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Match Report – Thorpe United Ladies v Bungay Town Ladies

Sunday 10th November

Norfolk Women’s Division One

 A top of the table clash from Norfolk Women’s Division One this Sunday on Women’s Football East, two sides defending a 100% winning start meeting for the 1st time this season as defending champions, Thorpe United Ladies host Bungay Town Ladies.

  Bungay themselves Division One champions the season before, leading the way with 6 wins from 6 so far, Thorpe keeping pace in the defence of their title with 5 wins from 5. Aren’t the only side with a 100% winning start with newly promoted Tavern Ladies in the mix too.

 Division One expanded in size this season up to 11 sides following an influx of new sides and a new to even up the two divisions. A strong start with 3 sides all with 100% records, Sprowston Ladies with 12 points from their opening 6 games well placed to capitalise should anyone slip up. One of those 100% records will fall this afternoon.

 Thorpe United Ladies finding their form once again last season a force in women’s football since entering the league a strong youth set up seeing a new crop of young players join the squad last season. The squad bolstered going on to win the league title along with reaching the semi-finals of both the County and League Cup. More young players coming in this season, new signing too, Megan and Melissa Belsey from Sprowston Athletic joining the club along with Alice Ladbrooke returning from Wymondham Town Ladies. A new Reserves side formed this season to add to playing opportunities within the club has made a good start to life in Division Two  amongst the front runners early on.

  A League and Cup double for Bungay Town Ladies the season before last, like Thorpe an established side within the league. A transitional season last time around, losing players took a while to get going bringing new faces in young talent results improving as the season wore on. More new face coming in during the close season experience at a higher level, a fantastic pre-season, winning all their games the momentum carried on into the season itself. 6 wins out 6 to top the league early on, know it will be a competitive campaign with Thorpe and Tavern Ladies matching them so far. Saw Bungay earlier in the season in the Women’s FA Cup in a 15-0 demolition of Riverside Ladies, am not expecting anything like that this afternoon.

  The Thorpe Recreation Ground the venue for today’s game, home of Thorpe United Girls & Ladies. A large playing field boasting a number of full-size pitches, a couple of youth matches taking place too on an adjoining pitch. The new clubhouse with a bar and kitchen serving hot and cold drinks. The pitch well used a good size, had hoped to get away with no rain this afternoon but as the teams warmed up it started to fall, light but persistent rain would disappear around 20 minutes into the game itself, thankfully no wind so juggling an umbrella, camera and notepad not as difficult as it could have been.

 The players gathering around the centre circle before kick-off, today Remembrance Sunday a minutes silence observed for those who have fought and fallen in armed conflict around the world. Lest We Forget.

Thorpe United Ladies starting XI – Cara Anderson, Morgan Devine, Tash Levesley, Megan Belsey, Holly Peck, Laura Hedtke, Alice Ladbrooke, Melissa Belsey, Ellie Hunter, Sophie Jermy & Rebekah Lake (C). Subs – Molly Howes, Bryony Knights & Millie Cursons.

 Bungay Town Ladies starting XI – Joanne Pipe, Kelly Collins (C), Hannah Jones, Charlotte Power, Lyndsey Adams, Charnelle Riggall, Selina Rowland, Nicola Hazell, Grace Storey, Samantha Penman & Leanne Smith. Subs – Porsha Renwick, Shannon Dade & Erin Galer.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Bungay to get today’s top of the table clash underway wearing their new kit, blue coloured shirts with a light green sash across the front, blue shirts and socks with green and white trim. Thorpe in their traditional pink coloured shirts, black shorts and socks. The ball played back towards the defence, midfielder Selina Rowland picking it up carrying the ball forwards over halfway sending it up the line for Samantha Penman to chase, Tash Levesley going with her for Thorpe the full back defending the ball put out for a throw. 

Thorpe captain, Rebekah Lake looking for a shooting opportunity early in the game.

 Thorpe captain, Rebekah Lake a constant goal threat has 12 goals already this season from 5 appearances, the ball played through the middle as she peels off the shoulder of the last defender, Hannah Jones doing well to get back against her shoulder to shoulder into the box right of goal, Bungay goalkeeper Joanne Pipe coming to close the gap sliding in both collide the ball spinning out to the left into the path of Thorpe’s Ellie Hunter she brings the ball under control before striking towards goal, Kelly Collins captaining Bungay round on the cover to intercept the ball and clear. 

Bungay Town Ladies captain, Kelly Collins

Bungay get up the other end the ball into the area, no shot on as Holly Pack wins it for Thorpe played out to the left wing Thorpe launch a rapid counter Hunter keeping the ball in play sending it on for Lake who has broken into space on the left plays it inside for the advancing Laura Hedtke through the middle, lines up a 25 yards strike, low in towards goal not troubling Pipe back on her goal line. Thorpe lively at the start of the match getting players forwards quickly when they have possession using the width of the pitch the ball on the right crossed in dangerously towards the near post, Pipe throwing herself up to keep the ball from creeping in pushing it behind for a corner.

   The high ball in from the right defended by Rowland, Bungay can’t get an attack going, Thorpe winning the ball back high up the pitch, keep the pressure on out to Melissa Belsey on the right wing another vicious cross whipped in near post, Pipe doing well to get herself in front of Sophie Jermy running in that side to punch the ball to safety. Bungay not settling well passes rushed no one taking time on the ball, Thorpe able to turn it around, competitive in the middle of the park, Alice Ladbrooke backed up by Hedtke not giving much away. Hunter on the left playing a one two with Jermy as she gets on down the wing, receiving the ball coming inside 20 yards out looking to go across the top of the box, dips her shoulder taking the ball inside to shot the ball narrowly wide of the left post.

Ellie Hunter getting on down the left for Thorpe United Ladies

  Jermy moving left with Hunter combining again,supported by full back Levesley the ball played back to her 35 yard out goes for goal, the ball on target dipping in front of Pipe, traps it well with her legs to bring it under control and claim on the bounce. Light raining falling up until now making it slick on top has finally stopped. Ladbrooke sliding in to regain possession inside the Bungay half setting up an attack out to Hunter taking it on down the left a cross fizzed in along the top of the area, Charlotte Power getting hold of it for Bungay. 

Charlotte power in ahead of Rebekah Lake to win the ball for Bungay

 The visitors have got little going in the way of attack so far in the match, kept on the back foot by Thorpe’s bright start, Rowland bringing the ball on a good threaded pass to find Grace Storey free on the right lifts it on into the box for Penman, Megan Belsey across putting in the challenge defending well for Thorpe the ball out for a throw. The ball continues to ping around, no one wants a 2nd touch it seems a little rushed at time passes not finding their mark. Melissa Belsey able to travel with it wide right inside for Jermy breaking forwards shoots early doesn’t get a clean strike the ball across the face of goal wide collected easily by Pipe. 

  Thorpe have the Bungay defence pushed back, the midfield needing to back up making it difficult when they regain the ball to get anyone up to support Leanne Smith and Penman in attack. The attackers combine as Smith takes the ball on with a marauding run on the left cutting the cross back inside to Penman inside the area her 1st touch seeing her beat her marker knock the ball on towards goal, but as the turns to give chase too much to do as goalkeeper Cara Anderson comes to gather for Thorpe. 

Samantha Penman bringing the ball out from the back for Bungay Town Ladies

  From a Bungay attacking opportunity off a throw on the left Thorpe win the ball and launch a fast counter attack, Jermy bringing the ball out playing it long for Lake always looking for an opening up top in space, bringing the ball inside closed down in front of the area, opts to cross instead of shot picking out Melissa Belsey far side on the right off the area, her 1st time effort blazed over. Thorpe coming on strong Hunter inside to Ladbrooke the ball knocked on through the middle into the box, Jermy looking to get onto the end of it, Bungay defending desperately, Lake getting a shot away from six yards out, Pipe down to make the save.

   Thorpe are using the width of the pitch well Hunter and Melissa Belsey staying close to the touchline the ball worked from left to right well, Jermy central finding pockets of space. with Lake always ready to burst forwards with the ball or to receive it, Lindsey Adams out to intercept on two occasions in quick succession for Bungay. Hunter from the left byline sending in a cross Lake running in far post unable to reach it, Pipe with an outstretched arm plucking the ball down a vital save with Jermy rushing in behind. 

Sophie Jermy bringing the ball under control for Thorpe United Ladies

  Adams once again across to head the ball clear from the box a Lake drives on down the right flank before attempting the cross. Hedtke up for a throw on the left high up the pitch for Thorpe swinging a dangerous ball low into the box, Power sticking a leg out to deflect it out of Lake’s path central before being cleared. Hunter put in clear on the left from a long ball out of defence races on before crossing a dipping ball into the six yard box, Adams cutting it out and launching clear for Bungay. 

Bungay Town Ladies, Lyndsey Adams

Bungay make a change a frustrating afternoon so far for Smith she is replaced by Porsha Renwick. Pipe sharp off her line out to win the race to claim the ball as Lake is put in behind from a lofted pass from Ladbrooke central. Bungay’s defence on the back foot, battling well Jones getting in front of Jermy to intercept a cross put in from the right. Thorpe make a change, Melissa Belsey coming off, on comes Millie Cursons, she goes out to the left side with Hunter coming right. 

  GOAL! 5 minutes left to play in the 1st half and all the pressure Thorpe have exerted brings them a goal. Lake hard to shake off the ball once she gets hold off it draws players towards her as Thorpe overload the right skipping inside into the area drives on towards the six yard box firing a cross in towards Cursons positioned central inside it, she shoots, close on Pipe manages to get something on the ball as she throws herself down by not enough to keep it out 1-0.

Ladbrooke fouled by Rowland top of the centre circle a free kick to the hosts players come forwards Hedtke to take lifted into the top of the area Riggall winning the header for Bungay, Rowland clears. Bungay make a 2nd change Erin Galer on for Storey on the right, Jones pushed forwards. Thorpe break Hunter right passing inside to Hedtke forwards into Lake she aims to thread it through into the box for the breaking Jermy, Pipe able to claim it. 

Thorpe ending the half strong a corner won on the right played up the line short for crossed in near post, Ladbrooke jumping can’t get a touch Rowland back on the post defending to clear for Bungay. A free-kick wide on the right to Thorpe, Hedtke to play into the area cleared by Riggall, the visitors attempt to break, Thorpe in well to break in down as they have all half. Levesley left on for Cursons to cross it caught by Pipe.

Half-time Thorpe United Ladies 1-0 Bungay Town Ladies

  A dominant 1st half display from Thorpe sees them leading at the break, just the 1 goal to show for all that dominance however, Pipe with some excellent stops to keep the score down, other chances not taken. Have hardly been troubled by Bungay in attack. Despite that Bungay battling have defended well often on the back foot struggling to get anything going forwards often starting from deep unable to get support up to their attackers. At 1-0 however they are far from out of the game and half-time a chance to regroup ad reorganise.

As well as serving the community as a sports ground, Thorpe Recreation Ground is a haven for dog walkers. Those attending the match and out for a stroll. The half-time entertainment provided by tiny jacket wearing Chihuahua with probably the squeakiest bark on the planet, not deterred by his size his little legs pumping after a much larger dog, his opponent unsure what to make of his cat sized attacker… it all ended peacefully.

Tash Levesley and Porsha Renwick battling for the ball

The overcast skies seeing the light fading fast as the teams entered the pitch for the 2nd half. Smith back on for Bungay Penman off. Thorpe to get the 2nd half underway attacking left, Power conceding an early corner. Thorpe take it short up the line the cross in from deep almost finds its way through near post. Bungay look to bring it out, Hedtke central in to win it back for Thorpe lifts it up towards the top of the area for Lake, the bounce not favouring the Thorpe captain she plays it instead out to Cursons free left side, her shot put over the bar. 

Thorpe United Ladies, Holly Peck

Thorpe beginning where they left off 1st half, Hunter attacking right putting it back central for Hedtke 20 yards out she plays it though to Lake left side of the area, Galer winning the challenge for Bungay a corner conceded. The ball cleared, comes straight back on Devine with a good ball forwards Lake with the opportunity won;t come down as she knocks it to the right, Pipe blocking as she slides in on the ball. Lake gathering the ball on the right played inside for Hedtke 25 yards out shoots over.

Morgan Devine looking for options after winning the ball back for Thorpe

Hunter gets hold of the ball on the right drives on down the line for Thorpe, Collins though stays on her well keeping pace and preventing the cross coming in eventually winning a goalkick. Bungay getting frustrated are far from done battling to find an opening Hazell left side has Smith running into space ahead of her the pass picking her down Smith looks to get on, Megan Belsey coming across to tackle the ball taken off Smith, Peck backing up as Renwick looks to pounce take it on into the area. The game starting to open up a little Thorpe need that 2nd goal. The hosts make a change Bryony Knights coming on to replace Hunter. 

Charnelle Riggall

Bungay starting to find a bit of rhythm Rowland and Riggall getting more joy through the middle. Rowland in to win it playing it up to Renwick, Peck preventing her turning in behind. Hazell left turns her marker well off a throw in plays it on to Rowland inside the box flashes a dangerous cross into the six yard box the ball cleared. Another throw won on the corner left side Smith gathering turning pushing on into the area, players closing her down it skips up for Renwick with her in the left to clip in towards goal with the outside of her boot, Anderson well placed to catch. 

Selina Rowland on the ball for Bungay Town Ladies

Bungay creating opportunities of their own taking more risks going forwards are further at risk of being hit on the break and Thorpe a quick to turn play around the ball long up to Lake already on the move left channel running with the ball into the area pulls the trigger, a brilliant save from Pipe throwing up a glove to tip the ball over the bar. The resulting corner in from the left knocked down inside the box a scuffed shot in on goal the ball trapped on the line and cleared.

Rowland looking to bring the ball forwards making a couple of strong runs without finding the final pass, the Thorpe defence under some pressure now Bungay fired up sensing they can get something from the game. Rowland on the left after the ball crossing from the byline, Smith sliding in near post, Anderson getting it away down to block. Thorpe bring off Devine to be replaced by Molly Howes with 25 minutes left to play. Smith sends a shot over from outside the ball as a ball is deflected into her path by Jones. 

  Smith off a quickly taken throw on the left puts it inside to Rowland top of the area, turns attempting to get inside to shoot, a lunging tackle from Ladbrooke denies her. Hazell out wide left takes on a shot from distance in on target Anderson back peddling getting her arms up to tip it away to the right. Bungay keep possession a low driven ball fired back in Anderson down to make another save the ball pushed away for the corner. In from the left inswinging Anderson in a crowded six yard box punching it away. 

Nicola Hazell gathering the ball for Bungay

Despite their earlier dominance Thorpe defending a 1 goal lead aren’t comfortable battling themselves now to keep their advantage intact. Lake strong on the ball bringing it forwards left side travelling at pace, Adams defending well for Bungay. Bungay bring on Shannon Dade for Riggall in the middle. Power intercepting a Thorpe through ball, looks to get Hazell away on the left, Ladbrooke regaining possession for Thorpe. Players committed forwards Thorpe counter played up to Cursons central 30 yards out her first touch pass setting up the advancing Lake moving across her into the area right side to shoot across goal, Pipe with another fantastic saving diving to her left arm out to push the ball behind. 

 The game end to end now the clock running down Bungay can’t clear from the resulting corner Thorpe put it back in Knights near side can’t fashion a shot forced to put it back out to the left the cross long this time Jermy up at the far post her header put cross goal. Bungay get the ball on through the middle Rowland forcing her way in behind clear for a moment looks to have the beating on the advancing Anderson as both slide in Rowland knocking it past the keeper but the power lost on the ball it rolls on to be safely cleared by the recovering Thorpe defence.

 Cursons into the Bungay box receiving a long diagonal ball from the left cuts across her shot firing the ball back across the keeper, Pipe with more acrobatics diving full stretch the push the ball behind her goal. A substitution for Thorpe before the corner is taken, Jermy off with Melissa Belsey back on. Lake remains a constant threat peeling away into the channels left this time racing on to shoot on the angle the ball held by Pipe low at her near post. Adams off late on for Bungay, Penman back into the action. 

  Into the closing minutes the light has almost gone very gloomy, Thorpe battling late on to hold onto their lead, keeping the ball well the youngsters encouraged to run it into the corner. A free-kick won slowing thing’s down Hedtke to play it into the box, headed up high by the Bungay defence play stopped a foul spotted. The ball played out the final whistle blows and Thorpe United Ladies end Bungay’s 100% winning start make it 6 wins out of 6 themselves.. ironically drop a place to 3rd in the table as the other 100% winning side Tavern Ladies go top win a big win against bottom side Freethorpe to claim top spot, all three sides on 18 points now, an intriguing title race that’s far from over.

Full time Thorpe United Ladies 1-0 Bungay Town Ladies

 1-0 win for Thorpe in the finish Millie Cursons goal late in the first half proving the difference. Thorpe dominant in the 1st half having just the one goal to show for it could and perhaps should have been leading by more. Started the 2nd half well, Bungay frustrated fired up coming strong with opportunities of their own to level the scores as Thorpe grew nervous uneasy will just a single goal lead. Dangerous on the counter though as the game opened up, Bungay had Joanne Pipe to thank producing some fantastic saves to keep it to 1-0. Couldn’t find an equalising goal in the finish and that would have been harsh on Thorpe who in the end had to earn the win. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. A few contenders, for Bungay huge credit to Joanne Pipe produced some quality saves to keep her side in the match throughout. For Thorpe, Rebekah Lake has had a few of these and rightly so a constant threat hard to shake off the ball and making great runs to get into scoring position setting up the winning goal. Sophie Jermy too early on especially finding pockets of space between defence and midfield, where Thorpe were strong, the notes will often help towards picking someone out and that is the case today, Laura Hedtke close but just beating her to the award Alice Ladbrooke. Won alot of challenges, breaking up play and setting up attacks.

Always a good rivalry between the two sides and had no doubt today would be a close fought game. 1 goal in it should have been more but kept the intrigue going to the end an entertaining fast paced contest, a good advert for women’s football in Norfolk. Thanks to both teams for the team details always appreciated.

Match Report – Thorpe United Ladies v King’s Lynn Town Ladies

Sunday 17th February

Norfolk Women’s County Cup

  Cup football this weekend on Women’s Football East, from the semi-finals of the Norfolk Women’s County Cup, Thorpe United Ladies v King’s Lynn Town Ladies.

  A strong line-up in the last 4 of the competition the prize for the winners huge as the Women’s County Cup Final this season is going to be held at Carrow Road the home of Norwich City FC.

  A repeat of last season’s final in the other semi-final with ERWFL Premier Division sides Acle United Women and Wymondham Town Ladies going head to head, an extremely tough game to call two strong sides. So to the other semi-final with Thorpe United Ladies twice winners of the County Cup themselves runaway leaders in Norfolk Women’s Division One at home to King’s Lynn Town Ladies playing on the league above ERWFL Division One.  A huge incentive for everyone today to get the opportunity to play at Carrow Road, the job might be trying to avoid that distraction and concentrate on the job in hand.

  Thorpe United Ladies are 15 points clear at the top of the league with just the one defeat in 11 played. The squad a good blend of experience and young talent. Have enjoyed themselves in the County Cup since it stood alone from Suffolk in the 2013/14 season have reached the final on four consecutive occasions two losses against Norwich City Ladies and then Acle United on penalties before back to back wins against Aylsham Ladies and Wymondham Town Ladies. Last season the exception an early exit to eventual winners Wymondham. A bye in the 1st Round were at home to fellow Division One sides Gorleston Ladies in the 2nd Round 2-2 after extra-time Thorpe won through on penalties. That set up a home tie against another Gorleston side Gorleston Rangers Ladies from Division Two, Thorpe comfortably winning the quarter final game 10-0 to book their place in the last 4 of the competition.

  King’s Lynn Town Ladies have never reached the County Cup final. Have risen rapidly through the leagues in their short history. Starting as Lynn Ladies merged with King’s Lynn Town FC, are now into their 2nd season playing in the ERWFL. In mid-table with a bit of a fixture backlog partly due to a their involvement in the County Cup. Began with an away trip to play Norfolk Division One side Sprowston Ladies, a 3-0 win were drawn at home to Dereham side Tavern Ladies in the 2nd Round ran out 6-1 winners to find themselves with another away trip to Sprowston in the quarter finals playing Sprowston Athletic Ladies from Division One that tie twice postponed due to the weather King’s Lynn safely negotiating the tie with a 4-0 win to reach the semi-finals.

The venue for today’s semi-final the Thorpe Recreation Ground, a large playing field home to a number of sporting clubs and activities. A number of pitches, a large open space can be bitterly cold if the wind is blowing but today it was much warmer hugely welcome, bright sunshine in a largely blue sky, just a slight breeze could leave the coat in the car for a change.

Thorpe United Ladies starting XI – Cara Anderson, Molly Howes, Natasha Leversley, Shannon Miles, Holly Peck, Chloe Young, Joanne Hooper, Laura Hedtke, Aneliese Smith, Molly Yong & Rebekah Lake (C). Subs – Sharnie Boast & Kirstie Andrews.

King’s Lynn Town Ladies starting XI – Bryony Robinson, Shanice Burch, Annie Rooks, Charlotte Griffith, Georgia Freeman, Natalie Wright, Becky Russell (C), Jodie Hopkins-Duckhouse, Oksana Imanalijeva, Tiffany Forshaw & Rochelle Woods. Subs – Emma Corbyn, Olivia Baker & Chloe Burch.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  A depleted starting line-up for Thorpe with a few key players missing, with a couple of injury concerns taking to the field and another having not played for quite a while. King’s Lynn themselves welcome back captain Becky Russell, playing again 9 weeks after giving birth to son Charlie, she played for Thorpe for several seasons too. Norfolk FA supplying 3 officials for the game. Thorpe to get the tie underway kicking off 1st half wearing pink shirts with black shorts and socks. King’s Lynn with blue shirts, yellow shorts and socks.

   The hosts send the ball up to the right channel goalkeeper Bryony Robinson out of her area to kick the ball clear. King’s Lynn look to build from the back the ball played across the pitch left to right, Natasha Leversley putting in the tackle for Thorpe to win the ball back from Jodie Hopkins-Duckhouse on the right wing for the visitors. 

  The ball won in the centre of the park Russell sends it on through the middle for attacker Rochelle Woods a cushioned headers carrying the ball on into the area she gives chase right of goal, is closed down by Shannon Miles the defender challenging Woods, a corner the result. Hopkins-Duckhouse to take played low into the box near side Russell coming towards in sweeps the ball out of the area towards Natalie Wright position 25 yards out central doesn’t connect with her 1st time shot cleanly the ball hooked wide of goal.

   Hopkins-Duckhouse lively on the right early on for King’s Lynn picks up the ball tries to drive in field is instead forced wider by Leversley still manages to get a high ball looping into the area dropping far post, goalkeeper Cara Anderson taking it on the bounce despite being clattered by the onrushing Woods. Shaping up to be a good contest from the start, Thorpe aiming to get the ball up for captain Rebekah Lake the forward active across the whole front line making it difficult for one defender keep tabs on her. 

Thorpe United Ladies captain, Rebekah Lake looking to get in behind the defence

  Wright and Russell combine in the middle slick passing before Russell opens up her body to slide a pass in behind for Hopkins-Duckhouse running in behind, the pass a little heavy allows Anderson to gather inside her area, Thorpe quick to turn the play around Molly Young on the left with the early ball over the top, for Lake the striker after it, Robinson out of her area sharply once again to kick the ball away. Kin’g Lynn with a free-kick on halfway the ball up towards the top of the area into Woods she looks to turn and shoot the effort sliced is intercepted and cleared by Holly Peck. 

Thorpe United Ladies, Holly Peck

  King’s Lynn push on the right a throw won top of the area played into Russell she turns sends the ball in central to Tiffany Forshaw takes on the first time shot the ball spinning away off target. Laura Hedtke pushing on for Thorpe with the ball inside the King’s Lynn half aims to release Lake ahead of her, Georgia Freeman cuts it out for King’s Lynn. Pressure from King’s Lynn in the final third a pass for Hopkins-Duckhouse on the right intercepted by Leversley the ball not away a bit of pinball sees it pop loose central Forshaw 25 yards out running onto it can’t keep her strike down.

   King’s Lynn have Thorpe pushed back defending their box the ball popping around with not one given anytime on the ball falls to Russell 25 yards out left of the D catches the shot well on the half volley the ball swerving through the air on target favours Anderson as it the goalkeeper ends up right behind it to make the catch. Lake drives forwards on the ball, into the right channel wants to come inside instead is pushed wide by Charlotte Griffith, still manages to get a ball in towards goal the angle against her Robinson getting her gloves on it concedes the corner. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies captain, Becky Russell

 Russell is tackled by Joanne Hooper the ball out to Chloe Young right on for Lake her touch giving Annie Rooks the opportunity to slide in take the ball away for a throw. Oksana Imanalijeva on the left for King’s Lynn plays the ball inside for Woods the strike looks to play it on for Hopkins-Duckhouse bursting into the box on the right, Peck and Leversley close her down regain possession for Thorpe. Hedtke is doing well to pick out Lake ahead of her she in turn looking to turn the King’s Lynn defence, Shanice Burch sliding in to win the ball for the visitors. 

  GOAL! Just past the half hour the dead lock is broken, King’s Lynn taking the lead the ball over on the left the in field ball coming to Forshaw 25 yards out seeing it across her body strikes it sweetly the sun at her back the ball flies in towards the top corner over Anderson and into the back of the net 0-1.

Tiffany Forshaw with Thorpe’s Chloe Young

  Thorpe get down the other end a free-kick won outside the area on the left Hedtke over it the deliver long towards the far post area just evades the onrushing attackers. Thorpe make a change with Hooper the player coming off on comes Sharnie Boast. Peck with another piece of smart defending inside the area for Thorpe does well against Hopkins-Duckhouse as Russell plays a great ball to her from halfway. Hedtke in to block wins the ball in the centre circle lifts it on for Lake to attack in behind Robinson is off her line quickly claiming it at the top of the area. 

  Rooks with the ball on for Imanalijeva on the left the Lithuanian international coming inside is tackled by Thorpe’s Molly Howes the defender sliding in to take the ball. Aneliese Smith helps the ball onto to Hedtke in the middle Molly Young to her left the ball knocked into the channel, Freeman intercepts for King’s Lynn. Griffiths then goes in high catching Lake as she threatens to get into the box from the right, a free-kick awarded in a dangerous position, Hedtke on it a bouncing ball in the six yard box skips up for Molly Young far post gets her head to the ball but can only place the ball into Robinson’s gloves. 

 Hopkins-Duckhouse’s first touch sees her push the ball inside evading her marker travels further infield before unleashing a shot 20 yards out swerving through the air Anderson throws herself to her right, the ball just wide of the post. King’s Lynn finishing the 1st half strongly the ball won from a goalkick by Russell played into Woods in the area controls well a touch to shift it to her left and turn into a shot the attempt up over the crossbar. 

Half-time Thorpe United Ladies 0-1 King’s Lynn Town Ladies

  A narrow lead for King’s Lynn at half-time Tiffany Forshaw’s strike the difference between the sides. The visitors creating more in the final third have played well as a unit. Thorpe defending well have been under pressure Lake their outlet up front has lacked support, but is always likely to make something happen. King’s Lynn out onto the pitch early will need another goal you would think, Thorpe with only one defeat this season and that just 1-0 aren’t out of it by any stretch. The sun beginning to set a further problem for the teams to deal with 2nd half.

Bryony Robinson with the save for King’s Lynn

   Thorpe to get the 2nd half underway. Right from the off both sides a closing the ball down quickly. Forshaw and Imanalijeva look to link play on the left, Howes defends well for Thorpe. Up the other end Thorpe win a corner on the left off a free-kick the ball cleared back to the taker comes back into the box Robinson taking the dropping ball well under pressure inside her six yard box. The visitors break Imanalijeva on the left wing bursting forwards swings an early cross into the box Woods six yards out central is put under pressure by Miles, the ball dropping to Forshaw at the far post she stabs the ball forwards puts it wide. 

Thorpe United Ladies, Shannon Miles

   Good build-up play from King’s Lynn on the right the ball inside to Russell 20 yards out she shoots the strike straight at Anderson the keeper holding onto the ball. A corner to Thorpe on the left the ball played in central met by Leversley she turns it goalwards her effort cleared off the line, King’s Lynn attempt to break a crunching 50/50 on halfway between Miles and Griffith, Thorpe get the free-kick, Hedtke to play the ball forwards Russell winning the header inside the box.

   Less chances being created 2nd half, Hedtke in a deeper role for Thorpe, King’s Lynn are dealing with Lake better. Russell with the pass forwards for Woods outside the area right of the D turns well shoots the attempt wide across goal. Imanalijeva with a couple of surging runs 2nd half pushes on well down the left in behind sends a cross in along the top of the area is behind Forshaw runs on for Hopkins-Duckhouse taking it into her stride lets fly with a shot the ball wide at the near post.

King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Oksana Imanalijeva

   The chances are adding up for King’s Lynn pushing on down the right the ball on for Woods takes it to the byline cuts it back to the top of the area with Imanalijeva running onto the shot can’t keep it down. Forshaw with the ball forwards Imanalijeva the target with a run into the box left of goal six yards out her 1st touch lifting the ball inside over Miles the defender preventing Imanalijeva from shooting. Another change for Thorpe Smith coming off on comes Kirstie Andrews. Imanalijeva seeing alot of the ball now pushes down the left wing cuts it across the top of the area for Woods with her back to goal lays it back to Hopkins-Duckhouse who hits the shot from 20 yards out sees the ball race over the bar. 

Thorpe’s Molly Young with King’s Lynn’s Rochelle Woods

  The pressure building from King’s Lynn chances coming and going Thorpe have had little for the attack themselves 2nd half. Working hard concede a corner on the right a good delivery from Hopkins-Duckhouse into the six yard box straight to Forshaw, gets too much power into the shot her hands go to her face as she sends the ball over the bar. 

  Lake has the ball on the left wing drives on gets inside Boast making a run top of the area that side Lake sends the ball across Boast carrying it into the box King’s Lynn defenders slide in Boast it up ended as the challenge comes in the ball just about taken as both defender and Boast need treatment. Play resumes Lake with the ball wide right needs support in the box isn’t there as she gets a cross in. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Natalie Wright holding of Thorpe,s Sharnie Boast

  Wright winning the ball left on for Imanalijeva takes it on down the line plays in a cross near post Woods closely marked by Miles manages to get her head on the ball but it drops wide of the mark. Imanalijeva comes off for King’s Lynn on comes Emma Corbyn. Forshaw with Woods pushing on central out to Hopkins-Duckhouse right side she drills a shot in on the angle Anderson pushing it behind at the near post for a corner the game entering the last 10 minutes. 

Rochelle Woods with the header for King’s Lynn Town Ladies

  King’s Lynn giving away free-kicks, Hedtke on the ball left side plays it in high to the near post Robinson gloves it down claiming it at the 2nd attempt. Burch with a great lunging tackle to take the ball away from Lake as she enters the box almost played through by Hedtke. 

  GOAL! Hedtke wins Thorpe a fee-kick in a dangerous position 25 yards out left of the area. The ball played in towards the goal Robinson clawing it down the ball half cleared out to the left fired back in blocked by the rising Forshaw rebounds back out to the left and is smashed home by Boast to level the scores 1-1.

 Frustration for King’s Lynn, joy for Thorpe the visitors had their chances weren’t taken and Thorpe level the scores game on with a little over 5 minutes of normal time left to play. King’s Lynn attack from the restart Forshaw on for Corbyn left side her high cross into the area cleared by Peck. A cross from the right side is cleared straight to King’s Lynn’s Wright 25 yards out right of the D meets it well the strike narrowly wide across goal. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Charlotte Griffith

Griffith with a vital interception for King’s Lynn as the game become stretched in the closing moments, a late change for the visitors Imanalijeva returning for Corbyn on the left. Thorpe with a series of corners late on the 3rd one bringing the 90 minutes to an as we enter extra-time. 

Full time Thorpe United Ladies 1-1 King’s Lynn Town Ladies

  An entertaining game King’s Lynn had the chances to be out of sight 2nd half but didn’t take them, Thorpe in contrast with a backs to the wall performance finding a levelling goal late in the game. An extra 30 minutes to try and decide the winner or it’ll be settled by penalties.


  King’s Lynn with the setting sun low in the sky at their backs have kick-off in the 1st period of extra-time. Imanalijeva with the ball left tries to push on but can’t get the better of Boast. Imanalijeva played on by Rooks goes with the early diagonal ball for Hopkins-Duckhouse in the opposite flank, the ball just evading her as she breaks into the box.

 GOAL! Come from a Thorpe goalkick the ball intercepted by Woods she heads it down right side and drives into the box towards the byline cuts the cross back across the face of goal and finds Forshaw unmarked to rise and header the ball down past Anderson from six yards out 1-2.

  A positive start to extra-time from King’s Lynn press the attack Hopkins-Duckhouse upended a free-kick to King’s Lynn left side Russell with the diagonal ball into the area, Forshaw gets her head to it with Anderson coming in, the flag up for offside however play halted. Woods gets in behind on the right her cross too long for Imanalijeva coming in far post retrieves and looks to set up Forshaw inside the area her touch lifting the shot over. 

 GOAL! A free-kick defended Griffith carries the ball forwards for King’s Lynn into the Thorpe half sends it on for Hopkins-Duckhouse wide right is pushed wide, holds it up well in the corner gets support from Russell the ball played back to the central midfielder on the wing she swings in a cross that evades Anderson’s glove at her near post Forshaw running in behind with a simple close range tap in to complete her hat-trick and put King’s Lynn further in front 1-3.

A hat-trick for King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Tiffany Forshaw

   Griffith goes into the book for a tackle on Molly Young as she tries to take the ball on into the area. A free-kick 25 yards out on the angle left of the box Boast on it goes for goal on target but Robinson behind it gloves the ball down and holds. Wright with the ball on for Hopkins-Duckhouse up the line a low cross driven into the near post area Anderson cuts it out. Woods comes off for King’s Lynn on up front in her place Olivia Baker. Thorpe too with a late switch Hooper comes back on for Andrews. 

Half-time extra-time Thorpe United Ladies 1-3 King’s Lynn Town Ladies

  King’s Lynn getting the goals in the 1st half of extra-time with Forshaw completing her hat-trick to lead 3-1. Some much needed daylight alot for Thorpe to do as they get the 2nd period underway. The ball lost in the middle played on for Baker moving right is pushed wide by Leversley the cross comes in lacks power an easy gather for Anderson. 

  GOAL! Thorpe is brought down outside the area as she goes to retrieve the ball fired in from the left. 25 yards out Hedtke over it a good shooting position she takes it on a good strike the ball looping up threatening to drop under the bar, Robinson gets something on it but not enough to keep it out as it falls over the line. Game on once again 2-3.

  The sun low now light starting to fade King’s Lynn with the lead try to run the clock down taking the ball into the corner Hopkins-Duckhouse holding it up well. Another change for King’s Lynn Forshaw comes off, on in her place Chloe Burch. A free-kick on the right for King’s Lynn taken early by Wright on for Imanalijeva central top of the box Miles stopping her initial effort the ball loose to the right Imanalijeva after it drives a shot against the post it cannons back out into the area before being hooked clear. 

  Hooper tries her luck form all of 35 yards out on the left plenty of power behind her shot, but straight at Robinson covering her near post. Thorpe with a free-kick wide left the delivery into the near post area helped on into the middle Rooks with the no nonsense clearance for King’s Lynn. The visitors press late on Imanalijeva left inside for Baker 20 yards out tries to tee up Russell, she is tackled. Russell regaining possession takes it into the corner the final whistle blows and King’s Lynn are through to their first ever County Cup Final.

Full time extra-time Thorpe United Ladies 2-3 King’s Lynn Town Ladies

  An entertaining contest going all the way to extra-time, King’s Lynn with a narrow lead at half-time spurned chances in the 2nd half to put the tie to bed, Thorpe with a depleted squad putting in a great effort levelling the scores late in the game to force extra-time. King’s Lynn in the end needed Tiffany Forshaw’s hat-trick her two goals in the 1st period of extra-time crucial. King’s Lynn through to thier first County Cup Final and the first to be held at Carrow Road. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies through to their first ever County Cup Final

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

   Onto today’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, and boy this is a tough on was a great all round team performance from King’s Lynn hard to pick one player but one must be chosen those are my rules. Tiffany Forshaw got the all important goals her hat-trick securing King’s Lynn a place in the final. Becky Russell was influential in midfield. Oksana Imanalijeva a threat on the left especially 2nd half. On the right Jodie Hopkins-Duckhouse was a threat all through the game driving on with the ball created opportunities and showed good hold up play to bring others into the game, she is my choice for the award.

   Was spoilt for choice when selecting a County Cup match this Sunday and it seemed few disappointed. This one no exception. King’s Lynn will face holders Wymondham Town Ladies their game with Acle United Women ending 3-3 and going to penalties Wymondham winning 5-4 in the shootout. An enjoyable afternoon, congratulations to King’s Lynn and my thanks to both teams for their help with the teams always appreciated.

Match Report – Thorpe United Ladies v Gorleston Ladies

Sunday 9th December

Norfolk Women’s Division One

 The football action this weekend on Women’s Football East comes from Norfolk Women’s Division One. A first look at the leaders this season, Thorpe United Ladies at home to 3rd placed Gorleston Ladies. 

  A healthy lead at the top of the table for Thorpe United Ladies, six points clear of the rest going into this afternoon’s game have started the season well with 7 wins a just the one defeat from their 8 league games played to date, into the quarter finals of both the League and County Cup too. Usually at the top end of the table challenging for honours 2 times winners of the Norfolk Women’s County Cup a transitional season last time around struggling for numbers early on injuries not helping remained in contention for the title despite that. have an much larger squad now with their U16s making the step up into women’s football bolstering the experience within the side. A good youth set up established to keep the club moving forwards.

  Gorleston Ladies are into their fourth season together two successive promotions followed before reaching Division One last season. Had a solid debut season finishing in 4th position in the table. An experienced side with several proven goalscorers in their ranks can beat anyone on their day. An inconsistent start to the season so far 3 wins and 3 loses from the 6 league games played to date. Have met Thorpe twice this season already a narrow 2-1 defeat in reverse league fixture at the beginning of the season and again the the County Cup, 2-2 after extra-time Gorleston losing in the resulting penalty shootout 5-4.

 The Recreation Ground in Thorpe the venue for today’s match. Home to Thorpe St Andrews Football Club and Thorpe United’s Girls and Ladies sides. A large playing field boasting several full size pitches. Well used a refurbished clubhouse housing the changing rooms hot drinks available and much needed. A cold day as you’d expect in December a chilly cutting wind blowing across the open pitches, the setting sun also a factor for both sides to consider. Thorpe’s pitch a good size nice and wide plenty of space to exploit.

Thorpe United Ladies starting XI – Joanne Hooper, Molly Howes, Natasha Leversley, Bethan Sommerfield, Victoria McNorton, Laura Hedtke, Holly Peak, Chloe Young, Eloise Peek, Molly Young & Rebekah Lake (C) Subs – Aneliese Smith, Shannon Miles & Jess Newton.

Gorleston Ladies starting XI – Maria Jardim, Hayley Muir (C), Siesha Humphries, Abbie King, Mary Croft, Nicole Sheldrake, Hannah Croft, Sophie Gillett, Megan Taylor, Samantha Hunn & Bethany Turner. Subs – Kelly Allen, Jordan Bull & Kimberley Sherllock.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Got to stand on the far side of the pitch away from the clubhouse to get the sun behind me, the wind is icy cutting across the recreation field need to keep a firm grip on the notepad too. It’s Thorpe to get the game underway kicking off the 1st half wearing pink coloured shirts with black shorts and socks. Gorleston opposite lined up in an all green kit. The ball played long out to the right wing early on Thorpe captain Rebekah Lake running into the channel causing trouble early on, Gorleston’s Siesha Humphries sliding in to make a good challenge the ball out for a throw.

  Humphries busy in defence early on for Gorleston as Thorpe overload the right wing, progress stifled by the left back. Thorpe starting well attacking again right side win the first corner of the game take short the cross into the area too strong runs out of play. Molly Young with a strong run as she is played on down the right side cuts a low cross back into the area as she closes on the byline, Mary Croft getting into position near post to intercept for Gorleston her clearance running straight to Thorpe midfielder Laura Hedtke breaking forwards through the centre strikes the shot back in towards goal from 20 yards out, Maria Jardim in goal for Gorleston right behind down low to collect.

   Chloe Young on the left side for Thorpe gets to the byline the ball squared into the area, Mary Croft collecting it central for Gorleston, the visitors launch a quick counter attack the ball played on for Bethany Turner up in attack, Bethan Sommerfield reading the ball getting to it before Turner can take it on in behind. Gorleston build on the right Samantha Hunn holding the ball up before playing Turner in as she breaks into the box right of goal shoots the ball saved as Joanne Hooper in goal for Thorpe covers the near post.

  Sophie Gillett has the ball wide left for Gorleston bursts forwards making ground before flashing an inviting ball across the face of the Thorpe goal, out at the far post for a goal kick. 

  GOAL! The visitors open the scoring with just over 10 minutes gone beginning to gain a little momentum after Thorpe’s strong start to the match are attacking left side getting the ball up the field win a throw in. Turner coming near side to receive the ball, does very well as good ball towards her she pressurises the Thorpe defence drawing players with her not sure if she actually gets a touch on the ball or not but either way it continues on rolling across the face of goal, Hunn coming in far post first to meet it fires the ball into the back of the net from close range 1-0.

Samantha Hunn opens the scoring for Gorleston Ladies

 Thorpe get forwards straight away from the restart a throw in won inside the Gorleston half on the left, Victoria McNorton to take a long throw into the area put behind for a corner, again taken short, Natasha Leversley playing the cross into the area, Abbie King winning the ball for Gorleston. Mary Croft does well defending for Gorleston as Holly Peak taking the ball forwards looks to play in Lake ahead of her. Lake is full of pace and a willing runner up front for Thorpe always prepared to move into the channels for the ball draws tackles wins a corner right side.

   The ball curled in towards the near post Gorleston captain Hayley Muir cutting it out is deflected back into the middle of the area, Chloe Young has little time to react gets something on the ball but can’t direct it towards goal. 

 GOAL! Thorpe have responded well to falling behind have continued to attack Lake moving more often than not into the left channel a driving run forwards with the ball, the Gorleston defence drawn towards her she gets a powerful shot away on the angle skipping off the turf towards the near post Jardim getting down gets her gloves to the ball pushing it away across the top of her six yard box, Chloe Young running in on the follow up first to the ball puts it into the empty goal 1-1. 17 minutes played.

   Gorleston get hold of the ball in the middle Hannah Croft out to Hunn on the right wing takes on the Thorpe defence down the line before sending a driven ball in towards the near post Turner racing in to met it the angle against her from close range sends her shot high and wide of the target. Gorleston are awarded a free-kick just inside their own half, Mary Croft to set the ball down have the wind getting stronger behind them encouraged to play it long turns into a very dangerous ball bouncing inside the box before Hooper looping up threatens to fly over her into the back of the net does well to adjust get a glove to the ball and turn it away for a corner. 

Gorleston Ladies, Mary Croft

  A good delivery from the corner toward the top of the area Mary Croft running in to met, her shot taking a deflection off her marker to sent the ball wide and behind for another corner. A good contest developing both sides closing the ball down quickly no one given much time in the middle. Turner a good foil for Gorleston in attack holds the ball up well and uses her strength against the defence, lays it off to Gillett left side she plays a great ball in over the top with Hunn making a break in behind central into the area, Hooper is out of her six yard box lay claim to the ball before the Gorleston attacker can get a touch.

    GOAL! Thorpe take the lead the goal coming from the right side Lake moving across to pick up the ball carries it forwards with pace, the angle closing fast she unleashes a shot before being closed down the pace on the ball sending it racing over the keeper and into the goal beyond 2-1.

  Humphries kept busy at left back produces to superb tackles to break up Thorpe attacks one on lake the second against Molly Young as she almost breaks clear on goal inside the area. Turner with the ball in attack for Gorleston left side strong on the ball lifts a high ball into the six yard box, Leversley needing to get her head on it to lift it over her goal and away for a corner. The ball in cleared by Sommerfield.

 A miscue at the back from Leversley sees the ball turned in behind towards her goal 30 yards out Turner reacts racing to meet it Peek doing well the get back on her as she closes in on the ball right of the goal the pressure enough the angle gone as Turner pulls the trigger her shot rising wide of the near post. 

  Chloe Young has the ball left takes it forwards with pace, squares a cross along the top of the box is collected by twin sister Molly right side she shoots her effort charged down by Humphries. Gillett gets hold of the ball left wing for Gorleston drives on no cross available keeps possession coming back to play the ball central into Mary Croft as the centre back crosses into the Thorpe half, encouraged by her earlier attempt lines up a shot from all of 40 yards out wind assisted it isn’t too far off the mark as it races wide of Hooper’s far post.

   The game has an end to end feel to it as we reach the latter stages of the first half Gorleston pushing the Thorpe defence back Molly Howes tackling Megan Taylor as she looks to break into the box left side. Hooper needing to come out of her area to kick the ball clear as Gorleston lift it over the top for Turner, moment later the home side counter attacking Jardim closing in on the edge of her area as Lake threatens to break through does well to use her head to clear the ball and not her gloves as she’s right on the line of her area. 

 A deflected ball from the right as Thorpe attack comes to Chloe Young central inside the area, takes a touch then shoots a slight deflection sending the ball over for the corner. Gorleston deal with the corner build an attack the ball up to Turner clever hold up play central turn slides the ball through into the area with Sheldrake bursting in behind, Hooper reading it early is out quickly t lay claim to the ball. Both sides winning the ball in defence late on McNorton with the interception for Thorpe. Humphries called into action again at left back for Gorleston. A late chance in the first half for Gorleston Sheldrake playing Hunn in on the ball as she makes the run into the area the angle against her as she is closed down goes for power slashes her attempt wide.

Half-time Thorpe United Ladies 2-1 Gorleston Ladies

  An intriguing first 45 minutes, bitterly cold but the action on the pitch has been exciting both side enjoying good spells, Thorpe’s home pitch have used the space out wide well chances created. Gorleston despite Thorpe having the brighter start taking the lead the home side coming back to level then take the lead themselves both having further chances.

Laura Hedtke winning the ball for Thorpe United Ladies

  Gorleston to kick-off the 2nd half have made two changes Jordan Bull and Kelly Allen the players on. The 2nd half starting where the 1st left off both keepers with an early touch of the ball. Hooper comes out of her area again to go to kick the ball clear goes down in pain as she goes to kick the ball, play stopped immediately is in clear discomfort, a lengthy delay follows as she receives treatment, finally is up but limping cannot continue a blow Hooper who can play basically anywhere (and has) Thorpe’s reserve keeper, is in between the sticks in place of 1st choice keeper Kirsty Andrews who herself is injured no back up goalkeeper, a volunteer is needed, Leversley answers the call, Hooper substituted on comes Shannon Miles to bolster the defence. 

   Lake out on the left puts pressure on the ball high up the pitch wins a throw in deep inside the Gorleston half the ball played back to the throw taker the high cross lifted into the area dealt with by King. The wind is getting colder by the minute the sun low in the sky now. Lake with the ball moving into space left side runs on with it cutting inside to get herself into the area a low shot is saved by Jardim low at her near post. 

  Mary Croft stands up well to win the ball tackling Chloe Young as she gathers the ball into her feet central and drives at the Gorleston defence. Thorpe pushing higher up the pitch working hard to protect Leversley in goal Gorleston yet to test the new keeper. Gillett cutting inside from the left with the ball at her feet shoots 20 yards out her effort charged down. Turner gathering the ball central lays it out to Gillett on the left a clever touch taking the ball past the full back, McNorton is round on the cover to get in and win the challenge for Thorpe.  

  A double change for Thorpe, Leversley comes off in goal having not been called into action, on comes Jess Newton in her place. Also off Peak replaced by Aneliese Smith. Molly Young and Lake combine on the right in attack a one two Mary Croft winning the ball back inside her area. Gorleston make a change Sheldrake off on comes Kimberley Sherllock. Lake pressing the ball wins a corner on the left a good ball into the area a confident take by Jardim inside her six yard box. 

  Gorleston with a golden chance to get back on level terms the ball with Gillett on the left takes in field sending in on for Allen breaking through the middle the keeper coming out defenders converging she see a shot past all the ball heading on for the goal beyond Miles around on the cover clearing the ball a yard from the line the clearance scooped up straight at the onrushing Allen moving left of goal can’t adjust her effort scooped wide. 

  A free kick wide left for Gorleston make a switch before it is taken, Turner coming off in attack Taylor back on. A good delivery from Gillett lifted towards the far post no one can meet it to deflect in goalwards as it runs on for a goal kick. The game becoming a little stretched, Lake with a good touch to bring the ball down central is away in behind after the ball, Jardim off her line quickly can lay claim to it first. 

  Thorpe pressing in the final third two consecutive shots from the left are blocked inside the Gorleston area. McNorton with an opportunity to strike a shot goalwards from all of 25 yards out sees her effort race wide of goal. Chloe Young with an over the top pass for Lake to attack into the area is pushed wide right off goal by Mary Croft, Lake rides her sliding challenge stays on her feet the ball still alive on the byline as cries for penalty go up, Lake sends the ball racing across the face of the Gorleston goal intercepted far side by Muir. 

  GOAL! Moments later Thorpe do go on to double their lead winning the ball back come left the ball held up as plays break from midfield the ball played inside coming to a surprising source as McNorton in a advanced position outside the box open up her body to turn her shot wide across the keeper at in low into the bottom corner of the net 3-1.

Central defender Victoria McNorton on the ball for Thorpe United Ladies

  Thorpe a pushing their opponents back keeping the ball inside their half now, Hedtke tackling Hannah Croft to regain possession in the middle, Lake winning a corner left side the ball into the near post defended. 15 minutes left to play the sun almost behind the tree line the light fading fast. Chloe Young left of the D in attack for Thorpe controls the ball has Smith making a run on her left the pass into Smith’s 1st attempt doesn’t come off the ball back to her off a defender a more clinical touch with her 2nd effort the shot lashes into the side netting.

  Lake still full of running out wide left down the line her ball into the area across the Gorleston goal line, Chloe Young in the mix for Thorpe, Gorleston with some last gasp defending keeping the ball from crossing the line. Humphries picks up the ball deep for Gorleston left she takes it forwards has space to run into a great run all the way into the opponents area looks for a cross ends up winning a corner. 

  Two blank pages in my notepad! Causes a moment of panic, I do get caught up in the game writing these reports you have no idea, I am dealing with a gale out there, normal service resumed into the last 5 minutes. Gorleston pushing on late on overloading the right, into the area a Thorpe player ending up on the ground the referee whistle signalling a free-kick for the hosts. 

  GOAL! Into the closing moments of the match Gorleston are having a go pressing on looking for a reply, are hit on the counter attack the ball won in defence lifted up through the middle on for Lake running in behind sets her sights outside the box lifting the shot over the keeper and into the goal beyond to ensure the 3 points for Thorpe. 4-1.

Two goals for Thorpe United Ladies captain, Rebekah Lake
Two goals for Thorpe United Ladies captain, Rebekah Lake

  The sky very dark now not long left Thorpe regain possession Hedtke into Molly Young her slide rule pass forwards into the box, Lake on a hat-trick running clear left side hits her shot wide across the face of goal. 

Full time Thorpe United Ladies 4-1 Gorleston Ladies

  A 4-1 win for Thorpe sees them take a 9 point lead at the top of Norfolk Women’s Division One. A good encounter, both sides playing their part in what is another great advert for the game in the county. Thorpe coming out on top in the finish, expected a tough game against Gorleston and got one the visitors not creating the opportunities 2nd half as they did in the 1st. The weather conditions playing their part no doubt. Thorpe adapting their game well to losing Hooper early in the 2nd half protected their keeper well an evolving side are in a good position to push on in the New Year. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

On to this Sunday’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. A few contenders but overall one stood out. Siesha Humphries was busy in defence for Gorleston all afternoon did well with several good tackles throughout, ahead on her on the left Gillett was influential too. For Thorpe Laura Hedtke broke up several Gorleston attacks. The award however goes to Thorpe’s captain, Rebekah Lake, a constant threat running into the channels is pacey likes to take players on that will draw defenders to her make space for others, 2 well taken goals too.

  Believe it or not this is my first taste of Division One football this season in Norfolk, has left me hungry for more, a good game to watch. Bitterly cold however still not warmed up. A warm welcome by both sides, my thanks for helping with the team details especially the players for the after match ID parade. Using a new editing tool technology and me don’t always mix it’s taking a little getting used to.. progress though. Good to catch up with both sides again.

Match Report – Bungay Town Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

Wednesday 25th April

  The mid-week action on Women’s Football East features a top of the table clash from Norfolk Women’s Division One with 2nd placed Bungay Town Ladies hosting 3rd placed Thorpe United Ladies, both sides still very much in the title race.

  Sprowston’s young guns the side to chase down as they lead the way by 6 points extending their lead with a 2-0 home win over Bungay Town Ladies on Sunday. Bungay Town have 2 games in hand on the leaders the 1st tonight against Thorpe United Ladies. Sprowston will be interested observers. 

  My 1st look at both sides this season. A good sized squad Bungay Town have lost several through injury however some long term, their goalkeeper suffering a broken wrist early in the game against Sprowston amongst Bungay Town’s injured players. Scoring plenty of goals with a potent strike force this season Emily Leach and Samantha Walker scoring 24 and 22 each respectfully so far this season, goals too coming from the midfield with Nicola Hazell and Selina Rowland scoring 32 goals between them. 

 Thorpe United Ladies have been playing catch up in the league all season have had several long spells without a game throughout the season. An experienced squad with a number of their U16s side taking the step up into adult football this season. Are the only side left unbeaten in the Norfolk County Leagues with 8 wins and 3 draws from 11 played so far. Well placed behind the leading pair to make a push for the title. Shanice Sutton having an excellent season in front of goal scoring 33 so far from 15 appearances. Didn’t want to play in mid-week their squad stretched a few unavailable including regular captain striker Rebekah Lake.

 The two sides have met twice already this season drawing 2-2 in the league back in February, then in the semi-finals of the League Cup the sides shared 7 goals Bungay Town winning 4-3 to reach a 2nd successive final where they will be defending the trophy won last season against FC Sprowston Ladies. 

 Maltings Meadow the venue for this evenings match a hive of activity as usual. Bungay Town selected as one of the FA’s new SSE Wildcats centres their first session held before the game. The main pitch looking in great condition a good size overlooked by the clubhouse in one corner. The weather alot cooler than it was at the weekend today a typical April day sunshine and heavy showers. Clouds looming over the ground it would stay dry for the match.

 Bungay Town Ladies starting XI – Jody Wells, Kelly Collins (C), Ella Swift, Charlotte Power, Hannah Jones, Teo Ille, Selina Rowland, Lyndsey Adams, Nicola Hazell, Emily Leach & Samantha Walker. Subs – Arianna Lloyd & Eva Evans.

  Thorpe United Ladies starting XI – Cara Anderson, Aneliese Smith, Vicky McNorton, Shannon Holmes, Bethan Sommerfield (C), Laura Hedtke, Charlotte Groves, Sharnie Boast, Kirstie Andrews, Leonie Daulby & Shanice Sutton. Subs – Vicky Monsey & Lisa Ferdani.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  Both sides not in their regular colours this evening, Bungay taking kick-off 1st half in their all red kit with white trim. Thorpe in their lime green away shirts with black across the chest and shoulders with black shorts and socks. Possession lost from both sides as they close the ball down at the start no one getting hold of it in the middle of the park. Selina Rowland bringing it away moving out to the left looks to play it on up the line for Samantha Walker to chase, Thorpe captain Bethan Sommerfield going with her winning the tackle. 

Bungay get bodies forwards Teo Ille with the pass forwards for Emily leach up top has Walker to her right they exchange passes shifting the ball out to the left side of the area with Nicola Hazell bringing clear, going a little early she is flagged offside. Leach holds the ball up inside the D back to goal pushes it out to Walker to the right of goal 25 yards out her first time strike rising over the goal. A bright start from Bungay Rowland with a powerful run forwards as Hazell travels with the ball up the left wing her through ball aiming t pick her out too heavy Thorpe goalkeeper, Cara Anderson able to gather. 

  Thorpe with the ball on the left the pass played on for Sutton in attack she knocks it forwards looking to get into the box, Charlotte Power going with her the central defence lunging in ahead of her to take the ball.

GOAL! Bungay starting the brighter it’s Thorpe who open the scoring, the ball won in midfield the past through to Sutton central Power with her the defender initially winning the ball, Sutton stays on her pressuring her as she takes the ball away to the byline on the left, Sutton getting the better of her nicking the ball shifts in a from the acutest of angles sends a shot in towards goal the high ball flighted perfectly goes across the goal to nestle inside the far post  0-1.

Rowland is causing problems for Thorpe the Bungay midfielder winning the ball and breaking forwards well to support the attackers. Sets up Walker for a shot 25 yards out her low effort not troubling Anderson. A huge blow for Thorpe as Sutton pulls up hurt inside the Bungay area as she looks to put in a challenge on Power. Looks like her knee is in alot of pain a real blow after lengthy treatment on the pitch can’t continue is carried off Vicky Monsey readied and sent on to assist Leonie Daulby in attack. 

GOAL! Doesn’t take Bungay long to find a reply finding the levelling goal. Rowland running on after a long pass on the right picking it up carries it into the area from the byline on the right draws Thorpe players to her evading a challenge sends it into Leach who finds herself unmarked in the centre of the six yard box places the ball wide of the keeper to make it 1-1.

Laura Hedtke wins the ball in the middle for Thorpe her pass into Sharnie Boast, she attempts the through ball into the area for Monsey to chase down, Hannah Jones cutting it out and clearing for Bungay. Bungay turn play around quickly Rowland bringing it forwards looking to send Hazell through from the left into the box the pass too close to Anderson the keeper coming out to the edge of her area to claim the ball. 

GOAL! Bungay turn the game completely around taking the lead pushing players forwards up the right Lyndsey Adams with Walker the cross swung into the area Hedtke back to head it away with Rowland making the run into the box, the Bungay midfielder holding her position as possession is reclaimed on the right the ball fired into her opens up her body to steer the ball past the keeper into the bottom corner 2-1.

 Bungay make a change after the goal Walker coming off Eva Evans coming on. Rowland continuing to cause problems for Thorpe her runs not being tracked picks up the ball sending the pass on for Leach her switch out to the left sees Evans caught offside. Thorpe have lost their edge in attack without Sutton winning the ball in midfield Bungay are dealing with any forward pass, Ella Swift with a good tackle against Kirstie Andrews over on the left. Daulby with a pass up into the box Jones clearing for Bungay, Charlotte Groves nipping in to win it back drops her shoulder getting past her marker, her forward ball for Monsey she is flagged offside in the area. 

   Adams with the ball in midfield for Bungay inside from the right plays the ball back to Rowland her diagonal ball releasing Leach out to the left moving on to the byline her cross fired across the top of the six yard box intercepted by Vicky McNorton for Thorpe. A good save by Anderson as Leach is put through in behind 20 yards out Anderson out to the edge of her area stays big as Leach smashes her shot against her. 

GOAL! With 5 minutes left to go in the 1st half Bungay extend their lead. Rowland with the run forwards central on the ball up to the top of the area the ball played inside to Hazell she leans back opening the angle to curl her low shot into the bottom corner of the net 3-1.

Bungay finishing the 1st half strongly, Thorpe unable to get any meaningful possession on the ball. Ille with the pass on for Rowland break continues her run forwards Rowland sending the return pass into her, plays it on looking for Hazell inside the area, Sommerfield intercepting the pass for Thorpe. A shot on goal from Thorpe stopped by Wells in goal as Hedtke gets he ball through for Monsey to have a shot. Bungay are quick to launch a counter attack the ball up the pitch played out to the right McNorton doing well up against Hazell to win the ball back 

 GOAL! Late into the 1st period and Bungay have another goal. Pressing forwards through the middle Rowland involved the ball out to Hazell moving right her cross in cut out by McNorton inside the box her clearance not finding a teammate the ball played all the way across the area into the six yard box Evans free at the far post putting the ball into the back of the net 4-1.

Half-time Bungay Town Ladies 4-1 Thorpe United Ladies

  A strong 1st half from Bungay the hosts having the better of the game started well fell behind. Injury to Sutton unsettling the visitors Thorpe not able to retain the ball Bungay winning it back easily breaking on with purpose players finding room and space to exploit. Scoring to goals late in the half to put them firmly in control of the game. Half-time a chance for Thorpe to get together try and regroup unsettled feeling decisions are going against them try and galvanise themselves for the 2nd half a better display needed if they hope to find a way back into the game.

Thorpe to get the 2nd half underway have make a change, Lisa Ferdani on for Monsey, Into the midfield Groves is pushed into an attacking role through the middle. Straight from kick-off the visitors look to press the ball higher up the pitch, Andrews trying to get in behind on the right Swift with the tackle. Bungay make a change bringing Walker back on for Evans. Thorpe bring the ball on Andrews left the ball put inside to Ferdani played on to Smith on the right, Kelly Collins winning it back for Bungay. 

Thorpe showing more intent at the start of the 2nd half Andrews with a clever back heel on the left wing putting the return pass into Groves she tries to put Boast through on the left Bungay putting it out for a throw in. Boast seeing the ball into her feet left corner outside the box drives a shot in towards goal Wells covering her near post takes the ball cleanly. Ferdani passing the ball on for Andrews left side the defender looking to see it out fr Bungay Andrews doing well to slide in knock the ball into her to win the corner. A great delivery into the box Groves rising to meet it six yards out her header blocked/saved at close range Bungay scramble it away. Thorpe regaining the ball right side the early ball played into Groves positioned top of the area stretching for the ball a little screws her shot in wide of the target. 

Groves strong up front battling for every ball for Thorpe the Bungay defence not letting her have any room to turn and shoot inside the area. Sommerfield tackles Walker as the number 10 looks to run through on goal the ball out to McNorton who clear it up the pitch, the pass on looking to send Andrews away on the left the Bungay defence intercepting knocking it on long out for the corner.. at least Thorpe think so play brought back instead for offside a decision that further riles Thorpe’s sense of injustice. 

Bungay make a change Adams the player off, Arianna Lloyd taking up her position on the right. Power with the ball up field into Walker making a run into the area looked like a push on McNorton, Walker getting a shot away Anderson making a good save.

GOAL! 20 minutes played in the 2nd half and Bungay having kept Thorpe from finding an early reply 2nd half build momentum and further extend their lead the ball won back in the middle played on for Walker she knocks it around the advancing keeper at the top of the area in behind an empty goal to aim at doesn’t miss 5-1.

Bungay look to press the advantage,Hazell with a powerful run on the left getting into the area her shot in rising strikes the crossbar dropping down falls to Lloyd coming in from the right she looks to smash the ball back in across the keeper Anderson getting the tips of her gloves to the ball knocking it up onto the bar again before Thorpe get back to scramble it away. Holmes blocking a shot from Leach taken from 20 yards out. Ille moving left with the ball her cross fired into the area McNorton getting her head on the ball to Thorpe with Walker coming in behind her.

   Thorpe get forwards Boast and Andrews looking to link up on the left the return ball form Boast gathered by Wells inside the six yard box. Groves back to goal top of the area twists and turns can find no room past Power. Bungay turn play around rapidly the pass long to the left finding Leach on the break her early ball played onto Walker running clear in the centre to of the area her first time shot angles away from goal wide at the far post. 

GOAL! Closing in on the final 15 minutes Bungay find the back of the net for a sixth goal. A throw won on the left level with the top of the Thorpe area the ball played onto towards the edge of the box his headed down into Walker right of goal unmarked she leans back into the shot and sends it across the keeper to score her 2nd of the game 6-1.

A free-kick awarded to Thorpe 5 yards inside the Bungay half. Smith over it an ambitious effort in at goal the ball dipping late but not coming down soon enough lands on the roof of the net. Thorpe bring Monsey back on into the action in place of Smith. The visitors losing their way late in the game Bungay taking full advantage. 

GOAL! Bungay go further in front as they produce a flowing attacking move through the middle the ball from the back helped on for Leach the Thorpe defence split open, her run taking her to the top of the area the striker sends her shot low past the advancing keeper to score 7-1.

GOAL! Walker going on to complete her hat-trick moments later Bungay attacking on the left the diagonal pass fired into Walker outside the area top left corner, seeing the ball into her feet the striker turns and strikes the shot across the goal into the bottom corner to make it 8-1.

8 minutes left to play Thorpe have lost their shape Bungay finding room all over the park. Thorpe get hold of the ball release Andrews into the box left of goal attacking players closing her down, the keeper going to ground she puts her effort wide of the near post. Rowland bringing the ball on out to the right a one two between Swift and Lloyd right side the cross in Walker putting her shot wide. Walker with another strike top of the area blocked by Holmes the deflection into Lloyd her shot whistling over the crossbar. 

GOAL! Into stoppage time Bungay get another goal, players getting forwards the pass through the middle finds Hazell on the move in the left channel reaching the area pulls the trigger her shot driven across the keeper and into the net beyond 9-1. 

An opportunity to make it double figures at the death spurned by Walker as she stabs the ball over from six yards as the ball squeezes past the keeper at the near post as she tries to stop a cross in low from the left. The last action of the game Bungay celebrate a comfortable win.

Full time Bungay Town Ladies 9-1 Thorpe United Ladies

  Bungay bring an end to Thorpe’s long unbeaten league run and with a dominant scoreline. Coming back from an early setback to press their advantage first half Rowland causing mayhem with her runs, Bungay getting into a 4-1. A blow for Thorpe losing Sutton to injury and without Lake too lost their edge up top rallied at the start of the 2nd half but as decision’s went against them lost their discipline and Bungay took full advantage. Bungay getting into a 5-1 adding a flurry of goals in the final 1 minutes to see Thorpe suffer a heavy and very uncharacteristic loss. A dent to their own title ambitions, certainly not out of it yet and can only put this result behind them start with a clean slate next time out. Bungay with the win back getting their own title challenge back on track close the gap to Sprowston to 3 pint with a game in hand.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 A good performance all round from Bungay this evening a few contenders for the Women’s Football East – Player of the Match have chosen Selina Rowland her work in midfield causing Thorpe all sorts of problems especially 1st half making some excellent runs drawing players out of position and setting up opportunities in front of goal aswell as getting on the scoresheet with a goal.

Good to see both sides in action at last this season, although I’m sure Thorpe would rather I hadn’t. My thanks to both clubs for their help with the team details always appreciated. More action from Norfolk to come later this week on Friday with Acle United Ladies playing Wymondham Town Ladies in the Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final.


Match Report – King’s Lynn Town Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

Not a coat or umbrella in sight the sun cream applied a trip across to the west of Norfolk this Sunday to watch a top of the table clash from Norfolk Women’s Division One just a point between leaders Thorpe United Ladies & King’s Lynn Town Ladies in 2nd going into the game, the hottest day of the year and it’s only April, plenty of action in this one..

Match Report – King’s Lynn Town Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

  Hot and sunny! Haven’t said that to often at the start of a new match report on the Supporting Women’s Football Blog. A top of the table clash in Norfolk Women’s Division One this Sunday as leaders Thorpe United Ladies travel west across the county to play 2nd placed King’s Lynn Town Ladies just a point between the sides.

  8 teams in the Norfolk Women’s Division One this season playing each other 3 times most sides having completed 2 thirds of their games still alot of football to be played, nothing will be decided to day however it could give one side or the other a huge advantage along with next weekends reverse fixture. 3rd placed North Walsham Angels and 4th placed Bungay Town Ladies 5 and 6 points off top spot themselves aren’t out of the race yet and will be interested observers.

  King’s Lynn Town Ladies began their season at Thorpe United Ladies and won’t thank me for reminding them they suffered a heavy defeat. However since then King’s Lynn have gone unbeaten in the league, 6 straight wins followed, 10 in total now with 2 draws in their 13 games played have led the table themselves this season as their opponents suffered from postponements. Could yet be a league and cup double for King’s Lynn having reached the final of the Norfolk Ladies Plate. Captain, Shelley Woods is way out in front as the leagues top goalscorer closing in on 50 goals so far this season.

  Thorpe United Ladies looked like they were going to take some stopping at the start of the season leading the way winning 9 league games in a row before their run was halted away to Bungay Town Ladies. A win and 2nd loss followed, taking over at the top again last time out a point clear of King’s Lynn both having played 13 games in the league. A double on for King’s Lynn, it could be a treble for Thorpe United as they have reached both the finals of the Ladies League Cup and Norfolk Women’s County Cup where they are the defending cup holders. However the challenge will test the Thorpe United squad to the max as the finals have been scheduled to take place just 2 days apart!

   River Lane Playing Fields in Gaywood, King’s Lynn the venue for today’s match. A beautiful day, temperatures into the twenties, sun cream needed and not a coat or umbrella in sight. A good covering of grass on today’s pitch firm underfoot. Sunny skies however there is a strong breeze blowing across the pitch from one goal to the other.

  King’s Lynn Town Ladies starting XI – Christina Vivas, Vikttorija Burkauskaite, Lisa Wilson, Albany Hodgson, Millie Wilson, Millie Hopkisson, Becky Russell, Emma Woods Tegan Wheeler, Shelley Woods (C) & Josie Turner.
  subs – Natalie Bunton, Amy Gillon & Leanne Keeley-Smith

  Thorpe United Ladies starting XI – Cara Anderson, Bethan Sommerfield, Olivia Mungham-Gray, Lisa-Marie Riches, Lauren Kett, Alice Ford, Sophie Jermy, Laura Hedtke, Vivian Moyo, Shanice Sutton & Rebekah Lake (C).

  subs – Nicole Read, Chelsea Clarke & Jade Powell.

 (roll on roll off substitutes)

 It’s Thorpe to get the 1st half underway wearing dark pink shirts with black across the top of the sleeves, black shorts and pick socks. King’s Lynn lined up opposite wearing yellow shirts with a blue and white band across the front, blue shorts and socks have the breeze at their backs 1st half, new signing Tegan Wheeler recently joining King’s Lynn from Spalding United U18s Girls starting in midfield for the home side, Leanne Keeley-Smith on the bench looking to make her 1st appearance for King’s Lynn today.

  Getting hold of the ball early King’s Lynn look to play the ball out to Wheeler making a move into the right channel, looking to turn in field take the ball in towards the box, Thorpe full back, Olivia Mungham-Gray closes Wheeler down putting in a crunching tackle to win the ball back. The ball played up the pitch for Shanice Sutton comes together with King’s Lynn’s Emma Woods a bit of shoving as they regain their feet the referee quick to blow up call them over and issue a warning to both.

  The ball is rolled into the feet of King’s Lynn captain Shelley Woods as she looks to make a run down the left closing in on the area, Thorpe right back Bethan Sommerfield goes to ground stretching her leg to take the ball away from the striker concede the 1st corner of the game. The corner goes long bouncing out of play without a touch at the far post. A bright start form King’s Lynn, Becky Russell who used to play for Thorpe getting forwards linking up with Wheeler as the ball is brought out to the right another corner won the ball is fired in low towards the near post Thorpe have it covered launch the ball clear. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Becky Russell

  Russell is all over the pitch in the opening minutes left then right side on the ball from the left looks to thread a ball into the box for Josie Turner, is intercepted by Thorpe’s Lisa-Marie Riches her clearance lands at the feet of Wheeler 25 yards out sends a shot in towards goal, Cara Anderson keeping goal for Thorpe today is right behind it sees the ball safely into her gloves.

Tegan Wheeler looking to get forwards for King’s Lynn Town Ladies
 GOAL! Capitalising on their start, King’s Lynn preventing Thorpe from getting the ball beyond the midfield the ball closed down quickly and the inch rule ball through the middle has Turner running in behind on the shoulder of centre back Lauren Kett both racing towards the area, their is contact Kett ends up on the ground Thorpe want the foul, Turner keeps going into the box slides the ball past the static Anderson into the bottom corner to hand the home side the lead in the 8th minute 1-0.
 GOAL! No sooner have King’s Lynn taken the lead however Thorpe come right back at them with an almost immediate response winning the ball on the right side played into the feet of Vivian Moyo she slides the ball in towards the top corner of the area, Thorpe captain Rebekah Lake playing off the shoulder of the last defender makes the run in behind looking to get onto the end of the ball, King’s Lynn goalkeeper, Christina Vivas comes rushing out to close her down, Lake reaching the ball 1st sends the lob over the keeper and into the back of the net beyond 1-1.
 GOAL! A complete turn around 4 minutes after conceding Thorpe not only equalise but go on to take the lead! King’s Lynn are looking to push on up their right the ball is closed down with space in behind both Lake and Sutton make runs to the left as the ball is played forwards, Sutton gets there 1st taking the ball on into the box Vivas comes Sutton looks to send the ball low past her right into the near post, the goalkeeper diving to her right gets a glove on the ball pushing it away from goal but it is still alive Sutton goes after it the angle going away from her defenders rushing back sends the shot in on target, King’s Lynn defender, Millie Wilson almost gets there to clear the ball off the line but her effort is in vain 1-2.

Thorpe United Ladies, Shanice Sutton

  A vital header from Wilson moments to stop Thorpe getting through on goal for another shooting opportunity as midfielder Alice Ford drives forwards with the ball having won it out on the right coming inside 30 yards out looks to put the ball in towards the top of the box, Wilson gets her head on the ball if she hadn’t Lake drifting in behind would have be through on goal. A busy start to the match the breeze has gotten stronger a physical game developing on the pitch. 

  Shelley Woods is given the ball from midfield moving out wide left sends the diagonal ball into the near post area with Turner providing the run, Riches sliding in throws herself at the ball reaching it 1st clears the threat. Thorpe deal with the resulting corner kick. Attacking down the right King’s Lynn get the corner kick Turner plays the ball into Russell coming towards the ball near side, Ford on her won’t let Russell turn and shoot the ball is deflected back towards Emma Woods top of the area, her shot is closed down the deflected ball coming back out to Turner on the right plays it long across the face of goal Shelley Woods putting the ball over the line at the far post however the flag is raised against her for offside. 

  Sutton has taken a knock for Thorpe the visitors make a change bringing on Jade Powell. Not long after King’s Lynn make their 1st change Emma Woods making way for Natalie Bunton. Thorpe cut an opening through the middle of the park the ball over the top Lake shoots early Vivas diving low to her right pushes the ball away from her goal conceding the corner. An injury to Thorpe’s Sophie Jermy, she comes off to be replaced by Chelsea Clarke. Turner comes off for King’s Lynn up front Millie Hopkisson pushed further forwards as Leanne Keeley-Smith comes on for her 1st appearance for King’s Lynn.

  Clarke gets into the action straight away hassling King’s Lynn as they try to bring the ball out winning possession her diagonal ball putting the King’s Lynn centre backs under pressure struggling to get control, Lake is ready to pounce inside the D her snap shot whistling over the crossbar. Nobody is thinking about the guy trying to write notes on the side of the pitch the action is soon up the other end, the ball from Lisa Wilson into Russell ahead of her on the left played on for Shelley Woods making a charge for the Thorpe area, Kett lunges in to win the ball take it off her toes for a throw.

King’s Lynn’s Vikttorija Burkauskaite with Thorpe United’s Chelsea Clarke

  An action game, Vikttorija Burkauskaite closes the ball down and wins it for King’s Lynn at right back sends the threaded ball up the line for Bunton has Hopkisson in field plays the pass into her breaking forwards fires the ball up towards the D with Shelley Woods making the run from the left side chests the ball down into the area Riches goes with her gets fouled as Woods tries to get a shot away the ball running out of play.

Thorpe United Ladies captain Rebekah Lake looking to get a shot away

  Lake is a nightmare for defenders to deal with specialises in playing off the shoulder you just never know which one to look over. Small of stature but rapid from a standing start the ball is played over the top peeling away to the left Lake controlling the ball well looks to sends the ball across the face of goal towards the far post, Albany Hodgson throws herself into the path of the ball making the block deflects back to Clarke outside the box space to her right, has the vision to control and drill the ball in low towards the opposite post Vivas seeing it late does well diving to her right to save and pull the ball into her body.

Half-time King’s Lynn Town Ladies 1-2 Thorpe United Ladies

  A busy 1st half King’s Lynn starting on the front foot taking the early lead only for Thorpe to come straight back at them equalise then take the lead with 4 minutes. Has been a competitive contest, physical from both sides a bit of banter two which isn’t fazing either side both can give as good as they get. End to end no one getting any time on the ball Vivas with a couple of saves to keep the deficit down the a single goal for King’s Lynn all to play for 2nd half.
  King’s Lynn to get the 2nd half underway, Wilson also off at left back, Burkauskaite coming over to that side with Amy Gillon on at right back. A few testing balls put long at the start defences clearing the ball. King’s Lynn win a free-kick inside the centre circle, Hodgson on the ball sends t long up into the area Anderson not distracted by the on coming runners gathers the ball cleanly. Hopkisson makes a move to the right outside the box as Wheeler wins the ball slides her in, Anderson comes rushing out towards the attacker makes the block with her legs as she pulls the trigger the ball deflecting away for a throw.
 GOAL! The throw in level with the top of the box is taken quickly played into Wheeler the cross comes in going long towards the far post players over for the throw, Shelley Woods arrives unmarked to header the ball in from close range to put King’s Lynn back on level terms 2-2. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies captain, Shelley Woods

  A good start to the 2nd half from King’s Lynn, getting bodies forwards, Keeley-Smith playing the ball on for Russell, Hopkisson to her left looks to pick out Woods, Kett intercepts the pass. The physical contest continues the referee again calming thing’s down.

 GOAL! Just like the 1st half after conceding Thorpe aren’t long in finding a response pushing forwards the ball played into the feet of Laura Hedtke 25 yards out right of goal has Lake peeling into space on the wing that side rolls the ball into her path continues her run into the box, Lake cuts the ball back to Hedtke who leaning back hits it first tie sending her shot looping up and over Vivas into the back of the net 3-2.

 GOAL! What are the odds of the same thing happening in the space of 2 halves of football, well they do like the 1st half after conceding Thorpe respond with 2 quickfire goals. On the counter attack Thorpe go forwards the ball with Powell in the centre of midfield his lifted over the top for Lake breaking into the area on the right side seeing the ball across her body strikes it on the bounces her looping ball flying in towards goal, Vivas throws her gloves up reacting quickly but doesn’t get enough of the ball to stop it falling behind her into the back of the net as Lake scores her 2nd of the match making it 4-2.

Thorpe United Ladies captain Rebekah Lake (central) always looking to break forwards

  Straight from the restart King’s Lynn get the ball forwards into Woods moving right hits the shot early on the angle her effort sailing over the bar. Thorpe attack through the middle, Hedtke onto Powell long for Lake moving into the right channel, her ball squared into the area no one making a central run, Keeley-Smith able to clear far post. Lake wins Thorpe a corner on the right the ball high into the box headed clear by Millie Wilson falls outside the box Powell onto the ball 25 yards out fires a shot in towards goal, Vivas behind it collects on the bounce inside her six yard box. 

 Russell gets hold of possession in the middle of the park has Shelley Woods ahead of her making a run left to right across the face of the area, plays the ball forwards, in a race to reach it before Thorpe’s Kett hurdles over the defender as she goes to ground inside the D taking a blow to the back of her head off Woods’ knee play is stopped so she can receive treatment both sides taking the opportunity to take on fluids. Kett needs a moment to recover Nicole Read comes on albeit briefly this time around.

  Pushing forwards down the right players supporting Lake she wins her side a throw in taken quickly put into the path of Powell as she reaches the top right-hand corner of the box is falling back as she looks to turn and sends the ball goalwards slices her attempt wide. King’s Lynn bring Wheeler off send Lisa Wilson back on with a little over 15 minutes of the 2nd half left to play. Russell charging the ball down 30 yards out continues her run the ball now deflected into her path shoots from 25 yards out Anderson well placed in her goal to get her body behind the strike. Read comes on again this time to replace Hedtke in the centre of midfield. 

  Turner rejoins the action for King’s Lynn replacing Hodgson as both sides continue to press for a goal. King’s Lynn have upped the tempo pressing Thorpe inside their own half looking to pull a goal back Woods is fouled as she jumps for the ball outside the box Kett winning the header but adjudged to have taken the player too.

 GOAL! A dangerous position 25 yards out right of goal, Shelley Woods on the ball takes on the shot a great strike arrowing across the diving keeper to nestle into the back of the net to pull it back to 3-4.

  A nervy finish on the cards into the last five minutes King’s Lynn having regained momentum drive forwards, Hopkisson through the middle on for Woods inside the D lays it out to Lisa Wilson on her left, looks to fire the ball in across the face of the six yard box the ball is cleared by Thorpe out for a throw on the far side, King’s Lynn keep pressing are awarded a free-kick that side. Woods to take goes for goal again flashes inches wide of the far post. 

King’s Lynn Town Ladies, Lisa Wilson

  The game moves into stoppage time King’s Lynn have a corner kick on the right side players up into the box the ball played long Woods gets up highest far post to head the ball back across goal Thorpe do enough to prevent an attempt at goal before Kett is fouled trying to bring the ball out. Getting the ball up field into the run of Lake closing in on the box two King’s Lynn defenders slide in on her to win the ball as she reaches the top of the box the ball deflected back into the gloves of the goalkeeper. 

Full time King’s Lynn Town Ladies 3-4 Thorpe United Ladies

  The final whistle blows and despite late pressure from King’s Lynn, Thorpe United Ladies hold out to win the match 4-3 take the 3 points back to the capital with them go 4 points clear at the top of the Norfolk Women’s Division One table. A good win a few knocks to show for it however. An entertaining contest between two good sides they meet again next Sunday at Thorpe, a must win game for King’s Lynn you would think to prevent their rivals going 7 points clear still plenty of action to come in the league however a busy few weeks for both sides and still all to play for.
SWF Blog – Player of the Match

  Today’s SWF Blog – Player of the Match goes to Thorpe United Ladies captain, Rebekah Lake, two well taken goals plus and assist, caused problems for the King’s Lynn defence all game some clever runs always looking for space and making herself available to receive the ball.  
  My thanks to both teams for their help with the team details today will see both at the respective finals come the end of the month best of luck to both.

Match Report – Aylsham FC Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

Sunday’s football action from the Supporting Women’s Football Blog, features the 2015/16 Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final between Aylsham FC Ladies & Thorpe United Ladies. Full match report below…

Cup Final Report – Aylsham FC Ladies v Thorpe United Ladies

  Trip the The FDC this Sunday to watch the 2015/16 Final of the Norfolk Women’s County Cup between Aylsham FC Ladies and Thorpe United Ladies.

  There will be a new name engraved on the trophy too after today’s final as the competition moves into it’s 6th year. From it’s conception in the 2010/11 season the Norfolk Women’s County Cup has been dominated by Norwich City Ladies playing their football in the FAWPL South East Division One winning 4 finals in a row up until last season when they didn’t enter the competition that allowed a chance for a new name to lift the cup last season, Acle United Ladies playing in Eastern Region Premier Division. Now it will be won by a side playing within the county football league set-up in Norfolk itself with both Aylsham FC Ladies and Thorpe United Ladies playing in Norfolk Women’s Division One.

Road to the Final
  There were 3 ties to be played in the 1st round of the Norfolk Women’s County Cup with the rest given a bye to the 2nd round, played back in October Aylsham FC Ladies were handed a difficult looking 1st round tie at home to North Walsham Angels Ladies one of the title favourites in Division Two. Turned out to be a thrilling encounter with 12 goals scored during the 90 minutes level at 6-6 going into extra-time Aylsham FC Ladies found a bit extra and went on to win 9-6 to reach the next round. 
  In the 2nd Round were at home again taking on fellow Norfolk Division One side Long Stratton Ladies, much more comfortable this time around winning 4-0 to make it into the quarter finals. 4-0 was the winning scoreline again on home soil again as they were drawn against Norfolk Division Three side Toftwood Ladies. Home again in the semi-finals taking on Norfolk Division Two side Red Rose Ladies won 3-1 to reach their 1st Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final. An attacking side are rarely involved in low scoring games grinding out 1-0 wins isn’t their forte. Goals can come from anywhere in the side, but with 30 goals to her name in all competitions this season striker Abbie Charlton is one to watch. One of two finals for Aylsham FC Ladies this season as they have also reached the final of the Norfolk Women’s League Cup
   Thorpe United Ladies were also in action in the 1st Round an away drawn against the early pace setters in Norfolk Division Three, Harleston Ladies made short work of them racking up a 13-0 victory to progress to the 2nd Round. Different story in the 2nd Round drawn at home against fellow Division One side Wymondham Town Ladies, both sides amongst the favourites for the league title, Thorpe United Ladies edged the contest by a single goal to reach the quarter finals.
  At home again in the quarter finals drawn against Division Two side Stalham Town Ladies, progressed through to the semi-finals courtesy of a 5-0 victory to set up a repeat of last season’s final as they were drawn at home against Acle United Ladies. A tough test however Thorpe United Ladies celebrated at the final whistle again winning by a single goal to reach their 3rd successive Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final. Have made 3 final appearances to date and come so close last season missing out to Acle United Ladies in a penalty shootout will be determined to get their hands on the trophy and not another runner-up medal this time around their 3rd successive final appearance.

  The venue for today’s Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final, The FDC, Norfolk FA’s Football Development Centre, boasting a number of all weather pitches and the main grass pitch on which today’s final is to be played, a clubhouse and modern facilities on the outskirts of Norwich. The pitch itself looking in great condition a seated stand along one side for spectators a bright and sunny afternoon if a little chilly, good playing conditions all round as the two sides stepped out onto the pitch.

  Aylsham FC Ladies starting XI – Ania Vanston, Vikki Bird (C), Aneliese Smith, Alicia Lacey Becky Hibberd, Debbie Kelly, Lisa Ferdani Emma Gillespie, Leanne Woodward, Michaela England & Abbie Charlton.
  subs – Becky Hills, Sophie Burr-Walpole & Kiera Squires.
  Thorpe United Ladies starting XI – Kirstie Andrews, Nicole Read, Shannon Miles, Alice Ford, Cara Anderson, Jo Davey, Hayley Kindred, Charlotte Groves, Sharnie Boast, Rebecca Russell & Rebekah Lake (C).
   subs – Chelsea Clark & Natasha Evans.
(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It’s Thorpe to get the 2015/16 Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final underway wearing pink shirts with black across the top of the sleeves, black shorts and pink socks with opponents Aylsham lined up opposite wearing orange shirts with a white and blue band across the front, blue shorts and orange socks. Right from the start Aylsham press Thorpe for the ball, Lisa Ferdani in the middle closing down the ball winning it and spreading play out to the left channel the ball is whipped across the Thorpe area, Michaela England coming in far side can’t quite get onto the ball to take it forwards, wins a throw on the right.
  Aylsham keep Thorpe penned in their own half at the start, Alicia Lacey and captain Vikki Bird dealing with anything sent long, having won the County Cup with Acle last time out Sharnie Boast now plays in the pink colours of Thorpe United, wins a 50/50 in the centre looks to release Rebekah Lake, Thorpe’s captain through the centre, Bird comes across to intercept. Aylsham try the same up the other end a good ball over the top right of the goal sees Abbie Charlton almost put though on goal into the area, Alice Ford gets across and lunging for the ball takes it away from the Aylsham attacker.

Aylsham’s Alicia Lacey challenging Thorpe’s Sharnie Boast for the ball
  Lacey is defending well early on and getting forwards on the ball for Aylsham, sending the ball long for Leanne Woodward ahead of her attacking space on the left she looks to come inside get into the area is tackled well by Thorpe’s Cara Anderson. Thorpe having ridden out the early pressure applied by Aylsham start to get hold of the ball, Boast through the middle has Charlotte Groves making a forward run ahead of her playing the  ball on Groves lays it out to Hayley Kindred attacking the right wing, sends a cross into the Aylsham box, is headed away by Bird, rolls back to Boast 20 yards out who goes for the shot, on target is straight into the gloves of goalkeeper Ania Vanston.
   Great chance for Aylsham to take the lead the ball played forwards for Charlton making the forwards run into the box right side of goal, has Anderson on her shoulder with Thorpe goalkeeper Kirstie Andrews advancing, Anderson gets out of the way as Charlton reaches the ball hits her shot into Andrews the ball spinning to her right in front of goal, won’t sit for Charlton who stretches to knock it down, on target, Anderson has gotten around her keeper and is back covering the goal line stops the ball and brings it away from goal. 

Sharnie Boast on the ball for Thorpe United Ladies
   Bringing the ball up over halfway for Thorpe midfielder Rebecca Russell sees the run Groves is making to get in behind the Aylsham defence plays the ball forwards, back spin on the ball stops Groves taking it into her stride lays it behind her to Boast who attempts the threaded ball through the Aylsham defence to play Groves in too much weight on the ball runs through to the keeper. Emma Gillespie get’s on to the ball for Aylsham in the middle a good pass up to Charlton looking to break into the area is timely intercepted by Anderson. 
  GOAL! The opening goal of the Cup Final goes to Thorpe a little over 15 minutes played. A free kick is given away wide left inside the Aylsham half, it’s Boast standing over the ball, good with a set piece plays a great ball into the area heading for goal, Vanston gets and glove up to stop the ball, but only succeeds in knocking it down into her six yard box, Thorpe have three players breaking away from the edge of the area and it’s Kindred who gets to the ball to knock it home into the back of the net to give Thorpe the lead 0-1.

Hayley Kindred opens the scoring in the
Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final
   Thorpe break from an Aylsham free kick inside their own half wide right cleared away edge of the area, Jo Davey up to Lake is clear through to chase the ball down, Vanston coming out of her area just makes it to the ball 1st to kick clear. Russell then has an opportunity to play Lake in through the middle again deeper this time, Bird wins the race and puts in a goo tackle to win the ball, comes out to Kindred wide right takes it up the wing before whipping the cross in again Bird is well placed to head clear. 
  Change for Thorpe with Nicole Read coming off at right back and Chelsea Clark, she immediately gives away a free kick to Aylsham wide right with Bird the player on the ball set to deliver sweeps it in towards the near post, Andrews comes and lays claim to the ball. Ferdani plays the ball over the top to the edge of the Thorpe area, Andrews comes towards the ball, Charlton racing in steals in on it before she can get there leaving the keeper stranded, taking the ball on to the touchline, can’t get a shot away as Davey gets back on her to win the ball.
   Another free kick wide left for Thorpe a little closer than the one for the goal, Boast over the ball sends the shot in dropping near post Vanston saves well parrying the ball down then gathering. Groves charges forwards with the ball into the Aylsham half with Lake out to the right plays the ball up to her, holding it up well gives Kindred the chance to offer a passing option, plays the ball back to her, Kindred sends a high ball up into the area keeping her eye on the ball Vanston comes and claims well with Groves closing in the two collide the keeper getting the advantage.
   A free kick for Aylsham on the right just inside the Thorpe half, Charlton is over the ball, sends in a powerful strike, Andrews coming misjudges ad ends up under the ball as it sails over her can only turn, and catches the ball as it rebounds off the base of the far post back into her gloves. Thorpe let Bird carry the ball the length of the pitch before she is crowded off the ball on the edge of their area the break is on the ball launched up into the Aylsham half with Lake always the willing runner, Vanston comes out to meet her sliding in bravely at the edge of the box saves the ball trapping it between her legs.

Thorpe United Ladies captain, Rebekah Lake

   GOAL! Having come close to getting Lake in on goal, Thorpe eventually succeed as they force an error at the back from Aylsham, Groves taking the ball off Becky Hibberd as she rushes over to close the defender down on the left side of the attack puts the early diagonal ball in behind the centre backs with Lake on the move in between them, throws a foot forwards even as Vanston comes to try and reach the ball 1st a yard inside the box Lake get’s to it 1st this time, sends the ball over Vanston and on into the back of the net 0-2.Close to half-time there is 2 minutes added time in the 1st half.

Half-time Aylsham FC Ladies 0-2 Thorpe United Ladies
  A lively 1st half, competitive as expected from both sides, Aylsham started very well causing Thorpe problems closing the ball down and sending it into Woodward and Charlton early, the defences have down well for the most part, Bird and Lacey in particular for Aylsham, Anderson and Ford with some timely tackles for Thorpe. Two errors have led to the goals Aylsham have conceded. 2-0 down they are no where near out of it, the next goal is crucial.
   Aylsham have kick off 2nd half, in front of a good sized crowd that has come to watch the final. Aylsham’s Debbie Kelly plays the ball up to Ferdani the ball is sent up high into the Thorpe area is dealt with by Shannon Miles. Aylsham have an early free kick out on the left half way inside the Thorpe half the ball is sent into the area Andrews coming for the ball spills it comes out to Woodward on the left side inside the six yard box, doesn’t make clean contact with the shot is on target near post however Miles is the play who gets across to defend the post and kick the shot clear.
  Charlton is busy if the ball isn’t coming to her she will go looking for it, chasing back robs the Thorpe midfield turn and makes a surging run towards the Thorpe defence shots from 20 yards out the ball deflected off a defender running through to Andrews. Thorpe come down the left the ball rolled on into Boast comes inside and goes for the curling shot aiming for the top corner the shot drifts out beyond the far post. Double change for Aylsham as they bring off Kelly and England, Becky Hills and Sophie Burr-Walpole are introduced to the action. 

Aylsham FC Ladies, Abbie Charlton

  Kindred attacks down the right side for Thorpe wins her side a corner kick the ball is whipped it towards Boast coming from a deep position edge of the box towards the ball meets it on the half volley, the attempted shot is deflected behind for a 2nd corner kick. This time the ball is headed across the face of goal, no one far side to turn it home as it flies out for a goal kick. Strong run on the ball from Aylsham’s Gillespie 30 yards out plays the ball forwards for Woodward racing into the Thorpe area the ball is just the wrong side of her, does well to turn and catch it with her heel try to send it on across Andrews but also off target as the ball runs wide.

   Aylsham are pushing hard winning the ball if conceding a few free kicks as they look to get a goal back. Hills has made a difference since coming on attacking on the right side, a strong player hard to shake off the ball, takes the ball on coming inside driving for the box, Anderson stands firm offering no way through. A fantastic chance comes Aylsham’s way as they hit Thorpe on the counter attack Charlton and Woodward both timing their runs to perfection spring the offside trap as the ball is put over the top, the ball landing in Woodwards path, Andrews has to commit comes towards her, Woodward lifts her shot over her from the edge of the area and is left kicking the ground in frustration as she sees her shot sail over the crossbar.
Aylsham’s Becky Hills with Thorpe’s Shannon Miles
   Boast comes away with the ball from a 50/50 challenge has Lake ready to make the run ahead of her get into the box, Lacey is on the move even before Boast plays the ball and makes the interception. Going shoulder to shoulder with Burr-Walpole on the right Lake manages to get a shot away just inside the corner of the box, lacking any pace runs through to Vanston. Another powerful run in from the right from Hills for Aylsham she drives into the Thorpe area, Ford comes across and throwing herself in front of Hills makes the block as she goes to pull the trigger the ball deflected wide for a throw. 
  Woodward comes off for Aylsham with Kiera Squires coming on as they continue to press forwards, Burr-Walpole making ground up the left plays her cross in behind her attackers giving Russell tracking back a chance to clear the ball. Thorpe bring off Clark with read returning to the action. England is back on for Aylsham. Lake steals in to rob Aylsham of the ball and drives forwards into the box right side closing down the keeper, can only lift the ball straight into the keepers gloves.

Aylsham’s Lisa Ferdani goes to challenge Thorpe’s Charlotte Groves for the ball.
   Burr-Walpole carries the ball up the left side for Aylsham lifting her cross into the area everyone has gambled near post as the ball flues over every one landing far post no one is their to attack the ball with little under 10 minutes left to play. Can’t get hold of the ball, Thorpe’s Ford and Anderson getting onto the end of any through ball, Woodward returns to the field. Russell with the ball on the left side for Thorpe plays a great delivery into the box Lake is their under challenge with Smith manages to get a shot away puts it straight into Vanston’s gloves again. 
  Into injury time, Thorpe try to play it into the corner keep Aylsham quiet, but they’re having none of it, the ball is played back to Gillespie in the centre looks to play the long ball into the box for Woodward and Charlton to attack, bounces trough to the keeper. Thorpe get the ball up the other end and win a corner kick, don’t go short playing it into the area Russell gets her head to the ball but can’t direct the shot on target.
  Referee, Mary Harmer the 1st woman to officiate a Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final, blows the final whistle and Thorpe United Ladies beat Aylsham FC Ladies 2-0 to win the Norfolk Women’s County Cup Final, finally collect the trophy in their 3rd successive final. It’s a big cup too can hold alot of champagne. An entertaining final, two fairly evenly matched sides Aylsham had their chances to score. Conceded two goals in the 1st half, Thorpe taking their chances well and defending well for the large part. Aylsham have another shot at silverware in two weeks time.
Thorpe United Ladies, Norfolk Women’s County Cup Winners
  Congratulations to Thorpe United on winning the Norfolk Women’s County Cup enjoy the celebrations. My thanks to Norfolk FA for their help today.