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Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Leyton Orient WFC

Sunday 15th December

FAWNL South East Division One

A trip west to St Neots this Sunday to watch a game from FAWNL South East Division One, Cambridge United WFC taking on Leyton Orient WFC. 

  A highly competitive league once again, Ipswich Town Women’s young guns leading the way as we head towards the end of the year, but the Suffolk side has a host of sides hot on their heels well positioned to challenge for the top, amongst those Leyton Orient WFC in 4th just 4 points off the leaders. 

 Cambridge United WFC  find themselves at the wrong end of the table, 2nd bottom with just 5 points on the board so far this season winning just one league match. Not the start they wanted as they moved to a new home this season, St Neots Town FC hosting their first team and Development sides games now aswell as their new training base. The loss of several key players during the summer hasn’t helped with a few more departures the squad found itself battling for points. Have yet to keep a clean sheet this season whilst frustratingly the majority of their defeat have been by a single goal margin. 

  Wanted or not Cambridge United WFC have had an enforced lay off of six weeks without a league game, this though has seen others pulled into the battle at the bottom, A chance to get others back from injury notably midfielder Amber Cantwell. Returning to action last weekend was always going to be a tough ask away to leaders Ipswich who had scored 28 times during Cambridge’s down time come into their final match of 2019 off the back of a 5-0 defeat.

This afternoon’s match is also Leyton Orient WFC’s first in the league for over a month, albeit for different reasons as the London club has been involved in several cup competitions, reaching the 2nd Round Proper of the FA Women’s Cup were knocked out by Southern Premier Division side Portsmouth FC Women last weekend. A strong start to the league season now an established side in South East Division One have lost just the one game so far this season up in 4th amongst the sides challenging the leaders themselves. Otesha Charles amongst the goals for Leyton Orient early in the season top scorer with 14, was unavailable for today’s match.

Knew yesterday as the men’s league game had fallen foul to a waterlogged pitch the game was under threat this Sunday, St Neots Town FC though boasts a large 3G pitch beside the main stadium. The game switched to that pitch the stadium itself situated in a new development on the outskirts of St Neots. The 3G pitch fairly new offering plenty of width and space around it. The weather bright but chilly calm, a few clouds around but no chance of rain the low sun behind one end would cause problems during the match for the players.

  Cambridge United WFC starting XI – Liz Pamplin, Abi Davies, Carrie Bennett, Kayleigh-Anne Burt (C), Jemma Moore, Albany Hodgson, Gisela Otten, Amy Howlett, Emma Jenkins, Amber Cantwell & Kelley Blanchflower. Subs – Jessicer Thsibanga & Chloe Armstrong.

  Leyton Orient WFC starting XI – Latoya Smith, Cheryl Anderson, Jasmine Auguste, Leyre Bastyr, Ria Collins, Egle Trezzi, Lisa Holmback, Francesca Ali, Sophie Le Marchand (C), Hayley Barton & Ellie Stenning. Subs – Connie Montiel-McCann, Michelle Young, Pinja Piira & Allison McCann.

 A change of ends at the coin toss with Leyton Orient captain Sophie Le Marchand opting to have the sun at her sides backs in the first half. Cambridge then to get the first half underway, wearing amber coloured shirts with black shorts and socks, Leyton Orient in an all blue kit, The ball closed down quickly by both sides straight away not getting out of the middle third Leyton Orient with a throw in on the right trying to make in roads behind their opponents defence.

The ball staying that side Cambridge get a throw on halfway, into Amber Cantwell she brings it down well turning to pass to striker Kelley Blanchflower central, she sees Amy Howlett breaking away down the right wing into space puts a great diagonal pass into her run takes it on before whipping a cross into the box the ball won and cleared by Leyton Orient’s Cheryl Anderson. A lively start to the game energy from both sides snapping in to make challenges Cambridge coming out on top in the early 50/50 exchanges. 

  Hayley Barton gathering the ball into her feet for Leyton Orient left side plays the pass infield into Egle Trezzi she spreads play up the left for Le Marchand to attack driving on towards the box, Abi Davies tackles for Cambridge to regain possession. Leyton Orient quick to get the ball back a cross fired into the area from the left side, Ellie Stenning up to challenge for it central knocks it down for Le Marchand to hit top of the box left side struck well the ball races wide across goal. 

Hayley Barton in to winning the ball for Leyton Orient

  Cantwell and Blanchflower combining once more the ball passed into the middle as Gisela Otten moves forwards plays a superb weighed pass out to Howlett on the move down the right taking on the full back gets inside to lift in a cross the ball too close to the keeper, Latoya Smith claiming high at her near post. Albany Hodgson does well tackling to prevent Leyton Orient bringing the ball out from the back keeping the pressure on in the final third for Cambridge.

Kelley Blanchflower and Amber Cantwell looking to get the better of the Leyton Orient defence 

  Francesca Ali strong into the challenge winning the momentum for Leyton Orient sets Le Marchand away on the left, Cambridge’s defence pushed back. Barton latching onto a stray goalkick lets fly from the angle a long way out her shot over. Jemma Moore doing the defensive work for Cambridge seeing the ball out on the right for a goalkick as Anderson looks to play in Stenning. A even start to the game both sides competing well Cambridge have a throw left side into Blanchflower the Cambridge attacker turns well and looks to take the ball on a determined run into the area, stopped as Ria Collins goes into challenge the ball deflected out to the right picked up by Howlett who lashes it goalwards, Smith with a smart save a glove up at her near post to tip the ball on away across goal. 

Leyton Orient WFC’s Ria Collins

 Stenning is brought down bringing the ball on through the middle for Leyton Orient a free-kick awarded, Barton over it a floated ball into the box Cambridge captain Kayleigh-Anne Burt up highest getting her head on the ball knocking it down outside the area falls to Lisa Holmback strikes the ball on the volley her attempt over the bar. Cambridge mount an attack Emma Jenkins winning the ball in the middle Cantwell and Blanchflower ahead of her a good one two the ball played out to Howlett right her shot saved by Smith.

Cambridge winning a corner the ball initially defended by Leyton Orient, it’s Hodgson again who prevents the visitors breaking in attack the ball staying in the final third Jenkins is fouled 35 yards out left side, she is up to take it herself goes for goal a curling ball falls wide of the right post. Trezzi battling for possession gets the ball forwards for Le Marchand left side her early cross defended by Cambridge’s Carrie Bennett. Barton does well for Leyton Orient attacking right to win a corner. The ball played in towards the top of the area Trezzi inside the D meets it first time her strike angling wide races past the far post.

Ria Collins and Emma Jenkins challenge for the ball

Le Marchand left side in attack the ball fired up to her controls well on her chest to turn and strike the ball on the angle, read by Cambridge goalkeeper Liz Pamplin down to claim at her near post. Ali with good work in the middle for Leyton Orient looks to pick put Holmback making a run ahead of her, Moore stepping in the tackle and win the ball for Cambridge. Free-kicks being given away Hodgson brings down Holmback central, Trezzi puts her attempt over. Up the other end play is brought back after Cantwell is pulled down with no advantage. Hodgson to play the ball forwards, Leyton Orient defend, somewhat unfairly as far as Blanchflower is concerned protesting she was held down, her appeals waved away.

 One too many for Hodgson as she is eventually booked after a long lecture from the referee. Left side Barton to float the ball into the box, Collins with the run the ball knocked on into the mix scrambled behind for a corner. Taken from the right a good delivery met by Collins 10 yards out a looping header goalwards straight at Pamplin catches it high. Leyton Orient started to get on top getting the ball into the final third well Ali on for Stenning 20 yards out across to Barton right side into the box, Cambridge closing down the hosts looking to attack quickly through the middle Ali in to break it up. 

Cambridge United WFC’s Albany Hodgson

  Leyton Orient’s Holmback getting her side a corner on the right played long to the far post the ball headed clear outside the area picked up by Leyton Orient’s Leyre Bastyr strikes in a low shot Pamplin diving makes the save. Stenning’s turn for a lecture from the referee as she goes into the book. Jenkins fouled for Cambridge on the left Hodgson on the delivery long to the far post runners attacking it Smith with the instinctive save at close range a scramble inside the box the ball coming out to Jenkins her shot blocked. 

  Jenkins on the left turning on the ball good work to get in behind swings in a cross along the face of the Leyton Orient area, Otten racing forward striking it 1st time the Dutch players effort racing narrowly wide. Plenty of energy being put in by both sides Barton bringing the ball on in attack left side looks to come infield taking it across the top of the area looking for room to shoot lets fly the ball taking a deflection off a Cambridge leg the sting taken off the shot Pamplin can safely claim. Leyton Orient pressing late on win a corner on the left put long across the six yard box, Ali beyond the far post heading it back across goal a vital clearance by the defender covering the post for Cambridge.

Francesca Ali’s header put back across goal

Cambridge’s Gisela Otten preparing to tackle Leyton Orient’s Lisa Holmback

  GOAL! Cambridge break late into the first half Howlett away into space on the right Blanchflower with her getting the edge on the defence in the middle the ball from Howlett rolled on into her path right of the D into the box Blanchflower pulls the trigger early to fire her shot low past Smith before she can properly set herself 1-0.

  Time in the first half for Cambridge to mount one last attack Jenkins fouled somewhat painfully a free-kick awarded 40 yards out central, Hodgson on it tries her luck from distance on target Smith moving across her goal needed to keep her eye on it but drops before it an cause her trouble brings it down safely. 

Half-time Cambridge United WFC 1-0 Leyton Orient WFC

  A narrow lead for Cambridge at half-time, Blanchflower slotting the ball past the keeper late in the first half. A fairly even contest, lively players competitive across the pitch. Several robust challenges nothing malicious however the game played in good spirits. Cambridge gaining confidence Leyton Orient building well creating opportunities nothing clear cut yet though. 

Sophie Le Marchand bringing the ball down for Leyton Orient

No changes for either side at half-time. The sun very low now light starting to fade, Leyton Orient to get the 2nd period underway Cambridge defending a 1-0 lead. Davies at right back for Cambridge dealing with a high ball forwards. Leyton Orient pressing from the off in the 2nd half Trezzi supporting Le Marchand left side the pair getting a throw in deep, put into Le Marchand edge of the box she heads it on into the centre, Burt getting it clear for Cambridge. Up the other end Collins putting in the tackle defending against Jenkins as she looks to break for Cambridge. 

Le Marchand gathering the ball wide left turns infield 30 yards out is lining up a strike, blocked by Otten as she throws herself into the block in front of her. Leyton Orient press the attack left side a cross whipped into the area nodded out by Moore central falling straight to Stenning right of the D her shrike back blocked by Burt deflected out to the left Trezzi latching onto it firing a shot in on the angle Pamplin down at her near post to save.

  Cambridge quick to get up the other end win a corner on the right, the ball into a crowded six yard box, Smith rising well amongst the melee to punch down the ball still in play inside the box, Auguste blocking Cambridge force a 2nd corner. The ball cleared Cambridge win it back inside the Leyton Orient half Blanchflower and Jenkins combine the latter seeing her shot from 20 yards out blocked. Blanchflower picking out Howlett getting away on the right her low cross cut back across the six yard box snatched into her body by Smith. 

A lively contest still very even, Cambridge can’t afford to sit on a 1 nil lead. Le Marchand providing a good outlet in attack for Leyton Orient on the left Trezzi picking her out with the pass, Davies sticking out a foot just taking the ball away from her as she looks to turn in behind. Leyton Orient’s Holmback right puts the ball into the box for Le Marchand who checks back before shooting a curling effort headed over by Burt for a corner. The corner defended the ball dropping for Holmback right of the D, her shot sliced falls wide of goal.

  Barton bringing the ball on through the middle looks to put Le Marchand through on goal as she breaks central, right side Burt stays on her making a fine tackle inside the box to take the ball away from her. Auguste has a go from distance 30 yards out well struck but not troubling Pamplin in the Cambridge goal. Leyton Orient continue to press breaking quickly right in attack the ball launched into the area Stenning and Le Marchand the runners, Stenning near post looking to shoot on the volley does quite get enough on the ball helping it on towards goal Pamplin is down on it bravely as Le Marchand goes over her.

Jasmine Auguste looking to get in behind for Leyton Orient

 The visitors continue to knock on the door Barton with great work on the ball getting inside the box to shoot from the right her attempt headed away in front of goal by Davies. Trezzi putting the ball forwards for Stenning in the box heads it down for Auguste bombing on from the left her run blocked keeps possession to win a corner. Cambridge look to break Cantwell stooped by Bastyr a good challenge to deny her. Blanchflower patient leading the line for Cambridge ready to go should the ball be presented to her. 

 GOAL! That patience rewarded as Cambridge get the ball out from the back long into her making a run left channel getting free to attack the keeper rushing out to met her corner of the area Blanchflower lifting the ball over Smith, wheeling away in celebration even before the ball has bounced into the empty net beyond 2-0.

Striker Kelley Blanchflower puts Cambridge into a 2 goal lead

 25 minutes left to play Cambridge with a 2nd goal, Leyton Orient look for an immediate response Anderson with a strike from distance wide across the area. Howlett tracking back in defence to support Davies as Le Marchand looks to get the ball down and drive into the area. Alot of effort put in by Cambridge, Leyton Orient creating chances just aren’t getting the rub of the green in the final third. Play paused as Hodgson requires treatment but okay to continue the floodlights switched on getting very dull with the sun fallen below the ground. 

Leyton Orient captain, Sophie Le Marchand

  Cambridge winning a free-kick wide on the right level with the penalty spot Cantwell to take a well struck ball flying in towards goal smashes against the bar an out of play. Le Marchand strong on the ball puts it on for Stenning looking to get into the area, Moore diving in to make the tackle puts it out for a throw in for Cambridge. Blanchflower picking the ball up on halfway turns and looks to drive on with it towards the Leyton Orient area closed down 20 yards out the ball is played back towards Smith picking it up the referee blowing up for a foul handling from a back pass.

 GOAL! Cambridge with an indirect free kick inside the Leyton Orient box left of goal 8 yards or so out Cantwell and Jenkins close by Cantwell with the touch back to Jenkins to smash towards goal, through everybody finding its way into the back of the net putting Cambridge 3-0 up late in the game.

  The visitors straight on the attack Le Marchand left side winning a corner the ball put into a congested six yard box the flag up against Collins as she rises to head the ball. Leyton Orient make the first change of the game Holmback coming off to be replaced by Connie Montiel-McCann she goes to right back Anderson switching to the left.

Abi Davies bringing the ball out from the back for Cambridge

  Cambridge tiring but a call to arms to keep a clean sheet now the game into the closing 10 minutes Leyton Orient comes forwards Barton shooting from outside the box Pamplin down to her left making the save the ball out for a throw left Le Marchand inside the box turning to shoot wide across goal. Leyton Orient bring on Pinja Piira for Barton. Cambridge make their first change, Cantwell coming off to be replaced by Chloe Armstrong. A strike from distance from Cambridge Otten I think 30 plus yards Smith moving across her goal catching comfortably. 

   Armstrong back to defend well for Cambridge initially then commits a foul outside the box left side bringing down Ali. Trezzi on it goes for goal deflected off the wall spins wide across goal for the corner kick. Leyton Orient push on late in the game looking for a goal Cambridge battling at the back, Le Marchand played in by Piira on the left comes inside to shoot Pamplin unsighted as the ball finds it way through her defence with a great save getting down low to her right to push the ball away. 

  The visitors attacking right the cross put in across the top of the area, falls to Le Marchand left of the D strikes it on the half volley fired wide of goal. Into the final 5 minutes, Auguste and Le Marchand combine left side a throw in brings a foul and free-kick in the corner players forwards the ball sent in Moore injured as she goes up to defend for Cambridge play stopped a head injury. After treatment can’t continue brought off on in her place Jessicer Thsibanga. It just won’t happen for Leyton Orient in front of goal as they mount one last attack Auguste left on for Le Marchand puts in inside for Stenning to shoot outside the box her effort wide across the six yard box.

Full time Cambridge United WFC 3-0 Leyton Orient WFC 

  A massive 3 points won by Cambridge United WFC just their 2nd league win of the season enough to lift them 2 places up to 9th in the South East Division One table. Leyton Orient suffering just their 2nd league defeat of the season. A even game for the majority Cambridge capitalising on individual errors from Leyton Orient to score leading 1 nil at half-time needed a 2nd goal to take the pressure off Blanchflower taking her chances well a 3rd goal coming late on and from a defensive perspective a first clean sheet of the season. Plenty of chances created for Leyton Orient it just wasn’t to be their day in front of goal.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  Onto this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match several contenders once again. Picking out a few performances, Francesca Ali and Egle Trezzi in the middle for Leyton Orient, and Sophie Le Marchand really did deserve to be on the scoresheet having carved out several opportunities. For Cambridge the defence with an huge effort, Kelley Blanchflower with two well taken goals had her hand in the third too. Amy Howlett with some great runs on the right in midfield Gisela Otten with solid game but edging it for me is Albany Hodgson put in some good tackles and prevented Leyton Orient getting forwards on a number of ocassions.

 Another entertaining game from the FAWNL, an even contest Cambridge finding the goals to win the game. My thanks to both sides for their help with the team line-ups today. 

Match Report – Cambridge City Ladies v Leyton Orient WFC

Sunday 23rd September

FA Women’s Cup

  It’s FA Cup weekend 2nd Round Qualifying 60 ties taking place with the FAWNL Division One sides entering the competition, has thrown up several interesting looking ties, Women’s Football East is spoilt for choice, heading to Cambridge this Sunday to watch Cambridge City Ladies v Leyton Orient WFC. 

 So much for summer the first weekend in autumn beginning with a blanket of heavy rain moving across the country overnight and lasting long into the day, the sun should be out by kick-off by it’s a question of whether the pitches will hold up or not? 

Cambridge City Ladies go into this Sunday’s 2nd Round Qualifying tie in fantastic form, leading the ERWFL Premier Division just below the FAWNL with a 100% win rate from 5 matches played 3 league games along with two victories in the earlier rounds of the FA Women’s Cup, a 2-0 success away to Newmarket Town Ladies in the Preliminary Round then a 14-0 win against Cambridgeshire Premiership side Riverside Ladies in 1st Round Qualifying, a few hundred pounds collected in prize money already the winning side receiving £450 today.

   Looking to build on their debut season in the ERWFL Premier Division where they clinched runners-up spot last season, Cambridge City have bolstered their squad bringing in striker Shannon Shaw who was prolific in front of goal for Cambridgeshire Premiership side, March Town United Ladies last season. Hannah Bodily returns after a previously playing for Bedford Ladies as does Sofia Castiglione who was with Ipswich Town Women’s academy side last season.

   Leyton Orient WFC have faced Cambridge City once before in the FA Women’s Cup, a 3-1 success in the 2016/17 season as they went on to achieve promotion to the FAWNL (FAWPL as it was then). Leyton Orient WFC progressing well enjoyed a strong debut season amongst the South East Division One front-runners for much of the campaign. After 5 matches this season are currently fifth in the table early stages the two promoted sides Crawley Wasps Ladies and Billericay Town Ladies setting the pace, those behind such as Leyton Orient more than capable of chasing them down. Entering the FA Women’s Cup in 2nd Round Qualifying along with the rest of the FAWNL Division One clubs. 

  Both sides stronger than they were two seasons ago. The venue for today’s FA Women’s Cup tie, Trinity College Sports Ground. One of several college/university sports grounds dotted about the city. Very much in the heart of the university quarter I’ve seen Cambridge City several times recently but never at home. Must confess to not enjoying driving in Cambridge but I know that part of the city well. Heavy rain falling all morning it was questionable as the whether the game would be on but more or less as I arrived the rain stopped and the sun came out as predicted. A pavilion overlooking the pitch serving hot drinks, the playing surface itself in excellent shape and had absorbed the rain well. The umbrella wasn’t needed afterall.

Cambridge City Ladies starting XI – Tafadzwa Mhundury, Amy Reed, Lauren Tomlinson, Becca Fay (C), Robyn Phillips, Hannah Bodily, Sofia Castiglione Charlotte Gillies, Laura Mills, Sarah Mosley & Shannon Shaw. Subs – Carla Penny, Anna Kanz, Anna Goggin, Bella Simmons.

Leyton Orient WFC Starting XI – Naomi Ogunde, Francesca Cagetti, Kathryn Canavan, Hannah Porter, Chloe McNee, Danielle Griffiths (C), Lisa Holmback, Tara O’Halloran, Rebecca Hirst, Sophie Le Marchand & Lisa Fulgence. Subs – Connie Monteil-McCann, Belen Ripoll-Douton, Egle Trezzi, Jade Henry & Lydia Cooper.

   Two ex-Cambridge graduates lining up for Leyton Orient this afternoon, club captain Danielle Griffiths and Rebecca Hirst having studied in the city. It’s the visitors to kick-off the first half Leyton Orient wearing an all red kit with Cambridge City lined up in their home colours white shirts with black across the shoulders, black shorts with black and white hooped socks. A cautious start Leyton Orient probing both flanks, Cambridge’s full backs Amy Reed and Lauren Tomlinson dealing with the threat. Lisa Holmback busy in the centre of midfield early on for Leyton Orient winning the ball brings it on before looking to send Sophie Le Marchand through on goal as she makes a run inside from the left the pass a little too heavy allowing Cambridge goalkeeper Tafadzwa Mhundury to collect.

Cambridge City’s, Shannon Shaw contesting the header with Leyton Orient’s, Francesca Cagetti

   Le Marchand looking for the ball on the left wing collects from a throw turning inside shifts the ball, a drop of the shoulder and she moves to the byline, Cambridge captain Becca Fay staying with her prevents the cross coming in. Leyton Orient press the ball Cambridge not getting any momentum going forwards, Tara O’Halloran on for Holmback she lofts the ball forwards into Lisa Fulgence central back to goal holds it up before laying it out to the right for Rebecca Hirst closing in a strike goalwards from outside the area the ball running wide across the six yard box.

Lisa Fulgence looking to hold up the ball for Leyton Orient

  A good start from Leyton Orient, Le Marchand finding space drifting inside especially when the ball is played up to Fulgence. The ball falling to her 25 yards out Le Marchand fires a shot in towards the Cambridge goal dipping Mhundury is right behind it takes it low. Cambridge find a little joy out on the left as Shannon Shaw comes across to pressurise the Leyton Orient defence, does well as Laura Mills coming in nips in to steal the ball running in behind lifts a cross into the box the ball intercepted and cleared by Chloe McNee for Leyton Orient.

   GOAL! Leyton Orient capitalise on their good start to the game by taking an early lead in the 7th minute, attacking push bodies forwards from midfield overwhelming the Cambridge defence Le Marchand inside to Holmback strikes the ball form 20 yards her vicious effort blocked rebounds back out to O’Halloran to her right she fires in another shot, Mhundury having reacted to Holmback’s effort is unable to adjust getting a glove to the ball can’t keep it out at the near post 0-1.

  Holmback very influential in the early stages for Leyton Orient winning the ball in the middle Cambridge are struggling to get anything going, direct in their approach it is effective from the visitors Hirst and Le Marchand getting forwards quickly. A following attack from Leyton Orient as Le Marchand comes on with the ball left twists and turns coming in field laying the ball into Fulgence central held up the striker plays the ball back to Holmback who in turn has O’Halloran in support to her right giving her the ball O’Halloran has seen Le Marchand’s run into the box look to play the ball over the top of the Cambridge defence, just a little too much on it for Le Marchand to turn home as she can’t gather the ball before it runs out of play, a good attacking move.

Leyton Orient WFC’s, Lisa Holmback with Cambridge City’s, Sarah Mosley

   Trying to build going forwards Cambridge are frustrated nothing coming off, Kathryn Canavan and Francesca Cagetti both tackling to prevent crosses. Mills puts a ball in early from the left Charlotte Gillies out wide right gathers looks to send a cross in along the goal face Canavan blocking the ball behind for a corner. Leyton Orient deal with the Cambridge set-piece. Mills holds up the ball on the left wing as Tomlinson comes racing past her gathering the ball heads for the byline, Cagetti staying with her slides in to make the tackle.

Charlotte Gillies attacking for Cambridge City Ladies

    Le Marchand always ready to go on the left claims the ball turns and runs into the corner whips a great ball in across the face of the Cambridge goal no one there to turn it home. Fulgence comes deep to the halfway line to receive the ball, tries to flick it on for Le Marchand catch Cambridge with a high defensive line, Robyn Phillips does well making the challenge to prevent Le Marchand getting away with the ball. Shaw moving into the left channel gathers the ball tries to send it back inside towards Sofia Castiglione making a central run, McNee stepping out of the Leyton Orient back-line to deny her a strike.

  A good tempo the the match Leyton Orient controlling it is limiting Cambridge’s effectiveness going forwards play mostly to their left. Chances few and far between Shaw collecting from a throw on the left spins and shoots from the angle her shot half blocked deflected wide across Ogunde’s goal. A free-kick wide left for Cambridge in the corner played back up the line to Tomlinson she hits it hard, the only reason I know that is because Leyton Orient’s O’Halloran rushing towards her blocks it and needs treatment as a result. But she is okay to continue.

  GOAL! Closing in on the half hour and Leyton Orient double their lead. Le Marchand the scorer Leyton Orient counter attacking get the ball up front quickly central a difficult bouncing ball to deal with at the top of the area Le Marchand in close making thing’s difficult muscles her way past the defence the ball at her feet drives it low past Mhundury into the back of the net 0-2.

   Nothing Cambridge try will come off, Shaw looks to link up with Gillies on the right as Castiglione plays the ball forwards, Canavan getting hold of the ball setting Leyton Orient on the counter through the middle up to Le Marchand sweeps the pass out to Fulgence right side top of the area her strike goalwards claimed by Mhundury at her near post. Again Leyton Orient break from a Cambridge corner Le Marchand left firing a diagonal ball into Fulgence, Fay nipping in to push the ball away O’Halloran picks it up drives forwards top of the area looking for options over taking a shot tries to slip the ball in behind for Fulgence right can’t find her, the ball cleared only to Hirst wide right her cross in lands on the roof of the net.

Cambridge City Ladies, Amy Reed up against Leyton Orient’s, Sophie Le Marchand

    Reed defends up against Le Marchand as she tries to get inside her on the left in attack. Getting numbers forwards Leyton Orient press high. Sarah Mosley back to defend for Cambridge clears the long on the right Gillies giving chase, Hannah Porter getting across her does well to see the ball back to her keeper. Holmback fouled on halfway, Griffiths to play the ball long up towards the top of the Cambridge box, Fay with a commanding header clears the threat. Le Marchand with a strong run inside from the left into Fulgence back to goal attempts to flick it on into the box with Holmback making a good run doesn’t quite come off.

Leyton Orient WFC captain, Danielle Griffiths

  GOAL! 2 minutes of normal time left in the first half and Cambridge pull a goal back with their first shot on target. A superb run and goal from Laura Mills on the left picking the ball up wide left drives forwards coming infield towards the area rides two challenges powering her way into the box before striking the ball past the static Ogunde into the back of the goal 1-2. More or less the last goal mouth action before the end of the half.   

Laura Mills pulling it back to 21 late in the 1st half for Cambridge City.

Half-time Cambridge City Ladies 1-2 Leyton Orient WFC

  A vital goal for Cambridge City coming right at the end of the first half to pull it back to 2-1. Leyton Orient by far the better starting well and taking an early lead pressed the ball well, direct at times but effective, attacking quickly in numbers, Le Marchand in particular finding room using the ball well. Set the tempo and Cambridge struggled to get anything going their late goal altering thing’s dramatically going into the half-time break. All to play for 2nd half.

  No changes for either side Cambridge getting the 2nd half underway. Castiglione putting a ball long for Hannah Bodily to give chase to through the middle, dissecting the Leyton Orient defence, but not fooling Ogunde who is positioned well to gather. A blow to the head for McNee she needs treatment but can return to the pitch. O’Halloran with a shot well of the mark as Fulgence wins the header forwards knocking the ball into her 30 yards out. Shaw plays the ball out to Gillies deep on the right wing she is tackled by Canavan the throw-in conceded.

   GOAL! Cambridge equalise bringing the scores back level 5 minutes into the 2nd half the goal coming from the throw-in the ball crossed in along the top of the area Mills getting in front of her marker left side knocks the ball down sees Mosley in a great position 20 yards out lays the ball into her Mosley strikes the ball sweetly it flies in towards goal past Ogunde before she can get anything on it. 2-2.

   Tomlinson with an important interception getting her foot up to cut out a lofted ball forwards from midfield from Leyton Orient with Hirst all set to run clear in behind. The visitors with a golden chance to restore their lead Le Marchand running in on the ball played into her as she breaks in behind left, Mhundury coming out to close her down Le Marchand clever knocks the ball past her towards goal. Hirst is central inside the six yard box, can’t dig the ball out of her feet to get the shot away before Phillips closes her down makes the challenge.

    GOAL! Leyton Orient do succeed in retaking the lead the goal coming from a corner won by Le Marchand on the left as Griffiths sends the long diagonal pass out to her. Players forwards inside the box as the delivery is put in a great ball across the face of goal, O’Halloran clear at the far post nodding the ball in from close range to make it 2-3.

Tara O’Halloran heading the ball in from the corner

  Leyton Orient look to press their advantage coming forwards win a free-kick wide right inside the Cambridge half Griffiths to put the ball into the box good flight on the ball Mhundury is able to catch the ball unchallenged. Le Marchand with the ball, draws the foul wide left this time another good ball into the area a crowd around the penalty spot a Leyton Orient head connects with the ball the attempt dropping wide of the far post. Leyton Orient make the first change of the match bringing on Lydia Cooper for Hirst on the right. Cooper involved straight away as Holmback plays the ball out to her on the wing she gives chase but a good starting position from Mhundury sees her able to gather the ball first. 

Leyton Orient WFC substitute, Lydia Cooper trying to get in behind

  GOAL! Cambridge come back to equalise again 6 minutes after conceding they build on the right side Gillies having more of the ball 2nd half gets on down the line getting her foot around the ball sends a dipping cross into the six yard box, Shaw timing her run perfectly getting in to met the ball low and turn it into the back of the net from close range 3-3.

   Leyton Orient have a free-kick wide left. Cambridge make a change before it is taken Mosley coming off on comes Carla Penny taking up a role wide left. The free-kick played down the line the cross put in near post Fulgence can’t bring down for a shot instead lays it back towards the top of the box with McNee running in her strike wide across the goal.

  GOAL! For the 3rd time in the match Leyton Orient take the lead O’Halloran sending a long ball out to the left for Le Marchand to race onto in behind Mhundury comes racing out to close her down once again, the attacker taking on the shot early gets it in on target may have taken a slight deflection off the keeper as it runs slowly towards the open goal but despite the best efforts of the Cambridge defence none can catch up to it before it crosses the line 3-4.

Leyton Orient WFC’s, Sophie Le Marchand

Gillies with a long range pop sends a low strike from 30 yards out on the right wide across the Leyton Orient box. Mhundury gets down sharply inside her box to claim the ball as Leyton Orient create on the left the ball helped in by Fulgence, Holmback behind knocking the ball into the box as she looks to beat her marker. Griffiths across well on the cover to defend as Mills sends a ball long up the right for Shaw to chase the defender playing the ball safely back to her keeper.

  GOAL! For the 3rd time in the tie Cambridge come back for score the equaliser. Comes from a free-kick wide on the right the ball played up towards the top of the area several forwards for Cambridge. Blocked by Canavan the rebound runs back to Mills 25 yards out strikes the ball well on the angle driving it low across the keeper and into the far corner 4-4.

  Cambridge make a 2nd change Bella Simmons entering the action replacing Shaw up top. Leyton Orient bring off Canavan, send on Egle Trezzi. Tomlinson has bionic arms (maybe) nevertheless has a good long throw in her armoury when Cambridge can get her into an advanced position she offers an added threat gets the ball into Mills top of the area she turns inside closely marked plays the ball on, Griffiths intercepting hooks the ball clear for Leyton Orient. 

Carla Penny bringing the ball under control for Cambridge City.

Up the other end Tomlinson gets back in support of Fay as her captain is muscled off the ball by Fulgence looking to turn and run in behind the fullback making a good challenge. The game naturally becoming a little stretched late on both sensing they can score another, Leyton Orient feed Le Marchand on the left driving down the wing squares the ball in near post Fulgence with the run is closed down by Mhundury the keeper doing enough as Fulgence puts the ball wide.

Lauren Tomlinson winning the ball for Cambridge City

   Tomlinson with another chance to deliver a long throw Leyton Orient wary of the threat the ball comes in Gillies gets her head on it directs the attempt wide of goal. A free-kick wide left for Leyton Orient, Griffiths to play the ball in sends it long across the six yard box no one gets a head on it as it runs out of play far post. A final change for Leyton Orient in attack, off comes Fulgence replaced by Jade Henry. Le Marchand always ready to break in behind off the shoulder of the last defender on the left the ball long up to her Mhundury comes again, Le Marchand shoots, the keeper making the save with her legs as she jumps in front of the attacker.

   GOAL! Cambridge take the lead for the first time in the tie! The game stretched in the closing minutes Leyton Orient pressing Tomlinson gathering the ball at left back sees space open up in front of her goes on a brilliant run carrying the ball 3 quarters of the pitch up the left crossing from the byline a fizzing effort racing across the face of goal, Simmons sliding in at the far post turns the ball in at close range 5-4.

Scorer of Cambridge City Ladies, 5th goal Bella Simmons holding the ball up

  For the first time in the game Leyton Orient are behind with minutes left on the clock push forwards attacking left side the cross swung in Henry with the knock down near side to Le Marchand top of the area she puts her foot through the ball but can’t keep the effort down as it flies over the crossbar. It’s all about composure now Cambridge are looking to seeing it out the adrenaline pumping not an easy thing to do into stoppage time Leyton Orient come on can find no reply as Cambridge complete a memorable result to win the match.

  Full time Cambridge City Ladies 5-4 Leyton Orient WFC

  What a game! That 2nd half was something else I’m perhaps the only neutral there but how can you not be emotive watching games like that. Cambridge coming back to equalise 3 times in the match before going on to score what proved to be the winning goal themselves to advance in the FA Women’s Cup. Showed good character to keep coming back were lacklustre in the first half not getting anything going but never out of the tie. Leyton Orient will be deflated, can only be so after taking the lead 4 times in the match and failing to go on and win it going behind themselves with so little time left. 

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  On to this afternoon’s Women’s Football East – Player of the Match. Several good performances from both sides, Le Marchand excellent for Leyton Orient a threat all game, Holmback in the middle especially 1st half, O’Halloran too. Tomlinson was excellent at left back for Cambridge and a great run and cross for what proved to be the winning goal. It was another goal that changed the course of this tie however and that was Cambridge’s first coming so late in the 1st half was vital pulling it back to 2-1 was so critical gave Cambridge that belief, and for that plus another and an assist today’s Player of the Match award goes to Laura Mills.

   What an exciting game to watch a privilege and it’s why I love the sport so much. My thanks to both managers for their help with the teams and Cambridge City for their hospitality. Thanks to for the weather a bright sunny afternoon after such a dismal start a welcome bonus. 

Match Report – Cambridge United WFC v Leyton Orient WFC

Sunday 20th August

 The new season is here! The 2017/18 season gets underway in the FAWPL and looks like it is going to be as competitve as ever. Starting the season with a game from FAWPL South East Division One at Mildenhall Town FC to watch Cambridge United WFC who finished 4th in the league last season host newly promoted Leyton Orient WFC.

The past two seasons the league has been won by a runaway leaders Gillingham FC Ladies last season and Crystal Palace Ladies going unbeaten the season before. With no side coming down from the FAWPL Southern Division, South East Division One looks tighter this year. Milton Keynes Dons Ladies slight favourites to finish top there are a host of sides below them who could mount a strong challenge and most sides on their day are capable of beating anyone else. It’s what makes the league so exciting.

  Is a much changed Cambridge United WFC side going into the start of the 2017/18 campaign a few players moving to rivals in the league or taking a break from the game. Goalkeeper Verity Crook hanging up her boots. Are without defender Chloe Bennett for the start of the season as she is still recovering from the dislocated elbow she suffered at the end of last season as well as attacker Becky Taylor who was impressive for the club last season scooping most of the end of year awards out long term with an ACL injury.

  Have brought in goalkeeper Chloe Crook on loan from Tottenham Hotspur Ladies however injury sees her out of today’s league opener. Striker Nuala Wayne returns to the club as does Nettie Stillinger after a spell with Lowestoft Town Ladies. Charlotte Crisp also returns after university having been briefly with the club before. Creative midfielder Amber Cantwell steps up to the FAWPL after constantly impressing for Wymondham Town Ladies. Emma Whitter also joins the striker bringing a wealth of experience with her after spells with FAWSL 2 sides London Bees and Millwall Lionesses. Another new addition with plenty of FAWPL experience is Amy Howlett having played for Charlton Athletic Women aswell as two spells with Ipswich Town Ladies. Lastly joining the club after impressing on trial is Ruth Fox who was with Hitchin Belles last season. A new look side manager Steve Edwards hasn’t set any targets for this season a squad with plenty of potential to develop.

Leyton Orient WFC step up the the FAWPL after winning the London & South East Regional Premier Division title last season finishing 8 points clear at the top winning 16 of their 18 league games with only the one defeat. Have retained pretty much all of the squad that won promotion last season including top scorer Sophie Le Marchand who scored 39 goals during the 2016/17 season. One new addition with Hannah Porter joining from FAWPL Southern Division side C&K Basildon Ladies. Face a stern test as they play their football at a higher level with 3 successive away games against the sides that finished 4th, 5th and 6th.

Cambridge United WFC return to Mildenhall Town FC after playing their home matches their last season taking advantage of an excellent playing surface, the pitch looks as good as ever, Mildenhall Town FC winning promotion to the Bostik North Division. A sloping pitch from one goal mouth to the other some ground improvements made following promotion addition toilet facilities and turnstiles. A good sized clubhouse and hot drinks and refreshments available. A warm August afternoon to start the season a few dark clouds above but no rain forecast.

Cambridge United WFC starting XI – MacKenzie McGranor, Emma Jenkins, Kayleigh-Anne Burt, Nettie Stillinger, Laura Bright (C), Charlotte Crisp, Amber Cantwell, Laura Mills, Amy Howlett, Emma Whitter & Lauren Gibson. Subs – Nuala Wayne & Ruth Fox.

Leyton Orient WFC starting XI – Naomi Ogunde, Francesca Cagetti, Hannah Porter, Danielle Griffiths (C), Connie Montiel-McCann, Egle Trezzi, Vanessa Wilson, Hayley Barton, Leyre Bastyr, Ella Meadowcroft & Jasmine Campbell. Subs – Olympia Diamond, Belen Ripoll-Douton, Natalie Colangelo & Chanel Richards.

 Both sides are have players unavailable at the start of the season Leyton Orient are with striker Le Marchand away on her honeymoon aswell as last seasons player of the year Ellie Davies. Cambridge have MacKenzie McGranor keeping goal in the absence of Crook and with their Reserves side making their bow in the ERWFL Division One North today can only pull a limited number from that squad with just the two subs on the bench. 

It’s Leyton Orient to get the 1st half underway wearing an all blue kit with Cambridge lined up opposite wearing amber and black vertical stripped shirts, black shorts and socks. Leyton Orient attacking down the slope look to thread a ball through the middle of the Cambridge defence who are playing 3 at the back the ball is won by Nettie Stillinger for Cambridge plays a good ball out to Laura Mills operating on the  left over half way carries the ball in field towards the area before dinking it up over the Leyton Orient defence with Amber Cantwell breaking forwards from midfield getting onto the end of it shoots early firing the ball back across the keeper runs wide of the far post.

Amber Cantwell attacking for Cambridge United WFC

Leyton Orient are awarded a free kick wide on the right around half way the ball played up towards striker Jasmine Campbell 30 yards from goal looks to turn and hit a shot, Stillinger closes her down putting in the blocking tackle to deny the strike. A good temp at the start Leyton Orient pressing Cambridge on the ball win a series of throws in their opponents half without finding a telling ball into the area.

Cambridge captain Laura Bright playing in front of her defence plays a great ball forwards for the strikers to chase, Lauren Gibson who had a great season with the Reserves last season stepping up to the 1st team gives chase left of goal into the area, Connie Montiel-McCann lunges into the challenge to win the ball take it away from the attacker before she can latch onto it. Off the resulting throw in on the left the ball is back with Gibson tries her luck from distance a dipping ball on target goalkeeper Naomi Ogunde parries it behind for a corner kick at her near post.

  The corner taken from the left comes in high far post area Gibson jumps up to try and win the header, Hannah Porter up with her the ball goes behind the final touch off the defender a corner awarded this time from the right, Laura Mills across to take it the ball comes into the area half cleared Kayleigh-Anne Burt up from the back for Cambridge retrieves and gets it back to Mills who drives on towards the by line cutting the cross square in towards the near post Bright closest goes to attack it a Leyton Orient defender slides in to make the challenge Bright goes down another corner is signalled this one cleared by Leyton Orient.

Good build up play from Cambridge on the right the ball played into Emma Whitter holds it up as Cantwell gets forwards centrally the pass played into her crosses it out to the left with Amy Howlett available inside the box gets her head to the ball but can only place the ball straight into Ogunde’s gloves. Hayley Barton takes the ball on down the right wing into the corner crosses it in towards the near post Burt defending wins it for Cambridge. Vanessa Wilson out to Leyre Bastyr finding a little space on the left for Leyton Orient fires the pass into the feet of Campbell outside the box tries to turn but is closely marked by Cambridge’s Emma Jenkins who wins the ball back. 

  Cambridge a temporarily down to 10 with Mills off receiving treatment. Leyton Orient press the advantage Bastyr onto the ball left looks to play Campbell in behind the ball is won back but Leyton Orient don’t left Cambridge get far closing down win a free kick outside the box right of goal 25 yards out Barton to take gets the ball around the wall on target but lacking enough pace as McGranor moves across to safely collect. 

Leyton Orient’s, Jasmine Campbell

  Building some momentum Leyton Orient regain possession in the middle the ball is played in behind into the area seeing Ella Meadowcroft one on one with the keeper right of goal McGranor comes out sliding in to block does enough to put the striker off the ball isn’t clear however Meadowcroft goes after it, Stillinger getting back to win and clear for Cambridge. The action is from one end to the other Leyton Orient attacking right Barton crossing into the box, Cambridge launch clear turns into an excellent ball for Mills giving chase into space on the right looks to curl a cross into the area sees the ball come back into play off as it strikes the near post. Leyton Orient get it up field as Mills stays down after the attack needing further treatment is able to continue.

Egle Trezzi finds the pitch open up in front of her as she brings the ball on time to play the ball she puts in in over the top of the Cambridge defence for Barton moving inside from the right into the area she hits it across the box for Bastyr coming in from the left connects with the header, McGranor scrambles across her goal but can see the ball drop safely a foot wide of the post. Cantwell brings the ball forwards for Cambridge before checking her run and playing the pass to Howlett on the left puts the ball into the area from a deep position, Ogunde claims the ball well as Gibson comes leaping in looking to get onto the end of it. Leyton Orient launch a rapid counter attack Porter on for Bastyr her ball played across the top of the area Barton right of the D launches onto it sends her shot high over the bar.

Cambridge’s Amy Howlett

Cambridge are awarded a free kick on half way right side the ball fired up towards the top of the box, Leyton Orient captain Danielle Griffiths gets a foot on the ball but can only push it out of the area Cantwell is onto it under challenge shifts the ball to her right gets a shot away the ball racing wide of the post from 22 yards. Is shaping up to be a physical encounter both sides prepared to stand their ground Gibson turns and plays the ball out wide right Mills gives chase getting it crosses early low comes in central Howlett tries to get onto it, Griffiths is their 1st to win the tackle and cancel the threat. 

Leyton Orient WFC captain, Danielle Griffiths

A corner on the right for Leyton Orient as the 1st half moves into the last 5 minutes comes in near post put behind looks a goal-kick however another corner is awarded this one comes in deeper is cleared out of the area falls to Porter 30 yards out central looks to strike the ball in towards goal a Leyton Orient attacker is offside as the ball bounces through obscures McGranor’s view for a moment but seeing it late gets across to make the save palming the ball initially before gathering.

Meadowcroft brings down Burt as the defender looks to carry the ball out from the back from the resulting free kick the ball is played long up to Gibson back to goal who helps it on with her head for Whitter to her right the striker peeling away finds some space driving into the area shapes to shoot back across the keeper gets it to close to Ogunde who drops low to make the save.

Cambridge’s, Emma Whitter with Leyton Orient’s, Francesca Cagetti

Into 1st half stoppage time a corner for Leyton Orient on the left played in long is attacked far post Campbell up gets hurt as she knocks the ball down into the six yard box, for a second it looks like Bastyr can latch onto it before Mills stabs the ball away to safety. A break as Campbell receives treatment is okay however and shows it as the game resumes retrieving the ball from the top of the Cambridge area bringing it under control and hitting a shot straight into McGranor.

Half-time Cambridge United WFC 0-0 Leyton Orient WFC

 A competitive 1st half to start the season defences have been busy on both sides and for most of the 45 minutes doing well chances limited both defending deep chances to run in behind few. Mills getting some joy from Cambridge on the right. Competitive and physical newly promoted to the higher level Leyton Orient will have gained alot of confidence as both sides head into the dressing rooms.

Cambridge attacking down the slope get the 2nd half underway. The sun blazing high in the sky. Leyton Orient press right from the start preventing Cambridge getting the ball out of their half. Play broken up little attacking in the opening exchanges. The visitors are given a free kick wide left is a great delivery into the area McGranor comes leaping into the crowd in front of her looking to punch the ball away misses it as it flies over everyone and bounces wide at the far post. 

Leyton Orient’s high tempo and pressing taking advantage of a sluggish start to the 2nd half from Cambridge. Barton playing the ball into the box from the right Stillinger in to win it from Meadowcroft. Winning a corner on the left Griffiths to take for Leyton Orient plays it down the line for Porter to cross in, Bright winning the ball launches it clear turns into a good ball as the counter attack is on Mills furthest forwards picks it up goes on a dribbling run pulling the trigger from outside the box her shot held well by Ogunde. 

Leyton Orient’s Hayley Barton

The Leyton Orient defence are keeping a good shape Whitter is closely marked by Cagetti not giving her room to turn in behind when the ball is played into her feet. Campbell heads the ball on for Barton who in turn puts it into the box for Meadowcroft can’t get her shot away, Stillinger regain possession but fails to get rid of it as Leyton Orient continue to press. Crisp is forwards for Cambridge in position central outside the D as the ball is rolled into her from the right, Wilson goes to ground tackling to win the ball before a shot can be lined up.

  Whitter comes deeper to win the ball strong on the ball slides it into Cantwell going forwards looks to pick out Gibson ahead of her, Cagetti is quick to close her down win the ball. The ball played forwards both Cambridge strikers get their heads to the ball a one two with the ball in the air moving towards the box before Gibson takes on the shot top of the box in low but without pace gathered by Ogunde. Cantwell surges forwards into space with the ball through the middle plays it forwards for Whitter to chase ahead of her has half a yard on Cagetti into the box left of goal looks to poke it across the keeper towards the far post succeeds but sees her effort run narrowly wide.

Whitter is getting frustrated she and Cagetti are talked to by the referee. Burt bringing the ball out from the back wide left sends t on for Howlett her diagonal ball into the D needs to be kicked clear by the onrushing keeper as Whitter threatens to get onto the end of it. Leyton Orient make the first substitution of the match Meadowcroft coming off up top to be replaced by Belen Ripoll-Douton. 

Cambridge’s Kayleigh-Anne Burt

Crisp wins the ball on for Cantwell who drives forwards plays the pass up to Whitter has Gibson to her right headers the ball down into her taking it on Gibson crosses into the box far side Cagetti wins the header before Howlett. Leyton Orient don’t get the ball away however Cantwell gets it back and shoots from 25 yards her low shot put straight at the keeper. Another change for Leyton Orient, Olympia Diamond coming on for Wilson. Cambridge make a change too Nuala Wayne coming on for Gibson in attack. 

Cambridge’s Nuala Wayne with Leyton Orient’s Egle Trezzi

A few tired legs out there and a few tired challenges remains a physical contest the referee having a word with a few players without yet brandishing a yellow card. That changes when Diamond new to the action dives in somewhat rashly on Howlett in the middle of the park over competitive it didn’t look pretty but Howlett just dusted herself down and it’s a yellow card for Diamond. Bastyr drives towards the box with the ball left side is marshalled wide by Jenkins, wriggles free and fires a cross in no one attacking far post as the ball runs wide.

Bright with a good pass picks out Howlett free on the left gets forwards rolls the ball into Whitter top of the area left side the striker turns intending to push through the Leyton Orient defence towards goal is closed down by 3 defenders no way through the ball deflected clear of the area drops to Crisp bursting forwards she shots wide from 25 yards. The midfielders last act of the game as Cambridge bring her off and send Ruth Fox on. 

Cambridge United WFC captain, Laura Bright

Late into the game Leyton Orient with a free kick inside the Cambridge half on the right as Whitter tangles with Barton. Griffiths on the ball plays it up towards the far post misses by McGranor falls to Campbell closed down quickly inside the six yard box Burt is clattered goes down play stopped so she can receive treatment is okay. McGranor is floored as she and Campbell come together in the box following a late corner for Leyton Orient the foul given the goalkeeper is okay to continue. 

  Leyton Orient make their final change as the game moves into the closing minutes bringing Trezzi off in midfield send on Natalie Colangelo. Cambridge switch to a back four in an attempt to find a late winner push forwards without getting in behind the visitors defence the final whistle blows and both sides share the points in their opening game.

Full time Cambridge United WFC 0-0 Leyton Orient WFC

  Overall probably a fair result a good start to the game from Cambridge creating openings, Leyton Orient were solid and grew into the game started the 2nd half the better pressed hard and both sides might well have claimed the win but the longer it remained 0-0 it looked the most likely result. A point on the board for both sides. Cambridge with alot of new faces in their side looked comfortable enough a few thing’s to work on but a solid defensive performance overall. Leyton Orient will be happy with the point always important for any newly promoted side to put in a competitive performance early on to settle them down build confidence were like Cambridge solid defensively giving little away and their pressing game brought opportunities up the other end.

Women’s Football East – Player of the Match

  A tough one today for Women’s Football East, Player of the Match defensive on top so it has to be a defender Stillinger made some good tackles for Cambridge, Bright ahead of the back three was influential on the ball too. For Leyton Orient, their captain Griffiths put in a good performance but I have to pick one so today’s Player of the Match goes to Francesca Cagetti good positioning and some clever defending on show too.

Good to get back in the groove feels odd writing the match reports here instead of on the SWF Blog but I’ll get used to it the season has started a competitive game if no goals I’ve missed it.