Match Report – Hutton Ladies v Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

 The midweek football action continued on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog with a Friday night fixture popping up on the calendar, another trip to Essex this time to the John Hornby School in Basildon to watch the ERWFL Division One game between Hutton Ladies & Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies.

Match Report – Hutton Ladies v Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

  Friday night football on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog another trip down into Essex to watch more women’s football from the ERWFL, this time in Division One with Hutton Ladies playing Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies.

  Hutton Ladies are the home side for tonight’s fixture usually play their home fixtures at the Basildon Sports Club a short distance away. Are an established side in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League set-up. Were among the title chasers last season in the old ERWFL Division One West, one of the few sides in the ERWFL I’ve yet to see play. Also have a Reserves side competing in the Essex Women’s Premier Division. 

  Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies are late to the season didn’t start their league campaign until this Sunday earn’t a point scoring with the final kick of the ball at home to newly promoted Wymondham Town Ladies in a 3-3 draw. Aren’t running a Reserves side this season, the club however has a large squad to pick from. Are looking push on this season challenge for promotion to the ERWFL Premier Division.

  A rearranged fixture from the start of the season with both sides having players unavailable, partying at the V festival. A Friday night kick-off the easiest way to secure a 3G pitch with floodlighting. The venue for tonight’s game the John Hornby School in Basildon, I have been here before only I hadn’t remembered because it was during a hurricane for my 1st match of 2016 when only 4 fixtures survived the weather got soaked through watching Billericay Town Ladies v Acle United Ladies. Is a decent sized 3G pitch with room for supporters to stand beside safely beside it. The weather much improved dry the evening still humid but cooling.

  Hutton Ladies starting XI – Krissie Glover, Danielle Jennings, Rianne Dimmock, Kelly Roberts (C), Hannah Page, Rhiannon Mallard-McHugh, Jessica Tuffen, Laura Allen, Amy Crumpler, Hayley Critchell & Danielle Cliffe.
  subs – Kaitlin Sugg & Keeley Walker.

  Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies starting XI – Jasmine Brooker, Courtney Fraser, Eloise Ives, Danielle Styles, Taylor Parrish, Abbie Simmonds (C), Kerri Thomas, Robyn Mudd, Libby Clarke, Georgia Fraser & Sophie Dowman.

  subs – Naomi Hayes, Taylor Adcock, Sophie Darkins, Katy Judd & Patrizia Leo

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   The floodlights starting to come on it’s Little Thurrock to kick-off the 1st half, wearing black and orange shirts, black shorts and socks with Hutton lined up opposite in an all red kit with white collar and trim on the shirts. The ball is sent long out towards the left wing early on, Hutton get possession and look to try the same up the other end of the pitch. An energetic start from both sides the ball is exchanged between the sides without the precision needed to pick anyone out. 
  Krissie Glover keeping goal for Hutton is quick to react get out to the edge of her box as Little Thurrock captain, Abbie Simmonds in the centre of midfield plays the ball in behind the defence for Sophie Dowman to chase, the keeper getting hold of the ball launching a counter move the ball into Rianne Dimmock on the left played down the line for Hayley Critchell tries to knock it past the Little Thurrock defence get down the wing, Taylor Parrish from centre back comes to tackle put the ball out for a throw. 
  Neither side is letting the other have time on the ball, closing down in midfield, Laura Allen for Hutton turn cleverly evade a challenge, brings the ball on into the Little Thurrock half threads the ball between the opposition defence, goalkeeper Jasmine Glover is out to the top of her area to gather before Danielle Cliffe can reach it in attack for Hutton. Cliffe back to goal 25 yards out holds the ball up pushing it back to Amy Crumpler coming forwards to support her, has Critchell to her left looking to make a run in behind the Little Thurrock defence, tries to play her in over the top, the pass too straight is easily gathered by Brooker.
  GOAL! Little Thurrock push forwards win a corner on the right, players coming up from the back gathering at the far post area. Is a fantastic delivery into the box flashed with pace across the six yard box, straight at Danielle Styles hits the ball on the volley a sweet strike to send the ball back across the goal face and over the line 0-1.
   Plenty of zip and bounce on the artificial playing surface, Little Thurrock using the width Robyn Mudd attacking up the left wing driving on with the ball keeping Hutton right back Danielle Jennings busy. On the left side attacking for Hutton, Critchell is constantly looking to play the ball around the full back run in behind, but Parrish is always there to get across and tackle beyond. Hutton have a throw deep in the Little Thurrock half, Crumpler puts the ball into Cliffe standing outside the top left corner of the box rolls it into the path of the advancing Dimmock who looks to curl her cross into the area, too close to the keeper who catches it near post.
  Little Thurrock have settled into the game quicker than Hutton closing the ball down better, the back four dropping back as a unit the midfield squeezing the ball forcing Hutton to play it backwards rather than forwards. Kelly Roberts, Hutton’s captain makes a vital interception at the back cutting out a Simmonds diagonal pass that would have seen Georgia Fraser clear to run in behind. When Hutton do go forwards Crumpler has space in the midfield as Little Thurrock drop off her, keeping tabs with those breaking forwards limiting the passing options. Crumpler very nearly threads the ball through the eye of the needle as Critchell tries cutting back inside through the centre Parrish just manages to get a toe on the ball to push it away from her.
  Getting up the left wing for Little Thurrock, Mudd gets her side a throw in, players push up the line the ball thrown long into the crowd, Dowman spins off the back knocking the ball on into the area gives chase, Hannah Page coming the other way gets to it 1st launching it out of the area for Hutton. Change for Hutton Rhiannon Mallard-McHugh comes off with Keeley Walker coming on. Little Thurrock make a substitution too, Katy Rudd on for Dowman. Hutton are awarded a free kick in a dangerous position a couple of yards outside the box on the left side indirect, Tuffen shifts it for Crumpler her strike is charged down by Simmonds the ball spins away to the right, Critchell puts her foot through it right of the D, the shot screws away from goal.
  Kerri Thomas is high up the pitch on the left side as Mudd driving forwards with the ball gets another throw in send long again Thomas receives turns inside and shoots from the top corner of the box, aiming near post Glover is behind it all the way makes the save. Thomas does well for Little Thurrock in the middle controlling the ball with her head before knocking it out to Eloise Ives on the right, she sends a long diagonal ball up towards the top of the area for Fraser, has Roberts with her the defender out muscling her headers the ball back to her keeper.
  Critchell pressing up the left forces Little Thurrock to concede the corner kick. Players come forward from the back taken from the left goes long, Roberts is under it can’t get her head on the ball, Little Thurrock clear it, Allen picks it up for Hutton 30 yards out hitting the shot on the half volley, is off target. Little Thurrock bring on Patrizia Leo in place of Ives. A corner late in the 1st half for Little Thurrock on the left the ball is fizzed into the area with pace Simmonds with the header places the ball over the crossbar.

Half-time Hutton Ladies 0-1 Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

  A narrow lead for Little Thurrock at half-time, in a 1st half that has seen little goal mouth action. Scoring from a set-piece have done well as a unit to frustrate Hutton and close the ball limit their attacks. A narrow lead Hutton have come forwards well enough but been a little slow in their build up play allowing Little Thurrock plenty of time to get organised cut out the final ball. It’s Hutton to kick-off the 2nd half.
 Hutton play the ball up into the right channel win a corner straight away in the 2nd half, the ball into the box is cleared by Courtney Fraser as Little Thurrock launch a rapid counter attack the final ball hit with too much pace for Judd to get to is gathered by Glover inside the Hutton box. Judd involved in the next Little Thurrock attack the ball sent into the box from the right by Simmonds, Judd bursting into that side of goal sees the ball drop over hr shoulder, but trying to hep it goal wards does get a good connection with the ball runs on for Glover to scoop up.
  Roberts is down in her area with a muscle injury, needs to come off to recover, Kaitlin Sugg comes on. Mudd and Judd link up well on the left side, the former winning a corner off Jennings. Another good delivery fired into the area with pace behind it, too close to the keeper this time, Glover with a confident claim. Hutton’s frustration grows are a little static Cliffe goes down injured as she and Simmonds tussle for the ball in the middle of the park an ankle injury can’t continue, is carried off, Roberts recovered from her knock ready to return to the action. Little Thurrock bring off Mudd send on Sophie Darkins.
   Hutton have alot of players up the pitch for a throw on the left, the ball is won back by Little Thurrock who attack quickly the ball given to Simmonds on half-way carries it on into the Hutton half Judd sprints forwards to her right wanting the ball played into the area, Simmonds tries the diagonal ball, Page in between the pair well positioned to intercept. 
  Simmonds is seeing alot of the ball 2nd half for Little Thurrock bringing it on down the right is brought down the referee playing the advantage as Courtney Fraser latches onto the loose ball takes it in behind the Hutton defence, lifts the cross into the box Glover coming towards the ball gets a firm hold of the ball at hr near post. Judd is flagged offside for Little Thurrock as Darkins attempts the ball through the middle of the Hutton defence.
  Critchell hasn’t stopped running on the left for Hutton, has found it tough to get in behind the Little Thurrock defence the throws conceded are adding up, from one of those the ball is dropped into the feet of Hutton’s Sugg shifts it and spinning inside drives towards the area before blasting a shot on the angle into the side netting. 
  GOAL! Little Thurrock double their advantage keeping up their pressing game the ball is won inside the Hutton half, Simmonds races forwards through the middle looking to support Judd as the attacker finds an extra burst of energy to get her clear of Page at the back, reaching the top of the area holds it up as the keeper starts to come Page gets back too, The ball popping out from the pair just as Simmonds arrives her touch taking it beyond everyone and into the back of the net 0-2.
   Glover comes out sliding in to save the ball at the feet of Judd as she breaks into the area from the right one more played in by Darkins. The corner deliveries from Little Thurrock have been excellent something they have been working hard at in training recently. Have a corner the ball in from the left is along the six yard box met by Parrish who heads it back across goal, Hutton have players marking the posts the ball is headed clear back into the box, after a scramble a 2nd corner is conceded, swung in too close to the keeper this time Glover calls for it and claims.
  Simmonds latches onto a goal kick takes a stride with the ball then unleashes a shot right of the goal 30 yards along the ground Glover a little off guard, flicks out a boot to gets something on the ball deflects it wide across her area conceding the corner.
  GOAL! Little Thurrock are on top at this point in the 2nd half creating chance extend their lead to 3 with another well taken corner, fired in long again dissecting the six yard box it’s Styles up from the back who stoops to send a bullet of a header into the back of the net 0-3.
  Little Thurrock rotate their players making plenty of changes, Naomi Hayes coming on for Thomas. Dowman comes on for Simmonds. Critchell taking the ball up the left for Hutton, turns inside finding a half yard for a shot fires the ball in towards goal on target, Brooker is behind it palms the ball down and collects. Little Thurrock are awarded a free-kick inside the Hutton half 35 yards from goal, Georgia Fraser never-the-less takes on the shot places her effort over the bar. Ives returns the the field for Little Thurrock Fraser rested. 
  A mistake at the back from Brooker handling the ball outside her box gives Hutton an indirect free-kick right on the edge of the area, left side the ball is shifted for Crumpler to blast goal-wards powers the ball wide across the face of goal. 
  GOAL! Not long after Hutton do pull a goal back from a dead ball, have players up around the Little Thurrock area the ball is knocked into the box the referee spots a hand ball and points to the spot. Dimmock to take the penalty, sends the ball into the back lifting the ball to the keepers right 1-3. A little under 10 minutes plus stoppage to play.
  GOAL! No sooner have Hutton gotten a goal back then Little Thurrock go up the other end and add a 4th goal. A free-kick is give out wide right players pile forwards into the box the delivery is sent long Glover back pedalling as the ball looks to be going straight in top corner far post players converge from both sides the keeper can’t keep it out collides with the post the ball is over the line, Judd credited with the goal 1-4
  The goal has floored Hutton have 2 players down injured both including goalkeeper Glover are OK to continue little time left to play in the game into a lengthy period of injury time, Little Thurrock continue to press forwards the ball comes into the feet of Ives in space in a central position outside the box puts her foot through the ball powering it goalwards, Dimmock is pole-axed briefly as she drops to block the shot with her head deflecting it away for the corner. The set-piece is cleared the referee blowing the final whistle.    
Full-time Hutton Ladies 1-4 Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

  A 4-1 win for Little Thurrock, fully deserved put in a good performance full of energy, closing the ball down well and defensively solid keeping a good shape at the back. A real threat from set-pieces some quality balls from dead ball situations, pick up their 1st win of the season to move onto 4 points and join the chasing pack behind leaders Cambridge City Ladies. The opposite for Hutton a lack-lustre performance never really got going and heads dropped too early 2nd half. Showed some promising build up play the final ball needed to be put in quicker too often Little Thurrock were allowed to get back into position. Stay on 4 points in the chasing pack too, early days yet in the season..
 My thanks to both clubs for their help with the sides tonight, appreciated as always.