royston Town Ladies 1-0.

  Acle United Ladies are beginning their 3rd season playing in the ERWFL Premier Division and the side from Norfolk having been at the wrong end of the table for the past two seasons are confident of better things this time around. The club has seen a change of coach and several new players joining the club during last seasons campaign coupled with fixture pile up due to early season postponements that never let the club gain any momentum on the field. The close season has seen a few more additions to the squad which got the season off to a great start last weekend winning 5-2 on the road against AFC Dunstable Ladies.

  Although AFC Sudbury Ladies have featured in match reports on the SWF Blog before this is the 1st time I’ve seen them play at home. Are very much an integral part of the men’s club, play at the Wardale Williams Stadium on the outskirts of Sudbury. A state of the art 3G pitch with a large newly built clubhouse and stand on one side of the ground, refreshments hot and cold available. A covered terraced stand between the dugouts on the opposite side of the pitch with covered standing areas behind both goals. Still warm and sunny as we near the end of August, several dark clouds around with the chance of a heavy shower during the match.

  AFC Sudbury Ladies starting XI – Penny Everett, Holly Harrison, Charlotte Churchman, Rebecca Thrower, Sasha Diston (C), Phoebe Guiver, Hayley Turner, Charlene Roach, Sophie Jeffery, Mia Etheridge & Megan Partridge.
  subs – Stacey Teager, Georgia Lindon & Natalie Golding

  Acle United Ladies starting XI – Joanne Hooper, Anna Larkins, Luka Goodchild, Chloe Shields, Kate Pasque, Alice Ladbrooke, Amber Rowland, Rose Glendinning, Shannon Dade, Rebecca Burton (C) & Jody Wells.

  subs – Leah McGuire. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)
  Sudbury kick off the 1st half wearing yellow shirts and socks with blue shorts were without a few 1st team regulars unavailable for the game. Joanne Hooper, Acle’s player/assistant coach can and has played in a number of positions for the side, today was in between the sticks keeping goal. Acle were wearing their new away kit red and white vertical striped shirts, white shorts with red and white hooped socks. 
  Straight from the kick off, Sudbury play the ball up the right channel with Hayley Turner giving chase to the ball, Acle’s, Chloe Shields comes across to tackle and win the ball on the edge of the box putting the ball out for a throw. Receiving the ball from the throw in, Sudbury’s Holly Harrison sweeps a high ball up into the Acle six yard box, Hooper sees it safely into her gloves. Playing the ball out quickly from the back, Anna Larkins on the right passes the ball on for Shannon Dade ahead of her attacking down the wing takes on the shot as she reaches to top of the box, hits the ball hard and low towards the near post, Penny Everett in goal for Sudbury has the angle covered, gathers the ball into her body.
AFC Sudbury Ladies, Holly Harrison

  Early pressure from the visiting side, winning the ball at the back get it up top through the middle quickly, Alice Ladbrooke playing the ball into striker, Jody Wells feet, back to goal 25 yards out looks to flick it over the top of the Sudbury defence with Dade making a run in behind to the right, Everett has seen the threat and coming off her line early clears the ball as it enters the area. Acle regain the ball and coming forwards win a free kick 30 yards from goal, Amber Rowland over the ball sends it long into the box towards the far post. Rebecca Thrower defending for Sudbury does well to stop Acle midfielder, Rose Glendinning get in round behind her concedes the corner. The set-piece goes long beyond the far post Ladbrooke gets up to head the ball, turns her effort behind for a goal kick.

Defender, Rebecca Thrower clears the ball for AFC Sudbury Ladies
AFC Sudbury Ladies captain
Sasha Diston
  An end to end start to the game both sides looking to break quickly on the counter attack, Glendinning carries the ball with her through the middle of the park looks to put, Rebecca Burton the Acle captain through on goal, a good run, Sudbury’s Charlotte Churchman gets across her path just in time to push the ball wide and clear. Sudbury attack up the left side of the pitch the ball played into Sophie Jeffery her diagonal pass through the middle almost has Turner clear to attack the Acle goal, with Hooper rushing out it’s Kate Pasque who nips in ahead of Turner to intercept. Phoebe Guiver comes on for Sudbury.
  There are a few fouls being committed both sides getting a little physical, Sudbury in particular not happy with some of the refereeing decisions. Free kicks being given away, Sudbury are awarded one in the middle of the Acle half a chance for Charlene Roach to test out Hooper in goal gets the shot on target but not enough height to trouble the keeper. Another free kick to Sudbury on the left top of the area is played in towards the far post plenty of bodies there to attack it, it’s an Acle head that gets it cleared out of the box.
  GOAL! 22 minutes played and the visitors take the lead. With possession on the right bringing the ball into the Sudbury half, Acle win a throw in the ball is put into Glendinning who plays a great ball forwards for Wells to turn onto and run at the Sudbury box, Everett comes racing out to slide in at the strikers feet, spills the ball escaping her rolling to the right, Wells having kept her feet goes after it and turns the ball into the empty net beyond 0-1.
Acle United Ladies, Jody Wells
  Sudbury are awarded another free kick inside the Acle half with no advantage coming as they press bodies forwards. To the right of the box 30 yards out defenders come up from the back as Roach plays the ball diagonally to the far post, Acle head the initial ball clear out to the left Sudbury close it down and regain possession an early cross into the box, Diston is still forwards in the area connects with her head 12 yards out places the ball wide of the near post. Sudbury continue to put the Acle back line under pressure keeping possession around their 18 yard box, Megan Partridge unable to find a way through with the ball left side plays it across to the right with Harrison having gotten forwards looking to hit it 1st time, can’t keep her strike down.
  GOAL! Acle are attacking down the right the ball is flung into the area, Thrower gets across Wells to clear the ball, Ladbrooke reacts sharply coming forwards to intercept the ball fired into the box, Wells turns the ball across the six yard box an awkward ball for the defence to deal with facing their own goal, Everett comes for it with Burton closing her down doesn’t gather cleanly as Burton challenges and manages to turn the ball over the line 0-2.
Rebecca Burton scores Acle
 United  Ladies 2nd goal
   Dade bringing the ball on down the right wing for Acle takes on the early shot, angling in low towards the near post, Everett is across and in place to make the save. The foul count is clocking up against Rowland as she gets a final warning from the referee. Hooper commits early to coming out to the edge of her area sliding in to claim the ball as Partridge tries to play Turner in over the top. A free kick for Acle inside the Sudbury half Larkins plays the ball long to the far post from the right, Everett jumping up amongst the players around her to lay claim to the ball. Acle make a change Leah McGuire coming on for Rowland. 
  Mia Etheridge steals in to win the ball off the Acle defence and run in behind down the right squares a good ball along the six yard box, no one attacking the near post, Hooper is able to throw herself forwards and get hold of the ball. Time running out 1st half to get themselves back into the match Partridge is flagged offside in the Acle box as she squeezes a shot past the on rushing Hooper. Luka Goodchild is left hurt on the floor as she loses the ball inside the Sudbury half, Etheridge dispossessing her races forwards down the right wing, Pasque covers the ground to get across to challenge plays the ball out for the corner kick.
  GOAL! Little time left to play in the 1st half the corner on the right is sent long towards the far post area goes over everyone, the referee blows his whistle and points to the penalty spot having spotted a push. Acle protest and Pasque gets yellow carded for dissent. Up steps Roach to take the penalty kick for Sudbury, puts plenty of power behind the ball Hooper guesses right, diving to her left the ball is wide of her and nestles into the corner of the goal 1-2.
Charlene Roach scores from the penalty spot late in the 1st half for AFC Sudbury Ladies
Half-time AFC Sudbury Ladies 1-2 Acle United Ladies
  A goal right on the stroke of half-time has gotten Sudbury back into the game having gone 2-0 down. Acle having the better of the attacking play for a good percentage of the half going ahead midway through the 1st half then doubling their lead looking comfortable at the back until conceding the late penalty, Sudbury haven’t been at their best the goal back giving them a much needed lift. 

  Acle to get the 2nd half under way as Sudbury start the 2nd half with striker Stacey Teager who scored 16 goals last season on the pitch replacing Turner. Georgia Lindon is also on for Jeffery. McGuire has dropped into the defence for Acle with Pasque taking on a midfield role. Sudbury look to get Teager in on the action right from the start winning the ball the pass is played out to her making a run to the right of the box, Shields comes across and tackles well inside the box to win the ball. 

Charlene Roach and Kate Pasque battle for control of the ball

  Goodchild carries the ball out from the back for Acle on the left plays the pass up to Ladbrooke her crossfield pass looks to pick out Dade breaking forwards down the right trying to get into the box, Churchman staying on her shoulder puts in a well timed tackle to win the ball her clearance from the back is intercepted by Acle, Larkins having come forwards on the right to offer support for Dade takes the ball down the line sends a low cross racing along the top of the six yard box, Everett gets down quickly to smother the ball before it can reach Burton at the far post.

Acle United Ladies, Luka Goodchild

  Everett is well placed in her goal with Acle counter attacking the ball up the left is lifted up into the middle with Wells running into the area right of goal strikes the ball 1st time angling it in towards goal, Everett makes the save confidently taking the ball into her body. A busy spell for the Sudbury keeper with Acle stretching play, Dade finding space to run into on the right her cross is towards the near post, Everett is 1st to the ball. Burton controls a long pass sent up through the middle 20 yards out back to goal lays it back into the path of Wells, running onto the ball looks to curl her shot back in is straight into Everett’s gloves.

  GOAL! Having been under a little pressure at the start of the 2nd half Sudbury get themselves back on level terms. Attacking the ball is lifted up into the Acle area, Teager goes after it as the ball runs to the byline on the left, has support from Guiver lays the ball back to her, is clipped just outside the box, staying on her feet gets inside sees her shot blocked at close range, the referee blows up and awards the home side the free kick outside the area. Roach is over the set piece goes for goal getting plenty of lift on the ball on target drops late an awkward one for Hooper to try and deal with on her line, can’t keep it out and Sudbury equalise2-2 Roach with her 2nd of the match.

Charlene Roach sends her perfectly weighted free-kick in towards goal to score her 2nd of the game

  Acle have good possession of the ball on the right, Larkins able to support Dade on the wing, both get the opportunity to cross into the box, both times the ball is sent in near post with Everett 1st to the ball. Sudbury are getting some joy out wide themselves as the game starts to get stretched players tiring, Etheridge is played in on the wing running with the ball into space fires a low cross into the box with Partridge making a run into the area connecting with the ball sends her shot wide across goal.

  Etheridge runs onto the ball put out to the right again and taking it forwards lifts her cross up into the six yard box with Teager attacking the near post, lifting her leg can’t quite bring the ball down for a shot but improvises well preventing the defender behind her heading it clear hooks it over her with the outside of her boot looping up is straight into Hooper who catches the ball. 

Alice Ladbrooke wins the ball back for Acle United Ladies

  Pressing forwards with the ball Glendinning has Ladbrooke ahead of her in front of the Sudbury box links up with Larkins and Dade the trio in front of the D, crosses to Dade right with Larkins in between the pair, giving Larkins the ball she looks to pass back to Ladbrooke goes for the shot is blocked at close quarters by Diston the rebound back with Larkins she takes it on into the area, Thrower gets back on her to put in the challenge as Larkins shoots pulls the ball wide across the goal face. Pasque is off for Acle with Rowland returning to the action.

  GOAL! Wells sees a shot blocked the ball spinning behind for a corner kick on the right. It’s Wells to take the set-piece the delivery long to the far post. A Sudbury head gets the ball away sent high up towards the edge of the area dropping, is an awkward ball to get under control even as Sudbury look to push up out of their area, Acle win the ball back push it out to Wells over on the right from a higher position sends the ball back into the box far post area again, Burton turns and spinning back in gets her foot over the ball and scores her 2nd of the match 2-3.

A brace for Acle United Ladies captain, Rebecca Burton

 Dade comes off for Acle with Pasque coming back on. Sudbury press forwards looking to get back into the match a powerful run on the right wing from Etheridge getting down the line squares the ball into the middle, running back the ball strikes the 1st defender inside the box, taking alot of pace of the ball deflects through to Teager beyond running onto the ball strikes it 1st time drills the shot wide.

Acle United Ladies, Rose Glendinning looks to get away from
Sudbury pair Megan Partridge & Charlene Roach

  Glendinning tries her luck from distance running with the ball before pulling the trigger 25 yards out, the ball bouncing through into Everett. A double change for Sudbury with Jeffery and Turner returning to the action replacing Lindon and Roach. Partridge lines up a shot from 35 yards out a powerful drive is blocked by McGuire on the edge of her area. Players are tiring on both sides as the game moves into the final stages. 

 GOAL! Wells is in space some 30 yards or so out from goal as the ball is rolled into her, has time and space to line up a shot gets plenty of pace behind the ball as she fires it across the diving Everett into the back of the net to score her 2nd goal of the game and put Acle 4-2 up.
  Acle get the ball up into Burton, Pasque looks to get ahead of everyone gt into the box to receive the pass, Burton tries to play her in Everett coming out can get hold of the ball 1st set up a counter attack the ball up the field quickly played into Etheridge bursting clear to attack the Acle box shoots from outside the area as she sees Hooper rushing out to close her down fires a fierce shot past the keeper across the area, strikes the base of the far post cannoning back out across the six yard box, the Acle defence are 1st to it launch the ball clear.

Mia Etheridge running onto the ball for AFC Sudbury Ladies

  Into added time, Sudbury push players on looking to put the Acle back line under pressure Partridge gets the ball in behind with Teager running onto it clear of the defence taking it to the edge of the box Hooper is charging out to meet her sliding in Teager shoots, Hooper gets something on the ball takes the sting out of the shot as it gets past her by then her defence has got back round on the cover to clear the ball as the referee blows the final whistle.

Full-time AFC Sudbury Ladies 2-4 Acle United Ladies

  A 4-2 victory for Acle sees them start the season with 2 wins out of 2 3rd in the table behind leaders Bedford Ladies and Haringey Borough Women who have started the season in similar fashion. A solid team performance getting themselves into a 2-0 lead. A physical match both sides battling hard to win the ball, some decisions baffling both sides, Sudbury will be the 1st to admit they weren’t at their best today, did well to get themselves back into the game however, tiring towards the end Acle retook the lead with Wells securing victory late on. Long way to go yet but already the ERWFL Premier Division is shaping up nicely and both Acle and Sudbury will be hoping they can be in the title race come the end of the season.r
  My thanks to both sides for their help with the team details today, best of luck to both for the rest of the season. 

Match Report – Colchester Town Ladies v AFC Sudbury Ladies


Sunday’s match report on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog comes from the Eastern Region Women’s Football League Cup semi-finals, a clash between two Premier Division sides with Colchester Town Ladies hosting AFC Sudbury Ladies. An exciting game that either side could have won, fast paced with plenty of action was won by the odd goal in 7, great for the neutral spectator. For the whole match report click on the link below to take you to the SWF Blog.

Colchester Town Ladies v AFC Sudbury Ladies