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Match Report – Ipswich Town Women v Oxford United WFC

Sunday 7th May

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

Heading back into Suffolk this Sunday for to watch a HUGE match from the final day of the FAWNL Southern Premier Division. The top 3 separated by just a point! All with a chance to become champions with two of them going head to head with Ipswich Town Women in 3rd spot hosting leaders Oxford United WFC.

  Watford FC Women in 2nd away to Billericay Town Women in their final fixture moved to be played at the same time as their rivals with the Ipswich/Oxford match rescheduled due to weather affecting the original fixture. Setting up a colossal final day in the league…

 The scenario’s as follows, Oxford win and it’s simple they win the league. However a draw or defeat to Ipswich coupled with a victory for Watford will see them take top spot. Ipswich need to not only beat Oxford to win the league but count on Billericay doing them a favour and take at least a point from their game with Watford. A couple of hours of drama for sure, plenty of nerve around too, luckily I’m neutral… ish.

Whatever happens it’s been a thrilling season at the top of the FAWNL Southern Premier Division, top spot hotly contested and changing hands, Portsmouth FC Women too amongst the mix at the top before trailing in the closing weeks. Little separating the 3 sides too in their head to heads Oxford drawing at home 1-1 with both Watford and Ipswich. Ipswich with a 1-1 draw with Watford beating them at home by a single goal. Watford just 10 days ago coming from behind to beat Oxford 2-1 at Vicarage Road to ensure it would go down to the final day.

  Oxford United WFC one of the original entrants into the new FAWSL 2, now the Championship, losing out when the new round of applications to the league were 2018. A blow have maintained the ambition to return to the 2nd tier as they regrouped in the FAWNL Southern Premier Division, 4th in the 2018/19 season before the Covid hit season’s took affect. A 2nd place finish last season behind Southampton FC Women, Liam Gilbert’s side pushing all the way to go one better this time around. Carly Johns leading goal scorer for Oxford with 20 for the season 2nd highest in the league one goal behind MK Dons Mollie Couper. With Leah Burrage netting 13 goals and Daisy McLachlan on 9.

  Ipswich Town Women with high ambitions too aiming to reach the Championship themselves investing heavily in building a strong youth policy, playing in the FA WSL Academy league won promotion to the FAWNL Southern Premier Division last season where they went onto finish 3rd in their debut season at that level. Natasha Thomas in integral part of the side, has grown hugely as as player attracting interest form sides above. Loyal to Ipswich often amongst the goals has 12 for the current campaign one behind top scorers Anna Grey on 13. Need alot to go their way today to come out on top, but have to focus solely on their job 1st.

  Ipswich Town Women playing their home match at Felixstowe & Walton FC’s, AGL Arena. The Ipswich fanbase getting right behind the women’s side in recent season’s to create a great following and lift attendances to the level they deserve. The Blue Army getting behind their team. The clubhouse leading into the ground the kitchen hatch serving hot food and drinks, a sweet shop, the bar open a good atmosphere with plenty arriving early. A good sized grass pitch with one small main stand and standing viewing all around. Oxford bringing good numbers with them too. The sun out too a warm day with a little cloud cover not much no chance of rain.

Ipswich Town Women

 Ipswich Town Women starting XI – Sarah Quantrill, Summer Hughes, Abi Lafayette, Maria Boswell, Megan Wearing, Eloise King (C), Lucy O’Brien, Kyra Robertson, Freya Godfrey, Anna Grey & Sophie Peskett. Subs – Leah Mitchell, Bonnie Horwood, Sarah Brasero-Carriera, Natasha Thomas & Holly Turner.

Oxford United WFC

 Oxford United WFC starting XI – Rose Kite, Shelley Provan, Jaime Gotch, Riva Casley (C), Amy Goddard, Leah Burridge, Naomi Cole, Jenna Legg, Daisy McLachlan, Lacy Liggett & Carly Johns. Subs – Paris Sercombe, Sarah King, Taome Oliver, Iesha Swaby & Tash Stephens.

Flag bearers greeting the sides as they walk out onto the pitch, both sides naming 5 on the bench, with alot of firepower amongst them should they be required. Both Natasha Thomas and Holly Turned sided from Billericay Town Women early in the season amongst the subs for Ipswich, Tash Stephens on the bench for Oxford. Eloise King wearing the captain’s armband with regular first team captain Bonnie Horwood available on the bench too. 90 nervous minutes await both sides wanting the win, Ipswich needing a little help from Billericay too as they get the 1st half underway wearing blue coloured shirts with white shorts and blue socks, Oxford opposite wearing yellow shirts and socks with navy coloured shorts. The ball played back to Summer Hughes at right back for Ipswich the ball put inside to centre back Maria Boswell as Oxford rush to close the ball down put the hosts under pressure the ball cleared out to the left, Carly Johns racing in to put in the tackle comes away with the ball knocked inside Ipswich clear their lines.

Oxford’s Carly Johns with Ipswich’s Lucy O’Brien

  Oxford looking to make a fast start get after the ball in the final 3rd Lacy Liggett nipping in to steal the ball 20 yards out right of the D pushed on into the box for Johns, Boswell lunging in to tackle sending the ball out for a throw in the corner. Liggett working hard to close the ball down for Oxford on the right of attack putting Abi Lafayette under pressure, Johns coming across in support, Ipswich forced back, Megan Wearing clearing the ball.

  Sophie Peskett tracking back to help the defence looking to get hold of the ball drive inside is bundled over bashing her head on the ground, winning the free-kick needing a moment to recover, before being waved back on. Johns after the ball forcing Ipswich to play it back to their keeper, Sarah Quantrill’s kick out into the midfield won by Oxford’s Naomi Cole knocked down into Jenna Legg lines up a strike from 35 yards out central struck wide of the right post.

Oxford’s Jenna Legg

  Liggett and Johns combining on the right attacking the ball getting down the flank the cross whipped in over the crossbar, the referee spotting a knick off an Ipswich player, corner given. The delivery played in long past the far post, Ipswich heading clear. Ipswich looking to counter, Lucy O’Brien picking the ball up travelling over halfway central looking to pick the pass for Freya Godfrey pulling into the right channel, Leah Burridge intercepting the pass for Oxford.

  A good contest brewing Ipswich having dealt with the early pressure from Oxford looking to get the ball on through the middle, O’Brien showing some good footwork as she looks to manoeuvre her way through the middle. Cole busy for Oxford closing the ball down forwards into Johns marked by Boswell. The Ipswich centre back with a composed pass long to the left flank for Anna Grey to pull down and attack, held up by Oxford’s Jaime Gotch lays the ball back for Lafayette coming on her cross swung in towards the top of the D, cleared by Oxford’s Amy Goddard. 

Oxford defender Amy Goddard with Ipswich attacker, Freya Godfrey

  O’Brien taking the ball on for Ipswich is crowded off the ball as 4 Oxford players converge on her. Johns and Leggett looking a threat up top for Oxford, Lafayette getting amongst them to emerge with the ball lifts it central into O’Brien, looks to lift it over the top for Grey breaking in behind on the left, a close call the Oxford defence holding their line the offside flag raised against her. Ipswich winning a throw high on the left put into Godfrey’s feet looks to turn into the area, Gotch tackling to win the ball back for the visitors. 

Jaime Gotch

  Gotch called into action again for Oxford at left back as Godfrey looks to put Grey in behind the ball cleared into midfield, competitive a little tense, King playing the ball out to the right as Ipswich press forward down the wing get themselves a corner kick. A high ball in towards the top of the area, Oxford captain Riva Casley rising highest to head the ball clear. 

  Liggett hustling after the ball right flank winning her side a throw high, comes into Johns who sends the ball across the top of the Ipswich area Daisy McLachlan after it left of the D, O’Brien back to defend for Ipswich. A chance for Oxford as Gotch wins the ball high on the right to send it infield for McLachlan who turns it on into the box for Johns breaking inside right of goal closing down the keeper, Quantrill stays big as Johns shoots an excellent save beating the ball away to the right with her glove , Johns racing after it wide of goal puts the cross in straight into the keepers gloves.

  Liggett with a talking too from the referee as she pulls Lafayette’s shirt as the full back looks to get on for Ipswich over half way. The free-kick out to the right Oxford have everyone set defend their lines. King playing the pass on for Grey out on the left pushing forwards cuts it back inside for O’Brien, who in turn attempts to put the return pass over the top for Grey stealing into the box, Goddard cutting it out well for Oxford heading clear. Gotch bursting forwards for Oxford on the right, forcing Grey to track all the way back to defend, does well to win the ball the hosts unable to capitalise.

  Half an hour played, Oxford having the better of the 1st half so far pressing the ball high creating chances, Grey out on the left looking the best outlet for Ipswich in attack, Lafayette getting the ball forwards for her to chase, Casley getting across her path shielding the ball out for a goal kick. McLachlan taking the ball on through the middle for Oxford sending it on for Johns in attack, Wearing sliding in with a great tackle on the striker outside the box for Ipswich to get possession back for the hosts.

Oxford captain, Riva Casley

  Wearing down after a challenge from Johns moments later, needs treatment but is fine to play on. Legg winning the ball in the middle for Oxford sending the ball on the pass a little too heavy for Johns to run onto. Burridge taking a knock on the head as she goes into challenge Grey for the ball. Treatment required but okay both sides take on fluids. Off the drop ball from Cole up to Johns, Liggett looks to get away up the right, Lafayette getting back on her to defend for Ipswich.

  Oxford appeal wanting the penalty as the ball is played forwards by Liggett for Johns o attack right channel, Wearing up with her Quantrill racing out to the edge of her box sliding in all three come together Johns tumbling over the goalkeeper, the appeals though waved away. Johns stays down for Oxford taking a heavy blow able to play on after treatment. Legg lining up another crack at goal form distance for Oxford central this time blasting her strike wide of the left post. 

  Ipswich getting a set-piece out on the right wide, Lafayette on it played short for Sophie Peskett drives forwards, Oxford closing with numbers to crowd the attacker off the ball. Ipswich winning the ball high up the pitch Kyra Robertson looking to play the one two with Grey through the middle, the move doesn’t quite come off as Casley gets in the way to clear for Oxford. Ipswich not quite finding their range in the final 3rd Oxford’s defence keeping a good shape, Cole and Burridge back to offer protection. 

Ipswich’s Abi Lafayette

 The clock ticking down in the 1st half Ipswich battling for the ball central O’Brien inside for Robertson, Cole getting in the challenge, Robertson coming back at her to regain possession played out to Summer Hughes getting forwards on the right her cross swung in along the top of the area cleared, Ipswich press to get the ball back win a free-kick wide right 30 yards out. Lafayette across to take it, strikes the ball hard and low into the area struck wide of the near post.

 Half-time Ipswich Town Women 0-0 Oxford United WFC

Goalless at the break, Oxford making the brighter start looking to get after the Ipswich defence pressing high forcing a few errors have created a few chances, Johns put through one on one with the keeper, Quantrill producing a fine save. Ipswich a little tense haven’t put the opposition defence under as much pressure the final ball not quite there. A few nerves around no doubt and with the news that Watford are leading 3-0 at the break in the other game the current score line doesn’t help either side. Oxford have to win will that create opportunities for Ipswich to exploit?

Naomi Cole with Sophie Peskett

 No changes for either side at the break as Oxford get the 2nd half underway, Ipswich into their opponents straight away pressing the ball Robertson winning the ball central out to Peskett right, Hughes getting on in support the ball crossed into Godfrey right of the D, Provan tackling for Oxford. Peskett getting a foot in to take the ball right side sending it infield to O’Brien, Cole closing her down to regain possession for the visitors. 

 Ipswich strong at the start of the 2nd half pushing up winning a corner on the left as Burridge cuts out Grey’s cross, turned behind. A vicious inswinging delivery, Oxford goalkeeper, Rose Kite who didn’t have alot to do in the 1st half getting up well under pressure from Peskett to punch the ball away to the right. Peskett and the goalkeeper looking to square up after quickly broken up by their teammates. Ipswich getting a corner on the right send in near side low runners coming in turned goalwards rising Kite getting a fist on the ball to turn it up over the bar. 

Summer Hughes winning the ball for Ipswich

  Ipswich playing positively at the start of the 2nd half Peskett and Robertson getting up to support the attack, Peskett fouled on the right outside the area, Lafayette across to take swung into the area headed clear behind for a corner by Liggett for Oxford. On the right the delivery out to the top of the area headed clear by Casley. Oxford penned back inside their own half, Grey taking the ball on left side sending a cross long through the six yard box, retrieved by Peskett on the right, battles her way inside, eventually sending in a low cross to the near post scooped up by Kite. 

Sophie Peskett

  Legg fouled in the middle for Oxford a chance to get the ball up into the Ipswich box, Quantrill comes doesn’t get hold of it out away to the left of goal, no one close enough to get after it as the Ipswich defence clear. Ipswich buoyed on by the home crowd getting on well down the flanks Grey on the left seeing her near post cross headed away to safety by Goddard. Oxford have possession with Cole on the ball central plays the ball out to Burridge helped onto Johns up top, passes to McLachlan out wide left cuts back inside 25 yard out to curl a shot in towards goal, saved well by Quantrill. An hour played.

  GOAL! Ipswich hit Oxford on the counter, Grey winning the ball on the left sending it on into the path of Godfrey, turns on the afterburners racing on towards the box, Casley giving chase, as Kite comes rushing out to close down the angle sliding in Godfrey shoots sending the ball under the keeper to race on into the empty net beyond 1-0! Godfrey mobbed by her teammates in celebration.

Freya Godfrey congratulated after putting Ipswich into the lead

  A mountain for Oxford to climb now conceding a goal needing a victory to win the title. Ipswich capitalising on their fantastic start to the 2nd half. The visitors looking for a quick response play Johns in down the right does well to win a corner kick. Cole playing in a low ball, cleared back to her on the right coming inside the box lifting a cross in central, Liggett attacking the ball sends it over. 

Kyra Robertson


  Oxford making their first change on 64 minutes bringing on Tash Stephens for Liggett in attack. The game is stretched as Oxford look to get a goal back, the game opening up will favour Ipswich. Provan getting back well to tackle Peskett on the right as she looks to take the ball on. McLachlan bringing the ball down well for Oxford sends in over the top for Johns to race after central in behind the defence, Quantrill comes racing out to the top of her area to slide in and claim the ball first. Oxford making a 2nd change with Cole taken off, Taome Oliver sent on. 

Shelley Provan


  Hughes tackling McLachlan as the ball in cleared out to the Oxford wide player on the left. The visitors winning a free-kick wide left. Sent in high towards the top of the are and cleared by the Ipswich defence, the Oxford bench leap up appealing for handball but nothing doing. Ipswich making their first change King coming off handing the armband over to Bonnie Horwood stepping onto the pitch with 20 minutes left on the clock.

Leah Burridge winning the ball for Oxford


 Oxford fighting for the ball wanting to get on the attack, Ipswich matching that commitment, Oliver left side pushed on into Johns back to goal sees the ball into her feet and turns to drive forwards held up well by Ipswich’s Wearing, plays the ball out wide to Oliver advancing down the line from the angle curls the ball in towards goal claimed high by Quantrill. McLachlan with a forceful run on the ball down the left sending a long diagonal ball into the box for Stephens wide of the far post looking to get it down under control, Lafayette is quickly in to close her down clear the ball.

Oxford’s Daisy McLachlan

Ipswich making their 2nd change bring off the goal scorer, Godfrey replaced by Natasha Thomas. Oxford out on the right forcing a corner, send 9 up into the box the ball curled in across the six yard box Goddard rising sends her header over the crossbar! 

Amy Goddard sending her header over

  Johns coming off for Oxford with Iesha Swaby coming on. McLachlan advancing on the left her cross cut out by Horwood inside the area. Peskett shows good strength and footwork with the ball as she looks to keep hold of the ball for Ipswich on the right, eventually fouled by Provan the Oxford defend receiving the first yellow card of the game. The free-kick to the right put into the box by Lafayette caught on the bounce by Kite at her right post. The game end to end as Oxford look to get forwards taking a few risks at the back have to go for it with the clock running down, no change in the score in the other game. Casley hauls down Thomas earning herself a yellow card.

   Horwood winning the ball for Ipswich up for Peskett out right has Thomas ahead of her in attack fed the ball, Provan challenging for Oxford. Tomas getting clear on the right sending a cross along to the far post the defender marking Grey slipping, the attacker putting her attempt over. Oxford bring on Sarah King for Provan with just 5 minutes left to play as they look to throw everything forwards. Ipswich bringing on Holly Turner for Peskett up top.

Holly Turner

  Grey with the ball left racing on sending a low cross angling into the six yard box, Casley throwing a leg out just about getting there to take it away behind Thomas running in central to attack the goal. Ipswich have the ball just where Oxford don’t want it in their final 3rd winning a corner, the ball whipped in deep falling to Wearing puts her header over the bar. Ipswich defend at the back launch the ball out to Grey left side sent inside for Turner 25 yards out, Casley stretching to intercept pushing the ball away runs out to Horwood charging forwards struck first time the ball swerving away off target.

  Thomas and Turner doing a good job in the latter stages holding the ball up in attack eating up time. Turner strong with the ball at her feet on the right wide 25 yards out firing a strike over the bar. Ipswich finishing the game strong Oxford doing all they can to get the ball forwards, Boswell and Wearing both winning high balls for Ipswich. McLachlan taking the ball on left for Oxford rolled inside for Legg pushed on for Swaby, Boswell with a great block right of the D, the rebound struck over the crossbar. 

Full time Ipswich Town Women 1-0 Oxford United WFC 

  The final whistle blows and Ipswich celebrate the win. A bittersweet victory with the news that Watford have won their game 3-0 and win the FAWNL Southern Premier Division on goal difference. Amazingly 4 of the 6 FAWNL Divisions being settled on goal difference this season! Ipswich with a 10th straight win ending on a high runners-up with a strong 2nd half performance taking the game to Oxford to create the opportunity to score 1-0 to the good were able to manage the game from there on in as oxford were forced to take more risks looking for a goal themselves the game opening up. Heartbreak for Oxford leading the table going into the day ultimately finishing 3rd. A strong campaign throughout fine margins settling it. A strong first half with some good opportunities, Ipswich improved 2nd getting the ball into their attackers to get on the front foot. A fine effort from both sides.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. This is a tough one a contest between two committed sides in a huge match both sides with some strong contenders all enjoying a strong spell during the match. Oxford getting on well at the start of the game the tome set by Lacy Liggett pressing the ball high on the right. Carly Johns too in attack making some forceful runs to get through on goal. Daisy McLachlan taking the ball on well, Leah Burridge winning the ball in midfield. For Ipswich the defence was under pressure early on Maria Boswell and Megan Wearing with some great tackles. Lucy O’Brien showing some great skill on the ball in the middle. Anna Grey getting the better of the defence 2nd half putting Godfrey through to score the goal. The award though goes to Sophie Peskett showed good skill and strength on the ball especially 2nd half to get amongst Oxford win the ball the maintain the pressure Ipswich were after in the 2nd half.

  It’s not for want of trying but ironically this is my first game of the season from the Southern Premier Division, well worth the weight however. The weather’s to blame on the other occasions. An enjoyable trip to the AGL Arena a wonderful crowd of 844 in attendance. The end of the season rapidly approaching but hell of alot of football still to be played.

by Darren Gilham

Match Report – Milton Keynes Dons Women v Keynsham Town Ladies

Sunday 1st May

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

 The beginning of May sees some mammoth games taking place on the final day of fixtures across the FAWNL, one in particular in the Southern Premier Division as Milton Keynes Dons Women host Keynsham Town Ladies in a must win game to see them extend their tier 3 status into a 5th season.

  25 matches played and it all comes down to the final game of the season. Plymouth Argyle Women getting the point they needed to survive in midweek against Bridgwater leaving it between Milton Keynes Dons Women and Cardiff City Ladies on the final day. Milton Keynes with the advantage 2 points clear of 10th placed Cardiff. A better goal difference too for Milton Keynes would mean a point would be enough so long as Cardiff don’t win by 4 clear goals a tall order as they travel to league champions Southampton FC Women who have lost just once this season. Victory guarantees safety for Milton Keynes and that is very much the aim.

  Milton Keynes making a terrible start to the 2021/22 campaign in an expanded league of 14 sides following the Covid hit season’s previously. The down side as the FA looks to balance thing’s up again next season 4 are most likely to go down. Losing 8 of their opening 10 league games with just 2 points gained Milton Keynes looked in serious trouble. Back to back wins at the turn of the year giving the side something to take forwards into the new year. Player departures and injuries, notably to captain Laura Bright with a serious ACL injury that will keep her on the side lines for some time. The squad has fought on though and in stark contrast the 2n half of the season has seen Milton Keynes win 5, along with some hard fought draws particularly against title chasing Ipswich Town Women to see them claw there way out of the bottom 4 and get themselves into the position they are now with their fate still in their own hands, one more push needed.

  In complete contrast, today’s opponents Keynsham Town Ladies have had a terrible 2nd half of the season winning just once the losses stacking up some heavy defeats along the way too to see them pulled into the relegation mix and 2nd bottom their 3 year stay in the Southern Premier Division comes to an end. Down the bottom of the table all season a 3 game winning streak a strong response after 2 heavy losses getting them out of the bottom 4. Just one win since doesn’t mean Milton Keynes can take anything for granted Keynsham beating them 2-1 in the reverse fixture back in November.

  Stadium MK the venue for today’s match, Milton Keynes Dons Women playing the bulk of their matches here. A great venue to host any game of football, the mens side narrowly missing out on automatic promotion to the Championship with be hoping the achieve that goal through the play-offs. Will be hosting several matches too during this summers Women’s Euro’s which is on course to be fantastic for the further growth of the women’s game in the country, will be back here for a couple of games myself including the semi-final. A great playing surface offering plenty of space the fans on one side, up in the press area myself on the opposite side. A mild but overcast afternoon. Considering it’s a bank holiday weekend made good time getting down here from Norfolk.

Milton Keynes Dons Women

Milton Keynes Dons Women starting XI – Chloe Sansom (C), Hannah Warren, Kerry Newman, Sofia Stovold, Tally Miles, Gemma Biggadike, Rhianne Rush, Nicole Pepper, Lucy Wood, Chez Albert & Mollie Coupar. Subs – Marianne Taho, Laura Mills , Amy Gooderham, Dominika Netschova & Mathilda Brown.

 Keynsham Town Ladies starting XI – Xanna Kierk, Lily Withers, Amy McCorkell, Nadine Grogan (C), Celyn Garton, Jade Munro, Henna Butcher, Natalia Bak, Justine Lorton, Laura Williams & Kerry Bartlett. Subs – Courtney Adams, Ylenia Carabott & Nia Sparks.

It’s the visitors Keynsham to get the match underway kicking off 1st half wearing green shirts with black sleeves and white trim, black shorts and socks. Milton Keynes lined up opposite wearing and all white strip. The ball sent out to the left side for Laura Williams seeing the ball down into her feet looks to drive forwards towards the area is fouled giving Keynsham an early free-kick. Players up from the back the ball floated into the box, goalkeeper and captain Chloe Sansom coming forwards calling to claim taking a confident catch.

Chloe Sansom with the claim for Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes carrying the ball out for the back the ball fed through to Chez Albert top of the D, 25 yards out looks to spin in behind left side, Celyn Garton putting her foot out tackling for Keynsham to thwart her attack the ball cleared out to the right side lifted back in towards goal, caught by Keynsham’s goalkeeper, Xanna Kierk. Milton Keynes seeing more of the ball in the early stages able to travel to the halfway line unopposed as Keynsham get everyone behind the ball. A few signs of nerves however as the final ball fails to find it’s mark on a few ocassions. 

Milton Keynes Gemma Biggadike

  Seeing the ball into her feet back to goal right side Pepper spins right sending the ball out to Lucy Wood on the wing pushes on into the box as Wood attempts to slide the ball into her, Garton on her to defend for Keynsham clear the ball. The free-kick count growing as niggly challenges are put in. Milton Keynes get forwards on the right side Woods squaring a cross into the box, Amy McCorkell with a strong challenge for Keynsham sending the ball behind for a corner kick. Delivered in from the right across the six yard box comes to Pepper at the far post jumping has to lean back to get any power on her header, sends it wide of the post. 

 GOAL! The ball is with Kerry Newman at left back plays the ball forwards for Albert ahead of her, taking the ball in down the wing, turns inside top of the area strong on the ball fires it into the D for Pepper, her strike is charged down by Keynsham captain, Nadine Grogan the loose ball rebounding out of the D straight to Rhianne Rush 20 yards out, connects with the ball her shot arrowing into the back of the net a great strike to open the scoring inside the opening 10 minutes 1-0.

Rhianne Rush opens the scoring for Milton Keynes

  Noticeable at times that Keynsham have no one inside the Milton Keynes half this is allowing the home defence plenty of time on the ball bringing it on with Wood and Albert looking to provide options left and right. Garton with the interception as Gemma Biggadike looks to link up with Pepper through the middle she in turn looking to fed the diagonal pass out to Albert on the left. Getting hold of the ball in the middle Keynsham look to up the tempo look more of a threat moving the ball quickly, Ex-England international, Justine Lorton still going strong in her forties threading the ball forwards comes close to sending Natalia Bak through on goal but for a timely interception from Milton Keynes centre back, Tally Miles.

  Sansom sending the ball long out to the right from outside her box for Mollie Coupar the Milton Keynes attackers is fouled by Keynsham’s Lily Withers the hosts awarded a free-kick. The set-piece headed clear by McCorkell. The visitors give away another free-kick inside their half top of the the circle, lifted on into the area right side, Wood does well to keep into in play on the by-line, comes back to dink a cross into the middle the ball scrambled clear. The goal settling Milton Keynes down Woods sends the ball on down the right for Hannah Warren on the overlap a pacy run to the by-line her cross fired in near post, Kierk down sharply pushing the ball out into the middle of her area, the follow up turned wide.

  The hosts press forwards Albert free on the left 20 yards out shifts inside pushing the ball on for Pepper, left of the D, 25 yards out her shot angles up over the bar. Lorton picking up the ball 30 yards out makes a surging run forwards, holding off players making it all the way into the box before numbers back crowd her off the ball. Keynsham regain possession in the centre Lorton looking to lift it over the top as Henna Butcher makes the run into the left channel, is narrowly offside. 

Mollie Coupar after the ball for Milton Keynes

  Rush turning on the ball well in the middle out to Albert forwards on the left, her touch seeing the ball into the box, after it, a Keynsham defender comes sliding it, Albert caught doing well to stay on her feet moves central before turning and striking the ball goalwards, straight at the keeper, Kierk holds. A good shout for a penalty. Milton Keynes moving the ball well look settled with more possession. Pepper finding pockets of space in front of the Keynsham defence on the spin 20 yards out drags her low strike wide of the right post. 

Little opportunity to take the game to the defence for Keynsham, coming back to receive the ball Bartlett passes it forwards to Williams breaking on the left, wide, Miles comes to close her down sending the ball out for a throw. Off the throw Keynsham swing a threatening ball into the box, neither Williams or Bak can get a touch in front of the six yard box as Milton Keynes clear to the left Newman up to Albert, drives on, is held up by McCorkell before Grogan comes across to clean out the ball. 

Keynsham Town Ladies, Natalia Bak

  Albert a threat out on the left strong taking the ball to the by-line plays it back to Newman left of the D, she shot goalwards swerving through the air but not troubling Kierk. Half an hour played Milton Keynes continue to create opportunities, Biggadike out to Warren as she burst on down the right wing closing in on the by-line she cross lifted in taking a deflection off a defender as Kierk puts it behind at her near post for a corner kick. The ball attacked at the near post, Coupar up behind for a goal-kick.

Keynsham Town Ladies, Justine Lorton

  Butcher sending the ball out to Bak on the right she looks to drive on, Newman defending against her. Sofia Stovold carrying the ball on all the way up to halfway from the back for Milton Keynes has plenty of options ahead of her, lifted into Coupar right of the D, her touch inside favouring Grogan as she gets a foot out to knock clear. Bak bringing the ball down deep on the right well off a diagonal ball from the middle does well to win her side a corner. Milton Keynes are taking no chances everyone back to defend as the delivery comes to Grogan top of the area, is closed down before she can get a shot away.

  GOAL! Albert always the outlet on the left side controls the ball on the wing shifting it level with the top of the area plays the cross inside for Pepper free outside the D. Seeing the ball across her she strikes it beautifully, a powerful drive that bursts the back of the net 2-0.

Nicole Pepper doubles the lead for Milton Keynes

 5 minutes left to play in the 1st half Milton Keynes with a crucial 2nd goal. An injury at the restart with Munro coming off the worst as she and Albert come together. After treatment is okay to continue. The hosts attack on the right Wood crossing into the area the clearance dropping straight to Biggadike 20 plus yards out right of the , struck first time the shot lifted over. Warren with alot of pace drives on past Wood before getting held up by Withers, squeezes the ball back up the line to Wood who strikes on the angle her shot racing wide across the face of the Keynsham goal. 

  Miles on the ball coming on for Milton Keynes sends it on into the path of Warren running down the right taking it on to the by-line her cross/shot his held by Kierk at her near post. Signs from Keynsham that Milton Keynes must stay alert at the back, Lorton on the ball 30 out controlling before attempting to lift it through for Bartlett trying to steal in between the centre backs, Stovold cutting it out well. Stovold with the opportunity to carry the ball over halfway in the closing stages of the 1st half a burst of pace taking her deep inside the Keynsham half before laying it out to Wood on the right put on for Coupar, Withers close on her tackling to regain possession. 

Milton Keynes defender Sofia Stovold.

Half-time Milton Keynes Dons Women 2-0 Keynsham Town Ladies

  So far so good for Milton Keynes Dons Women a goal inside the opening 10 minutes helping to settle the nerves. Have had the majority of the possession since able t play the ball out from the back with little trouble as Keynsham drop off. Chances created using the wide areas well, a 2nd goal coming on the half hour to see the hosts 2-0 up at the break. Keynsham offering little in attack but the odd sign for Milton Keynes that they need to stay alert the jobs not done yet. The added bonus being Cardiff are trailing at Southampton. 2-0 is often a dangerous score where the next goal more often than not proves crucial.

  The teams back out for the 2nd half Keynsham making a change with Maltese international, Ylenia Carabott coming on for Garton. Out on the left Williams dropping deeper. No changes for Milton Keynes as they get the final 45 minutes of the season underway. Put back to the defence, Miles plays it forwards for Coupar moving to the right, Withers getting in on her to defend for Keynsham. 

  GOAL! The perfect start to the 2nd half for Milton Keynes as they attack on the left Albert drives inside looking to get into the box tackled by Grogan the ball cleared up to Newman up to support on the left flank 25 out crosses the ball inside for Wood right of the D, does well to see the ball drop over her to run onto it touch into the box right of goal and rifle her shot in across the static keeper 3-0.

  Milton Keynes confident at the start of the 2nd half attacking through the middle out into Albert left channel, gets the better of McCorkell to drive on towards the box, Grogan though comes sliding in with a strong challenge to dispossess her. Albert is causing Keynsham plenty of problems out on the left in attack shifting left then right riding a challenge staying on her feet as she enters the area, it’s Grogan once again with the robust tackle to take the ball and is fouled herself as she tries to carry it out of the area.

Mollie Coupar looking to get past Keynsham captain Nadine Grogan

  Butcher looking to get forwards more through the middle for Keynsham support Carabott out on the left, up to head the ball on trying to get on Newman comes to close down tackle and launch the ball forwards, Coupar after it right side can’t reach t before the keeper. Biggadike into Pepper central out to Albert on the left bringing the ball down 25 out move infield before striking a shot over the crossbar. Off a throw high on the right Pepper on the turn 25 yards out sees her strike held by Kierk in the Keynsham goal. Are a few tasty tackles flying in. Munro with a talking too from the referee for a foul on Pepper. The freekick to the left of centre lifted on into the area, Kierk keeps her eye on it taking the catch well as players rapidly close her down. 

  Carabott has had few opportunities on the left for Keynsham since coming on but is willing to take players on when she has the ball, a superb reverse ball on for Butcher has her through to attack the box, is thwarted by the raised flag. Milton Keynes need to stay focused Keynsham look a threat when they start moving the ball quicker, a diagonal pass finding Bak out on the right her angled shot in has Sansom scrambling across her goal line but can see it run safely wide of her far post. Moments later Sansom is called into action to save and feet of Butcher as she looks to get in on goal from a Bak cross from the right.

Chloe Sansom saving at the feet of Keynsham’s Henna Butcher.

  Kierk is called upon too at the other end making a great blocking save on Wood as she is fed in behind as Coupar flicks the ball on through the middle, to the left bursting into the box, the keeper rushing out to meet her stays big as the ball is struck against her. The game has suddenly opened up as Lorton lifts it through for Carabott clear in the left channel breaking into the box Sansom comes rushing out Carabott getting the ball beyond her inside looking to turn and shoot Miles on the cover though back to defend put in the tackle and win the ball.

Keynsham’s Henna Butcher with Milton Keynes Tally Miles

 Keynsham not going down without a fight looking to score a goal of their own, an over zealous tackle out left giving Milton Keynes an opportunity to play the ball into the box, floated in to the far post Coupar up but twisting can’t get near it as the ball runs out of play. Milton Keynes make their first change midway through the 2nd half Laura Mills coming on for Biggadike. The substitute battling for the ball on the right wing does well to come away with the ball powering infield attempts to put a ball in over the defence, Miles has ghosted in unnoticed from the back, as Grogan hooks it away. 

 A 2nd change for Milton Keynes sees Dominika Netschova coming on for Newman. Pepper on the ball central threads a low ball through on the diagonal for Coupar right side, too much on it as Kierk can claim before it can be attacked. Keynsham with a free-kick 30 yards out central the shot struck over by Bak. Grogan picks up the first yellow card of the game with 20 minutes left as she brings down Coupar on halfway. Grogan has to be careful with her tackles now as she closes Coupar down into the right corner, wins the ball.

 GOAL! Milton Keynes get forwards on the left Albert on for Netschova on the overlap  her stabbed cross into the box cut out by Bak cleared to the top of the area, Albert steals in to regain the ball coming inside to curl a shot into the top corner from 20 yards out 4-0.

Chez Albert on the score sheet for Milton Keynes 4th goal

  Baring a complete collapse Milton Keynes status in the Southern Premier Division is assured leading 4 nil with 15 minutes left to play. A triple substitution being readied for Milton Keynes as Keynsham attack the ball on the left fizzed into Carabott takes it on squaring a cross along the top of the area for Butcher, leaning back into the shot sends her low strike straight at Sansom who gets down to claim the ball. Quick to turn play around the ball through the middle finding Albert she turns playing it on into the box for Coupar right of goal, Withers going with her, Coupar hurt after initially fouling the defender a bit of afters as she goes to ground. The physios on Coupar appears in alot of pain. Has had terrible luck with injuries this season and it’s more bad news for the young striker as she can’t continue has to come off.

  Coupar one of the 3 substituted she is replaced by Marianne Taho, also on Amy Gooderham for Albert and Mathilda Brown an MK Dons RTC graduate in her first season in women’s football making her home debut on for Rush. Mills breaking on right side down to the by line her cross whipped in turned behind at the near posy by the keeper. Butcher taking the ball away to the left with a good run on into the area pushed wide the angle rapidly going against her Miles closing down blocking her shot. Williams booked as she fouls Netschova attacking left side.

  GOAL! The free-kick lifted into the box headed clear by Munro. Is quickly regained by Milton Keynes in the final third, into Wood right of the D turns inside to smash a shot goalwards, taking a slight deflection on its way home 5-0.

  5 goals for Milton Keynes with 5 minutes left to play another superb strike from outside the box, Milton Keynes are staying up with style. Soon on the attack after the restart the ball into Taho 30 yards out turned on for Mills away right side inside the box sends her shot angling in wide of the far post. 

  GOAL! Time for one more goal and a small consolation for Keynsham as they get on down the right the ball fed on through for Butcher bursting into the box, getting there just before the keeper this time to stab the ball under Sansom and score. 5-1.

  Taho moving right with the ball for Milton Keynes sees her cross into the box cut out by Williams. Cleared to the top of the area Pepper looks to retrieve but his closed down. A free-kick for the hosts right into the top of the six yard box cleared by Grogan. Butcher through the middle sends the ball into Carabott left side drives into the box is forced wide by Miles running out of ground attempts to lift the ball goalwards with the outside of her boot is cut out. and cleared. 

Milton Keynes, Marianne Taho

  Moving into stoppage time Milton Keynes attacking Wood central 25 out on for Mills on the right flashes a cross into the six yard box, Kierk scooping it up as Taho closes in. The game is open in the closing stages Keynsham tiring Milton Keynes full of energy Wood dragging a shot wide in the middle 25 yards out. The hosts with the ball Taho with Mills on the right her cross cut out by Withers, Pepper on the loose ball send out to the left Netschova linking with Gooderham her cross in seeing the flag go up. The final action of the season and Milton Keynes can celebrate as they turn their season around to secure league status on the final day!

Full time Milton Keynes Dons Women 5-1 Keynsham Town Ladies

  5 superb strikes from outside the box to see Milton Keynes secure a 5-1 victory in their must win fixture. As it was Cardiff lost 4-1 away to Southampton to confirm their relegation. The win though moves Milton Keynes up a place to 9th in the table over Plymouth. A fantastic result a goal inside 10 minutes settling any nerves, 2 up at half-time a 3rd goal coming so quickly in the 2nd half were in control of the game throughout. An incredible turn around when they only had 2 points on the board from their opening 10 matches. Keynsham’s time in the 3rd tier comes to an end a tough 2nd half to the season costing them in the finish.

The Milton Keynes players going over to thank the fans at the end of the game

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, is a tough one have three contenders hard to single one out. A few performances of note to mention first. For Keynsham, captain Nadine Grogan gave her all in defence with a number of strong tackles, winning the ball. For Milton Keynes, Tally Miles was strong at the back with some great positional play read the game well. In the middle Nicole Pepper was strong going forwards bringing others into play and scoring a great goal. So too on the scoring front Lucy Wood a great game out on the right, always an option for the defence and midfield getting on with the ball, scoring twice. Narrowly edging them both out though today’s award goes to Chez Albert strong on the left side always available caused the Keynsham defence problems though out whether getting to the by-line or coming inside also on the scoresheet with a fantastic strike.

  A long but enjoyable trip down to the Stadium MK this afternoon, look forwards to returning for the Euro’s it’s going to be a great occasion. My thanks to Milton Keynes for their hospitality and to Charlie Bill for supplying me with the team details. A day off then it’s 5 cup finals in 8 days!

by Darren Gilham

The Round-Up – FAWNL 08/03/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 8th March


A much delayed quarter final tie for Watford Ladies the club finally playing their game against Chichester City Ladies after a month. Winning through to the semi-finals Watford faced another long journey this time to the North West to play Northern Premier Division side Middlesborough Women in the semi-final. That game suffering from postponement last Sunday the Southern Premier Division side haven’t played a league match since the final weekend of January. At last this Sunday the game was on better weather finally. Few chances created on the first period a close contest the pair going in all square at the break 0-0.

  The 2nd half starting in the same vein, Watford going down to 10 on the hour with goalkeeper Nina Wilson sent off for handling outside the area. 2nd half substitute Hattie Kettle going in between the posts. Watford with a good response after going down to 10, Alysha Stojko-Down shooting wide. The game into the final 20 minutes Watford get their noses in front a good ball to see Anne Meiwald through on goal her initial strike hitting the post is closing in on the follow-up to tuck away the rebound. Both sides down to 10 with 10 minutes left Middlesborough’s Rebekah Bass red carded for an off the ball incident. Watford push on in the final minutes a god chance on 87 minutes the game sealed in the 90th minute Megan Chandler in to win the ball outside the box with a fantastic strike to make it 2-0.

Watford will play West Bromwich Albion Women in this season’s Plate final the game taking place on Sunday 22nd March at Stafford FC.

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

Wet weather was to affect the FAWNL Southern Premier Division elsewhere with the games between Chichester City Ladies and Gillingham Ladies and Crawley Wasps Ladies v Keynsham Town Ladies called off. Two matches surviving. A mid-week victory for Oxford United Women 2-1 at home to Milton Keynes Dons Women saw them climb up above Plymouth Argyle Ladies into 3rd spot on goal difference, were back at home this Sunday taking on Portsmouth FC Women. Oxford opening the scoring in the 23rd minute pressure from the hosts around the penalty box the ball put into Kayleigh Hines 25 yards out an impressive strike clipping the woodwork in its way in to the top corner. Portsmouth coming on well both sides creating chances a gritty game at times the visitors back on level terms just past the half hour getting forwards the ball flashed in across the face of goal Hayley Bridge arriving at the far post to make it 1-1. Oxford with good chances to retake the lead however it was  level at half-time Oxford had to dig in at times as Portsmouth came on 2nd half both sides with opportunities in front of goal, the winner coming in the 75th minute ex-Portsmouth player Daisy McLachlan lashing the ball home after coming in at the far post. 2-1 to Oxford close the gap to 2nd placed Watford to a point albeit Watford have 3 games in hand.

Plymouth Argyle Ladies too closing the point to Watford to a point on 14 games the same as Oxford United Women, at home this Sunday hosting 2nd bottom side Hounslow Women. Plymouth getting forwards well chances coming opened the scoring just past the half hour winning a corner kick a low ball played in by Helen Bleazard, Ebony Dover laying it on for Lydia Huntley to slot past the keeper for her first goal of the season. The advantage doubled 2 minutes before the half-time whistle Bleazard playing Dover through to put her shot past the keeper. A 2-0 lead for Plymouth, a quickly reply from Hounslow Women at the start of the 2nd half getting it back to 2-1 straight away. Plymouth settling after that coming on in search of a third goal Hounslow battling well to keep them out keeping the scoreline tight but not able to find an equalising goal Plymouth finishing 2-1 winners.

FAWNL South East Division One

Battles shaping up at both ends of the FAWNL South East Division One table. The top half of the table competitive right from the start the tussle at the bottom livening up in recent weeks as sides attempt to get themselves out of trouble. A host of international call-ups seeing Ipswich Town Women leading the table not played another opportunity for AFC Wimbledon Ladies to return to within a point of the leaders, wouldn’t be easy though away to 6th placed Enfield Town Ladies at the weekend. Sarah Wentworth with her first goal of the season firing Wimbledon into the lead inside 5 minutes getting into box sending her strike up high into the net to make it 1-0. Enfield with a quick reply back on level terms just 6 minutes later captain Nuala McKevitt on the scoresheet from a corner. Chances coming for both sides Enfield hitting the crossbar. A cracking strike from Elizabeth Berkeley putting Wimbledon back into the lead in the 33rd minute. The visitors 2-1 up at the break. A bright start to the 2nd half Enfield awarded a penalty on 54 minutes, Beth Lumsden stepping up to put Enfield level at 2-2. Wimbledon straight up the other end to retake the lead Rosie Russell smashing the ball home from inside the box to make it 3-2 with her first strike of the season. The game into the final 15 minutes a fantastic run from Georgia Heasman before setting up substitute Helen Ogle to find the back of the net and put Wimbledon 4-2 up. The gap to Ipswich back to a point wit both having played 14.

AFC Basildon Women have won 6 in a row to climb up to 3rd spot in the South East Division One table were hosting 5th placed Leyton Orient WFC at the weekend looking to make it 7 straight league wins. Their opponents the last side to beat them in the league back in September a 3-0 win in the reverse fixture. Basildon on top in the first half unable to break the deadlock the pair going into the changing rooms goalless at half-time. A goal ruled out for offside for Basildon right at the start of the 2nd half. Basildon finally getting their noses in front midway through the 2nd half, awarded a free-kick, Poppy Binding’s strike getting a touch of the Leyton Orient defence on it’s way through to goal. Kelly Wealthall and Holly Turner both coming close to doubling the lead. The game into the final 15 minutes, Courtney Clarke down the left putting the ball into Turner inside the box for a composed finish to make it 2-0. Leyton Orient pressing but unable to find a reply as Basildon extend their winning run. 

Holly Turner finishing at the near post to put Basildon 2-0 up (photo credit Jason Clogg)

Billericay Town Ladies stay a point behind Basildon fourth in the South East Division One table with two games in hand as they won at ‘home’ to Actonians Ladies on Sunday, enjoyed an exciting match in the Women’s FA Cup at the start of the year. Postponed from last week rearranged for this Billericay winning more comfortably this weekend the game a Malden, Therese Addison sending the ball past the advancing keeper to open the scoring would go on to miss a penalty. Ellie Nicholls opening her Billericay account with her first senior goal. Hannah Smith also on target with her 6th of the season. Zoe Rushen celebrating a 2nd half brace going clear as top scorer once again on 13 goals. Billericay winning 5-0.

Crucial games to come at the bottom of the South East Division One table too, Cambridge United WFC winning 1-0 away to bottom side Kent Football United climbing above Stevenage FC Women and Norwich City Women into 8 position as they began a run of 4 games playing the sides down around them including the pair mentioned above a local rivals Cambridge City Ladies. At home this Sunday at St Neots Town FC’s Premier Plus Stadium were hosting Stevenage FC Women. The featured game on Women’s Football East this Sunday the full match report can be found below this post. Amy Butler making her debut in goal for Cambridge United. Both sides looking to exploit width get up the flanks Stevenage making a good start a couple of chances Ashleigh Deacon causing problems with her pace out on the right getting on with the ball her cross in cut out straight to midfielder Amy Josland at the top of the area hit it back in to open the scoring put Stevenage 1-0 on 19 minutes. Cam close again the woodwork struck, Cambridge United building momentum as the 1st half wore on getting at their opponents with good opportunities before the half-time whistle.

Cambridge’s Charlotte Crisp getting a leg up to block Stevenage’s Nicole Emmings strike on goal.

A narrow advantage for Stevenage at half-time, Cambridge United began the 2nd half well getting forwards quickly an early goal from Amy Howlett ruled out for offside. The hosts winning a corner a good delivery in from the left clearing the keeper near post Faith Hewitt meeting it beyond to nod in from close range. Cambridge United doing well, Stevenage frustrated 2nd half Cambridge United going on to take the lead with 20 minutes left getting forwards well with pace Hewitt on for Kelly Blanchflower to pick out Emma Jenkins left side her cross put into the box saved by Grace Brooks the ball pushed out towards the top of the area Blanchflower quickest to it latching onto the shot firing the ball home to score her 7th goal of the season. Stevenage looking for a reply pushed on but Cambridge United defended well to make it back to back wins and pull further clear from the 4 sides below.

A massive 3 points too for Cambridge City Ladies at the weekend as they won at home to Norwich City Women the 2nd bottom side moving to within two points of the Norfolk side as a result and just one behind Stevenage. Confidence high as Cambridge City beat Histon Ladies 6-0 in mid-week to win this season Cambridgeshire Women’s Invitation Cup Final. Norwich though getting off to a good start taking an early lead winning the ball high from a goal kick a diagonal ball finding top scorer Chelsea Garrett free in the box right of goal shot across the keeper to put the visitors 1-0 up, Cambridge responding well Charlotte Gillies with a good opportunity. Norwich coming close as Aimee Durrant almost broke free into the box stopped by goalkeeper Dominika Szary. The hosts getting back on level terms midway through the 1st half Gillies pace causing problems right side was played in central running on lobbing the keeper to score. Karly Tolentino with a good chance to put Cambridge City in front, got the goal minutes later as she scrambled the ball in at the near post from a corner on the half hour. Cambridge City leading 2-1 at half-time Laura Mills clear firing a shot over early in the 2nd half for the hosts Gillies on the move making it 3-1 on the hour shooting into the bottom corner from the top of the box. Norwich unable to create a clear opportunity up the other end Cambridge City now breathing down their necks have games in hand on both Norwich and Stevenage.

Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Stevenage FC Women

Sunday 8th March

FAWNL South East Division One

No storm sweeping in across the country this weekend so for the first time in a month it was nice to make plans early get a game sorted, keen to get some action in from the FAWNL, headed to St Neots Town FC this Sunday to watch Cambridge United WFC v Stevenage FC Women. 

  Battles shaping up well at both ends of the table competitive in the top half for the title race and in the bottom half although no one wants to be there a crucial period coming up for the sides wanting to avoid relegation. The two promoted sides Kent Football United and Cambridge City Ladies positioned in the bottom two are just a couple of positive results (if they can find them) from getting clear of trouble, the sides immediately above scrapping for points themselves to keep clear of danger amongst those today’s opponents Cambridge and Stevenage. Norwich in the mix too and all the sides in the bottom five have crunch games against each other coming up.

Cambridge United WFC into the 2nd of a 4 game run against the sides in and around them. An Emma Jenkin’s goal enough to secure all 3 points away to bottom side Kent Football United last weekend lifts them up to 8th in the South East Division One table 5 points clear of the bottom two with a trio of home matches to come starting with Stevenage this afternoon, then local rivals Cambridge City and Norwich City Women at The Abbey Stadium on Weds 18th March. The women’s sides making the switch to a new ground this season now at St Neots Town FC’s Premier Plus Stadium along with their Development side.

New beginnings bringing mixed fortunes, a new era of sorts an great opportunity to grow a new fan base great facilities but a change in coaching set up saw several player departures before the season started the squad smaller struggling for results early on, out of the cups early. A long period without a game more changes in management Ben Yeomans stetting up from assistant to first team coach. New faces coming in the club has never been sort of positively. The move to St Neots seeing Cambridge United unable to defend the Cambridgeshire Women’s Invitation Cup this season but now within the catchment area of the Huntingtonshire FA have reached the final of the inaugural Hunts FA Women’s Cup, facing St Ives Town Ladies on Thursday 23rd April at Eynesbury Rovers FC.

Stevenage FC Women themselves playing in the Hertfordshire Women’s Challenge Cup final next Sunday taking on Watford Ladies U23s for the second successive final. Will be Stevenage’s sixth consecutive County Cup final appearance and will be looking to regain the trophy from their opponents. Joining forces with the Stevenage FC Foundation this season were looking to push on become an established side in the FAWNL having recently gained promotion. Injuries a few long term and being unable to secure a main shirt sponsor hampering their season somewhat falling to 10th spot four points clear of the bottom two have been unlucky with some results scoring goals okay just conceding too many. A narrow 3-2 defeat away to Leyton Orient WFC last time out. Beat Cambridge United comfortably 4-0 in the reverse fixture back in September and have home games against the bottom two to come.

Once I’ve successfully negotiated the roadworks on the A14 at Cambridge the venue for today’s game The Premier Plus Stadium home of St Neots Town FC as well Cambridge United WFC. The entrance to the pitch through the clubhouse hot drinks available onto the stadium itself the grass pitch in great condition offering good width. Dark cloud around and quite breezy didn’t talk of much rain around but short sharp showers would be a feature of the afternoon, one before kick-off as the teams warmed up seeing an early retreat to the changing rooms. Headed to the mainstand myself but the wind blowing straight into it offered little protection. Like to be on the opposite of the pitch however and as the rain died decided to risk it.

Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Amy Butler, Charlotte Crisp, Carrie Bennett, Albany Hodgson, Jemma Moore, Faith Hewitt, Gisela Otten (C), Amy Howlett, Emma Jenkins, Amber Cantwell & Kelley Blanchflower. Subs – Abi Davies, Kayleigh-Anne Burt & Katie White.

Stevenage FC Women starting XI – Grace Brooks, Leah Dunnage, Gemma Biggadike, Lucy Webster, Dominique Godbeer, Cara Breckenridge, Amy Josland, Ashleigh Deacon, Tamsyn Sibanda, Amy Makewell (C) & Nicole Emmings. Subs – Charlotte McLucas, Erin Pope & Katie Knell.

Amy Butler making her debut in goal for Cambridge, new arrived from ERWFL Premier Division side Colney Heath Ladies. Allowing Albany Hodgson to rejoin the defence having donned the goalkeeping gloves herself in the last couple of matches, injuries at the back also seeing Charlotte Crisp usually operating in midfield at right back. Stevenage to kick off the first half wearing white shirts with red vertical pinstripes, red shorts and socks. Cambridge opposite wearing amber coloured shirts with black sleeves black shorts and socks. Playing the ball back towards their defence Cambridge press high the ball released sent long out to the left knocked on into the box, Butler with an early touch of the ball off her line to kick clear.

 Cambridge work the ball through the middle Amber Cantwell putting it out to the right for Amy Howlett running on up the line cuts inside, Stevenage’s Leah Dunnage closing in to put in the tackle prevent a cross. Pace from both sides going forwards Stevenage come on the diagonal pass into Ashleigh Deacon on the right side, bursts on with the ball travelling into the box players rushing on through the middle to join her the ball squared along the top of the six yard box, Hodgson cutting it out for Cambridge. Deacon a threat on the right side early on getting hold of the ball taking it on fires another ball into the six yard box Nicole Emmings seeing it into her feet laying it back to captain Amy Makewell top of the area strikes it back on on target low but well seen by Butler back on her line down to save. 

Cambridge’s Amy Howlett with Stevenage captain Amy Makewell

 A lively start from both sides Faith Hewitt getting hold of the ball on halfway for Cambridge sending it up field to Emma Jenkins on the right Gemma Biggadike staying with her Jenkins forces a corner. The delivery long through the six yard box before being cleared. A crunching 50/50 ball in the middle between Stevenage’s Amy Josland and Cambridge captain Gisela Otten the rebound favouring Stevenage Emmings getting hold of it on the left jinking her way into the area Butler coming to close the angle takes it around wide on the angle shoots the ball landing in the side netting.

Cambridge United WFC captain, Gisela Otten

  Lucy Webster coming across the back line to tackle Jenkins as she gets free on the left for Cambridge. Emmings causing problems in attack for Stevenage moving out to the left head down on the ball looks to get in behind a good tackle from Crisp to regain possession. A good contest in the middle of the park, the ball closed down Cara Breckenridge this time playing the ball to Deacon on the right has Makewell giving her a run ahead of her into the box laying it into her path, Jemma Moore gets across well to lunge in front of her to take the ball away before the attacker can pull the trigger. 

Ashleigh Deacon taking the ball on for Stevenage

  Cantwell getting forwards with the ball at her feet, is brought down, the advantage played as the ball runs straight to Kelley Blanchflower she plays it across the top of the area to Jenkins left side, upended by Webster, Cambridge get the free-kick this time. Jenkins herself to take floating the ball into the area, Stevenage’s Dominique Godbeer winning the header dropping down outside the box, Cantwell after it puts her foot through the ball her strike charged down. Neither side on top getting forwards quickly Cambridge have it on the right a throw won taken quickly Cantwell laying it on up the right for Blanchflower, strong on the ball takes it in towards goal a defender on her shoulder gets a shot away the ball wide across the face of goal. 

Stevenage’s Lucy Webster

 Blanchflower seeing the ball into her feet right channel 25 yards out takes it on into the area Godbeer sliding in as she shoots the deflection seeing the ball come out to Hewitt 20 yards out top of the D strikes it first time screws it high and wide of the left post. Hewitt with a fantastic tackle to win the ball inside the Stevenage half attempts to thread it through for Blanchflower a little too much on it allows Stevenage goalkeeper, Grace Brooks to claim. Both sides looking to get their wide players on the ball Jenkins is fouled as she tries to get into the box coming in from the left. Jenkins has a go for goal a high ball presenting a danger to Brooks back on her line as it drops goalwards… but lands safely on the rook of the net. 

The ball’s there if you look for it a tricky on for Stevenage goalkeeper Grace Brooks to keep an eye on.


  GOAL! 19 minute played and the deadlock is broken, Stevenage getting forwards well pressure in the final third, Deacon with the ball right side takes in on towards the corner, players race on through the middle to support Deacon sends a dangerous ball into the six yard box, Hodgson falling cutting it out central sends it out towards the top of the area, straight to Amy Josland she strikes it first time getting curve on the ball sending it swerving away from the keeper into the bottom corner to give the visitors the lead 0-1. 

Amy Josland firing Stevenage into the lead.

 Stevenage lively getting forwards well Makewell giving an option drifting into the right channel the ball fed to her takes it on Moore closing her down the pair tussling for the ball Makewell fouling the free-kick going Cambridge’s way much to her annoyance. Stevenage on through the middle Sibanda inside for Josland, Hodgson intercepting and sending up field to Howlett on the right goes on finding Blanchflower ahead of her powerful with the ball at her feet holding off her marker the angle tight sends her shot into the side netting. 

  Jenkins with the ball left side Hewitt up with her inside 25 yards out gives her the ball, opens her body to clip it forwards for Blanchflower stealing in behind, Brooks down well to save at the strikers feet. Hewitt involved again winning it central her pass finding Cantwell 30 yards out right of goal takes on the shot the ball held by Brooks. Otten with a couple of challenges to slow Stevenage down before a somewhat out of control tackle by Cantwell sliding in gives the visitors a free-kick 25 yards out right of goal. Sibanda over it goes for goal her effort wide of the near post. 

Stevenage striker, Nicole Emmings

  Stevenage coming on well in the last 5 minutes getting bodies forwards pushing Cambridge back Deacon right side a corner won. A good delivery into the six yard box Otten does well to clear for Cambridge play brought back for a head injury to Hodgson. Josland in quick to win the ball, up to Emmings the striker can’t find the room to get a shot away top of the box before being crowded off the ball. A high ball played forwards into the Cambridge area awkward for Hodgson to deal with Makewell in close attention the ball bouncing, Makewell getting to it first hitting it on the angle towards the near post Butler can’t take any chances down to palm it behind for the corner. From the left inswinging into the six yard box Cantwell doing well getting there ahead of Godbeer to put it behind for a 2nd corner on the right. Another good delivery across six yard box Godbeer free this time at the back stick rising to head the ball her effort coming back off the crossbar. 

 Cantwell and Jenkins combine well through the middle for Cambridge, exchanging passes before Jenkins plays it out to Howlett on the right, takes it on Dunnage in to win the ball back for Stevenage. A good take by Brooks low in her box as Cambridge come on Cantwell into Jenkins coming in from the left her shot taking a deflection, Brooks across down to save. Biggadike gets on right side for Stevenage ahead of Deacon fires in a cross/shot towards the near post Butler keeping her eyes on it well gathered even as Emmings lunges at it in front of her. 

Charlotte Crisp getting on with the ball for Cambridge United WFC

 Cambridge picking it up in the closing minutes of the 1st half getting forwards better Hewitt winning it on for Blanchflower right of the D a good diagonal ball picks out Jenkins coming in from the left pushes it in cross the top of the six yard box looking to get a shot way just runs too far allows Godbeer to get across her and clear the ball out for a throw right side. Dropping into Blanchflower the Cambridge attacker turns and strikes the ball her effort a foot over the crossbar. 

Half-time Cambridge United WFC 0-1 Stevenage FC Women

  Stevenage slightly edging the 1st half with a 1-0 going into the break. A competitive game a good battle going on in the middle between Cambridge’s Otten and Hewitt up agianst Stevenage’s Breckenridge and Josland. Both sides looking to get forwards quickly use the width Deacon in particular on the right, Emmings in attack showing good movement, Cantwell with good options left and right with Blanchflower up top. One goal in it the 2nd half will be no less eventful. The rain making a return at half-time the reserve umbrella up just another light shower however as the sides return to the pitch.

No changes made, Cambridge to get the 2nd half underway. A early clearance presented to Blanchflower drifting left has support from Jenkins ahead of her rolls her in her cross into the area cut out by Godbeer for Stevenage. Cambridge making a fast start to the 2nd half the ball won back high play turned around Blanchflower left sends it on towards the box, intercepted by Webster deflects off her legs straight to Cantwell inside the D has Howlett free inside the box to her right plays the pass by even as Howlett’s shot nestles in the bottom corner the whistle blows for a raised flag, offside. 

Cambridge United WFC’s Amy Howlett

Under pressure early on the ball cleared up to the left, Makewell does well to bring it down keep in play putting it back to Sibanda a good strike of the ball to send it up the wing for Emmings running in behind takes it on, Moore getting across to challenge the ball behind for a corner kick. Players come forwards a vicious ball fired in low through the six yard box Emmings lunging at it far post isn’t too far away from making a telling contact. 

Gemma Biggadike challenging Gisela Otten for the ball

 Cambridge sharper to the ball now getting their tackles in high Hewitt out for Howlett right goes on with it, Sibanda getting back to tackle her. Crisp fouled as she gets forwards on the right. The free-kick put high into the area headed clear by Godbeer, Stevenage get on he counter attack Deacon out to Emmings moving right, Moore closing down to send the ball out for a throw. The sun making an appearance a rainbow over the ground. The tempo high Cambridge coming on Cantwell clipped top of the D as she looks to get a shot away a free-kick for Cambridge, Jenkins on it hits it low strikes the wall deflected out to the left more Cambridge pressing brings a corner. The ball cleared Stevenage can’t make any head way in attack as Cambridge come straight back, Cantwell left 20 out looks to thread it into Blanchflower inside the box near post, Brooks just about gets there but a deflection sees the ball behind for a corner.

 GOAL! 56 minutes played and Cambridge equalise scoring from the corner, Cantwell to play it in a good inswinging delivery close over the goalkeeper, players attacking it beyond one of those Hewitt getting her head on the ball nodding it down into the back of the net 1-1. 

Faith Hewitt with the header to put Cambridge United WFC level

  Stevenage with a quick response coming close to retaking the lead within seconds of the restart, the ball into Deacon right side hits it on the run her strike clipping the crossbar. Stevenage come again another effort at goal stabbed wide by Josland from 25 yards out. Blanchflower making some great runs in attack for Cambridge now clear to the right takes the ball on into the corner options limited nevertheless spots Hewitt positioned inside the D sends the ball racing into her Hewitt not quite able to connect. Otten with a strong challenge breaking up a Stevenage attack the visitors frustrated now not getting the ball into their attackers as easily as they did first half. 

Amy Josland in to tackle Cambridge’s Emma Jenkins

  Sibanda with some good tackling left side for Stevenage looking to get on up the field attempts to thread a pass through for Emmings in behind but Butler with a good starting position can get there first to claim. Blanchflower fouled on the left a free-kick awarded. Cantwell to deliver put in close to the keeper, Jenkins up with her Brooks gloving the ball up onto the bar before it goes over. A lively contest both sides going for it Stevenage’s Emmings shows good control on the ball to work it out to Deacon to her left, Moore coming in to close down with a good challenge. 

Cambridge’s Amber Cantwell

 Sibanda getting up to support the attack on the left on to Emmings comes inside striking the ball from 20 yards out, Crisp sticking out a leg getting in the block for Cambridge. Sibanda staying up high left winning a throw keeps the attack alive turning inside to get another shot away again Crisp is there to block near post. Stevenage with a good spell of pressure Emmings has it left on the by-line strong to turn inside sends a cross into the six yard box Makewell there gets a touch the ball send wide at the far post. Stevenage make the first change of the match bringing on Katie Knell for Breckenridge as the rain starts to fall again 20 minutes left to play.

Charlotte Crisp getting a leg out to block Emmings shot

  GOAL! Cambridge regain possession in the middle Hewitt on for Blanchflower left channel sends it on for Jenkins racing away down the wing she fires in a fierce ball into the far post Brooks down to save gloves it away loose out to the top of the box, Blanchflower racing in first to it strikes it hard arrowing into the goal beyond 2-1.

Cambridge striker Kelley Blanchflower holding off Stevenage’s Tamsyn Sibanda

 Stevenage make a 2nd change straight away Erin Pope comes on for Biggadike. Cambridge on the attack good work from Otten winning it central puts it to Blanchflower moving left down the line her ball into the box finds its way through to Howlett, doesn’t get a clean strike of the ball, sliced wide. Cambridge make their first change with Katie White coming on for Jenkins. Pope with a snapshot 20 yards out as the ball is deflected into her path sends it wide of goal. Stevenage pushing players on risk leaving gaps at the back Blanchflower ready to exploit the ball over the top seeing her clear through the middle, Brooks comes out of her area attempting to win the race not quick enough Blanchflower attempts to put it past her fortune favours the keeper as it strikes her legs.

  Crisp taking a quick free-kick up to Blanchflower inside the box Godbeer on her shoulder let of goal manages to get a shot away deflected across the face of goal Howlett retrieving right side puts back in Webster intercepting for Stevenage. Cantwell winning a corner for Cambridge on the right puts in another good delivery Hewitt further out winning the header on target down, cleared on the line by Sibanda. Stevenage with a free-kick on halfway the ball finding Pope top of the D gets a snapshot away blasts it wide of the right post. A third change for Stevenage as Godbeer comes off on comes Charlotte McLucas to make her first team debut. 

Stevenage’s Erin Pope in to tackle Cambridge’s Amy Howlett late on

 Hodgson closing down Emmings to concede a throw as the Stevenage attacker looks to get on right side into the box. A few strong challenges coming in late on both sides giving as good as they get Stevenage keen to get on with the clock running down, Cambridge battling to hold onto their lead. The game heading into stoppage time play frantic, Sibanda tackling Howlett puts it inside to Makewell can’t shake off Otten.

  Cambridge trying to get it down into the corners, easier said than done, Hewitt into Blanchflower, Sibanda closing her down to regain possession doesn’t stick up top, Cantwell cleans out Sibanda as she looks to carry it out on the left, earning her the first yellow card of the game. Into the final minute Crisp bringing the ball on rolled into Blanchflower held up in the Stevenage final 3rd no time to mount one last attack as the final whistle blows and Cambridge win another valuable 3 points.

Full time Cambridge United WFC 2-1 Stevenage FC Women 

 Cambridge with back to back wins 6 points seeing them pull further clear of the battle at the bottom, Stevenage now very much in it losing today and seeing Cambridge City Ladies win at home to Norwich the 2nd bottom side closing the gap to just a point. Several crucial games to come. A good first half from Stevenage starting well and stayed on the front foot through out the first 45 minutes taking the lead and creating several good opportunities. Cambridge not out of it by any means with chances of their own. The 2nd half very much Cambridge’s started well he pressure paying off equalising from a corner then going onto take the lead with 20 minutes left. Stevenage make then work hard for the 3 points an intriguing contest, Stevenage had chances to level.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

 Onto this Sunday’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match, a few performances of note and a tough one to decide who gets the award. For Stevenage, Ashleigh Deacon was a threat going forwards on the right and Nicole Emmings showed great movement and presence in attack. Tamsyn Sibanda with some fantastic challenges especially 2nd half. For Cambridge Jemma Moore with some timely tackles at the back. Amber Cantwell with good movement and passing spot on from her corners. Kelley Blanchflower in attack always available making good runs creating goal scoring opportunities. Now it gets tough really the final two are neck and neck for me but have to pick one, Faith Hewitt was fantastic in the middle for Cambridge great tackling and good runs forwards supporting the attack, the award though goes to Charlotte Crisp not usually at right back but had an excellent game made several important tackles and blocks.

An enjoyable trip to the Premier Plus Stadium this Sunday, my thanks to both sides for the team details. Will be seeing Stevenage again next Sunday in the Hertfordshire Women’s Challenge Cup Final.

The Round-Up – FAWNL 01/03/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 3rd March

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

The weather once again playing it’s part with heavy overnight rain in places to end one of the wettest February’s on record fixture affected across all leagues a couple of games called off once again in the FAWNL Southern Premier Division to surviving however and at last Portsmouth had a game! Star first though with Yeovil Town Women who made the trip east to Kent to play Gillingham Ladies this Sunday, few clear cut chances early on the visitors taking the lead in the 1st half breaking well Chloe Lloyd playing in Sarah Wiltshire to score her 20th goal of the season. The game a little scrappy Gillingham coming close to a reply a strike put over the bar, Yeovil goalkeeper Beth Howard with a fine save the hosts getting themselves back on level terms ending the 1st half well. All square at the break Yeovil with a couple of great chances in the 2nd half getting themselves back into the lead, Chloe Lloyd’s free-kick sailing into the top of the net. Gillingham batting in defence as Yeovil sought to find a 3rd goal eventually grinding out the win 2-1 to lift them up to 3rd place in the Southern Premier Division table.

 Portsmouth FC Women were finally back in league action this Sunday having endured a terrible run of postponed fixtures playing catch up now last played a league match in the Southern Premier Division back towards the end of November last year. A frustrating period were on the road this Sunday away to Milton Keynes Dons Women who had climbed above them into 7th spot off the back of a 4-0 win away to Hounslow Women last weekend. Portsmouth rearing to go getting forwards well Milton Keynes goalkeeper Kiya Webb with a couple of saves in the first half the visitors scoring late in the first half with Jade Widdows intercepting the ball and the back and running in to strike home.

  Portsmouth 1-0 up going into the 2nd period doubling their lead just past the hour a strike from distance saved by Webb gloving the ball away to her left Widdows after it getting a shot away from close range the ball cleared off the line still alive in the six yard box Katie James on hand to smash the ball into the back of the net. A 3rd goal coming quickly after that 2 minutes later Portsmouth with good build-up play Hayley Bridge on the right with a great crossfield ball to pick out Rosie McDonnell’s run into the box to score. Webb with another fine save to prevent Portsmouth going further into the lead. Milton Keynes, Jade Bell denied up the other end by Hannah Haughton in goal. Portsmouth going on to add a 4th goal in the final 10 minutes with Widdows getting her 2nd of the game good work in the box firing her shot into the roof of the net fro a cross on the left. Portsmouth going back up to 7th in the table.


Plymouth Argyle Ladies were hosting West Bromwich Albion Women this Sunday in the semi-finals of the FAWNL Plate. West Brom the current Plate holders. Plymouth enjoying a strong season in the Southern Premier Division 5th in the table, went into today’s clash with 7 players out through injury and a further blow on the day with goalkeeper Ben Kyle going down with flu, captain Katie Middleton donning the gloves the depth of the squad tested, despite that Plymouth started well getting on the front foot chances coming Helen Bleazard twice hitting the woodwork, the visitors taking the lead Natalie Murray bringing the ball on down the right swinging in a cross looping beyond Middleton into the far corner. Plymouth awarded a penalty late in the first half Bleazard seeing her effort saved made amends moments late scoring in injury time to see the sides level at 1-1 at the break. The 2nd half very much end to end as both sides sought to find a winning goal Middleton with a good save to deny West Brom the game heading into extra-time. Jade Arber striking the Plymouth crossbar for West Brom as both sides desperately sought a goal, late heartbreak for Plymouth 5 minutes from a penalty shootout West Brom rattling the crossbar again, Nicole Nymoen sharpest to react onto the ball to score and send West Brom through to the final.

  West Brom now await the result of the other semi-final with Watford Ladies game away to Middlesborough called off due to the weather.

FAWNL South East Division One

A couple of matches falling to the weather too in FAWNL South East Division One both in Essex with the games at Billericay and AFC Basildon Women called off. League leader Ipswich Town Women switching to a different venue early on in the week to ensure their match against Enfield Town Ladies was on. Ipswich’s young side starting on the front foot seeing early chances blocked and held by the goalkeeper Sophy Stonehouse. Ipswich with more chances pressing on a shot sliced over, Stonehouse making a couple more good saves the visitors taking the lead in first half injury time with their first shot on target Tyra Mills finding the back of the net to make it 1-0 with her 5th goal of the season. Very tight in the top half of the table Enfield amongst those fighting for a top 3 finish Ipswich striking the crossbar early in the 2nd half came out firing again chances coming and going Stonehouse with more great saves in goal Enfield getting a 2nd goal with 11 minutes left on the clock Beth Lumsden firing in her 11th goal of the season. Wasn’t to be Ipswich’s day a goal wouldn’t come as they lose for the 2nd time this season to keep the title battle close. Better news despite the result for Ipswich as they see 6 players called up for England’s young lionesses.

Action from Ipswich v Enfield on Sunday (photo credit @MikeyTheTowner)

Leyton Orient WFC another of the sides involved in the battle for a top 3 finish in FAWNL South East Division One were hosting Stevenage FC Women. 5th in the table looking to close the gap to Billericay and Basildon above, Leyton Orient took the lead inside the opening 10 minutes Otesha Charles winning the ball high up the pitch finding Sophie Le Marchand in the box to shoot a score low past the keeper with her 17th goal of the season. An entertaining match both sides creating chances Stevenage captain Amy Makewell firing the visitors level netting for the 14th time this season. The scores level at the break. Ashleigh Deacon firing Stevenage into the lead early in the 2nd period Leyton Orient responding well coming on coming close before Charles brought them back level midway through the 2nd half beating a defender and rounding the keeper to put the ball into the empty net with her 16th goal of the season, the hosts retaking the lead 5 minutes later Danielle Griffiths striking the crossbar from a free-kick, Francesca Ali in on the follow up to score what would prove to be the winning goal 3-2.

A big game for both sides as Cambridge United WFC 3rd from bottom going into the weekend travelled to Kent to play bottom side Kent Football United in FAWNL South East Division One. A season defining period coming up for both sides struggling at the wrong end of the table Cambridge looking to pull away from danger. The visitors getting in front early on Emma Jenkins with the goal to put them 1-0 up. Kent came on well looking for a reply chances coming but none taken as Cambridge worked hard to ensure they kept a clean sheet 1-0 up at the break more of the same in the 2nd period Cambridge coming away with an important 3 points as they begin a run of 4 straight home fixtures 3 against sides around them in the table as they move up 2 places into 8th.

Emma Jenkins with the only goal of the match to win the 3 points for Cambridge United WFC

The Round-Up – FAWNL 23/02/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 23rd February

At last some games played across the country this weekend after the previous weekend’s were disrupted by Storm’s Ciara and Dennis respectfully. Another band of heavy rain threatened this weekend to seeing 11 matches in the East fall by the wayside, several clubs having alternative plans in place in order to get matches played.


Beginning this weekend’s action with the FAWNL, and the quarter final tie in the Plate between Chichester City Ladies and Watford Ladies, postponed twice already the game this Sunday moved to the Front Lawn, Recreation Hub in Havant with a later kick-off of 5:15pm. Watford on the front foot from the start a header put wide inside the opening 5 minutes, at the other end Chichester denied by goalkeeper Nina Wilson. The early pressure from Watford seeing them take the lead in the 9th minute, Emma Beckett scoring as a corner ball falls to her and she strikes home. Captain Helen Ward rounding the keeper to put the ball into the empty net making in 2-0 a minute later. Watford dominant in the first half going further ahead on 25 minutes with Megan Chandler striking the ball from 25 yards out. A 3-0 lead to Watford at half-time. Watford still coming forwards 2nd half Chichester improving chances denied before Danielle Scanlon’s dangerous ball in deceived the keeper to put the visitors 4-0 ahead in the 63rd minute. Watford winning comfortably booking their spot in the last 4 of the Plate competition were they face another long trip this coming weekend in the opposite direction this time up to the North East to played Northern Premier Division side Middlesborough Women for a place in the final itself.

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

Two games falling by the wayside in the FAWNL Southern Premier Division, Oxford United Women’s trip to Gillingham Ladies and more bed news for Portsmouth FC Women with yet another call off just 7 games played in the league so far has been a highly frustrating spell for the club not able to get any momentum going and facing a fixture pile up later on.

Two matches played though in the division on Sunday, Yeovil Town Women hosting 4th placed Plymouth Argyle Ladies. Both goalkeepers called into action early on Yeovil creating good opportunities taking the lead late in the first half captain Annie Heatherson put through on goal to lob the keeper to make it 1-0. A narrow lead at the break Yeovil starting the 2nd half well penning Plymouth back  doubling their lead on the hour top scorer Sarah Wiltshire racing through on goal to lift the ball into the back of the net. Yeovil pressing for a 3rd goal the game heading into the final 5 minutes it finally came Jenna Markham coming on in the 73rd minute to make her first appearance for the senior side poking in the goal to ensure the 3 points. Yeovil up to 5th in the table close the gap to Plymouth to a point. Bunching up at the top of the Southern Premier Division again.

  A clear gap between the top 6 sides in the FAWNL Southern Premier Division and those in the bottom half of the table. Milton Keynes Dons Women moving up to 7th in the table above Gillingham and Portsmouth as they returned to league action this Sunday away to Hounslow Women after 3 successive cup matches. Taking on the 2nd bottom side Milton Keynes bouncing back from last weeks defeat in the FAWNL Cup semi-finals. Leah Littlechild set up by Jade Bell to put the visitors into a 10th minute lead. Jessica Driscoll heading in from a Jade Bell corner to double Milton Keynes lad in the 22nd minute the pair repeated the feat 6 minutes later to put Milton Keynes 3-0 up at half-time. Further chances created in the 2nd half Hounslow managing to keep Milton Keynes from adding to their tally up until the 90th minute, Bell with her fourth assist of the game Mollie Coupar scoring her first senior goal for the club.

FAWNL South East Division One

  A momentous past 7 days for Ipswich Town Women their memorable run in the Women’s FA Cup coming to an end away to FAWSL leaders Manchester City Women on Sunday. A history making run getting through to the 5th Round the 4th tier side suffering a 10-0 defeat a harsh scoreline, little time to dwell upon it however as they were back in action last Wednesday evening back to league action a game of no less importance the East Anglian derby away to Norwich City Women. Leading the FAWNL South East Division One table Ipswich having twice beaten Norwich this season starting well starting well remained dominant through out Norwich put to the sword Ipswich losing 10-0 three days earlier coming back to win 10-0 against their Norfolk rivals. 

Ipswich were at home to Stevenage FC Women this Sunday looking to pull 4 points clear of AFC Wimbledon Ladies at the top of the table. Ipswich starting well taking the lead in the 11th minute captain Amanda Crump threading the ball into the path of Eloise King inside the box the striker jinking and twisting on the ball getting free of the defence to smash the ball high into the back of the net. A 2nd goal coming just 6 minutes later Paige Wakefield smashing the ball in from 20 yards out the keeper parrying it away to the left Amy-Leigh Abrehart coming in on the follow up to fire home. Ipswich 2-0 up at the break creating chances lively. The hosts coming out of the blocks firing in the 2nd half a string of chances, one tipped over the bar, Stevenage blocking a 3rd goal coming on the hour Crump crossing to set up Abrehart once again inside the box her touch taking her inside to strike the ball past the keeper. Defender Lindsey Cooper putting Ipswich 4-0 2 minutes later a corner dropping into her feet inside the six yard box central digging it out to score. Natasha Thomas and Molly Sutherland introduced to the action for Ipswich the former playing in Abrehart her shot striking the post out across goal Sutherland arriving to score her first senior goal. Into the last 5 minutes of the match King with her 2nd of the match making it 6-0. Abrehart heading in from a corner kick in stoppage time to complete her hat-trick and secure a 7-0 win for Ipswich.

Amy-Leigh Abrehart scoring a hat-trick for Ipswich at the weekend (photo credit Ross Media UK)

A good week for AFC Basildon Women the Essex side beating their local rivals Billericay Town Ladies last Sunday to reach the final of this season’s County Cup competition faced them again on Wednesday evening in the league recording a 2nd successive win this time 4-1 with Kelly Wealthall scoring a brace to move up above them into 3rd spot in the FAWNL South East Division One table. Were looking to maintain that position as they hosted bottom side Kent Football United this weekend. Gemma Adela striking from outside the box to put Basildon in front inside the opening 15 minutes. Kent coming on a fairly even match Charlie Bolland with a fine save for Basildon inside the final 5 minutes of the first half, Kelly Wealthall set up by Courtney Clarke to make it 2-0 in the 44th minute a further blow for Kent with Basildon adding a 3rd goal before the half-time whistle Sophie Kelly with the through ball for Holly Turner to score.

Kent with good response at the start of the 2nd half pulling a goal back on 50 minutes. Basildon restoring their 3 goal advantage midway through the 2nd half Turner scoring her 2nd of the game. Kent again coming back to score 4-2 with 20 minutes left on the clock. Basildon coming back to go 5-2 ahead in the 75th minute Cerys Adams beating the offside trap firing in past the keeper. Turner getting her hat-trick in the 81st minute intercepting a back pass and rounding the keeper scoring from a tight angle. 6-2 the final score.

Norwich City Women put to the sword by their East Anglian rivals in midweek a heavy defeat hard to take taking the gloss of the club reaching the final of this season’s Norfolk Women’s County Cup 3 days earlier an 8-1 win against Wroxham. Can only pick yourselves up and move onto the next one a trip down to Essex at the weekend to face Billericay Town Ladies themselves suffering two successive defeats in league and cup to rival AFC Basildon Women. A great start to the game for Norwich taking the lead inside the opening 6 minutes, captain Millie Daviss’ long ball forwards picking out the run of Aimee Durrant central striking the ball well from the top of the area to make it 1-0. The lead however lasting just 3 minutes Billericay with a quick response to level the scores Zoe Rushen left firing a diagonal ball into the area finding Therese Addison racing in at the far post shooting before the keeper can get across to her. Billericay leading just 2 minutes later Addison again on the ball top of the six yard box no opportunity to shoot producing a great back heel to put the ball in across the goal Karissa Rodney running in to slot the ball home. Billericay with further chances to extend their lead denied by some fantastic saves by Norwich goalkeeper, Hope Armstrong.

Billericay leading 2-1 at half-time putting Norwich on the back foot getting bodies forwards, Armstrong called into action again the pressure from the hosts telling on the hour Kerry Stimson away on the left crossing the ball into the box Rodney racing in right side latching onto the ball to net her 2nd of the match. Durrant played in on goal again seeing Billericay goalkeeper Amy Mullet making a good save. Lucy Jones wrapping up a 4-1 win in stoppage time putting the ball in at close range following good build up play on the right.

The Round-Up – FAWNL 02/02/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 2nd February

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

 On the road this Sunday travelling to play 2nd bottom side Hounslow Women, FAWNL Southern Premier Division leaders, Crawley Wasps Ladies had the opportunity to further extend their lead at the top of the table with 2nd placed Watford Ladies due to play their FAWNL Plate quarter final, in the end one of several ties to fall foul to the weather. An 11th win of the season would see Crawley move 6 points clear at the top. Sian Heather opening the scoring for Crawley in the 12th minute tapping in from close range following goo work from Megan Stow out wide. The visitors denied a 2nd goal moments later. Hounslow battling hard as they fight to pull out of the bottom to with a couple of chances forcing a save from Crawley Wasps goalkeeper, Frankie Gibbs, Crawley themselves seeing the woodwork struck from a corner kick held a narrow 1-0 lead at the break.

 Crawley with a good beginning to the 2nd period doubling their lead 5 minutes after the restart Natasha Stephens squaring the ball for Charlotte Owen to make it 2-0. Kemina Webber introduced to the action in the 55th minute scoring Crawley’s 3rd goal midway through the half getting the final touch from a Rachel Palmer corner. Heather getting her 2nd of the match with 15 minutes to play went on to score a hat-trick with 10 minutes left putting away the rebound after Emma Plewa’s effort was saved. Crawley Wasps winning 5-0 to move 6 points clear at the top of the Southern Premier Division.

 Cardiff City Ladies, 3rd in the Southern Premier Division table made the journey to play Keynsham Town Ladies at the weekend the hosts recently resigning Kerry Bartlett whose goals helped the club to achieve promotion from South West Division One the season before. The visitors going in front in the 17th minute good build up leading to Carrie Jones slotting home to make it 1-0. That the advantage at half-time it was another superb team goal that lead to the visitors doubling their lead midway though the 2nd half Kylie Nolan applying the final touch. Cardiff seeing a penalty saved three minutes later to deny them a 3rd goal. A 2-0 win sees them close the gap to 2nd placed Watford to 3 points albeit having played 2 games more.

Reaching the semi-finals of the FAWNL Plate last weekend, Plymouth Argyle Ladies, returning to the good form shown earlier in the season after a poor run of results in the league, back to back cup wins were at home in the league this weekend taking on Kent side, Gillingham Ladies. Helen Bleazard firing a couple of efforts wide in the early exchanges the hosts winning a penalty in the 17th minute. Captain Katie Middleton putting it away to score her 5th goal of the season and put Plymouth into the lead. Bleazard continuing to test the keeper getting her goal on the half hour an absolute rocket struck in off the post to make it 2-0. That the lead at half-time Plymouth continued to probe for further goals 2nd half. Not all one way traffic Gillingham striking the woodwork from a free-kick Plymouth finishing strong couldn’t add to the scoreline a 2-0 win however seeing them climb back up to 4th in the Southern Premier Division table.


 Milton Keynes Dons Ladies are enjoying another run in the FAWNL Cup competition’s this season. Reaching the semi-finals of the FAWNL Plate last season are into the quarter finals of the Cup itself this season battling their way through earlier rounds twice winning a penalty shoot out were against local rivals Chesham United in the last 8 this weekend meeting them for the 2nd time successive weekend having being them 5-3 last Sunday to reach the Berks and Bucks Women’s County Cup final yet again. Surrendering home advantage to Chesham United on the FAWNL Cup this weekend. The sides pretty evenly matched headed into the half-time interval goalless. Milton Keynes opening the scoring 11 minutes into the 2nd half adding another from a corner in quick succession, Jade Bell and Jessica Driscoll putting them 2-0 up, Chesham pushing for a reply the Milton Keynes defence standing firm keeping them out to reach the semi-final of a national cup for the 2nd successive season.

  Milton Keynes Dons will be at home to Northern Premier Division side Stoke City Women in the last 4 of the FAWNL Cup after they beat Huddersfield Town Women away from home at the weekend the tie to be played Sunday 16th February. Sunderland AFC Ladies also reaching the last 4 of the FAWNL Cup with a 4-0 win at home to Derby County Women. At home to in the semi-finals their opponents will be either Portsmouth FC Women or Southampton FC Women, yet another postponement for Portsmouth at the weekend the pair will play on Wednesday all being well.

FAWNL South East Division One

  An amazing past few days for Ipswich Town Women beating Huddersfield Town Women to reach the last 16 of the Women’s FA Cup last weekend and see them pulled out of the hat to play a dream tie away to holders Manchester City Women. Back to the league this weekend their cup heroics seeing them knocked off the top of the FAWNL South East Division One table by AFC Wimbledon Ladies. A squad full of confidence were back at home to face bottom side Kent Football United. Ipswich winning a corner early in the match the ball fired into the box cleared out to the top of the area straight to midfielder Blue Wilson inside the D sending in a lopping strike over the keeper to make it 1-0 inside 3 minutes scoring her first Ipswich goal in the process. Ipswich dominant creating a host of chances shots blocked on the line the visitors holding Ipswich at bay for half an hour before the lead was doubled Anna Grey cutting inside from the top of the box to send a shot into the far corner. Another goal disallowed for offside Zoe Cossey on hand to score from close range with five minutes of the 1st half remaining. 3-0 up at half-time it didn’t take Ipswich long to get back into their stride at the start of the 2nd half Eloise King on the hour finding the bottom corner to make it 4-0. Kent kept going the end numerous blocks as Ipswich looked to add to their tally but 4-0 it finished Ipswich returning to the top of the league.

  Cup exploits too for Billericay Town Ladies had seen them slip down the South East Division One table, in sixth at the start of the weekend is incredibly close in the top half of the table. Billericay played at The Len Salmon Stadium were hosting 2nd bottom side Cambridge City Ladies. The visitors holding Billericay to a goalless first half. Billericay getting the opening goal of the game in the 2nd period pushing players forwards a high ball into the box cleared low towards the top of the area Lucy Jones alert darting onto it to clip a rising shot into the back of the net. A similar move leading to the 2nd goal another high ball in from the right, not clear Zoe Rushen snapping onto it centrally to send a low shot wide of the keeper to make it 2-0. Billericay moving up 3 places into 3rd in the table off the back of their first league game since mid October plenty of cup matches in that time however.

Lucy Jones with the opening goal for Billericay on Sunday (photo credit Nicky Hayes)

Zoe Rushen on target to make it 2-0 to Billericay (photo credit Nicky Hayes)

 Plenty of goals too in the final game to bring you from the FAWNL this weekend. Both Stevenage FC Women and Norwich City Women keen to add points to the board to pull them away from getting sucked into the bottom two meeting at the weekend in South East Division One. Chelsea Garrett in good form in front of goal for Norwich this season firing the visitors into the lead in the 5th minute, adding a 2nd to make it 2-0 on 17. Gemma Biggadike lobbing the keeper to pull a goal back for Stevenage on the half hour following good work on the ball from Lucy Webster. Aimee Durrant restoring Norwich’s 2 goal lead in the 37th minute 3-1 up Stevenage responding well late in the half Nicole Emmings receiving the ball on half way seeing the keeper off her line trying her luck and scoring to make it 3-2. Erin Pope equalising for Stevenage in the 45th minute rounding a defender and shooting the initial shot saved in on the follow up to make it 3-3.

Norwich City Women’s striker Chelsea Garrett (photo credit Brian Coombes)

 All square at the break  Norwich straight back into the lead at the start of the 2nd half Garrett on target for her hat-trick. Both keepers called into action with fantastic saves Garrett scoring her fourth of the game in the 63rd minute putting Norwich 5-3 up with her 18th of the season. Stevenage pressing for a reply Norwich adding a 6th goal in the closing minutes Jodie Drake getting herself on the scoresheet to see Norwich return to Norfolk with 3 valuable points taking them above Stevenage into 8th.

The Round-Up – FAWNL 26/01/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 26th January

Women’s FA Cup

 Three sides from the FAWNL Southern and South East Division One reaching the 4th Round of this season’s Women’s FA Cup. History already made for both Ipswich Town Women and Billericay Town Ladies from South East Division One getting this far in the competition. 

Leading FAWNL South East Division One, Ipswich Town Women beating Southern Premier Division side Portsmouth FC Women in the 3rd Round drawn away to another FAWNL Premier Division side in the 4th Round playing in the Northern section, Huddersfield Town Women. The game played at Huddersfield Town FC’s John Smith’s Stadium, the women’s side playing their for the first time. Ipswich getting off to a fantastic start a long clearance forwards, 16-year-old attacker Maddie Biggs giving chase beating both defender and the advancing keeper well out of her area to take the ball on into the empty box and place the ball into the back of the net. Biggs at it again just 8 minutes later to send the visitors into a 2-0 lead inside the opening 10 minutes pulling away at the near post to head the ball dropped in from the left across the goal to score.

Ipswich Town Women celebrating a goal at the John Smith’s Stadium on Sunday through to the last 16 of the Women’s FA Cup (photo credit Ross Media UK)

Ipswich on top pressing numbers forwards going further ahead in the 20th minute Sophie Peskett free on the right sending in a fantastic cross, top scorer Natasha Thomas sliding in at the near post to beat the keeper. Huddersfield with chances themselves Ipswich goalkeeper Nikita Runnacles with a fantastic diving save to deny them a strike from distance. Late in the first half Biggs going on to complete her first senior hat-trick for Ipswich the visitors breaking good work from Thomas against the defence picking out Biggs free inside the box the send the Suffolk side into a 4-0 lead at half-time. Huddersfield came out fighting in the 2nd half Lucy Sowerby with her 18th goal of the season seeing them pull a goal back early in the 2nd half. Runnacles though with a couple more top draw saves to prevent the hosts adding to the score Ipswich’s historic run goes on into the last 16 of the Women’s FA Cup the reward a dream tie away to FAWSL side Manchester City Women.

A last gasp winner in the previous round against fellow South East Division One side seeing Billericay Town Ladies making history themselves in the Women’s FA Cup were drawn away to Championship side Lewes FC Women. The Essex side pushing their higher league opponents all the way in the end losing out by just one penalty in the shootout after sending the ti into extra-time. Paula Howells putting Lewes into the lead a great first touch to control the ball outside the box 20 yards out turning and striking home from the half volley. Billericay coming back to level the scores pressure on a Lewes throw on the right leading to the ball being crossed into the area picked up by Therese Addison a drop of the shoulder to take her round a defender before striking the ball across the face of goal into the bottom corner. No further goals added Billericay more than matching Lewes on the pitch the game going into extra-time having to be settled from the penalty spot, 5 kicks each in the shoot out anguish for Billericay’s Zoe Rushen as her kick came back off the post, Lewes successful scoring all 5 of their penalties celebrating as they reach the last 16 of the Women’s FA Cup, a tremendous effort from Billericay.

It was top of the FAWNL Northern Premier Division versus top of the Southern Premier Division as Watford made the long trip up to the North East to play Sunderland AFC Ladies. Two of the founding members of FAWSL 2 now the Championship both targeting a return to the league this season meeting in the 4th Round of the Women’s FA Cup. Sunderland with a strong start to the game Watford chances restricted looked to be heading in goalless at the break, Sunderland’s Keira Ramshaw firing the hosts into the lead in the 45th minute. Watford’s Emma Beckett seeing a free-kick struck from outside the box saved by Sunderland’s keeper on the hour. Watford’s Chrissie Wiggins saving up the other end following a scramble from a corner the game heading into the final 15 minutes, Ramshaw scoring her 2nd of the match to double Sunderland’s lead heading home from a corner kick. Watford unable to find a reply Sunderland advancing to the 5th Round of the competition. 

The draw for the last 16 of the Women’s FA Cup made live on the BBC News Channel last evening the ties to be played Sunday 16th February as follows:- 

Bristol City Women v Everton Women

Coventry United Ladies v Tottenham Hotspur Women

Leicester City Women v Reading FC Women

Crystal Palace Women of Southampton Women’s FC v Brighton & Hove Albion Women

Manchester City Women v Ipswich Town Women

Arsenal Women v Lewes FC Women

Sunderland AFC Ladies v Birmingham City Women

Chelsea Women v Liverpool FC Women

FAWNL  Southern Premier Division

One match played in the FAWNL Southern Premier Division this Sunday and with leaders Watford Ladies in Women’s FA Cup action, 2nd placed Crawley Wasps Ladies took full advantage to beat 3rd placed Cardiff City Ladies at home to move 3 points clear at the top of the table. The hosts taking an early lead inside 2 minutes scoring from their first attack a left wing cross headed out of the area by the Cardiff defence dropping straight to the on rushing Megan Stow from midfield, striking the ball hard from 20 yards out to put Crawley ahead. Crawley strong at the start of the game further chances to extend the lead missed whilst at the back Darcey James made a couple of good challenges to thwart Cardiff. 1-0 at half-time. Cardiff keeper, Laura O’Sullivan with a great save to deny Sam Pittuck in the 2nd half neither side with a clear cut chance after that Crawley awarded a penalty with 15 minutes left to play Naomi Cole putting it away to see Crawley win the game 2-0.


FAWNL South East Division One side Stevenage FC Women made the long journey into the South West to play Southern Premier Division side Plymouth Argyle Ladies in the quarter finals of the FAWNL Plate competition on Sunday. Few opportunities created in the opening quarter hour Plymouth with some good build up play winning a corner kick in the 19th minute the ball played into the box by Helen Bleazard turned in by captain Katie Middleton. Plymouth quickly doubling their lead going 2 up 4 minutes later Bow Jackson putting the ball on for Bethany Everson to round a defender and slot the ball into the bottom corner. Benjamin Kyle with a fantastic save to keep a clean sheet for the hosts at the other end heading into the half-time interval 2-0 up. Plymouth with a good start to the 2nd half it was Stevenage though on the hour that would score the next goal Nicole Emmings running clear from a goalkeepers kick to send the ball into the back of the net. Bleazard causing problems on the wing for Plymouth delivering a cross into the box that saw an own goal scored Plymouth 3-1 with 15 minutes to play going on to win and book their place in he last 4 of the competition. Are joined by Middlesborough Women who beat Nottingham Forest on Sunday. The other two semi-finals featuring Chichester City Ladies and Watford Ladies and Bolton Wanderers v West Bromich Albion played this coming Sunday.

FAWNL South East Division One

One game played also in FAWNL South East Division One and just as in the Southern Premier Division whilst the league leaders Ipswich Town Women were making more history in the Women’s FA Cup, 2nd placed AFC Wimbledon Ladies who beat Ipswich last time out took full advantage to move top of the table themselves winning away to Cambridge United WFC. Megen Lynch making her debut in goal for Wimbledon. The visitors taking an early lead Katie Stanley lobbing the keeper from quite some distance to open the scoring. Cambridge restricting Wimbledon in attack after that few chances a goal late in the first period for Wimbledon ruled off for offside.  1-0 at the break Wimbledon going 2-0 midway through the 2nd half Stanley setting up Georgia Heasman to fire in the goal for Wimbledon. Move 2 points clear at the top of the table but still very tight in the top half of South East Division One the chasing sides all with games in hand.

The Round-Up – FAWNL 12/01/20

The Round-Up

Sunday 12th January

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

 Watford Ladies ending 2019 top of the Southern Premier Division  3 points clear of nearest challengers Crawley Wasps Ladies who like Watford had suffered just one defeat in the first half of the season following promotion as South East Division One Champions the season before and with Watford’s home game against Portsmouth FC Women falling foul to the weather, it presented a opportunity for Crawley Wasps to move back level on points at the top of the table. A tough test though with an away trip to another side making a strong start to the season Plymouth Argyle Ladies who ended 2019 with back to back defeats in the league after a long winning streak of 7 matches following an opening day loss away to Crawley Wasps.

  Plymouth hit by injuries, Crawley Wasps starting well getting on the front foot few chances created the score 0-0 at half-time the 2nd half looked to be heading the same way both sides defending well the game closing in on the final 10 minutes, Plymouth seeing Katie Middleton Sin Binned for decent the hosts down to 10, Crawley Wasps attacking the ball on the right played central picked up by Rachel Palmer free 25 yards out to line up a great left foot strike to put Crawley Wasps into the lead and see the 3 points won.

 Plymouth off the back of a 3rd successive defeat drop down to 4th in the Southern Premier Division table overhauled by Cardiff City Ladies the Welsh side making the trip to Kent on Sunday to play Gillingham Ladies who beat Cardiff 1-0 in the reverse fixture on the opening day of the season. A competitive start by both sides Gillingham suffering a blow midway through the 1st half as they were reduced to 10 Bethany Powell sent off. Cardiff taking the lead moment later Cori Williams heading in to make it 1-0, a 2nd goal coming for the visitors in first half stoppage time Williams on target to make it 2-0. Cardiff pressing for a 3rd goal went further ahead early in the 2nd half Carrie sending the ball home to make it 3-0 on 54 minutes. A quickfire double with 10 minutes to go sealing a 5-0 victory for Cardiff, Nadia Lawrence with a goal to make it 4, Williams wrapping up her hat-trick to take her goals tally for the season to 9.

 Cardiff now a point ahead of Plymouth it is incredibly tight in the top half of the Southern Premier Division table with just 2 points between the sides making up the top 6. Oxford United Women joining Plymouth on 21 points in 5th spot with an away win against Keynsham Town Ladies on Sunday.  Oxford opening the scoring inside the opening 15 minutes Georgia Clifford’s making a run down the left whipping in a cross for Cheryl Williams to turn in at the far post. Keynsham battling their way back into the game Oxford creating good chances Keynsham equalising on the stroke of half-time a curling shot finding it’s way into the top corner. Oxford straight back into the lead at the start of the 2nd half another left wing cross Stephaney Bent  to tap home. Oxford pressuring the home defence in search of more goals a 3rd coming on the hour, Brogan Moore pouncing in a shot fumbled by the goalkeeper putting the visitors 3-1 ahead Williams striking from the edge of the box a minute later to net her 10th goal of the season. Oxford dominating adding a 5th goal with 10 minutes left Georgia Clifford scoring her first league goal for the club. A 6th coming moments later with Carly Johns scoring to keep pace match Williams tally of 10 for the season.

  Yeovil Town Women making up the top 6 with a big home win at the weekend over struggling Hounslow Women 2 points behind 3rd placed Cardiff. A battling performance to earn a point away to bottom side Chichester City Ladies last weekend the game finishing goalless. Hounslow  with just 3 points haven’t won this season 2nd bottom fighting to stay in the league faced a Yeovil side with plenty of goals in them would finish the afternoon as the Southern Premier Division’s leading goalscorers. Early pressure from the hosts Hounslow’s goalkeeper making a couple of saves. Sarah Wiltshire putting Yeovil into the the lead getting onto the end of a ball put in by Charlotte Buxton with 20 minutes played. Meesha Dudley-Jones adding a 2nd goal for Yeovil just a 2 minute later put through to score by Katie Jones. Wiltshire scoring her 2nd of the match 5 minutes later to see Yeovil in control of the match a penalty stroked home by Annie Heatherson in first half stoppage time seeing Yeovil leading 4-0 at the break. Wiltshire on target for her 17th goal of the season completing her hat-trick 5 minutes into the start of the 2nd half. Ellie Strippel making her debut for Yeovil marking the occasion with a goal with the game entering the final 15 minutes. Wiltshire making it 7-0 with her 4th strike of the match in the 81st minute the final score 8-0 to Yeovil with Megan Wood scoring with 3 minutes left to play.

4 goals at the weekend for Yeovil Town Women’s, Sarah Wiltshire

Despite making a bright start to the season Milton Keynes Dons Women winning their opening two matches a poor run since has yielded just one more point. 6 straight losses to end 2019 despite some battling performances particularly in the cup competitions. Bringing in a host of new players were looking to get 2020 off to a positive start as they hosted bottom side Chichester City Ladies at the Stadium MK on Sunday. Milton Keynes creating opportunities early on, Chichester still in search of their first win of the season beginning 2020 with a goalless draw with fellow strugglers Hounslow Women last weekend with a couple of chances of their own over the bar. Jade Bell’s cross/shot from the wing finding the back of the net to put Milton Keynes 1-0 midway through the first half. Jamie Rowlands with a with a great save to deny Milton Keynes a 2nd goal late in the first half. Leading 1-0 going into the 2nd half. Around the hour Milton Keynes doubling their lead combination play between Louise Naylor and Kim Farrow seeing Jessica Driscoll score from the resulting cross. Emma Kirby off her line to make a fantastic save to in the final 5 minutes for Milton Keynes ensuring they kept a clean sheet and began the year with a much welcome 3 points.

FAWNL South East Division One

Ipswich Town Women ending 2019 4 points clear at the top of FAWNL South East Division One unbeaten in their first 9 matches played dropping just 2 points those coming back on the opening day a home draw 1-1 with AFC  Wimbledon Ladies. Reaching the 4th Round of the Women’s FA Cup beating Southern Premier Division side Portsmouth FC Women last weekend were back in league action this Sunday with a top of the table clash against… AFC Wimbledon Ladies. One of a host of sides making a strong start to the season very tight in the top half of the South East Division One table, Wimbledon like Ipswich undefeated long into the first half the season suffering a 1-0 defeat to Actonians Ladies in their final game of 2019 to end that record. Up to 2nd in the table 4 points the gap to Ipswich. The visitors getting off to a fantastic start with Elouise King racing onto captain Amanda Crump’s fantastic forwards pass to turn inside outside the box and send a shot in off the bar to make it 1-0 inside 3 minutes. Wimbledon goalkeeper Charlotte Ferguson suffering a head injury bandaged up the game resuming making some vital saves to keep the scoreline at 1-0 with Ipswich pressing. Ipswich ending the first half with 10 Lucy Egan in the Sin Bin for descent the disadvantage continuing into the 2nd half.

 Ipswich back up to full strength with was Wimbledon’s turn to go down to 10 however Stephanie Mann with shown a straight red the hosts a goal and player down with a mountain to climb 2nd half. Ipswich pushing forwards Ferguson on hand making several vital saves to deny to frustrate Ipswich. The game turned on it’s head in the closing minutes Wimbledon pressing just one goal in it new signing Lily Stevens sending a thunderous free-kick onto the crossbar. Five minutes left to play Wimbledon awarded another set-piece Steven’s with another well taken strike Ipswich goalkeeper Nikita Runnacles with a tremendous save getting a glove up to the ball fell to a Wimbledon players crossed back into the six yard box Georgia Heasman launching it into the back of the net. 1-1 the game deep into stoppage time Steven’s over another free-kick 40 yards out struck well again Runnacles unable to get to it the ball over her dropping into the back of the net to see Wimbledon snatch a 2-1 win at the death and end Ipswich’s unbeaten record closing the gap to the leaders to just a point.

That result seeing thing’s really tighten up in the top half of the FAWNL South East Division One table, just 6 points separating the top six now positive results at the weekend for 3 more of those sides seeing 3rd placed Billericay Town Ladies who were in FA Cup action pushed down to 6th spot in the table, the Essex side with 2 games in hand on the leaders. Leyton Orient WFC now within 3 points of Ipswich themselves as they won the 3 points away to 2nd bottom Cambridge City Ladies at Ely City FC on Sunday. Early chances for Leyton Orient, Cambridge goalkeeper Dominika Szary wit a couple of saves, Leyton Orient’s top scorer Otesha Charles getting hold of the ball at the top of the box making room to get a shot away low across the keeper to make it 1-0. The visitors pushing for a 2nd goal Ellie Stenning sending in a cross at the near post with half an hour played. 2-0 the lead at half-time Cambridge improving 2nd half creating opportunities without really testing the goal keeper pulled it back to 2-1 with 20 minutes left Bella Simmons heading in at the near post. Leyton Orient keeping them from scoring a 2nd to win it 2-1.

Enfield Town Ladies just a point further back from Leyton Orient in 4th spot were hosting Cambridge United WFC who had ended the year with a confidence boosting 3-0 home with over Leyton Orient. Always a tough game between themselves and Enfield. The pair contesting a goalless first half. Enfield awarded a penalty 3 minutes into the start of the 2nd period. Beth Lumsden placing the ball into the bottom corner to give the hosts the lead. Nuala McKevitt captaining Enfield doubling the advantage on the hour heading home from inside the six yard box. Sophy Stonehouse saving a penalty up the other end for Enfield to keep their clean sheet intact Tyra Mills scoring in injury time to see Enfield take the points with a 3-0 victory.

AFC Basildon Women up to 5th in the South East Division One table coming out on top in a high scoring game away to Norwich City Women at the weekend. Basildon hitting Norwich on the break to score an early goal in the match Chelsea Garrett pulling Norwich back level with a quarter played finding the top corner to make it 1-1. Basildon soon coming back to restore their lead a strike from the edge of the box to find the top corner, the hosts failing to clear the ball leading to Basildon going 3-1 ahead. Aimee Durrant seeing a great strike from distance go in off the post to get it back to 3-2 in the 35th minute. Basildon though restoring their 2 goal cushion before half-time to go into the changing rooms 4-2 up. The Essex side further extending their lead early in the 2nd half a counter attack making it 5-0 in the 50th minute. Basildon capitalising in Norwich mistakes going 6-2 up Garrett firing home to score her 2nd of the game for Norwich midway through the 2nd half. Basildon making it 7-3 with a shot from distance the game into the final 15 minutes a corner for Norwich Reeanna Cook getting a touch to put it over the line, Basildon going up the other end to score an 8th of the game and take the points home with an 8-4 win.

Women’s FA Cup 

One more game to bring you and seeing as it features two more clubs from FAWNL South East Division One is worth a mention as Billericay Town Ladies and Actonians Ladies the two lowest league placed sides left in the competition met this Sunday in the 3rd Round of the Women’s FA Cup. History to be made a trip to Championship side Lewes FC Women. Postponed from last Sunday played at Aveley FC under the lights. An action packed first half Billericay’s Karissa Rodney capitalising from a corner to score at close range after a header from a corner smashed down of the crossbar in the 10th minute that goal the difference between the sides going into the break. Actonians a threat all game attacking came back to level the scores midway through the 2nd half top scorer Alessandra Barreca through on goal scoring from the tightest of angles. 1-1 with 15 minutes to play Actonians turning it around to take the lead a corner swung into the six yard box from the left headed home by Barreca to put Actonians 2-1 ahead. Billericay awarded a penalty soon after Therese Addison striking a powerful low drive into the back of the net. Extra-time looming the game deep into stoppage time Billericay winning a corner the high ball looped into the six yard box evading the keeper, the ball going in off Billericay captain Lindsey Morgan to see the game won at the death 3-2.

Lindsey Morgan celebrating after scoring the winning goal for Billericay Town Ladies in stoppage time (photo credit Nicky Hayes)

The Round-Up – FAWNL 15/12/19

The Round-Up

Sunday 15th December

FAWNL Southern Premier Division

One match played in the Southern Premier Division this Sunday with 3rd placed Plymouth Argyle Ladies travelling to play mid-table Oxford United Women. A narrow 5-4 loss to league leaders Watford Ladies last time out Plymouth were looking to get back to winning ways keep up the pressure on the top of the table. Chances for both in the first half, the visitors scoring late in the first half with top scorer Natasha Knapman forcing home her 21st goal of the season. Oxford responding straight away getting back on level terms with Georgia Timms poking the ball past the keeper to make it 1-1. That the scoreline heading into the final 2 minutes Oxford awarded a free-kick right on the edge of the area in a central position, Kayleigh Hines with a superbly struck free-kick lifting the ball over the wall and into the top corner. Oxford winning the game 2-1 late on climb up to 4th in the Southern Premier Division table 3 points behind Plymouth who suffer back to back defeats.


 Essex side Billericay Town Ladies currently 3rd in FAWNL South East Division One headed to Buckinghamshire on Sunday to play South West Division One side Chesham United Ladies in the 2nd Round of the FAWNL Cup. Billericay have lost just the once in the league this season Chesham taking the lead in the first half through top scorer Gemma Fraser running onto a through ball to score her 16th goal of the season. A narrow lead at half-time both keeper called into action Billericay pushed for a reply 2nd half, Chesham keeping them at bay to clinch victory and progress to the quarter finals of the competition.


One 2nd Round tie from the FAWNL Plate also played this Sunday postponed from last weekend, Southern Premier Division side, Chichester City Ladies away to South West Division One side, Cheltenham Town Ladies. Switched to a 3G surface to avoid disappointment for the 2nd Sunday running. A quickfire double in the 36th and 37th minute saw Chichester get themselves into a 2-0 lead. A strike from distance finding the bottom corner in first half stoppage time to see the visitors 3-0 up. Progress in the competition assured with a little over 20 minutes left as Chichester added a 4th goal headed in from a corner, bottom of the league Chichester will be hoping for another positive result next Sunday at home to fellow strugglers Hounslow Women.

FAWNL South East Division One

 Two matches surviving in FAWNL South East Division One at the weekend. League leaders Ipswich Town Women seeing their game called off it was an opportunity for the only other unbeaten side to close the gap to the top as 2nd placed AFC Wimbledon Ladies travelled to play Actonians Ladies. Kick-off later in the day under the lights, Actonians themselves in a good run of form unbeaten in 6 in all competitions coming into the match winning 5 of those matches. Wimbledon with the better of the first half but no goals to show for it as the pair headed into the changing rooms goalless at half-time. A bright start to the 2nd half from Wimbledon, it was the hosts however who opened the scoring Jessica Byrne with the goal to make it 1-0. Actonians frustrating Wimbledon as the visitors pushed for a reply couldn’t find it as they suffer their first league defeat of the season. Actonians in 7th move to within a point of 6th placed Basildon, now very tight in the top half of the South East Division One table with just 5 points between 2nd and 7th now.

At the other end of the South East Division One table, Cambridge United WFC were at home to 4th placed Leyton Orient WFC on Sunday. The host side 2nd bottom with just 5 points on the board having won just 1 league game so far this season. Leyton Orient with the opposite record with just the one defeat. Cambridge after a lengthy lay off without a game keen to end the year on a high. Their usual pitch at St Neots Town FC waterlogged the game switched to the neighbouring 3G pitch. A fairly even contest Cambridge creating good opportunities, Leyton Orient matching them the game heading into the closing moments of the first half Cambridge broke well Amy Howlett on the right playing the ball central for striker Kelley Blanchflower running to the edge of the box pulling the trigger placing the ball wide of the advancing keeper to give the hosts the advantage.

Two goals for Cambridge United WFC striker, Kelley Blanchflower.

  Leyton Orient coming out strong at the start of the 2nd half looking to find a reply, Cambridge’s defence standing firm a 2nd goal needed Cambridge found it midway through the 2nd period Blanchflower again  the scorer a good run moving into the left channel lifting the ball over the advancing keeper to bounce over the line. The result made more comfortable when Cambridge were awarded an indirect free-kick inside the box after the keeper handled the ball from a back pass, Amber Cantwell setting up Emma Jenkins to smash the ball home. A 3-0 lead Cambridge were determined to keep a clean sheet up the other end and in doing so was their first of the campaign. A massive 3 points takes them up to 9th, 5 sides still in the mix at the bottom of the table a long way to go. The whole report can be found below this post.

Cambridge United WFC celebrating their 3rd goal (photo credit Gary Reed