Match Report – King’s Lynn Town Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

Not a coat or umbrella in sight the sun cream applied a trip across to the west of Norfolk this Sunday to watch a top of the table clash from Norfolk Women’s Division One just a point between leaders Thorpe United Ladies & King’s Lynn Town Ladies in 2nd going into the game, the hottest day of the year and it’s only April, plenty of action in this one..

Match Report – King’s Lynn Town Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

  Hot and sunny! Haven’t said that to often at the start of a new match report on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog. A top of the table clash in Norfolk Women’s Division One this Sunday as leaders Thorpe United Ladies travel west across the county to play 2nd placed King’s Lynn Town Ladies just a point between the sides.

  8 teams in the Norfolk Women’s Division One this season playing each other 3 times most sides having completed 2 thirds of their games still alot of football to be played, nothing will be decided to day however it could give one side or the other a huge advantage along with next weekends reverse fixture. 3rd placed North Walsham Angels and 4th placed Bungay Town Ladies 5 and 6 points off top spot themselves aren’t out of the race yet and will be interested observers.

  King’s Lynn Town Ladies began their season at Thorpe United Ladies and won’t thank me for reminding them they suffered a heavy defeat. However since then King’s Lynn have gone unbeaten in the league, 6 straight wins followed, 10 in total now with 2 draws in their 13 games played have led the table themselves this season as their opponents suffered from postponements. Could yet be a league and cup double for King’s Lynn having reached the final of the Norfolk Ladies Plate. Captain, Shelley Woods is way out in front as the leagues top goalscorer closing in on 50 goals so far this season.

  Thorpe United Ladies looked like they were going to take some stopping at the start of the season leading the way winning 9 league games in a row before their run was halted away to Bungay Town Ladies. A win and 2nd loss followed, taking over at the top again last time out a point clear of King’s Lynn both having played 13 games in the league. A double on for King’s Lynn, it could be a treble for Thorpe United as they have reached both the finals of the Ladies League Cup and Norfolk Women’s County Cup where they are the defending cup holders. However the challenge will test the Thorpe United squad to the max as the finals have been scheduled to take place just 2 days apart!

   River Lane Playing Fields in Gaywood, King’s Lynn the venue for today’s match. A beautiful day, temperatures into the twenties, sun cream needed and not a coat or umbrella in sight. A good covering of grass on today’s pitch firm underfoot. Sunny skies however there is a strong breeze blowing across the pitch from one goal to the other.

  King’s Lynn Town Ladies starting XI – Christina Vivas, Vikttorija Burkauskaite, Lisa Wilson, Albany Hodgson, Millie Wilson, Millie Hopkisson, Becky Russell, Emma Woods Tegan Wheeler, Shelley Woods (C) & Josie Turner.
  subs – Natalie Bunton, Amy Gillon & Leanne Keeley-Smith

  Thorpe United Ladies starting XI – Cara Anderson, Bethan Sommerfield, Olivia Mungham-Gray, Lisa-Marie Riches, Lauren Kett, Alice Ford, Sophie Jermy, Laura Hedtke, Vivian Moyo, Shanice Sutton & Rebekah Lake (C).

  subs – Nicole Read, Chelsea Clarke & Jade Powell.

 (roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s Thorpe to get the 1st half underway wearing dark pink shirts with black across the top of the sleeves, black shorts and pick socks. King’s Lynn lined up opposite wearing yellow shirts with a blue and white band across the front, blue shorts and socks have the breeze at their backs 1st half, new signing Tegan Wheeler recently joining King’s Lynn from Spalding United U18s Girls starting in midfield for the home side, Leanne Keeley-Smith on the bench looking to make her 1st appearance for King’s Lynn today.

  Getting hold of the ball early King’s Lynn look to play the ball out to Wheeler making a move into the right channel, looking to turn in field take the ball in towards the box, Thorpe full back, Olivia Mungham-Gray closes Wheeler down putting in a crunching tackle to win the ball back. The ball played up the pitch for Shanice Sutton comes together with King’s Lynn’s Emma Woods a bit of shoving as they regain their feet the referee quick to blow up call them over and issue a warning to both.

  The ball is rolled into the feet of King’s Lynn captain Shelley Woods as she looks to make a run down the left closing in on the area, Thorpe right back Bethan Sommerfield goes to ground stretching her leg to take the ball away from the striker concede the 1st corner of the game. The corner goes long bouncing out of play without a touch at the far post. A bright start form King’s Lynn, Becky Russell who used to play for Thorpe getting forwards linking up with Wheeler as the ball is brought out to the right another corner won the ball is fired in low towards the near post Thorpe have it covered launch the ball clear. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Becky Russell

  Russell is all over the pitch in the opening minutes left then right side on the ball from the left looks to thread a ball into the box for Josie Turner, is intercepted by Thorpe’s Lisa-Marie Riches her clearance lands at the feet of Wheeler 25 yards out sends a shot in towards goal, Cara Anderson keeping goal for Thorpe today is right behind it sees the ball safely into her gloves.

Tegan Wheeler looking to get forwards for King’s Lynn Town Ladies
 GOAL! Capitalising on their start, King’s Lynn preventing Thorpe from getting the ball beyond the midfield the ball closed down quickly and the inch rule ball through the middle has Turner running in behind on the shoulder of centre back Lauren Kett both racing towards the area, their is contact Kett ends up on the ground Thorpe want the foul, Turner keeps going into the box slides the ball past the static Anderson into the bottom corner to hand the home side the lead in the 8th minute 1-0.
 GOAL! No sooner have King’s Lynn taken the lead however Thorpe come right back at them with an almost immediate response winning the ball on the right side played into the feet of Vivian Moyo she slides the ball in towards the top corner of the area, Thorpe captain Rebekah Lake playing off the shoulder of the last defender makes the run in behind looking to get onto the end of the ball, King’s Lynn goalkeeper, Christina Vivas comes rushing out to close her down, Lake reaching the ball 1st sends the lob over the keeper and into the back of the net beyond 1-1.
 GOAL! A complete turn around 4 minutes after conceding Thorpe not only equalise but go on to take the lead! King’s Lynn are looking to push on up their right the ball is closed down with space in behind both Lake and Sutton make runs to the left as the ball is played forwards, Sutton gets there 1st taking the ball on into the box Vivas comes Sutton looks to send the ball low past her right into the near post, the goalkeeper diving to her right gets a glove on the ball pushing it away from goal but it is still alive Sutton goes after it the angle going away from her defenders rushing back sends the shot in on target, King’s Lynn defender, Millie Wilson almost gets there to clear the ball off the line but her effort is in vain 1-2.

Thorpe United Ladies, Shanice Sutton

  A vital header from Wilson moments to stop Thorpe getting through on goal for another shooting opportunity as midfielder Alice Ford drives forwards with the ball having won it out on the right coming inside 30 yards out looks to put the ball in towards the top of the box, Wilson gets her head on the ball if she hadn’t Lake drifting in behind would have be through on goal. A busy start to the match the breeze has gotten stronger a physical game developing on the pitch. 

  Shelley Woods is given the ball from midfield moving out wide left sends the diagonal ball into the near post area with Turner providing the run, Riches sliding in throws herself at the ball reaching it 1st clears the threat. Thorpe deal with the resulting corner kick. Attacking down the right King’s Lynn get the corner kick Turner plays the ball into Russell coming towards the ball near side, Ford on her won’t let Russell turn and shoot the ball is deflected back towards Emma Woods top of the area, her shot is closed down the deflected ball coming back out to Turner on the right plays it long across the face of goal Shelley Woods putting the ball over the line at the far post however the flag is raised against her for offside. 

  Sutton has taken a knock for Thorpe the visitors make a change bringing on Jade Powell. Not long after King’s Lynn make their 1st change Emma Woods making way for Natalie Bunton. Thorpe cut an opening through the middle of the park the ball over the top Lake shoots early Vivas diving low to her right pushes the ball away from her goal conceding the corner. An injury to Thorpe’s Sophie Jermy, she comes off to be replaced by Chelsea Clarke. Turner comes off for King’s Lynn up front Millie Hopkisson pushed further forwards as Leanne Keeley-Smith comes on for her 1st appearance for King’s Lynn.

  Clarke gets into the action straight away hassling King’s Lynn as they try to bring the ball out winning possession her diagonal ball putting the King’s Lynn centre backs under pressure struggling to get control, Lake is ready to pounce inside the D her snap shot whistling over the crossbar. Nobody is thinking about the guy trying to write notes on the side of the pitch the action is soon up the other end, the ball from Lisa Wilson into Russell ahead of her on the left played on for Shelley Woods making a charge for the Thorpe area, Kett lunges in to win the ball take it off her toes for a throw.

King’s Lynn’s Vikttorija Burkauskaite with Thorpe United’s Chelsea Clarke

  An action game, Vikttorija Burkauskaite closes the ball down and wins it for King’s Lynn at right back sends the threaded ball up the line for Bunton has Hopkisson in field plays the pass into her breaking forwards fires the ball up towards the D with Shelley Woods making the run from the left side chests the ball down into the area Riches goes with her gets fouled as Woods tries to get a shot away the ball running out of play.

Thorpe United Ladies captain Rebekah Lake looking to get a shot away

  Lake is a nightmare for defenders to deal with specialises in playing off the shoulder you just never know which one to look over. Small of stature but rapid from a standing start the ball is played over the top peeling away to the left Lake controlling the ball well looks to sends the ball across the face of goal towards the far post, Albany Hodgson throws herself into the path of the ball making the block deflects back to Clarke outside the box space to her right, has the vision to control and drill the ball in low towards the opposite post Vivas seeing it late does well diving to her right to save and pull the ball into her body.

Half-time King’s Lynn Town Ladies 1-2 Thorpe United Ladies

  A busy 1st half King’s Lynn starting on the front foot taking the early lead only for Thorpe to come straight back at them equalise then take the lead with 4 minutes. Has been a competitive contest, physical from both sides a bit of banter two which isn’t fazing either side both can give as good as they get. End to end no one getting any time on the ball Vivas with a couple of saves to keep the deficit down the a single goal for King’s Lynn all to play for 2nd half.
  King’s Lynn to get the 2nd half underway, Wilson also off at left back, Burkauskaite coming over to that side with Amy Gillon on at right back. A few testing balls put long at the start defences clearing the ball. King’s Lynn win a free-kick inside the centre circle, Hodgson on the ball sends t long up into the area Anderson not distracted by the on coming runners gathers the ball cleanly. Hopkisson makes a move to the right outside the box as Wheeler wins the ball slides her in, Anderson comes rushing out towards the attacker makes the block with her legs as she pulls the trigger the ball deflecting away for a throw.
 GOAL! The throw in level with the top of the box is taken quickly played into Wheeler the cross comes in going long towards the far post players over for the throw, Shelley Woods arrives unmarked to header the ball in from close range to put King’s Lynn back on level terms 2-2. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies captain, Shelley Woods

  A good start to the 2nd half from King’s Lynn, getting bodies forwards, Keeley-Smith playing the ball on for Russell, Hopkisson to her left looks to pick out Woods, Kett intercepts the pass. The physical contest continues the referee again calming thing’s down.

 GOAL! Just like the 1st half after conceding Thorpe aren’t long in finding a response pushing forwards the ball played into the feet of Laura Hedtke 25 yards out right of goal has Lake peeling into space on the wing that side rolls the ball into her path continues her run into the box, Lake cuts the ball back to Hedtke who leaning back hits it first tie sending her shot looping up and over Vivas into the back of the net 3-2.

 GOAL! What are the odds of the same thing happening in the space of 2 halves of football, well they do like the 1st half after conceding Thorpe respond with 2 quickfire goals. On the counter attack Thorpe go forwards the ball with Powell in the centre of midfield his lifted over the top for Lake breaking into the area on the right side seeing the ball across her body strikes it on the bounces her looping ball flying in towards goal, Vivas throws her gloves up reacting quickly but doesn’t get enough of the ball to stop it falling behind her into the back of the net as Lake scores her 2nd of the match making it 4-2.

Thorpe United Ladies captain Rebekah Lake (central) always looking to break forwards

  Straight from the restart King’s Lynn get the ball forwards into Woods moving right hits the shot early on the angle her effort sailing over the bar. Thorpe attack through the middle, Hedtke onto Powell long for Lake moving into the right channel, her ball squared into the area no one making a central run, Keeley-Smith able to clear far post. Lake wins Thorpe a corner on the right the ball high into the box headed clear by Millie Wilson falls outside the box Powell onto the ball 25 yards out fires a shot in towards goal, Vivas behind it collects on the bounce inside her six yard box. 

 Russell gets hold of possession in the middle of the park has Shelley Woods ahead of her making a run left to right across the face of the area, plays the ball forwards, in a race to reach it before Thorpe’s Kett hurdles over the defender as she goes to ground inside the D taking a blow to the back of her head off Woods’ knee play is stopped so she can receive treatment both sides taking the opportunity to take on fluids. Kett needs a moment to recover Nicole Read comes on albeit briefly this time around.

  Pushing forwards down the right players supporting Lake she wins her side a throw in taken quickly put into the path of Powell as she reaches the top right-hand corner of the box is falling back as she looks to turn and sends the ball goalwards slices her attempt wide. King’s Lynn bring Wheeler off send Lisa Wilson back on with a little over 15 minutes of the 2nd half left to play. Russell charging the ball down 30 yards out continues her run the ball now deflected into her path shoots from 25 yards out Anderson well placed in her goal to get her body behind the strike. Read comes on again this time to replace Hedtke in the centre of midfield. 

  Turner rejoins the action for King’s Lynn replacing Hodgson as both sides continue to press for a goal. King’s Lynn have upped the tempo pressing Thorpe inside their own half looking to pull a goal back Woods is fouled as she jumps for the ball outside the box Kett winning the header but adjudged to have taken the player too.

 GOAL! A dangerous position 25 yards out right of goal, Shelley Woods on the ball takes on the shot a great strike arrowing across the diving keeper to nestle into the back of the net to pull it back to 3-4.

  A nervy finish on the cards into the last five minutes King’s Lynn having regained momentum drive forwards, Hopkisson through the middle on for Woods inside the D lays it out to Lisa Wilson on her left, looks to fire the ball in across the face of the six yard box the ball is cleared by Thorpe out for a throw on the far side, King’s Lynn keep pressing are awarded a free-kick that side. Woods to take goes for goal again flashes inches wide of the far post. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Lisa Wilson

  The game moves into stoppage time King’s Lynn have a corner kick on the right side players up into the box the ball played long Woods gets up highest far post to head the ball back across goal Thorpe do enough to prevent an attempt at goal before Kett is fouled trying to bring the ball out. Getting the ball up field into the run of Lake closing in on the box two King’s Lynn defenders slide in on her to win the ball as she reaches the top of the box the ball deflected back into the gloves of the goalkeeper. 

Full time King’s Lynn Town Ladies 3-4 Thorpe United Ladies

  The final whistle blows and despite late pressure from King’s Lynn, Thorpe United Ladies hold out to win the match 4-3 take the 3 points back to the capital with them go 4 points clear at the top of the Norfolk Women’s Division One table. A good win a few knocks to show for it however. An entertaining contest between two good sides they meet again next Sunday at Thorpe, a must win game for King’s Lynn you would think to prevent their rivals going 7 points clear still plenty of action to come in the league however a busy few weeks for both sides and still all to play for.
SWF Blog – Player of the Match

  Today’s SWF Blog – Player of the Match goes to Thorpe United Ladies captain, Rebekah Lake, two well taken goals plus and assist, caused problems for the King’s Lynn defence all game some clever runs always looking for space and making herself available to receive the ball.  
  My thanks to both teams for their help with the team details today will see both at the respective finals come the end of the month best of luck to both.