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Cup Final Special – Hutton Ladies v Newmarket Town Women

Sunday 21st May

ERWFL League Plate Final

 The season drawing to a close soon time for a rest after a busy season but first there’s a another cup final double to cover this time from the ERWFL, holding their finals day at The New Croft home of Haverhill Rovers FC. Kicking off proceeding the League Plate final an 11am kick-of with two previous winners of the competition meeting Hutton Ladies and Newmarket Town Women.

The ERWFL (Eastern Region Women’s Football League) representing tiers 5 and 6 of the women’s football pyramid the next set up from the county divisions two Division One’s based on geography, North and South aiming for a full compliment of 12 teams in each leading to a 12 strong Premier Division and promotion to the FAWNL. With two cup competitions the League Cup and League Plate the latter between the Division One clubs knocked out in rounds 1 an 2 of the League Cup. 

This morning’s prize

 Hutton Ladies finishing as runners up this season in ERWFL Division One South behind runaway Champions Barking FC Women. Winning the League Plate in two successive occasions in 2017 & 2018. Has been quite a while since I’ve seen the Essex side in action before Covid, along with several clubs I’ve yet to get reacquainted with. One of the longest established sides in the ERWFL managed by Dennis Hindley previous with the Reserves these days have come good at the end of the season to record 5 straight wins in the league to overhaul Billericay Town Women Development to 2nd in the table. Victoria Kinsman back amongst the goals top scorer with 27 goals from 17 appearances. Lucy Critchell netting 9 goals from the 9 games she’s appeared in. Backed up by a Reserves side playing in the Essex Women’s Premier Division a step below.

  Newmarket Town Women winning the ERWFL League Plate in 2019 joining the ERWFL the season before beating Histon Ladies 3-2. Playing in ERWFL Division One North, have had an indifferent season in the league as had the whole league itself short on numbers and losing a further along the way the sides playing each other 3 times as a result. Two defeats to start the season got back in amongst it with a 3 game winning streak, bringing through a number of young players have been inconsistent ever since ending up with a 5th placed finish have saved their best form for the cup getting into the Plate final and a chance to contest for silverware at the end of the season. Like Hutton backed up by a Development team and a strong youth set-up with a number of sides competing. Lidiya Mykhaylechko, Newmarket’s top scorer with 10 goals. Abbie Corbyn signed from Thetford Town Ladies at the start of the season on 9 for the campaign with Katie Speirs and Olivia Bradley scoring 7 and 8 respectfully. 

Road to the Final

  Hutton Ladies drawn at home to Division One North side, Wootton Blue Cross Lionesses in the 1st Round of the League Plate, the sides all square sharing 6 goals in a 3-3 draw after 90 minutes, Hutton were to come out on top in extra time with 4-3 win. Victoria Kinsman netting a hat-trick with Lucy Critchell also on the scoresheet. No such drama for Newmarket Town Women recieving a bye in the 1st Round to advance to the quarter finals.

Hutton Ladies with a tough draw at home in the quarter finals taking on Division One North leaders, AFC Dunstable Ladies. A close game a single goal was to settle the tie Isobel Boyd finding the back of the net for Hutton to send them through to the last 4. Newmarket Town Women away to AFC Sudbury Women Reserves newly promoted to Division One South a late kick-off featuring in a double header with the first team the sides were to slug out a goalless 90 minutes and with extra-time yielding no break through the game was settled from the penalty spot Newmarket emerging victorious 3-1 in the shootout to reach the final 4.

Hutton Ladies having home advantage once again in the semi-finals as they were drawn against Yaxley Phoenix Ladies themselves newly promoted to Division One North. The pair sharing a 9 goals thriller! Yaxley Phoenix on the scoresheet for 4 goals, Hutton edging the tie to progress to their 3rd Plate final winning it 5-4 with goals from Victoria Kinsman, Lucy Critchell, Chloe Woolaway, Hayley Critchell and Isobel Boyd. Newmarket Town Women drawn away to fellow Division One North side St Ives Town Ladies the pair have shared some great encounters in recent season this time it was Newmarket’s day as they put 4 goals past them to advance into the Final with 4-1 victory. Holly Dryland, Niamh Bridgeman, Antonia Smith and Katie Walker all bagging a goal.

The New Croft the venue for today’s ERWFL Finals Day, home to Haverhill Rovers FC and until recently had a women’s team in the ERWFL themselves but feeling poorly treated by the club have since disbanded, Haverhill Rovers nonetheless reaffirming it’s commit to having a women side representing the club will watch develops eagerly. The main complex between the main grass pitch and artificial pitch beyond. New dugouts added to the pitch since my last visit looking very smart. The bar and kitchen open for finals day serving burgers and chips. The morning bright and sunny although there was a chilly breeze blowing to and cloud cover would develop later in the day nevertheless great conditions for playing football. The grass pitch in good condition with the odd dip that will need attention once the seasons over.

Hutton Ladies

 Hutton Ladies starting XI – Krissie Glover, Kelly Roberts, Rianne Dimmock, Kirsty Knight, Chloe Woolaway, Abigail Fry, Katy Edwards, Isobel Crichton, Hayley Critchell, Lucy Critchell & Victoria Kinsman. Subs – Lauren Knight, Isobel Boyd & Danielle Hindley.

Newmarket Town Women

 Newmarket Town Women starting XI – Grace Joslin, Holly Dryland, Kara Wayman, Lydia Mason, Liv Caffarelli (C), Chloe Slater, Katie Hayes, Faith Entwistle, Abbie Corbyn, Katie Walker & Lidiya Mykhaylechko. Subs – Antonia Smith, Liv Bradley, Sophie Yorko, Millie O’Dwyer & Katie Spiers.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s Hutton to kick-off the Plate final wearing red coloured shirts with white trim, red shorts and red and white hooped socks, Newmarket lined up opposite wearing yellow coloured shirts with blue shorts and white socks. The ball played back into Katy Edwards in midfield lifted out to the right for Lucy Critchell, Kara Wayman and Abbie Corbyn closing her down for Newmarket. Comes back into the middle laid forwards into the D, Newmarket captain, Liv Caffarelli heading the ball clear.

  Newmarket build on the left Corbyn bringing the ball on put in central helped onto into the right channel laid back to Katie Walker 25 yards out lines up a shot rifled in the ball coming back down off the crossbar, Krissie Glover in goal captaining Hutton getting hold of the ball as players rush in on the follow up. Newmarket making a positive start to the game Chloe Slater clipping the ball long out to the right with Katie Hayes getting forwards Hayley Critchell tackling for Hutton, Walker onto the ball to cross in top of the area cut out by Chloe Woolaway for Hutton. 

Hutton’s Katy Edwards

Edwards getting hold of the ball in the middle for Hutton lifting it forwards for Isobel Crichton running in behind the defence, goalkeeper Grace Joslin quickly out to the top of her area to claim the ball. Hutton attack on the left the ball into Lucy Critchell central back to goal turns inside the get a shot away straight into the keeper. Newmarket bring the ball on through the middle on for Walker to thread a low pass out into the left channel for Corbyn to attack, Kelly Roberts going with her the defender doing well to play the ball of Corbyn behind for the goal kick. 

Kelly Roberts with Newmarket’s Abbie Corbyn

 GOAL! Victoria Kinsman rising in the centre to win the header knocking the ball forwards for Lucy Critchell racing through the middle driving for the box shifts out to the left prodding it on for Hayley Critchell to the left corner of the area, she pulls the trigger angling a low drive across the face of goal into the bottom corner to give Hutton the lead 1-0.

Hayley Critchell congratulated by her teammates after scoring the opening goal for Hutton

  Hutton taking the lead inside the opening 10 minutes attack on the right winning a corner kick. The ball played in along the six yard box coming out to Woolaway at the far post her shot blocked by Holly Dryland defending the post for Newmarket, looking to clear there area the ball is clipped back in for Kinsman attacking to the left of the goal, Joslin rushing out to put in the blocking save on the striker. 

  Newmarket win the ball at the back Lydia Mason into Faith Entwistle the ball played out to the left for Corbyn Hutton giving a foul away in a dangerous position outside the area to the left side of the area. Hayes over the ball curls it around the wall and fires her strike against the bar!

GOAL! Moments after Newmarket strike the bar for the 2nd time they are hit on the counter as Hutton win the ball back on the right Lucy Critchell and Crichton exchanging passes before Critchell picks out Edwards central to lay the ball out wide to Hayley Critchell, sweeping a cross into the six yard box Kinsman stealing in adjusts her body to meet the ball with her head and drive the ball past the keeper to double the lead 2-0. 

Victoria Kinsman scorer of Hutton’s 2nd goal

  A blow for Newmarket coming so close one end then conceding have the ball central Walker lifting in on for Lidiya Mykhaylechko to chase too much on the ball however Glover can see it out for a goal kick. Kinsman moving across the Newmarket back line to find an opening stealing in clear on the right whips a cross into the six yard box, Lucy Critchell making a central run can’t quite get there. 

 Hutton coming on left side Kinsman across to support Hayley Critchell winning a throw in the corner, Dryland doing well in defence to regain possession for Newmarket. Another ball threaded onto the left channel for Corbyn to bear down on, Glover out quickly to the top of her area to lay claim to the ball. Corbyn and Roberts chasing for the ball on the right, Roberts looking to see it out for a throw holding Corbyn off the winger keeping it as even as Roberts picks it up expecting the throw, dismayed when she gives away a free kick instead for handling the ball. The free-kick in the corner flashed in across the far post Chloe Staler attacking not quite able to get a touch. 

Abbie Corbyn keeping the ball in play even as Kelly Roberts thinks it’s out.

 Entwistle rushing in to make the blocking tackle inside the Hutton half comes on with the ball for Newmarket laying it out to Hayes right of the box pulls the trigger from 20 yards, Rianne Dimmock getting in the way to blocks feeling the full effect of Hayes’ strike, down for a moment but up okay to play on. 

 Edwards with room to play the ball on in midfield for Hutton Kinsman and Lucy Critchell with good movement ahead of her. Hayley Critchell picked out on the left, Dryland winning the challenge for Newmarket. Corbyn fouled on halfway the ball played forwards to the top of the Hutton area cleared by Kirsty Knight into Edwards on for Abigail Fry tackled by Slater. 

GOAL! Kinsman onto the ball inside the Newmarket half turning to lay it out to Lucy Critchell running into the right channel getting past Kara Wayman running into the box, Wayman attempts to get back at her lunging in attempting to win the ball only succeeds in taking out the player… Penalty! Kinsman with the ball placing it on the spot moves back and running in strikes the ball hard to the right of goal to score 3-0.

Kinsman scoring from the spot to make it 3

 Hutton going into a 3 goal lead midway through the 1st half getting on top on the Plate Final. Hayes sending the ball from the right across the area looking for Corbyn far side cut out by Woolaway deflected out to the left retrieved by Corbyn dribbles the ball back into box left side firing a cross in close to the near post again cut out by Woolaway away for a corner kick.

  The ball into the six yard box won by Hutton coming out of the area look to break, The threat neutralised by referee Charlotte Hindmarch inadvertently getting in the way of the ball outside the area, play brought back for a drop ball to Hutton. Hayes coming inside linking up with Entwistle the ball out to Corbyn left, Roberts getting in to close her down. Newmarket getting on well enough down the flanks Hayes winning a throw deep, Dimmock with the defending playing the ball back for Glover, Mykhaylechko running in to close her down pulling out knowing she can’t get there.

  The ball clear to the left regained by Dryland on for Hayes crossed in from deep, intercepted by Woolaway. Hutton dangerous on the counter running away into the channels Lucy Critchell on the right 20 yards out with a strike swerving high past the right post. Hutton making a change bringing of Hayley Critchell on the left to be replaced by Danielle Hindley. 

Chloe Slater

  Hindley straight into the action onto the ball central carrying it out into the left corner Dryland in on her to concede the corner. Swung in towards the near post, Dryland again rising to head the ball clear. The game opening up as Hindley drives on left for Hutton, Dryland in to make the blocking challenge the ball cleared out to Corbyn on the left, has Wayman going past her on the overlap the ball played on for her, Woolaway out to close her down.

  Edwards picking out Kinsman outside the area left of the Newmarket going shifting the ball inside, shapes to shoot even as Joslin comes racing out to close her down the ball struck past the keeper, but alos wide of the far post. Edwards closing down the ball in the middle puts it on for Hindley on the left passes inside to Kinsman outside the box trapping the ball in her feet looks to shift inside to shoot, Mason in to block, the ball cleared by Slater. 

Hutton with a 2nd change bringing off Crichton replaced by Isobel Boyd. The ball played long into the right channel for Boyd, Wayman across her seeing the ball back to Joslin to clear. Edwards taking on the strike from distance straight into Joslin. Newmarket making a double change bringing on Sophia Yorko and Antonia Smith for Mason and Entwistle. Yorko straight into defend putting in the tackle on Kinsman as she bursts on right side. 

GOAL! Newmarket pull a goal back pressing Hutton on the ball in the final 3rd Smith closing down lifting it high into the D for Mykhaylechko to attack, Glover rushing out t close her down making the blocking save at the top of her area the ball deflected out to the right, knocked back into the area behind the stranded keeper by Slater into Mykhaylechko to send the ball into the empty net beyond 3-1. 

Lidiya Mykhaylechko pulling a goal back for Newmarket

  Smith getting into close the ball down for Newmarket press Hutton inside their half fed on Mykhaylechko is caught offside. Hayes on the right sending the ball on for Mykhaylechko to give chase too much though Glover coming to clear it. Corbyn battling with Roberts for the ball left sends in on for Wayman running past her to take the ball on into the area left closing in on the near post fires in a low shot Glover covering her post, seeing the ball safely into her gloves. 

  Just the single minute of stoppage time to be played, time for Hutton to mount one last attack Lucy Critchell playing the ball out to Hindley on the left down the line sends it inside for Kinsman coming out to receive the ball, Dryland getting her foot in to take the ball away from her.

Half-time Hutton Ladies 3-1 Newmarket Town Women

   Hutton taking a 3-1 lead into the break as the sides head back into the changing rooms. Newmarket starting brightly rattling the crossbar in the opening minute pushing on Hutton breaking away to find the opening goal inside 10 minutes. Making some good forward runs Newmarket were again to strike the woodwork before conceding a 2nd almost immediately after Hutton going 2-0 up added a 3rd from the penalty spot midway through the 2nd half. Comfortable Newmarket making changing paying off almost instantly as Smith closed the ball down to set up Mykhaylechko to score pull it back to 3-1 give Newmarket something as they look to find a way back into the game in the 2nd half. 

Victoria Kinsman with Newmarket captain Liv Caffarelli

  No changes for either side as Newmarket get the 2nd half underway the ball out to Dryland on the right looks to get forwards support Hayes, Dimmock defending for Hutton. Newmarket press the ball on the right early on winning a throw high put on for Hayes her cross along the face of goal Walker jumping to attack far post can’t quite reach it.

Holly Dryland defending against Hutton’s Danielle Hindley

 Newmarket’s Slater sending a diagonal ball into Hayes 20 yards out on the right of the area controlling the ball shifts into the area getting a half yard on her marker to unleash a shot, cut in low Glover going one way saves brilliantly with her legs knocking the ball away to the right. 

Krissie Glover saving Katie Hayes shot with her legs

Hutton’s captain and goalkeeper, Krissie Glover

  Hutton look to get the ball down into the Newmarket half out on the left Dryland defending knocking the ball out for a throw deep, dropped into Kinsman’s feet outside the box left turns sending a cross into the six yard box Boyd closing in right post knocking the shot wide past the left post. 

  Smith regaining possession well for Newmarket in the middle sending it on for Hayes on the right wing coming back inside to shot from 25 yards out on the move over hits it sending the ball wide of the far post. A miscue at the back on the left sees Lucy Critchell steal onto a short pass and cut inside to run for the box, Slater getting back on her diving in to win the ball top of the area for Newmarket. Dryland taking the ball on up the right for Newmarket on for Hayes lifts it across the pitch to Corbyn trying to get away on the left, Roberts just about getting her foot in to knock the ball out of her path.

Abbie Corbyn

  Newmarket lively looking better now getting forwards, Hutton patient with the experience in attack to counter. Hindley coming on left sweeping a ball into the area cut out well by Yorko. Smith with Walker in the middle winning the ball for Newmarket lifted out to Hayes on the right drives forwards, Dimmock closing to challenge for Hutton. Lucy Critchell bringing the ball on into the left channel for Hutton Hindley with her the ball taken on forwards for Kinsman tracking down to the by-line before turning to cross the ball cleared by Caffarelli. 

Lucy Critchell

  Kinsman getting into space on the left playing the ball into Hindley getting up the pitch to send a waist high cross racing trough the top of the six yard box Lucy Critchell throwing a leg up and only get a glancing touch taking it on wide of the right post. Hayes and Corbyn swapping wings for Newmarket, as Fry gets the ball on for Hutton out to the left on for Hindley winning a corner. The inswinging delivery sent in across the face of goal Roberts looking to get her head on it needed a shout from Kinsman coming in ready to power the ball home beyond her as it runs out of play far side for a goal kick.

  GOAL! One chance goes begging it isn’t long before Hutton regain the ball high on the right lifting a deep cross into the area Hindley inside the box left of goal, Dryland and Slater going to clear the ball get in each others way, allowing the attacker to steal in to take the ball beyond them and send t wide across Joslin into far side of the net 4-1.

  Hutton restoring a 3 goal cushion with another corner kick on the right put in high Newmarket clear the ball back out to the right sent back into the area from deep falling for Kinsman central getting her foot over the ball to shoot drags it wide of the left post. Hutton making another change bringing on Lauren Knight for Fry. Hindley taking the ball inside from the left firing it into Lucy Critchell outside the D powering forwards Walker tracking back to challenge the shot under challenge coming in low as Joslin gets down to see it into her gloves, saves with her face instead as the ball hit a divot and skips up before her before she knows anything about it luckily deflected away behind for a corner kick. The corner played long to the far post Dryland covering clears for Newmarket. 

Katie Walker

  Dryland picking up a slight injury coming off for Newmarket at the back with Katie Spiers coming on to join the attack. Newmarket pressing hit on the break Edwards on for Hindley through the middle out to Kinsman pulling wide left inside the box fires a cross in towards the far post Lucy Critchell making a run to get onto the end of it, Joslin down well to get hold of the ball to deny the chance. 

Newmarket goalkeeper, Grace Joslin

  Smith into Mykhaylechko through the middle out to Corbyn right side Dimmock stepping in to tackle for Hutton at the back. Walker with a strike from distance for Newmarket landing on the roof of the net. Both teams battling for possession Newmarket pressing up looking for a goal, Hutton ready to break with gaps to exploit at the back. Kinsman lifting in on for Hindley through the middle, Caffarelli coming to close her down clear even as the flag goes up for offside. 

Katie Hayes

  A frantic spell as neither sides gets any meaningful possession, Hayes fouled on the left the ball to be put into the area from deep in high knocked down into Mykhaylechko lays it back for Spiers to strike from range fired wide of the left post. Hutton making changes bringing off Roberts off with Hayley Critchell back on Hindley going over to the right. Slater defends against Kinsman as the Hutton striker drives on with the ball right of the D. Newmarket pressing the ball around the Hutton penalty area, Spiers looking for an opening the door closed in front of her by Knight put out t Hayes on the left her cross swept in caught by Glover.

  Newmarket bring off Caffarelli send on Millie O’Dwyer with the clock starting to run down, Yorko clipping the ball forwards the keeper can come and gather before Corbyn can attack it. Yorko then throwing herself down in front of Kinsman to block her strike as she shifts right across the D. Woolaway getting on down the left now up with Hayley Critchell, Corbyn coming back to defend sliding in to put the ball out for a throw. The throw into Edwards top left corner of the area turns to pick out Kinsman central her low strike straight at the keeper back on her line. 

 Hutton bring Lucy Critchell off late in the game bring Crichton back on. Hindley at the back now seeing the ball back to the keeper to clear as Walker looks to put Corbyn on though to attack. Woolaway getting into the box on the left inside the six yard box Yorko across her trying to defend Joslin coming sliding down to claim the ball, Hutton appeal for a pass back, the decision given Hutton getting a in directed free-kick inside the six yard box left of the goal. A wall covering the near post Boyd plays it to Woolaway to strike a powerful right foot shot over the bar. 

  Newmarket continue to throw the ball forwards looking for a way through Hutton though are an experienced side a keeping things tight through the middle. Kinsman bursting onto the ball right channel stroking a shot over with the game moving into injury time. Newmarket putting a low cross in from the left taken by Glover, Yorko charging down the ball as Hutton counter left. Joslin coming to claim top of her area as Hutton break in the closing seconds. 

Full time Hutton Ladies 4-1 Newmarket Town Women

  Hutton Ladies win the ERWFL League Plate for a 3rd time. Leading 3-1 at the break. Newmarket looking to build on scoring late in the first half pressed well at the start of the 2nd period Glover making a great save. Hutton patient waiting for the chance to score a 4th goal and from there had control of the game could get players up behind the ball, Newmarket finding on way though. Hutton’s using their experience well. Newmarket will rue their luck first half striking the bar twice Hutton taking thier chances getting a 3rd goal from the penalty spot. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 Onto the first Women’s Football East – Player of the Match of the day. A few performances to mention first, for Newmarket Holly Dryland well at left back winning a number of tackles and defending set-pieces well. Katie Hayes driving on right side getting the ball into some dangerous areas. Antonia Smith making an impact coming into the middle. For Hutton the defence was solid giving little away. Katy Edwards in control of the midfield for much of the first half getting free to spread ball into the wide players. Lucy Critchell superb running the channels and getting into some good attacking positions. The award for me though goes to Victoria Kinsman strong in the air winning the ball setting up the first goal, scoring twice and getting into some fantastic positions moving about the Newmarket back line hard to mark though out.

Hutton Ladies 2022/23 ERWFL League Plate winners

 Congratulations to Hutton Ladies on winning today’s ERWFL League Plate and making it a 3rd win overall.

  An exciting appetiser for the main event this afternoon, an entertaining contest as you’d expect from the ERWFL, my thanks to both sides for their help today along with Daniel Forde from the ERWFL for the team details, time for some foo then onto the next one…

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Histon Ladies v Hutton Ladies

Sunday 3rd November

ERWFL League Cup

 Another milestone reached today, this Sunday’s game being my 400th match report since I started covering the sport back in 2012, originally as the Supporting Women’s Football blog now Women’s Football East have covered games at all levels across the country and enjoyed every minute of it. Today’s match action comes from the group stage of the ERWFL League Cup, Histon Ladies v Hutton Ladies.

  The Division One side usually contest the early round of the league cup in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL) with the Premier Division sides entering later on. This season a different format in the early stages, the Division One sides split into a North & South Division this season starting off with 8 in each drawn into 4 groups, 2 from the North & 2 South in each play each other once with the group winners progressing to the knock out stages of the competition with the 12 Premier Division sides. The remaining Division One sides going on to contest for the ERWFL Plate. Histon and Hutton Ladies drawn into Group D along side, King’s Lynn Town Ladies and Leigh Ramblers Ladies. King’s Lynn Town Ladies in pole position to top the group with 2 wins from 2, avoid defeat today away to Leigh Ramblers Ladies in Essex and they will finish top.

  A win and a defeat for both Histon and Hutton to date will need Leigh Ramblers to do them a favour if they hope to nick top spot. Histon Ladies come into today’s game in good form with 3 straight wins in league and cup. A 3-2 away victory to Leigh Ramblers getting them off the mark in the League Cup followed by back to back wins in the league to see them climb up to 3rd in the Division One North table. The Cambridgeshire side bringing in several new youngsters to bolster the squad over the close season, 3 in today’s starting line-up, Abby Laughlin, Poppy Kelly & Sydney Graham. 

  A perfect start to the season for Hutton Ladies, the Essex side topping the ERWFL Division One South table with a 100% record 4 wins from 4. 6 wins in all competitions that record hitting the buffers last time out travelling up to Norfolk to play King’s Lynn in the League Cup defeated for the first time this season the first time they had failed to score in a game too. That aside Hutton are scoring plenty of goals this season averaging over 8 goals a game so far helped in the main by the goals scoring form of striker Vicky Kinsman. Joining Hutton last season scored an incredible 49 goals in 27 appearances. Has 21 already this campaign. One of several experienced players to join last season with the likes of Hayley Piggott and Abigail Fry who have both played higher coming in. The squad bolstered again this season, have been amongst the silverware in recent seasons including back to back wins in the ERWFL Plate two seasons ago. 

 The Glassworld Stadium the venue for today’s match home to Histon FC and Histon Ladies. The heavy rain due the day before a threat to the match, it just about held out with no fresh rainfall on Sunday the game on. Wet would cut up and make for heavy going is a large pitch offering plenty of width. Plenty of cover too though for supporters a large seated stand over looking the pitch the bar open serving hot and cold drinks. Light rain before the match as the sides warmed up, would thankfully fizzle out at kick-off and keep away, remained overcast.

Histon Ladies starting XI- Keeley Robinson, Abby Laughlin, Georgina Huse, Alison Wright, Tessa Shaw, Lauren Martin, Sophie Lanham (C) Sophie Hopkin, Sydney Graham, Siobhan White & Poppy Kelly. Subs – Rebekah Finch, Molly Blair, Casey Miller, Tara Fitzjohn.

Hutton Ladies starting XI – Krissie Glover, Kayleigh Franklin, Rianne Dimmock, Kristy Knight, Kelly Roberts, Hannah Page, Abigail Fry (C), Clare Edmonson, Kate Lowen, Lauren Knight & Vicky Kinsman. Subs – Hayley Piggott, Hayley Critchell & Sally Appleton.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Onto the match action, Hutton to kick-off the first half wearing navy blue shirts with red shorts and socks with Histon lined up opposite wearing red coloured shirts with black shorts and socks. Histon force Hutton to play it back to their defence the long kick forwards setting Lauren Knight away her ball forwards pushed on looking for Vicky Kinsman making a central run through towards the box intercepted and turned out for a throw. Hutton come on right side off a throw deep Clare Edmonson looks to take the ball on into the Histon box to the byline cuts it back inside the ball cleared at the near post.

   Hutton settling quicker getting players forwards to the right another throw in conceded Kate Lowen to fire in the cross cut out by Alison Wright the ball loose top of the area Edmonson after it, so too Lauren Martin lunging in to get her foot on the ball first get it away for Histon. Histon make ground on the right side a throw in Sydney Graham combining well with Abby Laughlin, Graham cutting the ball back down the line to release Laughlin in behind, clipped rides the challenge recovering her footing to take the ball on her cross/shot taking a defection behind, play brought back however for the earlier foul. Siobhan White coming a cross to take it outside the box fired in towards the six yard box taken cleanly by Hutton goalkeeper Krissie Glover. 

Lauren Martin on the ball for Histon Ladies

  Glover setting Hutton on their way quickly a good kick up field over half way trapped beautifully at her feet by Edmonson killing the ball, flicks it on for Kinsman ahead of her, Hutton captain Abigail Fry bursting forwards to her right Kinsman rolls the ball into her path 25 yards out strikes it first time the shot over the bar. The resulting goalkick putting the Histon back line in trouble a slippy surface Kinsman latching onto it 30 yards out spins into a shoot left side the ball dipping late on goalkeeper Keeley Robinson right behind it down to stop it grabbing hold at the 2nd attempt. Kinsman showing good strength on the ball getting hold of it and turning to attack the Histon area, a cross in from the left dangerous, no one gambling through the middle. 

 GOAL! Closing in on 15 minutes played and Hutton take the lead, the goalkick straight to Kinsman, she passes it on to Edmonson ahead of her driving on plays it out to the left the ball crossed into the ox cut out deflected to the top of the area Edmonson there unmarked throws a leg out her first time attempt looping up over the defence and under the cross bar Robinson back on her line throws up a glove but can’t keep it out, 0-1. Edmonson’s first goal for Hutton.

Clare Edmonson opens the scoring for Hutton Ladies

  Hutton capitalising on a good start winning the ball in the middle Hannah Page into Kinsman sending Lauren Knight clear in behind on the left down the line looking to get into the area, Wright getting across well to slide in and make the tackle taking the ball away from Knight’s toes. The defender up to play the ball up field doesn’t stick on the middle Kinsman rolled in again 35 yards out wide takes on the strike, on target but straight at Robinson.

Histon’s Alison Wright sliding in to win the ball back

Kate Lowen getting on the ball right side for Hutton drives forwards in behind into the area flashes a cross in, blocked by Wright, back to Lowen for a 2nd go on close to the near post, Robinson forwards down to smother the ball. The ball brought forwards from the back for Hutton played up to Kinsman up to head the ball on finds Lauren Knight out left bringing the ball on uses the outside of her boot to lift a diagonal ball into the area, Fry making a central run, Robinson can safely gather.

Hutton continue to have the lions share of the attack the ball not sticking up top for Histon the midfield having to track back often to help the defence as Hutton get players forwards. Edmonson with a great pass to find Lauren Knight on the left takes the ball on before squaring a cross into the area, Tessa Shaw doing well in central defence to keep in front of Kinsman to make sure she can’t get a touch the defender clearing. Hutton press the ball high keep Histon inside their final third, Page to Lauren Knight on the left crosses early an inviting ball along the six yard box, Kinsman throwing and outstretched leg forwards getting a tough, can only divert the ball wide out the far side.

Hutton striker Vicky Kinsman closely marked by Histon’s Tessa Shaw & Sophie Lanham

  Shaw attempting to shield the ball back to her keeper is fouled by Kinsman gets the free kick. Histon get forwards White with the ball over the top on the left running on cuts inside looking for a shooting opportunity top of the area lets fly from 20 yards out her strike over the crossbar. Graham showing great close ball control bringing the ball inside on halfway looks to put it forwards almost succeeds in releasing Poppy Kelly through the middle but for an outstretched leg from Hutton defender Kristy Knight doing enough to take the ball out of Kelly’s path allowing Kelly Roberts to clear.

Abby Laughlin bringing the ball away for Histon Ladies

Signs Histon are starting to get a foothold in the game took a while to settle on the back foot. Captain Sophie Lanham back to clear the ball from her own box for Histon. White away on the left side comes inside for Histon, this time runs into Roberts neutralising the danger. Hutton remain a threat on the counter a throw right into Kinsman holds the ball up well turning to shoot on the angle, coming in near post Robinson sees it late gets a glove onto the ball knocking it behind for the corner.

Histon captain, Sophie Lanham clearing the ball

 Hutton make the first change of the match, Lauren Knight coming off for Hayley Critchell. The substitute with an early opportunity to take the ball on left side carrying it towards the area, Laughlin with a superb tackle right on the line to take the ball. Hutton with another change as Sally Appleton enters the game replacing, Edmonson. Kristy Knight with a good tackle at the back to deny Graham as shot as she carries the ball forwards into the area from the right. 

  Histon build through the middle Graham right inside for Lanham her pass forwards releasing Kelly right takes defenders on cutting back into the box running square of goal. Pushes the ball on for White on the penalty spot she back heels it on as Kelly’s run takes her past her the attacker taking on the shot, Glover saving with her legs. Histon win a free-kick inside the Hutton half players forwards into the box as White sets the ball down knocked down by the defence Kelly intercepts looks to bring under control and turn and shot her attempt blocked spins behind for a corner. Histon ending the first half well. 

Sydney Graham looking to play the ball forwards for Histon

  White coming left crossing in Kelly running  in with a defender shooting, Glover hands up to make the blocking save. Hutton attack late on Kinsman putting the ball on for Critchell left tackled by Laughlin top of the area, the ball skipping up and behind Laughlin losing sight of it Critchell in to lift a cross into the middle, drops far side no one can reach it. Late in the half a throw right fro Histon, Graham receiving firing in a dangerous cross, Franklin getting a touch to take it away from Kelly attacking the far post.

Half-time Histon Ladies 0-1 Hutton Ladies

  Hutton leading the match 1-0 at half-time have been the dominant side making a good start creating opportunities, getting players in behind, several dangerous crosses not finding anyone. Good hold up play and runs from midfield particularly from Fry. Histon took a while to settle starting to come into the match late on creating some good opportunities themselves, trailing by the single goal are far from out of it yet.

A change fro both sides at half-time by the looks of it, Rebekah Finch on for Histon replacing White, Hopkin now over on the left. Hayley Piggott on in defence for Hutton replacing Franklin. The sun doing it’s best to break through setting into the the end of the ground into the faces of the Hutton defence. Histon to get the 2nd half underway. An early chance for Histon coming close to equalising Hopkin off a throw left driving on to the byline a vicious cross put across the face of goal, Glover throwing herself at it palming it on straight to Finch central coming at her quickly tries to adjusted her body get a foot up to meet the ball minimal contact Hutton close in to clear.

 GOAL! A golden chance to level the scores at one end Histon are hit on the counter the ball sent long up to Critchell left the defence don’t deal inside the box Critchell retrieving on the byline playing the ball back up to the top of the box Kinsman latching onto it left of the D to shoot place the ball wide of the keeper 0-2.

  Histon bring the ball on Graham over half way passing to Lanham making a move on the right wing a cross lifted up into the area near side into Kelly’s path lays it on to Finch ahead of her Kristy Knight going with her run near post successfully defending for Hutton.

  GOAL! Histon get a goal back straight away after conceding early in the 2nd half, Hutton looking to get the ball forwards quickly won at the back by Georgina Huse lifted forwards up the left to put Hopkin away into space, rolls it infield to Kelly 20 yards out left of goal head down looks to take on the Hutton defence, pushes right then shifts it left creating space to take on the shot a smash a shot high across the keeper 1-2.

Poppy Kelly central with the goal for Histon

  Finch with a shot from 25 yards out for Histon brushes the top of the net on its way over. 

 GOAL! Hutton with a quickfire reply to score a 3rd goal attack quickly through the middle the ball put on for Fry racing trough left channel, Robinson coming out of her goal to meet her Fry knocking the ball past her on towards left open for the shot, sees Kinsman storming through unmarked inside her unselfish squared the ball into her path the striker with the simple finish to make it 1-3. 

Hutton striker, Vicky Kinsman

  A busy start to the 2nd half 3 goals scored an open game Histon looking more of a threat scoring but hit for 2 up the other end. Appleton brings Hopkin down on the left outside the box giving Histon the free Kick. Lanham over it fired in low towards the near post a combination of defence and keeper getting it away for Hutton. the visitors break Kinsman on halfway playing it on for Lowen right support from Appleton a high ball into the box dealt with by the Histon defence. 

Krissie Glover keeping the ball out for Hutton Ladies

Hutton break miss a great opportunity to go 4-1 ahead as Critchell bombs on left side crossing from a tight angle the ball across the keeper missed by Lowen close in at the far post. Histon come forwards Martin up for Kelly to attack brings the ball on towards the Hutton box, tackled well by Kristy Knight. Hutton are giving away alot of free kicks, Histon so far not making the most of them but it is a concern for Hutton’s bench, Dimmock receiving a talking too by the referee. Lanham on a set-piece right of the centre circle a good delivery in long to the far post Wright the runners catching it first time can’t get the ball down on target.

Hutton Ladies, Kate Lowen with Histon’s Georgina Huse

   Histon winning a corner left side in towards the near post defended, Kelly putting the ball back to the corner taker crossed in again this time Fry and Page combine top of the box to get the threat away for Hutton. Histon do well to press the ball high regain possession Lanham lifting the ball on almost finding Wright stealing in behind. Histon make a change with 23 minutes left to play, Hopkin coming off on comes summer signing Molly Blair. 

 Kinsman getting hold of the ball for Hutton left side 30 yards out drives on towards the box a powerful run, tackled by Wright the ball pushed wide to the left gathered by the advancing Critchell puts it back to Kinsman backing away from the area 25 yards out puts her foot throw the ball blasts a shot towards goal, Robinson with a full stretch dive to her left lands to hear the ball thump into the boarding behind goal the shot narrowly wide.

 Chances falling to both side prepared to shoot outside the box, Kelly smashes a shot from all of 30 yards out central that stings the keepers gloves rebounding out to the right picked up by Graham racing forwards she blasts over on the angle. Hutton make a change Lauren Knight returning to the game replacing Roberts. Another silly free kick given away by Hutton left side a chance for Histon to bring players up from the back Lanham on the ball sent in towards the top of the area a Hutton head on the ball looping high into the air and towards goal, Glover eyes on nothing else back on her line with the confident take.

Histon Ladies, Alison Wright

   Graham brought down inside the Hutton half, the free kick met by Finch heading it in top of the area off target Glover coming across to claim. Histon capitalise from a bit of ping ball on halfway the ball deflected in behind for Graham right side to bring on plays in early for Kelly racing on through the middle shoots first time as it runs across her path a poor connection lacking power on target but Glover can shuffled across her goal to gather at the right post. 

 Lowen in an advanced position on the right for Hutton shifts the ball left the right before shooting from outside the area the ball held cleanly by Robinson in goal. Histon bring off Lanham with around 10 minutes left to play bringing on another summer signing Casey Miller. Hutton come on right side Lowen sending a cross into the box just behind the run of Lauren Knight central the ball cleared back out to the right Appleton up the pitch shooting across goal, Lauren Knight sliding in far post but Robinson down bravely has the ball safely into her body. Piggott fouls Kelly outside the area Wright on the free kick 20 yards out goes for goal on target by straight at the keeper.

  GOAL! 7 minutes of normal play left the game stretched now players getting tired Hutton extend their lead making the game safe. Lauren Knight away on the left side putting in a dangerous cross into the six yard box a defender there first ahead of Kinsman throws a leg up to meet the ball is an unfortunate own goal the ball turned into the back of the net 1-4.

  Changes for both sides now, Edmonson and Franklin back on for Hutton replacing, Lowen and Kristy Knight. Tara Fitzjohn on for Laughlin for Histon. Kinsman on the attack central for Hutton lays it on for Lauren Knight the ball cut out inside the box comes out to Appleton up on the right drives a shot in towards goal, Robinson getting her gloves up to save the ball cleared only to come straight back in headed away by Shaw.

  Hutton win a rare free kick of their own outside the Histon box on the right Piggott up to take goes for goal a well struck effort that flies wide past the par post. Blair flicking the ball on Finch controlling and turning to shoot on the volley top of the area straight into the keepers gloves. 

 GOAL! Into the closing minutes and Kinsman central played in battles her way through in towards the top of the area Wright on her shoulder to beat the defender and get a shot away past the advancing keeper to complete her hat-trick 1-5.

Full time Histon Ladies 1-5 Hutton Ladies

  Hutton with two late goals win the match 5-1, a better 2nd half from Histon came out strong at the start of the 2nd half only to concede a 2nd goal. Kelly with a superb strike to bring it back to 2-1 Hutton were quick to restore their two goal lead. Chances for both as the match opened up Hutton giving away free kicks Histon not able to find a 2nd goal apply some pressure Hutton going on to win comfortably. All for nothing in the end as they finish 2nd in Group D behind King’s Lynn Town Ladies who made it 3 wins from 3 away to Leigh Ramblers to advance to the knockout stages. Both Hutton and Histon who reached the final of the competition last season will fancy their chances in the Plate.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Notable performances from Poppy Kelly in attack and Alison Wright in defence for Histon. For Hutton it’s a close call in the finish, excellent work in midfield from captain Abigail Fry with several fantastic runs forwards during the match. Have chosen Vicky Kinsman scoring a hat-trick of course but more than that her presence up front general hold up play and strength on the ball, drawing defenders towards her giving space for others to exploit.

  400 match reports written and the thing I love about doing them is no two are the same get a buzz every time. The content comes solely from the players out there on the pitch and I merely try and put it into words. Plenty more left in the tank, need those team details as always and much appreciated… on to the next one.

ERWFL Finals Day – Hutton Ladies v Stevenage Ladies Reserves

ERWFL Plate Final

Sunday 13th May

 Another double bill of Cup Finals this Sunday from The County Ground in Letchworth from the Eastern Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL) this time around. The League Cup to come but first up it’s an 11:00am kick-off between Hutton Ladies & Stevenage Ladies Reserves for the League Plate Final.

   Hutton Ladies the current holders of the ERWFL Plate after a 1-0 win over Colney Heath Ladies last season. Were the underdogs then and once again they will be seen as the underdogs as they take on fellow league Stevenage Ladies Reserves who having won the ERWFL Division One South title are looking to complete the double.

  Hutton Ladies with one more league game to play finishing fourth in the ERWFL Division One South table. Have already claimed silverware this season lifting the Essex Women’s Trophy with a 2-1 win against Silver End United Ladies. A tough challenge against Stevenage Ladies Reserves in this season’s Plate Final but can use last season’s result as inspiration and the knowledge they were the side to eventually bring an end to the league champion’s 100% winning start to the season.

  Stevenage Ladies Reserves have led the ERWFL Division One South table from start to finish winning their opening 10 games not conceding a single goal in that period either. Both records broken in February by today’s opponents Hutton Ladies in a 3-2 win. Stevenage Ladies Reserves have conceded just 9 goals in total from 18 league games this season whilst scoring 81 up the other end. Clinching the league title with 4 games to spare are looking to end the season with the double.

Road to the Final

  The nature of the Plate, the sides knocked out of the League Cup in the opening rounds entering the competition. The Division One sides in from the North & South contesting the early Rounds of the League Cup.

  Both sides receiving a bye in the 1st Round of the Plate. Into the quarter finals Hutton Ladies were away to Division One North side, Cambridge United WFC Reserves, the game all square at 90 minutes the sides drawing 2-2 it was Hutton who went on to score the winning goal in extra-time. Stevenage Ladies Reserves drawn at home to fellow Division One South side, Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies progressed to the last 4 of the Plate with a 3-0 victory.

  Into the semi-finals and contrasting games for both sides Hutton Ladies at home were taken all the way to extra-time once again after a high scoring game with Division One North side, Histon Ladies 3-3 after the 90 minutes was up into the extra period Hutton getting themselves in front went on to add a 2nd goal to reach their 2nd successive final with a 5-3 win. Stevenage Ladies Reserves were at home in the semi-finals against fellow league side Hoddesdon Town Owls Ladies and booked their place in the Plate Final with another 3-0 result.

  The County Ground, Letchworth home of the Hertfordshire FA the venue once again for this season’s ERWFL Finals. The main seated stand housing the clubhouse and bar the changing rooms beyond. A nice wide pitch looking in very good condition with plenty of grass cover. The weather good, warm with the sun trying to get out cloud cover for the morning kick-off for the 1st of today’s matches.

Hutton Ladies starting XI – Krissie Glover, Nicola Walker, Rianne Dimmock, Hannah Page (C), Kelly Roberts, Amy Crumpler, Kaitlin Sugg, Keeley Walker, Lucy Critchell, Kate Lowen & Laura Allen. Subs – Patrizia Leo & Lucy Blurton.

Stevenage Ladies Reserves starting XI – Emily Goodacre, Holly Darling, Amy Notschild, Laura Henning, Stacey McConville, Becky Day, Sherrie Evans (C), Hayley Wood-Thompson, Hannah Marshall, Daniela Martucci & Emily Schofield. Subs – Naomi Sleator, Rebecca Brooker, Mary Lisle, Stef Cowell & Izzy McAree. 

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s Stevenage to get the ERWFL Plate Final underway kicking off 1st half wearing an all blue kit with red and white piping around the collar and sleeves of the shirts. Hutton kitted out in their all red kit with white across the shoulders of the shirts. Becky Day playing the all out into the right channel for Daniela Martucci to chase the Hutton defence can see it safely out for an early goalkick. Stevenage make progress down the left, Hutton goalkeeper Krissie Glover coming out of her area to kick the ball clear see’s striker Laura Allen after it to attack the Stevenage area, Amy Notschild across the get in front of her and clear the ball for a throw. 

Emily Schofield with the ball for Stevenage Ladies Reserves

  The ball pressed early on cut out at the back. Allen and Kate Lowen try to link up through the centre to attack the Stevenage defence the attempted one two cut out Notschild. The first corner of the game awarded to Stevenage, Hayley Wood-Thompson to play the ball into the box the ball half cleared Emily Schofield on the right hooks it back in towards go, Martucci closing in on it near post, Glover has it safe on her gloves first. Holly Darling slides in to deny Hutton’s Critchell as Crumpler plays the through ball to her on the left.

  Stevenage counter attack breaking forwards Hutton back tracking conceding a corner on the left side Schofield to play it in Kelly Roberts with the stooping header near post defends for Hutton. The ball coming onto Wood-Thompson just outside the box left of the D, goes to strike the ball her effort charged down. Lowen and Allen are looking to combine once again through the middle for Hutton as Kaitlin Sugg plays the ball forwards, Notschild getting in between them to break up the attack. 

Hutton’s Kelly Roberts, tackles Stevenage’s Becky Day as she s about to shoot

  Lucy Critchell finding room to run into on the left lifts a cross into the area, Stacey McConville clearing for Stevenage a rapid counter is launched the ball played on to Wood-Thompson coming away with the ball left side looks to put Hannah Marshall in behind on the opposite flank send the diagonal ball crossfield, Nicola Walker defending well for Hutton Ladies at left back. Working hard early on to break up Stevenage’s flow, Hutton are gaining encouragement from their play. 

Hutton Ladies, Lucy Critchell

  Bringing the ball on over half way Sugg send the ball forwards releasing Lowen through on goal as she bursts in behind the Stevenage defence, right of goal into the box, takes an extra touch, enough to allow goalkeeper Emily Goodacre coming towards her to slide in and save at the strikers feet. Stevenage press players forwards Schofield moving out to the right to gather the ball, Hutton captain Hannah Page gets across to challenge the striker 20 yards from goal. Roberts intercepting inside the box as Wood-Thompson looks to run in on goal from the left as a high ball from the right is fired into the Hutton area.

  Stevenage haven’t settled Hutton are lively looking to close down everywhere on the pitch. A free-kick awarded to Hutton 35 yards out left of the centre circle players go forwards as Lowen plays the ball in long towards the far post, Sugg getting up highest sends her header into the back of the net Hutton celebrate thinking they have taken the lead, but no the flag is raised for offside it doesn’t stand. Another free-kick to Hutton same position only right of the centre circle this time Amy Crumpler to deliver this time long to the far post again headed down back across the six yard box, Rianne Dimmock there for Hutton but no opportunity to shoot as she is quickly closed down and Stevenage scramble the ball away.

  Martucci spinning off her marker in the middle releases the ball into Schofield’s run on the left, sends a cross long the top of the six yard box, no one gambling for Stevenage. Hutton get it clear. A chance created for Stevenage on their left as Wood-Thompson goes to charge down a defensive clearance the ball spinning into the D, Page looking to control under pressure from Schofield the ball prodded into the area with Marshall coming onto it her shot straight at Glover the keeper making the save. 

Stevenage’s Hayley Wood-Thompson looking for options as she brings the ball forwards

  Hutton are battling for everything frustrating Stevenage in the process. Riding their luck at times Dimmock slicing her clearance the ball spinning favourably into the box for Glover to grab. Goodacre with an excellent save to deny Hutton from another set-piece similar to the earlier one on the left a little closer this time Crumpler goes for goal the ball arrowing in high on target central Goodacre throwing herself at the ball punches it over the crossbar.

  All action the ball from one end to the other Dimmock sending a shot wide from a corner at the near post for Hutton. Laura Henning charging a Hutton ball down in half way brings in on fires a pass into Martucci back to goal inside the D she spins off her marker sending the ball on into the box Wood-Thompson arriving can’t quite bring it down on her chest to set up a shot the ball running wide. Hutton make a change, Walker coming off Patrizia Leo coming on the move seeing Critchell dropping deeper. 

Stevenage Ladies Reserves, Daniela Martucci

  A free-kick wide right for Stevenage the ball played in towards the top of the box Martucci with a clever flick to send the ball on into the area, no one there however Glover can claim unchallenged. Keeley Walker snapping at the ball in midfield wins it from Day plays it on for Lowen right side she plays it on into the area near post Allen closing her down Goodacre stays composed claims the ball. Glover with a top class save at the other end to deny Schofield the ball played into the striker on with the ball she arrives at the top of the area Glover coming to close her down Schofield looks to prod the ball wide of her, almost succeeds Glover however manages somehow to get her foot in the way of the ball and deflect it away for a corner. 

 Stevenage bring the ball on possession on the right brings a corner kick the ball played into six yard box Sugg heading away for Hutton, out of the area Day with the looping header back in Martucci interested, Glover comes punching the ball away from the strikers head. Hutton get the ball forwards Walker on for Lowen a one tow with Allen the ball sent on for Lowen to chase right side McConville goes with her concedes the corner. 

  A late opportunity in the first half for Stevenage to take the lead, awarded a free-kick in a dangerous position left of centre Martucci with the right foot strike a superb effort the ball swerving as it flies in on target bring a magnificent save from Glover falling back as she throws her hand towards the ball the merest of touches diverting it onto the crossbar, rebounding back into play Hutton scramble away for the corner. Coming in from the right Glover is fouled as she comes for the ball right on the stroke of half-time.

Half-time Hutton Ladies 0-0 Stevenage Ladies Reserves

  Goalless at the break one side with a goal disallowed the other striking the bar a really interesting contest and proof that the form book can go out the window in a cup final. Stevenage haven’t really settled yet into any rhythm, frustrated, Hutton have worked well right across their side to pressure the ball and break up attacks have created opportunities themselves as they have been encouraged by their performance. Defending well at the back Glover with a couple of crucial saves. Stevenage know they can play better and will no doubt look to come out strong in the 2nd half. Hutton if they can duplicate what they have achieved in the 2nd half will be hard to break down.

Hannah Page, defending for Hutton Ladies

  Hutton kicking off the 2nd half start confidently Critchell bringing the ball on from the left looks to take the ball infield is tackled by Notschild. Stevenage build on the right the ball fed on for Schofield turns inside towards the goal into the area her shot in towards the near post not troubling Glover. Walker with good work in the midfield for Hutton gets her pass on for Lowen right side holds it up before turning her marker and sending in a cross long towards the far post just out of Allen’s reach. 

Keeley Walker for Hutton Ladies getting to the ball before Stevenage’s Becky Day

  Stevenage get froward on the left Schofield moving into the channel has the ball squares it inside to Evans 30 yards out central time to line up a strike pulls the effort wide of the left post. Schofield is covering alot for ground up top getting into good crossing positions for Stevenage, the final ball more often than not collected by Glover. Critchell is yellow carded as she tugs back Wood-Thompson trying to get inside her from the right. The free-kick from a wide position sent over the bar. Stevenage make a change Darling coming off to be replaced by Izzy McAree.

Stevenage Ladies Reserves captain, Sherrie Evans

  Martucci with an opportunity to play the ball in towards goal from a set-piece left of goal 30 yards out as Hutton with away a free-kick, her strike wide at the near post. Day come on with the ball for Stevenage on for Marshall has Schofield on her left giving her the ball she is tackled by Dimmock as she charges at the Hutton defence. Hutton’s Walker intercepts a cross from the left from Marshall getting back as Evans breaks forwards through the middle. 

 GOAL! Seemingly out of nothing the deadlock is broken and it’s Hutton who take the lead the ball brought on though the middle Hutton have players forwards lined up across the top of the Stevenage penalty area the ball is played into Lowen inside the D she flicks the ball on sending it looping up high into the area, dropping towards goal Goodacre back on her line tries to palm it out from under her crossbar her glove caught in the net can’t get to it as it drops past her into the goal, Hutton take the lead, everyone converges on Lowen in celebration so I had to check afterwards to be sure it was her 1-0.

  A valuable lead for Hutton. Stevenage look for a quick reply Day bringing the ball on the pass out to Martucci, Page coming across defending well for Hutton. Henning winning the ball as she moves forwards for Stevenage is allowed to travel with the ball has a pop at goal from distance her strike straight at Glover positioned central in the Hutton goal. Stevenage attack Evans getting the ball out to Schofield moving clear on the right a run at the Hutton defence cuts back inside getting into the box sends a fierce cross along the six yard box Martucci arriving far post meeting it sends the ball over the Hutton crossbar. 

Stevenage Ladies Reserves, Laura Henning

  Marshall attacks on the left for Stevenage runs into too many bodies as Hutton close the gap in front of her. The ball cleared is picked up by Henning and fired back in Martucci with the shot puts the ball straight at Glover the keeper with a comfortable save. Hutton make a change Crumpler coming off on comes Lucy Blurton. Hutton continue to work hard to break up the play, Page and Roberts both getting to the ball first as Stevenage play it forwards for Martucci and Marshall to chase down. 

Hannah Marshall with the ball for Stevenage Ladies Reserves

 Lowen receiving the ball as she breaks into the right channel looks to knock it past McAree, the Stevenage defender putting in the challenge to win the ball. Marshall left side fires a cross infield into Martucci position top corner of the Hutton box, shows great control to bring the ball down and swivel into the shot like so many others before it however the ball is straight into Glover positioned at her near post taking it low into her body. Hutton build an attack Walker on for Lowen central inside her is Allen playing the ball into her Walker has run on into the box Allen picking her out no shot on lays the ball back to Leo 25 yards out curls her shot up over the crossbar. 

Leo with another shot at goal moments later as Hutton attack with Lowen on the right squared across the top of the area with Walker central helped onto Leo she fires her strike up over the bar from the edge of the box. Leo with a 3rd effort in quick succession as Allen and Lowen work the ball forwards Lowen attempting to get on the end of Allen pass into the box favours Leo left of goal blasts the ball straight at Goodacre a great blocking save at close range the ball lose Stevenage get it clear of their box. Allen with a dipping volley from outside the box as the ball is put into her from a throw on the left her effort caught easily by Goodacre. 

Hutton Ladies, Patrizia Leo

  Glover with another fine save to deny Day as she hits the ball back in towards goal after Schofield’s initial shot from the right. Roberts with the near post header defends for Hutton from a Stevenage corner from the left. Stevenage with the change Day the player coming off Stef Cowell coming on with around 10 minutes left on the clock. McConville bringing the ball on for Stevenage inside to Martucci, she plays it on for Schofield her touch taking her inside a run at the box is brought down inside the D by Dimmock. A free-kick awarded Schofield has picked up an injury. Stevenage make the change before the free-kick Schofield helped off on comes Mary Lisle. 

  The set-piece just a foot outside the box. Martucci on it, a good effort gets the ball up over the wall but also narrowly over the crossbar too. Wood-Thompson is off for Stevenage with 5 minutes left to play Naomi Sleator coming on. Lowen finding room with the ball on the right cuts inside along the top of the box moving across the D gets a shot away back across goal wide of the post. 

Hutton Ladies, Rianne Dimmock

  Into the closing minutes of the match Hutton get a corner left side played in Evans puts it out near post for a 2nd corner this time Hutton try to hold it up in the corner. Stevenage regain possession fire the ball up to Martucci tries to turn inside run at the Hutton defence Page close on her winning the ball back. McConville with a late strike from distance is straight down Glover’s throat the keeper dropping down onto the ball. That’s it the final whistle blows and Hutton Ladies celebrate a 1-0 win to win the ERWFL Plate Final for the 2nd successive season.

Full time Hutton Ladies 1-0 Stevenage Ladies Reserves

  An impressive performance from Hutton Ladies don’t think they even believed they could do it at the start of the match but just like last season they overcame the odds to win the trophy. Encouraged early on pressing the ball well and defending strongly gained the belief that they could get something going forwards themselves. The winning goal coming in the 2nd half, Hutton looked comfortable afterwards with the narrow advantage. Stevenage created chances and got players forwards just didn’t get the luck of the green today. Glover in the way of anything they threw at her. Miss out on the double and will no doubt feel disappointed but must remember they have dominated the league this season and are the League Champions.

 Three trophys in two season’s for Hutton Ladies not a bad return at all.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  There were several contenders for the Women’s Football East – Player of the Match in today’s final and I knew my notes were going to have to help me out on this one. It was a strong all round team performance from Hutton in today’s Plate Final. The defence superb, Dimmock, Page and Crumpler. Walker impressed in midfield. The last line of any defence is the goalkeeper however and for Hutton Krissie Glover was behind everything Stevenage put into her box made a number of crucial saves too during the game and she is the ERWFL Plate Final’s Player of the Match. 

Hutton Ladies 2017/18 ERWFL Plate Winners

  Congratulations to Hutton Ladies on winning today’s ERWFL Plate Final.

  If that was the starter I can’t wait for the main course. Was a really entertaining final Hutton proving lightening can strike twice. My thanks to both teams for their help with the team line-ups. A little time to relax before the ERWFL League Cup Final kicks off.

Cup Final Report – Hutton Ladies v Silver End United Ladies

Essex Women’s Trophy Final

Sunday 8th April

 Saffron Walden Town FC the venue for today’s football action on Women’s Football East, another Cup Final this season’s Essex Women’s Trophy Final to be contested between Hutton Ladies and Silver End United Ladies. 

  A new format for the competition this season with the sides knocked out of the earlier rounds off the County Cup going on to contest for the Trophy. Today’s final between two sides that play there football in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League (ERWFL) Division One. The pair haven’t met in league action as geography see’s Silver End United Ladies play in the North section with Hutton Ladies in the South.

  For a 2nd successive season Hutton Ladies reach a cup final, having reached the ERWFL Plate Final last season beating Colney Heath Ladies to life the trophy. Reaching the Essex Women’s Trophy Final this time around are still in with a good chance of defending the ERWFL Plate too having reached the last four, that semi-final scheduled for next weekend at home to Histon Ladies. Struggled for numbers at the beginning of the season which eventually led to their Reserve side folding earlier in the season. Currently 4th in the league are like many sides in the region, have several games left to play following one of the wettest winters in recent season’s aswell as their run in the cups.

 Silver End United Ladies are one of the few sides who have played out there fixtures ending their league campaign last weekend today’s final is their last match competitive match of the season. Have had a difficult campaign in the league finishing bottom of the league having struggled for numbers and injuries at the start of the season. Danielle Warnes taking on the role of player-manager at the start of the season. Rebuilding and recruitment during the season recent form has improved and to reach the final of a competition at the end of their season is a fantastic achievement.

Road to the Final

  Both sides entering the Trophy in the first round were both up against young sides riding high in their 1st season’s in women’s football amongst the title chasers in Essex Women’s Division One. Hutton Ladies were away to Leigh Ramblers Ladies coming out on top in a close match winning 3-2 to reach the quarter finals. Silver End United Ladies were at home to Southend United Ladies a 2-0 victory seeing them into the last 8.

   Hutton Ladies were away in the quarter finals taking on Essex Women’s Premier Division side Collier Row Tigers a 2-1 win seeing them book their place in the last 4. Silver End United Ladies were handed an away win against Hutton Ladies Reserves side who have since folded. Hutton Ladies had a home draw in the semi-finals up against Essex Women’s Division One side Rayleigh Town Ladies another new name this season. A free scoring side, Hutton proved to strong the higher league placed side comfortably into the final with a 6-1 win. A closer looking game in paper for Silver End United Ladies in the semi-finals at home to the current holders of the play Essex Premier Division side, Frontiers Ladies. Silver End United Ladies started the better and leading 2-0 at half-time held off a Frontiers come back in the 2nd half to win the match 2-1 the reach the Trophy final.

  The venue for today’s game Saffron Walden Town FC a small stadium in the heart of the town, car parking available beside the ground. two small seated stands either side of the pitch. A large bar and clubhouse with rejoining kitchen serving hot food and drinks. Sadly the weather wasn’t playing ball this Sunday as again like so many others recently the day was overcast with heavy rain falling before the game. It rained all the way down from Norfolk so I wouldn’t have been surprised if the game was in doubt when I got there, but despite being muddy the pitch drains well and was okay for the final. 

Today’s prize, The Essex Women’s Trophy

Hutton Ladies starting XI – Krissie Glover, Nicola Walker, Kristi McLeavey, Hannah Page (C), Rianne Dimmock, Kaitlin Sugg, Amy Crumpler, Keeley Walker, Lucy Critchell, Kate Lowen & Laura Allen. Subs – Rhiannon Mallard-McHugh, Lucy Blurton, Hayley Critchell & Patrizia Leo.

Silver End United Ladies starting XI – Hannah Streetley, Emily Bambrick, Roxanne Gardner (C), Lindsey Cowell, Danielle Warnes, Danielle Bragg, Stephanie A’Len, Juliana Marques, Rebecca Donnelly, Megan Jiggins & Georgia Bryan. Subs – Laura Borein, Toni Brown, Jennifer Stanhope, Lisa Nepean & Angela Holden.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  The rain still falling as the teams walk out onto the pitch the presentations taking place it’s Silver End wearing light blue shirts with navy shorts and socks to kick-off the 1st half with Hutton lined up opposite in an all red kit with white across their shirt shoulders.Conditions are going to be slippery under foot with the amount of rain that has fallen the ground having already seen one final played today. Hutton win the ball early play it long out to Lucy Critchell breaking down the left wing, Silver End captain Roxanne Gardner at right back sliding in to make the challenge put the ball out for a throw.

Kaitlin Sugg holds Silver End, Danielle Bragg off the ball

   Kristi McLeavey winning the ball for Hutton looks to play Kate Lowen in ahead of her on the right taking the ball on down the line slips as she attempts to turn inside giving Emily Bambrick the opportunity to tackle and put the ball out for a throw deep on the right. McLeavey throws it long towards the edge of the Silver End area, Lindsey Cowell getting her head on the ball to clear for Silver End, they counter attack getting the ball up to their attackers, Megan Jiggins bringing the ball down passes it to Georgia Bryan to her left looking for the return pass put into her path as she looks to get in between the Hutton centre backs, Hannah Page, Hutton’s captain intercepts the pass. 

Hutton captain, Hannah Page with Silver End United Ladies, Megan Jiggins

   A free kick awarded wide on the right for Silver End a chance to put the ball into the area  a good delivery into the six yard box Hutton goalkeeper Krissie Glover does well under with a Silver End player closing her down to punch the ball away, the play halted the challenge deemed unfair against the goalkeeper, Glover takes the free-kick. McLeavey with another long throw in deep inside the Hutton half in the right the ball knocked on across the top of the area Lowen knocks it over the top with Laura Allen breaking in behind, the ball dropping wide of goal before she can get a telling touch. 

  Hutton have started the game the better pushing players forwards turning play around quickly no one is afforded any time on the ball the pass forwards Allen giving chase Danielle Warnes sliding in to win the ball. Silver End attack up the right Juliana Marques with the ball squared inside players clustering round the top of the area Jiggins with the strike in towards goal, Glover right behind it makes the comfortable save. 

  Silver End capitalise as a kick out of the area from Glover is intercepted on the right side the ball moved quickly into the middle Jiggins turning and sliding the ball on for Rebecca Donnelly 25 yards out the goal open hits the ball 1st time Glover scrambling to get back across arrives just in time to see the ball bounce wide of the post. A busy opening quarter hour play rushed as both sides move the ball on quickly, Silver End are on the attack, the ball won back by Keeley Walker in her own half the midfielder carries the ball forwards Allen making a good run ahead of her peeling away to the right receives the ball shooting from just outside the area her shot angling in towards goal is straight at Hannah Streetley the goalkeeper making the save. Gardner defends well up against Allen in the next Hutton attack as Walker looks to set her up moving left this time.

Plenty of mud out there

   Silver End break forwards players drifting into the middle, Donnelly is in space on the left the ball played forwards she gives chase towards the box, Glover comes rushing out to meet her sliding in to save at the attackers feet, the ball not gathered runs on behind Glover, Donnelly keeping her feet tries to get there McLeavey back on the cover shielding the ball as Glover gets back to smother the ball. Kaitlin Sugg with good hold up play moving towards the right for Hutton get the ball forwards for Allen running in behind, a cry of frustration as she sends her cross behind the Silver End goal.

Hutton Ladies, Rianne Dimmock

Up the other end Rianne Dimmock comes across from the middle of defence to put the ball out for a throw as Donnelly is looking to get in behind for Silver End on the left. Warns puts in the block as Lowen and Allen attempt the one two getting forwards down the right channel for Hutton. Streetley with a good save to deny Allen as Hutton push on down the left the diagonal ball missed by the Silver End defence running onto Allen clear into the box pulls the trigger looking to put the shot back across the keeper Streetley getting a glove on the ball to deflect it away.

Hutton Ladies, Kate Lowen

  Hutton look lively breaking forwards through the middle Walker on for Lowen takes a run at the Silver End defence, Bambrick blocking her shot the rebound coming out to Amy Crumpler she attempts the slide the through ball on for Allen, a little too much on the ball Streetley can get out of her goal to gather at the top of her area. 

GOAL! Approaching the half hour mark the dead lock is broken as Hutton score the opening goal of the final, pressing forwards through the middle Sugg on the ball riding a tackle from Jiggins as appeals are made for the free-kick Sugg finds herself with time and space on the ball 35 yards out takes on the shot her lobbed effort flying over Streetley to land in the back of the net 1-0. 

Hutton Ladies’ Kaitlin Sugg

Crumpler bringing the ball on through the middle after breaking up at Silver End attack looks to exploit a high defensive line a defensive slip seeing Allen run in behind the flag up against Hutton as Lowen is caught offside. Both sides make a change, Toni Brown coming on for Bambrick for Silver End, Hayley Critchell on for Lucy Critchell for Hutton. Stephanie A’Len bringing the ball on for Silver End through the middle support to her right with Marques the ball dinked over the top of the Hutton defence deflected wide brings the 1st corner of the match. Played in from the right a good delivery an equally good claim from Glover jumping at her near post. 

A’Len getting on with the ball at her feet again through the middle has Donnelly breaking clear on the left wing taking the ball on up the line squares a cross in towards the near post Jiggins closing in as Glover goes down to save the ball put wide looks to come off the keeper but a goal kick is awarded. Into the closing minutes of the 1st half a throw deep on the right for Silver End the ball played into the area Bryan holding in the ball up right of the goal attempts to lay it back for the advancing runner, Hutton defend the ball deflected wide across the six yard box Jiggins retrieves left side swings a low cross back into the six yard box, Glover down low lays claim to the ball. 

  Last attack of the half as Hutton break the ball rolled on for Lowen to take on jinking left then right takes on the Silver End defence moving right gets a shot away from inside the box, Streetley is a tall goalkeeper plucks the ball down safely at her near post.

Half-time Hutton Ladies 1-0 Silver End United Ladies

  That 1st half passed very quickly the ball wasn’t still for a second both sides eager to get forwards, play broken up in midfield space is available if the pass can find the runner. Both goalkeepers producing saves. A single goal the difference between the sides a narrow advantage for Hutton a well taken goal by Sugg to put them ahead. Silver End far from out of the game plenty to look forwards to in the 2nd half.

Tackle avoidance, Hutton’s Amy Crumpler evades Megan Jiggins slide in the mud

A change for both sides at half-time. Both in attack, Patrizia Leo is on for Hutton in place of Lowen. Angela Holden is on for Silver End in place of Bryan. Hutton to get the 2nd half underway. Silver End win the ball and counter the pass long out to Donnelly on the left wins a corner kick. Players forwards as the delivery comes in from the left knocked on across the face of goal falls to Holden from close range her shot is blocked deflected behind for a corner on the right. A good ball in low across the top of the six yard box, no one challenging Glover as she drops forwards onto the ball. 

Silver End United Ladies captain, Roxanne Gardner

  Bragg with a excellent tackle to get hold of the ball for Silver End in the centre on for A’Len she runs with the ball before looking to slide Jiggins in on goal Sugg tracking back is able to shield the ball back to her goalkeeper. A free-kick on halfway for Hutton players up to the top of the area as Crumpler plays it forwards the headed clearance coming back to her as she advances takes a shot fro distance her effort blocked Sugg trying to get on the end of the rebound Silver End launch the ball up field. 

  Crumpler plays the ball on for Critchell getting clear on the left closing in on the byline sends a low cross in towards the six yard box Streetley gets to it first. A’Len with the ball on for Jiggins she is tackled by Walker, the game becoming a little stretched, Silver End knowing they are not out of it sense they can pull the scores level Hutton know they need another goal. Critchell sees another cross in from the left race across the Silver End six yard box. Walker does enough to stop A’Len as the Silver End midfielder looks to press on with the ball. The ball not cleared the diagonal ball is fired in towards the far post Marques closing in, Glover gets out ahead of her to take the ball. 

Silver End United Ladies, Stephanie A’Len

 Leo on the attack right side fires and early ball into the area a difficult ball for Streetley to deal with gets a glancing touch on the ball in the middle of her six yard box to knock the ball on to the left side Critchell after it regains possession hitting a shot in on the turn, Streetley has her near post covered by then is well placed to make the save. Silver End launch a rapid counter the ball on through the middle Bragg on for Jiggins on the move takes on the early shot outside the area Glover behind it all the way safely gathers. 

Straight up the other end the ball played out to Critchell on the left side knocks the ball inside 25 yards out sends a shot in towards goal the rising ball heading for the top corner Streetley makes the save knocking the ball down and away for the corner. The corner delivered low in towards the near post is cleared. Silver End make another change Marques the player coming off on comes Jennifer Stanhope. Silver End are pushing fro the equaliser with 20 minutes of the game left Leo attacking with the ball right side turns in field is tackled by Brown on the edge of the box. Hutton make another change the Critchell’s switching places once again Lucy back on for Hayley. 

 GOAL! Crumpler has the ball at her feet running towards the Silver End goal his fouled by Bragg in a dangerous position 25 yards out central to goal. It’s Crumpler to take the set-piece strikes it superbly the ball curled over the wall finding the top right hand corner of the goal to double Hutton’s lead with less than a quarter of an hour to play 2-0. 

Hutton Ladies, Amy Crumpler

Crumpler involved in the build up once more as Hutton push on taking the ball on through the middle lays the pass out to Leo on the right her early diagonal ball low into the box evades Streetley the ball heading for the goal beyond the Silver End defence back tracking the ball is cleared off the line by Warnes. A throw high on the left for Hutton into Critchell plays the pass from the top of the area 25 yards out on for Allen she takes the ball on shapes too shoot her standing foot going out from under her as she doe so the ball running wide of the far post as a result. A free-kick for Silver End as Gardner is fouled inside her own half almost all go forwards towards the Hutton penalty area. Hutton make a change Crumpler coming off, Lucy Blurton comes on.

 GOAL! Closing in on the final 5 minutes of the match and Silver End set up a tense finish to the final as they pull a goal back. The ball played up towards the top left corner of the area Hutton don’t get it clear as Silver End pressure the ball the cross is fired into the middle of the area, A’Len meeting it sends the ball past the keeper into the back of the goal to make it 2-1.

  Jiggins plays the ball on for Donnelly looking to come inside to attack the box from the left Dimmock gets there first to clear the ball over her own crossbar for the corner. Allen finds space on the left as the ball is won in midfield by Walker. Shoots from 25 yards out her low ball in gathered by Streetley. Silver End make another substitution Bragg the player coming off, Lisa Nepean on. Nicola Walker gets forwards on the left in support of Allen the attacker getting the ball into her the full back squares a cross into the area intercepted by Warnes. Allen chases the ball into the corner eating up valuable seconds.

Silver Ends, Jennifer Stanhope tackles Hutton’s Nicola Walker

  Silver End bring off Gardner late on sending Laura Borein on a straight swap at right back. Donnelly sends a shot over the Hutton cross bar after the referee plays the advantage as she runs onto the ball after Jiggins is fouled in the middle. The last chance of the match as the final whistle blows and Hutton Ladies celebrate winning the Essex Women’s Trophy.

Full time Hutton Ladies 2-1 Silver End United Ladies

  Despite the horrible conditions an entertaining final played at a furious pace both sides never finding any time on the ball. Hutton leading 1-0 at half time were in need of a 2nd goal as Silver End pushed for a reply in the 2nd half, Amy Crumpler’s superb free-kick doubling the advantage. Silver End never gave up though and pulling it back to 2-1 made Hutton work for the result. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Sometimes it can be an easy decision… but more often then not it’s a tough one picked a Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. A committed battle in the centre of the park play broken up by both sides, plenty of good forwards movement too. One player slightly ahead of the rest and consistent throughout was Hutton’s Amy Crumpler and add on to that her excellent free-kick the make it 2-0 she wins today’s Player of the Match award. 

Essex Women’s Trophy winners 17/18, Hutton Ladies

Congratulations to Hutton Ladies on winning this season’s Essex Women’s Trophy Final.

 To Silver End United Ladies congratulations too, a cup final to end a difficult season for the club.

  Plenty more games left to squeeze in before the end of the season and possibly some dry ones too. Enjoyed the final despite the weather my thanks to the Essex FA and both the clubs for their assistance today. 

Match Report – Hutton Ladies v Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

 The midweek football action continued on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog with a Friday night fixture popping up on the calendar, another trip to Essex this time to the John Hornby School in Basildon to watch the ERWFL Division One game between Hutton Ladies & Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies.

Match Report – Hutton Ladies v Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

  Friday night football on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog another trip down into Essex to watch more women’s football from the ERWFL, this time in Division One with Hutton Ladies playing Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies.

  Hutton Ladies are the home side for tonight’s fixture usually play their home fixtures at the Basildon Sports Club a short distance away. Are an established side in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League set-up. Were among the title chasers last season in the old ERWFL Division One West, one of the few sides in the ERWFL I’ve yet to see play. Also have a Reserves side competing in the Essex Women’s Premier Division. 

  Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies are late to the season didn’t start their league campaign until this Sunday earn’t a point scoring with the final kick of the ball at home to newly promoted Wymondham Town Ladies in a 3-3 draw. Aren’t running a Reserves side this season, the club however has a large squad to pick from. Are looking push on this season challenge for promotion to the ERWFL Premier Division.

  A rearranged fixture from the start of the season with both sides having players unavailable, partying at the V festival. A Friday night kick-off the easiest way to secure a 3G pitch with floodlighting. The venue for tonight’s game the John Hornby School in Basildon, I have been here before only I hadn’t remembered because it was during a hurricane for my 1st match of 2016 when only 4 fixtures survived the weather got soaked through watching Billericay Town Ladies v Acle United Ladies. Is a decent sized 3G pitch with room for supporters to stand beside safely beside it. The weather much improved dry the evening still humid but cooling.

  Hutton Ladies starting XI – Krissie Glover, Danielle Jennings, Rianne Dimmock, Kelly Roberts (C), Hannah Page, Rhiannon Mallard-McHugh, Jessica Tuffen, Laura Allen, Amy Crumpler, Hayley Critchell & Danielle Cliffe.
  subs – Kaitlin Sugg & Keeley Walker.

  Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies starting XI – Jasmine Brooker, Courtney Fraser, Eloise Ives, Danielle Styles, Taylor Parrish, Abbie Simmonds (C), Kerri Thomas, Robyn Mudd, Libby Clarke, Georgia Fraser & Sophie Dowman.

  subs – Naomi Hayes, Taylor Adcock, Sophie Darkins, Katy Judd & Patrizia Leo

(roll on roll off substitutes)

   The floodlights starting to come on it’s Little Thurrock to kick-off the 1st half, wearing black and orange shirts, black shorts and socks with Hutton lined up opposite in an all red kit with white collar and trim on the shirts. The ball is sent long out towards the left wing early on, Hutton get possession and look to try the same up the other end of the pitch. An energetic start from both sides the ball is exchanged between the sides without the precision needed to pick anyone out. 
  Krissie Glover keeping goal for Hutton is quick to react get out to the edge of her box as Little Thurrock captain, Abbie Simmonds in the centre of midfield plays the ball in behind the defence for Sophie Dowman to chase, the keeper getting hold of the ball launching a counter move the ball into Rianne Dimmock on the left played down the line for Hayley Critchell tries to knock it past the Little Thurrock defence get down the wing, Taylor Parrish from centre back comes to tackle put the ball out for a throw. 
  Neither side is letting the other have time on the ball, closing down in midfield, Laura Allen for Hutton turn cleverly evade a challenge, brings the ball on into the Little Thurrock half threads the ball between the opposition defence, goalkeeper Jasmine Glover is out to the top of her area to gather before Danielle Cliffe can reach it in attack for Hutton. Cliffe back to goal 25 yards out holds the ball up pushing it back to Amy Crumpler coming forwards to support her, has Critchell to her left looking to make a run in behind the Little Thurrock defence, tries to play her in over the top, the pass too straight is easily gathered by Brooker.
  GOAL! Little Thurrock push forwards win a corner on the right, players coming up from the back gathering at the far post area. Is a fantastic delivery into the box flashed with pace across the six yard box, straight at Danielle Styles hits the ball on the volley a sweet strike to send the ball back across the goal face and over the line 0-1.
   Plenty of zip and bounce on the artificial playing surface, Little Thurrock using the width Robyn Mudd attacking up the left wing driving on with the ball keeping Hutton right back Danielle Jennings busy. On the left side attacking for Hutton, Critchell is constantly looking to play the ball around the full back run in behind, but Parrish is always there to get across and tackle beyond. Hutton have a throw deep in the Little Thurrock half, Crumpler puts the ball into Cliffe standing outside the top left corner of the box rolls it into the path of the advancing Dimmock who looks to curl her cross into the area, too close to the keeper who catches it near post.
  Little Thurrock have settled into the game quicker than Hutton closing the ball down better, the back four dropping back as a unit the midfield squeezing the ball forcing Hutton to play it backwards rather than forwards. Kelly Roberts, Hutton’s captain makes a vital interception at the back cutting out a Simmonds diagonal pass that would have seen Georgia Fraser clear to run in behind. When Hutton do go forwards Crumpler has space in the midfield as Little Thurrock drop off her, keeping tabs with those breaking forwards limiting the passing options. Crumpler very nearly threads the ball through the eye of the needle as Critchell tries cutting back inside through the centre Parrish just manages to get a toe on the ball to push it away from her.
  Getting up the left wing for Little Thurrock, Mudd gets her side a throw in, players push up the line the ball thrown long into the crowd, Dowman spins off the back knocking the ball on into the area gives chase, Hannah Page coming the other way gets to it 1st launching it out of the area for Hutton. Change for Hutton Rhiannon Mallard-McHugh comes off with Keeley Walker coming on. Little Thurrock make a substitution too, Katy Rudd on for Dowman. Hutton are awarded a free kick in a dangerous position a couple of yards outside the box on the left side indirect, Tuffen shifts it for Crumpler her strike is charged down by Simmonds the ball spins away to the right, Critchell puts her foot through it right of the D, the shot screws away from goal.
  Kerri Thomas is high up the pitch on the left side as Mudd driving forwards with the ball gets another throw in send long again Thomas receives turns inside and shoots from the top corner of the box, aiming near post Glover is behind it all the way makes the save. Thomas does well for Little Thurrock in the middle controlling the ball with her head before knocking it out to Eloise Ives on the right, she sends a long diagonal ball up towards the top of the area for Fraser, has Roberts with her the defender out muscling her headers the ball back to her keeper.
  Critchell pressing up the left forces Little Thurrock to concede the corner kick. Players come forward from the back taken from the left goes long, Roberts is under it can’t get her head on the ball, Little Thurrock clear it, Allen picks it up for Hutton 30 yards out hitting the shot on the half volley, is off target. Little Thurrock bring on Patrizia Leo in place of Ives. A corner late in the 1st half for Little Thurrock on the left the ball is fizzed into the area with pace Simmonds with the header places the ball over the crossbar.

Half-time Hutton Ladies 0-1 Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

  A narrow lead for Little Thurrock at half-time, in a 1st half that has seen little goal mouth action. Scoring from a set-piece have done well as a unit to frustrate Hutton and close the ball limit their attacks. A narrow lead Hutton have come forwards well enough but been a little slow in their build up play allowing Little Thurrock plenty of time to get organised cut out the final ball. It’s Hutton to kick-off the 2nd half.
 Hutton play the ball up into the right channel win a corner straight away in the 2nd half, the ball into the box is cleared by Courtney Fraser as Little Thurrock launch a rapid counter attack the final ball hit with too much pace for Judd to get to is gathered by Glover inside the Hutton box. Judd involved in the next Little Thurrock attack the ball sent into the box from the right by Simmonds, Judd bursting into that side of goal sees the ball drop over hr shoulder, but trying to hep it goal wards does get a good connection with the ball runs on for Glover to scoop up.
  Roberts is down in her area with a muscle injury, needs to come off to recover, Kaitlin Sugg comes on. Mudd and Judd link up well on the left side, the former winning a corner off Jennings. Another good delivery fired into the area with pace behind it, too close to the keeper this time, Glover with a confident claim. Hutton’s frustration grows are a little static Cliffe goes down injured as she and Simmonds tussle for the ball in the middle of the park an ankle injury can’t continue, is carried off, Roberts recovered from her knock ready to return to the action. Little Thurrock bring off Mudd send on Sophie Darkins.
   Hutton have alot of players up the pitch for a throw on the left, the ball is won back by Little Thurrock who attack quickly the ball given to Simmonds on half-way carries it on into the Hutton half Judd sprints forwards to her right wanting the ball played into the area, Simmonds tries the diagonal ball, Page in between the pair well positioned to intercept. 
  Simmonds is seeing alot of the ball 2nd half for Little Thurrock bringing it on down the right is brought down the referee playing the advantage as Courtney Fraser latches onto the loose ball takes it in behind the Hutton defence, lifts the cross into the box Glover coming towards the ball gets a firm hold of the ball at hr near post. Judd is flagged offside for Little Thurrock as Darkins attempts the ball through the middle of the Hutton defence.
  Critchell hasn’t stopped running on the left for Hutton, has found it tough to get in behind the Little Thurrock defence the throws conceded are adding up, from one of those the ball is dropped into the feet of Hutton’s Sugg shifts it and spinning inside drives towards the area before blasting a shot on the angle into the side netting. 
  GOAL! Little Thurrock double their advantage keeping up their pressing game the ball is won inside the Hutton half, Simmonds races forwards through the middle looking to support Judd as the attacker finds an extra burst of energy to get her clear of Page at the back, reaching the top of the area holds it up as the keeper starts to come Page gets back too, The ball popping out from the pair just as Simmonds arrives her touch taking it beyond everyone and into the back of the net 0-2.
   Glover comes out sliding in to save the ball at the feet of Judd as she breaks into the area from the right one more played in by Darkins. The corner deliveries from Little Thurrock have been excellent something they have been working hard at in training recently. Have a corner the ball in from the left is along the six yard box met by Parrish who heads it back across goal, Hutton have players marking the posts the ball is headed clear back into the box, after a scramble a 2nd corner is conceded, swung in too close to the keeper this time Glover calls for it and claims.
  Simmonds latches onto a goal kick takes a stride with the ball then unleashes a shot right of the goal 30 yards along the ground Glover a little off guard, flicks out a boot to gets something on the ball deflects it wide across her area conceding the corner.
  GOAL! Little Thurrock are on top at this point in the 2nd half creating chance extend their lead to 3 with another well taken corner, fired in long again dissecting the six yard box it’s Styles up from the back who stoops to send a bullet of a header into the back of the net 0-3.
  Little Thurrock rotate their players making plenty of changes, Naomi Hayes coming on for Thomas. Dowman comes on for Simmonds. Critchell taking the ball up the left for Hutton, turns inside finding a half yard for a shot fires the ball in towards goal on target, Brooker is behind it palms the ball down and collects. Little Thurrock are awarded a free-kick inside the Hutton half 35 yards from goal, Georgia Fraser never-the-less takes on the shot places her effort over the bar. Ives returns the the field for Little Thurrock Fraser rested. 
  A mistake at the back from Brooker handling the ball outside her box gives Hutton an indirect free-kick right on the edge of the area, left side the ball is shifted for Crumpler to blast goal-wards powers the ball wide across the face of goal. 
  GOAL! Not long after Hutton do pull a goal back from a dead ball, have players up around the Little Thurrock area the ball is knocked into the box the referee spots a hand ball and points to the spot. Dimmock to take the penalty, sends the ball into the back lifting the ball to the keepers right 1-3. A little under 10 minutes plus stoppage to play.
  GOAL! No sooner have Hutton gotten a goal back then Little Thurrock go up the other end and add a 4th goal. A free-kick is give out wide right players pile forwards into the box the delivery is sent long Glover back pedalling as the ball looks to be going straight in top corner far post players converge from both sides the keeper can’t keep it out collides with the post the ball is over the line, Judd credited with the goal 1-4
  The goal has floored Hutton have 2 players down injured both including goalkeeper Glover are OK to continue little time left to play in the game into a lengthy period of injury time, Little Thurrock continue to press forwards the ball comes into the feet of Ives in space in a central position outside the box puts her foot through the ball powering it goalwards, Dimmock is pole-axed briefly as she drops to block the shot with her head deflecting it away for the corner. The set-piece is cleared the referee blowing the final whistle.    
Full-time Hutton Ladies 1-4 Little Thurrock Dynamos Ladies

  A 4-1 win for Little Thurrock, fully deserved put in a good performance full of energy, closing the ball down well and defensively solid keeping a good shape at the back. A real threat from set-pieces some quality balls from dead ball situations, pick up their 1st win of the season to move onto 4 points and join the chasing pack behind leaders Cambridge City Ladies. The opposite for Hutton a lack-lustre performance never really got going and heads dropped too early 2nd half. Showed some promising build up play the final ball needed to be put in quicker too often Little Thurrock were allowed to get back into position. Stay on 4 points in the chasing pack too, early days yet in the season..
 My thanks to both clubs for their help with the sides tonight, appreciated as always.