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Match Report – Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies v Ipswich Wanderers Ladies

For the 2nd successive Friday it was a journey down to Basildon’s John Hornby School to watch a game under the lights in the ERWFL Division One. Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies playing again the home side this time. The visitors Ipswich Wanderers Ladies, both with identical records after 3 games played a win, a draw and a loss. Both could climb up to 3rd in the table with a win. The report from the SWF Blog below.

Match Report – Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies v Ipswich Wanderers Ladies

 For the 2nd successive Friday a trip south down to the John Hornby School in Basildon to watch another ERWFL Division One match under the lights, Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies the host side this time around playing Ipswich Wanderers Ladies.

  Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies were impressive last Friday against Hutton Ladies beating them 4-1 to win their 1st 3 points of the season building on a draw in their opening league match. Came unstuck just 2 day later away to Offley & Stopsley Ladies losing 5-1 currently in 7th spot in the table.

  Just a place above them are tonight’s opponents, Ipswich Wanderers Ladies with the exact same record after 3 matches played having started with a win then drawing with Offley & Stopsley losing narrowly 3-2 to Silver End United Ladies last Sunday, in 6th spot in the table with 4 points like Little Thurrock Dynamos a win for either would lift them up to 3rd spot in the table.

   Has been a thoroughly wet day across the whole eastern region heavy rain and so was the case as I was leaving Norfolk, it was forecast to clear away by the evening and the further south I travelled the brighter the skies became with the rain having gone before the game started. Played on the large 3G pitch at John Hornby School in Basildon.
    Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies starting XI – Atlanta Fuwa, Courtney Fraser, Elle King, Taylor Parrish (C), Danielle Styles, Kerri Thomas, Taylor Adcock, Libby Clarke, Elouise Ives, Georgia Fraser & Sophie Dowman.
  subs – Rhianne Holmes, Sophie Darkins, Patrizia Leo, Robyn Mudd & Katy Judd. 

   Ipswich Wanderers Ladies starting XI – Danielle Lynch, Jessica Taylor-Allum, Kirby King, Leanne Derbyshire, Claire Turnbull, Kimberly Rex, Sophie Crane, Kristie Turner, Kathryn Parnell, Michelle Taylor-Allum & Tarnya McKew (C)

   subs –

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  No substitutes for Ipswich Wanderers, travelling with just the bare 11. Are looking to sign a new goalkeeper but as yet haven’t filled the position. Manager, Danielle Lynch usually a centre back dons the keepers gloves tonight returning to football 10 weeks after having a baby. Little Thurrock have a full substitutes bench a large squad at their disposal, captain, Abbie Simmonds unavailable tonight, Taylor Parrish with the captains armband.
Ipswich to kick-off the 1st half wearing an all blue kit with white shirt sleeves, Little Thurrock wearing black and green shirts, black shorts and socks. Ipswich send the ball long down the right wing win an early corner kick, Tarnya McKew, Ipswich’s captain to play the ball into the area whipped in across the six yard box evades everyone near post bouncing in the middle of goal comes through to Michelle Taylor-Allum far post three yards out gets her foot over the ball blasts it goalwards is blocked by Elle King covering the post then cleared.
  Up the other end Little Thurrock get a free-kick inside the D as Lynch handles the ball outside her area. King and Georgia Fraser over the ball, King pushes it forwards into the box for Fraser, lifts a shot in looking for the top corner, won’t come down quick, goes over for a goal kick. Know from watching the match last Friday the ball will zip off the surface run through to the keeper, does just that as Ipswich break looking to provide the ball for McKew coming through the middle to run on to runs into the box for Little Thurrock goalkeeper, Atlanta Fuwa to gather before she can reach it.
  Taylor Adcock brings the ball up the field for Little Thurrock, passes it wide right for Elouise Ives who has space to run into fires a cross into the box looking to pick out Sophie Dowman, Jessica Taylor-Allum gets in front of her to clear for a throw on the right. Ives finds space to run into again on the right getting up the pitch sees her cross/shot end up behind at the near post from outside the box. 
  GOAL! The visitors take the lead with 10 minutes played the build up on the right of the pitch winning a throw the ball is worked in field before being swept on the diagonal into the box for McKew near side to bring down, her 1st touch wrong foots her marker flicks the ball inside and turning right strikes the falling ball into the back of the net 0-1.
  Kristie Turner bringing the ball into the Little Thurrock half has Kathryn Parnell to her left, receiving the ball rolls it inside to Taylor-Allum then burst forwards looking for the return ball down the left into the box, goes after it, King gets back to clear the ball for Little Thurrock. Counter attack the ball played into Adcock central switches play out to the right for Ives moving forwards a couple of yards squares the ball back central outside the box for Adcock who lifts it up into the area, Dowman right side of goal tries to control with her head bring the ball down falls to Fraser to her left, stretching to reach it pushes the ball wide of goal.
  Little Thurrock press the ball well in the middle Kerri Thomas with Adcock the ball played on with Dowman latching onto it racing for the box inside the D under challenge still manages to get a shot away squeezing the ball towards goal, Lynch gets across to cover the post can see in run wide. Libby Clarke plays the ball in towards the top of the box from the left side as Little Thurrock enjoy a spell of possession in Ipswich’s final 3rd, the ball drops for Dowman inside the box headers it down back out with Thomas charging forwards meets it on the volley sends the shot over the crossbar.
   Clarke with a good switch of pace on the left brings the ball up towards the top of the area crosses inside for Georgia Fraser her 1st time strike is blocked by Leanne Derbyshire. Little Thurrock go on to win their 1st corner of the match on the left an inswinging delivery a glancing header off an Ipswich defender at the near post takes it across the goal face and away from danger. Courtney Fraser is allowed to bring the ball forwards from left back into the Ipswich half for Little Thurrock, plays the ball on down the left channel, Georgia Fraser is interested breaking away from the visitors defence the ball just skipping through into Lynch’s gloves before she can latch on to it. 
   McKew is strong and looking to get in behind the Little Thurrock defence as the ball is played forwards through the middle, Taylor Parrish doesn’t get drawn too close giving herself the space needed to get to the ball 1st whenever Ipswich look to turn the defence with the ball through the middle. Little Thurrock make a double change Ives and Styles the players off, Patrizia Leo and Rhianne Holmes making her debut coming on. Adcock passes the ball left to Courtney Fraser as she comes forwards again into the Ipswich half decides to have a crack at goal a long way out, gets plenty of power behind the ball it flashes wide across the goal. 
 Georgia Fraser brings the ball inside from the left lets fly with the shot 25 yards out, one bounce inside the six yard box drifts wide of the post. Thomas wins a 50/50 ball before passing it forwards into Fraser, she switches play out to the right with Leo inside. Bringing the ball inside travels into the box evading a challenge before hitting the ball with her left for in towards goal, Lynch makes a reactive save with her legs the ball deflected away from goal. Change for Little Thurrock, Styles back on replacing Thomas in midfield. A swift counter attack from Ipswich, Kimberly Rex on for Michelle Taylor-Allum running with the ball takes on the early strike, flies in towards goal dips late not enough to bring it down under the crossbar. 
  Parnell plays the ball up through the middle as Ipswich break forwards with purpose looking to pitch out McKew, Holmes back pedalling gets her foot on the ball 1st is unlucky as her clearance catches McKew on the side of the head the deflection taking it into the area, left of goal McKew gets control of it with Parnell bursting up the pitch is brought down by Leo right on the edge of the area. Left side McKew to take manages to lift it over the Little Thurrock wall as it jumps the ball dropping near post goes behind a corner is signalled the ball comes in near post is headed clear.
   Late pressure in the 1st half from Ipswich, Parnell on the ball inside the Little Thurrock half evades two tackles pushing in towards the box losses possession with the 3rd tackle the clearance coming to Turner, 30 yards out smashes in a shot a low drive runs wide across the box. Parnell bringing the ball on again has Sophie Crane in close support rolls the ball into her looks to lift the ball into McKew positioned at the top of the area, can’t bring it down under control as Parrish closes her down puts it out for a throw last action of the 1st half.
Half-time Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies 0-1 Ipswich Wanderers Ladies

  A single goal the advantage for Ipswich after an entertaining 1st half the pace high tempo. Getting into the lead early Ipswich have tries to slow the pace down, Little Thurrock have pressed the ball not allowed it to slow breaking forwards finding space on the wings have created plenty of chances without overly tested Lynch in goal. A narrow lead an eventful 1st half, was nothing compared to what was to follow 2nd half.
  Little Thurrock making changes at half-time Thomas back on for Adcock. Robyn Mudd and Katy Judd are on to replacing Clarke and Dowman. It’s the home side to kick-off the 2nd half Ipswich get control of the ball and after a spell of possession on the right win a corner. McKew lifts the ball in central, Crane gets up to head the ball towards goal is defended dropping back into the area, bodies everywhere a follow up shot comes flying in flashes over the bar. McKew capitalises on some uncertainty at the back from Little Thurrock turns inside from the left plays the ball into the area. Courtney Fraser hooks it clear out of the area with Taylor-Allum moving towards the ball. 
  GOAL! Attacking down the left, Little Thurrock win a corner the ball is swung in long across the six yard box dropping far post plenty of green and black shirts gathered there the ball is turned onto the post from close range then as it bounces back out the ball is fired back in across goal and over the line 1-1. Needed help to pick out the goalscorer in the melee, Parrish, Little Thurrock’s captain with the goal.
  A free-kick to Little Thurrock inside the Ipswich half left of the centre circle, Georgia Fraser on the ball plays a lovely flighted ball into the box, runners coming in Judd can’t get anything on it as she leaps in front of Lynch the ball pops out of the keepers gloves, Mudd tries to react lunging for the ball pushes it wide off target.
  GOAL! Ipswich get themselves back in front minutes after conceding the equaliser the ball played from back to front rapidly is up to McKew breaking in behind the Little Thurrock defence beating the offside trap left of the goal outside the box sees the dropping ball over her shoulder before hitting it on the half volley arrowing the ball over the static Fuwa into the back of the net 1-2.
 The game becomes very stretched, both sides going long, Turnbull making ground up the left crossing inside looking for McKew top of the area can’t take the ball down cleanly as Holmes gets in close to tackle get the ball away.  
  GOAL! With Little Thurrock looking to push on create something at one end Ipswich counter attack and score up the other, Crane into Taylor-Allum in the middle plays the ball to Parnell out left side 25 yards out lines up the shot, puts plenty of pace into the shot drilled in rising Fuwa throwing herself at the ball as it smashes against the crossbar bouncing down the keeper is grounded as McKew closing in on the follow-up buries the ball into the back of the net to score her hat-trick 1-3.
 Little Thurrock come on, Styles is given time and space on the ball central 30 yards out goes for goal firing in a great strike towards goal, sees Lynch produce a superb save throwing up a glove to tip the ball over the crossbar. The resulting corner on the left side is swung in across the six yard box headed back across goal, Lynch palms the ball to the floor the grabbing hold of it launches it out of her area.
  GOAL! Styles scores for Little Thurrock to narrow the advantage back to a single goal. Starts and finishes the move as she brings the ball on into the Ipswich half plays the ball out to Leo on the left as she sprints forwards, attacks down the wing, Styles breaks to looking to get into the box. Leo turns inside firing the ball into the area, Lynch throws herself forwards to push the ball away, doesn’t get enough on it runs inside past her Styles arriving to drill the ball over the line 2-3.
The end to end nature of the 2nd half continues, Ipswich have Turnbull on the ball plays it on for Taylor-Allum moving into space on the left side fires the shot in on the angle, Fuwa gets down smartly to make the save push the ball wide across her goal. The corner is conceded on the right. McKew plays in in high near post, Turnbull gets up to head the ball on across goal, Little Thurrock clear far stick and counter break in numbers with Judd on the ball through the middle, tracking back Turner tackles her before she can reach the area.
  GOAL! The goals keep coming, Ipswich getting the ball up the other end quickly to regain their 2 goal lead. Having found it difficult to get in behind the Little Thurrock defence 1st half Ipswich are taking shots from distance. The build up is on the right the ball played up to McKew then rolled across the face of the area with Parnell free 25 yards out to the left hits the shot as the ball rolls across her sending the ball angling back in across goal and into the far corner 2-4.
  Taylor-Allum stabs the ball wide of goal as Parrish for once is a fraction late getting in on McKew as she pushes the ball on into the box. A corner for the visitors on the left the ball played in central a bullet header the ball knocked down towards goal inside the six yard box, for a moment the spectators think it’s in, however the ball is firmly in the hands of Fuwa making a fantastic save. Attacking for Little Thurrock both leo right and Styles coming to the left put their crosses into the side netting. Adcock comes back on replacing Thomas for Little Thurrock. 
  GOAL! No let up in the goals 2nd half as Little Thurrock battle back to close the scores once more. Pushing on into the Ipswich half Styles plays the ball out to the left, Mudd has come inside but gives chase to the ball retrieving it in the corner, Courtney Fraser races forwards to give her a passing option up the line gets the ball turns and moving inside fires the cross in long to the far post dropping Judd rushing in gets her boot on the ball sending it into the goal 3-4.
  Dowman comes back on for Little Thurrock late on replacing Georgia Fraser up top. The ball is played up field for the substitute to chase down outside the box right of the D, King steps out of the back line for Ipswich, beats Dowman to the ball runs back to Styles free inside the Ipswich half launches a rocket towards goal, Lynch has no chance of getting to it turns to her right as the ball cannons off the post.
  GOAL! Just as Little Thurrock almost bring it all square in the closing minutes of the match Ipswich get up the other end and score. From a throw on the right players drawn across the out ball is sent crossfield to the left with Turner the player in space 30 yards out takes on the shot drilling the ball in low it races across the six yard box striking the inside of the far post and bouncing over the line 3-5. 
  Turner tries another one from distance soon after the ball dipping late but straight into Fuwa’s gloves. Time almost up the ball is launched up the pitch Styles and Judd burst clear giving chase to it, Lynch comes racing out to the edge of her area to kick the ball high into the night sky, the final action of the game.

Full-time Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies 3-5 Ipswich Wanderers Ladies

  Ipswich Wanderers win the game 5-3 to take the 3 points move up into 3rd in the ERWFL Division One table. An action packed 2nd half full of goals, an end to end game some quality shooting on display whether the ball went over the line or not. Little Thurrock dealing with McKew’s threat through the middle 2nd half, backed off a little too much 2nd half allowing their opponents the opportunity to strike from distance Ipswich took their chances well. Little Thurrock battled all the way getting level early 2nd half almost got it back to 4-4 late on eventually losing 5-3. An exciting game to watch.
  Both sides are in action on Sunday, Little Thurrock making their bow in the FA Women’s Cup a local derby at home at the Gateway Academy playing Brentwood Town Ladies in 2nd Round Qualifying. Ipswich Wanderers Ladies are at home too in the 1st Round of the Suffolk Women’s County Cup taking on last years beaten finalists, Kirkley & Pakefield FC Ladies, best of luck to both and thanks too to both for their help with the team details tonight.

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