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Plate Final Report – North Walsham Angels Ladies v Red Rose Ladies

  The 1st of 2 match reports from covered on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog this Sunday. Finals day in the Norfolk Women’s & Girls Football League (NWGFL) 4 finals played at Plantation Park the 1st kicking off at 12:30pm for the League Plate a new competition introduced this season, featuring 2 sides playing in their 1st ever final game too, North Walsham Angels Ladies v Red Rose Ladies. 

Cup Final Report – North Walsham Angels Ladies v Red Rose Ladies

  This Sunday is Finals day in the Norfolk Women & Girls Football League (NWGFL) played at Plantation Park home of Norwich United FC & Norwich City Ladies. 4 finals being played at the venue today, The Women’s League Cup and Plate Finals as well as the U15s League Cup Final and Women’s 7’s Final. Here to watch the 1st of the women’s finals the Plate Final between North Walsham Angels Ladies & Red Rose Ladies.

  The NWGFL Plate is a new competition introduced this season with the 16 sides that didn’t reach the quarter finals of the Women’s League Cup going into the 1st Round draw.

Road to the Final
   North Walsham Angels Ladies were formed 2 seasons ago and have achieved promotion from Division Two to Division One this season now have a chance to add a piece of silverware cap off a good season. Were awarded a home win against Freethorpe Ladies in the 1st Round to advance to the quarter finals to play at home again testing themselves against higher league opposition taking on Bungay Town Ladies. Hit 7 goals to win 7-3 and progress into the semi-finals where they had the luck of a home draw once again taking on fellow Division Two side Morley Ladies. A comfortable 4-0 sent them through to the final.
  Opponents Red Rose Ladies had the opposite run to the final with all of their ties away from home. Like North Walsham Angels Ladies compete in Division Two are one of the longest established women’s football sides in Norfolk based in Cawston, their women’s side has reached a final for the 1st time. A trip to the Norfolk coast in the 1st Round away to Division Three side Cromer Ladies scored 8 goals without reply to reach the quarter finals drawn against fellow Division Two side Bohemians Ladies scored another 8 goals beating them 8-2 to set up a semi-final against Stalham Town Ladies again from Division Two a closer game this time around Red Rose Ladies edged the result 2-1 to reach the final. 

  Was for a much welcome change a bright sunny and warm day at the start of May perfect weather for the finals. Plantation Park boasting a large pitch with the clubhouse and bar situated at one end leading into the ground. Pitches behind enabling more than one game to be played at once. A small seated stand along one side opposite the dug out, spectators spread out all around as referee Tracey Clayton led the 2 sides out onto the pitch.

 North Walsham Angels Ladies starting XI – Cyan Fullbrook, Sian Wager (C), Emily Farmer, Megan Champion, Bethany Childs,  Rachel Bussey, Amy Hemp, Sophie Hall, Lauren Yarham, Emma Allsopp & Luci Middleton.
 subs – Imogen Carver, Robyn Steele & Lucy Ellis.

 Red Rose Ladies starting XI – Melissa Williamson, Natasha Willmott, Sophie Tipper, Emily Hill (C), Stacey High, Ellen Hutton, Megan Skinner, Vicki Lubbock, Corinne Bishop, Lauren Hems & Sophie Lubbock.

 subs – Ana Ohde

(roll on roll off substitutes)

It’s Red Rose to get the final underway wearing red shirts, black shorts and socks with North Walsham lined up opposite wearing white shirts, black shorts and black and white hooped socks. Red Rose win a series of throws down the left side of the pitch early on the ball is sent forwards down the left channel with Sophie Lubbock coming across to support the attack wins her side a corner kick, from the left is swept in towards the near post, North Walsham’s Bethany Childs gets control of the ball and brings it out from the box.
Red Rose Ladies, Sophie Tipper
   Wide right for North Walsham, Rachel Bussey is given the ball holding it up, Emma Allsopp runs beyond her towards the area, Bussey puts the ball into her path, Red Rose’s Sophie Tipper tackles on the edge of the area, blocking Allsopp as she looks to shoot. Attacking again up the left side Lauren Yarham brings the ball on the throw is conceded comes to Luci Middleton on that side entering the box, flashes a cross along the Red Rose six yard box is just behind the Allsopp and Bussey making runs in front of goal, Bussey goes after the ball retrieving it sends the cross back in, Red Rose captain, Emily Hill intercepts and gets the ball out of her area.
North Walsham Angels Ladies captain, Sian Wager
 Red Rose have the 1st shot to test Cyan Fullbrook in the North Walsham goal coming from distance off the boot of Sophie Lubbock 25 yards out looping up and down drops short of goal favourably for Fullbrook to claim as she back towards her goal. Red Rose are keeping North Walsham pinned back in their area, Sophie Lubbock looking to take players on in particular is keeping North Walsham captain Sian Wager busy attacking on the right side. North Walsham get hold of the ball Amy Hemp in midfield onto Middleton who plays a smart ball out to the right side releasing Bussey reaching the corner of the Red Rose area pulls the trigger, smashes her shot against Tipper coming to block her the ball spinning away for a corner kick. 
   Red Rose clear the corner out of their area, North Walsham quickly regain possession the Hemp getting on the ball puts it back out to the right for Bussey into the box wide of goal cuts the ball back six yard box from the byline is behind Middleton whose touch takes her away from goal, going after the ball, has one thing on her mind turn and hit the shot on the volley, turns well, sends the shot high off target to the left of goal.  
  GOAL! 15 minutes on the clock and North Walsham get themselves into the lead, attacking in numbers the ball is with Bussey on the right side breaking into the box squares the cross into Middleton in the centre turns the ball goalwards, Red Rose goalkeeper, Melissa Williamson gets down sharply saving, the ball is spilt out to the left side of her goal, Hill tries to launch it clear, but Yarham is coming in gets hold of the ball from the attempted clearance and fires the ball back across the six yard box putting it into the back of the net 1-0. 
Lauren Yarham battling for the ball against Red Rose’s Corinne Bishop
for the ball scorer of the opening goal for North Walsham
  From a free kick on half-way Red Rose look to play in Sophie Lubbock on right side wins a free kick herself fouled by Sian Wager this time. In a dangerous position from a wide position the ball is sent into the box, Stacey High looks to hook the ball on further into the area, Fullbrook has come the bounce of the ball leaves her stranded, but before Megan Skinner can pounce on the loose ball, North Walsham’s defence gets the ball clear. 
  Allsopp with a fantastic forwards pass sends Middleton through to attack the Red Rose box on the right channel closing in on the D goes for goal a low strike aiming for the far corner, Williamson throws herself to the ground getting something on the ball to take it out wide past the far post conceding the corner kick. 
  Sophie Lubbock wins another free kick in a wide right position takes it sending the ball up to the near post to be attacked, her sister Vicki arrives to meet it jumping to head the ball it loops up into the air, Fullbrook is in the right place to see it down into her midriff. Imogen Carver has come on for North Walsham with Emily Farmer off.
  GOAL! North Walsham extend their lead as the game closes in on the half hour mark, with play ebbing and flowing between the two sides North Walsham turn the red Rose defence, the ball lifted out of midfield puts Middleton clear to run in on goal left side of the area reaching the corner meets the ball, lifting her shot up over Williamson and into the back of the net beyond. 2-0.
  Continuing to press North Walsham win a corner on the right the ball is put into the six yard box, Allsopp stoops to head the ball far side of goal trying to put the ball back across, puts it wide off target. Taking a 2-0 lead North Walsham have their tails up are looking for more, Hill calls for her side to remain calm not let their heads drop. Lauren Hems turns well as the ball is rolled into her from Natasha Willmott at the back, has Sophie Lubbock on the move on the right, plays the ball up to her the cross comes in early falling short of Skinner, Megan Champion brings the ball down and puts it up into midfield. A change for Red Rose with Skinner coming off and Ana Ohde coming on up front along side Sophie Lubbock. 
  Middleton is a constant threat leading the line for North Walsham always looking to move into space is put through on the right by Sophie Hall, racing into the box the angle is against her as she goes to put the ball goalwards Williamson gets down pushing the ball away, the ball isn’t cleared far before North Walsham the ball fired back into the area is turned away for the corner. The set-piece fired in low to the near post area Middleton comes to meet it looks to spin at hit the shot Red Rose get the bodies in the way to see it blocked.
Red Rose’s Ana Ohde with North Walsham’s Luci Middleton
  Bussey with the ball high up the pitch gets support from Yarham coming up the pitch giving her the ball as she moves inside she looks to send the ball into the area with Allsopp drifting into the centre around the penalty spot, any touch would divert the ball beyond Williamson in the centre of goal, can’t quite connect and the ball is collected by the goalkeeper. 
  A set-piece late in the 1st half for Red Rose right side just beyond the corner of the area Corinne Bishop is over the ball this time the shot comes in low with venomous pace, Fullbrook diving full stretch to her right pushes the ball away from goal, then is hurt as a Red Rose player collides with her play stopped so she can receive treatment. 

Half-time North Walsham Angels Ladies 2-0 Red Rose Ladies

  A 2-0 lead for North Walsham at the break look to be in control of the match creating chances and getting in behind, whilst defending deep limiting Red Rose’s chances at the other end, Champion and Childs intercepting a good portion of the attempted through balls and crosses. 2-0 though is a often a tricky lead, a chance to regroup during the half-time period can Red Rose get themselves back into the final.
  North Walsham get proceedings underway 2nd half. Red Rose press the ball right from the off 2nd half. Get hold of the ball and win a corner on the right side as Ohde plays the ball out to High moving into space down the wing looking to see the ball out Childs has to concede the corner. Is a great delivery from the corner a little to high for Sophie Lubbock leaping near side 10 yards out, drops for Vicki beyond a firm connection from the header drills it wide of goal. 
   Red Rose have started well 2nd half the ball is put up into Bishop moving out wide holds up with Vicki Lubbock making the run to go beyond her towards the North Walsham area the ball is laid into her path hits the shot early the ball flying towards goal has Fullbrook back peddling rapidly threatening to go over her, dips very late falling straight into her open gloves on the line. 
  Hemp makes a strong run brings the ball forwards is tackled by Hill stepping out of the back line to close her down and win the ball. Middleton has a shot from the edge of the area a low strike doesn’t carry any pace behind it allowing Williamson to get down and hold onto it. Vicki Lubbock is having more say in the middle of the park 2nd half getting onto the ball for Red Rose unleashes a shit 20 yards out a little swerve on it will probably drift wide of the top corner, Fullbrook can’t be sure throws up her gloves to palm the ball down to her right and claim before Hems racing up the left side into the area can latch onto it.
Amy Hemp on the ball for North Walsham
   Change for North Walsham, Robyn Steele coming on for Allsopp. See’s Yarham who had been playing at left back since Farmer had come off moving back into an advanced position. Hall brings the ball down the left for North Walsham plays the ball inside to Middleton coming to the left across the front of the Red Rose area, attempts to play the ball on for Carver in the centre, Willmott makes a timely step up to get her foot on the ball take it away from danger. 
  Champion fouls Vicki Lubbock in the centre of midfield inside the North Walsham half Bishop, bounces it’s way through to Hems on the left side of the North Walsham area plays it back towards Vicki Lubbock central fires the shot in coming in low Fullbrook gets down to put everything behind the save. Skinner returns to the field for Red Rose with Hutton giving way. 
  GOAL! North Walsham extend their lead, a superb solo run and goal from Middleton to score her 2nd of the match the ball rolled into her inside the Red Rose half right side she carries it forwards, takes on the player in front of her getting it past and keeping her feet as she is clipped surging on into the box closing in on goal, an acute angle scores with a clinical finish smashing the ball across the keeper and into the back of the net 3-0.
A Plate Final hat-trick for
Luci Middleton
  GOAL! One goal brings another and it’s Middleton who scores again to complete a cup final (well plate) hat-trick. Red Rose have pushed up attacking the ball is regained by North Walsham the play coming down the left the ball is sent over to the far side of the area, Williamson comes off her line to the edge of the area, Carver just gets there 1st squaring the ball back across to Middleton left of the D who has an empty goal to shoot at, keeps it simply turning the ball on target with the inside of her boot to get mobbed by her team mates  lead 4-0 with a little over 20 minutes left to play. 
   Red Rose are still looking for a goal trying to get players forwards, Hems sets Sophie Lubbock after the ball, Champion on her shoulder at the pair race into the area, Fullbrook comes out of her goal sliding in to claim the ball as Champion gets across Lubbock’s path. Yarham and Carver combine up the left side for North Walsham, the former getting free to cross the ball along the front of the Red Rose area into Middleton she helps it on for Hemp behind her, is unfortunate as she scuffs her shot rolls harmlessly through to Williamson.
  Free kick wide right half way inside the Red Rose half for North Walsham the ball lifted up to the edge of the area right side his headed across, both Carver then Yarham see shots charged down. Few players starting to suffer from cramp. Sophie Lubbock has a shot from the left side receiving the ball from a throw in lifted up to the near post, Fullbrook pulls it down and holds. Late into the game and another chance falls to Sophie Lubbock so unlucky not to pull at least one goal back bursting into the box right side of the D to get onto the through ball, shoots putting the ball across and beating the diving Fullbrook the keeper turns as the ball seemingly takes an age to get there strikes the bottom of the far post and rolls straight back into the keepers gloves. 
  Carver plays a great ball through the middle onto Middleton coming in from the left side the ball bouncing across her goes to strike it on the half volley, angling into the goal from left to right, Williamson gets a vital touch to take it wide of the post for the corner. The corner comes to nothing Red Rose attack Hems is bundled over in a dangerous position in front of the D. Vicki Lubbock over the free kick takes on the shot whipping the ball over the crossbar. 
  The final whistle blows and North Walsham Angels Ladies are the 1st side to win the Norfolk Ladies Plate Final beating Red Rose Ladies 4-0 to bring the 1st piece of silverware home to the club to cap off a promotion winning season. A goal from Lauren Yarham plus a hat-trick from Luci Middleton seeing their army of fans cheering with them in celebration. Looked the stronger side and 2 goals in each half saw them in control of the Plate Final. Red Rose never gave up and were unlucky not to get at least 1 goal back late in the game.
It’s a very shiny plate, North Walsham Angels Ladies celebrate their final win
  Congratulations to North Walsham Angels Ladies on their victory today. Thanks to both teams for their help with the team line-ups today… barely time to draw breath there’s another final about to kick-off.