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Match Report – March Town United Ladies v ICA Sports Ladies

Sunday 15th September

Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership

 First taste of county league action this season and we begin in Cambridgeshire a game from the Women’s Premiership, March Town United Ladies v ICA Sports Ladies.

 The 3rd weekend in a row a side from Peterborough has featured in a match report. ICA Sports Ladies the visitors this time around. An large influx of new sides entering the county leagues in Cambridgeshire this season sees the Premiership swell from 8 to 13 sides with a new single division Championship consisting of 15 sides. 

  March Town United Ladies one of the sides sitting out the opening weekend, begin their campaign this Sunday, now an established side in the Premiership finishing comfortably in what proved to be a competitive tussle in mid-table. Now part of a 13 strong Premiership alot more football to be played 6 new sides those promoted starting well March will be looking to make an impact.

  A runners-up finish in the Premiership for ICA Sports Ladies last season, competing within the Peterborough area a hotbed for women’s football, the club both male and female has a very strong youth section always looking to bring players through. Like March well established in the league will be aiming to be as competitive as last season push for the top end of the table. Started their season with a win, although only just letting a 6-2 lead at home to Fulbourn Institute Bluebirds slips to clinch it 6-5 at the final whistle. 

 Didn’t get to see either side in action last season, and it has been a while since I’ve visited March Town United Ladies, GER Sportsground. Boasts the 2nd oldest wooden football stand in existence set back from the pitch, the venue having hosted greyhound racing in the past. A new clubhouse leading into the ground on one corner, the bar and kitchen open for hot drinks. An historic ground, a good sized pitch. A hot and humid day, close with some cloud cover, the sun hot when it breaks through.

March Town United Ladies starting XI – Toni Sharpe, Kayleigh Churchyard, Megan Webb, Louise Billingham, Claire Newton, Megan Tombs, Alexis Waters, Adele Munday (C), Emma Searle, Abigail Grist & Eleanor McLeish. Subs- Naomi McGarvie.

ICA Sports Ladies starting XI – Claire Knibbs, Cara Clarke, Jessica Farchica, Becky Shields (C), Sophie Antonucci, Zoe Leddy, Hannah Murphy, Sarah Rouse, Donna Nicholls, Piper Hebditch & Carmen Herridge. Subs – Tessa Morrison.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Both sides short of numbers naming just 1 substitute each, players unavailable and missing through injury. ICA Sports without their goalkeeper, Claire Knibbs donning the gloves. ICA Sports opting to switch ends at the coin toss with the high sun a factor facing down on one goal. March to get the game underway wearing yellow shirts, black shorts and socks. ICA Sports lined up opposite wearing blue shirts and shorts with blue and white hooped socks. The visitors press from the off forcing a throw left the ball put up the line Donna Nicholls fresh from scoring an opening day hat-trick bursting forwards putting the March defence under pressure gets inside to let loose a shot from 30 yards out her attempt well wide.

   March bring the ball out fro the back Megan Tombs left and Abigail Grist right making runs wide looking for the crossfield pass, the ball played left Tombs bringing it down is challenged by Cara Clarke possession regained for ICA Sports. March win the ball back central forwards with Eleanor McLeish coming inside from the left taking aim from outside the area her shoot low gathered by Knibbs. March with another crossfield pass find Grist breaking in behind right side taking the ball to the byline her cross cut out by Sophie Antonucci for the first corner of the game.

Abigail Grist attacking for March Town United Ladies

  GOAL! An early goal as ICA Sports break from March’s corner kick the ball cleared up-field Nicholls racing away clear on the left drives in field towards the area, the March defence racing to get back plays in central to Carman Herridge, wants to return it to Nicholls but is closed down instead has a 2nd option racing up to support Hannah Murphy receiving the lay off 25 yards out connecting well to fire in a shot past goalkeeper Toni Sharpe before she can set herself. 0-1.

Hannah Murphy (right) opening the scoring for ICA Sports Ladies

  ICA Sports leading within the opening 5 minutes are looking sharp early on breaking quickly Sarah Rouse breaking up a March attack, Nicholls frustrated as she goes a fraction to early the flag raised against her as Murphy central looks to put it on over the top for her. March captain Adele Munday getting hold of the ball looks to carry it through the middle her determined run ended by Rouse. 

 GOAL! The visitors quickly find themselves race into a 2 goal lead. Nicholls a real threat attacking on the left gets away in behind this time pace on the ball travelling into the box left side into the six yard box time to way up her options players racing in central opens up her body to shoot a close range, the ball finding it’s way through the goalkeepers legs as she shapes to block. 0-2.

Donna Nicholls doubles the lead for ICA Sports Ladies

  A great start for ICA Sports 2 goals to the good inside 10 minutes looking lively the ball won high up the pitch play turned around quickly forcing their opponents into rushing their passes. Murphy brought down central 30 yards out players forwards as Nicholls stands over the set piece into the area, headed clear, March unable to break ICA Sports straight back at them, the pass into Nicholls her ball forwards long. March struggling to get any sustained possession early on. A change for ICA Sports Piper Hebditch has taken a slight knock on the right, Tessa Morrison coming on. 

Carmen Herridge holding the ball up

  Murphy attacking for ICA Sports right channel on for Herridge takes the ball on into the area Louise Billingham going with her for March the centre back winning the challenge, the ball gathered by Morrison wide right her cross long across the box Nicholls on it far side shapes to shoot across the keeper, Sharpe with an excellent save throwing out a glove to push the ball away. A slight delay then as for the 2nd week running somebody as left a present on the pitch the duty of clearing it up once again falling to the manager. An appropriate time for a drinks break is hot out there (enjoy it while it lasts).

   ICA Sports on the front foot again from the restart Murphy seeing Nicholls making her move left sides aiming to put the ball over the top, too close to the keeper this time. Munday looks to get things going for March through the middle a strong run forwards Clarke stays with her as they head for the box, Munday getting a shot away 25 yards out runs wide of the goal. ICA Sports caught offside March defender Claire Newton on the free-kick plays a fantastic ball into her opponents half in front of the area Munday bringing it down into the feet of fellow midfielder Emma Searle she lifts a shot over the bar from 25 yards out. 

  March finding their feet growing into the game but ICA Sports remain a threat ready to break on the counter should they commit too many forwards. The ball cleared by the March defence after a spell of head tennis in the final third, Murphy free 35 yards out meeting it on the volley aiming to lob the keeper her strike dropping short safely caught by Sharpe. March make a change Naomi McGarvie coming on for Billingham, the substitution seeing Alexis Waters drop into the back line. 

March Town United Ladies captain, Adele Munday

  Munday back helping her defence as Nicholls looks to put the ball over the top for Herridge running central. Waters winning the race to the ball getting a vital touch inside the area to clear for a corner as Murphy looks to get on through the middle. The ball from the corner put in near side met by an ICA Sports head turned goalwards dropping straight at Sharpe on her line cleanly gathered. 

  Megan Webb brought down getting forwards on the right for March the free-kick 30 yards out Searle over in floated into the area near post, Jessica Farchica tracking the runner to clear behind for a corner. The initial ball cleared back to the corner taker a 2nd cross fired in central into McGarvie back to goal attempts to control and turn to shoot closed down before she can. March enjoying a period of possession within the ICA Sports final 3rd Munday linking up with Searle, another free-kick given on the right deeper this time Newton forwards to take a fine delivery to the back post a March head meeting it falls wide of the post six yards out. Grist winning a corner right ICA Sports defend Herridge on it looking to break central is obstructed by Waters referee Ian Reynolds awarding the free-kick

 GOAL! From the resulting free-kick ICA Sports go on to extend their lead Nicholls over it players forwards into the ball a good floated ball in central captain Becky Shields rising highest to meet it her header taking the ball out to the left where Murphy has strayed unmarked to collect and blast a shot in across the keeper 0-3.

   ICA Sports remain sharp as the first half draws to a close another free-kick given on half-way the ball up towards the top of the area defended by Webb for March. ICA Sports keeping possession right Morrison playing it into the area the March defence stepping out well to leave Herridge offside. Searle with a powerful run on the ball through the middle for March Farchina on her shoulder 20 yards out does enough as the midfielder shoots does get the touch she wanted the ball tame as it is gathered by Knibbs. 

  Moments left in the first period Nicholls alert running in central catches Newton in possession outside the area takes the ball on Sharpe running out to meet her, Nicholls touch taking the ball wide of the advancing keeper momentum taking her wide of goal as she enters the six yard box, Newton haring back to get on the goal line Nicholls again weighing up the options as Sharpe back to closes the angle, Nicholls has Herridge steaming in lays the ball into her path 3 yards out central an opening goal begging manages to send the ball running wide across the face out beyond the far post. 

Half-time March Town United Ladies 0-3 ICA Sports Ladies

  The end to an otherwise dominant first half from ICA Sports, an early lead quickly doubled seeing them on the front foot. Preventing March getting any momentum going closing the ball down well, Hebditch and Nicholls looking to break wide in support of Herridge through the middle, Murphy with some excellent runs to with Rouse and Luddy protecting in midfield. March struggling to get up to the pace of the game, Munday and Searle trying to get things going through the middle, Knibbs though largely untested so far. Alot for March to do if they want to get anything from the game.

Adele Munday and Sophie Antonucci going to win the ball

  Changes for both sides at the start of the 2nd half, Hebditch back on, playing right. Billingham back on to at left back in place of Webb. ICA Sports to get the 2nd half underway. Attacking left Munday across to win the ball back the ball played long to Tombs pushing on down the left she plays another crossfield pass long for Grist attacking right down to the corner finds her way inside Antonucci to play the ball with the outside of her boot across the six yard box, McGarvie meeting it in the middle under challenge fires the ball wide across goal. 

March Town United Ladies, Claire Newton

 A positive start to the 2nd half from March sees a sot fired over from distance. Newton defending at the back chasing back with Nicholls as she looks to get onto the ball. Nicholls remains a threat on the left holding the ball up, Newton and Billingham doubling up on her, she ducks inside to lift a cross into the box the flag up against Hebditch on the right. Munday with a strong challenge getting the ball on for March to Grist right side looking to take the ball on checks back to square across the top of the area with McGarvie making a run so too Rouse in front of her intercepting.

Newton and Sarah Rouse collide

   March looking better at the start of the 2nd half, ICA Sports though with a 3 goal lead can sit back a little. Murphy still prepared to get forwards attacking right shooting from 25 yards out the ball wide at the near post. Rouse putting the ball on from a throw inside her half up to Murphy she see Nicholls ready to go right the flag up against her a close call but just too soon. 

GOAL! March pull a goal back from an free-kick given against ICA Sports inside their own half, Newton on it plays another good delivery in towards the top of the area the ball knocked down central collected by Searle controls moves across the D to the right shift before unleashing a shot put across the keeper strikes the inside of the far post and nestles inside the back of the net 1-3.

Emma Searle pulls it back to 3-1 for March Town United Ladies

   The game more competitive between the pair now March matching ICA Sports earlier intensity. A push in the back spotted against Herridge ICA Sports with a free-kick wide right, Nicholls sends it deep Murphy with a late run, getting onto the end of it her touch pushing it out from her feet puts her shot wide across the face of goal. ICA Sports starting to pick up the pace slow at the start of the first half push players on Luddy getting forwards into a shooting position outside the box 20 yards out fires the ball straight into the keeper. 

  Billingham kept busy by Nicholls on the wing the ICA Sports attacker not finding it so easy to get away 2nd half, far from out of it however. A drop ball as Murphy plays the ball against the back of the referees head trying to launch it forwards. Drop ball not contested this season Shields sends it forwards for Murphy having run up field left side into the box Tombs defends conceding the corner. 

  Combination play on the right between Nicholls and Hebditch on the right before a shot comes fizzing in across the six yard box Sharpe down smartly to push the ball away out to the left, ICA Sports keeping possession the ball flung in headed clear drops to Farchica 25 yards out her attempt back in falling wide of the mark. Lively now the sun hidden by clouds cooling things down. The March defence drawn to the ball a miscued clearance playing it on for Herridge allows the striker to set Nichols away in behind Billingham, Newton does well to get across a tackle to clear for a corner. The delivery long cleared at the far post.

 GOAL! ICA Sports restore their 3 goal lead a throw inside their own half put forwards well by Rouse up to Herridge in attack opens her body to spread play wide left with the ever lively Nicholls bursting forwards clear to race on into the area closing in on goal send her strike in low Sharpe down can’t get there in time as it evades her to cross the line 1-4.

Donna Nicholls scores to restore ICA Sports 3 goal lead

  A drinks break called changes made with Webb back on in place of Churchyard for March and Morrison back on for ICA Sports replacing Hebditch. Grist’s clearance over the clubhouse the ball lost on the road beyond. Grist taking the new ball forwards down the right covering plenty of grass into the corner doing well to win a corner.

ICA Sports Ladies, Sarah Rouse

GOAL! From the corner March score again comes in near side towards the top of the area defended but sliced on across the top of the D, Searle meeting it left 20 out hits it hard and straight through bodies finds its way in 2-4. 15 minutes left to play.

  Nicholls brought down attacking left right on the edge of the area. Taking the free-kick the ball lifted in across goal safe in the hands of Sharpe, March look to counter quickly the ball carried over half way by Munday forwards for McLeish, Shields getting across her as the pair enter the area to safely marshal it back to her keeper. Newton stepping forwards out of the defence well intercepts as Nicholls aims to thread a ball through the middle for Herridge. Herridge herself attacking top of the area receiving the pass from Murphy finds herself crowded off the ball by Waters and Webb.

  ICA Sports upping their intensity once again as they push on late on the game winning a corner on the right put into the box headed towards goal cleared off the line by Newton I think. Herridge after a long ball sent forwards on the right wing collects on the byline the game stretched players out of position Nicholls coming in field clear at the top of the area, Billingham recovers in the nick of time to race across to lung in and intercept the ball. Grist coming off for March with Churchyard back on.  

GOAL! ICA Sports score a 5th goal late in the game counter with the ball up to Nicholls left beating the offside trap plays the diagonal ball into the box for Herridge providing the run right of the D, she shoots early putting the ball across the keeper and into the bottom corner.

 March look for an immediate reply Searle fouled brought down central as she and Munday combine well again in attack. The set-piece 25 yards out McLeish to take, doesn’t get the height on the shot to trouble Knibbs. Into the final 5 minutes. Murphy stealing in behind the March defence on the right shoots over the bar. ICA attack Antonucci getting forwards with Rouse played inside to Luddy in to attack, Waters challenging, Luddy gets a 2nd bite shooting across goal, Sharpe down pushing the ball wide collected right Morrison sends a strike back in cannons off the bar. ICA Sports ending the game on the front foot as the final whistle blows.

Full time March Town United Ladies 2-5 ICA Sports Ladies

  Two wins from two for ICA Sports Ladies sees them topping the table albeit very early in the season. Played well on the front foot early 2-0 up inside the opening 10 minutes adding a 3rd goal before half-time. Pressing well, looking to turn play around quickly with willing runners in attack, Rouse and Luddy confident in front of defence. March struggling in the first half in contrast on the back foot going in 3 down at half-time. Responded well 2nd period the game opening up competitive all over the pitch 2 goals pulled back. ICA Sports always lively on the counter biding their time scoring 2 more goals as play became stretched.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match award. A few contenders but in the end in came down to two. Hannah Murphy linking up the midfield and attack well passing wide with options available and making some good runs herself to get into scoring positions scoring 2 goals. Ahead of her though is Donna Nicholls, lively right from the first minute looking to get in behind and drive at goal, scoring 2 goals herself clinical and a danger when taking a free-kick.

  An enjoyable first county league game to start the season, glad to have caught up with both sides, have no doubt the Cambridgeshire Women’s Premiership will be highly competitive this season. My thanks to both teams for the team details today always appreciated.

Match Report – March Town United Ladies v Wisbech Town Ladies

A look at a new league this weekend on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog covered on Women’s Football East, the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship South a trip to the GER Sportsground to watch unbeaten league leaders march Town United Ladies play a local derby match against 3rd placed and in form Wisbech Town Ladies.

Match Report – March Town United Ladies v Wisbech Town Ladies

   The Supporting Women’s Football Blog has covered plenty of teams a different leagues across the country in the past 3 and half years, today it was time to take a look at a new league not covered before which is surprising with it being so close to home, the Cambridgeshire Women’s Championship North to watch the league leaders unbeaten March Town United Ladies take on 3rd place and in form Wisbech Town Ladies.

  There are two Championship leagues in Cambridgeshire the North and the South that feed into the Premiership above. The Championship North is not only made up with sides in the northern part of Cambridgeshire but also sides in southern Lincolnshire such as Swineshead Institute Ladies and Boston United Ladies. Is a competitive league with the sides below March Town United Ladies all taking points off each other with just 5 points between 2nd and 7th.

 March Town United Ladies are into their 4th season as a team have played in both the North and the South Leagues did see them play a long time ago getting on for 3 seasons now when they were in the South League away to Cambridge Rangers back in the early days of the SWF Blog when I didn’t cover a match as extensively as I do now. Have grown as a side. Finishing 2nd in the Championship North last season are going strong this season leading the table for most of the season 7 straight wins at in the league before they were held to a 1-1 at home to Wisbech St Mary Ladies last weekend. Lead the Championship table by 4 points. Another local derby match today at home as they host Wisbech Town Ladies.

    Wisbech Town Ladies come into today’s match in great form having won 4 successive games in league and cup. 9 points from that ru taking them all the way up from 7th into 3rd. Have also reached the semi-finals of the Cambridgeshire Women’s Junior Invitiation Cup for the 2nd successive season having reached the final last time around. Today they travel with just the bare 11 however having several players unavailable fo various reasons.

  The venue for today’s game the GER Sportsground, home of March Town FC known as The Hares. An old ground that boasts the 2nd oldest wooden stand in the country. Painted blue the main stand is set a little back from the pitch however this is because the ground also hosted cricket cycling and greyhound racing up until 1960. The ground has a new clubhouse that houses a bar and kitchen along with the changing rooms. Tea and coffee also available. The pitch itself is a good size pretty firm the clocks went forwards this weekend everyone lost an hour in bed but at last it looked like spring was here bright and sunny nice to see able to take the coat off for the 1st time this year.

 March Town United Ladies starting XI – Tori Sharpe, Sydney Davies, Claire Newton, Emma Searle, Kayleigh Churchyard, Jade Pointer (C), Georgia Brown, Adele Munday, Shannon Kelly, Emma Frost & Livvi Hodges
 subs – Ella Nutter, Sue Bedwell-Byatt, Laura Coe, Gemma Ramsey & Paige Bedwell-Mann

 Wisbech Town Ladies starting XI – Abbi Venni, Amy Hepting, Chloe Minall, Kaylie Swinden, Emily Stephenson (C), Polly Norman, Rachael Simpson, Shushannah Feast, Annie Rooks, Zoe Tyhurst & Sophie Gutteridge.

 subs – 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  A switch of ends before kick-off Wisbech opting to have the sun a their backs 1st half. It’s March to get the game underway wearing yellow shirts with a black band across the top and shoulders, black shorts and socks. Wisbech lined up opposite wearing red shirts and socks with black shorts. The visitors press the ball early keeping March pinned back in their own half striker Sophie Gutteridge, Wisbech’s top scorer so far this season with 20 goals closing down the defence getting her side a throw on the right the ball is crossed along the face of the area, with Gutteridge running onto it left of the D gets a shot away but never in control of the ball it rolls wide of the far post.
Wisbech Town Ladies striker
Sophie Gutteridge has scored 20
goals so far this season
   A good start from Wisbech, won’t let March get out of their half winning a throw in on the left the ball is given to Annie Rooks good hold up play before twisting away from her marker playing the ball in across the face of the area with Shushannah Feast in a central position the bounce of the ball doesn’t favour a left foot volley adjusting to strike with her right foot the shot is pulled wide of the far post.
  Getting the ball played into her feet on the right for March, Adele Munday drives forwards down the line, Wisbech left back, Chloe Minall gets across her tackling to put the ball out for the throw. Another attack for March the ball played long through the middle, Livvi Hodges with 3 goals in her last 3 league games is after it, Wisbech captain Emily Stephenson gets back with her to throw a leg out and put the ball out for another throw. March work the ball into midfielder Georgia Brown left side comes in field looks for the long diagonal ball in towards the box aiming for Hodges far post the ball is just over her head, beyond her Munday latches onto the ball but is halted by the offside flag.
 A good tackle from March’s Emma Searle at the back to thwart Wisbech’s Gutteridge as she threatens to run clear through the middle, the ball out for a throw taken quickly March counter the ball into captain Jade Pointer into midfield plays it on over halfway into space left side with Emma Frost beating the offside trap and running clear heads for the Wisbech box 25 yards out with Stephenson closing the ground lets fly with a shot a swerving ball, goalkeeper Abbie Venni, celebrating her 18th birthday in the week, having initially started to go one way adjusts her body well to stop the ball slipping past her deflects it away for the corner kick. 
An ever present this season, March Town United Ladies, Emma Searle
 Played in from the left side whipped in with vicious pace the corner kick flies over Venni is heading straight into the net is blocked on the line by Wisbech midfielder Rachael Simpson chesting the ball down before clearing, March go up claiming it had crossed the line the appeals are waved away play goes on, I’m on the halfway line got a picture but no goal line technology in this league.
Wisbech Town Ladies, Rachael Simpson stops March’s corner kick going over the line
 Both sides are using the width of the pitch, Hodges with space to run into on the right is closed down by Minall can’t squeeze her cross into the area, up the other end Feast with a surging run on the left with the ball fires a vicious cross into the box looking for Rooks running in, Searle gets their 1st slices her clearance high into the air. A good contest developing in the middle of the pitch plenty of energy from both sides.
  GOAL! The deadlock is broken midway through the 1st half Wisbech are awarded a free kick inside the March half left side a good way from goal close to 40 yards Stephenson goes across to take it as players go forwards line up across the top of the March area. Is a sweet strike by Stephenson as soon as it is flight you can tell it’s a great ball plenty of pace the ball flies towards goal a difficult one for keeper Tori Sharpe with runners closing on her the ball flies over her dipping late under the bar to make it 0-1.
Wisbech Town Ladies captain, Emily Stephenson
opens the scoring with a superb free-kick
  The ball is closed down inside the Wisbech half pinging around between feet eventually falls to March’s Shannon Kelly 35 yards out connects with the ball on the half volley sending a looping shot in towards goal Venni has time to set herself catch the ball inside her six yard box. March make a change Ella Nutter recently signed from St Ives Rangers Ladies coming on for Frost up front. Simpson has gotten forwards for Wisbech the ball is played into her at the top of the area back to goal she rolls it into Zoe Tyhurst moving central looks to bring the ball under control shift it inside to shot is closed down by March’s Claire Newton the chance gone.
  Hodges is played through on goal by Nutter as March break with purpose taking the ball right clear of the Wisbech defence Hodges pulls the trigger from 20 yards blasts her shot wide of goal. Nutter getting forwards herself on the left is brought down by Wisbech’s Amy Hepting. Searle over the free-kick looks to play the ball in towards the near post runners breaking from the top of the box Venni is distracted sees the ball safely into her gloves. Venni is quickly out of her box soon after to clear the danger as a favourable deflection at the beck sees Nutter race in behind the Wisbech defence can’t reach the ball before the goalkeeper does.
March Town United Ladies, Jade Pointer with Wisbech’s Rachael Simpson

  March make a 2nd change with Churchyard coming off at left back for Paige Bedwell-Mann a former Wisbech Town player. Brown with a powerful midfield run takes the ball on for March rolling it into the path of Hodges ahead of her, Minall gets on her shoulder prevents the striker getting a shot away as they enter the box marshalling the ball into Venni’s gloves as she comes sliding in to gather. The Wisbech defence giving very little away at the back, Brown finding room to get forwards for March lays the pass out to Nutter drifting into space wide left, Hepting gets back on her to close her down, Nutter keeps possession shifts the ball half a yard room to play the ball int Kelly breaking into a central position, Kaylie Swinden gets across her sees the ball back into her keeper.

Wisbech Town Ladies,
Chloe Minall
  Into the closing minutes of the 1st half March pushing players on the ball from Pointer finds Brown taking it on has Hodges in front of her looking to get into the box on the right side picking her out with the through ball plays it across to Nutter on the penalty spot, shifts the ball between her feet to avoid the sliding challenge before sending the ball in towards goal, lacking pace the low shot is straight at Venni and gathered cleanly.  
  A 1st half injury time corner for March taken on the right the ball played in towards the top of the area, is won by Wisbech the counter attack on the ball launched up field for Gutteridge to go after, Bedwell-Mann is the last defender has to win the ball and does very well under pressure to nullify the danger. March with one last attack in the 1st half the ball rolled into Nutter looks to send Hodges through on goal, again it’s Stephenson who gets across to win the ball before the attacker can get in a one on one situation with the goalkeeper.
Half-time March Town United Ladies 0-1 Wisbech Town Ladies

 A 1-0 lead for Wisbech at half-time in a hotly contested derby without the niggle and arguing off the ball. Played at a good tempo few clear cut chances a great delivery from a set-piece the difference between the sides. Wisbech with a good 1st half have done well to limit the threat from march’s attacks their defenders quickly moving in to close down the threat haven’t let very little get in behind. March’s defence too to their credit have prevented Wisbech getting into too many shooting positions albeit defending a deeper line restricting the space in wide areas. An intriguing 1st half a narrow lead all to play for 2nd half.
  Wisbech to get the 2nd half underway, Newton at the back wins the ball for March as it is played forwards sends her clearance back up through the middle, Hodges latching onto the ball 30 yards out has Nutter on the move to her left slides the ball into her run, taking the ball into the area the shot comes in low towards the near post, Venni going to ground makes the save.

Wisbech Town Ladies, Polly Norman with March’s Shannon Kelly

  Norman plays the ball into Feast on the left a clever turn gets the attacker in behind the March defence taking the ball down the wing squares the cross in towards the penalty spot Searle wins the cross getting the ball out of the area for March. Attacking the home side win a corner kick the 1st effort played in from the right is defended at the near post a 2nd corner awarded this one is played deeper in towards the top of the area the knock down out of the box is met by Nutter on the half volley 20 yards out her shot looping up into the air, Venni back on her goal-line sees the ball land on the roof of the net.

Annie Rooks on the ball for Wisbech Town Ladies

  Bringing the ball forwards on the left Bedwell-Mann fizzes a ball in towards goal from 25 yards out straight at Venni the ball momentarily pops out of the goalkeepers gloves, she reacts quickly to pull the ball into her body as Hodges coming in throws a leg at the ball. The game continues to be end to end both sides attacking, Tyhurst away into the left channel, sends a long cross into the area, is dealt with by Bedwell-Mann, counter attacking the ball played into Pointer is helped forwards Hodges gives chase can’t reach it before Stephenson can come across and clear the ball for a throw.

 Gutteridge is put through up top for Wisbech gets ahead of Newton as they close in on the box right side of goal, Gutteridge shoots her low strike saved by Sharpe getting down at her near post. Another counter attack from March, Brown through for Hodges in the middle bearing down on the box, Stephenson across to close her down even as Venni comes off her line Hodges squeezes the ball past both her attempt running wide of goal. Feast has the ball 30 yards out from goal opening up her body strikes it goalwards is straight at Sharpe who takes the ball cleanly into her body. 

Shushannah Feast attacking for Wisbech Town Ladies

  A double change for March, Frost returning to the action replacing Hodges, Gemma Ramsey comes on in midfield for Pointer. Kelly pushed further forwards now gets onto the ball shoulder to shoulder with Stephenson into the box closing down on the keeper all 3 go to ground in an attempt to win the ball, Kelly sends the ball on Venni makes the save the save blocking the ball it rolls loose across the six yard box, no other March players in the area the Wisbech defence can clear it.

 Mid-way through the 2nd half Bedwell-Mann switches over to right back as Davies comes off with Churchyard coming back on for March. Winning a free-kick inside the centre circle March send players forwards a good ball played in by Searle drops into the area with Nutter timing her break perfectly on the end of it left of goal shoots early a low drive in towards the near post, Venni is down smartly to make the save.

March Town United Ladies, Ella Nutter

  A chance for Wisbech to send players forwards as they are awarded a free-kick wide on the right inside their opponents half the ball played in by Stephenson his headed on into the area by Simpson, Gutteridge is clear on the end of it slots the ball past the keeper, however the celebrations are cut short by the offside flag. More changes for March, Ramsey and Nutter off, Hodges returning with Sue Bedwell-Byatt another ex-Wisbech player also coming on.

  Rooks bringing the ball on through the middle sends the ball into Gutteridge’s feet inside the D back to goal turns and shoots marked closely the ball is blocked, comes back to Gutteridge on her left gets a 2nd shot away this one off target rolls wide of the post. Pointer is back on the field for March as Wisbech successfully defend a corner kick. Munday brings the ball on through the middle of the park for March looks to send Hodges through in behind, Venni reacts quickly on the move early slides into claim the ball at the top of her area before Hodges can take it round her.
  GOAL! A little over 10 minutes left on the clock and March get themselves back on level terms pushing players on in search of the equaliser it’d Brown breaking from midfield who latches onto a lay off on the left side space before lets fly from the top of the area the ball flies over Venni smashes down off the crossbar into the six yard box, Brown following up reaches it 1st stabbing the ball past the keeper who throws her leg at the ball but doesn’t reach it as it nestles in the back of the net 1-1.

Midfielder Georgia Brown scores the equaliser
for March Town United Ladies

  Laura Coe comes off the bench for March to replace Bedwell-Byatt as the game moves into the last 10 minutes. Munday strong on the ball through the middle sends the pass on for Coe ahead of her the 16 year old playing her 1st season of women’s football heads for the box, Swinden coming across forces her left into Hepting who tackles and wins the ball. March able to rotate their subs are seeing more of the ball in the latter stages of the match, still it’s the Wisbech defence quickest to the final ball as they have been all game. Pointer is down struggling with an injury in the middle for March. Stephenson takes the opportunity to rally her side. Pointer can’t continue and his helped off the pitch.

   On the attack as the game moves into injury time Frost is put through left side shooting from outside the box her effort is held by Venni. March push bodies on in search of a late winner, Munday rolling it through for Hodges top of the area, Venni comes rushing out to close her down and prevent the shot.

Full time March Town United Ladies 1-1 Wisbech Town Ladies

 1-1 the final score the points shared, March remain unbeaten in the league with a 2nd half equaliser from Georgia Brown to extend their lead to 5 points at the top. An unstoppable 1st half free-kick from Emily Stephenson seeing Wisbech go in front defended well all game giving very little opportunity for March’s attackers take home a share of the points which is enough to lift them into 2nd spot over Ketton Ladies on goal difference
SWF Blog – Player of the Match

  Today’s SWF Blog – Player of the Match goes to Wisbech Town Ladies captain, Emily Stephenson. With a excellent free-kick to open the scoring, nothing was getting past her at the back today a solid defensive display from the whole defence.
  My thanks to March Town United for their hospitality today and to both sides for their superb team-sheets today very much appreciated a nice touch to have a little info about each player. Best of luck to both for the rest of the season.